Is Theranos A Girl-Powered Scam?

Elizabeth Holmes was supposed to be the grrl powered answer to Steve Jobs, black turtleneck and all. At the encouragement of a professor, she dropped out of Stanford University at 19 years old to continue the startup that she (wait for it…) founded in her dorm room. She opened offices in Palo Alto, garnered high profile board members, heavy hitting financial backers, Ted conference appearances and eager media cheer leading as the dollars rolled in and she became America’s youngest female billionaire.

Her stratospheric rise was a shot across the bow to the male dominated tech industry (the medical tech industry, at least) demonstrating that yes, women can do it too and you’d better be ready for us.

Buggy eyed and bushy tailed.

Bug eyed and bushy tailed.

Disruptive technology, they say

The revolutionary product at the core of Theranos (a company name beget from “therapy” and “diagnosis”) was a proprietary blood test method that only required drops of blood through a pin prick at the pharmacy versus big needles and vials full of blood, a doctors visit and a lab order. Results would be delivered within a few hours, versus days, be more affordable, less intimidating and accessible to the masses.

This was the disruptive answer to the $75 billion dollar a year market dominated by lab testing giants Quest Diagnostics and Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp.) A deal was struck with Walgreens to offer Theranos tests in select locations, with more on the way.

The "one tiny drop" line is no longer on their web site.

The “one tiny drop” line is no longer on their web site.

Then, right before the IPO, the balloon popped. In October, a series of reports emerged ranging from FDA allegations of uncleared medical devices to employee allegations that Theranos isn’t using the technology they claim to have. What happened?

The list of board members at Theranos is impressive, albeit one comprised mostly of DC insiders and people completely disconnected with the medical technology industry. What interested them? A strong likelihood is the desire to corner the market on less expensive lab tests, especially since both LabCorp and Quest have both been prosecuted for diagnostic testing fraud before.

Moreover, Theranos technology ostensibly replaces visits to primary care doctors, a welcome relief to existing federal programs as well as the imminent costs of Obamacare. Hence, the ability to get on board was probably too big a temptation for the early adopters to ignore. Throw in a blond female Stanford dropout in silicon valley as the face of the company, and it looks like nobody even bothered with basic due diligence – it was just too good to be true.

Due diligence?

What about Elizabeth Holmes, the illustrious founder? Yes, she’s a billionaire—but only if you take in the exuberant valuations of Theranos, of which she is 51% owner. The “self made billionaire” line is watered down a bit more considering it was all men who gave her the 400 million in actual cash raised. Her mother was a congressional staffer while dad held several executive positions at USAID, undoubtedly facilitating access to connected men like Henry Kissenger, an early Theranos board member.

Holmes is a child prodigy who, while living abroad at age 9, claims to have sold C++ compilers to Chinese customers (citation needed), and also got the privilege of working at the Genome Institute in Singapore the summer after her freshman year at Stanford, since she speaks Mandarin, they say.

Whether or not she speaks any Mandarin (props to anyone who can find a clip of her doing so), the gleeful writers trumpeting this grrl power accomplishment neglected to realize that Singapore’s native language is English, not Chinese. Even the Genome Institute web site is English-only, and none of the student programs require Chinese language. Because Holmes is a Silicon Valley fixture with a Chinese connection, she’s recently been paraded around as America’s answer to Jack Ma.

Reality check: she quits school at 19 years old to run a medical technology startup in several areas where PhDs spend decades researching just one aspect of each, and we are supposed to accept the fact that she’s got it all figured out, just like that? Got it.

This ain’t the taxi business, honey

Most Theranos tests use the same needle and diagnostic machines.

Most Theranos tests use the same needle and diagnostic machines you are used to.

Fast forward past the Tech Crunch presentations, the black turtlenecks and mystery shrouded secret-sauce technology at Theranos and exaggerated business relationships, and people are finally starting to wonder. Walgreens recently halted the addition of any more Theranos machines at their pharmacies until questions about their accuracy are answered.

