Mainstream Media Absolves Torture Of White Teenager By Four Blacks

The totally insane media in the United States just attempted to slough off a heinous and obvious hate crime case. Why? The victim was white. And even though he is mentally disabled, race trumps all in their religious adherence to The Superior Virtue of the Oppressed doxy. To them, black people can’t commit hate crimes. This belief makes media marionettes the ultimate racists.

Jordan Hill, 18, Tesfaye Cooper, 18, Brittany Covington, 18, and Tanishia Covington, 24 beat a mentally disabled white man while making him scream “Fuck white people!” and “Fuck Donald Trump!” in between forcing him to drink water from a toilet. Imagine for a moment if four white teens beat a disabled black man, and made him scream “Fuck black people!” and “Fuck Barack Obama!” how differently this case would have been treated by the race-obsessed media. One doubts they would be making excuses for the perpetrators. But that’s exactly what they did with the Chicago beating case.

The lush Don Lemon doesn't think beating disabled white people is evil

The lush Don Lemon doesn’t think beating disabled white people is evil

Media figures like the 15-watt light bulb Don Lemon, fresh back from his latest, embarrassing, drunken escapade in New Orleans defended the criminals on CNN. He chalked the incident up to being a case of “bad home training” rather than the hate crime the Chicago Police later called it:

I don’t think it’s evil. I don’t think it’s evil. I think these are young people and I think they have bad home training. I say, who is raising these young people? I have no idea who’s raising these young people. Because no one I know on Earth who is 17 years old or 70 years old would ever think of treating another person like that. It is inhumane. And you wonder, at 18 years old, where is your parent? Where’s your guardian?

Beyond defending criminals just because they’re black (disability of the victim be damned) Lemon just got sour reviews after showing the world how a “real news” agency comports itself on New Year’s Eve by downing tequila shots, becoming a stumble bum drunk in front of millions, piercing his ear, waxing sentimental about his love life, and asking his co-worker to marry him. That’s “real” journalism, you see. Take a lesson, fake news sites.

Maybe Lemon actually enjoyed seeing the victim beaten and being forced to chant “Fuck Donald Trump” since Lemon has been going on anti-Trump tirades all year long, including his latest proposal for the network not to cover the President-elect’s Cabinet appointments because he Tweets them rather than prostrating himself before media jackals at press conferences.

Ebony magazine's editor says black people should "stop trying to be good" and defended a hate crime committed against a disabled white man

Ebony magazine’s editor says black people should “stop trying to be good” and defended a hate crime committed against a disabled white man

Ebony magazine’s editor, somebody named Jamilah Lemieux spilled the beans on why the media was defending four assailants, transmitting the subliminal cultural message that white teens can be viciously beaten and not be charged with hate crimes to millions:

I have to say, I would not describe hate crime as the most comfortable word choice, considering these circumstances. There’s so much that we do not know about what took place, what motivated this person. We only have the one account of law enforcement. We haven’t had the opportunity to really look into his history in a meaningful way.

CBS News even went so far as to censor the race of the attackers. That fact stands in stark contrast to the media’s rush to label Hispanics with the White Hispanic label when they commit heinous crimes, as in the case of Fort Lauderdale shooter Estaban Santiago who shot up an airport on Friday. Even other media apparatchiks couldn’t figured that twisted mess out. Just so you know: Brown Hispanics are good and White Hispanics are bad to the leftist media Hivemind.

The mainstream media hates white people. Let that sink in for a while. Many of us already know this, but their handling of the Chicago beating case further reinforces the point, as does their rush to label the Fort Lauderdale shooter white in a separate case.

Hate Crimes in the Injustice System

Never forget, the only reason the victim is receiving protection under hate crime legislation is because he's disabled

Never forget, the only reason the victim is receiving protection under hate crime legislation is because he’s disabled

It’s also interesting to note how this case plays out in the injustice system.

Hate crime legislation does not protect white people. In fact, the only reason the Chicago beating is being prosecuted as a hate crime is because it was committed against a man with a disability. In the eyes of the injustice system, forcing a man to yell “Fuck white people!” while he’s being beaten doesn’t rise to the level of a hate crime because white people aren’t a “protected class” under the law.

One will find that white people can only be perpetrators in civil rights legislation, and can never be victims. Breitbart pointed this out in an article a few years back, in which Mr. Fast and Furious gun scandal himself, Eric Holder openly said just that. He was defending thugs standing outside voting booths trying to intimidate people during the 2008 election of Mr. Hope and Change.

When you compare what people endured in the South in the 60s to try to get the right to vote for African Americans, to compare what people subjected to that with what happened in Philadelphia, which was inappropriate…to describe it in those terms I think does a great disservice to people who put their lives on the line for my people.

Breitbart clarifies what Holder really means.

Whites are the permanent “oppressors” in the mainstream media narrative, while all other races are the permanent “victims.” In fact, “white” and “oppressor” are essentially synonymous — meaning: whites are the bad guys. All whites have been lumped together and typecast in a bad reality TV show. Because whites as a group do not have clean hands, therefore, they are denied the right of seeking justice.

Mr. Fast and Furious does not believe hate crime legislation should protect whites

Mr. Fast and Furious does not believe hate crime legislation should protect whites

So, modern hate crime laws make white people sitting ducks because one can never be seen as oppressing Whitey under the eyes of the law and in the open court of the mainstream media. Once again we find ourselves staring Racial Bolshevism straight in the face. I defined the concept of Racial Bolshevism on my blog in late 2015:

Whereas the original Bolsheviks believed that the Communist utopia could not be achieved without the elimination of the bourgeois class, the contemporary Racial Bolsheviks believe that the multi-cultural utopia cannot be achieved without the elimination of white people–especially white men.

That doesn’t mean that they’re *planning* to kill you. That’s not how mind control works. They think they’re just “seeking justice” for non-whites. But of course they will never define in concrete terms what “racial justice” actually is. It’s all kept tantalizingly abstract for a reason – namely, so that there is no end game, ever. That means that they can never stop. Every defeated injustice yields a new racial injustice on the horizon, which must then be defeated.

Finally, the unacceptable injustice will be the very existence of white people.

The Chicago beating case is yet another example of this agenda at work, after the long, hot summer of violence in which mobs were given carte blanche to destroy cities because they weren’t white mobs. This is why the media is imploding and increasing numbers of people don’t believe a word they say, anymore. It is an industry full of dishonesty and outright contempt for the white working class of the United States.

Use the insanity of liberal narratives for fun, profit, and protection: Become a male lesbian

Use the insanity of liberal narratives for fun, profit, and protection: Become a male lesbian

In the meantime, until there is regime change and the media is burned to the ground via their own stupidity, it behooves straight, white, Christian, heterosexual males to take up the cloak of civil rights protection by becoming one of the “protected classes” under the eyes of the law. I pointed out how this can be done in an article entitled: How to Join a Protected Class by Becoming a Male Lesbian. It shows straight men how they can use the gender racket to their advantage without affecting their status as men who are attracted to women and love knocking out tail.

How lucky for the victim he was disabled, otherwise this case would have never been labeled a hate crime, even though that’s exactly what it was.

The unending racial antagony – stirred up by the power structure – is one major reason I have expatriated from the United States and only occasionally return to visit family and take more money out of the system. Nowhere I travel has the same level of racial propaganda/warfare as the United States does, and all of it comes from agenda-setting Marxists in high places in the media obeying the commands of their globalist overlords. Their orders are to keep the populace divided and conquered if they want to keep their cushy jobs in cheap suits.

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399 thoughts on “Mainstream Media Absolves Torture Of White Teenager By Four Blacks”

  1. Prepare yourself USA; this is only the first step, the things are going to be soon at the same level of South Africa where dindus kill and rape unpunished.
    And the worst thing is: you will do nothing because you are afraid to be called ‘racist’.

    1. I’d like to think the results of the last election is a step in the right direction, away from that future you describe. Had Hitlery been elected, I would agree with you.

      1. Of course, The Cunt as President would be the last nail in the coffin, but Trump is not a real solution but a bandage in an open and infected wound.

        1. Don’t underestimate the affect a president can have on culture. Look at the 80’s under a Reagan presidency.
          Once we get our heads together as a culture, we can begin to effectively address the other stuff, like economics.

        2. To be honest, I’m sceptic about Trump. Of course, he is a zillion times better than The Cunt, and we should give him time, but his appointments in the economic field leave a very bad taste in my mouth. He basically delivered the economy of the country to (((Goldman Sachs))).

    2. Since I’m being called ‘racist’ daily now, that’s off the table. As if I give a fuck what someone would call me as I’m defending from when a thug is attacking my family or possessions.

    3. From what I know about the situation in South Africa, white people cannot kill a black person for ANY REASON whatsoever without expecting some kind of potentially fatal backlash, even if they were defending themselves from robbery or a home invasion etc.
      Basically they have to get a fellow trustworthy Afrikaans man to help bury the corpse some place far enough away, hopefully out of sight, and be completely hush-hush about it to any (black dominated) authorities. They will only make things worse.

      1. 1) Elite set blacks against whites in South Africa.
        2) Blacks kill most of the whites, the rest flee.
        3) Elite send in troops and kill off the blacks.
        4) NWO elite claim South Africa, set up a resort for elitists.
        5) Rinse and repeat elsewhere.

        1. Same with the rapefugee thing in Europe! When shit will hit the fan the “liberals” (shouldn’t call them that) will revert back to their original mentality of racism, and if you don’t believe me then look at the diversity in their neighbourhoods and their children’s schools.

        2. It’s a proven winning recipe. Kings and religious oligarchs have used it across the centuries. Set one group against the other. Encourage them to kill each other. Then go in and kill and/or control whoever is left. Snap up the turf. It’s called “war”.

