How To Be With 4 Women At The Same Time

Over the last few weeks I had more free time than usual so I decided to embark on a new journey. I figured I’d try to be with as many women as I can, simultaneously, to see exactly what’s it all about. By “being with” I’m referring to somewhat regular sexual intercourse with all of them, keeping them all emotionally happy (at least to a satisfying degree) and still having time to do something else.

I’m currently seeing four on a regular basis and the only way I’d be able to see more was if I had no job and nothing else to do in my personal life.

With that being said, this article is going to show you how to get and have four “girlfriends”, the difficulties that come with this and how to deal with them.

How To Do It

My plan was simple. It was so simple that it actually worked. Here’s what you need to do. Get yourself to 0 people that you’re having sex with and focus your mind on what’s about to happen. Get some cash and go out almost every day for two weeks.

Depending on how lucky and how much game you have, you could be banging number 1 around the first weekend. The plan basically stipulates absolute best time management. Each night you go out to meet women (clubbing/bars) you will force yourself to get two solid numbers. This means that almost every next day, one of the solid numbers will see you. You can forget about the other one.

You’re whole plan should be going out then going on a “date” the next day. Finish the date, if no sex; go out after she went home. Continue this for a maximum of two weeks and by the end of the second week you’ll be seeing at least six women.

From the first date you’ll be able to quickly gauge how soon a chick will sleep with you. If you know that she’s going to take more than three dates, drop her and go out that night.

My initial plan was to get and keep just three but I ended up with four and said oh well…

The Difficulties

the money

Every dude brags about how cool he is that he’s seeing 99 women but in reality he’s seeing that many women in front of his PC monitor with his pants around his ankles. Anybody that has ever dated more than two girls on a somewhat regular basis will tell you that this shit is freaking hard.

We all know how hard it is to have a girlfriend, well multiply that by four. Sure, you give them all less attention, less interest, less all that. You even tell them that you’re seeing other women but that only makes them want to you more. In truth, seeing this many women will drain your time and resources tremendously.

The Money

The first issue on our list is the money. It will cost you loads. I don’t agree with taking girls on dinner dates (unless they are your official girlfriend) but if you’re going on a “drinks date” almost every night it’s still going to cost you a pretty penny. Yes, you should be paying for her drinks as well and although most of the time they are well-mannered and don’t break the bar (1-2 drinks max), you’ll still be spending A TON (let’s not forget about transport) especially if you like to drink. That being said, once you do get to sleep with them, the costs will go down slightly since you can just meet at your place or hers.

The Time

the time

Time is probably your worst enemy here. All of the girls you’ll be dating won’t have such a full schedule. The thing is, you work till 5-6PM then you need to make sure you’re going to see one of these girls every night. If you don’t, you risk pushing your next meeting too much and if you didn’t spit solid game or didn’t sleep with her yet, that can cost you the chick.

If you’re dating four chicks you want to basically see all of them at least two times a week. Of course that’s going to be impossible which means each week you’ll have to sacrifice seeing 2 of them only once. Why? Well because you need at least 1 day to rest, see your friends etc. You need to mix this pattern up so none of them feel like they’re left out.

To make all of this work, you’re basically going to have to be their very own personal assistant that gets a very good idea of each girl’s schedule. If one of them works a random hours job it’s going to get even harder.

The secret here is to keep a very close eye on their patterns. Taking down notes helps but it’s not really necessary. If the chicks were as organized as you, you could basically plan your stuff for the next four weeks but unfortunately, that’s never going to happen. All dates you’re going to plan are planned at MOST one day before. It’s just the nature of “unavailable” women which are in fact very available but are acting their part.

Texting/Calling Also Takes Time

Even though you’re only seeing these girls every other day, you still need to keep an emotional connection via text or phone calls. To get rid of a chick I like to call her after she’s done with work and talk about everyday things for about 20 mins. Yes, that’s 20 mins per chick, per day. You’re only going to call three of them because you’re going to meet the 4th that night.

Also, because you’ve been spitting hard game, these chicks will start to call/text you themselves. Get ready to decline sex invitations, get ready to “be involved a lot more in your work” and get ready for awkward shit to happen.

The Conversations

the conversations

The stuff you tell them and the stuff they tell you is outstandingly important. You can mix things up so easily that makes the whole thing NOT FUN anymore. Unfortunately, the only way to keep clear tabs on what you said and what she said is to take down notes.