The scientific community is finally questioning the science behind the tests, and while Thernanos talks transparency they have yet to deliver the goods. Hopefully by now they at least have a lawyer good enough to identify when they might actually be selling medical devices, but who knows.

Not quite Steve Jobs, in spite of the turtleneck.

Not quite Steve Jobs, in spite of the turtleneck.

In the end, the Silicon Valley community and the media in general fell in love with the story. After the firing of Ellen Pao from her short stint at Reddit, the likely canning of Marissa Mayer from Yahoo in the not-too-distant future, it hasn’t been looking too good for females in senior tech roles lately.

If Theranos fails, given all of the smoke and mirrors and the backing from several rich powerful men on both coasts, it would be ridiculous for Holmes to blame the patriarchy – and truthfully, she doesn’t seem the SJW type. But that doesn’t mean someone else won’t do it for her. Stay tuned.

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133 thoughts on “Is Theranos A Girl-Powered Scam?”

  1. Wait, so this whole article is about the fact that people have doubts about the validity of her product?
    Let me forget that she is a girl for a second and then these things pop up in my head:
    Who gives a damn about the FDA? Who gives a damn about the medical community? Can you not think for yourself? Fuck authorities and group associations. Just because someone is called a PHD does not mean he is smart.

      1. Unfortunately, I do not have the knowledge nor patience to dig into the data they posted.

        And if they did release the data, it would be a step toward showing more faith in science than public relations.

        Faith? Why does everything have to be a religion?

        1. You’re missing the point surely. The accusation is that the company is focusing on PR instead of science. The question is whether that’s because the science is unsound

    1. Ostensibly if it were a real product, she would surround herself with people that could help manufacture, distribute, and encourage its use, ie someone with experience in medicine, someone perhaps from a drug store or retail sales background for help getting it into Walgreens, etc. instead of stooges from Wal Street and DC, which make it look like they just wanted to cash out on the next big scam.
      Plus all the crowning of her as a millionaire or billionaire before she has sold any product or service is a general sign of bullshit. Also, it would be highly surprising if a teenage girl on her own figured all this out in her dorm room, but yeah, not impossible.

    2. Theranos is not using their own proprietary software for the tests they are running. they are using their competitors’ equipment because their own machines don’t do what Elizabeth claimed they can. that is the problem. it’s fraud. She’s had months to respond and explain how her technology works yet she wont. she should be prosecuted

  2. Wait for academia being completely flooded by affirmative action empowered-womyn. The decline of the West is near.

    1. You don’t have to wait for that to happen, it’s already a fact and has been for many years.

  3. It is basic knowledge that ‘successful’ women are backed by strong men..always. Don’t believe me? Buy any biography of a ‘successful’ woman and you will find out.

    1. Ha. And behind every successful man there is a woman. . . whose rapacious consumerism made success necessary.

        1. Larry Page’s ex-wife is a counterexample~
          She made the most of her husband:
          1) Google Venture invested a lot to help her build 23andMe.
          2) Her sister is now the CEO of YouTube.
          Oh Zuckerberg’s wife is another counterexample.
          She likes to emphasize she doesn’t rely on her billionnaire husband and she and her husband decide to donate 99% of their money to help the world and fund The Breakthough Prize.
          But seriously, she is just in residency, let’s assume her annual salary is around 150k, so 1% of it will be 1.5k, I smell a rat if she really will donate 99% of her own money and not count on her husband.
          Just discovered that there are a lot more exsmples.
          Gate’s and Job’s wives, both use their husbands’ money to augment their influence and to be on every year’s Forbes Most Powerful Women list.

        1. If you can find one who knows how to work a room, they are worth their weight in gold.

    2. Amelia Earhart is such a great example. Complete media fabrication, who was propped up by wealthy husbands.

  4. “The list of board members at Theranos is impressive, albeit one comprised mostly of DC insiders and people completely disconnected with the medical technology industry. ”
    We’re talking about all sorts of people heavily connected to the military-industrial complex. Former 4 star officers, a former secretary of Defense, Kissinger, etc. We can all be sure nothing shady is going on, and there are no ulterior motives.

