30 Lessons For Living

ISBN: 0452298482

After slogging through some old texts recently, I craved something more practical that focused on living well. This book did not disappoint, offering the wisdom of senior citizens who share what they have learned in their lives.

The beginning of the book deals with marriage, stating that the key to a happy marriage is having shared values and a friendship beneath the initial passion (many seniors suggested establishing a seed of friendship first). Once the passion fades—and it will—the friendship will help sustain the marriage into a lifelong partnership with someone you genuinely like being around and doing activities with. There is no mention of raw attraction and tingles in creating marriages that last into the decades.

Too bad that such advice doesn’t help men today. It was almost depressing to read a woman saying that when she was 20 years old, in her prime, the key to winning her heart and hand in marriage was actually through friendship (in all likelihood such women were virgins). This tactic, still used by beta males today, no longer works except for when the girl is over 30 years old and saddled with massive monetary debt and a promiscuous past that makes her wearing a white dress on the wedding day nothing short of farce.

Another important note:

What couples must avoid— if they wish to remain together as long as the experts— is keeping score regarding who is getting more and who is getting less . This kind of economic attitude is one we would use, say, with a vending machine: if I put in my dollar, I will get a candy bar of equal value. According to the experts, this approach does not work in marriage.

Maybe I speak from the perspective of having sowed my oats, but having a generous or giving mentality with Western women today, especially in the early stages of courtship, is the fastest way to not receive sex at all. The more carefully we dole out rewards, and the more methodical we are about only giving value when we are sure to receive it, is what men must now do just to engage in sex.

But the sad part is, too many young people now are giving up too early, too soon. They’ll say, “I don’t need this. I’m going to get a divorce.” We didn’t do that. In our day we stuck with it. Divorce was not in our language. We tried. We kept at it and we tried. He lived for twenty more years, and the two of us— it was wonderful. It was a great life.

Goodhearted strategies that worked in the past in securing a faithful wife is not what women today seek. It should cause us to wonder if such relationships that we read about in this book are even possible anymore. The current generation can confirm beyond any doubt that the culture we find ourselves in is broken, possibly beyond repair.

There’s also advice on how to approach career:

…that most people who decide on a profession because of the material rewards at some point look back and gasp, “What have I done?” In their view, we all need a salary to live on. But the experts concur that it’s vastly preferable to take home less in your paycheck and enjoy what you are doing rather than live for the weekends and your three weeks (if you get that much) vacation a year.


…individuals who are motivated by goals that emphasize personal growth, contributing to the community, and meaningful relationships are typically much happier at work.


There will always be many who are richer or more distinguished than I am, so if my purpose in working is to attain these extrinsic rewards, I will be disappointed, for I will always compare myself to those whose attainments are greater. But if I work principally for the pleasure or the fulfillment it gives me, my success is assured. There are few blessings greater than finding such work and keeping it.


When the experts discuss their work lives, two themes go hand in hand: purpose (beyond earning a salary) and autonomy. Neither one can be found in every job, every time, but without them work can become a miserable burden.


…you have to be a risk taker. Because if you don’t take any risks, you don’t get any sweetness out of life. And the truth of the matter is that the sweetness in life comes with the risk. It doesn’t come with playing four aces in a poker hand.

Another interesting chapter is on health. The seniors described how a YOLO approach actually leads to more suffering instead of less. Many young people today, for example, may not care about not smoking or exercising because they don’t want to live long. The problem is that such a bad habit will not cause you to drop dead with pain in your sleep—it will instead give you chronic illnesses like cancer and diabetes that you may have to deal with for decades, greatly limiting how you live the last phase of your life.

One of the most poignant regrets comes from those who destroyed their health through smoking. The former smokers would do anything to wave a magic wand and change that one choice.


The moral of the story: stop yourself when you explain poor lifestyle choices by saying something like “So what? You’ve got to die sometime.” Because there’s no guarantee of an easy way out after a life of overeating, inactivity , or smoking. The experts are telling you that you can’t choose whether or not to die, but you can to some degree control whether you spend the last decades of your life in healthy productivity or in a downward spiral of physical misery.

