5 Reasons To Date A Man With Cancer

The famous blog article 5 Reasons to Date A Girl With An Eating Disorder went viral recently. Some of the responses to that article compared an eating disorder with cancer. My feelings on that comparison are not relevant here. If I’m offended by something, I keep it to myself because I will not compete in the victim Olympics. I’ll leave that to the professional victims and their groups who stifle free speech based on their “offensitivity” (the degree to which a person chooses to be offended by something).

The responses to that article got me thinking about men and illness. Specifically, it got me thinking about how emotionally healthy men respond to having a serious illness. It changes a man. It makes him stronger (more details below). It’s like a forge where iron is transformed into steel. Therefore, women should indeed date a man who is dealing well with a serious illness, specifically, cancer. Three of the reasons are actually about the woman, not the man.

I’m well aware that cancer takes on many forms. My own particular malignancy (ocular melanoma) is very rare and right now shows absolutely no outward physical manifestations. However, after my eye is treated, there might be something visible. If it spreads, then all bets are off. While I’m going through this, I’m still giving dating advice. I’ve just adjusted a bit because my cancer doesn’t own me.

Other cancers, of course, are different and the treatments can be relatively benign or quite dramatic. I’ve met cancer survivors who came through only because of limb amputation or loss of other body parts with the accompanying physical disfigurement. I’m not glossing over that. Cancer can really mess up a man’s physical appearance. While new treatments aren’t as debilitating, the medication can cause temporary weakness and other serious side effects. No matter—a man who is dealing well (emotionally in particular) with cancer is worth dating. Here are five reasons why:

1. A man with cancer can be incredibly emotionally strong

If he has the guts to deal with a potentially fatal disease and to take on dating, this man can handle anything emotional a woman can throw at him. A shit test? Puh-lease, this guy bats those aside because he has more important things to deal with. He’s going through an experience where death or permanent disability is a very real possibility, depending on the cancer. But at the same time, his medical condition does not own him. That toughens a man. Ironically, it can also give him incredible confidence, the one masculine trait that women find utterly irresistible.

2. He is worthy of respect

This guy doesn’t need a ribbon for “support”. He’s facing something that can be truly awful in terms of medical treatment and the possible outcome. If the outcome is good and the cancer goes into remission, the man emerges with an amazing view of life and what’s truly important. He’s got his priorities straight. He’s stronger for it (see above) and he’ll get respect for that. Even if he’s currently coping with his disease, a woman can look up to him for his willingness to be realistic without being fatalistic.

3. Caring for him lets a woman embrace her natural femininity

A big part of femininity is caring and nurturing because its her natural biological role. A man with cancer needs her femininity. She can be there for support and encouragement, something that women can do incredibly well if they just let themselves. This, of course, requires a woman to utterly reject the prevailing social attitude of “I shouldn’t do anything for a man”.

4. He will be the strong leader she craves

A strong man takes the lead in the dating process. A man with cancer is already taking the lead in dealing with his health so he can continue this precedent into the dating process. Besides, being in control all the time is exhausting for a woman. She doesn’t have to be the strong one, that’s his job and he’s already doing it regarding his health. She can let him lead, as he should do no matter what the state of his health might be.

5. He will make a woman out of a female

Dealing with possible tragedy gives perspective on life. If she becomes attached to a man with cancer, she’s embarking on an adventure where she must put aside her selfish interests and focus on another adult who is not family. Society tells a woman to only focus on her own needs and desires. That’s the realm of children. Dating a man with cancer motivates generosity and selflessness out of desire.

From a personal experience, I have told all the women friends in my life about my recent cancer diagnosis. All said the right things about being sorry and worrying about my health. Those were kind words and I still appreciate them, but only 20% actually stepped up to the plate and gave the kind of help that I needed, especially with my recently motorcycle accident and subsequent hospital stay. Those women showed their support with actions and sacrifice, not just kind words: a visit to the hospital with clothes, a ride from the hospital, a ride to Miami for an eye treatment, and so much more.

A man with an illness (or injury) simply must show strength in the face of such adversity. That’s his natural masculine behavior as a man. Such strength is attractive to women. It’s her natural behavior as a woman to be attracted to that masculine strength. A serious health adversity peels away all the politically correct bullshit of contemporary, gender-based social expectations. It’s where the rubber of natural gender behavior hits the road.

