Judge: Female Medical Student Who Stabbed Man Is “Too Intelligent and Pretty” For Jail

A “brilliant” and “pretty” female Oxford University student who stabbed her boyfriend with a bread knife, punched him in the face, and threw a laptop, glass, and jar at him will almost certainly be spared jail. So says Oxford Crown Court Judge Ian Pringle, whose comments about Lavinia Woodward read more like a positive character reference from a family member than a ruling on a serious crime. Judge Pringle claimed that jailing Woodward would unfairly destroy her aspiration of becoming a heart surgeon.

Woodward, a medical student, often lives in Milan with her mother, who owns a luxurious villa. Her father is a senior oil company executive who sent her to the Sir James Henderson British School of Milan, where fees cost upwards of £16,000 (US$20,000) each year. Judge Pringle moved Woodward’s sentencing to September and allowed her the opportunity to seek treatment for a chronic drug problem.

Of any case you will probably ever see, this is the perfect intersection of a pussy pass and completely different standards being applied to the children of the extremely wealthy. Woodward has already been given a number of chances rarely given to others, especially in relation to her consumption of hard drugs. The Telegraph reports, extraordinarily, that prior to attacking her boyfriend she “had been required to submit to regular drug testing” by Christ Church College at Oxford and been “threatened” with expulsion for any further drug-taking. Oxford Crown Court has also demanded that she stay drug-free as part of a restraining order protecting her male victim.

Lavinia Woodward’s extremely privileged lifestyle has included attending Oxford classes with a £1,000 Chanel handbag. That money would have been better spent on kicking her cocaine habit.

Why should we feel more sorry for a rich girl drug addict than a normal drug addict?

She consumed an obscene amount of cocaine…

— A former friend of Lavinia Woodward, quoted by The Daily Mail

Even most female drug addicts, who typically get far shorter sentences for crimes than men, will garner a lot less sympathy than a spoiled rich girl like Lavinia Woodward.

Firstly, how can a drug addict study medicine, let alone become a doctor? There is a reason why we entrust tasks to doctors, lawyers, and engineers that are often illegal when performed by others. A run-of-the-mill doctor often has the life of his or her patient in their hands and this is even more true with a specialist like a heart surgeon.

Lavinia Woodward’s history of drug abuse, which is being used in her defense, should immediately disqualify her from the practice of medicine in all its forms. Not only is the consumption of drugs a crime that would get anyone else in trouble, it raises serious concerns about Woodward’s mental stability now and her potential for using drugs again.

Plus, the vast majority of people in England or similar countries, more than 99%, come from far less prosperous families than hers. If we are going to have discussions about sympathy and leniency for drug addicts, these discussions need to benefit the truly needy and indigent. I am far more inclined to think that a drug addict whose family lacks the money for proper rehabilitation needs a helping hand, not a girl whose life consists of jetting between a villa in Milan and Oxford University’s most socially prestigious college, Christ Church.

“An ex-boyfriend abused me” – same old, same old

“I only did it because a previous man “abused” me!”

Lavinia Woodward’s defense team claimed that the poor toiler at Oxford has had a “very troubled life” and was “abused” by an ex-boyfriend. Short of her producing evidence of this so-called abuse, or citing a criminal conviction against her former partner (which is very easy to get in today’s anti-male world), belief in Woodward’s story would be a textbook example of gullibility. Still, “listen and believe” probably won’t stop a sentencing judge from feeling sorry for this woman.

The issue of her “troubled” life is similarly underwhelming. For example, about an eighth or more of people living in the United Kingdom and United States fall below the poverty line. It is much easier for individuals in these circumstances to prove that their life or background impacted on their commission of a criminal offense. But they are rarely given the time of day and jail populations are typically dominated by people from the working or middling classes.

Oxford is so very desperate for women in STEM

We should consider Oxford University’s ambivalence about expelling Lavinia Woodward as part of higher education’s obsession with promoting women in STEM and related fields like medicine. After the furor about her really erupted in mid-May, speculation that she would be expelled increased. Only a few days ago, however, only potential expulsion was still being discussed.

This is a woman who has been found guilty by a court of a serious domestic violence offense, complete with irrefutable proof of physical injury and property destruction. Meanwhile, countless men, almost always from far poorer backgrounds than Lavinia Woodward, have been expelled from colleges in the United States and elsewhere for “rape” sans any objective evidence, all without even being charged. Others, like the former student president of the Oxford University Union, Ben Sullivan, have been hounded and defamed on campus over rape allegations that are provably false.

But it is the humble male readers of sites like Return Of Kings, especially the white Anglo-Saxon ones, who are supposedly the only depositories of privilege in our world. Go figure.

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        1. What kind of fucked up thinking would it take to buy that to eat?
          “Yeah man, I was all like jonesing for fruit and nuts, but I didn’t want to risk the chance that I might eat something healthy, so we grabbed some fruit and nuts flavored Pringles instead”

        2. Once Sir Pringle was defeated, Ireland banned handlebar moustaches until 1911

      1. My family came over here from Ireland because of the famine caused by Sir Pringle and his filthy potatoes

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        1. WB….not marry. She is an ex junkie. As such, the wall will come early and hard, like Wile E Coyote on a boulder.

        2. junkie?
          i really should read, and not just look at the pictures before posting…
          I don’t mind being stabbed. but will not suffer any junkie

  1. She should be ordered to pay a hefty sum in damages to her ex. (providing he didn’t die from the stabbing, but in that case to his family)

  2. She’s a redhead. If I was the judge I would give her a pass too, in return for some action…

  3. I blame her less than I blame the judge since she doesn’t know any different than the life she’s been given. He’s the one who should be dealt with.

  4. She’s a natural redhead, which is extra points, but lets be honest: she’s not that hot.
    Would bang all night long anyway, but there are better ones out there.

    1. Never a fan of the redhead here. WB mostly because I do like to punish fuck women crazy enough to stab me.

      1. I find redheads almost irresistible. Make that a Russian redhead and I’ll break the only two rules I have…

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        2. For me it is a virgin with deep red hair, mild freckles on a flawless porcelain white skin, size DD tits and a Russian accent. Who needs heaven….

        3. so funny difference in taste. For instance, virgins are a turn off to me. ALso, I am not a fan of large breasts. A full B is right in my perfection zone. Even some C’s start getting a little too big for me.

        4. oh don’t think this means the ones you like are safe. When you fuck a lot of women, novelty becomes important. Girls who meet my “type” make up a small percentage of the women I despoil.

        5. Here here!! Our tastes conflict though except you seem to prefer redheads more. As long as you don’t touch the brunnettes and dirty blondes, we’re golden.

        6. Going out with a petite red head tomorrow for happy hour. Smile is a bit gummy, but nice voluptuous body. My main preference is no black chicks.

        7. That right there truly floats my boat. I tend to like the hair longer and with some curl to it (think hair of Anne Hathoway circa Love and Other Drugs) but this is damn close to what I consider just right.

        8. If the brunette girl’s hair went down to about upper shoulder blade or even farther to the small of her back, keep the natural body and face, that’d do it for me.
          With blondes we’re talking Scandinavian Snow Sculpture mixed with some Southern US/girl next door, if you get me:
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        9. first two are hot, like really stupid hot. Like insanely hot. I would pass both of them up for that dark haired girl you posted assuming equal body, but they are absurdly hot. The third girl, however, and I know I am going to get some flack for this, WNB. She is a 5

        10. I agree on jumping them for the brunette.
          I couldn’t find a great picture of the je nais se quoi of what I mean about the particular attitude with that type of girl, at least not without searching far longer than I would like to. So I winged it a bit.

        11. We’re on exactly the same page.
          And the third one is not a “5”. That’s just silly. She’s not a 10 by any stretch, but somebody tells me that the average girl in America looks even reasonably close to that, I’m going have to say “Um….no” because a 5 is the literal definition of “1 out of 2”. Her being thin and in decent shape alone puts her far above a 5, she has a decently symmetrical face, and nice hooters. Minimum 7. Minimum

        12. Wait, wait, wait, the HB scale is NOT centered around the “average girl in America.” These is no way in hell a 5 is a 5 merely because she is the “average girl in America.”

