Sex And The City Is Full Of Red Pill Wisdom

Let me start by saying I’ve seen every episode of Sex and the City multiple times. I know the characters names, the men (and women) they’ve dated and what they do for work. While this may be odd to hear coming from an avid ROK reader and red-piller, keep in mind that many of us were betas and white knights before our awakening.

I grew up with only my mother and older sister in the house. After two years in the college dorms (the equivalent of attending a feminist reeducation camp) I rented a house with four women and soon thereafter moved in with my girlfriend. Up until recently I have, regrettably, only lived with women.

Throughout high school and most of college I was beta to the core; a typical fatass couch dweller who spent a solid six hours a day in front of the TV. Obviously this was no good and, fortunately, I realized this in my 20s. I’m 31 now and have turned my life around in many ways (ROK has been a tremendous help in this regard) but that’s another article for another time.

Recently I stopped by a friend’s place to have a drink before heading out to dinner. We were having a conversation about work when I noticed his girlfriend was in the living room watching Sex and the City. I peeked over to see which episode it was when something hit me: Sex and the City, the quintessential “You Go Grrl!” television show, is full of red pill truth.

Impossible you say! Surely there must be hundreds of examples from the show that disprove my thesis. Perhaps, but understand that, at its core, Sex and the City is about the relationship between its lead character Carrie and her on-again-off-again love interest since the first episode, a man simply referred to as Big.

The Alpha


Big is as alpha as they come: a successful, cocksure, good looking older man brimming with confidence. Big is a man who gets what he wants (granted he would be banging a steady stream of mid 20’s ass instead of a late 30’s hag, but humor me) and never loses his cool, even in the face of Carrie’s clear mental instability.

My favorite Big moment comes when he and Carrie are out at dinner. At some point in evening he lights up a cigar at the table, which visibly annoys Carrie (who responds by pouting silently instead of having an adult conversation). What follows is classic:

Waitress: Excuse me; you can’t smoke that in here.

Big: Really? You’re absolutely, positively sure about that? Because I checked the zoning on this particular table and I’m pretty sure this table is in a cigar-friendly zone.

Waitress: (clearly intimidated and aroused) Uh, I don’t mind, but it’s for the other patrons.

Big: You mean if those five patrons don’t mind, it’s okay with you?

Waitress: Sir, I’m going to have to—

Big: —Just one second. (Walking to a table of two beautiful women) Excuse me; this is my last day on earth. I’m being executed tomorrow morning. That’s my parole officer there. Would you mind terribly if I smoked this, ladies?

Ladies: (giggling) Not at all

Big: Thank you. (Walks over to next table) Excuse me, I’m sorry. Would it be okay if I smoked this? Please, let me preface this by saying: I’d like to buy everybody a round of drinks (they applaud him). (To the waitress) Apparently, the other patrons aren’t bothered at all.

Carrie: (Inner monologue: I didn’t have the guts to tell Big that he was actually kind of bothering me). They won’t tell you the truth. No one is going to say to your face they hate your cigar.

Big: Good.

Carrie: You are very arrogant.

Big: I thought that’s what you liked about me.

At this point a solid piece of ass walks by the table and Big takes a look, probably debating whether or not he should follow her to the bathroom. Carrie storms away and he calmly follows her outside:

Big: What?

Carrie: I hate that cigar.

Big: (Takes a puff, breaks it in half and throws it down, flashes a smirk) And you told me right to my face.

Now that we’ve established the Big character let’s talk about Aidan, Carrie’s steady boyfriend throughout most of season three and four.

The Nice Guy


Aidan is the guy that every girl supposedly dreams of meeting. He is constantly complimenting Carrie, buying her gifts and going the extra mile to prove his love (driving across the city to help her injured friend, making homemade furniture for her other friend’s wedding, etc.) He is the quintessential “nice, sweet” guy with a sense of humor that all girls pine for.

Aidan spends the first couple of weeks always being available and eager to get together. Carrie complains that she is feeling smothered so Aidan stops calling or stopping by unannounced. Carrie starts to miss him and asks why she never hears from him anymore, to which he replies he was being less available because that’s what she wanted. Carrie more or less responds by saying “Well this month I feel like seeing you so now you can be around more.”

Aidan decides that Carrie is the one so he takes it slow despite clear signals that she is ready to spread her legs at any time. Date after date he leaves her at the door with nothing but a kiss. Carrie is confused; I mean she’s been dating this guy for weeks! How has he not fucked her six ways ‘til Sunday by now?

But Aidan is a sensitive, sweet man so instead of bending her over the bathroom sink he’s lighting candles and drawing a bubble bath. The next episode sees Carrie spend the entire time complaining about how good Aidan is to her and how there is no drama in the relationship.

Carrie has had enough and decides to ride some alpha cock at a nearby hotel (I’ll give you one guess as to who she’s there with). That’s right, while the long awaited “nice” guy is redoing the floors of her apartment she is gagging on Big dong (in all fairness it should be noted that Big is cheating on his wife, a 26-year-old piece of ass he met in Paris). Carrie spends the next few episodes getting banged out by her married ex and projecting her guilt onto Aidan, who combats these wild mood swings by spouting gems like “You never let me hold you anymore” and “Why do you keep running away?” or there’s my personal favorite *pointing to her heart* “How do I get in there?”

We All Know How This Story Ends

Eventually the affair with Big ends (only after his wife catches Carrie is their condo) and she confesses to Aidan. He gets teary eyed and tells her to go to the wedding by herself. Of course he shows up outside the church an hour later lamenting how sad he is and how much he loved her. She tries to win him back but he refuses and the episode ends with an inner monologue ruing the fact that Aidan is gone but hey, at least her girlfriends still love her.

Fast forward to next season: Carrie begs Aidan to take her back and of course he does, soon after which he tells her that she can’t be friends with Big. She flat out refuses this request and he responds by buying her a new laptop. A few episodes later some drama ensues at a house in the country, culminating in a brawl between Aidan and Big that could more accurately described as a gay mud wrestling match, after which Aidan makes everyone breakfast.

The Verdict

A few episodes later Aidan proposes and Carrie accepts. He moves in and buys the apartment next door so they can tear it down and turn it into one big space where they’ll live happily ever after. Carrie responds by yelling at him about his stuff being in her way, complaining that he doesn’t go out enough and, finally, freaking out about getting married and dumping his ass. Her friends assure her she did the right thing and the series wraps up with her going back to Big.

There you have it: red pill truth, plain as day, at the heart of the girl power manifesto. When given the choice between the “asshole” and the “nice guy” Carrie made the decision they all do. Ask any girl who loves the show if she’d rather be with: Big or Aidan. More often than not she’ll answer the former (and any girl who answers the latter will change her mind after a two or three minute conversation on the subject).

Even when they get to write the script women cannot help but fall for the alpha.

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278 thoughts on “Sex And The City Is Full Of Red Pill Wisdom”

        1. Also, in these movies, the beta gets the girl, the big fat opposite to reality! These movies are just irksome.

        1. Slack was appropriately cut: no insults to character and truth spoken. Beta apologists and beta haters be dammed. They are important but I will not baby reality.

  1. Indeed.
    I wrote many posts that was inspired by this show.
    Trust me. (I’m a Cult leader) Watching this with Red Pill eyes is pure entertainment. You will cringe a couple times when you see the moves the guys that date these women pull.
    This show has unintended gems for days.