Another piece of advice is to be honest in your dealings with people. Regret has a way of haunting you into old age:

…our elders assured me that when you get to the eighth decade of life and beyond, you will look back and rue both your own acts of dishonesty and those that were done to you. The legacy of dishonesty, I learned, has a long reach.

Lastly, stop worrying:

What possible difference did it make that I kept my mind on every little thing that might go wrong? When I realized that it made no difference at all, I experienced a freedom that’s hard to describe. My life lesson is this: turn yourself from frittering away the day worrying about what comes next and let everything else that you love and enjoy move in.

This book offered the practical advice I sought. Much of it was review but it served as a good refresher that I’m on somewhat the right path in understanding how a life well-lived is the best reward there is. It will help you see the big picture instead of focusing on the day-to-day dramas or mini-outrages that we allow to distract us in modern times, while reminding us that opting out of marriage is a rational decision based on living in an environment that is very different from that of our grandparents.

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  1. Nice tips Roosh, from those that know.
    This is from the Guardian UK newspaper http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2012/feb/01/top-five-regrets-of-the-dying
    A nurse who cared for dying people wrote an article listing the five biggest regrets of those who were dying:
    1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
    “This was the most common regret of all. When people realise that their life is almost over and look back clearly on it, it is easy to see how many dreams have gone unfulfilled. Most people had not honoured even a half of their dreams and had to die knowing that it was due to choices they had made, or not made. Health brings a freedom very few realise, until they no longer have it.”
    2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.
    “This came from every male patient that I nursed. They missed their children’s youth and their partner’s companionship. Women also spoke of this regret, but as most were from an older generation, many of the female patients had not been breadwinners. All of the men I nursed deeply regretted spending so much of their lives on the treadmill of a work existence.”
    3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.
    “Many people suppressed their feelings in order to keep peace with others. As a result, they settled for a mediocre existence and never became who they were truly capable of becoming. Many developed illnesses relating to the bitterness and resentment they carried as a result.”
    4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
    “Often they would not truly realise the full benefits of old friends until their dying weeks and it was not always possible to track them down. Many had become so caught up in their own lives that they had let golden friendships slip by over the years. There were many deep regrets about not giving friendships the time and effort that they deserved. Everyone misses their friends when they are dying.”
    5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.
    “This is a surprisingly common one. Many did not realise until the end that happiness is a choice. They had stayed stuck in old patterns and habits. The so-called ‘comfort’ of familiarity overflowed into their emotions, as well as their physical lives. Fear of change had them pretending to others, and to their selves, that they were content, when deep within, they longed to laugh properly and have silliness in their life again.”

    1. I saw this and loved it. I reworded it to make it more direct, and these are five axioms by which I live my life:
      I wish I had lived a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
      I wish I had played more.
      I wish I had expressed my feelings more.
      I wish I had stayed in touch with more friends.
      I wish I had let myself be happier.

    2. Scumbag baby boomers.
      Say “I shouldn’t have worked so hard.”
      Tell younger generation that they are “lazy slobs who need to work harder.”

  2. It really blows my mind that when you hear stories of these 21, 22 year old blonde females who are given the position of “management consultant.”
    Management consultant. How the fuck does a 21, 22 year old blonde female with NO REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE of running a FTSE 100 company or business organisation, get the position of management consultant? Fucking stupid backward companies are now hiring these inexperienced dolts all over places like London, simply because they are blonde, female and graduated from Oxford or Cambridge.
    Fuck that shit. When is the final economic apocalypse going to happen? Need it
    to come now. I would love to see these women get what is coming to them. Most women are terrible with personal finances and will never be able to save for retirement because they are addicted to the notions of having kids and houses and cars etc.
    MGTOW for life.

    1. Nothing beats the hr manager who is a 24 year old girl. Sitting there playing God and deciding what man gets a good job and can afford a family.