        13. There’s something about a girl like that. And honestly I’ve run into a few in places like Ohio and even Wyoming so it isn’t exclusive to the South by any means, but damn I wish it could be conveyed in a picture better because I can walk down the street and wave to a baker’s dozen (one a baker’s daughter even, the rest mainly rancher/farm girls).

        14. Dude, that makes it even worse. Have you *seen* the majority of women in Africa and India?

        15. In the fittest parts of the US, 1/3 of the girls are overweight. Some parts it is as bad as 2/3 of the girls overweight and national average is ~50%. Just being fit puts a girl 6+.

        16. No, my point is that the scale is not centered on an average at all. Have you looked at the average weight of chicks these days? Fuck that! The average American chick is probably a 3 or maybe a low 4 at best, man.

        17. I haven’t kept tabs on “the fittest part of the US” state wise in a long time, but didn’t Michigan hold that title for quite a while? Maybe Cali? I dunno.
          That’s kind of my point right off the bat. If she’s “1 out of 2” then I surely am convinced that the entire U.S. nation is nothing but one giant college town filled with decently attractive, buxomy blondes. Yet….

        18. My point is, she is not a 5 in any imaginable way of looking at her, if you’re trying to be objective and not just “she’s not my taste”. Factors like fitness, facial symmetry, nice assets (whatever they may be) that defy the norm all matter and raise the score. If she’s an actual 5 then I’m calling bullshit on the entire scale.

        19. Second one has got a kinda weird face.
          You don’t like the third simply because she is smiling.
          If she had a bitchy attitude face, you’d be all over her.

        20. nah, I really looked her up and down and its not just the smile. She is a 5. Not attractive to me at all.

        21. her ankles remind me of a young Hilary Clinton, her tit job looks like it was done in mexico, her legs look horsey, her hair brittle and it looks like she has all the class of a shit from a vegetarian who is a Nyquil junky. She is totally unfuckable. Literally gross.

        22. The scale isn’t “attractive to me”, in theory it’s supposed to be a factor of “how many girls will you meet *everywhere* that meets this standard*, and by everywhere, that means everywhere, wherever you go, even outside of your stomping grounds (or basically, the world). Your taste, my taste, have nothing to do with it. That porcelain dark void soul type on this thread is NOT my type at all, but I can clearly see that she has features that elevate her above a 5, even though I myself wouldn’t give her a glance as on my personal scale, she just ain’t worth two shakes.

        23. Somebody find another picture of her. We need more evidence to come to a more informed conclusion.

        24. Oh stop it. And porcelain girl looks like a vampire about to implode on herself and turn to dust.
          Now in reality ville, she rates above because she has features that defy the average in a positive sense. This isn’t about your taste only, otherwise, “Everybody is beautiful!” because some thirst dude will fuck ugly chicks, which is patently absurd.

        25. “fittest state” seems unfair to me. Take Florida. Most Floridian girls are just disgusting. However if you go near a beach you will find some of the hottest women you could dream of. Take pretty much any southern state. Go to a college campus and you will see some very attractive women but that isn’t indicative of the fucking pigs that otherwise inhabit the land. California would be hard to say is a fit state. For every 9.5 hardbody in LA or San Diego or Santa Barbara or any other socal beach place there is a 500 pound cow in the middle of the state or some disgusting hippy cunt in the north. I think every state probably has some place where attractive and fit women congregate but comparing state to state seems bad. A better comparison might be college town to college town or city to city.

        26. That I agree with, I was just trying to think back to some random “ratings” thing I used to see now and then. I suppose a way to look at it is that the state with more places that have fit people in it, than other states, would qualify. I’m not entirely certain what they used to qualify, but I think it was height/weight ratio or something. Dunno. It is a dumb metric.

        27. No way, it’s not a normative scale. If there were 100 women left in the world, and you put them all in a room, there would not be ten 1s, ten 2s, ten 3s, ten 4s, etc. The essential question is “How hot is she?” not “How hot is she compared to every other girl everywhere?”

        28. some thirsty dude will fuck anyone but that third girl basically looks like the only value she has as a human being is that she can drink more beer than her guy friends who will get drunk and fuck her if there are simply no other options. Sorry, the white trash chicks don’t pass my boner test and she is worse than most of them. WNB.

        29. The entire notion of the HB scale is in fate how women factor compared to other women. If it wasn’t the case, then some dude who digs fatties would be correct when he calls his 400lb landwhale “A hot HB9!” Even HB, hard body, denotes physical attributes that set a girl apart from other women.
          I do think that “how hot is she” is a fine question, and the HB scale was rendered (as far as I understand it) to try and gauge general levels of hotness based on physical attributes. Somebody at one time (or many) on ROK has posted some “Here’s what it means” type definition graphic (not necessarily with actual pictures) that seemed to make sense at one time.

        30. Well it’s about more than your tastes, else it would be called the Lolknee Scale. And it’s not. Whether you’d bang her is immaterial.

        31. yeah I think I might have seen that same rating thing online at some point and thought the same thing back then. These comparative things really need to be carefully qualified especially as a lot of the schools with the largest body of students live in states where the average woman has the largest body of orcas. For instance, there are plenty of very fit and very attractive people at U Wisconsin….the rest of the state however…not so much

        32. love me some long legs, high cheekbones and aristocratic bone structure in general.

        33. I agree in principle but it is not merely a numbers game or an average. There are only a few actual 10s in existence but hundreds of millions of 1s. There are more 9s than 10s, but there are still hundreds of millions of 2s.

        34. Gotta disagree. That girl is ugly. If it was about my taste it would be me taking the brunette over those other two, very hot blondes because I like the brunette better. The other one is just a pig.

        35. Yeah, same with Ohio. Northern (Swiss descent) and central (German Irish descent all grouped at OSU) has some fine, fine women. Southern Ohio can make Kentucky point and laugh in many places (Portsmouth, the residents of whom we refer to as “river rats” for example)

        36. You’re completely correct. There’s no fucking way any objective assessment would have that girl near the mean of female attractiveness.
          IIRC, Utah and Colorado were the two fittest states.

        37. Why’d you have to mention Hillary Clinton…now no body can get a boner…below the belt lolknee!

        38. Right, your campus is gonna have an ocean of little harbodies who bear no resemblance (yet) to the vast majority of landwhales which are roaming the countryside or the homewomen who are farting out kids and eating up welfare in cleavland. I doubt when you say “women in ohio” you are counting cleavland the way people who say “hot women in Indiana don’t mean Geary

        39. You’re reading too much personality into the picture and down rating her because of that. The scale isn’t about personality, its purely physical.
          You say Bérénice Marlohe (in her prime) is pretty much your ideal. Well, if I showed you a picture of her wearing jeans, outdoors camping and hiking, covered in mud and leaves, you would probably rate her a 4.

        40. I’m not going to drag this out. It’s not “just to lolknee”, it’s in comparison to the general population. Just with the population of the U.S., the South alone would put her in the 7 range (in regard to the whole nation), let alone adding in places like Oregon and Washington (landwhale central).
          She’s thin, symmetrical face, decent shape, big hooters. Those four things alone put her above a 5 when compared to the rest of the nation, which is generally obese with distorted maws (more and more these days).

        41. Yeah, they sound right. It changes every year, but I think I recall hearing those two states.

        42. BMI is an accurate large scale measurement because the residuals that do not matchup with the parameters cancel each other out. On an individual basis, it is not a useful tool, particularly for anyone with sufficient muscle mass. I’m considered overweight, borderline obese, based on BMI.

        43. Telling you now, she wouldn’t get laid near me. The competition is too hard. She would have to dip down to the lowest echelon of low SMV males here. She is a NYC 5. If that makes her a Midwest 7 that’s ok I get it, but if you put her in a popular bar or club from 9pm-4am there is a high likely hood that not a single person would talk to her until at least 3 and then only as a last resort after all the quality tail was spoken for and even at that she would probably wind up going home alone.

