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How Boredom Kills Your Workouts And How To Overcome It

We all know working out works. We all know that women prefer muscular guys and that the game is improving every day for men who are in shape. This isn’t the problem. The problem is actually getting off your ass and to the gym in the first place.

Plus a lot of guys just plain hate working out. Let’s face it, working out is work and work sucks. The good news is it doesn’t have to, at least not to such an extent that you quit after the first week and go back to the couch.

Here are a few ways to resist the urge and keep soldiering your ass into the gym everyday.

Get Fun Workouts

Don’t have a physical hobby? Get one. Try boxing, skiing, surfing, or jiu jitsu. Your body should be used and it should feel better to work in a well-conditioned body than a poorly conditioned one. Your workouts themselves should even be fun. Don’t like lifting weights? Try a boot camp or a boxing class instead.

Shorten Your Workout

You don’t have to sacrifice results to do this. A lot of CrossFit workouts are only 20-30 minutes long. Focus on the major movements and get on to something more fun in your life.

Shortening a workout makes it more intense and easier to deal with. If you can last through 30 minutes of pain every day, you can get a great body and make it easier to talk yourself into the workout every day.

Get a Workout Partner

Right now, I work out with my girlfriend. It’s a great way for us to bond. We both feel better, look better, have better sex and get more compliments. A few years ago, it was my friend Mike. Nothing made me more excited than answering the phone and having him yell “Let’s get huge! I’m on my way to your house!”

Turning working out into a social experience adds value, makes it easier and more motivating, and helps build accountability while making the workouts themselves a more fun experience. If you don’t have a workout partner, get one.

Show Off Your Gains

Making some progress? Start wearing sleeveless shirts, going to the beach or wearing tighter fitting clothes. Women will notice and it will make the work you’ve done more worthwhile.

If you’re not making gains, well, get a better workout plan. If you are, you know what to do.

Use More Variety

You aren’t supposed to change up your workouts significantly except every 4 to 8 weeks, but for some people, that might not be enough. While I don’t advocate jumping from program to program, make sure what you’re doing progresses, has variety and gives you enough change that you aren’t doing the same thing month after month.

Just Remember, You WILL QUIT if you Hate It…

So don’t hate it. Remember, the gym is your time. Your boss isn’t there. Your girlfriend or wife isn’t there. You aren’t punching in or punching out. You are doing it for yourself and should feel empowered, not annoyed.

If you hate it and see it as a necessary evil in your quest for a richer life, better health, and more abundance of sexual options, you will be gone before you know it. Even those with incredible discipline will have a tough time talking themselves into doing something that they hate. You are no different.

I’m not doing this to preach or make you feel inadequate. Ask any passionate athlete, bodybuilder, or fitness model if they enjoy what they do at the gym and most will tell you that they do. They survive not because they’re better than you, but because they have more drive to do it.

Find your reason to enjoy going to the gym so you can stick to it.

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