How Bad Logistics Can Ruin Your Game

The topic of logistics receives less attention than it is due in game writing, and it’s easy to see why—out of all the elements of male-female interaction you could possibly address, “make sure you take the girl to a bar near your apartment” probably requires the least authorial flair.

But the fact is, if you want to sleep with attractive women with any sort of regularity you absolutely must make sure your logistics are on point. If you don’t then you will lose lays in the most annoying ways imaginable. Fortunately, having good logistics is pretty easy if you’re sensible and keep a few simple principles in mind.

What Do I Mean By Logistics?


In terms of game, logistics are those obstacles you must negotiate in order to get the girl you are interested out of the bar, club, store, or cafe where you met her and back to your apartment or hotel where you can enjoy some privacy together. The farther away this secondary location is, the more logistics you will have to contend with like calling a taxi, using public transport, or getting a lift.

There are also logistics attached to the girl’s present circumstances and yours too. Perhaps she’s with a group of friends who won’t let her leave with you, or perhaps she has to catch a flight in five hours. Perhaps you have an important job interview in another city the next morning, or someone staying in your apartment that would make bringing her back awkward.

Any external problem that looks likely to stymie your attempts to sleep with an otherwise up-for-it partner may be considered a logistical one.

How Logistics Lost Me A Girl Last Week


The thing you must always remember about attraction is that it is fleeting. The player is presented with windows of opportunity during which he must execute, or risk losing the lay forever. I want to tell you a story to illustrate how simple logistics can mess up what might otherwise appear to be a sure thing.

Last week I was walking to meet a friend in a busy area of South London when I saw a particularly cute, slender brunette who was just my type. Dressed for the summer in a short, flared skirt and a tight-fitting top, her face and legs were tanned as though from a recent beach holiday. Clutching a map and squinting confusedly at street-signs it was pretty clear that she was a tourist, and lost. Having a few minutes to spare before my friend arrived I decided to introduce myself.

Rather than approaching as a white knight eager to give her directions, I walked up to her and told her that I had to talk to her as she was cute. Instantly she was disarmed and her face lit up. It turned out that she was Colombian but lived in Paris. This was her first day in London on a short trip visiting a friend.

Not only had she forgotten her friend’s address, but her iPhone had died, leaving her with no record or telephone number to fall back on. She was, quite literally, helpless. Fortunately she had run into English gentleman Troy Francis — what could possibly go wrong?

Quite a lot, as it happens—for me. After a few minutes chatting in the street I took her to a bar where we managed to find a charger. As the juice flowed into the recalcitrant phone we talked more. She was a qualified dentist, but now worked in a clothing store on the Champs Elysée as her qualifications weren’t valid in France. She also had incredible, tanned legs.

I escalated hard, touching her, pulling her hair, kissing her neck, creating a bubble around us and telling her that there was an incredible energy between us.

“You should come back to my apartment for one hour. Just an hour. Then I’ll get you a taxi back to where your friend lives,” I said. 

The next moment we were kissing — just as her phone sprung into life again. 

“My friend is texting me,” she said. She tapped at her phone for a few moments. “She’s coming to the station to meet me.”

We kissed some more.

“Come to my apartment for an hour — you can meet her later.”

She looked at me for a long moment, then nodded. It was on.

I pulled her out of the bar into the street. As I did so I tapped at my own iPhone, ordering an Uber. Three minutes away.

We stood on the sidewalk as cars passed and I tried to keep the mood light while looking out for our driver. After five minutes I called him.

“Where are you mate?”

“Nearly there boss.”

After this same conversation had been repeated perhaps three times I realised that he had probably got lost. At the same time it was becoming harder to maintain the conversational momentum with a girl who, not speaking much English, was probably understandably wondering what the hell was going on. Suddenly she turned around.

“My friend — over there.”

She looked at me mournfully. But the spell was broken. Sure enough, in the middle distance, standing up against a railing, I saw a rather irate looking woman craning her neck, on the lookout for a cute runaway Colombian.

“I’m sorry Troy, I have to go to her.”

At that moment I knew the game was up. I shrugged and walked with her as she moved towards her waiting friend.

Bad Logistics Can Ruin The Moment, And You May Never Get That Chance Again


Will I ever see the Colombian girl again? Who knows. We have each others’ contact details – but now she is back in Paris. Everything was in place that day for an SNL (single night lay), and had the taxi turned up I have no doubt that it would have occurred, since she was alone and up for fun in London for a few days with no agenda or timetable.

It is hard to think of more perfect conditions for no-strings sex to occur. As it is, the moment came and went and for her to meet with me now would feel a lot more premeditated — her anti-slut defence could well come into play and block a future assignation.

A Cautionary Tale


Let this be a cautionary tale. Of course, you can’t legislate against idiotic taxi drivers, but at the very least you must ensure that you have a quick route back to your place planned every time you go out, with several alternatives in your back pocket if possible. The best thing is to go hunting near where you live, but if that’s not possible then ensure you have a car, or access to decent public transport if you must.

