It’s A Hundred Times Easier To Come Out As Gay Or Transsexual Than As A Conservative In Hollywood

Hollywood is relentlessly making it hostile to be a conservative entertainer. Far from plateauing out, this situation is becoming more retrograde still. As if to mock it, gay, lesbian and transgender individuals who “come out” often receive a financial windfall for their revelation in the form of a bigger and better career, plus inevitable paid interviews and photoshoots.

ESPNVogue and damn near every mainstream publication would have you believe that Bruce Jenner is the paragon of bravery for publicly making his “transition” (snip-snip, Brucey!) to womanhood. Forget the massive dollar signs that came with the shift, not to mention the chance to outdo his previously much more famous ex-wife Kris.

The same goes for gay NBA referee Bill Kennedy, who announced his sexuality very recently and was lauded as if he were some sort of whistleblower fearing for his life. Yet whose career would suffer the most from “coming out”: a conservative celebrity who supports Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, or a gay or transsexual celebrity? We know the answer.

Having multiple surgeons hack off or hack into your genitals is far more acceptable in Hollywood than supporting a political candidate who dares that America aim for more.

When one looks at American voting trends, party registrations and other indicators, conservatives are not just underrepresented in Hollywood; they are, categorically, a hunted species. Nevertheless, the British gay advocacy group Stonewall, which has every interest in seeing a high estimation of non-heterosexual numbers, says that a mere 5-7% of people are gay, lesbian or bisexual, an estimate presumably extending across the Atlantic to the States. Non-LGBT industry figures hover around just 3-4%.

The paucity of conservative actors, singers and other entertainers is shocking. Nominally “conservative” celebrities like Bruce Willis and Gary Sinise either claim a half-liberal bent (Willis) or tend to make pronouncements that avoid the most contentious issues, such as Sinise’s interest in foreign policy but general disinterest in discussing issues of abortion, gay marriage, and immigration (and even then we do not know his underlying ideology).

As a nod to tokenism, a small number of conservative elder statesmen are permitted in Hollywood, including Clint Eastwood and Jon Voight (and the latter in particular has become increasingly marginalized).

Gay entertainers, anyone?

Sir Elton Hercules John is one of countless celebrities who can count on Hollwyood support and still getting work for being who they are. Conservative actors, paid to play other people, ironically, cannot, along with similarly-minded singers and others.

The path to coming out as gay, lesbian or bisexual is comparatively a piece of cake. If you don’t think so, check how familiar these names sound: Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day), Drew Barrymore (a lot of bad films), composer Leonard Bernstein, Chris Colfer (Glee), CNN presenter Anderson Cooper, Ellen DeGeneres, Stephen Fry (Blackadder), Lady Gaga, Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother), Elton John, Kesha, Ian McKellen (The Lord of the Rings), Ricky Martin, Wentworth Miller (Prison Break), Cynthia Nixon (Sex and the City), Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory), Zachary Quinto (Star Trek), RuPaul (my editor and I will need a few years to describe this person) and George Takei (the older Star Trek franchise). By all means check the wider Wikipedia listings, which run for pages and include hundreds and hundreds of celebrities.

Finding conservative celebrities is the harder task. Figures like James Woods, who seems to have been punished by Hollywood ever since he identified himself as a conservative Blue Dog Democrat, exist as outliers. The person who makes a list of dozens of conservative names to try to prove this assertion wrong forgets that probably ten to twenty thousand celebrities of some sort exist in the public consciousness. We may not know all of their names personally and some have died, but even a hundred names is insufficient. Furthermore, only a few of these individuals are truly top-tier actors, singers or other showbiz royalty.

Attempted political indoctrination, which starts with the fact that the vast majority of college professors are liberal, still produces a population where the majority of college graduates, like in 2012’s Presidential election, can vote Republican. But we are denied a celebrity environment where as little as one in twenty people who declare their political beliefs can be conservative.

The limits of “tolerance” are growing tighter and tighter

Still in the fold now, will Vince Vaughan be eventually punished for his views? Whatever the case, others following his example can expect a significant backlash.

Expect a lot more hostility to more well-known celebrities with the boldness to evade leftist positions. Responses to libertarian Vince Vaughan’s suggestion about school employees having guns were tepid, probably reflecting the esteem in which the affable comedic actor is held. Yet Hollywood is unlikely to make room for more men of his caliber, especially younger ones.

