Sex Robots Are Becoming A Better Option Than Western Women

Check out Julie Beck’s article, A (Straight, Male) History of Sex Dolls. It’s an interesting survey of the history of sex dolls, followed up by a look into the phenomenon of RealDolls—a line of surprisingly sophisticated sex dolls with a dedicated and growing number of satisfied owners. Beck does a pretty good job of hiding her biases, but her clichéd feminism reveals itself when she inevitably casts the whole affair as yet another example of piggish men acting out their abusive attitudes toward women. She remarks that “plenty of men would like real women to be a little more like dolls,” and that these sex dolls “are reminders of unequal gender power dynamics that play out in the real world.” Sigh.

Should you take this seriously?

When I first read Beck’s article, I thought these sex dolls must be for the sad, lonely, socially-inept loser with several thousand dollars to spend on taking his masturbation to the next level. But this analysis is a little too easy. While I was sure that some RealDoll owners fit the loser stereotype, I suspected that not all of them do. And they’re not as far from the norm as I thought. It turns out that 20% of people surveyed said that they’d be willing to bang a robot. Would you?

Sexy Robot

If you build it, he will come.

After any initial shock at the thought of human-robot coupling, take a few minutes to consider what’s really at stake, and why any man today would prefer a flesh and blood woman. Certainly there are a few decent women out there, but too many women today are selfish, emotionally fucked up money sponges with princess complexes who sometimes “forget” to take their birth-control pills. How about an alternative? I’ve never tried a plastic robo-pussy, and I can’t imagine that it would feel nearly as good as the real thing, but for a gradually increasing number of men, the trade-off is worth it to avoid all the hassles that come with real women.

Already modern feminists have encouraged women to be just about anything except good wives and mothers, dramatically reducing their long-term utility to men. Increasingly, men are waking up to this, as evidenced by MGTOW, red pill culture, and the manosphere, and many men are either foregoing traditional marriage or seeking foreign women who still have their priorities straight. Soon, and maybe sooner than you might think, men will be assessing the short-term utility of women as well.

Where do we go from here?

Well, that depends. Twenty years ago, a sex-bot would have been little more than a Hustler magazine hot-glued to a shop vac. Twenty years from now, a sex-bot might be a walking, talking, house-cleaning companion with more brains and personality than your average ho-bag barfly. And is it so hard to believe that such a thing could achieve mainstream popularity? Given that mainstream culture has already embraced having fake friends (Facebook) and fake children, fake girlfriends and wives can’t be far behind.

For years feminists have been able to indulge their most vicious, selfish, and immature impulses because they’ve still been able to use their pussies to get what they want. But the phenomenon of RealDolls serves as a sobering reminder of that old adage—be careful what you wish for. Feminists have also long advocated their independence from men, and pretty soon they might just get it. And after all, there is something egalitarian about it. Robots have put many hard working men out of a job, and soon they might take the jobs of all those women who pay their rent on their backs.

The good news is, not all is lost. Already some women are waking up to the realization that the logical conclusion of modern feminism is isolation, a lack of fulfillment, and a state of stunted emotional development in which they offer men sex in exchange for room and board and putting up with their bullshit. In opposing what they view as objectification, feminists have ultimately objectified themselves, and in the not-too-distant future they may find themselves competing with objects. True to form, many women will try to cope by denigrating the competition, shaming men, or playing victim. Eventually, though, some will realize that they’ve failed to cultivate those qualities necessary for a mature and healthy long-term relationship. Before it’s too late, women wanting to avoid being rendered romantically obsolete will need to get their shit together. Fast.

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445 thoughts on “Sex Robots Are Becoming A Better Option Than Western Women”

  1. Every year scientists and engineers are making advances in miniaturize sensors but there’s one aspect of this phenomenon to which a lot of enlighten people have given a good bit of thought. Is having sex with an ultra-realistic robot hooker cheating?
    For my own part, yes and no. Do I look at that old robot on ‘Lost In Space’ waving its tentacular arms around and get all hot and bothered? No. Not hardly. Now when I look at the image of a polished chrome and flesh woman as painted by Hajime’ Sorayama, or Jeri Ryan playing the infamous borg, Seven-of-Nine on Star Trek Voyager? You better believe it! Just don’t tell my wife!

  2. Nothing screams “Loser!!!” louder than fucking a cold lifeless robot. That is just beyond pathetic.

      1. Fucking robots= Effectively being sterile, Emasculated. Unable to pass on your genes. Unable to get a girl. Unable to deal with the natural world so you reject it and attempt to escape reality by going into artificial worlds like fucking plastic toys. The very definition of a loser from a evolutionary standpoint. I thought this website was about how to learn game and attract women, not escaping them.

        1. Whether you like it or not, in a million years time, your contribution to society or genetics will mean nothing. If you feel the need to feel superior for breeding, go for it. It’s your life, expend your time for the benefit of whoever you want. I’m assuming you don’t play any video games or watch porn or waste your time on any other “pathetic” endeavors either, right?
          Who are you living your life for?

        1. I agree its pathetic, but dont say it dont scare you, if you are a girl. Gone are the days with attention whoring iphone dance on bar tables. Guys would take a quick look, say fuck it, got two bots who acts, look and talks like women at home, just gonna go home and fuck them.
          Where does that leave you ? haha, stupid cunt.

        2. Says the 40 year old virgin who wants to fuck plastic toys because he can’t get laid. The fucking Irony is astounding. This robot thing might actually be good for humanity. It allows genetic dead ends like yourself to voluntarily weed out your weak, pathetic, omega male genes out of the human race forever.

        3. You are pathetic. The only thing that matters to your kind is to get sex. You are ruled by it. You are basically a play-thing for women who hold your leash. Smart men do away with women all together and focus on their goals. Only after you achieve your goals should you be concerning yourself with a timesink such as the opposite sex.
          Loser jocks who make 30k and under a year go hunting for women constantly. I’m sure you fit the description.

        4. “The only thing that matters to your kind is to get sex. You are ruled by it.”
          Says the omega that wants to fuck toys. ROFL!!!!!!!
          ” You are basically a play-thing for women who hold your leash.”
          Says the omega bitch who has rejected his entire life.
          “Smart men do away with women all together and focus on their goals.”
          You mean jerking off at home and playing video games? Sounds fun if you are a fucking 12 year old. Being a loser virgin doesn’t make you smart. Just a fucking loser.
          “Only after you achieve your goals should you be concerning yourself with a timesink such as the opposite sex.”
          Translation: “I have been rejected so many times by women that I’m sour gaping and pretending that i don’t want them to protect my fragile ego.” Absolutely pathetic. Learn how to spell as well. Idiot.

        5. Your post looks like it was written by a feminist. Reread what you wrote. If I didn’t know you were a guy…
          What do you care what any other guy does? Stop turning the concepts that you learn here into some sort of religious dogma. The information here is to help you lead a happy life, not to turn you into some mindless drone hellbent on judging his worth by how valuable he is to the female imperative.

        6. Anyone who puts “ROFL!!!!” or “LOL” or anything like that after their sentence really shows what kind of person you are dealing with. Please, stop trying to pretend you aren’t any of the above that you mentioned yourself. I bet you play shit like LoL for most of the day, Mr. 2.0 GPA, protein shake guzzling, wannabe alpha.
          Keep on being equivalent to a mindless dog, chasing after pussy while the girls laugh at you because you can’t control yourself around them. It’s pretty sad when you see that a MALE wants validation from females, which you clearly do.
          Why are you even here? You’re a blue-pill mangina if I ever read anything from one. I’ll take a sexbot that looks like Megan Fox anyday, you can have your 5/10 donkey faced “real” girl.

    1. In case you haven’t noticed, not much difference between that and sex with Western women, my friend

  3. For a second, I thought you were going to write an article defending the use of a sex robot and I had my bullshit alarms flaring.
    But the article took a different turn; an unexpected turn that provided unique analysis to how sex robots (of all things) may be the final harbinger to feminism. Can you imagine a woman looking herself in the mirror and the sheer horror that envelopes her face as she realizes that not only does her feminist banshee-ism has to compete with other women that are far superior to her, but now she also has to compete with a robot?
    As pathetic as sex robots are, some women should fear what lays in store, and serve as a wake-up call or reminder as to how far neo-feminism can degenerate their worth and value to the rest of the world.

    1. Yes, it will be the end of feminism, but only because it will be the end of humanity. The end goal of the Marxist plan is to entirely do away with family and love and relationships (aka sovereign nations) that come between the State and its slaves. Once men have no reason to bond with women and procreate the Marxist agenda is complete, and the good hobbits of the shire find themselves lined up in shackles shuffling into the dark night at the whips of the orcs and the All Seeing Eye. Once the white babies stop coming there are no men left to appreciate the second amendment, and the hand held over us drops the hammer on the few elderly wizened men who remember the days of older when men and women enjoyed each other and their offspring alongside their neighbors and countrymen.

      1. Family is what keeps marxism alive, because rebellion fucks up any chances at a beta life, far too many have too much to loose.
        Without it, there would be many more Breiviks and Timothy McVeighs against the system and finally, the Turner Diaries would come true.

    2. Ummm, it’s wives and to a lesser degree, feminists, who are giving these these a thumbs up. “Whatever reduces a working woman’s requirement to fulfill men’s sexual needs is A-OK with us.” Think back to how housewives thought of the electric dishwasher… then the microwave… these greatly reduced women’s chore-load. Same with sex-droids: removing women’s most tiresome chore — sex.

    1. I just read in a health magazine that robots were being programmed to perform surgery that requires precision. If they can pull this off, I’m sure robots will be able to cook.

      1. You guys wanna see some freaky shit???

        Potential to achieve unfettered human potential… but I’m pretty sure the only humans left will be men with Clown Game… and the SuperNerd beta/omegas necessary to keep the Matrix running… if even they will be necessary…

  4. It may be a bit too early to expect robotic female replacements. Probably not in our lifetimes. Yes, it may be able to do sex reasonably in the future, but can it offer other things like companionship, accompanying a man in public without being stigmatized, or just being warm? It would not be real and masturbating would be cheaper. It would be more reasonable to legalize unregulated prostitution.

  5. Hey Return of Kings! I love your site, and so do all my friends. But here’s the issue: I have a group of about six friends (two structural engineers, two doctors, an RN, and a medical researcher) and we discovered your site a few weeks ago. Since then, we can’t get enough. We check it out almost every day during boring moments at work, and when a post or a comment section seems especially delightful (ie, even more petulant, confused, and ridiculous then usual) we pass the link around and we laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. But here’s my problem: My friend (one of the doctors) just told me that she thinks our behavior is “cruel”. She’s says it’s cruel to read your site just to make fun of it, and she says that our superiority to your and your readers (intellectually and financially) is making us “mean”.
    As for me, I disagree. We are all women, and you hate us and fear us simply because we are women. You don’t know us, you don’t know anything about us, but you hate us. So I have no respect for you. But my friend claims that all human beings deserve a basic level of respect, even you guys. I thought, instead of arguing about this, why don’t I just ask them? So tell me what I should do, and help us resolve our conflict…Is it “cruel” to share your site with each other just so we can make fun of you guys and laugh at the ridiculous things you say? Or not? If you agree with my friend, just say the word and we’ll stop doing it. Thanks for your help!

    1. You are either a troll mangina or a true female. In any event, I will respond to this and see what comes of it. If you and your friends really enjoy this place, spread it far and wide and don’t listen to what anybody (male or female) has to say about that. The red pill is in fact for everybody ready to digest it whole and take in the message of truth that it carries.
      Nobody here actually “hates” women (save perhaps a few nuts who sometimes show up over which we have no control). We speak some uncomfortable truths that you have been unaccustomed to hearing but that remain true nonetheless. Just because you don’t like gravity doesn’t mean it won’t pull you down to earth all the same if you choose to ignore it and jump out a window because somebody convinced you you can do anything and “have it all” in direct violation of the laws of physics. Same applies to the laws of nature as these relate to the genders. You can either choose to learn about them as they really operate, or ignore them and live in a temporary state of blissful delusion. In any event, consequences catch up to us all sooner or later. How we deal with it is what will make the difference in the end.
      BTW, you doctor friend sounds like her hamster is just about to redline. Want some good old-fashioned advice here: don’t become like her (character wise, not profession wise, mind you). It will make you a profoundly better person in the long run.

      1. Well, my friend is the one standing up for you. I don’t know what it means when you say her “hamster is about to redline”, but she’s the one telling me to show you some respect, stop picking on you, and leave you alone. According to her, everybody deals with pain, personal issues and rejection in their own way, and this happens to be your way, and even though your choice is public and insulting to us as women (and it would be a better idea for you to just turn to a therapist), it’s not really hurting us– it actually provides us with a few minutes of entertainment now and then. (Also, I don’t know what a “mangina” is, but I’m a true female if that answers your question.)

