Is Return Of Kings Really The Most Repugnant Website On The Internet?

For those of you who have even a modicum of intelligence, common sense or just plain old perspective, you needn’t read this article. This article is aimed at… nay, dedicated, to the men and women who compulsively read our site so they can turn around to say how utterly despicable we are. The age old wisdom of “If you don’t like the show, just change the channel” apparently does not apply to these people, our ‘haters’ if you would. So if you aren’t an idiot, if you aren’t a selfish cretin, if you aren’t a terrible human being, you need not read further. You already realize the absurdity of us being considered one of the worst websites on the internet.

We here at Return Of Kings get a lot of hate. Those with twitter feeds especially are subject to much ridiculing and out and out bullying. Of course, those disparaging against us would never in a million years consider themselves bullies, since they’re such good souls that they’re clearly above such things… even as they accuse us of being loveless losers, of being rapists, of being molested or bullied as children with that last implication used in an insulting, not sympathetic, manner. Many contributors encounter something like this on a regular basis from those self proclaimed ‘good’ people:


At their heart, sites focused on game and other masculine centered topics—a poorly named collective largely known as the manosphere—have essentially one goal in mind; to make men’s lives better. And for that simple, humanistic goal we receive a lot of hate. On game sites where men try to impart other men with wisdom about how women act in the dating world, on how best to attract women, numerous comments from feminists and their beta manslaves permeate the comment sections, leveling accusations of those who practice game as rapists.

They say that we’re pathetic; which admittedly, we are. We spend hundreds if not thousands of hours trying to increase our sexual appeal to women, learning how to best utilize our looks, learning how women think and how best to make a pleasing impression upon their minds. In short, we who practice game dedicate a good portion of our limited time on this Earth trying to please women, which really is pathetic compared to what a woman has to do to ‘game’ men; essentially just be thin and show up. And we men do not complain (loudly) about this disparity. We willingly rise up to the challenge because we love women. And somehow that makes us monsters.

Other then discussing how great it is to be with a woman, sometimes us manosphere types like to discuss other topics relating to men in the modern west. We share a common abhorrence and repugnance at how men can robbed of their entire lives in divorce courts, even when women initiate it, or how men almost never get to raise their children afterward even if the mother is a selfish beast who brings dangerous men into her children’s lives. We discuss how bizarre utopian policies like homosexual normalization or unchecked multiculturalism have always destroyed societies rather then progressed them. In other words, we discuss the truths of the world, without lies or politically correct thought police censorship.


And for that we are apparently the worst site on the web. The utter irony of that tends not to sink in to the hate mongering feminists, beta manslaves and other parties who proclaim us to be monsters. It is classical propaganda misdirection.

Yet think about what the internet is. It is everything. Literally every type of person, every personality type both good and bad, is represented on the internet. It is statistically impossible that game and manosphere websites even rank in the top 10,000 of the worst thing on the internet, and dammit that sucks considering how much effort we put in to being as controversial as possible. Need some examples of worse spheres in the online world?

Urban Dictionary’s top description of Not Safe For Life (NSFL) is;

Not Safe For Life. Goes a step beyond NSFW, because it doesn’t matter where you view the material; you will be scarred.”



Death Porn

It is impossible to understand how we are the worst website when sites dedicated to pornography like Vore and Guro exist. Vore is sexual imagery of people being eaten; a woman wearing lingerie being devoured by a giant snake would be considered Vore porn. A man with an erection being eaten by wolves is Vore porn. Guro, on the other hand, is sexual imagery where the man or (and far more commonly depicted) woman is being mutilated, murdered, massacred and otherwise killed. It goes beyond the concept of snuff films; these are acts of horror created not to satisfy an urge to see someone die, but to see someone die and have the viewer be AROUSED by it. There are no masculine focused sites that cater to such disgusting imagery, and this is undoubtedly one of the first articles of any in this corner of the web where the words Vore and Guro are mentioned.

And these two genres do not cater to a small, niche market in some dark soulless corner of the internet. This porn is wide spread. There are tens of thousands of images in existence to cater to the disturbingly large amount of people who eagerly masturbate to these images. There are hundreds if not thousands of forums and sites created solely to cater to these people. There are many, many more pornographic sites that are not exclusively dedicated to showing these images, but have them available for anyone who wants to see them. Even youtube has slide shows and videos of these acts.

If I posted a response video to some feminist, talking about how her idea that all men should have some of their semen forcefully taken from them is not only barbaric but a crime against nature, it would be deleted within the hour for violating youtube’s terms of, like, making her feel uncomfortable or something. If I posted a video showing drawn images of a man cutting a woman’s breasts off, then feeding her to a Komodo dragon, it would stay up for years and have thousands of views from people masturbating to it.

A little while back, a video of an attractive Asian woman abusing and murdering bunnies and kittens made the rounds on numerous social media services, including Facebook, where it wasn’t removed for at least two weeks. Our Facebook page is suspended on a regular basis. Our current suspension came about because a plastic dildo was in the one of the article’s pictures. A real life video featuring bunny murder and a plastic sex tool; which of those two things sounds worse to you?


Death Sites

Then there are site’s whose sole function is to display pictures of real death for people, whatever their motivations, to gawk at. The big one when I was a kid was called Rotten. Our school’s computers blocked pretty much every known porn site but death sites were readily available. You weren’t allowed to watch Tory Lane consentingly pleasure herself with a big ol’ dildo, but it was perfectly fine to look at Chris Farley’s bloated corpse or see the aftermath of what happens when a hungry bear meets a happy camper.


“HEY BOOBOO! Watch-a me eat this, hitch-a-hiker!”

You can watch videos of American troops being hacked apart, blown up, or being shot by snipers but no, let’s get outraged about the site which says girls who have short hair are damaged. Really, the fact that our opponents are angrier at Return Of Kings than Juba the sniper says a lot about their morality.

Rape Sites

There are forums for rapists. They hide behind cutesy names or require a logon but they are easily found. There are disclaimers by the administrators saying that the forums and sites are purely for ‘fantasy’, and within these forums people ‘fantasize’ about how best to rape women. They discuss methods on how to physically abduct women, on how to break down their will and make them into sex slaves. They write long, passionate soliloquies about how fulfilled they are by forcing themselves on top of helpless women. Many people think the worst form of rape is when a woman gets drunk and has a regretful one night stand. The uncensored thoughts of the people on rape sites would dispel all notions of that quaint belief. Ted Bundy was a demon, and there are a hundred ones like him at this very moment giving each other tips online about what street in which city has poor lighting, the blind spots of any cameras on them and which routes they notice girls walk most frequently.

Cannibal Cafes

There are sites for cannibals. For those of you who, up to this point, think this article is exaggerating a safe search for you to do is to look up Armin Meiwes on Wikipedia. This man posted on a ‘fantasy’ site dedicated to cannibalism, found a mentally disturbed man and then ate the disturbed man. At least Marilyn Manson got an album out of it. Who knows how many other scenarios like Meiwes have played out, thanks to the internet, that we will never hear about?



See that adorable little guy above us? Odds are you’ve seen him before. That’s Pedobear. Cute idn’e? He’s the mascot for paedophiles on the internet. All though Pedobear started as a joke, the people he represents most certainly at not. There is a massive, pervasive amount of paedophiles who exist online. Their existence isn’t even a scare tactic like Rainbow parties or other such nonsense—online paedophiles are one of the great blights modern civilization has produced. Though most paedophile sites and forums are heavily guarded, since they’re one of the groups who deserve to be hunted down that actually are, there are numerous soft sites that feature only drawn or computer generated images of young girls and boys being molested. Somehow these get through legal loopholes, but despite the social stigma of child pornography, Loli (short for Lolita) porn is thriving and its fans are numerous. It’s almost a certainty that you know someone who has or continues to masturbate to it.


Those are just a few examples of the thousands of grotesque groups that thrive on the internet. And yet when we try to warn naïve, inexperienced young men that a woman with a tattoo or piercings in places other then her ear has undoubtedly had at least five different penises in her, and to safe guard his heart and love from that slut, we’re proclaimed to be the biggest monsters online. When we try to tell women who may not want to give their bodies up to several different men that the slut shame they feel is normal, proper and warranted, and that their sisters who do give it up en masse are damaged goods worthy of only one night stands, we’re the height of evil.

The claims against us, like many of causes of Social Justice Warriors, are grounded in two things; lack of perspective and laziness. They complain about Return Of Kings because it’s easy and gives them instant gratification. When they share our articles amongst each other, nodding their chubby chins in fierce agreement about how evil we are for not wanting to work for a female boss, they feel good. They feel like they’ve done something, even though in reality they’ve done nothing at all except preach to their own idiot choir. In their safe, self centered white bread world, men who assert their manliness are the ultimate evil. They’ve never had to stare evil in the face, even though it’s less then 20 characters and a Google search away.

This site, and the manosphere in general, are not even close to the worst thing online. In fact, instead of going around online looking for things to get offended at, how about you Social Justice Warriors back up your self righteousness with a real feminist cause? Forget #bringbackourgirls and Boko Haram. The United States State Department estimates that 50,000–100,000 women and girls are trafficked into the US each year for sex slavery. Even if the real number is much smaller, there are still a significant amount of women who desperately need help in your country. Think one of them might appreciate a self appointed crusader? Y’all ain’t no excuse that they’re all the way over there in Africa. These girls are in your neighbourhood. Stop writing your witty rebuttal in the comments, go to the house next door and see if Michelle Knight might need some help before filing a complaint against Return Of Kings with whatever thought police organization you have bookmarked.

The day that we’re the worst site on the internet would be a good day. It’s also a day that will never come. There are a lot worse things on the internet then male pride and misogyny lite. The world outside our bubbles is a dark and scary place. Our haters should be thankful that there are still some men around who put up with their misguided hate mongering while trying to create more men who can protect them from the bad stuff out there.

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203 thoughts on “Is Return Of Kings Really The Most Repugnant Website On The Internet?”

  1. …”We here at Return Of Kings get a lot of hate”…
    In today’s western societies this means you are doing something right and worthwhile….
    Keep the sanity alive!

