6 Stages A Man Goes Through When His Testosterone Level Declines

It’s becoming a common occurrence for men to drastically lose testosterone as they age. The below stages show how that transition looks like.

Life slows down

“I used to chase girls, but I guess I’m getting more mature.”

“I have a decent routine at the gym, I just haven’t been going lately.”

“I definitely have a ton of hobbies, but lately I get off work and just take it easy.”

That’s how it begins. Normally you wouldn’t think twice about a few weeks of low energy. It’s not like you’re spiraling into depression or you’ll have to move into your parent’s basement. But low testosterone creates a terrible feedback loop.

Dry spells creep up on you, gains fade, you spend more and more free time at home on the internet. As your lifestyle gets worse, your testosterone drops, which makes your lifestyle even worse, which means even less T, and so on until you’re a puddle of soy.

Meanwhile, testosterone levels have been falling since scientists began to measure them. When your father and grandfather were your age they had more T than you do today.

The funny thing is, not one really knows why it’s happening. Is it the modern lifestyle? Something in the water? Whatever the cause, it gets especially serious past age 30.

You look for answers

I’ll spend more time outside and take Vitamin D pills.”

“I’ll read more masculine blogs or buy an ebook.

You can waste a lot of time and money in this stage. If you’re lucky you might see results. You might have a vitamin deficiency that’s easy to fix, and you might get smarter about caffeine, but in general, all you’ll see are short placebo boosts.

Not all red pills are equal

“I just found great testosterone booster made from crushed mushrooms and oyster shells. Game changer, bro.”

Testosterone boosters sound like a solution, but they’re the worst of all. They watered them down so that teenagers desperate to make the football team can take 20 doses a day with no side effects. You’re better off with a cheap multivitamin.

You look for a shot in the arm

“They’re all taking something: every pro athlete, every movie star over 40. Most of the young ones too.”

“Go hard or go home!”

Steroids are seductive. A modest dose of testosterone means adding muscle even if you sit around doing nothing. Hard to believe, but you can avoid exercise for ten weeks and still gain more muscle than normal guys following a solid workout plan. If you combine testosterone with training, you can expect to gain a pound of muscle a week.

And it’s not just muscle, you also gain focus, energy, libido, motivation, mood, bone health, and better sleep.

In certain crowds you almost feel Amish if you’re not cycling. Guys seem to be having a great time doing it…

Saturday afternoon fever😄 @jogiorgiajo @ricky_martin #gvlifestyle #mordidita #rickymartin

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But it’s not always simple. Millionaires can afford specialized medical care and world class sources of whatever they take. As regular guy, you have to cross your fingers ordering from the internet, and trust yourself to research different esters, how to recognize gynecomastia, the differences between clen, tren, sust and anavol, how long you should cycle everything, how to inject, how to brew at home, how to send secure payments, how to interpret bloodwork, and so on. Basically you’ll need a PhD in bro science.

That’s bound to be intimidating. At this stage you’ll probably look for testosterone gels online. No prescription, no needles, no hassle. Less powerful too. NKNW and Andro-forte encourage you to order a month’s supply so that you can experience “just a taste” of high testosterone without committing yourself to weekly injections:

Haters do hate, especially testosterone gels

Because that’s the thing about a shot in the arm. It’s never just one shot (and it’s in your ass, not your arm). If you’re injecting testosterone, your body quickly shuts down its natural production and you’ll be dependent on injections for life. Gels and creams are less intense, but still.

You can win glory at this stage, or mess up and grow man boobs. High risk/reward.

You go hard-core warrior monk

“The road to high testosterone is paved with cold showers, dead-lifts, steak and broccoli.”

“I used to drink beer, watch porn, and procrastinate. Now I kick ass, take names, and meditate.”

At this stage you’re listening to classic advice. No more “get testosterone quick” schemes. You work hard, and hopefully your Spartan/Gorilla/Viking mindset takes you to the high testosterone promised land.

We had to choose between this photo and one with Steven Seagal

If you’re reading RoK, none of this advice is new. You’ve already tried most of it. We’ve all done cold showers, right?

The question is, how many of us are still doing cold showers? How many of us are going strong with no-fap? A lot of us, sure. But if your testosterone is low, you probably never built enough momentum. You stopped before you saw results, and it’s hard to blame you. With low T it’s a struggle just to get out of bed.

It’s a Catch-22. Better habits and lifestyle would raise your testosterone, and higher testosterone would improve your lifestyle and make the habits easier. But you can’t even get started.

Meanwhile, your grandfather didn’t have to design his entire life around maintaining high testosterone. He could enjoy a few beers. Chances are he wasn’t a gym rat and his diet was nothing special.

Modern men are facing new challenges, and sometimes even the best advice isn’t enough, even when it’s low risk and the reward should be high.

You go mainstream

“I finally talked to my doctor about low testosterone. . . “

Here’s where everyone should start: blood work.

If you’re feeling great, do blood work now to set a baseline. Your testosterone might be 1,000ng/dL, which is high but normal. If it drops to 500 in a few years, you’ll be *far* below your ideal level. Not good. But according to your doctor’s chart, 500 is well within the normal range. He’ll tell you not to worry, because his chart compares you with the rest of the modern population, not with your normal range.

Blood work is the first step to take when you get serious

If you’re not feeling great, a blood test can tell you why. Not every problem is testosterone related. And when it comes to taking action, before and after tests are the best way to measure progress. That’s especially true if you want to run short cycles, jumping on and off gels or injections for a month.

You’ll want a doctor to review your blood work. Doctors can be daft, and blood panels aren’t rocket science, but you don’t have time to research every little thing that might turn up.

If prescription testosterone is the best plan, hopefully your insurance is decent, because it can cost a fortune. Testosterone is a simple molecule, generally synthesized from Chinese beets, hardly a precious resource. But pharmaceutical companies get away with murder, and doctors offices charge a healthy fee for weekly injections.

Without insurance, you either pay hundreds a month or you hit the grey/black markets. They’re thriving, and prices are often five times cheaper. But still, insurance is comforting.


Nobody wants hormone replacement therapy. In a perfect world, you would eat/sleep/train and feel like a million bucks. That’s where you should start. But gels and injections save lives, and there shouldn’t be any stigma.

Slim pickings when it comes to manly self-acceptance memes

Imagine a world where everyone started producing less dopamine receptors, generation after generation and as they got older. Before long people would experience the world as a dark, joyless place. It would be a crisis, and the second they created “dopamine replacement therapy” no one would hesitate to jump on.

ROK readers understand that a world without testosterone would be just as dark. Low T is a crisis. There are no easy answers, so get to work.

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532 thoughts on “6 Stages A Man Goes Through When His Testosterone Level Declines”

  1. I understand why people resort to hormone therapy, but I would use only as an absolute last resort. First, I am very hesitant to accept anything that makes me permanently dependent on someone else, particularly the pharmaceutical industry, just to feel normal on a day to day basis. Second, unless you really have no other way to get your T levels back up (diet, exercise, etc…), this is a cheap shortcut. To me, that runs counter to the idea of masculine self improvement, where the journey itself is part of, if not the primary benefit. That said, I am not someone who needs this type of therapy, and I empathize with guys who do. Just make sure that you actually NEED this shit before you let them get their hooks in you.

    1. That’s exactly what I’m worried about too. It’s so easy to get medicated and that’s the hook. Now be a good little prole and see the doctor regularly fir the next 30+ years for your “fix”.

      1. Also, “ohhh, your drugs that you need because you’re hooked just got too expensive? We’ve got this awesome solution to that – centralized state healthcare. Won’t cost you a thing. Promise.”

        1. Well I’m Canadian so I’m well versed in the state run medical system dysfunction you speak of. Does very little for the price of drugs. Just makes the consult free of charge.

        2. See, here I can get a prescription for my kids for under a buck. But I have to pay $10 for the co-pay to the doc. And though insurance takes care of the rest, I have to pay about $800 per month for the privilege of avoiding a $150 twice per year cost. And, that’s also not to mention the taxes I have to pay to support the rest of this retarded Rube Goldberg machine.
          Bottom line, when I was a kid, my parents could take me to the doc and pay for the whole thing – visit with the doc and any treatment/ medicine – with the cash they had in their pockets. Today, I’m supposed to believe it is preferable to have a system where I cannot do that and instead must rely on universal insurance, which is also prohibitively expensive.

        3. is medicaid completely free? no idea how that works, for an outsider, its seems like a secret society

        4. Yes, it’s free. Zero co pays for visits, no costs for tests or procedures, most drugs are $0 or at the most $1.

        5. free medical care is the least Uncle Sam can do for me in exchange for living in this witch’s brew – i mean melting pot

        6. wanna talk premiums? MY END alone (not counting employer contribution) is several hundred a month. And it goes up with age.

        7. its bad dude, guy who has the above amount decided not to buy it this yr- paid penalty. he owns a restaurant I hang out in, his wife and are covered thru her employer, but he cannot get onto hers bc he owns his own biz… but hey, medicaid is free, good for them

    2. I heard someone say something that I thought was a very good bench mark for when hormone replacement therapy should be used…..When the downsides (including dependence and side effects) to doing HRT are actually preferable to the downsides to not doing it that is when you go ahead and pull the trigger. I am not feeling now that I would benefit from HRT but make no mistake, the very day that the downsides to not doing it are worse than the downsides to doing it i will be making my appointment.

    3. Hormone therapy is usually a bad idea. I heard that insulin injections used by diabetics will slowly cause the pancreas to stop naturally producing the hormone. As mentioned by the article, the same applies to testosterone.
      I live by a simple rule: Never fuck with your junk.

    4. I tried steroids in high school on the wrestling team. Makes you super human, but when I quit, I couldn’t get a boner for 6 months. Also made me bitchy, grew back hair that never left, and had painful zits on my face and back. Risky business for quick muscles.

      1. I have always wondered – do you retain the strength/muscle gains you made once you stop taking them? I would imagine that you retain some, but not all. And with regard to the gains you do retain, are these over and above what you could have achieved naturally?

        1. I put on about 30 pounds in about 6 months and it was pretty lean. Lost about 8 -10 when I came off. But it was a while back and I was a toothpick when I started. I might have eventually gained the same amount with hard work and patience.
          Total Hormonal nightmare.

    5. Yeah, that’s my thinking too.
      One, when you take something artificial that your body can produce naturally, it signals your body to produce less of the real thing.
      Two, the hard way to high-T – working out and maintaining a good diet – will benefit more than just your T-Levels
      And three, more philosophically, when your time is up as a high-T super-stud, there is indeed another phase of manhood left before you. We don’t talk about it much in these places, but we probably should . Being a vigorous older man, endowed with wisdom and strength, is a good thing. Do any of us really want to be chasing poosy when we’re 80 cause we’re jacked-up on artificial hormones? Seems undignified.

      1. Your last point is completely valid.
        I’m sure that when I’m 80, I’d have no problem banging some hot 18 year old if you put her in front of me. But I cannot imagine being in the mood to tolerate the kind of bullshit that game will require 40 years from now. Doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t, but when I contemplate my future in my twilight years where time is getting short, I don’t imagine that I’ll be focused on spending that precious dwindling resource on yet another worn out pussy that’s not really that much different than all the others I will have accumulated by that point. Others may differ, and that’s fine. But I tend to agree with you. I have no tolerance for 20-year-olds now when I am only twice their age. When I am four times their age? Unless they want my advice, I’m not interested in anything they have to say.

      2. You want vigorous? Then maintain a healthy T level. I’m not looking to bang anything breathing like I did in my 20s but I certainly am happy about being able to put in a solid 12+ a day.

  2. To up my testosterone I now run into the forest at least once a month, chase, and kill the nearest living animal I can find. Then I cook it on the spot and devour the heart raw.

        1. I am no fan of the hipster but I do have to say, looking on the positive side, they have spearheaded the move towards local, organic and chemical free foods…meats, cheeses, wines, fruits, vegetables have all become better under the guidance of these effete little cunts. I think that in life it is important to look at negative things and see what positives you can pull out of them. The fact that there are 3 seperate picklecentric restaurants, 5 cheese shops, a dozen charcuterie manufacturers doing locally sourced meats, easy access to game meat at butcher shops, duck, goose and ostrich eggs all for the eating and butchers that are doing gods work are the upside to these cunts

        1. No. But I have a butcher around the corner that does. Side note. I have a heart stew recipie that’s amazing

        2. I feel that these days, organs are generally underrated as food. Like you tell people you like to eat liver they see you as gross. I guess I have to thank my Grandfather who loved eating beef liver. Of course organs take more effort to taste good than a nice slab of prime rib. I too have a butcher who has a good variety of meats.