        3. Its interesting Israeli terrorists like (((Joe slovo))) were the enablers behind Mandela using Bolshevik like politics/warfare.
          The irony of these Zionists fighting apartheid when they practice an even worse kind on the Palestinians.
          The black man in South Africa is still living in destitute hell, but now the countries government and wealth are owned by Zionist Jews.

    4. A little trickier in the US of A, I believe. Too many guns. More likely they want a war between blacks and whites in the USA. The NWO doesn’t like blacks. They’re using them. They don’t like white trash either. But they do plan on erasing most blacks, but not before using them first to eliminate a great many “expendable” whites. That’s what I hear. Up top of the greasy flagpole.

        1. Yes, I recall that. As for the gun thing – if it comes down to blacks vs. whites in the USA, and a war starts, I think the Big Boys will get out of the way and let ’em have at it. Have to wait and see. I’m sure they’ve scripted a hell of a piece of entertainment, whatever happens.

        2. Were that to happen, I believe they’d let everyone shoot the shit out of each other for a minute, then enact martial law and gun control (for the greater good)… heh

        3. “Most gun owners are like porn addicts: they only want to watch them and jerking off to them.”
          Aren’t we degrading ourselves (and fellow MEN) with those kind of phrases ?

        4. It’s the ugly truth. When was the last time you saw those rabid Mr. 2 Amendment using their guns against the real enemies?

      1. Good point for Liberals and Govt blacks may have outlived their usefullness, in delviering Democractic votes, especially when the cost of imprisioning huge numbers, welfare etc are factored in.
        Blacks themselves need to take repsonsibility for their problems and become more cohesive I think to sort themselves out.
        I find it not at all surprising that the city Where Obama is from has been left to ret under his presidency. I think it shows his impotancy..

        1. It shows design, too, in Chicago and elsewhere. All those blacks shooting each other. Throw in Planned Parenthood – eugenics designed for blacks, basically, and you have a tight little population-reduction mechanism that is already in place. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Margaret Sanger enthusiast; King was actually awarded the Margaret Sanger Award by Planned Parenthood years back. Sanger was the founder of PP. She was an ardent believer in weeding out the genetically unfit, i.e., she was big-time into Malthusianism (Thomas Robert Malthus’ creation). Thus, PP was born…and fewer U.S. blacks were born, thereafter. (Not to mention fewer white, liberal offspring, as well. All those liberated carousel-riders getting abortions. Girl power! No, a calculated plan to reduce the numbers of offspring of the genetically unfit, i.e., white, liberal feminists, et al.)

        2. Good points on Sanger, Planned Parenthood and the eugenics design. Funny enough, the education racket being pushed on women seems to work on reducing the population for every group but Asians and Jews.
          On this fervent race war push, it is all clearly design and glad to see some of the comments spearheaded in the direction of getting answers and away from the dindu-train. If the goal is a return to meritocracy, using skin to support inherent value seems archaic. But this is from someone who would remove any attacker from his vicinity with extreme prejudice.

        3. A bunch of the real guinea pig experiments were overseas. When you get the chance look into the history of some of the countries from the Caribean. Biggest experimental success for America would be Haiti and the Latino nations in the Caribbean, one of which was a great housing space for early feminism tests.

        4. Got it wrong buddy, in case of Asians (and especially about Indians). I don’t want to talk about the “other group” you mentioned !
          Indian females are turning out “real” followers of their western counterparts, so much so that, if their western counterparts Farts here, Indian females can “feel & appreciate” the smell !!!
          Family system is getting “broken”, slowly but steadily. Majority of the couples are settling down with 1 kid or none !
          Back in my Home Country, MEN are facing the same problem, dealing with: Arrogant, Bitchy, Manipulate, Cunning, Selfish, Ungrateful and Entitled females !

      2. This was exactly what Manson planned. Kill some white celebrities, blame on coons, start race war. Manson believed the blacks would win and then Chimp out on themselves at which point he could emerge and they would put him in charge once they realized they needed the white man

        1. I think he underestimated how relatively quickly they burn out. Give them bread (TVs and Loot) and they retreat back to their territory.

        2. He was staying at one of the Beach Boy’s home. Good thing he liked their music

        3. Allegedly that was what really set him off. One of the guys was stringing him along about being a future rockstar.

        4. The Global Plantation
          A handful of white elites running everything with nothing but low IQ blacks below them.
          No chance of revolution when the difference in brainpower of the ruling class and the ruled is that great.
          Often wondered if Manson first overheard such ideas thrown around in some hippy circles and then stole it.
          Keep in mind that back in the 60s /early 70s the radical leftists were a lot more open with their ‘radicalness’.

        5. Ill pass on this one uncle bob. working my way thru the minefine/rabbit holes is tricky

        6. He was psychotic from childhood, and the drugs he took later on in his life didn’t help any.

    5. You can put Brazil very well in that list too. As a matter of fact, simply saying that blacks commit more crime is enough to put you in jail here in Brazil.

    6. Slippery slope fallacy.
      Show us where the U.S. justice system has failed in its responsibility to prosecute these criminals.
      We have a long way to go before feral packs of subhumans are roaming the streets to “kill and rape unpunished”. This isn’t Lagos, Nigeria.

        1. You cannot equate the United States justice system with the German justice system.
          As a side note, while commenters here are bitching about LACK of police brutality, activists over at BLM are bitching about TOO MUCH police brutality. How ironic. Perception is everything.

      1. Yes, it is an unspoken truth that blacks commit aprox 70% of all US crime; jails are filled with them for a real reason. However, the media treatment in this case is just the first step towards a decriminalization of blacks in the eyes of the public opinion. This decriminalization and the brainwashing (((Hollywood))) is promoting with movies where the luminous negro is the moral light, whites are racist, perverts, etc, etc, etc. have the same purpose: to empower and let loose those feral packs of subhumans; to show them that they can do whatever they want and go unpunished, that they are strong, intelligent and special.
        USA is not Nigeria, not yet; but if things continue in the direction they are going, USA will be worst than Lagos in a generation or two.

  2. This is merely a very small sampling of some very recent news reports over the past couple of weeks (two of them in just the last two days) covering even more heinous crimes perpetrated by the usual suspects than the ones reported in this article. If I had gathered together every single one of them, here in the USA alone, it would have taken several weeks to create the artwork for each incident. Incidents of the reverse variety, in the past two weeks, that I could find online? None. Zero. Nada. The national mainstream media, of course, has either turned a blind eye to these events, or has
    placed the underlying blame on their favorite usual suspect – that infamous white man, Ray Cism. (Click to enlarge.)

  3. Amren ran a story about this as well.
    Here is the comment I posted over there:
    “Hate Crime”…
    What the h*ll is that, anyway?
    How can thought be legislated?
    The young man was kidnapped, assaulted, and tortured.
    Prosecute the gang of nogs to the fullest on those crimes.
    And please, SCOTUS, declare the abomination known as “hate crimes” legislation UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!!

  4. This is a very small sampling of some very recent news reports over the past couple of weeks (including two of them in just the past two days) covering even more heinous crimes perpetrated by the usual suspects. If I had gathered together every single one of them, here in the USA alone, it would have taken several weeks to create the artwork for each incident. Incidents of the reverse variety, in the past two weeks, that I could find online? Zero. Nada. The national mainstream media, of course, has either turned a blind eye to these events, or has placed the underlying blame on their own usual suspect – the evil white man, Ray Cism. (Double-click to enlarge.)

        1. Any black person earning $10 per hour is making more money than these privileged white folks who probably speak in complete sentences, pronounce words in their entirety, and respond to a customers “thank you” with a “you’re welcome” instead of an “Mmmm Hmmm”

        2. “You’ve got my white privilidge right there don’t you sugar tits”
          (Grabs pussy)
          Bus is points for saying “lucky lady”.

      1. Looking at this pic, I think that it’s ironic that Starbuck’s started in Seattle.

  5. Can we just give a few states to all black people, let them leave the union and run them the way they want?
    If they want to be black before being american, works great with me.

    1. Giving them Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina or the “Republic of New Africa” has actually been on the drawing board in the past, as those are the five blackest states in the nation in percentage terms, but it was never gonna happen.

      1. Too many.
        Mississippi and Alabama are enough.
        Hey, they’d be great at the Summer Olympics…

        1. Lincoln wanted to send them all to Nicaragua, back when the absolute numbers of African-Americans was just in the handful of millions, unlike the 45 million plus of today.
          Thought that the climate and very “relaxed” lifestyle down there was more suitable

        2. Would have been a great solution.
          Leaving them in Africa would have been even better.

        3. Liberia was deemed to be too much of an ordeal for true repatriation. Nicaragua would have been a relatively easy journey from Southern ports like New Orleans or Mobile.

        4. I thought that he sent a lot of them (that wanted to leave) over to the country we now know as Liberia.

        5. Oddly enough, Nicaragua is still a craphole even though Lincoln’s plan (tragically) did not go through.
          It’s not as though the country would’ve had anything to lose, looking back.
          The Reconstruction Republicans just had to torpedo Lincoln’s plan. The Republican truly deserves its reputation as “the stupid party” as it has worked hard for it over the centuries.

    2. It’d be hard to get the white people in any of those states to leave. “They’re the ones that suck, I ain’t leaving.” Plus I bet a lot of the the white people were there first.