Going forward, it will be useful for those of us critical of sheep-like celebrity conformity to keep tabs on the relationship between the number of LGBT, liberal and conservative celebrities. Although regular people sense a Hollywood bias, their understanding needs to be made explicit. When they see further how Tinseltown tries to make cookie-cutter political mouthpieces, they are better placed to know to spend their money elsewhere.

Bring back the days of Gary Cooper and John Wayne the actors, not RuPaul the cross-dresser.

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  1. “Politics is downstream of culture” is what Andrew Breitbart used to say (though I don’t know if he originated that quote) and it’s true. Hollywood shapes the culture, and it is dominated with gestapo-like savagery from the left. This is as important, if not moreso, than the fact that they control academia, as they control the hearts, minds and worldview of the culture. (Also, the sheer amount of money produced by Hollywood goes straight to leftist coffers.) If one “comes out” as conservative or traditionalist is Hollywood, it’s career suicide. Notice those celebs you mention that may simply “lean” right are all old. In other words, they were able to begin voicing opinions about some things AFTER they had built a career. Anyone trying to build a career cannot say jack, or they’re done.

    1. Kurt Russell, Bruce Willis and Clint Eastwood are open about their beliefs, they’re doing great.

        1. He’s socially conservative, that much is certain. Where he stands otherwise I really don’t know, he was part of a Scottish separatist party for a while, and I’m not entirely clear if they’re for or against socialism.

        2. He’s hardly relevant at this point though.
          And old school in the sense that most men who grew up in that time and age were old school. Men were men and they expected women to know their place. Remember there was a huge broo-ha-ha about his comment in the 80s about it being ok to slap a woman or something:

          Actually, I have to say I agree with him. Sometimes a bitch does need to get slapped if she’s hysterical and provokes a man, and especially if she’s provoking him physically as many women have a tendency to do these days in an argument.. knowing full well they can get away with murder and verbal and physical abuse against a man but a man can’t so much as lift a finger without bringing down the wrath of the State and court and police against him.

        3. I loved that comment. And apparently he practices what he preaches. His wife stands firmly beside him. Strange, right?

        4. Anecdotal, but I personally know one Scottish guy who is for independence and he definitely leans left-socialist, and anti-gun, of course. Perhaps it’s a Millennial thing but most of it seems to come from an attitude of sticking it to the British rather than anything truly productive.

  2. Every time I have heard a straight man claim that trannys are really women I simply ask “Would you date one?”.
    Fun, not a single one has ever said yes.

        1. In Thailand you absolutely can’t tell them apart even close up. I tell guys going for the first time that their only hope is to assume that if she is super model beautiful, tall, and talking to you, she is a he.

  3. Sure, it would be great to have someone famous back Trump or call out his Hollywood peers on their hypocrisy. But why should you care what celebrities think? Only weak willed women and “men” let their opinions get formed by the mass media.

    1. He’s a life long, card carrying Libertarian actually. His remarks are no surprise.

    2. Clint is Hollywood more than Hollywood is Hollywood.He help make them a household name and cannot kick him out of the picture.

  4. Most people (especially most men) don’t discuss their sexuality in public (what types of partners they like to bang, when and with whom they’ve had sex, etc.) If these people kept their perversions to themselves, I would have zero problem with someone who was gay. Throughout history, people acted out their gay desires privately with other gay people, but didn’t elevate, celebrate, or advertise it. I don’t long for a time when someone who was truly born with no attraction to women had to live a life of fear and shame, but clearly we have gone TOO FAR In the other direction.
    The next time you hear or see a gay person talking about sex, just imagine a straight, white male in that same position (“And I want to be able to pick up young, thin Asian girls on weekends, and have fun with them, and not be judged for it!”) It will seem rude, out of place, and irreverent, because of course, it is. And that’s when talking about straight, clean sex, not a guy in another guys butt.
    I don’t doubt that there are more gays in the acting field than normal… but you don’t hear the straight actors publicly announcing what types of chicks they like to bang. This is completely out of place and should remain a private matter.