Overall though, you must keep in mind that once a girl has indicated she is willing, it is your job to get her home as quickly as possible. Failure to do so might just see you standing by the road watching a hot Colombian girl walk off into the night with her friend.

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  1. First off, damned good telling of escalation! Not enough is mentioned on the aspect of escalation and how easy it can occur if you are leading an interaction. The key seems to be always be okay with the results and not let it affect your mood. That said, whether you see her again or not, you had a decent go at her. Always be prepared to close is a decent idea but I would suggest going a step further.
    In later stages of the game assessing your lady becomes a huge deal. Obviously all women have the potential to do any number of things, but if you assess well, the difference from fucking on the side of someone’s house to leading a threesome back to your apartment is all a matter of control. Remain cool is something that you hinted at but is a main stay for the lay. Comfort breeds warmth and loose loins. Stay sharp gentlemen as there are only a few weeks left of summer pussy sales. Buy while they’re flying off the shelves!

    1. I once had a girl give me a blow job in a donut store bathroom. She gave me almost no indications of interest. What saved me was having experienced women that slutty in my life.

  2. Bad Logistics for Game: Australia, New Zealand, Toronto, India, The Muslim World (Except Malaysia)
    Good Logistics For Game: Singapore, Philippines, Colombia, Brazil, Poland, Ukraine, Peru, Dominican Republic, Japan

    1. You misunderstand logistics……it can be good or bad logistics in any of the locations you listed.

  3. I don’t see how this is a cautionary tale. The only way you could have avoided her leaving is having a driver at the ready for you.

        1. Fucking tube drivers! They ruin everything. In what other industry can you buy a season ticket where on any given day they can deny you service. You’ve paid, they do not perform. Out of order.

        1. You can’t ban, or enforce a ban on a private agreement between two individuals 😉

        2. They are trying and failing.
          They have been trying ban “dodgy” cabs in London for decades without success. In desperation, they put up ads suggesting you would be raped if you took a dodgy cab. Sadly, not only did they catch a licensed black cab driver for serial rape, I have been taking dodgy cabs for years and haven’t been raped once.

    1. It should also be pointed out then that having a driver with a car ready is going to open her legs even wider.
      I wonder if it would be lucrative to have a “players’ limo service”, like an “uber for limousines” for guys who don’t have a car or have a shitty car and really need to play it up and get a limo in 15 minutes for just one ride.
      If I had investment bucks I’d look into that though I already suspect that would work on some cities where image is important but totally bomb in others.

      1. Great idea! Although would it be financially viable to provide luxury goods or any sort of valuable service to people who can’t afford/don’t want to pay for it?
        Perhaps starting up an Uber account and doing this as well would be profitable, that way you could at least keep some cash rolling in between the high paying personal clients.
        The other consideration is that you’d need a vehicle with at least four, comfortable seats. A panty wetting sports two seater just wouldn’t work, unless you take the chick and ditch the guy!

    2. This is a key part of logistics as well. You either are within walking distance of your crash pad, have solid public transport, drive your own ass around (really problematic if you’re drinking), or have your driver on a standby. I’ve been figuring out the first and last option. Since I don’t want to be tied down to any one location for long and wear it out, committing to a crash pad for any length of time is out. Option 4 was is my choice, but having a driver at the ready is costly as well. Uber and Lyft, and taxis present the problem herein. Of course, having your own personal chauffeur with a sweet ride ads to your value. If I can just find one of my car dealer contacts willing to loan a Bentley for the eve, I’d be set.
      A BANGBUS is my ultimate solution (That’s a Van for those not in the know). Yeah, it may seem a cheesy 70’s throwback. But there’s nothing like having your crash pad on wheels ready for bangin’ just a few steps away. And talk about not having psycho bitches knowing where you live to harass you later. It makes ONS’s a cinch. But you gotta have tight game and a decent van setup to make this work, lest your girl gets creeped out or lose interest. But it does work, and it’s f’in fantastic! A car works — and I’ve have plenty of fun in the back seat of all sorts of vehicles. But the extra room is really nice. And if you’ve outfitted it with bed, bath, water and power — then you can really pull it off.
      The best part of a bangbus is how easy it is to move around and not get too familiar (in a bad way) in one area. It’s a big world with plenty of places to play pussy pirate.

      1. You say that like the photo is some rare sight that you’re not equipped to handle. Where do you live?

        1. Believe it or not, you don’t see this stuff in London or in most coastal US cities.

        2. Well that makes sense then. Ha ha. South Beach, Miami or the South Bay in LA and your eyesight actually adds joy to your life. Everywhere else in the States (with any population) and eyesight is a burden that can lead you to testosterone issues. Because sooner or later after seeing about 10,000 pounds of excess female fat everyday, your nuts will be like; “Dude, I’m out. I’m done. Throwin’ in the towel.”