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  1. 6. If the man has no children or close family connections (or even if he does) you may get some inheritance out of the deal.
    I know a nurse who started dating a man who six months into their relationship found out he had pretty bad cancer. She had fallen in love with him and agreed to care for him when it got bad and he could no longer care for himself. He had no children and was distant from his family. He redid his will about six months before dying and did not tell his girlfriend. Since he was younger and the cancer was unexpected he has a decent sized term life policy. After the guy passed away and everything was settled she walked away with around $200,000 to her absolute surprise. They were together maybe a total of maybe three years. Money doesn’t necessarily cure a lost love, but it sure did help her get a pretty long way down the road to recovery. I heard she married another guy about two years later, spending one year in the interim traveling the world.
    She did it for love, but just the prospect of money is enough to motivate most women…

  2. Good luck with the ocular melanoma. Hope the diagnosis improves and you get well soon.

        1. Caber toss, twirl, sit on them? What? Oh, wait, I get it… fart in their faces or butthex them.

  3. I think a guy with cancer and a chick with an eating disorder could make a great combination- very low food bills, losing weight together in a supportive way, understanding each other’s nausea, and never needing a double bed. Perfect match.

    Respect. Truly, good work.
    I am loving this. Cancer is far more serious that some silly “eating-disorder”… i guarantee you wont see the same belly-aching whiners scream how this post is encouraging cancer.
    Without a vagina and a nice pair of tits, women are basically worthless.

    1. Well, without them, the Patriarchy would have to close the sandwich mines so there’s that.

    2. An ‘eating disorder’ is not a disease because you can easily ‘cure’ it. If she’s a gluttonous compulsive eater I can just wire her jaw closed; and if she won’t eat just put a tube down her throat and feed her. It’s no disease and certainly not like cancer. And the number of females who have actually died from some psychiatric condition like anorexia nervosa I can count on one hand. All of this anorexia and bulimia nonsense is just a way for some females to get attention and sympathy, like a kid who won’t eat.If they had cancer they’d really know the meaning of what anorexia is.

    3. Lol, you’re just pissed it’s men who are getting discriminated on now. Women have put up with this shit for years. You get one taste of the medicine and go crazy? Weak faggot. Eating disorders aren’t to mess with. Especially when your kind is the cause of it.

  5. We are getting thousands of angry emails and comments saying how truly disgusting we are. Media outlets are enraged that we would trivialize a serious condition. Tweets have been sent to Anonymous to take us down, along with many death threats.
    Oh wait, that was two weeks ago. Nevermind.

    1. No one cares if it’s about a man. But don’t you dare talk about fat shaming landwhales or a bangable woman with a eating disorder.

    2. probably time to redeem yourself with 20 reasons to date morbidly obese feminists…. i can think of a few…..
      1.) practice lyposuction techniques before going pro
      2.) because fat girls try harder to please
      3.) to ’round’ your sexual experiences, no pun intended
      4.) because her fridge will be loaded with goodies for the after fuck munchies.
      5.) she’s probably got a more expensive comfortable mattress, great if you need a good night’s sleep
      6.) you can trade dieting tips with her
      7.) she’ll enjoy staying home and ordering take out… saving you taking her to expensive bars…
      8.) she’ll love it when you rub ice cream on her tits, although she might wrestle with you for the tub..
      9.) better than fucking a sheep or an inflatable doll
      10.) less likely to catch disease, diabetes is not contagious…

      1. 11.) you can have some fiery after fuck debates… much better than pillow talk
        12.) you can do under cover research for RoK
        13.) with all that equality she’ll want to be on top more, saving you a lot of sweat….
        14.) she’ll have a job and income… so you can go dutch on dates….
        15.) if she gets pregnant you can expect her to pay half the child support, since equality is important…

        1. Never let a fat girl get on top. if your dick slips out and she comes down on it you’re finished.

    3. The response is different this time. Like the Twilight Zone.
      Twas the Twilight before Christmas, when all thro’ the Zone.
      Not a creature was stirring, not even a crone.
      The hamsters were hung by the chimney with care,
      In hopes that Fem. Nazis soon would be there;
      The children were nestled with fear and with fright,
      While visions of fat whaletards tormented all night,

  6. Tom Leykis says that women who survived childhood sexual abuse make great hookups as well. They have nothing left to protect, not even their self-esteem, so they’ll do pretty much whatever you want.
    Actually I’ve wondered what would happen if we made it public policy to sexualize girls early by teaching them to masturbate around the time of menarche, and giving them porn to watch while they do so.
    Oh, wait. Haven’t feminists already done that to our little girls?.

