Why Contrary Game is Necessary

Dating – as we used to know it – is dead. Hookup culture is the norm in America. These social changes are largely driven by women, and their need to avoid any feeling which might be “awkward” or uncomfortable. For the modern American “empowered” woman, the idea of needing a man goes against all the social programming she has received throughout her life.

Any behavior which might indicate genuine love or desire for another person is disappearing from the dating landscape, in favor of “combat dating” in which men and women compete to see who can love least. As a consequence, many of the conventions associated with dating are now dead.

1. Dates Are Dead

Going on planned dates and meeting up with someone based on prearranged plans is dead.

I’m not just talking about getting to know someone through spent time and courtship – that’s been dead for much longer. I’m talking about making plans to do any activity that requires advanced planning or doesn’t have a chance of leading to sex. The only people still going on “dates” are people going with their friends, or people they’re not having sex with.


There are two reasons for this. First, smartphones make flaking incredibly easy. Two thumbs and a minute’s notice can cancel any plan. Plus, smartphones allow you to contact anyone in your social network any time and see every other cool event you could go to instead. If you aren’t the shiniest prospect, you will be flaked. Second, modern women have an aversion to anything that might make them feel “awkward” or put the slightest social pressure on them, and following through on plans made in advance is typically more commitment than women can handle.

For men, why spend two hours in a movie or playing mini-golf when you could invite her directly back to your place? Even men who meet in a public place usually choose one walking distance from their apartment. The only reason left to meet in a public place is because you think your date might be a secret internet-fatty, mentally ill (as one in four women are), or not ready for that direct an approach. While the first two are serious concerns, as a man you have the right to leave or kick someone out of your house for any reason. For many the risk of dealing with a crappy woman is less than the risk of missing a bang.

2. Cheating Is Dead

Because relationships begin without formal dating, they progress without formal labels. If no commitment is given, none is assumed. You can’t cheat on someone you never said you were committed to.

It’s well know, he who loves least controls the relationship. If a man is the first to ask for exclusivity, he is considered needy. Most men with options would not make this request, because it would mean they would have to stop dating other girls. Likewise, women typically have multiple options and do not want to appear like they need men. Since neither person wants to look like they need the other, most relationships operate on a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy when it comes to sleeping with other people.


The corollary of this rule is that mate poaching is okay. Because even marriages can be broken up at a moments notice for the personal preference of one partner, there is no reason to respect the boundaries of another persons relationship. All is fair in love and war, and if you steal someone else’s partner, there are no social consequences, because it’s just part of the game.

3. Phone Calls Are Dead

Most young women are attached to their smartphones and communicate exclusively through apps and text. While it might seem like this would lead to more phone calls, phone calls require direct one on one communication in a context without looks or body language to fall back on. Phone calls also require a woman to give her full attention to a single man at once, which is more intimacy than most women can handle.

Calling women is considered needy and creepy. Since most women will not make a phone call, calling a woman shows greater interest in her than she would ever show in a man. Plus, women don’t answer calls from numbers they don’t recognize, so unless you texted her first and she took the trouble to save you in her contacts list, she won’t answer.

Dating Sites

4. Technology-Free Relationships Are Dead

Relationships unmediated by technology are dead. Even if you meet face to face, the second meeting will be arranged through technology of some kind. Because women no longer make phone calls, communication will probably take place through text or some kind of app.

It used to be that technology was the domain of nerds and men who made things. Once Silicon Valley figured out ways for people to attention-whore through technology (twitter, facebook, instagram, early myspace) the internet was embraced by women. Now, I find women are the ones introducing me to new technology, constantly inviting to join apps or social networks I have no desire to be a part of – or worse, just assuming I use them. One girl told me the people who don’t have a kik account are creepy.

When I first wrote about online dating, I wrote that “every site is a dating site for women.” Now every app is a hook-up app for everyone. Even James Franco hooks up in a chat window.

5. Breakups Are Dead

Breakups – actually telling someone you don’t want to see them again – are dead. The fade away is the norm.

Because no commitment is given, there is nothing to break. You just simply stop contacting someone without any warning or reason. Calling someone to tell them you no longer want to see them again would require acknowledging someone else’s feelings and going out of your way to be kind to them.

Such a direct conversation might in inadvertently lead to intimacy, which is what all these behaviors are set up to avoid. In fact, replace the word “awkward” with “intimate” and the motivation behind most women’s behavior’s becomes appalling clear.

Just to review – wanting to get to know someone slowly over food, shared experiences, and face to face exclusivity is creepy. Typing “sit on my face” into a Tinder window is not.

Interestingly, this shift mirrors a larger cultural shift in the American attention span. Americans used to read books, now they reblog listicles. It might seem hypocritical of me to write that in a listed blog post, but most people won’t even read that sentence because it’s all the way at the end.

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152 thoughts on “Why Contrary Game is Necessary”

  1. If committed to improvement you should be at least as good looking at 33 as you were at 23. Different maybe, but definitely no worse.

    1. Exactly. When you hit your 30’s on up, you get the hardened, square jaw and your muscle mass is harder and tighter than your teens/20’s. Chicks who like masculine looking men, which is most of them, prefer them square jawed and hard and not soft and pretty. Your SMV increases as you age, at least through your mid 40’s.

      1. And for anybody that questions that, I have a name for you that will put any doubt to rest.
        Sean Connery
        Women would still line up three miles deep to fuck this man if he ever decided to divorce his wife. Hell, most of them wouldn’t care if he divorced or not, as long as they had a shot at him.

        1. Yes, Clooney also hardened up and the women can’t wait to throw themselves at him. I’d say Clark Gable as well, but risk the chance that many wouldn’t be familiar with him enough to see it as an example.

        2. He’s one of the very few celebrities that I actually admire in a real sense. Generally I find admiring any actor to be goofy, but the man is a paragon of manliness, knows exactly how to deal with women and has done so his entire life, and is leading the charge since the 1990’s up through today to get Scotland to declare its independence from England. You can ask any *20 something year old girl* about him and they’ll immediately know everything about him and repeat it back to you. I mean who the hell would of thought that 20 something girls would even know he was still alive? That’s power right there. Hell of a great man and role model.

        3. You’re definitely right on the Clark Gable front. No one in my generation of Millenials (under 30) would recognize the man because they haven’t seen Gone with the Wind, arguably one of the greatest American films ever made.

        4. Yes indeed. Di Caprio’s forehead broadened, and he no longer looks like a prettyboy, but a man. He’s also managed to get some good roles – must have a good agent too.

        5. What’s cool is that if you read what women were saying about him back then he was the ultimate smooth, fun to be around playboy womanizer. The man was a god.

        6. This was true well into his 60s, but eventually everybody gets too old to get young skin. But this isn’t about getting young skin, this is about putting fucking women in their fucking places, which he excels at.