Because every player that wants to sleep with a chick should mold his personality based on her needs and desires, you’re going to be a fairly different person with each of them. When you’re only seeing one chick this really isn’t a problem but when it’s four you best create that persona as close to the real you as possible. This way you’re going to reduce the stuff you have to remember and you’re going to have a much easier time. Sure, it can have bad consequences (chick might not like you) but when you’re seeing this many women, who cares?

Write down what you told each girl and write down the things she says about herself. This is important because you don’t want to repeat yourself nor do you want to assume that she already knew something about you when in fact you told that to someone else. It’s hard but, if you write it down and read it before a date you’ll be fine.

I’ll give you a quick and simple example of how my list is now:

Tall and skinny chick – studies hard for masters, does something about restaurant inspection, is smart, gives me shit, independent woman type, worth it for the sex.

Petite chick – works at Burger King, has random hours, not much in her life, good in bed, hot bod, asks a lot of questions about my other affairs.

Curvy chick – is an accountant, does well with numbers, likes me too much already, will want relationship soon, doesn’t like me seeing other chicks, great sex.

Foreign Chick – studies psychology year two, easy to talk to, laughs at my jokes often, is fairly available most of the time, can’t go to her place, best bod, shy in bed.

You’ll be amazed how just these simple notes are more than enough to make them think that you care about them, especially if you repeat their names in a conversation and then discuss their jobs, uni etc. Do this list again to what you told them about yourself and you should be fine.

*some time ago I saw a dude in New York doing spreadsheets for something like this. The whole thing went public and was a total fail for the dude. If you like spreadsheets, do that but be careful about who gets access to your computer*

The Sex

the sex

The final thing on our list is obviously the sex. All women are different; all women want something more than just you stabbing their insides with your manly part. I don’t take notes here because I easily remember this part since it’s the why I’m doing this whole thing in the first place.

The first two times you meet and have sex you should be exploring her like Columbus. You’ll quickly see what she likes and how she likes it. How much pressure she can take from your fingers, your manhood, how sensitive she is in some areas compared to others etc.

This stuff is important because it’s a major deciding factor in her sleeping with you again, especially after you only saw her once last week.

Ideally, you’ll want to use condoms with all of them. Four regular sexual partners screams STD so be careful. If you think one of them is trustworthy or is on the pill, still consider the consequences and then do as you please.

Ending It

As you can see, dating four women at the same time is seriously hard work. It will drain your time, resources and life in general. If you don’t think this is worth it, don’t do it. I wanted to see how it is. I’m probably going to end it with three of them in a month’s time because I personally can’t do it much longer (can’t decide which yet). With that being said, as far as scoring chicks and being a player, this is still one of the best things I’ve managed to do in my life and I think every dude or self-proclaimed player should at least try to do it once in his life.

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99 thoughts on “How To Be With 4 Women At The Same Time”

  1. Spot on, I went through exactly the same process. Built it up to 4 regulars, which was awesome for variety of sex & some company, but utterly ridiculous in almost every other respect. Time, money & logistics all eventually got exhausted.
    Eventually let it unwind itself with 3 of them (stopped making any effort basically) & awaited the teary ‘sorry but we can’t do this anymore’.
    The funniest one occurred with one of them ringing me while I was banging another, where I had to run down the stairs to hear I was being ‘dumped’ & responding casually with ‘ok cool’, then running back upstairs to continue banging. She called me back to make sure I ‘realised she was finishing with me’. I replied yes, finished the conversation & went back upstairs again!
    It was utterly exhausting in the end though, & I definitely wouldn’t do it with 4 women in the same town again.

    1. I’ve been there, buddy:

      “Harem management can make or break a man. A few years ago I was sleeping with 4 quality women—all of whom knew I was not exclusive with them. All with degrees, physically attractive, professionals, two from stable homes, etc. I can say without hesitation that I will never, ever do anything like it again—I was miserable. I slept about 2 nights week in my own bed, got no rest, and was perpetually late for work. After 2 months of being overworked at the office and servicing the libidos of four full-grown, insatiable women I really thought I was going to kick the bucket. If my harem management skills had been any worse the stress would have literally killed me, I have no doubt about that.”

        1. nah … i think…. strategy more than game…. an ultimate destination….. all the PUA and Game is great…. but it’s still just boys with bb guns punching holes in targets….
          this is heavy artillery…. roll the tanks and go to war….. full blown strategy…. build an alternative family unit….. with alpha male at the top……
          a few good alphas could turn society on it’s head…. who says the only way is monogamy….
          may the best and wealthiest males win….
          i want 50 bitches and 30 kids…. and 20 beta orbiters to do all the running around for me….