    1. Not only that, read the Vagina Monologues.And despite what Leykis thinks it’s a bad idea to be around a mentally unbalanced female.

  7. Ya’ll actually went through with it…
    cue feminist outrage for trivializing a men’s issue! Wait, what’s that, they only care about 1st world problems like forced throwing up after eating perfectly good food when it affects privileged women in America?

  8. Jezebel is going to be on us for this one!
    Seriously though, good article. Good luck with the ocular melanoma.

  9. I like how you guys went with it. Even though I dont have the disease, I notice how people know about October being the breast cancer awareness month but they dont know that September is the prostate cancer awareness month. Just like everyone knows about March 8th, but no one knows about November 19th.

    1. ” . . .everyone knows about March 8th . . .”
      I didn’t know that Nelson’s Pillar was much on the mind of those outside Great Britain.
      “. . . but no one knows about November 19th.”
      Libius Severus is declared Emporer, Lincoln gives the Gettysburg Address and production of the Ford Edsel is canceled. Anyone who doesn’t know about November 19th is an uncultured boor.

    2. I had no idea that there was a prostate cancer awareness month. In which country? USA? Well, shit. I hope Roosh starts the awareness campaign on this site.
      Good job, President Obama. I wonder what color we’ll get and if professional sports teams that are dominated by males will begin visually supporting the cause.
      I vote for the color, blue. That’s pretty manly, right?

      1. It is November/Movember and men wear moustaches to draw attention to prostate cancer which effects roughly the same number of people as breast cancer with 75% as many deaths. The WNBA did wear blue in November mimicking the NFL who wear Pink for breast cancer awareness during October/Pinktober.

  10. Great article and keep up the fight. Men really sets themselves apart from women when it comes to life throwing you a major curve.
    “Society tells a woman to only focus on her own needs and desires. That’s the realm of children.”
    Isn’t that the truth.

  11. Great article and keep up the fight. When the chips are down men and women aren’t remotely close to how they handle life. Tragedy, hardship, and life’s struggles shapes, molds and defines and makes a man a man. A woman immediately looks for someone else.
    “Society tells a woman to only focus on her own needs and desires. That’s the realm of children.”
    Isn’t that the truth.

  12. You do realize that this post is COMPLETELY different than that of the eating disorder one, in that all of the things listed on here are relatively positive reasons while on the other list, the reasons listed took advantage of the situation. Not only that but the reasons here list positive characteristics of the one suffering from the condition itself, unlike the eating disorder list.
    Lets take the point about how dating a girl with a eating disorder costs less money. Well it costs less money because she’s STARVING herself! Or what about how the girl’s fragile and vulnerable. I understand that you don’t want to date a chick who’s a narcissist, but a girl who’s vulnerable and fragile due to something psychological isn’t great either. You’re taking something negative for one person and making it a positive only for you. On the other hand, someone suffering from cancer can indeed be a image of strength and worthy of respect. In that instance, you’re not taking advantage of someone’s disease or condition. You and the survivor can even become better people through that hardship together.

    1. Nice hamsterbation. No, they’re the same. We prefer slender emotionally sensitive girls any day over ball-busting “strong” “empowered” Large And In Charge tankgrrls who are basically men with vaginas.

    2. Eating disorders have saved countless lives that would have been lost to diabetes or heart disease, especially in a country like USA where obesity is an epidemic. While I don’t wish any girl to take on an eating disorder, it’s better she have that than drop dead from a heart attack.

      1. Seriously?
        It doesn’t matter which has the most or least mortality. They’re both awful. And yes, you can have heart failure from having a eating disorder. Not to mention that:
        Anorexia can result in:
        Again heart failure, osteoporosis, muscle loss, severe dehydration which can result in kidney failure, overall weakness, and hair loss
        Then there’s bulimia:
        High blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, Type II diabetes mellitus, gallbladder disease. Same health risks associated with clinical obesity! Then there’s electrolyte imbalances that can lead to irregular heartbeat and possibly heart failure and death, potential for gastric rupture during periods of bingeing, inflammation and possible rupture of the esophagus from frequent vomiting, tooth decay and staining, chronic irregular bowel movements and constipation, peptic ulcers and pancreatitis.
        And don’t get me started on the psychological aspects like depression and risk for suicide….
        But all that matters is that the girls are thin and vulnerable and fragile right?
        Point is, one isn’t “better” than the other…..