    1. Yup the Libtards like to cream themselves by proping up a worthless woman with hilarious idea on a pedestal made of porcelain. In this day and age, validity of your research is not required IF AND ONLY IF you’re not cis gendered white male.
      I can give thousands of real life example of how woman and people of color have scammed the society just because we willingly refused to do a simple background.Just Google Britain NHS scam and you will find out more.

  5. The only reason grrls can’t play NFL football is that they have not been encouraged under patriarchy

  6. The whole thing is a scam. More of an manipulative inside DC angle than an SJW one. This is science, engineering, and logistics – where there really are right answers. Theranos has yet to show any real answers.

    1. “Holmes is a child prodigy who, while living abroad at age 9, claims to have sold C++ compilers to Chinese customers (citation needed), and also got the privilege of working at the Genome Institute in Singapore the summer after her freshman year at Stanford, since she speaks Mandarin, they say.”
      Rumour has it she doesn’t defecate. She also invented teleportation and warp drive at age six, but somehow the tech remains stuck in regulatory limbo.

      1. isn’t selling computer shit to the chinks what the badguys do in the movie the departed?

        1. ha. yeah, that line was good. Meh on the movie. There is never a need to have wahlburg and damon and DiCaprio in the same movie…not with the technology we have now where one actor can play multiple parts.

  7. Is Holmes the bad guy (girl) here? Seems like she tried to improve upon an already existing product, and the powers that be (dc insiders, people disconnected, etc.) propped her up as the new Supergirl in the business world. Not her fault if the libtards are trying to capitalize on her having a vagina.

    1. Scam product, false bio. Just like that Belle Gibson woman who created that “Whole Pantry” app to cure cancer with diet (despite having no knowledge, even from personal experience).
      The Powers that Be also bear a tremendous blame, because their support made this scam go national.

    2. you can’t commit fraud of medical technology, regardless of how popular or unpopular it may be.
      that’s not like a defective iphone app, it can fuck with peoples’ lives. she should be in jail.
      can’t believe someone on ROK is giving her a pussy pass.

      1. Regardless of her intentions, there is no way a hot, blonde, teenage, female, self made billtonare is going to stop the diverisity/ girlpower agenda from using her. I’ll giver her the benefit of the doubt that she just wanted to make blood test less painful and expensive

  8. I watched a show on the National Geographic Channel a few weeks back which featured a young Asian-looking woman named Laura Deming. According to the story about her, as a child she chose as her life’s mission finding a cure for aging, as opposed to marrying young to a man of good character and having healthy and intelligent children, so she started attending MIT at the age of 14 for the usual child prodigy reasons. She felt that MIT held her back, however, so she dropped out a couple years later, moved to Silicon Valley and started a “venture capital fund” to finance biotech startups with ideas for medical interventions into aging.
    How in hell does a teenage girl move across country to Silicon Valley and start a “venture capital fund”?!?!
    This sounds a lot like the mythology about Elizabeth Holmes as a Silicon Valley-type Wunderkind. I smell some kind of hoax in Deming’s story.

    1. there’s always these stories of wunderkind doing some amazing thing
      they rarely live up to the hype in the end

      1. I don’t think he’s talking about the wunderkind and how the end up so much. His point is bolded. That kind of thing can’t happen unless there are string pullers using the teen girls as grrrlll power marketing props.

  9. Nice article. One correction: “Her stratospheric rise was a shot across the bow to the male dominated tech industry…” You mean “the male-CREATED tech industry.” The (inaccurate) phrase “male-dominated” was deliberately invented by the feminist media to alter reality. It makes it look like men somehow “took over” or “invaded” and therefore “dominate.” They didn’t. They invented and built it all, so let’s say so.
    We need to keep our eyes open for phrases we take for granted that are actually leftist propaganda. Words create our reality — choose them carefully because you can be sure the propagandists do.
    In fact, the use of the very phrase “male-dominated” is worth a ROK article and if I had any ambition, I’d write it myself.