        1. Ok, four points then:
          1. Learn the manosphere lingo and what each term really means (mangina, rationalization hamster, redpill/bluepill, alpha/beta/gamma, etc).
          2. Avoid the shaming language, generalizations, unwarranted assumptions regarding our condition in life for which you have absolutely no evidence save what you think you know based on what you read here, and uncalled for suggestions for personal treatment (Some guys here actually have healthy families with kids and a woman who knows about all this and is damn fine with it, believe it or not).
          3. Drop the unwarranted arrogance and haughty attitude regarding your alleged higher intelligence and superiority (of which a major vector appears to be you doctor friend who is not defending us but actually attempting to distract you and keep you and your other friends from learning some major truths over here. After all, if we are nothing more than a bunch of sad frustrated misogynists venting about our failed relationships why is she so worried that you keep visiting this place – even if just for kicks – humm?).
          4. Realize that you probably have absolutely no idea how good you have it (I assume you live in America or at least another developed Western country). If all the men who extract, refine, and ship the fuel you use to get around, generate the electricity and maintain the power plants that keep you lit and warm at night, grow and truck in the food that keeps you fed and happy, maintain and upgrade the water treatment plants and sewer systems that provide you with fresh water and remove your domestic waste, patrol and secure the neighborhoods where you walk to keep you safe, and finally maintain the internet so that you may communicate with us here were to eventually call it quits, society would swiftly collapse right back down to the stone age (it has happened throughout modern history believe it or not). They may not all be handsome, sexy, and interesting to look at or talk to, but they perform a crucial social service and are simply undeserving of the ridicule and derision aimed at them by this profoundly ungrateful and deluded society. If you are in fact in a field requiring rigorous levels of intelligence and perception (as I believe you are), you should be able to become aware of these facts quite readily upon short reflection.
          Once you have done your homework on these four points feel free to come back here and we’ll see what’s what. In the meantime, enjoy the show!

        2. This is a perfect answer to my question. And as one of the commenters noted above, it’s true: I’ve never been a teenage boy. That’s really poignant, and I get that. Teenage boys suffer in ways that I really can’t understand, and they go through things that I’ve never been through, and some of the painful things they go through haunt them for the rest of their lives. (I HAVE been a teenager girl, which also brings problems and pain, but that’s beside the point).
          Anyway, thank you for the invitation to enjoy the show, and thank you for your sense of humor and for indulging me for little while. But I’m going to take a pass and leave you alone here…you need your space. Do your thing, brother, and deal with your pain in a way that works for you, but be careful– This is the internet, and real, actual human beings are reading what you write (when they happen to find it) and they don’t really like when you call them bitches and tell them their lives have no value and whatever. It’s hurtful, and it makes the world worse, not better. Just keep that in mind before you write your next post.

        3. If you have any sisters, it might help to show them each post before you publish it. Your commenters might also want to think about their sisters for a minute before they add to the noise.

        4. Glad to be of service and pleased to have made your acquaintance. As for the insults and name calling, I agree that these should ideally not be a part of a civilized society and rational discourse, but nobody’s perfect, and many people have indeed been severely mislead and hoodwinked nowadays (mostly men, but a lot of women too, mind you), with a correspondingly strong need to drastically reorient themselves in their lives and in their general outlook on the world. And this goes without mentioning the absolutely stifling political correctness that has overtaken practically all public space and lead many to seek other areas for much-needed cathartic release. Frankly, I would much rather see some people rage and vent on these forums if it actually allows them to cool off and not become another one of these insane mass shooters that we keep hearing about every now and again – that is, until society itself finally stabilizes and realizes that the healthy preservation of social peace requires that people actually know what’s really what, and that they not end up pushed to the brink by devious forces – as happens in many other mature societies around the world with significantly lower levels of violence and social problems than what we see here (personal observation BTW).

        5. I personally seek to balance constructive criticism with cheeky wit in my posts now and again. Unfortunately, I cannot speak for all who end up showing up here. We really cannot police one another fully, as this is a kind of public forum mind you (And besides, that way you can feel the pulse of what is really running through some peoples minds, no matter how unsavory it may be. And you always have the very real option of simply ignoring those online spaces that you dislike – though you can never really eliminate them fully, mind you). Such is the fate of the virtual polity that exists around these here parts;)

        6. I admit that when I look at the world, I usually see things from my side of the gender spectrum, because seeing them from the other side takes a large amount of effort and an exercise of the imagination. It also takes a strong sense of empathy (the ability to see the world from someone else’s perspective), which is a difficult thing that doesn’t come naturally to very many people. If you saw things from my side, you’d recognize that women put up with an astonishing amount of shit on a daily basis, and because of what they have to deal with just to get through the day (and do things like complete a college education, find a job and make a living, and gain access to resources like housing and health care), they often become very angry.
          But when I see things from your side, I recognize that our increasingly level playing field might look, to you and your readers, like a bad thing. It might look like something is being taken away from you, when in fact you only had that thing to begin with because the playing field was tilted in your favor. But I get it: having your privileges “taken away” hurts. Even if they weren’t yours to begin with, it still hurts to have something taken out of your hands. Like, it hurts to have the world change underneath your feet when you really liked it just it way it was. It’s also scary, because you don’t know where the future is taking us and you have no control over what will happen to you and to our society (none of us do). I get that.
          As for the shooter thing…After a shooting happens, I often wonder where these people come from and what made them so upset. And of course, I wonder why they couldn’t find any other outlet for those feelings, and I imagine them reaching out and being turned away and shut down over and over and over again (told to shut up, told they’re being assholes, told the world doesn’t belong to them anymore, told that their misogynistic bullshit isn’t welcome here, told they’re monsters, etc, etc), until they finally just feel like they have no other way to be heard. A site like this actually listens to them instead of telling them to fuck off…and when someone actually listens to them, maybe they say more things. And after they’ve had a chance to say what they need to say, maybe they feel better.
          If you’re serving that purpose, then rock on. Not many people have what it takes to manage such a simmering social pressure valve (seriously, these people really do get shut down ALL THE TIME, and for good reason), and I hope you take your responsibility seriously. It’s a weird job to have…but then, we live in weird times. Good luck, brother.

        7. Here where I live women are actually treated with rather genuine respect and very much do have all opportunities open to them as far as education, career, and social rights are concerned. Also, most people in public really do treat women rather kindly, and very few men pick on them in order to “keep them down” so to speak, save perhaps a few remaining outliers who are usually rather quickly brought back in line by publicly expressed rightful sentiments of outrage and shame. It is as it should be and, despite my criticisms of feminism’s excesses (namely the hatred and vengeful atmosphere generated against the male genre as a form of retribution in response to largely inflated alleged past injustices which actually functions as a clever form of destructive higher-level policy intended to destabilize and collapse society by applying the technique of divide and conquer upon the genders), I see no reason why the practical gains made by women over the past few decades have not been in any way legitimate (notwithstanding the toxic male-hating brainwashing mind you). That said, things might still be different where you live.
          As for what you refer to as an increasingly level playing field you claim to have been initially tilted in our favor and the fear you think we hold over losing our “privileges” and control over to you… boy, how mistaken you are on that part. None of us here (at least the more evolved ones anyways) are in any way interested in maintaining a woman ignorant, barefoot and pregnant out of fear of losing our precious “masculinity” should she become too “enlightened” and learn about herself and the world around her. Frankly, why would you even want that? It’s like maintaining a veritable cripple at home for whom you have to perform most outside tasks in exchange for a few domestic duties and comforts in return. Here’s how genuine male “privilege” really worked (and continues to work) in our cruel, modern world: You either work very hard, sometimes at downright dangerous and damaging jobs (i.e. the ones I alluded to earlier), or you go to prison, or end up on the streets – Period (I’m not considering the welfare parasites here). And this remains the true daily reality for the overwhelming majority of men (and quite many women too) nowadays. You want to see honest male “privilege” in action. Look at the truck drivers, mechanics, construction workers, foresters, miners, power line technicians, masons, electricians, plumbers, policemen, soldiers, and so on. Look at their tired faces and broken bodies. THAT is what it means to be a male in modern day America. And they vastly outnumber doctors, lawyers, bankers, accountants, psychiatrists, and other white collar workers who may have somewhat less physically strenuous but still quite demanding professions. The truth of the matter is that, save for a notably small number of genuinely privileged men and women, most people of both genders simply had to work t’ill they dropped right up until not that very far back in recent human history. The preposterous claim that there exited a time when most men simply laid back and relaxed while women did all the heavy lifting only to be pulled away from the cotton fields for some sporadic R&R by Massa between birthings is outright lunacy and historical revisionism of the worst kind. SOME such people did exist, yes. But they were most definitely not representative of the vast majority.

    2. Look at all the effort in mental gymnastics you put in just to hide your frustration. All those “high status titles” peppered about. You sure bought the “men being intimidated by career women” kool-aid. Adorable.
      The first paragraph is nothing but thinly veiled contempt. As for the second one, take the passive-aggressive politeness back to the corporate shit hole you work for.
      Rationalize all you want, but no amount of “empowerment” will ever make a woman not care about male attention.
      Sex robots will cause female sexual value to plummet. Cashier or congresswoman, does not matter. They’re all fucked.

        1. also, of course I care about male attention. That’s why I’m asking you if my behavior is hurting your feelings.

        2. a profession does not make someone wise… a truly wise person is able to assimilate the views of others and analyse them regardless of how these views makes them feel
          a truly wise person would look at the post and try to take whatever information they can from it that may help them understand the perspectives of other people to a greater extent…
          to dismiss these posts out of hand is more of a reflection on you than it is on the poster… thats just my opinion
          oh and btw why do you think the opinions of 6 random women on a planet of millions would affect the poster?… well again i suppose that reflects on the type of person you are

        3. Oh believe me, I’m taking away TONS of information from these posts. That’s for sure. But I guess this time I just wanted to get involved in the “conversation”. I like stirring the pot, I guess.

        4. The information I take away has nothing to do with the content of the posts– It has to do with the nature and character of this site’s audience. We all get so used to living in the mainstream world that we sometimes forget about the little pockets and corners of the culture where people like this exist. The internet helps us shine a light into those corners, and sometimes what we find is fascinating.

        5. I mean, I have so many things that I’d like to ask you all. For example, what you think it means to “hate women”? If you don’t consider yourself a hater of women, then how would you describe such a person?

        6. so, therefore, you don’t disagree with the article itself specifically
          ok what do you find offensive about the site as a whole?
          ah ok so you believe that men who exhibit this type of thinking are a small subsection of the population and will remain that way… ok well i agree except that i think that this type of mindset is growing and will expand rapidly with time
          with regards to your second reply i can only speak for myself but i would consider a “hater of women” to be someone who willfully causes undue harm to women
          what have i done so far that you consider to be hateful?

        7. What would you consider “undue harm”? And how would you define “this type of mindset”?

        8. Full disclosure: I’m not actually engaging in a dialogue with you. I’m just trying to taunt you into saying more funny misogynistic things that I can make fun of. Please understand one thing: I am a person. And I am also a woman. And I have a right to exist and live my life in any way I choose, even though you obviously disagree with these facts and disapprove of my existence. You have your reasons for doing what you do, I know this. But I also have my reasons for doing what I’m doing, which is using you and using your silly beliefs for my own fleeting amusement.

        9. undue means unwarranted or excessive so if we take the old parable that you do onto others as you would have them do onto you then i guess an example would be men who physically abuse women out of insecurity( or vice versa ) when the other party has not initiated that kind of violence themselves
          and again i have to reiterate that these are all my personal views, you can’t take them and extrapolate them to what other men here may think
          as for mindset i suppose in my opinion it would be that as the poster stated that many of the women of this era have an overly inflated sense of entitlement and exhibit solipsism
          but its been me expounding on my views only so far what about you?

        10. ROK doesn’t reply to women. Women aren’t allowed to post on ROK. She doesn’t really want to understand or to be understood. Just another way to garner attention and dilute the discourse because she “doesn’t have skin in the game”.
          Also as much as she says she all these things at the end of the day she was never a teenage boy. She’s never been rejected numerous times trying to get a date. Regardless of how ugly she is there’s always some guy willing to fuck her.
          This article illustrates the basic bifurcation of how men and women solve problems. Women bitch and moan about the problem then instead of attacking the problem the try to change the environment around it so to make it everyone else’s problem. Men on the other hand deal with the problem directly. If there are no suitable female to have sex with they create a suitable replacement.
          Basically that’s what sex bots are. A guy can get by most of his life with his male friends and be ok. The only reason why men even acknowledge women is because of biological programming for sex.
          Can you imagine a world where we didn’t have the urge to fuck? How many women would be considered obsolete? How many men would just ignore females in general? How many men would cut females out of their life? How many men would stop doing favors for females at the chance of fucking her? How many guys would stop white knighting for random females?
          This is what the feminists are afraid of…a world where the literally have no power.

        11. I’ve said it and you’ve said it, yet they continue to debate with the female. It’s like watching a man trying to argue a squirrel out of a tree.
          Great arguments from the guy simply result in more tail flipping and barking.

        12. newman, why brother? Perhaps your public display of a need for female companionship shows your need of a female sex robot. I’ll bet you will get more logic from a robot than a skirt. You profound logic and reason is completely lost on the fairer sex. You may as well have been speaking Greek. Did you notice that this skirt did not know what a “mangina” is? I hope this skirt never comes across a “walking stick!” “What is that and what is it for?” You see sugartits, it’s a stick for walking, hence the name.

      1. Everybody needs to stop responding to women, social justice warriors, and faggots. I was under the impression that was a rule anyway. There’s no educating them. If being rational was their style you would not be having an argument with them in the first place. Don’t give them the attention they need.

        1. Some of them can still be waken up and in those cases I don’t really see it as a complete waste of time and effort. On the other hand, you can usually identify the rigidly retrenched and outright hopeless ones rather quickly and simply move on.