    1. The “hate” is in their OWN hearts.
      SHE: “You’re a hate site!”
      ROK: “No. You just hate our site. Big difference.”
      Chicks hate anything that doesn’t validate the shit in their heads.
      See this picture?? (from the article above)

      Well, I commented on EXACTLY THAT picture on Facebook before I shut my profile down 4 years ago. Some over the hill cunt I went to school with posts that exact picture with a comment underneath: “Women’s Rights!!! Can I get a hell yeah???”
      There were 60+ “likes” on her comment.
      And at least 2 dozen “HELL YEAHS!!” from the herd.
      I’m thinking: Do you bitches even know what the fuck you are liking? Do you even knew what the fuck you are thinking when you say “women’s rights! hell yeah!”?. So I left a comment. I wanted to find out what the garbage on my “friends” lists had to say. Here was my EXACT comment:
      “Hilarious photo! WTF is she STILL protesting? That its still legal in this country for her to allow herself to get pregnant without a man’s consent? Is she protesting 11+ forms of birth control for women v.s. only 2 for men? Maybe she is protesting the guy who wanted nothing to do with her left because she couldn’t trap him into fatherhood successfully… but I would bet a truck load of condoms that she isn’t.”
      Ho Boy. You should have seen the HATE that filled up my comment feed the next morning. The FUCK YOUs and endless stream of epithets. Like they SPIT all over my page. So I post “whoa! what’s with all the hate ladies?”. What exactly are you angry about. I’m just asking a question! About “women’s rights, hell yeah.” You don’t mind do you? Does any of you have an answer? Just one of you? Can any of you explain to me ONE thing she might be protesting?
      And not ONE reply. Of course. What women HATE – truly HATE – is men with brains who ask hard questions. They hate it even when you are friendly and kind and simply ask a question. What they HATE are the answers.
      I got ONE like…. from a guy friend. But he didn’t comment because he knew the PIrahanas would try to eat him alive too. So I shut my Facebook down and ejected every one of those worthless pieces of hateful shit.
      That’s when I knew there was something really sick an wrong with Facebook and all the vaginas all over it. Males too. A toxic cesspool and poison for your mind. ROK is not a hate site. Facebook is a hate site for women and gays. Proven.
      A few of them emailed me as if nothing mattered “how come you’re not on Facebook anymore?”. Big LOLz.
      Remember when little girls had diaries, and they would freak out if a boy just touched the cover? Well, we’ve come a long way.
      – Chateau Heartiste (on getting off Facebook)

      1. It doesn’t even cross those people’s minds that you should be able to actually prove your opinions. They just echo whatever’s cool at the moment without thinking about it themselves.

        1. If there is still any doubt how hateful women really are… remember the twitter account “exposing heightism” where hundreds of women tweeted death wishes and hatred…. on short guys 24/7/365. Well they FINALLY got exposed and the feed shut down. ( there are snapshots and backups as evidence for your viewing pleasure)
          And they just started a new one…..

          That’s right gents. ROK has a “fat shaming WEEK” and women pretend it’s the WORST thing they have ever heard of…. then you direct them to endless feeds where women think short guys must DIE and they shut the fuck up pretty fast.
          They will attack ROK for an article “5 reasons to date a girl with an eating disorder”….. but are totally passive about “short guys should be dragged into the street an shot”.
          Because women are never cunts to themselves.

        2. I think it’s fine that us men predominantly want to fuck thin women. But I don’t wish death to all the fatties, I just reserve my cock for thin girls! Why are these bitches wishing death to short dudes? If you don’t want to bang them then don’t, you don’t have to hate them and want to kill them.

        3. Looking at those twitter feeds its mostly the low-value niggresses, latina cholas and arab sand-nigger cunts posting that shit. Didnt see too many asians and white girl comments.

        4. i saw a russia a hot latino (whiteish) right after those three (also there are guys in the mix …) then i saw a queer (muslim too hahaha) or something (ergh) and then another white chick then more blacks and latinos and whites (saw one other sand nig but she wasnt bad looking would wreck and then run as soon as the dad shows up)
          either way i dont need to worry about that 6 2 feet WOOT

      2. “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

        1. Unlike men, women evolved “same sex preference,” which means women prefer being around each other instead of men, EXCEPT when they’re ovulating. I find it unsurprising that female sexuality seems to be more flexible in the bisexual area than men’s. For example, lots of “straight” women masturbate to lesbian porn. It’s really common. I don’t know many “straight” men who masturbate to gay porn. I suspect the reason for this is rooted in the same purpose as the bonobos. Female bonobos participate in lesbian activities when they’re not ovulating as a form of “bonding” with each other. This bonding enables the females to form a defensive group, which allows them to defend themselves from the larger male bonobos. Essentially, female bonobos run the show via mob rule. Unsurprisingly, bonobos have much of the same sexuality as humans, including oral sex, homosexuality, creative sexual positions, etc. Women absolutely spend a shitload of time trying to validate each other. “Oh you’re so pretty. blah blah blah.” I suspect the backlash from the group of females on facebook is rooted in bonobo-like evolution, as a mechanism to protect themselves against aggressive males. Females who didn’t have the protection of the sisterhood were at an evolutionary disadvantage. They will continue to favor each other until they start ovulating, and then the increase in testosterone will make them more competitive and sexual. Women are COMPLETELY controlled by their ovulation cycle. That’s why I’m thankful to be a man.

        2. In Thailand, the girls are maliciously conditioned by their demonic mothers with so much misandry (to keep them away from taken men), the girls find guys repulsive so a lot of them prefer Toms (tomgirls). Some of these Toms are amazing though, like dashing and shit.
          As so many Toms look like guys, I couldn’t work it out for awhile until I realised the girls are made to be traumatised by male genitalia (which I only learned when I started sending dick pics to girls). I’ve had to stop as they lose their fucking minds, they get physically sick and nauseous; this is the reality of the trauma. These girls might have had 1000 dicks in their mouth but if you send them a dick pic, they’ll physically feel ill.
          Fucking mothers. I don’t think there’s one that could make the argument for her own defence if charged with child abuse. We’re all wearing clothes.
          But anyway, girls will drift towards girls because they’re obsessed with sex and because guys make them feel sick, courtesy of their malicious mothers’ twisted, sadistic abuse. You know what colourful language is, right? The need for euphemism is sourced from mothers traumatic abusive conditioning of girls to imagine a painful associated response if anyone talked to them about sex.

        3. I’m sure you personally know dozens of ostensibly straight men who masturbate to gay porn. Very few will admit it given the strong taboo that has somehow managed to survive the astronomically rapid advance of the homosexual acceptance movement. For the vast majority in our society, male, female, straight, gay, gay-friendly or anti-gay, any man who watches gay porn must be either gay or is in denial and just needs to let his inner fag flag fly high. The notion that a man can be predominantly heterosexual and live an otherwise unremarkable heterosexual life while engaging in the occasional homosexual fantasy seems to be unthinkable to almost everyone.

        4. (alive I pray, metaphorically speaking)
          I want to talk to you. I responded to a couple of your posts about a year ago, since then, through a lot of pondering about what’s a womans’ nature, then returning back to your posts and realizing it’s written plain as day, reality has unveiled, I read just now on another of your posts you were gunna attempt suicide, it would be mostly somewhat sad if you were no longer in existance, whether this is my humanity or my conditioned self speaking I’m not sure but I was sorrowed to hear you were gunna commit suicide, right before I respond to you (I mention because it reads in other posts as if you’ve tried to reveal to people the blatent truth with no or very little success), and speak about it and ping pong ideas, it’s up around the most interesting topic of my life and there is still some uncertainties as to the nature/nurture concept in mind.

        5. Hi sorry for late reply, my attempt at leaving this world of evil was stymied by the exuberance of a do-gooder who resuscitated me, I spent 2 months in hospital as a result but here I am.

      3. I’ve seen similar pictures posted on Facebook. Don’t take it seriously and lose your shit. Just make fun of it.
        My last response: “That’s a woman? Dear God!”
        Another guy puts ” ^ wins thread ” under it.
        The women’s response: “Oh you boys…”
        When a girl puts “Real men like curves. Only dogs go for bones”, just say “Real women like rolls. Only alcoholics go for six packs”.

      4. Facebook is like a toy. Most women have shown a complete inability to manage play time with said toy, and are better off having it taken from them entirely.

      5. Women love Facebook because their entire existences are built on fraudulent appearances. Facebook enables them to build virtual worlds where they can post pictures of themselves that have been so manipulated, the image is no longer correlated to the real (or the fraudulent cosmetic) appearance of the girl posting it as ostensibly representative of herself.
        They’re all completely insane of course. They fall for the illusions created by their own illusions. So if 1000 pathetic guys “Like” the picture, the girl will know that yep, she’s really in hot demand. The picture might as well be stolen for all the correlation it has to the girl but she’ll take those 1000 “Likes” for her virtual ego and start getting all nauseating, like “Omg. You guys are like dogs on heat. You need to back off. So needy.”
        Fucking whores. She can take off her whore paint at her leisure and float her reality on the open market but no. They’re psychotic. They create the fantasy and they buy into their own manufactured illusions of worth. Pop their bubbles and you’re rude or mean or a jerk.
        Women invented wedlock because men would no longer value them when their appearance of value (illusory beauty, fleeting youth) no longer existed. Men are jerks!

    2. well, you are correct…… when you get hated, you are on to something really good. this site is pure GOLD for young (and not so young) men. there’s another saying, I don’t care about what you think, I don’t think of you at all…… I think we need to address the sickos that view the sort of websites that have been referenced above. ROTK is a valuable tool that can change lives for those too afraid to ask (or know)…

  2. I’m waiting for Michele Obama’s “BringBackOurMen” campaign to show empathy for the 200 male miners in Turkey that have died…and the 150+ that are still trapped. Perhaps they don’t count as much as the Nigerian girls.

    1. The whole “bringbackourgirls” horse shit just makes me angry as the same guys that kidnapped the girls burnt down a boys school back in February, see link:
      And I quote:
      “The police chief said all the victims in Monday’s attack were boys, and the school’s 24 buildings, including staff quarters, had been completely destroyed by fire.”
      I especially despise the way ABC use “children” and “students” when writing about the catastrophe instead of saying “boys”. It is only because the police chief made the statement about “boys” that we know this at all.

      1. Oh and it was 59 “boys” burnt to ashes……where’s Michelle when you need her??????

        1. #bringbackourgirls is propaganda designed to create an excuse to send U.S. troops into Nigeria. Remember “Kony 2012”? Same bullshite. Don’t believe the false flag hype. Muslims have killed thousands of Christians in Nigeria: churches burned, mass murders and rapes, everything. Keep U.S. troops out of foreign countries.

        2. We just sent at least 80 troops to Chad. Chad has oil. This is how it starts. After we screw up, China will arrive, build infrastructure and profit. Iraq, Libya, Af, Ukraine, we never learn.

        3. That Kony 2012 campaign almost doubled that charities revenue that year…from $16mm to $34mm…and most of the money is spent on creating videos like that and paying those California hippies large salaries so they can pretend to tell Ugandans how to live. Most of these charities use African kids as a money making scheme and never make a shred of difference. It should be condemned.