    1. You know, it’s really sad when it takes more than the 357 magnum to take down some humans. I mean, Jesus Christ. The stored/potential energy in that body would light a small town.

    2. You will need the boss of a haulage company to owe you a few favours to get that back to your apartment

    3. The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory registers a blip every time she moves.

  4. Excellent article….
    Reminds me of selling, there is an opportunity to close, a window of opportunity and you can try and close the sale early, but also talk your way out of a sale and miss the opportunity.
    With benefit of reading your story I wonder if you should have offered her to charge her phone at yours? Maybe that wouldn’t have worked either.
    10/10 for trying, and as this is partially a numbers game, on another day with another girl it could lead to a result. Which is also worth remembering – the guy’s who never approach in such a situation would not have even had the possibility of something happening.

        1. We haven’t met but its a good idea. I suspect though that Troy prefers to work on his own.

        2. I’m actually about to hit Colombia. Really curious to see how things turn out there.

  5. What? You mean she nodded and gave her consent to go back with you, but when it didn’t work out you just let her leave? No force whatsoever, nothing against her will?
    But I thought all of us RoK readers were mad-dogs. Better not let CBC get a hold of it, their narrative might implode.
    Or to watch it happen in real time:
    Just scroll down and enjoy the comments.

    1. the author is a wimp. i would have tied her to the chair and licked her tears while she watched her friend disappear into the crowd once more.

      1. I would have fallen on the ground and grabbed her leg while crying and shouting “Noooo please! Don’t go!”
        Come to think of it the only sex I get is in jail these days. :-

        1. Amen brother.
          Ironically I have a slightly dark patch on my forearm shaped like a heart. Fuck.

  6. I’ve always wanted to ask. What if you don’t have an apartment and are renting a small-ish room in a house share? How does one make that work?

      1. Awesome :-l
        What I mean is, there’s no reception room where I can make her a quick drink etc so do I just take her straight up to my room and get right at it?! Wouldn’t most girls throw in high level last minute resistance? How do I navigate around that?

        1. Not necessarily. Actually, if the build up’s gone well then by the time she’s at your place she’ll drop all pretence at social niceties and be happy to go straight to bed. But if you do need a warm up just sit her down in your room, get her a drink and then escalate from there.

        2. It’s not like she’s your girlfriend. She’s a “wham bam thank you ma’am”. You’ve been influenced too much by movies. Don’t worry about it.

        3. Heck I’ve had things start in the hallway to the damned room such I had trouble unlocking the door.

        4. Just do it.
          I have brought women back and made them a drink and they give a look like “fuck are you waiting for?”

        5. LOL! It was YOU giving last minute resistance. Building up that sexual tension so to make it appear that she raped you.

        6. LOL Yeah exactly! All I want was to share a cup of tea and she held me down and forced me to receive a blowjob!

        7. Snort a little bit of Red Pill here. If you’ve both decided that you’re only going to your place to fuck, you don’t need those niceties. You’re place can even be a mess. Always say “The bathroom’s over there.” Women want dirty, no strings sex more than we do. Drinks, music, talk are all to warm them up or when they want you to think they’re not sluts.

        8. “how much pretending you aren’t a slut do we have to do here before i stick my dick in you?” is essentially what “can i pour you a drink” means.

        9. Eh. There is a certain enjoyment that comes with the process….for me at least.

  7. Alas, bad logistics are my downfall. Being a twenty year old in community college and not yet having the income to live on my own, even if I were to successfully game a girl, I have nowhere at the present to bring her. Sneaking her past my parents and 6 younger siblings would be a near impossible feat of stealth and timing. Can be pretty discouraging at times :/

    1. Let me tell you something.
      I had a friend who, when we were all back in our 20s, was a MASTER OVERLORD of logistics where it pertained to survival and getting laid.
      He was a party animal with practically no resources, had a working car only half the time, and you would expect no money.
      But we used to joke that if you knocked him out, put him in a sack, and then picked any city in all of Western civilization and dropped him off on any random street corner in it, he could survive. You could check up on him in a month and he’d have a job, a place, a hot girlfriend or two, and a car if he needed one (or was not borrowing one from a woman).
      We knew this because every time he got kicked out of where he was staying or fired, he would do that to himself – even the knocking out part because he would get really high or drunk and literally wake up in another city.
      And he was like that before he even graduated high school.
      So do not fret logistics too much. At your age you have no overhead and no shit to drag around with you physically or mentally. Just meet the basics and use game to get jobs and women.

    2. Golf courses are always good at 2am. Nice soft grass that’s free of bugs and insects. Also playground jungle gym & swingset. Keep the booze ready to toss in case park patrol comes by at midnight. Strip mall roofs are also good if she’s not fattie and more in shape like a spider woman. Fatties get it ‘in the bushes’.
      Comedian Steve Martin circa 1977 (with balloons on head) . . .
      ”I know how to READ a wooman . . if she is like a CAT, we make KITTY LITTER . . . if she is laak a DOG . . we doo iit ON THE PAPER”

  8. Or of course you could always save up and buy a car and not be dependent on others for your transportation.

    1. With Kratom, all you have to do is LEFT DOWN RIGHT UP R1 L1 R2 L3 X X TRIANGLE
      And BAM, fuckin’ motorbike appears in front of you.