        2. yeah this old dude i knew from sudan… he said back in the day his pops had 100 wives. 100 fucking wives dude he bought them all with cows he was a herdsman with a shit ton of cows. 700 or something kids i dont think he knew exactly. but there was a whole village where he would come in and everyone would come see him when he visited and bring him gifts and shit because they were all HIS FUCKING KIDS.
          from what i understand paternity wasnt an issue… thems my wives therefore i own their kids… type deal. the man wasnt naive.
          i figured he was exagerating or bullshittin me but i looked it up and sure enough thats how the old herdsman culture used to be even up til like 60 years ago.
          but still fuck yeah dude thats the way to do it king of a village sire a nation. these days in these parts of the world though that shit is a bit much for one man to do but shit if you can do it i salute you. i definitely do not have the energy or the patience.

        3. gotta be worth a shot….. get pussy or die tryin’
          it’s mainly economics…..

  2. I did this back in “college” when I was attending film school and banging girls from a real university down the street. Never had to pay for one damn drink.

  3. Yep, the multi-girl lifestyle sounds fun until you realize how little time you have left. So many of the things that you love to do and make you a desirable man get pushed to the wayside. I like chicks and keep one around, but they are still just on the level of my other hobbies and will never take top spot to living my life.

  4. Taking harem advice from a guy who is rotating a bean pole, BK employee, a curvy (read:fat) girl, and one who won’t even let him into her place. Lolzlozlolz play on playa

        1. Do you have better advice? I know you are trolling but it is mostly men here and I have seen your other comments, now seriously do you have anything of substance to add?

        2. Alright. I’ve done the whole polygamous thing – if that’s what it’s called, me and two chicks all fucking together for about a year. So here’s my “better advice”: It’s a waste of time and money. Better to have one hot chick than four dogs. Or, better yet, just fuck a random chick and dump her. Then fuck another random chick and dump her. Then fuck another random chick and dump her. Then fuck another random… you get the idea.
          And, yeah, I know your snark wasn’t directed at me, but just felt like chiming in.

        3. If I wanted to run a harem like this I would go to Hardees and have enough bitches to fill a ferris wheel.
          O-Face is right; quantity will never match quality. He said what I wanted to say minus my trolling.
          Also, Micheal James wants to know if someone who is 5’5” can date multiple women at one time.

        4. If I wanted to run a harem like this I would go to Hardees and have enough bitches to fill a ferris wheel.
          O-Face is right; quantity will never match quality. He said what I wanted to say minus my trolling.
          Also, Micheal James wants to know if someone who is 5’5” can date multiple women at one time.

        5. i think you needed 3 chicks not 2….. with two they can gang up on you… twos company … three is a crowd and girls will always gang together….. so in time you become the outsider… the guy they make inside jokes about to your face…. etc…. but with 3 girls…. no#3 will always be your trusted insider….. one of them will always pander back to you… to gain the no#1 position…..
          you make it clear who is no#1 and no#2 and no#3….. in a nice way….
          I think like this you have 3 sex slaves, cooking and cleaning and running about for you…..
          need a big house and plenty of money of course…..

        6. I deal with professional women everyday and honestly if you have your own money what a woman does is really trivial. Looks matter and youth matters. I could go to my local community college and get a date there or I could go to CLE (continuing legal education) or CME (same but Medical) and pull a woman over 28. The only difference is the Community College girls are younger, hotter, cheaper, and more fun.

        7. all this male bravado is fine and good…. i get it… with the right attitude girls crumble…. been there done it….
          but what’s the ultimate purpose….? sure you can go to the local ‘wherever’ and get a girl home pretty easily, but that still requires logistics, time, energy, costs etc.
          and what is she really doing for you ?…. you still end up being her performing seal…..
          for the time effort and energy you expend just to get laid, you’d be better off eating your pride and just calling an escort to your door for a couple of hundred bucks…..
          on the other hand women like to serve,so why not up the game a notch and find a way to rope the bitches in for the long haul….. and no i;m not talking about suburban monogamy…..

        8. Thank you Atlanta Man. The point is that one should never take a grown man that uses Tiger Woods as his profile pic seriously, we already know that his confidence level must be through the roof.
          With regards to the harem, as I’ve said above. I like big butts and am NOT shy to admit it. With that being said, what’s the point of having 2 tall and skinny chicks that essentially look the same? If you’re going to have a harem might as well have them all different in some way. I went for diversity in both mind and body.

