Sorry, But Attraction Alone Is Not Enough

Men often wonder how they can create attraction in women—indeed, it is probably one of the most talked-about topics in game. This is why newbies set so much store on openers. They believe that if they can just come up with that perfect line, that clever gambit, then the girl will be so attracted that she will instantly fall into bed with him.

Unfortunately, what you will learn after a period of time in the field is that just as words are cheap, so is attraction.

A friend of mine recently told me about how attracted this girl he had been working on had gotten to him at a party. She had made all the right signs — playing with her hair, following him around, making “anime eyes” and so on.

“Did you bang her?” I asked.

“No – I had to leave early.”

“So have you spoken to her since?”

His brow furrowed a little. He was troubled.

“No. Funny thing is, she hasn’t replied to the text I sent her yesterday yet.”

Of course, it goes without saying he’s still waiting for her response — it’s highly unlikely he’ll ever see her again.

Guys, the fact is, just as we get turned on by multiple women on any given day, so girls are also attracted to a multitude of guys. Now, it may not be an equal number –due to their higher levels of testosterone, men tend to be more horny on average. But the principle remains. She may well have been attracted to you in that moment, but unless you capitalize on this and escalate, the chances are her mind will be on some other dude later on that same day.

Game is a binary proposition

In essence, game is a binary proposition. You either get the girl (that is, sleep with her) or you don’t. There is no middle ground. Or, actually there is, but no-one wants to be there—it’s called the friendzone.

We must also contend with the fact that  girls have so many more opportunities today with Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, and Snapchat orbiters circling them like flies. This means that even if you seemed like a sexworthy prospect in the coffee shop at lunchtime, she could well be imbibing the manly elixir of someone else that same night.

Men looking to maximize their opportunities with women today must therefore work fast and be efficient. As soon as you see a sign of attraction (or an indicator of interest, as they are also known), then you must escalate. How you do this will depend on the situation. If the IOI is from a cute shop assistant, then ask for her number. If it’s from a girl in a busy nightclub, then approach, chat, then move close and kiss her. After you’ve kissed her, then game her some more until she’s ready to go home with you.  If she refuses your advance then smile politely and move on to the next prospect.

Remember: nothing is certain until you have had sex (and even then her true feelings about the situation may not be obvious, but that is for another post). That is why you must always push for tangible outcomes, either positive or negative.


Coffee shop flake

As an example, take something that happened to me recently. I was getting really strong signals from a girl who works in my local coffee shop—exceptional eye contact, her blushing whenever I came in, flirty chat and so on. I asked for her number which she gave me willingly and we messaged back and forth for a while.

Text game is a big subject but generally I tend to use it primarily for setting up dates rather than for pumping female state. While the latter can certainly be effective, it is risky. Get it wrong and you can put the girl off for good. In this case I ran my usual text game and tried to organize a meet. It was over Christmas and the festivities got in the way a little, but I sensed that she was being somewhat evasive. Finally, the trail died altogether and she stopped responding. Why? I think we can probably guess, but really, who knows? It’s unimportant anyway.

Here was a girl who had shown every indication of being into me, and yet nothing tangible came of it.

Fortunately, because of my experience in these matters, I wasn’t disappointed. I hadn’t been at all excited when she gave me the number. I simply put her in the pipeline and gamed her like all the other girls I’m currently working on. When she went quiet I simply forgot about her.

I kept her number though. I may send her a ping test in a couple of weeks to see if the situation has changed on her side. Or maybe not. No big deal. For newbies who encounter this, though, I would advise you delete the contact details of girls who behave in this manner. The worst thing you can possibly do is get oneitus for some girl who has artificially increased her value by appearing unattainable.

Beat the market

Game is very much like playing the financial markets. You must never hold onto a failing position for too long. You must also insulate yourself from loss by having many other options open. I have no doubt I will get flamed by those who believe that approaching a lot of women “artificially increases the price of pussy,” but I would argue that since it is sky high anyway this makes little sense.

The only real way to beat the market is through abundance—and you achieve that by hard work on many different prospects out in the field.

To find out more about how to beat the market and create attraction that leads to sex click here

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222 thoughts on “Sorry, But Attraction Alone Is Not Enough”

  1. “She may well have been attracted to you in that moment, but unless you capitalize on this and escalate, the chances are her mind will be on some other dude later on that same day.”
    Every man….18 or 19 years old should memorize the above. Good article.

    1. For sure. If someone dangles a more appealing carrot in front of her face than the one you have to offer, even if completely bogus or false, you’re screwed.

    2. This has been a fundamental lesson for me; there’s no reason not to escalate except out of fear of rejection, and if that happens then all it does is speed up the conclusion of that encounter.

  2. It’s all about charm and charisma. Charisma trumps looks any given day. Stand up straight, make direct eye contact, smile, get her talking about herself, get her number. If you can get her to laugh at even your unfunny jokes, you know she’s into you.

    1. Definitely, you’re on point Scottie. Irrational charisma trumps rational defeatism any day of the week.

  3. Attraction is the first step. Next you gotta woo her with a lovely song. Like this.

  4. Finally, the trail died altogether and she stopped responding.

    Happened to me over Christmas as well. Same girl? 😛

      1. LOL! No Kensington is far too posh for the likes of me. This was in Shoreditch. She was working behind the bar and giving me all the IOIs she could. Got the number and did the text thing and then she went cold. In part I think its because I went on hols for several weeks and there was no time to meet her.
        I actually left the bar with another chick who literally volunteered to leave with me. As we left her friend whispered in my ear “I thought I was going to be the one that left with you”. I shrugged and carried on.
        Funny thing is the chick I left with went cold on me too. Which leaves me thinking she just wanted to screw her friend over and I was the unwitting pawn in her backstabbing plan!