    2. With Phenibut you can just fly home. With Kratom you can teleport.

    1. I have done this before when the first was taking way too long. They get VERY angry when both arrive at the same time 😉

  9. If you don’t have a room near the bar bring your room to the bar. Having your car with you and knowing where the quiet streets are can be really handy.

  10. Surely logistics are important. If you don’t have your own place but live with a friend or even worse, with your parents you will incorporate this into your game and radiate this as insecurity to seal the deal. A ONS (one night stand) is out of the question.
    Distance is also important, but if you don’t care about ONS 30 minutes instead of 15 doesn’t matter. If she wants to fck you, she won’t give a damn how long it takes to go to your house. Her place is always better (unless she lives with her parents, then it’s out of the question) If you can avoid her knowing where you live, do it.

  11. Logistics were always my main concern when I was on the “market”. Ultimately, I developed a set of rules that I tried to enforce in every approach I made:
    – Before I would approach I would plan how to get home.
    – If there would be no quick way available (yes, timing is everything) I would approach and try to take the girl immediately to a closer location to my flat. From there I would escalate;
    – For planned dates I would always have them in a radius of max. 15 minutes WALKING distance from my place;
    – If things went well, we would always be close to my bed because we would intentionally walk in circles around my home base;
    – I made sure that the only bar / cafe within our perimeter would be just ok…ish. It would be good enough for her to sit there with me but not good enough for her to get comfy and spend all the time there;
    – As soon as she would give the go ahead to come to my place, I would escalate things as soon as the door was shut behind us;
    – Finally, nothing I would tell her about me was true (not even my name). The flat was rented by my company and I would only occasionally be in town. Got me out of any troubles and gave me a kind of “aura” of secrecy that women love

    1. My only logistics requirement is to make sure my date is as poor as fuck. So long as I tick that box and I’m dating, like, some poverty stricken slum girl then it’s a done deal – even if we’re making out in the gutter she’s still gonna cling to me like the plague…

      1. I am curious about something here Bo Peep because I just had an RL conversation with someone that kind of touched on this.
        How serious are you when you say “she’s still gonna cling to me like the plague…” From my understanding you seem to be saying this in a good way. I know a guy like this too. He wants the girl to cling. In my ideal situation, after about 3 or 4 days, week tops, the girl would be so disgusted by me that she would demand I never speak to her again.
        Literally, that would be the best feeling I could think of. To me that would mean I had what I want and now no bullshit to deal with.
        I guess what I am asking is a) Do you really want a girl to cling to you and b) why

        1. Well, if she doesn’t cling to you then you’re going to have trouble raising kids together.
          I boycott all contraception, by the way. For me, sex = pregnancy.

        2. See that makes sense. If procreation is the goal and the only use of sex than your way is probably best.
          I hate children. If I didn’t think I’d get arrested I would slip all my dates plan b just in case. I never want to procreate.
          Just different desires

        3. Your instincts push you towards a short-term mating strategy. I fully understand it. Your hatred of children is instinct – pregnancy and children threatens to put a hole in your pocket, but you need that money to pay for future copulations, so you run away from pregnant women as an unconscious strategy to maximize your total number of copulations… which is meant to maximize your reproductive success.
          There’s nothing wrong or hard to understand about your reproductive strategy. However, contraception means your strategy no longer works, and your psychological phenotype is set for extinction being removed from the gene pool as a result. You’ve become an obsolete model. Your instincts are no longer practical in the modern age (ironically because you’ve become too effective at escaping having to give up resources to pregnant women by eliminating pregnancy entirely). It’s up to you whether you’re comfortable with that. I’m NOT passing judgement… but I do feel a little bit genetically superior because my instincts achieve their goals better!

        4. So here is the thing. I read all of you comments and responses and I laugh and feel you are clownishly absurd. But to me that’s fine because men can choose. Your thoughts of feeling genetically superior are the single part where I feel you are foolish. But sometimes out foolishness helps us so be it. We are very different but I wish you the best

        5. Tell me, if a hen sits on an empty nest in an effort to incubate her absentee clutch after you’ve stolen the eggs to eat, then is the hen stupid?
          The nest is empty, so no matter how long the hen sits, there shan’t be any chicks hatching. Yet at the same time she enjoys to sit there – it soothes her to sit there, and she becomes cranky if you take her away.
          Of course, the hen is just following her instincts to reproductive failure. She isn’t aware she’s failing, but she is. Yet she’s content to fail. It’s her nest, so why not just let her sit?
          You’re right. We, as humans, have an ability to choose. So choose – do you believe a superior hen would get off the empty nest and begin efforts to start over again? Or do you truly believe failing at what our instincts are attempting to achieve isn’t an expression of inferiority?
          To be honest, I believe it’s a matter of faith. In the end, successful reproduction only matters if you choose to believe that there’s a higher purpose to our existence and the role we, as biological, instinctive creatures, have been given to play.
          I’m indeed a man of faith. My biology has given me a job to do, and I have faith that there’s a reason why.

