Larger Women Require Larger Game

Big girls need love too. Yet everyday, millions of BBWs (Big Beautiful Women) go to bed hungry and alone,  forced to please their starving vagina with corndogs. There just aren’t enough men out there that are hardy enough for the big girls. If you describe yourself as adventurous guy that loves extreme sports and challenges, consider the ultimate challenge: hunting down the largest game in the land! The big wild beasts that roam the vast American wastelands are the allegorical descendants of the buffalo that once roamed the great plains. You need Big Game to take out the Big Game.

Big Game is a dangerous business.

But this danger is what makes it so exciting. It’s nothing short of an adrenaline rush when I stuff my big black cock in a BBW’s soft, cellulite riddled ass. It feels like splitting a giant stump with an ax; and If I manage to find that hole, it cracks and bleeds, it’s like discovering a lost pirate booty (pun intended). Anyway, despite the softness of a BBW’s ass, even I have to keep my guard up to avoid injury. If you have a small build or a small cock, basically if you’re an Asian/Jewish guy, then forget it—not trying to sound racist here, just how it is. You have to have the equipment for the job. By equipment I mean much more than just a huge cock. You’ve gotta be built like Hercules with the will and stamina of a slave.

If you have a good robust frame, get your ass in the gym and lift HARD.

I recommend dead lifting a few hundred pounds, as this best simulates the doggy style position with a BBW. Remember, you have to beat that pussy like you’re in the UFC, and every fighter knows the battle is won in the gym. Gotta pump yourself up before you pump it in a rotund marshmallow-hoe like Lindy West. You’ll need every muscle fiber you can muster to lift and grease every slab, so lift hard.

McDonald's game

When it comes to approaching, you must have a Big Game plan in place that builds attraction.

My strategy is to follow them from behind, within earshot, until they fart. Everyone farts, but BBWs do so with greater frequency and intensity because their intestines are larger, so there’s more gas build up and pressure. Once the fart is released, this is the green light to approach. My typical approach is to walk up to her and immediately take the blame, smiling as I fan it away from her and saying something like, “Excuse me baby, my bad. I’m here to rescue you from myself.”

What’s so clever about this move is that it’s not just an excuse to approach, but it’s also a Neg and a Demonstration of Higher Value all in one. At first she feels insecure because she knows she’s the one that farted, but then I spin it around by taking the blame and helping her deal with it. This shows her that I’m a gentlemen, and makes it easier for me to move to the comfort building stage. Later when we’re in the bedroom, I’ll reuse this gambit again to start a farting contest, because it’s also a great way to get her to remove her pants.

Always remember to smile throughout the process. It works wonder for me at least, because there’s nothing brighter than a black man’s smile.

BBW in a wheelchair with a Big Game man

Next we have logistics, which is mandatory in Big Game.

If your logistics aren’t planned out right, even a measly 170 pound girl will get tired of walking and complain about it, collapsing before you can get her to your sex location. You have to circumvent this with meticulous planning. This requires taking into account every nearby elevator and ramp, because you want to get your BBW into a wheelchair as quickly as possible. Walking is tiring work for heavier women, so it’s important to allow them to reserve their precious energy for sex. Invest in a good, sturdy extra large wheel chair. You can never get one that’s too big, and a wheel chair that’s too small will just make her feel fat. When you pull out a wheelchair for thicker women, they’re always impressed that you were thinking of them.

feed your bbw

Last but not least, you gotta feed your bitches.

This isn’t as simple as you’d think, as a lot of amateur chubby chasers make the mistake of feeding their BBW with junk food too early in the game. BBWs are constantly hungry and easily seduced by food, and any skilled Big Game player knows how to use food as bait. He doesn’t ruin his game plan by feeding them too early, because a BBW that’s not hungry is a BBW that won’t give good head. Also, a quick breakfast in bed is all the plausible deniability she needs to rationalize a trip to your place, especially if that breakfast involves double-fudge ice cream with pancakes, and a healthy side of Big Black Cock.

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157 thoughts on “Larger Women Require Larger Game”

  1. Depends on what you mean by BBW. If she’s twice my weight, I’ll be concerned. I don’t want to be crushed in the bedroom.

