Crooked Hillary Accepts Democratic Party Nomination In Ravishing Chairman Mao Outfit

Via CNN:

Hillary Clinton claimed her place in history Tuesday as America’s first female presumptive presidential nominee but rival Bernie Sanders is refusing to drop his bid despite overwhelming odds.

The former secretary of state immediately pivoted from her victory to a full bore assault on the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and made a sweeping effort to reach out to Sanders supporters in an attempt to unify Democrats.
Primary results maps

But hours after Clinton’s euphoric victory rally in Brooklyn, Sanders spoke before a roaring crowd of his own in California to declare “the struggle continues.” The Vermont senator pledged to stay in the race through next week’s primary in Washington, D.C., and to fight on for social, economic, racial and environmental justice at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

But he did not specifically commit to pursuing his fight for the nomination at the convention, leaving his ultimate intentions unclear.

President Barack Obama, who waited until voting ended in the last six primary states to weigh in on the race, called both candidates to congratulate them for “running inspiring campaigns that have energized Democrats,” according to a White House statement.

But the President, who will meet with Sanders Thursday at the Vermont senator’s request, clearly sided with Clinton by lauding her for “securing the delegates necessary to clinch the Democratic nomination for President.”

“Her historic campaign inspired millions and is an extension of her lifelong fight for middle-class families and children,” the statement said.

Reaching the highest peak yet in a tumultuous and trailblazing political career, Clinton claimed victory exactly eight years after folding her 2008 Democratic primary campaign against Obama.

“Thanks to you, we’ve reached a milestone,” she said during a speech in Brooklyn. “Tonight’s victory is not about one person. It belongs to generations of women and men who struggled and sacrificed and made this moment possible.”

Her long-awaited moment of celebration came as she notched wins in the night’s primaries in New Jersey, South Dakota and New Mexico Democratic primaries, according to CNN projections. By 2:30 a.m. ET, she had a lead of 400,000 votes in the California primary, which has 475 delegates — the most on offer in the entire nominating season. Sanders won victories in North Dakota and Montana.

Clinton took the stage in Brooklyn to an explosion of cheers from her crowd, in the kind of eruption of enthusiasm that has been fleeting during much of her campaign. Clearly delighted, she stood with her arms outstretched on stage, savoring the adulation.
Reaching out to Sanders supporters, Clinton praised the Vermont senator for his long public service and mirrored some of his progressive economic rhetoric. She played down any notion of divisions and said their vigorous primary campaign was “very good for the Democratic Party and for America.”

But in a sign of the task she faces in uniting the party, Sanders supporters loudly booed her name when he said he had received a “gracious” call from his rival and said he had congratulated her on her victories on Tuesday.

Sanders confounded the notion that the end of the state primary races would mean the end of his campaign.

“Next Tuesday, we continue the fight in the last primary in Washington DC,” Sanders said. “We are going to fight hard to win the primary in Washington, D.C., and then we take our fight for social, economic, racial and environmental justice to Philadelphia.”
“I am pretty good at arithmetic and I know that the fight in front of us in a very, very steep fight.”

But Sanders vowed to fight on for every delegate and every vote.

Clinton vs. Trump

While Sanders signaled that he was not yet ready to fold a campaign that started with him as a fringe candidate and ignited a startling grass roots uprising that won more than 10 million votes, Clinton looked ahead to the general election.

Clinton intensified her assault on Trump, laying out a case that his values and rhetoric are incompatible with American principles and that he’s “temperamentally unfit” to be President.

“He is not just trying to build a wall between America and Mexico. He is trying to wall of Americans from each other. When he says let’s make America great again, that is code for let’s take American backwards.”

She hit Trump hard for his recent attacks on a judge with Mexican ancestry along with mocking a disabled reporter and calling “women pigs.”

“He wants to win by stoking fear and rubbing salt in wounds and reminding us daily just how great he is.”

Clinton also signaled a robust challenge to Trump resonating with gender and personal themes. She spoke of how her late mother, Dorothy Rodham, taught her “never to back down from a bully.”

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274 thoughts on “Crooked Hillary Accepts Democratic Party Nomination In Ravishing Chairman Mao Outfit”

      1. I’d give it 2 before we are occupied by China through some back door deal.

        1. Nah. China has a combined military force of 4 million souls. We have 110+ million gun owners, almost all with military experience, and almost all on the right. China would fuck itself, hard, to even try and then when we doused their fire we’d turn on DC in a heartbeat.

        2. I’m not saying that they wouldn’t try, I’m saying that the back door entrance won’t end up in occupation. Would you want to stare down a faceless 110 million man army who don’t wear uniforms? Seems like suicide duty to me.

        3. Our military did a similar suicide duty in the middle east. Who’s to say they don’t just start exterminating us while they begin the occupation. We might have guns but they do have access to nerve agent gases and other weapons our small arms can’t compete against.

        4. You know how much a tank costs? $0.50 worth of silenced subsonic .22 LR and $0.25 worth of coffee to stay up past midnight to take out the guards. The middle east is a great example actually, and we’d be a million times worse.

        5. No mercy, not for invaders, and any leftists who facilitate them. In fact, our own traitors will be tortured first.

        6. But would they have the nerve to use such weapons on home soil? Probably not.
          You can make an improv gas-mask with relatively few materials, too.

        7. You can make a quick filter by wrapping any ol’ charcoal in a cloth, then you just have to make an airtight mask (shopping bags, anyone?. There were some PSAs pamphlets about it released in England during WWII.
          If you wanna get fancy you can make better filters by making “activated charcoal” by soaking the charcoal in salt water for a day and rinsing it off.