        44. We have similar tastes my friend…you’d likely have gone for my last wife in her prime, lots of men did. She was of Sicilian stock, great legs, long dark hair, crazy as a road lizard.

        45. You’re being ridiculous and you know it. I’m from New Rochelle and even if I haven’t lived there in years, that girl would get hit on a million times a night. She’s better looking than my sisters who both live in the city and they get hit on non-stop when I go out with them.

        46. Not at all. I am looking at that girl and telling you she is a 5. Not reading into shit. I will accept that a NYC 5 is a 7 or better in most of the rest of the country and I will also admit to giving an extra point to girls who meet my particular taste, but that girl goes to 1 OAK or any of the rooftop clubs here and she isn’t getting spoken to.

        47. Yeah, I had that problem in the military. I’ve been lifting since 17 and was freaking huge at the time (in a good way, 19-20 in. arms, 49-50 chest, 34 waist) and got put on the “fat boy” program for a week, where I out physical fitnessed the instructor. My CO got word of it and pulled me out and reprimanded the Master Sergeant (a skinny little pipsqueek) who had put me there. “This man can probably hump more ruck than any three men in the company combined, and you’re sending him to the fat boy program?! Are you out of your mind?”

        48. Damn, knee. Next time I am in New York, you’re taking me out so I can dredge up some of these bottom feeders.

        49. I don’t know what the fuck a new Rochelle is and I don’t know who your sister are or what places they go to or who the guys who are hitting on them are but I will tell you that if she walked into any place I have had drinks in in the last 2 years she would be outright ignored all night.

        50. The graphic made more sense of it than “numbers game”, sure.

        51. I think your description of your last wife could go into a dating profile under “What I am looking for” lol

        52. She does look like the sort that’ll pork out as the wall approaches. I’ve been teaching my son how to spot them. Sure she looks hot at 16-20 if they don’t they likely never will, but one needs to see the fat chick dying to get out as soon as there’s a ring on.

        53. go to any of the irish bars that offer cheap shots and buy backs. You can fish them out like salmon going upstream.

        54. It isn’t about me or about NYC that is true. However, my scale is going to be set a little different. Without reference to my personal preference, the level of girl I see around makes it so she would be a 5. Of course there are little shit hole irish dives filled with overweight, underemployed slobs who would be all over that, but if she tried to spend any time in the high smv circles here she would be soundly ignored because she is physically unattractive. Her arms and legs are chunky, she isn’t feminine, she has a bad tit job, ugly hair, a piggish face. There are just too many women that blow her out of the water walking around alone. She simply isn’t attractive unless what you are use to are women who are even more unattractive than she is. She is a little piglet.

        55. What she will become? Yeah, probably. Not relevant to the rating of that specific pic though.

        56. You said it wasn’t about you and NYC, then told me why it was about you and NYC.
          In a general measurement of society, even just the U.S., she’s not a 5 by any conceivable standard.
          In any event, this topic has about reached it’s limit, heh.

        57. fine. but a general measurement of todays society isn’t a thing. She may not be a 5 in ohio but she is here. So do we split the difference or agree that standards depend on basic supply and demand. It is totally fucking bullshit to think that what counts as a 5 in Manhattan would count as a 5 in the Midwest. Of course she would rate higher. These aren’t objective scales of course. It seems it isn’t a topic that reached it’s limit it just reached the point where you don’t want to go any further, which is fine. The fact of the matter, however, is that the scales are relative and from where I am standing she is a 5 because that scale is set differently here than in other places. I am perfectly willing to admit that she is a 7 near you and probably an 9 in Biloxi if anyone there can count that high. This is the problem with the 1-10 scale when dealing with people who are in places where that scale is necessarily different.
          If you were to ask Leonardo DiCaprio if he would fuck her and then ask some toothless drunk with rummy eyes in a road house bar in the Midwest if he would fuck her their answers would be quite different. Of course that is extremes of the scale as one has his hands on pretty much every vic secret model in town and the other is lucky to find his own dick but the relativity of the scale is location based and it is silly to think that what constitutes a 7 in one place would do the same in another.

        58. In Westchester. Take the PATH into the city.
          I think NYC is the best in the world for women. But it isn’t THAT much better than other places and I would argue a few places during college season are better (Gainesville, Tallahassee, Tucson, etc.). I think you’re extrapolating your standards onto the girl because I go to NY fairly often and she would do just fine.
          EDIT: I’ll be there next month for a wedding and I’d be very content to hookup with a girl that looked like that.

        59. Aye. I’d drop central Ohio/OSU (extreme hugest college town, biggest in the U.S. actually) into competition with Miami or LA any day of the week without hesitation.
          I think that it’s easier to say “XYZ city is filled with 8 to 10’s” rather than rate down all the 8’s to 4’s and 5’s due to infinitely minor flaws that, in relation to the rest of the nation, wouldn’t mean a hill of beans.
          I mean go to a decimal point system if you need to “Ok, she’s an 8.1 because the shadows on her face don’t fall precisely correct when she faces the south east during summer time, but that one over there, she’s an 8.3 because those shadows fall just right, although both of them suffer the flaw of knees being just a bit too pointy, which keep them from competing with the 8.7 over there”.

        60. I know you keep talking about Columbus. I gotta get out there at some point. I’m always applying for jobs so I figure eventually I’ll make my way deeper into America.
          Too liberal in the cities of PA. Section 8 housing “integrated” into the city and then they wonder why it’s hard to analyze crime patterns. Tight budget and they keep shooting themselves in the foot with proven unsound policies.

        61. Oh you b and t folk.
          If you ever need a tour guide so you don’t have to slum it let me know.

        62. That’s pretty rare lolknee. I can only think of a couple or three Caucasians I’ve ever met with black eyes…two of them were Spanish.

        63. I have seen it a lot in Parisian girls, some in EE girls (including both of the Romanians I was with) and, yes, in Latinas…most especially Brazilians who actually have a name for it….Jabuticaba Eyes…after the jabuticaba berry

        64. Haha, I appreciate the offer but you might regret that. I don’t think you would appreciate my berserking.

        65. A guy from ROK (who rarely posts any longer) came into Columbus a couple of months ago. I met him at a bar on campus. He was duly impressed with the quality of women he encountered, just walking from his car to the place where we were meeting. Columbus, north central Ohio, and then the northern parts of Ohio, have some really pretty gals. Avoid southern Ohio like the plague though, it’s landwhale ugly Walmart hillbilly central.

        66. There you go. Fit, attractive face (symmetry measurement only since I know people have different faces that they find appealing), big hooters, small waist, nice in shape legs. That’s not 5 territory at all.

        67. I think I saw a Arab woman of some sort with them a while back. I let her cross the street in front of my truck & she gave me a sexy look. She was with her husband, I guess, & wearing a hijab, or whatever, with mostly only her eyes showing. Still, I could tell she was fine.

        68. Good work, my dude.
          Yes, she’s probably going blow up like a blimp in a few years, but today… she is definitely higher than a 5.

        69. the only girls I know with black eyes are the ones what dont listen the FIRST time! AY OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

        70. I’ve seen it in a Persian woman last year too, she was totally out of place here, but she was quite attractive and actually had a nice build (think bikini model, not runway type). I couldn’t bring myself to convert to Islam though, so….

        71. It’s hard finding cities that balance between rational American values of the midwest/south while also avoiding the obesity epidemic.

        72. He does make a compelling case…..
          I wish I had an excuse to pull up stakes and move there. Really nothing keeping me where I am.

        73. I am not sure what berserking it but it doesn’t sound like something I would enjoy.

        74. I get the feeling quite a few of them want to escape all that Sharia madness. There were some Egyptian girls at the University here several years back that were about as fine as I’ve ever seen.

        75. The look that one gave me kind of got my thoughts going that direction too…& I think she knew it.

        76. To be fair I would like to fuck one of just about everything I haven’t fucked

        77. female can be assumed amongst us gentleman though I do appreciate the burn. Well done.

