Why The Manosphere Doesn’t Need Anti-Semitism

Parts of the manosphere have long been preoccupied with questions about the role that Jews play in modern society.

  • “Why are so many of the most prominent feminists Jewish?”
  • “Why are Jews so prominent in academia?”
  • “Why are Jews so prominent in every facet of high-level professional life (law, medicine, media, etc)?”

It is not long after these questions are posed that discussions begin to get a bit more adversarial. Some go as far as to make absurd denials of the Holocaust’s occurrence, while others merely suggest a broader effort on the part of the united Jewish population to some mysterious and potentially harmful end (read: a Jewish conspiracy). Though many participants in these discussions seek to remain civil in their discourse, it is often not long before a number of anti-semitic voices begin to make themselves heard, backing their viewpoints with citations from the likes of David Duke and often damaging the legitimacy of the discussion beyond repair.


The manosphere doesn’t need that. Let’s take a second look at one of those questions:

“Why are jews so prominent in every facet of high-level intellectual and professional life (law, medicine, media, etc)?”

The answer to this one should seem obvious to many in the manospere, though ironically so. Denizens of the manosphere are not shy when it comes to discussions about IQ, its variations in different population groups, and the influence that said variations allegedly have on the respective roles that these population groups play in society. When it comes to certain minorities (blacks in particular), IQ takes on a prominent role in many a manosphere discussion, serving as a primary justification for arguments that stand against interracial unions, mass immigration, and integration. Many simply take it as a given that differences in group IQ (as measured by a host of studies on the matter) lead to differences in group outcomes. It is the difference in group IQ, they posit, that provides most of the impetus for socio-economic distinctions between some groups in western countries (ex: whites and blacks).

The studies used to substantiate the existence of these group IQ differences, however, do not merely speak of whites, blacks, and hispanics. Many go into plenty of detail with regard to the IQ of the Ashkenazi Jewish population, and have concluded that it is very high. Those who trust these studies and their conclusions about various group IQs are often the same individuals who ask the kind of questions posed at the beginning of this article: “Why are jews so prominent in every facet of high-level intellectual and professional life (law, medicine, media, academia, philosophy, etc)?”


When asked similar questions about the role of, say, blacks and hispanics in American society relative to American whites, they do not hesitate to point to IQ (the allegedly lower black and hispanic group IQ ostensibly explaining most of the socio-economic gap between these groups and others). The same urgency is not applied to questions about Jews. Instead, comment sections and forums in the manosphere that touch on the subject devolve into long discussions about Jewish conspiracies. Those who believe in the power of IQ as a determinant of outcome take it as a valid explanation for why some groups are in certain positions (they’re where they “should” be), but do not accept it as an explanation for why other groups are in other positions (must be a “conspiracy”). Why is this?

I have my own questions about the extent to which IQ can be used to make such broad conclusions about different groups (read: I’m skeptical), but I’ll leave those for another article. Suffice it to say that if you are someone who does not have those reservations and generally accepts the notion that IQ explains the bulk of the socio-economic circumstances that certain groups face across the globe today, then you should have no problem accepting the notion that IQ explains the prominent position Jews occupy in modern intellectual, political, and economic life. There should be no “conspiracy” in your eyes and no need for anti-semitic musings about united Jewish plotters scheming to destroy western society.


That brings me to another reason why the anti-semetic perspectives (along with their anti-nonwhite counterparts) in the manosphere should be left behind. The entire mission of ROK is to guide and encourage men in relation to the process of self-improvement. That means aiding men in taking close looks at themselves, identifying their faults, mercilessly eliminating said faults, and rebuilding themselves in a superior form that can yield superior social, financial and romantic results.

This is a long, difficult process that can only be slowed by placing undue focus on adversarial blame games levied at other people. I once wrote about how black America has predicted our future, and I believe such a sentiment is applicable here as well.


The African-American community spends an inordinate amount of time and energy discussing the white man and how much of their predicament is to be blamed on him. This has, in my estimation, had serious consequences on that population’s advancement. So much energy is spent directing anger and suspicion at white people suspected of racism that some genuine problems within the black community go overlooked, passed on in favor of issues that fall in line with the adversarial mindset inherent to the racial blame game. Time, energy and money that could be spent on the substantive improvement of the broader community is instead spent on the maintenance of this suspicion. The consequences of this are substantial, and the entire community pays a heavy price.

The readers of ROK and sites like it should not seek to emulate this example. ROK’s mission is one for men of all colors, religions and ethnicities. The division of those men into different factions in constant tension with one another can only hamper the progress any of them make on the road to self-improvement. The energy that these groups (all of which consist of men united in their concern with self-improvement first and foremost, but possibly divided by race or ethnicity) spend on one another is energy that doesn’t go toward true self-improvement, and that is no good for anybody. Roosh recently lamented some of the ongoing trends in the manosphere:

The manosphere used to be full of Biggies and Tupacs—now everyone is tripping over themselves to be Drake, blogging and commenting in the hopes they may get laid. (I apologize in advance to the large number of neo-Nazis in the manosphere for comparing them to a man of non-Aryan race.) It’s hard for me to accept that the manosphere is well on its way to becoming a match.com for old people who hate blacks.

…and, apparently, Jews too. A look at many of the comment threads here at ROK and elsewhere would indicate that Roosh is right to be concerned.


It is in the interest of every young male truly interested in self-improvement to combat these trends. When the energy you spend on others is redirected toward the enhancement of your own being, good things happen.

983 thoughts on “Why The Manosphere Doesn’t Need Anti-Semitism”

    1. This is not a religious discussion, its about a race and his participation in the trends that are destroying us.
      Esto no es una discusion religiosa, es acerca de una raza y su participacion en las corrientes que nos estan destruyendo.

  1. I would never deny Ashkenazi Jews having a high IQ and it being part of the reason for them being in the positions they are but I don’t believe that’s the main reason. Whites might be pretty smart but they’re also most prone to individualism–division. Ashkenazi Jews are the opposite. They’ve almost been artificially selected to be smart and work together. They are very efficient at networking all around the world with each other, watching each other’s backs.
    So, no, I don’t think IQ is the main reason, even though it’s usually the only reason ever put forward. Tribalism seems like a way stronger force here.

    1. Nepotism/tribalism is a rampant, unchecked and largely un-researched force in the world.
      IQ above a certain level is almost meaningless, effort utilizing that brainpower matters more.

      1. yea i have met people that score top of their class, and lack all the common sense in the world. they can’t even change a light bulb, or put a screw in the wall. even with their high-degrees and ability to retain information falls short of a self-reliant industrious person.

      2. IQ matters to a certain level, beating your kid’s ass matters more.
        Compare Asian parenting with Liberal WASP parenting and you’ll see why Asians do better. It has little to do with 5 messily IQ points.
        WASP Mom: “C-, as long as you tried your best”
        Asian Mom: “A-? *smack, smack,smack* go commit seppuku”

        1. That’s true, but theories state that the Asian parents’ behavior leads to the raising of beta males. Of course, WASP mom’s methods could lead to betas of a different type, especially if a dosage of feminism is mixed in.

    2. Yes ^^^ Jews are an organization. Judaism inc. They network. Often only do business with other Jews. Similar to other ethnic groups like Greeks, Lebanese …

      1. while fiercely shaming whites when they attempt to do the same thing, passing laws to outlaw our right to free association.

    3. You got it. It’s a club and they help their own, and where there aren’t any of their own to help, they’ll help whomever will benefit them the most. IQ doesn’t mean shit; it’s all connections.
      My ex and her friends went to university with a Russian Jew. They remember him as being a slacker and not getting the best of grades, but now he’s one of the main men in Gazprom. They said he got his position through Jewish connections, but then that’s from the mouths of Orthodox Christian Russians, which are hardly unbiased. lol. With the new Putin soft-dictatorship Russia though, I’m not sure if he still has that job. 😛
      Also, my Russian ex’s ex boyfriend’s father is a successful businessman/politician in his little tiny part of Russia and she said he got his start thanks to a Jew.

    4. The word isn’t “smart”.
      More accurate would be “cunning”, “misleading” and “deceitful”. Take Costa Rica for example.
      “Hey dudes, there’s an easier way to get your beans down the mountain to your ships. We’ll build you a railroad. Some peeps at a bank in London have the dough to bum you, so we good? If you default, we’ll just jack-you-up for the land near the railroad – the most valuable land that’s been yours for hundreds of years. But don’t think about that right now, we’ve got some market manipulations to execute, a few false flags to implement, and a couple years to fuck your currency up real good. And don’t forget, we own all the newspapers in town anyway, so the locals won’t even know what the hell is going on.”
      Let’s also not forget the six million number was propagated pre-1910 in the New York Times and other major media across America, like a drumbeat. There are countless videos exposing this with actual newspapers, etc. The soulless propaganda is sickening. Whatever that crap is, it ain’t “smart”.

      1. I don’t understand this “high IQ” mantra. They’re not a even a race so any IQ findings would be irrelevant! As a group they might be highly motivated, highly confident or highly competitive due to cultural and religious influences. But you cant attribute intelligence to an ethno-cultural group.

  2. Small ethnic groups that were in exodus/danger through history were always prone to have strong, wealthy and influential diaspora, as a mean to help preserve them and fight for their interests versus much more powerful adversaries.
    Some examples: Israelis, Armenians, Albanians, Irish…

    1. would add: lebanese , greeks, Hindus…
      I went to Ghana (west africa) and ALL the building /construction outfits were run by Lebanese.

  3. How did I know this topic was going to be covered, especially with that last few posts being inundated with what Athlone is talking about.

  4. No one and no movement needs bigotry, just as you should never suffer fools. The other side to that sword is, when you begin defining what thoughts are and are not allowed, you destroy creativity.
    The balance allows the fool to make a fool of himself, but no further.

  5. Am I the only one that dosen’t see all the supposed masses of jews in high power positions? Pretty sure they’re still vastly outnumbered by christians/ other whites

  6. The reason there is a focus on Jews here is because so many prominent feminists were and are Jewish. Period. So it makes sense to look at the culture that spawned this — which affects us and is the reason we are here. Had they been Swedish or Catholic, we’d be looking into those cultures for answers. I don’t see it as anti-Semitic so much as anti-feminist — and those feminists happen to be of Semitic backgrounds. If we leave this out of our discussions it’s going to become an elephant in the room. I do agree that the racial discussions are useless, though.

    1. But people like ZombieShane really go overboard with it.
      It’s not vast conspiracy by the Jews to destroy all the white people. They are simply really smart and good economic competitors and they win in the game of business/politics a lot thus seeming like they have it in for the other guys. No more so than any other ethnic group.

      1. Yea that bet by Soros of a billion dollars before the US credit rating dropped gave him $10 billion in 4 hours was really smart. Almost as smart as breaking the British currency. Well it would be if insider trading didn’t exist. The creator of the Lutheran church explained how they took over banking in a book written in 1543

  7. I was going to write a long post citing history by I gots lazy the JEEEW! Trolling while entertaining for a while needs to stop.

  8. Jews like all other nationalities are equally fucked by our usury-dominated-economic-system.
    Sure – sometimes they are giving advantages to “their” own, since discrimination was rampant in many countries (1870s living in special districts in countries like Germany!, even in the US anti-semitism was seen even in the 1950s where country-club memberships were denied). They simply stuck together for those reasons as most minorities would do. And yes – many do have superior work-ethic, but so do many protestant groups as well as many Chinese or Japanese.
    Many bankers were historically Jewish, so that gives a tremendous clout in our economic system which is ruled by all who use usury to their advantage. But that does not mean that 95% of the Jewish people have much of an advantage because of it. They don’t – the anti-semitic propaganda simply does not meet truth there. Most of us are getting economically fucked by the system regardless of race or nationality.

  9. I have never understood why jew or jewish is always referred to as a nationality or race. It is a retarded belief system just like all of the other ridiculous religions. Is an atheist Israeli still a jew?

    1. It’s a cultural/religious diaspora and an ethnic group. If I’m not mistaken European Jews are more german than anything else.

      1. I was just giving an example and with that should have left my pointless religious snark comment out. It is just something I have never understood and found it funny on here because I was talking to my girlfriend about the same thing yesterday.

      2. You’re mistaken. Jewish is both a race and a religion. Ashkenazi Jews are mostly a mix of Middle Eastern and Italian descent. They have since become an isolated breeding group whose members share many unique genetic traits.
        Many have German-sounding last names because a large number of Jews settled there and took German-sounding last names. I say German-sounding because Jewish-German surnames are not traditional German surnames. They were made-up and often designed to be “pretty.” Hence why so many Jewish-German names revolve around gold, flowers, and mountains. e.g. Goldblum, Goldberg, Blumenthal, Steinberg, ect.

    2. They didn’t breed with the general population for a long time. Membership is generally based on birth, while most other religions recruit constantly

        1. nah, their paternal DNA is largely semitic or khazar, the maternal largely euro, mostly italian. Even so, they’ve been inbred for so long that they are definitely they’re own race, not european

        2. 85% of Ashkenazi Jews have Y-chromosomes that indicate Middle Eastern heritage, and around 60% have Mitochondrial DNA that does. There is no such thing as “Semitic” DNA though – Semitic is merely a language family.

      1. Yes, I agree. It’s what I meant but didn’t explain properly. They want patriarchy for themselves and don’t want to mix whilst many of them promote multi culti and what not. I see a bias there bynthe jew comunity.

  10. From a traditionalist Catholic….
    Anti-Semitism says that one is inferior due to DNA. Anti-Jewish, however, is perfectly understandable, and justifiable.
    A sharp division of religious worldview, too little discussed, arose with the total destruction of the Jewish Temple in 70 AD. At this date, those who built Western civilization – fusing the richness of Athens, Jerusalem, and Rome – were decisively separated in religious and political terms from the crushed revolutionaries and their revolutionary descendants. In short, no longer could a follower of Jesus of Nazareth claim the Jewish faith. From 70 AD, a reconstituted ethnic group claimed the title of “Jewish,” so much so that one could make an excellent case that Christianity is older than Judaism. It is the claim of Catholicism to be the continuation of Old Testament Jewish faith and practice in light of the dramatic change of “Jewish” faith and practice. And so (Apostolic) Christianity – the bedrock of Western civilization and the unifying force of European Christendom for over a millennium – is inherently at odds with “the Jews.”
    Anti-Semitism – a form of racism that states someone is of inherently inferior moral worth by reason of biology – is always contemptible. To be anti-Jewish, however, is defensible. In fact, it is necessary to be a Christian, because “Jewish” has come to mean a rejection of Logos (Christ). Second, it is a matter of empirical fact that those who define themselves as Jewish have been disproportionally involved in European revolutions, to the cause of much misery. This is because “Jewish” is a revolt against Christ, who is Logos, or Reason. Insofar as a piece of Western civilization retains or reflects a Christian ethos, spirit, inspiration, or character, this rejection will encourage some degree of enmity, one of an ancient and understandable theological source.
    Judaism is primarily an ethnic categorization of religion, which over time can and has evolved into a racial categorization given isolation and group in-breeding. There is much debate about what constitutes the definitions of Jewish, and many arguments are acceptable – except for the claims of Messianic Judaism. So the best definition of “Jew” is not racial, but theological. To be Jewish is to be anti-Logos, an explicit rejection of Christian life.
    From the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD, following the revolt against the Roman Empire, what emerged was Talmudic Judaism. This practiced as its chief organizing principle and defining characteristic the anti-Messianic. Christianity is therefore older than “Judaism,” and for Catholics their Catholicism is the legitimate continuation and fulfillment of ancient, sacrificial Jewish faith and practice. Only the Apostolic Christian faiths (Catholicism and Orthodoxy) have retained a temple, a sacrifice, and the priesthood, whose source and summit is the Eucharist, which is manna from heaven in fullest form (Christ). Catholicism rejects anti-Semitism, a position based on the biological reality of race, but it is inherently anti-Jewish because all of the many and varied theological claims of Judaism since the time of Christ have been anti-Christian.
    During the life of Jesus Christ, the definition of “Jew” was fundamentally altered. “Judeo-Christian” is a term that only makes sense for a few decades from the time of Christ until the ruin of the Temple, which was predicted by Jesus and detailed by St. John’s book The Apocalypse. As Jerusalem lay in ruins following the total defeat inflicted by Titus and the Roman army, an unbridgeable gap emerged among those who followed Christ and those who rejected Him while claiming they were still Jews. This gap will remain particularly acute for Catholics, who are required by the demands of their religion to understand themselves as the fulfillment of Old Testament promises.
    By rejecting Christ, the Savior of souls and leader of a heavenly kingdom who refused temporal glory, the newly-defined Jews embraced the revolutionary search for heaven on earth. This has been and will continue to be the root of much conflict and misery, particularly through the abuse of Eros. In reviewing this long and tragic history, several patterns are observable. These include the following points, all flowing from the rejection of Logos and the embrace of revolutionary, earthly manna as a source of salvation:
    -Jews tend to be hyper-ethnocentric.
    -Jews tend to have a highly evolved out-group animus.
    -Jews tend to advocate for cultural separation between themselves and the dominant majority.
    -Jews tend to view themselves as distinct from the dominant majority.
    -Jews tend to express a strong collectivist strategy, usually at odds with the dominant majority.
    -Jews tend to engage in the self-celebratory and the revolutionary.
    -Jews tend to be uneasy concerning research into genetics, though a biological inheritance underpins much that is considered “Jewish,” such as Zionism, birthright trips, and marriage.
    -Jews tend to have little respect for the dominant majority and their culture, and in some cases believe them to be pathological as compared to their own communities.
    In conclusion, there exists a collective liberal Jewish narcissism and a high value of “equality” and “freedom.” There is also the narcissism of viewing life through the filter of collective Jewish experiences and sensibilities. This is evident in tendencies toward neurotic anxieties, persecution complexes, and a weakness for “he-who-says-A-must-say-B” verbal logic. Among the most destructive examples of such collective narcissisms were terrorist activities against the monarchies of Europe, culminating in the profound evil of Bolshevism. Messianic universalism, in the form of various temporal enthusiasms across time and environment, is a consistent pattern. By rejecting Jesus as Logos – the Reason which underpins and explains creation – the embrace of the fruitless search for secular utopia is at once continuous, nihilistic, and anti-life. It is the endless debating society of Talmudic study.
    Anti-Semitism should be condemned forcefully, because all of humanity is of equal moral worth. Humans are inherently valuable by the virtue of their innate humanity, even as aptitudes and outcomes will vary wildly. However, chosen ethnic characteristics and the actions that follow deserve to be carefully studied. To be anti-Jewish is to reject the rejection of the most important aspect of human existence – Logos.

  11. I pretty much bash Anglo women all the time, even lazy and ghetto blacks and both rightfully so. However we mention the sharp Jewish disparity in feminism and now we are supposed to beat our chests with our fists in apologia? I don’t give a shit if a man criticizes blacks, because there are a lot of valid criticisms of the black community at large. Oh and let me put the cherry on top, groups DO exhibit group behavior! Oh yeah! It doesn’t mean everyone is a participant in shared behavior but life is a game of averages, not odds. Fuck this PC bullshit.

    1. Yes, but Jews are criticized for ruling the world, not robbing liquor stores.

      1. I fail to see a distinction in the evils portrayed.
        Anyone who wants power over you has serious mental problems, and should be watched carefully.
        Anyone who wants to steal from you likewise has serious mental problems and should be watched carefully.

      2. And both are valid criticisms. You won’t get me criticizing either claim. Stereotypes are based on perceived averages.

        1. Stereotypes can only live on as stereotypes if they are self evident and partly true, they are exaggerated by 80% though and the differences are very small between groups

        2. Not only that, but why do people pretend that exceptions don’t count?
          Many advancements in our history were achieved by those considered “outliers.” Were any of the great philosophers, scientists, musicians, artists, leaders, etc., common men?
          There’s a time and place to address “groups” of people, when the context calls for it. I wouldn’t however, throw the baby out with the bath water.

        3. All Jews where kicked out of England for the actions of one corrupt family like todays Soros/Madoff. If I was kicked out of 200+ bars across all cultures I might start to wander if was something I did. If I was kicked out of 200+ bars for something my cousin did I might criticize/ distance myself from him that Jews don’t do. Getting banished from 1 to 20 nations might have been anti-Semitism but 200+ not.

        4. 109
          Locations whence Jews have been Expelled since AD250
          YEAR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PLACE
          250 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Carthage
          415 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Alexandria
          554 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Diocese of Clement (France)
          561 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Diocese of Uzzes (France)
          612 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Visigoth Spain
          642 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Visigoth Empire
          855 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Italy
          876 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Sens
          1012 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Mainz
          1182 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – France
          1182 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Germany
          1276 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Upper Bavaria
          1290 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – England
          1306 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – France
          1322 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – France (again)
          1348 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Switzerland
          1349 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Hielbronn (Germany)
          1349 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Saxony
          1349 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Hungary
          1360 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Hungary
          1370 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Belgium
          1380 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Slovakia
          1388 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Strasbourg
          1394 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Germany
          1394 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – France
          1420 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Lyons
          1421 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Austria
          1424 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Fribourg
          1424 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Zurich
          1424 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Cologne
          1432 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Savoy
          1438 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Mainz
          1439 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Augsburg
          1442 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Netherlands
          1444 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Netherlands
          1446 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Bavaria
          1453 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – France
          1453 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Breslau
          1454 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Wurzburg
          1462 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Mainz
          1483 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Mainz
          1484 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Warsaw
          1485 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Vincenza (Italy)
          1492 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Spain
          1492 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Italy
          1495 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Lithuania
          1496 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Naples
          1496 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Portugal
          1498 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Nuremberg
          1498 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Navarre
          1510 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Brandenberg
          1510 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Prussia
          1514 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Strasbourg
          1515 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Genoa
          1519 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Regensburg
          1533 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Naples
          1541 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Naples
          1542 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Prague & Bohemia
          1550 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Genoa
          1551 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Bavaria
          1555 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Pesaro
          1557 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Prague
          1559 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Austria
          1561 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Prague
          1567 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Wurzburg
          1569 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Papal States
          1571 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Brandenburg
          1582 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Netherlands
          1582 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Hungary
          1593 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Brandenburg, Austria
          1597 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Cremona, Pavia & Lodi
          1614 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Frankfort
          1615 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Worms
          1619 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Kiev
          1648 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Ukraine
          1648 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Poland
          1649 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Hamburg
          1654 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Little Russia (Beylorus)
          1656 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Lithuania
          1669 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Oran (North Africa)
          1669 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Vienna
          1670 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Vienna
          1712 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Sandomir
          1727 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Russia
          1738 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Wurtemburg
          1740 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Little Russia (Beylorus)
          1744 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Prague, Bohemia
          1744 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Slovakia
          1744 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Livonia
          1745 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Moravia
          1753 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Kovad (Lithuania)
          1761 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Bordeaux
          1772 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Deported to the Pale of Settlement (Poland/Russia)
          1775 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Warsaw
          1789 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Alsace
          1804 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Villages in Russia
          1808 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Villages & Countrysides (Russia)
          1815 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Lbeck & Bremen
          1815 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Franconia, Swabia & Bavaria
          1820 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Bremen
          1843 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Russian Border Austria & Prussia
          1862 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Areas in the U.S. under General Grant’s Jurisdiction[1]
          1866 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Galatz, Romania
          1880s – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Russia
          1891 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Moscow
          1919 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Bavaria (foreign born Jews)
          1938-45 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Nazi Controlled Areas
          1948 — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Arab Countries
          It appears that either the entire world is congenitally anti-Semitic or there is something about the way Jews conduct themselves that elicits this response in their host societies.