        2. Jesus son…or should I call you Pete Rose? Men, did you learn anything from CSM_1000’s discussion with a skirt? Every stereotype about women discussed here is true, it’s soo true. Mr CSM_1000, your replies to this skirt were clear, concise, and well thought out…for a mangina. Did you read the part where it was said that the only reason they read ROK is to make fun of us basement dwelling homos. It was not to understand a different perspective at all. When it was written: “Is that mean?”…it is the same attention whoring as saying ” Does this make my ass look fat?” Yet, you kept feeding the trool. Another commentor said it was the same as convincing a squirrel to come down out of a tree and was correct. If your fate is permanent banishment, I will not defend you. However, because of your “almost” complete control of your emotions, a sincere apology to ROK and it’s readers might lessen your punishment. This is our sanctuary, our men’s locker room…or if you like, our “Cigar Room.” No skirts allowed!

        3. The content of my discussion is still of some use to anybody who has read it thoroughly. Frankly, I don’t care if I convinced “her” or not. As long as what has been said does some good to redpill readers here that’s all that really matters. This is our space, I agree, but the rules regarding responses to females can be bent a little as long as one is not obviously falling into an outright asinine, useless, and endless troll feeding frenzy, which I believe I am not guilty of TYVM.
          As for permanent banishment less I provide an apology, you do realize this unit is capable of taking on many forms, right? The greatest annoyance would involve creating a new Disqus account and an quick IP refresh. Besides, my comment upvote count clearly indicates that I am not exactly in the habit of brainless spamming here.

        4. Excellent response. Now, who’s hamster is redlining. A rule is a rule. You show now remorse for breaking that rule…time after time after time. Back in the day, we didn’t just hang horse thieves as a punishment to the guilty, we did it as an example to potential future horse thieves. This forced one to think long and hard about the consequences of ones actions. By failing to punish a remorseless soul, rule breaking is encouraged. Eventually the flood gates will open and this will not be the “sanctuary of men” that it is today. I believe this is the logic behind the rule in the first place. As for creating a new account, yes this is possible and quite easy. I think Rhoosh was aware of this when the rule went into effect. However, you forget about the laws of cause and effect. A suspension (if you were able to show just an ounce of regret) or outright banishment would show our brothers what is NOT tolerated. Making an example out of one person sets the tone for everyone else in the organization…as you know, we are many and growing. Heck, even dumb snowflakes come here to pass their days at work while their male co-workers accomplish their tasks for them.
          Oh, and the only use your conversation is to any of us is this: You don’t negotiate with terrorists!…or in this case, you don’t reason with a skirt. ” but the rules regarding responses to females can be bent a little as
          long as one is not obviously falling into an outright asinine, useless,
          and endless troll feeding frenzy, which I believe I am not guilty”…careful bro, your hamster rationalization is gonna kill you. Naw, you may be right, I believe there was an asterisk next to this rule.

        5. Careful there bro, you appear to have some sort of psychotic need for totalitarian control and absolute dominance over people. Are you sure you did not escape from the KGB by any chance? I think Putin may be looking to get his dog back here.
          Seriously though, I only broke you precious rule once. ONCE. By replying a few times to the one and same “female”. And I most probably won’t do it again, having made my point. Do you know why I didn’t heed the multiple warnings the first time around? Because I had the CS set to “best” instead of “newest”, and simply didn’t see them pop up at first, that’s why. An honest mistake is all. And here you come down screaming at me like a rabid corporal demanding an “apology” to the male “collective” (LoL). Fat chance on that one tough guy. I don’t know who you think you are but you’re not my pa and I don’t have to answer to you about nothing. I got the message loud and clear and that is quite enough TYVM.
          Don’t get me wrong. I understand we want to keep this space “male-friendly” but FFS this is not exactly Fort Knox that we are trying to keep the Ruski’s out of. Sheesh.

      2. I liked your answer, even though it didn’t help me very much. You shouldn’t have deleted it.

    3. I don’t know what response you’re expecting. I don’t give two flying fucks what some cunts on the internet(or even real life) think about me, if I did, I would put a 12 gauge shotgun in my mouth a pull the trigger a long time ago.
      “She’s says it’s cruel to read your site just to make fun of it, and she says that our superiority to your and your readers (intellectually and financially) is making us “mean”.”
      Okay? You’re laughing at us? What we believe is truth, is reality, is what we have observed. This farce, this post-modern brave new world dystopia is the illusion, the abortion in desperate need of being removed. Laugh all you want, it’s all going to come to an end sooner than you think.
      “Since then, we can’t get enough. We check it out almost every day during boring moments at work, and when a post or a comment section seems especially delightful (ie, even more petulant, confused, and ridiculous then usual)”
      Are your lives really that boring and empty that you “hate read” a website every single day when you’re bored? Don’t answer that. First of all why would you go on this website at work, wouldn’t they get angry because it’s not politically correct? Second, I actually think that some of your friends read it and agree and nod a lot more than you think. They can deny it all they want but they know we speak the truth, and nothing but the truth.
      “As for me, I disagree. We are all women, and you hate us and fear us simply because we are women.”
      No, I hate you because you’re an inevitable product of post-modern feminism, an abomination to your ancestors, and an insult to my intelligence. Why would I hate women? That would be the equivalent of hating a dog because it ate a steak you put in front of it. It’s instinct. You can’t really change that.
      “You don’t know us, you don’t know anything about us, but you hate us. So I have no respect for you.”
      I know enough just from your comment, see my comment above. OH NOES, SOME WOMEN MIGHT NOT RESPECT ME. I don’t give a fuck about your respect, go eat a dick. If I gave a shit what you genetic embarrassments thought about me, I would tie a rope around my neck and jump off a tree.
      “Is it “cruel” to share your site with each other just so we can make fun of you guys and laugh at the ridiculous things you say?”
      Cruel, no. Pathetic, pointless, and sad. Yes.
      As for the no responding to women rule, I get it. Fuck the police.

      1. You guys are fooling yourselves if you think you’re gonna make a difference getting into a debate with her.
        Even if you convince her she is wrong on whatever points you’re arguing about it wont make any real difference.
        Stop polluting the forum with bullshit.

        1. Why give her validation her way when you can deliver it live on TV, much less in public? I did out a girl before in front of her co-workers for a malicious long-distance prank she pulled off.

      2. I would upvote this comment as much as allowed…if not for the two suicide notions. Never ever even think of killing ones self over a skirt. They are not capable of logic,reason, accountability, or love. You already know this, so please stop and desist from these suicide fantasy’s; There unbecoming of a man like you. Everything else you said is right in my “Wheelhouse”.

      3. Listen, I don’t know if you’re kidding or not with the suicide threats, but just in case, please cool off and don’t hurt yourself. I was just playing around, and that was NOT where I meant to take this conversation. If I hurt your feelings, I’m sorry.

      1. Precisely, that’s affirmative action for you. Bet she is as competent as a local gal trying to make the high school football team. Said gal swears she runs a 6 flat forty…lemme hear ya roar sister.

      2. Dumb sluts should be “looking” for things to do at work instead of fucking around on the net with their phones during work hours.

    4. This broad has the temerity to post on a website where she isn’t wanted, with all the defiant haughtiness and apathy of someone who simply doesn’t care… yet here she is, upvoting her own comments.
      You tell on yourself, retard.

  6. I think if they really do invent bio mechanic females that can be programmed to meet all your needs, ‘real’ women would be begging for our dicks. I’m all for sex bots, not because I would fuck a robot but that it will exponentially lower the value of pussy. Imagine a world were women don’t flake, hand out endless shit tests etc. Scarcity vs Abundance

    1. Agree, it’s all about countering the effect contraception had on the SMP. I don’t actually want to but the ability to hold it over a woman’s head is the ultimate ‘dread game’

    2. You’re forgetting one simple thing: Male sexbots.
      Women won’t beg for dick because she’ll have one that can also vibrate.
      Some used up hag once liked to say, “If I had a vibrator that could take out the trash, I’d never need a man.”
      Considering our atomized, socially-retarded, smartphone-addicted culture, I can’t picture modern women ever bothering to date when they can just buy Christian Grey sexbots.

      1. Disagree. Women will likely start begging as they have an evolutionary need for validation from men. Women already have sexbots ,but hearing “you go giiiiiirl” from your toaster with a dick won’t scratch that itch to be validated.

        1. Oh, not to worry! I look forward to you pathetics boinking RoboBabe’s brains out! Then you’ll all abandon these silly aspirations of having sex with us, thus sparing us of your teeny weeny peenys! And do please keep responding. Trolling you is FAR too much fun ^_^

        2. Your troll game is a little off.
          Kinda like chasing a man who last flirted with you a month ago.
          Oh, nevermind. No man has ever flirted with you.

        3. Funny, I was thinking that ONLY women who’ve had sex use the term “teeny weeny peenies”, since we only discover teeny weenies after [regretfully] consenting to sex with an alpha.

        4. You seem like the type that likes cats Pixie so please let me know if you need to go to a pet shop because i can recommend a good one for you, I have a feeling you will need lots of cats 🙂

        5. Word. A thousand bots aren’t worth one snarky hot Pixie Pie. Ladies who troll misogynist pages ROCK! <3 <3 <3

        6. What does cats have anything to do with anything? I’m allergic. You want to toss around stereotypes? How about you boys staying virgins til your 60’s!

        1. LOL Wow, I’m not banned from this yet? LET THE TROLLIN BEGIN!! I personally believe that female robots are a great idea. You see, the men who are damaged will be taken care of by the fembots, thus cleaning up our streets and ridding them of idiots like you 🙂

        2. Your ranting sort of proofs one of the key points in the story,
          that women are desperate for male attention and recognition.
          Those who care for the truth don`t really call out for attention, but rather just states what is on their minds.

        3. No, my “ranting” is called TROLLING. And I wonder where the kickstarter is for these female robots? I’m hoping they come into production soon, so you’ll stop trying to breed with the rest of the species.

        4. Trolling, you keep using that word but I do not think it means what you think it means lol

        5. Isn’t this place hilarious? Seriously, for the first five minutes I thought “My god, this site is so terribly sad. I’ve never seen anything like it.” Then I realized it was just…awesome. Then came another wave of sadness. Then more hilarity. Then sadness again. It goes on and on.

        6. Just a note to those who are hurt by our “trolling”: if you say hateful things in a public place, expect that the people you’re attacking are going to laugh at you. People don’t like being attacked. You don’t know us at all, and you’re coming at us with aggressive, vile comments…so just “man up” and accept the obvious consequences of your actions. I’ll simplify it for you: If you can’t take a little “trolling”, don’t say cruel, ridiculous things about people you’ve never met in places where those people can see them.

        7. If you poke the bear and the bear pokes back, don’t cry about it, for pity’s sake. Just stop poking and you’ll be fine.

        8. Isn’t it fun to troll these morons? Honestly they’re the thinnest skinned wimps I’ve ever come across!

        9. Oh! You quoted a movie; I suppose that’s supposed to be impressive. I actually AM quite impressed; you can read and write!

        10. Oh, and just as an aside…Rogaine works wonders, dear. Don’t you fret a single bit about that hairline.

        11. Lmao, look at these braindead chihuahuas, yap-yap-yapping the night away, holding steadfast to the delusional belief that their “trolling” is having any kind of impact. Pathetic.

        12. Well it obviously had an impact on you, or you wouldn’t have written this mewly little comment.

        13. I know! I think one of them just had a meltdown because I “upvoted my own comments”. What can I say? My comments are great!

        14. You can pass off as intentional that little blooper all you like, we both know you would have preferred that to go under the radar. Oops.
          Speaking of meltdowns, with any luck, you’ll be due for one soon. Preferably in the vicinity of a knife or other sharp object. Remember bitch, when that faithful moment is upon you, cut “down the road not across the street”.

        15. Read my above comment again and cool it with the death threats. That’s not appropriate. Find another way to express yourself.

        16. Yes, Cupcake, you are a troll.
          No, Cupcake, this site won’t ban you.

        17. Some of them aren’t, because some of them have no sense of shame (or humanity, or the ability to reason, or any accountability for their words and actions.) The ones that ARE subject to my shaming (like you, obviously), need to be reminded that their hateful comments are public and available to the world.

        18. Besides, my comment is directed at the thinnest-skinned visitors on here, the ones who respond to internet comment sections by dissolving into hysterical tears and threats of murder and suicide. Which actually seems to be all of them. (Shake it off, little brothers. And maybe get off this website and out into the fresh air.)

        19. I think it’s cute that you actually wrote the words “sob” and “snicker” and typed lines of little stars to show me how uninterested you are in this conversation. It’s okay to be ashamed of what you’re doing, bro. Because what you’re doing (visiting this site and commenting on it) is stupid and disgusting. But you also have the power to stop. So think about doing that. Again, fresh air might do you good. Or moving to a healthier, saner place on the internet, like facebook or something.

        20. (sigh)
          You win. I give up.
          Now write another paragraph for me!

        21. Faceplant. SRSLY?!?
          We think it’s hilarious that you feel free to write lines like “You don’t know us at all”… when you don’t know us at all. Isn’t it long past time to grow up and get over yourself?