  2. What else is “Red Pill” about SATC?
    — helps young women wonder if they want to live like these four confused witches.
    — men who don’t work in the professional sphere get a bit of a handle on how hard-edged, bitter, brittle, and calculating career women often are. (The Mr. Big’s of the world already know all about it because the work alongside them… that’s why, in real life, they don’t marry them. Besides, these women have nothing to offer that high-value Alpha men want or need.)
    — helps men understand that a high-flying women expects her man to make all the adjustments, and fit in with what she’s doing. She won’t be giving any ground, and thinks he should be trotting along behind trying to keep up. Once he knows that, a Red Pill man is ready to act up front to sweep that entitled garbage off the table, and let her know it’s not going to be like that.
    — alerts men to the dangerous coven a woman can be part of. She gets her real support from the sisterhood, and they’re behind the curtain influencing all her choices. A Red Pill man detecting this crap in action knows a bitch like that is for pumping/dumping, if he wants to bother with her at all.
    — makes it clear men are an afterthought for these women, needed only because checking off the “boyfriend” and “husband” boxes makes the women more powerful socially and professionally. That’s a cuntry only Betas should visit.
    — shows how unsatisfying and shallow it is to chase external status markers. Red Pill men and women have found more important things to think about and spend their time on.
    — the perils of the feministed life-plan are front & center. That part isn’t fiction… here are some key phrases from Larissa Faw’s piece at Forbes. (Check out her Carriesque photo at the link.)
    • I never doubted that we would accomplish all of our life goals.
    • We were accepted into the right college, landed the dream job, and developed a network of amazing friends
    • Our apartments are beautifully decorated and we have closets full of stylish clothing
    • We don’t waste our time trying to cultivate a relationship unless someone is really amazing
    • We do have certain non-negotiable expectations for potential mates that include college degrees and white-collar jobs
    • Life has always gone according to our plans, so why wouldn’t we land a man with these (reasonable) requirements?
    • We’re busy dominating the world.
    • I do think all Millennials, not just women, are used to the idea of being able to ‘curate’ experiences
    • Everything, thus far, has pretty much gone according to our plans.
    Yet despite her brilliance, the *amazing* Faw is dumbfounded:
    “Again and again, year after year, my successful, gorgeous, and amazing friends remain kiss-less on New Year’s Eve. And on Valentine’s Day. And on the 4th of July. The only dateable men we encounter are either attached, gay, or otherwise involved in ‘it’s complicated’ situations… And we can’t figure out what is happening.”

    1. if red pill ever goes mainstream and these women figure out the lie they have been sold, the world will turn on a dime and over night women will be competing to be wives, mothers, sweethearts, homemakers etc. Universities will start offering courses in child raising and women will suddenly compete to be females and land the best man…. as they used to…..
      suddenly it won’t be ‘where did all the good men go’ it will be how do i get an MBA from Yale in homemaking so I can land the billionaire husband, because they won’t take a wife on who is not qualified…..

      1. And for some reason, I suspect that men, being left to do what men do, will catapult the lives of everyone through advancements in medicine, engineering, quantum physics…

        1. We would make up for the last 40 years of regression feminism has caused. Women shame men for being technologically intelligent with terms like nerd and geek. Men are rewarded for ignorance and shitty behavior so much right now that a man would have to want to be celibate to major in biomechanics or astrophysics, when in reality these majors should be filled to the brim with young men trying to advance our world. 10 years of patriarchy gets us farther than 100 with feminism.

      2. I seriously doubt this. Women are all about the here and now. That’s why they behave the way they do. They will have their cake and eat it until they can’t. If that means cats or loser husbands in their future they don’t care. The cake is warm, tasty and right in front of them, now.
        Men are simply way too thirsty for something like this to ever have an appreciable effect.

  3. It’s full of red pill if you can spot it, but when most of us first caught a glimpse of this tragedy of a show, 75% didn’t see shit. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw it was “Are these women sane, I mean they act like school girls most if the time and they’re old!”. I was only a teenager back then and immediately saw the same patterns of behavior in the girls around me!

  4. (I’m a woman so I’ve seen the movies)
    In the 2nd movie Carrie cheats on big with aidan and big finds out and buys her a wedding ring. What’s all that about?

    1. Females display an inherent desire for dramatic situations and display a “sling back” effect when their current man isn’t fulfilling said female’s need for emotional variance. A “sling back” is an attempt made to rekindle feelings in a man previously mated with in order to get him to commit once more to said trollop.

  5. Women are much more red pill than they are wiling to admit. It’s the men who are so painfully blue pill.

    1. Very good point. They know exactly where it’s at. They like to act like they don’t know – act all innocent and confused.

    2. Women are controlled by their instincts, which is what the red pill is all about. As men our consciousness gets in our way. Its great for building civilizations and advancing the human race, but it plays tricks on us in the mating game. Nature has no concern for morality and virtue and most men live by their values. Since women are free from things like guilt, remorse, and shame they are able to make decisions based on the bottom line, no matter how cold. In thhe above article, fucking some married guy while your boyfriend fixes your apartment is cold and heartless but her instincts run the show.
      Our high sex drive also blinds us to the truth; most guys see tits and lose all common sense.

  6. Sex and the City has got to be one of the most awful and disgusting shows of our lifetime. Everything about this show displays the worst characteristics of human behaviour and the narcissistic and jealousy traits of the modern day woman. Honest to God, I was close to smashing my television with my slipper, when I saw that this was airing.
    This show, along with “Friends” are two typical ass wipe shows which created the delusional bubble of thousands, if not, millions of Americans moving to New York and thinking they have “made it.”
    Yes, I’m going to be sitting all day in coffee shops, sipping on my lattes and then go shopping with my girlfriends in Manhattan, thinking the world is an oyster and New York is the place to be…
    And thats when reality kicks them in the teeth. Yep, enjoy your gentrification, hipsters, bankers and the rest of the slime and scumbags of New York, while you get your ass raped financially. You would think that after those two horrendous shows finished, that it would start to change. But nope- in comes HBO’s “Girls” and the “fun” starts all over again for a new generation of delusional jackasses thinking they know how reality works.
    Time has proven over and over again- human nature never changes.

    1. just occasionally in a movie or a TV show there is an interesting moment or gem of wisdom to be found….but it’s like sifting for diamonds on a beach….. you have to move so much dirt, it’s hardly worth the effort….. largely it’s just a placebo for being sociable… it makes you passive, angry and distracted….. much like porn, it tricks the brain into thinking it’s had an experience when all the time you were actually doing nothing….

      1. Neither has the intent of spurring you into having real-life experiences. The designers of the media want you to be in a perpetual state of delusion for which they have the remedy, not cure.
        If they helped you actually go out and enjoy the real things life has to offer, they would be out of a job, and there would be a lot of people angry at them once they realized they were having their heads messed with.

    2. While what you say is true, it is also a sad fact that sex and the city is as accurate as any show gets to real life.
      It’s not a fairytale. Women will be selfish and choose an asshole alpha over prince charming when given the chance. She will also complain about there being no good men in her life.
      One caveat. In real life Big keeps cheating on his wife with 20somethings and Carrie marries Aiden after Big knocks her up.

    3. S&TC and Girls are red pill as hell, if you know how to dissect them. S&TC for reasons stated above, Girls for showing us all just exactly how fucking horrible and worthless American millenial chicks are.

      1. I have watched maybe five minutes of this show and I came away with the same impression. The argument between Big and Carrie above, I have had a similar one and I was laughing as I read it.
        Not only that, it is a great example of some of the craziness of women. I have seen maybe one scene – this is where Carrie has met “Mr Right” but she changes her mind when he tells her he doesn’t much like New York. What?!
        Women are really like this. And this is why you can be left sometimes scratching your head trying to figure out what went wrong when everything seemed to be going perfectly.
        Another point the author makes well: There is no way Big would be seen dead with Carrie. I am about his age and I don’t date women over 30. Why would I? Stick a fork in them they’re done.