        3. Totally underrated
          And you Ade so right. Anyone can make a delicious steak but brain? That takes practice

  3. Though I’m no spring chicken, I seemingly have enough test that I want to give that effete little fag in the top pic a thorough ass-whoopin.

    1. For that puss, your stare alone would likely cause him sufficient physical harm to incapacitate him, so I hope you weren’t counting on getting a workout out of it.

        1. Haha. Dude, be realistic. Not that you couldn’t roll him, but you know that weak bitch has no cash because all he needs is the debit card linked to his daddy’s trust fund. If you roll him, it’s strictly for the fun of it.

  4. Thank you thank you thank you. I needed to read this. This year for me has been a nightmare. Stress has nearly killed me. I don’t crave sex (not even once a week), I feel like crap in the morning, my motivation is less than zero at work (I’m self employed so that really sucks), I love helping my buddy with the race car but this year I couldn’t care less about getting greasy (I even drove it two weeks ago. It had the same emotional impact as a trip to the drugstore to buy tampons).
    You have given me a direction I have not thought of. I quit smoking last December and I drink only occasionally so bad habits aren’t really a problem. This likely explains my weight gain too.

    1. In response to your other comment – I don’t mean to imply that you shouldn’t go to the doc to have them tell you whether your T levels are low. That may actually be useful info. Just be careful about the “pills/shots-are-the-only-solution” approach. If you find out you have low T, I’d try other ways to raise it before going on therapy. And, I would also explore the possibility that once your levels are up, you may be able to maintain it another way without continuing the therapy.

    2. look into zinc supplementation.
      are you on statins? low cholesterol is bad for T levels

      1. I have been diagnosed with cholesterol but they’ve recommended diet changes, not drugs which is good. Not that I eat too too bad but i think it has been an ever increasing sedentary lifestyle that has crept up along with the aforementioned stress caused by among other things, the wife. And while things have improved somewhat on that front I do need to break from this spiralling depression I have gotten myself into.
        Thx. It’s wha

  5. Get your testosterone levels up by taking Zinc (proven to boost your T levels). Don’t turn into beta bitch boy Jimmy like in this piece of classic Simpsons gold. I mean zinc…

    1. I was at the grocery store looking at the vitamins, and I notice all the Zincs just say that their Lozenges designed to prevent sickness. Am I looking at something wrong or is the T boosting just a secret about Zinc?

  6. Ok, i had to come down to comments during first part of this article just to say that “Puddle of Soy” is officially the name of ever single hipster band now. Going back up to continue reading.

      1. The power of the Force is not to be underestimated. One might need to start with something more… indirect.

  7. Lifting and eating right helped me. The only problem is that No-Fap becomes harder the higher my T levels become.

    1. I am on a steady no fap lifestyle and have been for a long time. That said, I get laid quite a lot. I was talking to a guy about this recently and the week we were speaking I had had more sex than he had fapped. I wonder if there is any actual difference in fapping versus fucking. You are still releasing the jizz.

      1. I’m religious, which means I abstain from hookups, so I guess thats why its harder for me aha.
        From what I’ve read, ejaculation is the same no matter what, fapping is just more destructive because its way easier to do it as much as you want.

        1. Yeah, that was my thinking — that the physical effect of fapping v boning is the same but that the psychological effect, the ejaculation without the hunt, such that it is, it detrimental as it leads one to laziness and a kind a softness of the mind.
          I get the religious thing but does abstaining from hookups mean abstaining from all sex? Just curious. I know some people who straight up wait for marriage, others who won’t do hookups but will have sex as long as they are in committed relationships…there are loads of paths.
          I keep a rotation of regulars, indulge in hookups, have 2 girls that kind of resemble relatinships as I go out with them, events, dinners, trips and, obviously have sex, and have a few back up girls who i can always just text “hey” to at 3 am on a Tuesday if the urge hits so rather than fap i basically just use a woman. It does make it easy to go a year with no fap though I wonder to what degree I am actually fapping only with better and more realistic sex toys.

        2. Yeah, when I was in high school, if I wasn’t fapping for the third time of the day, then I was either getting high or taking my second cat nap. So I’d say it definitely amplifies lethargy and apathy. It also becomes like a drug since it requires way more dopamine.
          As a Christian, the abstaining is only until marriage according to God’s word. Since we live in some special dark times, I understand marriage i not an option anymore, so I guess I’m living like Saint Paul.

        3. The Pauline life is not for everyone for sure, but if it brings you fulfillment I say way to go. That said, I do not believe that it is simply not an option anymore to get married….it may take a little more work and sacrifice, but it certainly is a feasible option if one is willing to put in the elbow grease I think.

      2. I read something somewhere about that once. Apparently there is a difference. Has to do with the release of certain hormones like oxytocin related to human contact, and those that basically bring our stress levels down. Cortisol, the stress hormone went down, oxytocin (which contributes to good feelings when we feel secure) went up. There was markedly less of an impact on the fappers than the real humpers.

        1. I was about to say there is a difference as well, based solely on the crippling depression that appears post-fap, but you have the sciencey-stuff to back up my superstition.

        2. Yeah, you’re basically tricking your brain into thinking that youre having sex, so it can’t be that healthy.

        3. I think it serves a biological need to “rotate the stock.” The thing is nowadays, with all the porn and other sex stimuli available, it is easy to overdo. Figure if cave men felt the urge once in a while they probably just rubbed one out and moved on. They didn’t sit at home and watch porn jacking off like 10 times in a row.

  8. Sure, sex can be rewarding, but in the end, it’s a short-lived high. And after you’ve had sex with a couple hundred women, it’s pretty much the same shit, over and over. A guy can get caught up in a self-destructive trap during the pursuit of pussy. Sure, you’ll acquire some memorable bangs along the way – but at what cost. Energy is always exchanged during sex. Somebody takes energy, and the other person give it away. And you either have enough energy to work on your personal goals, or you don’t.
    In my 20s I was a lot like a lab rat – I’d push the lever, get a jolt of electroshock, and get rewarded with a treat (sex). I was addicted to it. Basing your life around pussy is very much like that. In the end, it’s exactly like being a hamster on a treadmill to nowhere.
    Who knows exactly why there is a low-T epidemic – but it is indeed real. That photo of the rich dude who is in good shape, as he dances with the hot girl: That’s all well and good, but when you break it down, she’s there because he’s got money. Which proves it’s better to focus on building your own world, by chasing financial success, than it is to wind up in some cunt’s world, via endlessly chasing pussy. As the author points out: “Millionaires can afford specialized medical care and world class sources of whatever they take.”
    So take note of that, and start chasing the big money. You’ll get a much bigger rush from personal accomplishments than you will ever get from having sex. A guy just has to prioritize. Put bitches at the very bottom of the list, because you’ll get way more than you can handle after you reach your important financial goals – it’s a law. At that point, you can financially afford to get any low-T situation rectified. But even if you can’t get it completely rectified, you’ll still have more hot women chasing you than you can handle. (And I believe they refer to that as being a win/win situation.)

    1. low T can make you cranky and whiny, so there might be a reason some men swing that way politically

  9. I am in my 50s – basic workout- no gym rat…dont do endurance races anymore, but horny I’m a horny motherfucka-harder than a rubics cube…
    And sleep very poorly…cant get passed waking every night at about 1AM for a few hours of reading.
    My grandpa told me some cool stories. Went awol twice suring WWII to give grandma a good bonking…
    Used to stop his horse and cart at the pub for a few cold beers on his way back to the depot on friday afternoon. Then put away the horse and home for dinner.
    Grandma would be home…always. I satyed over when kid. Could hear the milk delivery by horse and cart in ealy mornings.
    Grandma and my mother were up early making breakfast every day
    These days my gf/ex-gf/gf, and most women i observe around here go out 5 or more times per week.
    Men eat fast food…and have to stress, and study to get sex…
    Grandpa had far less anxiety/stress…
    And died extremely wealthy because of:
    8 grandkids
    8 great grandkids
    2 great great grandkids

  10. Sure, sex can be somewhat rewarding, but in the end, it’s a short-lived high. And after you’ve had sex with a couple hundred women, it’s pretty much the same shit, over and over. A guy can get caught up in a self-destructive trap during the endless pursuit of pussy. Sure, you’ll acquire some memorable bangs along the way – but at what cost.
    Energy is always exchanged during sex. Somebody takes energy, and the other person give it away. And you either have enough energy to work on your personal goals, or you don’t.
    In my 20s I was a lot like a lab rat – I’d push the lever, get a jolt of electroshock, and get rewarded with a treat (sex). I was addicted to it. Basing your life around pussy is very much like that. In the end, it’s exactly like being a hamster on a treadmill to nowhere.
    Who knows exactly why there is a low-T epidemic – but it is indeed real. And you need energy, so improving your T-levels can only help.
    But that photo of the rich dude who is in good shape, as he dances with the hot girl? That’s all well and good, but when you break it down, she’s there because he’s got money. Which proves it’s better to focus on building your own world, by chasing financial success, than it is to wind up in some cunt’s world, via endlessly chasing pussy. As the author points out: “Millionaires can afford specialized medical care and world class sources of whatever they take.”
    So take note of that, and start chasing the big money, while taking care of your health. You’ll get a much bigger rush from personal accomplishments than you will ever get from having sex. A guy just has to prioritize. Put bitches at the very bottom of the list, because you’ll get way more than you can handle after you reach your important financial goals – it’s a law. At that point, you can financially afford to get any low-T situation rectified. But even if you can’t get it completely rectified, you’ll still have more hot women chasing you than you can handle. (And I believe they refer to that as being a win/win situation.)

    1. Time is the only currency in life. The value of everything you do must be judged based on the return of investment on the time spent.
      Money comes and goes. Energy wasted can be regained. But time lost is gone forever.

      1. Time, money and energy.
        And once time is gone, you can’t get it back.
        Totally true.
        That’s why I don’t invest time, money OR energy into chasing @$$ anymore.
        Uses up WAY too much of these precious resources for what I might get back.
        And face it, when you’re not humping a woman, she’s just there being a pain in the @$$ until such time you want to hump again.
        Much better to just rub one out in the shower and save the time, money and energy for something more productive…

        1. Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! !pn168d:
          On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover from having earned $8752 this last four weeks.. Its the most-financialy rewarding I’ve had.. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it
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        2. Hmm strange. When I’m not humping her she’s cooking me delicious meals or cleaning my house. Maybe you’re chasing the wrong girls?

        3. Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! !pm161d:
          On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover from having earned $8752 this last four weeks.. Its the most-financialy rewarding I’ve had.. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it
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        4. Nice cop out reasoning lol. If you’re just chasing ass, sure, it’s no more than a cum dumpster. However, if you’re chasing/with a genuine human being that is female, then you have a partner. True friends & genuine women are irreplaceable, and a treasure to spend moments of life with. Hard to explain, but you know how rare a good friend is. A great female to lock down with is even rarer.

    2. Nobody gets respect like an old man who chases pussy all the time. This new toupé will go great with my Corvette and plaid pants. Watch out, ladies!

      1. Hubba hubba!
        Love it.
        Cutting a rug is supposed to be dancing.
        Not trimming frizzies off a toupé!!

    3. I’d also offer an observation of a close corollary to what you have said: not only will women follow if you focus on your goals, but the pursuit of women above all else can actively derail your goals themselves. I am married, and have been for some time. I have, thus far, achieved the goals I set for myself. But, because of my marriage, that was not without a fight. As a single guy, no one told me shit about what I had to do with my life (time in the Marines excepted to some extent). My goals and timelines were what I wanted them to be. But with a spouse comes some expectation that “you can’t take these big risks because how will we pay for the house and kids we want, etc…” You can win this fight, as I did, and get to your destination anyway. But make no mistake that you will have to fight for it much more than you would if you put your goals first and let women follow. To complicate matters, if you want to have kids, it is far easier physically to do so when young, for both parents. But that comes with its own tradeoffs in terms of time and resources to dedicate to your goals. I think the bottom line boils down to frame maintenance, and being the leader in the relationship instead of the follower. I held firm on what I wanted, and took some risks to get there, but ultimately prevailed. And, I was always willing to accept responsibility that if I failed, I had to have a plan B so my kids wouldn’t go hungry.