        1. Looks like it. Eating disorders are apparently a You Must Not Go There topic for broads, as we found out recently.

        2. Oh just eat your curds and whey and stop bitching already. We’re men, do you really think we give a fuck?

      2. False dichotomy. I’ll take the 3rd option: she has neither an eating disorder nor an infarction-prone obesity.

      3. We need more anorexia. Females should eat like a bird and not engage in vulgar eating, especially in public. It’s disgusting.Females need to be thin, pale and submissive. Here’s a painting that Rossetti did of his wife after her death and is an ideal female. I notice that she has a poppy in her hand, she died of an opium overdose.Well, better dead than fat :o)

      4. My sister had a supposed eating disorder; she also had an entrepreneur father who worked his ass off day and night seven days a week. After 20 years, my opinion is that it was just her way of trying to get his attention. Ended up marrying a man twice her age. It’s not a fucking disease, it’s just a cry for attention as far as I’m concerned.

    3. Both posts are identical. They are entertaining troll bait. The entertainment is tooling people like you Renee.
      This is how we men amuse ourselves. Conspicuous displays of humour, intelligence and bravery are favoured. We enjoy rebelling against standards imposed on us by uptight fahags who don’t have the juice to enforce their totalitarian ideas . Being able to withstand the charge of the yellow panty brigade with a shit-eating grin on your face garners status. Sure, it’s a little juvenile, but we are discussing serious topics here. It’s primarily an intellectual exercise analysing the poor state of Western civilisation, how we got here and how we can make it better.
      Women also like to indulge in juvenile behaviour when relaxing with other women but the conversations tend to be about who is dating whom and what shoes she was wearing that the time. That kind of behaviour leads to 30-something fat women with short haircuts wearing Uggs in summer over yoga pants displaying yeasty moose knuckle asking where all the good millionaire celebrity athletes who want to get married have gone.

      1. I fail to see how posts like the eating disorder one are examples of “Conspicuous displays of humor, intelligence and bravery”. It’s fine to actually rebel against standards you don’t like, but how is making troll posts and treating someone’s psychological and life-threatening disorder (it’s called a “disorder” for a reason) as if it’s beneficial for you doing so? What are you rebelling against? Obesity? Fine, but saying that an eating disorder is a good thing is the wrong way to go about it. It’s not satire or a intelligent commentary of anything. It’s not going to cause people to think. But maybe you don’t care about that.
        “Women also like to indulge in juvenile behavior when relaxing with other women but the conversations tend to be about who is dating whom and what shoes she was wearing that the time.”
        How is talking about your dating life and interests with friends juvenile behavior? Not saying women don’t engage in juvenile behavior – they’re human just like men, and humans act dumb sometimes. And I fail to see how talking about you personal life leads to whatever it is you were saying at the end of your comment.

        1. Would you shutup already. And frankly I think these wacko females with these imaginary ‘disorders’ should just die and not pass on their defective nutty genes.

        2. Is anybody else hearing the garbled female teacher voice from The Peanuts? No wonder men are designed to tune out women’s voices.

        3. This isn’t humor. The writers of these articles and real and the readers think this is all sarcasm. Stupid fucks, understand what you’re doing. Men are just bitches. They follow each other commands while women are smart and just stay away from the pile of garbage.

      2. Uggs are an abomination! In my day sheepskin boots for females were feminine and refined looking. You can’t even find these today.I guess they’re not fat and dykey looking enough so some fag designer invented UGGS lol

      3. “That kind of behaviour leads to 30-something fat women with short haircuts wearing Uggs in summer over yoga pants displaying yeasty moose knuckle asking where all the good millionaire celebrity athletes who want to get married have gone.”
        That, sir, is literary genius.

        1. Maybe you should just kill yourself already. Jesus, fucking man whores like you aren’t needed here.

    4. No such thing as an “eating disorder” outside of a handful of psychiatric cases where the patient starves himself to death.

  13. PM-
    you know how to find me. lol. i’ll talk to one of the opthmalagists about treatment, prognosis, and outcomes.