        5. I’ll happily take the criticism for being too successful that it must be a conspiracy. I find it analogous to fat acceptance and fit shaming.

        6. If a woman came on here (before the reply ban anyway) and bitched about every man she ever dated treating her like shit, she would be told that the common denominator in all of your relationships is you.
          The same principle applies to The Tribe.

        7. Not true about the Jews though. Their average IQ is 115, which is generally a standard deviation above the mean. At my college, if you get a standard deviation above the mean on a test, it’s an A. Jews literally have an A student advantage over everyone else in the world. The only reason this doesn’t bother me is because even though I am black, I am smarter than the bulk of the Jews at my school. However, if I was dumber than even half of them here, I’d probably have something against them like a lot of guys on rok do.

        8. It has a lot more to do with acquired intellect through perseverance than anything else. The Red-Pill, which is supposed to represent the capable individually minded man sounds like a bunch of whimpering feminists on their topic.

        9. Try 108 for the non shepardics that came from the area of Germany/Poland and under 100 for the pre kazar jews.. Where are jews getting 115 from?

        10. I seriously doubt there is any statistically significant deviation. It is culturally induced. Most Americans are entitled and expect to be handed everything because of your nationality. Not so in Jewish families.

        11. source?gets wondering why they get kicked out, while the “violent and wild” gypsys whave not had this problem.

        12. Yeah I’m sure it’s very difficult to become a doctor or a lawyer in the USA if you’re a jew (LOL) I mean what with all the anti-semitism in those two fields. You really have to work hard for it (when all your uncles, cousins, and brothers work at the same law firms and hospitals). What a joke.

        13. i.e. Jewish success is because they are smarter and better, but White success is because they are evil, oppressive racists.

        14. This. And we are taught and supposed to believe that the Jews were kicked out of so many many countries in the past because people before now were really, really bad and evil and the poor Jews were just innocent victims who didn’t do anything to have brought that upon themselves.

        15. Of course they were driven out.
          Just as with Pol Pot’s regime in Cambodia – any time the genetically inferior realize the intelligent, the educated, and the ambitious have begun to pull away from them, they rally up together and murder them all to prevent their own DNA being made irrelevant by the proliferation of a superior strain.
          It’s simple selfish self-preservation.
          The Jews and the Han Chinese – the world’s two highest IQ races – are despised wherever they go, because they quickly start accumulating wealth, dismissing the old superstitions, and leaving their new neighbors in their dust with their cleverness and industriousness. They are the hard worker who joins the team of lazy and unproductive ones – before too long, the entrenched populace of lazy, unproductive workers – of whom there are almost always quite many – find a way to get the new hard worker who “doesn’t get it” fired and off the job to stop making them look bad and prevent him from stealing their promotions and drawing more good workers in who will do the same.
          Same as it is in black America, where someone who aspires to more than his station is called a sellout or taunted for going white if he values his education.
          Same as it is in rural parts of every country everywhere, where the intellectual and economic elite are viewed with suspicion and treated as enemies plotting to wipe out the lazy and the unmotivated.
          I faced the same thing growing up as a Celtic white male with a top 2.5% IQ in America – everyone has a mix of respect, fear, and envy for you when you can easily do what they cannot even with great struggle, and they know that your mind does not work the way theirs does, and that the diversions that so interest them hold little sway over you. While they want to swill beer and watch television and gossip, you want to build empires, and they fear you for it and hate you for it.
          Those who cannot and have not have always feared and will always fear those who can and who have. And if they start feeling like the gap between them has grown too large, they will rise up to destroy them – and due to the prolific breeding of the underclasses and the lower levels of reproduction of the intelligent and educated, there are almost always more of the former than there are the latter.

        16. Of course they were driven out.
          Just as with Pol Pot’s regime in Cambodia – any time the genetically inferior realize the intelligent, the educated, and the ambitious have begun to pull away from them, they rally up together and murder them all to prevent their own DNA being made irrelevant by the proliferation of a superior strain.
          It’s simple selfish self-preservation.
          The Jews and the Han Chinese – the world’s two highest IQ races – are despised wherever they go, because they quickly start accumulating wealth, dismissing the old superstitions, and leaving their new neighbors in their dust with their cleverness and industriousness. They are the hard worker who joins the team of lazy and unproductive ones – before too long, the entrenched populace of lazy, unproductive workers – of whom there are almost always quite many – find a way to get the new hard worker who “doesn’t get it” fired and off the job to stop making them look bad and prevent him from stealing their promotions and drawing more good workers in who will do the same.
          Same as it is in black America, where someone who aspires to more than his station is called a sellout or taunted for going white if he values his education.
          Same as it is in rural parts of every country everywhere, where the intellectual and economic elite are viewed with suspicion and treated as enemies plotting to wipe out the lazy and the unmotivated.
          I faced the same thing growing up as a Celtic white male with a top 2.5% IQ in America – everyone has a mix of respect, fear, and envy for you when you can easily do what they cannot even with great struggle, and they know that your mind does not work the way theirs does, and that the diversions that so interest them hold little sway over you. While they want to swill beer and watch television and gossip, you want to build empires, and they fear you for it and hate you for it.
          Those who cannot and have not have always feared and will always fear those who can and who have. And if they start feeling like the gap between them has grown too large, they will rise up to destroy them – and due to the prolific breeding of the underclasses and the lower levels of reproduction of the intelligent and educated, there are almost always more of the former than there are the latter.

        17. 1380,1744-Slovakia.What?There was no country named Slovakia in 1380 or 1744 mate.Awesome list really….

        18. This what?????? This is brilliant? This is interesting? This is relevant? This makes sense? I agree with this wholeheartedly? Nope, just “this.” Pick up a dictionary and stop using catch phrases that the masses use like “this” and maybe someone will take what you say seriously. Stupid sheep.

        19. “The Jews and the Han Chinese – the world’s two highest IQ races – are despised wherever they go, because they quickly start accumulating wealth, dismissing the old superstitions, and leaving their new neighbors in their dust with their cleverness and industriousness.”
          Reading this shit, is it hard to understand why the likes of this faggot were sent to gas chambers in a different era?

        20. “However, if I was dumber than even half of them here, I’d probably have something against them like a lot of guys on rok do.”
          I know I’m getting repetitive with my recommendations of holocaust against someof the commenters here, but can you blame me?
          I have an IQ of 129. I am smarter than the bulk of Jews as well. The reason why I “hate” them is because they are essentially blood suckers who pollute western civilization with ideas that are some of the most preposterous ever devised.
          Furthermore, just because YOU would be a petulant little shit in their position doesn’t mean they would as well.

        21. “If there is it is culturally induced. ”
          g isn’t culturally induced you shabbos goy.

        22. yep rank jealousy is the root of anti sematism….
          Good ‘ol jealousy nothing more. “It’s those Jews that keep me in my double wide”…

        23. You didn’t know that? The computer, the internet, modern weaponry, space travel, combustion engine, modern infrastructure, etc. etc. etc. evil racist whitey stole all these things from the superior intelligence jews and non-whites.

        24. 109 places that kicked out the Jews…. ok.
          Now, can you show me the list of any of these 109 countries which LONG TERM ACTUALLY GAINED FROM IT?
          A strategy was executed 109 times…. it didn’t help (long term) even one time… but the hamsters want to try it again!

        25. You’re just a jealous lower class illiterate loser. The people in my affluent area have an average IQ of 130 and that’s pretty damn high for an average. In the ‘hood it’s 85, Jews 115. Anyway that pretty much explains why we are who we are. But in addition to a higher IQ we have also inherited other beneficial traits necessary to be on the top in life. Intelligence is IQ PLUS a number of other traits. You need the IQ first though. These qualities are bred into people over generations after breeding with mates of similar quality. You ever hear of a person described as well bred? Know what it means?

    2. Part of the reason why we’re so predictable in this country is that we’re too often shamed into believing certain beliefs.

      1. We are NOT predictable, or we would already be licking boots. Try predicting the stock market and being a millionaire if humans are so damn predictable, hell since we’re all so predictable i guess you know exactly what to market to us. Load of crap, People do not get shamed into beliefs unless they are weak, and they are not or this kind of information would not be taking off lightspeed like a new information revolution where bs is no longer acceptable unless for entertainment

        1. We may all wear similar masks when out in public and share the same names and language and expressions, but we are all very different behind our closed doors, its all an illusion, although the 50% tax rate was pretty genius, however does not matter, corporations and businesses adapt to poorer populations by finding a way to make products more accessible and cheaper, so either way its not our wealth that indicated quality of life, corporations will adapt by charging less, they simply do not have to yet and already are sitting on PILES o cash

        2. Predictable enough for leftists to figure out that running a black socialist for president wouldn’t be criticized and everything he did accepted because nobody wants to be called a “racist”.

        3. Thomas Sorrel, Ben Carson, and Domino’s CEO all made it to positions that affirmative action cant take people, but if you talked about Obama the way leftists talk about them you could get fired.

        4. Predicting the outcome of stock market is different than deciding to use the stock market in the first place. Real time gambling that’s been cleared to be accepted by the public. Everyone follows the rules in hope that their investment pans out while people on top do insider trading and gamble away the money you so willingly gave them. Greed.
          Shamed unless they are weak? What about white guilt? What about speaking out against gay marriage publicly. What about blaming Obama and tying him up to be the most evil being in United States history who, apparently, rivals even Hitler. We’ve been weakened over time and you can’t see it! Haven’t you read anything about the growing beta male issue in this country and pussy worshipping? Come on.
          Obama’s the problem? No….Obama is only a figurehead, there are way too many players in the game of federal politics to put it all on just Obama. That guy entered a system that was already way out of his control and now he’s just in cruise control. Guess what happened recently? Oh thats right Chief Justice Roberts and his compadres just removed the cap for campaign funds for federal campaigns. Google it.
          I’m sorry my friend, but the subtle conditioning we’re experiencing won’t go away unless we recognize it, call it out, and push back.

    3. The overwhelming Jewish presence in feminism is too big to just be written off as “coincidence.”

      1. What about the overwhelming number of Jews in PUA? Porno? you name a field and they are there. It’s because success and education are highly stressed from a young age.

        1. Owning the Federal Reserve and all the major banks in the world might have a wee little sumthin to do with it as well, dontcha think, Schlomo?
          If a jew has a business idea – any idea – he is showered with money and connections to make it happen. That’s what happens when your people are the only ones allowed to print fiat currency out of thin air.

        2. How do you think Jews acquired such prominent positions in the first place? Are you really so obtuse to think that it is some conspiracy?

        3. No it’s because they are smarter, better, and harder workers, than everyone else on the planet! Duh!
          It’s called bribery and extortion, numb nuts. They paid a small handful of powerful gentiles to sell out their race. You really oughta read “The Creature From Jeckyll Island”.

        4. Cultural differences. When I was growing up my parents sent all of us to Catholic school because it was a disciplined and an one of the best academic institution in the area. They didn’t give a damn how uncomfortable we were in class. They demanded we get A’s in our classes as well. No straight A’s had repercussions. Not like some of my other Catholic classmates that were not willing to put in the same effort.

        5. Family/tribal connections. Just look at Ukraine: Victoria Nuland (Jew) promotes Arseniy Yatsenyuk (Jew) to the PMship of Ukraine, who then promotes Kolomoyskiy to a governorship post–who knows whom in his family that he’ll promote?

        6. Doesn’t hurt. But you can make those statistical connections with wealthy WASPs and Asians as well. Face it, the cultural differences are what fuel that level of success. Regardless of race.

        7. Are you so obtuse as to think that conspiracies(just another name for plan) do not exist. The Jewish plan(Cultural Marxism) is not even a secret one it is out in the open and we ae not supposed to notice it.

        8. You are a complete imbecile if you think such a conspiracy exists. Jews comprise such a small percentage of the world’s population if you all succumb to such a plot you deserve the fate that awaits you.

        9. wanna what would be great to learn, how to seduce jewish chicks. There has been articles on swedes,iranians,asians,etc why not jewish girls(even orthodox)? Imagine if so many gentiles were making their move on them, whether it is to waste her biological clock or missionary date(aka love jihad lol) or plain just stray away from her community. They call interracial dating the silent holocaust.
          Cmon lets have a Bang Israel Guide.

        10. I remember that chick! I used to bang her about 3 years ago. She still love taking loads in her hair? I never understood why she liked that so much.

        11. Except if you’re white of course. Then you should stick to individualism.

        12. Just my two cents…Christianity? In specific protestantism. Jews are specifically prominent in Protestant nations (West-Europe and North-America) they are far less prominent in Catholic areas. So problably the positive view protestantism has of jews – the chosen people of God etc. – plays a role? In the US Christian Zionists are arguably the most powerfull group on the political stage. So, jews have a huge and powerfull support base outside their own group.

        13. banging a jewish girl is the easiest thing to do in the world. If you are white with blue eyes and blonde hair. They are amazed by it. yet they hate being around girls with blonde hair.Thats why they colour their hair and even use fake contacts.Their women are encouraged to be with gentiles. If they have your child they are forever Jewish. Your blood if forever jewish.

        14. You fucking idiot, every culture stresses “success and education”.
          I mean it’s one thing to point out the IQ thing (it’s actually related to reality)
          In fact, porno isn’t actually what I would call supportive of western civilization.
          And I would like to see evidence that kikes are prevalent in PUAdom as well.

        15. For all that its holy, would it kill you if you ceased to use that retarded C word?
          Not only is history full of conspiracies, but nobody here actually claimed that Jews conspired against white goyim.
          The term conspiracy is a mere disqualifier 8 times out of 10.

        16. Yes and gender is a mere social construct. Women aren’t less rational and more sexually restrained than men. It’s cultural!

        17. “Jews comprise such a small percentage of the world’s population if you all succumb to such a plot you deserve the fate that awaits you.”
          The sad thing is, I don’t even disagree with you. Whites who fall for their bullshit really deserve to be tortured.
          However, one has to point out that the aristocrats of Europe were also less numerous than the common folk and yet they were extremely powerful.
          In our case, it’s even worse because you can’t even point out that they’re aristocrats because if you do, they’ll wack you.

        18. Christian Zionists = Race Traitors
          Judas Goats
          But yeah, you’re right…white christians are the only ones brainwashed enough to allow jews to pull their usual chicanery and get away with it.

        19. Always easier to pick an excuse and don’t try it than working hard and have a slim possibility you might reach it. This conspiracy is bs, what did god put them in all of those positions?

        20. You tumbling, tumbling dickweed, how would working hard make kikes disappear from the financial, academica and media elites?
          You are fucking Borg. I don’t like Dawkins but more and more I agree with him. You heard somewhere that “making excuses” is a good putdown and now you’re using it here even though it doesn’t make sense.

        21. Wouldnt mind dating a Jewish girl. I really have no idea why people here go so worked up about Jews and religion. Its really a dull subject for me, totally uninterested.
          As far as my experience with Jews go, a Jewish dude at my job once lent me $50 because I was short to pay my rent a few years ago. I consider him a nice friend.

        22. Traitors. It’s that simple, Shmuley. Funny how so much of that prominent placement followed the establishment of the Federal Reserve. Wilson should have been executed for his treason, but at least he was regretful later. He could have been more forthcoming about the shadow group though, and just named the Jew.

        23. thats good to know but if like to increase those odds with haing black indian latin asian an arab man to get lucky. cuz theres bond to be an alpha thatll lead em a stray since females are submissive by nature.apperntly its considered a national problem when arab men try n date jewish girls so the governmebt cockblocks em by givibn 1 yr prision time.a good guide should be written for them and others of course. lets make israel the new thailand.

        24. Most of the Jews in the world are in the US where they make up 2% of the population. You mean to say that out of the 80% Euro population there aren’t 2% that aren’t those who also stress education or have the energy and drive to be a success or have average IQ’s over 130 (about 2% of Euros do) Average for Jews is like 108 which is about the same as Caucasians in the US. (avg IQ in the US is a 100 but that’s an average that includes the 20% non white pop. which brings it down to a 100)
          There’s something else going on here in respect to Jews.

        25. But how did they end up there? It’s not that the system is static, they are there and are of majority which means today it’s a lot harder for a non-jew to reach the places they control and protect. No shit, how else would it be.
          However it was a time when they reached it, while non-jews did not. Was that also some divine power in play there, mere coincidence or an active plan? It has happened and is out of our control. Who gives a shit.
          It’s a simple and true fact, nothing else around it. You may call it sheep mentality or whatever the fuck you want.
          At least I don’t give a shit about stuff I cannot control that has happened. Focus forward and do what you believe can be achieved.

        26. The majority of Jews in Europe did not live in protestant countries. Austria is Catholic;Germany is 1/2 Catholic;Poland is Catholic; France is Catholic and so is Spain ( in western Europe) The US has a 25% Catholic group. Protestant groups are generally in the lower classes eg. Baptists, Methodists etc and have no real influence.Only old line wasp Anglicans like myself do but we have a tiny group now. And besides, we’re not really protestants and are usually called English Catholics (there are also Roman Catholics too under the Pope in England)

        27. Perhaps McGinnis was hired somewhere else, kosker-owned of course, and when this persona is revealed, he’ll have this article to point to; as in, “I tried.”

        28. o when I meant naitonal problem I meant Israel. Its illegal for a arab man to sleep with a jewish girl.

        29. Does she know you’re posting her pic? That’s a crime now. Google image just gave me her address.

      2. I guess you missed the point of the article entirely.
        Nobody is writing it off as a “coincidence”. In fact, this article had a good explanation for it. Because Jews have on average a high IQ and strong work ethic, they will be over-represented in knowledge-intensive fields. This includes authors and pundits, of all stripes. That will include feminists, but also anti-feminists.

        1. yes, that is the jewish supremacists answer to EVERY criticism: It’s because we are smarter, better, and harder working.
          Talk about CHUTZPAH!!!

        2. Look, it is either because A) Jews are smarter and harder working, or B) it is because of some giant implausible conspiracy reaching every corner of the world and stretching back hundreds of years yet which has somehow remained a secret. You are pushing the later, but Occam’s razor and common sense point to the former.

        3. Jews are the most ethnocentric, parasitic and predatory group known to man. That is why they denounce gentile ethnocentrism as “Racism”(a term invented by a Jew). :The Jew is a master at putting us in a moral sandbox in which his criticism is not allowed by using loaded and corrupted vocabulary.
          Also the red pill cannot be abridged, as we swallow the Red Pill we slowly that the Jew is damn near the Architect.

        4. Or a simple ethnic warfare being waged to ensure success of one’s tribe over other since the old Testament in which the Whites have lost pathetically due to a combination of stupidity, cowardice, treason and greed.

        5. Feminism is a retarded ideology that doesn’t require a high IQ come up with or subscribe to. It does however require a high IQ to infect Western culture with a poisonous ideology that rots its foundations out from the very core.

        6. That’s a false dichotomy. Average intelligence certainly plays a role, but tribalism is at least as important.
          It doesn’t require belief in some Illuminati-like conspiracy to notice that Jews tend to concern themselves primarily with “what is good for Jews?” in any situation while simultaneously opposing any instance, real or imagined, of white gentiles doing the same thing. It’s not really a conspiracy because A) many are quite open about this, and B) they don’t need to call a worldwide Jew meeting and organize strategy.

        7. It must be so easy to put people like you in a moral sandbox since you lack the mental faculties to think yourself out of it. Kind of like a child.

        8. @Eric_D_Read: It may not require an Illuminati-like conspiracy, but that is what most people here are positing.

        9. It is you who is playing in the Jew created moral sandbox, or you are a Jew who is just looking out for the Tribe.

        10. Being smarter or harder working turns implausible conspiracy to plausible numb nuts.

        11. Ah, but evidently they do appear to need to trot out a ‘conspiracy theory’ strawman to stifle critical discussion.

        12. Well why are they not represented in the manosphere then ? a field that also requires “intelligence”.

        13. Moments like this would break my spirit if I were a lesser man.
          Jews aren’t over represented in any way or shape in the field of antifeminism.
          They are specifically overepresented in areas which are pretty much opposed to weakening western civilization to such an extent that the average white person cannot even conceive that he is getting the short en of it.
          Given the complete inability of most whites to even think of it, I’d say it’s successful.

        14. They are far from my only arguments. But when faced with the levels of ignorance and retardation most of these posters have, any real position is going to fall on deaf ears. Jews are conspiring to keep everyone else down. Just like men are conspiring to keep women down.

        15. Except the Jew owned media repeatedly shits on men, especially white ones and politicians regularly state that men are privileged and seeks to “rectify” this by idiotic measures such as Affirmative Action and Disparate Impact. This ALONE counters the argument that there is a culture that favors men: if thats was the case, it wouldn’t be as permissible to publically shit on them.
          Now go out and criticize Jews in the same manner feminists are criticizing men and watch for the inevitable “MUH SIX GORILLION”.
          In short, you’re a low IQ monkey. Stop posting you retard.

        16. “which has somehow remained a secret.”
          Go look up what secret means you brainless cunt.

        17. No they aren’t.
          It’s a “conspiracy” much like IMBRA (the law that restricts “imported” wives), banning porn and prostitution and in the future, sexbots, are conspiracies.
          Women know that these laws (would) make them more competitive, as a country with legal porn, prostitution and foreign wives will have more satisfied men and therefore a lower price for pussy overall. They don’t need to think about it consciously. I doubt that consciously, most anti prostitution feminists actually think they’re doing this out of good will. But most likely it makes them feel more comfortable to know that men cannot get some pussy for money legally.
          The same thing goes for Jews. Think of a country where commonly Jewish policies have been enforced almost perfectly (i.e. Sweden) Can you imagine a more perfect host country for this particular parasite? It’s as anti nazi germany as possible. It’s neutered. And this is what I suspect Jews are attempting to do with most western countries. Even if it’s not a conscious choice.

        18. But has it remained a secret? Is Lord Rothschild’s family a secret? What about the Oppenheimers? Are the Rothschild central banks in almost every country (except Iran, North Korea, Nazi Germany, hmm, is a pattern emerging?) a secret?

        19. “I doubt that consciously, most anti prostitution feminists actually think they’re doing this out of good will. ”
          I meant “I DON’T doubt”

        20. John’s a member of “the tribe”. He states it a few posts down. Hence his vehemence in continually calling anyone with a set of eyes a conspiracy nut job.
          His entire posts consist of attacks or variations of “nothing to see here goyim, move along”

        21. You’ve never been in Sweden dummy. You read other stupid blogs and then think you know something.You’re like Roosh who struck out in Denmark because he’s a pushy little nerd and doesn’t know how to speak to women above the gutter level class and came off as a big blowhard and then blames on some Jante system lol Places like Sweden and Denmark had their own customs and how men and women relate to each other long before the modern age. When you’re living in these small population countries you don’t want to alienate other people below you because you may need them in an emergency (like a war) so people are very subtle about class differences but I can assure you that they know who’s who in their country. Roosh comes in and acts like some boorish American and wonders why the girls avoid him.If he wasn’t some poor guy he’d be like a Babbitt, scarring every table with the spurs on his cowboy boots and lighting giant cigars with $100 bills lol
          And btw, there is no law preventing you from bringing a foreign girl to the US and marrying her.That law has to do with marriage brokers (most of these places are fake anyway and only an idiot would use one since they’re run by gangster types and are a scam). You want to meet a Russian girl? Then go to Moscow and see what you can do if you’re not completely inept but remember that these girls are not looking for loser pyjama boys. I figure that if you can’t find good women in the US that you won’t find them anywhere else.No Russian female of quality is going to want and come to live with you in your trailer in Dogpatch, Alabama. The problem with you blanket mama’s boys is that you have all of these big expectations and requirements but you’re nothing yourselves. We call that a delusion.What’s your net worth pyjama boy and what’s your zip code.