      1. Frame only works on women who respect that type of man. If the woman perceives the frame as just a man being controlling the man is going to maintain frame as he drops through the divorce meat grinder. SO many guys I see with the wedding ring and the “I am DA MAN with my attitude and frame!”. I think until you know what the woman’s hamster is telling her, it’s anyone’s guess. So many men get surprised. I know I was surprised (as were my friends and colleagues). I too thought I was “owning it”.
        Women today are taught if they are not happy, drop it (whatever it is) like it’s hot and move on to find that happiness! You deserve the best! You should have it all! If you’re not having it all and getting the best you need to GET out of there and go get what you deserve! (wow) This is not good mental conditioning for any person looking down the barrel of a marriage or long term relationship. They’re a flight risk, even if you try and do the “firm with balance” thing and be strong but fair. Mine just decided one day she didn’t like being married anymore and left.
        Women are set up to fail in marriage these days because that’s what feminism and regressive liberalism wants to happen. And there is only ONE PLACE where these people have the power and access to young minds they can corrupt:
        College and University campuses.
        If you think back, there was a desperate need to get women the vote and get women on the fields of higher education. And it wasn’t really for the betterment of individual women. It was to see the fruition of a major social engineering project.
        And sadly, it has succeeded.

        1. If you’re looking for marriage focus on women who are susceptible to being controlled. All women are childish and if given free reign they will destroye you and themselves. You have to be the adult and they should be obedient. If a bitch wavers from obedience chuck her. It’s a numbers game. If you go through enough cunts you might find one you can control. Time is important so don’t waste it on immature, disobedient brats. Remember at the first sign of disobedience chuck the bitch.

        2. Words of Wisdom! Its hard to admit that controlling the bitch at all stops is key. Ya Ya, you are supposed to love and respect her. That doesn’t hold a ounce of strength once you find out the destructive innate nature of her abuse. In short, that abuse is designed for you to produce more resources for her egg’s. Those egg’s are a biological unearthed animal most of the time. In most cases it’s unleashed onto you for you to control as she has no control over it. If you can’t provide resources for her then that animal is unleashed. I always notice that once a guy goes through this a few times then it might click in with enough trial and error. Very few guys get this right away. You better learn quick too because you are just some guy to grind up and spit out because the State is the new husband these days, and it can provide these resources to her. Even if you have all the toy’s for her, she still can’t control this biological animal in her all the time. Your relationship survives because you know how to challenge her and in most cases put her in her place. If you can’t get this right, then you better chuck the bitch and move on. I agree…

      1. Yep. I posted a link to that article (or another version of it) here yesterday, CBCB – and what shocked me was, nobody here said a peep about it after I posted it.
        Science-fiction is becoming reality. Might be time to purchase a huge swath of land in the Canadian Northwest Territories…

        1. Yeah. When you point out the fires and nobody screams, let alone starts running for the exits…uh…it looks like checkmate, unfortunately. But everything is temporary. I’m an optimist if nothing else.

        2. I was talking to a couple of friends about getting a new TV. I mentioned I won’t get a smart tv because I don’t want a tv that watches me while i watch it. My friend said, “Just bend over and spread your cheeks. Whoever it is that you think is watching will get grossed out and stop watching”.
          This “you’re paranoid” and “so what, I’m not doing anything worth watching” mentality drives me nuts, and in fact I think contributes a great deal to my ever increasing isolationism. There just aren’t enough people in my real life that think like me.

        3. I am right there with you on that score. I was contemplating that very thing last night. I have a few acquaintances, and a couple of friends. But I can’t talk about the really hard core stuff with any of them. Back in my blue-pill days my friends and I agreed on pretty much everything. The problem is, once the veil comes off, you can’t go back. It is definitely a lonely place to be, but if you could go back to being ignorant…well, would you do it? There are times I think I would. But usually, no.

        4. Yeah. Once you Red Pill, ya just can’t unsee any of it. I wouldn’t go back there. My whole life I have mindlessly wondered through this world knowing something “wasn’t right”, but never could put my finger on what it was. Now, that I absolutely know what was going on, I wouldn’t trade that clarity for anything. If anything it sharpens the “loneliness” into a fulfilling sense of solitude.
          I think I felt lonelier before I knew why I was so isolated. But my friends fundamentally know that what I am saying is true, they just have been filled with too much American Apathy to really do any good.

        5. Yeah, brother, I know this is buried in an old comment.
          When one gets to know enough to actually do something about it and gets noticed, that’s when one ‘gets the hint’ if one is lucky…
          You yourself said wrote it in another comment, most people only see their field of vision, they’re blind to everything, because even the bullshit they can see is manufactured programming.
          Anyways, a health hint from an old dude – eat turkey testicles…

      2. Thanks for posting this, I’ll update my resume pronto.
        “comfortable with cybernetic implants”

    4. Great comment. Men can get great satisfaction from accomplishment and a sense of achievement. The drug dealer party boy might get laid more in the beginning, but tHe successful man wins in both areas in the end…
      as long as he doesn’t throw it all away and get married haha

      1. That’s the kicker. I told myself I would spit the hook out, no matter what happened. And I managed to do that. But it isn’t easy. Women will blindside you when you hit it big. They will put on an acting display, that Meryl Streep would envy. But hey – they’re women. AWALT. Take two red pills and you won’t have to call the doctor in the morning.

      2. I often give my brother this advice. He chased pussy like no other when he was in college and it caused him to flunk out of med school. He eventually got his act together and graduated but along the way he got engaged to a gold digger. After years of disappointments and hard work some whore is going to swoop in and reap the rewards. She’s got his nuts in a vice. He has to ask her permission for everything he does and if she doesn’t give it he sneaks and does it. That’s no way to live.

        1. Men who become doctors, lawyers, etc. have to take 3 more red pills than the rest of us. Women are on the HUNT for men with high incomes and will attach themselves to these men like parasites. They have zero guilt or shame when it comes to fleecing rich men. They see seduction and manipulation as skills and the divorce rape as her Magnus Opus. Its their biological imperative, after all.

        2. Why I am thankful, so thankful for my special lady. I have no money at all, yet she wants me for all the right reasons: respect, admiration, trust-most of all, loyalty. She has been through the relationship grinder, too-don’t think women aren’t tossed aside like spoiled meat, too- and she is looking for a quality man. She found him. We are good. Sorry for the rest of humanity, sucks to be you!

      3. Perhaps but everything has a price in this case youth which is lost while betting on becoming financially successful. The time sex is the most enjoyable and desired. A older man in this case will find marriage a good choice.

    5. “Millionaires can afford specialized medical care and world class sources of whatever they take.”
      Having worked in a hospital setting in NYC, I can tell you that the poor blacks on medicaid get the exact same treatment as legit billionaires (real estate, investment banker types). They get the same voodoo Haitian nurses and in some cases (by luck of the draw), the poor medicaid patients get superior care, e.g., they get a cute / competent Asian nurse while Mr. Moneybags gets the still in training Jamaican tech / nurse. I’ve seen it firsthand.

      1. Have you ever looked in an elitist’s medicine cabinet. I already know the answer to that one – no, you haven’t. Applying your own personal experience, to that of everyone else in the entire world, is utter folly.
        “Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision, to be the limits of the world.” – Arthur Schopenhauer. That’s a major dose of truth right there.
        We could debate this, but it would be like two dogs chasing their tales. You see it your way, I see it another way. And until you open your eyes to other ways of seeing it, you’ll always see it the way that you see it. But I hear ya.
        Personal anecdotes on this matter:
        When I was 13, I found out I was allergic to bee venom. Almost died. My elitist daddy took me to one of his elitist doctors. And the doctor gave me what he referred to as being “an emulsion shot”. He told me, “That will take care of you for the rest of your life. You’ll experience abnormal swelling if you ever get stung again, but no anaphylaxis will occur.” Well, I had no clue what the fuck he was talking about. But I got stung after that. I had bad swelling. But no anaphylaxis.
        Here’s another one – when I was 19, I got in trouble with the law. Serious enough that, had I been a normal guy, I would have gone to the slammer. My old man walked me into court, waved at the judge, the judge waved back, and we walked out. My old man told me he would have to give the judge a bottle of scotch, but it was over.
        My point is, your world, is your world. Proclaiming to everyone else that the rules of your world, and the elements within that world of yours (medicines and such), are all that is available to everyone else in the world, is…well, it’s just invalid, that’s all.
        Ever notice how most Senators and really rich guys live to be 90-plus. Do you think the elite are going to give everyone the same access to the best of everything to which they might have access – let alone medicine. No. They wouldn’t do that. Why would they. They’re too busy trying to dream up new ways to eliminate all of us. But again, I hear ya.

        1. I always wondered why politicians almost never seem to die of old age. They just keep on and on living. You just gave me the answer.

        2. Same with royalty (Princess Di excepted; but then, she wasn’t that elite). Same with the Rockefellers, et al. They wouldn’t be caught dead getting traditional cancer therapies, for example (chemo). They have natural ways of beating that one…every once in a while they will toss out a fake “He’s dying of cancer” news story (see John McCain), but cancer is nothing to them.

        3. I think you mentioned before that Diana was a raging slut? I think they killed her off to prevent her from tarnishing the royal family’s image.

        4. I don’t believe I tossed that one out. But it wouldn’t surprise me if it were true. Hell, she was a woman…AWALT.

        5. Oh, boy…heh. And yeah, ever see an elitist with a fat girl. Maybe for show. But they aren’t banging ’em (unless they have a thing for fat girls).

        6. So access to secret alien tech adds 5 years to the elites’ lifespan? They die at 90 instead of 85? They’re not living to 200 …

        7. Another elitist advantage – owning all the Big Media conduits. They toss out so many conspiracy theories, that eventually a guy just throws up his hands and says, “I have no clue.” Which I think is the whole point of the exercise. I dunno about Princess Di. Don’t have any insider info about that one. Sure is interesting as hell. Maybe she never died at all. Wouldn’t that be something.

        8. ya know, Im kicking myself for not bookmarking the article(Ive searched for it again, wa on a msm site no less, but seems to have vanished), but it was something to the effect that getting blood transfusions from teenagers will slow down aging, and, it some cases, it reverses aging….guess that is who vampires are based on eh? 😉

        9. I saw that article, too, and thought the very same thing. Eerie. I think the link was on Drudge… you might search the Drudge archives.

        10. No way!! Odds are high this is in direct relation to organ taking that has been going on behind the scenes for decades.

        11. Blue Blood = Royal Blood?
          There are numerous theories about the origination of this idiom. One is that if a person is of Royal Blood, whenever their blood is exposed to air (whenever they get a cut, or whatever), their blood actually appears blue in color. Some say that this is due to a high concentration of copper in the blood.
          Another theory is that the Royal Bloodlines come from the constellation Draco, and they are Reptilian/human hybrids.
          Another is the vampire theory (which ties into the Reptilian/Draco theory); the Blue Bloods (“True Bloods”, remember that show) need blood as they are haematophagous and need blood for their sustenance (as do vampire bats, vampire moths, Lamprey eels, Candiru, ticks, fleas, bedbugs, leeches, torpedo snails, vampire finches, mosquitoes, etc.).
          Another is that they have high silver content in their blood, and that’s why it appears blue upon exposure to the air.
          Now, I don’t profess to know which (if any of these) is correct. But what I know is, silver is very potent. It is both a bactericide and a virucide. The Ancient Romans used to drink it daily, and in some cases, they bathed in it.
          Old School pharmacists in the USA (pre-1900, approximately), used to keep silver coins behind the counters of their apothecaries. Mothers would bring their children in, who had scrapes and cuts, and the druggist would apply it directly to the wound, due to its powerful healing properties.
          In the movie, “Cinderella Man” (a film by Ron Howard about James J. Braddock, the former heavyweight boxing champion), there is a scene where Braddock’s cut man takes a silver dollar out of a bucket of ice, and applies it to a cut on Braddock’s face. This wasn’t put into that film by accident.
          As it turns out, colloidal silver is readily available these days, to anyone who might want it. One of the side-effects of taking too much of it? It turns the skin and the blood…blue. (Only in very high doses.)
          As I said, I don’t know jack-squat regarding which of the myriad theories about the origination of the term “Blue Blood” is correct – if any.
          But what I do know is that colloidal silver blasts every known virus and bacteria known to man. I’ve taken it for 17 years. I’ve had two colds in that entire time. Why? I felt immortal and stopped taking colloidal silver for awhile.
          There are studies (not available via the AMA, of course), which prove that colloidal silver, when injected directly into cancerous tumors, dramatically reduces those tumors in rapid fashion – eventually obliterating them entirely. Do with this what you will.
          Maybe being a Blue Blood means having access to higher knowledge. Who knows.