      1. Actually one thing I do think is fundamentally unfair in government is how a private American is not allowed to “sponsor” a foreign visitor to America. I prefer foreign chicks, typically avoid the local fatties and wait until I go on vacation abroad to meet real, feminine women. You can marry them, and they are able to come to the states and get a passport, but as just a girlfriend, there is nothing you can do to let them visit you.
        You can prove you will cover their expenses, you can guarantee they will return, you can buy a round trip ticket, but none of this matters, and they have to go through the regular visa application process and pay hundreds of dollars – nonrefundable – for the chance to visit. I’d love to bring girls over for months at a time, have them take care of my place, cook me meals, be my girlfriend, while I’m still able to work, but the only way Uncle Sam lets me do that is if I get a legal marriage to them, which obviously no one would do at the early dating stage.
        I truly feel I have less dating options as a straight, white, thin American male than a gay guy does.

        1. Of course, if I was a corporation, I only have to say that “no suitable candidates were found, send over a Colombian” and it happens.

        2. Yes yes and yesss. Finally someone else has hit on something I’ve been screaming about for the past couple of years. I live in Thailand and Thai girls can EASILY get a visa to Europe. The young hot thais are all over europe trouncing around with European men. I know because they are all over social media with shots of the eiffel tower. We need to ask, why the FOOOK is it so easy for them to get an EU visa but not to Amerikaaa? The answer is that there is an ALL OUT WAR on sex on American men, its that simple. American men need to get it together and stand up, the elites are controlling you through the restriction of easy sex.

        3. “I truly feel I have less dating options as a straight, white, thin American male than a gay guy does.”
          you might be right. i was fortunate enough to spend a large percentage of my 20s and 30s overseas in EE and latin america, so i naturally gravitated toward more feminine, foreign women. i look at my younger brother, in his 30s now and he’s never left the US. never seen him with a thin, feminine woman, and on the rare occasions that he goes on a date, he inevitably gets friendzoned.

        4. You have to understand no matter what the media is saying, legal immigration is closed in the U.S. Only way one can legally immigrate here is through marriage. All these politicians saying they are for legal immigration don’t know their damn laws. The other avenue is through employment, but that’s not a guarantee. One can always get that visa revoked. The entire process is very painful and it can last many years. So all this America is a country of immigrants is utter bull shit. I mean it was. Not anymore…
          Getting a tourist visa is very hard for people from poor countries too. Almost impossible, because they have to prove they have enough ties to their native country, i.e. have money. So it’s pretty much a no go for most people.

        5. Used to be you needed no government “approval” to show up over here. Used to be, back when we were free.

        6. Yes you do, that is correct. Being a hetero white american male is considered to be in the top echelon of the food chain in the US. That’s why you will have the lesser envy you and try to take away from you and make your life a living hell. If you bring foreign girls to the US, how fast would she be able to adopt the toxic mentality of modern American culture? Maybe better to go to her local country instead and be treated well then trying to jump through all legal consequences of being in America and having foreign chick in your place at the same time. Some laws are so ridiculous and anal.

        7. I seen illegal immigrants get treated better by the government than towards legal immigrants (the ones who waited in line).

        8. I brought my thin, sexy, Asian, woman here about 8 years ago and so far contamination has been minimal. But in general you are correct. If you have the option stay in her country; you both will be happier.

        9. Yes true. I also like how you said … “I brought my thin….” instead of “I brought a thin…”. That ownership right there is what girls like in a man.

        10. never tried it. spicynujac seems to be envious of gay guys though, so i’m just reminding him that no one is stopping him from joining their club if he wants.

        11. Apparently it’s to stop people coming into the country and just staying, but since the establishment seems to be against calling people ‘illegal immigrants’ I think you may be right.

        12. This happens all the time in Australia, SJW’s don’t let us call them Queue Jumpers even though the SJW’s want these illegal immigrants to be allowed access to Australia ahead of the people waiting in Kenyan refugee camps. I’m just going to end this post here because otherwise I will end up ranting on about an unrelated topic.

        13. Aussie men should be more like ones from Romper Stomper (minus the useless girl). Lebanese men are harassing the locals over there.

        14. that is pure propaganda at least for tourists coming from certain countries including Thailand. Thailand is at worst a second world country, on the brink of first worldom. Even “poor” Thai people that would be on a tourist visa wouldn’t have an intention to stay there, they have very close family and friend relationships that they wouldn’t give up. The idea that they would come to the USA and leech of the US taxpayer is pure propaganda. But you would actually have to be well travelled and understand south east asian culture to then understand that they aren’t the ones that would be a burden on the US if they came here on a tourist visa. This is a case of the elite not wanting white men in America access to easy sex.