        4. You are right we want US troops in Africa to oppose all the Money that China has been pouring into the region in a fight to control the oil reserves and cheap labor. China’s consumption of oil has skyrocketed in the last decade and they have aggressively pursued international resources in Africa, the Middle East and Brazil. The best way for the US to slow down this expansion of Chinese influence is troops on the ground ( see Saudi Arabia). Boko Haram has US weapons and training by way of Syria, Al Qaida in Iraq, and Libyan rebels. As soon as we put US troops on the ground Russia and China signed an energy deal for the next 30 years. None of this is a coincidence .

        5. China pours in money.
          US pours in troops.
          Whatever. Fuck I need to leave this planet of biopolitics and bully-worshiping horror. Nothing even needs to make sense anymore.

      2. I find it so ridiculous to see the 1st lady and all the Hollywood idiots with the stupid “# bring back our girls” signs. These are people with actual means to help. You’re concerned?? How about doing something locally to help someone. Signs and twitter nonsense is just that – nonsense. Islamic militants don’t read twitter feeds, but make your pouty face Michele, and hold up your sign – make yourself feel better. Whatta crock of shit!

        1. You have to understand that these people fundamentally view reality as social media now. The outside world is just things you take pictures of to post online, or to send out hashtags about. In their minds they absolutely think that they’re doing everything they can when they do a #.
          Fucking insanity, n’est-ce pas?

      3. What angered me more about the Boko Haram Kidnapping is the way that the media portrayed the event, the hysteria that followed and the veil of P.C B.S surrounding the event.
        For those living in a cave who are unaware, a group of African Muslim Terrorist have kidnapped a group of girls from a school. The reason they did that is because in Islam it is forbidden for women to go to school. The girls are being sold or used as prostitutes by the MUSLIM terrorists.
        However, politicians and our cultural elite cant say the M word (Muslims). Everyone shits themselves every time a Muslim does some criminal act because the mee-dy-ah has to come along and pull a Politically Correct Stunt.
        For example:
        “Muslims gangs prostitute under aged girls in the UK” changes to “Asian gangs prostitute under aged girls in the UK”. Asians? I haven’t seen any Philippine, Chinese, Korean or Japanese men in those gangs, nor any Thai, Malay or Singaporean men. If I where Asian I would be pissed of to be thrown in with the Muslim lot.
        Before any faggot comes along and says ”but not all Muslims are terrorists”, I say Muslim is the lowest common denominator for the gang members so they must be described as such. They prostituted these girls because in their eyes these girls where whores because they didn’t wear a veil thus they could treat them as such. Islam was their justification.
        However the media can’t say that so instead they get some faggots from Hollywood to create a campaign “REAL MEN DON’T BUY GIRLS”. As if Boko Haram had access to premium cable TV in the world poorest shit hole. If Boko Haram had access they wouldn’t be taking advice from these Beta pricks.

        1. Throw all men under the bus for the actions of Muslims, this way we can all pretend multiculturalism works.

        2. I’ve never bought a girl, paid for women though…….dinners, cars, holidays, etc……boy waz I fukin dumb…..

        3. Oh yeah. LOL! The next time a woman says “I just wish a guy would ask me out and take me out to dinner on a real DATE”.
          … I will flash that picture of Sean Penn on my phone:

        4. I LOLed hard at this “Real men don’t buy girls”. That will surely show these Muslims in Nigeria…

        5. I don’t see how, I doubt Boko Haram have cable TV. If they did they would be shaking in their boots! Look! Justin Timberlake is holding up a piece of paper, RUN!

        6. dunno bout that. seems like the msedia will say islam muslim etc.
          the word asian in uk mean people from south n west asia aka india n middle east most offenders were in that were pakistani. orientals refer to east asian in uk. here in north america we call em asian but offensive to say oriental.
          they saw the white western girls as whores thats why they picked em. pakistanis dont typically wear veils. if u havent followed the case ull know it had a racial element.
          education isnt forbidden in islam. boko haram doesnt want WESTErN education thats the key here. look at what the western education has done us. you think nigeria a poor nation can handle our social issues?
          they dont have the money an infrastrucure to do it if they wanted too. they cant afford an agin population like here thanx to career women.
          this fight has had retailotory vourses as well. hell think a couple yrs ago the christians raped like 150 muzzy women(wiki) but thats long forgoten like lebanon n bosnia.
          think the usas excuse is to promote western culture an values inafrica like they are doin in the world. from education to media.

        7. works both ways man. example…man has ruined nature and made animals extinct. not the case 90% of animals that died cuz of men were white men. the ethnic men were too few n primative to do that. hell even they gotten eaten half the time.

        8. “90% of animals that died cuz men where white men..”.not at all. White men don’t inhabit 90% of the world, in south america a large section of the rainforest is being cut down by Brazilians, in china swathes of land are being industrialised and the same applies to India

        9. The Meedyah won’t say half the time that the perpetrators where Muslim terrorists. Insurgents, radicals, fighters.
          The word Asian in any part of the world means a person or persons from Asia.

          In Islam education is forbidden for women. That’s why the Taliban attack all girls schools in Afghanistan and tried to kill that girl who is now famous for speaking out about it. Prior to 2001 women where forbidden from studying in Afghanistan.
          In Pakistan they are trying to implement the same policy of not educating girls.
          You are right, there is a radical element and a there is racial element in the sex abuse cases in the UK.
          In both cases the men would attribute the girls that where not Muslim as disposable since they where not of the faith. This warped mindset is derived from their religion not their nation. Thus, when speaking about this in the media it should be addressed as Muslim gang paedophilia, but the media wont say that as its too unPC.
          Instead it’s Asian Gang grooming.

        10. im talkin about the ones that are currently dead. most died durin an after colonization.
          those brazilians are not half naked indian natives that are doin it. its the european hertige in brasil that are cuttin them down for exports. in fact southern brasil is the most devolped where the full blooded whites live. the area is the north with natives black and the sterotypical pardido. brasilians are essential white european ppl and culture. why do americans consider latinos ethnic or non white?
          in case of india is wht is after britan left into a hell hole after ww2 when it no longer was an asset but a liability. they westernized to a degree under that rule and that genie is not goin back in the bottle.
          china cant comment on its colonial history but didnt it devolp cuz of some amerucan ambassador open relations with the nation?nixion?kissinger?

        11. dufe they also mply it such as the case of the missin plane from malayasia. cnn implied that the 2 iranians on board coulda hijacked it.
          i dont think they are tryin to hide but lookin into oppurtunities to say it…unless u live in sweden then i can see ur point. or rember that norway bombin cnn an the media were hintin it was some muzzy insyead it was anders brevik.
          the term asian i was using the uk defintion. the term varys from nation to nation here in north america we refer asian to the east asians not the brown causcoid ones. but since u mention it anyone ever refer to russians as asian?
          in the case of education girls are allowed for education even in strict for saudi. but i think they are afraid of the demograpics of liw fertilty cause it causes aging and a burden to society like ib japan an no way are immigrants gonna work in poor
          countys. its the only logical reason i see. other then that aside from fightin soveits why would usa radicalize these guys. in pakistan u only have to worry about taliban on the west end along hindu kush which literally has no laws cuz its impossible to get to its not lahore or jarachi.
          rates thats happenin here. thats why immigrants come here; poir nation cant support immigrants or an aging nation.

        12. In England whenever you hear Asian it almost always means a Paki. In the US Asian usually means someone from the Far East.
          Forget not using the M word because what they’re not doing with Boko is using the N word. These are negro savages who happen to be Muslims but could just as well be Christian or one of the native primitive religions there.
          The Afghans who are usually Muslims of a mild type are of the Caucasian type and don’t do any of this stuff. The Taliban was not Afghan but foreigners using this country as a base and were trying to impose their crazy brand on religion on them.The Taliban was Arab and Yemenese, also Arab. Arabs are like a newer race composed of the original Whites who lived in the Mid East during and after the last Ice Age and who began mixing a bit after 1k BC with the savage Negroes who were moving into the area until you see what you have today. In the White Hebrew Bible these Negroes were referred to as “beasts of the fields” because they were used as paid servants and field hands.You got the death penalty for “laying with a beast”.The 10 tribes were banished North by the White Assyrians in 600BC to the nice ice free Europe where they came from. The ones that stayed in Canaan built up their pop. over the next 600 years but were defeated by Romans and they too went North into Ukraine. Khazaria etc Some were still in the area but they degenerated into Yahweh believing Arabs (mixed race people now a new race after centuries) called Sephardic Jews. No real Jew accepts them as part of their White group.Semetic is just a language group that all the people spoke a variant of not an ethnic group. Negroes in the US speak English but that doesn’t make them English.
          So as you can see all of this savagery had black African just as you see it in Boko today.roots

        13. to add to that last bit cause my phone got messed.
          You dont have to be a muslim to know that western girls are trash(hell its the motto here at rok). Foreigners from their region whether it be christian,jew,hindu and sikh all look down on them and dont feel bad about sexing them since those girls want to lose it and brag about being deflowered.
          Their own girls are for marriage and their families strictly keep an eye on their girls. You can make them atheist tomorrow, they still will look down on western girls because they dont behave modestly like their girls. As a result they got treated as such. Like you dont see those pakistanis grooming local sikh hindu and black girls there
          They are pedos and should be jailed non the less. But you have to admit the liberal europeans are kinda sexual deviant considering consent is as low as 14 or 15 depending on nation(think its spain an germany). And those were the age groups they were grooming for sex in exchange for cigarettes,drugs and alchol(something good women shouldn’t be doing in the first place).
          I honestly dont know about rape but from what ive read they essentially hoed em out consensually…..up until the forced prostitution(which is a big nono in islam and be stoned for it)
          Arville Douglas Garland type of mindset here aint it.

        14. There were few Negroes around 10k years ago when the pop. of the world was 1m(99% of them were White) and they were clinging to the west coast too afraid to go anywhere.
          The animals were wiped out in Europe and Asia as the result of the ice age circa 15,000 BC. After the ice retreated and the climate improved there were few people on the Euro-Asian landmass and they couldn’t possible wipe anything out. (most of their cousins were living in Egypt and the mid East anyway because even southern Spain couldn’t support enough grass to keep animals alive)
          White men invented breeding and animal husbandry and increased the pop of animals as well as protecting them from predators) as well as real farming to produce grain to feed them and themselves.
          Most species went extinct long before man was on earth.And since White men killed predators who were in competition with them for food the food species increased. There are many times the number of deer today in NY than when a few Indians lived there.Negroes don’t know how to manage populations of animals (not even their own lol)You were just part of the habitat like the other animals in the area until European colonisation. When the pop. increased there would be a food shortage and the animals including the humanoids would stop breeding or starve and then at a certain point it would reverse and a new cycle would begin. You had no control of anything which is sort of par for the blanket boys on ROK who can’t even control a female without resorting to some form of stupidity.
          Perhaps you should have stayed awake in grammar school and learned something.

