The Solution To The Problem Of Being An Asian Man In The West

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The idea of Asian men being spastic nerds who are utterly devoid of anything remotely resembling sexuality is a long-standing stereotype and one that, I admit in the interests of objectivity, has a substantive basis in reality—a few articles on this website even point it out. I also notice that there has been a steadily increasing Asian presence in the realms of social justice in recent years.

What if I were to tell you these things were related?

Yes, it turns out that any anger among Asian people in the West (particularly Asian men) is entirely rooted in sexual frustration. And the reason I know this is that I am half-Asian myself, and spent my teenage years as an angry incel.

In the interests of providing succor to this sexual frustration of preventing another beta-male rampage and making Asian people not hate white people, I have boiled down my hardscrabble life experience in the trenches of the sexual marketplace, my auto-didactic knowledge in various gentlemanly pursuits, and the mindset development that enabled me to not fall into the same self-pitying trap that caught seemingly every other mixed race person, into one highly digestible book:


(And yes, I did choose the term “oriental” in a deliberate attempt to anger nice liberal people.)

Y’know, people like this

What’s the deal?

The “deal” is to train Asian men living in the West to leave the mire of self pity, and vastly improve upon their sexlessness and awkwardness, regardless of whether or not those negative traits are based in nature or nurture.

To accomplish this, it will utilize the greatest (indeed, some would say the only) natural advantage an Asian man has: an unparalleled capacity and ability to work, to put their nose to the grindstone and expend the sheer, unrelenting sweat equity to improve themselves. “Work is the solution of his existence” and all that, and if Asian men’s utter lack of sexual attractiveness is indeed based in nature, I deign to overcome it with sheer, overwhelming amounts of rough and tough nurture.

You heard Jack London, the Asian man desires nothing more than access to toil—so use that to your advantage!

As a side note, I’m going to assume there’s probably at least one other dating or sex book on the market specifically pertaining to the Asian male problem, but since it would be a mainstream dating book, it probably sucks. This book has the Return of Kings seal of approval, so by definition it’s leagues ahead of its competitors.

In The Book, You Will Find…

Two chapters debunking whatever nonsense claims Asian men use to justify their anger. I analyze how, caterwauling about internment camps or Exclusion Acts or Hollywood representation aside, it all truly boils down to the fact that women don’t find you attractive, and that’s why you’re so goddamn angry. I also do a bit of analysis on why Asian men seem to gravitate to black culture, and why that’s stupid and you should feel bad for doing so.

Chapters on the fundamentals of physical fitness, martial arts, and fashion—things that can be fixed privately and without judgment, as I have repeatedly advocated.

A chapter on grooming—in which I explicitly demand “CUT YOUR FUCKING BOWL CUT!”, amongst other useful tips and tricks.

Chapters on how to utilize willpower training to stop being “spergy” in the stereotypical Asian manner, elocution lessons to alleviate the horrendousness that is the Asian accent, and body language to overcome your natural timidity,

Chapters on the ins and outs of dating: How to make yourself an interesting person, selecting a woman and dispelling myths of interracial dating and sex, what to do on a date, how to move the relationship into a sexual context, and how to bang like a champ.

And finally, a few chapters in which I get a little bit personal: I discuss how increasing my masculinity and focusing on self improvement has benefited my life and thus will benefit you as well. I then instruct the reader on how to deal with the haters who will inevitably arise with your self improvement. Again, speaking from my own experience, a lot of your “friends” will hate you for getting into fitness and self improvement—and, most shockingly of all, I answer the question that many people have had: why, exactly, are almost all “hapas” spastic, hysterical retards?

Is This Book For You?

I wrote this book explicitly to help a segment of the population that desperately needs it, but bear in mind that the overwhelming majority of the book has absolutely nothing to do with problems that relate specifically to Asian men. The tips I include are, for the most part, universal for any man who is spergy, awkward, shy, timid, physically weak, or slovenly. And implicitly, the book has an intent to bridge racial divisions by relieving the sexual frustration of Asian men and thus taking away any legitimate reason for them to hate white people, so even if you aren’t Asian, you might gain something from reading the book.

You may be wondering why I suddenly deigned to write this. To be honest, I don’t like the thought of being a “professional ethnic,” but “some have greatness thrust upon them” and all that. In other words, I saw a dire problem that needs to be solved, and since nobody else is doing it, it seemed like it was up to me.

In the short time the book has been out, it has already received three very positive reviews—the last of these can be found on its Amazon page.

Best of all, since it is the holiday season, I’ve slashed prices by 50%! Any other month of the year, you’d spend $20 on a paperback and $10 for an e-book. But for December, it’s going to be $10 for paperback, and only $5 for Kindle! Interesting in grabbing your copy? Click here to learn more about the book.

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97 thoughts on “The Solution To The Problem Of Being An Asian Man In The West”

      1. Yet you worship Asian men as a ‘martial artist’.
        I live in Asia, nothing weak about Asian men, they control their women and they will kill you in an instant if you upset them. White men let their women rule and control them.