    1. As Steve Sailer has pointed out, the history of Silicon Valley intertwines with the development of IQ testing by Stanford psychologist Lewis Terman in some interesting ways. A lot of psychological research suffers from reproducibility problems, but not IQ science – and it has given us a good metric for understanding why some demographics wind up creating and running the smart and high-value parts of society, while others don’t.

    2. Or an article on industries flooded with females due to affirmative action or positive discrimination as we call it here over the pond; looking at how companies are performing during post-industrial feminism with the colluding antics of white knight manginas taken into account for a clear,balanced and accurate picture.
      There will always be thirsty beta gimps who help keep up appearances such as covering for lateness or mistakes, finishing projects and odd jobs or generally performing a woman’s job criteria for her where if you didn’t she’d eventually be fired or more likely find another sucker with a penis.
      We need to keep shining the light on men who betray their own gender and falsely represent an incompetent colleague just for a few crumbs occasionally. Then what we are eventually left with is hopefully a capable workforce free of Marxist bigotry and based on actual and real skill.

    3. Nicely put-the way the leftists create terms out of thin-air to obfuscate truths is sickening and we must be ever vigilant and diligent to thwart them immediately so they do not gain currency.

    4. This. A thousand times, this. The entire communications infrastructure that femicunts use to spread their subversive propaganda exists because men pioneered its invention. Everything from computers to elecricity to the Internet and its underlying protocols are inventions of male pioneers. If men had not invented these things and their discovery was left up to women, we’d still be living in caves and the women wold have just about figured out how to gossip via smoke signals.

    5. Such a good point. Those initial geniuses perfecting the microchip were driven by their desire to keep girls out. Ha ha. What an image. I think they had more complex things on their mind.

    6. You mean “the male-CREATED tech industry.” Love that without men we’d still be living in caves.

      1. I think you give women too much credit. Without men, i doubt they ever would have figured out you can live in caves

    7. Kudos for bringing up this point. Another pet peeve is hearing how science or technology has freed women from so and so as if these abstractions dropped from space and voila, all was good and holy.

  10. Wait to see what happens if Shrillary wins!! You think white males have been methodically erased from the West???
    Just wait!!!

  11. Me thinks mommy and daddy are going to bail her out and then she’ll become a “consultant” to the industry.

  12. Start the thread about The Most Interesting Woman in the World jokes here:
    When Elizabeth Holmes meets the Pope, the Pope kisses her ring.
    When she broke up with her boyfriends in high school, the boys became virgins again.
    She has too much going on right now, but when she can take a break, she’ll go into the Sierras, create an ice castle with her superpowers and plunge the world into endless winter, while singing “Let It Go.”

  13. The business concept is actually very good. However, anything in the medical or life sciences area is 100% dependent on potential customers having complete trust and confidence in the professional and technical standards employed. If there’s an ambiguity in these areas it can be difficult to get the business to grow and mature.
    I never heard of this lady before, but, I’ve a degree of respect for any guy or girl who starts up their own companies. It’s a difficult thing to do, considering the high failure rates.

    1. she is a fraud and nothing to admire. get real.
      her childhood friend’s dad is venture capitalist Tim Draper, who gave her the initial 200 million, after seeing his investment, her connected parents brought in more powerful DC insiders (who knew jack shit about medical field) and gave her more money, to a valuation of fucking 9 billion dollars.
      yet NOONE cared to verify if the technology even worked.
      if she were a man she would’ve been in jail by now. Unlike software, she was operating under the guise of FDA approval. what she’s pushing is dangerous towards patients, not simply defective software. she should go to prison.