        15. And when they wise up they’ll enact certain restrictions. We’ve already seen this in China and other places where they are trying to decrease the human population which will solve the problem because it is excessive human demand that causes the depletion. Otherwise cut trees etc will just grow back, a tree has a specify lifespan anyway.
          Homo sapiens sapiens (the wise wise white man) will always solve the problem and not just be part of the herd under the complete control of nature)
          And those 10m or so Indians who lived spread out in north and south American have also increased dramatically since the Euro man came. We also know from DNA that the original people in N America were Europeans by a good 5,000 years before any Mongol arrived. They were here 17,000 years ago during the height of the ice age in Europe.5,000 years passed before a Mongol arrived and they mixed and created a new race.So all of this is Euro property and if you don’t like it you can go back to whatever jungle your ancestors came out of a few hundred years ago.You still haven’t paid us for the ship ticket to the new promised land.

        16. I’m not going to be shamed for colonisation. It’s the best thing we ever did and we should do it again.
          We brought modern medicine, industry and education to the world.
          Without white man inventions the population would not stand at 7 Billion.
          The rest of the empire is still a shit hole after we left.

        17. ”You dont have to be a muslim to know that western girls are trash”

        18. This place is infested with these useless racist bastards who have no knowledge of the world outside of the custom front porch of their trailer. Stupid fucks make white guys look bad.

        19. “My boyfriend isn’t buying me anything”

          “My boyfriend doesn’t buy me any gifts”

          “My boyfriend never pays”

          “my boyfriend never buys dinner”
          “My wealthy boyfriend doesn’t buy me stuff”

          “Am I being selfish? My boyfriend doesn’t buy me stuff”


        20. I think that you lower class blanket boys make yourselves look bad. Dr.Bigg is both a medical doctor (Johns Hopkins ’76) and a lawyer (Gray’s Inn ’81)

        21. No this is wrong.
          Let me ask you which civilisation would be more advanced / superior:
          a) a civilisation that prepared for peace.
          b) a civilisation that prepared for war.
          By virtue of winning in war, inferiority is proved. We’re not the products of Natural Selection. We are the waste. This is why we are being Naturally Deselected off the planet.
          The Matriarchy reversed the natural mammal mother’s love to make broken male warrior-slaves to kill and die for them. To protect their BOYS from ‘theft’ they told their sons that women who liked sex were impure and needed to die. So the stupid BOYS went and did that. They’re still doing that, by the way. The power of the lies of mothers is reflected in a lot of men on this site, as well. Guys just have no clue about the true nature of female reproductive biology but it’s not sluts who should be shamed, it’s whores. Sluts are natural. Whores are the perversion. Marriage is perverse. In nature, mammal mothers care for their young. Male mammals mind their own business. In Polite Society, women are objectified demons who breed dependents to validate their illegitimate dependency on men. They raise sons to kill and die for them.
          Nature mothers v Society mothers. Everything is the wrong way around.

        22. Some people think women want to have their cake and eat it, but that is ridiculous.
          Obviously, women want to have your cake and eat it.

        23. These are negro savages who happen to be Muslims but could just as well be Christian or one of the native primitive religions there.

          To the best of my knowledge, all savages have strong sentimental feelings towards their mothers. I’ve never met a fucked up BOY that didn’t love his mother.
          The #BringBackOurGirls campaign could really appeal the fundamental source of influence in control of those BOYS, but of course that would never happen. Because mothers raise children Right so they’re not responsible when most of their victims turn out wrong. “Don’t think too much.”

        24. Educated girls would make women look very bad indeed. But men who imagine men have a motive to oppress women have had their minds mutilated by their mothers.
          Women oppress girls. The Matriarchal religions are misogynist for this reason. Objectified whores hate women for being women. Women make objectified whores look very bad indeed.
          That is why all the humane women are dead.

        25. You should write your own article(s). +^
          If you have the time, that is.

        26. lol who do you think dominates Brazilian society, idiot? Hint: “Brazilians”, while technically correct, does not denote an ethnic group any more than “Americans” does, so you’re gonna need to find another answer.

        27. “why do americans consider latinos ethnic or non white??”
          Well there’s a few reasons I think
          1) Most of the “Latinos” in the US have significant “non white” ancestry.
          2) Most Americans (well most people in general but we’re talking about Americans here) are dumb as shit and never bother to learn history or geography.
          3) Even the “white” Latinos tend to come from Spanish stock, and Spain is among the least “white” of the European countries due to the centuries of occupation by the “non white” Moors.

        28. The problem is men are raised to respect whores. I know I was.
          The first time I even contemplated that something wasn’t right was when my gf didn’t want me to see her ATM receipt so I tricked her and I couldn’t believe my eyes; she wasn’t merely rich, she was loaded. She had more money in her balance than I’d earned in my entire life. I immediately asked her why she wasn’t paying for everything, and she shrugged, “Guys pay.”
          I called her bluff and as it turns out, she wasn’t bluffing. Guys pay. Until guys stop doing that, nothing will change. The reason guys pay is that money is worthless; we earn money to impress girls, men are violently forced into slavery by their mothers. Then they have all this useless money. What else are they going to do with it?

      4. #BringBackOurGirls appears to have backfired, somewhat predictably as making blunt demands is a rather bossy Toddler approach to negotiating the release of things that are not in one’s possession.

        Boko Haram appears to have seen the schoolgirls as of higher value, given the global attention paid to their plight, those officials said.
        Three months after seizing the girls, Boko Haram’s leader, Mr. Shekau, appeared in a video demanding a prisoner exchange. “You are saying bring back our girls,” thundered the bearded gunman, before firing his AK-47 into the air. “We are saying bring back our men!”

        rofl. This is a laugh and a half.

        Some accounts suggest the burden of providing for scores of girls has become a point of dissension in Boko Haram’s ranks.
        “They are always crying. They behave like children,” Ms. Abba quoted the Boko Haram fighters as saying of the schoolgirls. “We don’t want them around.”

        The insanity of women is just…

        Dozens of demonstrators still gather in the capital each day to press for the girls’ freedom. Their rallies have become a referendum on whether Nigerian women—particularly poor, young, Muslim girls—are valued by a government of mostly wealthy, elderly, Christian men.

        If women spend less time worrying about forcing men to value them and more time concerning themselves with being valuable, one imagines their perceived value would increase in line with their actual value. But women just want to be valued, they’re not interested in being valuable; value just doesn’t work that way.

    2. Hashtag activism at its best (or worst which ever way you see it.).
      It’s only important if it effects children or females, and in particular female children, everyone else is disposable.

      1. The girls were/are actually Christian (and were forced at gunpoint to “convert”), but otherwise, yeah, that’s about the high and low of it. Boys burned in schools? No biggie. Girls kidnapped? Dedicate national resources and no holds barred!

    3. She certainly didn’t show empathy for all the kids killed by her husband’s drone strikes.

  3. Everytime Billy Chupps writes an article, it is incredibly thought provoking and filled with absolute meaning for the modern man. Thank you Billy for another great article here on RoK.

  4. ROK is hated by the self-righteous keyboard jockeys because ROK deals with things that are uncomfortable. So, ROK makes other people feel uncomfortable. Makes me cringe that these ‘good’ people resort to the basest and most crass statements in order to talk shit about ROK. Apparently these ‘good’ people are incapable of civil discourse. Fuck those people. ROK is one of my favorite websites.

    1. Leftists can’t come up with anything that’s true but also ideologically uncomfortable for them. Try asking them sometime, then observe their reaction their reaction. They’re forced into admitting that they either think their ideology is 100% foolproof, or that they’re emotionally invested in leftism.

  5. ROK is hated because “ignorance is a bliss”.
    We are hated because we have game and self-improvement here, most of the people don’t understand the concepts.
    It’s true we’re silly, we learn game to get women into bed we don’t even like in the first place. But then again it’s more comfortable than masturbation and we get adrenaline of the hunt.

    1. Try as I might, I cannot find the adrenaline you speak of. How might I get excited by the idea of being forced to chase women who want to sleep with me 10x more than I could biologically want to sleep with them?
      I would be validated by a woman who didn’t smear her mother’s lies onto my reluctantcy but I cannot be validated by whores who refuse to pursue what they want, preferring instead to induce your efforts to give them what they want, just so they can degrade you into imagining they’re worth more than a shamed whore who doesn’t know what she wants because all she wants is the sex that she hates.
      I’d rather hunt a stationary chair.

  6. I love this article. Even though some parts made me want to go running for the hills. RoK is just men helping men deal every day issues. What is so bad about that? What with all the slutty single moms out there their sons need a more masculine guiding hand. I think what you do is a public service, and I thank you.

  7. These other websites don’t come into direct conflict with the feminine imperative therefore will not important to social justice warriors.

  8. Thought crime is the most serious crime that can be committed in a democratic society. This website commits these crimes on a daily basis which is why it is regularly pilloried. The thinking on this site threatens the ruling order. Today it is a pest, tomorrow it may be a force to be reckoned with. The more the ruling order tries to clamp down on sites like these, the more power you have gained.

  9. …………Which is why I have no problem in keeping this site as one of my favorites on my work PC. And I work at the VA

  10. One of the things that may keep them fired up with their hate is the anger that is often expressed on here in the comments section. Nothing wrong with anger, don’t get me wrong. Every day a new red pill man emerges from the fog and is quite justifiably angry at the charade he was fooled into believing in being laid bare before his eyes. They are angry not just at society, but at women in general, and many times, again, justifiably so. So we vent, which is great. I suspect however that this feeds the “men r eeeeeeeebillll!” detractors of the site and allows them to totally gloss over the very valid points that the articles outline on a daily basis. We know that they’re looking for any reason to hate us and deny the truth that we’ve come to accept, and the anger gives them the fuel to start their V-twin hamster engines a runnin’ and absolutely ignore or detract from the truth at their leisure.
    The women detractors want the truth silenced or repressed because….vagina. The white knights want it repressed because, you know, if you repress it then you might impress a woman who then rewards you with…vagina (well, in theory, it’s not been born out in field tests quite yet).
    Not saying we’re doing anything wrong, we’re not so sally forth men, I’m just noodling out some things out loud.

  11. “The United States State Department estimates that 50,000–100,000 women
    and girls are trafficked into the US each year for sex slavery.”
    This is a false number and ROK should have done better research. The Village Voice has done several long, well-reported pieces about sex trafficking hype. The story below, from 2011, is the most comprehensive one. The writer of this article should read it. Sites like Jezebel parrot the false number because it feeds into anti-male hysteria. ROK, of all sites, should know better.

      1. the point is that it is has been politicised by feminists so they can tarnish all prostitution as abuse / trafficking. Even the Guardian destroyed the trafficking statistics put out by the powers that be

        1. I have always believed the real reason for the human trafficking hype was to force men to cancel their trip to the Phillipines, and to give that abusive, feminist ex-girlfriend in Portland a second shot at draining their wallet.