        8. I’ve mentioned it in discussions with others. The fact is, the world knows nothing of homeland resistance and armed insurgencies. America was created through a guerrilla war, and then fought a second one against half it’s own people in the 1800s. There is a rather wide streak of stubborn determination that only comes out under pressure, but does so in the most spectacular fashion.
          It’s going to be an interesting summer.

        9. “China would fuck itself, hard, to even try and ‘
          That, pkus the USA us their biggest customer of their goods

        10. The desire is that USA will become like China, but China will not be in control. Politically and economically China is the model for the world. A model where people work for global corporations and live in dorm rooms or other small residences in densely populated cities. The line between corporations and government will be as blurry as it is in China. Alternatively there will be open corporate government.

        11. The British Empire already tried it in the US on a smaller scale. They decided it was better to become a vassal state instead.

        12. Plus all the illegal gun owners and all the people who would start buying guns the moment China started sniffing around Hawaii.

        13. Hypothetical for you, englishbob. In a few years, China parks its blue water navy off the south coast of O’ahu and demands the islands in exchange for forgiveness of their massive holding of US debt. What should happen?

        14. I am unfamiliar with the operation of nerve gas, but the least amount of absorption into the human body is through the skin.
          Even so, Nerve gas (use and production) is outlawed by the Chemical Weapons Convention of ’93, which all but a few counties signed. Its use in domestic America would create quite a hurly burly.

        15. There are also nerve agents that eat away at skin as well. I admit it can be easy to make and buy a gas mask but there is also a need for a full suit as well.

        16. We would still lack large scale communication and end up limited to within our communities.

        17. And probably a nuclear response. And so for this reason China would never invade America.

        18. The US would default. And they’ve done it before. This would leave China with a bunch of worthless debt certificates and the USA walking away laughing with China’s money.
          For this reason the US is in a stronger position. The only way China gets its money back is to behave.

        19. Just don’t let ’em take away our plastic shopping bags! It’s coming to a ballot near you.

    1. don’t worry mate, trump is going to eat her alive.
      prolly gonna taste horrible tho.

      1. Today history was made. A criminal under FBI investigation for undermining the American people’s right to open records was selected as the Democratic primary candidate.

      2. I’m reading an interesting book about the corruption of the Clintons. Ironically titled The Clintons’ War on Women.
        What’s most shocking is that the pedophile ring of Hollywood and the UK is nothing compared to what these guys have going on.

    2. Dont worry man. Trump will destroy her. If not, she will ban guns and start the second american civil war.

    3. She’s so incredibly unlikable. If she were just bland and neutral, I would likely be in favor for her, because I think her husband did a good job and would be hopeful she would be similar, or that he would have some influence in running things. But I absolutely can’t stand her. I can’t hear her speak. I can’t hear others speak about her. It triggers me. It triggers me.

        1. Women have hijacked the whole LGBTQ crowd like puppet masters to further their own purposes of hating on straight men. Let a raging feminazi like Hellary take the helm and the worst hasnt even begun, she will institute all kinds of faggardly legislation that will make Obama’s tranny bathroom decree seem like… childs play

      1. If you have voted for a Democrat in the last 15 years then you’re a moron who lacks an inkling of critical thinking skills

        1. I still fail to see why that woman is hated. And yes I stared at her boobs. For a long time.

    4. So do I. It really sticks in my craw when some dynasty types, who are clearly evil, are so far above the law that they can be and likely actually are mobsters. This witch, well, I won’t go further because I really, truly hate her.

      1. How many cat ladies could there possibly be out there?
        Sure, lots of people don’t like Trump but how many of them are going to make the effort of going to the voting both for Hillary? She’s not a very inspiring public speaker (to put it mildly), she has a long history of shadiness, and it looks like she violated the espionage act.

        1. I dont want to, but I have to believe that with all the electronic voting machines how easy would it be to throw out a few bs polls a week before the election then rig the vote 15 percent in favor of Hellary.

        2. I don’t think McCain or Romney were particularly inspiring alternatives (I sat out both elections).
          Trump seems to have a number of enthusiastic supporters. Nobody really seems to be a fan of Hillary-just Trump haters and people who think it would be swell to have a woman president.

        3. You can’t use any logic in regards to elections. Both W and Obama got MORE votes for their re-election than the original election. Which is insane. Both were horrible leaders, and betrayed every promise they ran on. And people only loved them more for it. Democracy is bullshit.

      2. she is totally going to win. Make peace with it…your commander in chief will be that thing.

        1. it’s funny…if you just ignore it it will go away.

    1. Biggest landslide in the history of the Presidency coming up in November. Trump cannot be stopped.

    1. That is the most rational policy position speech I’ve ever heard Hillary give.

  1. Let’s hope the F.B.I. will indict her soon. The Democrat Party will have to let her go.

      1. I could be wrong about how indictments work, but it seems Obama is in no hurry to pressure the US attorney general to indict Hilary. Heard a rumor as well that if Hilary gets elected, she planned on nominating Obama for Supreme Court.
        It’s mind boggling how someone this fucked up is this popular.

        1. And we’ll chant “O’Doyle Rules!” as we head full throttle towards the edge.

        2. There was something there. I couldn’t tell you what it was, but I’m sure there was an underlying message as it spilled in to a few other movies.