  14. With all my due respect.
    1. Men who get cancer are usually older. Age is a crucial factor in carcinogenesis, and most of the time the disease is just an unattractive element in an already unattractive man (due to age). We’re taking 50 and up.
    2. You disregard the effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy on male attractiveness. First and foremost, forget about sex. The most widely used drugs are alkylates – cysplatine, carmustine, lomustine; antibiotics – vincristine, vinblastine, taxols, and of course, antimetabolites – methotrexat, folinic acid, etc. ALL of them affect sexuality negatively. Every fast reproducing cell in the body falls victim. Hair – gone. All kinds of epithelium – ruined. Don’t imagine House, MD with his cute limp – we’re talking severe deterioration of looks. Surgery is not hot either.
    3. No matter how you spin it, eventually you become a burden to the woman and you will depend on her, if condition deteriorates, and it does more often than not. You may act tough now, but when therapy does its number on you, you’ll be scraping the barrel. I really hope it will not be this bad in this case, but to expect a woman to stick around, when she has other options is completely delusional.
    3. A man with cancer is not in control of his health – the cancer is. It all depends on the type of cancer, the severity, and resistance to therapy. Don’t think even for a moment that you “control the disease”, that “you will make it”, that “you’re strong enough to overcome it”. You’re not. It’s about luck and skill of you physician. Sorry for the harsh words, just a reality check.
    And we come to the last factor, mentioned below. Most women who stick with men with cancer, are compulsive saviors – they drift around in life, pick up scum of society and victims of fate – severely ill, drug addicts, you name it, there is at least one mad chick that wants it. The smaller number of women who “aren’t like that” are either devoted wives, or…
    .”After the guy passed away and everything was settled she walked away with around $200,000…”
    Ya. This kinda girl.

    1. So, in essence men should just “man up” and set his woman free to fuck other men…because its the right thing to do. Fuck off you mangina.

      1. No, womanpenis. In essence every man with cancer should be extremely cautious about involving strangers in his life, for dating or else; and avoid heartbreak by being prepared with knowledge – that the people they’ve learned to trust could disappear in thin air. Friends, wives, even relatives. There are kids dropped in orphanage for having Hodgkin lymphoma. Do you honestly think that if parents can leave a child with cancer, anyone else would hesitate to leave a grown man?
        Welcome to reality.

        1. There are kids dropped in orphanage
          Sounds like something a female would do. A man wouldn’t even drop a dog off at the dog pound.
          A female’s sole purpose in Nature is to reproduce and that’s all she’s concerned with whether she’s conscious of it or not. She’s a baby making machine and nothing takes precedence over that. Not husband, parents or even other kids.So boys, always be on your guard when dealing with a female and look out for your own interests first. Pussy is common and is worth nothing and men always end up paying in some way.Females are simply programmed a certain way by nature and it doesn’t even mean they are bad, it’s just their nature.The idea of a father is relatively new and throughout man’s existence the female(and male) didn’t even know that having sex caused pregnancy let alone that a particular man was the father. Females, like the other animals, just had the instinct to hold onto this thing that came out of her body and was really just an extension of her body. Men didn’t matter to her unless she wanted something and then she’d be nice to them (have sex) to get it.Marriage to a female does not mean the same as to a man. To a female it just means the time needed to get pregnant, have the kid and ween it. After that the marriage is over and she’s on to another man to get some diversity in the genetic makeup of her next kid. That’s nature and what the female would naturally do if men didn’t restrain her impulses. If we just left it up to Nature all we would ever have is a primitive matriarchy, as you see in the ‘hood and other primitive societies,and there would be no civilisation, as bad as it may be. It would just continue forever in a meaningless birth death cycle.

        2. Sir, as a man with practice, I tell you this: 90% of people would drop a baby/child with severe mental/health issues. Regardless of gender. And you can’t blame them. Who would spend resources over a sick baby, when they have an alternative?
          Although even here the decision is mostly the mother’s, countless men have waived their parental rights right after the baby’s birth, if lack of marriage gives them wiggle room.
          It’s normal human behavior. Sick kids get dropped off and die. Natural selection.