        7. And Jack Nicholson ( Alpha as Fuck,and gets more pussy in his face than his neighborhood gynecologist)
          Denzel Washington,De Niro,Pacino,Warren Beatty,Morgan Freeman,Richard Gere,Hefner,Tom Bergeron,Pierce Broznan
          Wilt Chamerblin,
          Any of you guys familiar with the previous generation of American comedians/singers/actors? George Burns died at 100 and was still getting laid at that age. Sinatra?
          Not just actors/musicians/sportsmen/celebrities. I have seen Sportsmen,Businessmen,Tradesmen all in their 70s and score with numerous 25 year olds.

        8. Yep, Clarke Gable was definitely an uber alpha of his time. I also agree on Di Caprio. He’s matured well beyond his early teenage heart throb days and has become a seriously capable actor along the years. Respect for him.

        9. Yep. Di Caprio has had a golden run with his choice of movies the last decade. Its unbelievable he’s now only just turning 40. As Clooney and Pitt get older, he’s now clearly the king of Hollywood and another 20 years to come of it.

        10. Not only that but women loved Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford well into middle-age. And they still love Denzel, Hugh Jackman etc.

      2. i’m a girl in my 20s and i’d find it disgusting to be with a guy who’s in 40s and old enough to be my dad. i don’t think 40s guys are necessarily better looking. i might just go out with them to have a free dinner. that’s coz i want a nice, loyal, devoted, and ambitious. combination of alpha and beta. i don’t like games- it turns me off, i’ll just look for someone devoted to me.
        if it was someone like clooney or connery, maybe i’d just be there for to gain something while I look for a true relationship at the same time. i don’t waste my time.

        1. in the end as many men here believe, commitment is protection for a girl. esp when a man cheats.

      3. Defective sandwich maker alert, mods please remove the offending defective sandwich maker. (this message is replying to my own post, not hers).

        1. Jeez! This is evidence that men, if we know our worth, should marry someone at least 10 years younger, if you want to go down that slippery slope anyway. An 18 yr old girl is roughly equal to a 32 yr old man in terms of sexual maturity and aging.

        2. That’s not genes, that’s martial arts training and eastern medicine.
          Acupuncture bro, get it into ya.

        3. Right on Lance! I wouldn’t marry a woman less than 10 years my junior. But there is an important factor here. I think most of us won’t be marrying until late 30s/ early 40s at best. So marry a woman of similar age is definitely out. She is either divorced with kids, single with kids or bitter and will want to question everything you do or say. A much younger woman will look up to you, respect your knowledge and maturity and appreciate the fact that being mid-career you are much better placed to provide for a family.

        4. Interesting how things are reverting back to the norm. Prior to the 1930s most N. American women married men who were considerably older. In places like Afghanistan, before a man has enough money to pay a bride price he would likely be in his mid to late 30s–the brides tended to be younger women (mid to late teens). So, what we’re seeing is what has been in practice for a very long time and is still in practice in what we call the Third World.

  2. Why Contrary Game Is Necessary
    No it’s not!
    See what I did there?
    This is of course well known advice, but new comers to the reality of red pill are advised to take heed. Truer words have not been spoken.

  3. Great article! Experience has shown that in a nutshell what women want is a combination of:
    feeling wanted + feeling protected
    If you can satisfy these 2 needs you are the King.
    Contrary game is a great way to balance the provision of these two needs. You are not an asshole but you are assertive enough to show her that you can protect her and at the same time make her feel wanted. But wanted not in a way that she can feel bored. In a way that she feels that you wanting her is the most important thing in the world. And that if she loses that she loses her world.
    Your article reminded me of Elliott Hulse’s mini orgasms video –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0I0iNxiICNI

    1. If he toned himself down a bit, he might actually come off as the Morpheus he’s trying to be.

  4. Great article except for this: “At 33, I can get almost as much tail as I did at 23, even though I looked better ten years ago.”
    Most 23 year olds I know look like lost kids. A man is at his prime in his 30s and 40s.

    1. 27 year old guy here, i couldn’t agree more with that statement last year and a half I’ve learned so much about game and my sex life has skyrocketed.

    2. True,
      yet I remind myself that a 20 year old man 70 years ago was off fighting Germans and Japs, and effectively too, because they were raised to be men at that age.
      The fact that I have to invest my entire 20s cleaning up the mess left by modern society, and by extension, the ‘left’, has left me quite resentful towards contributing to the future of western civilization.

      1. I would agree with u, but there is to much idealism in ur post. Not every man was overseas fighting and not every women was properly domesticated. I would dare say that nothing has changed between now and then besides the fact that (1) the media lets u know about we as a demographic are getting played and (2) the laws are designed to favor females.

    3. Jumping off of this, i agree excellent article, a nice complement to this article is good looking losers juxtaposition game which is useful for securing long term friends with benefits style situations.
      women are a left shifted bell curve of desirability versus age. they peak so early and the decline is slow and laborious and painful
      men are basically start off low, then go up and up and up

      1. ……and 60’s….. steven segal, billy idol, howard stern, silvester stallone, yeah and 90’s too, and 100’s. Now in your 60’s, 70’s and 80’s as a male you better not have any excuses for having no money, but so long as you avoid north american women and are money conscious it shouldn’t be an issue
        Now.. a woman in her 40’s has NO value at all. A woman has only 10-15 years of primetime, whereas a male has 50 years of prime time

        1. her value is as a mother.
          something that is not held high anymore, hence the herds of shitty unwed mothers that roam the prairies, grazing on cocks as their calves toddle behind to nurse when the beasts stop lumbering.

        2. I found this on the ‘about’ page – ‘ A woman’s value is mainly determined by her fertility and beauty.’ Maybe it should be updated to include mothering skills?

        3. well, things might be different where you are located geographically, but in the US, little girls are force-fed all sorts of feel good feminist horseshit growing up. So now after finishing puberty, instead of becoming a woman, they are instead maintained as little princesses floating through the wind, and every experience that would normally turn her towards fulfilling her natural role, is instead twisted and pruned (like a bonsai tree) to keep her in pre-pubescent bliss.
          Ex., she gets pregnant, well that’s okay honey, daddy government will give you an allowance, now you can half-heartedly raise the bastard spawn while still playing with the ken dolls, just remember to only indoctrinate the child with what we want, we need the future gen to be bred subservient.
          My lawn is full of 54yr old young grass. As long as I keep mowing it, it does not have the opportunity to go to seed, which would create thick hearty blades.

        4. the value they refer to is in regards to finding a mate. if a woman finds a husband during that time her value will shift to being a wife/mother.