        6. I don’t want to fuck hens. Hens, like all animals, are things. They have no freedom. Your faith makes you think that humans are the same as animals and they aren’t. Your mistrust in animal biology let’s you forget the godliness in man.
          Yes, if I was an animal, stuck in my own abject and fundemental animality, then I would want a breed sow. But I am not. I am as much God as I am animal and need to indulge in my divinity.
          So by my lights you are relegating yourself to a world of means and you and the the women you wish to breed with are no different in form than the cow that gave me the steak I ate last night.
          I would suggest to you that you stop being an animal and try to be a human.

        7. This is silly. How is having sex with a condom on any different than a hen incubating an empty nest? They’re both examples of reproductive instinct driving the individual to nowhere.
          I’d hoped for a more reflective response from you – not necessarily agreement, but surely you can think up a better comeback than “I am God”…

        8. And this is a point, we are at odds. You think being a breed cow is a positive whereas I feel that engaging my ability to relish is extacy affirms the divinity that lifts me above the abject objectivity of the animal world.
          It isn’t a come back. It isn’t an argument to me. Your way brings you some kind of satisfaction that I don’t understand but don’t have to. Where I take issue is that you have this crazy notion that your sense of things isn’t just what you like, but rather that it is correct for all people and that is a fools notion which, I do believe, you will eventually grow out of.
          However, so long as your interests, as the Godfather said, don’t conflict with mine I wish you well

        9. Also, if you think reproductive instinct the the chief guiding principle to sexual desire you are just plain incorrect

        10. You believe humanity defies scientific classification. That’s your problem. You refuse to accept that you’re a biological, definable creature which can be understood and classified.

        11. Obviously, you’ll have to elaborate on what other drives lead to sex.
          There are other drives, but mostly for females, and they all ultimately lead back to reproduction.
          Females will use sex at the infertile stage of their cycle to garner resources from males.
          I struggle to think of examples of males doing anything similar… unless you include homosexuality, but my ideas there are largely hypothetical so I won’t mention them.

        12. I have no problem accepting that I am a biological being that can be classified. However, that classification is different from the other animals. The ability to rationally perceive, transcend the bonds of objectivity with moral action or appreciation of beauty in art and nature, to engage in the erotic sense of sexuality above and beyond the basic biological drive towards procreation is what makes the human being unique.
          The very fact that we can discuss this shows that we are not just cocks and hens looking to make little chicks. Man, as they say, is a god that shits. Is there a sense in which the human tends towards procreation? Of course. But that isn’t where it ends. Sex is fucking boring. However, humans can transcend their particularity and participate in the universal through various activities including eroticism.
          So you as me if I think that humanity defies scientific classification? No, of course not. But that classification is far more complicated than you are giving it due for. Humans are animals, but not JUST animals. I know you are a fan of the pseudo sciences that give crazy notions that genetics control everything and I won’t rehash that argument.
          I will say, however, that if you think that the human being is nothing more than a breeding animal you are flat out wrong. And not 2+2=5 wrong. It is 2+2= a bushel of potatoes wrong.
          That said, if it brings you happiness it makes no never mind to me. But I think you will find that your food tastes better once you realize you are more than just an eating, shitting, breeding machine. There is art and poetry and philosophy and music and nature and sunsets and wines and cheeses and, yes, erotic experiences which lift the human spirit and make people leave, even if only briefly, their meager and meaningless animal existence and become something bigger, become gods. To not acknowledge it is foolish. To not actively engage in it is sad.

        13. I don’t agree that my reproduction focus leads to a meaningless life. Quite the opposite, I’ve never felt greater purpose, because I’m pursuing something I was created to do and created to be rewarded for when I succeed at it. It’s your culture that only has beauty in the eye of the individual, and the individual is temporary and insignificant in comparison to a 4+ billion year old bloodline.
          The primary problem with your dismissal of humanity being slaves to instinct is the assumptions that conscious thought overrides instinct, but there’s no evidence of this.
          We’ve been instinctive creatures for billions of years, but intelligence is only a recent invention that arose largely from our speech processing capacity.
          So, what you need to realize is that in the evolution of speech, at no stage did its by-product of intelligence become inherently connected to our instinctive drives. They’re separate elements of our physiology.
          Also, it’s naive to think that once you’re aware of your instincts then you’d be able to manually override them using conscious thought, because you haven’t evolved this ability. You cannot achieve something that you haven’t evolved to do. It’s a law – if something hasn’t evolved then it doesn’t exist, because evolution is the only means life has to bring itself into being.
          Chew on that. I’m going to work for the day. Bye now