        3. You MD mangina cut your BS and get your facts right. I got melanoma 4th stage cancer at 23y/o. I got 2 double surgeries and full chemo with few of the poisons you wrote before. You’ll shit yourself if I told you the survival rates. Yet, here I am, now at 33, bench pressing 200lbs, running 10k almost every Sunday and I’ve been through more women than paper tissue you’ve ever had. Without even knowing of my past, most of these women want and would dream to stick around, no question asked. In the meanwhile, digestive tubes like you feel like making sense of their low life by trying to find excuses why others are not as good as them. Get back at the banana tree and stay there, there’s no need for your posts here.

        4. And just where are these Hodgkin’s ward orphanges in “reality?” Writing from cold war Romania, are we?

        5. I hope you realise that you are embarrassing yourself here by using google translate because you cannot speak english properly.

        6. I am a nasty man. People don’t come to me for hope, sweet feelings and
          empathy. They come for a cure. Some were angrier than you. It’s a good
          sign. Angry patients tend to follow doctor’s orders. I see how you
          That said, I’m glad my colleagues have been able to cure you,
          pick a name. I do not hate people or wish people harm; if I did, I’d
          pick a different profession.
          However, when I make a statement, I
          work with general data. Reality is, as you said, pick a name – people
          shit bricks when they hear the survival rate and you know you’re one of
          the lucky few. Women like lucky men, survivors and fighters, that is, former cancer patients. Not current ones.

  15. Naw, not comparable to the “eating disorder” post. Good write-up, indeed, but no shock and awe and no sarcasm in this article. Doubt it’ll go viral. I like the comments better.

  16. Funny, I’m pretty sure most of the people who were offended by the eating disorder article wouldn’t have even been offended if the reasons listed were like the ones in this article. For example, if Tuthmosis had said “she is worthy of your respect” instead of things like “she costs less money” and “she’s fragile and vulnerable” we probably wouldn’t even be discussing it right now.
    5 Reasons to Date a Man with Cancer was obviously written by a man who views himself and his condition in a positive way, which is a good thing. However, 5 Reasons to Date a Girl With an Eating Disorder was written to be deliberately inflammatory.
    This article was supposed to prove some kind of double-standard that women have when in reality all it did was expose how hypocritical this site is. But I’m sure you’ll all keep completely missing the point and thinking that this is some kind of “gotcha!” to laud over women.

    1. You meant “lord” over women. “Laud” means to compliment or praise.
      You’re welcome.

    2. Wow, powerful analysis. I don’t understand how the Patriarchy can keep holding women down faced with this kind of intellectual fiahpowah.
      A double standard clearly exists. One example: Pinktober is lauded as all that is good and holy but Movember is sexist, racist and transphobic, we just learned.

    3. I never say, “Gotcha!”, to women unless I am wearing my Jason-mask and it happens to be Rape-A-Feminist-Day on campus, or as the rest of the world calls it, “Wednesday”. Only joking, I study the hard sciences so there are no feminists on my campus.

  17. Dude, look up natural cures.
    Curcumin, the extract of turmeric, destroys cancer cells. IT is extremely powerful.
    Garlic is also very powerful. So are neem leaves, bitter melon (bitter gourd, a green vegetable).
    And cow urine is the most powerful of all. It is used in all Ayurvedic medicines. Order cow urine online, and then take a table spoon mixed with a bit of water in the morning on an empty stomach.
    It will DESTROY cancer completely.
    This will save your life, bro.

    1. A teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda mixed with maple syrup gets past the blood brain barrier. Earthing while sleeping at night reduces cortisol levels, improves mood, sleep, circulation, back pain and helps the body heal itself.
      This stuff seems like freaky, new-age, hippy shit but when I learned that chemo drugs are the most profitable for drug companies and about the hard work of the AMA and the FDA supressing alternative cancer cures proven to work on terminal patients that had been sent home to die, I opened my mind and what I learned was shocking.
      Doctors don’t even try to cure cancer. They fight the symptoms of the disease and use chemo to poison the entire body which has the side effect of killing the cancer.

      1. That’s nonsense and besides doctors and their families get cancer too. Another thing, you really can’t suppress anything that really works. You wouldn’t even have to advertise it.