        1. Am Africa….we are not bum…we are actually wise.The strongest survive.Quit bullshit and stop attacking language as an expression.

    4. There is definitely worse shows man.
      But the nice thing about TV is that you don’t have to watch it.

    5. There’s a lot about NYC that is honestly beautiful, but you will never see any of that in the show. Because the things in NYC that make it beautiful, are in the people, but you will never saw any of those people in shows like that. The simple genuine decency. The charm, the friendship, the common sense of the average working human being.

    6. I think S&TC is an undevalued piece of NYC drama. The four main characters are brilliantly written: one impulsive alcoholic, one bitter slut, one totally anal neurotic, and one basic modern woman 100% clueless about men. The cruel drama does not allways show under the superficial layer of “sexy comedy”, but it is still there.

    7. SaC shows a feminine-imperative, idealized world where women indulge in all pleasures without regret and accountability, where they can fuck Alphas weekly, where they have nice guy Betas readily available -when they feel like it-, all up until middle age.
      And guess what: young, attractive professional women in large cities are living like that. It became true. However, there is always a day of reckoning. I have seen time after time, how someday they are 30-33 yrs, no savings, spent all in frivolities, credit card debt out of control, unpayable mortgages, still bored/repulsed by Betas, and fuck Alphas once every quarter instead of weekly. Then, around 35, panic mode enters and they marry a poor sap Beta. Divorce comes within 1-10 years, depending if she has kids, or how her beauty held up.
      The woman looses. The Beta looses. Civilization and culture get destroyed. Guess who is is the one who looses the least?
      You are right, the Alpha.

    8. Sex and the City didn’t turn women into self absorved cunts, baby boomers did. The series creators are simply giving them what they want.

  7. The show is only Red Pill as far as who women are attracted to. After all, the show was written for a female audience. Where the show loses touch with reality is with whom men are attracted to. That is, an old, unattractive, horse faced chick that supposed represents “every girl.” This isn’t new. It’s the same bullshit that Jane Austen pitched centuries ago in Pride and Prejudice, where some mediocre chick wins over the love of a filthy rich man (Mr. Darcy) with just her wit. Darcy would make about $20 million a year in today’s money.
    There’s a new movie coming out called Trainwreck about a cock carousel rider who is wooed by a famous doctor for professional athletes (co-stars LeBron James as himself). It’s all the same fucking story. A high status man chooses mediocre “everygirl” because she’s so fucking charming. Bullshit. High status men still prefer young, beautiful, fertile women; but I know I’m preaching to the choir here.

      1. Eventually your hope will be realized. I doubt it will be in time to prevent Trainwreck from being shown.

        1. Thank goodness there are fit girls on the spectrum between ‘she-wimps’ and ‘she-beasts’.

      1. I believe that is called a “beard”. I believe they have an adopted kid too. hugh is as gay as a french horn during mardi gras…

        1. dude enjoys singing showtunes waaaaaaay too much to be straight. and hes too tall to play wolverine(a wolverine is a tiny ferocious animal, and yes I am an x men comic fan).

        2. That’s disgraceful. Pierce looks pretty good for a man his age, but his wife looks like absolute shit.
          Poor bastard. He must resent mounting that tub of lard. I hope for his sake that he gets a bit of action on the side.

        3. I’m going to go ahead and assume he is seeing someone outside the bonds of holy matrimony.

        4. Dude that doesn’t count. He married her without a prenup when she still gave a fuck. That’s one helluva fall though…DAMN!!!

    1. That sounds stupid.
      Anytime I see a high profile man with a horse I think one of two things.
      1- dumbass.
      2- she must actually be a really good person. Good on him for looking past the vag factor.
      But 99% of the time he is an idiot. A real life Big would never even acknowledge Carrie

    2. I always thought that was why they made Sarah Bullock a star – an average girl, not too threatening to the average butterface.

      1. Yep, but Sandra Bullock has a great body and some charm.
        She was never the sexiest woman in town, but I’d take her over Sarah Jessica Parker and that hideous horse face.

      2. Sandra Bullock is another “every woman” star. She used to be better looking when she was younger, but she was always slightly too man jawed.

        1. I seem to remember that Pam Anderson was the bombshell at that time. Enter Sarah Bullock, designed to make the plain Jane feel better about herself.

    3. A lot of doctors are not that alpha. Just cause a guy makes a lot of cash doesn’t mean he has any sense.
      I have a friend who’s father has ridiculous amounts of money, comes across as alpha as fuck, you can practically feel the testosterone in the air. But he won’t date anyone under 32 out of principle (he’s near fifty), last “girl” he dated was a 45 year old grandmother.
      a man can be as successful as you like in every way you like, but if he chooses to limit himself…

      1. I agree, most doctors are not alpha. What they are is high status beta providers, they’re admired in the community, and they have the lots of money. That enough to bag a woman, especially one looking for something long term. Thus, that’s the fantasy the movie is selling to women, that she can whore herself out in her 20s, and when she’s FINALLY ready to settle down in her mid-to-late 30s still bag a great catch. Note how in the trailer LeBron James looks up to the doctor, while the doctor himself is laid back in the presence of the NBA star. This is to give him some alpha credibility while also having the provider ability of a well-paid job–the ultimate catch. My point is that the female protagonist has changed to reflect the slutty nature of modern women, but women themselves still want the same things they always wanted.

        1. Women chase doctors like minor celebrities, its all about earnings potential. What’s interesting is men don’t chase women the same way.

        2. What’s interesting is men don’t chase women the same way.

          Of course not, little g. Throughout history men never relied on women as providers, so we never evolved a preference for women who could give us resources. This boggles the ugly 40-year-old career woman’s mind. She wonders, “he must be intimidated by my job.” No, we’re not intimidated, we just don’t value our partner’s monetary potential the same way she does. Throughout all of human history, women have relied on men for their needs, thus some hard wiring (instincts) eventually evolved. Women have greater nutritional requirements than men, and a wealthy man could feed potentially many more of her offspring. Men are most attracted to signs of health and fertility in women, which we mentally interpret as “beauty.”

        3. Absolutely. We are not ‘intimidated’, especially since most women who earn a lot of money are ugly anyway unless they are connected to the beauty and entertainment industry. If they aren’t ugly, they work too hard and long for us to give a shit really.

        4. Your right! It’s like how I hate it every time a female friend of mine tries to hook me up with one of her ‘girlfriends’. They always lead off about how she is such a good catch because “She got this degree, or… She has a job working here”. All the while, I’m thinking to myself I Don’t Give A Fu*k!

        5. There was a case in my jurisdiction where a woman tried to claim rape by fraud (which is being proposed as a law in New Jersey, maybe already a law). It seems this guy would hang out at a bar across the street from the county medical center, and dress in scrubs with a lab coat and a stethoscope in the pocket. Of course a gold digger dragged him to bed. Later she found out he was not a doctor and tried to charge him with rape. The DA indicted and took it to trial (thank you no drop rules on sexual assaults). When the facts of the case were presented to the judge he said there was no law against wearing scrubs or carrying a stethoscope, and dismissed the charges.

    4. Eh, they’re just pandering to their audience. Women are the primary consumers of this type of media. They project their desires onto the characters.

      1. Oh I know. Mediocre woman bags high status man means the show is for chicks. Ugly, dorky guy bags beautiful woman means it’s for beta males. Everyone knows the alphas get the hotties. No need to create a movie about that. No fantasy needs to be sold.

    5. Jane Austen was ugly, so it’s understandable why she wrote nonsense like Pride and Prejudice.
      She isn’t a very good author either. Compared to the great male authors she is nothing.