        2. Prostitutes are hated by married whores because they sell what has no value far too cheaply to boys who represent a lifetime of whore effort, abuse invested in their potential for cannibalisation.
          Then a prostitute comes along and reveals the truth of women’s worth to slaves owned by whores? Prostitutes are braver than I am but no one is braver than a slut.

    1. There’s no such thing as “human trafficking”. It’s something invented by the frminazis as a way to blame men.

    2. How can a girl be trafficked for sex if her mother doesn’t sell her to traffickers? Human traffickers aren’t stealing children against their mothers’ wishes, that would not be profitable. They buy children broken and made to feel they owe something to their abusive mothers.
      The children are prepped for sale with abuse and then sold for $$. Ka-ching. Cash for booze and gambling. The mothers are very poor but they’re not bright enough to realise why they’re kept poor.

      Exodus 1:12 And the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew.

      Their evil capacity to betray their young is why they’re afflicted.

  12. “When a true genius appears in the world, you may now him by this sign, that all the dunces will be in confederacy against him.”-Jonathan Swift
    Overall I completely agree with the article, there are way worse sites out there than ROK. But overall women and feminists need a boogeyman because they need to explain away THEIR massive privilege in the 21st century. But to reply to those people succinctly all I would say is that a lion does not concern himself with the opinions of sheep.

  13. Not only do the Feminists and their Beta Bitch Boys blatantly ignore stuff like pedophilia, but their movement actually ENCOURAGES it. Thanks to Feminism, the door was opened to LGBT and “civil rights” (which although started out as a good thing, is now simply anti-white). A large number of LGBT people actually think that “Pedophilia” is a sexual preference, and should be legal. What sick fucks. They say that Return of Kings is horrible, or Stormfront is horrible, but they are the truly horrid ones who approve of having sex with little children.

    1. Not at all, I am from Europe and sex with a 15 year old, heck even a 14 year old is not considered pedophilia where as in the US even sex with a 17 year old is considered pedophilia (of course only if a man does it).
      It seems that feminists actually want to keep the age of consent high, they would be the first one to oppose putting it down to 16 nationwide.

      1. I’m not saying that Feminists themselves support it, I’m saying that the movement of Feminism opened the door for LGBT, which in turn supports it a lot of the time.

      2. hell the girl can be 18 and you can be 40 and the old bitches here will still call you a pedo. Someone should really hand them a dictionary what a pedo is….someone that likes kids that hasnt hit puberty.

        1. Demi Lovato is dating some 35 year old and shes 21, people still call him a pedo.

        2. That’s probably because people still see her as a disney child star, if she started out at 21, not on children’s programming. No one would bat an eyelash.

      3. Feminists would raise the age of consent to one year below their individual age, if they could. They’d kill every other girl if they could. They’re so fucking transparent, it’s nauseating.
        Guardian: Leave The Age of Consent Alone

        In fact, when I am president of the world, one of the first things I am going to do is whack the age of consent up to 25, when you’re a) pretty much beyond peer pressure and b) on good terms with your vagina and have arrived together at a working understanding of what you want to get involved in, how, why and from what angle.

        Every woman knows girls must be protected from themselves with violence force used to steamroll over the top of their consent. Because they’re too young to know how they feel. The proof of that is their propensity to be manipulated into bed.
        Well no, women hate sex. So clearly any girl that likes it is the victim of a molestation. “She doesn’t need to feel bad! Honey, you don’t need to feel bad. You’re a victim. Don’t anyone make her feel bad, okay?!”
        Women’s compassion. It warms the cockles.

    2. The deputy leader of the British Labour Party aided the paedophile information exchange in the 70s. In an attempt to make it a legitimate organisation. Says it all really.

    3. Um…women created paedophila with the infantilisation of women. Men are biologically coded to respond to and protect cute children. Paternity, monogamy, marriage; these are demented sociological lies invented by whores who want to enslave men to take care of the children the mammal mother owes a blood debt to for bringing to the world in a helpless state against the child’s will.
      Men aren’t supposed to care for The One and Only dependent whore’s children. Men are biologically coded to care for and protect all children. Evidence of this fact is everywhere, but I realised it one day watching the meanest, baddest-looking biker I’d ever seen turn into a teddy bear when a cute child let go of her balloon and asked him to save it. This biker was so dangerous-looking, even I crossed the street (along with everyone else). But he didn’t stop to check paternity. He just turned into a biological robot. I’ve never seen a more powerful transformation. This hulking killer wearing biker colours was lumbering down the street trying to snatch this balloon for a little girl, just because she asked. Her mother was on her mobile, I don’t think she turned once the entire time.
      But at some point, women’s beady little eyes notice how men are biologically coded to respond to children in need. Thus, the infantilisation of women.
      The reason it causes paedophilia is explained by respondent (Pavlovian) conditioning.
      Pavlov’s dog (men) was conditioned to salivate (sexual arousal) by ringing a bell (cute child) that had been associated with food (sex).
      Women throw children under the bus, because women don’t need to steal their biological protection mechanism. Women don’t even need to compete for sex. They compete for something very evil instead. They just want competitive edge to exploit and extort men. But children can’t help being cute. So now they get raped by very confused men who don’t know why they get hardons around cute children. This is a very confused world. I need to leave it.

  14. The opposite of Love isn’t Hate. It’s Apathy.
    Hate and Love are two sides of the same coin. Both are profitable.
    What you don’t want is Apathy.

    1. The way women love = hate.
      A Josef Fritzl-world of loving haters who know best how everyone needs to be made to suffer to please them. Possessive, needy, controlling, love is worse than hate. Love needs to reduce you to needing whomever needs you. Then it dumps you cause fuck you, humans are pathetic when needy and worthless. Women suck you worthless then they’re all like, “Sometimes you need to close a door for another door to open.”

      “It’s not you, it’s me.”

      I stood there with an engagement ring in my pocket and said, “You’ve been fucking another guy for a month as you’re pushing me to move in together and you think I could be confused about whose fault this is?”
      The haters will tear you down because they can’t compete with you.
      The lovers will tear you down because they can’t compete for you.
      No one competes in this world, they just try to destroy their competition. Women do it to girls but everyone is blind. Love blinds, so wanting it is probably not a virtue.
      Hate might kill you. Love won’t let you die. And that I think is worse.

  15. The reason that this site is hated above all those other sites is because you simply go against the mainstream. The mainstream entertainment culture today is one that embraces death, sexual perversion, and rape. There are no heroes (unless they are comic book heroes), there are only disturbed anti-heroes and tragic villains.
    This site is fighting against the filth culture, one that idolizes women but celebrates the debasement of men. It is equalizing what has been made unequal and it is beating feminists both at their own game and on this site’s own terms.
    That is why it is hated more than rapists, pedophiles, and death porn sites.

    1. Yes. They know at a visceral level how effective men are when we engage our highly rational and logical minds.
      It was only a matter of time until men figured out what the hell was going on. Problem is, they get us when we’re children now and it’s extremely difficult to undo such social conditioning. They get a head start that gives them a great advantage.

      1. Yes, well said. This site has its positives but until they go after mothers for abusing children, they’re not hitting the target.

        Breaking Men
        It’s easy when they’re little.
        I’ve seen a mother violently beat her son to appease an obese woman whose feelings had been hurt by the boy’s inconsideration. Children are sane like that.
        The child had been honest without being malicious. He merely described her correctly, “Look, she’s fat.” Had a blue car driven past, he might have said “Look, a blue car.” She was as emotionally insane as she was obese and she rounded on the boy’s mother to shame her parenting skills (probably only because she’d blushed beetroot at her son’s honesty). The whale wanted an apology.
        If a word can make her suffer, a word can take her suffering away; but at some point, those who crumble at mean words really need to stop inflicting pain inside their imaginations. They’re just cutting themselves.
        The kid flatly refused to apologise. He’d done nothing wrong. His mother was frantic, swearing to beat the life out of him if he didn’t comply. I could tell she meant it. I sensed there would be blood but he kept refusing. He was a little OCD about it. I admired him immensely.
        The mother lost her mind, started beating him. Backhands whipped across his face. I could have intervened but I told myself it was none of my business. Property is property and I know the law.
        Children are naturally honest because lying is one of the purest forms of insanity. Their lying mothers tell them to be honest as they simultaneously lie to their faces (Santa, etc). They’re told by everyone to be honest as they’re told to be polite (lie). They’re punished for being honest (rude) and they’re punished for lying. Violent punishment, of course; because humans are taught that way. It’s how they learn. The violent art of persuasion.
        Be honest. Don’t be honest. Crack. Don’t lie to me. Lie to me. Crack.
        Call me crazy but I think this is how insanity is made.

  16. The difference that the haters see in RoK compared to the other examples that were mentioned is that they take the articles and ideas personally, like as if the RoK authors are targeting them directly. Because it is a site that they deem “personally attacking them” is the reason why is is hated so much. Tut’s viral article about short haired girls drew so much hate, especially with women with short hair. The article makes a good point that us men have to put in a lot of effort and hard work to improve our lives to the max. Women stay thin and show up. They don’t want us to know the truths behind things. They want to keep us down and obedient like puppy dogs so when the day comes that they hit the wall and need us, we will be dedicated servants and not be tempted by younger ones. As long as we stay on our path to greatness, there will always be ones trying to prevent it.

    1. Now *that* is a logical insight. Makes perfect sense, given the native narcissism of women.

  17. I heard an interview with the science fiction writer John Ringo where he responded to accusations that his sort of military science fiction had “destroyed” the genre. He laughed and wished he had that kind of power: “I may be a super-villain, but at least I’m super.”
    In other words, people who obsess over the super-harm you can allegedly cause pay you an unintentional compliment.

    1. RedneckCryonicist I know you don’t know me but I follow you on twitter and read your blog, you are a solid dude and I agree with 90 percent of what you write. Just wanted you to know you got a fan and I tell my people to check you out cause you are pretty straight up for such a young guy. Keep up the good work!

  18. ROK tells the truth. If that’s considered “repugnant” by today’s “standards” then we have some serious issues.

    1. Truth has always been hated. There is a reason why Society is Polite.

      “If you have nothing true to say, then don’t say anything at all.”
      – mothers (in civil society)

  19. “while trying to create more men who can protect them from the bad stuff out there.”
    Protect them?
    As my late great dad would say: “Fuck ’em”.
    The feminists helped make this bed, they should sleep in it. If the world went “Mad Max” I could watch a gang of “bikers” eat a modern woman alive and I won’t waste ammo to save her ass. She wanted this, she should get it.
    And every one of them deserves their fate. It used to be that stupid people didn’t survive the winter, now they get to vote for more winter and someone else has to keep them alive.