        22. I guess that if you want to go back to the original Rothschild then he was a Jew but they are so intermarried even into the aristocratic circles of Europe that they’re hardly even Jews today.
          And let’s remember that France nationalised their bank in 1981 by Mitterrand (other banks too). Most of you dumb negroes need to get an education.

        23. ” You read other stupid blogs and then think you know something.You’re like Roosh who struck out in Denmark because he’s a pushy little nerd and doesn’t know how to speak to women above the gutter level class and came off as a big blowhard and then blames on some Jante system lol ”
          Apparently, when Roosh states that Danish girls are masculine cunts that make fucking them a chore, it really means that he “struck out”.
          Hey faggot: Sweden being PC hell is well known. They actually punish men who fuck prostitutes but not the whores themselves. They refuse to openly criticize immigration even though a majority of rapes were committed by a small minority (muslim immigrants). There is absolutely no doubt that Sweden is the Burj Kalifa of political correctness.

        24. “Most of you dumb negroes need to get an education.”
          Education is often another word for indoctrination.

        25. Although, I doubt you listened to the entire documentary [as it was only posted an hour ago] I do concur.
          However, only a pussy would completely ignore history [or the actions of a subset of jews] because it hurts their feelings.

        26. He struck out because he’s a loser and as I said you’ve never been anywhere outside of some slum or trailer park. Roosh lost his virginity at 30 after paying a prostitute and even she wasn’t too eager to do it with him.
          So here’s my challenge to both Roosh and you little pyjama boy. You choose your own city and we’ll see what you can do. I’ll give you the entire weekend. No one has ever accepted my challenge. And to verify what you’ve accomplished you can use my very sophisticated spy equipment that records video and sound of up to 3hrs a clip. The miniature devices just look like eyeglasses or a tie etc. Now, go run away bullshitter.

        27. Then remain STUPID. And tell me how you can be indoctrinated in math or science etc. You just just ignore some professor’s crap too if he gets into an area occasionally having nothing to do with the subject or are you too dumb to do that.

      3. SECULAR Jews. Thats the key. Im Jewish, somewhat religious, and I would love to blow the heads off of every socialist on Earth.

        1. You know the difference between Israelites(Hebrews) and Jews? Do you know why Noah cursed his son Ham’s descendants? (no, he didn’t curse Ham because the boy laughed at him when he was drunk and naked, that would be absurd since curses were about serious matters).
          Why does Adam mean “he who blushes”?
          Or Laban mean White?

        2. I’ve got a better idea. Why don’t you address specifically how your people run all the banks, all the universities, and all the mass media companies?
          Start a blog. Apologize on behalf of your people, and work to convince other Jews to abandon their exploitive ways.
          I’ve met a few good Jews, but with few exceptions, none are good enough to turn their backs on their people despite their objective, disproportionate complicity in such evil.
          Here, you can start with this.

        3. Lol, this says Ted Turner is gay. His 3 wives probably disagree. Same for Arianna Huffington, Rupert Murdoch, Walt Disney, George Lucas. The things people will believe.

        4. And follow-up with this:
          “I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American
          pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control American, and the
          Americans know it”
          – Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001.

        5. I have an underground, indoor, shooting range you and 1000 of your best jewish friends are welcome to use. You won’t need your fire arms though, all you need will be supplied.

        6. “The spark plug’s blown!”
          “The Jews invented spark plugs to control international travel!”
          – Four Lions

        7. Let’s say Jews do run “all the banks, universities, media” etc. Why should they apologize? According to Free Market/Manosphere/Social Darwinism philosophy, because they achieved this status of power in the first place, they are by definition more competitive and worthy of what they won. What are you saying they should do? Apologize? For what? Do you want them to “redistribute power”? What are you, a socialist? Oh wait, you’re supposed to hate those. Why don’t you “exploit” some people, by working hard in a new country, after surviving the equivalent of a pogrom and achieve success for yourself. I’d be interested to see how you fare.
          P.S. This is all hypothetically anyway because I don’t believe in massive conspiracies.

        8. There is also a wildly disproportionate number in non-elected government. Though they are believed to be 2% of the U.S. population, the EEOC (for one example) is probably 25% Jew. They do a lot of damage to the founding demographic in those positions.

        9. We can band together and boycott all jew owned businesses. They would have no right to complain about us choosing not to do business with dishonorable people that are a drain on our civilization. We can inform the public about who these people are and what they are doing and how they can be stopped. There is no need for Nuremberg laws or pogroms, the free market can solve the jewish problem. If people stop buying products subsidized by third world labor and only do business with companies that contribute to the economy, the jews will starve.

        10. I knew of a guy in Germany once who thought the way you did. How’d that line of thinking pan out for him? Oh, wait…

      4. lol your women with now no culture and pride of their own are in love with abortion and their make work cubicle “careers”, with the lowest reproductive rates. Every non-white praised and glorified 24/7 through every MSM outlet whilst her own men are perpetually demonized and shamed. While she pickets and votes for even more hordes of non-white 3rd worlders to come to parasitize her homelands.
        That’s right goyim, it’s all just a “coincidence”

        1. excellent graph, thank you. this takes a lot of the tedium out of research for the book I’m writing.

        2. Jews have always been involved in media from the days of the nickelodeons and peep shows on the lower east side.What’s amazing about that list is the number of founders compared to the jew owners of today. Most of the technology like films and sound were not jew inventions either but they certainly took them over. Same with newspapers and magazines.

        3. I’m surprised that the comic book hero movies are still all white. It’s only a matter of time before we Supernigga and Spidernigga.

        4. Likewise, many of Hollywood’s greatest directors were Gentiles (Griffith, Hitchcock, Ford, Hawks, Orson Welles, Kazan, Nicholas Ray, Sam Peckinpah, et al.) but Shlomo from the shtetl sure figured out how to profit off of their creativity.

        5. Yeah, but the original Green Lantern is a white blond guy. And the Hollywood film Green Lantern starred Ryan Reynolds. I think the main reason Superheroes have stayed white is because many of them are simply too legendary and iconic to change something as significant as their race. However, I think that this will probably change in 50 years as the US becomes Zimbabweified.

        6. That is true, I’ve particularly noticed in comics that if there is a black superhero, like Miles Morales, they seem to be replacements, as he only took on the role after the death of Peter Parker in 2011 in the Ultimate universe, so there’s your spidernigga 😛
          They also changed the ethnicity of Nick Fury, who in marvel’s original continuity is white, but in ultimate universe, the universe the movies are set in, he is black, and when they made that choice, they even sought permissions from Samuel L Jackson for his likeness.
          Even in the original universe, there are black characters, but with the exception of Storm, I don’t think they have as prominent roles, but a quick google search found hundreds I’ve never heard of.

        7. Lol, this says Ted Turner is gay. His 3 wives probably disagree. Same for Arianna Huffington, Rupert Murdoch, Walt Disney, George Lucas,

      5. So it must be a conspiracy? Assuming there is an “overwhelming Jewish presence” in feminism, that doesn’t mean there is some grand conspiracy. Let me explain my position with an analogy: I might be wrong, as I do not watch basketball very frequently, but when I do, I notice most of the players are black. Is there some black “power cabal” that controls basket ball player race quotas? I think not. Most players are black because black players are better at playing basketball than other races, and the teams that want to win games realize this and recruit black players. This is a result of inherent incentives in the system, not a calculated conspiracy. Returning to the argument that there is an “overwhelming Jewish presence” in feminism, could it be that there is something in the cultural/social climate that makes Jews and other people with similar ideals take up the mantle of feminism? Maybe more Jews are feminists on average because their thought processes are such that becoming a feminist is logical and conducive to their worldview. That doesn’t mean there’s a conspiracy.

    4. Stop being lazy.
      When identifying a certain group as the cause of what ails
      you, you need to follow up with a solution.
      Having Jewish Overlords>_________
      By pointing out a problem and failing to provide a solution you sound too much like a woman and therefore merit a banning.
      (Did you catch what I did there?)

      1. The truth of Momus2′ s statement is verified by looking at what White Nationalists ( I have no heartburn with their ideology) ACTUALLY DO about building a White Homeland. It’s approximately zero. Just lots of TALK – pretty much like women.
        Where are the Latin-language kindergardens? Without those, there can NEVER be any “Pioneering Little Europe
        If folks were truly trying to fight a “Jewish Conspiracy”, they would be busy learning how to read the Hebrew newspapers. Which they ain’t.

        1. What can they do about it? Move en masse to a piece of land in a western country and declare they will no longer be paying taxes or letting non-Whites live around them? Yeah that would work out well. Or maybe invade another country to carve out a little living space there? Another great idea.
          When the majority of White peoples minds are controlled by Jewish academia and mass media there’s literally nothing WN can do except spread information on the internet. There’s no way to get the message out to the masses through TV or schooling, and any revolution would quickly be stomped out to the sounds of cheering from brainwashed White morons glad to see the “nazis” finally eradicated.

      2. Solution 1: make your kids Jewish- not the best, but hey
        Solution 2: Become the most successful man on earth, change your own genetics to give yourself and your kids IQs over 200, and start your own master race
        Solution 3: Realize that the Jews are just a group of smart people who happen to be a little cliquey, and join a different clique to get their level of support
        Solution 4: Disregard self improvement of any sort- try to take over the world while killing all Jews (and fail to do either because you killed off your own countries most brilliant scientists or drove them to the enemy).

    5. Martin Luther who started all protestant churches and Lutheran church specifically wrote a book about all of the financial scams and frauds jews committed in his day 16th century. Of the ones still possible, blacks are the primary victims in the US. You can’t take out a loan with rabbis as references, change your name and move elsewhere anymore which is how they got took over banking.

    6. Maybe the answer is for the Jews to go all Orthodox and get control of their fucking women and send them to the back of the bus! 😛

    7. The reason for the overwhelming presence of Jews in feminism is actually very simple: there were tons of pissed off uglies, but only the smart (and if Jews are anything, they are smart) uglies who took it upon themselves to write shit. It’s not a conspiracy- it’s just what happens. That, and the Jewish uglies got the freetime from technology earliest, since they had families with the money to buy that technology. Simple logic guys….don’t blame the Jewish man- he’s probably actually the key to fixing all of this. If the Jewish man adopts the Red Pill and makes his women submit, feminism would lose all funding and become a mere pool of senseless bickering, which would quickly fade with time.

      1. The Jews in Israel already have the red pill and have adopted it into law. No woman in Israel can divorce her husband without her husband’s authorization. While I completely advocate this 100%, you have so many Jews in the United States who propagate the opposite laws, without even mentioning Israeli law. You think a Betty Friedan or Gloria Steinem would be tolerated in Israel, in this sense of changing their laws? No. The criticism stems from the fact that someone like Betty Friedan petitioned for serious, massive and even subversive change in a predominately gentile-nation, but did not advocate Jewish-Israeli women abandoning their husbands, aborting their children etc. The conspiracy comes into play, when there isn’t just one Betty Friedan, but a myriad of them that forms the vanguard of a serious left-wing movement.

        1. “No woman in Israel can divorce her husband without her husband’s authorization”
          Simply not true. The reason that divorce is complicated in Israel is that they have no civil marriage whatsoever, for men or women. It is not for any sort of anti-feminist reason.
          The misinformation about Jews and Israel being spouted here is embarrassing.

        2. I know. It is absolutely astounding how willing some of these self-ascribed Red-Pill men are willingly running their mouths on a topic they are so completely ignorant on.

        3. Feigned outrage toward men who…you know….are noticing things is the tell of a faggot or woman.

        4. Yes, it is like a women. Complaints about Jewish conspiracies are tantamount to Feminists complaining about the patriarchy.

        5. Yeah but not really. Your manufactured “outrage” toward the masculine trait of *GASP*.. PATTERN RECOGNITION is hardly comparable to some disgruntled sexual market loser crying “cuz patriarchy!!”

        6. “Pattern recognition” is supposed to be the distinguishing characteristic between your pathetic complaints and those of feminists? You do realize of course that feminazis could just as easily make the claim against men using that same justification right? Probably not since your never developed your intellect growing up as you expected to be handed everything due to your nationality. So feminists complain about men achieving and claim conspiracy and now some men complain about Jews achieving and claim conspiracy and it now has merit? Not logically consistent given neither underachieving group has any evidence for their claim. But please, allow the hypocrisy to continue whilst I eviscerate your poorly formed arguments.

        7. “”Probably not since your never developed your intellect growing up since
          you expected to be handed everything due to your nationality.””
          Ahh so I should just stop with all this wacky pattern recognition stuff and check my white privilege?
          Got it.

        8. Obviously you don’t understand the difference between nationality and ethnicity. Quite complicated indeed.

        9. This.
          Great catch Lance. And good on you for backing up your thesis while others just spout nonsense. That NPR article right there should shut down any debate.
          When hundreds of Jewish feminists in the US have been working hand over fist for 50 plus years now to ram through no-fault divorce in this country yet remain COMPLETELY SILENT on their homeland’s divorce laws that give men the final say – you know something is up. It’s staring people right in the face.
          Do you call it conspiracy or coincidence?
          If 100 Italian business men of ill-repute just happened to control the entire bootlegging market in the US in the 1920s and 1930s – do we call that coincidence or (mafia) conspiracy? The answer is obvious.
          Let me be clear though – the vast majority of Jews, especially secular ones, are innocent of any of this madness. It seems to just be the upper crust of tribal fanatics, maybe 10% at most, who are on some kind of mission to weaken western culture. Maybe they feel they are justified for some historical reason. I don’t know. But at this point it is pretty transparent.
          And some people have insisted on solutions to this problem. Okay, here is a solution. A non-violent one at that (the only kind I would advocate):
          You change the way money works, you change everything.
          Right now that 10% I referred to have a license to literally PRINT MONEY. It should be like the very old days – they count money (accounting, exchanges, etc.) but they can’t print it. Without the infinite money machine, power returns to the people.

        10. Yes, we are talking about different things. You just don’t seem to have the capacity to differentiate so I’ll make these distinctions for you. If only I had the crayola font maybe you would understand better.
          Nationality identifies state of citizenship. Example: Americans think that because they happened to be born in a country of privilege they are entitled to a high standard of living.
          Ethnicity refers to common cultural heritage. Example: Jewish culture sure does encourage diligence.
          Race is a categorization based on the common physical and genetic characteristics. Example: DNA links prove Jews are actually a race.
          Gender is the reference to being male or female. Example: Trannies like Anon are still confused about their gender being male or female so they attempt to fabricate an imaginary middle ground.

        11. Quote: “Let me be clear though – the vast majority of Jews, especially secular ones, are innocent of any of this madness.”
          Thanks friend. Whereas I can see the valid observation of the presence of jews in feminism and collectivism, all my jewish acquaintances and colleagues are normal folk, very kind and generous, and not sitting in ivory towers trying to figure out how to fuck the entire world in the ass.

      2. It could also be a cultural thing. Ashkenazi jewish culture could have been more compatible with feminist thought than other cultures of the era.

    8. Seriously,
      the real article should be how the Manosphere doesn’t need Political Correctness.

    9. Being PC or not has nothing to do with it; OP is NOT saying “Don’t talk about X because X is offensive”. The manosphere shouldn’t be sensitive to offense. If something I say offends someone, tough. But if something I say is overtly stupid, then you have every right to call me out on it.
      The idea of some imaginary secret worldwide jewish conspiracy to
      undermine civilization is stupid. People of all races and ethnic
      backgrounds try to look out for their own kind and help them if they
      can; there’s nothing new about that. But it’s a pretty huge step from
      there to conspiracy.
      Another thing that doesn’t belong in the manosphere is anti-science viewpoints, which are stupid almost by definition. There are of course groups of people that try to push blue-pill idealogies as ‘science’, but you shouldn’t let that confuse you.

      1. There is a worldwide conspiracy, moron. And while they’re not all Jews, there’s a higher % of them involved than there are a % of Jews in the overall population.

      2. The complete destruction of the greatest country in the history of the world, the USA is just happening by accident. Feminism, porn, homos, AA, the Fed, destruction of the education system, massive immigration, wrecking the economy, all these things just sort of happen. Most of the people behind ALL of these destructive things belonging to ONE particular group is just a coincidence.
        The FACT that the same accidents are happening ONLY to all the other Western WHITE countries in Europe at the same time is also just a coincidence.

    10. true I wasnt being a bigot as to why jews overrep in certain fields and influence, I was curious as to why, like blacks in the NBA or indians in the medical field. But why is it that jews get a harsh reply and automatically they get defended but blacks get ripped on in the comments or muslims getting bashed or indians well you know IRT in RVF constantly….they get no defence at all what so ever.
      In fact its sometimes encourage subtley(like billy chubbs fairytale ending) or this http://www.returnofkings.com/777/will-the-norwegian-people-disappear
      among others. The last bit of the article saying this is a place for men of all races and religions to get together may sound nice but Id be more likely to believe it if we didnt have this history on the manosphere. Why get PC all of sudden.
      This article just makes the saying true “the ones that rule you are the ones you cant criticise”(not like youll get in trouble for ripping on black n brown people online).
      But why is this article out? Is ROK run by jews? Is ROK afraid of bad publicity and get shut down and sent to jail?
      Cause when ever something foul is said about our communities, we had to learn to develop thicker skin cause that was expected of us.
      BTW bigotry to jews should be called anti-hebrew, cause arabs,palstianians among others are also semitic people too.
      If we are gonna play the PC game, this should also apply to black,muslim,indian,asian,etc groups too….no exceptions.No hypocrisy. The manosphere should defend these communities too then.
      We dont need to be the mainstream where we say one thing and do another.

    11. I don’t apologize. You’re either someone who works, or you’re trash. You’re either someone with intelligence, or you’re not. You’re either a feminist, or you’re not. Jew, Black, Asian, Anglo, green with yellow fucking polka dots: nothing matters except if you work, are intelligent, or if you subscribe to feminist bullshit. End of fucking story.

    12. Asia for the Asians
      Africa for the Africans
      White countries for Everyone
      Diversity is a code word for White Genocide.

      1. uae qatar malaysia n singapore are outnumbered by migrants on their own lands. thailand saudi fiji amobg otheres have a large foregin population. so quit with this gay cut n paste argument non white countrys are having a harder time with migrants foreign influnce such as miltary sex tourists n feminst ideology turnin them western. besides if anyone should complain its maoris abroginies n native amerucans…first world probblems on ur part.

    13. Quote: “However we mention the sharp Jewish disparity/over representation in feminism and now we are supposed to beat our chests with our fists in apologia?”
      Good point made. I don’t think that recognizing that certain jews are in high positions of power makes anyone anti -semite. The way I see it, Humanity consists of sub tribes trying to control everyone else.
      But in the previous article regarding a feminist who also is of the jewish faith, one poster responded to find out who is in charge one simply needs to know who not to criticize .
      And this recent article by Althone makes me almost wonder if it was written to appease the ‘people in charge’ since this high-profile website is probably on their radar.

    14. When Muslims crash themselves into buildings, we call them terrorists.
      When priests molest children, we call them pedofiles.
      But when Jews…”Hey, stop right there you anti-semite!”

    15. Jews also by far over represent in all fields for being the recipient of the nobel prize. Except one…the nobel prize for peace. Based on Wikipedia they take 45% economics. 40% physics. 30 medecine. 30%chemistry and a whopping 9% for peace which has gone to Jewish war criminal Kissinger. Statistical anomaly or is there no profits to be made in peacetime.

    16. That shoulder must be hurting pretty badly from patting yourself on the back so much about how red pill you are.
      You want to get red pill? Okay. The reason why nobody knows who you are outside of the comment section of a website isn’t the Jews. The reason why you’re simply not very successful, professionally speaking, isn’t the Jews. The reason why you’re poor, ill-educated, in debt, out of work, out of pussy, don’t have that car you want, etc, isn’t the Jews. It’s you.
      YOU’RE the reason why you’re, essentially, without worth. You’re the reason you won’t amount to anything. You’re the reason why you’ve never been taken seriously by men of respect. You have to pretend to be an alpha. You have to take lessons. How pathetic is that: that you have to be taught how to be a man?
      You know how I know this? You know how I know how small you are? Because you’re posting the same, stupid shit on the internet that the Stormfront double-wide denizens drool out every day. Because you’re here.
      Blame it on the Jews, though. See how that works for you. Why not? Nothing else has. You’re still here.

      1. Henry Ford, one of the greatest men ever, publishing The International Jew, which says all the same things, was obviously just some worthless loser, too, right?

    17. The tribe doesn’t feel complete unless they’re infiltrating somewhere.
      It’s foreplay for them.
      No better example of an insidious wandering shrew than Sheryl Sandberg. Oy!

    18. The article came up with a logical explanation as to why Jews are so competitive and hold many positions of influence (because of high average IQ, not “conspiracy”), so the whole point of the article is to convince you not to believe the conspiracy narrative that gets mentioned a lot by some people in the manosphere and related circles. Nowhere does the author state or imply that you cannot criticize Jews.
      Yet you somehow conflate this with political correctness? How so? Is the article trying to censor your viewpoints? You even admit that groups do exhibit group behavior, a belief that directly correlates to the basic premise of the article, being that Jews as a group exhibit higher intelligence (with quantitative research to back this claim), and are therefore more successful (which ironically IS politically incorrect, because the argument is based on the premise of genetics being a factor in IQ level).
      You’ve somehow extrapolated the refutation of one criticism of Jews (the criticism of conspiracy) to be an argument against ever making criticism against Jews. Wtf? The article never said that.
      Why don’t you do something more constructive, and somehow prove that the Jews success is largely due to “family or financial connections” like many here have hypothesized. That would be much more effective than childishly shutting down all debate by calling a position politically correct, and therefore inherently wrong and not worthy of debate (which is the VERY tactic Feminists and Cultural Marxists use; labeling and shaming without reasoning!).

  12. It is simply an unavoidable fact that many of the prominent sources of the cultural Marxist zeitgeist that is responsible for feminism and other destructive social movements are Jewish. Trying to gloss over this fact to red pill men isn’t going to work. Obviously it makes sense to examine this culture and try to find some answers as to why things are the way they are. And yes, the high-IQ of Jewish people as a group does in fact explain some of this.
    This need not descend into irrational, mindless anti-semitism however. Holocaust denial, vast Jewish conspiracies and all that stuff – there’s no room for that. Those are the things you rightly criticize, and I will note, that there in fact has been too much of it in the comments (an extension of a saddening trend on ROK lately: mass bitching).
    But you have failed to make that crucial distinction. One need not equal the other. And in failing to make the distinction, you have come dangerously close to politically correct apologetics, which have absolutely no place on ROK or in the Manosphere.

    1. Feminism just adds a little to the sting, but it is mainly supply and demand that makes women cunts, even a male with 50 options will start being a cunt to at least half of them, while we blame the gullibility and stupidity of women we must also remember it is this stupidity and gullibility that allows us to have sex with them in the first place most of them time, women may have 10 times the options but they enjoy sex 1 4th as much as males, the tragic irony is that their power cannot make them happy, therefore being a sadistic cunt is an equal pleasure to them as getting laid, there are so many factors which makes it encouraging for women to be cunts other than feminism, which is true and adds to the sting

      1. true, feminists are a mentally low iq group who like to take responsibility for the predicament of males and pretend they created it, when it is just natural order supply vs demand and has nothing to do with them and their cunt mouths, because they are fat and ugly and must create an illusion they have power by falsely claiming responsibility, the reality is they accomplished nothing and are pretty pathetic.