        9. Clearly I am not Tiger Woods as myself, along with Michael James, are only 5’5” – and from what I’ve learned on this site, I will never be able to get my Bill Clinton on at this stature- perhaps that will be my new avatar. Slickkk Willyyyy

  5. 4 chicks don’t make you a player. It’s how you command them. Molding yourself to each girl’s personality and needs is weak. Buying them drinks is weak. Why did you include those details? If you’d have left them out (and the fact you’re banging a BK chick) people here might have taken you seriously.

    1. “Because every player that wants to sleep with a chick should mold his personality based on her needs and desires, you’re going to be a fairly different person with each of them.” -> Yeah this was really out of place.

      1. I assume sarcasm? If so, wrong. If not, right. I’ve molded myself to a chicks desires in the past, and it was depressing and frustrating. Now I mold them to me. I’m happier, they’re happier. Win-win for everyone. If you agree, good. If you disagree, then you got a lot to learn betaboy.

        1. nah dude. theres a line where if a broad crosses it you drop her quick. there are expectations and if she wont meet them theres one (at least shit) that will. that shit is depressing like you said and NEVER gets the ass.
          but then you gotta work with what you got in front of you. and every one of them is going to give you a little shit. you gotta work a little magic sometimes.
          so i get that not bending over backwards shit because id rather spank it (if it comes to that) than play the bitch boy for some pussy. but being a fucking brick wall like you put on doesnt work for anybody.

        2. “being a fucking brick wall like you put on doesnt work for anybody”
          Not even slightly true. Well, maybe it doesn’t work on your ghetto hoes, but it works just fine for me.

        3. At a high level of Game it becomes about intent. Buying a girl drinks or altering your attitude TO PLEASE HER is beta as fuck. Buying a drink or 2 or altering your behavior because you see it getting you what YOU want is straight alpha.

    2. I prefer that he tell the truth about his experiences so I can get a better idea of what happened. This way my take away from this post is better than if he excluded facts. There is nothing wrong with banging some chick who works at Burger King , should he only sleep with women who are servers at The Cheesecake Factory? When did a woman’s employment ever matter when you were trying to fuck? Maybe if she is a prostitute, otherwise attractive women get fucked down in my book employment(or lack thereof) be damned!

      1. Man, you’re eating up his crap like it’s strawberries and cream. Let me put my own perspective on this. Over the last five days I’ve fucked five girls. No bs. It’s been a good week for me, normally I only fuck one or two max. With each girl, I picked them up, took them back to my place or went to theirs, fucked them a couple of times and left. No fucking strings attached. If I bump into them in the future I’ll probably fuck them again, then leave. No strings attached. Tell me, how is this worse than playing 4 short-term gf’s and having to remember 4 different conversations and pay 4 times over for dates when all you really want is the fuck?
        So he can pump it up all he likes, I still think it’s a chumps game, made worse by the fact he “molds” himself to a bk chick. Seriously, who does that?

        1. I understand your argument and do not doubt your ability with women. I think your approach is sound, however just as I get to read your raw truth I was noting that I also wish to see the author’s raw truth. What I am getting at is that I read a lot of these game blogs and I can appreciate when someone tells me the negative and the positive. For example there was a Vegas post where the author admitted to having sex with an unattractive woman and although it was not something I would have done it was the truth, and it gave me an honest perception of the situation for him. As for me, I am cold approaching women in the daytime and recently went 4 different sex partners on 20 approaches in one month. With a full time career and continuing education that is good for me the negative is I wasted five nights of going out with five different girls who did not put out including one who stopped me when we were both naked in her bed.
          Just state the whole story and include the negatives, I get more from it.

        2. You might be taking it the wrong way. Reflection is a method of body language which gets a person to relate to you quickly. And you don’t act the same around every person in your social life, close friends or casual acquaintances – you adapt to suit the environment, and that includes the people. To refuse to adapt is actually weakness, and Darwinian theory would agree.
          But again I think you know and agree with the above, you might just be taking his meaning to be different than what I am describing – and it might be, it might not be. You are correct in that molding your personality to suit another can be beta game if done without sincerity and a few other contexts, but if he were doing that, he wouldn’t be bedding 4 women, because that tactic doesn’t work.

        3. Good point. Maybe I’m doing it wrong but when I reflect, I reflect an aspect of myself (funny, sincere, asshole etc.) to fit the moment, then slowly (or quickly) bring it all back to my natural frame of mind/being. To me, that’s manipulation, not molding. Nothing wrong with a little (or a lot) of manipulation.