      1. As Tyler Durden states in Fight Club, “we are a generation raised by single mothers.”
        And he is right. What pisses me off is when you call the HR department to hear back about a postion you applied for, is the loud, obnoxious female voice on the other end of the line.
        Society is now facing the consequences. Even all the mainstream religions books such as the Bible and the Koran warned about women corrupting our society and trying to play man and reversing the traditional gender roles.
        Fucking horrifying. Someone needs to write a horror novel about this.

        1. Whenever I call a company nowadays, seeking customer support, and a woman picks up the phone, I ask her to forward my call to a male colleague. I call it “real life trolling”.

      2. Much of HR’s “mandatory” staff meetings are to announce some new expansion of their definition of “sexual harassment.” Remove all the men from the company and HR employees lose their job security of handling the pettiest (and often bogus) complaints by the female staff. Remove all the women from the company and HR goes back to being a simple Personel Department keeping track of your time cards and the manager telling everyone to “shut up and get back to work.”
        Ah, yes…..the memories!

      3. If you are working at a company that has a 24 y.o. head of HR, you need to quit, and go work for (a) a firm that doesn’t have its head up its ass, or better (b) for yourself.
        À bientôt,

      4. it’s not just the HR department…. women are aggressively employed to firewall most corporations – and in many cases important innovations, alliances and personnel never reach to the hands of decision makers….

    2. It really blows my mind that when you hear stories of these 21, 22 year old blonde females who are given the position of “management

      Wow – does that really happen? The only reason that occurs to me is that the company want to fill some hiring quota – not because of any value the gal brings to the position. I wouldn’t let a 22 year old girl cut my hair, never mind give me management advice for my business.

      1. Happens all the time. London is filled with companies who want keep opportunities open to elite and wealthy female who are good looking. Like I said, these organisations are filled with the wrong people and deserve to go downhill.
        A family member of mine who has worked in his industry for decades, was told to report to a new manager, who was only 21 years old with no real work experience but was given the role because she went to Cambridge. She tried to behave like a bossy bitch to him, but totally underestimated him.
        He then proceeded to give him a piece of his mind and told her to shut the fuck up because she had no real experience and was a worthless human being who got given her position because she was female and school credentials, not because she knew what she was doing.
        She then learnt to shut the fuck up and let the grown ups work.

    3. Way to literally not read the effin article before commenting on some trivial matter that add literally nothing the relevant topic genius.

      1. Trivial… right, even though it has the highest thumbs up on the article, not to mention a SERIOUS issue that is preventing a lot of men from getting any employment.
        Seriously, you fucking asshole, why don’t you go fuck yourself, instead of coming here.

    4. “Management consultant. How the fuck does a 21, 22 year old blonde female with NO REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE of running a FTSE 100 company or business organisation, get the position of management consultant? ”
      I would wager that the said blond is probably a mere ringer to keep up feminist appearances (and to help win stupid progressive awards for the company) while behind closed doors it’s actually a competent, older, much more experienced man making the decisions, while the female gets the credit.

  3. What couples must avoid— if they wish to remain together as long as the experts— is keeping score regarding who is getting more and who is getting less .
    I don’t need to keep score. I know with 100% accuracy that the woman is the one getting more. Thus the nature of a parasite

    1. as long as you are getting herpes free pussy….. and not too much grief…. it’s a relatively ok trade off….

  4. Modern civilization is depressing. Relationships are fragile, the family is destroyed, and women dont give a shit. So where does this all lead? Totalitarianism? Extinction? Only time will tell.

    1. Time is telling us right now.
      Feminism is a cancer which has destroyed everything and created nothing but immorality and poisons for us.

      1. I wonder if American society would ever realize how much these feminine liberalized policies and standards we see every day is what’s destroying us, even themselves. We got too wrapped up with the feminine values, and when the feminine values are America’s values, that’s when you know you’ve got a problem.
        We’re falling like the Roman Empire, got too comfortable, became weak over time (our mindsets), and we were no longer the powerful country we were back in the 1910s-1960s.