      2. No. When you teach disinformation to large groups of people over a period of several generations, you get a re-shaped society. Don’t discount the influence of feminism on everything from relationships to the economy and — again — I’ll say it’s important to discuss why Jewish women continue (Sheryl Sandberg; Linda Hirshman) are making it their mission to push this agenda on the non-Jewish masses. My opinion has long been that a set of Jews sees the traditional family as a Christian thing and therefore “the enemy” – and calling this out IMO isn’t anti-Semitism.

      3. ” but they enjoy sex 1 4th as much as males”
        Ive heard these cunts have 7 times greater pleasure in their orgasms than males. Probably much more than that in a circumcised male that kills all the nerve endings.
        Guys are pretty much fucked from the moment they are brought into this shitty world, yet females are treated like the worlds greatest fucking treasures.
        And then they STILL complain.

        1. If you’re a man, you’ll never know. It isn’t even worth thinking about. What I do know, is they are no where near driven to fuck like men as often as men need to.
          They use our sexual desire as a weapon against us. That’s how potent we are. Having 15 times the testosterone of women ensures that.

    2. You nailed it. 90% of african americans vote democrat but it is a mistake to link it to their skin color or some genetic factor. I am not an expert on Judaism but I don’t think it contains in its’ scriptures marxism/ feminism/ LGBT obsession etc. What makes Jews so liberal is that they overwhelmingly go to college and it is there that they get these whacky ideas. I think you can blame the university /academia for the Jews and their POLITICAL beliefs.

      1. Who do you think is teaching them this rubbish at the colleges? By and large, it is JEWISH PROFESSORS. They are VASTLY overrepresented in the academic system.

      2. You are correct about Jews attending university in large proportions and subsequently being adversely affected by the extreme liberalism.
        Also, in Jewish families, even though there is a flavor of patriarchy, it is really the wife that runs the house and the raising of the children. Jewish women are strong in the home and controlling. My “race” is Jewish; I know from whence I speak.
        Also, there are some Jews who are aware that Jesus was/is the Messiah. I am a Christian Jew.

        1. Which, according to Eran ElHaijk at the John Hopkins institute, is a contradiction in terms. Jewry is a religion, so is Christianity. Jews are not a race. A Christian Jew gives no more meaning than a Christian Muslim or a Christian Buddhist. You may find an overrepresentation of the earlier Khazars in your blood, which has nothing to do with the biblical jews.
          If you want to look at the DNA, Michael Bradley may be a place to start. But he is dangerous, so beware!

        2. I agree that logically speaking a “Jewish people” is an impossibility.
          However, we must accept that for all intents and purposes, these people are a quasi ethnic group.

      3. “What makes Jews so liberal is that they overwhelmingly go to college and it is there that they get these whacky ideas. ”
        You fucking idiot, who do you think is responsible for college being a cultural marxist shithole in the first place?

        1. Academia is not all Jewish but academia is nearly all liberal/hard left- commie. Reserve your strange , irrational hatred for liberalism/leftism not racial/ethnic groups ….

    3. the jewish people that i know are very motivated and aggressive in business. their families mature much more rapidly, so that instead of listening to hip hop and smoking pot until they are in their mid 30s, the young men are kicking their heels before they are 16.
      this gives your average jewish man a 10-20 year head start on your average entitled whitey.
      the jewish religion is very patriarchal… that’s most likely why jewish women have been pushing… temples are segregated, women wear scarfs, and there wasn’t even a barmistphar for females until recently.
      what’s more is that the jewish, are not afraid to say it how it is, when it comes to criticism, this makes them excellent business people and powerful adversaries.
      probably because jewish never considered themselves as part of any nation, they also work in their own kind of red pill ideal…. seeing government, taxes, insitutionalism etc. as an obstacle rather than a help…. this also keeps them motivated in business….
      in short it’s simply an agressive materialist approach to life, passed down through the generations that means jewish kids get quite alot of advantages growing up.

      1. Nice comment Ray. So you’re saying it is because I am studying more than any other student in my hard science classes, that I am receiving the highest grades? I thought it was because I was Jewish.
        Hmmmm……………I’d like to think a little more about that one, but I have to hit the books.

      2. Gotta agree, we got Jewish kids in my medical school as young as 20. We got one guy who finished undergrad and medical in 7. Most of the Jewish kids I know are talking stocks and real estate in fucking highschool and using their bar mitzvah money on college to graduate debt free or invest it. At 20 all I could think was how many girls I can sleep with in a week, madden, marajauna, and talking my girlfriend into a threesome with her roommate.

      3. Fair enough Ray.
        But then why or why didn’t Jewish women push for no-fault divorce and other feminist insanity in Israel but have only done so in EVERY western nation on earth?
        I will ask again – why? Why haven’t Jewish feminists pushed against Jewish patriarchy in Israel? Why have they only pushed against (and almost completely destroyed) western patriarchy?
        You can’t have it both ways. If these ideas are truly the expression of Jewish culture, family, tradition, etc. – then NO-FAULT DIVORCE and complete feminist indoctrination would have been instituted in Israel first and foremost amongst all nations. But that is not the case.
        Okay, I will stop now. It’s all just a mysterious coincidence.

        1. I’ll double that one.
          And on a larger scale. If this group is supposed to possess such great talents, why does Israel need all the US support?

        2. Maximize their geo-political advantages while diminishing their weaknesses? That is the fundamental principle of every nation in the world. Israel is strong enough to hold a bunch of disparate Arab states at bay, however, they are not strong enough to dominate them nor are they strong enough to hold of a unified Arab attack. It’s not like it hasn’t happened before, Egyptians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Ottomans, etc.
          So what would you do, if you a a small nation state with hostile nations at all your borders and the not unlikely possibility that those fractured enemies could eventually coalesce into one enemy? You ally yourself with a power that can
          a) kick the shit out of a coalesced power.
          b) Has enough resources, and interest, in keeping those factions played off of each other.
          Enter the United States stage left.

        3. Yes. The fundamental principle of every nation. The Germans tried, but we did not like that. Wrong race. And they did it too straightforwardly.
          Israel is more cunning, I’ll give you that. Much better to control at superpower from within. First you control their, media, then you promote an individualistic philosophy, and ensure your tribe stick together and control it. Bingo.

        4. Except they have caused the Jewnited states of America to enter many wars that they wouldn’t have entered if filth like Wolfowitz and Perle hadn’t existed.
          Interestingly, Israeli operatives have been planning an attack on various middle eastern countries before the turn of millennium. They stated that they need a catalyzing event that would make it easy for US citizens to go along with a war against those countries.
          That “catalyzing event” happened.
          Now, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that 9/11 was definitely an inside job. But if you’re not a moron, you’ll think twice about this.

      4. Nothing is quite as stunning that seeing the hamster of a rep pill denier spin the wheel.

    4. This is the correct analysis. Jews are simply more likely to be leftists, which is a problem, but it’s not a conspiracy on the part of Jews.

      1. As a Jewish person, I can say you are correct. Many of us are left wingers. There was a book written about 5-7 years ago called, “Why Jews are Liberals.”
        Me? I’m libertarian.
        Now I read a lot of the manosphere and see sprinkles of anti-Semitism all over the place. So far, my reaction is to laugh. Is it because my IQ is higher than 99.9% of all of yours? No
        “The greatest minds talk about ideas-men’s issues, aka. manosphere
        The regular people talk about events
        The smallest minds discuss people.”
        Oops ROK commenters-time to step it up and rise above the stupidity.
        p.s. I am certain that Stormfront.cock is going to attack this article and organize the thumbs up committee to the fullest extent.

        1. non sephardic jews average IQ is only 106, obviously you are below average if you think you are higher than 99.9% of us.

        2. >a wild kike appears
          >opens his mouth and completely validates everyone who ever thought Jews were disgusting vermin
          Good job there Shlomo.

      2. Leftism is statist control by an elite minority. That means socialism & communism are exactly the same. The elite minority lives like kings and everyone else like slaves. Same situation with jewish Bolsheviks murdering 60+ million white Russian Christians in the holodomor, Chinese Moa, or North Korea.

        1. Wow, do you even know what the Holodomor was? Apparently not. It was a famine of Ukrainians, not Russians, and was orchestrated by Stalin (not Jewish). Then as far as China or North Korea goes, pretty sure they are not Jewish.

        2. Stalin had to marry a jewess to get gold to take over Russia where he had been defeated and exiled from. The others are examples of how leftism works.

        3. The Holodomor was orchestrated by the administrator of the Ukraine, a Jew named Lazar Kagonovich. He implemented the ‘collectivization’ policy which genocided between 7 and 10 million Ukrainians. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lazar_Kaganovich If you are a student of history as I am, you will remember that when the Nazis “invaded” the Ukraine several years after the state engineered famine, they were met with flowers and adulation from the Ukrainians. Immediately afterward, some Ukrainians took their revenge on the Jews. In one instance literally beating them to death in the streets with an iron pipe. I guess watching your family starved to death and being forced into cannibalism to survive is one thing that engenders Anti-Semitism.
          Kagonovich, as a Jew, was not an oddity in the early Bolshevik regime. Genrikh Yagoda http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genrikh_Yagoda, another Jew, was the director of the NKVD (secret police) and responsible for the deaths of upwards of 10 million people. The exact number of victims is unknown as the Communists did not record the actions, much less existence, of the ‘secret police’; for obvious reasons. Estimates range from 60 to over 100 million dead due to communism/Marxism ideology. In fact, 57% of the Soviet Politburo (kind of like a Senate if that was the only ruling body) was Jewish. http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Politburo_of_the_Central_Committee_of_the_CPSU
          Even the Encyclopedia Judica goes into some detail about the Jewish role in the Bolshevik Revolution. http://www.encyclopedia.com/article-1G2-2587504545/communism.html
          It is a matter of historical fact that the largest genocide in human history is attributable to radical leftist Jews. They even write newspaper articles about it. http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3342999,00.html What everyone should be asking themselves is why they only hear about Hitler and the Holocaust and never hear the names Yagoda or Kagonovch. Why doesn’t Hollywood make movies about the genocide of the Ukrainians or the Russians? Why don’t the history books in high schools even cover the topic of the largest genocide in human history? It’s the same reason Israel sterilizes African immigrants without their knowledge, colonizes an occupied country while imprisoning the previous residents in concentration camps, has ‘racial purity’ laws regarding interracial marriage, recently has had public demonstrations against African migrants complete with racist demagoguery, and is now shipping its immigrants to Sweden. And all with barely a whimper of protest from the mass media. Imagine if it were a White nation doing even ONE of those things…outrage, international sanctions, and America delivering democracy from 40,000 feet could all be expected. But there’s no conspiracy, oh no.

      3. Now if you explained what you meant by “conspiracy” we could probably make our minds up whether you’re right or wrong.
        The thing is, the evidence that Jews like to shit on whitey and stir shit around the world is fairly obvious. If you read Steve Sailer and Takimag you will have heard something about a certain Masha Gessen. If you follow news at all, you will have heard something about a certain Victoria Nuland.
        Look I could go on and on and on, but as was said in the comment thread of a certain article about Vesalius: “there none so blind as those unwilling to see.”

    5. One of the greatest anti-Marxists ever– Murray Rothbard– was also Jewish. So it’s quite ridiculous to generalize political beliefs along racial lines.

      1. Ayn Rand basically gave out the communist playbook. Her books are being changed to non-fiction

      2. Hardcore libertarianism is openly subversive to host cultures. Open borders and cheap mexican food at all costs is the logical conclusion of libertarianism. Retarded. Hostile to native culture and labor.
        Citing jews as overrepresented in libertarianism does nothing but add another brick in the wall to the argument against them.

      3. “One of the greatest anti-Marxists ever– Murray Rothbard– was also Jewish. So it’s quite ridiculous to generalize political beliefs along racial lines.”
        Yes you degenerate faggot: the existence of ONE anti communist means that the fact that a HUGE number of communists being kikes completely evaporates. Ditto with anti whites, lavender lobby and femcunts.
        Please hang yourself.

  13. Thank you for writing this. The level of anti-semitism I have been seeing in the comments section lately has been making this gentile sick.
    “This need not descend into irrational, mindless anti-semitism however. Holocaust denial, vast Jewish conspiracies and all that stuff – there’s no room for that. Those are the things you rightly criticize.
    But you have failed to make that crucial distinction. One need not equal the other. And in failing to make the distinction, you have come dangerously close to politically correct apologetics, which have absolutely no place on ROK or in the Manosphere”
    There ^^^^^^. What he said.

    1. lol. White knight for Jews.
      Even the “making this gentile sick” reads like the precursor of every white knight bashing the mansophere, which usually reads: “As a man, I’m offended that….”

      1. Yeah dude. You are so right. I am such a white knight. Why, just look at my Disqus profile and tell me what a white knight I am.

  14. Jews are a hostile elite with an “atavistic hatred” toward whites. This is why they created Communism (Marx, Lenin, and Trotsky: All Jews), why they are the largest manufacturers and promoters of both porn (see the Jewish Quarterly mag article ‘Triple Exthnics’) and gambling (from Bugsy Siegel to Sheldon Adelson, Jews have been the largest and most relentless gambling magnates).
    And, of course, Jews are the originators and promoters of feminism – from Betty Friedan to Hanna Rosin and every ugly thing in between.
    “By way of deception, we shall conquer.” -Mossad
    Don’t be a tool in their deception, Athlone.

    1. I’ll buy that tribalism makes the world go round… However, human incompetence means that I have to reject all conspiracy theories.
      Laziness created communism, plain old incompetent laziness.
      Laziness, particularly the intellectual kind, allowed feminism to be created.
      Not conspiracy… incompetence.

      1. Sure. The writing and propagation of ‘The Communist Manifesto’, the Russian Revolution, and the USSR were all created out of….laziness.
        In a way, you’re right: They were created by the moral laziness of the many whites who knew full well that Jews were behind Communism (including FDR) but were too financially compromised to stand up to them.

        1. The attribution of human intellect at work in any design to change the world is pure fiction or folly, take your pick. The X-Files got it wrong, humans are simply not clever enough, and too individualistic to maintain any form of grand social/economic/political conspiracy against their fellow man. Eventually all plans are laid bare for everyone, and the chances that will happen increase exponentially with the number of people who know.

        2. Trotsky was meant to take power in Russia, and put it in the hands of the Rothschilds and bankers….. and yes communism was a sham….. but Lenin got in, and then Stalin swiped the ‘throne’ killing Trotsky
          So then they had to back up Hitler as a counter weight to Stalin, USSR was their puppet state gone wrong….
          Hitler rode along with it and then went even more AWOL.
          Conspiracies gone completely awry….
          Finally they are making some progress taking control of the USA instead…. took them 100 years…. but they finally got there.

        3. This was actually interesting commentary. I think people prefer the idea of these grand conspiracies because it’s easier to conceptualize.
          I look at it as various groups of people who end up working together because they had common interests that overlapped at any point in time. Not really a long drown out master plan to take over the world.

        4. exactly… you just have to look at 200+ years of Christianity in the US to see how well humans get along….. and religion has ‘God’ to oversee it….. can you imagine the squabbles at the board meetings of the ‘conspiracy’… within a few years there would be 2-3 branches competing with each other and soon there’d be a dozen schisms….

      2. He coudnlt keep it secret after he went against obnogo on Benghazi. Before Snowden if anyone said the govt was spying on me ever since I liked Angela Merkel’s facebook post no one would believe him.

    2. Ah yes. Because Ashkenazik Jews aren’t “white.” The Sephardim are “Spanish.” The reality is that Judaism is a shared cultural heritage. Some Jews are religious, and some are not. (Ben Gurion, the Israeli George Washington , was atheist). Us Jews do not all think or look alike. Last time I checked, socialist Europeans are some of the most anti Israel and anti Semitic westerners,unlike most Americans. To posit that an entire group of human beings is entirely uniform in beliefs and physical characteristics is the height of lunacy.

      1. The finer details of who you consider a Jew is the business of you and your people. You have the right to include or exclude anybody, on whatever criteria you choose.
        No white people particularly care. The point that Jews are not a religious group, though, is prima facie true, and needs to be clarified.

        1. The finer details of who you consider to be white is not the business of you or other bed sheet wearing cowards. Pray tell, what is “white”? Is it skin color? (I’ve know some gorgeous blonde blue eyed Jewish gals). Is it a belief in Western Civillization? Because Israel, where Christians Jews and Muslims can freely visit Jerusalem is truly the embodiment of a liberal democracy.

        2. Israel isn’t a Jewish state?
          To answer the question of who is white: We’re the people who you hate and want to continue murdering.

        3. Yes, I hate white people. I’m one of the first in my Mexican American family to date whites. I’m looking at going to the Ukraine or Israel for marriage because I hate white people. You’re insane for letting a YouTube video shape warp your mind in a way no different than the Matrix twisted minds.
          I will say this: anti Semitic chateau heartise changed my dating life forever. It made so many things make sense, and I am forever indebted to the proprietors. Despite their anti Semitism. Oh well, the first Israeli fighter plane was actually a direct clone of the Nazis ME-109. Somehow, they trumped against five invading nations when they declared independence. So if the Israelis could make use of a nazi plane, surely I can make use of le Chateau!

        4. “they trumped against five invading nations when they declared independence.”
          Yea with White Western money. Those “5 Nations” where also 3rd world shitholes.

        5. Money doesn’t work against 3rd world shitholes, especially not 3rd shitholes armed with modern Western arms. The Israelis had to smuggle weapons into Israel from all over the world in the face of a UN weapons embargo. Again, the “white” nonsense is smoke up the ass. What is white? Is it skin color? Western civilization? Christianity? What is white?

      2. Uh, nopes. I have some experience (read “face-time”) with jews from varied backgrounds (Latin America, US, Canada, Europe, Arab world, Asia). I can say that while you people look different if looked at superficially
        a) Most of you are identifiable by shared facial and bodily traits
        b) In mind, you people are like cookie-cutter copies of each other
        As for IQ, yes, there are some jews with far above norm IQ but the mass is an unthinking, unknowing, dull, uninspired, arrogant, fugly and grasping bunch best exemplified by israelis themselves.
        Let’s not forget the vast supply of mental disease in jewish communities everywhere: r-selection hard at work.

        1. LOL. Last time I checked, mijito, Jews had earned over 20% of all Nobel Prizes, since Mr. Nobel implemented the award. Not bad for a bunch of collectivist thinkers eh?
          Perhaps you could also explain to me how such ignoramuses like the ones that make up the State of Israel have a nation with a GDP greater than the combined GDP of neighboring Arab states?
          Don’t worry, I don’t expect to actually answer these questions with anything like actual facts or reasonable man discourse. I do, however, anticipate much (womanly) emotional outbursts.

      3. I completely agree with everything you said. The point I’m trying to make, is that Jews have a hard time criticizing other Jews who are known subversives. Yes, I’m sure the majority of Jews in the US, are hardworking, tax-paying and law abiding citizens. The point here, is you’d rarely get the Jewish community calling one of their own out, except if that Jew goes against the community. For instance, Leon Trotsky or Karl Marx is really demonized by Jews,( In fact, there are monuments dedicated to the Bolsheviks in Israel), but someone like Norman Finkelstein who never really hurt anyone, is blacklisted. Now who’s done more damage to humanity, Marx and Trotsky or Finkelstein? And the fact that Jews, on the aggregate, would choose to demonize Finkelstein, raises a lot eyebrows, both high and low brow.

        1. You’re talking to a libertarian. I fucking hate Marx and Trotsky. (No, I don’t hate dead men, I hate that certain dead men are admired on western universities). And Finkelstein is also a bigoted buffoon in my book. You have to understand Lance, us “Jews” are not a hivemind. Just because I love Israel doesn’t mean I agree with Ben Gurions socialist ideologies. Anyone here who thinks that Jews are all powerful needs to take Occams Razor

        2. The reason that (some) Jews demonize Finkelstein rather than Marx or whoever is that Finkelstein, with his ridiculous anti-Israel propaganda, is relevant to what is happening today, not what happened in 1860. Also Finkelstein is a hard core communist so I really don’t understand your point anyway.

        3. Then why no widespread animus by the Jewish community at large for all the damage done by the Betty Friedans, Bella Abzugs, Gloria Steinems, Andrea Dworkins, Susan Sontags, Getrude Steins, Eve Enslers, Ruth Bader Ginsbergs, Naomi Wolfs and countless others? Simply a coincidence? These women would be burned alive in Israel, if they tried to do in Israel what they did here. The Jewish community, is simply silent on this issue, but one poor professor gets hounded and berated into economic poverty.

        4. @Lance: Those women would not be burned alive in Israel. Do you know anything about Israeli society? They have all viewpoints, including feminism and everything else. There are leftists in Israel, rightists, social liberals, social conservatives, religious fundamentalists, and everyone else, even Islamic fundamentalists. Nobody i getting burned alive or even censored.
          FFS, the ignorance about Israel and Jews here is burning my eyes.

        5. “””FFS, the ignorance about Israel and Jews here is burning my eyes.””‘
          Why are all your posts so emotive and full of feeeels yet they never seem to have any logical rebuttal?
          You’ve made it perfectly clear you’re pained from men discussing this at least a dozen times. If you can’t keep up and have nothing of real value to say besides the feigned pain you feel then perhaps you should bow out for awhile eh?

      1. From the article linked below (and this is what I’ve said for years): “Extending the subversive thesis, Jewish involvement in the X-rated industry
        can be seen as a proverbial two fingers to the entire WASP establishment in
        America. Some porn stars viewed themselves as frontline fighters in the spiritual
        battle between Christian America and secular humanism. According to Ford,
        Jewish X-rated actors often brag about their ‘joy in being anarchic,
        sexual gadflies to the puritanical beast’.”

    3. Porn and gambling ? Maybe it’s good ‘ol greed and not something more nefarious . Greed is not unique to Jews. A universal vice…

      1. unbridled greed combined with total lack of morality, plus a healthy heap of anti-white hatred. Notice they don’t peddle porn and gambling in Israel, among their own people. No, those vices are only for goyim consumption.

        1. So the group that brought Western Civilization a piece of it’s moral backbone- the Ten Commandments- suffers from a “total lack of morality. Right.

        2. God wrote the ten commandments. What’s your point, genius? You really do think jews are god, don’t you? How many modern jews follow the ten commandments? How many modern jews show any respect to Christianity or Jesus?

        3. The Jewish religion was destroyed by Rome in A.D. 70 and I don’t know what remains today, but it ain’t what’s found in the Old Testament.

        4. “I don’t know what remains today.” Of course you don’t. No wonder you think it rules the world. Knowing the differences between Othrodox, Conservative and Reform Jews is probably beyond your ability to comprehend.

        5. Have you ever been to Israel?
          I already know the answer.
          Porn is everywhere. You can rent porn DVD’s right on the city streets. Ask me how I know. Your annual reading of Mein Kampf? Skip a year and get some sun

  15. This article has been a long time coming. I suspected Athlone would be the one to do it. Good job.

  16. “The studies used to substantiate the existence of these group IQ differences, however, do not merely speak of whites, blacks, and hispanics.” Hispanics can be white, black, etc… I think you meant to say Latin Americans, i.e. mixed and indigenous peoples of Central and South America. Spaniards are white because they come from Europe, but they’re also Hispanic because they speak Spanish — Castilian. No sense at all in grouping Hispanics together. They only thing that binds them is a common language. Each country has its own Pre-Columbian identity and culture.