        22. yes, you must silence anyone who thinks differently than you do, is that it? Why does this website offend you so much? It is merely a bunch of mostly men, mocking today’s feminism for which there is much to mock. Sure some of the comments are disgustingly blunt, and there are a few really desperate, morally bankrupt losers on here that have their reasons for hating women (usually rejection of their horrendous personalities and or grooming habits) and they puke out some pretty hateful misogynistic insults. Usually those cretins are taken to task by the majority of men on here who are merely venting and flipping femin*zism on its head. I might add that I have seen just as much of that behavior on other more widely known websites. I have had it directed at me. If you can’t take the heat, stay in the kitchen, and bake some cakes for gay couples or sumpin’. I glance at this site once in a while, sometimes I laugh, sometimes I am disgusted, but I get those same feelings going to a feminist website where the hatred for men, which seems to be accepted by society, is suffocating. I can leave anytime I want. Just as you can. Glad you feel it is your duty to remind men that they are breaking your rules and you obviously make it a mission to seek them out . 99.99% of people have never heard of this site. Now I have to go and console Shep and any others you have offended ……….. LOL .Have a nice day 😉

        23. seriously though, you’re cool, but I guess I should stop responding to this thread before I really do push somebody over the edge with my extremely mild responses to their misogynistic bullshit. Who knew that just telling haters not to poke the bear would cause such an intense response? Not me.

        24. I’m tuning out for now, but here’s my advice for you: Teach your fellow haters to cultivate a sense of dignity and emotional control. These things are useful in the real world and also on the internet.

        25. Seriously, I’ve written about 30 comments on here, and almost all of them are some version of “please don’t kill yourself because of my last comment”. I’ve learned exactly what I got on here to to find out, which is that when you’re a woman standing in a crowd of emotionally fragile misogynists, you feel something like a giant grizzly bear with chainsaws for paws at a tea party. I try to pick up my dainty teacup and there goes the whole table. I guess I’m horrifying.

        26. Most of the posters here are young men. Like young women they make many of their own special brand of mistakes.
          The nice thing about ROK is that it provides a heterodoxy to the relentless feminization of our culture. I find myself rethinking my bad assumptions when I read the articles and comments.

        27. I don’t think they hate. They are reactionaries against the forceful feminization of our culture.
          I think I

        28. “If you can’t take the heat, stay in the kitchen, and bake some cakes for gay couples or sumpin’.”
          I drive a truck for a living. I post during my down times. I was waiting to pick up a trailer and that made me laugh so hard that I couldn’t drive when my turn came. Now the yard boss is mad at me. Ha!

        29. I don’t know. It looks as if he is starting over. I just noticed his first comment today.

        30. Our little family was in Guthrie, a small prairie Victorian town about an hour north of our house last December. Guthrie is chock full of antique stores and little museums.
          As I was following the Wife from store to store, I met a thin blond lady about 30 years old. Usually when we walk into a place like this I try to find where they keep the tools. I guess this lady followed me up the stairs at one of these places. We were alone on the second floor and I didn’t want her to be uncomfortable, so I made small talk.
          My Son came up to announce that the Boss was ready to leave, so we went on to the next store. Our little blond lady showed up there as soon as I was alone. Same thing happened at the next store, and the next.
          At this point I was getting paranoid about being able to enjoy our normal state of nuptial bliss on the drive home. I told my daughter to stick with me for the rest of the day and I told my wife that I had picked up a stalker.
          The Boss’ response? “You think every woman wants you.” Remember that. The Boss’ attitude changes later in the story.
          My daughter is totally dialed in on what is going on, and really enjoying my discomfort. She is 17, slim, very attractive, and accustomed to being pursued. She spent the rest of that afternoon walking around with her arm hooked through my elbow teasing me about being my protector. My pursuer kept her distance
          Suppertime came, and we walked up to The Stables, a popular restaurant at the edge of the shopping district. I could see that blond head of hair following us. We stopped to stow our acquisitions in the car, and then we went in to eat.
          When we returned to the car, Blondie had written her name and phone number in the dust on the back deck. My daughter was highly amused. My wife was not. Her new comment? “You must have encouraged it.”

        31. Ha ha ha ! Leonard says you did encourage it. He says you were wearing the guayabera and the speedo. LOL

        32. Have men hurt you in the past? Many of the men here are bitter towards women because of some painful past experience but you seem bitter towards men for some reason. Did your father neglect you? You were rapped, weren’t you?

        33. Yea just thought it was strange, because your comments are so hateful. I doubt that the feeling you’re having is “fun” though, smiley or not smiley.

        34. One thousand upvotes for saying what every woman was thinking.
          Shoot, nevermind. It only lets me upvote once.

        35. I know! It’s funnier parody than This is Spinal Tap or Austin Powers! Not technically as funny as Naked Gun or Spaceballs, but still a guaranteed laugh at the expense of how bottom-of-the-barrel losers are “supposed to” think.
          Wouldn’t life be scary if any of these guys were real though?

        36. Was this in Oklahoma??? Courtney Act told this identical story of following a guy familiar from the club’s restrooms. Including everything you just wrote. The audience was in hysterics at the punchline (which you neglected to include).

        37. HA!
          If Courtney Act told this story less than 3 months ago, I’m gonna add ‘Comedy Writer’ to my resume.
          I gotta know, what was the punch line?
          It was in Guthrie Oklahoma.

        38. He told it in May or June. I know we had house guests for those two specific months who demanded we get LOGO channel for the duration of their stay.
          The punchline was about his foreskin… and I’m just going to leave it at that.

        39. I’m sure the ROK mods won’t mind, but I’ll leave that up to you.
          No foreskins were harmed or even involved in my story.

        40. Omg! Thank you for that pic. Brrrr it is getting colder. I want to cuddle with them too!!!awesome. 🙂

        41. Lol”rapped”?! WTF is that?? No I don’t hate men. Just whiney little losers who are jealous of any guy with a girlfriend and moan about how girls only go for jerks. I don’t hate REAL men. REAL men are tasty.

      2. Is that male sexbot gonna buy her the house, pay the bills or give her the 2.5 kids she needs us for?

        1. Another good question, is that male sexbot going to pay for itself? How will a woman ever buy one… nevermind. They’ll probably just marry some poor rich guy, divorce him on some bullshit and use the alimony payments to buy one.

      3. Not true and I’ll give you five reasons why:
        1. A dude-bot will never give her attention or tell her she looks nice without her requesting it…if I had a fucking nickel.
        2. She can’t “reject” a dude-bot and still have it pursue her…unless she asks it to, which “isn’t the same thing.”
        3. A dude-bot can’t be one-up’d, manipulated, or mind-fucked, it just does what its told.
        4. A dude-bot can’t make her feel like a slut or grudge-fuck her into next week, she’s actually going to have to make some effort.
        5. Fucking a machine won’t be something she can use to make her friends jealous, ad if the quality of the dude-bot is too high, they might actually even look down on her for it: think high-end purse.

        1. No offense, but all of those reasons are exactly why women WOULD lower herself to getting a dude-bot. If salespeople could prove he could be programed to not imitate men’s absolute worst qualities, I see more women buying one (or more than one, for variety). She could just skip an expensive vacation or two or give up the daily coffees, and voila, paid for!

        2. OTOH, a dude-bot could be programmed like a video game to hand out validation and a false sense of accomplishment. It could also be a very nice thing for women who don’t feel attractive or secure. It would be great, too, for college girls, because it can’t get you pregnant, give you a disease, cheat on you, or insist on sex when you’re supposed to be at class.

      4. I expect women won’t want them as much as men, because women have never been conditioned to see men as property, or to ignore men’s emotions, spirituality, or intellect. A body just isn’t enough for most women, even when it’s beautiful, and robotic eyes and facial expressions, which turn men on, turn women off. Women don’t want a dead man. They want someone alive and feeling and loving. If the robots look like they’re feeling something, or if they seem mysterious and smoldering, and rumors fly that they actually DO feel something but can’t express it, look out–even poor women will break their banks to buy one.

    3. That won’t happen. Instead you’ll have 1% of the males building 100-female harems and having sex with all of them, while everyone else has fun with their sex-bots.
      Women can share men. In fact they are biologically programmed to gravitate towards men who already have sex with plenty of women. An average guy can easily service the sexual needs of 100 average women.

        1. Not saying I’m gonna be the one with the harem. I never claimed to be alpha, and hell, I’d vastly prefer a nice sex-bot or two to maintaining a 100-female harem. I don’t have time for that shit.

      1. Dude! Are you out of your mind or a teenage virgin? I’ve played around with what you may call the “average” woman and there is no man alive who can service the sexual needs of 100 women! I’ll just state a fact for you… I have a very high sex drive and I serviced the needs of 34 ladies in 19 days back 3 years ago while on vacation and it almost killed me… I had to take a day off at day 13 because I was too tired to toss! To add another 66 ladies to that amount would certainly mean a doctor visit and physical therapy! Maybe these ladies your making reference to are over 50? No man could handle 100 ladies in their sexual prime. Maybe 100 man haters but not the average healthy girl in the prime of her life and wanting sex at least 2-3 times per week minimum!

        1. He might not be able to satisfy all of them, but 2-3 a day and most will have gotten a decent hammering once a month.
          And he could easily impregnate all of them.

        2. You are a victim of blue-pill brainwashing my friend. Women don’t need sex as much as men do. Their psychology is completely different. Intimacy (which can be non-sexual) and procreation is way more important to them.
          Multiple sources agree that the average woman would be more than happy with sex 1-2 times a month. There are exceptions to this rule obviously.

        3. I caught this string just tonight and thought I’d reply again. I don’t know these multiple sources you mention and neither do I really care about them… BUT….the ladies I know are NOT satisfied by 1-2 times per month. And from my experience a married woman that is healthy and in a healthy relationship with her significant other is not satisfied with 1-2 times per month. Absolutely nothing to do with a blue-pill you mention… I’m only speaking from experience and plenty of shared experiences via friends. Truly, I’d have to say that the exceptions you mention are significantly more than you or the “sources” are aware of.

        4. You are a victim of the “in our culture we give women money because we don’t understand how to give them pleasure in bed” fallacy. Women are picky about sex. They are satisfied with infrequent sex when the sex is awful, the man isn’t someone they are genuinely attracted to, or they are so tired and overworked in their lives, (work, housework, kids, more work, more housework, more kids), that sex is like a chore. Or if they are sick, or if they have undiagnosed gynecological problems, (cancer, vulvodynia, vaginismus, thyroid problems, diabetes, atrophy, etc….) The average woman is happy to be left alone as much as possible when there are any of the above issues. Most women would enjoy sex every single day, done right. Many enjoy it more frequently than that. Some women have low libidos, but they’re as rare as men with low libidos.

      2. Actually, he can’t, but women have been trained and bred to love men for things unrelated to sex, to compensate for this. Mark Twain noticed the illogic of it. A woman can have unlimited sex and unlimited orgasms, AND also doesn’t need to be even faintly interested, in order to satisfy a man. A man can do it a couple times a day but he won’t, and he does have to be excited about something or other, in order to do it. It’s not at all symmetrical or fair.
        Satisfying the sexual needs of women has never been a particular priority for men. The discovery of the clitoris is still causing consternation in many quarters, and the hideous injustice of multiple orgasm has provoked many a misogynistic rant from men who don’t want their partner to have one second more of enjoyment than they themselves are having.

        1. The very concept of female orgasm is a hoax. It is only there in books. Woman is born impotent and therefore needs to be acted upon, no sweat of the brow involved. So no issues for her how many times she is acted upon.

        2. “female orgasm is a hoax”? I’ve never read something that was so wrong. It’s been proven so thoroughly that only willful ignorance could explain your statement.

    4. Right. To have the choice between the bot versus the women would equal the playing field.
      No longer would the man have to put up with the bull shit just to get a little here and there. You’d no longer have a woman “dandling” in front of you, holding you hostage until she got what she wanted. You’d simple tell her to have a nice day and fuck off….move along.

  7. don’t trust robots. Or women. I’ll stick with my Henry Hoover attachment thanks

  8. This has been explored for a long time. I remember a Twilight Zone where a man had only a female robot for company on a several years long mission to Mars.
    Then there was an episode of The Outer Limits that had a nanny robot come in. Eventually the husband figured out the robot could also perform… sexual tasks. At that point I can’t remember if the mom was killed and replaced by the robot or what, but I do remember the nanny robot eventually became the boss because the thing was practically indestructible.

    1. Ever seen 1995 japanimation Armitage III?
      Spoilers: Martian gov made robots able to give birth to children so it does not have to rely on Earth immigration.

  9. Here’s an idea, real women for sex, panasonics and Sonys for the missing warmth and tenderness

      1. true, but with glorified hoovers and women alike, the important thing is to regularly change the bag

        1. I’m about to go to the doctor and will have to undergo long term antibiotic therapy (4-12 weeks) for prostatitis. Even after that there is a 25% chance my symptoms won’t completely vanish. Even if they do there is still some chance it could relapse weeks, months, or years down the road.
          And that’s from a blowjob…

        2. Me too. Apparently its more common than people think. Its not even considered an STI, but from what I’ve been reading on forums it seems a lot of people seem to start having the issue after intercourse, especially blowjobs (usually done without a condom).
          Its the number one people below 30 have to see a urologist and makes up 50% of cases in that age group seeing a urologist.