        12. She had a thing for adherents of the peaceful religion, she was banging Dodi Al-Fayed (son of the owner of Harrods) and a mooz doctor

        13. I actually saw a guy in an airport with blue skin a few months ago. I think he was the same dude who was on the news a while back.

        14. I heard their brains get inserted into young black rappers bodies. That’s why they chase down white girls.

        15. “Have you ever looked in an elitist’s medicine cabinet. I already know the answer to that one – no, you haven’t”
          So then what typically is in the medicine cabinet of the elitist? I’m curious…

        16. I stand by the stuff. The only problem a person might have with it, would arise if they are allergic to silver. If you’ve worn silver jewelry, and you get a red rash-type thing, you might want to pass. An ex-girlfriend of mine was allergic to silver. But she still took colloidal silver, and had some minor stomach cramps – but that was all. She never got sick either, the five years I was with her. You can make your own at home (by purchasing a colloidal silver kit), but I buy mine over the counter. The higher PPM (parts per million) content, the better. And I wouldn’t take advice from a hippy-chick with dirty feet either, typically, but in this case, she knew her shit…

        17. She was into the healing power of crystals, opening chakras, etc so I was suspect. I guess a broken clock is right twice a day. Gonna order some and give it a whirl.

        18. I think royals have blue blood from swallowing so much cum whilst sucking each others cocks. Now… moving on from the worship of “royalty”…

        19. Yep, 2 bottles: 1st an elixir of immortality, 2nd a bottle of cyanide if the proletariat ever come knocking.

    6. “start chasing the big money”
      I’ll wager the homeless guy who lives a carefree life will live much longer than Mr. Type A on Wall Street who works 70 hour weeks and keels over from a heart attack at 45.

    7. “You’ll get a much bigger rush from personal accomplishments than you will ever get from having sex.”
      “There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done.
      Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung….
      Nothing you can make that can’t be made.
      No one you can save that can’t be saved…
      There’s nothing you can know that isn’t known.
      Nothing you can see that isn’t shown.
      There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where
      You’re meant to be”

      1. Vagina-soaked Beatles twaddle does not trump the wisdom of @disqusbobsmith:disqus.
        Back under your rock, you!

    8. yes, goyim, do not even consider having children until your financial affairs are all in order!!!

    9. Some real broke bitch boo-boo-ing. You can be a millionaire and pay for girls’ company but you can’t buy game. She’d be there even if he didn’t have money because he has fame (relative, on Instagram) and can obviously dance (fun to be with).

      1. “if he didn’t have money because he has fame ”
        That doesn’t change anything. Woman are attracted to material things which can include fame. She sure as fuck does not care about him as a person.

    10. I am late forties, probably have low T and have left chasing tail to the next generations. I just can’t be bothered – juice ain’t worth the squeeze. Besides, I don’t even find women 10 years my junior attractive anymore let alone women my own age. Have you seen 40-something women? Most look old enough to be my mother. GROSS! In any case, I am a divorced dad and spend my time, money and energy making a better life for my kids and doing things with them. If I get me a single mommy with HER kids, my own children are now sharing our limited resources with two or three other kids and an ADULT FEMALE (read: money bottomless pit).
      Anyways, to offer another viewpoint to the hot old guy cutting a rug with hot young woman:
      GIRLS: Here is why it’s good to stay in school and then make good money.
      BOYS: Here is why it’s good to stay in school and then make good money.

      1. For those with children teach them the paths to wealth and how to keep it. Wealth brings freedom, better medical care,and a good retirement. Don’t bring them along slowly move with speed and determination instilling the reason why.
        Older battle tested parents have the advantage. Having offspring is a decision that is often taken away by the other partner.

    11. Men expunge their substance. Make sure she’s worth it. You, as a man, should be able to quantify and compensate your substance with your age. It’s called wisdom. She should be nagging you for sex, or you’re doing it wrong.
      Regardless how good she looks eventually you’re going to get tired of hitting it. Even if you love her and she’s the most awesome woman you can imagine. The male sex drive is only satisfied temporarily, at best.

    12. ” Just focus on making money young man.”
      They told us the same nonsense in the 80’s after male teenagers released they were never going to have the free love sexual revolution their father’s generation enjoyed.
      Then the Financial Crisis of 87 happened.

      1. An old lady once told me, “You can love a rich man just as easily as a poor man.” Money trumps everything when it comes to women. IMHO.

    13. “after you’ve had sex with a couple hundred women, it’s pretty much the same shit, over and over. A guy can get caught up in a self-destructive trap during the endless pursuit of pussy”
      As somebody in his late twenties who has only been able to have some paid sex so far (I have fingers left after counting the number), I really wish I was in your “abundance” position. However what you say does relate to a lot of what I have been hearing recently. A close friend did tell me that you soon get tired of having sex with the same person.
      About the second one, I sort of agree even if I have not made much progress. Chatting girls up, hoping to get their numbers, texting… I would say it is a lot of work. Always thinking about what you say, trying not to fuck up… gruelling. I understand why people get married or enter LTRs; it eliminates the need for being perpetually on the hunt for sex.
      Sometimes I wonder whether I really want sex or not, whether I am after it for some fear of “missing out”. What bothers me the most, though, is having cinema and literature ruined since I can not relate to any love story that will eventually appear.
      Finally, for years despite not getting sex I almost didn’t masturbate, maybe once a month. Is that what would be considered a low libido?

      1. When I was coming up, it was a different playing field. There were no cell phones. No texting. No Tinder, no Facebook – none of that stuff. Nowadays it has to be much tougher going. Women can shop for dick online and via their phones.
        Looking back on my self-destructive 20s and 30s, I have mixed feelings. Out of all the women I fucked, maybe five of them were extremely memorable. But…they each had something negative about them that made it worthless to pursue as a long-term relationship. Mostly, they were major carousel riders (which was why they were so good in bed).
        I think aside from maybe having a few really mind-blowing sexual encounters, the rest of it is a waste of energy. Which makes the whole thing pretty shallow, really. There’s something to be said for having a low notch count. I don’t think I would beat myself up at all, if I were in your shoes. Today’s women are so vicious by nature (and by legislative empowerment), that a guy is walking in a mine field every time he tries to bang one.
        If I could give you one solid bit of advice here, it would be, work on yourself and be successful. Make a lot of money. That never fails to bring hot women to your doorstep. Then, you might be able to make a solid choice for someone to have some sort of an LTR with. But you really aren’t missing out by not banging a lot of women, because today, the downside doesn’t seem to be worth the risk.
        It might even be better to have a relationship with a woman who is madly in love with you, even if she isn’t the best-looking girl in the world. Looking back, I blew it with a handful of girls who would have had my back all the way – but I didn’t want them. If I had to do it over again, and start today, and be a young man again, I would pay close to attention to the girls who professed their undying, unrequited love for me, and I’d skip the pursuit of casual pussy.
        (Aw, hell, who am I kidding – I’m wired like I’m wired. But no matter what you do, the grass is always greener on the other side. Nobody is fully content. Nobody is satisfied. Life is about frustration and loss, primarily, with a few bursts of happiness along the way. And we all have that in common. And that is comforting, somehow…)
        I don’t think you necessarily have a low libido. If you stop masturbating, or stop having sex, your libido will drop naturally. It could be that there is a larger plan, and a larger force, that is guiding you, and your inability to bed women is part of that plan. That’s how I tend to look at things that seem a bit mysterious in my life. Our higher selves look out for us, even if we think we are “missing out” while it is calling the shots. Whatever happens, I wouldn’t worry about it. As I mentioned in this thread, I believe sex is wildly overrated. If you aren’t having sex, you aren’t burning up your energy on something that averts you from your goals.
        Hope this helps, my friend…we are all fools in this life and from the moment we are born, we are on our way to dying. So we all have that in common, as well.

        1. Yep, thanks to modern technology it’s a buyers market for dick.
          True but chasing the dollar can be just as elusive.

      2. Like a Rich money saying he’$ tired of money, guess what I still want get rich or die trying.
        I doubt Mr Stud wants to trade places with Mr. Dude, might make an interesting red pill film however.

    14. I suggest more sex with men, I have found it refreshing taking it from every orifice

        1. I wasn’t joking. I think homosexual sex between men is a beautiful thing.

  11. Testosterone is the principal vector for the growth of prostate cancer. Experiment with it at your peril.

    1. interesting. Is this only with artificial test as in HRT and steroids and stuff or do men who live a healthy lifestyle, are physically active and eat well and, as a result, have higher test levels naturally predisposed to prostate cancer as well?

      1. It’s just about completely genetic. So if you have the gene, it’s a bad idea to pour gasoline on the fire, so to speak.
        The main treatment for prostate cancer is that they chemically castrate you. (20 years ago they just cut your balls off.) The only way to stop it is to stop the testosterone. That stops fueling the cancer.

        1. Man, this cancer shit is for the dogs. I have already made up my mind that If faced with a cancer that will require a massive life change, illness, terror and pain to temporarily cure it will be time to borrow every fucking red cent that I can leverage with my credit and possessions, purchase a hand gun, put that gun in a safe, drink, fuck and party myself into abject poverty and then blow my brains out. Beats chemo imo

        2. unfortunately, Im at that point where if the msm says something is bad for you, it means do the opposite

        3. when the time comes i will do sufficient research to make sure the job gets done correctly for sure. After 18-36 months of living like Keith Richards in the 70’s I assume the job won’t be all that hard anyway

        4. Oxygen deprivation (carbon monoxide poisoning, or slow drop in oxygen levels in your sealed environment) seem to be pretty peaceful. You just get a bit loopy like you’re drunk and then drift off to sleep, never to wake up.

        5. The human head can still experience pain for up to 8.5 minutes after being severed from the body.

        6. ha, my head has been experiencing pain since the late 90’s. What’s another 8.5 minutes.

      2. thats been debunked. high T doesnt mean youre more prone to developing it. your prostate needs 10X the zinc the rest of your body does, and higher Z levels lead to higher T levels

        1. interesting. I don’t know much about this. Any resources you can point to for a good read? If not ill just googes around.

        2. Lots of male porn stars take mass quantities of zinc – increases the volume of the loads they squirt (increases semen volume).

        3. I’m curious what dosage of Zinc is appropriate?
          EDIT: Never mind, from the article cb linked:

          After reading on article last week on how mega dosing zinc raised the testestone levels of athletes by 40% I started a little zinc experiment. Taking around 150- 200 mg of a zinc a day.

    2. yep: isn’t the standard treatment for prostate cancer to put the person on androgen blockers?
      So perhaps the key to long life is preemptive T blockers? Maybe trans or eunuchs will live longer?