        1. I’m optimistic it won’t. The new director of the F.B.I. said he took the job primary to combat corruption in the federal government, and so far he’s done just that. He’s persecuted a couple other wealthy political figures and made sure they were brought to justice and I’m optimistic he’ll do the same with Hillary. I also think Bernie Sanders thinks this will happen too, that’s why he’s staying in the race; he’s going to wait for Hillary do get indicted, then when the Democrat Party let’s her go he’ll try to swoop in and get the nomination. Hopefully that’ll happen because Sanders doesn’t stand a chance against Trump.

  2. It’s too bad Theranos is going under I was thinking the Democrat ticket was going to be Hillary-Holmes

      1. Me too. First husband sounds so cucked. Maybe they will try calling each other co-presidents like they tried doing in the early 90’s before travelgate.

      2. First Gentleman would be my guess (seriously).

  3. I hate Hillary, but Im more glad Sanders is out. Is nobody else disturbed an avowed SOCIALIST is so popular amongst today’s young people? Marxist brainwashing has been successful.

      1. They know that women make terrible leaders. We’re starting to win fellas!
        How I wish that were true

      2. Not really, both Bernie and Trump have in common that they are blatantly honest pricks telling it like it is (from their own standpoint anyway) rather than toeing the party line, and both are highly entertaining to listen to. Hillary is fake as fuck, she’s a lying corrupt crook, and absolute torture to listen to. And I dont want a woman at the helm, especially not one with her volcanic temperament.

    1. US public schools insert marxism into most of it’s cirruculum and the under < 30s no nothing of the cold war or what happened between 1917-89′. They have no idea how markets and capital work and really believe the big Lie about the function of the state. Socialism doesn’t help poor people, it’s intentions is keeping you poor and under control.

      1. The onus is on good parents to bring their kids up to speed on those topics and the evils of socialism. My children are both well versed in these topics.

        1. Yes and they are rapidly becoming a minority in their own country. I have hispanic friends I have known for 40 years and they swallow “Trump is Hitler” like flies on shit.

        2. People who adhere to the philosophies of the Classical Liberals of the Enlightenment have always been in the minority. We were only 13% represented during the Revolutionary War, give or take. But that’s all it takes to put us into power. Our time isn’t over yet, there’s still some fight left in us. The counter swing on this pendulum is going to be hard and scary, to a leftist.

        3. I got into a long and emotional outing of their hypocracy… it was not pretty… but simply did not back down and challenged alot of their assumptions. They could not challenge what I stated or the facts I laid out… they tried to shame me and some insults were launched, but maintained “if I am wrong then prove it. Save the emotional bullshit for your women.”
          I am not a Trump supporter, but I find myself defending him from people I personally know who are emotionally charged and refuse to think. Like keeping the tide back with a broom.
          *Edit: His new found “conservatism” is a con. Even if he wins, the national course will not deviate.

        4. According to studies, even fourth generation Mexican immigrants do not improve their IQs or change their cultural preferences.

    2. isn’t their some famous quote that says something like “if you aren’t a liberal at 20 you have no heart and if you aren’t a conservative by 30 your have no brain”

        1. I was about aged twelve when I turned my parents into heartless bastards.
          But it’s fair to mention, prior to that, they had neither heart nor brain; they were fairly apolitical. Watching me and talking to the people I was working for prompted them to start taking an interest in politics.

        2. Are you a liberal?
          If not, you’re probably not really a nihilist (at least not as much as leftists)

        3. I am not political at all. I am purely apathetic to politics.
          I most certainly am a nihilist.

        4. I mean in the sense that leftists are actively working to destroy the social fabric, even if they’re not aware of it

        5. oh, I mean it in that I think left and right are equally hilarious and that politics itself is about 3 notches under professional wrestling on the list of “things to take seriously”

        6. And so unashamedly honest about it. I find that to be one of your biggest personal assets.

        7. Thank you. I actually feel that my nihilism is a positive one. If only I could draw…the happy nihilist would make such a great cartoon.

        8. Oh he’ll care when Hillary institutes mandatory camping for all citizens. He’ll care then, I tells ya’.

        9. You know what’s funny…I’ve always wanted to write a children’s book. I think I would be good at it.

        10. “Once upon a time there were three little pigs, but none of them could quintessentially prove their existence in an objective reality. The big bad wolf ate them without even having to bother to work for it, so that’s what you get for trying to figure out life and your place in the universe, nothing but destruction. The end.”

        11. Or…
          “Once upon a time, there were three little pigs. The first little pig liked to ride bikes and play chess. The second little pig set out to create an empire of like-minded pigs while drinking fine Scotch and smoking cigars. The third little pig didn’t believe the first two pigs even existed since they did not live in the same city as him. They all lived happily every after pursuing their own goals. The end.”

        12. I always figured I could write a very nice children’s story just because I imagine people saying “wow, I can’t believe THIS is the writer of “x y z” years after it is very popular.

        13. There once was a wise king in a land far away. He accepted the red pill at a young age, and successfully barricaded himself from the abrasive feminists, pleasure-seekers, and commoners of the land, living far above them in his castle. He developed a resource recovery business to capitalize on the silly customs of the unwashed masses, which culminated around December of every year when mass purchases of trinkets and unneeded consumerist expenditures were made. This wise king was able to intercept these and redirect them to his personal inventory where he profited off their ignorance and misfortune. The king lived by one name and one name only: Grinch.

        14. It honestly is such a waste of effort. I am somewhat interested in the triggering that Trump is achieving but in the end, Hilary will likely win, and even if she doesn’t, Trump either won’t be able to or simply won’t change much. Much better to focus on things you can control.