        1. Stalking Horse….ho!
          Heh, stalking horse, the prime game of idiot women with no self esteem.

        1. Why the attitude princess? Did it hurt your poonani?
          I didn’t even mean to insult you, just an opinion thrown out there!

        2. u shud of isolated, escalated, gesticulated, disqualified, keano-d (there’s only 1 kino), gone dark, thrown in some beta-LTR game, followed by getting her strung out and hanging her out the window by the ankles just before she came to out of a nod (a la iceberg slim). game 101

        3. Dood! I forget the Roofies and half a dozen homies to run a train at the Mandingo party…

        1. Yeah, enough with this myth. If you check the stats you’ll find that the average white dick is between 5.5 and 6 inches worldwide, and the average black dick is around 6 inches (Nigeria). Ooh, 1/2 inch.

        2. I always laugh at this statistic, because we ALL know the average “black guy” is Nigerian.
          Never mind the most racially mixed blacks are those in the American continents…the stat just doesn’t apply.

        3. Dismiss stats all you like. I checked a few countries in Africa and got random results (all around the same figure), so I checked out Nigeria and that’s the figure. Why Nigeria? Cause there’s a shitload of concentration of blacks there. Yeah, that’s right, about the only thing black men can have pride in is a fucking myth.

        4. I remember reading that average size is 7.0 inches in the Congo I believe it was, it was highest in the world. don’t let your ego get in the way of facts.
          Dick size hardly matters anyways because the average vagina depth is like 4 to 5 inches max.

        5. My ego’s fine (if that’s what you’re referring to) as I’m well above average for dick size. But if you’re referring to African ego, then yeah, spot on, don’t let it get in the way of facts.

        6. Man, you obviously missed the point. We blacks from the Americas are so mixed that generic stats like that don’t apply. Heck, I’m Irish, Black and Cherokee what are the stats for Native America dicks; how about Irish? Heck what region of Africa are my ancestors from? Ghana, Ethiopia, Nigeria? Who knows. Plus the fact that even on the African continent there are major physical differences.

        7. Yeah, but, on average they’re around 6 inches. Not 8, 10 or 12 inches but 6. So… what are you arguing about? I’m saying it’s a seriously overblown myth about the “big-black-dick” mostly stemming from the fact that a soft, black dick is about 70% of it’s full length (or round-abouts, feel free to correct me, which I know you will do) and the white dick is about 60% of it’s length when soft (or thereabouts, again, correct if it makes you feel happy).
          I really wish I hadn’t started this topic, feeling pretty fucking gay right now talking about dicks.

        8. I remember reading a similar study then discover it was done by asking the participants and was not verified in anyway. Like dudes will never lie about size…

    1. I call it the Friend Zone Drone. Def= A guy in the friend-zone mindlessly following a girl around ( like a Drone) thinking it will eventually score him something through friendship , Friend Zone Drone.

  5. Great points. “Finally, the trial dies altogether and she stopped responding” Girls that just flake away like that are just attention seekers, and are not worth two more seconds of your time.

    1. Sadly, 90% of “modern women” are like that. If your attention, wallet or penis is of no use anymore them bitches will vanish into thin air within a second.
      Even if they´ve told you all kinds of “sweet” things before (“you are so great,” “you are so special”, “I love you so much”, “I´ve never felt this way before with somebody else”).
      All just meaningless verbal diarrhea. Everything a woman is saying to a man is manipulation in some kind of way.

      1. Totally agree, money talks for most women. After years of gender equality campaigning, many women don’t want to admit that they want to be a housewife more than have a successful career of their own. More high class women are taking to “Sugar Dating” on sites like & By dating rich, successful men, they have have their living expenses paid for, expensive gifts bought for them.

  6. “The only real way to beat the market is through abundance” – This. That’s why it’s easy as hell for me to get depressed in America. It is an environment with very few targets. In China, even though I already know that Chinese girls don’t want my sorry Black ass, there are plenty of viable targets.

    1. What’s the Chinese chicks problem with Ebony, GrandAdmiral?
      I thought they’re getting more used to foreigners in the major cities.

      1. They are, but Black men are still the least desired, just like everywhere else for a litany of reasons. Just how it is, it’ll never change, and that is why I have given up and I tell all of the other Black men not to go to Asia.
        Now I’m just going to hit the boost on this here whiskey.

        1. Honestly man, are you sure the problem is not just you? You seem to be displaying a very negative attitude which mirrors the other guys (white and otherwise) who have given up on girls. In my experience, Asian girls love black men. They have been all on my jock for 20 odd years!

        2. I’ve worked with black South African guys with great charisma in Hong Kong recently & a good number CAN pull Asian chicks, mate. They displayed almost natural charm & insane confidence. An outcome indifferent attitude as well.
          Word is..i’ve seen it being done.

        3. Black guys are quite successful in European countries with a small to non-existent amount of blacks.

        4. Bollocks! I’m successful everywhere including “crawling with blacks” London. White girls love them some black…

        5. Dude… I’ve been pulling them for years. IMO they love black guys. Like with any girl, it requires game and style.

        6. I’ve never heard of Black men being successful with Asian women, except maybe southeast ones and I don’t like those. Chinese women go to Miami to get knocked up by white guys and go back for more. If a Black man orders orange chicken instead of Hunan duck, then she’ll post that all Black men are bad on the Internet. If you are a Black man and you like Asian women, then it’s lights out for your ass, and two middle fingers to you.