        1. the last world Gulliver visited (was written out of the novel): Land of the 100 year old eunuchs

        1. dead men whine no tales. What is it that sid said: live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse. As Dennis Leary most brilliantly said:
          All these rock stars should’ve been killed, man. Every single God damned one of them. Right after Jon Lenin died, we should’ve gotten the Partridge Family bus and driven around and killed them all one by one, you know? Elvis Presley should have been shot in the head back in 1957. Somebody should’ve walked up behind Elvis in ’57 with a 44 magnum, put the barrel of the gun right up to his brain stem and just pulled the trigger, so you can remember Elvis in a nice way. Wouldn’t it be nice to remember Elvis thin, with a big head of hair? Maybe that gold lame suit. Wouldn’t that be nice? Because how do you remember Elvis? You know how you remember Elvis. He was found in the toilet with his pants around his ankles and his big fat hairy sweaty king of rock and roll ass exposed to the world and his final piece of kingly evidence floating in the toilet behind him! Creepy! One of his aids had to walk in and go, “Damn, Elvis is dead. I’d better flush the toilet. Oh man I should’ve saved that! I coulda made some money off of that! Damn man! A ding dang do!”
          That’s why I’m glad Jesus died when he did. Oh yeah. Because if he lived to
          be 40, he woulda ended up like Elvis, come on! Oh yeah, he had that big
          entourage . Twelve guys willing to do whatever he wanted to do. He was famous already at that point. If he lived to be 40, he’d be walking around Jerusalem with a big fat beer gut and black side burns going, “Damn, I’m the son of God. Give me a cheese burger and french fries right now. Where’s Mary Magdeline, I want a blow job now. Come on now! Fuck you, or I’ll turn you into a leper. Give me a cheese burger now, God dammit. Love me tender, love me true, empty my colostomy bag! Oh I think I shit my pants on that last… Change my diaper now!”

        2. begrudging upvote is my favorite upvote. It is like when you say something that offends a woman’s sensibilities, morals and general world view and she doesn’t want to laugh but you see the smile crack through and then she can’t help herself.

  12. No amount of pharmaceuticals can replace a Healthy Lifestyle (eating the highest quality food, incorporating a proper exercise regimen, getting enough sleep, maintaining a proper mental state, etc.). Hormone replacement therapy is still just supplemental, and will not provide any real benefit without without the other elements in place. It’s nothing more than a shortcut (an expensive one) for those that don’t want to put in the required amount of work to build and maintain their masculinity. There are no shortcuts – everything takes work.
    Note: This is not something for an amateur, even in the smallest dosages. And don’t even consider using this shit unless it’s under strict medical supervision.

    1. Agree – im very opposed to most dr prescribed medicine. And T seems so complicated.
      Healthy diet is most important:
      fresh vegetables and meat, fruite etc
      So easy at many of these modern supermarkets buffett.
      Zabars, Whole foods, citerella etc
      Water, coconut juice.
      The package, processed junk is main culprit IMO

      1. Totally agree. I take Ibuprofen regularly for chronic back pain due to a degenerative facet joint, but exercise and diet keep me from prescriptions and the unthinkable surgery, although maybe inevitable at some point. Nevertheless, healthy diet and regular exercise the best prescription hands down!
        As GOJ always says, lots and lots of squats to boost those T levels!

  13. There needs to be more awareness about low T in men. More and more men need to seek treatment for this in the form of TRT from a medical doctor. I think this will be a good start to allaying a lot of societal ills and inadequaties.

  14. Anybody else notice that there seems to be a high-T epidemic among women these days. Receding hairlines, etc. Dr. Frankenstein must be quite the busy dude these days, I’m thinkin’…ah, the push for universal androgeny – I guess there truly is no rest for the weary.

    1. are you suggesting that testosterone in the world is a zero sum game and that the same amount of test always exists and the only difference is how it is divided between men and women so the epidemic of girlie men has created a vacuum whereby the test has gone into the women?

    2. yes. Lower voices, narrower hips, pushier attitudes….but hey at least their tits are getting bigger!

      1. And we’re supposed to embrace this and say that they’re sexy.
        Um, no. I’m not into teenaged boys with tits. Sorry.

        1. a new thing: women(and now men) are making statements, but the tone changes and makes it sound as if its a question- does that make any sense?

        2. There’s a term for it but I forgot. But the inflection is like:
          “There’s this new thing? where people make statements? but they sound like questions?”
          Basically an invitation to a collapsed face.

        3. I used to like family guy, but not so much anymore. Stewie got less evil and more gay every season. I prefer South Park these days.

      1. I think there is a group of tranny scientists who check that every morning, among the “members” of the control group…but I’m not sure about that one.

      1. So…it isn’t a stretch to think that the elitists’ scientific community has figured out a way to make men more like women, and women more like men. I mean, in the face of how the elitists’ media constantly bleats about the elimination of gender roles. The math screams at you there.

        1. But how is the question. If you simply inject more testosterone into something that everybody uses then all T levels would rise, not just women. And if you inject estrogen everywhere in the water supply (thank you The Pill, you evil, evil product of no-ethics science) then T levels wouldn’t be rising for only one group given the universal nature of water. So what is it then I wonder?
          I’m betting this is more attributed to propaganda and pushes to make girls into athletes than a chemical per se. Just a hunch.

        2. I don’t know. I’d love to look at their scientific documentation on that score. I just have zero clues about how they do it. But a coincidence, it cannot be…

        3. Might I suggest a different approach?
          The powers that be have been pushing to emasculate men for decades between laws that take power away from them, chemicals that throw their hormones out of whack, and propaganda that tells them to be more sensitive. This has caused men as a whole to become more feminine.
          Now we know nature hates a void, so when masculinity began to decline in men, women began to pick up the slack, so to speak (similar to the bonobos, I believe). Couple that with the constant grrl powah crap they push 24/7 and there ya go.

        4. Just watched latest planet of the apes:
          The Same virus which causes ethical apes to speak, renders evil white men mute.
          So yea men become puddles of soy, women experience roid rages…
          See it every day

    3. ok then how do you explain receding hairlines among men? I thought they had low T? Which is it?

      1. Thanks for your audition. At this juncture, we have decided against having you appear on a future episode of “Uncle Bob Debates a Beta Male”. Unfortunately, we feel that your overall intelligence and verbal skills are not quite adequate enough to provide an entertaining debate for our viewers. Upper-level management suggests you attend middle school one more time, or cut back on fluoridated water, or receive testosterone injections. If your acumen and cogency should improve, feel free to audition once more at a future date. And thanks again…

        1. OK so women with receding hair lines = high T
          men with receding hair lines = low T
          Is that how it works???

        2. Receding hairline in men is also genetic and a natural form of aging. If it happens early, it could be a sign of high T, but not necessarily.
          But if it happens in women, something smells fishy.

    4. I’ve actually noticed more balding women lately — not just receding hairlines but actual bald spots and very thin hair.

    5. Yeah, maybe we should just do what they’re doing? Heh… birth-control pills, Xanax and cats?

  15. This is a timely article. I went to the doctor yesterday to establish a working relationship due to, oh God I hate to say this, turning 50 in a few weeks.
    So get there, do the physical and I’m like off the charts “excellent” for not just my age, but even if I were a college football quarterback. Resting heart rate in the 50’s, blood pressure textbook perfect, heart and lungs sound “surprisingly good, are you really turning 50 (she asked laughing)”. No prescriptions, no medications, nothing, just good old fashioned keeping physically fit all these years. Apparently I went from 6’3″ from my last tape 5 years ago to 6’3.59″ which means either I was mis-measured yesterday, or years ago, or…and I’m going with this one because it let’s me pretend I’m still young, I’m apparently still growing in height (ha!). All bloodwork (as mentioned in the article) is textbook perfect. She asked me how I ate and I told her basically a paleo type routine and she did the typical head scratching “I’m not sure why that’s not driving your cholesterol up” thing. Doctors always seem to be the last on board when it comes to actual dietary advice, heh.
    So sitting hear at basically 50 for all intents and purposes, stronger than an ox, in great shape, in great physical (medical) condition and with a libido that is still more or less out of control. All from starting weight lifting when I was 17 and never stopping (and being lucky not to get some kind of disease that has nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle).
    So I’m saying that you can get at least to 50 without worrying about the low T thing IF you take great care of yourself as a lifetime commitment. If you haven’t yet, then get up off the couch and start. If you have already started do NOT stop.

      1. “GhostOfJefferson gives good advice on testosterone maintenance, oh yes he does’ – Gandhi

    1. “She asked me how I ate and I told her basically a paleo type routine and she did the typical head scratching “I’m not sure why that’s not driving your cholesterol up”
      Fuck me- doctors????
      Paleo diet, combined with excercise- all a man needs.
      And a woman wants!

      1. It’s not like this is new either, this has been pretty much well documented for almost 2 decades now, and still 99% of the medical people I hear talk are standing there scratching their noggens saying “It doesn’t make sense!” Well sure, but “IT” in this case is your theory, not the results. They don’t grok that theories can be wrong, so if the data doesn’t support it, they simply question the data staring them in the face instead of considering modifying their defunct theory. It’s silly.

        1. I follow cholesterol/paleo info closely, as closely as a layman can, and from what I’ve seen, nobody knows anything. For real. It’s a mishmash of contradictions and confusion.

        2. From what I know from repeated blood draws over my adult life, and hearing about the same from others on a similar diet, it seems to work exactly the opposite of what they’ve been told to expect.

        3. That’s the biologists excuse in much the same way as physicists say “dark energy” and “dark matter” to account for the 75% fudge in math they need to make in order to make their clearly flawed Big Bang theory work. Fortunately those things are all invisible and/or “unknown at this time” which is great because then hey, no proof required and no further investigation required.

        4. Yeah. Another one is “gravity”. They use that one as a universal plug-in, too, to explain shit that makes zero sense to everyone except Neil deGrasse Tyson and his fellow scammers.

        5. Most doctors don’t even seem to realize that vitamins A, D, and K2 have a sort of symbotic relationship and are fat soluble, and that was discovered and thoroughly documented over a hundred years ago.
          Every doctor should read up on the myths they believe, and how well they are known to be false. Ancel Keys fudged his numbers in an astounding way; The China Study was debunked from its own data by a 20-something named Denise Minger; the whole food pyramid concept was created by a crazy politician to nationalize his diet (which is now known to be one of the worst possible diets).

        6. New study shows elderly adults with the highest levels of LDL have the longest life expectancy.
          (head explodes from cognitive dissonance)

        7. Basic rules:
          – Triglycerides low (they indicate your liver’s working overtime processing sugars, which is a bad sign)
          – LDL and HDL both high (they control your healing mechanisms – higher means faster recovery from injury and physical stresses)
          – Eat all the cholesterol you want (it doesn’t do a damn thing to your numbers)
          Also, the prime culprit in heart disease appears to be oxidized PUFA. Switch to saturated fats and your actual risk drops like a stone.

        8. Thanks. I’ve been down in the weeds with this stuff for a while. My latest blood work shows my trigs and HDL in a 1:1 ratio (66 each), which is supposed to be great, and typical on a paleo diet. LDL was 221, which I don’t know how to interpret.
          When I learned that dietary cholesterol doesn’t affect your blood cholesterol, it was like the world got a little brighter. Release the bacon!!

        9. LDL and HDL ratio is a bit out of whack, but not by that much. Ideally, you’d get your HDL up around 80 and your LDL down about 20 points, but overall it’s not so bad.
          The myth of dietary cholesterol killed my great-grandmother. Within six months of being told by her doctor to stop eating eggs, she went from one of the shrewdest and most competent women imaginable to a bedridden vegetable. She never recovered.

        10. My triglycerides came out a bit high on my panel however I hadn’t fasted (doctor didn’t mention it and I didn’t even consider it) and she said before the bloodwork was even drawn that they’d probably be spiking so that we could disregard that particular number and retake the panel in 6 months. Otherwise, doing great on all counts.

        11. Last year I donated blood two days before my yearly physical.
          You could imagine my shock when the results came back “mildly anemic”.

        12. There’s a guy calling himself Dave Keto (@DaveKeto on Twitter) who is doing some really interesting research about cholesterol vis-a-vis paleo diets. He’s made up a new term: “lean mass hyperresponders”. Worth a look.

        13. It seems like total bumpus on its face. “Um, 75% of our math doesn’t work unless we throw in something invisible that we cannot prove exists”. Seems to *me* that this means that the hypothesis is incorrect, but hey, what do I know?