      1. Yes, a valuation of 9 billion dollars is crazy alright. Anyway, I was speaking more in a general sense about people starting their own companies.

    2. I don’t think the medical business is dependent on customers needing to trust those in positions of authority. I’d say the opposite–that potential customers generally give over all faith and trust to anyone in a white lab coat–was that the Milgram experiment?
      Anyway, I am a very skeptical guy, but did some testing through LabCorp and even I didn’t bother to check out their record. In this article I learned they performed fraudulent tests, which now makes me doubt that my test that came back “everything A-OK within normal levels” was legit. The average medical customer is nowhere near as discerning as me.

      1. Well, maybe I’m the exception, or, perhaps people outside the US are more skeptical about the medical business, but, it’s one area of life that I’d never just have complete bona fide faith about. After all, medical results affect a lot of different areas in your life, and in addition you’d need to have confidence that the systems the labs have in place don’t allow confidential data to get into the wrong hands.

  14. She’s making the all-seeing eye sign – sort of.
    Those zeroes in the Forbes 400 also make her look as though she’s got very pert little titties, which is probably pretty accurate
    The main issue though is whether her product is hype or whether its the real thing. We might suspect the former but we don’t know that yet. On the other hand for those invested in the company it probably wouldn’t matter if it was real or fake because in a sense the real product is Elizabeth Holmes not some blood testing apparatus

  15. I am not surprised. Just like any woman, her only strength is lying, conning, deceiving and using men. Nothing new here. Move along.

  16. Theranos was supposed to be an Uber equivalent to the blood testing industry with a female Steve Jobs at the helm founded as a startup in her dorm room

    Stop right there! Where can I send my money!?

  17. Bernie Madoff of the medical field right here. She should be imprisoned.
    media was salivating so hard at the thought of a smart young woman CEO they didn’t bother to verify her ridiculous claims over a technology thousands of PhD’s had been trying to get working for decades.

  18. I saw that Forbes magazine at my “men only” barber. We all had a good chuckle when I brought it up. I lost the bet that her dad owned the company and she was pretending. My barber bet it was a scam. Now I owe him a beer.

  19. This is another example of the inherent incoherence of leftism. On one hand we’re told to live modestly, one piece of toilet paper a day, small quarters, small portions, which is, at least consistent with things like anti-greed, anti capitalism, corporations are bad, CEOs are paid too much lets cap their salary etc. Yet, when we look at the messages produced by these same people as it relates to feminism and women what were seeing is – go and be that CEO, be that corporation, buy everything (you deserve it), get all the trappings of success and if you got it then flaunt it. Be materially focused and status focused.
    What the fuck, over! Which one is it then? 1. Live modestly to save the Earth, because with each passing day it seems the end is nearer from climate disaster all because of human greed for material things. Winning and obtaining social status marginalizes others, so, its a trophy for everyone or none at all. Also, being aggressive and competitive is toxic behavior. Or. 2. (For women only) be aggressive learn how to kick ass because if you can’t fight you’re weak, go get the corner office, get the BMW (if you don’t have one by 30 you’re a loser), buy that huge house, have the man do the dishes because that’s beneath you (actually ends up being her mom), make money, money, money then go show if off to everyone and everything!
    You see, progressives, you make no fucking sense. How can option 1 reconcile with option 2? In one instance you preach 1 but when if comes to women preach 2? Dumbasses, you are contradicting yourselves. And if you can’t see this basic contradiction then you can never be a bad ass, fighter, corporate master, ceo, money money money…because you’re too fucking stupid!

    1. they hate success and wealth, because it’s generally men who achieve that level of innovation and success.
      It’s extremely rare for women to legitimately achieve that in the private sector, usually womens’ ‘success’ is in government positions and academia where it’s a fake government-subsidized fantasy world.
      This is why women shouldn’t be voting. deep down they know they’ll never be successful on their own, so they simply vote to confiscate it from men who sacrifice years of their lives building a business.