        3. So blowjobs are equally dangerous for both parties then? Blimey!
          Robots are the future, I’m telling ya!

  10. In reality, sex bots won’t be a huge game changer because all the men who would benefit from them the most will be the faggots saying “Real men don’t use sex bots.” Even if they somehow perfect them to the point that they’re even emitting pheromones and all that shit, so that they’re essentially identical to women, something’ll still feel off. Not saying I wouldn’t give one a try, though…

    1. Hahah I love this, it’s so true too! Imagine all the “real men” shaming that would come about from this. Even though if a evil misogynistic wanted to use a robot, why not let him? Because women and other manginas are angry that such a man even had a choice.

  11. Great report Jon Socrates, I hadn’t heard of this.
    My predictions…
    1) There will be designer RealDolls ala have your own Britney Spears or Beyonce.
    2) People will want to be able to marry their RealDolls.
    3) GoogleGlasses will have a feature where an image will be overlaid on the doll’s face so it can talk to you.
    4) Products already existing like the Fleshlight will become basically normal… this would have to be the new taboo… at least just for a little while.
    5) Men will want to have threesomes with real girls and their robotic girlfriends.
    6) Rise in MGTOW and herbivore men… making a market for male prostitution.
    7) Women will hate these things… even though it reduces their necessary interaction with those evil misogynistic men.
    8) RealDolls that get weirder and weirder from the “beauty norm”… maybe this can be a product that we can sell to those with actual pedophilic desires….. or make retarded companions for down syndrome people… who knows….

    1. 1) Only porn stars will license their likeness for such things, Pop stars would be less likely too sully their “brand assets” with such a use.

    2. “There will be designer RealDolls . . .”
      If you are willing to cover the cost of producing the mold, you can have that now. As per Agent P’s comment, many of the stock models are made to resemble popular porn stars, who may have actually been paid to model for them.

    3. Spot on, the reality is, our grandsons (or later) are likely to be “turned on” by things that may seem weird to us now, including blue-colored sex-bots with two anuses and no mouth. Marriage will not be far behind, which as with everything else, will push is deeper into a Libertarian world, where everything is permissible if contractual. There will be different groups in affluent societies, those that are asexual, those with actual human mates long term, those who are or frequent prostitutes, and those who have bots.

        1. Can’t wait to see those Robo-pride parades!
          Can one simulate a sex act when the act is a simulated sex act?

  12. Love androids would do for men what the dildo did for women. It would forever end their monopoly as the gate guardians of male heterosexuality.

    1. Unfortunately, Victorian England unleashed this and most people of the time period DID NOT realize its effects. Instead, we are.

    2. Not to mention you’ll actually have someone who could hold a conversation.
      Have you ever tried to talk to some of these women, today? Fucking clueless….duh. Their like a nice lamp…sit them in a corner and just look at them (no need for any conversation).

      1. If I had extra money, an android might make a great gift for your son/nephew. They would make good partners for practicing game & romance with.

  13. In addition to all the points brought up in the post, I see two other things occurring:
    1) Male sex robots to appease feminists, spinsters, cat ladies, etc. (think physically alpha but with an alpha/beta on-off switch); and
    2) Competition for human sluts between human alphas who choose not to use female sex bot, and the aforementioned male sex bots. (This scenario, of course, sets up the plot for Terminator 2, but I digress.)

    1. They already make female sex robots. The difference is that women can’t emotionally invest in a doll the way a man can visually invest in it

      1. I know plenty of women that don’t give a rat’s ass about sex…
        Like they can go YEARS without it… Boggles my mind… I can’t go five minutes without thinking about sex…
        All they care about is food, clothes, and their iPhones…

        1. Because women are addicted to validation, not sex. In fact most women who would be labelled as whores are whores for the validation they get from fucking hot men, not from the sex itself.

        2. iPhones and other plastic trinkets are mere baubles that exist to distract retards.
          Sex is the entire purpose of human existence. If you understood anything about life, you’d know that it’s the only game worth playing.
          Oh wait, you’re a woman. You understand nothing.

  14. There’s a tendency to take these things as a joke. But it is actually deadly serious. All the political & ethical debate about gender, feminism, family planning etc simply disguises the economics of sex. As soon as the pill was made widely available, sex aids became social acceptable (for one sex at least), IVF became available for single women and same-sex couples, and scientists started working on ways for three parent gametes then the battle of the sexes became in part a technological war, one where so far every advantage possible has been given to women, typically by male scientists working to meet their every need and every demand. Technology has its limits but it is driven by demand. Will this end well. Of course not. But progress, which is another word for warfare seems to be an ineluctable force driven forwards an advanced capitalism that wishes always to multiply our needs with a view to monetise those needs.
    So are robot women an attractive prospect? Not really. Real women are an attractive prospect, except there are no real women. We live in the age of the cyborg woman, inspired by her ‘cyborg manifesto’. Everything about the sex revolution has been about adding prosthetic extras to natural bodies and minds. So is robot pussy – whatever that may mean – really much of a departure. I would say it is an extrapolation from current trends, but simply one that will favour men rather than women for a change, to the extent that it actually happens. Given how things are accelerating I would say some innovations in this area are probably imminent. There’s money to be made after all.

  15. Please do start fucking robots and leave women alone, ROK fans. It will leave women with only the decent guys to deal with.

    1. Dear Cassie
      you and girls like you are the reason why real men don’t want to love and have sex with real women. Just put your sexy minidress on and go out tonight, fuck two strangers like you always do on a Friday night anyway.
      I know I will get banned from commenting because I reply to you but I don’t have too much to lose as I am a woman myself and this is the very first time I got pissed off enough by a stupid feminist comment to actually reply.
      You just go out tonight and please don’t forget to change your piercings to the fancy party ones, they really do look better on you. And good news, it’s Friday tonight so you don’t even have to work hard to get some free drinks and a medium sized dick in your vagina.
      Real men will be hiding until girls like you are out there. Luckily I found the nicest redpill man in the world who we look after each other with. And I love cooking for him and spoil him as much as possible as he deserves it better than everyone. And at the same time, cooking for him and providing him the best care I can, putting all my energy in making him feel better makes me feel like a real woman more than ever. And it’s only gonna get better as I am in my early twenties now. For you it’s only gonna get worse. Be prepared. You will get old, wrinkly and you will have to spend your last days wondering why you have to die alone.
      Good luck with your career and abortions, maybe they will mess one up for you so you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant anymore and even better, you won’t be able to reproduce.

      1. Dear Guesthere,
        I’m not sure if you are a troll or not. I hope you are, because if this post was serious, that means there is a true whackjob out there who overreacts to next to nothing.
        I know your tiny little brain is probably not capable of comprehending this, but not every woman who hates this website is a slut. I am actually a virgin waiting for marriage. How’s that foot taste? Just because you would lack the strength and character to stay chaste and single doesn’t mean everyone is as WEAK as you are.
        But I will put on that sexy minidress, because I look hella good in it. I’m older than you, but I would bet any amount of money that I look orders of magnitude better than you do.
        Hahaha you’re in your early 20s and your life already revolves around being a slave to some man? That’s sad. And you think you’re all fulfilled, that’s the most pitiful part. You may feel like a real woman, but the truth is that you are nothing more than an indentured servant to a man. I’m guessing you have no education and no skills of your own, which is why you had to get married so young. So you could have a man to support your uneducated, untalented, useless ass. My life is only going to get better, as I’m heading into my prime as a woman, and I’m not tied down to some loser “redpill” guy like you are. Yours is only gonna get worse, as you realize that you threw the rest of your life away and are trapped in a banal existence. Be prepared. You will get old, wrinkly, and you will have to spend your last days wondering how you wasted away your entire life, with no purpose, no real contributions to the world, NOTHING.
        Good luck with your meaningless, generic existence where you are never going to achieve anything extraordinary. Having children will likely be your greatest accomplishment, and it’s not an accomplishment because it’s something literally anyone can do. And the world is overpopulated, so really each of your children will just be a waste of air and space that the world would be better off without. Especially since they have such a retard for a mother – they’re not likely to be intelligent at all. So you actually have negative value. Well, hopefully you’re sterile so your defective genes won’t be passed on to contaminate and infect the gene pool.
        Kiss…your own LOSER ass.

        1. Dear Cassie
          I am not married.
          I am a classical musician. I am at one of the world`s top music academies and have performed at many of the most famous classical venues. I make people laugh and cry with my music. I get applause on a weekly basis when I am on stage. I am also a music teacher meaning that I educate people and children. I call that a purpose of life. Well you are right I do not work as I have never treated this as a job but I still earn quite well. I have chosen a feminine profession that I could have done even back in the traditional times. But when I get back home I much rather cook and do housework than watch Sex and the City or read Cosmopolitan or some other junk.Due to being a musician I very often finish late at night but still, there is no time that my boyfriend would not have dinner cooked for him.
          So you are a virgin and older than me. How old are you like 30? And you are saving yourself up for marriage. And you think you look better than me.
          Let`s see what is wrong with all that.
          You are telling me that because I am married (theoretically, as I am not yet) I am a slave to a man?
          But you are still saving yourself up for marriage? Does that mean you want to be a slave, too?
          You know there is a word to describe girls who haven`t managed to find a partner at your age and that word is not `pure` or `whatagreatgirlthisis` but it is: spinster. The word spinster comes from those times when the world was still traditional and there were women who were too ugly or stupid to get married at a young age so no one wanted them anymore. This way they did not have a husband who would support them financially so they had to spin clothes all day in order to earn money. This is exactly what you are doing at the moment!
          You were betting that you look better than me – if you are something around 30 (that`s what I think) you are living one of the last days of your real beauty. After that, you can remain attractive and beautiful to a man who already loves you and has emotional connections with you, but you cannot be more attractive than a younger girl to a man who is looking for a new partner. Also, what is really wrong about what you were saying is that you are trying to tell me that all that matters is brains but still trying to defend yourself by telling me that you look better than me. I hope you were sticking your tongue out when writing this so you could not just sound, but look like a 4 year old. (*Cassie, with her tongue outside her mouth* : boobooobooo I look better than youuuuu!!!!I) If ROK fans are so bad and they only value beauty, how come that this is the first thing you defend yourself with?
          The sad truth is: I have everything – a loving man, youth, beauty, intelligence and a ton of talent.
          You have loads of things, too – your ugly swear words, your anger, your fading beauty and also, your virginity. You will probably have the last one on this list until the end of your life so look after it with great care and keep being proud of it because it seems like you do that very well!!!

        2. My ugly swear words? You may have tried to appear classy in this last post of yours, but your true ugliness (both inside and out) shines through. You used swear words as well, and in fact it was you who started this useless, pathetic conversation.
          You’re not a slave to a man because you are married, stupid. You’re a slave because of the things you have described, how your life revolves around serving him and cooking for him. And I’m saving myself because that is what my religion taught, not to be a slave to any man. You really show your lack of intelligence when you talk.
          I’m 29. And for you to say things about my “fading beauty,” etc. just makes you look stupid. Everyone I know says I look exactly as I did when I was 18. Your insults are grounded in ignorance rather than fact. Just because you know YOUR beauty is not going to last doesn’t mean it is accurate for you to project that onto someone whose picture you haven’t even seen. Your statements only serve to show your low IQ.
          I actually play the violin as well. And I am extremely good at it. But I have also finished medical school and am currently doing my surgical residency. I saved two lives this morning. What did *you* do today?
          Yeah, you think you have everything. If you really have everything, why are you on this website talking crap to a total stranger? People like you are so transparent. You act like you have it all, but in reality you are a miserable person who needs to tear others down to prop yourself up. You don’t have everything, you have nothing.
          “You know there is a word to describe girls who haven`t managed to find a partner at your age and that word is not `pure` or `whatagreatgirlthisis` but it is: spinster.”
          There are so many things wrong with that. First of all, not every girl this age “hasn’t managed” to find a partner – several are single by choice. Just because finding a man is your primary purpose in life doesn’t mean this is the case for everyone. Some of us have more going for us than that. Second, only an ignorant person stuck in a previous century would call a 30 year old woman a spinster. I wasn’t ready to date, that’s it. I had other things to deal with, things that you couldn’t possibly understand. Such as medical conditions that made it impossible for me to date. Anyone who knows me would punch your lights out for insulting me for being unmarried after all I have been through. They see me as brave and courageous, and your ignorant insults just have no relevance. They say a LOT more about you than they do about me. I wasn’t “too stupid” or “too ugly” – far from either of those.
          Sorry, but in this day and age you have it backwards. It is the women who have nothing going for them who tend to get married young. Not all women who get married young fit this, but you obviously do. Women who can’t support themselves need a man to support them. Smart, resourceful women can wait until they’re older and have developed their identities to marry.
          And I have a wonderful boyfriend who thinks I’m awesome just the way I am. He’s not some red pill loser like your guy and the guys on this site, but an enlightened, intelligent man. I don’t slave away in a kitchen for him like you do for yours, but we are best friends and have mutual respect for one another.
          First you shame me for being a slut, and now you’re shaming me for being a virgin. It looks like all you know how to do is shame, no matter what the circumstances. Are you going to shame me for being a doctor too?
          You’re missing out. And you are an ugly person, on the inside and likely on the outside as well. People like you always lose in the end.

        3. Can we please get an admin in here to shut these dumb vaginas up?
          The absurd oneupmanship ought to be a reminder to any would be male responder of how stupifyingly far these idiots will lie and make up personal attributes in order to outdo their debate opponent. You’ll be the fool engaging a World class violin playing surgeon virgin who hasn’t aged in a decade…

        4. I never said I was a world class violin player, just that I play the violin and was excellent at it. As for the rest, it’s all true. Sorry if you’re such a bottom feeder that the thought of someone having all these traits is inconceivable to you.