      2. I had abad breakout of acne in my late teens. Dr recommended to my mom by a neighbor. I walk thru the door, and, I shit you not, HE had acne- and he was in his 40s
        they are pretty much nothing more than pill salesmen at this point

        1. Funny you mention this. I never had acne. When I was 13 and all the kids had pimple heads, when i was 16 and there were zits…just totally escaped me. All of a sudden yesterday, 3 weeks off from my 45 birthday, i have a fucking zit for the first time in my life. I don’t understand. You literally can’t be more fastidious about being clean than me. Further, not only am I clean but I do weekly charcoal masks and seasonal facials. I do hydrating masks. I have a routine that makes the beginning of american psycho look totally fucking rational. I am not under more stress than usual. I have had no diet or lifestyle changes. But there it is. A big zit. First time.

        2. dude what the fuck! so glad you said this. Bitch is like “can i squeeze that” and I said no gtfo. I read on line that that can leave a scar and to use an astringent and be patient which i am doing. WTF with women. The second this bitch saw it all she wanted to do was pop it. Not only is that bad for the skin but it is also fucking disgusting.

        3. I was pretty fortunate in this regard, but I do confess great amusement as a yute trying to hit the mirror with the contents of a squeezed zit.

        4. Being struggling with acne since 14. Severe acne at 20, dermatologist gave me Roaccutane that shit is horrible, your lips are dry to the point of bleeding, you get fat, and mess with your mind, that shit gives suicidal thoughts and depression, That crap is basically Vitamin A in high doses, so your body enter in a Hypervitaminosis state, vitamin A is poison in high doses, but somehow doctors can´t explain why in high doses stops the skin from producing natural oil, that´s why your lips get dry, even your eyes are dry. My acne goes from severe to mild. But I stop it due to the side effects, it took 6 months for my body to get rid off all the extra vitamin A, the body store that shit in the fat, so basically I had the symptoms months after stopping taking the pills.
          I´m 32, clean, with some acne scars, if I stop cleaning and exfoliating for 2 week My face began to look like a teenager again. My routing in my face is like Bateman.

        5. My own anecdotal study suggests that acne is correlated with blood sugar spikes (and likely fructose). If I drink a 12oz soda, I develop on average one new pimple within 24 hours, and if I eat an equivalent amount of candy the same results.
          If I eat a low-to-moderate carb diet, no pimples.

        6. That reminds me of a guy I used to know who suffered from depression all his life. He was first put on anti-depressants in his teens (which I think is what really screwed him up — you shouldn’t fuck with a kid’s brain chemistry while his brain is still developing.)
          He had been to all kinds of different counselors, psychologists, therapists and psychiatrists all his life. In his early 40s, he had been seeing this one psychiatrist for about 5 years, while also seeing an individual therapist and doing group therapy. And his depression really seemed to be getting worse. At one point, he ended up in the hospital after a seizure, and it ended up that was actually a side-effect of him taking so many different and powerful anti-depressants and other shit — he was on like 6 different medications, some just to reduce the side-effects of the other shit he was taking.
          Anyway, one day I hear that this guy has had a complete mental breakdown and he was involuntarily committed. It turns out, this guy’s psychiatrist had killed himself, and the guy decided: “Fuck this, I’m not taking this crap anymore and nor doing all this bullshit therapy anymore.” And the doctor that took over for his previous (suicidal) psychiatrist had him committed for it.
          They had to let him out after like 24 hours or something, and he had to promise to go back on all the meds. But he didn’t. He refused to take a single pill — which is actually really dangerous after being on them for years, but he refused. He suffered through several weeks of shit coming down from being on all that shit, but he was just done. He got into all this weird, holistic shit, did juicing, working with a nutritionist, etc., trying to just get himself to somewhere normal.
          He eventually shook it all off, and he is one of the more content dudes I know. He’s not like super happy and bubbly or anything, but he certainly isn’t depressed anymore, and he says he is happier now than he has ever been in his life.
          I asked him about it once and he told me that the second he heard that his psychiatrist had killed himself, he knew it was all a sham. He had met with that guy every week for 5+ years, trusted him, did everything he said, worked all the programs and took all the pills the guy prescribed. But deep down inside, he knew the guy was lying to him, and when he found out he had committed suicide, he knew he had to completely get that shit out of his brain and out of his life, or he would end up eating a bullet, too.

        7. Wow man, rough going but glad youre dealing with it. I do the bateman routine as well….every day….I am fortunate in the skin zone. I wish I had better advice to give.

        8. Best anti-acne advice I ever got: don’t touch your face. You hand is full of all kinds of oil and dirt from the shit you touch all day long. Touching your face just transfers all that oil and grime to your open pores.

        9. That is a great story (not to be confused with “cool story, bro!”). It confirms everything I’ve suspected about the nature of depression, therapy, medications, etc.

        10. This comment is article worthy in and of itself. As someone who went through mind numbin depression once, the only thing a man needs is a new goal and unabashed pursuit of it. He needs to truly step into an unsafe zone and make it out and just watch as all signs of depression melt.

        11. In their unguarded moments, I’ve heard professors and students of psychology confess that it’s all a bunch of hooey to them. Most of them realize that behavioral therapies work better than the talking crap, that the drugs are largely useless or dangerous, and that no studies done since the development of the psychiatric governance board (whatever it’s called) have been worth a squirt of piss.
          If they don’t believe it, why should any of us? It just confirms what those of us who have been in therapy always suspected.

        12. And if that talking crap is of any value why is it indefinite? You hear these basket-cases talking about “my therapist said” for YEARS.

        13. “As someone who went through mind numbin depression once”
          How bad was it and how long did it last? As a perpetually non-depressed person, I’m always curious to hear about it.

        14. I started rewatching the Beverly Hillbillies, and I was amazed by how they treated psychology. Not just in that two-parter where Jethro goes to the psychoanalyst and hijinx ensue, but overall.
          Mr. Drysdale has no respect for psychologists, and Mrs. Drysdale spends all her off-screen time at one doctor or another. The therapists compound her issues, sell her pills, and suck money out of Mr. Drysdale’s pockets (which, as we know, bankers hate).

        15. That show was great. Another interesting show to watch from a Red Pill perspective is Green Acres. It was just good happy fun as a kid but watching it now you can see strong streaks of red pill and “libertarian” in it that you’ll never find in a modern show.

        16. I think there are people who suffer from legitimate clinical depression, and I think some of the medications can help them recover. But the industry is not about helping people recover as much as it is about feeding them pills and therapy treatments for the rest of their lives.
          And a lot of people who are suffering from other things that can mimic the “symptoms” of depression — spiritual bankruptcy, lack of purpose, even low T — can get swept up into the depression industry, which ends up making their lives worse and not better.

        17. I was diagnosed with a smorgasbord of conditions almost a decade ago – borderline, depression, and probably several more my parents never saw fit to tell me.
          It was all dietary. A few months of very-low carb dieting with lots of coconut oil and butter straightened me right out. Apparently my brain was built primarily out of wrong-chirality fats (stemming from a modern American diet of oxidized PUFAs), and that was messing me up in a big way.

        18. Sorry it’s hard not to laugh hearing about a psychiatrist who kills themself.
          Clearly not the guy you want to listen to haha.

        19. Most people who go into psychology in college do it because they have had therapy before or they are fucked up and trying to figure out why they are fucked up. I think the suicide rate for psychiatrists is actually higher than average but I’m not sure.

        20. Would say about 4 to 5 years easily. Went from an outgoing, extremely arrogant kid (got depressed somewhere around 17) to this scared shitless kid who would have rather never left the apartment. Life went on though and ended up wasting a huge head start with college since I was too afraid to deal with society. At the time, I was eager for friends but the worst of it was not remembering who I was. Felt like a case of amnesia where I needed people for reference but got nothing.

        21. “Felt like a case of amnesia where I needed people for reference but got nothing.”
          Excellent description.

        22. They all do it- love it.
          And ifind it relaxing – face, back, and even ears with Japanese chicks- meemeecarkey

        23. I have done korean scrubs but the idea of sitting there on my sofa while some bitch squeezes a pimple is disgusting.

        24. A good amount of mental problems can be traced to poor diets. One of the reasons so many American kids got issues in school can be traced to poor diet.
          Psychiatry is a scam for the most part, only a few people are so far gone mentally that they need psychiatric medications and psychiatric care not 25-30 percent of the American population.

        25. Actually too young to have seen SBTB in my youth, believe it or not. But my folks had a DVD player and box sets of classic television – Hillbillies, Hogan’s Heroes, Andy Griffith, Gilligan’s Island…
          And Bewitched. Never could decide between Elly Mae, Mary Ann, and Samantha.

        26. I remember some of that, but it’s just not a cultural phenomenon I can sink my teeth into yet. Probably should watch an episode or three before I dig that analysis back up.

        27. Can’t argue with that. I’m recovering from hip replacement surgery now, bored and somewhat out of shape. I was at Costco yesterday and didn’t even approach an 8 giving obvious IOIs because I was hobbling on a cane and not happy. I could kick myself today.

    2. Physical education really needs to be taken seriously as a significant part of the curriculum. What you’re saying needs to be drilled into a kid’s head YOUNG.
      Of course the father’s should be doing this, but failing that…

      1. are you saying that a pederast with bad teeth just telling you to throw dodge balls at the kid with glasses isn’t enough?

        1. I am lumbering to that very conclusion.
          Skipping the class entirely is a bad plan as well it turns out.

      2. My plan is to learn ’em young. I’m gonna see what happens if you teach toddlers to wrestle, and when they’ve gotten a bit older I’ll see if I can learn ’em some muay thai boxing.
        If I can make working out and physical exercise a habit while they’re young, they’ll find it easier to keep it up as life goes on. As the Good Book says, “Raise up a child in the way he should go, and when he is older he will not depart from it.”

        1. I can just see a 6yo Taignobias Jr hurtling across the playground and knee-striking some 2nd grader in the chest.

        2. I actually threw fists at a teacher when I was five, so I’ll have to keep it to wrestling and philosophy for the first few years. I don’t need the hassle of cutting work to visit the principal’s office.

      3. Ben you’re 100% correct here. PE and even most sports are fucked to hell. I have my son in MMA and it does wonders for him mentally and obviously physically. When he’s a little older he will lift with me. Teaching your kids about proper eating and exercise is a must these days.

    3. Your height can vary as much as 2 – 2.5cm throughout the day (nearly an inch) due to changes in your spinal fluid. This also depends on the sort of rest you take throughout the day, such as noon naps.

    4. Did they demand you start taking some prescription medication as a preventive measure? I hear some doctors demand that of perfectly healthy patients.

    5. Your height changes from morning to evening. You are taller in the morning. I always wake up a .5 inch taller.

        1. There is no hack it’s your cartilage contracting against your body weight during the day. When you sleep, the cartilage expands, so you wake up a half an inch or more taller.

    6. I’m familiar with paleo diets. Please, do tell, what does your personal version of it look like?

  16. Another great article and extremely important article about Men’s health
    * If your having symptoms of low T go to your family dr. (google them) as low T can cause even more health problems
    * its a blood test to see your levels (make sure they check your irons levels too as a lot of family drs miss doing this)
    * If its low then ask to see a specialist preferably at a Men’s clinic
    they are experts and will do more tests
    * First thing change diet and exercise routine, lose some weight and gain muscle, (a lot of good articles on here about gaining muscle and using weights)
    *cut the anything that kills T growth (there was articles on here but google it)
    * if that fails then look at best T replacement therapy with your dr.

  17. Great article. Wish I had come by this information earlier in my life. Oh well, better late than never.

    1. Never too late. I’ll be 30 this year and I’ve vowed to make it the best time of my life. Im lifting like a mad man, eating cleaner than ever, quit smoking, no porn for over a year, cut way back on drinking(almost never), getting more attention from women I in public (and by the wife) and I feel great.
      I’ve noticed something though. That “chi” or whatever anyone wants to call it is a real thing. For too long I though it would be some feeling of Uber machismo, but I dont think it is. To me, I’m just super comfortable in my own skin. Ultra confident, slightly cocky, but and I’m generally happy. Growing up, basically with no male role models, I never thought I’d get here.