        1. I suspect he speaks of the Asians who migrate to the USA… typically nerdy SAT prep test types with relentlessly ambitious and overbearing parents.

    1. Not really. You can have our women. We just want your stealth tech. And the tech to the upcoming sixth generation fighter once that is finalized. This is all before we drive up all the real estate prices and you whiny white folks all are out bid and you become our indentured servants no I mean tenants. LOL.

        1. Well, do you remember when Roosh wrote the article “Kill Whitey”, well this is what he is talking about. We live in a culture that shuns anything that might benefit white man.

    2. Well… it worked for the whites leaving Zimbabwe and Haiti among other places. Sometimes it’s just better for your tribe to leave places where they CLEARLY aren’t going to fit in with the dominant demographic. Whether socially, culturally, economically, or even something as seemingly petty as sexually.
      Asian men do indeed struggle in the dating marketplace in western countries, and as they get over 25 it’s either shape up (learn game), slip out (back to Asia), or bring over one of their own kind where the wife has no English skills and the man may have no knowledge of Chinese, Korean, or Vietnamese etc. It’s a tough gig.

      1. “or bring over one of their own kind where the wife has no English skills”
        That sounds like a good choice.

  1. Honestly, American women are mostly crap. Trying to improve yourself in order to attract an American woman is like saving $100,000 in order to buy a clunky, ugly, fuel-inefficient American car.
    The short-term solution for Asian American men is to go back to Asia or even just go to a country that is not racist against Asian men and recognizes the hardworking, honest, well-off men that they are, especially in contrast to drunk, poor, lazy, or macho Latino or Eastern European men.
    The long-term solution is for China, Japan, South Korea, and other rich Asian countries to colonize, exploit, buy out, and make weak, poor African, Latino countries subservient to a rising, powerful Asia. As for the Western world, wait for the Muslims and Latinos to take over and weaken said Western countries, which results in Asian countries being able to also exploit and “save” Western countries.

    1. Just because white men don’t want to be colonized by Asia and everyone else doesn’t mean we don’t respect Asian’s hard work ethic. Hell, we even use it as an example to blacks for why they are full of shit when they say that white racism is keeping them poor.

  2. Asian men tend to have flatter personas than other types of men (unemotional, lacking eye contact, evasive about matters of the heart/psychology, etc.), and a lot of their ingrained beta behavior cannot be reversed, it’s hard-wired. With Asians, as with other men, alpha traits cannot be planned, are often encoded from birth/upbringing, and can’t be taught or “injected” into someone once they’ve reached adulthood or left a path of female-related social failures in their 20s. Author means well, but it’s a shot in the dark getting these guys to wake up and gain strength. They don’t see their behavior as a disappointment.

    1. “Asian men tend to have flatter personas than other types of men (unemotional, lacking eye contact, evasive about matters of the heart/psychology, etc.)”
      Depending on the man these (dark triad) traits can be a big advantage. In the wrong man it’s awkward at best and creepy at worst.

    2. Agree that alpha personality traits are something you are either born with or trained from boyhood to acquire. Absolutely agree.

    3. Overgeneralization… which ‘asian’ men?
      Japanese are quite different from central asians or mongols, for instance. Thais, as one nice Korean hairdresser lady told me, have interbred with mongrel south asians are are no longer ‘oriental’, in her opinion.
      Wouldn’t mess with a Mongolian guy or Kazakh or Uzbek without need.

  3. Get rid of the tactical bowl cut? How dare you!
    Also, aren’t asian women all notorious for being insatiable ass eating whores? What kind of faggot are you if you can’t even land some slanted poon?
    Also, the only good asians are honorary Aryan asians and rooftop koreans.

  4. ” but bear in mind that the overwhelming majority of the book has absolutely nothing to do with problems that relate specifically to Asian men. The tips I include are, for the most part, universal for any man who is spergy, awkward, shy, timid, physically weak, or slovenly.”
    Good. This book should also be promoted to dorky white guys so they don’t have to settle for Asian chicks.

    1. Why use the word “settle”?
      A respectful, polite, petite Asian girl vs a loud, obnoxious, vulgar, drinking, drug using American club slut? Doesn’t sound like settling to me.
      Unless you are talking about Mormon girls, or the Amish. They really do seem good.

      1. The word settle is used because that’s exactly what you’re doing when you can’t find a quality white girl and are relegated to settling for an asian woman. There are respectful, polite, non vulgar white women who are not slutty. The thing is, being that you’re a low quality male you can’t find such a woman and even the low quality white women don’t want you so you have to settle for your “respectful, polite petite Asian girl” who’ll worship any white man with a pulse, even if he’s low quality.

        1. As a man who married one of those decent white women, they are hard to find. The good conservative ones seem to marry young.

        2. “The thing is, being that you’re a low quality male you can’t find such a woman and even the low quality white women don’t want you so you have to settle for your “respectful, polite petite Asian girl” who’ll worship any white man with a pulse, even if he’s low quality.”
          – You’re making a lot of assumptions there, aren’t you? FYI, no females want me. That why the escorts services have made a fortune from me over the years.
          Next time ask instead of assuming.