  6. Such horrible examples show to millions of peoples -including embarrassed authorities- that racism is NOT a way way road.
    The douchbags may not been charged for a hate crime for attacking a white boy BUT for attacking a disabled boy, but the case will not been percieved like the general opinion.
    Ghettos scum charged for hate crime! Bang. Kind of a revolution.
    Images are often bigger than words.
    – White men are privileged !
    – And the white disabled teen who was tortured by for black persons yelling ‘fuck white people”, was he priviledged too ?
    – Errrr…..Mmmmm…You can’t compare the suffering….
    – You don’t condemn four people for torturing another for being different of them ? Very fascistic point of view…
    – (noise of head exploding)

  7. And they wondered why law abiding white folks voted for Trump. Criminals and other types of delinquents who’ve contributed zero, in less you consider crime, to society by playing the “victim” and “hard luck” card, days are hopefully coming to an end. Left wing pandering to this class of human detritus has given these sociopaths an “entitled” sense to commit crimes with impunity because they’re from some protected minority.
    Decent white and black folks can see what a travesty and disaster these policies have been.

  8. CNN reporter Sara Ganim caught LAUGHING while watching the Chicago Kidnapping Torture video…
    Four only Blacks matter thugs tortured a disabled young man for being white.
    Similar to Bill Clinton at the Ron Brown’s funeral.?

      1. Yea nice shit eating grin on that cum bucket….. also what’s with the bull dyke cop standing beside the chief of police? Fuck those cops really pack away the Dunkin Doughnuts…..

      2. It’s not mentioned on her Wikipedia entry, but does anyone know if she’s (((one of them)))?

      3. Let’s hope the laughing whore has a stint with some of those victims of society too.

    1. I suppose that begs the questions of what those vibrant youths would have done to Sara if they’d kidnapped her.
      All of these race-baiters seem to think they’re immune to the shit they’re stirring up. I’ve seen instances where blacks with chips on their shoulders have rounded up Mestizos and Sikhs to white. They’re certainly not going to recognize some lily-white person as a Liberal, Jew, Antifa, or Marxist and spare them.

      1. That’s why they live in neighborhoods far removed from the folks they claim to empower and represent.

        1. Much like rich, black, professional athletes who “take a knee” for black oppression. They wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere near the ghetto, let alone allow ghetto residents to visit their beautiful homes in those pristine, gated communities.

        2. Not entirely true. Most of their post-professional demises and incarcerations come from the millionaires who can’t help but loiter around the ghetto.

  9. My conclusion is the left is completely insane -obviously that doesn’t include all blacks etc…but watching these liars on tv; America is over when it comes to rational thinking based on any realistic logic or reasoning. The whole notion of a “hate” crime is bogus to begin with; its a crime- period. The left would have you believe jumping the US border is a “love crime” or pedophilia is a “love crime”. No, these are just crimes – all of them. They were all done with intention of being a predator on other humans. The whole concept definition of hate and why they are considered crimes to begin with.
    I don’t know what the answer is to counter the insanity of WSJ or WP or the other left wing crackpots in America.

  10. We don’t need to imagine what would happen if 4 White teens did something like this. We already know. James Byrd Jr. was beaten, tortured, then dragged behind a truck by persons with white supremacist ties. It was partly responsible to leading to the same hate crimes legislation the media did not think was applicable to this crime.
    One of those guys in the Byrd case was executed, one’s awaiting his turn in the chamber, and the other got life. While that crime involved murder, and those people rightfully were sentenced to death, the seriousness of this crime warrants a lengthy stay in prison. Whether they get it remains to be seen.

  11. This view, while it may be true, actually reads contrary to what seems to be the general consensus on the ground floor. Quite a few people have decried the attacks as heinous and warranting the book being thrown at these black criminals. In fact the view has been so against these black criminals, that a few cases, including the criminal raping of a black male by his football teammate with a hangar, was brought back into the limelight as well as two other cases as to why the guy wasn’t charged. This has been the same view for the case involving the rape of a black girl toddler by a white perpetrator.
    The justice system gets it right just enough for most citizens to feel safe. By in large I think enough people addressing the bigotry on both sides will become a real affair. If the goal is justice for all Americans then these questions are a good thing. However, questioning it solely from the view of what about me, while attacking the obvious disparities in views of justice, does nothing to help the victims in these cases, where our real concern should be, even in the face of race war agendas.
    TL;DR it comes down to the same question for both sides, there is justice for you but there isn’t for me. Sounds like a situation begging for resolution with equal rights and equal lefts.

  12. All I can say is it’s a damn good thing Trump was elected.
    I don’t know if he can accomplish even a quarter of the things he promised, but we can be assured that shit like this will not be tolerated under his administration.
    Let us all breathe a collective sigh of relief that the Hag was not elected. These things would only become more common under a Hillary presidency.

    1. yeah she’d be emphasizing the “disabled” angle 100% over the white and trump supporter schtick.

  13. This is completely appalling.
    If it is not deemed as politically charged or/and hate attack, it should be complained to the Supreme Court.
    This is “put the backs against the wall”-stuff.
    And this should be remembered when arguing against any feminist/SJW anytime. This is hard stuff.
    Remember this, when anyone starts ranting about Trump or white privilege. Counter with this. This is victim roles reversed.

  14. You look at the faces in the mugshots, and they look proud. Zero empathy, regret or remorse evident.
    I’m sure dey goo’ chilluns doe.

    1. Honestly, a long term study linking the facial expressions at the time of a mugshot with future criminal reoffending needs to be done, if it hasn’t already.
      Remorseful or embarrassed looking people who have been detained for minor or moderate offenses probably don’t go back to often.

      1. White offenders are typically one-and-done. So the state puts the screws to them, and demands maximum jail sentences and fines. The taxpayers pick up the tab for all of it. The expansion or private prisons has proven that it is a hugely profitable business. With blacks, they are more prone to be repeat offenders. So they get lighter sentences, and lower fines. Catch and release. Because the prison system beneficiaries know they’ll be back, to fill their pockets yet again. There’s more to it than that, but this a major part of it.

        1. US prisons are by and large awful places for white people because they are so Black and Hispanic gang dominated. 1st timer whites to prison are essentially scared straight and in fear for their lives about having to return, hence the much lower rates of reoffending.

        2. Hey Bob- this is the second “what if we didnt go to the moon?” pic in the last two years…Im sure you’d dig it 🙂

        3. I liked the astronaut hopping, and the one smoking…could they be implying the Kennedy assassination was a staged event, too. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge.

  15. It should have been a white, limp-wristed Hillary supporter. Libtards should get a taste of their own pill.

  16. Back in the Fall a Saudi Exchange student in Wisconsin was murdered. The media circled like vultures. There was no suspect yet but they felt safe making some noise about tensions in the country in the lead-up to the election. Leftists I’m friends with on Facebook openly stated that it must have been racist Trump supporters.
    A security camera showed the suspects were actually *ahem* exactly the kind of people you’d expect to murder an exchange student outside a Domino’s Pizza.The lugenpresse immediately lost interest in the story. You can see a capture of the suspects on some Arabic news outlets and one local outlet.
    MSM can’t die fast enough. The “fake news” accusations aren’t going to bring back their viewership. No one trusts these motherfuckers anymore. Hate crimes and earth-shattering WikiLeaks revelations aren’t worthy of coverage but we get treated to obviously doctored photos of purported massacres in Aleppo. Sometimes when they’re having a really slow day some intern will be sent to report on what people are doing on 4chan: “Neo-Nazis are boycotting the new Star Wars movie!”

    1. “Neo Nazi” and “White Supremacist” are the new dismissal terms for prominent leftist SJW’s like Tim Wise, Deray, and Shaun King. That’s what they’ll call everyone who disagrees with them, even though somebody on the other end of the Twitter or Disqus line might be Hispanic or Black themselves. haha

      1. “White supremacy” really means “white competency.” Ordinary white people can create prosperous communities anywhere on the planet we have settled, whereas most nonwhites simply can’t pull this off even if they have lived on the same land for generations.

        1. More like American supremacism. People need to stop thinking all whites are responsible for this. We’re better than Lappish whites.

        2. The US was 90% white in the 60s when this bad boy went up into space. Being American at that time very much meant being a mostly Germanic European archetype.
          Feasible Rocketry itself was pioneered by Germans like Von Braun

        3. For real? Sweden? I thought it was Scotland. The sheer volume of inventions and discoveries that have come out of that country with a modern population of barely 6 million is absolutely astounding.

        4. Wonderful list it must be the magic soil, the nigerians replacing the natives will surely carry on that tradition (sarc)

        5. Agreed but not with the “nonwhites simply can’t pull ….” thing.
          You are ignoring the basic fact; RELIGION. And commenting on the so called “nonwhites” very conveniently. All Caucasians (in majority) belong to ONE religion; which is NOT the same case with so called “nonwhites” !
          I don’t see any need of saying anything more !

        6. NASA is corrupt not incompetent. It takes smarts to rip-off American taxpayers to that degree.
          Roscosmos is a better example of white supremacy.

        7. Corruption and incompetence generally go hand in hand. Look at Africa for example…
          But on NASA – they are incompetent on their own terms. They have failed on almost every metric. We would have been better off if space exploration was completely privatised.

        8. Italy hasn’t been a major science center for several centuries, especially relative to it’s large population (60 million). USA, Britain, and Germany have been the focal points of most technological progress for the past 250 years

        9. Well no. NASA has been corrupted to the core, and the people at the top, including Presidents, have been in favour of essentally closing NASA down and turning over that infrastructure to private companies, something like the film Gattica. When Huffington Post have articles promoting abolishing NASA in favour of billionaire shysters like Elon/ SpaceX, then it is apparent that the Gattica film was more predictive programming. It’ll never happen though, China and Russia are too far ahead and getting further ahead. Even India makes SpaceX look like a joke…actually, I think SpaceX might even be a scam, heir footage looks seriously dubious.

        10. Americans are first in regime changes around the globe, obesity, general ignorance and stinky attitudes like yours, are you proud of that too?