        5. Why, did your own mother use you as a weapon in divorce court, so that you’d end up like Norman Bates?
          Sure, he’s fictional, but it’s been scientifically proven fatherless sons are emotionally unstable and I’m a living example of that.

    4. Great comment except for this: ” A man is at his prime in his 30s and 40s.”
      Most 30 and 40 year olds I know look like clueless wannabes. A man is in his prime in his 50’s. (Just make sure your mind and body stays like the 30 and 40 year olds : ) )

    5. So much BS in one comment, lies old aging misogynistic fools tell themselves because the reality that the 20 year old college student with the tight ass is solely with you for your money.

    6. True, I’m 26, and year after year, the amount of ass I get, gets higher. Men and women do literally reverse roles in our 20s and 30s, and nothing is sweeter than this bitter truth of nature. A 19 year old female hottie next to a 19 year old boy is a pathetic sight to behold. It is a strict graphical inverse relationship between the sexes. Mother nature’s pay back for women acting like bitches in their teens and early 20s is simply beautiful to behold. This is why men of old married much much younger women to compliment their own status and sometimes looks. I can imagine what life in the pussy department will bring for me at 33, with increased resources, refined aging and better experience with women and people in general.

    7. Yeah I wondered about this too. For me it all got easier as I got older. At 23 I barely knew how to act. After I hit 30 it was like nature threw a switch and I started getting more women than I knew what to do with. And this was without any “game” as such.

  5. Trying to avoid buying women anything, such as dinners, is difficult but not impossible. Note: I’m not talking about hook ups here were dating is irrelevant but rather traditional dates via meeting someone online. If a man doesn’t pay for the date, the woman will remember that. Forever. My wife heard that Tiger Woods didn’t buy any presents for his mistresses. She said: “He got what he deserved. Naturally they should betray him. He had it coming.” Note, my wife is not expensive to take care of. She wanted free dinners (not extravagant) and later a small diamond engagement ring. That was it. I didn’t have to buy her another thing and for birthdays I buy her a nice card and take her out to dinner. But if I hadn’t bought her those dinners, I’d be in a heap of trouble.
    Sometimes contrary game isn’t a matter of doing the opposite but doing things in a different way. If you go out with a woman, you have pay but you don’t have to pay a lot. If you take her out to an expensive place, it will send the signal you’re a sugar daddy chump. A nice family restaurant is not only easier on the wallet, but also more romantic. Don’t let her see you pay. Pay with coupons even but do it privately with the waitstaff away from her. It’s zero business for her how you pay and seeing your wallet sends that message. Dates should mean she holds your arm/hand when walking. If she meets you there, come on time (5 minutes early). Not very early (desperate) and not late (bad planning.) Don’t accept goodnight hugs under ANY circumstances. Get at least a peck on the cheek. OH, wait, I sound real old with all this. For most guys here and young 20 something twitter text girls, they probably blow you in the restaurant bathroom nowadays if all goes well.
    Aside from all that, I agree with the author about not buying gifts. A card should be sufficient and refuse to accept gifts from her. How much crap do we need in our lives? After the three dates, if she’s not going to shag you then (which may be a good thing if you want a wife who isn’t a slut), then at least don’t go out to dinner anymore and insist she start cooking. You can provide the food in a caveman way, but make sure she works for it and peels the potatoes, breads the chicken, and cooks the rice.
    Hmmm, this is all sounds oldfashioned and it is. It worked for me. Today’s game is different than old style game I suppose. By old style, I mean my grand parents time.

    1. Free diners…small diamond ring….nice card for b-days….pay with coupons…hold hands….come early to dates…..goodnight hugs…..peck on the cheek…..and a fuck after the third date…
      What are you 75? This is BETARAMA dude!

      1. Actually, my wife said I was more like a 14th century barbarian in many ways.
        As I acknowledged, times are different today but that’s a good and bad thing. When I was coming of age, women only had piercings in their ears. Some of the young women I see that would otherwise be pretty but have studs in their nose and lip and tattoos everywhere make me sad. They appear to have worked hard to make themselves homely.
        I didn’t say come early to dates. I said on-time which to me is 5 minutes early. I always come 5 minutes early to everything I can. I guess that’s just me. Job interviews, dates, trains. I always give an extra 5 minutes to the time I expect to be there. But sure, on time can be right on the button if you like.
        Even now, there are plenty of women who don’t sleep around a lot and some men are not interested in them. About coupons. You like spending more money then you have to?

    2. You must be an older man or just having pipe dreams of a bygone era in male-female relations. Modern young women do not “respect” the behavior you are describing here. Women are “independent” now and do not need men to provide for them. They take out loans, get there own educations, buy houses, raise their own kids, hold high-salary careers, and generally completely embrace the “I don’t need no man” life-style. Men who provide for them resources that they do not need just seems like a desperate gesture to them for the most part. In a world where they need nothing from us besides dick, then the only thing that really gets their juices flowing is just that – dick. Our progressive society has stripped away all the details that make the male-female dynamic work so well, so all where left with is dick-in-vagina coitus. Hook-up culture. Most women think settling down with a man and starting a family before their late-20’s/30’s is a complete social, financial, and existential trap.
      Being a genuinely nice man is pointless these days.

      1. Pointless to women, but NOT other men. That is a crucial point to make on this site. Be your genuine self to your long-term male buddies and family members — because after all, we’re not psychos.

        1. I am actually excited to meet a guy friend in a foreign locale to do some serious mongering — we both have civilians at home and don’t give a shit about the ethics of that, but to EACH OTHER, we show lots of respect and morality. We are honest gentlemen to each other, but essentially predators when we go out to seek women.

      2. Hahahaha! Except for the most high powered women with high degrees and a lot of money, most of them have a lot of expenses that weighs upon them. I know because my wife tells me some of the stuff her girlfriends tell her.
        Only the most alpha females can afford to blow money without a thought and society that bashes men also unabashedly has a consumer culture that strips women bare. $3000 handbags, $500 shoes, clothing styles that change every year, daycare, houses that require maintenance, cars that get those engine lights they don’t understand, the list goes on. What men get an engine light, they go to autozone and get the diag code and buy the new air filter. When (most) women get it, they go to a mechanic and pay $60 for the same thing. It’s a lifestyle that is very difficult for most single women and especially single mothers. There are articles by women griping about how tough the independent woman lifestyle is. Women were going nuts protesting at Occupy Wall Street about their 6 figure student loans (non-dischargable) and lack of high paying jobs that go mostly to immigrant Asians. They wanted equality with men? Well, they ARE NOW!
        Note that I didn’t say be a nice guy. What I said was being a decent man, but don’t be a wimp about it. Most healthy, non-slut women need the free meal, but you don’t have to blow a lot of money in front of her. Such women won’t sleep on the first date, but at least after a few dates you won’t be wasting money at restaurants. A “nice guy” wimp would be taking women out for expensive dates for months.
        I should also add that there are rules for “ladies” on a dinner date that I reminded women of: No talk about work. No pestering me for details about how much money I have. She should find pleasant things to talk about rather than expecting me to lead her. She should not complain in public, ever. No texting at the table.
        If a woman is a trashy slut, sure, none of this matters. Agreed.
        Finally, never underestimate the “need” of a woman for a modest free meal. Yes, women don’t “need” a free meal just as men don’t need sex to live, but emotionally most women I talk to crave that gesture.