      1. Haha. I know you’re not actually a woman, just a guy trolling for fun. That’s cool. But you detract from people like me who are morbidly obese (or so my “doctor” says) who get assurances each and every day from the media and social networks how beautiful they really are.

        1. Ah, I think I’m in love. Are you fat or slim? I only go for slim and athletic guys who know how to handle me.

        2. I know you’re not a woman, you’re a guy who’s trolling for fun. Even if you were a woman, I have a girlfriend.

        3. Don’t side-step the question. Are you slim and athletic? I’m asking because I’ve always wanted to have a three-way with another real woman.

        4. Well, that’s a stupid reason to ask. I will never understand why a three-way has any appeal to anyone.

        5. Well, you would have had the chance to find out but since I realised you’re a hypocrite loser (see, I can learn) I’m not interested any more. Good luck with your life, asshole.

        6. Yes, he admitted to being a man who “loves” big women. He’s full of shit. He only loves big women who are sleeping with him and looks down on the rest of us.

        7. Yeah, there’s always that danger of suffocating in your sleep stuck between two big beautiful women. That would be a sucky way to go…

        8. Beautiful Woman, if you’re not a troll (which is highly unlikely), please check yourself. Reread. Rethink.
          ElectricFire, if you are not a troll, good on you for standing against these bullies. I hope you and your girlfriend have a happy life together.

    1. Fat women are gorgeous. Shame on you for not finding a filthy slut that has slept with over 60 men and is over 300 pounds to be unattractive. If you don’t find fat and ugly women with bitter personalities to be attractive then you are a misogynist.l We need feminism for people like this.

      1. who said they were ugly, or that they slept with 60 men, or that they had bitter personalities? all they said was fat… there are some beautiful fat women and some ugly ones, just like all women.

    2. “The big wild beasts that roam the vast American wastelands are the allegorical descendants of the buffalo that once roamed the great plains”

    3. “The big wild beasts that roam the vast American wastelands are the allegorical descendants of the buffalo that once roamed the great plains”

  2. Disgusting. Your arguments fall flat, like the horizontal slab of flab you call their stomach.

    1. Well, that’s one way to relive the infamous Fastnet race — those whales will drag your craft so hard that you’ll have to unfurl the mast or risk losing it.
      I wonder if Lloyd’s of London offers insurance for “large whale captures” — you know, just in case you go full Ishmael …

      1. And what do you know, she isn’t blowing you and your tiny penis. I know guys like you aren’t able to handle real women like me so you try to shame them. We all know, secretly, deep down you’d kill to get as much attention as we do. You should see my Facebook account.

        1. Facebook: where people who can’t hack it in real life retreat to play pretend in the virtual world.
          Anyway, not to be overly mean. But the whole “fat women are REAL women!” tripe has begun to wear a little thin. That’s kind of like saying fat men are “REAL” men because they took the time to make themselves… um… fat, or fat babies are “REAL” babies because they can’t put down the pizza box. It doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense.

      1. You already pretty much have. You’re the one who’s been brainwashed by gay men to like women who don’t look like women.

    1. On the Internet no one knows you’re a dog.
      All I can see of you is text on my monitor screen. All I know of you is your mind as revealed by your words. So rest assured, it is your mind, and your mind alone, that repulses me.

    2. I agree. ALL women are beautiful. Yes, my doctor claims I’m “morbidly obese” but what does he know, I get plenty of attention from guys on Facebook.

    1. The word beautiful means something exceptional. There is nothing impressive about obesity, it is the exact opposite of beautiful. That said, there may be a fat woman out there, an “exception” if you will, that is beautiful. Calling “fat women” in general “beautiful” however, is utterly retarded.

      1. Wrong. It is the exact definition of beautiful. Beautiful fat women are not the exception, they are the norm. Beautiful thin women, however, are the exception.

        1. No one’s this misguided. You trollin’ too, ain’tcha, son?
          ARE THERE NO TRUE FAT SUPPORTERS ON THIS SITE? Where’s Social Kenny when you need him?

      1. No blameshifting here. You should be ashamed of yourselves for insulting women for looking how they are supposed to look.