    1. Women need protection from the sons of women.
      Men don’t give birth or raise children Right. That there could even be a debate about anything gender-related without mothers being the first point of call is merely proof that this is a broken species of traumatised slaves with Stockholm Syndrome.
      Women need protection from the victims of women who abused them to make them feel worthless enough to want to die to impress their abusers. On this wall, what % women? White Male Privilege.

  20. “… We spend
    hundreds if not thousands of hours trying to increase our sexual appeal
    to women … which really is pathetic compared
    to what a woman has to do to ‘game’ men; essentially just be thin and
    show up. And we men do not complain (loudly) about this disparity. We
    willingly rise up to the challenge … ”
    Such is the essence of today’s sexual market place.

  21. The site started getting a lot of hate after Tutmosis started click-baiting.There’s a lot of shit on RoK but there are also a lot of good articles that are worth a read.

    1. It’s so easy to generate “hate” from women.
      Just tell them the TRUTH and watch what happens.
      You’ll start getting a lot of hate too. But who cares about that?
      When Galileo said the world was round and not the center of the universe. He got hate. He got exiled, jailed, and almost executed. Even by the Church! But guess what. The earth is NOT the center of the Universe. It’s not even the center of the solar system.
      Women STILL don’t even know (or care!!) if the world is round or flat.
      So who gives a FUCK what they “hate”?

      1. Thing is I don’t want to read articles that are designed to get a negative reaction from women since that is as easy as writing “All women are sluts that want the dick”. I enjoy reading well-made articles that give either practical advice or some deep thought regarding a problem.

        1. Yes I get that. But you are still thinking women won’t get offended to sheer BASICS. Women get “offended” when you simply ask them their AGE… or if you want to know who the father really is. A woman you are thinking of marrying(!!!) will even get offended at the thought of a prenup.(!) and you’ll be in a WORLD of hate just for that!
          That’s fucked up.
          Never mind deep thoughts and concepts, women think ANY discussion about them is some kind of negative.

        2. When you understand the value of truth, you will understand the Nature of problems.

          “All women are sluts that want the dick”

          You want to believe this isn’t biologically true. Sluts who want the dick are natural, biological women.
          You want women to be whores who sell sex. But women are supposed to be sluts. You want it one way. But it’s the other way. What you don’t realise is that you’ve never wanted it to be any way but how it is. Your mother confused your wanting.

      2. She’s probably thinks that way because she think her ass is the world.
        Which is flat.

      3. The Church = the Mother (who breeds life for utility / disposal)
        There is no other source of power. The house-builders break children with violence to ‘exploit’ biology. They’re not very bright, but then their mothers broke them with violent lies and shame.
        In a world constructed on 5000 years of cannibal mothers breeding broken slaves with lies and violence, it’s a wonder White Males have remained so Privileged, they’re still sane enough to kill and die for their oppressed womens.

  22. RoK questions the paradigms we live in. To talk about blue pill isn’t just to talk about a system of lies and falsehood. Its not always as cynical as that. Thomas Khun introduced the idea that scientific revolutions always involve a clash of paradigms, and this idea can be extended to include ideas and theories generally.
    The hate might come from the fact that men are speaking their mind on this site, and doing so with the candour you can expect from men free from the pussywhip and lots of people don’t like that, but it is just about being nice or not being nice of course, or even about ideas that offend or do not offend. The hate comes from those who have invested enormous amounts of energy equal to their stupidity and smugness into a paradigm that is now being tested, questioned, and found to be lacking, troubling one-dimensional, and increasingly unconvincing.
    Blue pill / red pill is a clash of paradigms. There are more sophisticated sites on the web that RoK perhaps, which are more careful about what they say, but very few where ideas are so freely thrown up, and so honestly debated. Indeed its occasional courseness is precisely what permits it to function as a laboratory of ideas. We live in a culture where there are is what is called a consensus of values, and ideas. Now some of those ideas are being questioned and brought into doubt. Question the foundations on which the complacent – those prepared to live by second-hand passed down truths – live, and you will receive a lot of hate. It is a function of the sea-sickness experienced by those on a boat soon to sink into the ocean.

  23. This site gets a lot of crap because of 50 years of feminist conditioning of society in the modern world. You can’t unplug people immediately from the Matrix of modern society, because these people (especially women and feminist men) will viciously defend it , much like Agent Smiths. Some people have gotten their dreams – the American dream, as the Matrix feeds them that to secure their loyalties. Women have gotten the laws lopsided in their favor, and will of course manipulate men to barrage the manosphere by using sexuality and emotionality. Which woman would want patriarchy today? NONE!!!
    And regarding men, they will always think of sexual pleasure than anything else. An oversexed culture further complicates this by making men more horny than normal, so they’d do what women ask them to do.
    Female: “Shame ROK!”
    Man: done!,
    Female: “Shame Manosphere!”
    Male: done!
    …this is the interaction between women today and feminist-bred, complying men.
    And these men are actually rewarded by getting pussy from these feminists so as to make them loyal. A MAN TODAY WILL ALWAYS BETRAY HIS HONOR AND GENDER JUST TO GET SEX. And he will always forgive and forget the unforgivable atrocities his modern feminist bred woman does, partly due to social conditioning that women are better, more humane, impeccable creatures not to be judged, and also due to the sex she’ll give him to make him lose his judgment. Make no mistake about it.
    The man today thinks more about his sexual pleasure and sexual security than his honor. Thirsty men today, will always compromise on his honor to get sex and sexual security. And there are an overwhelming majority of men who are like that. When the majority of men are like that, what do you expect? Of course hate, ROK and the manosphere upsets the applecart. Women, irrational and ungrateful that they are, will always fear the rise of patriarchy. But the laws are in their favor, and so are an overwhelming majority of pussy whipped men in the modern world today. This world today is run by men, who are ruled by feminist women. We feminist-bred men are responsible for this.

      Speak for yourself.
      We feminist-bred men are responsible for this.
      Do you have a feminist man in your pocket? No offense but while I generally agree with the thrust of your post, the collectivist notion that “we” are all guilty of something doesn’t seem to pass the smell test.

      1. You’re wearing clothes. Those were not forced onto you to serve male interests. Go outside in your natural skin and listen to the women scream, traumatising their children, covering their eyes to protect them from your toxic male skin. You fucking pervert. You’ll be violently arrested by police for committing the crime of indecency, or something.
        That skin is really offensive, when toddlers are made to realise this their minds shut down. The trauma is such that no one can even remember how they came to be wearing clothes to hide their mother’s shame of their innocence.
        The truth that no one wants to accept is that this is a rigged game. When you’re playing in a rigged game, there’s only one play you can make. The only way to win is not to play.
        Women realise this of course, so they’ve blockaded all the doors and wired all the windows with explosives. Life is a Gift. That’s why you’re not allowed to leave. We were brought here to suffer to please. We are responsible by remaining in the rigged game that we are duty-bound to leave. If someone is willing to harm you to prevent you from leaving, it’s time to go. But then I don’t expect many people to agree with truth this true.

    2. Exactly. Most of what your liberals call hateful I barely even notice, even when it’s allegedly being inflicted on me.
      If you gotta explain it to me, it ain’t shit.

  24. By current “values” all the disgusting sites mentioned have a right to exist. Only sites about and for normal men do not.

  25. “This site, and the manosphere in general, are not even close to the worst thing online.”
    Don’t fight back! Go with the flow, feel the hate — it’s a wonderful reputation to have. Imagine the traffic and interest it will create to be recognized as “The Worst Site on the Web”.

      Rather ironic those two fanbases are not included in the DSM’s definition of “zoophilia”, even when in the original Greek meaning of the word “philia”, sex is not involved; just unhealthy obsession.

  26. WoW like WoW. mockin someone for bein raped an bullied as a child.what sorta feminst are these?guess victim blamin doesnt apply to children hence why nambla doesnt get the same level of harassnent as rok.
    loveless loser part perhaps yes thats why were here. we look for solutions not to bitch.
    look at jizzabel. they fat eat crappy foods;live with some sorta social anxiety or tempermental tendancy and just make lame smartass comments with those they disagree with instead of debatin it with facts.
    here in rok we learn to get iver appraoch anxiety an learn to eat n train better. even dressin better while jizzabel will just complain and push fat acceptance.
    rok pushs self improvement jizzabel is some diary to complain about.

  27. The fact that feminists feel so threatened means that you are doing something right. Remember, “no one kicks a dead dog.” Keep up the good work!

  28. There’s nothing wrong with hate in the first place, just depends what you’re hating.
    Besides, this place isn’t even remotely hateful compared to 4chan. And 4chan is still pretty mild in terms of realtalk compared to just about any big Chinese forum.
    And even if it offends people, so what?
    Westerners, man

    1. Holy shit are you for real /b/ro? You mean there’s a place on the internet that is even more edgy than /pol/ or /b/? Please, I fucking beg you /b/rother, tell me the link of such a place. Even if it’s in Chinese, I’ll just use Google Translate.

  29. Disconnected middle-class women aren’t threatened by actual serious deviance and disgusting social degeneration like real rape, pedophilia, violence porn, etc. Things that actually really hurt people physically and mentally. Most privileged middle class women in the west find those tings funny to joke about because they simply can’t relate or identify too them; as if they aren’t real. It simply goes to show you how naive, ignorant, small-minded, and oblivious some people are.
    All the horrors and evils of the world, and the thing that rattles their bones the most is a bunch of men talking about the kind of women they find attractive and how to engage them, and the kind of women they find unattractive and how to avoid/deal with them.
    How many of these haters of RoK and similar manosphere sites/blogs frequent shock sites like eFukt and the like? How many of them think it’s okay to wish/threaten death/torture/rape/disease upon people for mundane and insignificant things such as their preference in women? Apparently a lot…
    this article summed up everything so well there isn’t much else to say except “Obviously”

  30. Wow, that’s a lot of explanation. Kudo’s for breaking it downso well.
    I should say , I am a regular reader of this site. I find it interesting and some of it is common sense that NEEDS to be reiterated.
    I also don’t agree with everything written. Sometimes I just say, “Hmmn, that’s not me,………..” and move on, or change the channel, as you say.
    But for me, about 85-90% of what is written is true to my life experience. Sometimes it’s a little over the top, (and I assume that’s simply to make the point, for the dullards) but that doesn’t make it any less true.
    In our PC world, common sense is a super power and TRUTH is the new “hate crime”.
    Keep on truckin’!

  31. They say you can know the true measure of a man by both his friends and his enemies. In that case ROK have a lot to be proud of.

  32. Did anyone hear about this? No surprise that the woman is fat and ugly (probably a feminist).

      1. Assault, bullying. Its still fucked up. She been suspended for 10 days but the school is being closed for the summer on her 10th day. So she really got an early release from the school. More reason for my future children (if i ever have any) to be homeschooled.