        78. Ahhh. I’m a really straight laced guy. I don’t do any drugs. Unless I am at home I drink in moderation. Hell, I hardly leave the house without a tie on unless it’s for the gym. I eat healthy. Other than womanizing I live an incredibly clean cut life

        79. “What do you tell a girl with two black-eyes?”
          “Nothing, you’ve already told her twice…”

        80. The first and third one. Those hips.
          The fourth one is Fugly with a body like a 12 year old boy.

        81. It could be bonus points if she doesn’t have any teeth for the blowjobs. Pros and cons of life.

        82. Hear, hear. A perky B cup demolishes a D cup in my opinion. The former will withstand the ravages of time vastly better too.

        83. The scale doesn’t take into account variances between women. It’s simple. A 5 is the lowest level of woman you would fuck. You wouldn’t want to be seen out with her, you wouldn’t date or marry her, but you’d stick your dick in it. Anything below a 5 is irrelevant. There are differences in 0-4, but it doesn’t matter, because they might as well be dead.
          There is no such thing as a 10. 9 is a woman who is able to monetize her beauty, ala models. 6-8 is subject to discussion. Generally that falls on facial issues, and the amount + body shape.

        84. My experience with the poles is limited to 2nd gen or more. But agreed 100x over on hmmmmmm Romania

        85. Romania and other countries around that region have exactly that type you’re looking for. Actual Polish women are some of the most beautiful women on the planet. And they have that sexy hour glass figure we like.

        86. I’ve heard that about polish women for sure I just haven’t encountered any. Hungarians and Romanians I’ve had plenty of, er, interaction with that they have that look down so perfectly

        87. Having been married to a double D bitch, I have to agree. Besides, gravity always wins. If you marry a woman because she has long legs and big tits you will end up married to a woman with big legs and long tits.

      2. I love redheads, but here are extremely rare, only had one in my lifetime, she was of german ancestry.
        For some reason, I always end up messing with crazy ones as well. 100% of my current/former girlfriends/fuckbuddies are crazy, and some of them are certified crazy (as in psychiatric certified).

        1. Yes and no. While all women are somehow crazy, some are crazier than others, and for some reason I always end up with the crazier ones.
          One actually threw a punch at me, but that didn’t end well for her.

        2. I’ve had similar experiences…..I am not sure it is that white women are crazier or that white men are less likely to (for various reasons) keep their women in line allowing the crazy to surface.
          The craziness I have seen from EE and South American has been pretty bad and is usually held in check with a tacit threat, hard fucking and the occasional minor bit of corporal punishment. The craziness is a shit test. I often tell people that if they want to date a Latina to remember that the moment that girl doesn’t honestly believe deep down in her fucking soul that if she crosses a line you will beat the living shit out of her then your relationship is over. White women are no more or less crazy in my opinion, they just are the result of reencountering too many men who are afraid to slap them around when they get out of hand.
          Not too long ago I was dating a girl like this. Very typical middle class upbringing. She was hormonal, bitchy and had drank way too much. I was giving her a little bit of line to see what she would do with it and she wound up hanging herself with it. She started irrationally berating me for some shit and then started to threaten some bullshit. She didn’t get the whole sentence out before I slapped her right in the gums. Not hard enough to leave a mark or even hard enough to knock her down, just hard enough to sober her the fuck up.
          That was 3 months or so ago and she still calls begging to see me. This is an experience I have had repeated over and over again. White women are crazy, sure, but it is the lack of discipline. Further, I find that there is something primordial in them that craves it and if you give it to them they will be lambs.

        3. by the way, the comparison of modern white women to EE and Latinas is just an illustration and can also be a comparison between different white women….just felt this large extrapolation made the point clearer in a broadstroke.

        4. I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to get burned, I wouldn’t be hitting a biddie. Even though they deserve it, this feminazi society can easily use that against you. No marks doesn’t mean shit. Hearsay or video recording can still get you in legal trouble.

        5. “for some reason I always end up with the crazier ones.”
          For me I find those are the ones most susceptible to being played.

        6. There is always readable context. As it goes now I have never had any issue other than having them stalk me afterwards and I have been at this for more years than I care to admit. I have never beat a woman (who didn’t want it in a sexual way) but I don’t spare the rod for these girls and it has never led me astray.

        7. I think that the fact that I’m basically a mean motherfucker taller than most of the men in my country, lean but muscular and with Belts in a number of martial arts helps to send the correct message to any woman considering hand to hand combat.

        8. Kneeman is on Eyes Wide Shut level social circle in the big city. Those guys can get away with anything.
          Actually, the way you dress / present yourself, where you live etc. is going to affect how police and prosecutors deal with you. Now a $35k a year brainwashed beta cop is still that, and the thirst and desire to believe in the infallibility of women is strong, especially in those working for the establishment, but if you’re a well dressed professional guy confronted by cops, they will treat you entirely differently than a guy who dresses like the last thug they arrested.

        9. I have no experience with non white woman, so I can’t discuss that. About (white) woman I agree with you and it can be synthesized in one phrase: “I’m driving this ship”. In any and every scenario one must show that she is part of crew, with no voice and no vote. She’s going to start to bitch and whine but eventually that’ll stop….but that only applies to the average level of craziness.
          In my experience, with the crazier ones is different. Every time you command she is not going to submit but engage, then you retaliate, then she engages again and its a spiral of attacks and retaliation; and even corporal punishment does not work.

        10. I work as a crime data analyst. Most cops are very conservative. However, the legal system is seriously stacked against men and political oversight is burdensome to them. If they have video evidence of you hitting a girl, or hearsay with any physical injuries whatsoever (including those a female could self-inflict), you will get prosecuted for it. Domestic violence is a major political point for politicians and police are merely their tools.

        11. That seems about right to me. With the exception of the Romanians I was with a while back I don’t date longer than 8 weeks. After 6 months if they pop back up they may get another bit of time, but 8 weeks in a row is it. It takes VERY special exceptions. Because of this I don’t have to deal with long term issues that come up and can usually “drive the ship” as you wonderfully put it with a mix of machista behavior and their honeymoon stage infatuation….but there is no girl I am with who doesn’t honestly believe that I will smack the shit out of her if push comes to shove. 99.9% of the time it will never be an issue, but that they know it to be true really does help and I believe would help long term.

        12. True. Cold facts, women are as receptive to be disciplined as long as it isn’t done with malice and you can fuck the smack talk out of them. It gets them pretty wet just hearing you aggravated to the point of a threat. As long as a man knows this zone and respects, I don’t see that problem. On South American women, I agree wholeheartedly with your point.

        13. …”receptive to be disciplined as long as it isn’t done with malice”
          Excellent distinction. Goes for parenting too. I think….

        14. Have to clarify in the event that some ass hat thinks I’m condoning violence against women.

        15. Had a guy who worked for me in the Navy whose wife pulled a gun on him after a night of drinking. He knocked her down, called the police. Police took her away.
          At the court hearing the judge told the guy in order for her to live in their home, all his guns had to be removed.
          Dumbass chose the wife who pulled a gun on him over the guns.
          She divorce raped him a couple of years later- emptied the accounts, ran up the credit cards, stopped paying the bills and filed the divorce while he was deployed.

        16. If a woman pull a gun, no matter how drunk, it is within the limits of self defense to kill her….

        17. I just read a case last week about a guy that held his girlfriend down to prevent her from destroying his car with a baseball bat. She scratched him and he had to go to the hospital for lacerations. She only had marks on her wrists. He did nothing but call police and hold her down until the police arrived. Both were arrested. Her charges got dropped, he was charged with simple assault. The bias is real.

        18. This guy was lucky in that the cops viewed her as the aggressor. In CA at the time, if they got called out for domestic violence, someone was going to jail. In this case, it was her.
          I would not give up my firearms for any woman. Not even for my mom.

        19. Amen. She was close to him and he just belted her and she went down immediately. Big guy, worked as a bouncer on the side and used to dealing with trouble.

        20. They were codefendants as the cops couldn’t determine the primary aggressor. Once they got to the preliminary hearing, the attorneys dropped her charges and only pursued with his. This was against the wishes of the arresting officer. So when people blame cops, they don’t understand that a lot of this is way above their heads and not their intentions. Fortunately the girl didn’t want to press charges.