  6. +1 for using big boy words like dissimulation. God, this site is a breath of fresh air from the lies, lies, lies and spoonfed pablum of the lamestream media and the rest of the evilology of the Cathedral. (Government/media/education/industrial complex.)

  7. very well written, and definitely onto something. Female desire is different to mens’ at least in part. Women desire to be desired. But more than that they often seem to desire desire itself…..the yearning, the unrequited, unreciprocated, anything that gets their hearts aquivering. That’s why so many of them love the idea of gay marriage, for instance – because the prohibition stood in the way of ‘love’ that must conquer all, but of course, as soon as it does conquer all, as this wise author points out, love conquers love as well – love / desire vanishes, because it was all about desire rather than the object of desire. Men desire the object, but women don’t, or at least the object is never the main part. Just imagine Romeo & Juliet with a happy ending. Having said that lets not introduce tragedy into game, however contrary that might be.
    Having said that, another way of approaching that is giving them something to overcome. Achieves much the same

      1. They’re definitely addicts of some kind, much more than men. To make a musical analogy men are perhaps closer to mozart who needed to resolve every chord, where upon the tension is
        dissipated, but women want that tension to go on and on, without final resolution. Whereupon the cacophany and the lows / highs so many of them seem to need

  8. Irrelevant to the high income high IQ red pill man. For prole low (or un) graded pussy, then yes, act aloof, as if you have other low grade options. The mindless prole thirsty mass of men will ensure a steady supply of low grade pussy. For the masses, I would advise this course of action. If you want to stop dealing with the “pop culture” or “game” meme, study the trivium and quadrivium, learn to produce top 10% income with a minimal time investment and get a mentor who can show you how and where to access top grade women. Low grade pussy is what you’re currently reading about on 99.9% of game sites and forums. Gentlemen, get your shit together and you will access a reality your peers, and perhaps the profiteers from this site, will deny exists.

    1. What’s with the whole Marxist language framing? I don’t disagree with your message, just wondering why you’re writing it as if from behind the Red Army’s front lines in 1917.

      1. To differentiate my perspective from the modern American zeitgeist, which happens to be something akin to corporate socialism.

      1. Like the comment said above. I was fortunate to be raised with a classical education. I would advise to google Trivium education and start from there.

        1. I advise Quaternium education from the start. Mathematics has become the primary language of objective knowledge. One cannot even understand the rhetoric of a newspaper without having a solid founding in mathematics.

        2. Analytic knowledge has subsumed logic and geometry into branches of mathematics.
          I not only except your premise, but have been advising it myself for decades, however, I take advancement in knowledge and the resulting changes in culture into account.
          Zeno’s Paradoxes have been resolved and statistics have become a primary tool of socio-political rhetoric.
          Until you have a first year understanding of calculus, statistics and probability you are functionally socially illiterate.

    2. Most Game sites are Anglo oriented. Low grade is a pretty good description of 99.9% of women, as well as men, over here.
      Top 10% ($75k/yr in the US) income, won’t even get you access to a roof over your head in many parts of the US. Any semblance of skill at game can outperform that wrt pussy access.
      For pussy getting strategies that may beat game, look to location selection, aka travel. If you want quality pussy; a place where 25% is quality, can let someone with average game score more better than even a bona fide pimp can in locations where absolutely all the talent is beyond redemption.
      For the “income strategy” to work, you need to make enough to be famous, or at least known, for your wealth. Fame does trump Game, but is one of the few things that does. Now, known for being wealthy doesn’t need to mean nationally or internationally known.. As Ghetto ballers can attest to. ust be wealthy enough that other men (and women) look to you with some kind of reverence.
      But still, telling guys in the US to focus on making money instead of learning game in order to get laid, is so wrongheaded it borders on plain irresponsible. Just ask any gamesman who has been/is boffing a rich toff’s wife….

      1. Selling the ignorant masses a dream seems to be the red pill of our time. Rather than learning how to THINK (logic), COMMUNICATE (rhetoric), and ORGANIZE (grammar) that communication effectively. Plain and simple, the masses are doing it wrong. If they weren’t then you wouldn’t be here.
        I deliberately left my comment an ambiguous general outline because everyone’s journey after you learn the above is different and will crystallize a unique path for you. Godspeed gentlemen, and for everyone else, God bless.

    3. Fuck outta here! Even the average 20 year street walker in Kiev is of much higher quality than some vapid, prospecting Americunt who only hunts or parasitizes in circles of wealthy men, probably beta providers. Fuck that, no man who’s actually traveled would even dare make this mistake. Keep your mid to late 20s and 30 something Americunt and Anglo whore golddiggers and I’ll settle for the 19 and early 20 somethings, here and internationally.

  9. “In running contrary game, it is important to stay firm and not be fooled by the occasional woman you meet who seems like a sweetheart, or exception to the general run of cunts and vampires”
    Yes indeed. Those are the ones who shapeshift (really – they will get fat if you marry one). They are “advanced” in such manner that they know game too – they know how to get in under the radar using a cloaking device called NAWALT.
    (Military electronics systems are actually named like that, with all caps, BTW)
    You can end up married to one of them, then the transformation begins. Beware! Stick to your principles, which should be, no marriage. Period. You’d be better off slamming your dick in a door and then giving a woman you hate all of your money.

    1. My wife has been fooling me for 10 years then. She continues to watch what she eats and misses me if I don’t come home on time. She’s not perfect by any means, certainly, but she does love and care about me. I think a lot of what makes her special is that she was raised in a two parent family and not spoiled by her father and also cares about her father and the other members of her family. If she treats someone badly in her family, then she will be criticized for it and that goes for me now too.
      The reality of life is this: We can talk about a marriage strike and it’s certainly good sense to not get married to women who clearly are irresponsible and selfish (and a lot of them are out there) but that doesn’t change the fact that most men want to marry and have kids. That means being very careful what you stick your dick into and a ring on. But men are men and used to taking risks. If we were helpless, then we’d be women.