      2. I always see people refer to Asian women as being so polite and well behaved, also sexually chaste or respectable. And then in the next breath they will criticise white or American women as all being gross club sluts who won’t make decent wives. I see where the generalization is coming from and I don’t altogether disagree, but I live in SoCal and my only friends are Korean and Taiwanese women that came here all with in the last 5-10 years and they are basically the same as Americans. Some of them party and drink, have promiscuous sex, use men for their money, and have very princessy expectations for their mate. (Im not close friends with these kind of girls obviously) I guess it just triggers me that Asian women, particularly the attractive ones who were born overseas, get placed on this pedestal by American men for no real reason and then girls like me (Im white American) will get lumped into the group of “useless gutter sluts”. There are still decently attractive white girls who hold traditional values and don’t party or sleep around etc. I’m not perfect but none of my Asian friends is better or more suited to be someone’s wife simply because she is Asian. Alot of these women come from bigger cities that are just a step behind America and they actually aspire to act more American and they also have rich parents that teach them a man is only as good as his bank account. I think the kind of docile Asian woman you all imagine is either a fantasy or she would have to come from some tiny backwards village and be more of a servant than a wife. I hope I didn’t come off as too critical, it’s not that Asian women suck or anything it’s just kind of an unfair way to judge white women against them in my opinion based on alot of interaction with them.

        1. You have to go Asian countries to see what we’re fussing over. And no, all the talk about subservient Asian housewives is mostly just talk from my experience. I think what white women call a slave is just a good wife. That’s how detached white women are. The housework and cooking is not split 50/50 in my house, but I do my share of cleaning and grocery shopping in addition to being the primary bread winner.

        2. When people talk about Asian women in the Manosphere they almost never mean Koreans or the Taiwanese. Asian in manospherian vernacular refers largely to SEA: Thailand and the Philippines in particular.

        3. ” hope I didn’t come off as too critical”
          No, it was a good, honest post.
          Honesty is also welcome as far as I am concerned.

        4. > I think the kind of docile Asian woman you all imagine is either a fantasy or she would have to come from some tiny backwards village and be more of a servant than a wife.
          You’re correct when it comes to “submissive” girls.
          Another factor however is the lack of fucking around in China. You can easily find a 25 year old woman in China that is either a virgin or only had one guy before if she doesn’t go to parties and had no interactions with foreigners before.
          They have low to non existent sex drives and value social status and money above all.
          This works better for some white guys that want stability from their wife.

    2. dude most of us can get white chicks and so can many other races of men.
      Last ten years white womens reputation for porn, degeneracy, thug fucking, cheating and bang banging went so wild there is no way in hell Asian women aren’t light years more desirable for serious guys for marriage. white women now sit at the bottom for woke men trying to biuld a family, and especially the northern ones. They want thugs, fuck it, the thugs can keep them.
      Porn struggles in california with a shortage of asian female talent, the queues around the block by white women mean that asian women are paid enormously more.
      WIVES WHO HAVE PLAYED THE FIELD ARE LIKE HEROIN ADDICTS AND WILL ALWAYS BE AT RISK OF RELAPSE and unlike men who have they can just do it that single day they are pissed off when a man has to spend months looking and keep trim hence women who have slept around being a bigger risk. The risky men are the ones who visit hookers since that is always available to them to cheat and get stds.

  5. This is bad, telling asian men how to solve their problems, this will mean less low quality asian women for low quality white men who can not get a white girl so they’re regelated to a low quality asian girl with the body if a 9 year old boy.

      1. What makes not getting a white girl pathetic? Of the last 20 women I’ve been with, probably all of 5 were white and except for one Dutch bird they were far and away the most unmemorable and/or disagreeable (feminism-lite attitudes and believes, snobbery, boring, etc.)

        1. White women are the most sought after women in the world. For you, your natural defense is to disparage white women and talk up asian women because white girls that you were into in the past ignored you. You may get low quality white women and they don’t kiss your ass because both of you know that she can do better. Now, when you get a self loathing asian girl she will worship you because you’re white and that makes you feel good about yourself, asian girls worship the ground you walk on, they pump up your ego so naturally that’s what you’ll gravitate to knowing that you’ll trade all those asian girls for one quality white woman.
          Look at it this way, most successful white men whether it be in sports or in Hollywood tend to marry white women, why? Because that’s the woman white men want, for those who can’t get a white woman, asian women are the booby prize.

      2. Tell me what is so good about white girls ? they behavior is terrible..and also they have no ass 🙂 Stop pussy worship someone who despises you and get on with your live elsewhere…everything else is just stupid.

        1. White girls, nothing really is so good about them as a whole but in terms of overall desirability white girls are on top. Which is why successful white men tend to marry white women and white losers have to settle for a dark south east asian woman. White women’s behavior is terrible, I give you that, however, women, as a whole, no matter their ethnicity have terrible behavior. I am sure there are low quality asian girls out there who worship low quality white men who are ESL teachers and will worship those men, gladly will be a personal geisha to a white man.
          A lot of white girls have no asses, same with virtually all asian girls. The good thing about white women is that most of them don’t have a body of a little boy, which can’t be said about asian women. There is no pussy worship on my end, but there is on this website. Why the recent articles about going to Eastern Europe? Is it because they’re poor like asian women but at least these women are white and will be happy to see any man that has a few bucks in their pocket?