  12. Idk if you know the Tao of badass , but you should had went in rapport , and cycle a few times , take her number then let her go to her friend while not appearing needy at all. Because of the rapport she would had very likely answered her phone when you reach her + you would have rapport topic , and with the interest maintained you would had easily met her later and then enjoy some privacy together in the most sensual way 😉

  13. Heard something interesting awhile back. When an impulse happens, like alcohol cravings and such, it lasts in the brain for 20 minutes. Then the thinking that goes with it to drive the person to indulge continues for almost an hour. That’s why alcoholics and drug addicts have a hard time staying clean. First the brain chemistry, and then the self-talk to justify falling off the wagon.
    I wonder if the sex drive is the same. Say a girl gets interested, and you have 20 minutes to work the game and get her thinking on track to make her act on the impulse.
    It’s already been studied that women go through unconscious stages of arousel through out the day. That’s the brain working. Then you run into them and get them thinking about it.
    Worth studying. I wouldn’t mind being the guy to put the wet-o-meter up inside random chicks in public and then saying dirty shit to them.

  14. when the ride is important hail a cab. Uber drivers only know what their gps tells them. also your phone gps is not accurate in locating you on uber map

    1. He obviously wasn’t sharp enough to think of a threesome option. Who the fuck would’ve thought!

  15. Such an under-appreciated aspect of game. Had this situation happen recently when one approached me with very strong indicators. Could have easily done a venue change and escalation. But her boss and coworker were right there with her. Otherwise would have been an easy SNL.
    Ah, well… got contact info but likely it’s water under the bridge.

  16. well boys, I decided to stay in. It is 12:30 am and I can, without exaggeration, hear a gaggle of women from the bars outside. You know, the whore mating call “like, oh my god I’m sooooo tipsy”
    So Now I am at my window having a glass of red wine debating whether or not taking an elevator and walking 15 feet is worth it to go to a place where I can hear there is a disparity between men and women.
    Tick tock. Jump in or sit it out. I have 3.5 hours to decide. The one bar right on my corner will stay open until about 5:30 and the other three across the street until 4.

    1. You still in? I’m drinking alone too. Beer Tiger. Fuck fucking Western hos. Save your money for a trip eastward bound…

      1. I did stay in. Went to bed. Good idea in retrospect. However, if I go any further east I’ll be in the ocean

        1. Might have. I might have had a few cocktails last night. Mea culpa

        2. I see your point now, sorry. No, I have no interest in eastern women. I like Western women. I am a fan of western civilization and have never had a hankering for asians or asian culture.

        3. You like Western women? Well that means you like Arabs! The West is full of Arabs now. LOL

  17. I don’t really believe these tales of fucking hot girls on the first night.
    This has been tested by sending super hot college boys – young Alphas – out to offer girls sex on the spot. The amount of girls who agreed to fuck them? 0%.
    Girls don’t typically fuck strangers, least of all hot girls who have options. Even prostitutes prefer to work in a brothel where there’s some form of social contract.
    If there’s any truth to this story whatsoever then Troy is probably fucking whores, heroine junkies who plan to exploit him, or damn ugly hos…

    1. Wait what? These young Alphas must not be Alphas. I was bagging 9s and 10s from bars and frat/soro events when I was a blue pill 18 year old simp in college.

      1. How long did you know them before fucking? (I.e. 5 hours?)
        Yes, there are SOME women who will fuck on the first night (and they’d likely be found in bars), but they’re the tiniest minority and don’t represent typical female behaviour.
        My point is no amount of “game” is going to break through to an average girl on the street in just a few hours. To suggest otherwise is to encourage likely quite average looking RoK readers to attempt the impossible that even scientifically hand-picked Alphas couldn’t achieve.

        1. I think I agree with you on an overall average about this. However, you have other things to take into account. Let’s say you are right and, for arguments sake, only 10% of women will fuck on a first date in the US.
          Fine. But that percentage is shifted depending on location and situation, not on attractiveness or “alphaness” whatever that is.
          For instance, even if we say that only 10% of women will fuck on first date, what if we limit the sampling to only girls in bars. Ok, so maybe we can now maybe up that to 20%. Well, what if we limit the sampling to girls who just got out of a relationship AND are in bars. Let’s move it up to 30%. Ok, what if we change the venue. What if we say girls in a major city like NYC, LA, MIA and are in Bars. I would say first date fuck can be brought up to 30+% with the + being extenuating factors. Did her friend just get engaged? Did she just get fired? Is this her first time to a big city? Blah blah blah.
          Ok, what if we take that 10% and switch the venue to college frat party. Boom. 50% easy. What about if we switch it to a night out in Vegas. Forget it man. While it may be 10% nationwide, in vegas on a saturday night….welcome to 70% first night bang. What about if we are only talking about single brides maids at a destination wedding?
          So yes. I totally agree with you. I would bet, in general, that only 10% of women will fuck on a first date / random meeting. However, those odds can be played with. You can even get deeper. I know which bars I can go to right now, here in NYC, where my odds of getting laid tonight are very high. I also know bars I can go to where my odds of getting laid are very low. Shit, I know bars where I would bet money that I couldn’t get my dick wet if I went every night in a year.
          Can I walk up to a random in a museum in the middle of the afternoon and say “wanna fuck” no fucking way. If I am in a bar that caters to young upwardly mobile people who find my corporate job interesting and it is 11 pm and there is a girl by herself and she has a best friend that just got engaged and she is 27 years old? Yeah, well my 10% just went to 70%. Am I in Vegas when this happened. Pretty much sure deal.
          So yeah, while I agree with you on the population as a whole, if ones goal is to get laid there are smarter and dumber ways of doing it. Give me the handsome alpha kids in that study and let me send them out for targeted strikes and we will see their odds are drastically improved.