      1. Aye but you have someone under your roof who can, in one nervous breakdown, bring all the forces of the state down on your head and wreck your life that day, and then drag you to court to wreck the rest of it.
        Is that not too much risk?
        I have seen “recovered” addict women play “nice” for 10 – 15 years, and then one day start back on the drinking and drugging and drag an entire family back to hell with her (because she can) while spewing false accusations of abuse and violence on the way. Heck I almost ended up in an armed standoff over kids that were not even mine (caught in a bad place at a bad time) because the family courts were fully on board with the accusations and actions of their “weapon” and her claims.
        Nope. Marriage is too much risk.The only way the world is going to be cured of this societal collapse is to collapse the system, and marriage is an important part of that system.

        1. About myself. I’ve had two relationships where the women had such nervous breakdowns and the police were called on both. I kept my head on straight and got them through psychological prodding to basically admit everything they had done and give me the edge and the cops left. In theory, of course, the cops should have thrown them into jail (and I could have gotten that if I pushed) but I just wanted them out and they left with their tails between their legs. They cried later to reconcile but I told them to bug off and that was the end of it.
          In addition, the women all knew I was the kind of guy who had in the past done some remarkably daring things (which I won’t speak of here) so they didn’t want to test me to see how far I’d go.
          Aside from being a monk, dealing with women is always a risk. It’s as risky to sleep with a lot of women via game. I have women relatives who told me that they had slept with a sexy alpha male and loved him and he didn’t call them and the women were enraged. Some could have gone psycho and pulled a Duke LaCrosse stripper ploy and gotten the poor guys arrested. Yes? Sleeping with a lot of women increases the chances of coming across a crazy.

  10. Whatever you feel naturally inclined to do when around a beautiful woman, do the opposite. Feel like telling her she is beautiful , don’t . Feel like sharing your emotional feelings for her , don’t . Feel like listening to her blather about her view on life to show you are a good listener , please fucking don’t . Note none of these rules apply to Eastern European women, or women from Asia .

    1. Wrong.
      Contrary game works with East European women as well. But not maybe MUCH with Asian women – but it still does. The idea is to display interest without thirst – which is why it’s called contrary game.
      East European women are more naturally beautiful than Anglo sphere women. Their own men don’t give a shit about it – that’s why they actually PREFER their own men as compared to foreigners.
      When you as a foreigner run contrary game with them, they perceive you as one of their own men, and that ironically creates thirst in their mind for you.
      If you follow the usual loving Beta game, you’d probably still get laid.
      But the idea is to rebutt the theory that contrary game doesn’t work with EE women. To be frank, contrary game works the best with beautiful women, irrespective of wherever they may be – as every beautiful woman expects a man to be bamboozled by her beauty. When you display disinterest, you create thirst and interest in these women’s minds instead.

      1. We may have had different experiences because most Eastern European chicks I have fucked with in America who just got here( exchange students mostly) are very straight forward. I would do my American game ( wait a day to call, act aloof , abundance mentality, ect.) and they would confront me about that shit. They were always early for dates, do exactly what they say, never lead me on, rarely lie, never played games, never got sloppy drunk. It really threw me off. Russian girls are like that, only one Russian girl I dated was full of shit and crazy as hell. Ukraine broads are a different breed as soon as those bitches hit US soil they adapt to American bitch behavior like a goddamn stem cell. You and I have had different experiences so I cannot discount your opinion , I just need to go out and keep fucking these chicks to test your hypothesis because I may have comfermation bias

        1. EE women when they come to the US normally have a sub-conscious fear of American culture. They try to seamlessly gel in. Besides the chicks you’ve fucked are exchange students (which does not discount the quality of their beauty or character) but you must note that most of them still retain the humility they’ve trained themselves to adopt considering the tough competition they usually face back home when it comes to snagging a man.
          You also correctly pointed out about Ukrainian broads who tend to be more spineless than Russians when they come to US because there is a huge American wannabe culture in their shit hole country. But here these girls are treated like bombshells because they’re more beautiful than American scum women. Couple that with a female, slut worshipping American society, and what do you expect a foreign born beautiful broad to behave like? So pedestalization destroys every woman.
          My experiences with EE women have been not only in America, but also in EE, Middle East and Far east. In EE, these girls have tough competition among themselves. In Middle east and Asia, they were worshipped by thirsty foreign beta men. Contrary game thus worked magnificently on these women in those places. I am not discounting your approach with the exchange students, but if you’d see elsewhere in the world contrary game would be more effective in gaming these very girls.

        2. I stand corrected . I have not actually gamed women in the EE or the Middle East so I gotta defer to your actual experience . I am going to go to the EE with the intention of gaming , when I went to Russia it was with my Russian girlfriend so it was fun to look but I wasn’t gaming shit it was just me and her family in Voronezh and Moscow . God damn those women looked good. Do you speak Russian ? That shit is harder than Japanese .

  11. Women – dark, sinister creatures that want your money and hate each other? er…. okay.

  12. The fundamental truth about women is that women are often in love with love, than in love with a man. The love that women have is usually with themselves, as women are more narcissistic as compared to men.
    The fundamental truth about men’s Achilles heel when it comes to women is not love, but dependence. That is why polygamous and celibate men were often great, because they never dependent on a single woman (or women in general).

    1. I’m not sure if women are capable of loving the man. Solipsist creatures they are.

  13. Wow! You would have your ball handed to you on a plate if you tried this with an Australian woman. They breed them tough out here.

    1. I’ve known some Aussie women. If you’re congruent, they’ll fall in line just fine. But that’s the key, just like in the US: If you’re a nice pushover to pretty much everyone, and then suddenly start acting like a mini-Roosh to some girls you want to “game”, you just come off as a douche.
      So you have to consistently treat all women like something between irrelevant and pure shit. Then, they’ll talk about you as “that guy” who “always says and does things he shouldn’t.” Which means they talk about you. Hence have noticed you. Hence have already placed you ahead of the 95% of men, who go forever unnoticed.
      I did once meet a girl from Perth, who had two front teeth knocked out. By brawling with a few other girls outside a bar. Not particularly feminine; but probably tough, as you put it.

      1. What worries me about this ‘play’ is that you’re probably attracting girls that have a lot of baggage. Any girl with self-respect probably would avoid someone treating them like shit. So you’ll pretty much always end up with the cray-cray ones…. which will reinforce your view that women are fragile and unstable. Give me a strong woman who can stand up for herself any day. Except the ones that are missing their front teeth!

        1. You’ve got it all wrong man. Women everywhere, love assholes. There’s a biological impetus for this. Pretty much in the early days of homo-sapiens when the first men bashed each others brains out and raped the opposing party’s women, these women became accustomed to this behavior, as they saw this behavior as most pertinent to survival and prosperity. Fast forward to 2014 and the guy who fucks his woman’s best friend, treats her like shit, no matter if she’s 18 or 35, is the guy who gets the higher quality women and the most fertile. Biology 101, RoK style. Quit your fucking Anglo multi-culti, rad-fem Cultural Marxist indoctrination. Man up.

