The New Tool That Helps You Wrap It Up

Our April sponsor is Jimmy Cap It, which offers you a condom subscription service so you never have an excuse to put your naked penis inside a random vagina. Here’s a description of what they offer:

You should always be prepared and have protection on hand because you never know where life will take you. That’s why you should with our convenient monthly condom deliveries. Our simple flat rate pricing, free monthly shipping and no contract approach we make it easy for you to be safe. Our personalized monthly subscription service delivers high-grade Crown Skinless condoms discreetly right to your door every month. You’ll always have protection when you need it.

It’s somewhat known that I’m not a big fan of condoms. My sexual compliance rate is a bit short of 100%, but if I was getting laid regularly and had a permanent residence, a condom subscription service would be worth looking into. Find out if it’s right for you at Jimmy Cap It.

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27 thoughts on “The New Tool That Helps You Wrap It Up”

    1. Buy magnums then. Or become a baby daddy and pay child support. I’m sure one of those is the cheaper option to the other.

  1. I personally love “Okamoto or Sagami 00.2s or 0.01s large.” It gets expensive though, but nothing beats barely feeling the condom and having to keep looking down to make sure it’s still on. Lifestyle Skyn condoms are great too for that next to nothing feel, if you’re on a budget or don’t feel like the average run of the mill whore is worth the expense of prime Japanese engineered condoms.

    1. I’ve been very happy with Lifestyle Skyns. Good to hear there’s something even better out there.

  2. Excellent product. With feminism being the number one cause of diseased sluts in the world today, a player can never be too careful when on beaver patrol. In the absence of sensible laws that would assign full control of a woman’s pussy to a designated male, this product is essential.

  3. Obamacare has the US pussies on the way to Swedish levels of clean, soon all these bitches will have had Pap smears within the last six months and condom free sex will be back like it is the 1970’s again ! Long live barebacking like god intended! USA! USA!

    1. Not a chance. Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Herpes, chlamidia, Hep C, HPV- not everyhing is treatable with antibiotics, and all of those are getting more prevalent AND virulent. Women are filthy and vaginas are lukewarm leper colonies at best. It’s a decent bet that a random bim got creampied by an ex con she met on Tinder the day before she opened her legs for you.
      No thanks.

      1. not to mention AIDS or some dirty stinking yeast or fungi forming in that moist cesspool.
        U only get 1 dick take care of it even if shes not caring for her cooch(chicks are hella irresponsible)

      2. A condom will not protect you against all HPV, it’s transmitted via body-contact. And for some strains it’s hard to check, if you are a guy, you will find out in the future if you got it or when the throat or rectum cancer starts growing.

  4. For women these days, do they have a condom that covers everything except your nose? Or how about a total encasement condom with a snorkel or some kind of internal air supply plus an Occulus Rift for your eyes that makes you see a real pretty woman instead of the ditch witch you are mounting.
    Yeah I’m in a bad mood.

    1. ” if I was getting laid regularly **and** had a permanent residence”
      Reading is so hard 🙁

  5. I use to think people were stupid to ride bare back, but when I read a couple of articles on how high STD’s are in my country, I realised there are a lot of stupid idiots out there. Seriously, who plays Russian roulette with their health???..Plenty of takers, it seems. It wouldn’t be only condoms I would be using, but gem spray to fuck some of the sluts out there. Some women do not take personal cleanliness seriously. I’d hardly want to stick my dick in a diseased, cum ridden hole…. Yek !!!

  6. whether its girls in poor conservative nations to liberal rich nations, from ONS to monogamous relationship, you gotta be a retard to hit it raw dog considering how child support will ruin you and false rape …even if shes half around the globe(ya they have that much support to track you down).
    Never trust a chick with contraceptives cuz she can just casually “forget” her pill.
    Be the man with a plan, this is the cherry on top detail of your perfect logistics and game….plus sometimes it can cost you the bang if you dont have it.

    1. Only 1-2% of rape accusations are false accusations. 60% of sexual assaults are not reported and 97% of rapists never see jail time, so really the chances of getting falsely accused of rape really small.

      1. “Only 1-2% of rape accusations are false accusations.”
        The reality is, that is the amount reported. My dad’s uncle was LYNCHED in 1938 at the age of 29, for a FALSE RAPE ACCUSATION and the police at the time counted it as an actual rape, even when he did NOT even penetrate him; if he did, she was consensual about it privately and don’t wanna get caught “selling out” by her own men.
        There are more false rape accusations that the police did NOT even record, because they feel it’s a waste of resource.
        “60% of sexual assaults are not reported and 97% of rapists never see jail time.”
        A lot of them are consensual, especially in light of the concurrent feminist definition of “RAPE”.
        Seriously, I’ll have to remind you high-profile FALSE RAPE ACCUSATIONS.
        Drew Doughty — he was hitting on his accuser, only to be REJECTED IN FRONT OF HIS TEAMMATES by her very accuser and he even called the cab. Essentially, no penetration.
        Brian Banks — he and an ex-girlfriend were macking each other (read: NO PENETRATION) and the mom even told his ex to accuse him of rape.–nfl.html
        Duke Lacrosse team — hired a stripper that accused them of gang raping her. Again, NO DNA evidence in her body, which essentially means NO PENETRATION.
        Kobe Bryant — a chick from Colorado did accuse him of rape, but turned out she was willing and even hit on him, which is the truth when an accuser drops all charges.
        Jacob is just another whipped white knight. Not surprised. Even feminists can’t deal with the fact that FALSE RAPE ACCUSATIONS DID LEAD TO LYNCHINGS!

  7. I fear impregnating a girl almost more than I fear death.
    You’ll notice by your mid 20s most everyone has a bastard child to take care of.
    No thanks.

  8. I enjoy having sex without condom. I have had 13 partners in my life, and I have let 5 of them to cum inside. I have to admit, nothing makes me more hot than this! I am a bit more adventurous when it comes to sex: once I had 3some, 2 guys and me! But then there were condoms..

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