        1. I don’t smoke it but I don’t care if anyone else wants to. Cannabis extract is used in medicine, it’s called Marinol.

        2. It isn’t nonsense at all. One excellent example is Ascorbic Acid (you know it as Vitamin C). When one takes AA orally, it’s an antioxidant and scavenges free radicals from the system. Interestingly, mankind is the only mammal I know of that doesn’t produce vitamin C within the body. Interestingly enough, when one administers AA intravenously, it isn’t a antioxidant, it’s actually an oxidizing agent that creates hydrogen peroxide in the cells. Normal, healthy cells have sufficient supplies of an enzyme called catalase to neutralize the hydrogen peroxide. Many cancerous cell types do not have sufficient levels of catalase and thus the AA creates a specific cytotoxic effect that first nails down the metastasis and then attacks the tumors.
          Vitamin C cannot be patented, it cannot be used as a cancer treatment profitably and thus is not part of the “reasonable standard of care” that keeps doctors from getting sued.
          If you need any further proof, check out Dr. Burzinski in Texas, who’s been trying to get approval for his antineoplastin therapy for almost 30 years. As an FDA agent explained to me, he won’t get approval for three reasons: First, the stuff is as safe as water with no toxicity (can’t show an LD50), second, he can’t explain the efficacy (doesn’t know how it works, but has proved that it does) and third, the kiss of death, he and his wife own the patents personally. Regardless of the first two issues, it is the policy of the FDA to never grant a drug license to an individual…
          Other things like cesium chloride (administered IV) work on other cell types. Even conventional chemotheraputics like 4FU can be used a lot better than they’re used now. I know of one patient who flew out of the country to have treatment for his hepatic cancer. The surgeons put a port in his leg, threading the tube up to the hepatic artery, which resulted in the 4FU being delivered exactly to the targeted area. He called it the “final tumor” to be removed.
          I worked in the drug development industry for way too long and I can state factually that drug companies are in business to make a profit and they maximize their profit by treating symptoms rather than curing pathologies.

      1. The health benefits of marajuana were heavily suppressed for 50 years because Dupont didn’t want to compete with natural hemp fibres in the rope business. There are other reasons for supressing recreational drugs but that was the problem with weed.
        Acupuncture, now scientifically proven effective (works through acoustic waves promoting blood flow) was considering quack medicine in the West until very recently, despite the fact that millions or of patients in China were being successfully treated using it every year. No lack of evidence for its effectiveness but drug companies couldn’t make money from it.
        Ecstasy was originally used by psychiatrists to treat people with serious emotional problems and yielded amazing results but was banned for medical use when it started to be used as a recreational drug in the Dallas Disco scene in the 70’s.
        The opposite example of the same phenomenon is the continued promotion of cigarettes by the AMA and doctors long after smoking was proven to be the cause of many types of cancer. Big Tobacco used science very effectively to discredit opponents.
        Ironically, natural organic tobacco in the right dosage has huge health benefits which is why our ancestors picked it up from the Indians in the first place. It was the hundreds of chemicals added to get the cigarette to burn smoothly and continously without going out, to hold the ash together, to make it smell and taste better and to keep the user chain smoking, that were the problem. No one even knows about the benefits of tobacco any more. Smoking a Cuban on a full stomach every now and again is good for you.
        A French doctor has cured alcoholism to such an extent that former alcoholics can continue to drink socially after treatment. How can the medical community react in a hostile way to that? And yet, they did.
        Mainstream medicine will not incorporate effective but cheap solutions that take money out of the pockets of doctors and drug companies.

        1. It doesn’t matter what they want and I’m not so sure that doctors want to suppress anything but you can’t just promote something based on anecdotes.They have to follow what is medically accepted or can be sued. Besides, no one is stopping you from taking alternative treatments.
          I’m not so sure that anyone has a cure for alcoholism or compulsive cocaine use except just getting the patient to stop by some means. However, I’m pretty sure I have a treatment for opiate addicition but for some reason no one uses it. The treatment today of substituting one drug for another is not a treatment at all and is like switching someone who drinks scotch over to vodka lol

        2. You are right, you must be careful what you believe as there are a lot of charlatans on the internet pushing snake oil on desperate people.
          Doctors understand this and are highly skeptical. They want to cure people as long as they don’t have to compete on price with quacks peddling placebos to the gullible.
          On the other hand, you can never trust corporations.
          That French doctor:
          Note that he study is being funded by the French government and a private donor. Can’t be patented, won’t be funded by a drug company.

  18. Dated and married a women with cancer… a couple of years after treatment, when she realized she was going to live longer than six months, she went all Eat, Pray, Love stupid on me. Hope her shit comes back inoperably. (Thank God for prenups.)