      1. if you impregnated her then immediately demanded alimony, you could cash out before her 4 billion in stock crashes.
        that would literally be a ‘money shot’

  20. Anyone that has not heard Holmes talk should find a clip (especially the recent 30 minute interview by WSJ that can be found on line). I’m no expert on such matters, but I have never heard an actual female with a voice like that. I suspect that Holmes was actually born a boy. The fad of “gender reassignment” is much older than some of you might believe – there are actual middle-aged alter-women that started life as a boy.
    If my suspicion is correct, then Theranos is doubly a scam, as the purported wonder-woman is really genetically a man. But just being the scam one can see on the surface is more than enough. This is so obviously a case of political correctness and desperate efforts to prove a women can “make it” in Silicon Valley. The powers-that-be thought they could invent a female entrepreneur if only they threw enough money at her and put some actual scientists under her charge. Quite likely, they even chose the “big idea” for her.
    Another obvious thing is that a lot of the VC backing is being paid as a kind of tax. Yes, SJW’s now have taxing power. The VC’s want to keep people off their backs while they make smart decisions to invest their funds in start-ups run by men. The best way to do that is to give away some money to a supposed start-up run by a young woman. They don’t expect to make a return on their investment, or even to get their money back. They are simply paying the SJW mafia protection money.
    Too bad Theranos was not able to do their IPO before news of the scam started to leak out. I have made good money by shorting companies run by women (except those in the make up industry). It’s the easiest investment in the world that nobody talks about. I’d love to have had the opportunity to short Theranos.

    1. I think she’s just trying to make her voice deeper and less girly. So she doesn’t look like an incompetent fraud.

    2. Look at the youtube link in the article that’s highligted “America’s Answer to Jack Ma.” Check her out at 4:22. Her eyes look like they’re about to explode out of their sockets. She also has that same weird vocal tick as John Carmack, where he ends sentences with an “Mmmm.”
      The video is unintentionally hillarious. Bubba Clinton sounds and acts like a drunk Elvis impersonator interviewing a couple of spergs.

    3. Thanks for the advice, I should bet against Yahoo, Marissa Meyers is a retard. Any other ideas?

    4. That’s funny if shorting companies with female CEOs works well. I’ll have to give that a try when a company announce their new “go grrl” CEO.

    5. You are absolutely on to something. Read and watch all about Trinidad, Colorado, known as “the sex-change capital of the United States” since at least the last decade:
      http://www.cbsnews DOT com/news/the-sex-change-capital-of-the-us/

      1. In English, the name means “trinity,” as in Holy Trinity so it’s all good, right? Or is it because it might be an old haunt of someone named “Trini?”
        I smell a conspiracy… :o)

    6. She probably wears a turtlleneck to cover her bulging Adam’s apple.
      Just a theory.
      Pay no mind.
      Grrl power. Single prick blood testing $$billions$$

    7. Did you short GM!
      And, do you have an account at PaddyPower where you could have shorted Carly Fiorina as GOP nominee when she enjoyed that (very) temporary bump…

    8. She does have the ‘male husk’ in her voice and her ‘man style’ of sitting is very telling, but if you look at the ring-finger length compared to the pointer-finger length, you will see the longer ring-finger, which denotes a large amount of testosterone in the system as compared to a normal female. This doesn’t always mean male genitalia, but high testosterone. Most of the female CEO’s in the U.S. have the longer ring-finger and more male like behavior, than the normal female. They are also, usually more aggressive than the normal female. However, since they are not male, they do display the common female habits associated with females in the work place, along with some habits related to more testosterone. I am not trying to negate the fact that she may have been born with the need of gender reassignment, but just adding some of her physiological points.

  21. My brother used them, a while back, and it wasn’t the pin prick that they were promising. They used maybe half the blood of a normal draw, and they required a doctors authorization thus negating a cost or ease benefit(though individual tests are sometimes cheaper). is the one I’ve been happy with, get any blood or urine test that you want(if doctors permission is required in that state they have a doctor on staff rubber stamp it) cheaply and the results are emailed to you in a couple of days.
    I would stop short of calling it a scam simply because I wouldn’t be surprised if the testing market isn’t efficient or responsive to peoples needs. But the indications aren’t very good.