        2. White women are sought out for casual sex because they are very promiscous. You are behind the times thinking they are top actually they struggle to get educated and wealthy marks to commit to the second stage of their date-marriage-divorceRape cycle since the data is clearly against them. even white lesbians have crazy divorce rates.
          women without standards hate men with standards

  6. ” “Work is the solution of his existence” and all that, and if Asian men’s utter lack of sexual attractiveness is indeed based in nature, I deign to overcome it with sheer, overwhelming amounts of rough and tough nurture.”
    There is very little you can do if you don’t even reach the baseline in nature. Most Asian men are simply too small statured for a North-American or European environment. Ad to that the high pitched voices and awkward personalities and the circle is full. Asian men have got one huge advantage and that is: Asia is a huge place with plenty of women. Women who by the way are of relatively high quality. Know your market and play to your advantages.

  7. White women prefer blacks for the same reason any white man can find a sex partner in Asia.
    They have the big dicks, the Alpha stud personality, the cool, the complete lack of fear, the social savvy.
    All of what is said about Asians applies to whites on the same scale.
    A black man living in America is like a white guy living in Asia.

    1. The difference between blacks in America is that they are born inside America, getting women who are native to their country. They are not going halfway around the world to get a woman who worships white people. Any white loser who goes to teach ESL in Asia is in demand by default just because they have white skin and then those guys act like they’re god’s gift to asian women.

      1. Bro, most blacks get fat bitches and highly insecure sluts…and most mudsharks are raging whores, so you are essentially sharing her with many other black men, white men, Hispanic men. LOL, a black man living in America is like a white dude living in Asia…lol, not even close. BTW, Many black men go on sex adventures to other countries. I have heard many stories of black men going to places like Brazil, the Caribbean, and even Africa to find better chicks. Also, Black men don’t have big dicks, and Asian men don’t necessarily have small dicks. One of the biggest cultural Myths out there is that blacks are naturally endowed. If anything, the Myth of the BBC just makes most Black men insecure about themselves.

        1. Wes…dude, bro, Black men with no status and no money are the ones who get fat white women. There are black men with game that get good thin white chicks. However, black men with low status do not chase white women like low quality white men chase asian women. Black men can just go after black chicks, white chicks, asian chicks, hispanic chicks and whatever else is out there.
          Yes, there are black men that go overseas to get women, that’s not because they can’t get a black woman or a white woman it’s because like their loser white male counterparts they want to go to a third world country to feel like a king just because they have a few bucks in their pocket. Those black men are the black version of the white ESL teachers that have no real value to attract quality women.
          About black men not having big dicks, did you personally conduct a survey and measure the dick sizes of men from different ethnic backgrounds? Or did you see some tweet on twitter from a bitter loser with a graphic that shows black men actually have small cocks? I am not sure why you’re so hung up on dick size.

      2. well most of the blacks in europe we see as sexpats and the arabs they didnt come to work as all are unemployed and don’t care about working they just spend their time hunting women and when you talk to the arabs thats why they came sex is a big factor everywhere. white anglos are more cucked that asians but at least we cuck the f out of one group

    2. Asians seem closer to Whites culturally. A man can use logic and choose Asian, a woman that chooses black shows a lack of logic. A larger flaccid penis is all blacks can claim, the complete lack of everything else is an issue for women with common sense.

      1. Tso, you may be on to something, what’s the logic you applied to choose an Asian girl?
        Dirt poor in a third world country so she’ll be dependent on me? Check!
        Hates being Asian, worships whites and will make me feel like a king, check!
        Wont recognize that I am a loser who can’t get a quality white girl, check!
        Has the body of a little boy, check!
        Has a wide, masculine nose, check!

        1. Dude asian women aint poor 2 of the 3 countries with most millionaires are asian ie china and japan and 3 of my mates who married them got houses in london bought by the girls. I was banging this chick who wantd to marry me whose dad owned half of Shenzen we get the richest asian chicks at unis and if you don’t realize that even the asians say we only marry the rich ones.
          A few old white dudes marry poor south east asians and divorce but with the north east asians we get the wealthiest only.
          Amongst the young 90% of the time the asian chick is more educated and wealthy than the white dude. Actually the data even in the usa is that white asian couples are the wealthiest earners.
          They always have degrees and the marriages are no worse often better than with ww and north asians have very low rates of adultery where blacks have the highest and are far sooo far the poorest group in America with about 5% of the wealth of whites, who have less wealth than asians ( blacks median net worth is less than 5k and whites about 150k and asians higher )
          Asians were poor like twenty years ago these days they are the ones with the houses going up in price rapidly and the great visas to give us

        2. Dirt poor? lol lol lol 2 of 3 countries with most millionaires are asian. Asian white coules are statistically the highest earning in the usa and median net worth of asians is above whites in usa and backs statistically almost have no net worth ( like 6k vs over 100k for all other groups )
          All my friends who married asians the asian wass more educated and from a wealthier FAR WEALTHIER family than the white guys. I dated some chick whose dad owned half of shenzen and 3 of my friends got houses in london with downpayments paid by the rich asian family and they are going up up up and give us great visas to escape the cesspit of much of europe these last couple of years.
          Poor asians? even asian guys tell the asian girls white only marry you if you are rich. A few marry poor South East asian chicks but thats not the majority of asian marriages to white guys at least in europe.