        1. I agree. Many guys laugh at me and my mobility scooter but you should see my Facebook account!

        2. Why are you calling me stupid? I thought you liked real women. Mobility scooter or not, I’m beautiful inside and out. I actually call it my nobility scooter since I expected to be treated like a queen. 🙂

        3. You’re not fooling anyone into thinking you’re actually female. If you were a real woman, you wouldn’t be mentioning “mobility scooter” in every post. You’re just another fool on here trying to mock big women.

        4. How dare you! There is nothing wrong with mobility scooters. OKAY? I am proud of who I am. You say you love big woman but I see double-standards. You’re nothing but a hypocrate. Looser.

        5. You misspelled both hypocrite and loser, and I know enough big women to know that they don’t talk the way you do.

        6. So because I’m not the world’s best speller you think it’s okay to put me down. You’re just an asshole. I’ve dated guys like you, you say you love me for who I am then slowly chip away at my confidence till I’m a shell of my former self. Shame on you. And to think I thought we might be on the same wave-length.

        7. No, I think it’s okay to put you down because you’re a guy pretending to be a woman.

        8. I’m done talking to you. You are a hypocrite, loser and probably have a small penis. Good luck with your life. Loser.

        9. You didn’t call me out. Loser. You look down on beautiful women who “happen” to drive mobility scooters. What does that make you? A hypocrite. A small dicked hypocrite.

        10. No, I don’t. I called you out for pretending to be a woman in order to mock them, which you proved with several of your other posts. I know several beautiful women who happen to drive mobility scooters. You’re not one of them. You’re a man who’s trying to act like your warped view of women.

        11. Oh, so women who drive mobility scooters are warped in the head now? You are really starting to disgust me. No wonder your girlfriend won’t have sex with you. Who could blame her.

        12. Go jerk off to your skinny porn, loser. I am happy with every inch of me and real men are happy with me too and don’t put me down and make me feel like shit just so that they can try and assert their dominance over me. It must be so sad being you, unable to accept that someone on a mobility scooter would be happy with themselves. I hope you enjoy dying alone.

        13. You’re fooling nobody. I’ve already stated I know several women who use mobility scooters and are quite happy with themselves. You gave yourself away by referencing mobility scooters and Facebook whenever you could. A real woman wouldn’t talk like that. You’re a man trying to use this name to mock actual women, and it’s pathetic.

        14. No, you know what’s pathetic? a virgin who can only settle for a fat chick (who he hasn’t even fucked) stating that he likes fat chicks when everyone here knows that’s all he can get. Talk about a LOOOOOOSSSEEERRRRR.

        15. Hell, if I were in that position I’d be tempted to drive my mobility scooter off the cliff.

  3. I don’t know how you can keep up up, brah.
    Seriously, one fat roll and my dick recedes into my body like a scared turtle into its shell.

    1. Nigel “Big Game” Davis likes big butts and he cannot lie.
      You other brothers can deny, but when that BBW gets in his face he gets SPRUNG!

  4. Treat everyone like a human, and don’t shit on the self-delusion of other people. Being efficient at ‘cutting through the bullshit’ means you’ll be extra efficient at cutting away your own. Good luck with getting old.

    1. Me giving in to the self-delusion of other people ends when an assault on pragmatism begins. And, I’m aging just fine.

  5. I’m 23, 5’6, and weigh 280 lbs.
    I’m a pretty awesome, contributing member of society. I take care of my friends, many male, and do my best to help people out when I can without expecting something back. I do good work at my company. I pushed forward a small project that everyone else was hesitant to take because I thought it had potential, and as a direct result we were given a much larger one which more than paid for the initial leap of faith. My boss appreciates my work, and gives me raises every 3 months or so. and I’m paid more than many graduates. I work part time, even though I’ve overloaded my semester (7 courses). My GPA is over 3.0.
    I’m actively trying to lose weight, and accept that being overweight is generally unattractive. During the summers I work out at least 3 times a week, but I do gain some back during semesters. I always eat gluten free, and avoid sugar/generally unhealthy things most of the time, but not always. None the less, I take responsibility for being this way. I am obese.
    I’m pretty darn’ awesome, and I think you all are probably awesome too. And I think you, yes you right there leaning your head on your left hand, have the capacity to make reasonable decisions about how to treat people.