        21. Some jurisdictions don’t provide for use of force in protection of property– which may have been the DA’s thinking. Particularly if he stated she was using the bat to go after his car and not him.

        1. Absolutely there are a some hot red heads….just not my particular taste. As for rare, generally yes but I remember being really surprised when I got to Vermont and saw so many of them in one place. It isn’t like I look at a red head and go “ewwwww” sure there are some serious hotties. I just prefer dark hair.

      3. I mentioned before that my cock is totally racist, and never have I met a non-white woman who passes the boner test for me… much to my frustration. My bigoted cock apparently hates gingers, too.

        1. lol. My cock is a true cock of the people. It sees no race, nor creed nor color. Martin Luther Cock I like to call him and he has a dream…he has a dream that 7’s and above of every color will one day be penetrated by him. For Martin Luther Cock judges women not by the color of their skin but the hotness of their “character.”
          Oh thales when we allow freedom to fuck all women to ring—when we let it ring from every city and every hamlet, from every country and every race and every religion, we wil speed up that day when all of gods children, black girls and white girls, jew bitches and gentile bitches, thic Latinas and skinny Koreans, will be able to join hands and sing in the worlds of the old lolknee-grow spiritual “cocked at last! Cocked at last! Great God a-might We’ve been cocked at last”

        2. Look, knee, I appreciate the sentiment. Me and my cock have long talks about this. I’ve done everything I could to convince him. I point out all the low-hanging fruit we are totally just passing up. I mean, black chicks absolutely love me. I had an Asian chick the other night just swimming in my frame, all wrapped up in a “fuck me now” package, but the cock wouldn’t even budge. Not even a tremor.
          Its a long-standing argument. My cock is just a huge bigot and there is absolutely nothing I can seem to do about it. I’ve tried pretending they are white. I’ve tried really dim lighting where he can’t tell. Nothing works.

        3. Not even that young Vergara chick? You wouldn’t have tapped that when she was 19?

        4. I tapped a half PR chick once. I loved every minute of it, but my cock was utterly ashamed of himself. I think he got some kind of de-merit in whatever Cock Klan he is a member of or something..

        5. I’m kind of like you in a way, except that I have no problem with the uber hot Hispanic women. Generally I’m a Viking Princess kind of guy though, and if you can find me a red headed Celtic beauty floating on a cloud over a rainbow I’m on that like white on rice.

        6. You’re not experiencing the same cock-nitive dissonance that I am. I actually want to hook up with chicks of any and all races, creeds, colors, nationalities, religions, hair color, ways of life, etc. But my cock won’t desegregate.

        7. It seems like guys either really like redheads or they just aren’t into them.

        1. I would not say I am jealous. But I will admit I wish my hair stayed red and not darken as I grew older. My hair was real red when I was under the age of four. To be honest if I had the free will to change my looks I be a hot red hair with pretty red hair.

        2. You wouldn’t. It’s not a good thing to be different. It’s been romanticized, but it’s not good.

    2. So she has a slutbutt just for you;
      If I banged her I ‘d bring a pistol and a skinning knife…
      So that if she decided to part a specific and very personal part of mine I would shoot her in the head with the pistol and while bleeding I ‘d move with the skinning knife to retrieve it from her esophagus or stomach…
      Too much drama for me… and money to the doctor… and to the guy who will clean off the body… and now the CIA watches my nick for violence against women…

        1. I know that I can write… and death metal lyrics!
          Trust me I may be of the most vanilla people you will meet but my humour is an orgy of ice cream flavours… with bacon for seasoning and blood as syrup… Tee-hee-hee
          I have some ideas to write a book on some of them philosophical and some novel… That I ‘d consider too hardcore post implementation for most people even in these circles! Also I am of the few people that believes that all films should have some exploitation…

    3. She is that hot in the uk. Even if they got their average weight down, U.K. women are generally quite ugly.

      1. As I’ve said before, every time I see a pretty girl in England, she has either a Slavic or French accent. Heh.

    4. I’m on very thin ice saying this here, so I’ll only say it once: I’m a redhead. And I think you’re all very intelligent, cultured men.

    5. I think she’s blinding you with the leather dress, face it you can put that on any girl that is sexier and will be better

  5. but but….women are treated unfairly when they take a car into a mechanics shop. (devil’s advocate)

        1. I think they are more likely to get her to get extras that I won’t. They ask her if she wants the air filter changed, she says yes. They ask me, I tell them no, then go to the parts store and do it myself.

        2. reminds me of a story:
          girl calls boyfriend, says she has a flat, what should she do?
          He says let the air out of the other three tires to equalize the pressure. He hangs up phone. She complies. She drives car to garage with four flats. Mechanic asks how she got four flats, she says she only has one, she let the air out of the other three to equalize the pressure.
          If thats a real tale, Im pretty sure they broke up shortly thereafter

  6. Not that it should be much of a surprise. Others have viewed the same name and called it another name of course, but at it’s core it is classism. This kind of violence is not uncommon either. Get a girl who likes her drugs, give her a boyfriend who is okay with this habit, and leave them alone to live on their own, and what you will end up with is domestic violence, rampant sex-capades with people outside of the relationship, knockout brawls over these cheating episodes, and then torrid make up sex between said partners. She is just the most public display of this. And rarely does anyone call the cops on them.

  7. Jordan Peterson says this is a moment in the history of the US in which it is not possible to predict where the society is going to end up.
    This means we each are actors affecting the outcome.
    The first thing to do would be to dispose of that judge, as in not reelect the guy with the bluepill agenda.
    Too bad for the UK that they’re appointed there.

  8. You know what? If I was in charge of the UK I would deport all redheads to Greenland, and promptly resign and self-deport myself there.

  9. Maybe the answer lies in this clown of a judge being harassed and subjected to intense intimidation by hordes of angry men until an appropriate verdict is set down. Wishful thinking I know.
    The crazy bitch should have been beaten to a pulp with a brick if you ask me. I have no compunction in punching them in self defence and have rung a couple of bells with a savage right cross. The thought that so much damage was inflicted makes my stomach turn.
    And on that, If the victim doesn’t sue for damages then he’s officially a spineless sack of shit also. I would be after blood and would see to it that the entire family ends up destitute.

    1. Come on, dude! Don’t you know that real men never hit redhead women? The ex-boyfriend was without doubt an abusive sack of shit! I fully support the judge’s verdict.

      1. The judge correctly applied the legalistic principle of ‘vaginae purpurae creta figulari circumdari a priori’ it must be said.

        1. I don’t know what the hell that means, but he certainly followed the correct legalistic principle of, “All redheads are innocent even if proved guilty.”

        2. Still-if some bitch tried a stunt like that on me I’d nail her with a powerbomb and then a Kawada Driver.

        3. I would opt for doing such with a foot planted on chest whilst flexing ala Hulk Hogan.

        4. Well, google translate and another automatic translator render it as:
          ‘Sheaths purplish shrew is a priori’
          Which I think coincidentally is also the meaning of ‘covfefe’

    1. Awww…from just this weekend when I went to visit my family
      Cousin comes home with new girlfriend for memorial day. Girlfriend is a Latina.
      Grandma Knee: Oh, you are Puerto Rican, just like that girl on the tv show with the faggots.
      God bless grandma knee

      1. I’d like to have a couple of drinks with Grandma Knee and listen to her talk about the world…yessir.

        1. Have I mentioned this before or did you just happen on the fact that I was drinking way more grappa than a human being ought to as was my grandmother this weekend?

        2. me you n another guy were bonding over all things guinea, and you explained the diff betw grappa and stregga(I dont remember what the diff is)

        3. Yes! I recall now! It was @bem
          Ugh, nothing like cheap vodka and homemade grappa all day to make your head explode.

        4. Right- but I think you guys come from a classier bunch because my grand-wops knew nothing better than homemade red wine and michelob.
          I never heard of grappa till my dad started banging an Italian on the side.