        15. Hey diddle diddle
          The cat and the fiddle
          The cow thought about jumping over the moon
          He realized he couldn’t
          Due to his own inherent deficiencies
          as well as gravity
          and being unable to achieve
          escape velocity.
          So he settled down
          and accepted his fate in life
          as an eventual evening meal
          And the dish
          ran away
          with the spoon
          Hail Satan
          The end.

        16. This is simply another case of the arrogance of ants who think that the ant hill is the world.

        17. I love that show.
          Mike Tyson and norm are the comedy duo of my dreams. Its so fuarking amazing.
          Mike is great anout making fun of himself.
          Carmel mcarthur is a reclusive author

        18. That first episode was amazing. “I never punched one of those before”

        19. Jack and Jill went up a hill
          to fetch a pail of water
          Jack fell down and broke Jill’s crown
          and nine months later a little bastard
          Jack couldn’t cope and decided to become a woman
          Jill ran away with the dish (next door) and
          the spoon (full of coke)
          and ended up a coke slut sitting on her
          tuffet asking the black sheep if he had
          any wool.
          The end,

        20. Before Richard Pryor died and after Tyson had his run-in with the rape thing, the two of them had the idea to become sponsors of the Legg’s woman’s golf championship. But no one liked the title Tyson Pryor Legg’s Open…

        21. Father Goose called Jill into his office and told her to sit down because he had some bad news for her. He explained to her that the nursery rhyme business was in decline and royalties for old nursery rhyme stars was forcing him to make some tough decisions about who they could keep on staff “I have a tough decision that has to be made. Jill, I am going to lay you or Jack off” Jill replied “You are just going to have to Jack off and then I am going to sue you for sexual harassment”

      1. All that’s ever been said about my politics is that I’m “a hippy Republican that likes weed and guns”. Which I’m not entirely certain is insulting.

        1. You should reply to such accusations with, “You say that like it is a bad thing.”

        2. Yep. Same here.
          Most people cant figure out that i think for myself and dont subscribe to all tenets of one of the major parties.
          The blank stare like they are seeing an alien are always amusing.

    3. Agreed. I think the guy’s going senile, too. I caught part of his debate with Clinton in Wisconsin and she was pressing him on some matter of economic policy. He responded with a tangent about how college should be free.

    4. I’ve been wondering the same thing since he became a senator, since then I just assumed the people of Vermont had lost their minds.

      1. I assume Vermonters think of him as a lovable quirky mascot.
        In my experience they’re all Liberal Pollyannas like many sheltered people in homogenous regions with strong economies are. They’re generally good people though, unlike, say, California Liberals. Beautiful state, incidentally. Amazing for hiking/camping.

        1. They just want their weed and to be able to hike in Vermont. I th8nk many like him because of his global warming thoughts, they love the wilderness up there

        2. As a Vermonter, I think of him as a “DAMN FLATLANDER!”
          He only represents the liberals who hijacked the government in the 80s. Before that we were conservative as fuck.

        3. Good weed in VT. Good times and good parties. It’s called the “Green Mountain State” for a reason.

        1. If she’s too ugly, put a paper bag over her head. If she thinks that’s weird, put a paper bag over your head. And if she isn’t into that… well. she’s clearly to repressed to be worth your while.

        2. I agree plenty of women are manly, fugly bitches, but it is a man. The face, no boobs and the way the jeans sit.

      1. Male feminists have already neutered themselves, so a request to somebody else to do it is redundant. As far as the female liberals they don’t reproduce biologically anymore, so, really the issue is trying to keep them away from influencing other people’s children.

      1. Exactly!. Trump Vs. Clinton is just going to hurt my brain. Can we just call it a Bout? No debating will be going on. 2 scenarios only. Trump destroys her and he is hated for picking on a woman or its a draw because neither answered a single question asked and they declare Clinton the winner by default. Plot Twist, Stephen Curry’s daughter comes along and “steals the show”…

    1. He will destroy her. Im more concerned about how the media will manipulate everything.

  4. If hillary wins, America will be in a civil war within ten years. I dont see americans tolerating her first 100 day plan of, amnesty for aliens, eu style free travel with mexico and canada, her ban on importation and mass registration/legislation of guns, and her poor trade deals.
    This election is going to be a bad time for America.

    1. We’re not going to be seeing “free” travel or free anything under a Clinton administration. Get used to erasing the word “freedom” from your vocabulary. She is a brutal hawk and you won’t believe the evil plans she has in store for us all.

  5. How did she win exactly? I thought the super delegates don’t vote until July 25. There was a survey conducted and the super delegates said they would be voting for her. The AP just started declaring her the winner.

    1. She didnt. The superdelagates have the right to choose at any time. Had bernie won california and a few other states, he could have made an argument that he has a better chance of winning. In a contested convention, bernie could secure superdelegates.
      By having the AP declare herself a winner, it made bernie voters less likely to show up. Bernie was up 2 points untill the AP declared hillary won. The fact the AP declared this the day of the primary when bernie was edging ahead, just goes to show how corrupt the media is and how far they are willing to go to help hillary.

      1. It was one of the dirtiest tricks in politics I’ve ever seen.

        1. Played on the emotionally charged, extreme radical left who only vote when they know they have a chance of winning.

        2. It always burned my ass when I was a Democrat that we depended on a horde of easily discouraged fair-weather voters who didn’t really understand the political process and the importance of coming out for local and midterm elections.