      1. I have read that those who have looked at the original manuscrpts that she submitted have the opinion that the bulk of the writing was done by her editor. She had the idea but was such a poor writer she could not communicate the ideas effectively.

  8. I saw an episode once and it took a week to grow my balls back. It was convenient not having to shave though.
    OK just kidding (that only happens when you watch The View)
    Still it’s a rotten show and I saw maybe 10 minutes of an episode. Can it be said that a TV show can do damage to a society? I think so. Friends and Sex in the City are two shows that did a heap of damage. There were others.
    Fact is they use the term “programming” for a reason, when referring to the schedule. Programs, programming… these terms don’t exist out of accident.
    Add to this the 50 Hz refresh rate was hypnotic (to some extent – I’m talking about older CRT screens).
    Television was weaponized plain and simple and that show was one of the salvos. It did a lot of damage and I see a lot of women from their late 20s and into their 40s living “the lifestyle” – right up to the fatocalypse anyway (then it’s ice cream and Prozac punctuated by bitterness towards men until the cancer comes)

    1. Where did you get the “50 Hz is hypnotic” from – I could not find a source that doesn’t lool like the authors also recommends tinfoil hats. All other points are imho solid.

      1. The “50 Hz” refresh rate (how fast* each ‘picture’ is electronically ‘painted’ on the TV’s CRT/’picture tube’ display screen) is actually 60 Hz in the US.
        * as in ‘how many times per second’.

  9. Is not the MOST IMPORTANT thing something it does NOT contain: Big’s decision to marry her in the end was not at all Red Pill. IrL Big would not marry her, but instead move on to a younger her as of the series’ beginning (never seen it, just assuming). It’s just feeding girls’ “have the cake and eat it too”-dreams.
    If considered an educational movie for blue-pillers, it’s certainly valueable.

    1. Well, I agree with you. It was obvious that Big had a Type. He was into brunettes: his first wife was one, and then his number two was as well. In the early stages of his relationship with Carrie he was seen on a date with a brunette girl. The way I see it, Carrie forced this relationship to happen. She whipped this dead horse (their dead relationship) and somehow kept it alive. It was against the odds. According to my experience, most strong willed men don’t act like Big did – they would not let themselves be “forced” into a relationship. Big was into conservative dressers, socialite-brunettes, and there he was with this fierce blonde. 🙂 In fact I always felt that (physically) it was Charlotte who was closer to Big’s type than Carrie. Big’s wife number 3 would certainly have been a tall, preppy style brunette.

        1. It’s called rationalisation. All women — and especially the female trolls who hang out here — do it.

        2. he just cared about pussy, whether it is brunette or purple is irrelevant you stupid yeast infection.

        3. and he’s not trading down on the pussy either.
          He’s not dropping hot 20 something years olds for an aging woman (with her career)…it ain’t happening.
          The guy on his way up…the girl on her way down. That career…dragging her all the way down.

      1. – In fact I always felt that (physically) it was Charlotte who was closer to Big’s type than Carrie. –
        I always felt that I’m much more suited to the role of James Bond than Craig or even Connery. Too bad other people don’t share my precious feewings.

    2. Ursula Andress, Linda Evans and Bo Derek, all versions of the same woman, except for age.
      John Derek was a Big man.

    3. Educational film for betas on what not to do: Blue Valentine.
      This movie should be considered “educational” and every young boy should have to watch it in school.

  10. Yes, there might be SOME truth in what you say. But the most striking reality is SATC unleashed millions of neurotic shoe obsessed mid 30’s career gals who will end up dying alone with their cats.. yet women can’t see the tragedy in all of this!

      1. Well, shouldn’t this just make you very happy? Atleast they are not clingy..? They love their cats, they are not bothering you. If their life is “miserable” (you may think so, but these women do not), so let it be. None of your business.

        1. Whatever NaturesChild, if a woman is old, alone with her cats, never had a family, there is no love in her heart and she is a failure as a human being

        2. It is possible to love cats and reruns of SATC more than kids or men. I am living proof and I would not classify my life as “failure as a human being.”

    1. Sex and the City delivers the high powered feminist bullshit (imperative) while delivering the usual Disney ending.
      We all know (in reality) what that ending is starting to look like but you’ll never convince women of it. They’ll continued to be brainwashed by TV shows and movies pitching just the opposite “be strong and independent…but live happily ever after with a man”.

  11. I saw an episode once where some old slut got titty cancer but her early-20s boyfriend still wanted to fuck her.

      1. probably not until he heard about the cancer but then he probably figured that he’d better try it before she gets angelina-ed.

        1. why is breast cancer more serious than a campus rape story in the mainstream media?
          because usually a cancer victim is not making it up

        2. Of course it’s ok to joke about cancer. ALL humor is based on pain and suffering. Laughter is a coping mechanism. It is caused by the difference between the way you think things should be and the way they are. This includes a man slipping on a banana peel. Normally a man does not slip and fall, so when he does, it provokes laughter. Simple psycho-biology.
          Also, quoting Rick Reynolds, there are two types of people in this world. Assholes and Jerks. People who laugh at cancer jokes are assholes. People who don’t are jerks.
          Men are assholes. Woman are jerks.

        3. At least daddy Obama didn’t cut all funding for it, just like he did with prostate cancer.

        4. Yes it is you stupid cunt. That’s the whole idea of humour. Welcome to the world of men. We joke about everything – getting our dicks cut off, getting ass raped in prison, some of the sickest shit you can imagine.
          But at the end of the day, we know it’s just that – humour.
          Here’s a piece of advice snowflake – if you don’t like how men behave in an environment where we’re free to be men, away from the meddling influence of women (sites like this), then stay the fuck away.
          And don’t come back.

        5. You can get breast cancer if you want, we promise we shan’t shed a tear nor shall we joke about it.

        6. If women think they can joke about chopping men’s penises off, I see no reason not to have a crack about the prospect of your old headlights flickering and going out a bit early. Ain’t equality grand?

  12. “Fast forward to next season: Carrie begs Aidan to take her back and of course he does, soon after which he tells her that she can’t be friends with Big. She flat out refuses this request and he responds by buying her a new laptop.”
    I want to go hit my head against the wall. How can anybody put that into a story and not feel they deserve to be tortured for an entire weekend?
    What’s bothersome about this is, that’s EXACTLY the shit I have seen happen in the real world. Ex-fucking-zactly and I’ve even done it myself and it’s pathetic then, and pathetic now but it happens because of PROGRAMMING like this.

    1. Programming. Or maybe an innate feeling of wanting to “keep” or “lure” the females with goods and services.
      Centuries back, men did that just by being men, stong and useful. Nowadays we gotta fight harder to keep spoiled brats who do not need our strength and mental capabilities, because HR careers et al.
      Provisioning for females is strongly imprinted on our core.
      It’s pathetic when men today (not just you, we’ve all done it at some point) try to buy women’s affections and fidelity with gizmos. These wenches today do not need you as a man at all, no matter what you do for them. Other than just fleeting temporary tingles, at the right place, at the right time.

  13. I admit I watched the first “Sex in the City” movie. Quite boring. They should make a sequel in about 30 years, where all the girls are old, alone and miserable, because they thought it was a better idea to buy shoes than making children, but then they see how the bullshit feminist lifestyle was a huge mistake.

    1. The “girls” are already old, their wombs barren. In 30 years, they’d be pushing 80.

      1. That’s the point. At 80, their lives will be miserable. No family, no children, complete isolation. This is what the feminist lifestyle leads to.

        1. Ok but a 50 year old man can still be highly desirable, whereas a 50 year old woman is not desirable at all

        2. .. according to you. One lady I know, she is 52 (a widow) has just started to date 59 yo guy. I guess her life is not over.. and this guy is not chasing 20+ girls either..