        3. completely true white women are usually awful and have a spend it now attitude.
          And that the asians are rich AF ppl stop saying theey are poor we don’t marry those ones. 3 of my mates got bought houses by their asian wives in london and white asians are the richest pairngs in most countries and richest ir pairings in the usa BY FAR
          2 of top 3 countries in the world with most millionaires are asian and soon china will overtake the usa for billionaires and all the dudes from uni I know with asian wies have rich AS FUCK asian wives. I dated a chick whose dad owned half the towers in Shenzen. My mate saw this asian chick who he heard was spending 20k on bags in harrods and wifed her at university. All these guys saying poor asian wives oh yeah like saying poor jews are they for real??
          Asian men always say will only marry the asian girl if she is rich as some insult to police the girls and since we get the options of any obviously thats true? look at the white youtubers in china and they are ESL teachers married to MBAs and Doctors LMFAO I used to get approached by asian chicks DAILY at uni in london in the library and gym if i wanted one would I have picked the poor one?? DUDE white chicks ten years ago were variable in the last 5 years they fucking crashed and asian chicks are welll above white chicks in the dating heirachy and so many people know that. Twenty years ago it was losers but were all these FB dudes like Saverin, Zuckerberg ( Rich family harvard elite ) , Breyer and mcollum who are like 4 of the top 6 straight males at the place and only the cokehead cofounder married a white chick they all could get white chicks TRUST ME white chicks get wet for jewish men like this even without cash these days when autistics losers married asian girls and white women were top thats gone thats like when asian students weren’t considered verses white guys THATS GONE man

        4. Of the professional white guys marrying asians some things are common
          1) she earns more
          2) her family is rich
          3) he is uber white ( no spics no greckos no dubious lineage nandos )
          4) he is pushed hard in his career
          5) her visa is as good now as his ie many wmaf families are looking after brexit to move to japan, korea, tiawan, honk Kong ect using her passport esp since hapas get bTFO by black kids in government schools in the uk
          WHITE WOMEN are actually passed over for marriage and cohabited since men with cash are so aware of their divorce rates being so nuts.

        5. asian men throw that self-hating BS around at asian chicks dating whites since they are the worlds most butt hurt incels.
          White women date interracially for a looks upgrade, white men date interracially for a character upgrade
          They don’t hate us when they date out and actually the reason they dump the black men 90% of the time is since in all areas aside from muscles they don’t compare to a white husband and they make bad financial decisions, argue tons, cheat, do little house work and the relationships are very confrontational and broken and in the usa 75% divorce in the first ten years and the WW are left broke financially and washed up romantically. 2 of my mums friends divorced black men and they both say dating black guys was a huge regret when they live in poverty vs divorcing a white man

        6. Don’t often turn into overweight blimps once you’re locked down, check!
          Feminine family values, check!
          Loyal and respectful of their husbands, check!
          Tight bodies and Vagina’s, check!
          Good mothers that drive their children for success, check!

    3. As a Black man living in America that spent last year in China, I must say that you don’t know what you are talking about.
      I got a lot more play in China than I ever have in America. Then again, I am an anomaly with a preference for NE Asian women rather than [often fat] white and latin women.
      White dudes in Asia have it good with easy poon from quality women and easy jobs. Black men in America certainly don’t have it that great, the women often being shit-tier if existent at all and the job market being difficult.
      I would say that the average or even below-average White guy in Asia can live the stud life, while a Black guy in America must be in the top 10% AND have crossover appeal in order to succeed at even a half of the level as the White guy in Asia.

  8. Not sure what the problem is here?
    I have worked in IT for over 30 years with lots of Asians and almost all the Asian guys I know have Asian wives. What is this frustration you speak of? Not being able to date typical American bar & club sluts? Why would you want that when you can have a respectful wife who cooks and cleans for you and appreciates a good provider?
    Now, I am a native born American/New Yorker.
    And I have been ignored by the females of “my kind” my entire life. Ignored to such a degree that I had to start going to pros at age 20 and have been doing it ever since.
    Walk a mile in my shoes and you’ll learn what real frustration is all about. Asian guys don’t know how lucky they are to have Asian girls.

    1. AUTOMATIC Prostitutes
      I first started going to prostitutes at the age of 20 in Amsterdam in 1994.
      After that, I began to notice how much time my college-age friends spent trying to get a few minutes of pleasurable friction in ratio to how often they actually got it.
      They would go to the college meat-market bar and sit there with some other guys and drink watered-down piss beer and maybe get sex once in a great while with some drunk girl in the dark.
      On the other hand, you could go down to the red-light district and get blow jobs or sex that was more or less of the porno-quality.
      After college I continued to watch my white friends throw away their time on callow, shallow young women. They’d spend their cash and maybe get sex or a handjob. I’d spend $50 and have great sex with a prostitute.