        15. All I’m saying is, unless you have one mil in the bank, immigration to the U.S. is closed to pretty much everybody. All that “we’re are a nation of immigrants” makes me wanna vomit.

      2. 2015, the year where the consequences of getting caught reading are a lot worse than looking at pornhub,

    1. Indeed, what homosexualism really comes down to is sex. And when you confront them about this fact they get defensive and nasty. I think too many people get caught up in the sanitized stuffed animal homosexual portrayed in the media. What people need to realize is that all this shit about “rights” is really just them insisting that no one judge them for being ass plowed or eating shit or any of the other common yet repulsive things homosexuals do.

      1. One of the main thing that pisses me of about gays is that their homossexuality is the ultimate theme of their lives and easily becomes the single trait that defines all of their character. The way they conduct themselves just forces you against your will to remember what they do in private, that they are the type of people that like the big one shoved in their asses..
        All of their mannerisms, their way they walk, talk, dress, the places they go.. all of their lifestyle aims to make the ones around them aknowledge the fact that they are dudes that enjoy sucking dick. And when you denounce that they are obsessed about making their sexuality public, guess what? “Get out of the closet already, you homophobic!”

        1. They can’t have children¹ so it’s no wonder they have nothing else to hang on to²
          It’s a biological anomaly, since it’s a dead end, so it’s also no wonder they’re less than 5% of a population but average more than half of all AIDS cases and almost half of serial killers are homosexual.
          Google “soiled sinema bottom x” if you ever dare to stare into the abyss
          ¹ to have sex with :v
          ² perhaps a dick :v

        2. Some people will discriminate – and I think that is their right, despite the current state of the law – and some people will be violent which is not on and should be punished.
          Some fags are fun to hang around and others are simply annoying, just like their straight counterparts.
          What crosses the line for me is to try (successfully!) to make your personal defect a national matter protected under the Constitution.
          Let’s just say I like to fuck Asian girls who are half my age (and this is only a slight departure from reality) and if my employer caught wind of it they could – arbitrarily – fire me. At that point I would have no legal protection. However, if I liked boning little Asian boys (over the age of consent) then you have the ACLU and an alphabet of people lined up to get me reinstated if I got fired.

        3. You really hit the nail on the head! Great statement! How many people are naturally gay and how many have our warped society helped create?

        4. Keep waiting. All religion is superstition and delusion. Religion was man-made to control people. The BuyBull was written by men.

        5. Even milo yiannopoulos has said homosexuality is a abnormality and nature’s failed experiment that’s not meant to be sustained.

        6. The Almighty G-d will indeed take care of that, never fear. I just constantly keep my eyes pricked up (so to speak) to listen for the sound of the big Shofar (ram’s horn. We also blow it on the Jewish New Year and on the month before the Jewish New Year to remind everyone to repent.) The Big Shofar which will be heard all around the world, will officially announce the immediate coming of the Messiah and the official end of this last long, and most bitter exile (it has been well over 2,000 years already).
          I will ALWAYS LOVE America with all of my heart, but Israel, is our true home. It is like part of our DNA.
          Every Jewish person who went to Israel that I spoke with, told me the same thing. When they came to visit for the very first time [no matter how long or short the stay was], they felt like they had come back home, even though they were never there before. They left with tears streaming down their cheeks with fervent prayers that G-d will bring us all back again as quickly as possible, when they had to leave…
          May it indeed be the Almighty G-d’s Will and happen very swiftly.

        1. That Ugandan pastor was onto something. His campaign obviously got the intended attention, and GRID is a rampant problem in Africa caused in large part by the filthy debauched activities of homosexuals.
          He should have brought more attention to the immunodeficiency problem than to the proscriptions in “da babble,” but his campaign website made this objective more clear ( ).
          I loathe to admit that a black African is more in touch with things than most PC white leftists and cuckservatives, but people in undeveloped and rural areas can be more aware of the tolerable limit of deviance and how unworkable a culturally Marxist free-for-all society (which is truthfully anything but free) really is.
          Uganda’s so-called “Kill the Gays bill” of 2014 was rational and just, except through the lens of Marxist political correctness.

        2. Since most gays are “invisible” to a certain extent, they can create a havoc in this world of terrifying proportions.
          Burn gay people? Then have lots and lots of nuclear “accidents”, and everyone will burn.
          The people who tell the lie that “gays harm children”, will have their lie turned into reality.
          All’s fair in love and war.
          The Ugandans who are so antigay, must never have heard of racism, apartheid, or slavery. These are incredibly stupid people.