        7. Mate the Chinese women you see in Miami are pretty unattractive. Not only that, I wouldn’t say Miami is the place to find White guys.
          Seems you are being very specific. To you, “Asian” means Chinese. There are many different kinds of women in Asia (and in SE Asia), and the Chinese are not all one ethnic group. It seems to me that you are down on yourself, and rather than take individual responsibility for whatever errors you are making, you are suggesting its because you are Black and this gives you an excuse not to improve.
          I’ve heard this a million times. “I can’t do X because I am Black”. Its a bullshit excuse. You need to stop moping, figure out where you are going wrong and sort yourself out. Do this, and you will find that the level of respect you receive from men and women alike with increase.

        8. White or latin guys, anything but Blacks. Attractive Chinese women from China go to Miami and places all over the world to sleep with many men like 50 Cent said, as long as those men are not Black.

        9. Confidence alone will not get you pussy, but having no confidence will guarantee you get no pussy.

        10. True, but the girls have to want you in the first place in order for your confidence to be effective. I already know that I’m Black, so I’ll never amount to shit in life.

        11. Agreed. And they’re not even PUA’s. Just good work buddies I explored the towns with, Our stated aim was looking for good deals on outdoor camp gear or good hang out spots.
          These guys were just naturals.

        12. Mindset, man.
          Everyone will start out having the deck of cards stacked for & against them in different ways. There are always solutions to make things work for you. Part of the reason i stumbled upon this site.
          I’m no ladykilling alpha guru but i’m glad the time i’ve spent here & the Rooshforum has helped me improve in many ways. Especially with awareness in regards to how feminism is so pervasive in modern society.
          I don’t always start every single day with the best of mindsets either. But in my line of work, we say…’the tide does what it wants…up to you to read her right & paddle or sail your craft accordingly’. Take charge & read that bitch right.
          The bitch is a metaphor for any number of things.

        13. I agree with Englishbob……every solid seduction starts off with, “……but I don’t usually…”
          I’ll Google these women since you mention them a bunch. Asian women aren’t my thing. I do like Japanese and Filipino women though.

        14. “so I’ll never amount to shit in life.”
          Wtf is this ? you just need to be in the right place ! Im in Denmark, and sometimes I feel like saying the same ! But then it occurs to me, that I’m just in the wrong country, that’s all.

        15. Naw the Chinese are obsessed with black guys like Kobe Bryant. Perhaps you are just ugly with no game. Black people are fairly rare in China, even more so than White people, so when Blacks go to Asia they are sometimes treated like celebrities.

        16. Sounds like you’re fucked then, since they don’t like you.
          I mean that in the nicest possible way

        17. We are usually treated like shit. They worship whites. Kobe might get play, but the random white English teacher would get more being ugly and having no game. An average Black guy ain’t getting shit in China but called heigui, which is Chinese for nigger.

        18. It is not just his attitude. I have been in Asia for a long while now and he is right. There is understood racism and most women will not be seen with a Black Guy

        19. Don’t expect me to follow that advice…. I’m taking my black ass to Asia one of these days & I’m gonna find me one…..

        20. Just because you’re drowning in sake doesn’t mean I have to….
          And that girl isn’t the worst looking thing on the planet either….

        21. There are two major reasons blacks aren’t desired in Asia (or SE Asia, as far as I know): 1. Big dick. They’re scared. Hell, I’ve had prostitutes refuse me because they’re scared of my white dick (I asked), it’s worse for blacks, reputation and all. 2. 99% of the blacks I see in SE Asia are scum (pimps, drug dealers, all from Nigeria), and they have fucking ZERO game. Plus I see them walking around with the fattest, ugliest middle aged women all the time, which doesn’t do well for their “sincerity stakes.”

        22. Don’t bother, I’ve found Asian girls shit in bed, and I’ve fucked close to 100 so I’m not talking out my ass. Most of the time they like to play dead fish.

        23. Yeah, also go back to Africa. Most of you are whiny cunts who don’t take any responsibility for anything that happens in your life.

        24. The big dick theory actually crossed my mind.
          I was eating out with family a few days ago and the waitress we had was a very attractive, tiny Filipino girl, she couldn’t have been more than 5′ tall WITH her shoes on. Couldn’t help but think that since she was so tiny, I didn’t know if I could completely get myself inside her if I had pulled her. Hell, she’d probably would’ve been scared.

        25. honestly I don’t see what you guys are too worried about. What are you losing by not getting Asian chicks? I’m a white guy, and their asses are even too small for me. Only about 1 in 20 East Asian chicks has a nice ass.. and I know black guys have a genetic predisposition to be attracted to larger asses. You guys must be whiter than me if you’re even considering Asian chicks.

        26. Cambodian chicks can be quite voluptuous. That’s said my preference is for Andalucian chicks. Ass for days!

  7. When asked “What kind of woman is your type?” I say “One I don’t want to strangle within five minutes.” It really has gotten that bad.

  8. Back in 2002 a girl I knew among common friends had told everyone we both know how much she liked/fancied me.
    Literally everyone we both knew had been told. I thought Christmas had come early as she was very decent looking and I was a horny dog of a 20 year old.
    Despite all this nothing really came off. I tried, and we exchanged saliva in our local nightclub as was the norm, but I just couldn’t make anything of it. it wouldn’t move further.
    I tried, and in the end I thought she must have had second thoughts, but she was still telling people I’d broke her heart 2 years later. I thought she’d frozen me out, and she was telling people I’d frozen her out. It was a 3 month head fuck and I was a bit winded by it all because as I did like her
    I didn’t fucking understand it then, and I don’t understand it 100% now.

    1. Women crave drama. Because of this, they will manufacture it where it doesn’t exist. The only question in this area is how much drama suits any particular woman – for some it is more, some less, some, like this one, it seems like “kill me before I kill this bitch.”
      If you still want to bang this girl, start agreeing with all your friends that you broke her heart. Tell them it was because she was frigid, and she was bad at what she was willing to do. Put her on the defensive. And be aloof about it, as if you don’t care that you broke her heart. You have to have a total “eh, fuck her” attitude. She will be elbowing bitches out of the way to ride your pole if you play it right.
      But be forewarned, this chick seems to have very high drama desire, so you are opening pandora’s box.