        2. What do you get out of fucking the bottom 10% of women anyway? Although, I think it’s closer to the bottom 3%, but whatever.
          Yes, they congregate in certain areas – at certain bars where there’s maybe a 50+% of getting sex. Yet a lot of RoK members are talking about “day game” and pulling strangers off the street for sex, and a lot of it – I’m smart enough to see it’s plainly bullshit.
          If I want to fuck a nice girl, I’m expecting a week of dating and also meet her family first, plus I’ll have to take her shopping at least once and pay for everything.
          Yet I’ll get a GOOD girl who I’ll likely be talking about marriage with another week later. Still, this is me being realistic. RoK readers need realistic advice if they want to succeed.
          There’s a major problem here, see. It’s like the women who ask, “Where have all the good men gone?” RoK guys are at risk of taking this poor advice and chasing after sluts who exclusively belong to the bottom few percent of women, and then they’ll be getting divorce-raped and asking, “Where have all the good women gone?”
          It needs to be clarified that this sort of “game” only lands lowly sluts, and men looking for long-term relationships need a whole other class of advice (which I hope to be giving next year).

        3. What makes them bottom 10% in your eyes? I see attractive women who are fun to talk to, well dressed and like to fuck. Not everyone defines “success” in the same way. I get that you are one who believes in marriage and breeding and whatever…..but your “good” girl I wouldn’t look twice at and if I was with a girl who mentioned marriage in 2 weeks I would ghost on her so fast I might win a record.
          I think that a lot of these “lowly sluts” are a lot more fun, a lot more interesting and are of a much higher value than your good girls.
          The question men need to ask themselves is what they like, what they want. You have what you want and that’s great man.
          Here is the problem I have. While I see your advice working for people, and there are many, who are looking to achieve the same thing as you it is insane advice for someone looking for another goal. I don’t want some poor sewer rat looking to cook me breakfast. I want a girl who learned bethoveen from her private violin tutor and got her MBA at a business school, is in her mid 20’s and knows how to dress stylishly. The thing that bothers me about you is that you seem to be pushing an idea that your desires are in some way “correct” and others desires are in some way “wrong” and that is just very far from the mark.
          The reason I take the time to respond to you and don’t just act like a fuck head is because I’ve read your stuff here and I respect your insight and feel you deserve better than that. You aren’t just some cocky troll.
          That said, I think it is unfortunate that you have this black and white view of the world where everything that you want and think is good is “right” and others who have a different goal are just wrong.
          To me, the women that I sleep with are so far superior to anything that would come crawling around asking for marriage or some third world slug. I recognize that this is different for other men. When I want to turn a screw I don’t use a hammer and when I want to live my life I don’t go by the advice of someone who has different goals.
          If ROK readers need good advice they can find a lot of it here. But first they need to better understand themselves and what they want for their lives. Clock is ticking and Damocles has that sword hanging over your head. Why waste time? I would heartily recommend that someone who wants to live a life and who has objectives that are near yours listen to your advice and those who do not, not.
          I would give you some advise though. I would advise you not to imagine that your way of living is in any way superior to anyone else. There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy Horatio.

        4. also, you don’t have to marry women just because you banged out their cervix a bit and you can’t get divorced raped if you don’t get married.
          I don’t know, you are always confusing to me. On one hand you seem really bright and insightful, but on another you seem hopelessly backwards. My guess is that it has to do with the fact that I don’t really know you and various traits are showing.

        5. Well, the divorce-rape concept is a Western thing. African, Middle Eastern, and Asian men mostly don’t have shriveled up balls and don’t make laws more suitable for eunuchs, so I don’t have to worry about divorce-rape in the countries I predominantly reside.
          Also, the sort of women I go for and the sort of man I am… dude, divorce-rape just isn’t and won’t ever be an issue for me.
          How am I hopelessly backwards? Because I aim for high reproductive success?! I fail to understand why YOU think that casual sex is worth so much.
          Honestly, if I was offered casual sex and it was made clear that there was no chance of a subsequent long-term relationship, I’d turn it down. A. because it’s too much of a risk to engage in unprotected sex, and it’s a huge hassle to get a girl checked for HIV just for 1 fuck, and B. because I don’t like the thought of my kids being raised without my guidance. Casual sex is completely unappealing to me.