        3. Yup the California Democrats are not what you would call high information voters, trust me I live out here.

  6. I think Trump can pull this off. A significant portion of the angry Bern victims will stay home on election day or spite vote. Various blue collar Democrats will jump ship too. I’m in IT and I know a lot of fairly Liberal guys who are sore about the H1B program and the media’s attacks on White and Asian men. Trump is pretty moderate on social issues too, so he’ll have support from swing-voters.

  7. Am I the only one who hopes Bernie will run as an independent just to spite the Democrats and play spoiler for the whole thing?

    1. Bernie got screwed by the AP. Until they unofficially declared hillary a winner, he was a legitimate contender. He has been on a tear, winning primaries, and he built a very emotionally charged movement.
      If the rnc screwed trump, i would want trump to run and burn it all down. Same goes for bernie.

      1. Paul Manafort is at the helm of Trump Campaign with Trump. He pretty much told the Establishment he will fuck them over big time if they play games with him.

      2. He did. While I didn’t like his platform, i loved how he had the Democrats shaking in their boots once he started winning primaries. Additionally, there’s the matter of the popular vote vs the delegate vote situation where the delegates voted Shillery over Sanders at almost every turn.

  8. Hillary Clinton has been designated to be elected as the next President of the USA a long time ago. Let things go as they have to go. There is nothing that can be done against it. All the battles, the debates, the rivers of ink used to comment this or that intervention by this or that candidate or supporter, all are but farcical constructs created for the entertainment of the obedient slaves. To side for one or for the other candidate is pointless. They all have to serve the same masters. Have you already seen a “real working solution” for the evils of this world coming from anyone? There is no solution. The status quo has to be maintained. Revolutions are another form of maintaining the status quo. Forget going out to protest, forget using violence or any other means to change anything. Those who make sure it stays the same will not be swayed by any of your opinions, acts of protest or whatever futile response you might have thought to implement to “make a change.”
    Panem et circenses.

    1. you and I, my friend, are in total agreement with one minor exception. I don’t believe that there is anyone who makes sure of anything. All wound up centuries ago and is playing its little tune, unperturbed by anything we do or say, but there is no one leading the orchestra.

        1. I would suggest that that gut feeling is the thing that all humans have which helps them believe in stuff like god and government…
          My job sometimes leads up on very high buildings, standing on edges. I hate it. Turns my stomach. There are guys I go up with and walk a job site 5-600 feet or more in the air and I can only half hear them. My entire central nervous system is going “SHIIIIITTTTTTT” But some guys will walk and be literally half a foot off the edge and it just will not effect them. They don’t have that problem.
          That gut feeling is often, I think, the protection that people give themselves from realizing the enormous mass of absolute meaningless nothing that props us up. I never get that gut feeling because for whatever reason I am not only totally comfortable with the chasm, but find solace in it.

        2. That hurt to read. Heh. Triple negatives…wham…right against my forehead.

        3. Close. But not there yet. More simply, there is no truth. It doesn’t exist.

        4. Nah. There is truth.
          What there is not is a purpose to life.
          Most people get caught up with all that.
          Thw real question is why must there be a purpose.

        5. purpose, truth, meaning…just lies people tell themselves and their children to avoid the fact that we are floating around like specs of dust…imo.

    2. My fellow Englishman, I stand before you today in the wreckage of London and have come to tell you a terrible fate. You see, the German Luftwaffe is an indomitable force capable of striking at our very heart and way of life. Our reserve RAF forces are no match neither in numbers nor expertise to the menacing Huns. We must all hunker down and prepare to surrender, lest we all suffer extinction. I bear this news with a weary heart. Give up, surrender. Throw up the white flag in the streets, throw up the white flags on the front, throw up the white flags even on the beaches and if they come for you anyway throw up the white flag on your family! – A speech Churchill never gave, but could have at the time, given the circumstances.

  9. The election is so rigged, it’s brutally apparent that the only people who want her are the most sycophantic, rabid leftists.

  10. Seriously, forget politics for just a moment, but who in their right mind on her advisory team instructed her to dress like Dr. Evil when out in public? I mean it’s a freaking meme internet joke now, she or somebody on her staff has to know about it?
    I strongly suspect it’s to cover up some….issues…that come with wearing Depends. Not even kidding. She seems like she is not long for this world, in a health sense, but is too narcissistic to drop out of the race due to health issues. She’s a witch.

    1. Hopefully some Trump comment will give her an aneurysm on live TV and she’ll drop dead on the stage. Hillary will be out. People will recoil in horror that Trump killed her, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll find someone competent and honorable to write in on the ballots come November.

        1. It actually does matter who she picks as VP. My guess will be Team Vagina, so, Warren. Just a hunch. And Warren is like a younger and, if possible, even more evil version of Hillary, minus the mob hits I mean.

        2. Maybe I should run for President. It would be a fine opportunity for me to troll everyone. I would publicly nominate my political opponent to be my VP. Then during every debate I would berate them for not upholding their VP duties and failing to support their presidential candidate.

        3. I for one am fully ready for Reality Tv Trolling Candidate for Pres. Trump is something close to that. But I’m talking full-on President Comancho, no ambiguity about it.

        1. It has to have some official name that will be referred to forever. Triggergate? Snowflakegate? Chauvagate?

    2. now that is the kind of politics I understand. No matter what you are running for, dressing like Dr. Evil can’t be a good idea.