  33. GOOD GOYIM!! Remember, pedophilia is only allowed for us Jews. That’s why we keep it illegal and yet keep sexuallizing women at a younger and younger age, like the below video. We are simply dangling this carrot in front of you stupid goyim’s faces because you know you’ll never get to taste it. Remember, our Jewish Talmud says pedophilia is okay if you’re jewish!

    1. Hey there!
      I`d love to see these little cheeky bitches being beaten back to the kitchens.
      Could you post a video of that?

  34. “Though most paedophile sites and forums are heavily guarded, since they’re one of the groups who deserve to be hunted down that actually are,”
    Oh look, Billy is a real tuff guy. >:3
    “there are numerous soft sites that feature only drawn or computer generated images of young girls and boys being molested. Somehow these get through legal loopholes, but despite the social stigma of child pornography, Loli (short for Lolita) porn is thriving and its fans are numerous.”
    You don’t need “legal loopholes” you retard. Why would you need laws against people looking at drawn pictures? Who’s the victim?

  35. > In short, we who practice game dedicate a good portion of our limited time on this Earth trying to please women,
    You should stop doing that. It’s not just a matter of wasting time. The more you enter the female world (dating, ‘alpha’/’beta’ divisions among males, sexual value) the more you brainwash yourself into that type of thinking and, ironically, the more feminine you become. Try to imagine a WWI soldier talking about SMV or hitting the gym just to impress chicks.
    Be your own man. The women will come. Women are attracted to manliness and success. And in the 1/10 case that they don’t (maybe you were just born really unattractive – nothing unmanly about that) then who cares – you don’t need women to live. It’s women who need men, not the other way around. And stop giving a fuck about what feminized men think who will judge you based on how many sex partners you’ve had. That’s bitch thinking. At this point I’ve come to realize that 99% of what comes out of 99% of men’s mouths nowadays is utter bullshit that has no relevance to reality.

  36. There’s been articles here which elegantly articulate things that have been on my mind for years. There’s articles here that I hate. When someone comes to this site, and lashes out on it as a whole, they’re displaying their great ignorance. This site is a collection of opinions, an aggregate of commentary on selected topics. It’s not one thing, not one platform, and not one opinion with all of us slavishly following along with every article.
    It’s not a web site for everyone. The best web sites never are. I agree with what some others have said; if you run a web site that gets hate, it means you’re doing something right.

    1. Those who hate free speech are the oppressors. You can spew any putrid lie you like in Polite Society but only the naked truth offends.

  37. As I am sure everyone is aware, what is most striking about the hate received is that none of it is used to make a cogent argument.
    Speaking for myself, if I disagree I make an argument.
    If you believe someone is giving misinformation, hate or whatever, it is your duty to make an argument rather than spew some vitriol.

  38. good article. I dont agree with everything on this site but it does bring out a lot of hidden truths society today has tried to stamp out. It does say a lot about the actor indicating this site is the worst with tons of actual crapcake on the internet.

  39. “It’s not hate if it’s true.”
    – Malcolm X

    Women are the haters. All the hate comes from women abused by women. Woe be to women who fail to consider how their success will make other women look bad. Many, many girls have died for that crime.
    The rest are concealed by the need for modesty. The more attractive the girl, the more modest women will need her to be.

    1. Just reading that statement further fuels the very notion that American-style racism was instigated by the American WF, long before the Civil Rights era.

      1. Mothers control the values, traditions, cultural norms, societal rules, and by extension all laws and the judiciary along with all men willing to do violence on behalf of noncontributing leeches who mutilate boys’ minds for that reason.
        Contrary to feminist rhetoric, men have no motive to fight and die in war. It’s not fun. Any men who imagine it’s fun are the victims of mothers who lead boys to need to be heroic and brave or – shock! horror! – whores will call them “cowards”.

        “Never! Into the guns for Queen, God and Country.”

        Brave boys are so pathetic but in their defence, when they had courage, they were annihilated by a violent and mean bully four times their size who Knew Best how to put the foot down on rebellious toddlers who think for themselves. Who can see Big Mother’s evil coming? No one sane ever has.

  40. Reputation management is largely a woman’s gig. Haters are a chance to put the opinion of others into their proper perspective, relying on such a meaningless thing for validation cannot possibly be a sign of strength.
    Haters are symptomatic of a bad education system. Among certain types, the more disagreement there is the more engaging and interesting the dialogue can be. However, having no detractors means you stand for nothing, and have accomplished nothing.

  41. No, this site isn’t the most repugnant site on the internet. But that in no way means that it isn’t repugnant. For God’s sake, I’ve seen articles and comments that say rape isn’t a bad thing and shouldn’t be a crime. Women fear for their lives– and are often right to– because of people who believe things like this site. Seeing such a gathering of dangerous, hateful people could only be more terrifying in real life. After what happened at UCSB, where a guy shot a killed at least seven people because of male entitlement, I fucking dare any of you to tell me that what you do here is a good thing and not spreading hate and getting women killed.

    1. Women fear for their lives

      When they’re not fantasising about rape, they seem to have managed to convince you they’re afraid for their lives but women’s objects have no value to anyone except the women who want to sell them and to rapists who’ve been raised by women to believe they can pleasure women against their will. So by revealing your confusion about the worth of raping a woman, you highlight the fact that you’re a potential rapist. You should know you’ve been the victim of sleazy lies, there is no value in pleasuring a woman against her will and women cannot pleasure men.
      No. Go back to Biology 101. Men pleasure women. Women cannot pleasure men. But for badly broken men in need of validation from whores, they can appear to.
      Women who are actually afraid of rape never spend hours every day making themselves appear fraudulently more attractive to rapists.
      Stop trying to associate the crimes of children abused with violent passion by mothers who wanted boys to love, kill and die for them –with those who speak irrefutable truth. Your mother raped your face stupid, but it’s time for you to stop being her bitch.

  42. You got a mention from the audience in my most recent sexual harassment training. I did some mild blackknighting.
    But you are the worst site. Cs Lewis referred to “men without chests”. The other organs are left intact, so rape and cannibalism can still be felt. Truth still causes a memory of what was there.

    1. CS Lewis wrote Christian allegories to condition children for battlefield heroics. Real men don’t send children to fight wars of foreign conquest, because why would real men need to fight wars? They’re willing to work.
      Whores, on the other hand…

  43. “We’re not that bad, we’re still better than pedophiles, death rape and death porn!”

  44. Well, there is therapy for you men, but I think you’d rather indulge in this. Yes, I’m sure of it. We live in strange times, where people seem to despise the ordinary. And one of the ordinary things is that we don’t help ourselves or others by engaging in the sort of thing I see here. I came here because of the Rodgers story. Now I do see what he was involved in.
    Shame on you. You’re so primitive.

    1. Elliot Rodgers was the victim of child abuse.
      Primitive men cower for life in denial of their status as victims of sadistic maternal betrayal. I see you’re wearing a pleasant green shirt to conceal your naked shame. Maybe you should stuff one in your mother-loving mouth, because your body isn’t shameful, wasn’t shameful; your mother was just a child-abuser.
      Take off your clothes in public to feel the power of the PTSD “gifted” to you by whores who scream and traumatise children to scar them for life. Do you think they’re really motivated to protect children from your naked truth? Your mind will be primitive until you reconcile the reality of your enslavement.

      1. I think that people in general would rather not have to see a bunch of middle-aged naked men when walking down the street, let alone have kids be traumatized from seeing that.

        1. People in general would rather not have to see what their violent mothers traumatically conditioned them to be averse to seeing.
          You’re obsessed with the D. Don’t deny it like a stupid infant. Your entire life’s actions reveal truth. You are obsessed with the D but a woman who hated you with her actions and loved you with her words conditioned you to imagine suffering when surprised by D-pics or flashers or sex-related (“foul”) words. It’s completely fucking illogical. Why would you be averse to seeing your sole biological stimuli?
          People in general don’t realise that what people like tends to be what their mothers liked. Sometimes, if the mother is really obsessed, you get stuff happening like gay men. Sometimes, if the mother was abusive and obsessed, you get stuff like ladyboys who pretend to be women because they only like men who are straight (i.e. not into them).
          Talk about fucked up.

        2. What’s so bad about gay guys? Let people be who they are, rather than you telling them what they are. Maybe we don’t want to see pics of dicks because we have no interest in some random guy, let alone the lump in his pants. Do you actually think that dicks are at all appealing in a sight sense? If so, congratulations on having one. If all women care about is dicks, what do men care about? What is THEIR “sole biological stimuli”? And speaking of ladyboys, how goes Thailand? Having fun?

        3. It’s so degrading talking with the deranged.

          Sometimes, if the mother is really obsessed, you get stuff happening like gay men.

          Nothing is bad about gay guys. Your twisted mind superimposed your toxic insanity onto what I said.

          Let people be who they are, rather than you telling them what they are.

          You need to learn how to read.

          Maybe we don’t want to see pics of dicks because we have no interest in some random guy

          Women are conditioned to smear men with whore lies. Shut your demented face.

          Do you actually think that dicks are at all appealing in a sight sense?

          The world doesn’t revolve around your Toddler whore preferences. The issue is whether organised violence and traumatically scarring children is warranted to enable you to smear your sole obsession with feigned disgust, before sticking the D in every orifice.

          If all women care about is dicks, what do men care about?

          They built the entire world as whores chased cock.

          What is THEIR “sole biological stimuli”?

          Pleasing women.
          Don’t talk to me anymore. Nanking ’37 is coming your way. Enjoy the mutilation.

  45. I don’t like this website because I have the same goal as you: have the best life possible. But this website says I can’t be a boss, meaning I can’t make as much money as I would like to and that I have to stay in the kitchen all day which is boring. I like cooking but I don’t want it to be my life. Honestly I’m 15 is this what I have to look forward to as a woman. I’d rather kill myself them live a live as a free live in slave intent on just pkleasing someone else all the time. Don’t you guys feel the same way?

    1. Ignore that kind of talk, they don’t really mean that competent women should be removed from their positions or shouldn’t be allowed to compete fairly for any job they like. They might think they mean that but they don’t really mean it, in reality. It’s never happened in all of history. The woman’s subordinates would protect her.
      They have a problem with malicious liars lobbying for increased illegitimate entitlement to steal positions from the men who merit them. No woman with merit has ever been resented or prevented from rising in commerce and I’ll tell you why; in commerce, all they care about is $$. Caring about anything else in commerce will slash competitive edge and the profit margins aren’t such that no woman worth retaining would ever be dismissed because no one who hated money does well in commerce (this is a huge problem of course, children are being slaughtered and enslaved all over the world by corporations competing without liability; but in the context of women’s concerns about advancement, the Glass Ceiling is a pretext used by whores who just want to exploit illegitimate advantage and [not] fuck their way to the top).