        11. Yep, got us to the moon. USA- 1. The rest of planet earth- 0
          It shoulda gone to penalty kicks

        12. Stop being a cuck. Everything of value America created or discovered was by whites. America is by definition white, hence blacks call themselves African-American. Did you miss the part in the Preamble to the Constitution which states ” …to ourselves and our Posterity…”? i.e by whites for whites.

        13. When I said “all whites” I meant those whites who had nothing to do with it moron.

        14. Ha Ha !
          Russians, Brazilians and Chinese
          No No No
          Russians, Brazilians, Chinese and Hindustanis
          No No No
          Russians, Brazilians, Chinese, Hindustanis, British, Polish, Mexicans … !!!

        15. You didn’t mention Ireland but of course I’m talking about the Irish and Italian immigrants in the US.

        16. Brazilians. I take you mean BJJ rather than Capoeira. BJJ is a great sport and judged on that basis yes it is a fantastic martial art. But it will get you killed if you use it in a combat situation. So for that reason, I would favour Systema.

        17. White supremacy, American supremacy, german supremecy, dachshund supremacy….I just can’t buy into anything. How about individual achievement.
          I am all for thinking that great men are heros, but the same generic material is in some of the greatest men who ever lived and a lot of white trash meth heads. I would much rather praise a person that a group

        18. Laugh though you want but if you need a corkscrew in a fix they have One in their standard issue pocket knife

        19. Irish and Italians (of which I am descended from) were spics before hispanics were a large enough population to be discriminated against en masse

        20. It is NOW, alright. But back in the 60’s and 70’s, you had to be a VERY good technician/engineer to be able to be accepted into the space program.
          Now, thanks to ‘Affirmative Action’ and EEOC ‘quota’ hires (where what’s more important is your race or your external genetalia instead of your competence and skills), it’s become the joke that it is.

        21. Don’t forget about Dr. Robert H. Goddard, who created, built, and launched the first liquid-fueled rocket. He is often overshadowed by Von Braun, and was screwed over by the US government.

        22. the Irish out-blacked the blacks before the hispanics out-Irished the Irish. An immigrant-based race to the bottom.

        23. haha typical “u didnt build dat” attitude!. before your brudda obunga mandated ”islamic outreach” as being a core goal of NASA, white people made history :). Ill wait right here for your rebuttal about raping my family members like a good jigaboo

        24. Who got most of his early education on rocketry from American Robert H. Goddard (grossly undervalued in the US).

        25. And a huge proportion of those inventions were by Americans that were emigrants to America. We no longer produce great thinkers, our propaga … education system is too rotten. What we do instead is lay out the best benefits so great thinkers come to the US and do their work here.

        26. The day that they discovered that Christie McAuliffe had dandruff (They found her head and shoulders on the beach) following the 1986 Challenger explosion is the day that NASA went kaput. No longer were they allowed to take risks, and they were in subjection to the media.

        27. Don’t worry mate, I won’t need to rape your family members. They will submit to me willingly. White chicks luv dem some Mandingo…

        28. LOL! What an interesting why to put it! Btw I’m actually Black Irish so I guess I’m doubly fucked.

        29. Russians consist of several ethnic groups, it’s not Tatars, Bashkirs and Chuvashs who are responsible for these things but Indo-European Russians ie. White people.

        30. lol how does it feel knowing inside every cell of your body there is inferior code? low IQ, penchant for violent, ape like behavior. How does it feel knowing your entire existence is just a prison shank in the ribs of western civilization? I thank God every day that you monkeys kill each other as fast as you breed.

        31. You don’t ask your civic nationalist, flag-waving patriot or sheet wearing grand dragon what’s the best country/culture. You just look where all the third worlders are going and you can see what countries and cultures are deemed supreme by international standards.

        32. The word “Russian” in Russian (Русский) means ethnicity, not citizenship. We have a different word for anyone with a Russian passport – Россиянин. These subtleties get lost in translation.

        33. Are these questions that you ask yourself every morning in the mirror? You need to develop a more positive outlook on life bruh!

        34. I know right? Imagine the far more useful goods we would have had, if the Government hadn’t wasted so much of our money on that junk.

        35. I am guessing Русский is a reference to the Rus (Русь). Am I right?

        36. That is correct, and the word we use as it refers to the citizenship is “Россиянин” derived from the word “Россия” (Russia in Russian).

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        38. NASA keeps getting cut because everyone has this perception it has a huge budget based on nothing but assumptions. Probably because hollywood shows them having a massive budget, and that’s all most people see of NASA. Hollywood never lies, am I right?

        39. If you don’t mind me asking, but do Русский in general terms see themselves as the histoic and rightful main contributors to the Russian Federation or is the stance more egalitarian and inclusive towards minorities and satellite states?

        40. Dood! You mean The Patriot wasn’t a true story?
          Look I understand that NASA did result in a few useful gadgets and has had some achievements. But like all government programs it is fundamentally wasteful. It is my opinion that if the government hadn’t crowded out private space exploration investment we would be much further along today.
          Fortunately there are private space programs ongoing which are beginning to bear fruit.

        41. I cant speak for everyone, but many Russians see themselves as the founding people so to speak, the people that bind like glue all oher ethnicities around themselves. Some Russians use the word Russian in a broader context to refer to any other person of different ethinicity (traditional ethnic groups enhabiting Russia) but having the same mentality.

        42. That’s a good point. The real thing we should be gutting first is the f35 program. Their is enough largesse there to make most country’s entire social welfare expenditures blush.

        43. Interesting. Its the Bradley Fighting Vehicle all over again. By the time that F35 is finished, fighter planes will be obsolete (if they aren’t already).
          The trouble at the moment is monumental cost of rocket tech. Over time, with more advances and increased general income levels of the population, the relative cost will come down and the progress of space programs will leap forward.

        44. Me bad. I should have said, “Thug Life Russia” and “Those crazy Russians”. Hilarious watching, those people are crazy.

        45. Noooo. Funny and stupid, but the last thing that turns me on is a slobovnik knucklehead. What next? You gonna tell me I like kitten videos because I have a pussy?

        46. Lol, no, as you probably noticed by now, I’d probably say something more hard-boiled, as I normally do when interesting-sounding broads wax loquatious about their fun parts.

        47. I’ve always had a bone(r) to pick with that graphic – the testes are not visible unless the scrotum’s been removed…

        48. It was an “O”, not “0”, note the subtle yet significant difference in heft and girth, betwixt the “oh” and naught…

      2. Yeah I’ve been called a White Supremist by people who didn’t know I was black. So for example I think Treyvon Martin had it coming…

        1. That’s especially why black men should be right wingers. The left tears you to shreds when you don’t march lock-step with the oppression olympics narrative. The most intelligent black men like Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, etc. are all despised by the left

        2. My Dad’s the same lol… I have to stop him complaining about black people when there’s other black people around…
          He’s a Trump supporter and hates Obama.

        3. Malcolm X, crazy though he was, tried to convince blacks to not vote in lock-step for the Democrat Party.
          Shortly thereafter, he was assassinated. AFAIK no “pillar” of the black community has tried to send the same message since.

      3. What do you call a Japanese person that wants a Japanese nation? Japanese. What do you call any White European that wants a nation? A Nazi. Nazi is a stand in word for all European Whites. Hollywood and the MSM is trying to dismantle all of our countries with shame and comedy and ridicule and well told racial debt stories. Have no doubt, Europeans are the most hated and hunted group in the world now.

        1. By way of a demonstration of the double standards which mean only white people can be considered guilty of ‘hate speech’, a personal story (well, a story I was personally a witness to).
          There are two ‘Indian’ takeaways near to my shop. One is next door, the other a minute’s walk up the street. There is a little ‘friendly rivalry’ between them. The owner of the one next to me, Mr K, is originally from Bangladesh; the owner of the other one, Mr S, from Pakistan.
          Mr S has a nephew, W. W is in his 20s but, as Millennials are wont to do, acts like a bratty undisciplined teenager. He sells cannabis from the alleyway that goes round to the back of his uncle’s shop. This wouldn’t be so bad if his customers just bought their products then went home to indulge, but more often than not they join their dealer in hours-long smoking sessions right there in the alleyway.
          So Mr S, instead of giving W the clip round the ear he so richly deserves, cooks up a plan to drum up business at the expense of his competition. Mr S tells W to hang around outside Mr K’s shop; the sight of a gang of ne’er-do-wells in hoodies loitering around a shop’s entrance has been known to deter customers of a nervous disposition.
          So W and his associates are loitering outside Mr. K’s shop while inhaling illicit substances. This angers me as well as Mr K: W’s gang is close enough to my shop to deter my customers too. I warned W and his associates that I would permanently ban anyone still within 10 metres of my shop in 10 minutes’ time. They hung around for much longer than that, but I wasn’t too concerned; this happened at a time of day that was never normally very busy even in the absence of loiterers and in any case I would get my revenge when W found out I’m the only shop for miles around which sells a wide selection of small snap bags and scales precise to the centigram.
          Mr K, on the other hand, was infuriated by W’s refusal to ply his trade elsewhere. A loud public argument between them ensued, the gist of which was:
          Mr K: Piss off somewhere else!
          W: No. I’m on public land and have every right to stand here.
          Mr K: I’ll call the fuzz on you and tell them you’re selling weed if you don’t piss off.
          W: Fine. They won’t turn up for hours, by which time I’ll have gotten bored and gone somewhere else anyway.
          At some point during this back-and-forth, Mr K shouted “Fuck off, you dirty Paki bastard!” W ran crying to Mr S about this slight. Mr S rubbed his hands with glee: “We’ve got Mr K by the short and curlies now. In the UK, calling someone a Paki is against the law!”
          So a couple of hours later, Mr Plod turns up and puts W’s allegations of hate speech to Mr K. Mr K’s response was: “Do I look like I would call someone a Paki?”
          Now, Mr Plod was old enough to remember 1971, so he ought to know that Bangladesh does not think of Pakistan as her best friend. But since Mr K isn’t white, he can’t be guilty of ‘hate speech’. So, on Mr K’s request, Mr Plod had a word with W to warn him against loitering in the vicinity of Mr K’s shop and that was the end of that.
          Now imagine if Mr K had been white; I strongly suspect that Mr Plod would not have been so willing to disregard W’s allegations.