        2. Maybe I’m just a beta but I would feel a little weird purposely treating a woman like crap. Plus, I’ve got a daughter and I’d hate for her to think it was ok to put up with that kind of shit. Don’t think I really belong on this site – good luck in your sexual endeavours boys!

        3. There was a time when a father wanted to preserve his daughter’s virginity for her husband or the convent (those men were alpha). Those days don’t exist anymore, let me guess, she’s going to college, like the other good girls do. What exactly do you think she’ll do there? How many men do you think she’ll freely give it away to after many drunken collegiate nights? Do you allow her to dress in provocative clothes vis-à-vis whore shorts, yoga pants etc? It isn’t about treating women like crap, but reminding them of what their place is, in the hierarchy between child, woman and man. This has been forgotten, and women need to be disciplined. Take that as you must, but history denotes, exactly what happened, when we men collectively took the proverbial boot off the neck of women.

        4. I found some interesting information about the authoritarian parenting style you were talking about – a study (by 3 men Hadjar, Baier & Boehnke) has shown it is more likely to lead to sexual promiscuity. “Considering patriarchy, Adorno et al. (1950) refer to the traditional patriarchal family where the father is the main ‘bread-winner’ as the germ of the authoritarian personality. Socio-economic status and patriarchy may be linked to each other: A higher socio-economic status of a family should go along with more modern views on gender differences and with egalitarian orientations, as higher-status families are typically on a higher educational level and thus cognitively more strongly mobilized to question traditional gender roles” anyway, it goes on about how authoritarian parenting styles (as opposed to authoritive) results in girls being easy. Which could be a good thing or bad thing depending what your relationship with that girl is.

        5. You quote Cultural Marxist-Frankfurt School extraordinaire “Theodore Adorno,” on parenting? Haha, your political leanings betray your sentiments. You’re a cold-hearted leftist, it was my fault for entertaining or trying to talk some sense into you. So-called “higher-educated” families are families that were brainwashed by institutions with uber-leftist professors of a certain ethnic bent. These families will hardly reproduce and thus renders feminism, self-refuting, because it cannot propagate itself, it can only corrupt the healthy, normal population into something sick. So I guess stern Muslim fathers in Saudi Arabia have problems keeping their daughters from fucking strange men. One observation of any city east of Tel-Aviv, is a direct negation of your Marxist heroes’ theory. Critical Theory aka Cultural Marxism wasn’t a means of contributing anything of significance into the lexicon of Western Philosophy but a means to destroy Western Civilization.

        6. It’s not about that, it’s about the Culti-Marxist theory not being a universal truth, which means it’s subjective, which therefore posits, that, they the Cultural Marxists sought to impose this subjective truth upon Western Civilization whereby they succeeded enormously beyond their wildest fantasies. You’ll eventually have to ask yourself a fundamental question as a father in pertinence to your daughter, do you want to live in a society that caters to your daughter being subjected to the brutal whims of the marketplace, promoting crass sexual fashions whereby she’ll proudly be objectified and probably masturbated to by every dingy bum and teenage boy at her co-ed school and a society that promotes her fucking at least 10-15 men (some who’d thoroughly abuse her) before she gets married? This is the society, you currently defend, at least via the internet.
          I’d rather my daughter’s virtue and value as a woman be protected by me first, and if so, by the state secondly. I’d rather defend her value, virtue and honor as a woman, and safeguarding her protection and virtue to a man who contractually (marriage) would take care of her and produce well-rounded offspring for the mutual benefit of both our clans. The societies we currently live in, whether you realize it or not, are fundamentally evil. I am currently enjoying the malaise in my own little way, I simply partake of the all the ass that’s out here for me, but by no means are the vast, and I mean vasst majority of Western women, marriageable. The vast majority of them serve one purpose, and that is on my bed or couch or hers. Something happens to the female brain that renders them unsuitable for marriage if they fuck more than one male, I don’t know what is, but clearly, we are seeing the results.

        7. And you sir are EXACTLY the type of guy I’ll be protecting my daughter from. I’m done here man, good luck to you, I hope you find what your looking for..

        8. Sadly, it would be my type that would gladly protect your daughter if she possessed the necessary qualities that merited my protection and adoration. But by all means, let her ride the carousel and indulge in the cesspool that is Modern Western Civilization.

        9. Lance, you’ve been trolled. That “bruce” is woman in disguise trolling, it seems.

      2. “Treat all women like something between irrelevant and shit”. That’s one good maxim to remember, good Sir..lolz!

      3. “So you have to consistently treat all women like something between irrelevant and pure shit.”
        Does this also apply to one’s mother?

  14. “Fortunately, contrary game is not necessary with all women; for the most part, it is to be used in the rotten Anglo world. There are many women abroad, and foreigners in the English-speaking world, who will not burn you for treating them well. Similarly, these women—who really are women—play a lot fewer games, and don’t hold back their feelings like the soulless players known as American women, for example.”
    ^ There you have it. No reason to jump through all them hoops.

  15. I don’t know why my comment was censored, but I’ll say it again – if you tried this with women in Australia you would have your (alpha) balls handed to you on a plate. They’re a tough breed out here!

    1. The women here actually demand furiously that you be a BETA and than don’t fuck you because what they want you to be repulses them, it’s a bad situation really. Any attempt at being remotely aggressive, or intelligent they pick up on immediately and will never talk to you again in a million years, haha it really is humiliating to try and get laid. Also most establishments will ban you immediately and you MUST have a social circle of friends you have known for 10 years before a woman will consider fucking you, she must also know your income and everything about you or you are a creep and you will definately get banned and kicked from any establishment. It really is a miracle i get laid at all, and i cant blame the virginal 30 year old males all over the place here.
      . The worst possible anglo nations for a male who wants a sex life goes like this Australia(bad)>canada>(awful)>UK(still awful)>U.S(best of the worst but awful)

      1. The males are so beta, if they see a potential male who a woman would like to bang, they boot you out sadistically. Like a regime or some shit, also all males imagine a stylish and confident man is after their girlfriends so they hate you immediately, As a male you are also treated like scum of the earth for being a male ontop of it all, you think the U.S is bad. LOL try any other anglo place for a real test of game

    2. The irony is that if you had any they wouldn’t be able to, ergo, they only can if you don’t.
      I’m not just being arrogantly flip. I’m noting that you are afraid of women, which is what gives them power over your balls.
      Fear is the mind killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
      And the witches can “smell” it.

      1. Well my theory is you can’t play a player. Women are masters of ‘the play’ and they can smell insincerity. It’s true, I’m afraid of them, and if you came to Australia you’d know why! But I don’t mind la petit mort (ie a little death).