      2. When I was in law school I had a gay professor who asked the astoundingly stupid question as to why society looks at the sex. My response was “Sir, they are not called homofriendlies.” I am not sure if it was at that point or soon thereafter that I became I pariah.

    2. Gays talk about sex too much. Nearly every gay person I’ve met or worked with was like that and it pissed me off. I heard stories about public sex, blowjobs in office toilets etc. I don’t like hearing about that shit at all. They like to brag and boast, and i get the impression that a lot of gays do it on purpose to repulse straights.
      It has gone way too far in the other direction.

      1. That is for sure as far as the internet is concerned. Many of the trolls I encounter at various sights, extremely obnoxious and unpleasant, are ‘gay’ most of them male though I have encountered a few who might be lesbians and they certainly follow the pattern you describe.

      2. Act bored and find someplace else to be, without showing an ounce of disgust. A “ho hum” ZFG attitude while treating them like they’re the most boring thing since floor cleaner helps to not feed their need to “shock” you.

        1. Yes that has definitely helped me. It was the only way I could stop them from discussing their sexual antics with me.

        2. This too will be labeled “homophobia”, and reported to your HR officer, who will promptly begin working up your termination proceedings. There is no way avoid this anymore. Anything less than celebration of Sodom will be punished, by your boss, by your government, and increasingly, by your kids, as they turn you in, Stalinist style, after their “education” in our public scruulz.

      3. I’ve found if you respond with a simple “eh, so what” attitude they have nowhere to go and it stops the conversation dead. I think of it as attention whoring and treat it as such. The more attention you give to these people the more they’ll attempt to shock you with their antics.

        1. Yeah I just ignore now, but in the past I’ve made it clear that I have no interest in hearing that shit, from either gays or straights. Generally they respect that but not always. Now I find it’s best to show complete indifference.

      4. They also do it to make straights jealous. Look, no matter how good a PUA you are, no way in God’s green earth you have as much sex a moderately attractive gay man. Gay men have more partners in a year than I’m going to have in a lifetime. It’s a culture of complete debauchery, and; frankly, they want you to know they are having more fun than you are.
        This is also why the assertion that “women are as horny/sexual/etc as men” is utter bullshit. Lesbians most commonly wind up with “lesbian bed death” (similar to most heterosexual marriages) where gays wind up with a fucking colostomy bag because their assholes give out from the non-stop pounding.
        Yeah, tell me again how women want sex as much as men please.

        1. Absolutely. I have a gay cousin that is overweight and just OK looking and he gets laid all the fucking time. He is highly promiscuous like most gays and is proud of it.
          When I was younger I was uber tolerant towards gays. I had more of an SJW mentality about gay culture I guess, but over the years I’ve grown increasingly tired of their deviant lifestyles.
          Almost every gay man I’ve ever met has been a promiscuous narcissist. I seriously doubt it’s a coincidence.

    3. Gays are the only group that are allowed to be openly promiscuous.
      Every gay man I’ve ever met has been very vocal about their sexual
      antics. It’s identity politics gone mad. They are defining themselves
      by their sexuality, which is completely absurd. They just can’t help but advertise their ‘gayness’ to the world.
      One of my cousins is a lesbian. She came out a few years ago, and ever since she did everything about her has changed, from the way she dresses to the way she walks. She is very manly in her demeanor now whereas previously she was quite feminine. She cut her hair shirt, dyed it, and often wears a shirt and pants when she goes out and quite frankly she looks ridiculous. She was a very pretty girl with nice long hair who ruined her appearance to fit in with the ‘crowd’.

    4. I have known lots of gays who I could call friends but none of them made a big deal about it. They go to work, they pay their taxes, we party together, and then they go home to engage in sodomy in private. Fucking case closed. They don’t parade down Yonge Street in assless chaps.
      As for me, I am certainly no prude and when the topic of conversation turns to sex I simply tell the shocking truth. That leaves a lot of people gobsmacked because they are not sure if I am telling the truth or trying to mess with their head. The answer is: both. That’s just words.
      I have only had one incident where I did anything sexual in a situation that was remotely “public”: I was at a an S&M club and played with her tits while others watched.
      But the bigger thing is that I don’t demand, nor want a parade to celebrate all the crazy things I do with women. I spent several years in BDSM mode but now have toned it down. Still, that is between me and her and not a fucking political movement.
      While in law school I tried to focus on entertainment law and took out of faculty credits in film production. I ended up making a 15 minute short. In that process I met a bunch of actors. I have also spent a lot of time on set as a background performer (aka extra). And anyone who knows severely creative people knows that they are generally fucked in the head. Homosexuality is just one manifestation of that general fuckedupedness.