    3. I have an acquintacne who works in the ER and said the same thing. He pointed out that the thick glasses she occassionally wears indicates traumatic brain injury.
      Anycase she is going to hide until the debates… talk out her time and bluster through them.. and go into hiding and hope the media, hispanics, women and fraud are enough to drag her into office. The media hate machine is just getting fired up, so it will be non-stop “evil Trump” through the summer.

      1. She’s shooting for a slot in history, and nothing more. I suspect she is well aware that she’s going to be on the outs, fast, health wise, if she isn’t already. She is rabid to get her name into the history books, and has a zealot’s passion guiding her. The media will pull out all stops to get her elected, without question.

        1. That’s my general sentiment. The libs want these two victories so they can be put on record for voting in the first black president and the first woman president. After the collapse all history books painting these elections in a positive light will be used to start fires or as toilet paper.

        2. Toilet paper will be a scarce commidity in the coming administration. Hugo Chavez was a piker.

      1. I have never met a real life “witch” that I did not want to immediately strangle with a wire.

        1. I have dated women who claimed to be witches and wiccans and all that.
          They still talked to God when I fucked them.

        2. Heh. I never could get past the terminal levels of stupid enough to bother with that kind. Even the hot ones.

        3. My dick didn’t care. My brain suffered. But sometimes you gotta take one for the team.

        1. She was a magical troll that graced us with her presence during the meetup fiasco. She cursed many of us with demons who will haunt our dreams until we would finally go mad and die. Never knew Disqus was a conduit to the netherworld…

  11. You cannot call yourself an American if you either vote for Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife or sit out and allow her to win.
    Trump 2016.

    1. Bs. Asking me to either eat sh!t or drink vomit is no choice at all.

      1. True dichotomy because Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife will win if you do that.

  12. There might be a silver lining with Hillary. She is extremely unlikable. I suspect she may do real damage to the Democratic brand. Meanwhile, the GOP will have exploded. 2020 will be a great realignment. Unless Trump wins; then, it’s now.

    1. I often disagree with you in the extreme but here you could not be more dead on correct.

  13. “Her historic campaign inspired millions and is an extension of her lifelong fight for (DESTROYING) middle-class families and children,”

  14. Libertarian Gary Johnson is my pick. Successful governor of New Mexico for two terms, a man of action he’s ascended the highest mountain on every continent.

    1. He’s actually done the mountain thing? For real?

    1. It will come to naught. The FBI cannot press charges. They have to hand the results of their investigation to the DOJ. Obama’s DOJ.
      Do you think that Obama’s DOJ will press charges against Hillary?

      1. Maybe if they doubt her ability to beat Trump.
        If the GE polls begins favouring Trump,
        I think the elites will dump the Clintons, if not then I doubt they`ll press charges.
        We`ll see!

        1. I can’t see the Left openly turning on itself at that high a level. They all eat their own in their various factions, but usually unite around a Glorious Leader and the Aristocracy. Obama would have no reason to do it to her anyway. Trump, well, we’ll see. I don’t trust him either, he’s been buddy buddy with this witch for years.

        2. He was buddy buddy from a social stand point…to his gain. Trump stands for “success by any means necessary”. Don’t discount that him and Bill are buds on a man to man level. Bill runs his house hold to the point that he just got the Democratic Nom by default through his wife. Bill is an Alpha for all intents and purposes, politically a Liberal. IMO. I don’t dig the dude, but it is what it is.

        3. That also worries me about him. He plays by the Networking theory, which is fine in business, but horrible in politics. My concern is that he’ll give SCOTUS seat(s) to a ‘friend who did right by me in the past’ regardless of his friends politics. He may well appoint flaming Leftists because he “owed them his friendship”. Frightens the living fuck out of me. Generally I don’t give two shits about POTUS, it’s almost a ceremonial office, the real power is in Congress, but POTUS appoints SCOTUS and that concerns me greatly.

        4. His VP selection will tell the story. I see where you are coming from but Trump is a flaming Alpha, he wont nominate a liberal to a SCOTUS seat. The process of becoming POTUS will if nothing else firmly position his politics. The Guy is all about Hot Women and piles of cash. He isn’t a stupid guy. He isn’t about to nominate a liberal to a SCOTUS seat. That stomps on everything he wants for himself. When its all said and done he has to deal with it from a business stand point when he is no longer Prez and who is going to pay to stay in Trump Plaza in a socialist state.? I may be over simplifying it but his best interest is in being conservative and nationalist. I think the guy loves his own country and came into his own self made riches under a conservatives watch..

        5. “I don’t trust him either, he’s been buddy buddy with this witch for years.”
          He pretended to like her in order to get his business done, he has admitted that much many times.
          The whole idea of the incorruptible and totally honest statesman is just a fantasy.
          It only matters what someone actually does once their in office, not what their real motivations are.
          I don`t care if this whole thing is about his ego, as long as he goes through with at least some of his plans.

      2. The DOJ doesn’t have to press charges. Refusing to prosecute would do even more damage to the Dems, as it would expose their corruption all the way to the top.
        The FBI has threatened mutiny if Lynch refuses to do her job, taking her down with them. At least what FBI is left that haven’t been “let go” and replaced with trannies and social Jewstice friends loyal to the regime.

  15. Did this Chairman Mao outfit cost the same $12,500 as that fugly Versace she wore last week? A real salt of the earth gal, she is!

  16. The worst part is that we’ll have to hear her screech on about manufactured Women’s issues like the “wage gap” in that horrid voice of hers. She sounds like Golum.

  17. I assuming it’s a real photo but In that top pic her head looks like it was cut and pasted onto her body by the South Park team.