        4. Thank you. To clarify, Viceroy is right. This doesn’t stop at body language, for example one needs to adapt his temperament in order to vibe with a girl.
          I’ll explain, the smart chick is very hyper, I’m hyper too but in order to calm her down and get her shirt off I have to change the way I act to allow her to relax. If I’d be just as hyper as she is she’ll never get naked but if I calm myself down and speak in a lower tone slowly I can get here there.
          It also refers to the conversations you’re having. The BK chick isn’t pretty smart so “our” conversations are mostly MY own monologs. The smart one likes to talk about literature and other such subjects, if I didn’t adapt and kept spitting my monologs she’ll think this dude is a total self absorbed douche, a woman like me has no reason to drop her panties in front of him.
          And finally, this is what ALL of us are doing without even realizing it. We’re all altering our game slightly, just enough to sleep with her. Isn’t that what game is? Knowing which angle to take on any particular chick, knowing what to say and what not to say based on what she told you.

        5. You should have said that in your OP. Beta’s who want to be alpha’s will get the wrong idea and think, “Hey, I mold myself and bend over whenever a chick huffs, man I’m sooo alpha.”

        6. Yeah, sometimes when writing an article, you think you covered everything or assume people know that and then when it’s live you see exactly how it is. Hope the comment part cleared it and thanks for the input.

        7. yeah but check it out. cycling and maintaining a harem, you fuck 4 girls a week, every week. when you get tire of one drop her and upgrade. quality over quantity right?
          and if you bump into one in the future, you will probably fuck them again. if you got time not fucking your new ones.
          let me ask you, if your average is 1 or 2 a week FRESH meat, you gotta be going out every night. or fucking hookers. how is that cheaper and easier than having a rolodex and a bottle at the crib? really that shit is too hard for you? keeping track of which one is over right now dont say the wrong name? id say it beats hunting every night of the week just to have a good week that is comparable to this guys every week.
          your shit makes no sense dude. yeah im calling you out. you may not think so but some motherfuckers around here know firsthand.

        8. I didn’t say 1 or 2 FRESH, I said 1 or 2 period. My stats are, generally, 1 hook-up per 2 going out’s. And for that 1 hook-up I approach, on average, 5 or 6 girls. I buy beers from the 7-11 over the night out, and drink them in the street before heading back into the bars (I get on well with the bouncers – took McQueen’s advice, sort of, and just chat to them a bit and let them bum cigarettes off me).
          So, I’ll either get 1 or 2 fresh ladies per week, and sometimes phone an old pick-up if I’m desperate.
          So I’m calling you out as a dude with zero game who thinks picking up chicks is difficult.
          Seriously, how fucking ugly are you? Going out every night to get laid once or twice. LOL.

        9. Tranny whores don’t count fuck face! Better get your pussy checked. I’m sure you have a serious infection, from all that cock!

        10. Ooh, a NWA trying to troll me. Lol.
          Sorry, I shouldn’t use acronyms, that’s just rubbing salt into the wound. Here you go my black buddy, just for you…
          Ooh, a nigger with attitude trying to troll me. Laughing out loud.

    3. come on bro this man has more energy than most of us here and you are gonna call him a bitch for playing the part to fuck the girls? what he doesnt “demand respect” and what slap these bitches or something? that shit is for sultans dude here in the real world we gotta work with a bitchs bullshit.
      give the man props plus hes being real with you and letting you know what it is.
      “oh man you fuck 4 bitches but you buy them drinks? whaaaaaaat? thaaas so beta dude that soooooo fucking beta hey guys check out this beta” come on dude get real.

      1. You speaking english, or nigger?
        You buy your fat-ass hoes drinks to earn brownie points? Come on dude, get real.
        Fuck off back to the ghetto a got buy drinks for your crack whore ma. You never know, she might let you have a feel.

        1. And nigger’s gonna nigger. Seriously, if a nigger tried to call you out on shit because he doesn’t have the game/belief/intellect to comprehend it, how are you going to respond? Huh? Me, I’m going to tell him to fuck off, and I’ll make no apologies about it.

        2. I’m black and the only one speaking nigger is you, O-fuck face. I’d rather be broke, from the ghetto and fucking a crack whore than be a shit stain pig, like yourself. You got no class and definitely no game.

        3. Dudes like you are angry cause some black man fucked his chick. Just accept your life as a cuckold douche.

        4. You’re 100% right. I have no game. You owned me. I am ashamed to be a white, privileged, rich, successful-with-woman, bachelor. So, so ashamed. I wish I lived in the ghetto and could fuck crack whores, but I don’t have enough class for that. Why couldn’t I have been born with a small brain and dark skin? Why is life sooo unfair? What did I do wrong?