  5. There were a couple of Twilight Zone episodes where Rod Serling reminded us “you can’t go back home.”

  6. The earnest advice of older people on matters of love has always struck me as both bemusing and profoundly saddening, steeped as such advice invariably is in assumptions so sweet and quaint then I find myself thinking ”was life ever really like that”?
    When I read things like; ”It was almost depressing to read a woman saying that when she was 20 years old, in her prime, the key to winning her heart and hand in marriage was actually through friendship” It’s like someone saying to me ”In my day we all lived in Disney movies”. If someone my own age said that to me I’d look at them like they were some manner of mental defective. Honestly the assumption that we’re essentially in the jungle, that the idea of life being anything more than the most ruthless Darwinian struggle is just a delusion for the weak, is now so strong in me I cannot readily conceive of living any other way.
    I often wonder if things can truly ever have been as described. Perhaps the more limited media made self delusion easier in the past, or perhaps my own heart has just hardened to a shard of black ice. Who knows?

    1. Not my words but have stuck with me.
      “You will have a better chance of survival if you remember one thing. The jungle doesn’t need us, we need the jungle to survive. It will continue to thrive long after you have perished. Your assignment is to not let that happen for as long as possible.”

    2. Old people always remember the old days as much better or much worse than they probably were…. Still, we’ve been cheated out of a lot of the things they had that made life living: strong families, fulfilling marriages, meaningful religion, strong community etc.

  7. The health bit is most important. It is depressing to see the 15-25 crowd, who should be in thier prime, bodies often destroyed by unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, alcohol, and drugs.

    1. Unfortunately the decline of western civilisation has led to this- from high unemployment, corruption of the political and economic systems to feminism, has led to men no longer becoming men

  8. When I was in my darkest blue pill days, I deliberately tried to wreck my health with smoking and drinking. Fortunately, I stopped before any permanent damage was done, although I expect I’ll still feel the effects in my old age.

  9. You got a typo Roosh, “Lesson” is “Lessons”. Good post, book seems deserving of a buy.

  10. It’s always easy to see how you should have lived with hindsight. However for most of your life the greatest drive in your brain is purely for survival and reproduction. All the rest is an extension of these primal instincts and your grandfathers only way to get pussy was to find a nice girl to marry. These days be it due to the birth control pill, womens rights or whatever I only need to go to a bar on a Sat night or if I like something steady then swap girls every six months or so. Anyone getting married is kidding themselves that they have made the right choice in this sick, depraved short term reward based mentality society.

  11. “our elders assured me that when you get to the eighth decade of life and
    beyond, you will look back and rue both your own acts of dishonesty and
    those that were done to you. The legacy of dishonesty, I learned, has a
    long reach.”
    Great advice and article. I’m reading this book soon.
    But after reading this article, one realization came to mind. About the stark difference between us men and women. We men actually retain a conscience to feel regret, whereas women don’t. In reality, today’s women don’t have any regrets. They don’t have a conscience. They don’t believe in honesty. It’s total entitlement for them. They’d die in evil, because they don’t have a conscience.
    One of the greatest happiness I get is when I see such women recieve payback in their lives through fate – which rarely happens unfortunately. But most of the time, they don’t. Just proves more that life is unfair. It does not punish those who lived a life of dishonesty, and especially never women.
    Regret is a thing found in humans, not animals. Do women regret? More proof that women are not humans, but fucking amoral ‘creatures’ at most. A woman’s repentance is usually never motivated by sincere reasons, but again out of a dishonest way to save her face in society. If she sins, she gets away with it. If she chooses to repent or repents, she gets lauded again by society again as a model of moral conscience.
    I don’t believe in women anymore. They only represent sex for me today, useful for pump and dump for which I continue to use them. I don’t believe women have a conscience as we men do, no matter the woman you’re dealing with might be ‘cute’ or what not. When it comes to conscience, it’s only men who retain that. Use your conscience to live your life and dealing with your fellow brothers, but never listen to your conscience when dealing with women. They don’t deserve the gifts of a man’s conscience and morality.
    You can’t and shouldn’t deal with a creature without a conscience such as a woman, by having a conscience yourself. That’s bluepill nonsense, peddled by women to fool men into believing that women are angels. A hoe will always be a hoe. She’ll never repent, and will proudly continue on the slutwalk with her head held high till she descends in her grave. Women never repent – period. They’re fucking animals.