  46. As the managing editor of a magazine geared towards both men and women, I would never hire someone if “Return of Kings” was on their resume. If I found out later that an employee wrote for it, I would seriously have to reconsider their future at the publication. The same would go for anyone who wrote for a KKK publication, or that of any hate group really. If you can’t honestly see what is so disturbing about this atrocious, hate-filled website, then there is something seriously wrong with your mind.

    1. Barbara:
      I don`t really care about your pretended skills as an editor, since women belong in the kitchens.
      But since you`re here, how much do you charge to suck cock AND swallow?
      Preferably in a kitchen setting.
      Thanks up front!
      J. P. Eriksen

  47. I think the main problem with what ROK posts is that the writers of articles seem to assume that their opinions and words are gospel. That they know what all women are like, 100%. Simplifying any large group of people down to a single definition is misleading and wrong – you hate when crazy feminists call all men pigs, so why group all women together under a single label? Although, anyone who assumes that ROK is the worst site ever clearly needs to wake up.

    1. Simplifying any large group of people down to a single definition is misleading and wrong

      This is idiotic drivel as insane as any whore logic. This insanity is a function of not valuing truth. If a single definition is applicable to all within that group, how could it be misleading and wrong?
      Fact: Every human being over the age of four is a liar.
      Fact: No human being has ever been born with malicious intent.
      Fact: Every woman is a whore.
      Fact: No human female has ever been born with the intent to sell fraud.
      These are facts that cannot be refuted by logical argument, merely denied by those who do not value truth.

      you hate when crazy feminists call all men pigs

      Those with no need to lie are disgusted by the projection of those who spew their mother’s infantile emotional faeces at the world. Biologically, there are no men who are pigs. There are a lot of very confused men who act in very degraded ways (like every single man who has ever sought your favour) but they are not naturally pathetic. A disgusting pig obsessed with sex raised the boorish, pathetic and obsessed boys who seek validation of sex-obsessed whores. It is not natural for men to care about whores, so whores changed that natural logic with violence, shame, deceit and abusive conditioning.

      so why group all women together under a single label?

      Why be accurate? Because being inaccurate to please those who hate truth is fucking pathetic. If you have a problem with being called a whore, stop selling fraudulent favour to the victims of your transparently needy abuse. You want to be whore, you don’t want to be called a whore. You are obsessed with sex, you don’t want to be seen as obsessed with sex. You don’t want to have your cake and eat it.
      You want to have men’s cake and eat it. You represent the only source of conflict that has ever existed. No one willing to take care of themselves has ever had a need for malice.

      1. Good job assuming I’m a whore when you know nothing about me other than the fact that I’m female. You seriously assume that all women are sex-crazed while some guys are only that due to their mum? What does “You want to eat your children’s cake” even mean? You seriously think I’m obsessed with sex? XD I’m asexual, and have no interest in sex. What happened in your life to see all women and people as perverts?

        1. You didn’t answer the explicit questions I asked you. I know the answers to the questions I ask, the questions are specifically for you to answer, to help you unconfuse yourself. But that’s not going to happen if you simply refuse to answer questions that are ”too hard” to answer honestly.
          If everyone is a pervert, then you’re all perverted. What I see has no bearing on reality, only girls imagine reality to be disputable. Your minds have been reduced to custard. Are you wearing clothes to advertise the imagined shame of your perverted, sex-obsessed mother? Oh she was obsessed, that’s a given. It wasn’t an aversion sex that rendered her incapable of being a good mother…

        2. Ok, I’ll answer your questions:
          1. If a single definition is applicable to all within that group, how could it be misleading and wrong?
          A single definition cannot be attributed to such complex matters as people and their intentions, values and personalities. Just because your simplification of people (mainly women) makes it easier for you to judge and sleep at night, doesn’t mean it is the truth.
          You stating that every woman is a whore and that no human female has ever been born with the intent to gain illusory advantage via sexual fraud as fact does not make it so. Where is your evidence? Could you define sexual fraud? Can men commit “sexual fraud”?
          I never said that I saw everyone as a pervert – that is what your opinion seemed to be from your first response.
          I seriously hope you’re just a troll – to see every woman as a whore and out to get you is such a self-important opinion to have. How has my mum, whom you have never met, a sex-obsessed pervert? Please, make a list. I’m genuinely interested in the logic behind your fundamentalist opinion.

        3. A single definition cannot be attributed to such complex matters as people and their intentions, values and personalities.

          To say “women do x” is true when x is done by a majority of women or a tacitly supported minority. The NAWALT defence is whore idiocy. A woman who is not Like That is happy when men tell other women to be like her. Only women who Are Like That whine about NAWALT. This is a logical proof.

          Just because your simplification of people (mainly women) makes it easier for you to judge and sleep at night, doesn’t mean it is the truth.

          Saying “women do x” is not saying “all women do x”. Your binary mind imagines Women = All women, not mine. I am not stupid. Women are.
          You see what I did there?

          You stating that every woman is a whore and that no human female has ever been born with the intent to gain illusory advantage via sexual fraud as fact does not make it so.

          Both of those truths are irrefutable. They are not an attack on women, they are an attack on whores who kill all women who refuse to be whores. Provide a single example to disprove either assertion.
          Children are born without shame. Whores shame them to protect their illegitimate entitlement to sell fraud to men in exchange for domestic violence and universal contempt. Only you imagine you’re shrewd to be a whore. Everyone hates you but you force them to pretend to like you. You call this Self-respect but your Self was eroded by your whore mother.
          You respect your mother’s nonexistent Self and she respects Whore Society’s hatred of girls. You respect women who hate girls.

          Where is your evidence?

          55 billion whores peddling withheld favour are my evidence.

          Could you define sexual fraud?

          The definition of fraud is “a deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair gain”. Sexual fraud would be in a sexual context.

          Can men commit “sexual fraud”?

          Can men lie about sex? Yes. It’s women who are obstructing biology, men have no need for unfairness. Reduced women brought 100% of the non-biological need to this world, creating all misery, violence, horror, perversion, insanity and lies. Children are born pure. Whores mutilate their minds.

          I never said that I saw everyone as a pervert

          It’s really only whore women who pervert the Natural order. Men don’t look at an asexual toddler and start thinking about the need to traumatise them for life with shame and terror (of exposing their “privates”). You whores are so fucking twisted and filthy, it’s horrific.

          How has my mum, whom you have never met, a sex-obsessed pervert?

          Only whores with tiny, objectified minds imagine stupidity like needing to meet someone to judge them accurately. Your whore mother objectified you when she placed clothes on you in shame of how her body made you. She privatized your genitals for sale. She filled your mind with whore filth that reverse logic, filth as putrid as the suggestion that men are supposed to take care of you in exchange for your withheld ‘favour’. She made you penalise yourself by eliminating all men who don’t need to validate whores’ Self-destruction by pandering to their Toddler demands for nice lies that make them feel good and considering their aversion to rude truth that makes them feel bad.
          Your feelings are not your welfare. When you have been betrayed by a whore – as you have been – you will imagine that anyone who doesn’t consider your feelings before telling you the truth is “mean”. You’re insane. Someone who doesn’t consider your imagined feelings when giving you accurate information is called a friend. You have zero (0) friends. You have needy sycophants who blow smoke up your badly bruised emotional butt hole (the one your whore mother raped). They don’t care about your welfare. They only care about your opinion of them; meaning, they only care about lying to you so that you like them.
          You only have yourself (and your whore mother) to blame.

        4. Tiny minds cannot comprehend what less reduced minds can do. You only know what your tiny mind can do. Everything else is imagined to be mystical.
          You need to believe in the idiotic delusion that all women are different because if all women were like you, the entire cannibalistic leeching scheme your mother set you up with (because you’re a Special princess who knows secret tricks like lying) would obviously be unsustainable.
          Biology codes women to be women. Women who aren’t like women are pretending not to be. Women who don’t love the D are pretending to be broken. Why? I know what you don’t know. Society’s ugly old witches cannot compete with girls to hold onto their miserable exclusive male slaves. Connect the dots on what they did to you. You’re competitive now. They can compete with you now. I know this because if they couldn’t, you would be dead now.

        5. I don’t believe all women are different, I believe all people are different. I have no idea in what you mean by cannibalistic leaching scheme. Do you really think all women are out to get you? And no, I’m not a “special princess” lying isn’t something special. Everyone can do it. “Women who don’t love the D are pretending not to be broken” Dude, not all people have an interest in sex – just because you may be, doesn’t mean that everyone else is. Why in the hell would I be dead if I weren’t competitive? Australia isn’t exactly a battlefield, you know. Lastly, guess what- there isn’t a huge conspiracy to ruin men’s lives, there is no superior motive to make women compete by other women. People will do what they want, and its up to you to deal with whatever people you want to. Keep thinking that all women are out to hurt you, and have fun with that. P.s My boyfriend says have fun with all the lady-boys in Bangkok.

        6. Do you really think all women are out to get you?

          All women are out to get everyone. You’re all psychotic liars with hearts as black as your fake whore eyelashes. Of course, you all mostly just annihilate yourselves (which is the result desired by your competition).

          Dude, not all people have an interest in sex – just because you may be, doesn’t mean that everyone else is.

          Men have no interest in sex. Women are obsessed with sex. Men are biologically coded to please. Women – in all their depraved, species-annihilating, infantilised stupidity – have been shrewdly extorting men’s desire to please. Stupid whores. Destroyed the world to defeat yourselves.

          Why in the hell would I be dead if I weren’t competitive?

          Reduced women (mothers and wives) cannot compete with girls on merit. Unwilling to forfeit their illegitimate entitlement to control filial and marital slaves against their will, women are compelled to reduce every girl into a liability. This cycle of horror has been rolling for a very long time.
          You would be dead because women aren’t fucking around.

          Lastly, guess what- there isn’t a huge conspiracy to ruin men’s lives, there is no superior motive to make women compete by other women.

          Shut your filthy whore face.

          People will do what they want

          Except for 100% of toddlers who are violently compelled to suffer to please whores.

          My boyfriend

          Your bitch john.

        7. Aww, someone can’t handle a little criticism. Didn’t like my statement of you banging kok with the lady-boys? Also, your obsession with “whore toddlers” is a bit weird- been watching too many episodes of toddlers in tiaras? Or were you dressed up as a girl when you were a kid, resulting in your current sunny disposition? I’m pretty much convinced you’re either a sad, desperate piece of shit, or a troll. I’ll think take my “toddler whore face” wherever I please. Have a nice day, little John.

        8. Toddler refers to your emotional immaturity; namely, your failure to gain your emotional or financial independence from men.

    2. The difference between ROK and feminists? ROK recognizes that both men and women are clocks. However, it’s just a different clock. They try to teach men to be mechanics.

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