      1. Bang her now? haha
        No, I haven’t seen her in 10 years. It was just an early exposure to the contradictory nature of female people.

    2. Sounds like too much drama (or crazy) – best to avoid these types (especially if they’re in your group of friends or run in the same social circles). You don’t need the headache; plenty of other women out there to find.

  9. This article is spot on. You must always push each interaction to some tangible outcome and not settle for the (slight) possibility of re-engagement in the future. The moment you had with the cutie at the supermarket or wherever, like all moments, is fleeting. Don’t expect to pick up where you left off because object permanence does not relate to abstractions such as attraction and interest. Once it is gone, it no longer exists.

  10. Ah damn this is so true. Just last Saturday I started flirting with a girl next to me at a bar, she was new to the city and wanted to explore bars with me, etc, but this was late in the night and her friends wouldn’t leave. So, she willingly gave me her number. I texted her the next day and she actually responded, but then quickly dropped off (even though her text seemed fine). Bitches are weird, haha. Gotta quit trying to build comfort over text so often.

  11. I always try to reiterate that girls get hit on by hundreds of men a years, even thousands. They flirt with many many guys as well because they’re always on the prowl for something new.
    Never ever ever ever feel special that a girl is showing you flirty signs. Be completely indifferent inside. How you choose to act on it is up to you but don’t let it absorb you in any way.
    Indifference with women is absolutely essential – on every level

    1. Well, there goes my comment.
      WAIT! I pulled this from here somewhere. Not sure if it was in an article, or a quote from someone else, but this is a good piece of information to remember too.
      “The girl you view as a precious, delicate snowflake who must be protected is getting railed in a Motel 6 by a herpes-infected ex-con.”

      1. Good one. What about “the girl that fucks every guy apart from the one that truly loves her”.

    2. Its common for female in her 20s to have 1000 followers on facebook, 95% of them men chiming in with comments every time she posts a selfie at the coffee shop. Millennial males are great orbiters.

        1. It depends. Personally the only time I do it is when I’ve met them in person first. I sometimes take Facebook instead of a number as I use FB Messenger a lot, and so do a lot of girls (in London, at least). Some people frown on this, though, and say you should only get numbers. Whatever works.
          As for adding random girls on FB or IG — not really my area. Seems like a lot of work with a high failure rate to get results, especially on IG where you can’t even DM. But if you’ve got great pics and have tight messaging game then I guess you could make it work for you. Personally I prefer real-life approaches, and even Tinder or dating sites would be preferable to social media.

        2. I would strongly suggest that girls/women are not getting as much cock as everyone on here seems to think. They might be getting a bit, but I don’t think as much as everyone fears. If you’re targeting an easy lay – yes, of course she is going to have had plenty of bone.

        3. Agreed – in fact most are too busy cock-blocking themselves 9 times out of ten. Sure they can get sex whenever they want. But never forget, women don’t want sex.
          For them, sex is a tool to getting love/a relationship/ commitment.
          You average single female is getting dicked down every couple of months at best. And even then, usually only because she’s ovulating and that one guy just happened to be in the right place with the right game at the right time. Or was a proven “reliable orgasm” FWB or ex.

        4. Brother? I agree with you. I notice that on here. Many people believe that EVERY chick has 5 dicks stuffed in her cunt every day. That she has a new cock for each day of the week.
          there are some girls who I have heard talking about how they haven’t gotten sex in 6 months! Some chicks are pickier than others, other chicks rather preserve their twats for a man who can swoon (read: game) them right.
          Sometimes ROK fucks up my perceptions. Because I really do feel that every chick I walk by or talk to is getting fucked by numerous cocks within a 24 hour day.
          Guys, not every chick is a porn star.

        5. Lot of truism there man. Look, they’re getting cock, but it is just not as much as dudes are fearing. If you are getting a chick that has had more than 20 by the time she is 25, you’re looking at a problem. you’re right about the ovulating thing. Might tell you a story one time about women ovulating and taking them fishing and the results. Amazing.
          Anyway, I’ve always maintained that you make love to a woman in her head before you make love to her body. They surrender mentally – not physically.

        6. It ain’t happening. They’re selective, and they’re not just fucking anyone. I think the PUA lifestyle in effect targets chicks that are easy in some way, and susceptible to that approach. I have never used it myself, or even used a line. Then again, I’m old, and might be out of touch.
          Look, and this is easy to say online, because you’re covered, but I have been with a lot of women, and quite a few LTRs – confidence is the key, and having some sort of plan where you are going with your life. Women want to be dragged along in that plan, because generally they have no plan of their own. I have told women I was broke and they still came along for the ride – because it was exciting.
          Dom – I have to say – if you know what you’re doing, you can turn them into a porn star.

        7. I have to respond again. I have worked in environments Where women could get that much dick, and I can tell you, even the sluts were selective and didn’t get that much.

        8. I agree.
          A man with confidence, passion and desire doing the things he enjoys is what makes women want to get with a man, whether sexually or romantically.
          And I agree about being broke and women still being attracted.
          But then again, I read the stuff on ROK and wonder, “what is the reality?” of game with women? Do women still respond to how game was for me in 1998 to 2008? Or has times changed?
          Are women really fucking 10 cocks a day, so it’s hard for me to get a girl? Does game entail something more advanced, where you have to use scientific principles to pick up a chick, like the shit stated on ROK and PUA?
          I noticed when I reverted to the type of man I truly am is where I attract the women. The moment I start doing these Ninja Kicks and Backflips stated on here or in the books, I start tripping over myself.