        3. but we won’t spend 1/2 our lives in misery like the 80 year old “career” woman will.

        4. “he’s got no other options, a beta toolbag, or in a wheelchair.”
          There are men here in their 50’s. Do not disparage us. We have been you and know for certain, you have no fucking clue.

        5. I am 41 and I was not disparaging anyone in their 50s. I am putting down the beta male, who happens to be in his 50s who marries or dates a 52 year old widow. I would likewise put down a beta male in his 40s who marries a single mom or whatever in her 40s as well.

        6. if that makes you “happy”, go for it. Most of us on this site, I am pretty sure, want someone 20-30 years old to either fuck or marry and if we don’t get that then we will be happy with a P4P relationship.
          There are also guys “happily” married to single moms or tatted up hairdressers with a lot of debt. I am sure they will be glad to tell me they are happily married to a fine woman as well.

        7. What kind of point are you exactly trying to make here? I didn’t say all 50+ year old men are desirable….I said they CAN be desirable. This 59 year old more than likely can not do any better than getting a 52 year old, or he doesn’t believe in himself that he can do any better, either way he can’t do better.
          An old man that is redpill and knows he’s capable of pulling younger women will definitely prefer to be with younger women.
          Just because you know one old lady that was able to find some old guy doesn’t mean shit.

        8. just like there are guys who date single moms with kids from multiple daddies..hence the term beta male white knight …

        9. NaturesChild is a female, so there’s no need to reply back to her. You’ll just go back and forth with someone that can’t think logically.

        10. Did not see the limitation to beta males. You condemned all men in their 50’s . Maybe you can show me otherwise.
          IMHO this site does not disparage men unknowingly wallowing in the blue pill. From what I see of the manosphere, we try to convert as many blue pills as humanly possible. Those willfully blue pill are another question.
          “I am 41 and I was not disparaging anyone in their 50s.”
          Yes you are. Beta males. As a man, it is presumed that your words mean what they say. You contradicted yourself. Help beta men, first. Give up second.
          Help you beta brother, if only in small ways. Otherwise, I suggest you lose the picture. It doesn’t help your credibility.

        11. I had a friend who was around 40 and his dad was 96.
          If the old gun still shoots, it’s all a man needs if he wants progeny.

        12. I’m sure that 59 YO guy can still get 20+ girls if only he so choose to chase them. You go girl err I mean dude!

        13. Speaking of die, just a friendly tip from me, if you don’t wanna die alone then it’d be wise if you drove your car off the cliff when your husband and children are on board as well.

        14. you take this too personally. I do not care about getting into a pissing match on the internet. I once dated a single mom for 6 months. A friend of mine called me a loser for taking a single mom seriously. I am glad he told me that or else I would have settled.
          Buying a hooker every month is a far better option than marrying an old hag, or widow, or train wreck. Take that comment however you like.

        15. It’s nice, you want 20-30 yo woman to marry or to have sex with. Good for you. Now, what makes you think they want you? Ok maybe for sex – if you are in shape, but to marry…?? Ok that might happen – if you do not insist pre-nup, and IF you have a truckload of money. But man, you really need to have.. a truckload of it.. nothing less will do. Point is: marry rich older guy, get rid of him, run away with the money, find the love of your life (not old guy) live happily ever after.

        16. they ALL do not want me, and I never said they do, but a few do want me. The few is what I want to fuck. It happens occasionally. The 35+ year olds are much easier as they have or are about to “hit the wall” . I take those easy dumb sluts in between the young 20 year olds that are harder to game. that simple, so STFU.
          “Point is: marry rich older guy, get rid of him, run away with the money, find the love of your life (not old guy) live happily ever after.” – that never happens neither the so-called love of your life, nor happiness as most of you are and end up a mess with losers or betas.

        17. “marry rich older guy, get rid of him, run away with the money, find the love of your life (not old guy) live happily ever after.”
          LOL. With the divorce rate at 50% in America I can literally flip a coin as to whether or not you’re going to fail hilariously at that plan. Even more hilariously given women pull the pin 75% of the time. Not a terribly smart or reliable plan.

        18. Hugh Hefner is that old and look at what he’s banging.
          No old women can pay a young guy to sleep with them but older guys with money can always bang 20 year olds.
          Men age like wine.
          Women age like milk.

        19. I would be careful in how much you go out of your way to stick your neck out for a beta in regards to the red pill. You might look up and find your throat slit… When a man becomes thirsty, he’ll let you know when he is ready for a drink.

        20. You would rather remain single.Best option.Why labour for an infertile woman.I would suggest you raise your kids instead.African advice is best.

        21. Its stupid to marry old single moms….even in desperation a man shouldn’t do it….even with little confidence its all wrong.Take a young fertile girl she ought to bear you more offspring.At least you can rear you own SPERM.

        22. Make no mistake though, they’re not fucking Hef because his old ass is making their panties drip. Mind you, I’d be doing the same thing at his age if I could.
          Money and status are the great equalizers.

        23. Doesn’t matter.
          Hef is an old man.
          He’s getting what he wants.
          The women are getting what they want.
          It’s always been a transaction of resources for sex.
          All women are prostitutes.
          I’d do the same thing as his age too!

    2. Yeah, Sex and the City is bullshit. A high profile man at the height of his SMV leaves a young, fertile, hot ass wife for a post wall Carrie.
      Nope…it ain’t happening.
      But if you watch all of these shows or movies (even the previews) they are all the same. It’s all “Disney” in the end….bullshit.

      1. Yeah, how often does that happen in real life? Could you see Bruce Willis or Alec Baldwin leaving their hot young wives for an ‘age appropriate’ woman?
        Shit, Bruce Willis’ wife is even hotter than Demi Moore was in her prime:
        ^^Maybe he will drop her for Demi?

        1. Agree…they’re selling but I’m not buying. In no way does Bruce Willis drop his younger woman to get back with Demi Moore (not in reality).

  14. Sex and the city was the worst. Nearly every woman who idolized that show is today some sort of divorced cat lady spinster.
    Mr Big was inspired by Donald Trump. Do you imagine that Donld Trump is running around chasing after horse faced forty something’s & putting up with all sort of bullshit girl drama?
    Never mind that the whole message of the show was: getting married in New York is pointless so don’t even try and go slut around.

      1. But Ron Galotti is no where near Mr. Big in the attractiveness department so mayhaps Ms. Bushnell was not being truthful with regard to the source of her inspiration?

  15. Sex and the City …We are talking about Sex and the City on ROK …Just let that sink in for a minute…

      1. Little maggots all feasting on the same corpse are not a conspiracy. They are simply behaving according to their nature.

    1. Frankly, I don’t see why not. The way you formulate it makes it sound like we are acting like gossipy little girls giggling about what goes on in the show.
      It’s a relevant topic since it’s one of the most popular TV shows of our age, and thus shows how the wider culture is glorifying and normalizing the kind of female sexual behavior that makes most modern Western women unworthy of commitment.

      1. The article is not talking about the stupidity of Sex and the City, It is says right in the Title their is some Red Pill wisdom in the show. ROK is a site for Men, it is a topic that seems out of place IMO.

        1. The Red Pill is the understanding of the fundamental sexual nature of women. Sex and the City portrays it accurately in all its hypergamous, badboy-chasing, nice-guy-rejecting inglory. That’s the point the article made, even if “red pill wisdom” might not be the right thing to call it.
          It’s a relevant topic for a site like this, for the simple reason that its immense popularity is an indicator of the state of the culture that spawned it, and of the sexual attitudes of its women. Whereas Carrie is a fictional character, legions of wannabe Carries are very real, and so is the danger of ending up like Aidan.