      4. I read an article a couple months ago or more that calculated the entire white supremacist movement in the USA to be at maximum about three thousand people. That’s roughly 0.0009% of the US population. Bigfoot sightings may be more common.

        1. When Barack Obama gave his first speech at the DNC in ’04 I goggled his name to see who he was and basically got that he was a Kenyan born social worker in Chicago as a result and a bunch of pictures of him with Blagojevich. All that was scrubbed I bet anything that the people like Soros find hurtful to their agenda is scrubbed as well.

    2. I havent had a Joo chattering Box in over a decade, best decision I had ever made. Yes, “MSM can’t die fast enough”

      1. I think it is pretty much dead already. Only the elderly take it seriously. We are one generation away from MSM being totally irrelevant

        1. How about all the public spaces like airports, food-courts and such where CNN and the like air their garbage non-stop?

        2. I’ve had this conversation before. Put your headphones in or read a book or flirt with a girl. Just ignore it. MSM is on the decline because pretty much everyone realizes it is total bullshit. Once the Boomers die out it will be totally over.

        3. Agreed..the only people I really know who still believe the BBC are my silent gen parents..apart from Radio 4 of course…sacrosanct (!) I can’t think of any of my friends kids who would even think of refering to the MSM.

        4. Yup. To be fair, I do not fly very often. I go on vacation once a year and maybe one or two weddings or funerals. I can’t recall a time where I have ever flown more than three times in one year. However, until I was told that CNN is in the terminals on this website I had no idea. Why? Because I walk into the terminal, go to the bar, order a martini, pull out a book and alternate between sipping the martini, reading the book and scanning for sexy women. who the hell watches what is on tv and if they do and if what is on tv is news and you aren’t 100 who the hell takes it seriously.

        5. like I said above….once the boomers die out I imagine that cable news and MSM will pretty much turn to full on entertainment channels and drop the pretense of being news or just go out of business.

        6. It’s merely changed shape into a more personalized mindfucking experience. Everyone gets their world view created and confirmed for them by the newsfeed.

    3. A security camera showed the suspects were actually *ahem* exactly the kind of people you’d expect to murder an exchange student outside a Domino’s Pizza.”
      I know this Is just a factual statement but it is so well worded you actually got a snort out of me. Well done.
      As a side note, I’m sure when the news described the people on the security cam it was “man of average height wearing red hat”

    4. Those four, OMG, How cruel they are; true barbarism.
      Somehow, this whole incident appears to be “scripted”, to create tensions and unrest among common people.
      Whatever might be the reason, but “torturing” a innocent fellow human being and that too a disabled man ? Hatred towards the Country that is “providing” for them ? Hatred towards the MAN who’s been democratically “elected” as the “President” ?
      EBT Cards, Social Security, Discounted/Free Medical Care, Discounted/Council Housing and Apartments, Rehabilitation Programs, Reservation Quotas in Government Jobs.
      What is left for these kind of bastards to expect ? What else do these kind of hooligans want ?
      How dare they are to say or force someone to say “f*** Donald Trump” ? WARNING to all those assholes:
      Donald Trump is no more just “Donald Trump”; He is the PRESIDENT of this Country, He represents PEOPLE (white/black/latino/brown/yellow/<>) of this Country.
      If you wrongly comment on Mr. Donald Trump, remember you are commenting on this Country & the People. And WE are NOT going to keep QUIT.
      PS: Those 4 psychos will ROT right in here, on this PLANET.

  17. “Nowhere I travel has the same level of racial propaganda/warfare as the United States does”
    Maybe you ought to travel more. Try going to–
    1) Sri Lanka (where they just ended 26 yr civil war between Tamil Tiger and Buddhist Sinhalese)
    2) North Korea (where children sing songs about killing white Americans AND South Koreans)
    3) Rwanda (where Hutu govt slaughtered 800,000 Tutsis)
    You’ll find that things aren’t quite so bad here. BTW, cherrypicking two anecdotes does not constitute persuasion.

    1. You are certainly not incorrect. But those three countries are pretty much 2nd to 3rd tier travel destinations and have a combined population of what, barely over 50 or 60 million?
      It’s true that the vast majority of countries out there don’t have an in-house divide and conquer agenda going on. The US seems to thrive on it by comparison.

      1. True, but more to jammy’s point, aren’t you more miffed about the idea of being given race biting chew toys called news stories, to which we can’t enact any change outside of vigilante justice, a bit more telling than checking for right you are criminals and where they stem? Just saying it seems all too convenient that laws are changed periodically when a race baiting story comes into the mainstream media’s hands.
        And funny enough, these thugs were all arrested, named, branded, with evidence, and pre-packaged for all to judge so this works to help prove you are ‘right’ while another story, say of a multiple rape case from 2007, is being circulated to equally prove how a ‘lefty’ is right?
        USA thrives on it because it keeps us out of the way of addressing laws and Back as the rubes addressing the quality of our neighbors. Your neighborhood, as is mine seems to be two news articles away at any given time of saying they are sick and tired.

        1. In all honesty, I’m just baffled these 4 morons just let themselves be caught by posting it on Facebook. This should be a “how can you be even dumber than that pile of rocks over there?” kind of story.

        2. Haha!!! Couldn’t agree more. Plenty of other POS citizens have murdered but rarely do they film themselves attached to their identities! Facebook Live is a direct link to a you traceable by GOOGLE!! Why not murder a police officer if you wish to make a confirmed trip to rape culture jail?

        3. Exactly! And watch how female privilege will come into play during sentencing. The two bitches will get less time than the boys even though one of the girls was the ringleader.

    2. My buddy was telling me last night how he moved to Toronto Canada because he was running into racial prejudice in France as an Arab.
      Said it’s a lot easier to get apartments, jobs, and social respect here in Toronto than over there.
      Seemed strange because I’ve heard France is very liberal, but maybe socially on the ground it’s not the same story.

      1. As a reporter for the Daily Planet, you should know the msm tells nothing but lies

      2. Don’t forget the murders the past year in France done by the Muslims over the Muhammed drawings, as well as the rioting and car burnings done by the Muslims when they decide to throw temper tantrums over the way that people begin to regard them as potentially violent savages.

    3. Jammyjay
      1.) Sri Lanka – Sinhalese a Tamil – no white out there. Dont try to tell us your heart bleeds fr the poor Tamil and Sinhalese victims.
      2.) North Korea _ I think you will find they refer them as “south Korean and American Imperialist”. Unlike you, they hardly put any racial overture to it.
      3.) Rwanda – Tutsi and Hutu – essentially the same (black ) inhabitants of Rwanda. It was a social, rather than racial term. After the horrible genocide that happened there, most Rwandans wanted to ensure history would not repeat itself.The terms Tutsi and Hutu are no longer used in Rwanda.
      I bet my bottom dollar you have never been to any of those three countries or even talked to people from there…
      Jammy, reading two much non-sense from the likes of Duke and Metzger? Beware, that carries the serious risk of becoming narrow-minded and racist. Oh wait, you already are…

  18. I guess you guys won’t see this piece of news anywhere but in Brazil. Two American tourists in Rio were robbed at gunpoint. The criminal tried to shoot, but luckily, the weapon failed. One of the Americans ran after the criminal, they fought. The tourist was beaten, but he managed to hold the criminal for the cops. They arrested the criminal and then they arrested the American because unlike the US, they were more interested in knowing why he reacted to the robbery and why he beat the criminal inside the police precinct. By the way, the criminal, which is black, had been arrested 26 TIMES prior to this episode. If you wanna see what allowing “black rights” do with a nation, I suggest you looking at Brazil.

    1. Visited Brazil 7-8 years ago.
      on a quiet Sunday morning in the center of Sao Paulo I saw a two drug dealers quietly selling crack to their “costumers” (some of them underage) while two members of the “Policia Militar” , just about 40 metres away were too busy looking at something in the other direction. Did the dealers pay the corrupt cops for protection? I did not question them, I was rather busy getting the hell out of there.
      No offence, but Brazil had a big problem with poverty, crime and corruption back then when -at least on paper- the economy was booming. Now , since the economy is not doing that well anymore, I can well imagine how that situation is…

    2. Yep, I suspect that if these Americans were to try to spread awareness of this in the USA that they’d be “Ryan Lochte’d” by the mainstream media.

  19. Have you guys ever heard of the BLACK SERIAL KILLER in Brazil that killed more than 40 WHITE WOMEN. I bet not. The media buried that one so quickly.

    1. Only white men can be serial killers. Isn’t that what SVU and Criminal Minds have taught us all?

      1. Every Crip and Blood member is a serial killer. Comes with the territory. Drive-bys, etc. But, “Shhhh…”

      2. Which is funny insofar as most serial killers are not white. But you wouldn’t know it watching media/entertainment. Hell every criminal ever is a white male.

    2. Zebra Killer in San Francisco = BLACK. You pretty never hear about that story being dug up from the past. But the mainstream media will bring up Ted Bundy and co. all the time whenever it’s convenient.