        9. Be yourself Don’t use game. I have never used it – ever. Never even used a line. Just start talking to a women. I actually told my wife I found her sexually attractive. When I was really young I used to ask girls ‘do you fuck’ – serious. Didn’t hinder me at all.
          Confidence and be yourself.
          Notice how a lot of the PUA artists aren’t good looking, seem awkward and shy and lacking interpersonal skills? Well, they’ve managed to create an industry out of exactly that.

        10. This is where ROK is valid, though.
          They talk about how chicks are not smart, have no direction, flaky, etc. Because that notion does apply to chicks in their 20s.
          I do pretty well with chicks within the ages of 28 to 36 years old. Talking to chicks who are 21 to 24, you get a whole bunch of “I dunno” or they don’t talk much, or “what can you do to entertain ME?” or “I have a vagina, so bow to me!” syndrome.
          It’s the chicks from 18 to 25 who have the tell tale symptoms of what ROK warned us about. Granted I have a better time with women of around my age, I just wouldn’t mind having a nice, tight, younger one once in awhile resting on my cock.

        11. Mate, I’m 44, and maybe things were a bit different when I first started. But I was still in the game 10 years ago. Women, at any age, are not stupid. They know what they are doing. They generally are looking for a relationship that takes them somewhere – apart from the damaged girls. Most guys cannot even provide an inkling of that promise, I have always maintained that you really have no competition out there if you have your shit together.
          I don’t like them tight – I have a very thick penis and it hurts – primarily me.

        12. I agree, to a point. Sometimes I will “Like” a picture if something truly interesting is going on (say, if a cute dog is in it too. The dog doesn’t talk, remember?) or I will make a completely out of left filed comment, like if she took a selfie that emphasizes her cleavage and 100+ Betatards already said “OMGGG dat’s so hawt!” I’ll say “Nice wallpaper!” or something about an object in the background and sound super serious at the same time. The fuck if I’ll EVER pedastalize her!

        13. We don’t so much think that she IS, but that she CAN, and she knows it and thus uses it as a weapon to manipulate at will. Anybody not thinking any woman that’s a 6 on up is doing this is just deluding themselves.

        14. The ‘Nice Wallpaper’thing is better, but I’ve noticed quite a few guys doing similar recently (and not necessarily ‘red pill’ guys either). the bottom line is, girl’s know what’s up. If you write something under a picture — whatever it is — then the subtext is you want to bang her. Your validation may be a little less obvious than the ‘so hawt’ guy’s, but only a little. My preference is to steer clear.

        15. I understand, but from time to time a girl who really is as vapid as she looks will reply with the next Comment down the line with something like “???” (or that idiotic sounding “Dafaq?” thing millenial morons say), as in how dare you chime in with something and NOT have it inflate her ego like a balloon while being Beta Schmuck #101 to do so. Sometimes it can have the desired effect and be quite comical.

        16. I think it’s mainly trying to hammer the point that you are not the only dude she has been approached by. Maybe not this day or week. But just as they aren’t special to us they may feel the same.

    3. THIS. Men thinking women are only acting like this with them is the cause of so many problems for men. Oneitis is an example.
      It is really tough to know when you can trust that a woman isn’t flirting with other guys…even when you’re together. Even those subtle exchanged glances with another guy (that I know because I’ve exchanged them with other girls) where you both know you’re attracted to each other.

    4. Careful with indifference, my uncle is 55, hard working, in shape, OK looking but single since last 20 years. It’s not to ignore them, it is to send MIXED signals, that mean that you show interest, then off and on and off. That will drive her crazy.

  12. For predictable long-term growth, invest your capital into a mutual fund of girlfriends and leads.

    1. Sounds like a sales pitch if I ever heard one. I’m here today to introduce Mike (silent E) Ock. Have you heard of him? Well he’s back in the area and only here for a limited time. He usually only invites 10 beautiful women like yourself. You sure you haven’t heard about him?

    2. This is true. Never, ever, get tunnel vision on one woman. Even if you’re in a relationship, always keep some backup hoes. Keep the pimp hand strong.
      On another point I think this entire website fails to make, is that it has very little to do with game in North America. I think Adam Carolla explained it well in a podcast. Women want a bullshit artist in the U.S. and Canada. They want an actor, a persona. It has a lot less to do with what you actually say to them than the image you portray to them. You don’t need to be a skilled conversationalist, most of them don’t even have the attention span to entertain that anyway.
      If you take steroids, go to the gym, get a tribal tattoo on your bicep, wear tapout shirts, get a job as a DJ or bartender (optional but optimal), and a backwards or sideways hat (if sideways, use a flat bill)… you’re set. If this is you, you don’t need to have any game at all. You don’t have to be an alpha man. On the contrary, having immature emotional outbursts at the club will actually help you.
      Another option, if the chest beating tapout wearing persona isn’t attainable for you, you could always go the hipster route. You could also go the “country boy” route. To do this all you need to do is wear flannel, drive a pickup truck and listen to pop country. It has nothing to do with whether or not you’re actually from the country.
      The absolute worst persona to play is the regular guy. The guy that wears button up shirts and is well groomed with clean-cut hair. The guy that prefers to express himself not by being a xerox of every other consumerist shit for brains, but by having meaningful conversation and striving each day to further his understanding of the world he lives in. This is the guy who will most likely contemplate suicide if he doesn’t find something like ROK that help him understand his struggle better and connect with others who share it. The very small number of women who like this kind of guy in the U.S. and Canada already have 30 dudes competing for her.
      Women want what magazines tell them to want.

      1. Until those broads reach their 30s and then all the sudden that guy with the normal glasses, a button-up shirt, and a healthy bank account looks mighty appealing…

        1. yup, and at that point they have soggy faces and only a few more years left of fertility. Unfortunately this means the normal guy with the healthy bank account loses as well, unless he goes MGTOW and finds happiness in snowboarding, rock concerts, etc. while banging hoes on the side.