        1. ” . . .they can smell insincerity.”
          The solution is obvious.
          “But I don’t mind la petit mort . . .”
          And so you shall have it, many times. The alternative, again, is obvious.

  16. So… has anyone tried treating women like this? I’m a little scared of having my balls ripped off and shoved down my throat (I’m from Australia).

  17. I am kind of an emotionally cold and distant person; I have to force myself to be attentive and affectionate. For the first 3/4 of my marriage to a young Russian woman this kept her on her toes and she did everything she could to please me and it was great. Then eventually she made one particular Canadian best friend whose husband pedestalized and worshipped his wife. My wife saw this pathetic excuse of a man and then the shit started. By the end of things, I was the bad guy for not treating her the way this idiot was treating his wife.

    1. The best thing you can do is to get another Russian chick (or two) on the side as a mistress or casual fuckbuddy. The problem with men in monogamy is their utter failure to maintain (or even think of) a mistress or two on the side, because they want to be “loyal” to their wives, and also of the dependence of men on the woman, which monogamy EVENTUALLY creates. Monogamy is unnatural, so the best way a man who’s trapped in a monogamous relationship (either marriage or cohabitation) can still circumvent it, is to STILL be on the lookout for more women to maintain them on the side. Failure to follow this maxim is what leads to eventual domination of the man by the woman because of total investment of power and control by the man into the woman.

      1. Who said anything about monogamy.
        Ya gots to be discreet, and sometimes
        discretion costs. 😀

  18. Sincerelly, the best article about The Game. True as fuck!!! I began to pick more women than ever when I started to work as an engineer. It was the coolest, but most time consuming job I ever had, so I didnt have enough time to pay attention to women.
    So, unintentionally, I played the perfect rol: good at something, kind, but the opposite of needy. And another amazing fact I realized is that the more I ignored some girl, the more and more she wanted me.
    So I allways say the same thing to my friends: be cool, but ignore them. They will come to you, as Plato and Nietzsche told about women.

    1. Well, not sure if you’re right, or how many woman spread their legs for you while you ignored them, but in the real world, a modern woman cannot avoid temptation from 1 of the 200 betas who approach them every month. The very real problem is they won’t even wait for an alpha to come a long, the 2nd best thing is some promising beta.. Some betas are better than other betas, and after a couple thousand it becomes tempting to get undercut. Ignoring women is a 7 year itch

      1. Nietzsche also only beta’d for one woman who ran off on him with some piece of shit he had a threesome with in a hotel on vacation who wasn’t a genius philosopher and, claimed famously that “women were gods second mistake” and got syphilis from a brothel when he was really desperate one time. He was a genius who i must continue learning from, but in terms of females he was shit . Nietzsche’s romantic endeavors were tragic

        1. True, Michel de Montaigne was also a famous french philosopher of the 1500’s , who lived in a mansion and had women who he bitch slapped with his cane in his elite french tower, while writing about how awesome he was and how he conquered life, he invented the “essay format” of writing and was a hardcore alpha male, he hated his wife, so did einstein, and freud, It seems the common pattern here is alpha males seem to become kings, as the website says “return of the kings”. After reading his words, you’ll wish he was alive today. We have modern men of his quality who post on this very website and in the comment section who we must honor for their wisdom and give likes to to carrace their egos so they may also wield the cane of bitch slappington with great pride

        2. what a charming sense of humor you have sir.
          Folks always remember that north american women make excellent hookers, but terrible wives and should be avoided by all means possible, and always remember as a man you are privileged, and hold great phallic power , and must always exercise it completely and at all costs , keep learning and never i MEAN NEVER settle for ONE thats right the dis-EASE of ONE-ITIS, it’s a cancer, and if you are mr.beta relationship you will regret it all day and every day if you do not “cheat” immediately . You are a man, you can not “cheat” you can only optimize your chances. Have a stern and scientific approach not some wimpy one woman man b.s its a lie and she will suck on 10000 sch-longs before she offers you any loyalty. Women and loyalty are like booze without a hangover, a MYTH.

  19. “it was like walking into the casino and winning a big hand in minutes—where was the fun in hanging out to play for the night?” Anyone who gambles for fun is a fucking idiot, that aside, great article!

  20. Nice article, great analysis. If I want to get laid by Western chicks, asshole game must be top-notch (in my case). However, my new Asian girlfriend — just a little bit of asshole is enough to last about a month. Rinse, repeat once a month. She has not been exposed to Western culture in the slightest, and doesn’t speak a lick of English — thank GOD.

    1. Still keep her on a tight leash, and don’t become dependent on her presence. American society exposes every foreign woman to a culture that automatically gives them the upperhand over men in every facet, legally, culturally etc. This is why foreign women are supposedly so “nice” with their new American boyfriends/husbands, because the bitch is dying to get her hands on that greencard. Keep your sanity and most of all, logic and suspicion. Women’s motives for dating and fucking men are not our reasons for dating and fucking them. Simple as that.

  21. “Women themselves know their true nature, of course, and that is
    precisely why, deep down, so many of them cannot stand other women. The
    hatred women have for one another isn’t just about competition: they
    also know very well just how worthy of contempt—how utterly fake and
    untrustworthy—their fellow women are.”
    That reminds me of something I read years ago: that a woman police officer is much more likely to be physically assaulted by another woman than by a man. Apparently, the attacking female is thinking something like, “You don’t fool me by playing dressup in that uniform, you bitch”.

    1. It’s also because unlike what the harpies would have you believe when they scream about ‘rape culture’ and all that bullshit, men are programmed to be far less violent with women than with other men. You know, things like every little boy being told over and over “you must not hit a girl”.

    2. More likely because men are afraid of hitting women, yes, even male criminals it seems.

  22. All great pleasures in life are fit with a trap to ruin you:
    food= Obesity
    alcohol=aged liver
    drugs= aging, suicide, depression,brain shrinkage
    money=superiority complex and god syndrome
    Materialism= repulsion
    Rock music= deafness
    Steroid/gym addiction = bald, small ballzac
    Speed = death by accident
    So what are we to do? Avoid all these and not live?

    1. yeah add:
      Knowledge= misanthrophy, avoidance, dissatisfaction, unmet expectations. Wisdom is a pleasure that hurts too!