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  6. Haven’t tried this yet, sounds like a good way to learn a lot about women really quickly. I see how it can be a drain though on time, energy and money. It surely accelerates the process of seeing how interchangeable many girls are as well.
    My question is why do you suggest seeing each girl “at least two times a week”? You note that this is impossible with four girls, but why not just see each one once a week and supplement it with some texts or calls? I went out once a week with the girl I dated in Poland and the one I’m seeing now, with a few text messages in between. Things have worked fine so far, for months. Limiting it to once a week seems to keep the clinginess in check.

  7. You’re a better man than me. I got up to two and just didn’t have enough time for anything past that. I feel that to juggle 3 or 4 for more than a week you really have to be on some semper fi type shit; basically no other outside interests.
    Multiple relationships is one of those things that sounds a lot better than it really is. The best way to go is to have a main chick and periodically pick up some strange in the side.

  8. harem management drains a lot out of you, but more power to you if you can hold it down.

  9. Alex : how about this strategy ?
    You’ve heard of Fifty Shades of Gray right ?
    So what if you get the chicks into some light S&M…. get them used to being tied up and trusting you….
    At the same time, screen them and see which ones might be into a threesome and a little light girl on girl….
    chick A comes at 8pm, by 8.30pm you’ve got her horny, naked and tied to a chair, then you spring chick B on her…. (have some sex toys ready)
    now you’ve got two in the same room… you can openly date them both at once….
    and of course chick A will want her turn to have a girl tied to a chair so that’s where you bring chick C into the picture…
    then you invite chick D for dinner at your place, with A,B & C who are all in on the picture and now you have 4 girl friends openly….
    now you’ll need a second guy (he will be your beta, because you give him so much easy pussy… he will shine your shoes for you)…. no way you can bang 4 girls 4-5 nights a week and keep them all happy….. and they will get used to it and get horny as whores…. you won’t be able to keep up, but in a good way….
    girls try their best to avoid these situations where they have to compete with other females, because they know they will lose it and go crazy competing for the one guy… (especially if you got them to fall head over heels in love with you first)…. .it’s like the unspoken female pact….. (just like the unspoken male pact is not to bang the guys girl, and not to blab if you know he cheated.)
    crack the code and start openly running 2-3-4 at once….. now you are a true alpha and a true king….
    plus you are building your own community…. your own family…. I think that this is 21st Century social engineering…..
    the king is dead, long live the king, the family is dead, long live the family….

  10. “all women want something more than just you stabbing their insides with your manly part”
    And we care because? 🙂

    1. You have yet to sleep with enough women to understand why this matters. I’ll explain. After you’ve slept with enough women to say ” oh…so it’s this again”. You’ll probably get to a point in which you’ll try to see if you can possibly ever make a girl cum, or at least understand what’s down there.
      Once you do and see the great feeling that that brings her and how much of man it makes you feel, you’ll realize that everything up until then (masturbating in her vagina) has been a joke and you’ve been nothing but a laughing stock.
      Once you get her orgasms in check, you’ll see how with EACH girl you’ll ever bang for at least 4-5 times, you’ll also bang AT LEAST one of her friends with almost ZERO effort, even while you’ll still banging the original chick.
      And that my friend, is why we care.

      1. Coming back to this comment, it also makes me realize that you’ve never had a girlfriend either, because if you did, even if you’re 17 right now, you’d still know by now that sex is a 2 way thing.

        1. Not necessarily true. It’s only 2 way if you let it be. Sometimes, even with a regular gf, it’s good to just fuck her like a slut. Some girls get off on being used.
          Likewise, some guys become the bedroom bitch. Sucking nipples and going down and getting nothing in return.

        2. By 2 way, I mean interaction between 2 people and not you stabbing a meat hole. Fucking her like a slut because she likes it, is still a 2 way thing. Because YOU know that’s what she likes and that’s something that every DUDE should do somewhat regularly with his girlfriend.
          But I agree, some dudes just get weak and suck nipples, go down and never get anything in return but those are usually the “I’ve only had HER as my girlfriend in my life”.