        6. I assess the value of a girl based on her own unconscious perception of her self worth.
          Sex is instinctive reproduction. A woman having sex is likely to fall pregnant, and evolution has developed instinctive guides to ensure a girl maximizes her reproductive success without the need for conscious effort.
          So a woman’s self worth is gauged by the genetic quality of the men she allows herself to be inseminated by.
          A slut, theoretically, could be high worth so long as she’s only fucking top notch Alphas, because her children are going to inherit top genes. However, this isn’t usually the case.
          Most sluts, if not all, are following a short term reproduction strategy as a Plan B. Their genetics have assessed the environmental factors in their life and concluded that her chances of finding and keeping a top quality mate is extremely low. As a result, she accepts herself to be inseminated by multiple mates of much more varied genetic quality in exchange for resources which will help her raise her low quality children.
          It’s clear that this IS a back-up reproductive strategy – a Plan B – because ALL teenage girls are driven towards pair-bonding and long-term relationships. Short-term mating only EVER gets persued after this initial strategy has failed.
          For cultural reasons (such as high age of consents which prevent teenage girls from pair bonding with optimal mates), almost all Western girls fail the Plan A strategy and are forced by their biology into Plan B instead.
          They are, quite literally, worth less by their own biological standards, not by my prejudice.
          And this makes sense. If a woman’s egg has such value to her reproductive success, then the price she sells it for measures her own individual value. A girl who sells her eggs to an Alpha for a gold ring and a huge cash dowry is by far worth more than a slut who sells her eggs to the highest bidder in the bar for a few beers and a snazzy place to sleep at night.
          The fact that Westerners now commonly use contraception doesn’t change the truth in this. We’re still running on the same instincts setting us up for optimal reproduction, because our biology hasn’t yet had time to evolve to compensate for contraception.

        7. Im going to agree with the overall principle of what you are saying. Looking back its probable the terminology such as “No amount of ‘game’” and “impossible” that I’m disagreeing with. To answer your question, time wise, we are talking probably meet them about 12-1am and leaving the party of bar about 2am or so. (that’s when things shutdown in Tucson back then). I mean, its not as much of a minority as you think… BUT it does bare mentioning, not on any occasion did I expect what I got from these women.. whatever that is worth to your point.

        8. How we know you’re a chick or gay. …you actually wrote the term, super hot college boys. …HAHAHA

        9. Lots of this advice is for some guys to start getting their foot in the door. Slits are the low hanging fruit , if you can’t game a slit you won’t find that wifey or know how to get her. So start fucking sluts, get your fuck stroke down pat, fine tune your game, snowball effect on confidence, and bonus of getting to know women’s true nature…which is pretty much deceit.
          Then, if you happen to stumble upon that unicorn you will already survived a ton of shit tests, dealt with women, know how to fuck…know what constitutes slut like behaviour aka screening.
          This is all just getting better as a man. And if you apply it right, at the right time it can pay off.

    2. Sounds like bullshit to me as well. A cold approach on someone who’s in distress by opening with a compliment on her looks won’t disarm her instantly. This is game 101. “Oh, but I’m so good at it…” Right. The rules don’t apply in fantasy.

  18. Well, thank goodness I lived ten minutes away from Mexico. Cheap alcohol, a legal drinking age of 18, plenty of places to go eat, very feminine women, strict dress codes in the higher end clubs, and the fact that we rented our own place over there where we could crash in case we didn’t want to risk going back to the States. What more could a young man ask for?

  19. Logistics are crucial, you can literally do everything right and something dumb like a taxi taking the long way home can kill the mood and derail your scheme. Last year my apartment was an easy 2 minute walk from a bustling college bar scene and it made it so damn easy to get chicks back to my place.

  20. You wanna talk about bad logistics ruining your game?… I’m a 19 year old college baseball player who lives at home.
    I don’t own a car with a back seat. (Can’t fuck in my car)
    I live at home with my parents and sister who is always home. (Can’t fuck at my house)
    I only have a few hours at night I can go to meet girls from tinder. (I live in a small-ish town)
    I have to rely purely on the girl for somewhere to go. It has to be her place or her car and girls hardly ever agree to sex before things start getting ramped up. I have to get them to agree to a “ride around in my car for a bit and listen to music” date. We meet in a Walmart parking lot “just to meet and so they can leave their car in a safe place” and we drive around, chatting a bit. I come back 10 minutes later and we talk some more. I make a move. It’s over. I say “let’s take this to your car”. We do. That’s how I have to get my dick wet. All of you fellas with free time, a place to yourself, living in a big city, with any money whatsoever….no excuses.

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