  20. I hate the very concept of “hate crime”
    This should be taken totally out of law. The idea that you can be punished for thinking something is mind numbingly stupid.
    Saudi Arabia doesn’t even legislate against what you think.
    Crime should be punished. No matter what the person is thinking it is the act and not the thought that should be illegal.
    That said: if we are going to have such a terrible law we can at least use it in some kind of consistent manner.
    TBH they really should just string these four up and let them hang for a few days. People talk about deterring crime: public hangings or crusifixions Are very good for that

      1. I mean really insane. There is no monarchy, no dictatorship, no theocracy in history that did something like this. Yes, you may swing for a crime in Saudi Arabia that shouldn’t be a crime but they don’t persecute you for what you were thinking when you do it. Ponderous man, fucking ponderous

        1. I don’t get how it hasn’t been declared unconstitutional. The implication is that some people(s) are more than equal.

        2. Because of Schumers, Clintons, Feinsteins, Boxers…and the entire liberal American mainstream media.

      2. Motive and intent ABSOLUTELY should matter. Just because the leftists only get their panties in a bunch over certain motives is no reason to go full retard.

    1. You are right, but for all intents and purposes, several criminals walk away for crimes they are clearly guilty, due to feelings given by jurors. Whether they go on to murder again is not the issue but that there are biases found with certain patterns of swaying jurors. And this is only addressing cases which make it to court.

    2. Hate crimes exist to balance public perception regarding the disproportionate black on white violence verses the amost non-existent white on black crime. It also adds an additional 5 years to a prison sentence, thus discouraging white men from avenging, for example, the 36000 sexual assaults and rapes committed by blacks on white women each year (BJS 2013 annual victimisation report).
      We either start becoming like medieval aristicrats, who had torture rooms to torture enemies to death – whilst drinking certain hormones released by the dying victim for their own longetity, or we can sit back and wait for the mass slaughter by blacks of white people. There is no reason one cannot organise groups of 10-15 men to start extracting high ranking black activists off the street and torturing them to death if those activists are promoting our destruction. You can feed their bodies to pigs or seagulls, or even dogs. The media are trying to sell us our absolute annihilation as something sophisticated and moral. What is moral is to kill our enemies by the most painful means.

      1. That seems like a lot of effort when a more simple solution is for people to just ignore the media. The mass media is a joke. People get that. Soon they will have roughly the same influence over people as the runner up in the last tetherball championship game

    3. If we are going to classify violent crimes as “hate crimes,” should we start calling theft “greed crimes?”
      “Hate” or “greed” goes to motive. The prosecutor has to to argue motive to get the conviction, and the judge will consider motive during sentencing. That is where the thoughts and feelings of somebody accused of a crime are appropriately looked in to. It is nonsensical at best and Orwellian at worst to lump motive in with the infraction, itself.

    4. If I assault or kill someone, the only time motive should matter is if it was in self defense. Other than that, it doesn’t matter if I murdered a guy simply due to his race vs if I murdered him because he fucked my wife.

        1. Not getting that far into it. We could add manslaughter, etc. My point is that aside from self defense, there should not be an extra layer of bureaucracy simply because someone might have had some racist thoughts.

      1. right. It boggles the mind. If I break a black guys jaw and steal his watch I am a thief but if I call him a nigger when I do it I have committed a hate crime. Who cares if i am a racist or not. Assault is against the law. You assault someone you should be punished. The only thing that should be considered is, like you say, if it was self defense or if i am a legit psycho and need to be hospitalized.

        1. South Park had a great episode on hate crime laws where Cartman threw a rock at Token and subsequently got charged with a hate crime.

        2. South Park is good for pulling up that kind of stuff
          Remember the “With apologies to Jesse Jackson” episode?

    5. My homemade proverb that ive been telling everyone of late is that feelings and intentions do not matter, only words and actions

    6. I agree, but it was built as a white shaming weapon. The only way to make leftist petition for its suppresion is to apply it both ways.
      4 black people will be condemned for this. With good reasons. Make a dozen other high profile condamnation , and the whole left will help us to ban this kind of law.
      It’s basic strategy.
      Use your ennemy ethos and pathos.
      They do it on us for décades.
      it’s time to strike back.

      1. I wonder if using their weapons on them is really the best idea. I mean, I really wonder not like I’m saying you are wrong. Something deep inside me says we need to be better and set an example but that might be my misguided optimism. I am an 80’s dude

        1. I don’t have that 1990’s and forward depression and misery. The 80’s were an optimistic decade.

        2. Funny. I guess we all have our own view point. I see the 90’s as the decade that celebrated depression and wimpiness and the 80’s as a decade that celebrated an idea that anything wasn’t possible

        3. Anything seems possible when you can strut around in neon pink short shorts and not a single person can quite label you gay. See George Michael

        4. Ha, not to mention everyone on roller skates while wearing lipstick like Prince.

        5. Roller skates? Like in this classic?

          Don’t miss that train!! Everybody all aboard!!!
          These guys also brought you “You dropped a bomb on me, baby. <> You dropped a bomb on me!”

        6. I’m all for being better and showing our attitude as example.
          But we are not talking about a bunch of racists, stupid, violent kids who happened to be black.
          We are talking about a bunch of so called progressists who won’t blink an eye about the death of all of us.
          So, destroying their weapns and retaking power seems quite vituous to me.

        7. I’d say “shrill” rather than eccentric. I just remember a lot of neon, baggy clothes, and high hair.

        8. We labeled him gay at the time. He wasn’t fooling anybody.

        9. Being better and setting an example for the last 6 or 7 decades is what got us to where we are now. They don’t care, they’ll just keep on being animals, all the while holding us hostage to our morality and politeness.

        10. Yeah, this is kind of the catch 22. But there has to be something in between meekly being taken advantage of because of morality and politeness and death squats roaming the street torturing people. I am not saying I know what that middle ground is, I don’t, but all things being equal living in a no death squad country is probably better than living in a death squad country.

        11. Nobody got labelled and speaking of ass fucking in public was very own as it should be.

    7. Intent and motive ABSOLUTELY should matter. Just because the leftists only get their panties in a bunch over certain motives is no reason to go full retard.

  21. It’s becoming abundantly clear that the mainstream would not have even covered this thing at all had it not been for social media and blogs.

  22. Boys, I mentioned this in another thread but thought I’d do it again because it’s a slam-dunk chance to double your money. Bet on Alabama -6.5 (or lower, if you can get it) tomorrow night in the college football national championship game. Bet everything but the rent money. It’s that solid. All-righty then.

    1. Wish I bet on Leicester City winning the English Premier League last year… hahaha. 5000 to 1 payout it would have been!

        1. A lot of Leicester people did literally get 5000 Pounds. (presumabely) less capable teams will have fans bet 1 pound on their teams just as a joke, because the payout would be massive if they did actually win

      1. Not even Leicester City bet on Leicester City to win the Premier League last year.

    2. What sport are you most successful with in betting? Should we be tracking your picks?

      1. I make good money at baseball, basketball and football. But I wouldn’t take anybody’s word on such an outlandish thing, personally, unless I tracked their claims and charted the results. However, I consistently hit around 70%-plus of my football and basketball wagers, year in and year out (71.42% in the NFL this year). I do slightly higher in college basketball and the NBA. Baseball is my worst – only 55% winners. But you get odds in baseball (you can get odds in the other sports, too, but I rarely do that with football and basketball). I make more money per wager on baseball than anything else. Either that, or I’m full of shit. You have to decide that one for yourself.

        1. I don’t make futures bets. And I normally only bet on the first four days of the NCAA basketball tournament. I assume you had Villanova, in the title game?

        2. No, I did not. I am not much of a gambler, but I did enjoy the watching the game, and was just as surprised when then won as I was in 1985 when they beat Georgetown. Picking them would have been a gutsy bet.

        3. Baseball is my bread and butter for betting. Gotta love the odds because that makes hedging bets quite easy.

        4. I don’t understand why you’d bet on basketball unless you have an in. Too many chances in a game for my tastes. The NFL lines are usually immaculate in my opinion. Are you in or out of house when you typically wager?

        5. Out of house. Lines are usually pretty accurate. The question is, which side of the line do you bet on. To figure that one out, a guy has to let go of everything he’s been taught. And that’s the tough part.

        6. No. From what I gather, when you win, you won’t get paid. Especially if you win big. Kind of like if you use a bookie, and you beat the bookie, he’ll dump you. I believe it’s true based on everyone I’ve talked to about it. The online books are offshore. No accountability. You can’t find them if they stiff you, online gambling is technically illegal in much of the USA. So what are you gonna do if they stiff you, call the cops? Heh.

    3. Bob, I think you should go for the +10p spread for Clemson. I think the Tigers will steal the final.

      1. The line has just moved to Alabama -7. (Up from Alabama -6.5.) Thanks for the input, but I think I’ll stick with Alabama – all the way to the bank.

        1. No such thing as a sure thing. I already posted the ugliness above in this thread. Have to remind myself of that one every now and again – “No such thing as a sure thing.” Hope you got down on Clemson…did you?

    4. ***Update: 1/10/5:14 a.m.: Boys, I hope you didn’t take my advice and bet on Alabama, because they, like your old Uncle Bob, lost their ass on this game. Which goes to show you, there’s no such thing as a sure thing. Boy this Wild Irish Rose sure tastes good as I sip it inside my cardboard home in the alley behind The Lucky Thong – yum!

  23. Two of the black female participated in humiliating and slapping the poor white male in that video.
    White men will be very angry. When white men get angry enough, it often does not end well for blacks.