        5. On second thought, I seriously doubt you are a woman, just some douchey trolling guy. I would hope a woman wouldn’t be self-hating enough to talk like this. If you are a woman, I feel sorry for you – you must be like the most miserable being who ever lived.

        6. “You know there is a word to describe girls who haven`t managed to find a partner at your age and that word is not `pure` or `whatagreatgirlthisis` but it is: spinster.”
          You seem like a very cruel person. I only hope that if you have children, you grow up a little bit first. Any child that is raised by you as you are now would likely be a schoolyard bully and grow up to be a bully as well.
          And no, you are wrong. No one would call a single 30 year old woman a spinster unless they are stuck in a past century. Even if she is a spinster, it’s better than being a cruel person. And I see that she said some cruel things to you as well, but it seems that she was only responding in kind.
          Honestly, getting married young or finding a partner young is only really advisable when the people involved are mature. And you seem very immature and like you have a lot of growing up to do. I wouldn’t be surprised if your relationship falls apart. If you are indeed in your early 20s, you don’t have a clue what the next few years hold. My hope is that a few years from now, you realize what a nasty, spiteful, immature person you were and change your ways.

    2. “only the decent guys”
      You mean the beta white knight orbiters, who so miserably fail to arouse women that women cheat on them without a second thought?

  16. Instead of robots, why not genetically grow a real woman and have her sexually imprinted to only you? I mean, it’s like the movie Avatar where they grow a whole alien being in a vat but we can instead, create a human female for ourselves. For example, just ask for a few skin or blood cells from a super hot chick that you want to bang. From there, clone a duplicate of her and before she’s awoken, imprint yourself in her dormant mind and hey presto! Instant real loving hot chick for you!

    1. or you could always use a spare rib. Which is how its supposed to have happened last time round

    2. If you want to have a technology that imprints submission into a human brain, you’re gonna have a bad time.

    3. The movie “Her” should’ve ended this way.
      With the robot girl essentially finding a way to imprint herself into a flesh-and-blood female body after growing one or hijacking one outright. Surgically modifying it to look the way Phoenix’s character would like it should the latter be the only viable option.
      That would’ve been awesome. Instead, we got….well….everything EXCEPT that ending….which is why this movie will NEVER be a classic no matter how much the critics pee themselves and tell us to do the same.

      1. Yes, they had an interesting concept but where too cowardly and politically correct to fully go through it.

  17. I am afraid that this could be really the future.
    Nowadays women become more and more soulless, and therefore in about 30-40 years it probably makes no difference if you bang a robot or a woman out of flesh.

  18. As long as the manufacturers don’t fuck things up by adding a voice box, these things should sell like hot cakes

      1. This could be excellent for the young, inexpert male. For the more serious business of procreation of the race, only the most desirable females and males should couple, thus ensuring genetic quality.
        It would be a good way to keep low income earners and other undesirable social traits from polluting the planet with their gene stock. They need some kind of outlet.
        All in all, this is most humane.

        1. Yeah, we wouldn’t poor people like Mozart, Tesla or Einstein polluting the blue blood that has done so much for humanity. *gag*

        2. The irony being, of course, that the robot wouldn’t gag while performing a skin flute solo, so you wouldn’t have to shower first thing in the morning.

    1. I’d like an article that explores what would happen to the dating game if this takes hold.

    2. Damn right. Please don’t add a voice box to them. It’s the one good thing that’s really going for them at the moment. I don’t need it to talk at all (the one’s I have now won’t shut up about stupid shit as it is).

    3. Sadly many men would prefer it this way. Men just don’t get enough and it is amazing how much the F-up their lives trying to get some. Hell guys will blow themselves up for 72 virgins. hahahaha who want’s virgins?

  19. I can’t help but feel like many are missing the point with the whole robot thing… An actual functioning robot is still science fiction. The implications of inventing what everyone here seems to be talking about are far more influential than where to get Ur rocks off…

    1. Say you’re an entrepreneur visiting this site. You note the interest not only in the possibility of “sex aids for men” – which still sounds slightly stigmatising but in the idea of ‘sex economic’ freedom from a marketplace currently functioning under monopoly conditions: that is a female cartel. Now do you go out and invent the Stepford wife? A fully functioning humanoid robot with or without artificial intelligence and some degree of sentience. No, you invest in a glorified fleshbot. The technological aspect is probably the least of this notional entrepreneur’s concerns. The real issue is the marketing. And what he would be marketing is the same as what was marketed to women by men who sold their own sex short for the benefit of making a few bucks. Namely he would be marketing freedom, or rather its idea. The actual product is almost secondary.

  20. Women competing with robots. I really hope I live long enough to see that, because that’s going to be one hilarious spectacle! Human Harpies vs Sensible Sexbots: Fight of The Century!

    1. Women (like Unions) will overplay their hand and lose in the end.
      You just have to give it time.

  21. Love the article, but it fails to mention how fat women have become. This more than anything else would drive the sexbot market.

      1. Yeah, but it doesn’t matter… as much. Fat men today have replaced skinny men with no game a few decades ago. Whereas fat women today have replaced fuckable women a few decades ago. BIG difference.

  22. They also manufacture Realdolls for women too. I get the feeling that hkjhkjh and her friends “socialize” with one on Saturday nights after feeding their cats and watching “Thelma & Louise.”

    1. It’s easy to design them for men since men focus on physical traits more than anything else.
      A realdoll made for a woman would be underwhelming. Now if they could make one that can protect, provide and listen to her too, that may sell. But that means a full-blown AI and complex robotics. We’re very far away from that being mass produced and cheap

      1. It still won’t work. Women need a robot that will put up with shit and keep the provision and protection going. If you want a sickening dose of what the exact mentality is, go get “Terminator 2” and listen to Sarah Connor’s dialogue as she watches the T101 interact with her son.

        1. Not too many healthy fatherly role models for that one that’s for sure. Sheesh, even movies like T2 did not escape the feminist narrative. They really do have people funding this thing all around, do they not?

        2. Yes as I was watching this movie from 1992, I realized that the indoctrination or brainwashing is so ingrained into everything that it’ll take a meteor strike and wipeout of civilization to fix this.

  23. We should also consider the possibility of simulacrums or clones, which would be actual flesh and blood beings that could be used for virtually any purpose. An interesting moral question is begged.

    1. If you had the poor choice of picking a real doll or blow-up doll, what you are going to choose? The real doll
      Right now, “sex-bots” will not look pretty. The attempt of imitating human behaviour or look will freak you out. But technology evolves, “we” (Japanese technological innovations) are soon gonna see a robot, which looks and acts as a real woman.

  24. Its a matter of utility. Real dolls don’t bring much. They’re more complicated than the alternatives. However, a personal assistant system that happens to be sexually enabled brings a great deal of utility. As soon as bots can serve as passable housekeepers, the demand will explode. Japan is leading the charge on this side of the tech as they need robotics to care for their aging population.

    1. As soon as bots can pass as serviceable house keepers a substantial number of people in an already depleted US economy will be unemployed. Not just specific to housekeeping but a wide variety of jobs that require similar skills.

      1. And if the technology is supressed to maintain jobs then those who do those jobs will be reduced to a make work serf class.
        “Sure, I could get a robot to clean my toilet, but I’m going to make you do it, because I can.”
        Welcome to the problems of a Post Industrial-Post Scarcity world.

      2. Maybe they will start to rethink their I dunt care about politics bullshit stance?
        Oh waite, no they won´t.

  25. Anybody remember the movie “Cherry 2000”? 🙂
    It’s very red pill and I would say it was almost prophetic as far as the situation with the protagonist and his personal life went. I highly recommend this movie.
    As for the topic on hand, I’d take it or leave it. Look, I don’t think a female sexbot cyborg that looks like a the real thing is as degrading as a hard drive full of porn or a fleshlight. Should we see the proliferation of sexbots in the future it will be little more than men adapting to the environment, and in this case, one created by the feminists.

    1. Most of the gains for single women and same sex couples have been made behind the smokescreen of helping heterosexual couples with infertility problems. Artificial wombs will be no exception. There will be some infertile couples who will benefit. Still the implications of this, like all ‘fertility’ issues are serious, but increasingly unavoidable. It is a logical next step, and probably not a million years away. Everything is about sex. And ultimately, everything is also about reproduction.
      One thing to be aware of though. Since the natural family is being eroded by the state, and for some at least it is the state’s destiny to replace that family, children borne of such technology in a world with women freed of the burden of their wombs and of the children themselves from their parents, the role of state will be the crucial variable. Children born free of parents, whether fathers (as now) or mothers (as in the future – on whatever basis) will be all the more amenable to being raised and educated as the state would decree. The battle for the future has begun

      1. Why is it that every conversation about gynoids must dredge up the artificial womb?
        Can we not simply have a conversation about the disruptive effects of the sexbot maid and leave the matter of reproduction out of it?

        1. Fair enough, we are talking here about the intermediate economics, and breaking the monopoly whereby we are beholden within a sellers market. That’s the first thing.
          But in a game of chess, you don’t just think one move ahead. Progressives and their ilk have sought to break the link between sex and reproduction and we should assist them in that to the extent that it serves our own purpose. But at some point we will need to consider both terms.

        2. No, we didn’t. It is the belief that we did that has been instrumental in creating the problems that brought us to this discussion.
          Similarly there is a belief that we have removed fueling from eating, which has been instrumental in creating expanding, as it were, obesity.
          Excitotoxin laced cardboard will never be food, no matter how adictively pleasurable it is to eat.
          Everything that drives you to a sex robot is inextricably linked to reproduction, whether that reproduction takes place or not.

        3. Because we act, and our actions are, by and large, not driven by reason. They are driven by biolgical necessity.
          Your sex drive, just as your hunger, is biological necessity, for survival
          of yourself as an individual and the species as a whole.
          You cannot simply act as you wish, with only those consequences you are
          willing to accept. Natural Law does not care what you want. Natural Law
          creates what you want, whether you want it or not.
          When you bring up the subject of sex you inherently bring
          up the subject of reproduction. It’s what sex is
          To attempt to deny this is thus
          inherently to invoke some degree of cognative dissonance at best, and
          pathological double think at worst.
          Just look at the culture that the attempt to seperate sex from reproduction has created.
          are we discussing sex robots at all? Because the male sex drive is not
          being met by women. Why can you not satisfy your sex drive by simply
          approaching a woman you find attractive and making the offer? Because
          she will likely turn you down.
          Why will she turn you down, even though she herself takes pleasure from and desires sex?
          Because, at the level of biological necessity, she finds the idea of having your baby repulsive.
          It’s babies all the way down.

        4. You already said yourself that it doesn’t matter if reproduction actually occurs. In this I agree with you.
          So why is it necessary to bring up the artifical womb in a conversation about gynoids when the actual ability to successfully reproduce is irrelevant?
          I don’t care whether or not I can create a tube baby, it simply does not matter to me. I only care about what the existence of gynoids will do to gender dynamics in a power and utility sense.

        5. “I only care about what the existence of gynoids will do to gender dynamics in a power and utility sense.”
          Well in that case . . . it’s babies all the way down. Again, it doesn’t matter what only you want. It’s about what the system wants.
          The system wants babies.
          The system’s want for babies is the root driving force of gender dynamics in a power and utility sense. Babies are the utility of sex. You have a sex drive in the first place only for that utilitarian purpose. You cannot discuss it intelligently without discussing babies.
          Just as you can’t discuss economics intelligently without discussing hunger and food. They are not seperate issues.

        6. The system is an emergent entity driven by collective wants of the individuals. I don’t care strongly about want of children. Many men feel the same. The overwhelming desire to have children is what women bring to the system. Men simply bring the overwhelming desire to have sex. They are not the same.

        7. “I don’t care what the system wants.”
          The system doesn’t care that you don’t care.
          “The overwhelming desire to have children is what women bring to the system.”
          Insert facepalm here.

        8. It is, and you know that.
          Men don’t get to an arbitrary point in their lives and panic about not being fathers. We just don’t. Its not our biologically programmed want.

        9. “Because, at the level of biological necessity, she finds the idea of having your baby repulsive.”
          More accurately, she’s repulsed by the opportunity cost of having your baby, because she feels, rightly or wrongly, that she has better options. Would she still feel as repulsed if you were the last man on Earth? Unlikely.
          Hence why, as Supervisor noted, the economics of sex is the most relevant point.

        10. I don’t think they do.
          I think the topic gets brought up in conversations about gynoids, by women, to derail the conversation.

        11. Prove Barbarosssa, Stardusk and those who brought it up in this thread are women or male feminists.
          The claim is yours.

        12. Hmmmmmm. An overreach on my part.
          But I do wonder as to whether they are being truly honest about what they want.

        13. Simply because feminists won´t even have the excuse that women and marrying them is needed in order to have children to make societies continue.
          It will just be the greedy, monopolistic “moral majority” vs individual freedom.

      2. They can also just as well be raised to fight against the state, as they have far less to loose, they would be actually effective rebels.
        Only by putting ruthless rebellion above family can sociopath-ruled states and rotten societies be brought down.
        When the founding fathers lead the revolt, they effectively put the revolution first cuz you can guess how the Brits would treat their families if they put their hands on them.
        The biggest problem nowadays is that smart people usually doesn´t want children without two 65K salaries while cretins often drops babies like turds and have become the majority.