  18. Anything the left says, short of outright capitulation, is a lie. There is so much evidence that every liberal statement declaring them in a positive light would reveal them doing the opposite. And any attack on an opponent would be met with evidence that they do the same or worse.
    Now if only the mainstream media wasn’t funded and beholden to the Democratic Party/LGBT/globalist machine.

  19. The Democrats have really screwed themselves over this cycle. Mobilizing the otherwise nonvoting outsiders of that party, thanks to Bernie, will ultimately be disastrous for Hillary. There is a very dark cloud surrounding her and none of these Bernie’s Bums are going to support her. Hillary is an insider and changes her views weekly. I believe Bernie’s Bums will support the outsider or get stoned and not vote. No chance Hillary unifies the Democratic party by November.

  20. I guess im the only one that thinks she looks like Dr. Evil in that top pic..

  21. I’ll admit, I laughed at the title of this article. The fact that Trump or Clinton are our choices speaks volumes about the state of this country. Clinton is suspected of committing federal crimes. The fact she isn’t in jail awaiting trial proves how unfair the justice system is. Trump has no government experience and yet half the country is more than willing to hand the keys to him.

    1. Government experience was not supposed to be a requirement for office. The ideals of the day were that the common man could achieve high office without having to be a politically connected shyster. A gentleman farmer to Congress, etc.
      Me, I get worried about politicians with too much experience. While the no experience politician of Obama is also fair to heed as a warning (although I’ll add that he was basically groomed for where he is, from day one), I wouldn’t mind if a decent, honest nobody rose up from the huddling masses out here and actually made it into office. Have to be better than what we’ve gotten so far.

      1. Yes what you’ve stated was the ideal. But money has invaded politics. You have to be connected. I’m not voting for either. Both are terrible.

        1. Money has *always* been in politics. There is no way to stop it. Money was in politics back when King Cynwulff was lording about Wessex fighting other kings in England, and it’s not going away at all, ever, in human history.
          Connected, eh, we kind of at least tried to break that chain, and almost succeeded for a while. Harry Truman was a nobody, after all, and left office to go live out his life as a normal, modest human being. We almost did it.

        2. Even when King Knute said Rockne all night long.
          Sorry, I know it was a bit shoe horned but I’ve been holding onto that double honky line for a while now.

        3. True money has always been in politics, but now it’s at the point where you need nearly 1/2 of a billion to get to the white house. You can’t raise that kind of cash without becoming a puppet to the donors.

        4. I haven’t investigated this yet, but I’m betting that if you look at money in a man-hours-worked sense that the actual cost has remained more or less the same. Half a billion now is $250 million fifteen years ago is $100 million twenty years ago, etc. But the actual money devaluation through inflation and taxation has made the number on the bills go up, without actually affecting the man-hours-worked number.
          That number is measured like “How long does Bob have to toil for a loaf of bread”. 10 minutes. So ten minutes of toil in 1910 equals five cents, where today it’s three bucks. But it’s still ten minutes.

        5. “When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators.”—Pj Orourke

    2. I think Vermin Supreme is the only person qualified to run any political office.

  22. Economic, social, racial, and environmental justice? Show me any real fucking injustice. It’s all whiny bullshit. Give me a break.

        1. It’s a harsh life, but you adjust to it over time.

        2. You’ll have to leave the cocoon of NYC and come here to find out. heh
          On second thought, maybe not. Got to keep our hordes of pretty girls a secret from you big city boys.

        3. Immanuel Kant was noted for never leaving the small city of Koiningsberg. A creature of habit it was said that you could set your watch by his evening walks. Once a student who was off somewhere like paris or London has asked him why he doesn’t travel. He responded “why should I? Everyone comes here just to see me”
          In the same note I will simply mention that when many of them graduate the OSU they will get themselves an Anne Taylor card and approximate a city girl wardrobe and come here in their little dresses, innocent looks and just able to stand up gait in their heels that they haven’t mastered yet……I see them everywhere….at happy hours, coffee bars, parks, subways…I can see them from a mile off.
          No need for me to come there to get them GoJ. They come to me.

        4. Where can I get that cup? I saw a similar opinion on a t-shirt today; How can I block you in real life?

        5. No idea, found it on Bing photos, heh.

        6. In all honesty I don’t hear a lot of talk from that age bracket about going to NYC. I think it’s an older stereotype, at least around here. Many stay, that I know of. I do know a lot of them want to go warm places, Florida or California come to mind, and some go into politics and/or DC area. Haven’t heard much about “I’m gonna make it in New York” in a long time though. Not saying it’s not happening, but they’re sure not playing it up like it used to be played up around these parts.

        7. I see a lot of them, but then again I am in a business and in a business center which thrives on young interns so I just may have me…….toe………in the deep end as it were.
          Every year at the end of the summer I see the young interns and blondes with their shiny new MBA’s filled with hopes and dreams…hopes and dreams of senior exec cock filling them

        8. No, I mean specifically from OSU. There’s a lot of Home Field love around these parts. It’s almost like living in the year 1950 in so many places around here that it’s hard not to want to put roots down. But it’s not like I know every woman at OSU (well, not yet anyway) so who’s to say, right?

        9. always hopeful.
          You know you are making me think I need to make it a point to go find a young OSU girl and be a big bad wolf.

        10. Any of them stupid enough to abandon Pleasantville to head there specifically, well, that’s just evolution in action if you ask me. They deserve what they get.