  16. All I remember about the show was that Carrie could have bought a house with the money she spent on shoes.

  17. I am proud to say I have never seen the show. I heard it being reviewed on the radio once and the clip they played made me sick. Don’t care how much “red pill wisdom” it has. It only takes a drop of poison to contaminate a well.

  18. Sex an the city sounds like a a discracefull show, I’ve never watched an episode an never intend too. Sure there will be some red pill wisdom because red pill wisdom is unavoidable due to the fact it’s based in reality. But overall it’s still a show about carousel ridding career whores an it sends the wrong message to women.

    1. yeah, it’s all about the carousel riding.. but what do you mean “it sends the wrong msg to women”? It’s what they do, so it’s RP all the way..

      1. and the white knights who try to save them. Pretty much the same stupidity found in our daily lives these days.

      2. From what I gather it’s a show about a bunch of masculine sluts who put off settling down to ride random cock, bassicaly everything I’d want my daughter not to be if I had one. If it was a show that showed the negative aspects of that lifestyle as a sort of warning then yes it’s red pill, but it seems to be a you go girl type show that encourages that type of behavier an has them all having a Disney ending. I may be wrong as I don’t watch it but that’s what it seems like. Nothing wrong with a show that shows modern women’s true nature but it ain’t red pill unless it shows how that sort of lifestyle leaves women broken an takes society with them.

    2. It is the show that many women have molded their lives around with other new shows picking up where they left off (I’m guessing the show Girls on HBO is the next generation of fuck ups).
      All these shows and movies have some red pill to them but they all have that fucking Disney ending.
      It’s only when you see a movie closer to reality (like Blue Valentine) is when you see the truth in relationships (and how things really work in the world).

      1. I’ve lost count of how many old spinsters with nothing but their cats or little feminized dogs to keep them company coz they followed the sex and the city lifestyle I’ve met.

        1. We’re really starting to see the “cause and effect” of that philosophy. I believe that show ran from the late 90s to early or mid 00’s?
          At this point, all of the women who followed that “plan” are finding out the hard way….it’s only a show (stop following that bullshit). Women were sold this nonsense and now many are very unhappy that the plan didn’t work out.
          If they did hook up (finally) marrying a beta, then they are hating life (thus the reason for the increase in anti-depressants in women).

        2. Yep exactly sad thing is the media an most entertainment still support that kind of lifestyle even though it isn’t making women happy. Realizing I wasn’t happy with my life an doing what society told me to do was what lead me to the red pill I wonder how many women will wake up?

        3. What do you mean by “feminized” dogs? Tiny breeds? I happen to have two of them, and my husband loves them very much.. They are girls, but by no means are they “feminized”, they are 100% dogs.

        4. I’ve seen old spinsters walking g dogs In prams dressing them up in baby clothes an other nonsence, every single woman who I’ve seen wih a small pet dog spoils them rotten an doesn’t allow them to be an actual animal.

  19. maybe Sex and the City has red pill truth…i dunno…but ya gotta sit through and watch the crap to find it.

  20. The problem with this article is that your woman will emulate this show and thus you find yourself always running into her ex at social functions. What the author finds humorous becomes a nuisance in your actual dating life.

  21. Samantha the Happy Cougar? Most “cougars” I run into are raging alcoholics with amplified emotional & anger issues.

    1. Would bang Samantha…
      …if I had a time machine and could go back to, oh, 1982 or so.

        1. …buuuuut then if I had a time machine and could go back to 1982 I’d have the opportunity to bang Kelly LeBrock in her prime too. Guess Samantha loses out there too.

        2. Weird Science!
          Anthony Michael was a comedic genius. best dork/spazoid actor from the 80s.

  22. 1) SJP the main chick looks like a horse and has a stringy gross body. No dude would want to fuck her with the lights on.
    2) Samantha the 50 plus year old slut apparently got this male underwear model into a committed relationship with her but SHE turned HIM down and he was heartbroken about it
    Nuff said on the ‘wisdom’ of this show.

    1. last time I got mad when a “Cougar” cut off access to her pussy ……………………………………………………………hmmm…..yup….. never…

    2. Delusional as well as laughable.
      A woman post wall (40+) gets a younger guy (and an underwear model to boot) yet the hamster spins (she turns him down).
      That ain’t happening anywhere in the real world, people.
      It’s more to feed the hamster and make a statement that the woman is “strong and independent”. I call bullshit.

    3. Well, other than Matthew Broderick, Robert Downey Jr., and JFK Jr.
      But I am sure you have more to bring to the table then those three men, and can afford to be more choosy.

  23. Show was very well written. Bad acting ugly women (except Charlotte), bad morality—but well written.
    Most movies and TV shows that are aimed at women and involve romance are red pill. The Lifetime/Hallmark ones are generally the exception, they tend to be about nice guys—-except now its usually “girl chooses nice guy after riding cock carousel” rather than the older “girl chooses nice guy instead of assholes and cock carousels”—seriously, compare 1990s made-for-tv-chick-flicks with the modern crop. Chaste women were still in then.
    But most everything else nowadays are pretty much spot on with the female hypergamy. Except that, like Mr. Big, it’s totally unbelievable that Alpha Asshole will remain faithful to whatever plain jane old hag is pining to tame him.

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  25. Sex and the City for USA is kinda like Marxist Socialism to Russian Empire.
    Fun to study the ruins and examine the tactics for future reference.

    1. Uh, the Russian Empire was hardly ruined by “Marxist Socialism”. At the end, the Russian Empire was the poor, backward ass-end of Europe, and only managed to remain a relevant great power in international politics due to its massive size. In terms of relative power, the Soviet Union at its high point was way beyond what any other Russian state has ever been. “Marxist Socialism” didn’t ruin anything really in Russia because there was hardly anything to ruin in the first place.

      1. Russia in the early 20s had the life expectancy of 32 years and the illiteracy of 70%. It is obvious people are gonna rise and rebel in such a place.

  26. It’s very amusing to look over who the writers of the show were. It doesn’t really matter what Candace Bushnell wrote in her book; the TV series was loosely based on it at best. The writer or creator attached to the show largely determine what goes on the screen.
    Because SATC — especially in the first and second seasons which define the show — is mostly written and directed by men. Darren Star, who created the show, is openly gay. Michael Patrick King, who stayed throughout the show’s run and wrote and directed more than half its 94 episodes (as well as co-writing and directing both the films) is also openly gay. Women didn’t start to get into writing or directing the show in a big way until Season Four, which funnily enough is the season where Carrie dumps the beta boy and goes back chasing Big again. For the most part, when it comes to SATC, a generation of women were told what to think, what to like, and what to value in Western society by two homosexual men.

    1. and Star is a member of that Tribe with a lot of representatives in the TV / mind control biz. Fancy that…

      1. I have to admit, on this one I vacillate between the idea that they hated women and wanted to fuck them up mentally by force of the show, or whether because of a lack of craving for cunt they actually have a clearer sense of how women really are and behave. Sex With The City is not a paean to the modern woman, that much is certain.

        1. I think they were just drawing from the bullshit that they experienced from their day to day lives being surrounded by women.

  27. I never quite knew if SATC was actually advocating this bullshit lifestyle amongst women in their 30’s or is the show just a pure parody/over-exaggeration ?

    1. It’s not an over-exaggeration at all. This is exactly how western women are. They truly want that lifestyle.

  28. “Up next on ROK: Red Pill Tips on Keeping your Shower curtains mold-free”
    The “Red Pill” meme has been overused to the point it’s meaningless. Stop calling all advice and anything remotely useful “red pill.”