    5. Why are straight men always talking about anal sex?
      Perhaps it’s from the women’s magazines that say “how to drive your man wild in bed”. It’s always about sticking a finger up a guy’s ass!
      Go to the porn sites such as Redtube, which shows loads
      of straight anal sex. You would think these women didn’t have vaginas.

  5. ESPN, Vogue and damn near every mainstream publication would have you believe that Bruce Jenner is the paragon of bravery for publicly making his “transition” (snip-snip, Brucey!) to womanhood.
    He didn’t snip anything. Dude is still sporting his frank and beans. He’s doing this for a stunt, and I will remain of that opinion until the day that he has his twig and berries lobbed off permanently.
    Conservative Hollywood is sparse, but it is there. The actors are mostly the top notch award winning ones (Voight, Eastwood, Kurt Russell, James Woods, etc) and they carry a gravity about them precisely because they don’t go around sneering at others about how they should live.
    Glad you mentioned Vince Vaughn, dude is uber cool.

      1. That’s correct. He’s just a dude, with a dick and balls, in a dress, who takes shots to grow boobs and pretend he’s a girl. He doesn’t even have the balls (pun intended) to do it for real. He’s a fraud.

        1. He may be just too smart. The suicide rate is horrific for those that have the full operation. I have heard/read it approaches 80%, but I can’t confirm that.

  6. If there’s one thing I like about the UK it’s that your political views are largely considered to be a private matter and people don’t look fondly on celebs lecturing them about politics. This is slowly changing of course as our elite apes America’s. Unfortunately everyone, regardless of politics, is expected to pay homage to political correctness on pain of career suicide (it’s even worse than the US in this respect and we have no equivalent to the first amendment).

  7. Sorry to sound like a broken record but who cares. Without our intervention the media is already going through a massive disruption. In a couple of years, I think, we’ll all have our custom media/cultural portals. The pro-homosexual or freak shit going around will be nearly impossible to pull off once the media is splintered.

    1. Great point. And the media is already splintered.
      This “Hollywood is too liberal” meme is over half a century old now. Today, most kids and some adults spend their time looking at entertainment that other people provide for free via social media. The impact of old-fashioned actors like Vince Vaughn is negligible to say the least. Bilzerian is the new influencer; he curates his actual life.
      As you pointed out, we’re soon going to be spending our lives in an echo chamber, mostly ignorant of other points of view, even though they’ll be right there for anybody to see. People don’t actually want new information, unless it confirms their biases.

  8. Have you ever seen anything more disgusting than these alien-looking transwhatevers? Good God what a freakshow. You literally have to be under some kind of spell to look at one of those and NOT say there is something wrong with whoever they are.
    What nature doesn’t take care of, those who lead our world out of this darkness certainly will. They are nothing more than a fart in the wind, a passing sickness like the bubonic plague, except now people relish in their diseased state and try to keep spreading it as opposed to contain or deal with it.

    1. I find that openly laughing and sometimes snickering directly at them, and by them I don’t mean the Trans only folks, but the clown haired tatted up pierced morons, is very therapeutic. If you’re a large, scary looking dude like me, it’s a win win. They can’t do anything because they’re afraid of retribution, and you get to openly mock their idiocy.

    2. I pity them; they actually have a very high suicide rate (~41%).
      The people who deserve my ire are the idiots who cheerlead the LBGTQWERTY in their perversity without actually practicing it.

  9. And every year as more of them ‘come out’ the stuff coming out of Hollywood they claim to be ‘entertainment’ gets more and more awful and pathetic. Hopefully the Free Market will flush this liberal sewer out.

  10. The most annoying fucking thing about this is they bitch and moan about subsidies
    all well getting millions upon millions for films that don’t produce jobs for states.