      1. Oh, there are some advantages, I absolutely agree on that. I have banged some of the hottest girls in NY. Top tier escorts who at times do just about anything you want, especially if they like you, and drink with you and get crazy. It’s way more than $50 though…
        But I have always wondered what it is like to have a young, pretty girl give herself to me mind, body and soul. I have never known that and most likely never will.

        1. Body, mind and soul…
          Most young women from middle-class backgrounds at 20-25 are at their peak and callow and shallow.
          They have “hook ups” and fall in love with “Chads” who don’t give a shit about them and meanwhile ignore the dorks that dream up mental poetry about them in their head.
          After college I lived in Arizona and by then I was paying street hookers for blowjobs because I had given up on relationships and did not want to spend the cash.
          But more than that, although in those days (Height of the crack era) the prostitutes were worn, they would give you a blast-off porno style blowjob. Or sex.
          Meanwhile my roommates had no idea what I was up to because the Red Light area (Van Buren) was the other side of town.
          So I watched them with white middle-class girls. One was 23 and she was obnoxious to me. Calling me weird and a loser when she stopped in to drink a beer after her job as a pet shop manager.
          But here is the thing. Today, these hot white shallow middle-class girls of yesteryear are now in their late 30’s or early 40’s. They probably married some asshole and had a kid and then divorced him and took half of his shit and made him pay alimony he never wanted to pay.
          Perhaps better young men wanted them but young women at the peak of their fertility are governed by their lizard brains to reproduce with Chads.
          Later in life they become MILFS and fuck younger men-this happened to me also.
          One night as a 25 year old I fucked a 45 year old aging beauty. She talked of being a trophy wife to a man she did not give a shit about who probably loved her his entire life while down the road she spared him no thought and thirsted for hard strong young erections.
          When women are young at the peak of their fertility they use young men and sometimes when they are MILFS young men use them.
          At the bottom of it, women want to reproduce with Chads with muscular bodies and big cocks. Money helps but a woman married to a man for money will still fuck men she is biologically wired to want to bear children with.
          So you might argue that ejaculating into the mouths of crack-addicted prostitutes whose oral skills far exceed callow, bitchy young women is pathetic, meaningless.
          But so is the life of the average middle-class white woman in the US.
          Also, I had a pregnancy scare when I was 20. If I had had a kid I’d be trapped in Michigan, a bleak dead-end state to be sure, and would never have moved to Arizona or Dubai and then on to Asia to enjoy the life I have led. And at 40 I married anyhow.

    2. well, the white women in the west are generally nuts… bad with money, left wing, etc etc.
      I think you might overfantasize the cooking and cleaning part, though.

      1. JBWilson
        I have not known young white women since the 1990’s when I was in my teens and twenties.
        However it would seem to me (And perhaps this changed after 9-11) that the girls were horrendously decadent, aimless, superficial.
        There was an aimlessness about white girls from the middle class in the 90’s. Apart from superficial shit-clothes, Chads, clubs, trends now long forgotten-they were not doing shit. And 90% never would do shit. They were not terribly brainy like Asian girls or cunning like Jewish women who probably found some guy with cash to latch onto.

        1. Pew research interracial divorce ten year divorce rates direct quotes

          yuo’ll see white women have craxy divorce rates with black men ( 200% higher ), with asian men ( 59% higher ) and with hipanic men ( 30% higher) than with white dudes.
          We basically massively cut our divorce rates with Black women ( -44% ) and hispanic ( -25% ) and asian ( + 4% ) but the issue is south east asian imports not north east asians

    3. to be honest the only issue they have is that they genocided about a hundred million more chicks than dudes and 50 million of that excess is in china who’d all be young dating age girls and account for over 40% of women in the worst parts of china in teh south and meaning asian men are fucked this generation.
      thing is no asian man cares to do anything about that and the abortion clinics are still having bad ratios if a bit or slightly better. They are the biggest cuckers and are now cucking all of SE asia especially laos, myanmar and vietnam which should ban it until they stop killing the girls.