        3. I love you’re point about masturbating in her meat hole… brilliant….ultimately sex is all about the woman’s pleasure…especially if you want to keep her long term…
          the whole point of game is to please the woman, without belittling yourself…. it’s not about tricking her… .it’s about leading the way and showing her a good time….
          the fine balance in any interaction between a man and a woman, is for the man to lead and the woman to follow…. just like dancing…. .(i mean old style dancing, not wiggling your butt to some techno).
          women are not naturally amazing in bed, there are many skills they need to learn, some of them not immediately pleasurable for her… like taking it in the ass, or deep throating…. etc…
          HOWEVER… if you hit the happy medium of a.) having a reasonable compliant female, b.) not pushing too hard from the get go c.) imposing yourself as quickly as possible and setting the pace and expectations….
          then you stay one step ahead of her (just like dancing)… you lead and she follows and all kinds of excellence is to be had in the bedroom and out…..
          “honey i’m on the phone, can you run to the corner shop and get me some smokes.”
          “oh, sure, I’ll be right back.”
          “Im hot for you tonight baby…”
          “i got my period….. but let me give you a little treat with my tongue….”

      2. exactly man. it makes you cum harder to know that you are in control of a womans body and mind and she loves that. its a part of why fucking is fun.
        also never eat the snatch unless she has sucked you off and drank the cum. twice. unless shes inexperienced that could be just what you need to open her mind.
        and just avoid roast beef sammiches.
        im talking to you otto.

    1. yes the lid is slowly coming off the pandora’s box.
      women are passive, so when they feel horny for new cock, inside an LTR, they subconsciously shut down the sex, until husband gets miserable and cheats – perfect excuse to leave. (passive aggressive will find a way to paint the innocent side into a corner).
      or poor guy braves it, (desperately trying to find more and more ways to ‘fix’ the relationship, until she’s totally miserable and has lost all respect for her prince charming that’s become a schelpy white knight so she cheats herself.
      failing any bed hopping, the couple tough it out in misery, until one just ups and leaves, due to endless bad moods, and a horrid prisoner / flat mate existence…
      of course many times violence is involved, and if not, then the house becomes more like a psychiatric ward…. and it’s all because she wants a different taste of cum in her mouth once in a while….but cannot express it…. incredible repression ruins families….
      Freud would be cuming in his pants if he could see what’s been unearthed in the 21st century…..
      solution is, let a mate bang her from time to time…. kind of schlepy…. or involve other women first….. and then bring a real beta man into the picture…..
      it’s gotta be better than monogamy…

      1. I always found it easier to to call her out. Essentially, I say I don’t care if she leaves. I actually say I want her to. I have also become outcome independent in my marriage in that if she cheats, I told her I get my freedom back. Even though she was not cheating, she was giving me flak. I don’t accept it.
        It is not a guarantee, but I have noticed women fear losing your desire.

    2. It will be interesting if that is proven true. Do we see that in the view of the manosphere, or do we see it, but it is something else?
      It will be interesting to see the counter studies going against it. For example, why do women pursue marriage more than men even during the ages marriage was still a financial benefit to a man?

  11. yeah dude, its fun and all but i just dont have the fucking energy for that shit anymore. i juggled 4 for about 3 weeks and fuck that shit. whatever creams your twinkie dude but uh i like to play golf. and also sleep.
    3 is borderline pushing it these days, but i do it to spice shit up every so often or if i feel im about to have to drop one and need to make a preemptive strike.
    ideally for me its 2 plus a spare tire in case one falls off for some unfortunate reason or other. and i only see them 1 or 2 nights a week, the one that gets 2 is the one that spent the last week trying to please me more (sexually and just being more pleasant). they figure this out (without knowing it) and it keeps them on their best behavior, plus they are unknowingly competing with each other so it ups the ante a little every week. generally one will fall off eventually because she is unable or unwilling to meet my rising needs, this (unknowingly again) gives the other one default 2 nights which makes her feel more at ease and gives her time to relax til the competition gets back on. unbeknownst to her of course.
    so thats 3 nights a week for me, the other 4 nights are for sleep, chillin, basically whatever the fuck i want. i rarely let myself hit one up on my off nights.

  12. God, I agree. Just reading your article makes me feel tired! It is indeed a challenge “KEEPING” 4 GFs as “girlfriends”; Not F buddies. F buddies or multiple one nighters are easy. I salute you for taking on that very masochistic challenge!