    1. This.
      In particular, the way the Manosphere has become an incubator and cross-breeder of crazy extreme political right-wing ideas, and likes to label the conclusions it arrives as “red pill”, threatens to ruin everything the Manosphere has accomplished so far. The more redundant extra baggage is strapped on to the Red Pill, the less likely is it to find further fertile soil to grow in.

  29. I hardly watch tv, so I am curious, how exactly do these 4 single women in manhattan afford to sit around and drink lattes all day when they have no husband or long term boyfriend paying for it. Even if they had real jobs, where would they get time to sip lattes all day? Are they suppose to be trust fund babies?

  30. I have no idea why this show, which I have never seen and will never watch, is being covered by this website. None.

    1. In fact this ROK article was a very interesting one. I liked it. Atleast some men are not afraid of SATC… Most men feel threatened by it, God knows why..

      1. – Most men feel threatened by it, God knows why –
        God knows why you could get the idea that men feel threatened by some chickflick.

        1. Rationalisation by a female troll again. She fears men so much she’ll look for anything to convince herself they’re afraid of something, no matter how thin and baseless the conclusion.

        2. We’re either supposed to be scared, threatened or intimidated by women who are “empowered” by lying on their backs.

  31. Sex And The City in itself is what it is. It is the viewer who decides how to understand it.
    To entitled cunts it is a bible.
    To the red piller it’s an abomination.

  32. Aiden sounds like a boy. A very sweet nice boy, who wants to please mommy and has dreams of riding on his great white horse to fuck over every dastardly ne’er do well who speaks rudely to a lady.

  33. I remember one comedian describing Sarah Jessica Parker as having “a face like a foot”. I could never understand how she was such a “style icon”.

    1. Wasn’t it Peter Griffin in Family Guy who said that about Sarah Jessica Parker having a face like a foot?
      Maybe the writers got it from somewhere else and re-used it. I just remember it made me laugh.

  34. im reaching my 23rd year of life, and down here in australia, its pretty obvious what hypergamy is. women down here are like american girls, but less feminine, and swear like sailors, dress like prostitutes (even the teen girls) have ugly as sin tattoos, peircings, smoke, drink alot and are just foul to be around with in general. this fucking endless party women seem to go on from the age of 13 to 30 is rediculous. their lives are hedonistic and completely without foresight of the future, though sometimes they might hear their biological clock ticking away but they quickly forget it through talking to their girlfriends and media indoctrination. Honestly ive seen the end result of this and the girls look like shit at the end of it, plus they usually are dragging behind them, the bastard spawn of some thug or degenerate who displayed alpha traits. women here seem to be like casting agents, they look for the guys with the typical personalities you see out of a high school or college movie (the jock, the badboy, the band member, etc) be well rounded, or average, raised by my loving parents that kept me away from drugs and other degenerate behaviours, and women will just ignore you alltogether. your fucking invisible to these cunts.
    Australian men have to either do these things, become some roid abusing gym junkies, who the ones i know actually have narcissistic personalites just like women, get in a band (my father met my mother doing this, i doubt she would have even talked to him if he was average joe then) be one of those annoying peirced/tatted hipster cunts, or accept a life of sexual scavenging or involuntary celibacy (i know a fair few men like that, they hardly even leave their homes anymore). i see beta men in short to long term relationships with single mothers who are land whales and im repulsed by the length some men go to, to satisfy their thirst. or wait until the vast majority of women hit their 30s, after being used and discarded by 20 plus alpha cocks, with bastard kids that they want you to look after (fuck that)
    im reaching 23, and im getting more and more pessimistic with regards to women, i tried to be a decent well rounded person in society, work hard, discipline myself with regards to diet and alcohol ( i hardly drink) and have run game from time to time by asking for numbers, and it works sometimes, usually 1 in 10 takes a fleeting interest before they go chase another new guy. women to me, have no morality at all, completely immoral in their actions, and their treatment of 80% of men.

    1. I first visited Australia in 1995 when I was in the Marines. In short, I met my wife there, relocated to Sydney around 10 years ago, and am currently in the midst of raising a family in the suburbs of Sydney. I always take note when reading a Australian’s opinion on a blog or a forum. I am quite a bit older than you (nearly 38). However I found myself nodding in agreement when I was skimming through your post.
      Your assessment of Australian women is more or less spot on. I was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago. I have travelled extensively, and have had numerous dealings and interactions with women in many diverse parts of the world. From Morocco to Scandinavia, from Japan to the Dominican Republic. I have witnessed alot of shit as it pertains to women. I don’t say that to try and come off as a “Mr know it all”. But after travelling around and witnessing various things I think I have a fairly clear understanding of certain affairs.
      Australia really is a unique nation in many ways. First and foremost, it is very very safe. I can take my family to pretty much any area (at any time of day or night) and the chances of us being harmed are very slim. This is not the case in most other nations. In Chicago for instance, there are areas that turn into fucking killing fields in the wee hours of Friday and Saturday nights. Don’t get me wrong, the fact that Sydney is as safe as it is is a good thing. However I think it breeds certain delusions among the people here. Particularly the females. Much of the young adult female population out here seem to think that they are living in a sitcom, or a music video.
      Australia is a full blown feminist state. That is not open to debate. It is simply fact. Much of society here is geared towards the advancement and comfort of women. Women are rarely held accountable for their poor decisions, and males are regularly smeared or shamed as a means to alleviate any and all female short comings. In contrast, Australian dudes are some of the most sincere, loyal, fun loving, salt of the earth type people you will ever meet. The men tend to sacrifice a great deal to keep the females comfortable and happy.
      Knowing what we know about women. This supplication tends to have some hardcore negative effects. Women out here seem to think they are entitled to go to the club, suck cock in the back of the parking lot outside the local dance club, and then have the guy next door (the same guy who they would not piss on if they saw him in a night club) help them repair their car on the weekend. In truth, most Australian women are little more than spoiled punks. Spoiled punks who are given a license to live out their fantasies, in a society that will cover their mistakes, and excuse even the shittiest of behaviour. Most Australian women do not deserve the men that they have. On a positive note, I see a change in the attitudes of many young men. I still work out and stay active. As a result, I regularly speak with guys who are in their early twenties. We talk about lifting, sports, and WOMEN. I can sense a change in the air. I think alot of young men are starting to wake up to the rawness of female nature.

      1. its fucked, you either have to bust your balls to reach the top 10% of guys in the social sphere to get access to even mediocre pussy or live a life as a chaste eunuch. i personally dont see the point of getting the attention of these spoilt cunts that are australian women.

        1. You gotta try overseas travel, mate. Not sure what type of girls you’re interested in… but 1 good thing is us Australian-born males have a good reputation overseas in most countries.

      2. Absolutely. Australian women think that men are always going to be waiting for them in the wings when they are ready; and sadly they are right about that, yet they bring nothing to the table.
        In many respects they are even worse than American women because at least American women who are exceptions are pretty good company. Australian women are rarely ever fun to be around.

        1. One thing about young Aussie women is they falsely believe they are ‘free spirits’ and ‘independent’ when in actual fact they are boring, conformist, could never get by without men, and bring nothing of substance to the table. Sure, they’ll suck footy player or drug dealer cock faster than you can click your fingers, but that doesn’t give them any value

      3. Much of the young adult female population out here seem to think that they are living in a sitcom, or a music video.
        THIS! Wow you really hit the nail on the head with that comment. They all think they are celebrities, and have the attitude to boot. And unlike American women, they aren’t even good in bed. And yes, the manly Australia has definitely now become a full blown feminist state, where any female mistake is swept under the carpet or somehow blamed on men

      1. yep. every second guy i meet calls themselves “body builders” they take clebuterol for fat loss and juice themselves on steroids. i hate talking to these guys. alot of them do aloof asshole game to pick up but the problem is they dont know when to turn it off (for example talking to other men) women seem to make a requirement for access to their mediocre pussies to be over 5ft 7, and have body builder/athlete physiques.