  9. I’m going to be brutally honest and talk about myself here. I was a good looking guy who grew up without a father figure, living in a very liberal state, all I had around me growing up was a ton of liberal/culturally-Marxist teachers (which 90% happened to be women) while growing up.
    My father was pretty Alpha, but not in my life, he was very tall, could grow a full beard, bedded many women, was an undercover cop, but as alpha as he was, and whatever little alpha genes he passed unto me, it wasn’t enough, nurture beat nature… for a while at least.
    Growing up I was incredibly insecure, taught that women were these wonderful creatures that needed respect, taught that women were capable of loving a man back just the same, if not, even more so. My good looks acquired me a lot of pussy in high-school, regardless of the beta cringe-master I was. But once I got older, and the women I dated were smarter, something changed, it’s like now women would not just fuck me because of a handsome face and some muscles, but they took other traits into consideration, at least when it came to being in a relationship.
    When women saw that underneath this decent exterior, I was just another weak, insecure, fragile, needy, beta who puts pussy on a pedestal, it was “bye loser” after a short term relationship. All of a sudden I went from banging 8’s and 9’s white Staceys, to barely getting the attention from 5’s SJW fat tumblerinas, this happened as I left Highschool. So what did I do? I started looking towards Asian women. Almost on a sub-conscious level, I knew they held westerners/whites/Europeans in high regard, so I gravitated towards them. Being in a West Coast University, finding Asian women was as easy as finding ants in a park.
    I told myself I preferred them, I told myself whatever I needed to tell myself to be comfortable with my choice in Asian women. But being with Asian women (though they do have some very good things going on in comparison to western women) is not what I am truly attracted to, and it came back and bit me in the ass TWO FOLD. Even by now, I hadn’t learned the nature of women, I treated this Korean girl very nicely, had children with her. Of course, working hard to support a family, one gets fat, out of shape, as one gets older, for some of us, our hair starts to fall. Well she decides she’s no longer in love with me, doesn’t appreciate anything I did for the family, and gets up, leaves, and takes the children, and the courts tell me that’s that.
    I quit my job, focused on myself, got in shape, and have found routes to success in other ways, I now approach women with a completely different mindset, and now just date my own kind, the 8’s and 9’s came back one I whipped myself in shape and approached women with a redpilled mind. My ex-wife is wishing I give the relationship another chance, but screw that. The reality is, that yes, a lot of beta male white guys “gravitate” towards Asian women, the same way many poor ugly fat white trash women “gravitate” towards black men, because their original groups don’t generally want them. It’s our own ego, psychological self defense mechanism telling us that we need to procreate and telling us we “ACTUALLY” prefer so and so, but we ACTUALLY don’t, it’s just, deep down, we know that’s where we have more chances of finding a mate, in other races/cultures.
    And by the way, there’s nothing wrong with a white man liking Asian women if HE TRULY finds that his fetish, or what he likes in looks, but the majority, willing to bet over 80% of white men who like or go for Asian women, are beta males, speaking from personal experience. If they ever whip themselves into shape, success, and masculinity, they’ll get the attention from their own women. Same could be said of the trashier white women who no white man wants.
    I also do understand, and cannot ignore the sorry state of White Western women, this makes it near impossible to find a good white woman to be with. Even top shelf level white dick in Hollywood gets cheated on and cleaned out by women, no man is safe. But I want to dispel the myth, that Asian women are a safe bet, they’re not.
    I noticed one thing about ALL the Asian women I dated, none of the men in their race, wanted them, regardless of how good they looked, or how nice they acted, the Asian men knew there was something fundamentally wrong with those girls. And after dealing with many Asian girls who also only dated white men, it became apparent why, they were the women one could not control and be in a marriage/relationship with. Damaged goods.

    1. i respect you for your racist opinion
      BUT… white women aint what they once were. google pew divorce rates ten year and you’ll see that white guys have much less divorce in most classes of IR marriage than with white women and that white women divorce almost always in interracial marriages and white women are the main players amongst women and the apex of the fight against men and hatred of men and of the family that is feminism.
      i saw feminist lecturers tell their female students that the nuclear famiily wasnt natural and that divorce was a womans best friend i have seen the abyss in which they live. What choices do we have? tyrones leftovers? I’d rather rope than that

    2. “Well she decides she’s no longer in love with me, doesn’t appreciate anything I did for the family, and gets up, leaves, and takes the children, and the courts tell me that’s that. ”
      That’s rough. Too bad that happened. Even though we had “some words” a few weeks ago, don’t like hearing about that happening to any guy.
      “I quit my job, focused on myself, got in shape, and have found routes to success in other ways, I now approach women with a completely different mindset, and now just date my own kind, the 8’s and 9’s came back one I whipped myself in shape and approached women with a redpilled mind”
      Good for you. Best of luck to you.

      1. Reply to Wristcell, I actually said it myself in that embarrassingly honest blog post, white women aren’t all they’re cranked up to be, but neither are Asian women, that’s generally what I wanted to get across. That if you TRULY like Asian women because they’re your fetish, then by all means, go for it, but that one must be prepared to understand, that the type of Asian women who date white men, are Asian women who GENERALLY do not like their own men, and that sort of betrayal to their people can come back and bite the potential Keanu Reeves in the ass, and turn him into an Elliot Rodger.
        To Automatic Slim, the new comment system is hard to follow, I would like to read your retort though, what were we discussing? And thank you for the sympathies, I feel though, that perhaps, in the end, the learning experience was for the best.

        1. Ah, it was some stupid crap.
          Some random internet insults on both our parts. But I think in the end, most of us here have much more in common than not. Take care.