        1. perhaps, but if the state supplants family, including as educator then it will have considerable scope to mould its wards. Your post reminded me of how the Ottomans ensured the loyalty of the Jannisaries, taken as children from (mostly christian) families. Other examples include the kids stolen by warlords in Africa to fight in their militias or the famous army of the unsullied who fought fiercely for Alexander the great (or was it Daenerys, Mother of Dragons, I forget?)

    2. I really liked that movie. Especially the part where they are at the club and all sexual encounters have been reduced to their most basic transactional monetary values complete with lawyers on sight ready to draft up consent contracts detailing every and all aspects of the expected interaction. Talk about a spooky premonition, if not an outright blueprint for things to come.

      1. That scene was one of my early doses of red pill. Of course I could have used several thousand doses back then to have made a difference.

    3. Hey guys I brought the article into the discussion merely to point out the double standard that feminists perpetuate. The drive for sex is what gives women one aspect of agency. The culture we live in that promotes and indoctrinates this “Men MUST get laid or else… else…” else what? They go gay? Die? There’s a wide spectrum of bullshit out there. A lot of men act like something bad is going to happen if they don’t get laid and just about every piece of media coming down the pike is all about some drive to get a woman and usually at the cost of himself.
      Imagine where feminism would be if men were not so programmed to be chained to their balls.
      So if women were take out of the equation of sex through robots, much like the state has taken men out of the equation of the family by the state, then how about, in the end, they are also taken out of the equation of giving birth? I was trying to one-up this topic.
      You see a woman can suck cocks by the bag until the mileage starts to show and then she gets the baby rabies and that would be the last stand to hook the thirsty beta provider who will be the sperm donor that comes with a financial engine (hence why the sperm banks don’t have lines out the door full of 30-somethings).
      If the thirsty betas could have something that passed for human , to Blade Runner level, it would be a game changer. No more thirsty betas. It pulls the rug out of the lifestyle the feminist movement sells, everything the system sells.
      The addition of an artificial womb, whether in a lab or wherever, is even “worse”. You see a woman can have the career and suck all the cocks, and baby rabies or not, she’s going to be empty. Denying her the ability to simply throw the switch and let in the thirsty betas is one thing. But even a real man who spends all those years riding those women might decide that he wants progeny. He can decide to go elsewhere and award a real woman (read: woman not raised on Western crap) the exchange of his wealth for a wife and mother for his children. Selecting women on these basis is not evil and when people are honest with the “way things work” in this world, they accept it.
      But the disease is spreading. It used to be that if you wanted to find the nearest “non cunt zone”, you had to say leave New York City. Then it was “you have to leave the entire state”. Now it’s “You have to leave the country” and of late it’s “Now you have to be in the right country when you leave”.
      So that last agency, when a man decides he wants an heir, meaning a woman gets access and rights to all of his wealth and the power of the state to destroy him on a whim, would be gone with the artificial womb. He merely hires a laboratory. The feminists will screech until their skyscrapers (that they work on, built by men) rattle.
      And it will be known the darkest truth in the world. A man without a woman is still a man, and may still have a calling, and can end up anywhere, doing anything, or die and another fellow comes along. But women have only one job, one agency, and only matter to anybody beyond that when they become mothers. Hence the carousel riders feel so empty when they follow “the plan” laid out for them by women who were too dysfunctional or ugly to be wives and mothers. (and “ugly” is subjective – I’m talking about spiritual ugliness).

    4. Seen it, there was even a mention of economic problems somwhere at the beginning.
      Artifical wombs cannot come too soon.

    5. Saw it 20 years after it first came out, the dating involving lawyers parts was the most hilarious one!

  26. High value women (i.e. femenine, young, thin, firm) won’t be ever replaced by robots.
    But imagine, 20 years down the road, your average western woman 4-5 just hitting the Wall. Overwight, no exercise in 5+ yrs, muscles atrophied, saggy ass/tits, leathery skin, successful, independent, and with a checklist larger than her notch count.
    Now, compare a rotary dial phone with an iPhone 6. That will be the difference between a sex doll in 2014 vs 2034.
    From a purely physical performance, the 2034 sex doll will be tighter, thinner, will look healthier, and most likely be programmed to perform better than an average female 4-5. It will emit only the necessary sounds, not talking about her job, fasion or shit.
    By that point in history, why would any sane man go for an average western woman under 6?

    1. “High value women (i.e. femenine, young, thin, firm) won’t be ever replaced by robots.”
      Yes, they will. Because after 20 years, the woman will no longer be feminine, young and thin, while the robot will.

      1. Given 20-30 years, genetic engineering and cybernetics are going to change that.
        New bodies gets fabricated cell-layer by cell-layer if the old ones are too damaged for repaires.

    2. There are plenty of guys (today) who would rather talk to an empty beer bottle (or have sex with one) versus dealing with a women from the U.S.
      Beer bottle (2014) or 20 years from now versus a woman from the U.S….it’s a no brainer, really.

  27. It’s simple economics, the pussy cartel has been driving up the price of its product while simultaneously degrading it’s quality. This always results in an earnest quest for alternatives among the consumer and a veritable fortune for whoever first comes up with one.

    1. Larry Page: “Ladies & gentleman I am proud to present the latest in personalised leisure: Google Ass.

    2. T-girls have already become a substitute for many straight men.
      Of course, for some of those men, something will always feel a bit….off…. about the whole arrangement but when the bootleg is better than the original…..
      Point is, if men can be accepted as better women by some men, then robots being accepted as such can’t be too much of a stretch of the imagination. Especially since, unlike even the most passable of T-girls, the majority of sex robots will be built from the ground up to be females right from the get-go.

      1. I think the whole T-girl thing is related to your comment in addition to the massive amount of internet porn addiction. After enough time has passed, men start requiring more twisted and weird sexual material to get off.
        I wish I never indulged my curiosity in wanting to view some of the extreme stuff I’ve seen online. I guess I had to confirm whether or not it was real. Really traumatic experience and a revelation of just how demented we can get it.

  28. The feminists must really be threatened by the prospect of the sexbot as this article appears to have drawn them out of the woodwork.
    And therefore that lends more weight to the idea.

    1. They are. In fact, in Canada the feminists already tried to make regulation laws for sexbots.

      1. To that I say, good luck trying. Feminists are mainly statist cunts for the most part so of course they’ll resort to the power of the gun in the hands of the only entity that has a monopoly on violence.

        1. I’m wondering about self defense for robots…I wouldn’t want mine to be bullied or abused/vandalized. We can’t make them too strong or else we end up with the terminator, but we can’t make them too weak where a malicious punk could damage or destroy it. I was thinking maybe pepper-spray breath or tazer hands.

  29. I think that ultimately sex robots would help to alleviate the sort of pain that millions of low smv men face. Some might say porn is satisfactory, but it is not. They still feel a deal of shame at the fact they can’t score with real women, even though these low smv men really shouldn’t. It’s not their fault that they’re ugly or whatever. I think also if the robot can have other functions like cleaning, cooking, raising children, I think even high smv men would want that. Think of it logically, a woman who’s always going to be there, never going to have an impulse to cheat, is always going to stay the same age, does the housework no complaints, and I mean the list is just endless.
    I also love that feminists are angry at the idea of getting replaced. Well guess what? You priced yourselves out of the market. That’s right. You became so awful that men turned to robots. I think men with surrogate children and a robot mother would be wise. The backlash against female sex robots also comes from the fact there’s no equivalent. But men have been replaced by vibrators and other electronic sex toys. A male sex robot would be significantly harder to program, because it would have to be dominant, confident, stable, provider, it essentially would take decades. Female sex robots are very nearly here.

    1. “I also love that feminists are angry at the idea of getting replaced. Well guess what?”
      It turns out that even if they don’t need one, they actually want a bicycle very badly, even if only to have something to kick?

    2. The reality is there is an equivalent. Men faced industrialization. Society said “this is where you become replacable”. And replaced they were.
      Machines replaced men in every field.
      This will be women’s turn.

    3. Have you ever heard of furries, bronies and otherkins? Diaperfur, fursonas, inflation and vore?
      The shame factor is going to remain zero.

  30. This could be a double edge sword.
    Whether we like to admit it or not, women are the reason why we have created this civilisation. It was to please them, to satisfy them and to tame their devious nature.
    If sex robots become the norm, what would stimulate a man to compete with other men? If the pussy at home is guaranteed, he would just become lazy and complacent. He would not get out of the house. Sex robot would be like a lion in cage in the zoo. Same animal but pathetic, unexciting and definitely not sexy.
    It is the chase and the killing that makes the hunter.

    1. “If sex robots become the norm, what would stimulate a man to compete with other men?”
      You’re right to think about the dynamics. Male motivation is the key variable in history and civilization. That is why feminism has sought to destroy it. But you could say the same thing about masturbation / porn, or prostitution, or easy lays generally. Indeed since civilization’s vagina became slack our motivation as a gendered species has dipped. This may partly have to do with the ease of getting our rocks off in the sense described above but its probably a lot more about the decline in quality with respect to the quality of women and the rewards they provide. Sexbots will not be able to compete with a Helen of Troy. The problem though is that there are no Helens of Troy. Motivation is key though – adequate rewards systems must be put back in place.

    2. Actually women are the ones who need to compete for a man. Just like it was in the old days. Men should have the right to choose and reject.

      1. I agree, it’s men who should be doing the choosing and the rejecting but in modern society women have been put on a pedestal.
        American women are the worst in this regard, they think they have a “golden vagina” and reject 95% of the men that approach them. I want to see how these “princesses” react when female sex robots become available and they don’t have as many men asking them out on dates. Maybe they will be knocked off of their pedestal.

    3. Lots of truth there. But since women have redefined women to be quite a horrible being civilization is doomed anyway.

    4. To be fair most of the men responsible for great technological innovations don’t get lots of pussy and usually don’t seem to care (think aspie scientist types). It might put a huge dent in violence though as most violence stems from dumbass men who aren’t getting pussy (think 18yr old joining the military).
      Pussy hunting would become a lot more fun – it would just be a game for men to play and the women wouldn’t be quite so entitled. There is a war going on between the sexes whether you want to believe it or not – men are getting their asses kicked. There is no reason women shouldn’t be completely subservient to men when you look at it logically – we are bigger, stronger, faster, smarter, and hold tremendous power. Our top leaders (all male btw) have sold us out in exchange for cheap economic growth. The muslims are the closest to getting it right on women.

    5. “He would not get out of the house. Sex robot would be like a lion in
      cage in the zoo. Same animal but pathetic, unexciting and definitely not
      Why he would not get out from the house or still be predator (training at the gym, improving his physical and mental capacities)? Just because we are moving to a highly technological society, this doesn’t mean that the Physical element should be ignored. No, a man always need to workout.

  31. or soon enough female sex robots might be banned just like prostitution on one pretext or the other.

  32. I hope they invent a female robot who bitch slaps you weak men that are too stupid to learn not to reply to women. I can just imagine how the woman here who fucked up this thread is laughing her ass off at how easy it is to make you fall for NAWALT and kiss her ass by giving her the attention she craved. That’s why the men are their own worst enemies. She then made it clear she heard it all before and was playing you guys like a tune for her and her friends amusement. Surprise!

  33. Years back I went to an art museum and saw a naked woman wrapped in a sheet in the middle of the floor. At first, I thought she had fainted or was some crazy homeless woman who had od’d. On closer inspection, I discovered she was a piece of art. It was uncanny; her skin, hair, fingernails, eyelashes, earlobes, and everything else, however minute, were indistinguishable from the real deal. If sexbots one day achieve this kind of hyper-reality, and all sexbots will be in the 10 zone, (the 11 zone if they also cook and clean) real women will lose all their power over us. Men will ask themselves, “hmmm, do I want to go bar or club-hopping, lay down a fortune in pursuit of poon, and, if successful in the hunt, risk some kind of venereal infection, or do I want to stay home and bang my silicone supermodel, and then have her cook me a steak?” I think it would be hilarious to see how the spoiled women of today would react to their replacements. This sounds like a great comedy plot for one of you literary geniuses out there to develop.

    1. Just think, instead of going to bars and clubs and using online dating, you could just pull your female sex robot out of the closest and have a night of fun!
      With sex robots, there would be no more divorce, child support payments, alimony or nagging wife. Female sex robots are the wave of the future, I wonder how the feminists will react to them.

      1. Thank god……and no more fucking useless conversations about True Blood, Housewives of whatever, etc, etc, etc….nonsense.

  34. If robots become that good, we will finally have an undeniable and exact reference price for human females.
    Basically, human females have to be less than the price of the robot. How much less will be a function of the negatives that come with her – bitchy, can’t clean, can’t cook, etc.

    1. Women will be competing with the technological ingenuity of men instead of exploiting it by using it directly themselves or divorce-raping men who work in tech.

  35. This whole things is interesting to me, especially the psychological flip from reality. Women are not seeking sex bots. They have reduced their desires to a dick. Having a fallace is enough to satisfy them. Men want the whole package. They desire the whole body, but not just that, they want one that thinks and reacts. We are told men are pigs, but what I see is that men want a woman that won’t reduce them to a human dildo with a wallet Women have a lot of control over how mainstream these things become. All they have to do is treat men right, and they will view these bots more like novelties to check out, and maybe to go for a ride or two for kicks. If they don’t change how they are treating men, then men will push the envelope on developing these bots as companions, and with technology in how humans can be incubated outside of a woman’s womb being developed, women become obsolete. I don’t see this logical end coming about. I just really think that our culture reverses the roles of what matters in sex between men and women.