  19. Let the feminists get butthurt on this one, oh wait men with terminal illness doesn’t matter, lets focus on those poor wominz who think they’re always fat…

  20. If you really want to piss feminists off write an article about Paul Walker and his affinity for hot 16 year old chicks. Tell the the harpies over at The Gloss that young girls in their teens and innocent are attractive to rich men in their 30’s. There is a writer over there named Samantha just dragging a dead man’s name through the mud for liking young girls while her old ass is alone.

  21. I take it the fembots will now actually see the point ROK was making with the Eating Disorder article. I’d imagine we’ll be seeing an apology pretty soon from them..
    But somehow I doubt it.

  22. Wow, just wow, Is this real?
    You guys are promoting and trivialising cancer.
    Plus, you’re objectifying men in general !
    You guys are fucked now, I’m signing a petition on change.org !!!

    1. Why yes, I do urge men to somehow get cancer so they can be more attractive to women! (said in the sarcastic spirit of your comment. Hat tip to you!)

  23. The difference between this article and the ED article (which I realize was probably just a publicity stunt; in which case you succeeded, congratulations) is that this spins the affected in a positive light where he is empowered, wherein the other puts not-so-subtle emphasis on the opinion that an eating disorder is a vapid, first world disease and a sign of weakness. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that mental disorder is far from an exclusively first world affliction; an eating disorder is just a manifestation of mental distress that occurs more frequently in America. That does not, however, change the fact that it is just as serious and life-threatening/altering as any other mental disorder.
    “Up to 24 million people of all ages and genders suffer from an eating
    disorder (anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder) in the U.S
    Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness.
    The mortality rate associated with anorexia nervosa is 12 times higher
    than the death rate associated with all causes of death for females
    15-24 years old
    Over one-half of teenage girls and nearly one-third of teenage boys use
    unhealthy weight control behaviors such as skipping meals, fasting,
    smoking cigarettes, vomiting, and taking laxatives.
    47% of girls in 5th-12th grade reported wanting to lose weight because of magazine pictures.
    69% of girls in 5th-12th grade reported that magazine pictures influenced their idea of a perfect body shape.
    42% of 1st-3rd grade girls want to be thinner (Collins, 1991).
    81% of 10 year olds are afraid of being fat (Mellin et al., 1991).”
    Here is an interesting study conducted in 2004 about the prevalence of eating disorders in western vs non-western countries:

    1. “[E]ating disorder[s are] a vapid, first world disease and a sign of weakness.”

      1. “[E]ating disorder[s are] a vapid, first world [affectation] and a sign of weakness.”
        Now correct.

        1. I’m not comparing eating disorders to cancer, nor am I insulting the author of this post. I wish him a speedy recovery just as I would to any human being suffering from any medical condition, whether it be physical or mental or both. However, the reason no backlash will come of this article is because the presentation is very different from its predecessor. Again, I suspect you already know this.
          Note that eating disorders also affect young males as is cited, and that eating disorders are a growing problem in places other than America. Understand that, although your target audience may be an older female audience, there are children both male and female who suffer from eating disorders. You may chalk it up to societal collapse in America if you wish, but the assumption that it only affects white, upper-class females is wrong. The most problematic variable, in my opinion, is that males and those who come from lower income families have a more difficult time seeking and receiving treatment for all varieties of mental disorders, but most especially eating disorders. This results in less reported cases/deaths of the aforementioned and fuels the assumption that it is a “rich white girl’s disease,” which of course only perpetuates the cycle.

  24. I’m staying one year here as student at Princeton. Girls in doma here want to know if you fellows are virgin and geek. Is true?

  25. Its good you took time to do this one, but cancer has one fundamental difference that makes it not as much comparable to an eating disorder, simply being its not a mental condition. Would have been a far better comparison to make the point. But oh well, you could have done better. Feels more like a knee-jerk reaction.

  26. I found it interesting to read since I am dating a guy w cancer. Its a new relationship. He told me about his illness 3 different times in the first 2 weeks, like he thought it would scare me away but I was strangely drawn to him. He’s sexy and insanely smart. Your point on selflessness is right on. I barely know him but he’s teaching me life lessons already at 2 months in.Every friendship and relationship happens to teach us something about ourselves. His strength,positive outlook,and openness w me is awesome. Thank you for this article. I find myself unsure of what to say or do a lot when he’s not feeling well but I now know I’m doing alright. 🙂

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