    1. It is perfectly fair for us men.
      The payback is called age.
      When you are past 40 (like me) and you meet your former class mates from 25 years ago, something interesting happens.
      The hot girls from 25 years ago are now basicly dead. They may still inhale air, have children or a career but deep within, they are dead already. They will dream (and talk) about the great days they had some 20 years ago.
      Its past and they cant get it back.
      While us men may suck at 20 something and have not much to go for us. We STILL have the same, if not more, to go for us when we are 40.
      If you are not a looser you will do fine much, much longer than women.
      You will see envy in their eyes. and lust. and greet.
      But you wouldnt want to touch any one of them under any condition – you are getting 20yo fresh pussy after all; and they know it.

    2. “Do women regret?”
      i think women do have a capacity to feel regret but it is almost exclusively in the context of 6-7 value women who during their prime rejecting 7-8 value men in hope of landing 9-10 value men and later in their mid 30s realized that they don’t even hold sway to 5-6 value men anymore.

  12. So, since I’m an old guy, around RoK, and I’ve been through the wars, let me drop some Knowledge for Living Life, in no particular order.
    1. Make YOUR OWN Mistakes, not someone else’s. If I look at where things haven’t gone the way I wanted them to, it’s b/c I relied on someone else’s shitty advice. Once I corrected that mistake, life got better. YMMV.
    2. Never Put That First Cigarette In Your Mouth, And You Will Never Have a Problem. My father, who was great at giving shitty advice, got that one right.
    3. Don’t Be A Dick For No Reason. When I go back to my dumpy little hometown, the first thing people I haven’t seen in 25 years say to me is “I bet you don’t remember me?!” and then I have to guess. Fortunately, most of them have jobs involving name tags, so it’s a bit easier than you might think. The second thing they say to me? “You were always so nice to me”. That doesn’t mean be a “nice guy” or a wimp, it means treating people fairly and with respect unless/until they demonstrate themselves unworthy, at which point, cut them out of your life. People who are dicks when there is no reason to be find themselves on the short side of the equation, mostly because they deserve it.
    4. Learn The Power of Saying “No”. If you don’t want to do something, don’t do it. There’s a difference b/w not “wanting to” and “not feeling like”. I may not feel like helping my best friend move, but I probably want to, b/c he’s my best friend. But if I don’t want to do something, I don’t do it. If someone whines about how I’m not a good friend or other bullshit, then I start to consider if I need them in my life.
    5. Keep Track of Who Your Friends Are. And also who is just your friend when they need something or it’s convenient for them. Loyalty is not a character flaw, and people generally remember who was still their friend when things got rough. If they don’t, fuck’em. Hold on to the cool people and shred the assholes, without mercy.
    6. When You Give Your Word, Keep It. Someday, you’re going to need the benefit of the doubt. In my life, I have always been able to go where I want and talk to whomever without raising suspicion. Why? Because a good reputation is a Mighty Shield.
    7. Tell the Truth and Bear the Consequences. You don’t have to remember two stories (what you told and what really happened) and it will also help your rep. Oh, yeah, and it’s also the right thing to do. Shouldn’t leave that one out.
    8. You Are Not Going To Learn The Important Shit In School. If you’re going to college (and I am going to assume you are someone who belongs there) in addition to your major (whatever it might be) learn some languages and take a psychology course or two. You might learn something and even if you don’t there are going to be more girls than guys in Psycho 101 and 102.
    9. Learn How To Handle Your Money. Personal Finance should be FUCKING REQUIRED in school and they don’t teach it, so we have MFers playing lotto (which is nothing more than a tax on people who are bad at math), and buying whole life. Dumb, dumb, dumb.
    10. Courage isn’t the absence of fear; it’s the ability to overcome fear to get done what needs to get done. Oh, and when I was a young man, I read that, “With the end of the fear of Death, begins the death of fear.” I didn’t understand that at 15, but I understand it now. You’re going to die someday. Get busy doing what you want to do b/w now and then.
    11. Learn a Trade. Even if you never use it for work, knowing shit about plumbing and electricity and similar things is going to be useful at some point. I shined a leather seat with my ass most of my career, and I’m great with a wine list, but I can also swing a hammer and use a chainsaw without cutting off major limbs. A man with a trade never goes hungry.
    12. Sometimes, you do everything you can right, and things go sideways, anyway. When that happens, you simply Have To Be A Stronger Man.
    À bientôt,