    1. You’re fond of trolls?
      The short fake colored hair itself is man repellent, what they hope to gain by having hairy dyed pits is anybody’s guess.
      Where have all the good men gone? Honey, they are over the horizon, running as fast as they can from your hairy smelly, grotesque arse. What are you going to do next, cut off your tits and yell at men for not celebrating your full conversion into a short, ugly dwarf male with unbalanced emotions?

    2. Men…how would you feel about ladies doing this?
      Ladies wouldn’t do that. Retards would.

    3. “Put on this blindfold, I’m going to wax your armpit bush while I’m fucking you..then we can make a pink Chia Pet together.”

        1. Would be awful though. I do like waxing and shaving on the ladies. Underarm hair will just not do. Ever see the anus tattoo?

        2. Have a good Friday night, and good luck with the ladyeeeeees. Have a pint on me if you can.

    4. Fuck western society.
      Really, fuck it.
      What kind of sick depraved mind comes up with this bullshit?
      Thank God I live in South America, where the women (even if they are slowly buying the empowerment crap too) still act or at least try to act like women.

  13. As always, a great primer for men just coming into red pill, Troy. I strongly encourage you to put together a book/e-book for young men, your advise is always spot on, is very accessible, conveys important information and has a friendly, competent tone all around.

    1. Many thanks Ghost! I do have an ebook, actually, Called the Seven Laws of Seduction – readers can get it by clicking on the link at the end of the article or in my author bio.

    2. Agree. Some of the parts of your story listed above are very good lessons (text game being one of them) for these younger guys. Many of them don’t understand the value of not texting a woman.
      A crucial element when dealing with a woman is the emotions, the body language, etc…it’s vital (so much of the conversation needs to be in person). Many guys just don’t get it….texting is usually killing their game.
      As you’ve said before in other posts….guys need only text a woman to meet up (specific place and time) and then no more texting. The rest of the “work” needs to be done in person.

  14. From my experiences i’ve come to understand one immutable truth about females in general: the only consistency they have is inconsistency. They are for all intents and purposes living breathing examples of chaos theory, in that their thoughts speech and actions are subject to capricious emotionally driven influence at any given moment’s notice.
    Understanding this basic principle regarding most Women gives you an edge, in that it allows you to anticipate and even prepare for, erratic and illogical behavior.
    In today’s slut “sensibility” driven society, a female is encouraged (by media and her XX peers) to take the initiative in regards to contact with males, but not necessarily for the purpose of establishing a relationship…no. You would think that would be the logical consequence of wanting to be with someone, but they are motivated by a different factor. It’s not even a desire to have rampant sex, since these females are sluts in training and because of their narcissism still feel that only one man among many is worthy to receive their “gift” and only after she has carefully vetted the others.
    What motivates these females is a sense to verify their aesthetic worth (aka superficial appeal) by flirting with the opposite sex in order to gauge their appeal. This is why a female who flirts with you does not necessarily do it because she wants to have relations with you, but because you validated her superficial potential. (Iooks) This is also why she won’t necessarily follow up with text/phone conversation beyond that moment, because you might have already been replaced in her mind by the attention of a male far more attractive, or financially “capable” than you.
    Never make the assumption that a female that flirts with you is necessary attracted..she may be doing it for nothing more substantial than personal validation. Most females are insecure when it comes to their looks (thanks to the media’s cosmetically enhanced, near impossibly high standards for “attractiveness”) so when a decent looking to good looking guy responds to their test of self worth, it boosts their confidence significantly. Like with a drug, they must keep shooting up their egos with the narcotic of superficial validation, otherwise they risk an emotionally driven caniption fit as their perception of their self worth comes crashing down around them.

    1. They are children. Remember that in every encounter. Which is why empowering them has been so disastrous.

      1. Female Empowerment is an illusion, Everywoman in the real world waits for a man to lead and the few women who pretend to be leaders are usually met with disaster . It’s how God made them…To follow.

      2. Totally in agreement. I’ve even said as much on other articles. Their emotions tend to make them behave as children, especially when their whims are denied or their illogical beliefs are challenged.

    2. Some good points and good thoughts here. It is truly all about the instant gratification from the attention received (attention whoring) from all men. Look no further than Facebook for the female in her “natural habitat”.
      I laugh when I hear a woman talking or criticizing a man about his ego. Women have no idea how hypocritical they can be at any given moment.

      1. Exactly. They have no idea, because their insular mentality keeps them forever at the center of the feminatrix they have spent their lives building.
        Their ID is in full control of their actions most of the time; it’s only occasionally relaxed when common sense and reality smack them in the face.
        Vapid females use selfies like wallpaper to decorate the dustbin of their minds.

      1. Our nature is not to be irrational…we have to remain calm before the storm. Acting life a female doesn’t help matters much.

        1. Dude, you misunderstood. Clearly. Go try picking up girls playing every thing rationally and see how far that gets you. As for living with them… don’t bother if you can help it, it’s a pain in the ass. But if you do, be inconsistent with the way you treat them. Sometimes say “yes, I’d love to go get coffee with you,” other times tell them to fuck off. It’ll keep them on their toes.

        2. No, you misunderstood me. I wasn’t saying be rational to them, i was saying be rational period.
          If inconsistency is the norm for them, then irrationality is what they understand, since it’s what they do. Therefore logic would state that logic does not apply to interactions with them. I mentioned as much earlier. Behaving in a near unpredictable manner (as you suggested) therefore piques their interest, since you are not responding to the bait they use to get the typical pavlovian responses from us, which either causes them to show only marginal interest or lose interest completely, if she has already relegated you to the position of being nothing more substantial than a “pleasant diversion” to her.
          Perhaps we both misunderstood each other? lol i may concede that.