  22. Another example of a PC fail- good.
    She’s cuter than most Tech girls. Their eyes always look like their on high doses of Vyvanse or Adderall– high brain energy.

    1. Don’t fall for that one over-done photo in the article. Look at the youtube link in the article that’s highligted “America’s Answer to Jack Ma.” Her eyes actually look like she’s on the latest designer drug stimulant. In addition, she even has the same vocal tic as John Carmack, ending sentences with an “Mnnm”. Check her out at 4:22.

  23. She sounds fucking disgusting, like a prepubescent boy trying to talk with a deep voice and its completely transparent.

  24. When Ellen Pao got fired, it was immediately branded as sexism. When Marissa Mayer gets fired, immediately it will be sexism. When Theranos tanks the media again will declare sexism.
    This is indicative of the MSM’s insistence to disregard facts in exchange for their narrative.

  25. “child prodigy”
    ‘Females geniuses’, a myth. There’s never been, not one.
    Their brains rely on concrete thinking: basically they depend on things that already exist, like things men created, that they then play with “for free”, imitating masculinity.
    Concrete thinking is how we used to be when we were primitive creatures, this is how other species think. Females evolved to imitate, thus is how they adapt to men.

      1. Investigate, see if you can find a real genius or if the history told is correct
        Ada Lovelace , Hedy Lamarr, etc. It’s the same result, we fantasize, we distort the past, we give these women a special recognition for things that are at best good/hard work. But not a genius, nothing truly extraordinary.
        A google search about Rosalind Franklin already shows me things like:
        “…misogynist treatment by the male scientific establishment”
        There are too many lies, controversies, etc. and it makes sense in relation to how the female brains works: concretely and dependent on men’s work.

  26. Theranos hasn’t actually published any of its research, which, it goes without saying, is suspicious.

  27. Yall are being unfair to Holmes.She goes up to some professor at Stanford and ask if it is possible to a test with 99% less blood then normal. The professor who usually spends his day with geek asians, was so happy that this hot blonde was talking to him, that he told her whatever she wanted to hear. Based on what ever BS this professor says she convinced her parents to let her use her college fund to hires a few of his grad students. Some guy gives her a million dollar for .1% of the company and she is now a billionare. Once media got word that there was a hot, blond, 19 year old, female, self made billionare Holmes lost all control of the naritive surrounding her and Theranos. She is a victim of a horney professora, media, and who ever else wants to puch a grrl power/diversity agenda. How come Judith Faulkner, a real tech medical billionare gets ignored?

    1. Hot? More like ultra-bland. She’s not ugly, more like absolutely unremarkable.

  28. Yea this has been out for a few months now. The longer she holds out on her promises the harder the fall.
    This seemed superduperawesome when it came out. It does seem if it comes out it will be because she stole the tech.
    Selling C++ compilers to Chinese customers at 9 years old. Seems Legit /sarc.

  29. The bottom line is the elite desperately want your blood — for their own analysis and shenanigans. Thus the military-industrial complex connections and the phoney Holmes at the helm. Theranos has nothing to do with helping people diagnose and cure disease. It has everything to do with profiling, tracking, manipulating, etc. There is not a girl / woman in the universe that can become a billionaire without men at the top of the pyramid allowing and controlling it. They need the “face” of their evil shenanigans to be cute, friendly, a little dorky and inviting. That’s why Billy Gates was selected (and of course, who his father is.)