      1. Been there done that. You try and put shit into perspective and the SJW brigade will attack you.

    1. As P.J. O’Rourke once noted, we’re sliding into a Tyranny of Boredom.

      1. I haven’t thought of that in years. Brings up very good memories. Thanks!

    2. well, to be fair, I think that giving me a half a billion dollars would really make the world a much more just place.

      1. Count me in on that. At the very least a billion in my hands will do no harm. Isn’t that the first thing one should do?

        1. I think that only prostitutes are held to that creed….or maybe doctors…I don’t know. I just want lots of fucking money.

    3. I’m looking forward to justice being served to Hillary Rodham, by the Marine given the honor of blowing her brains out.

    4. I hope you still sing that tune when a trigger happy cop guns down someone you care about in “self-defense”.

  23. She let Americans die in Benghazi, sorry but I’d rather take a stranger I knew nothing about over her.

        1. Well, Ben Gazi was blamed for stealing the professors priceless antiques. That goodness for those kids and that pup named Scooby doo

  24. Everyone thought Bill was an Alpha, he is the biggest cuck in history.
    Cause of his zeta grade male status now we have to endure Killary ‘i had Ghadafi stabbed in the arse with a knife’ Clinton.
    The bottom of the barrel is in sight, if there has ever been a reason not to give women power it’s name is Killary.

    1. Crazy argument because I don’t like Bill, But he is so Alpha, he was able to retain relevance through his wife as a surrogate, where otherwise he would have been sent out to pasture. Now he has another shot at the white house. She has already verbally on record eluded to Bill taking the reigns on policy to do with things such as the economy. Don’t get it twisted, Bill is pulling the strings..

      1. Bill is a “Dunghill Alpha”. A king of ugly women. No wonder he’s a Democrat.

        1. Clinton wasn’t bad looking in her early years but your suppose to ditch them before they look like she does now.

        2. Bill, if he really was an alpha on the level of Trump, would have gone for a somewhat younger girl rather than a woman his own age with a nails-on-a-chalkboard personality.

  25. I’ve seen ’em come and go for a while, and I’ve never seen a dirtier candidate than Hillary. You think Bill came up with all those scandals by himself? And then there are all the ones that Hillary owns by herself. Have you seen her written work? Take a peek at her college stuff. Alinsky would blush, Du Bois would be proud, Lenin would beam. When she says It Takes a Village, she means you don’t own anything and your kids should be the property of the state. Don’t even get me started on the sound of her voice, or her wardrobe. Yeck!

  26. Great, now we get to hear about made up inequalities for the next few months before this bitch gets what’s coming.

  27. Never back down from a bully? Good advice.
    American men are done being bullied by feminist cows whose only qualification for power is bending over for the right scumbag.
    Rest assured Donald Trump will have no time for your sense of entitlement, Hillary. On November 8th you lose by twenty points, giving you till January 20th to either turn yourself in to the FBI armed with a full confession to multiple counts of murder, treason and fraud, go into hiding in whatever country is crazy enough to give you asylum, or check into a hotel room and cash in your Smirnoff and Gillette retirement plan, the sisterhood’s answer to the Smith and Wesson plan. Choice is yours.
    If you choose the latter option, be a dear and see to it that you send Bill to hell first.

  28. Crooked Hillary ….. Criminally investigated by the FBI while simultaneously running for POTUS ….. you can’t make this stuff up!

    1. It’s baffling. To be honest, Trump isn’t the best man for the job, either. There ought to be a requirement where you need an IQ of over 135 before you can run for president. That would exclude all women and feminists and fix any country for good.

    2. Their “fraud” case against Trump was no accident. The dirty dems wanted a “see, he broke the law too…!” card to play against Trump when he brings up Shillary’s crimes.
      Never mind the fact that even if you assume all of the worst is true, Trump U was no more a “fraud” than Amway or Mary Kay.

  29. When Komrade Klinton is elected we will have a commie paradise where every day is a holiday and every meal a banquet.

    1. I knew Obama had won in 2008 when I was wakened from sleep by a lot of human-generated noise. A (mostly) peaceful celebratory parade had occurred near my home which is close by a state university. If McCain had won, most of his supporters would have been asleep because they had jobs to go to the next day.

  30. Come on my American friends.. you cannot let Monica Lewinsky’s ex boyfriend’s wife to be your President. Take it from me.. we suffered through the Julia Gillard disaster!

    1. Historically Big american cities ushered in a black Mayor once the cities went belly up. Detroit, New Orleans and others. Finally a woman mayor indicates the city is in complete recievership to its debtors.

  31. So she’s channeling Chariman Mao and Trump is channeling the Fuehrer. Hmmm, which one to choose?
    Think I’ll go with the one who turned his country around in just 5 years, bringing it back from the brink and restoring it to the first rank of nations. Then when war was forced upon him, he first conquered almost his entire continent and parts of another, and then heroically held out against practically the whole world for years. His courage, integrity, and sense of honor were legendary.
    Hint: we’re gonna have one heckova hottie as First Lady!

  32. I have already let my superiors know if this women wins I will retire form the military. There is no fucking chance I will serve any length of time under this cunt. I have 2 years left all I pray for is that she doesn’t take us to war during that time.

  33. If high Alpha like Trump can’t defeat this shrieking old harpee then it’s seriously time to plan for this all the be settled by alternative means

  34. I was just reading it looks like google is trying to scrub the term “crooked hillary”. Nothing comes up typing it in until you completely spell it which case google suggests “crooked hillary bernie”. Fuck google

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