  17. Athlone, kudos for another incredible article. It saddens me that some of the smartest men-those of us who have the courage to think different from society and populate sites like ROK and Heartise-can be so ignorant on Judaism. Jews become a stand in for every beta trait: notice the Heartise bloggers calling Pajama Boy a “pansy Jewboy.” Clearly, they’ve never heard of or met Israeli commandos. Jewish women are derided for being fat and ugly (which might be the case in my US of A, but that’s because of American Feminism, not Judaism). Again, this kind of hatred is utterly unnecessary and detracts from our mission to better ourselves. Athlone, I want you to know that you have a new (small) donor to the site and to keep up the good work.

    1. The ugliness is more due to supply and demand and human laziness, not being a female apologist here, but when you have 1000 men knocking at your trousers when you are barely a 6, why bother with makeup, the gym, or even trying in life, eventually they become lazy and also lack testosterone which makes it worse since it’s needed for ambition,

      1. Fair enough, I concur with your assessment 100%. But as a fellow manosphere traveler you’ve more than likely heard Jewish women unfairly derided. (Especially Israelis- G-d if only American women could look that cute and feminine while rocking M-16s. Many US gun gals think they are boys and use the “country lifestyle” as an excuse to avoid nurturing their femininity. LOL)

        1. yeah chicks who callously murder stone-throwing children with M-16s are so hawt! duuuude!

        2. Toby, get off the juice. The Kool Aid, I mean. You probably think that I’m texting these replies in between a meeting of the Elders of Zion huh?
          You can’t believe Arab propaganda-the same one that ignores the inconvenient reality that those “kids” were military aged teens throwing flaming debris at IDF forces.

        3. I’m not going to get dragged into an Israeli/Palestine debate here, that’s too tiresome. But it is obvious to any observer that Israel is a de facto Apartheid State. And what did the liberal west do about the Apartheid State of S. Africa? They shamed and criticized it mercilessly, until they weakened and then destroyed it. When people try to shame Israel for their reprehensible actions, they are brushed off as “anti-semites”. Double-standards are repulsive.

        4. The thing is, I don’t blame Israel for wanting their own ethnostate – but I resent the hell out of them shitting all over the white Gentile’s own ethnostate, preventing it from ever coming to fruition, while using Gentile tax dollars to prop up their own.

        5. You forgot “using Gentile soldiers to save them during world war II” and ever since then.
          It’s sad that we have to be apologetic for being redpill.

        6. “Ghost of Jimmy Carter”: if you actually knew anything about apartheid, you’d know that it ensured blacks in South Africa suffered from the hands of terrible discrimination at the hands of white ruling Afrikaners. How this remotely applies to Israel, where Arabs have their own political party, vote and have representation in the Knesset, and even get waivers for mandatory military service, is beyond me. Clearly, you’ve never realized that many Palestians choose to become Israeli citizens rather than go to dismal neighboring Arab countries. Please, before liberally quoting Voltaire and liberally (heh) stealing Jimmy Carter’s trite ideas, do some individual research.

        7. If Israel is to have the “RIGHT” to exist, then they also bear the “RESPONSIBILITY” of paying for it and fighting their own battles, period. One of the most basic red pill concepts is that when rights are unlinked from responsibilities, social ruin is the result. If you can’t accept that concept as truth, then there is nothing left to say to you.

        8. So Israel being a nation allowing people of all faiths, from all over the world, to freely visit Jerusalem for the first time in modern history, makes them “disrespectful” of Christians? Toby, you’re a dipshit Pharisee. Considering that not a single American soldier has died defending Israel (that nation has single handedly fought off no less than 3 full scale land invasions, save for military equipment) and that the US give 2 billion dollars a year to the Palestinian Authority in a poorly thought out way to secure “peace”, your ramblings have no merit. Don’t you see, it isn’t AIPAC that dictates American friendly foriegn policy to Israel (the Obama Admin notwithstanding)? It’s the people themselves who identify with the Jewish state. Especially Christians who would rather have Jews in control of Jerusalem than Muslim fanatics.

        9. More, “Israel isn’t a Jewish state” lies. lololol.
          The real punchline comes when you claim that U.S. discriminates against Israel and aids Palestine. ENDLESS LOLZ.
          But you’re right: No American has died for Israel. You very cleverly tell them that the wars you engineer are for “Freedom and democracy.” But the soldiers are dead, just the same.

        10. I’ll be sure to bring up your concerns at the next Zion Elders meeting. It’s too bad you can’t be bothered to go to the State Department website and look at the $2 billion dollar figure that the US gives Palestine. Sure, we sell Israel top of the line F-16s, and we definitely don’t do that for Palestine. But you would really try selling a brand new shotgun to a homeless hobo or to a prosperous man who built a two story house with his bare hands in the middle of Detroit?

        11. Oh please they treat Shepadric jews worse than South Africans treated blacks during apartheid. How do you think they treat __________

        12. Bullshit. I understand your hyperbole, it’s like saying that in America African Americans are treated poorly. Yes, the Sephardim tend to fare worse than the Ashkenazik, just in this country blacks haven’t done as well as whites. But that in of itself doesn’t mean that the US or Israel isn’t a country where human rights are respected. You need to actually research what apartheid entails before spewing hyperbole. You are not a rapper

    2. Yes, Roissy was wrong: Everybody who understands Jews know they are NOT pansies, but savage murderers who kill with glee and torture with true joy.

  18. I’ve never understood anti-semitism or other forms of racism.
    I am not American and I see every human being having same rights in front of the courts.
    Think about Israel, a Jewish country. I am not supporting the mandatory military service they’re having, but hey at least women have to do the same shit. That’s something all feminists should do if they want their equality. Go the army training and see how fun she’s having there. Throw her in the showers with 20 other men.
    I am not a racist because it’s too primitive for me. Regardless of race I am a supporter of men. I also hope to get some women back in their lady position so they don’t whore around. It’s better than a one kind of beta has her than that she would be slutty.

      1. This site is for men. Take your whining WN bullshit back to the Chateau.
        You guys are worse than women with this white Utopian bullshit .

        1. I agree Hedonic Nihilist is bitchy about something like that.
          Also if the black and latinos are doing the “bad jobs” then he should be just happy someone is doing them and he’s not having to.

  19. Personally I find it wrong to put the jews “off-limits” and impute “anti-semitism” (a label or rhetoric resource used to exclude those who see jews for who and what they are from “acceptable” discussion) on any discussion mentioning them in terms which might less than please them.
    Some reasons to say that are
    a) No political discussion about contemporaneous politics is meaningful if it excludes the jewish phenomenon
    b) They don’t need anybody to protect them, they’re perfectly capable of protecting themselves from any dangers, real or imaginary
    c) jews are not criticized for ruling the world (to counter ArmchairGeneral) but because their “success” is due to the r-selected strategies which they use to screw everybody else out of their livelihoods – read, for example, the background of Einstein, whose pic is in the article, or, more to the point, look exactly at what feminism is along with marxism in all its forms: tools to destroy societies
    d) To censor certain topics which are popular enough to call the attention of the hasbara has nothing to do with “self-improvement” but everything to do with toadying to “authority”, and toadying is not in my understanding something the “manosphere” is about
    Lastly the article makes me wonder how far back Athlone’s awareness of history goes knowing that the people who screwed black people worse than everybody else were jews.
    I’d say Roosh would lose more readers if he decided to convert this place into a sterile “discussion” board for the politically-correct to feel well than if he decided to allow the occasional mention of jews in an objective manner. Ultimately that’s the Internet: there are always greener pastures to go if a place attracts too much political correctne$$.
    Now, for your viewing pleasure

    1. Using the term “anti-semitic” to shame those who raise criticism of jews is absolutely no different than using the term “woman hater” to describe foes of feminism. Surprised that this site would stoop so low as to continue publishing this garbage writer.

  20. Most absurd article I’ve ever read on here, bar none, and written by the most moronic anti-white racist ever granted space on this site. It’s so sloppy that it starts by identifying three cherry-picked “issues” and then says “let’s discuss them” but never makes it past ONE of the issues. What about the other two?
    I could tear this garbage article apart nine ways from Sunday but the effort would be wasted on the dimwits that frequent these comments.
    The more PC you get, the more beta your commenters become. It’s a highly noticeable trend. You think it’s coincidence?
    Jews are responsible for both feminism and communism, and are the biggest self-absorbed whiners on the planet. There is ample reason to criticize them.

    1. I agree with most of this, but AM has written many great articles, so don’t throw out baby with bathwater.
      Whites need our own ethnostate, just as the Jews have Israel, Arabs have Saudi Arabia, blacks of Liberia, Chinese have China, etc. Then, we won’t have to be victimized by Jews (nor they us, since they pose as victims).

      1. Every article I’ve ever read by Athlone has anti-white undertones, and boils down to “Where da white wimminz be at?”. I don’t claim to have read all of his tripe, but every piece I’ve seen has been ridiculous.

        1. I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt until this comment. Very wrong.

        2. I don’t like much of his anti-white writing (but don’t think it’s nearly as common as you’re saying).
          Independent of that, though, he is clearly a smart man and good writer, and it’s wrong and stupid to deny that.

        3. One can be very bright, while still possessing extraordinarily moronic viewpoints. Evidence of this is everywhere, including in this article.

        4. Perfect observation.
          An extraordinary, outstanding mind can also make extraordinary, outstanding mistakes.

      1. Pill Scout you are typing like a Jezebel commenter that just got her amygdala fried. No point, stupid jokes, illogical crap. I’d venture a guess that you’ve outed yourself as a jew.

        1. so you actually went back and edited a few posts to sound like less of a retard. Wily jew.

  21. Articles like this are why Heartiste is the superior thinker in every way, and the only true red pill on the web, while this place is full of purple pill posers.

  22. You are closing the eyes to the truth, because the PC crap has your brain washed. The jews play a major role in all those things the manosphere despise….you are only trying to not appear a “bigot” and a “racist”…

    1. I don’t put anything up here that I wouldn’t stand by and defend in my personal life. My posts are intended to display my own actual views, not merely to keep up appearances; if I don’t really buy it, you won’t see it here. If you do see it here, then you can rest assured that I buy it.
      How you choose to deal with that reality and the posts I put here is another matter. Like them or don’t, that’s up to you.

      1. Fun Fact #1- Discrimination against whites also constitutes racism, Einstein.
        Fun Fact #2 – Einstein was an idiot compared to Nikola Tesla.
        Fun Fact #3 – Asshole McRetard has no idea who Nikola Tesla is.

  23. The cries of “Anti-Semitism” and “Racism” are as blue pill as “Sexism”.
    Jews are behind every “Diversity” initiative. It is the jew who is bringing “multiculturalism” to every White Western Country on this planet, while ensuring that Israel remains homogenous.
    N.O.W. = N.A.A.C.P. = Jew

    1. The writer is black and encourages diversity (but still writes lots of great columns), so that’s not going to discredit his point. But it does illustrate that, yeah, across the board, Jews are hateful of Whites and want to wipe us out.

      1. Ah, David… I was scrolling down through the comments just to find your insane rantings. Your first sentence was uncharacteristically reasonable, but ultimately you did not disappoint me!

      2. As a Jew, Mr. Duke, I can assure you I am not trying to physically kill you, let alone wipe you out.
        Academically and in the workforce and in many other important areas of life, I will crush you. Metaphorically speaking, of course

        1. Yeah: you want to bully, impoverish, marginalize and wipe out the white race.
          We know this. I’m just trying to see what was original in your statement.

        2. In business it is perfectly acceptable to demolish your opponents. In religion it is standard to demonize non believers of your faith. I expect every man to look out for his own interest first, Jews are no exception. Accept reality for what it is and move forward in your own interest, to do otherwise is as productive as getting mad at gravity. I often disagree with your comments , but at least you are consistent and stand behind what you say even if it is distasteful.

      3. Remember how England went medieval on Jews? Remember how the founder of Zionism SOLD OUT to Imperial England? Remember how Churchill APPEASED Hitler!? Remember how England LEVERAGED two World Wars as justification to ratify Balfour 1917?
        I’m not even of Euro stock, and I learned the following on my own.

      4. “Jews are hateful of Whites and want to wipe us out.”
        Completely untrue. We love scamming you lazy, entitled Americans out of your own money. Our children are more financially savvy than most you morons. Go Madoff!

    2. 20% of the Israeli population are not Jewish, and among the Jews there are people from all over the world and many different cultures, so I wouldn’t say Israel is homogeneous.

      1. Israel is a Jewish state. This is their law, recognized both internationally and by the U.S. Wait….have you ever heard a U.S. politician speak?
        They will always have non-Jews there for manual labor, but it is an apartheid arrangment.
        There is nothing wrong with this. The Jews have the right to their own state, just as the Chinese do. And so do us whites. We need our own ethnostate.

        1. I suppose now would be a bad time to tell you that white isn’t an ethnicity. America never was never a singular ethnostate.

        1. So in that very link you provided there are 12 Arabs, 2 Druze, and 2 Christians in Israel’s Parliament. Do you even care about being factually correct?

      2. Are you saying Sephardic jews are not jewish because regular jews treat them worse than SA Apartheid blacks? Israel just deported a lot of people your numbers might be off. Search: Israel’s March Deportations 277,000 illegals.

        1. What are you talking about? There is no discrimination against Sephardim in Israel. They are in the Supreme Court and in the highest levels of government and industry. That is not like “SA Apartheid blacks”. Where do you guys get this stuff?

      1. Athlone McGinnis is another useful idiot masquerading as a red pill male.

        Guys like him are what I like to refer to as blue-pill sheep in manosphere wolf’s clothing.

        1. Exactly. How embarrassing. These guys are having Anti-African RALLIES (plural) as this submissive troll extolls the scholastic merits of the Ashkenazi Jewish population but swears to god he’s an alpha. His overlords have no such admiration for him or his people. What an idiot.

    3. Why won’t they assimilate to there host country if diversity and multiculalism is so good? Why won’t they endorse marriage outside there race?

    1. Close. The choice of headgear is a touch off. I prefer fedoras, personally.

  24. So there could not possibly be any form of conspiracy among Jewish people? Or between people some of whom are Jewish?
    Then explain this.
    Peter Nolan has gone out of his way to PROVE that Alan Shatter, a Jew, and also the Minister for Justice in Ireland, is a criminal and has committed crimes.
    This proof has been made very public. Anyone can go see it.
    But instead of actually reviewing the PROOF of these crimes people just say “Nolan is a nutter”. Einstein had something to say about that “condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance”.
    Anyway. Two weeks ago there was a firestorm in the Irish Parliament. Shatter was caught lying to the parliament. Every newspaper in Ireland was running stories about Shatter and his lying to parliament. Shatter had to apologise and say he made a “mistake”.
    At the same time that was going on Nolan emailed every member of parliament and lots of reporters about Shatters crimes.
    Guess what? Not a word was printed about Shatters crimes while every newspaper and tv news channel was carrying the story of his misleading parliament.
    Of course, this overlooking of crimes was just a “coincidence”. It could not have possibly been deliberate. I think the “coincidence theorists” do not have a leg to stand on.
    All this can be found on Nolans CAF site. But I am sure you men are all too busy trying to get laid than to worry about how the news media is totally controlled by Jews and they are not about to let on that one of their own has committed crimes for which he must be removed from his position as Minister for Justice.
    Nolan even asked the question “is this jews working together” and pointed out that such crimes by Jewish people that go unpunished fans the flames of anti-semitism.
    Nolan would have said all this himself but it seems he wore out his welcome telling men here the truth. The truth is not very popular among men in the west. That is one reason why Nolan left the west. The men there are committed to ignorance.

    1. Jews own 85 percent of the mainstream media… NO CONSPIRACY HERE FOLKS! MOVE ALONG!!!

      1. Arabs own 80% of the worlds oil production
        Asians (by country, not stockholder) own 80% of the worlds technology production.
        Whites (probably) own 80% of the worlds food production.
        I could go on all day. Conspiracy is a lazy mind saying, “There must be a simple explanation for all that I see.”

        1. If you don’t understand the difference between a hostile, alien foreigner owning all of your newsmedia, versus an oil-rich country that just happened to hit the geography jackpot, nothing you say can be taken seriously.

        2. If you can’t understand that the existence of a condition does not offer direct evidence to the method by which that condition was created, nothing you say makes sense to begin with.

        3. Unlike the person you are responding to, who provided a chart to back up his claim, you provide no data to back up your claims. Your claims are also clearly erroneous. Arabs do not control 80% of the worlds oil production.
          Yes, you could go on for days making things up and saying them without any basis in fact, which is what you are doing here. THAT is the mark of a lazy mind.

        4. Asians don’t master the innovation of tech just the mass producing of tech cheap, there was 6 Asian PHDs caught stealing seeds from DuPont while making hybrid corns was done by Father of DNA Mendel centuries ago. Arabs lived on land that just so happened to have easy to get oil on. When NYC was sold for beads that the natives couldn’t create the area was too small for feed the tribe needing square miles per person to forage, instead of 1/4 acre per person with crop rotation known by the Romans.

        5. Show me where a percentage ownership, by ethnicity/creed/religion in any industry is proof of conspiracy and I might subscribe to your absurdity.

  25. I’ve long suspected that about 90% of the antisemitic remarks are posted here by “moby” trolls trying to discredit the manosphere by associating it with repellent ideologies. Ban them and move on.

    1. GOOD GOY! Never forget the six trillion! And remember, there is no way possible that Israeli’s Mossad intelligence agency committed the 9-11 terrorist attacks in New York City

      1. A perfect example of what I’m talking about. Post that kind of deranged bullshit and you make the whole manosphere easier to dismiss. Way to go, asshole.
        Even if you believe it, how about keeping it inside your tiny, misshapen head?

  26. The red pill is about accepting reality as it is. Let’s grant, for the sake of argument, that the race realists are right, and that on average blacks and Hispanics have an IQ one standard deviation below those of whites, Asians, and Jews. What would that mean in the real world?
    It would mean that the political programs of our liberal blue pill overlords would become meaningless. They have a social and financial incentive to nip discussions of IQ in the bud. It’s not racist to notice the social pathologies of blacks and Hispanics. It’s not anti-Semitic to notice that Jews are disproportionately represented in the elites. Low IQ men should be encouraged to pursue trades, vocations, and manufacturing jobs. Oh wait, we’ve outsourced or destroyed those jobs.
    Life is not about how much money and how many toys you can accumulate. It’s about being the best that you can be. It’s about being good, not about becoming educated beyond your intelligence. If we tear down blue pill men and dummies, it should only be so as to build them back up as good men who don’t live by lies.

  27. “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

    1. So let’s see… by your logic, if Jews rule over us, then you should by heavily sanctioned, because you have criticized them here in this very public forum.
      So if you’re still alive tomorrow, that is proof that Jews do not rule over you.

      1. If they could locate me, and get away with it, there is no doubt they would kill me.

        1. So according to you Jews have pulled off a vast, secret, worldwide conspiracy for hundreds of years, murdered millions and subverted civilization, and yet can’t hack into disquss to get your identity?
          Do you people take this your own stuff seriously or is this all a joke?

  28. What are the chances this is a style ploy to bait those with ‘unacceptable viewpoints’ and then ban them?

  29. Strangely, the author has chosen to omit the most persistent question about Jewish political behaviour in the rather trite list with which he begun his article.
    Why do Jewish financial interests and Jewish left-wing activists across the world work tirelessly for the removal of other country’s borders and the admission of as many third world refugees as possible?
    If he had bothered to answer this vexing question it would have led inexorably to the next one. Is not the Jewish insistence on multiculturalism for others the most blatant hypocrisy?
    For Israel is a determined ethno state with strict Jewish-orientated criteria for citizenship that it strictly enforces to the extent where it is considering DNA testing on new citizen applicants. It already expels many thousands of “African” jews.
    Nowhere does he address this startling double standard which is at the very forefront of “anti semitic” writings. The phrase anti-semitism in any case is just an attempt to ensure that politically active jews are not subject to the same scrutiny and criticism that they relentlessly dish out to others
    The author then trots out more unattributed red herrings about alleged holocaust denial and the reason that jews are at the top of professions. His treatment of both these issues shows that he is either extremely ill-informed on these issues or wilfully dishonest.
    Just a few lines on both these points. Nobody denies that Jews have higher IQs. Quite separately there is an abundance of evidence that they pursue extensive unfair ethnic networking or back-scratching to make sure their own interests are advanced at the expense of, mainly whites..
    He then resort to the tired accusation of holocaust denial and thereby ignore the real concerns that have surfaced in perfectly respectable writing on this subject from authors on both the left and the right.
    To name but one, although the jews suffered terribly in the holocaust, why is it being elevated to the form of state religion in many countries? Why is holocaust studies a mandatory part of the curriculum in so many countries while other 20th century disasters which also have much to teach us are ignored. Not least the murder by liquidation and deliberate starvation of many millions in the old USSR. And why is pointing any of this out considered to be anti-semitic?.
    All this and much more can be gleaned from a few minutes reading but mysteriously the author seems to have missed them and would prefer to throw around smears like anti-semitism and neo nazis.
    ROK is clearly a commercial venture and good luck with that. And it wouldn’t be the first to give a body-swerve to tricky questions that could impact on its own financial prospects.
    While hardly brave that is a stance that would at least be understandable. But at the same time as a regular reader I don’t think it is too unreasonable to ask that you keep the high standards you insist on from others. And be honest about it.

      1. polite company = politically correct weaklings.
        would you admit that you read this site or game women, in polite company?

        1. “would you admit that you read this site or game women, in polite company?”
          nice non sequitur, newb
          you just proved that you don’t keep any company outside of the confines of your basement

      2. Would you regal polite company with the manosphere’s Red Pill truths regarding women?
        If not, why?

        1. bcuz ur ghey
          but in seriousness, I seek enrichment from the company I keep rather than lecturing them on what I believe.
          It’s what you do when you have friends IRL instead of trolling some site on the internet. not that you’d know anything about that

      3. Same reason you wouldn’t say what we all really think about feminism in polite company; no one wants his name on the news right before getting fired.

      4. I am assuming you are not being adversarial but attempting to prove the commenter’s point. Ugly truth and polite company do not mix.

      5. I guess you missed the story about the Jewish lawyer & his wife in NYC that sued to get out of a speeding ticket by claiming the cop was ranting Anti-Semitic slurs which could have cost the cop his job if he didn’t audio & video record it. Attorney Elliott Dear only got a slap on the wrist for what should have cost him his license.

    1. Excellent rebuttal. You showed much more reason and restraint than I would have been able to. It makes my blood boil to see posers in the manosphere trot out the same discredited tripe when it comes to jews, as if all of the “real talk” they reserve for discussions of women just flies right out the window when the subject turns to global politics or race.

    2. Now watch. You’re the bad guy for responding to the unmentionable topic.

    3. – “Nobody denies that Jews have higher IQs. ”
      Actually there are many commenters here doing just that.
      -“although the jews suffered terribly in the holocaust..”
      Not according to many commenters here, who are calling it a hoax.

    4. All excellent points. But expecting high standards from an RoK writer like Athlone McGinnis, in regard to subjects like the one presented here, is like waiting for gold to fall out of the sky.
      Minorities brainwashed to prattle on about “white racism” and Eurocentric standards tend to remain willfully blind to the identity of their true masters.
      McGinnis: stick to posting neat-o animated GIFs and articles on how white wimminz be the downfall of da brothaz. You’re in way over your head here.