  30. Watch Elizabeth is going to ‘come forward’ in tears and say she was gang-raped by frat members while at Stanford. She tried real hard to study science but was too cute so the white boys wouldn’t leave her alone. She’s been living in fear and anxiety ever since, which has limited her focus on research, greatly harming Theranos.
    So Elizabeth Holmes is a hero guys, a brave hero.
    First it was rape, now it’s the sexist patriarchal FDA trying to destroy this brilliant young woman.
    To compensate for these horrible transgressions, Theranos should get another 9 billion in funding so this beautiful, smart woman can continue to innovate for the betterment of society.
    All the little people questioning why her technology doesn’t work are just another arm of the patriarchy, so no further inquiries need be made.

  31. Looks nutty as squirrel poo. If it survives scrutiny it will probably to end up spawning a media campaign telling off the red cross for barring homosexuals from donating blood.
    Besides, blood is thicker than than.

  32. I knew it! Something didn’t add up and the stench of a con was overpowering.

  33. “Singapore’s native language is English, not Chinese”
    Singapore does not have a native language. Only people have native languages.
    Mandarin Chinese, English, Malay, and Tamil are Singapore’s official languages. English is the lingua franca.

    1. Semantics, but ok. Still, the point is she didn’t need to know Chinese to study there and not one journalist bothered to do 10 minutes of Google searching to verify this.

  34. This bit is interesting:
    One anonymous employee recounted a story about sitting in a hotel room with Holmes in Zurich the night before a big meeting with Novartis:
    “They drew drops of their own blood to try the company’s testing machine, but the devices wouldn’t work, says someone familiar with the incident. Sometimes the results were obviously too high. Sometimes they were too low. Sometimes the machines spit out only an error message.
    After two hours, the colleague called it quits, leaving Ms. Holmes still squeezing blood from her fingers to test it again.”
    The late-night testing never fixed the machines. In the meeting with a group of Novartis executives, the three machines returned error messages during the demonstration, the employee told the WSJ. The story is just one of a series about Holmes that chronicle her background and how she developed the company.

  35. women should stick to cooking and rearing children, and sucking dick. anything else brings the downfall of western civilization.

  36. I am no expert but maybe somebody else can verify.
    On the cover of Forbes looks like she is making the satanic sign for 666 with her right hand.

  37. Men can benefit from privileged princesses like Elizabeth Holmes: The next time you read news about a tech company gifting a female the CEO spot to score politically correct points, or a founding a new company based on hype and unfounded claims like Theranos, short the stock. It’ll be the easiest money you’ll ever make.
    Name one female CEO of a major tech company that *isn’t*:
    1) Overrated from day one
    2) Running a company into the ground
    3) Grossly incompetent.
    A few examples:
    a. Marissa Meyer: Currently running Yahoo into the ground. Incompetent control freak, spending all of Yahoo’s money like a drunken sailor (thanks Jerry Yang!) on lame companies and Katie Couric. Formerly at Google, slept with a cofounder and somehow miraculously achieved a high position in that company.
    b. Carly Fiorina: Incompetent, destroyed Lucent (formerly Bell Labs), severely damaged HP (and Compaq), will lose race for president. HIGHLY OVERRATED.
    c. Meg Whitman: Joined eBay (founded by a man), finishing Carly’s job to completely drive HP into the ground, lost a race for governor of California.
    d. Ginni Rometty: Overrated incompetent CEO of IBM, screwing up a great American company with her dumb business strategy that’s failed to increase revenue.
    However, if you were able to name one female tech CEO not clusterf***ing a company into the dirt, it’s virtually guaranteed it was a company likely founded by a man or financially seeded by one. Yet women are the people that get tax breaks from state governments for starting companies and screwing investors out of cash.

  38. Great article Justin Puck! I liked the way you pulled it all together with Ellen Pao and Marissa Mayer at the end there. I would have liked to hear your opinion of Carly Fiorina as well.

  39. “She opened offices in Palo Alto”
    Being this ROK I misread “She opened orifices in Palo Alto”

  40. And indeed it was. Kudos to ROK for calling this earlier than just abou any one else.

  41. Has any feminist icon ever NOT turned out to be a complete and utter fraud?

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