        1. Yeah right, cigar and accessories. These women are mostly not that attractive, and that black girl is actually ugly.

      1. Ha, ha. Made me wonder though, wouldn’t a tranny beat a black girl? Then I looked it up, it figures, she’s a migrant.

        1. In other words, she’s a Nigerian who is living in Finland, not an actual Afro-Finn (AF). On the SJW totem pole migrant > LGBT > minority > woman.

    1. It must be the sexiest and the hottest in the eyes of a straight, white male… so let me guess: the black girl is the new Miss Helsinki?
      I have to admit, the way you asked gave it away. Otherwise I would have selected the redhead (or blonde?) girl sitting on the far left, or the black-haired sitting next to her.
      Diversity won again, huh?

        1. Can a white chick born in Kenya run for Ms Kenya? If so, Im cool with that; but, then again, local black folks arent insane enough to vote a Finnish woman “Ms. Kenya”

  24. To Those US-based RoK readers who have not met Black folks outside the US of A.
    Black African folks, and particularly Black African ladies are not remotely what you may have found in the US.
    5 pillars of wisdom of my journeys in Namibia, Botswana and Zambia.
    1. No Racism
    Racism is little to non-existent in those three countries. At the very least, it does not poison day-to-day human interactions to the extent it does in the US and western Europe. Black lady can and do date/marry outside their ethnic group – their families are accepting as long as you are respectful and decent human being. Mixed-raced children are considered beautiful, thus most black ladies are happy to start a family with a decent man from a different race.
    2. High standard of living.
    In Namibia, Botswana and Zambia (particularly in the former two) many people enjoy a relatively high standard of living and there is a sizable, educated middle class. (the GDP per capita in these three nations is higher than many European countries.) If an educated Namibian or Bostwanan lady likes , it is down to her attraction to you, not down to your passport or money. She is not desperate. She has a comfortable life already, the freedom to date whoever she wants.
    3. Beautiful women
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    Unless you are a KKK member and/or a Stormfornt commenter, it is difficult not to like ladies from Namibia. Botswana or Zimbabwe.
    They tend to be tall and slim, yet with nice curves in the right places. Obesity is uncommon due to healthier diet and lifestyle. No tattoos and tribal piercing/scarring is no longer common, not in the urban areas anyway.
    4. AIDS is a problem in Africa – but so is it in the US and Europe
    Ladies from Southern Africa will not get offended if you ask them to get tested for HIV. they are aware of the risks and want to stay safe. (much more aware and cautious than the average promiscuous American/European female is.)
    5. Family Units are still strong in Africa.
    Most of these ladies do come from traditional family units, meaning a mother, a father and several siblings. (Try to avoid those few who come from broken families).
    Most of ladies are indeed worthy to marry and start a family . (Do not laugh, all proper red-pilled Alpha would want to settle down sooner or later – with a decent woman.)

    1. We are all aware that blacks in their own lands are different. Our problem is every country with white and blacks turns to shit because of blacks, in the case of this article, its just another day in the black crime state of America.

      1. Since most of the so-called Black are not really Blacks, but mixed-race people, that someway may explain a few things…

        1. Not really. In the UK, Nigerians, Somalians and Jamaicans have the highest prisoner rates relative to population, and they aren’t mixed. The majority – vast majority – of blacks in America and Europe have criminal records. Last time I looked, there was no grading on crime stats by the fraction/ % of European DNA blacks have. They are black, visually and self-described. Whites do not behave in the same manner, so it evidently isn’t a problem on our side.

        2. I disagree.
          Jamaicans (mostly mixed race) indeed have the highest numbers and prisoner rates. (Shockingly high considering that Jamaica does not have a large population.)
          The rate among Nigerians, Somalis and other African that rate is much lower.

        3. You can disagree, but you are incorrect. The prisoner population by country in the UK is 1. Poland, 2. Ireland. 3 Jamaica. 4. Romania. 5 Pakistan. 6. Lithuania. 7 Nigeria. 8 Somalia. 9 India. That is by passport holder, not 2nd and 3rd generation. Given most of those have huge populations (Indian, Polak and Irish), the stats show higher African crime rates per capita. There are 6.5 times more Polish people in the UK than Somalis, yet only double the prisoner rate. There are 3.3 times more Polish than Nigerian, but the rate of prisoners is nearly double. This is the problem, blacks think they’re angels and can do know wrong. You can’t even aknoweldge that your people come to Europe and America and are fucking cunts. Stay in Africa.

        4. No, overall I was correct.
          Jamaica has a small population but large prison population in the UK. That is correct. However, do you realize Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa (at least 170 million people) They also have the largest African community in the UK. Considering that , the number of Nigerian prisoners in UK jails is a extremely tiny percentage of the overall Nigerian population. Believe it or not, Nigerian-Britons are among the most successful one in terms of academic achievements and professional success.
          There is also a large Somali community. The ones in jail represent a tiny minority among the whole Somali community.
          Also, since you bought White groups (such as Ireland, Poland and Rumenia) thee an increasing number of criminal from those countries that sadly operate in the UK. The only time someone tried to rob me in London was by two Poles (White, blond , blue-eyed). Thankfully they did not succeed. However, it still debunks your non-sense.
          I don`t know what made you think I was Black African.
          Pathetic racist trolls like yourself try to ruin this website for the rest of us. Please keep your non-sense to and similar forums for frustrated idiots..
          Thank you.

        5. Incorrect on all accounts. Your personal experience is anecdotal evidence, it can NEVER be used to argue about generalised statistics. Nor does the size of Nigeria have any relevance whatsoever to UK stats.
          Yes, there are high crime rates by Polaks in the UK, quantitatively, due only to there being 700,000 of them, but they are lower rates per capita than Somali and Nigerians. Polish also have a 20% higher employment rate than the UK average. Blacks have double the UK unemployment rate AND are positively placed in local government jobs to hide the unemployment figures.
          You say Nigerians have low prisoner rates, but I just showed you the stats which show you have much higher rates than all other groups – except Jamaicans, who are the highest per capita offenders. Likewise with Somalis. Do you want me to do the math and get the exact percentages, as you are too fucking stupid to read two graphs?
          You really should learn to debate with facts better, and not get on emotional and start calling people racissstttttt and “pathetic” (only women use the word ‘pathetic’). The ‘racist’ word-tool doesn’t fly on this website. Racist is a word popularised by the Soviet Union to censor white Christians who were being dispossessed (then mass murdered in gulags) by jewish ethnic supremacists, aka Marxists.
          Stats always trump your opinion.

        6. There you go again.
          Your only “statistics” come form the Daily Mail which is one of themost biased newspapers in the UK.
          The last paragraph of your comment shows that you probably meant it to some racist forum. This is RoK. Go back to stormfront or some similar racist forum and spout your garbage there.
          Thanks (In the name of all sane, non-racialist RoK commenters.)

        7. The stats are official stats from the government/ HM Prison Service, the fact the DM reported them is irelevent. Try again.
          You don’t get to choose if I comment on here. Just notch it down as a loss and remember my username, and don’t bother arguing with me – you’ll always get burned. You aren’t smart enough.

    2. respectful = whining beta
      PS AIDs is a gay disease heterosexual men have a REALLY hard time catching.

    3. No (black-on-white) racism? Unfortunately not in the only country in sub-saharan Africa worth considering: South Africa.
      Too many African countries are a hair’s breadth away from an all out Haitian-style “purge” of whitey.

      Mixed-raced children are considered beautiful, thus most black ladies are happy to start a family with a decent man from a different race.

      History is already chock full of “halfricans” who are self-loathing, presumably due to irreconcilable racial angst. Why risk creating more?

  25. Don Lemon wasn’t even the worst of the Marxist bunch; she was. “Hey, there was black slavery – what did you expect?”

    1. Black slavery, started at least 3500 years ago by blacks, brought to America by jewish merchants, and abolished legally by whites and economically by white’s inventing machinery to replace slave labour.

    2. All I could hear was a blathering, run-on sentence of non sequiturs in that short clip. Then again, I have no cable, so I don’t watch these mouth-farters on CNN or MSNB-hee-haw!

  26. If that “reporter” is the same guy I’m thinking of, he posts a lot of whiny, racist rhetoric on Twitter as well. No wonder his love life sucks. CNN needs to observe Law 10 and dump his sorry ass.

  27. There is another major factor not getting discussed here: Chicago. I lived there for awhile, and can attest that it is like a city-state completely separate from the USA. And now that city is spiraling toward failed-state status. The south side is unrecognizable as an American city, and looks like a post-apocalyptic nightmare. Truly, it is a national disgrace. Shameful and wrong. It is no surprise that this atrocity took place there. Whatever broader social implications are at play here need to pinned to the asses of Chicago politicians who created the hellscape where crimes like this are the most natural thing in the world.

    1. The south and west sides have needed to be walled off or burned to the ground for years. The quick solution would be enacting three strike laws and making the area a dry community or by personal permit only. No liquor would hopefully get these gangs trying their own supply and create the chaos necessary to restore order.

      1. The problem with three strikes laws is that in most US shitties, laws simply aren’t enforced by the court system. Violent offenses are frequently plea bargained down to overly lenient sentences with crooks returning to the streets in short order. For cases that do go to trial, it is often difficult to obtain convictions because inner shitty types often won’t convict “their own.”
        Ever wonder why so many crooks have an insanely long rap sheet and they’re not not in prison? That’s why.

  28. What kind of garbage ties up and tortures a mentally disabled person and posts it live on social media like its a party? Getting hung up on was it or wasn’t it a hate crime only moves the focus away from the fact that they purposely kidnapped and tortured a vulnerable disabled person. Even if they weren’t charged with a hate crime, what they did is no less horrendous. People like this, no matter what their race, are diseases that need to be eradicated. These four pieces of shit should be thrown into a pit and set on fire.