  30. IQ matters to a certain level, beating your kid’s ass matters more.
    Compare Asian parenting with Liberal WASP parenting and you’ll see why Asians do better. It has little to do with 5 messily IQ points.
    WASP Mom: “C-, as long as you tried your best”
    Asian Mom: “A-? *smack, smack,smack* go commit seppuku”

  31. I’m used to hearing Jews lecture white guys about anti-racism. A black dude lecturing white guys about anti-Semitism is a new one, though.
    I say take it to Tumblr.

    1. rofl on that 🙂
      Looks to me like the “most deserving” have a penchant for lecturing the people who get stuff done for them, lest they stop “deserving”. Cough Cough …

    2. That’s the biggest irony of this article. Makes one wonder who might be pulling the strings.

  32. Because of the day to day bigotry against women this site propagates they have reached a particular audience they didn’t originally intend to target; “the man who hates every and anything that isn’t him.” That’s right instead of just targeting men who hate women you all got the attention of men who hate everybody …… lmao guess you all didn’t intend for that….good luck trying to deal with that mess. Glad to see this site is headed to where it should be one of those mindless right wing forums that everyone with half a brain dismisses. You all were a joke before but this is just poetic.

    1. lol @ ” mindless right wing forum”. You mean those places which grow bigger every year, while pc leftard sites dwindle in size?

  33. You explain the prominence of jews by IQ but refuse to accept it for blacks. You are being a hypocrite. And even if they have a higher IQ we shouldn’t let them control our societies because they have different interests

    1. You explain the prominence of jews by IQ but refuse to accept it for blacks.

      I made it pretty clear within the article that I’m skeptical of the use of IQ to explain all variations between groups. My mentioning of high jewish IQ as an explanation for their prominence was meant to illustrate the arguments of those who are not so skeptical.

  34. I’m not buying this article. There are legitimate questions about Jewish predominance in banking, finance, law and not forgetting the media and popular culture amongst other areas. I have no doubt that many Jewish people are intelligent and are shrewd and calculating businesspeople. However, that doesn’t make anyone who questions their disproportionate influence as a “conspiracy theorist” or a “Nazi.”
    And anyone who doesn’t realise that the US political establishment has essentially been co-opted by Neo Cons with their accompanying Zionist agendas isn’t paying too much attention. Look at Syria for example where the Saudi Arabian Wahabbist/Western backed beheading enthusiasts attacking secular rule are cheered on by the Western political powers and presstitue media. This includes Zionists who use so called “Al Qaeda” along with the other Western powers as a proxy army on one hand, but pretend to be against them on the other to fool public opinion. Is none of this sort of stuff up for discussion now?
    As a final thought, I am not trying to speak in code and I do not agree with racism. There are enough deranged racists attacking black people day in and day out on the internet to do us a lifetime. Attacking people because of the colour of their skin is wrong, always has been wrong and always will be wrong; however, having a go at their beliefs or actions should be considered acceptable debate whether they are Jewish or gentile.

  35. The sad fact is that Jewish lobbies control the US government though coordinated funding of congressional elections. Any congressman who criticizes Israel or Jewish political interests is forced out of office. This allows a group of Jews to control a large part of the United States’ foreign and domestic policy.
    If it sounds too crazy to be true start by learning about Congressman James Traficant. If you thought the Red Pill about women was hard to swallow, wait until you try the Red Pill about coordinated Jewish political influence.

    1. one only need see the pathetic ass-kissing to AIPAC, or the laughable photo opportunities kissing the wailing wall, to verify your claims. NO politician makes it to the upper levels without prostrating himself before the jew.

  36. Well hold your horses now…It IS common knowledge that Jews test high on IQ measurements, and its common knowledge that they put a high priority on intellectual pursuits and career success. There can really be no argument that their above-average presence (albeit several hundred times the next highest representation in settings such as Ivy League) in law, academics, gov’t correlate to those qualities.
    HOWEVER, how can under-representation of women, minorities, gays, etc in these areas be attributed to White Privilege while Jewish over-representation is attributed to higher IQ?
    More importantly, if it all revolves around IQ, why then is there a high level of Jewish involvement in Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and assorted wealth redistribution efforts?
    I’m all for people looking out for their own kind, I wouldn’t it against anyone, its just human nature. But hooking yourself up while insisting that everyone else plays by special rules is just, well, bullshit.

    1. this is the central core of the issue: when jews succeed, it’s on their own merits. when whites succeed, it’s because they are oppressive racists. the jewish media is solely responsible for pounding this false idea into the heads of the west.


  37. Being “antisemitic”… Its the only sin in the prevailing Western culture that trumps Islamaphobia, homophobia, mysogyny, and racism.

  38. “Supposing that Jews are 2% of the population of the United States, and Jews have a median IQ of 115, and gentiles have a median IQ of 100, and both groups have a standard deviation of 15, the following chart shows the percentage of Jews at various IQ breakpoints:
    GentilesJewsEntire pop.98%2%IQ > 10096.7%3.3%IQ > 11594.0%6.0%IQ > 13087.5%12.5%IQ > 14574.4%25.6%
    Jews, despite their tiny population, would naturally be a much larger percentage of people in careers that require high IQs. This would be even further distorted if Jews had a cultural tendency to prefer certain types of careers over others, such as writing over hard science.
    Writing Hollywood screenplays is a very highly g-loaded task, thus Jewish people comprise a very high percentage of screenplay writers. Stand-up comedy also seems to be highly g-loaded.
    With the exception of folk rock, pop music is not so highly g-loaded so Jews aren’t as disproportionately represented among pop musicians.
    Just as there’s not a white conspiracy keeping blacks from scoring well on the SAT, there is not a Jewish conspiracy keeping gentiles from writing screenplays. It’s just about the distribution of IQ.”
    Source: http://www.halfsigma.com/2008/09/distribution-of-iq.html

    1. But what of the content of those screenplays?
      Does having a high g factor automatically force your pen to write feminism and multiculturalism into everything?

    2. Right. Jews dominate porn and chick flicks because of high IQ. It’s not their fault. They are slaves to high verbal IQ, which FORCES them to be subversive to traditional cultural values. Got it. Nothing to see here.

    3. How about the reality that no source gives that avg IQ for jews over 108. If you include Sephardic jews it washes out in the 2 digits.

  39. Jews using blacks to pollute white countries is nothing new. Jews brought the original slaves here in the first place. To the author: Can I buy you a one way ticket back to Africa (or perhaps Israel)?
    The author of this article is a black man, by the way.

    1. “Jews brought the original slaves here in the first place.”
      What?? There’s insane idiotic ahistorical nonsense, then there’s this, which isn’t even wrong.

      1. Actually a lot of the slave trade (actual shipping), maybe even a majority, was run by Jews. Feel free to do some internet searching to confirm. It’s a bitter Red Pill to take, I know.

    2. To the author: Can I buy you a one way ticket back to Africa (or perhaps Israel)?

      nah bro i’m good

    3. This is too much! This comic is very racist and nonconstructive… You guys actually have me sold on a type of Jewish conspiracy, especially concerning central banks… but dont drag the black man into it like this and defame all rap music and the like… this blatant racism is a very big turn off! Whats even more of a turn off is the anti-intellect that many of the Jew-Conspiracy crowd seem to be aligning with. Get rid of the hate and racism and I am on board!

    1. If you weren’t allergic to facts, you’d find that none of it is a “conspiracy theory”- more like conspiracy FACT.

      1. Yes I know. I get told the same shit from people who INSIST that either The Vatican, the Freemasons, or shape shifting lizard men from outer space rule the world. I’m all just stupid and allergic to facts and so on.
        Everybody has their own version of “the conspiracy”.

        1. yeah it’s a conspiracy theory that the heads of the IMF and World Bank and Federal Reserve have been exclusively jewish for years. It’s a conspiracy that jews control hollywood. It’s a conspiracy that dual citizens from Israel are allowed to serve in our government. It’s a conspiracy that unless you kiss AIPAC ass, you go nowhere in politics. It’s a conspiracy that Israel wants to use the US to wipe out all its enemies in the Middle East. It’s a conspiracy that most major pornographers have always been jews.
          Dude, all these things are trumpeted as achievements by jews themselves! Are you retarded, or just a liar?

  40. Some of the anti-Jewish comments on ROK are getting pretty extreme.
    There’s no doubt that Jews built or helped build brand new industries literally from nothing and profited hugely. It’s simply amazing that they came to America as immigrants, just as any other ethnic group, and amassed the wealth and power that they have. That being said, I do have a problem with the Federal Reserve being a seemingly Jewish dynasty, but that will change sooner or later.
    You can’t judge 1930s Germany by today’s standards. To tell you the truth, I believe the Germans at the time had every right to be pro-German, pro-white, pro-Christian, whatever (just as Israel has every right to be a Jewish state, Saud a Muslim state, etc.). If they had only expelled the Jews, Roma, etc. instead of killing them, Nazi Germany may still exist today, but something somewhere went terribly wrong and the state went murderously psycho.
    Anyway, my old man made it clear to me many times that our wealth was a result of an old Jew who took his chance on some crazy white trash rednecks. Therefore I have a soft spot for them. 🙂

    1. so they bought you off? weaker than dogshit.
      Learn some history bub. Germany tried to expell them and they said fuck you Germany. That’s when the trouble began.

      1. You’re a fucking idiot. The Germans had the guns. When the guys with the guns tell you to fucking leave, you don’t tell them, “Fuck you!”, you just leave.
        Bought off? Hardly. They did business and both sides prospered.

        1. Better wake up and smell what you’re shovelin’. The same thing is playing out right here in the US and the people with the guns are doing whatever the AIPAC-purchased politicians tell them to.

        2. I won’t deny that Jews wield huge influence in society and politics, but that just goes with success and money.

        3. jews declared economic war on Germany long before the night of broken glass.

    2. I promise you that most Jews are like that old man who did a mitzvot for you and your father. Most Christians that I know are like that old man. Thanks for sharing Sam

  41. Jews control the media. Most the the problems we face now is because of them. Jews should just stay in Israel. And mind their own business.

    1. Yes, because us American Jews think exactly like our Israeli counterparts through the satanic magic of the Ark of the Covenant. You’re not a hedonic nihilist. You’re a hedonic moron.

    2. If you look at European politics, the people pushing multiculturalism are most certainly not Jewish and in fact are hostile to Jews and Israel. Please learn something about these issues before mouthing off.

  42. This post was such a backfire that one wonders if that was its original intention.
    There is much truth in these comments.

  43. I ponder stuff like this all the time.
    With regards to Hispanics, I’ve been told that education just isn’t prioritized. Why are you going to school? You need to start a family asap, and get a job asap to support them.
    I sometimes wonder if blacks aren’t discouraged from higher education by their peers because it might make them look like a sellout to white America.
    A lot of times it saddens me that some people don’t pursue higher education because they don’t believe they should or that they’re capable of it because of their ethnicity.
    Jews? Perhaps Jews on average are more intelligent than the rest of the average. Perhaps not. I don’t know, but I suppose anything’s a possibility. Or….since they’ve been persecuted for centuries….maybe nepotism is an ingrained cultural thing at this point. And you can’t get mad at that, nepotism is NOT strictly relegated to Jews. If I’m right, feel free to be mad that you’re not a Jew and don’t get the advantage of Jewish nepotism….but then we’re back to the author’s point: wasting time and energy being angry instead of self-improving is very anti red pill.

    1. A lot of people think whites should be nepotistic too, but we are bludgeoned over the heads and called racist KKK holocaust deniers when we speak of it. Jews are the only group allowed to practice open nepotism and hostility to outsiders, free of mainstream criticism. The only reason for this is that they constantly harangue with their victim status, constantly reminding us of the holocaust. They have perfected whining into an art form.

      1. Maybe. Or maybe whites “can’t” engage in nepotism because only whites can be racist/sexist/___ist.

  44. 0 likes so far, 3 hours after this article’s been posted and 145 comments later, this has to be one of the worse articles so far here. And also speaks about what a red piller actually feels about anti-Semitism. We see the world for what it is; and not what it seems. Jewish hypocrisy is something which is evident.The title of the article itself doesn’t strike a chord.

  45. Let’s be sober about this.
    1. Jews are overrepresented in left wing ideology, but Jews are overrepresented in a lot of things, even right-wing talk show hosts has more than its share of Jews.
    2. The Frankfurt school, at its inception, was intentionally aimed at countering Nazism, but then went too far and started labeling everything traditional/Western-civ as fascist. The ideological remnants has carried over to modern times, but pointed intentions has not because:
    3. Jews genuinely believe what they preach. Not all, some are hypocrites, but with the exception of Orthodox Jews, demographics show they’re breeding themselves out of existence, or not breeding at all. If they knew leftist ideology was harmful, why do it to themselves?
    4. Jews historically occupy the academic upper-middle class segment of society, a demographic that’s prone to believing in liberal bullshit regardless of race.
    Conclusion: Jews were the first, and most elite of SWPLs. But unlike elite whites, their above average intelligence and propensity for endless complaint allowed them to disseminate their ideologies more effectively. In that sense, you could hold Jews responsible for much of leftist propaganda. However, there is no evidence that Jews have formed some kind of secret cabal with the explicit intent to undermine Western civilization. Like most leftists, they believe they’re just “making the world a better place”, albeit doing so in more sophisticated, academic ways. The process is harmful, but organic, and should be countered on those grounds. Conspiracy theories about the Jewish Master Plan and such are just ridiculous and only discredits you in the eyes of the public.

    1. Crap.
      Nazism was a reaction to the jewish weimar republic, not vice versa. Why do you think the Frankfurt School originated in Germany pre-world war II? Because Jews had the run of the place until they completely wrecked the culture.

    2. right wing talk show hosts has more than its fair share of NEOCONS. Fixed that for you.
      Sending goyim to get their legs blown off for Israel may be republican, but it is by no means traditional or right wing.

    3. I’ll take it. A nuanced viewpoint on Jews that doesn’t stray into to nutjob territory. Although Israeli birth figures are still at replacement rates, while Palestinian birth rates (Arafats vaunted “secret weapon”) are more than likely exaggerated.

    4. Another rational post. Critical thinking seems to be in short supply among otherwise very smart (emotional) men.

    5. Terry,
      except that the jews are not white – they have ‘acquired’ whites from host populations to make up for their own lack of success at breeding.
      jews are also not Chinese yet Chinese jews exist – they have had presence there since about 200 AD, and they are taking over the place as we speak.
      And I take offense at “SWPL”, reminds me of “chink”.

  46. man there have been a lot of incredibly stupid articles on this website lately but this one definitely takes the cake. why do you guy think that by mentioning the manosphere makes whatever garbage that comes out of your ass correct? this article looks like it was taken straight out of a feminazi blog site, but it’s okay since this website is full of closet racists, pretend players who claim to live the life of don draper, and boys who’ve been dumped one too many time (do you really think that life was better in the 50’s lol). The sheep mentality is alive and well, any posts made by anyone no matter how ill informed it is gets worshiped like it’s the new testament. which is ironic given that everyone here claims to be alphas. there needs to be some quality control before this place turns into a full blown cirque du soleil.
    by the way athlone have you ever considered the fact that money may play a part in the illusion of jews run the world? probably not, going full retard is much easier and makes the jew inside of you feel superior. i bet you also believe that black people have extra muscles in their legs which is why they seem to be superior at basketball.

    1. I disagree. I find on a personal basis, they’re pretty cool mostly. The problem is the Jewish feminists that influence the media dialogue — and society. The same goes with a lot of other ethnic groups. My ex, by the way, was Jewish, but ultra-conservative, anti-feminist, and looked a bit like Sarah Palin. We can criticize group behavior and influence without taking it out on individuals who have nothing to do with it.

    2. I second that. From my experience, the vilest skanks I’ve met have always turned out to be jewesses. The experience has always been like a dog fucking my leg, but louder, more aggressive and … smelly.

  47. I wish I were surprised by the way people in the comments discuss judaism as a whole. Discussing any religion in such broad strokes is laughable. Describing ‘all christians’ or ‘all muslims’ is as fruitless as trying to define ‘all the jews’, but since jews are a minority wherever they live (besides Israel), it’s accepted. There are jews who only wear the same dress pant/shirt combo every day of the week, and spend hours every day praying or discussing their religion. There are also jews who observe their faith a few days a year and still consider themselves jewish. Some jews change their names to separate themselves from the image of their heritage, while still identifying as jews. Some are scumbags, some are genuinely nice people. Many are zionists, but some (such as I) aren’t. And none are aware or apart of a multinational economic/political conspiracy dating back to the crucifixion, because that would be crazy. What unites these jews is a rich cultural history of persecution and resilience, and a religious foundation based on education, morality, and delicious meals.
    I am continually baffled by people who easily spew out whatever diatribe they have heard, despite never having any meaningful interaction with jews. When my father first went to university thirty or so years ago, a woman found out he was jewish and asked why he didn’t have horns. This was quite a while ago, and she was from small town Ontario, so her ignorance could be excused. What is the excuse these days? Maybe it’s just because those damn jews own all the media… rabble rabble…

  48. I know I am not a bigot, regardless of what anyone says. And regardless of the fact that I ask questions. Just like Mr. McGinnis asks a legitimate question of black politics; that doesn’t make him a bigot.
    Asking why there are so many Jewish women feminist “leaders” is a legitimate question. I suspect it has something to do with their cultural tradition, which is expressive, argumentative, and prone to constant negotiation. Simply put, they are the loudest and the best at arguing, so they naturally rise to the top in an ideology that depends on big mouths. (High IQ might be part of it, but only in the sense that it is harder to debate with a person with high IQ).
    Having said that, I have personal experience spending a fair amount of time in Israel. I found the young women there quite lovely, open-minded, and generally pleasant. It was also sort of exciting to think that many of them knew how to kill me with their bare hands (they are all trained in military combat). Israeli men are extremely macho – they put Latinos to shame in that department – and Israeli women seem to know their place at the foot of a man.
    So, I don’t think Jewish feminism is so much a generally Jewish thing as it is an American Jew thing. Let’s face it – for whatever reason – a lot of Jewish American women are butt ugly. Somehow, the Jewish gene pool in the US is not nearly as attractive as the Jewish gene pool in, for example, Israel. Ugly women tend to be feminists. Combine ugly with a big mouths, and you probably have the answer to why there are so many Jewish American women in feminist “leadership” positions.
    It’s a conspiracy of ugly. That’s all.

  49. Isn’t is a little strange that the US has a lobby group, AIPAC (American Israel Political Action Committee), which openly advocates for policies that are good for the nation of Israel?
    How is it good for the US to have a group which uses money to influence elections and policy for the benefit of a foreign nation?

    1. For one thing, Israel’s interests and America’s interests are aligned. For another, there are advocacy groups in DC for every issue under under the sun. FWIW AIPAC is an advocacy organization and not a lobby group, because they don not donate to candidates or PACs.

      1. “Israel’s interests and America’s interests are aligned”. Please, tell me about this… But maybe wathc this first: http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/aipac-the-israeli-lobby/
        And… “AIPAC is an advocacy organization and not a lobby group”. LOL. From the AIPAC web page, “Non-PAC self-identified as ‘America’s pro-Israel lobby’” And from wikipedia, “The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC, /ˈeɪpæk/ ay-pak) is a lobbying group that advocates pro-Israel policies to the Congress and Executive Branch of the United States”

  50. I do believe that there is a trend for Jews to be money-grubbing and practice discrimination against gentiles. I also believe that Judaism teaches prejudice against non-Jews. I’m disinclined to believe conspiracy theories however.

    1. Believing in official conspiracy stories is the most weak and gullible thing you could possibly do. 911 was a conspiracy – the only point of contention is whether you believe that 19 cave dwellers conspired, or that our own intelligence apparatus conspired. Believing that the government never lies to its people, and acts with the citizens best interest at heart is beyond omega, it’s sheeplike. Most of the things people called “conspiracy theories” in the past have been factually proven now, because it often takes decades to see the release of important records. You are making yourself sound extremely ignorant by peddling the idea that you must believe government lies in order to be a smart person.

  51. So let me guess an ethnic minority scattered around the world, some of which whom are atheist, some of which who have retained their orthodox faith, some of which who believe in zionism, academics of which who have denounced zionism, are bound together by some genetic pre-programming to rule over masses by a common hocus pocus ideology designed to enslave everyone else? Sounds like a conspiracy theory.
    There are two types of guys who come on ROK. Those who come for the odd laff, and those who blame their entire life’s discontents on a common (all too easily) identifiable enemy as a way to spread their reductionist views on life. As men you’re meant to look at things rationally, but rather you look like a butthurt fag.
    Fools like DavidSNESGamer are embarrassing to the manosphere. Reductionist betafag who doesn’t lift and lives in his mothers basement playing videogames, blaming his sexless existence on the fact that a girl at his school prefers to sleep with the Black Quarterback.
    If you were a bouncer at any premium venue you would be obliged to refuse entry to DavidSNESGamer, not necessarily because of his handle, but because it’s obvious the guy would be a total lizard with women. Nigga looks like Anders Breivik in the making.

    1. That’s what White people get told we have done, 8% of World population, some are Orthodox, some are Catholic, some are Protestant, some are atheist yet we have managed to oppress and rule over the entire planet with an agenda to exploit and enslave others……
      I agree, nobody has ever conspired to act in union with others for common gain. To even think that’s possible is to believe that some people are less then good hearted and will do anything to get ahead without caring about others.

  52. Thank you.
    These conspiracy theories are pathetic. I even see people in these comments blaming Israel for 9/11. In the past people here have complained that they can’t get their dream job or their dream girl because of some Jewish guys or something.
    Conspiracy theories are the most omega behavior possible in the world. People who engage in them are literally blaming (implausible) others for all of their problems rather than taking responsibility for their own shortcomings and putting forth the effort to improve their lives.
    This article is spot on. To the extent that Jews are over-represented among political authors and pundits (of all stripes), among scientists, and among businessmen, it is because they are intelligent and have a strong work ethic.

    1. Are you really claiming that nobody has ever acted in union with others for common gain ?
      Oh sorry, I forget that everyone is pure and never attempts to get ahead by any means necessary, even if that means acting in unison with people or the same ethnicity….

      1. If you don’t know the difference between some people acting in unison and an alleged giant multi-century conspiracy involving 15 million people and covering every corner of the Earth, I can’t help you.

    2. The guy that tapped Angela Markel’s granddaughter would sound totally tin foil hat about the USGOV spying on him until Snowden came out as a whistleblower.

      1. @1stworlder: But people have been claiming Jewish conspiracies for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years. If there was one, it would have been revealed by now. That is why it is an absurd conspiracy theory, and not at all like run-of-the-mill governmental malfeasance e.g. spying on Merkel.

  53. In addition to higher IQ, there are components of Judaism itself that incourage intellectual debate and high scholastic achievement. For example, the tradition of having a Bar or Bat Mitzvah at the age of 13 requires a very high level of preparation and study- what are the goyim doing at age 13? A traditional Jewish family will take a Shabbat once a week, it would be typical to discuss and contemplate the Torah over dinner. There is a reason why Jews are called “people of the book.” Jews have been persecuted for thousands of years, and have developed a keen work ethic, strong community and sense of humor to survive. In addition, I’d like to point out that while Jews do not dominate popular music, they are very well represented in classical music and jazz.

    1. They have been “persecuted for thousands of years” due to their nasty habits of infiltration, usury, outgroup hostility, and nepotism.