    2. Australia is a hard place to date, especially if you are young and not tall and/or conventionally handsome. I got dates with some average women at your age, but getting a hot one was damn hard. Even 7’s were rare for me for in my 20’s, yet I had no problems getting women between 7 and 8 when living abroad, particularly in Greece.
      I’m short, and being short is the kiss of death when it comes to dating in this country. Australian women believe in the ‘fair go’ in almost every department except where dating is concerned: they act like cutthroat bankers while expecting us to treat them with kind regard.
      Australian men put up with their bullshit though so nothing is going to change anytime soon. They are such big pussies really, but Australian society is pretty much defined by weakness and cowardice nowadays so I guess it isn’t totally surprising.
      The great thing about living in Australia though is that you can always hook up with a foreigner. There are plenty of them in every city. Some of my friends are dating Vietnamese women that live on the other side of town. You just have to know your options.

      1. There is a huge Brazilian contingent that lives by Bondi Beach. I know several younger Auzzie blokes that have Brazilian girlfriends and or date Brazillian females from time to time.
        Ironically, Alot of the Auzzie women are VERY critical of Brazilian honey’s. About 3 months ago I went to a barbecue at my brother in law’s place. Most of the crowd were guests of his wife. (my sister in law) Many topics were breached, and eventually the topic of relationships came up. I pull no punches when I speak about such things. It did not take long for me to say ”Auzzie dudes should start hanging out by Bondi more and try hooking up with the Brazilian females up around that way”. I then went on to explain how nice they look when they tan, how well they treat men, and how many seem to have superb figures.
        I instantly had about a half a dozen sets of pale blue eyes zeroing in on me as though I was trying to bring about the apocalypse. That was it, I sat there for the next 20 minutes and heard nearly each and every one of the women there explain to me the “real” reasons why Brazilian girls date Auzzie men. And then I had to listen for another 20 minutes as to why Auzzie men should avoid Brazilian women who are in Australia. To add insult to injury, the other discussions we had prior to this led me to believe that these Australian girls were good tolerant Marxist induced liberals.
        That was until I mentioned a topic that might impact their own sexual worth. At that point, they turned into Nationalist. LOL!!!!!

        1. Yeah, foreign women are only interested in money and citizenship to them. Australian women are not interested in money apparently, not even in Bondi.
          Of course, in reality, any smart man knows that if he has some money women will always take that into consideration when dating him, so why bother with an Aussie woman when you can get a hot Brazilian?
          The money argument is a red herring. I haven’t met a single woman that is not interested in a man’s money on some level. The question for men is this and this only: what does she bring to the table in return?
          Everything else is irrelevant.

        2. 99% of Aussie girls are sluts, and diehard feminists. Labor/Greens ruined the country, and guess who women mainly vote for?

      2. The pick of Aussie women is definitely in Adelaide, the hidden Aussie gem. Adelaide gets laughed at by the rest of Australia, but the average woman is far more beautiful and down to earth than anywhere else in Australia, and they even have an English accent, not that dreadful coarse Aussie bogan sheila voice you get elsewhere. Not only that, but the ratio is in your favour – where else in Oz is that the case?

        1. Yeah I’ve heard that about Adelaide. Some friends of mine have done well there. I should visit sometime 😉

    3. For all their faults, and taken as an average, Aussie women are still in better shape, less feminist less entitled less aggressive and less promiscuous than their sistas across the Tasman. As I grew up surrounded by bitter baby boomer feminist kiwi chicks I vowed never to marry one. My wife is Indian via the uk. Educated, astute business woman and feminine – dismissive of the butch kiwi chicks who try to get her to “joke” about me in a derisive way. My kids have the ability to tan without the drawbacks of Polynesian relatives raiding the fridge. You need game with Indian women because they need positioning so they don’t go nuts but if you keep your frame and ignore the odd sulk their work rate makes up for the shortcomings if the genes are good.

      1. True that. I seriously feel sorry for you poor Kiwis, your women are horrendous. Ugly, manly feminists, does it get any worse?

    4. This man speaks the truth. I can confirm that things are indeed grim Down Under. As a man who has travelled to America, I have to laugh every time I read about how your women are supposedly the worst in the world. It is obvious you have never spent much time around Australian women, or even worse – New Zealand women, who are by far the most ugly, masculine, feminist women in the West (seriously). If you haven’t met an Aussie girl, imagine the most manly, uncouth, drunk, slutty, classless American girl you can, and multiply it by 100 – you are about there!

  35. I hate SitC with a burning passion but not for the same reason as must here.
    When I was a teen In the dark days before high-speed internet porn, I’d wait for the cables company’s quarterly free sample weekend of HBO, Showtime and Cinemax. I say “Sex in the City” in the tv guide and assumed that it was a soft-core Skinamax flick. I watched that god-damn show for an entire hour and didn’t see one pussy. It was like that scene in Braveheart where the Scots wait with their spears in their hands just waiting to use them:
    “Wait for it… WAIT FOR IT”

    1. LOL
      I remember previews for the show. And I remember at the end of one in particular it said, “there WILL be nudity”.
      I didn’t watch to find out. The channel it came on showed some soft core from time to time.
      Man, those were dark days.

    2. Yeah I hear ya man. Show definitely breached numerous “trading standards” rules concerning being sold a false bill of goods.
      And when we get a gander at some snatch it was in the form of a granny well past her sell-by date.

  36. Kim Cattrall was hot in the 80’s no doubt, but the only one on that show that really had a chance of landing a man with everything going for him was Charlotte, played by Kristen Davies, and she ended up with an ugly bald Jew.
    Sarah Jessica Parker was never a looker. She was maybe fuckable in the early 90’s–she had a decent body and OK face–but by the time Sex and the City came around her infamous horse-like countenance had really taken hold; and she was only 33 then, believe or not. She aged terribly.
    The redhead, on the other hand, is not even worth talking about. She wasn’t even bangable as a young woman.

  37. Sex In The City is part of the “mind fuck” that has gone on with american woman. It supports the lie that the woman can have it all and they will HAPPY. If you look closely at the show, the women are always miserable and for all of their “girl power” their lives are built around men.

  38. Woman are evil, a necessary evil that need to be under control, since that, feminism movement ,decades ago, the evil is set loose and man are losing their masculinity.

  39. I think we need to get rid of the myth that post-wall women all end up alone with cats etc. A good portion of them will indeed get married to some poor guy who picked up the tab she ran up in the last 15 years. It still is comforting to know that she won’t be truly satisfied with her life and yaaaay we still get the high ground.

    1. More of a cliche or stereotype. But the cat lady doesn’t truly care about any men, like the guys that will get married to those women.
      But women won’t get rid of the myth that the alpha types like Big really do want to ravish women like Sara J. Parker’s character.

  40. I always get into the debates of Big v. Aidan with female friends. Big all the way, Aidan is whipped, he’s not a challenge. Women need to feel challenged by an Alpha. Also the character supposedly most reluctant to traditional roles Miranda ends up with a kid first and then married (to a beta male) but still falls into traditional roles nonetheless.

  41. I always liked Big – suave, debonair, sophisticated and clever he naturally dominates any scene he is in effortlessly. You could put him in jail and he’d be running the place in a few days. He embraces other alphas instead of being intimidated by them and gets physically more powerful men to do his dirty work. His wife doesn’t understand him as she has pretensions of being an alpha herself when she is in fact a lazy neurotic self centred bitch

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