    1. thank you for sticking to the point instead of going off into another rant about worthless women.

    2. thinking about the past causes melancholy and about the future
      anxiety… the present moment is all that exists…. time is just a
      passing illusion…..
      with relationships one old couple told me :
      “we never both fell out of love at the same time”.
      translation… keep her in love with you and chasing you, so even in those moments you hate her she’s still around…. when she hates you, back off just enough but not too much….

  13. All basic and sound good advice Roosh.
    Avoid marriage, don’t worry – be happy, don’t smoke . . even though it may sound kind of readers digesty, some things you need reminded of. Simple things forgotten that traditional mom and dad would fill the quiet dead air with, nagging perhaps but was the hard wiring of our predecessors. Surprisingly I’ve found some hard core quality advice in the readers digest. It’s mixed in with other pulp that ‘golden girls’ might read, still there’s even red pill articles in it once in a while.
    Once a man has perfected his game to the best of his abilities, once his pill has become as red as his pigment allows, once he has ‘made it’ like the G.Q. entrepreneurs on the covers of the glossy business mags, then what’s next? Is there more? The big question – ‘To family or not to family?’.
    The perfect gamer is like a perfect fisherman. He throws back fish all day. He needs TO GRADUATE to the next level of school. With the fisherman the next level would be HOW TO COOK the fish like a master or HOW TO RUN a fine seafood eatery. Logical.
    For the PUSSY fisherman the next level would be HOW NOW TO CONTROL a good keeper pussy that he’s caught. How to take the games that cultures utilized in our history to keep the wylie woman creatures under PROPER control, mothering, servicing dicko daddyo, homecrafts, and making loyalty FUN for your wives, I’m sure there’s some wisdom somewhere on that. Where there’s WOOL there’s a way. The family and manly ness is under attack. The surviving manly men and patriarchal families will no doubt be VERY resilient and strong. I think there’s a lot we can all learn from the gaming greats AND from the successful surviving family men.
    Making monopoly game of pussy in the middle of a feminist PUSSY EMBARGO is quite a feat for any man. Now we need to know how to better build a bulletproof house and family in today’s environment. Me, I’m no holds barred. I’m open to consider ANYTHING. The patriarchal family must survive for our species to remain sovereign (not under the control of machines or power structures of dubious origin). I believe the polygamous family structure is in more ways than one, like a fortress in today’s environment.

  14. I sincerely apologize–I understand there is a strict no reply policy, but I am rather in need of answers.
    I am 16 (much to my own disdain), and I wonder what is considered a redeeming quality in a woman. If there are any at all.
    I’ve read quite a few ROK articles for quite some time, and it would seem that there is very little one can do to reverse the stigma of having two X chromosomes. Basic actions appear to grate the nerves–the sound of a woman’s voice is an annoyance. Is there a particular way one might act to reduce some of this?
    Again, forgive me if I’ve upset you, however any feedback is greatly appreciated.

    1. Although this site has many legitimate points regarding women, it is also a place for people with different ideas to blow off steam. A lot of criticism will be found here particularly in the comment section. As for redeeming qualities in women try reading Caterina Sforza The tigress of Forli. Those are the kind of qualities a woman should have.