    3. “From my experiences i’ve come to understand one immutable truth about females in general: the only consistency they have is inconsistency.”
      …kind of like men. They’re not fucking water beetles–all women don’t act one way. Christ, this site is full of idiots. I hope you all keep using condoms.

      1. I didn’t say ALL Women were that way…perhaps you overlooked the part where i said “in general” which i included to mean that i wasn’t talking about all, just most.
        Now go back to your feminist hovel and cry me a river in it.

  15. ROK needs more content like this. Approaching many different women doesn’t artificially inflate their sense of self worth. Its when men pedestalize women that the metrics get fucked. Approach, take a couple of shots at her, then move on. Don’t hang on orbiting her validating her ego.

  16. “For newbies who encounter this, though, I would advise you delete the contact details of girls who behave in this manner. The worst thing you can possibly do is get oneitus for some girl who has artificially increased her value by appearing unattainable.”
    This. She’s either:
    1/ Not actually available
    2/ Not actually interested
    3/ Attempting to get “hand” with you
    4/ Playing games
    Or some combination thereof. Simply treat her like someone who’s trying to LJBF you: “Thanks but no thanks.”
    Remember: You don’t have time for this crap.

  17. What’s with the mature women ads at the bottom?
    This website is starting to look too mainstream.

  18. “Men looking to maximize their opportunities with women today must therefore work fast and be efficient. As soon as you see a sign of attraction (or an indicator of interest, as they are also known), then you must escalate”
    I like this idea, but it’s situational. It can backfire if you jump to conclusion and escalate your assumptions. I tried the escalating method once and I ended up being with a psycho bitch that I met at a party (slept with me the first night, told me she saw something special in me…and of course being a beta I believed her). I was with that cunt for 3 miserable years —she ended up screwing half of the city in our on and off relationship. Her excuse for our failed relationship was that I was not showering her with the attention that she desired.. so she had to fuck the world for instant gratification. This kind of toxicity in ones life is not worth it and I will never again “escalate” the situation to fuck a bitch

    1. Damn. Wonder if your Ex and mine met for lunch one day and traded notes. Being more Dark Triad I had a Dark Triad hoe. No fun being with a world cock hopper. Every 4 years there is an official cock Olympics standoff. Maybe we can vote for them anonymously.
      Escalating quickly is genius. Why waste time on a bad option? I’m sure in your time switching on and off you made smarter decisions in regards to what you want from women, right?

  19. Stop using the word “sorry”. Only use it when you acknowledge you’ve done something wrong and apologize.

    1. I was raised a beta-blue-pill and got into the atrocious habit of saying this. I still say it automatically as a trigger to anything where I have been a slight inconvenience or when I feel uncomfortable. You’re right in implying that this something undesirable. I’m working hard to get rid of this habit; have to be more grounded.

      1. I know what you mean. I was the same way.
        I now even stopped saying, “Can I get a (fill in the blank)?” when I order food at a restaurant. Instead, I’ll say, “I’ll have…” or “I’ll order a…” It’s more direct and not sound beta like asking your mom for permission. You’re paying for your food. Of course you can have whatever it is. Tell the cute waitress what you want.

        1. Haha, I do exactly the former of what you wrote, too. Are you sure you can change your overall behaviour with these small adjustments, or does it take a change in mindset, or perhaps even both?

        2. Here, I’ll give a tip that should help you with this “adjustment”.
          Act like an asshole (not all of the time but have that mindset). If a woman calls you out on it or if she makes a remark about it, then tell her “I know…it’s part of my charm”.
          Run with that…believe it and it will be. I think I picked that part up from my dad (watching him over the years in his day to day conversations with people).

        3. Yes. You slowly change your behavior one step at a time. Small incremental goals amounts to a big goal in time.
          If you catch yourself saying those beta phrases, realize it to yourself and remind yourself not to say that again next time. Don’t get to hard on yourself. Acknowledge it and move on.

        4. Same! i started doing this a few months ago. Sometimes I slip up and use “Can I”, but I’ve gotten a lot better.

    2. I still occasionally say sorry, then follow up with, “actually, I’m not,” which works well when I escalate and get rejected. Can turn around a rejection 1 in 100 times (which is better than 0).

  20. Great reminder article; well timed as in a few months we enter early spring, women shed their winter short term BFs and become more available.
    You can’t cheat abundance. Girls know when you have options even if you flub a set. Lately, I’m killing dud interactions earlier because I’ve got many options to pursue. She’s not receptive in the first 30-60 words, I’m off elsewhere.

  21. I hear that sending a chick SuperPhoto’d Filtered pics of your ding dong via Facetime or SnapChat will get her hot and bothered over you.

  22. What inflates female egos more than anything is the multiple dating profiles and social media apps that give her attention and let an overweight 5 feel like a 9 in 1998.
    While there are more men who approach women, barring some infamous Daygame locations women simply don’t get approached much. And even in those locations she gets at best 5 dick offers on the street – meanwhile her dating and social media accounts have received 100+ offers of cock. That is one big reason why even traditional feminine cultures in EE or SEA go to shit. Their delusions know no bounds and thus we men need to be even more straightforward, more daring, more direct, escalate faster and stronger just to leave an impression. No wonder MGTOWs decide it’s not worth it anymore.
    Here a new Tinder-like dating app called The League where women eliminated the strong 18-25yo female competition to better hunt for the Beta Bucks provider while of course meanwhile fucking the hawt Alpha guy over Tinder.
    Also from one delusional female hamster on the show “Big women, big love” one girl who actually thinks that the buff good-looking guy is of course gonna be into her as she lost some weight.