    2. And you failed to mention the most important of all… women. Women=Misery

    3. Quality and dosage. When you get it right, you can instead have:
      The right food = health, fitness and satisfaction.
      Moderate alcohol (glass or two of red wine) = enjoyment and health benefits.
      Wooing the right women the right way = excitement, sexual bliss, drive to improve yourself.
      Drugs = sometimes necessary and life saving depending on how they are used. I’m certainly thankful for antibiotics, anesthetics etc.
      Money = freedom to live how you want.
      Rock music = expression, excitement, a whole world of emotions. Any sound or noise that is too loud for too long can damage your hearing. But any music you love enjoyed the right way will greatly enrich your life.
      Gym / training = train the right way for you in the right amount, don’t use dangerous drugs and reap lifelong physical and mental benefits.
      Speed / danger = while being reckless is stupid and foolhardy, a judicious amount of calculated risks is often the spice of a life well lived.
      Whether something will be good or bad for you, all depends on your judgement and wisdom in how you approach it.

  23. Dear Jesus,
    As I lay me down to sleep, I’d like to thank you for making me 6’1″ and handsome.
    I’d also like to say that I am quite angry at you for the following things:
    1) You let western women get out of control
    2) You make life a living hell for short / ugly / unattractive men
    3) You make women crazy and promiscuous
    4) You actually don’t listen to my prayers….
    I tried for many years to find a nice girl in America. They usually just wanted to fuck and then drink some more and make out with their girlfriends, not give me a nice family of little blonde kids. It’s their fault they didn’t keep me.
    I live in a foreign country and am married to a nice foreign gal. However I know that my kids are going to either suffer in racist Amerika or live the rest of their lives in the ever expanding third world that will eventually engulf the tiny, miniscule birth rate in the west.
    My life was supposed to be happy and easy? Why am I so fucking depressed to walk around any major city in the US? What is going on in the world, for Christ’s sake?

    1. Luke 13:23-28
      King James Version (KJV)
      23 Then said one unto him, Lord, are there few that be saved? And he said unto them,
      24 Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able.
      25 When once the master of the house is risen up, and hath shut to the door, and ye begin to stand without, and to knock at the door, saying, Lord, Lord, open unto us; and he shall answer and say unto you, I know you not whence ye are:
      26 Then shall ye begin to say, We have eaten and drunk in thy presence, and thou hast taught in our streets.
      27 But he shall say, I tell you, I know you not whence ye are; depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity.
      28 There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when ye shall see Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and all the prophets, in the kingdom of God, and you yourselves thrust out.

  24. Jesus H. Christ, how bad can it be in the US that good looking, tall guys are having to go to third world countries to get married? Or are marrying colored women? I mean, can someone confirm, I’ve been out of the US for a long time, but I remember leaving for a reason, it was like a spiritual suicide for me; but can someone remind me, what percent of American women are that bad? Surely there are some good women, right?
    Most of us (even shorter or less attractive guys) would have been married before we even fuckin’ matriculated to university (actually, fuck university, most of us would have been employed in high value trades), if we were born 100 years ago.
    Nowadays dudes that would have been prime catches 100 years ago are drifting around aimlessly knocking up little brown Thai chicks. The fuck?

    1. I mean, people say, focus on making money, and then what?
      You got all the money, throw on a fitted shirt, get drunk, fuck some slut, then what? That’s life for us?
      Find God, niggas. If you don’t, then I don’t know what to tell ya.
      Don’t have kids, I guess.
      Being a beta tard might be better than being an alpha stud. At least beta tards have dreams and hopes n shit.

  25. “NO! Reason is irrelevant here”
    Reason is particularly relevant here. Treating women as if they are men is irrational. It’s like throwing a cat a stick and expecting it to fetch. Refusing to see things as they are is unreasonable.

  26. Great article. I’m 41 and still I get awesome advice from this site.
    On a side note, contrary game works in many other ways. Thing is, treat your prey with the opposite they expect, are used to, or even think they want. One thing that works for me most of the time is, when in gentlemen’s clubs, I treat dancers like real ladies and talk to them about my real self, establish more eye contact that usual and the like… and they usually open up to me and sometimes give me freebies (sit on my lap, kisses, tell me not to tip her, and in most extreme cases a free ONS). Obviously this works because they’re used to be treated like mindless sluts.

  27. Dude, excellent article and absolutely true. I remember a time before I found the manosphere I was beginning to grope through the dark the nebulous abstraction we now call the red pill. I discovered that treating women with indifferent contempt was the most effective way to have get them to have sex with you. I even settled on a particular word that I wanted to emphasize: “detached.” When a woman I had slept with said (not making this up) “your just so… detached” it took all the self discipline I could muster to not pump my fist in triumph. They are contemptible but alas, we are driven by the need to fill those holes…

  28. I have always exercised contrary game, and it really works wonders.
    One instance:
    In college, I was in a project group with two guys and a nine. I didn’t know anything about game back then. I just assumed that if I acted uninterested while the other two guys spent the entire group meetings hitting on her then I would be the desired male. It worked. I started bumping into her at bars and talking to her. She would ask me which of the two guys she should bang, and I would always say “both, at the same time”. We started hooking up, and I ended up using her as bait to suck in a girl I was more interested in.

    1. This type of scenario didn’t work for me. At that age it’s more about looks. I would bet you were better looking than the other two guys and I’d probably win that bet. If you were a nerdy looking dork your aloof game wouldn’t have gotten you anywhere.

  29. Great article. I especially agree with the final paragraph, i.e. that women (Latin America, Middle East, and other) are far more receptive to being treated nicely than our beserk females in the West and English-speaking world.

  30. Great article. Very well put in to words. Its good to read things like this and recallibrate yourself and put yourself in check. Im in a LTR but I still try to use a lot of these very usefull and universal (for western women)concepts. I try to adapt most of the tenets of game to LTR. Of course you have to open up more than you would with regular game mentallity but the basics run true especially being reminded of keeping some distance. I try to do utilize most of the basics of game like be dominant, demand respect, call her out on her bullshit, keep it fun, try new things new places to go and eat, rock her world in bed etc.. but ALWAYS keep a level of allofness and a sense of distance. The great line in this is ” So, women want what they don’t have. A related truth is this: that once they have it, they often don’t want it anymore—and this too is consistent with the nature of desire: fickle, fleeting, insatiable, and delusive.”
    My girlfriend has been trying to get me to move in with her. As much as it would make life easier having sharing responsibilities and lower overhead and of course sex whenever I want it. I know deep down that living seperately is the key ingredient of physical and emotional distance the real glue that keeps the relationship from getting stale. ” I gave women nothing to pursue: it was like walking into the casino and winning a big hand in minutes—where was the fun in hanging out to play for the night?”
    Theres nothing to persue if its right in front of her all the time! Always keep them persuing. Never let them feel they got what they wanted and theres no longer a challenge.
    I liken women very much like cats and felines and I feel the same way with guys and dogs. Cats big and small will chase prey or a toy when it goes around the corner.Thats when they pounce..when its out of their line of sight. They NEVER go after the prey/toy when it’s right in front of them. As for guys, if you want straight up lifelong friendship and loyalty with no bullshit and games get a guy friend or a dog.

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