        5. ha. This is even worse because grappa is just hard liquor made from the left overs of the homemade red wine. Basically you take the garbage left over from mashing out the grapes and distill it in a basement. Not sure that actually qualifies as classy. The Stregga is a little higher end. This is just what the wine makers would make with their leftovers so they could get smashed without touching the stuff they were selling.

        6. Ah. maybe I’m thinking of something else…
          “All Things Guinea”….this sounds like a radio show we could host with @cheeseburgercheeseburger:disqus.

        7. I guess I tried grappa. If someone asks you if you want grappa or stregga, say sambuca

        8. I do like Sambuca….after dinner or even just in the evening I can always take a ‘buca and I find that if you wake up with a terrible hangover Sambuca is the greatest of remedies. That said, I do love my grappa. Then again, I can sit around in the afternoon on a hot day and down Fernet Branca straight.

        9. ask lolknee i think dropping a coffee bean in seppuku is considered poor form.

        10. I just tried to do the low whisper radio voice with the Brooklyn ginzo accent and it is fairly hilarious.

  10. there was a time when the western civilisation was a model to follow in all aspects, in those days its like being in a third world shit’hole

  11. A dubious friend of an ex stabbed another girl in her back one night and was arrested and charged. All my ex and her dubious friend could think about was how terrible it all was for them, and how the other girl deserved it and was a bitch. Needless to say my girlfriend and I broke up shortly after. She even tried the poor little me routine in court but the judge saw through it, scolded her and gave a sentence of 6 years. She was still feeling sorry for herself and saw it as an outrage as they took her down, and still without a moments thought for her victim and what it must be liked to be stabbed. Apparently it was all over the fact the injured victim had guests at her New Years Eve party, and that the forever compassionate Miss Psycho Stabber felt the revellers should have been at hers, because they were ‘her friends’.

  12. “….allowed her the opportunity to seek treatment for a chronic drug problem.”
    She’s a drug addicted carousel rider how the fuck could she ever be a heart surgeon?
    I hate judges. They are often the most entitled, left wing sheltered bags of shit and go easy on real criminals like this psycho whore.
    She be sent to prison for a few years and turned into a hand puppet..

  13. Seems to me like a year of hard time might do her some good. Maybe scare her straight as who would hire her to be a Doctor.
    Probably not as many women are incapable of understanding the consequences of bad behavior.

  14. Sure a hospital will hire a habitual drug abuser and put that person, be it a man or woman, in close contact with narcotics.

    1. With the exception of the Hospital for Special Surgery I have never once gone into a hospital (and I have been in a bunch of them in my life both as patient and visitor) and not thought “who the fuck does the hiring in this place.” Most of the hospitals are staffed with people who look like they are just on that short period of time after their last incarceration and before their next arrest and the rest of them give off the sense that there isn’t a single thing in this world they they could manage to do in a competent manner….like if you told them to make you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich they would just shit themselves and curl into the fetal position.

      1. If the entirety of the employees of the TSA and the medical industry were to just up and switch places with one another, would it be detectable?

        1. I’ve always had this issue with those inhabiting the medical industry. Outside of a few doctors (which, incidentally, are quite rare to observe in the wild anymore) I have very few kind things to say about them. I’m reminded about this due to a recent renewed need to deal with and find ways to tolerate their incompetence.

        2. Surgeons/gp doctors get on my last nerve. I’ve had way too long of exposure to them to ever like them again. They talk *at* you, not *to* you, and I mean in social situations, not in the clinic. I’ve attended parties where I get lectured on their benevolent world views and then if I open my mouth to say anything they’ll literally start talking to somebody else or walk away. And they don’t just do it to me, they rotate in the room doing it to everybody. It’s like they’re doing “Look how magnificent I am” performance art for the room.
          Believe it or not, I’m a somewhat intelligent fellow, and when I attend these parties I do in fact dress up in a very fashionable, tailored suit and can hold scintillating and entertaining conversations with just about anybody. But MD’s? Fuck them. I usually end up just hitting on their wives behind their backs after they move off.
          Their wives being, usually, fucked up alcoholics with pretenses of importance, usually in a shell of washed up mediocrity, but still, I do it mostly just give the metaphorical bird to these dillweed MD’s.

      2. exactly – had a few orthopedic surgeries around that area…
        made it thru alive.
        but the hospitals usually remind me of the FDR drive.
        Thailand – so perfect – like a science fiction movie.
        No wonder they have a thriving medical tourist industry…

        1. I always joked that they called it the FDR drive because it was right near HSS which was good for FDR since he was in a wheelchair.
          I had 3 surgeries at HSS including the very big knee job which inspired my name. Always a good experience. Other than that, every hospital I have ever gone too has basically been a prison work release.

      3. Really? As someone that is in the medical field you have to pass drug tests and I doubt you can keep your job over a felony. Then again I live in America.

  15. I aspire to be a divinity. That puts me above all laws, yes?
    Oh, dammit. I have just realised the big flaw. I am male.
    So forget it.

  16. If he judged men by those standards, he would’ve let Ted Bundy go because he was too handsome for prison and eventual execution in the electric chair!

  17. My sentence would be to exile her to some Muslim cesspool like Waziristan or Kashmir – without a veil. I hear battery acid is plentiful in those places. But seriously, let her indulge her cocaine habit to her heart’s content.

  18. She’s lived a troubled life going to private prep schools, inhaling insane amounts of (likely free) cocaine, jumping from cock to cock without any sort of responsibility or adult duty, stumbling to class drunk and flirting with the professor for a passing grade. Troubled life, eh?
    The troubling part of this story is I thought judges in the UK were appointed. I can understand this type of thing happeneing in the US where judges are elected by popularity contest of mob rule, but it’s quite troubling when judges appointed by a more conservative establishment under Her Majesty’s Government are handing out pussy passes.
    The “primitive” societies of Medievel Europe or “modern” Islam would tar and feather this girl, if she was lucky to avoid a harsher punishment. It is primarily the excess wealth of the west which allows us to make these types of self destructive decisions. Of course, anyone with more than a one year time horizon would see that the wealth of the west declines every year, and the type of irrational thinking that replaces diligent, hard working men with criminally dangerous sluts in the workplace is unsustainable.
    The sad part is the time frame for training medical professionals occurs over several decades; in a few decades when there is a severe shortage of medical staff, because resources were wasted training girls like this “brave and stunning” chick who drop out of her career, after a few years of abusing drugs and slutting around the hospital, perhaps destroying a few doctor’s marriages, it will be impossible to solve the shortage in medical staff without importing foreigners. Just wait and see.

    1. Her Majesty’s Government has been long overrun with screeching, hate filled feminists and socialists for many decades now. Expecting anything out of them other than this seems futile.

      1. Hey buddy, noticed you’ve got the last chick out of the nest. Congrats! I just made a huge step towards my economic and daily freedom as well, and it’s an awesome feeling. Still not married here but I’m as close to free as one can be while still living in a big city.
        I’ll also loudly echo your sentiments on small towns–I had become quite jaded at all of America, but once you get out of the big city, it still is a pretty nice country. I’m not naive enough to think that the girls in Small Town USA aren’t tindering it up on the DL, but definately possible to meet a traditional girl out there, though difficult.
        Find a buddy, head out to a lake or find a festival to go to or something in a small town this summer, and
        enjoy. Anyway, cheers to you GoJ!

    2. Actually, “mob rule” is more trustworthy in the USA than the bureaucrats, media and academic leftists who largely run things without consideration of rule of law or even logic.
      This is why the left is in such a hissy fit in the states: “PEOPLE voted for Trump! How DARE they think for themselves! They’re such fascists!”

  19. This is why I avoid the UK.
    THAT is supposed to be “hot”? That’s leaving the bar on the ground. Where you can trip over it. 😀

  20. Well, I am going to think positive and think reality will hit her when no one in the medical field will hire her due to drug addiction and violent behavior.

    1. It is a bit surprising. The more women I’ve been with, the less I am impressed by their physical appearance. The other qualities–submissiveness, loyalty, tradition, femininity, are much more appealing to me.
      But the other side of the coin is realizing that maybe the only thing they can offer you is their physical beauty. I’m not quite there yet.