        2. The Eliot ridgers thing is used by the asians as huge ploy by guys like Eurasian Tigers to fight against them being cucked which they have huge movements against. There are good asian chicks but obviously not the ex massage girls and South East Asians yeah thats the issue lots of niave guys getting self hating asian women.
          The divorce risks are where i am coming from seeing as I divorced once already and that was to a ginger white women and I don’t plan on divorcing again. I think black women have a lot of positives except the fact that they are poor and thus a financial risk even if the relationships work well but only the white women who didnt sleep around are worh bothering with. there are some i’d accept but they aint what they were even ten years ago pre tinder and social media the decline has been rapid. I think in many places like the uk they now even outdrink white men.

        3. @Wristell
          ” I think black women have a lot of positives …”
          Holy cow!!!
          I don’t see that at all.

    3. I never came across a white girl as good as my Chinese wife. We have been married for 8 years now. I met her in China though and she had never been with a white guy before.
      I’m from Europe mind you, where the destruction runs deeper than in the US.
      I sometimes go back to Europe by myself for extended periods of time and party on the regular then as well (I’m in my early 30s) but I have never met a white girl that didn’t come across as loose (by Asian standards), damaged by feminism, playing mind games or lacking personality in general and I see Europe pretty much destroyed in many ways. It’s just so much less livable to me than Asia.
      I’m happy for my beta tendencies btw. If I was just slightly more alpha I’d probably be in prison just like most black guys born into the same impoverished single mother household that I was living in. It doesn’t mean I’m a pushover, just that I choose my fights very carefully and always think things through. Women and low IQ alphas on the other hand think anyone is a weak beta who isn’t looking to get into physical confrontations on the spot.

  10. It’s always amusing how salty people get over white guys dating Asian girls. I expect that from bitter white bitches, but from men? Pathetic.

    1. Jizm,
      The saltiness is almost as bad as when you see a black guy with an attractive white girl. White men should go after all the asian women, women with bad hygiene, flat faces and ugly wide noses need love too.

  11. Hey man,
    You’re a hapa dude, what do you think you know about Asian male problems?
    Write a book for hapas. You’ve got no meat with full Asian men.

  12. “Finally” he says – a resource for…
    Nevermind The Four Great Classics, “”
    Nor the countless other Asian alpha males who grew up penniless to success (my father included) and conquered the expectations and obstacles set against them.
    Mr. Halleck – you don’t have a culture? That’s your problem.
    But it’s not mine.

    1. As somebody who did, in fact, go through a “full Asian” phase as a teen, and read all the Eastern classics, I’ll be the first to tell you they don’t get you laid on their own.
      Now, combining that literary education with the game lessons I teach in my book, THAT will get you laid. In fact, I reference several Chinese philosophers in the book to make various points.
      PS: There’s a hapa chapter, since their issues don’t need a full book.

    1. Pfff…self hating race? Maybe Indians from India. Eastern Asians love their race, protect their culture and race, and most proud Asians who love their race STAY IN ASIA. The Asians you see coming over here are a whole different bag of marbles. BTW, Asia is culturally enriching itself, only self loathing white people are. White people hate their race more than any other group on planet earth.

  13. Article gave me a good laugh, especially the part about the bowl-cuts!
    If Asian men in the West would mix a little more, work on their hygiene, fitness and God-awful accents then they would find White women willing to fuck them.
    And you’re right, Larsen, it is pathetic when asians, whites and blacks adopt hip-hop culture.

    1. asian men are more into white chicks than the asian women are into white dudes on;y difference is they cannot get them. They are just as racist to black women, hispnaic women and indian women as thier women are to these dudes and all their hapa and asain movements are about white pussy

  14. Here’s proof that’s white guys and asian girls can get along real well.
    Yeah, I know he’s a fag, but so what?
    This is pretty damn cool.

  15. In order to attract girls you have to appear like you are familiar with them, that you are quite comfortable in their presence and also don’t elevate them to a pedestal. It may sound general but there are a number of ways you can get dates and be with pretty girls. There is not one tried and true method but many.
    If you want to date Westernized Asian girls then act more confident. If you want to date White babes then use a lot of eye contact. Same goes with Latinas, African American and Middle Eastern babes. You don’t even have to talk much just with your eyes. Maybe throw in a little pucker for extra effect.

  16. I’m an introverted white guy who moved to Asia from Europe a decade ago as Europe has no space for guys like me anymore.
    If you’re an Asian guy in Europe your best bet is launching a location independent business and leaving.
    Things will only get worse.

  17. I never lay the ultimate blame on whites. I know who caused the racial divide and conquer tactics. The cultural engineers, the ones spoken of in Revelations 2:9. Some of you like to use ((())). I just call them what they are – the synogogue of Satan. The racial divide between whites and blacks are instituted by the very same force. Who controls Hollywood, the media and subsequently the cultural narrative?
    This is but another tactic to weaken each other so they remain the controllers. And in effect, they want us to blame each other. Every time I see a chigger asian sjw on social media talk about the “patriarchy” , “institutionalized power” , “muh native americans” , “muh white supremacy” , “muh blame whitey”, I want to rip his tiny asian balls off. I thought they were genetically smarter than to be brainwashed. In any event – to those who know the bigger picture, I want to join with fellow Asians, whites, blacks and latinos to fight back the tide of darkness befallen upon us.

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