    1. If you are actively trying to be less fat then that is very different to fat girls who are not.

      1. Of course, for women, ‘actively’ can mean going on some random fad diet, jogging 1x a week, and then crying over not being able to lose weight over a tub of ice cream.

    2. I was leaning my head on my left hand while I read this haha. Look girl you’re unattractive and unhealthy. We’re fighting back against the culture that sees this form as desirable or ok. Try fucking harder to lose the weight that is all.

    3. I hope you read this: here’s how you get it off and keep it off for good. Go get starting strength or stronglifts 5×5, and do it 3 times a week. Build muscle and eat less, with more protein in your diet, and the fat will come right off. Use common sense. Carbs= bad. Fat= a little better, but not great. Protein= awesome! Just do it. You’ll thank me a few months from now when you’re 40 pounds lighter.

    4. 3 times per week, for only 3 months of the year = 36 workouts per year = 1 workout every 10 days.
      just give up already.
      at least you have a good GPA, i know that’s what i look for in a girl.

    5. Hey Sarah,
      Why are you even reading this?
      These men (the writer included) and total idiots and you dont need to justify yourself to anyone.
      You are great – smart, caring, and outspoken, the only thing wrong is that you read filth like this.
      Stop looking at these websites and go do something fun! You dont need to prove anything to these idiots (and only an idiot would write things like this and ridicule women in this way). Real men dont need game – they are attractive to women just the way they are. Its the losers of the world that need to actively try to seek women out (just to fuck them) as no one is willing to actually do it without being ‘conned’ into it.
      Good job on trying to lose weight, just do it for yourself – to be healthy!

      1. And don’t forgot the spandex selfies on Instagram after your “grueling” hour of yoga followed by a fifteen-minute cardio session with a quip to the effect of “I live in the gym!”, Sarah! We’re all rooting for ya!

      2. Why are you even reading this ? And what the hell is wrong with seeking out women to fuck !? And why do you feel the need to insult other people ? To each their own I guess…

  6. Satire or not, only a black guy could have written this article. And thank god for them and their chubby chasing ways, 40 year old fat and recently divorced women know that if all else fails they can always settle for a blackie.

        1. Why would I do that? I’ve only dated big women because I have no interest in thin women. I’m PROUD that I haven’t settled for a thin woman.

        2. Or… that’s all you can get. Hmmm. Fat and smelly and have to wipe their asses for them, or slim, toned and athletic. Decisions, decisions.

        3. No, that’s all I’m interested in. I have had several thin women want to date me. I don’t find them attractive. Slim, toned and athletic does nothing for me. Women are meant to be bigger. If her hygiene is lacking, of course that’s a turn-off. But a big woman who takes care of her body, such as my girlfriend, is drop dead gorgeous.

        4. “Girlfriend.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Look, just ’cause you found a beached whale and made it wet a couple of times (with a pale of water) doesn’t make it your girlfriend.

        5. Hahahahahahahaha. Wow, you don’t know shit. I could go through my list of achievements but I’ll just start at the top – There was this girl in a red dress, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen her if you saw a certain movie with Keanau Reeves (forget how to spell his name – he was a bit of an asshole btw).

        6. Well, if that’s the best you’ve got, then you’ve just proven my point: my girlfriend is more beautiful than any woman you will ever date.

        7. If your girlfriend is fat, every girl I have ever so much as kissed is more beautiful than your trophy heffalump.

        8. Like I’d subject her to a group of idiots who think anything over 100 pounds is ugly? You guys can have your “women” who look nothing like women. I’m quite happy with my girlfriend.

        9. Hahahahahaha. Pic. Come on, man up. You say she’s beautiful, go on, prove it. Dare ya.

        10. Blinded by rose-tinted spectacles. Did she take your virginity? Do you get butterflies whenever the glass of water shakes?

        11. Not going to happen. You guys have proven that you wouldn’t know beauty if it was plastered on your website, so why bother?

        12. No, it couldn’t. Slim chicks will never be more beautiful than fat chicks. That’s just a simple fact.

        13. Really, all potential credibility has been lost because I’m a virgin? You did where I said girlfriend and not wife, correct? That I’m a virgin should have been implied.