    1. Aye. The Rock is obvious I think.
      Having a woman who, in her prime, was one of my go-to HB 10’s, Heather Locklear, is just icing on the cake. Damn I’d still do that woman ten ways to Sunday. Bo Derek is also blatantly GOP.
      Bruce Willis while stumping for Dubya, has basically come out as “independent” in the vein of libertarian as of late, nearly crossing into anarcho-capitalist, which is rare for anybody let alone an A-lister celeb.
      Sandler I’ve known for a long time as GOP. I know Hollywood snubs him as lowbrow, but he changed character acting and deconstructed SNL’s character gambit to revolutionary degrees in his day.

  11. Conservative celebrities are such a rare find that I always greatly appreciate discovering one. James Caan, Tony Sirico, Adam Sandler & Clint Eastwood have been some of the stars I’ve been the most pleased to find out are fellow conservatives.

  12. I mentioned it before, but for the sake of this article, I will mention it again. I am amazed that with Bruce Jenner, how the media overlooked how he neglected his two daughters to where they followed their half siblings into whoredom. Also, his older Jenner kids refused to appear in the media, which is a dead giveaway how messed up that family is, yet the media ignores that. If anything, I would have considered Jenner brave and courageous only if he had bludgeoned Kris Jenner to death.

  13. Gays are the only group that are allowed to be openly promiscuous.
    Every gay man I’ve ever met has been very vocal about their sexual
    antics. It’s identity politics gone mad. They are defining themselves
    by their sexuality, which is

  14. If I was a celebrity, I would say that I was a hardcore liberal, at least in interviews. Once I retired, I would say that I lied and manipulated hollywood because of their intolerance. People’s heads would fucking explode, it’d be glorious.

  15. The more I see reflections of liberal attitudes in movies and music, the less inclined I am to patronize them. After some feedback on the new Star Wars movie, I am more inclined to avoid it than to see it.Hollywood is a social engineering tool. Popular music tends to bear signs of the Illuminati agenda. Justin Bieber, in all his fame, is mocked and humiliated almost subliminally in one of his own videos. It’s like the industry lets the world know the “performer” is just a tool of there’s to manipulate and mock, while making them “famous.”
    The entertainment industry has become a shame today.

  16. Gays have become more of a pest and nuisance since they like to demand, demand and demand respect but continuously shoving their ideology into our face and not to mention their lifestyle is very dangerous to not just them but to others around them. They also threaten violence at times if you don’t end up agreeing with them. They are overtly emotional and their whole lives are centered around their impulsive sex fantasies. Those “men” haven’t built anything and never will feel what it’s like to achieve.
    This is why the society will still not take them seriously only the idiots in the society do. Even in such liberal workplace, I’m sure the employer will not hire a gay guy who dressed up as a BDSM sex custom with tight bondage rubber black panties revealing the sacks of his balls with half tongue split with piercing and tattoos all over his half naked body. Even the top dog in the liberal community knows this. The Gays, Transgender and other wackos are being used as a pwn in this game. Such term useful idiots. Once their purpose is served, they will be the first to be zapped by the powerful. This also goes to SJW, bull dyke feminist and BLM protesters.
    We seen this from time to time where such groups in liberal community will not mind throwing each other under the bus for their true agenda. They just happen to “unite” out of their hatred towards traditionalist and other sane people. But once their hatred focus on us is directed somewhere or they feel bored, they will eat each other up.

  17. We really ought to levy a 90 percent tax on A-list star film salaries. I personally would love to see all the Hollywood Hills progressives bitching about the fact that they don’t make enough to donate to NOH8! regularly.

  18. While not Hollywood and not the film industry, there was the case of a well-respected theatre director who was completely blacklisted once it became public that he donated some paltry amount to support Prop 8. It was McCarthyism on steroids.

  19. A Story
    As a third year law student, I needed a job. My loans had run out and my bank account was empty. The lucrative summer placements did not pan out in previous year and I ended up doing retail security for minimum wage.
    So broke-ass me is walking down Granville (the main drag in Vancouver) and I see a Help Wanted sign in a sex shop. I apply and get a job as a retail clerk selling porn and dildos to a wide variety of people.
    That opened my eyes to a whole new POV on the human experience.
    I mention this because most of the bosses and employees were gay. If I was so inclined I could have got laid daily, or weekly at a minimum. Once I made it clear that I was straight, they were all chill: it was just business.