  13. Solid Article
    However I think if you’re seeing 4 women reguraly you should also make them pay. If your game is average even this isn’t hard to do. What I do is I rotate, I pay for every other date or we split the bill. Chicks have no problem doing this, and with summer you can keep this really cheap i.e. ice cream, flea market etc
    But I don’t try to make it a point to go out often, the best date is a bottle of house wine, a Seth Rogen movie and candles

  14. …I couldnt see working this hard even if I was getting paid to do it. Nice write up though

  15. I found it easier in the Navy when I had girls in several ports. Also, the ex/baby mamma. They would all call, and I had several hobbies (Jiu JIutzu/MMA, sports, military study, and school). This allowed me ample, and actual, reasons for leaving. Also, I made ample use of the internet by learning how to make a decent profile. So when one left, she saw my draft pick on her way out. If you can, make sure to entice the girl to go by your schedule. This does not work with all women.
    Also, it is good to have a “good ho” or two on call. I don’t mean prostitute, I mean a ho. A go to girl who has a sexy body and great looks. Strap up obviously, but make sure they are hot. Stay away from strippers. I know some would disagree, but I can’t stand them. A good ho can easily find someone to take her home, she is a nympho and most guys can’t resist. So, again, strap up. However, if you saw the movie anger management, it is great to have a couple of hot heavy hitters to take with you when you go out to watch the drama ensue. I said ho, but I did not say they bang every guy they meet. A hot woman does not need to get a random dude, she usually has her pick of the litter, and makes strong men, still a beta, follow like a puppy.
    It is best to get the good girls from”next door” for most of your projects, as they have been used less. Like less than ten, preferably five partners.
    One was a Masseuse in Cali, another was the baby’s momma in Cali, two good hos in Hawaii, women from other states and countries who visited me regularly. And I always had at least two in the project zone. It was not uncommon for me to get as much as six girls at one time while traveling. Never less than two. I also did not introduce them to my friends. I met them solo. Eventually they figured it out, and I replaced that “team mate” with an up and comer.
    It got old, but if you need to get it out your system, this article works.

  16. Not to be beta but I’m still working on how to be with 1 woman at the same time.

  17. The hardest part is the sex. It’s a lot of energy to keep a nubile harem pleased

  18. I’m referring to somewhat regular sexual=once a year with some dog.
    You little omegas spend more time fantasizin about being a stud (lol) and writing crap on these dumb blogs then doing anything real.
    Any female who would even talk to a numbskull like you is obviously sub par.

  19. I only have one pene how can I do four? it does not explain this trick in the pua manual.

  20. The part about the conversations really resonated with me. I normally have a very sharp memory, but sometimes within the soft harem approach the inane stories start to run together, and I have found myself making mistakes. It’s put me in some tricky spots when I reference something that clearly doesn’t match, like mentioning a girl’s brother when she’s an only child — and I’m thinking of another girl in the harem who has droned on and on about her brother.

  21. You’re putting too much work into it. Girls don’t need to know they’re special or whatever, they forget most of the details of your life so you’re under no obligation to remember all the details of theirs. I have no idea why you took these women out for drinks. Why would you “date” four women when you could just “be fucking” four women instead? Also, I’m stunned you didn’t try to get them all into bed at once, or in any sort of combination arrangement. That’s one of the best parts about having a harem.

  22. Its fun to play the field, but I was always up front about letting each partner know that he wasn’t the only one I was seeing. If that was a problem, it didn’t go any further, if not, then game on! No one seemed to have a problem with it, because I didn’t keep any of them on a short leash either. There is a thriving open-minded swingers & BDSM community out there that makes this sort of thing possible.

  23. Great post! I have not seen too many people address this issue anywhere.
    In defense of the harem approach…
    In my 20’s and early 30’s I was much more interested in the novelty of banging new girls. Then I hit the late 30’s and realized sex usually gets a lot better once you’ve been with the same woman a few times. She gets more relaxed and open to some of the kinkier stuff and you both figure out what works. Some don’t improve, but you cut those ones loose immediately = non-issue.
    I much prefer the harem approach. I have 3 in rotation right now, and was at 5 for a couple of months earlier this year. I will say this… IT TAKES A LOT OF TIME AND MENTAL ENERGY TO KEEP JUGGLING! Some of the posters on here have observed that it doesn’t leave a lot of time for much else. 100% true! That, and you do an awful lot of laundry!

  24. A man can ride one horse, one car, one motorcycle at a time. To juggle 4.. like how many will be enough ? This guy I know had 4-5-6 and would rotate them in and out, constant drama, bickering , fighting, they all somehow knew about each other. Then I realized it was not the size of his johnson or the age of his game which he did have, it was the fact that he was probably feeding them pills/drugs/ etc. When his empire finally came crashing down it was a mess, guy ended up broke, in jail, loan sharks looking for him, owed a bunch of people a ton of money. but on the surface for years he looked like he was killing it. Me, just give me one good woman and I could be happy. Spinning plates is for guys that have a complex or are independently wealthy. Making multiple women the reason for being is not right if your a real man. How many will be enough ?

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