        14. Not really, I fuck my girlfriends. Maybe that’s just me. You’re a virgin and therefore know nothing about women. Absolutely nothing.

        15. Only woman I will have sex with is the one I eventually marry, and not until then. And no, just because I’m a virgin doesn’t mean I know nothing about women. Actually, your comments here suggest I know much more about women than you.

        16. There’s nothing to try. I’ve had opportunities to lose it. I’m not interested until the night of my wedding. If you’ve lost it without getting married, I pity you.

        17. Whatever makes you happy. I personally wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I had sex before marriage.

        18. Dude, you’re screwing fatties. Fat women and thin women are disgusting. Average sized women look ok. Thick women (average to slightly bigger – waist to hip ratio of .65 or lower) are incredible. They have the most estrogen, and they’re the healthiest. They age well too. Sophia Loren was thick. Fat women already look old, and skinny girls look dead. Average girls are healthier than both, but not as healthy as the thick girls. Of course, there’s the even rarer bird of the athletic thick woman. They tend to live in Brazil- I think they’re the best, but to each his own. I find this article disturbing. I would like to see a post on how to get with thicker women faster though- if only because they either have really high or really low self-esteem and it’s hard to screen.

    1. Sad but true. I’m Black, I hate fat chicks, and I’m trying to convince my Brothers to stay away from the fatties.
      Better to be celibate than pork porkers. White guys have all of the luck, so they can take out the trash too. “We are lazy”, so let’s not do the chore, particularly given that there is no reward for it.

  7. I’m pretty sure the author is serious, in which case, I say… enjoy, brother.
    And also, a reminder – your 10 is not necessarily another man’s 10.

  8. Diabetes is so attractive! Heart disease is such a turn on, stomach and bowel problems really do it for me. Cellulite, now man that gets the blood pumping! Big is beautiful!

  9. To each his own, I guess. A buddy of mine used to enthusiastically tell me about going “hawg hunting”, but those big beautiful women just don’t do it for me. Article cracked me up, though.

    1. Normally, going “hawg hunting” means 1) procuring material for fresh pulled pork, or 2) looking for a good Harley to buy.

      1. Normally, yes. Abnormally, it means going to a bar or elsewhere with the express intention of finding a fat girl to fuck.

  10. some guy wrote, ‘he’d rather go gay then have sex with a fat girl.’ HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yea right! Let’s see how you feel after being on a naval vessel for 6 months surrounded by men. You’ll run and dive into the fat arms of that drunk hog sitting alone at the bar. I’ve seen plenty of Marines claim to have ‘standards’. The moment they get onshore and get a few beers in them, they want to poke anything with a gash.

    1. Unfortunately, you’re right. Towns near army bases are full of fat chicks who understand this.

  11. EWWWWWWW……fat women have no respect for themselves being so fat…instead their egos are too blind to see how much of a bad thing.

  12. Their intestines are larger? I think you need to revisit physiology. Weigh gain doesn’t make your intestines grow.

  13. Vegetables create gas, so it would follow that vegetarians create more gas (and awful, foul stuff it is, too), and vegetarians are often thinner. Your logic is flawed, but that’s not really much of a surprise.

  14. Where the heck do people get the idea that able-bodied fat women don’t like to walk? It’s walking. It’s fun, it’s practical, and it’s cheap. And frankly, it’s also a quiet way of schooling people who see my size and draw conclusions about my fitness levels.

  15. My vagina has never eaten a corndog, you small-dicked, insecure fucks. I’ve been happily married for almost 10 years.

    1. Corndog-cooch activity confirmed!
      Morbid obesity confirmed!
      Gotta love it when humor like this cuts deep, huh?

      1. It doesn’t cut deep, you jackasshole. It just makes the people who write it and find it funny look like morons.
        But I get why men like you are afraid of fat women. You’re just afraid we make your small penises look even tinier. It must suck to be so insecure.

    2. Corndog-cooch activity confirmed!
      Morbid obesity confirmed!
      Gotta love it when humor like this cuts deep, huh?

    1. Well said. 😉 I guess there should be micropenis shaming week. Women posting photos of men with pathetic penises.. 😉 Like pinky finger..

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