      1. As you grow older superficial beauty becomes less important. We are naturally less thirsty. I don’t think beauty is the only thing women bring to the table, but femininity is pretty much a minimum condition for everything else as I see it.

    2. Yeah, right?
      I love red heads, the rare ones who are truly beautiful. This one, she is not of that rare breed. I mean ok she’s not morbidly obese but she’s a plain Jane with severe stabby issues.

      1. As I’ve said before, if I go to bed with a woman I want to do so with the sincere belief I will leave with the same number of organs and roughly the same quantity of blood.

      2. red heads are indeed fine. Works rather better on women than men though. aesthetically. Re. the comments I just think there’s too much talk about ideal specimens etc. Talk like that manufactures thirst. Point out what’s fine and move on I’d say

        1. Yeah, usually. Not a big deal, just another shit test.

  21. There is something more disturbing in this. How the hell are women allowed to become fucking heart surgeons ?

  22. False Rape Culture hasn’t reached the levels seen in the States as yet, and possibly never will, on the grounds that rape is a criminal offence and has to be reported to the police. It can’t be dealt with by college authorities. No ‘Dear Colleague’ letter here. It is true, of course, that the government his been trying to push more women into higher education and into STEM subjects especially. This is particularly bad in the case of medicine, where an imbalance in favour of women doctors is causing extra strain on NHS resources. Women don’t want to work the longer hours, which means you need to pay more doctors to cover. Second, women give up working in a few years once they have children to look after, so society doesn’t recover the huge cost in training one. We should be discouraging women from studying medicine, not encouraging it, but that would be far too sensible.
    Of course, by this time, it is clear that letting women into men’s universities was a huge mistake to begin with. It is noticeable that all the male universities (and male colleges in federated universities like Oxford and Cambridge) are now co-ed, but there are still women-only colleges at Oxbridge.

    1. If only the judge were a bit like Willy Wonka then.
      Send her down the “bad egg” chute.

  23. There is no shortage of women in STEM, particularly not in medicine.
    Women make up something like 90%+ of all veterinarians and the majority of MDs.
    I’ve lived for years in student housing with lots of medical students: very few are white men. Majority are female or foreign (Chinese). Also, there is a big drive to recruit gay men as doctors. You wouldn’t believe the number of gay medical students I’ve seen in my building. In a few years, you will very likely be dependent on a queer for your health.

    1. Students, sure, but most of the ‘diversity crowd’ gets washed out before becoming actual real-life doctors.

      1. I almost wish I was still at a university so I could get myself into a conversation where a woman said there needs to be more women in STEM so I could pull out my dik and tell her “why don’t you start with this stem”

        1. I tell you what – I am going to make it my Life’s Mission (for at least a week or two) to find a way to engineer that very exchange with anyone possible.

    2. Not exclusively STEM related but in my college, the majority of business school majors were female but the top earning majors like econ and finance majors were 80+% male. Quantitative finance was nearly 100% male.

    3. ya know pabst, I never thought about vets as part of stem but you are absolutely freaking right.

  24. We just pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord. Take that, socialist globalist faggots! Lol!

    1. “The Vatican, European leaders and companies as diverse as Exxon Mobil Corp. and Microsoft Corp. had urged the president to remain in the pact, with last-minute appeals by Tesla Inc.’s Elon Musk and Apple Inc.’s Tim Cook.”
      Pulling out was really the only rational option.

      1. “Also urging the U.S. to stay in was the nation state of Mordor, as well as the 4th and 7th planes of Hell”

        1. I’ve made it a policy since the election when he went unhinged on me more than a few times, to ensure not to speak politics with him, ever again. I’ll talk anything else with him, I think that outside of politics he’s on point, but I don’t see any benefit in engaging him on that topic any longer.

        2. Crap. I need popcorn dammit, lots and lots of popcorn. This is going to be as entertaining as watching the left meltdown after Hillary lost the election.

        3. It has begun.
          I’ve literally just read the word “literally” on Twitter three times in under a minute.
          But I’ve literally just read the word “literally” on Twitter about seventy two jagillion times.

        4. …and the resulting higher salinity level in the oceans will be responsible for melting more ice..

        5. It probably has something to do with the fact that non-whites have a reduced capacity to absorb carbon dioxide through their skin, thus hindering photosynthesis.

        6. ….. but we all exhale CO2, we don’t absorb and store it…
          It would be extremely entertaining to put one of these folks on the spot trying to provide any rational explanation to justify their statement.

        7. They just say “science” and “97% of scientists agree” and then “science” again and then they start crying.

      2. Folks want to be in that agreement, vote on it in the senate and get the supermajority the constitution requires.

      3. Vatican appealing to Trump, LOL. After Pope tried to interfere in election and got smacked for the cucky hypocrite he is.

    2. Yeah, when Exxon and other major oil companies are lobbying to stay in the Paris accords, you know it has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with money.

      1. i tried explaining that to one of my liberal friends. but he didnt get it. If they truly wanted to lower carbon admissions how come they aren’t promoting nuclear power which is the best green energy. How come they always want to tax you to oblivion?

        1. Liberals never say “no” to imposing new taxes on others. (Of course, those very same liberals are conveniently exempt from paying them…)

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      1. They are going to come after Trump even harder than ever before, now. We’re in for some wild times.

        1. I think Trump is the only republican politician who realizes they’re going to do that no matter what. That the press really are just ‘democrat operatives with bylines’. McCain and Romney both never seemed to understand that during their campaigns.

        2. it is their main religion.
          damn, it was sunny, then it just rained here for a few minutes, now sunny again.
          fuck you trump – climate change denier

        3. I think Romney was somewhat naive. I think McCain simply lives to fill his own coffers.

        4. I don’t understand how some other republican can’t run against McCain and win. His photo op with isis alone should have tanked him. I don’t know if that guy even does anything good these days.

        5. McCain is well entrenched. The fringe sent a conservative to take him on recently. The polls predicted she would give him a test, he absolutely flattened her.

        6. I’m not convinced that she was “in it to win it” or the “real deal”. Shaky history on conservative ideology, reports of having absolutely no ground game/presence in AZ.
          For her hype and political acumen, Paul Nehlen was far more pugnacious and effective.
          McCain’s “special friend” in SC, Grahamnesty, had a fistfull of born loser “conservative” candidates running against him, which split the vote and ensured his reelection. Working theory is that was by design.
          McCain is politically savvy, about the only praise the guy can be paid, so I wouldn’t put it past him to have run a born loser “conservative” candidate himself, to mollify factions in the GOP base who oppose him.

    3. They will still be promoting the green energy BS (windmills etc) here at home. And we will continue top educate 500,000 Chinese students here each year.

    4. They will still be promoting the green energy BS (windmills etc) here at home. And we will continue to educate 500,000 Chinese students here each year.

        1. Six thousand, sixty groups of one hundred…..
          That is how many windmills it takes to equal the same amount of power output as a single coal, nuclear, natural gas, or oil fired power plant. At best, one of those windmills puts out about 1 MW of power, compared to 1 GW in a standard plant, but on average, they run about 1/6 of the time. With each of those windmills, comes roads, electrical lines, concrete and steel. Collecting an already diffuse energy source and concentrating it is not the way to go.

    5. Some days you’ve gotta wonder if Denis Leary is an unheralded prophet. Me, this is my celebration song.

      You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna get myself a 1967 Cadillac El
      Dorado convertible. Hot pink! With whale-skin hubcaps and all leather
      cow interior and big brown baby seal eyes for headlights! Yeah! And I’m
      gonna drive around in that baby at 115 MPH, getting one mile per gallon,
      suckin’ down Quarter-Pounder cheeseburgers from McDonalds in the
      old-fashioned non-biodegradable Styrofoam container and when I’m done
      suckin’ down those grease-ball burgers, I’m gonna wipe my mouth with the
      American flag, and I’m gonna toss the Styrofoam containers right out
      the side, and there ain’t a goddamn thing anybody can do about it. You
      know why? Because we got the bombs. That’s why! Two words! Nuclear
      f***in’ weapons, okay? Russia, Germany, Romania, they can have all the
      democracy they want. They can have a big democracy cake and walk right
      through the middle of Tiananmen Square and it won’t make a lickin’
      difference cause we got the bombs, okay?