  54. It is to me, entirely unsurprising that the manosphere is attracting a lot of anti semitism. The reason for this I believe is because a lot of what the manosphere believes in parallels fascist ideology. Not that there are many out and out fascists on ROK but the issues discussed here regarding the problems we want to solve have been discussed by fascists since the early twentieth century.
    For example, take this statement on the role of women from Paula Siber, 1933 “Therefore a woman belongs at the side of man not just as a person who brings children into the world, not just as an adornment to delight the eye, not just as a cook and a cleaner. Instead woman has the holy duty to be a life companion, which means being a comrade who pursues her vocation as woman with clarity of vision and spiritual warmth.” This statement clearly outlines the role of woman in society, compare it to woman today who are careerist, man emulating, selfish beings.
    Now of course, there are few fascists here, as can be demonstrated by the frequent posts about finding a S.E Asian woman. But fascism at its core is about the regeneration of society, it seeks to create a new man, an ideal man who is strong, healthy, head of his family etc… Fascists believe liberalism since the French Revolution has decayed society, they strongly oppose Marxism and they are patriarchal.
    The parallels should be clear, the manoshpere admires traditional gender roles, it believes society, thanks to rampant feminism (an offshoot of Marxism) is weakening men and within its writings is a frequent to desire to improve men, to awaken them. So, given that, it is no surprise that we see anti Semites posting here because its natural ground for them. After all, another theme of fascism is that of the enemy within, traditionally Jews but increasingly Muslims.

    1. I think the reason the manosphere attracts anti-semitism is that it attracts people who are bigoted in general. Sure there are probably people who are prejudiced toward women because of their experience but I’m not naive to believe that constitutes everybody in the manosphere. There are also others who are prejudiced toward women because it fits in with a general attitude of prejudice toward everybody who’s different or who has different views–i.e. women, minorities, atheists, liberals, college-educated folks, etc. Not everybody in the manosphere is a misogynist, but I’m aware that some are.

      1. The word prejudice and bigot are thrown around too much in my opinion.The manosphere is very aware of a lot of the facts about woman etc.. which makes for the opposite of prejudice. Feminists aren’t prejudged, their whole ideology gets thoroughly deconstructed which implies an understanding. I know you specifically said not everybody but people who genuinely are prejudiced are quickly found out in debates because they simply don’t have the facts to hand, so they can be discounted. You didn’t really address why the manosphere would attract anti antisemitism whereas I gave a in depth explanation as to what is attracting these people here you simply resorted to saying they are prejudiced, the question is why? So I am curious to here your answer.

  55. Why the pictures of the Jewish broads?
    Red pill has taught us enough not to act ‘thirsty’. A picture of a Jewish chick cannot distract us from this PC shit.

  56. Chateau Heartiste isn’t manosphere anymore though.
    It’s a bunch of HBD gamma males who

    1. *and cuckold fetishists who are watching other men play the field from the sidelines, assuaging the cognitive dissonance by spouting sociological studies that the very psychology they worship has thrown a monkey wrench into (see NexxtLevelUp)

      1. U MAD BRO? They clown pseudo-intellectual afrocentric jokers like you on the regular, that’s why you b hatin. They don’t censor and ban people who make good arguments. They don’t let your bullshit fly without calling you out on it. The Chateau is the finest manosphere site on the web, no doubt about it.

        1. Nah, what’s really “pseudo-intellectual” is the conjured definition of a single white race. Guess you have to stand for something, however deluded. Low-self esteem will do that to you (and lack of pussy).

  57. Gentleman, let’s remember that anger is an emotion. Wouldn’t it be more logical to look at what we can learn from another culture, rather than playing victims of a conspiracy?


  58. The Holocaust denialism especially makes me laugh. Consider the absurdity of it: The Germans under Hitler sucked at killing Jews, and they needed the Jews after the war to come up with propaganda about the Final Solution to show the world what the Nazis should have done to get rid of Europe’s Jewry.

    1. Considering that there was not even 5 million jews in Germany before the war and there are survivors still alive today they where either really bad, at it or its like the discredited stories of people being made into lampshades and soap.

  59. It shouldn’t be antisemitic to note that, given the large numbers of Jewish individuals in academia, government, and the media, that these same powerful individuals would
    (1) pursue their legitimate group interests,
    (2) try to change the world in accordance with their religious beliefs, and
    (3) prostelithize thier group/religious beliefs even if short of converting heathens.
    No conspiracy needed.
    Frankly a critical assessment of Judiaism is needed here in the manosphere. It is no coincidence that many of the feminists are Jewish because the religion itself asks men to be extremely beta, Excepting those orthodox sects which separate with society.
    Oversimplifying things. One is Jewish if their mother is Jewish. If the father is non Jewish, doesn’t matter. If the mother is not Jewish, but the father is, then the children are not Jewish. If the mother converts, many in the community will nonetheless never accept her or her kids into the community.
    This is textbook goddess cult woman pedastalizing.
    Women can screw whoever they want. If men can’t land a jewess, they get kicked out of major parts of the tribe. As a result, most men

    1. I grew up around plenty of Jewish people and the idea that kids without a Jewish mom are shunned is laughable. If a kid goes to temple and has their bar/batmitza they are integrated into the faith. I know plenty of kids who don’t have jewish moms and are full members of the faith without facing any bullshit about it from their peers.

      1. If they have gay wedding ceremonies, and serve hams sandwiches its a temple with little influence.

  60. ‘Seinfeld’ was all about a Jew maintaining a friendship with his former girlfriend.
    Fuck that. If it had just been a few Jewish guys hanging out and doing shit, that would have been fine.
    The few Jewish guys I know curse their wives and fuck whores, but then so does the Italian I know! 😛 By the way, the 40-something Jewish guys look like shit, but the Italian, ha ha, for a 50-something he kills with his full head of hair. It seems to be the consensus among ethnics though: marry and have kids, then fuck young whores.

  61. There are 10,000 professional whores in Tel Aviv. I don’t see a problem here! 😀

    1. The problem is none of them are jewish and its white slavery. They get told they are going for jobs and have passports stolen.

  62. Yes, we must not look at the man behind the curtain !!!!
    Interesting that the article is about ‘anti-semitism’ and not about Anti-Whites.
    We need Anti-Whites but not Anti-Semites
    Please, I urge everybody to keep blaming ‘the jews’ and ignore the White Anti-Whites.
    Never question any information provided or you will be diagnosed with Oppositional Defiance Disorder and be forcibly sedated, for your own good.

  63. Why do jews get a country just for jews but White people can’t even get a single suburb in any country mandated just for us ?

    1. Amen. We need to gas every last jew, so that this planet can be saved. And no, I am not trolling. I am 100 percent serious. If a new Hitler arose tomorow, I would gladly follow him and GAS THESE FUCKING KIKES!
      This time around, we need to ACTUALLY gas the jews. The Holocaust before was a hoax, unfortunately. I truly wish 6 million really did die, but unfortunately there is no evidence to prove they died.
      The 41 page eBook “Did Six Million Really Die?” fully exposes the Holocaust as a massive hoax.

      1. How does reading your book on ‘gassing jews’ help White people to get even a single suburb in any country mandated just for White people ?

        1. Ummm, the book explains how NO JEWS WERE GASSED. If you weren’t a lazy mentally retarded piece of shit, you would already know that. SIX MILLION JEWS DID NOT DIE!!!!

        2. So how does that information that help White people to even get a single suburb in any country mandated just for White people ?

    2. In early 2014, Israel’s population was an estimated 8,146,300 people, of whom 6,110,600 are Jews.[1] Arab citizens of Israel comprise 20.7% of the country’s total population.[23] Over the last decade, large numbers of migrant workers from Romania, Thailand, China, Africa and South America have settled in Israel. Exact figures are unknown, as many of them are living in the country illegally,[372] but estimates run in the region of 203,000.[373] By June 2012, approximately 60,000 African migrants had entered Israel.[374] About 92% of Israelis live in urban areas.[375]
      Educate yourself before spewing nonsense…

  64. “We don’t see Anti-Semitism!”
    Meanwhile, a few articles back, there’s an article promoting racism towards white women.
    Oh, right. I forgot, racism is only bad unless it’s against white people amirite guise?

    1. So again, if Jews have that kind of all-encompassing, nefarious power to murder at will over hundreds of years, and yet here you are bad mouthing them all over the internet, why aren’t you dead yet?

  65. We’re grown ass men, and the discussion doesn’t need to be avoided on this issue. That said, it would be nice if the comments section of every article didn’t traverse the same path and become a debate about it. And honestly if the only contribution you can muster is highlighting jews involvement in every facet of life, you aren’t contributing. Not to this site. But I will agree that those who are made uncomfortable by, not those who are just tired of, the discussions of race or things perceived as anti-semitic in relation to the topics that get brought up around here need to grow up and cast off the last vestiges of their PC pussy-enhancement process.

    1. Two TRUTHS:
      Israel’s Mossad agency did the 9-11 terrorist attacks in New York City
      The Holocaust is a HOAX. 6 million jews DID NOT DIE!

      1. It takes hundreds of hours of scholarly research to sift through the lies that the Masters of Deception have planted to cover their tracks. Most people aren’t intellectually curious enough to do this, so they shout down those who are. It’s pathetic.

  66. How is it ‘anti-jew’ to point out “…. so many of the most prominent feminists (are) Jewish?”
    To think it is ‘anti-jew’ to point out this fact means you consider this fact to be unfavorable to the collective calling themselves ‘jews’.
    Are we now required to believe the feminism is ‘good’ because to think otherwise is ‘anti-jew’ ?
    To believe the actions of members of a group can NEVER be wrong by virtue of group membership is the ultimate expression of warped female thinking, nice to see your hamster is keeping fit on the rationalization wheel ‘Althone McGinnis’

  67. No secret that the Jews control a large portion of the media that brainwashes you every day

    1. It’s funny – most people seem to hate ‘banksters’, the mainstream media, commie professors, corporate lawyers, government bureaucrats, corrupt public union leaders, public school administrators, hollywood propagandists, and slimy pornographers….but they just can’t make that leap to accept that these fields are completely dominated by jews (who are only 2% of the population)! It’s amazing, the level of self-deception people are willing to indulge in, just to avoid stumbling upon non-approved beliefs.

  68. Most of the homo’s in the manosphere are too caught up on race and religion and other idiotic bullshit instead of truly trying to improve themselves…

    1. One way to improve yourself is to EDUCATE YOURSELF TO THE TRUTH. And yet you faggots are too weak and cowardly to face the TRUTH- that virtually all of the top elite on this planet are JEWISH.

      1. Forbes 10 Wealthiest People. (NOT ONE JEW)
        #1 Bill Gates$77 B$203 M | -0.
        #2 Carlos Slim Helu & family$72.1 B
        #3 Amancio Ortega$64.6 B
        #4 Warren Buffett$63.1 B
        #5 Larry Ellison$48.8 B
        #6 Charles Koch$40.6 B
        #6 David Koch$40.6 B
        #8 Christy Walton & family$38.1 B
        #9 Sheldon Adelson$36.8 B
        #10 Jim Walton$35.7 B

        1. Great satire!
          7 of the people on the list ARE jews.
          Can you daft readers guess which ones? No cheating with google!

        2. there is some research proving that Sam Walton’s mother was jewish, which makes him a jew. There is also suspicion that Gates is a crypto-jew, but it’s not proven. However, Paul Allen, and Steve Balmer, the other founders of Microsoft, are jews.

        3. Kochs are not Jewish. Look em up.
          For those who actually care about accuracy, the only person on that list who is Jewish is Adelson.

      2. Rupert Murdoch is not Jewish. It doesn’t get any more Scottish than that. So right there in the first panel, a lie.

        1. Okay…Jeff Zucker, Barry Meyer, Mel Karmazin, and Jean Bernard Levy? what are their ethnicities?

    2. Most of the jews in Auschwitz were too caught up on ‘race’ and ‘religion’ instead of trying to improve themselves……
      Could you provide the metric scale that is used to asses White people so we know how much we must improve ourselves before you’re willing to support an end to mass 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ into EVERY White country ?
      The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE.

  69. If a man gets kicked out of 180+ different stores for shoplifting, which scenario is more likely to be true?
    A) The whole world is racist against him.
    B) He’s a shoplifter.
    I’m tired of having Jewish victimhood
    shoved in my face everywhere without an ounce of consideration for the
    fact that they’ve been run out of 180+ countries, and for good reason.
    Wherever they’ve settled en masse, they’ve sought to infiltrate,
    subvert, and corrupt the political, economic, and social systems of the host
    culture. They destroy
    nations… nations of people whom they consider to be subhuman and inferior to the Jewish race. We have thousands of years of testimony as to the character of the Jewish race, and from some truly great minds.
    They’re generally brilliant people I must admit, but they’re also one of the most dangerous groups of people in human history. If we continue to allow
    the Jewish sympathy machine to distort the truth, we do so at our own

    1. Here’s the full list of countries that expelled the jews in the past. It’s a pretty fucking big list

      1. That’s only since 250 AD. Remember they where too annoying to even keep as slaves in Egypt.

  70. I eagerly await next weeks article condemning Anti-Whites !!!!!!!!!
    Oh sorry, didn’t realize that being a ‘real man’ meant not objecting to people who decide to genitally mutilate baby boys and who don’t have a problem with the guys who does the mutilation sucking the babies penis afterwards.
    But it’s Ok to be Anti-White still, no ?

    1. Never forget the six million!! Even when a jew admits the holocaust was a massive fraud.

      1. How does telling people ‘the holocaust was a massive fraud’ help White people get mandated even a single suburb in any country just for White people ?

        1. If telling people ‘the holocaust was a massive fraud’ helps White people get a single suburb in any country mandated just for White people I will scream it from the rooftops.
          How does telling people ‘the holocaust was a massive fraud’ help White people get even a single suburb in any country mandated just for White people ?
          The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
          ‘anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

  71. Gimme a break. You lose your credibility with an article like this.
    Special pleading.
    Don’t dare disagree or… we’ll call you names like ..naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.
    Read “The Culture of Critique’ as just a start on this issue.

  72. Yeah, it’s not like a group that religiously believes they are “God’s Chosen” would use their extremely disproportionate influence for the benefit of their own tribe at the expense of all others.
    When they boast about their triumphs, it’s cute and funny chutzpah. When you point their words out to others, you’re a conspiracy theorist.

    1. You are (perhaps deliberately) misunderstanding the concept of being “chosen” in the religion of Judaism. It means chosen for a particular burden, not special favors. Anyway, most Jews are secular so it wouldn’t apply anyway.

      1. The Babylonian Talmud says otherwise, and any sly-as-a-fox Talmudic scholar is caught off guard by any inquisitive gentile who knows the numerous hateful references to “goyim” therein.

  73. I’m wondering why jews get special treatment? Why is racism against Jews called “anti semitism”? Why not just racism? Do we call racism against blacks “Anti-negroidism”? No, we don’t. Racism is racism. You talk of equality? Giving Jews preferential treatment and their own special words doesn’t sound equal. Not to mention this article promotes a double standard: Denouncing racism, then in an article a few days earlier, promoting racism against white people because muh obesity pandemic, as well as your constant strawman-tier arguments in this article. It’s the same thing as saying “You mentioned he’s Jewish? ANTI SEMITE NAZI!”.

    1. As a ethnic Jew I agree that there is a double standard that Jews can play on more than almost any other race. I don’t support this victimhood ploy anymore than any other victimhood approach. I would venture to explain it in that the Holocaust was a deliberate attempt to systematically eliminate Jews from the planet and this is perceived as exceptionally brutal. Even compared to other acts of racism. I freely admit that is not a just position to take.

      1. 27 Million Russians died in WWII, and there is no special word for Russophobia, except for a -phobia prefix.

        1. There is a special word for the 60 million killed by jewish Bolsheviks its the Holodomor.

        2. And you can bet nobody will ever be jailed in the west for being a “Holodomor Denier”.

        3. The difference, if you care to know, is the deliberate nature of the Holocaust. The Nazis set out to kill every Jew in the world and almost succeeded. The other deaths in WW2 and WW1 or whenever else were not the same. They were the result of atrocities but not the attempt to deliberately remove an entire people from the face of the Earth.
          As for Holodomor (which killed around 5 million, not 60 million) it was done by Stalin (not Jewish).

        4. No, the difference is that he who controls the printing press, controls history.

  74. a few times I’ve followed the links. Sometimes its quite persuasive, mostly its absurd. I usually stop at the point when they start talking about jews eating babies – this is exactly the same shit they used to justify pogroms, persecution and exile in the 12th century.
    Jews are very influential in this society. A lot of that is down to their being just plain smarter. Are there other factors that need to be examined? Possibly – but its unlikely to be helpful on this site.
    Yes, critical theory and feminism have had a strong jewish component, but its not helpful to deal with it at the level of ethnicity – deal with arguments or you become one of those people who point fingers and make ad hominem arguments – you know like feminists.
    ROK is absolutely right to tackle this – it destroys the debate, makes us whiny victims who can only explain the world by thinking that we are ‘controlled’ by powerful external forces that hate use, something that means to the extent that we think that we lack ‘agency’, and adopt a paranoid style. As we all know paranoia is a way of approaching the world – it does not relate directly to the truth, ‘to what is the case’.
    Lastly I want to add one more thing, which I think may explain why Jewish thinkers are so well represented in left theory. They have been persecuted through the ages. WW2 was apogee of this persecution, and since then the jews have been productive in countering the possibility of further persecution, or even a repeat of the holocaust. Some of this has been muscular zionism – as in a very assertive Israel – but it has also resulted in a focus on combating victimization, something which has been very effective but which hasn’t necessarily had a universally desirable effect.
    Since the holocaust (whatever you think of it) is probably the seminal psychological event of the 20th Century (that an assessment of mass psychology not an assessment of what’s important necessarily) the focus of critical theory and what we now call political correctness, came to be on HATE, or rather ANTI-HATE.
    Recognise that word? That’s the only real jewish ‘conspiracy’ there is as far as I’m concerned. The hatred of the nazi’s towards jews and other races becomes the archetypal crime of the twentieth century and the problem that has to be solved. If you like a reverse final solution – how do we destroy hate?
    That’s the question that the Frankfurt school asked, when it started asking whether certain cultures (e.g. the Austrian) had an “authoritarian culture” – Adorno veered completely away from marxism in looking into that. That’s not the research of a conspirator. but of someone who’s desperately concerned that something bad doesn’t happen again (I’m well aware that the frankfurt school existed before WW2). Later on, after speech act theory becomes common, words and actions come to be conflated, so that to say something is to take a kind of action.
    That’s one reason why hate-speech legislation has made it much harder to say things (something I think does more harm than good IMO). The holocaust drive anti-hate movement, and its associated division of the world into victims and oppressors, spreads from this archetype in the campaign against genocidal nazism to become the template for all modern victim movements – feminism (oppressor gender dominating oppressed gender) and more recently gay rights (homophobia versus acceptance etc).
    The above is not a conspiracy. Its the result of very radical thinking by some very intelligent people (not all of whom were jews by any means) who were determined to protect themselves, and in the process fed into a number of emancipatory movements that were probably going to happen anyway.
    So as the article exhorts lets stay focussed on the issues that matter, issues that emphasise our own agency, intelligence and capacity to improve ourselves. Anything else is a different debate or at least needs to be handled very carefully.

    1. Do not question anybody in authority or you are not a ‘real man’
      If you speak out against authority you are ‘a victim’
      NEVER question people who tell you they are chosen by God and a special.
      If I just bow down and worship jews then can I get a member card that says “I’m Alpha and special”
      Please let me into your special club where I’m accepted I won’t ask questions, I promise……
      I can’t wait till the next article to tell me what else I’m not allowed to ask questions about.
      Hey, how does this article relate to getting girls ?
      If I start worshipping jews then I’ll get girls, no ?

      1. by all means question everything, but do it in an appropriate place, and in an appropriate way. Why do I have to read an article on Boethius and then see a stereotyped picture of a greedy jew conspiring against ‘goys’. Even if jews are conspiring to create your illumati new world order how exactly does that contribute to anything?

        1. Ok so you don’t deny the topic is valid, you just want to be restrict the conversation from public hearing.
          By what right to you claim you have the authority to deem a place ‘appropriate’ or ‘inappropriate’ for any given discussion ?
          (1) Why do jews get their own country but White people can’t get a single suburb in any country mandated for ourselves.
          (2) How does this article help me get girls ?

        2. relevance is the main authority I would invoke. Secondly it makes the manosphere look ‘cranky. It makes RoK & any similar site vulnerable to being misunderstood and misrepresented.
          What’s more you should understand how things work at the moment. The anti-hate movement is very powerful. It isn’t actually anti-hate at all. What it does is convert ‘hate’ or anything that can be described as hate into POWER.
          So the more ‘hate’ anti-hate can demonstrate the bigger and more powerful it becomes.
          To get power you first need – legitimacy

        3. Your objection is that you are worried we’ll look ‘cranky’ ?
          Nobody ever overcame an extreme position by taking a moderate position.
          Do you really think that not pointing out the obvious is the way to win ?

        4. your not wrong in principle, but if ROK should entertain ‘extreme positions’ (i.e. radical ideas) then they should relate to manosphere issues. There are other sites for such things. My concern is mainly that this issue, a not directly relevant issue, will drag the manosphere down. That will detract from a sense of legitimacy – which is not about how moderate or extreme arguments are, but how powerful and relevant they are

  75. Wanna know why Jews are overrepresented in most fields? Our culture reinforces and DEMANDS success. I’m the least educated one in my family with for the last two generations (Bachelor’s). All my siblings have, or are working on graduate degrees. And not in flimsy liberal arts majors either. And that is consistent with the rest of my family. Outside of Asians, I don’t see the emphasis on success being so thoroughly emphasized.

      (hand rubbing intensifies)

        1. @John (1) Why do jews get their own country but White people can’t get a single suburb mandated in any country for ourselves.
          (2) How does this article help me get girls ?

        2. 1. Im not a zionist. I happen to be born into a Jewish family. Im agnostic.
          2. It might help you pull JAPS if you understand their perspective.

        3. Ok, you’ve got a dog in the fight, fair enough.
          I actually respect you for being true to yourself, it’s the White Anti-Whites I despise. We will never agree with each other so what’s the point of arguing.
          On the JAPS (Jewish American Princess) I’ll leave them to you, I don’t think I could put up with them.

        4. It doesn’t matter what your religion is, you’re Jewish by blood; Also, your dick displays the Mark of the Beast, so…

        5. You’re a Jew. You can no more renounce your own Semitism than a black man can renounce the color of his skin.

        6. I personally think Israel was a guilt trip knee-jerk reaction that NEVER should have happened. The zionist argument is religious based and another reason why I find religion so deplorable.
          And I avoid JAPs as well.

        7. John: These insane hate-filled idiots are demonstrating precisely why Israel SHOULD have happened. It is clear that antisemitism is a disease that will always plague the dregs of humanity and Jews do need a country to be safe in.

        8. The Red Pill needs a diametric shift from some of these primitives in order to preserve it’s identity. You have some brilliant and creative contributors and then I see this lunacy. Anyone that actually believes in large conspiracy theories, Jew-related or otherwise, should be castrated. They are simple too moronic to be associated with a philosophical movement.

        9. It’s well known that powerful men conspire. So my question to you, is how do we identify a conspiracy “theory” versus a conspiracy “fact”? Is it your position that it’s only a real conspiracy fact if the kosher mainstream media reports it as such?