  20. On the plus side, one out of three Hollywood conservatives goes on to be be elected President of the United States….

  21. Mel Brooks said in his rendition of To Be or Not To Be, “If it weren’t for Jews, fags and gypsies, there would be no theater.” There is a lot of truth in this.
    Hollywood has always been debauched. For that matter, the entire trade of entertainment, from music to theater and cinema, has been debauched for centuries. There was a reason why actors, from time immemorial, have been regarded with the same sort of suspicion as thieves and prostitutes, not just so much for the fact they often traveled from country to country, but because they were an unsavory bunch, who are notoriously dishonest (what is acting anyway but an effective form of lying), and really really unstable (I could give you an unending list, but let’s just say that Sean Penn doesn’t fall too far from the tree from John Wilkes Booth). The main difference between today and the 30s and 40s was that the media really didn’t harp too much on actor’s proclivities.
    One of the more despised, but least understood aspects of Hollywood is the tabloid industry. I think it’s safe to say that most people in the world, let alone America, don’t really read these rags or care about what celebrities are doing. However, you go to LA or NYC, and you’ll see people actually reading this trash. Because, as much as we may all detest tabloid trash, including celebrities, they serve an important function for the celebrity – they generate buzz, and get their names out there. Papparazzi arrive on scene to take inordinate pictures thanks to tips, usually, on where celebrities will be, but where do you think these tips really come from? Publicity agents, mostly.
    Because one of the worst things that can happen to an actor, especially if he’s made it big, is to be forgotten. And that happens as easy as falling off a log. Because actors, really, are material for producers and directors to use, like a shade of paint or a prop or a decoration. And over time, actors, like decorating trends, fall out of style.
    This isn’t to say that most of these actors who come out gay or whatever are faking. But, what does it hurt them today? Even if it seems they are gay, what you often don’t hear about is the very heterosexual relationships they have. It has all the trappings and effect of a spectacle, like a circus or a freak show; anything they can do to capture the attention of the monster that is the audience, they will do it. Applause, even for something as unearned as coming out of the closet, is the most addictive drug in the universe!
    I have some personal experience of that, in a very small way. I played in theater in High School and College, and for a few weeks I was lauded for playing Brick in a performance of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. When the show was on, I was the big man on campus, and every girl wanted me. I was popular in a way I never was before. After the weeks had passed, of course, the enthusiasm from my “fans” died down, and I sank into a deep depression. I recovered, of course.
    For screen actors, the only feedback they get comes mainly from critics, late-night show folks, and now, social media, and they crave it. Badly. They will do anything to get it.

  22. You should read Gary Oldman’s and Vincent Gallo’s comments on Conservative and/or Republican performers. Not just great, but “Fucking Great” actors and they still have problems getting rolls of any sustenance after they “Came Out”.

  23. Everybody has to be somewhere but media promoting a lifestyle or is so slanted towards one kind of politics or religious bent is no good . Nature enjoys variety.

  24. Bring back the “days of John Wayne”? First, his real name was Marion. He never served in the military, and played a Green Beret in the movies. Yet, people think he was a hero. Pure fantasy.
    Like the tea party nuts who booed a gay soldier, people ignore real heroes for fake ones.

  25. Homosexuals learned part of their tactics from the babykillers…the same ones who changed the language from supporting abortion to being “pro choice,” which is a much softer term that the ignorant and otherwise uninitiated could more easily be suckered into accepting as legitimate.
    Homos took this approach in order to move the moral goalpost of society farther and farther to the left. They went from being in favor of homo sex to “alternative lifestyles” from being homosexual to “being gay” and so forth. After they found success with that they then took the focus off their lifestyle and instead placed the focus on Marriage….and called the pursuit of it “Marriage equality.” I think the results speak for themselves.
    This tactic is very successful because it changes the dynamics of the conversation. Unless someone is already familiar with the duplicity involved they’re much more likely to fall for it. Recent human history shows this to be the case.
    Nowadays the pedos, the polygamous and the incestuous are exploring ways to employ semantics in order to get the same results for their demos.
    Nothing is sacred anymore, because people spend too much time entertaining themselves and too little time truly informing themselves of the facts.

  26. Hollywood is majority Jewish owned. An unnaturally high percentage of actors and directors are Jewish. The media is majority Jewish. Yet the Jew’s biggest complaint in Hollywood? “Too many straight white people.” :^)
    They all have an agenda to push, and it isn’t the conservative one.

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