    6. Their followers are in a tizzy over it. However I keep pointing to them to the guardian article where James Hansen calls the Paris accord a fraud. Because it’s just globalist politics using climate alarmism as an excuse. Even the true believers of the warmist religion know the Paris accords are BS.

    7. Headline in the ‘Daily Mail’
      ‘World Unites Against Trump’
      Keep it up Yankee Doodle…..loving every minute!

    8. Climate change is a scam meant to frighten Western nations into voluntarily relinquishing industry and economic development. Its the reason why so many manufacturing jobs went to China and other developing nations, and those nations are becoming prosperous like the West used to be decades ago in the past.
      At the same time the leftist shits are saying the environment is at risk, but de-industrialized cities in the Midwest never had cleaner air and water in decades.

  25. Britain desperately needs to import hot women instead of violent Muslims. It’s deep lack of talent is causing the cradle of modern civilization to crumble.

    1. maybe they think if enough of their pasty ugly women get raped by muslims the next generation will start looking like Latinas?

      1. Problem being, they still won’t be able to tell since they’ll be covered head to toe in burkas.

    2. too many mingers.
      Ali G in da house
      “Only fit women”
      ironic that they were from slovenia (or slovakia) where the first lady is from.

  26. I think its more down to her upper class status this time around.
    Oil tycoon daddy probably bank roles a couple of politicians in the british parliament so it only takes a phone call.
    I’ll go all SJW this time and say if she was a black crackwhore she would have gotten a couple of months to a year.
    The Most worrying part is that we’re now even sacrificing medical and scientific advances on the altar of feminism.
    So basically your kid’s about to have cancer? Fuck’em, woman and minorities’ rights come first.

  27. Let’s assume she finishes her schooling. Do you think she would pursue the career of being a heart surgeon? My red pill senses say no. She will marry some rich doctor or executive and stay home or do SJW protests. Financially she will be taken care of.

    1. Exactly. She’ll do it for a while, fail and blame the patriarchy. Then never struggle a day in her life while always complaining how oppressed she is.

  28. I know this type. She drinks and screws her way through her 20s and after 35 her looks start to resemble a moldy potato. Given her lack of decency she will likely find her way to prison around that time, when her looks (which currently are at an 8, not a 10) will be about a 5 or 6. Watch this space.

    1. Nah. Rich muff always skates. Thousands of thirsty fake-it-till-you-make-it dim bulbs will grant it to her, guaranteed.

    1. Someone had sex with the C.H.U.D on the right???
      That must have been “rape rape”…not just “stat rape”…

  29. Too pretty for jail, huh?
    A pretty female in jail would be well protected by some guard supervisor, I am sure. As long as she was boffing him.
    Now, has a male criminal ever been kept out of jail because he was too smart & “pretty”? The guards sure won’t protect that guy…

  30. Five bucks says the judge requires her to occasionally lubricate the shaft upon which the wheels of justice turn, if you know what I mean.

  31. All you sexually repressed manosphere girlie men need to go see Wonder Woman this weekend. This will hopefully help you doofy gringos reclaim your spine.

    1. I think I’ll just ride a motorcycle instead. But then, I haven’t seen Star Wars TFA, Rouge One, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Dr. Strange, or any movie other than John Wick 2 in the past few years.

  32. I had to go back up and look at the story and make sure I was on the right page. GoJ hijacked the comment section.

  33. So she couldn’t even fabricate abuse done by the guy she attacked but justified her actions because some other guy once abused her?
    Could any man ever ever use an excuse like that? Men are not even supposed to use that sort excuse for not getting involved with women again. Let alone acting out on someone because of it.

  34. How could you leave your life in the hands of a heart surgeon like that? At this point I’d rather book a flight to whatever is left of Aztec and ask their witch doctor for medical assistance

    1. I actually think that is just as big a factor than the pussy pass. The scales of justice become uneven when the wealthy do wrong.

  35. She will either never finish medical school, or if she does, she will either leave the field to be a mommy, or do part time where a man would be busting balls and working hundreds of hours more, treating more patients.
    And as for that drug habit? There are some residencies and hospitals that would fire a guy if found out, blacklisting him from the field forever. She should be no different.

    1. She should be charged for illegal drug possession as well, but I feel that would derail her supposed future surgeon career more than domestic violence would. Personally I think most people would not be too phased if they found out their surgeon did a 3 month stint in jail 10 yrs ago for violence than they would if he/she had a history of drug abuse.
      If she has grown up in a privileged life + lived the cocaine party girl life, I really wonder if she is going to stick it out and be a career surgeon.
      I agree with the author about the sham support/sympathy zero evidence of ‘having had an abusive bf in the past’.The definition of ‘abusive’ can be so distorted now. Having your bf not like you going out on your own with your girlfriends to clubs, will be considered controlling…ergo abusive in the re-telling of her relationship with others.

  36. “Firstly, how can a drug addict study medicine, let alone become a doctor?”
    Makes perfect sense to me, since basically all doctors that don`t work in trauma medicine are glorified sales reps for the pharmaceutical industry. But I guess you shoulden`t get high on your own supply.

  37. she was just mad because she WILL NEVER FIND a man superior enough to satisfy her own vanity. She’s already a doctor (or thinks she will be), so she pretty much can only date oil barons or something.

  38. Too pretty for jail? Really? She’s so average! She’s not even 7 with that make up on.

  39. I have noticed another disturbing trend at top UK universities – more places seem to be given to attractive women. I’ll bet that a less attractive woman or man with the same or better grades was rejected in favour of her. Where the fuck are the feminist in face of this blatant sexual discrimination ?

  40. Oxford is FAR FAR WORSE than this article suggests.
    Sexual perverts are ADMITTING to raping people there, then just walking away.
    No Police.
    No charges.
    No jail.
    No Police record.
    No Sex Offenders Registration.
    NOT kicked out of Oxford…..
    In her own words….
    ‘It is clear that I lack self-awareness and become sexually entitled when I am drunk.’
    ‘Oxford University gay rights activist steps down from political roles after admitting drunken sex without consent at student conference
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3272018/Oxford-gay-rights-activist-steps-admitting-drunken-sex-without-consent.html#ixzz4itkSeYlJ
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
    What kind of scum send their innocent teenagers to this s**t hole?

  41. http://metro.co.uk/2017/05/22/student-spared-jail-for-stabbing-boyfriend-could-be-expelled-from-oxford-6654005/
    She might be thrown out. I mentioned this case a while ago, mix of privileges here, wealthy, female, and white. People like her make everyone else think all whites are arrogant privileged brat like this. Have no idea what the judge is thinking.
    Her and Hillary Clinton should be BFFs, Hillary was under FBI investigation, she was given the Democratic party nomination, and the Democratic party has the gall to think that Trump did something wrong.

  42. I’d be curious to know how talented she really is, in an objective sense, at medicine and heart surgery.

  43. She’s already got a aging coke whore face.
    Why didn’t the defense team argue that the “knife attack” was actually “surgical practice” for this “aspiring heart surgeon”. I’m sure that would have avoided a conviction all together.
    Imagine getting wheeled into surgery and she starts cutting on you while you’re still awake because she’s got the anesthesia mask over HER face.

  44. And you’ve got the “Hollywood Hypocrites” like Leonardo DiCaprio and George Clooney, etc, that fly all over the world in private jets and live in gigantic mansions that use disgusting amounts of electricity lecturing the rest of us how we need to sacrifice personal comforts (which they won’t do) in order to save the planet.

  45. “But it is the humble male readers of sites like Return Of Kings, especially the white Anglo-Saxon ones, who are supposedly the only depositories of privilege in our world. Go figure.”
    As a Muslim sh!tlord from Pakistan I have been morally and mortally wounded by your harsh words.

  46. If feminists actually wanted women to be respected in these fields they would be condemning women like these instead of suplorting them with their silence. Once her stabby cocaine last is buried they will pay her to be a motivational speak3r.

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