  18. Yes today there is an epidemic of low testosterone, or low T, among men aged about 45 and older and this has prompted the use of testosterone replacement therapy. It is a bad idea, here’s why.
    1. Some men produce testosterone blocking chemicals. The most important of these is called SHBG or sex hormone binding globulin. Doctors consider this a problem. However, in fact the body may produce SHBG because the man is in a four low electrolytes pattern, and testosterone in any form makes the pattern much worse. Unfortunately, some doctors give these men testosterone replacement therapy, and this causes cancer and other serious problems.
    2. At times, the body makes enough testosterone, but converts too much of it to estrogen or to other hormones. This is also often a compensation. However, some doctors give these men testosterone, which is just converted to more estrogen, in many cases, making the men more ill.
    3. Hormones are meant to be made as they are needed, responding to the immediate needs of the body. This can never be duplicated with any pill, patch, shot, or other method of administration from the outside. Taking hormones from the outside locks the body into certain stress responses that are usually not the best.

    1. any tips for a guy who works crap hrs(night shift, a cop)? he has lost noticeable muscle and gotten fat in the past two years. he rarely goes to the gym as his bio clock is outta whack

        1. Im a cop who sits in front of a pc all day. that would probably be the dream gig for most cops

      1. Crap hours make things hard but in reality they are no different than other hours. If one person goes to work at 730 am and gets out at 530 pm he makes it a point to get to a gym before or after work. No reason this can’t be done on the other side of the clock. Further, I know a lot of cops and if they are indicative of cops in general then you probably eat like shit. Stop it. Food prep, pack your food and eat out of tuperwear. Stop with all the shit food. Take a little teasing from the guys. RIght there, two concrete things….get your ass to the gym and food prep protein rich, carb light, healthy food and bring it with you every day. Get a 6 pack fitness bag that holds the Tupperware and some ice packs if you are out of the house for a long time. It will hold 3 (or if you get the bigger one 5) meals and keep them cold as well as holding 2 water or shaker bottles.

        1. he only gets 4 or 5 hrs sleep bc of this, I tried to get him to 6 or 7, and he still hasnt bought blackout curtains. and honestly I dont think his wife cooks him lunch or whatever(and she is a stay at home mom, I wanna tell him she doesnt pull her weight- and she doesnt- but that wont go over well)

        2. How to tame a wife i don’t know. That is not my area of expertise. 4-5 hours of sleep isnt enough for sure. However, if he puts an hour or 2 of hard work in at a gym and supplements with ZMA at night I am fairly sure the sleep thing will work itself out.

        3. You can stop right there. You need at least 7 hours of sleep each 24h for good testosterone production and overall health. If you get less sleep than that over a longer period of time, your health will suffer.
          Google it. It is state of the art in medicine and proven 10 000 times over.
          Fix this first.

        4. Yo Cheese, I’ll be married 20-years in February – Very Happily. I absolutely adore my wife, but life/marriage is NEVER without it’s challenges.
          Approaching your (Friend’s) wife regarding this matter is not pleading with her, you’re respectfully asking for “assistance to better your current state.” You’re both there to support one another, and the one who’s producing the most (expending the most energy) at any particular moment may require a little bit more support from the other. Simply put, when you’re the Producer, you require a supporting cast. The family dynamic can become complicated at times, but it’s really no different than running a business… by clearly defining everyone’s roles, you’re putting (the marriage) in the best position for success.
          I had a very wise older lawyer friend tell me something years ago about marriage: “There’s no such thing as 50/50 in a relationship” – sounds simple enough – ya, but standing there, talking with this man, I got it – it really resonated. We’re all pulling various levels of weight at any given time… it can be 80/20, 60/40 – whatever, you adjust accordingly – you’re working together for the greater good. The sooner you get everybody on the same page, the better.
          Hipponax provided you with Fantastic Advice regarding your daily food tips. I can’t stress enough to NEVER listen to your co-workers comments… pay them no mind. The only thing I could possibly add into the daily mix is Unsalted Raw Nuts – they work really well for some people. Adding raw almonds or raw walnuts to your daily “snacks” can help with cravings and boredom – they are high quality fats that won’t spike blood sugar and they have the added benefit of actually tiring out your jaw… you can become less prone to snacking other items as a result – just a thought.

      2. This is easier said than done but if I was you I would change the occupation – night shifts and highly stressful. At present your lifestyle is the major negative factor and no gym work and diet will compensate for that, in fact they might make the situation even worse. It’s a hard decision but health is wealth.

      3. It’s mostly a cubicle job and sitting down eating processed food that ruins you. If you work in a job with some physical activity involved chances are you will be in better shape than someone who sits at a desk.

  19. Men start looking like androgynous Genderstudies professors or butch lesbians.
    And so do women as they ages.

    1. But few years ago I have seen a man who was wandering in the woods when I was walking my dogs. He carried a backpack, a walking stick and his chest was bare. He was very tanned and had very strong blue eyes. His body still looked tight. I don’t know how old he was. His hair was full but completly white. Like hollywood-teeth-veneers-white. Even whiter than Hannibal from the old A-Team. So he could have been over 70 or 60. I saw him talking with an other old man they seemed neighbors. In the area many old people used to live for it was so quiet with many walking opportunities. He looked still quite in good shape.
      Robert de Niro in Dirty Granpa is also a funny example, realistic or not^^

  20. The only way into better T levels is to do the work. You have to get off of your ass and start a cycle of self-improvement. REGULAR exercise, reduced internet usage, and being around high quality male friends are a few of the most important things you can do. Diet is extremely important. By all means, AVOID processed food as much as you can. The cheap, addictive chemicals that “food” is processed with is directly related to low T and other hormonal imbalances. It’s poison and it’s partly responsible for the unnatural behaviours plaguing Western society,

    1. Another good one is stop reading BS like this. There was a bodybuilder named Vince Gironda who built his body in the old days before supplements and other nonsense. He lived almost 8 decades.

      1. Creator of the “steak & eggs” diet, still the fastest most efficient way to get ripped , great article on the Bold & Determined site if anyone interested ..

    2. I haven’t eaten processed foods in over a decade, I eat almost zero sugar, and I cook ALL my meals from scratch — primarily meat and plants. Last night was grilled lamb and asparagus. This diet makes me feel good and it keeps the testosterone levels up. (I’m 41.)
      However, nothing boosts T like getting divorced. One day a few months after the former spouse walked out, a wall of T hit me with the force of a freight train. I was like a dog in heat. The next six months was one long blur of sweaty sex with multiple women. I was a man possessed.

      1. It seems relationships where the man does not have the firm upper hand contribute to even lower T. That’s not scientifically verified, but I do believe that day to day social and sexual circumstances affect T.

        1. Absolutely. I was always fighting for dominance with my ex, who was herself dominant. Looking back, it reduced my T. Today, the number one quality that I look for in a woman is submissiveness to me. Not a stupid woman, or a helpless woman — just someone who lets me lead. It actually boosts my T.

        2. With women, if you aren’t out ahead from the starting line, or you are constantly vying for the lead, it’s a major problem. Drop her like a greasy chopstick. That also boosts T.

      2. That phenomenon is pretty well documented and I think clearly plays a part in our body’s urge to continue reproduction as long as possible. On the other side it’s been shown that men in a real “live in” type relationship who end up impregnating the chick, have their testosterone drop pretty significantly. Also something about nature not wanting the male to see the kid as competition and kill it or some such thought like that, which makes sense given as we are mammals first and then human on top of that.

  21. For the Investors on the Forum:
    Check out this Canadian company Theralase
    Stock Ticker: CVE: TLT
    Current stock price: ~$0.40
    Me and a couple friends have been tracking this company for a few years now for their innovative cancer treatment, and they released results for clinical human trials today showing that their treatment has strong efficacy results. A couple months back they released successful safety results but everyone was waiting for efficacy results and now they’re out.
    Their treatment is more effective than chemo with fewer negative side-effects. To summarize the treatment, they’ve created injectable photosensitive compounds that attach themselves to the surface receptors of cancer cells, which then detonate to kill the cancer cells after an x-ray laser has been applied.
    The stock has already jumped 16% since 9am and if they get bought out by a larger medical company, I think there is potential to jump to at least $4.00. I’m a novice investor, so take my advice with a grain of salt, but I just wanted to point you guys to what I think is a potential opportunity to make some money.

    1. Any symptomatic treatment is nothing but drug dealing. Even if it kills cancer cells they’ll come back as the cause has not been eliminated and the patient will need another round of treatment.

      1. A close friend of mine went through testicular cancer and a year of chemo and surgeries… An effective treatment without the brutal side-effects is huge news in the cancer world.
        No need to be negative about something that is good overall.

        1. Being critical is not being negative.
          Chemo is a terrible procedure but theralase is similar to it in terms of being a symptomatic treatment. They are all good for business and not so good for the patient. Which is why the only third party information I could find about this company on the net was about investing in it as your initial post.

        2. Check my post update for a link to the efficacy results report if you’re interested.
          You’re correct that it’s not a one shot complete cure, but that simply doesn’t exist yet.

  22. “The funny thing is, not one really knows why it’s happening. Is it the modern lifestyle?”
    To answer you this question I have to dive a bit deeper into the subject and graze spiritual aspects, I seldom mention here on RoK. However if you are interested in a deeper and different look at the subject, feel free to read on.
    What is “T”? T by itself is nothing more than a messenger. I gives orders to your body to perform certain tasks. Like grow muscle. Did you ever wonder why your body “eats” away your hard won muscle if you stop going to the gym? The answer is energy consumption. Big muscle needs a lot of energy. Our body is trained to conserve energy whenever possible so muscle is only built when needed stress training puts the body under “stress” so the body invests energy into new muscle.
    If we make a blood test and check our level of T what we are getting is an indicator HOW MUCH ENERGY WE HAVE LEFT. If we take a T shot, we do not get more energy. We just consume more of the (little) reserves we have left to get a few more good years out of the old car. Sorry if you didnt want to hear that but thats what it is.
    Now the spiritual part has something to do with this energy. In eastern asia they say we have a certain amount of “chi” = life energy we are born with. If we use a lot of it, most of it will be used by the age around 30. Thats why most pros in sports retire at that age. We can get some chi with healthy eating, lots of sleep and/or meditation. Like the “warrior monk lifestyle” mentioned in the article.
    So why did our grand-fathers have higher T levels? Because they lived a FAR slower life. They didnt spent their energy in their 10s and 20s like we do. No party nights twice a week. No iphones to keep out attention 24/7, less stress at work, all in all a much more slow, relaxing life.
    There is some truth in the old say: “Live fast, die young”.
    In essence it boils down to the simple formule: Energy intake should be higher than energy consumption. If your energy level goes up, so will the T level in your blood because you now have more to spend.

    1. I’ve lived a pretty active life by modern standards, including the party in my teens and twenties. Feeling fan-fucking-tastic coming up on 50 in a few weeks (see post below).

      1. I think it has to do how often and how hard yo do it.
        If you go out every weekend and get drunk every weekend or even take synthetic drugs, it gets quicker
        I know some guy (24) who took meth for two years. The oldest looking 24 yo I’ve met so far.

        1. Well if this is downhill then I feel sorry for normal guys who start out at 20 right where I am now.
          Clearly everybody ages. But you don’t have to just sit back and let it happen without a fight. Time always wins but I always think of those muscle bound dudes who live great their whole lives and die at 99 built like an Olympic athlete. They live *great* lives in terms of quality. To not aspire to that is to accept mediocrity or worse, defeat.

        2. When I get to them, I’ll let you know.
          Half of the battle is attitude. If you’re optimistic and don’t accept defeat as an option, even in the face of the only true defeat in life, which is death, then you’re motivate to act and react at a much higher level. It’s paying off great so far.

        3. Like GOJ, I too live a healthy lifestyle and choose not to succumb to the ravages of time and societal norms. At 47 now, the office mates still think I’m mid 30’s and that’s both the guys and gals. You are correct, the 20 somethings mostly watch NETFLIX, eat shit and cuck there lives away. I owe my physique to healthy eating, exercise and good hygiene. I too want to be that 90 year old badass!

      2. You are the perfect example Ghost. Your lifestyle as far as i can tell from your postings over the past couple of years is very close to what “our grand-fathers” did.
        You eat healthy.
        You work out.
        You spend your time with care.
        But it is also what you dont(!) do that counts:
        You dont do drugs, prescription or otherwise.
        You dont sit in front of your PC for 8 hours in office, come home to watch some TV show the next 4 hours while eating a microwaved pizza.
        You dont watch football/baseball every weekend, on your sofa, with 6pack beer in hand.
        I also dont think you did spend your 15-25 years with online porn, faping 2 times a day, every day, while playing your favorite video games in between.
        It may sound harsh and maybe I am a bit unfair to the generation 20something even. Nevertheless I think the above is true for a large number of the millenial generation. And it is getting worse.