        10. The fact that the NSA has been snooping on everyone was derided as a wacky conspiracy theory, promulgated by basement-dwelling, tinfoil-hatters…until it was proven correct with the Snowden revelations. Sooooooo…got anyone you want to apologize to for being such a thickheaded jagoff?

        11. No, actually anyone with a TS clearance level in the US military has known that for years. We used the same technology in our SIGINT collection platforms in Iraq and Afghanistan for a long time. Guess you aren’t to knowledgeable on that though…Must be a Jewish conspiracy that was keeping you so ignorant.

        12. I don’t care if they are opposed to the Israeli state, but the baseless Jew-conspiracy theories are every bit the same logical fallacies the feminists use with “the Patriarchy.” And somehow these Einsteins (OMG straight Jewish!!!) can’t make that connection.

        13. The definition of a conspiracy theory is an explanation of events that involves a group implausibly keeping a profound secret for an indefinitely long time. Another hallmark is that conspiracy theorists responds to contradictory evidence by denying said evidence or morphing the theory, but never simply accepting that the theory might be wrong.

        14. If you check out my other comments, I think it may be part of the high IQ thing. High IQ means someone will think more about abnormal views and may adopt them for a period of time. Jews have been at the forefront of capitalist and socialist thought. Jews have led support and opposition to Israel. Maybe we were just sick and tired of being shat on for 2000 years, so we sought power and influence. Whatever, Im a Jabotinsky type. If any of these motherfuckers came near my house, Id blow their heads off.

        15. Hmmm.
          I find it implausible that 19 cave-dwelling muslims could keep the 911 plot secret for an indefinitely long time, especially with our intense surveillance apparatus.
          I also find it odd that when presented contradictory evidence about the collapse of WTC7, by many architects and engineers, the Neocon Bush Admin denied that evidence, and morphed their story.
          So, based on your metrics, the official fairytale of what happened on 911 is clearly a conspiracy theory, and it is equally likely that it was perpetrated by the Israeli Mossad, with assistance from zionist elements in our own government (wolfowitz, perle, feith, rumsfeld).
          Looks like you lost this round, slugger!

        16. 19 people keeping a secret is a lot different, and a lot more plausible, than thousands keeping a secret.

        17. Have you ever heard of compartmentalization? That is how our government and military operates. Need-to-know basis. Most cogs in the wheel have no idea what the big picture is that they are working on, when it comes to the three-letter agencies. There is no way that more than 19 people in the government would have needed to be in on the 911 conspiracy.

    2. Credentialism is SHIT.
      Who paid for all that schooling? How much debt does your siblings have when they graduate?

        1. The gulf war study showed that soldiers that went to the war where healthier than those that didn’t. Kinda helped that preg women counted equally to a man that went to the ER 20 different times in a year.

        2. Thanks for the link but that is basically a he-said-she-said type of argument. Both sides arguing by assertion. Obviously the problem is that it’s very difficult to get an accurate count of jews, since so many of them change their names to pose as gentiles, and so many of them understandably don’t want to be publicly identified as jews.

        3. Re: Jewish overrepresentation at elite universities
          From No Longer Separate, Not Yet Equal: Race and Class in Elite College Admission
          “To have the same chances of gaining admission as a black student with an SAT score of 1100, an Hispanic student otherwise equally matched in background characteristics would have to have a 1230, a white student a 1410, and an Asian student a 1550.” – http://tinyurl.com/lasjb2y
          In the above, please note that Whites and jews are lumped together.
          According to Ron Unz:
          “Asians comprise between 2% and 3% of the U.S. population, but nearly 20% of Harvard undergraduates. Then too, between a quarter and a third of Harvard students identify themselves as Jewish, while Jews also represent just 2% to 3% of the overall population. Thus, it appears that Jews and Asians constitute approximately half of Harvard’s student body, leaving the other half for the remaining 95% of America” – http://tinyurl.com/k75g75x
          A 2009 article in the Daily Princetonian cited data from Hillel, a Jewish campus organization, that with the exception of Princeton and Dartmouth, on average Jews made up 24% of Ivy League undergrads. – http://tinyurl.com/leojzfd
          Jews constitute a vastly disproportionate share of the population classified as White at elite universities.
          One may suppose that this is due to higher Jewish IQ. However, on the basis of Richard Lynn’s estimates of Ashkenazi Jewish IQ and correcting for the greater numbers of European Whites, the ratio of non-Jewish Whites to Jews should be around 7 to 1 (IQ >130) or 4.5 to 1 (IQ > 145). Instead, the ratio of non-Jewish Whites to Jews is around 1 to 1 or less.
          There must be some other reason besides IQ that Jews are such a large percentage of the population classified as White at elite universities.
          There is discrimination against poor Whites and against non-urban Whites. From How Diversity Punishes Asians, Poor Whites and Lots of Others:
          There is “a general disregard for improving the admission chances of poor and otherwise disadvantaged whites.
          “When lower-class whites are matched with lower-class blacks and other non-whites the degree of the non-white advantage becomes astronomical: lower-class Asian applicants are seven times as likely to be accepted to the competitive private institutions as similarly qualified whites, lower-class Hispanic applicants eight times as likely, and lower-class blacks ten times as likely. These are enormous differences and reflect the fact that lower-class whites were rarely accepted to the private institutions Espenshade and Radford surveyed. Their diversity-enhancement value was obviously rated very low.” – http://tinyurl.com/kuhpn54
          The other finding is
          “what might be called an urban/Blue State bias against rural and Red State occupations and values. This is most clearly shown in a little remarked statistic in the study’s treatment of the admissions advantage of participation in various high school extra curricular activities. In the competitive private schools surveyed participation in many types of extra-curricular activities — including community service activities, performing arts activities, and “cultural diversity” activities — conferred a substantial improvement in an applicant’s chances of admission. The admissions advantage was usually greatest for those who held leadership positions or who received awards or honors associated with their activities. No surprise here — every student applying to competitive colleges knows about the importance of extracurriculars.
          “But what Espenshade and Radford found in regard to what they call “career-oriented activities” was truly shocking even to this hardened veteran of the campus ideological and cultural
          “Participation in such Red State activities as high school ROTC, 4-H clubs, or the Future Farmers of America was found to reduce very substantially a student’s chances of gaining admission to the competitive private colleges in the NSCE database on an all-other-things-considered basis. The admissions disadvantage was greatest for those in leadership positions in these activities or those winning honors and awards. … Excelling in these activities “is associated with 60 or 65 percent lower odds of admission.” – http://tinyurl.com/kuhpn54
          Whatever else one can say about the new elite, it certainly does not believe in merit. The only common denominator is that Whites of European extraction are being systematically excluded and displaced to the point that they are now underrepresented in all the important areas of the elite compared to their percentage of the population.

        4. “The methodology of that study has been thoroughly debunked.”
          Not prone to exaggeration, are you?
          I wonder how many admission officers are Jews? What pressures are gentile admission officers under to admit Jews?
          The brouhaha that engulfed the Princeton campus because Jews were “only” overrepresented by around 6.5 times their percentage of the population suggests that there is considerable pressure for high levels of Jewish admission.
          The Daily Princetonian ran four front-page articles on the topic, and the New York Times ran an article titled “The Princeton Puzzle.” See here: http://tinyurl.com/kvgkz7s
          Clearly anything less than 20% Jewish enrollment is met with raised eyebrows and accusation of anti-Semitism.

    3. (1) Why do jews get their own country but White people can’t get a single suburb mandated in any country for ourselves.
      (2) How does this article help me get girls ?

      1. Jews get their own country for the same reason that Italians or Greeks get their own country, because they are a people and a nation.

        1. No Jews want to be described solely as a religion. That is only antisemites and Arabs who do that, for bullshit ideological reasons.

        2. What I see is a lot of shapeshifting. one minute they are an ethnicity, the next minute they are a religion, depending on what benefits them at the time. Many of them deny they are jews by stating they are athiests or agnostic. I have even directly asked several jews I knew if they were a race or religion, and they could not give me a straight answer.

        3. The issue becomes confused because too many people with an agenda want to push one thing or another. So sometimes even individual Jews can be confused on this, because different people are telling them different things.
          Anyway, the only correct answer is that Jews are a people. Judaism is a religion, which many Jewish people, but not all, practice to varying degrees.

        4. riiight, so that way, if you criticize jews, you are a “racist”, but when they criticize Christians, they are just mocking a silly belief system.
          If they claimed it was a religion, they know people would have every right to criticize their beliefs. But if they claim to be a race, then they lose the right to insist on special treatment based on religion (kosher foods, no service in the military, etc).
          So it benefits them to be both….or neither…..or one or the other….depending on who is asking.

    4. Your culture reinforces ethnic nepotism, and that’s the only secret to your sauce.
      All you have to do is look at a Hasidic Jews in NYC, who operate their own grocery stores, their own schools, their own hospital services, their own buses, their own theatres–you get the idea, these guys are the definition of ethnic, racial supremacists.
      Just look at Ukraine: Victoria Nuland, daughter of a prominent political theorist (and also a Jew) selects Arseniy Yatsenyuk (also a Jew) to become Prime Minister of Ukraine; Yatsenyuk then selects Kolomoyskiy to be governor of Dnipropetrovsk; guess which religion Kolomoyskiy has, too?
      The races that do the worse are those that rely too heavily on others to spoon bread to their mouths.

      1. Where do you get this misinformation? Yatsenyuk is not Jewish.
        Hasidic Jews operate their own institutions just like the Amish do, and it is beacuse they don’t partake of mainstream society.

  76. “Racism is bad”- Unless said racism is going out and killing people, no it is not. Who are you tell others who they can and cannot dislike? “Racism is bad”? More like “Stop disliking people because muh feelings!”, if I want to dislike a Jew, then I damn well will and there is nothing you can do to make me like a Jew. No I won’t kill someone for being Jewish but I’m not going to accept or like Jews. You’re the same side of the coin as Feminists who want to ban the word bossy because we’re saying things they don’t like. I’m going to say things you don’t like, whether you like it not; And judging from this article, I can tell you don’t like it.

  77. Here is a link to an entirely jewish debate. A book comes out by a likely Israeli apologist. The book suggests that the palestinian people cannot have been ‘displaced’ because they never lived in what is now israel, prior to its creation – they were effectively immigrants. That book is probably pure propaganda by a pro-isreali author, intended to justify both israel & further settlements.
    But guess what, the people who exposed that fact, a guy called Finkelstein, supported by the legendary Noam Chomsky, were themselves Jews. As Jews they had no incentive to expose what was propaganda, except the fact they realised it wasn’t ‘true’. Israel isn’t a lovely cuddly kitten, but its wrong to see all jewish people as part of this conspiratorial culture. Its simply unfair

    1. I’m sick and fucking tired of having Jews framing our debate.
      What would it take to get a Japanese guy in on it or something?

      1. I don’t disagree in principle. There should be more openness to criticise anything dodgy or evidently false. But that won’t happen while its so easy to demonstrate anti-semitism. I look forward to the day when a book like that could be exposed as propaganda by any one of us. But then Finkelstein saw it first because he was smart.
        In many ways the situation is analogous to feminists being able to criticise other feminists, but not men not being able to e.g. in academia

  78. Aristotle said, and i summarize, that the tyrant would turn the women, children, and working class against the man to destroy one order only to replace it with another. THis is the story of the twentieth century, it is the jews, they see all other races as cattle, they are the most and racist, while painting the western gentiles as so racist ( no more than anyone else), they profit hugely off of breaking the last of the holy roman empire apart- WWI. private issued credit based money they control, that is why the are in charge of everything. they aren’t smarter they are unethical as it gets. the same capital behind capitalism was behind communism. cultural marxism : tyrants methods trumped up as some “liberty, equality” ideal JEWS!!! civilizations decline, but this one is by design (feminism, gay marriage etc, unprecedented)

  79. Far from not needing anti-semitism, this shitty post by some Shabbos Goy who’s happy with the gefilte-gelt he’s getting paid by the Rothstein sittin’ in the big chair at Big Publishing Co. Inc. implies that we need even more than we ever could have imagined.

  80. First you start with accepting there are differences between the sexes. Then the races. Then, you embrace the JQ.
    A lot of ROK guys and Roosh are stuck at level one. Which is fine and still has value. But throwing posts like this are obviously way out of your wheelhouse, as demonstrated by the commenter smackdown it received. Stick to being the manosphere’s mirror to Jezebel.

    1. Exactly right, and this is why Roissy towers over these fools, intellectually and philosophically. Makes them look like brats in the schoolyard.

  81. Every life lost, every dollar spent, every liberty lost, in the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan, were directly the result of jewish pressure. They tried to drag us into war with Syria, and tirelessly attempt to provoke a war against Iran. These are not conspiracies or lies. Jews in Israel owe us their very existence. And how do they thank us? By insisting on EVEN MORE American lives and dollars wasted on their behalf. Their arrogance, thanklessness, and bloodlust is simply astounding.

      1. When has an American ever gotten injured defending Israel? Israel fights its own wars. Here are all of the wars Israel has fought – which ones are you claiming that the US entered?
        1948 – Independence War
        1956 -Suez war
        1967- Six Day War
        1973 – War of Attrition
        1980 – destroy Saddam’s reactor
        1982 – 1st Lebanon War
        1996 – Second Lebanon War
        2006 – Gaza War
        So, which one did any US troops defend Israel in?

        1. GhostOfToby also seems to forget that during the Suez War the US actively sought to stymie the British-Franco-Israeli faction in the war because we were actively courting Egypt during this time and trying to avoid being drawn into a larger conflict with the USSR. The US introduced legislation in the UN calling for withdrawing of Israeli forces to pre-war lines (This is one of the few times that the US and the USSR voted the same at a UN security council vote).
          Here is the kicker, the US actually put on FINANCIAL pressure on both France and the UK in order to bring them out of the conflict because while we had no NATO obligation to Israel in the event of USSR intervention, we had those obligations with the UK And France.
          But yeah, no, the US is in the pocket of the Joos and all that nonsense.

        2. Seriously Ghost,I should charge you a fee for the lesson in geo-politics I am giving you. The US is using Israel as much as Israel is using us. We do not want a unified Arab alliance in the region so we play the Jews off the Arabs, the islamists off the secularists and the Sunnis off the Shiites.

  82. Henry Ford was a helluva man and 100% correct about the Jews. I wish he could see the world today.

    1. fizziks • a minute ago
      Henry Ford was a helluva man and 100% correct about the Jews. I wish he could see the world today.
      Could not agree with you more. 100% spot on. Henry Ford and Jesus were both right about the Jews: The Jews are devils!

        1. Right. That’s why they chose Barabbas? Come off this “jesus was a jew” thing. He created his own sect, a sect that Jews are and were always openly hostile towards. Far from a jew, he was simply the first Christian.

        2. Jesus was a Galilean of the Essene sect. The Roman province of Galilee was 3 provinces from the province of Judea.
          Saying Galilee is Judea is like telling people Arizona is Texas.

        3. Yeah that’s what I read. The Essene Jews were like the forerunners of Christianity. Sort of like a proto-Christian group.

        4. The Bible says Jesus was a rabbi who taught in synagogues, observed Passover & Hanukkah, and was buried as a Jew. He also told you to love your enemy, turn the other cheek, hate your family, and give away everything you own.

  83. Pattern recognition is a bitch.
    If a girl gets broken up with by every boyfriend she’s ever had and they all say she’s a crazy bitch, you should lay money that she is.
    Extrapolate to the jews.
    This really shouldn’t be hard for “red pill” guys.

  84. Even beyond IQ and tribalism, there is a certain X factor to the jew. A subversiveness. Not just loyal to their own, openly antagonistic towards others, which histrionics and victim mentality every step of the way. A jew cries out as he hits you… that old polish proverb. Kevin MacDonalds trilogy is great but it really seems that it only scratches the surface.

  85. The number one Jew that seriously rankles me: Sheldon Adelson. This scumbag has been involved in all sorts of lawsuits and is involved in FCPA (foreign corrupt practices act) allegations and money laundering and prostotution scheme overseas in Macau. He has a long history of firing his top executives simply for disagreeing with him or for refusing to obey certain unethical orders. I try not to go to any Las Vegas Sands Corp property in the world as doing so would mean contributing to his empire. I refuse to contribute so much as a cent to this pile of dogshit if I can help it.

  86. Isn’t this the same author who promoted violence toward white gentiles who dared to show racial solidarity? Wasn’t he bragging about punching some dude out one night?
    I think he officially topped himself, this is the lamest and most cowardly post I’ve yet to see on ROK, I’m not suprised it’s come from Athlone. The comments section alone prove this is absolute bullshit.
    Lecturing white gentiles who are daring to notice things is truly a new low for ROK.

  87. If you guys are that paranoid about some big, evil ‘Jewish Conspiracy’, maybe you should just impregnate/marry some Jewish hoes so your kids don’t have to worry. If you can fuck a gentile, you can fuck a Jew.

      1. So if a girl who was otherwise a 10 wanted you to take her, but she was Jewish, you’d turn her down? That is some lame ass defeatist bullshit. So what if your Jewlet children now have your hulking muscles and the Jewish IQ? I’d think that would be even better! Think from an evolutionary perspective man! If your race is inferior, make your offspring superior!

        1. Two false assumptions. First, that a jewish girl could be a 10 without a nose job is laughable. Second, that jews are a ‘superior” race. I don’t consider subversiveness and whininess superior. I wouldn’t give my children that destiny.

        2. I’m not Jewish, at least that I know of, so I guess I’ll take that as a compliment to my intellect. Kinda like when a mangina calls you a jerk while you bang his girl.

    1. Marrying a jewess and dealing with her nonstop complaining and neurosis would be a fate worse than death. Having children with her (making them jews) and subjecting them to jewish mothering, would be child abuse.

  88. anybody besides me thinking that Athone wrote this PC article on purpose to send a message to the main stream media via the comments in here? Athlone usually writes much better than this but this is way too casually done by him to take for it’s context. There seems to be another agenda here. Maybe sending a clear message, a shot across the bow to some of those libs who control the media?. If so, brilliantly done. Athlone is letting the comments section do his true work for him. He knew exactly what would happen when he wrote it the PC way he did. Message delivered to the left wing libs and media owners.

    1. naw, I think it’s just sloppy tabloid journalism. It reads like he decided to go eat lunch halfway through writing it, and never returned. If the goal was to write something so ludicrous that it stirred up the shitpot and generated a lot of comments, then I suppose it was a smashing success. If the goal was to write an honest, well-researched article, it’s dogshit.

      1. lol wow man your comment history shows that you spent hours here on a site with such shitty articles.
        that’s dedicated trolling /b/rother. every anon must follow in your footsteps

        1. And you’ve spent hours following him around hanging from his nuts. Now THAT’S dedication.

        2. What the fuck did you just
          fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated
          top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous
          secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am
          trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed
          forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you
          the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen
          before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away
          with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As
          we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and
          your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm,
          maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your
          life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can
          kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands.
          Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access
          to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use
          it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the
          continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy
          retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon
          you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t,
          you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will
          shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead,

        3. toby is that you? what proxy program did you use for your sockpuppets? tor is too slow.

  89. High IQ and the adoption of the Trivium (and later the Quadrivium) is key. Without which so called “minority populations” or “barbarians” to use an ancient Roman context, cannot utilize the single most potent weapon in their arsenal to overcome the mass indoctrination of the “pop culture” meme that pervades the Jew owned media; their mind. Simply put, the Jews have their shit together (high IQ, discipline and material resources) and you best be getting your own shit together if you want to compete.

  90. Oy vey! Support the Jews and Israel! Remember the 6 million goyim!
    (Don’t mention the fact that feminism was largely controlled, created, and pushed by Jews.)
    “There should be no “conspiracy” in your eyes and no need for anti-semitic musings about united Jewish plotters scheming to destroy western society.”
    There isn’t a Jewish conspiracy, but the Jews certainly DO play a large role in the downfall of western civilization. Just look up the LGBT, racial, and women’s movements. Largely created and pushed by Jews. It isn’t ONLY their fault though.
    I saw a mention of Jewish IQs here too. They have high IQs, so what? They’ve kept themselves unmixed for a long time (wonder why/how), obviously their IQs would be high. Them having high IQs is no reason to like them.
    Stop bitching about antisemites and anti-nonwhites, their reacting to anti-white and anti-western propaganda that is spread to us on a daily basis. I don’t blame them for being angry and holding the views that they do.

    1. Jews are involved in every movement. Jews lead Zionist movements. Jews lead antizionist movements. Karl Marx, Lenin, and Trotsky were part-Jews. So were Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, and Milton Friedman. It probably has more to do the Jewish high IQ thing than some Jewish plot to destroy society. I mean its not like we brought morals and traditional society to the world or anything.

  91. You morons need to learn the difference between fake secular Jews who wouldnt know a Hebrew letter from a tractor. Religious Jews and a proportion of secular Jews are quite conservative, antisocialist, etc. Why secular Jews are so dominant in such repugnant ideas? I wish I knew because I would like to see it cleansed. Perhaps its part of the IQ thing, that people with high IQs will inevitably consider abnormal philosophies and experiment with them.

    1. Agree with this comment except for the “fake” part. Secular Jews are just as Jewish as religious Jews, since Jews are a people and a nation, not a religion.

      1. Jews are both a nation/people and a religion, hence why one may blaspheme God and take a shit on Torah while still calling themselves a Jew. In reality, they hardly are Jewish. Most actual faithful Jews will be more in agreement with the manosphere than socialist crap.

    2. Yeah… except “Conservative” in this context is shorthand for NEOCON.
      Neocon = let goyim soldiers get their limbs blown off to move the borders of Israel another three feet.
      But that’s okay because they like low taxes, right?

      1. Bill Kristol and Charles Krauthammer probably havent been near a synagogue in decades. Lieberman is probably the only neocon religious Jew and even he violates Shabbat and doesnt wear a yarmulke. Go talk to some orthodox, theyre just as pro-man and critical of women. To say they are neocons is kind of ignorant because in 2003, everyone was a neocon. Nowadays, many orthodox are more open to noninterventionism, but those of us who are anti-neocon still need to educate our elders and such.

        1. Interesting. you say “those of us” and “our elders”. So you are an orthodox Jew? If you’re plugged in to the community I trust you that gender roles may be lined up right, but really tell me with a straight face that the mass of your ilk is not pro-Israel?
          Also, don’t handwave 2003. Obviously not every neocon is a jew, jews expertly used bible-belt evangelicals like puppets with that protect Israel follow every line of your bible nonsense.

  92. My theory is that there are a lot of Jewish feminist women because Jewish men are a race of beta males with overbearing Jewish mothers. Jews are the smartest race on the planet, but being smart typically relegates you to desk jobs, low physical activity work, and nerd activity. Which usually guarantees chronic low testosterone. Which means their Jewish wives are running the show in the relationship.Their the guys in high school with the highest gpas but got bullied by alpha jocks who fucked the hot chicks. Becoming rich and powerful is a form of revenge of the nerds from their high school experience. Not to mention Jews are rich, and a few generations of wealth and the absence of hardship turns men into pussies. But there are rare exceptions like super alpha nerds like Einstein who was a well known womanizer, notoriously unfaithful to his wife, with a high notch count.

  93. When are you faggots going to realize that JEWS are satanically evil by the very nature of their genetics, their genes, and the ONLY WAY WE ARE GOING TO SAVE THIS PLANET IS BY KILLING EVERY LAST FUCKING JEW?????
    When are you faggots going to be MAN ENOUGH to take the final red pill?

    1. I love how you use the word satanic. I womder where that came from. Oh, right. Satan was a Jewish idea, just like God.