    1. “The girls are amazing in San Francisco,” she said. “Where do you go to
      meet ambitious, smart guys who want to meet a heavy-hitter girl?”
      LMAO, honey, you don’t go anywhere and you’re not amazing. Your attitude sucks and you are the last thing men want! This is article is truly sickening but a necessary evil to know how these females (not women) think… so you can avoid them —

  23. Be TOTALLY indifferent to women, they will complain if you talk to them, and they will complain if you don’t.

  24. Delicious Tacos – God bless him – always notes that you need to be having sex in order to get sex. Dry spell = desperate = no sex.
    Not a clear cut “rule”, but a hilarious thing to consider when you’re 6 months dry and wondering why you can’t close a 6.

  25. “Show me a beautiful woman, and I’ll show you a man who’s tired of fucking her.”

    1. Behind every great man there’s a woman, and behind every exalted woman there’s a man fed up with her BS.

  26. I can’t stand text game. A decade ago when texting was new to most everyone, I had a simple flip phone. I would scan simple one sentence profiles on the old dating sites like airg and somehow the simplicity level of the device was perfect for ‘divining’ for pussy. It was like I got a sixth sense of what she would be receptive to and my fingers were like electricity typing on the simple nine key phone keyboard. I responded FAST and got the rush of a hunter. Only thing is 90% of the girls turned out to be the most horrendous DAWGS when I met them in person. I felt that I wasted my time but I still couldn’t stop. I sensed that we would all be gobbled up soon by the insidious computers. I witnessed many poor suckers around me get completely consumed with the bullshit and senseless drama of both themselves and others trapped in the imaginary web sociosphere.
    Keep texting to a minimum. Physically meet FIRST then text only when essential, using texting as a convenient tool ONLY.
    I even met a few questionable girls texting who only wanted to do nothing more that try to get me to masturbate with them while TEXTING but would refuse to receive any phone calls. They could have been goddamn transvestites for all I know. Some stupid gay troll game crap. Fuck that shit. But the early text craze did teach me some fast reaction kino to respond while fishing or pasting and spamming pick up lines. But most of all PHYSICALLY MEET THE GIRL FIRST, then text only for essential things like directions or meet up locations. Never stoop to SEX TEXTING her. That’s as butt stupid as the raw squid eating Japanese fools that fuck rubber skinned robots. Haaa haa ha

  27. Troy, this sounds like 60 years of challenge’s method. What do you think of Sixty’s method? (i personally like it and use it)

  28. As I was working today, I went to a grill restaurant because I needed the bathroom. At the counter, I see this girl and I be asked her where is the bathroom and she told me where it is. To the point here, I quite like her. If I see her again if I go there again, what can I do in order to get her number, and practice game. Any suggestions?

  29. You call friendzone middle ground?! As in, the spot at half distance
    between fucking and not fucking a girl? Fuck no, friendzone is worse
    than anything. It’s not even in the same plane with those two points.
    One, because you are a shmuck who deep down knows that he ain’t never
    gonna get with that and yet you still pursue. Second, because no woman
    can ever really trully be your friend, so it’s not like “ok, at least I
    got a real friend out of this”. Really, this is stuff most guys should learn one way or another by highschool.
    Outright rejection builds character, resistance and allows you to move on and grow.
    Ok, I can only conclude you were sarcastic when making friendzone a “middle ground”.

    1. I also said ‘game is a binary proposition. You either get the girl (that is, sleep with her) or you don’t.’ I think that’s pretty clear.
      I meant that on a continuum of intimacy between no sex and sex there’s a kind of drab middle-round which is amicable familiarity — i.e. the friendzone. But obviously I wasn’t advocating it as something to aspire to. That’s why I said no-one wants to be there.

  30. Troy?
    Why does your profile pic look like you are trying to beat off a group of horny females from ripping your clothes off?
    You pimp man, you!

    1. It’s like you’re saying, “hey! Get off! I said, HEY! Get the fuck off!!”
      Like you’re trying to survive the Zombie Whore-Paclypse.

  31. There’s a school of thought among pick-up that advocates not deleting numbers and pinging infrequently numbers that have gone cold while gathering new leads. The competing camp says to delete the numbers, move on, and gather new leads. I tried the former method and found that, for newbies who haven’t internalized the abundance mindset, there is a negative psychological impact of a girl not responding over text/phone which fucks with you. So, I’d agree with Troy’s advice and delete dead numbers for the most part. Also, acting in the moment is crucial. A girl’s mind is like a storm of emotions – better act quickly while the weather is clear.

  32. :/ A girl flirting with you means NOTHING. Its means absolutely nothing. Most women flirt with guys just so they can friendzone them. Ive seen them do this. They have a flock of friendzoned guys they use as entertainment or banks. So sad. Women in their later teens–early twenties do this. I know because I am a women in my early twenties. I moved to the city from a small town. The people here DISGUST me. The women have very little shame and they play with guys this way constantly. I really want to move back home where there are decent people.

  33. Something that can only be in exactly one of two possible states is properly called “Boolean”. Binary is a number system using Boolean digits, but has nothing to do with how many states anything can be in.

  34. And this is why “game” is a fuckup.
    golden rule of golden rules:
    The mistake both your buddy and you did was to use text messages. You NEVER use texting to date, until the official relationship has begun. Dating proposals are over the phone.
    Anyone can give you the cold shoulder by ignoring your texts, but requires a big fucking set of ovaries to cancel you on the phone. Furthermore, telephone:
    1. is in real time, the woman has little time to think an answer
    2. you can listen to the tone of voice and assess whether she is interested or not
    Texting applications only help women be more hysterical and neurotic than hey already are.
    PS: Game is bullshit. Let me introduce you the ultimate “game”:
    No wealthy man needs to learn “game”.

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