        1. That’s my work day, where I finish my work in 1 hour or so, then sit and waste time until somebody pulls the birds tail so that I can slide down the brontosaurus tail, into my car, and dash back home.

    2. Exactly. A basic reason for low T is the adrenal glands and the testis are depleted of nutrients, so they produce less testosterone. The adrenal and the thyroid are the two main glands responsible for the energy production in the body. Stressful and toxic life depletes these glands first.

      1. But on the other hand, sloths only live 15 years in the wild.

      2. all turtle diet?
        fuck the paleo diet
        try the all turtle diet … you eat nothing but turtles

        1. Just about every animal exists just long enough to procreate. The earlier they get to being able to reproduce, the shorter the life span is. Typically. Turtles and whales have some of the longest life spans of any living creature.

    3. “Party nights twice a week” in your 20’s? I used to be out 4 nights….. can still manage 3 in a row but I’ll be fucked for 2. Watching the diet, exercising and avoiding the 3 nights although it does happen now and again. Keeping lean is a major factor to keep energy levels up in my opinion. Also most guys in their 40’s are married and loose motivation hence low energy and low T.

  23. So low T = low desire for sex?
    What about prison? With all that prison rape? Are prison diets super organic raw paleo with zinc supplements? LOLZ Prisoners are fed junk and still have high T. So … any explanations?

  24. All this talk about special paleo raw organic diets being the key to high T levels strikes me as absurd as those Chinese retards grinding up smoked and dried elephant dick as a treatment for ED. Or that episode of Futurama with human horn

    1. Having more protein and fat is better than more processed carbs. Almost everyone I knew who lost weight increased their protein and fat macros.

      1. The Kwasniewski “Optimal Diet” ratio is 1:2:5-8 carbs to protein to fat.
        I have never seen anyone eat the optimal diet and fail to maintain a comfortable weight (that is, the weight their body WANTS to be – not artificially skinny or fat, usually around 12-15% body fat).

      2. for losing weight or for gaining weight (muscle). Less processed carbohydrate and more clean protein and fat is, plain and simple, healthier.

  25. I’ll make a wager:
    Guys with the lowest T get the hottest girls and guys with the highest T levels get the least attractive women.
    Notice how girls go crazy for the guys who look like and talk like a fag?

      1. I guarantee some nigga who looks like Pharrell Williams or Don Lemon is getting way more puss than some Tryone looking nigga

    1. when it should be like this
      1. at 40
      2. at 60
      3. at 80
      how male feminists experience it
      1. at 20 (online porn)
      2. at 30 (with fat girl friend)
      3. at 40 (with paid hooker)

  26. Anybody else notice that there seems to be a high-T epidemic among women these days. Receding hairlines, etc. Dr. Frankenstein must be quite the busy dude these days, I’m thinkin’…ah, the push for universal androgeny – I guess there truly is no rest for the weary.

  27. My grandfather was a WW2 pacific vet. He died young–‘smoked—but he was a no nonsense man’s man. I try to be half the man he was. I haven’t measured my T, but I generally still feel pretty good. I’m 36, still lift 4 days a week and usually train jiu-jitsu 3 days a week.

  28. “ROK readers understand that a world without testosterone would be just as dark. Low T is a crisis. There are no easy answers, so get to work”
    What exactly does the author mean by this? He just stated that when one starts the therapy one has to essentially stay on it, which is exactly what I was told when I did some research on this a few years ago. So where is the author going with this article?

  29. Good sex and some red meat with your veggies, work hard, keep up the athletics, maintain a clear head and get good rest. Keep it simple and your nut-sack will percolate with hormonal fire well into your 60s.

  30. ..clap clap! nice article, now, i don’t see ladies around but many sluts and land whales! so i do workout and keep myself in shape, but for MYSELF! not for women, because they may help you to have a free ride with a slut, but if you want a Lady (marriage material) you must show the money baby!
    Remember! once they rode the cock carousel (with or without you) they are looking for a beta! so this article is spot on just to remember to keep yourself in shape! even one of my relatives bald and a little fat, score a new chick every weekend, he simply show the money! the most aphrodisiac leverage for women.. ever!

  31. If you’re already lifting and eating right and your T levels aren’t great, you’re not going to be able to boost it much more if at all. TRT and hcg are really the only things that are going to boost you enough to really make a difference.

  32. “The funny thing is, not one really knows why it’s happening. Is it the modern lifestyle?” Yes, modern lifestyle. And the consumption of soy that is everywhere. the other day I had trouble buying a hot sauce in the supermarket, because all the spicy sauces (exept 1) had soy. Sausages of all brands had “soy protein”. I’ve even seen chorizos with soy.

  33. Intermittent fasting and dating significantly younger women is a cure I preach. I have never felt better since

    1. After fasting, for your first meal eat the foods included in the high T diet.
      (short list)
      The egg, garlic, onion, whitefish breakfast washed down with carrot juice seems to put me in the zone with younger hotties. With every interaction, they can smell what I’m cooking. Onion and garlic only reek on the breath if your system is impure. If you’re clean of toxins and sewage in your system, your ‘garlic’ belch isn’t as deadly and your pheromones produced are more potent.
      Finally, a pheromone triggering cologne like Paco Rabanne then brings out the raw predator smell and women young and old twitch like Turrett’s seeking the source of the triggering masculine oder. You have to play dodge with the blinded females in the vicinity or they will stick to your body like fly paper. I discourage the use of ANY aluminum chlorohydrate anti-persperants or deoderants. The roll-ons, sticks and sprays promoted in the towel popping gym commercials DO NOT promote pheromone production and make you smell like a deodorized plastic douche pail. The cheap deoderants mask your most potent mating chemicals and prevent them from aerating and entering the nostrils of surrounding women in rooms and during commuting. You want to FUCK THEIR NOSE good on the bus before you fuck their holes shortly thereafter.
      Use only sd alcohol based colognes like Paco Rabanne tm. and your torseau will reek like a pheromone factory that just blew up.

  34. There’s also some link between vasectomies and your boys atrophying. So careful about getting snipped.
    You also didn’t mention implants. They are every six months, and work well. About $600 a hit.
    But first, make sure there isn’t some other health problem causing you to do this. In my case, it was cancer. Guess what the body slows down making when that happens? If you guessed testosterone, go to the head of the class. My endocrinologist said all the implants were doing for my long term health were training my boys not to produce. Luckily, I didn’t have them long enough for permanent damage.

  35. Zinc (50mg) and Magnesium (250mg) with my other vitamins daily.
    Been doing this for about 2 years.
    I have noticed a difference.
    Not a huge difference, but a good one nonetheless.
    Also, for me anyway, cutting back on alcohol makes a big difference too. But it’s not easy.
    And raw garlic too. About 2 or three cloves in my salad at dinner.

      1. Centrum for Men.
        But I still can’t bring myself to buy the “For Men Over 50” vitamins.

  36. Sex Wars: The Fall Of Western Dominance
    The transgender movement is only one symptom of a generational trend of testosterone decline that results in the fall of gender differentiation. In my recent book, The Testosterone Hypothesis, I suggest that human cultures go through life-cycles that are controlled and regulated by growth hormones, primarily testosterone. In the “default” condition of our human state, we are all born female; it is the release of the hormone testosterone in utero that determines the gender of the child, whether it will assume masculine characteristics or remain feminine. Given its primacy in human development, testosterone actually drives the sexual organization of our culture and even our ideas and social organization. It is a dominance hormone that shapes our social dominance hierarchies in one of two general directions: either a patriarchal, individualistic culture, elevating family values, independence and personal responsibility and led by a competitive, masculine vision for the “social good,” or a feminist, socialist form of big government paternalism in a transgendered, egalitarian and collectivist society.

  37. “Without insurance, you either pay hundreds a month or you hit the grey/black markets”
    Absolute garbage. You see a doctor, which may or may not be covered by insurance (under $200), then you get a script for a vial of testosterone cypionate which you inject subcutaneously in your abdominal fat 1-2 times per week (200mgs/ml, 10ml–@$150) which lasts 10-20 weeks. Oh–and you buy syringes and maybe some hand sanitizer. Absolutely nobody with half a brain goes to doctors for injections of testosterone.

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  39. I’ll tell you something else that lowers T. Promulgating myths like porn and fapping leads to low T. No relationship but wringing your hands like a fisher wife over stuff that doesn’t matter definitely makes you more feminine.
    As for those “symptoms” you mentioned… They could symptoms of anything.
    Want to know the cause of low T? Look at the estrogenic chemicals in the food we eat and the creams and gels that we slather unthinkingly over our bodies.

  40. I WILL TELL YOU WHY T is dropping like 3 day old house flies !!! All the damn SOY, everything has estrogen’s in it !!!…soy, and soy letchin and GMO Corn, Wheat, Canola Oil to scar your arteries !!! It attacks YOUR THYROID, YOUR ADRENAL GLANDS and of course no T3,4 etc you have burned out Adrenal glands from trying to pickup the slack of a burned out THYROID !! There again if you have levels checked your TSH might check normal, your T3, T4 might be in the “normal range” but the docs are ignorant to the conspiracy. Test will suffer accordingly. Eat fermented foods. REAL MEAT, and stay the fk away from factory farmed garbage. NO Monster drinks, NO Gatoraide HFCS, etc.

    1. Exactly. The fluoridation of our water system (u.s.) is killing us. Processed frankenfood is killing us. Masturbation and pornography is killing us.

  41. I’m 48. I work out a lot. I didn’t start lifting weights until I was 44 or so, and I didn’t get serious until 2 years ago. I’m a buffed out middle-aged guy. I have my own gym setup and work out every day at home.
    On women. I was married for 12 years until six months ago. Really, the last time I chased girls hardcore, I was 33 or 34. Couldn’t get enough, back then.
    What has changed at 48. Women my age and 7 years younger are not appealing for the most part.
    When I was in my 20s, I liked older women. Used to have a good time with them.
    Now, messaging a 40 something to set up a date is boring. I don’t have much to say. I don’t feel like planning anything. I don’t feel like pretending to give a shit about their politics. I don’t feel like spending money, either. In fact, went on a date a week ago. At the end, she asked if I wanted her to pay half. Never in my life have I said “Yes, pay half,” but for some reason, it just popped out. I said, “Yeah. That would be great.” She was surprised and fumbled through her purse, finally slapping down a 20.
    This could be a result of being in a miserable marriage for 12 years, where I was more or less a slave.
    Maybe over time it will pass. I really don’t know. I’m sure some of this is testosterone related, but I don’t know. I have kids already. When they’re with their mom, I enjoy being alone in my big house and politicing online, and working out, and playing metal.
    I don’t have trouble putting on muscle (without drugs, although I do drink protein shakes). But I’m sure I’d be a monster if I had the testosterone levels of 15 years ago.

    1. its biology. men are not supposed to be attracted to infertile women or else we would die out as a species. go for much younger women

  42. Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! !pm161d:
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  43. Sort of OT but tangentially related:
    I’m still going strong with my no pmo cycle. My question is: is it healthy to not have sex while totally stopping masturbation? Meaning if I’m not having regular normal sex, is that a detriment? I had three different dates in the last week where I ended up at their apt or vice versa and fooled around. But I told them I’m not having sex currently. Will this affect my testicular health and or testosterone?

  44. You know how they say women are the gatekeeper to their pussy, well men are the gatekeepers to their money, if you’re not protecting your finances from toxic women who will? Your wife? Pshh

  45. Is it the testosterone or yourself? Yes get tested but don’t think having high T will make everything better. Sure your natural scent makes it easier to get girls but a socially awkward man who doesn’t look good, doesn’t lift weights, and works a shit job will still struggle with girls and look fat.
    On the other hand without testosterone a high value charismatic man who makes a ton of money, looks good, and lifts weights will find himself in the friendzone or be mistaken for a homosexual.

    1. There is a difference between T status and social skills. High T has physiological benefits. It will not take the place of personality,social skills or income. It just makes them better.

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