    1. I’m afraid not good sir. It’s the American Dream: equality. It came true dude. The American Dream finally came true. I hope you’re happy. LOL!

  29. Well, we could do something about this, as far as race relations are concerned in context of long lasting harmony between the races. But then we have low IQ thugs otherwise known as the police/military who enforce “diversity” at the barrel of their collective guns. And we have low IQ conservatives who support said military/police. Thus the insanity goes on and on and on…

  30. Jesus. if the kid wasnt disabled i might have been able to pull some mental gymnastics, but what the fucking fuck? These people are demented.

  31. Eric Holder looks about as black as Shaun King.
    The funniest thing about this to me is that there is no such thing as a “hate” crime. There are simply crimes. “Hate crimes” were literally invented to further the crackdown on free speech.

    1. He looks like Fozzy the bear.
      Except Fozzy has infinitely more common sense than Mr. Fast and Furious.

  32. Anyone who defends this sick, disgusting and vile crime, or the savages who committed it, are the same as those savages, no exceptions.

  33. Out of complete curiosity why didn’t you talk about what the Iowa teen who did the same thing including kicking a hanger up the rectum and the person that did it only getting a community service?

  34. Is your business whoring yourself out for sugar daddies? Hmm, please tell us more, stinky-tits!

      1. Lolknee: We the Kings have a few hidden gems up our sleeves from time to time, as you know! 😉

    1. “Their parents never taught them better?”
      You mean their slutty ghetto mothers and gangbanging absent fathers?

    1. “Does Obama hate white people”?! After the last eight years, are you SERIOUSLY asking that?

  35. We should have expected this; seriously, after the media has been dumping or suppressing stories for the last eight years about Black-on-White crime (like ‘doing the knockout game’ and ‘Polar bear hunting’), these degenerate POS’s likely thought that they could do this kind of atrocity against someone just because they’re white, post it to Facebook, and not have any kind of legal retribution against them.
    Seriously, we should have expected this.
    We can likely expect worse in the future if these POS’s aren’t fittingly punished.

  36. I understand that there was oppression to classes in the past. The reality of the present is we need to stop looking at the color and prosecute the individual. The last 8 yrs has just been an escalation of use of color to shame whites and to gloss over the real problem. Destruction of the family unit. When the civil rights movement started black families were strong and therefore produced strong productive black individuals. I can’t dictate it step by step. I just see in my area the lack of strong families now verses when I was growing up. This is not just exclusive to blacks. When a family is scattered to the wind, the parts are left to their own with no anchor. You damn sure can’t let main stream society teach the lost because you get what we witnessed in this article.

    1. When the civil rights movement started black families were strong and therefore produced strong productive black individuals.

      I’ve seen this widely disputed, that there were more proper family units but that crime was still a serious issue.
      Yes, Civil Rights hurt blacks, but there’s an sizable chunk of personal responsibility there and just blaming the civil rights movement for the woes of the black community smacks of “the soft bigotry of low expectations”.

      1. I was not blaming civil rights movement, just a time reference. Get down off of that horse.

        1. There is no “horse” here.
          Point is, your “time reference” is incorrect. Using it is rewriting history, implicitly pinning the blame for bad black behavior on Civil Rights-whitey-instead of where it belongs: on blacks behaving badly.

        2. You can chop it up and analyze my statement into what ever you want. I am not taking any responsibility from the individuals involved. Not rewriting. Not pinning just stating that strong families are important and preferably 2 parent. Maybe I should have just said that to begin with or maybe should have just said the hell with it. How’s that. What is civil rights whitey?

  37. “bad home training”? So it’s not the breed, it’s the owner. I blame the US government, the owner.

      1. The government has been housing, feeding, and breeding blacks for the purpose of voting. They are effectively democracy live stock. If someone’s livestock gets loose and destroys property and injures people the owner is liable.

  38. I have black fatigue.
    I could not care any less about their “struggle” or “oppression”, their lack of opportunities or their blighted neighborhoods.
    The video showing the torture of a mentally disabled man, white or black, is a profound example of what the feral black is capable of when they feel empowered to lash out. They are proud, lack any empathy for another living thing and behave like the base animals they really are.
    Call me racist, narrow-minded, hillbilly or unsophisticated….frankly I had enough. I am forced by the actions of bigoted blacks to weaponize my philosophy and simply disregard them as human beings worth equal status among civilized peoples. We have wasted enough of our time, energy and resources with the blacks among us.
    I have black fatigue.

  39. Don Lemmon says “that’s not evil”…..
    Sorry, dik, but enjoying the suffering you cause in someone else is just that.

  40. Yeah, could you stop calling them the “main stream” way more people watch and read the independent media then this fake news stuff you call main stream~ thanks

  41. I can’t help but wonder (and hope, just a little) what the white American backlash is going to look like, WHEN IT FINALLY AND INEVITABLY COMES!! Maybe THAT will get MSM attention, hehehehe…..

    1. If it ever comes, the media ignores it, and it dies out. Whenever the left complains about something, the media repeats and amplifies it and gets more on the action.

      1. True. I saw this first hand with the anti-gun control marches on the state capitols in February of 2012. We showed up on the Columbus Statehouse lawn fully armed, locked and loaded (no worries, open carry is a right here, no permit required, and the cops are trained to leave us alone). A full 5,000+ showed up, perhaps more. This comes from several officers on the scene who normally serve around demonstrations in the area. Ok, good.
        1 protestor showed up against us. 1 oily haired, stinking little faggot leftst pseudo-male, who snarked a few sneers at us was was soundly beat back with a plethora of questions that he couldn’t answer, and he retreated oh, maybe by the end of the first hour of the demonstration.
        Now I’ll give you one guess on how the news reported it. No, here, I’ll just type it out verbatim.
        “A couple of hundred protestors against Obamas proposed gun control executive orders showed up in the capitol today, along with counter protestors who confronted them on the Statehouse lawn.”
        Sounds like a little rabble turned out, there’s no clue if we were armed or not, and it sounds like an equal amount of counter-protestors showed up.
        I watched the news crews filter through the rally looking for “marks” to interview. Marks are, of course, total hillbilly disheveled hicks with very few teeth who go on about “gub’mint”. They’d start to interview a protestor, and he’d turn out to be articulate, and they’d cut him off mid sentence and say “Thank you, we have what we need” then move to the next “mark” to try and get him to say something that sounded insane or stupid. Fortunately it was a middle class and upper middle class rally that day, so the hillybill squad was in short supply. They also ensured that they kept the cameras off of the black participants and the sizable contingent of OSU students participants who showed up armed. The reporter(s) were literally directing the cameras to avoid “sweeping” them.
        Yeah, this shit ain’t propaganda. Nope.

        1. I attended several Tea Party rallies back around 2010. Typically over 1,000 or more at the rallies. Never a peep from the media. I suppose we didn’t block freeways or defecate on sidewalks.

  42. I have to say, I would not describe hate crime as the most comfortable
    word choice, considering these circumstances. There’s so much that we do
    not know about what took place, what motivated this person. We only
    have the one account of law enforcement. We haven’t had the opportunity
    to really look into his history in a meaningful way.

    Some douche kills black people in a church and has a photo on facebook with him and a Confederate flag. Motive: Racism and hey let’s ban a piece of cloth! Aaaaaahhh!
    Four black racist fucks torture a disabled white man on a live stream forcing him to say “Fuck white people” and “Fuck Donald Trump” and…”Well, we really don’t know what motivated this person”
    I can’t even be surprised any longer. I just can’t.
    Hang these four goons from a tree until dead and “livestream” it. Fuck them.

  43. I cannot remember it ever being this bad. This “orthodoxy” at all costs is disgusting. Basically, they are saying that their “leaders” think for them. Their only role in life is to “me too” everything.
    What shameless wimps. I hope Soros treats you well. Maybe he’ll keep the sand out of the Vaseline.

  44. I am the epitome of a calm level headed individual who simply wants to put in an honest day’s work and reap the fruits of my labor, who wants to strive to live in peace with his neighbor and go to his death surrounded by friends and loved ones.
    I was one of those Americans who had no choice but to hold back while the liberals that surrounded me were vile and hateful towards the Trump candidacy and it’s supporters, but cheered the mass and idiotic riots by the black communities. I had to hold back when the University that I work and learn at offered counseling to those same liberals when Trump won because they felt the world was ending and were throwing literal temper tantrums. I had to hold back while watching an un-necessary electoral recount that only served to completely solidify Trump’s presidency and the subsequent rioting and temper tantrums of these same people. I’ve had to hold back watching the Muslims of the world kill Americans with no reprisals and a sickeningly weak response by the liberals and our soon to be ex-president. I have to hold back when forced to attend diversity training knowing full well that the Muslims, blacks, and other minorities would think nothing of spitting in my white, infidel face. I have to hold back when things as stomach rolling as the above happen because all I hear are rationalizations why it is right and okay for these vile people to do this. Every time I wake up to a new day I, and those values I stand for, are attacked in a new way.
    I am so tired of holding back, but I have no alternative. All I could do is vote appropriately with the hope that I was part of a majority of Americans that felt the same way I do. Turns out I am part of that majority. All I can do right now is hope that Trump paves the way for us to start pushing back and drive this element out. All I can do is hope that I can contribute to even a small return to solid values.

  45. “Whites are the permanent “oppressors” in the mainstream media narrative, while all other races are the permanent “victims.” In fact, “white” and “oppressor” are essentially synonymous — meaning: whites are the bad guys. All whites have been lumped together and typecast in a bad reality TV show. Because whites as a group do not have clean hands, therefore, they are denied the right of seeking justice.”
    If that doesn’t piss you off, and set a fire to start a change for actual justice – you may as well leave now. This is coming from a non white male.

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