    2. Be the hottest girl you possibly can be.
      Dress nice, use make-up, have long hair. Dont pursue a career.
      When you look at your target male -> the hotter you are the better you can get. So do not sell you under your value.
      And with “sell” i mean sex. Once a man has had sex with you, your value in his eyes just did a nose dive. Thats the idea behind marriage+vergin.
      You FORCE him to marry you before he gets the goodies. And dont fool yourself – sex will be THE most important thing in any relationship, even after 20 years. Its the #1 leverage you have. (good, hot looks leads to sex so the two are one and the same)
      Dont waste your few prime years ~16-25 with fun or “higher education”.
      These are the years when you can get a quality man, lock him down and have a kid or two.
      Please note: Quality and peniless student are exclusive. He should be a made man already, from a good family with a secure future AND be a damn hard asshole motherfucker on top of it.
      Such men (not boys!) are hard to find, even harder to lock down and that is exactly why you have to be so damn steaming hot looking as you possibly can be. Good luck!

      1. and then when he dumps you when you’re 40ish and have no education or career to fall back on, sue the hell out of him in divorce court for using you up. and let the complaints on blogs like this commence.

    3. If your grandmother was a housewife, ask her how she lived her life. If she is a hippy, a feminist, a career woman, well, forget that one.
      What nobody will tell you, but what you will hear here on ROK, is that there is only one path that leaves a woman satisfied with her life. Degrees, career, politics, “social justice,” any sort of activism, sports … all of that is a waste of time and energy. Worse, if you pursue those things, you will likely do so do during your prime years from 18-25, when you need to establish the foundation for a happy life.
      Once you turn 18, you see, your first priority is to find a man to devote your life to. Try to find him before you turn 26, because it’s all down hill from there. You are better off searching for a man that is 10 – 20 years older than you are. Once you find him, be open that you want to devote yourself to him and to creating a family for him.
      If he agrees to marry you, you are likely set for life. But keep your eye on the ball. Or, his balls, and your kid’s balls. Have a nice home, cook for your family, stay pretty and thin for your husband. Follow the old advice for keep a man: “Keep his balls empty and his stomach full.”
      When you are in your 70’s, you will be glad you found this site and followed its advice.

  15. The ’empowered’ woman is little more than a powerful animal. You could substitute the word ‘liberated’ or ‘educated’ in the same context. A woman achieves completeness in life once she gives of herself mind and body, her life essentially, over to her man. It’s funny the way it works out but the women’s selfless service to her man is roughly equal to the service or commitment that the man subsequently gives to HIS master or higher authority. (excluding some fat cigar smoking boss)
    Dreaming and thinking up new and better ways to serve her man and her master is one of the most rewarding and virtuous life activities that a woman can partake in. The better she serves her man, the better human she becomes, and the better she feels about herself in her life. It is truly the definition of ‘reciprocal’. Shower in it. Rejoice in it.

    1. Exactly. That was in fact, the very ethos of the neo-Confucian samurai feudal period of Japan. The man was expected to serve his feudal lord while his wife was expected to serve her husband loyally. That was why Tokugawa feudal Japan had more than 200 years of social stability till the arrival of the American warships. When women didn’t behave like feral beasts, supported their husbands and family, society will also prosper as a whole.

    1. Yes valid, marriage included – unless you insist on having a spoiled, degenerate, american princess as wife. In that case nothing can help you.

  16. “The ’empowered’ woman is little more than a life support system for a pussy. You could
    substitute the word ‘Cunt’ or ‘spoiled little bitch’ in the same context.”
    There KRAMW!!…I fixed it for ya!

  17. ” YOLO approach actually leads to more suffering instead of less. Many young people today, for example, may not care about not smoking or exercising because they don’t want to live long. ”
    And I’m guessing the young people you describe are young male hipsters that, despite being able to adapt to their life, probably have a sense of how they are hated as men under feminist rule. Seriously, why would any man want to grow old under these conditions? So smoke ’em if you got ’em and pray for an early death.

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