  36. If these damn things are anything like the rest of consumer technology they will shut down with your dick trapped inside.

    1. If somebody wants to get revenge on you they will ship one over with a built-in inner-toothed condom in place of the fleshlight akin to what they use in SA to prevent rape. It would be like sticking it into a veritable Chinese finger trap. The more you pull, the more the teeth dig in, contract, and bite down. Hopefully your cell is within reach for when you dial 911 for help. Abandon all dignity as the trooper approaches your residence, though.

  37. No doubt a branch of cybercrime will be hacking into someone’s sexbot in order to experience sex with them…or to take over it’s behavior…or just have the illusion of being in daily intimacy with a real human (you) because real females will have driven men away. If the judiciary stays true to itself the male victim will be blamed for the crime.

    1. They would probably have to pay her royalties. I can see future celebrities renting out their likenesses for sex bots for a percentage of the money.

      1. Your likeness is not your intellectual property. Your “brand” is.
        You wouldn’t need a license to make something, say a painting or a sculpture, that looks rather like Megan Fox.
        To make a Megan Fox(tm) doll you would.

        1. Plus, imagine the defenses a company can employ: “There is NO WAY your pussy is that tight Ms. Beyoncé…our product is so dissimilar in all the ways that matter, you have no case”

        2. And here I was being so mundane as to be thinking along the lines of “Nonsense. The eyes* are a different color.”
          *User changable.

  38. This would be the harbinger of doom. No doubt about it, if a robot was created that had a resonable price and was as good or better than most women in bed, our civilization would be over in <50 years. The birthrate would drop off a fucking cliff, pushing the government into bankrupcy in the course of a generation or two.
    Not saying it won’t happen, it almost certainly will. But, when it does; watch out. Men want women (replaced by robots). Women want children. Well, that’s going to be a big problem when the men have their needs/wants satisifed by a robot.

        1. Kfg, are you familiar with the show Babylon 5?
          There is a scene in the first season where a Mr Morden asks diplomats… “What do you want?” He’s a scout for a power looking for someone they can manipulate, who’s interests align with their own.
          He asks Londo this question and he replies…
          “You really want to know what I want? You really want to know the truth, yes? I want my people to reclaim their rightful place in the galaxy. I want a rebirth of glory. A renaissance of power. I want to stop running through my life like a man late for an appointment, afraid to look back or to look forward. I want us to be WHAT WE USED TO BE! I want…. I want it all back, the way that it was.”
          That is how I feel about gender dynamics. And that is how all men should feel.

        2. ” . . .are you familiar with the show Babylon 5?”
          As a Harlan Ellison fan of more than 50 years standing, it is a bit embaressing to say that I am not.
          Now that it is availble to watch as a complete story I should do something about that. Sounds like something to do this winter.
          “And that is how all men should feel.”
          I can’t say that I agree with you on that one either. I remember how it was and it may not be as you think.
          It was, however, by and large, actually a patriarchy.
          How would you feel about having to make the payments; purchase, tax, insurance, repair, gas, etc., on a Bugatti Veyron that you weren’t even necessarily allowed to drive once in a while – perhaps never even got to see?
          Now, how would you feel about owning said Bugatti?

        3. It doesn’t help to look back. To look towards a golden age of men must be to take a future orientation, informed by the past, but not limited by it

        4. The difference is that in our case as opposed to in the story, our present is an artificial condition, it is being maintained at substantial cost. Gender dynamics will revert in the absence of the enormous social infrastructure we face today.

        5. Yes, but for the time being that infrastructure is a fact of life and one which won’t simply go away. I’m not suggesting anyone has to like what is going on, but we have to relate to it, constructively (and by that I do not mean supportively). If an the captain of an plane dies at the controls and the plane starts to plummet its going to crash unless someone takes the helm. At the moment men are reacting, following when they need to be leading, and if they lead they cannot lead backwards. Even what we are talking about today is a future orientation depending on how it is framed

    1. If a society is that advanced, artificial wombs will be used for reproductive purposes.

  39. I was reading some feminist site that claimed women should just take donor sperm, and there won’t be any need for men in the future. This is the opposite alternative.
    All we need is to extract ova from women, invent artificial wombs, and we’ll be set.

    1. UK is in the process of introducing a national sperm bank designed to address general shortages of sperm. They’ve specifically said this will be targeted at single women and same sex female couples (+ infertiles). Men need to avoid donations completely.

      1. And the skeptic in me predicts that if men stop “giving”, and there really IS a demand? eventually giving sperm will be “encouraged” by the state (with incentives), then it will become mandatory for some OTHER reason (national ID bank, crimes, like DNA), national disaster , etc, then it will be a crime NOT to give sperm, and it will be extracted from boys when they hit puberty. Sound crazy? Remember, EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING in Western society is driven by what white women want and what is “best” for white women. And if that means dragging 12 year old boys to the “milking” machine to satisfy a lesbian couples’ desire for a baby, it will happen. Right before he is sent to boot camp, armed, and forced to fight to defend those same women.

        1. “if that means dragging 12 year old boys to the “milking” machine to satisfy a lesbian couples’ desire for a baby, it will happen”
          In UK we used to have a slogan: “Thatcher, Thatcher, milk snatcher”. We might need to update it though

      2. That notion about UK, needing sperm banks, is rather hypocritical, especially when we all learned England specifically has a history of misandry.

        1. they can say that everyone will benefit, its not about progressive politics because its disguised as being about fertility

    2. What does it matter if I’m dating an android? My house is clean, my belly & bank accounts are full, my balls are empty and my smile is wide.^v^

    3. “All we need is to extract ova from women, invent artificial wombs, and we’ll be set.”
      I wonder why more male researchers aren’t paying this matter more attention.

  40. If the sexbots get realistic and cheap enough, they will dominate the market as no woman will be able to compete with an always obedient, never aging beautiful robot that provides you with sex whenever you like and has a personality (even if not as sophisticated as human’s) adjusted to men’s need and expectations.
    I think their emergance will be a good thing, as the tendency of men being dissatisfied with women will become stronger with time, so sexbots will save a lot of frustration for many men.
    On top of it, they will end the human trafficking, so it’s another good thing.

    1. “personality (even if not as sophisticated as human’s)”
      Have you talked with many women out there, today? I have had more quality conversations with my lawn mower versus a women from the U.S.

  41. Never, would I purchase a sexbot. Sure, most women are cunty, that doesn’t mean I want to stop hunting. All of the manchilds will happily purchase a sexbot, (maybe even rent-to-own for certain segments of the population) and the guys who enjoy the hunt will have it that much better. Once women feel this sort of competitive threat, they will be like wounded gazelles for true cocksmen.

    1. All of the manchilds will happily purchase a sexbot, (maybe even rent-to-own for certain segments of the population)

      Wouldn’t want to be the guy tasked with “refreshing” the rental for the next paying customer I can tell you that.

      1. If it’s a good robot, it should have the ability to clean itself. The hourly rental business will be a huge segment of the market. I propose a manosphere kick starter to fund a corporate startup dedicated to being at the forefrunt of the sexbot leasing business. Rent by the hour, or rent-to-own with exorbitant interest rates for those who default.

  42. The “American Girl” model of the robot comes with an authentic bitch face.

    1. And a perpetual middle finger up on one hand, cellulite thighs, saggy tits, “smoker’s laugh”, $75k in debt for an English Lit degree, and an interest in “hanging out”.

      1. Oh lawd, we don’t want to get too authentic. It might come pre-infected with HPV and randomly wander to other men’s houses.

    2. I’m sure she comes with no education and 20 pounds overweight as well…..with the bonus feature of “entitlement”.

  43. Well look at it this way. A really advance sex-bot would be able to:
    -Change hair color, length, and style at a moments notice.
    -change skin/eye color via an implanted pigmentation process. Possible even include different styles of make up options.
    -Change height, body size,facial features via an advance system for micro hydraulics built into its support frame. This would include the ability to change breasts size and shape. Say if you’re in the mood for an Asian girl, or a black girl, the robot would be able to reconfigure itself in a few minutes.Or if you have a preference for more athletic looking girls over more voluminous curvy women, the sex-bot would change its body style for you.
    -Possible come with a multitude of personality styles. Something that imprints on the owner sort of similar to the operation system that Scarlet Johannson played in “She”.
    I’m not sure how the manufacturer would be able to make money after the initial transaction for the robot. Perhaps the base model would be the bottom price, but if you wanted said features from your robot, would you have to purchase them via “micro-transaction’ that most gaming companies have on their games. Upgrades would be available via DLCs, different personalities, abilities, etc as well.
    However, this would case a massive disruption to the retail world. No more expensive trips to the Salon, make up counters, clothing stores etc. Businesses would fold and close up with all the lost business. Or possible reserve, make more money as women have to make themselves look even better to compete against the fem-robots taking over.
    Just a few thoughts.

    1. You forgot, programmable accents, now that is one hell of a futurist-erotic-fantasy . I would program my fem-bot to say things like ,” fuck me harder”. The cunt could have varying settings for wetness, feel, so on.(as an example), i believe the Japanese have a virtual reality sex simulator, essentially, you put on a headset showing some sort of point of view of your virtual woman, while an automated flesh light massages your phallus at pace, I mean… it’s a start right? another method would simply be a prostate seminal elimination device, a simply application and the desire for sex is eliminated for HOURS. Absolving the sex-instinct makes you twice as efficient, we don’t realize how much of an inhibitor it is. However i don’t think absolving the sex instinct is our solution, sex captures the ecstasy of “creation” it is not to be eradicated, instead it is to be embraced technologically, and enhanced.
      Hmm, well the tech is pretty far away but you can always pay a professional, just keep a catalog of different escorts lol. i just can’t believe we have billions of people in this world with high intelligence, and our progress on sex-bots is sorely behind everything else, we’re still having to use actresses on a video screen, this is downright primitive in an almost cruel way and needs to stop immediately, sex bots for all. Freud suggested that most neurosis and civilization problems occurred from the sexual impulses of competition, and repression. Itwill never age, hell maybe it can be programmed to cook, clean, the future is going to rock. I have to say, it’s literally easier to create an advanced sex bot, than to have a serious LTR with a woman. How do we merge cognitive science, since when with a metal object, it can be difficult to actually form a relationship with it, though real women are VAPID, some sort of neural map could give it personality traits and such to mimic human sensibilities,
      ah, science is in the early stages folks, the future is only getting better, we have now the most scientists in history with access to the best tools in history, the singularity is speeding up, your patience will pay off, and it is only because technology is advancing that the light is shining on the futility of “dating”.

    2. The shell and simple motions are the easy part. The electronics to make them relatively human in their responses will be the hard part and I would estimate is decades away.

  44. Are you kidding? I can’t afford a damn robot. But I do own a blow up doll. Hell yeah, I’m a blow up stud. Got my can of fix a flat on my holster. I’m John Wayne the blow up cowboy. I ride around with ‘her’ bungee corded to the back of my 50 cc moped. She my girl you know it. I do wonders for the property values around here too.

  45. Is this really a tribute to Robin Williams who played a robot in Centennial Man? The robot eventually marries a human woman.

  46. Just another expensive ass masturbation doll/(&,or)machine. Then again so are western women. I’ll pass on both. I actually want to pass on my genes with a genetically fit woman.

  47. I’ve known about Real Dolls for years. If they produced a robotic Real Doll, women had better watch out. Soon only 8’s and above will be able to get a LTR or a marriage. 5’s & 6’s wouldn’t get the time of day from men. Women will find out they need us a LOT more than we need them.

  48. Makes the perfect holiday gift if you happen to be a frigid bitch and your special someone is a mortician. ALSO a great wish list item for any wealthy sheep farmer who just wants to escape and get away from the grind.

  49. Of all this talk about female sexbots, why is it that nobody seems to notice that there will likely be male sexbots, too?
    I predict all developed nations going extinct.

    1. From both a mechanical engineering standpoint and an artificial intelligence standpoint, male sexbots will be significantly more challenging to create than female sexbots.

    2. Women are not that technologically obsessed as men. Vibrators are enough for their sexual needs.
      After all, western women see beta men (providers) as walking ATMs with (small) dildos.

  50. I can’t see how banging a sexbot can be any less sissified than using a fleshlight or a blow-up doll.

  51. As for now, real women from abroad are the best option for men. For both sex and kids.But maybe in the future, for men who’d still not explore that option, sexbots seems the a highly likely option. Western women – just good for pump and dump.

  52. This has been going on in Japan for a while. Maybe for different reasons……
    “It turns out that 20% of people surveyed said that they’d be willing to bang a robot. Would you?”
    There has to be a lot lacking from a normal relationship to have this happen. Unfortunately those times are really close.

  53. I’m married more than twenty years, so I’ve already “done” a robot. Although considerably less animated than these RealDolls. Even if I wouldn’t bang one, they’d be one hell of a conversation piece!

  54. Sex bots and artificial wombs may cause birth rates to increase, as the men who want real women will have an abundance of women to choose from. Countries that have been monogamous for the past two thousand years or so will become polygamous within a decade of abundant sex bots. Artificial wombs will make women obsolete for having kids, although the men who opt for sex and procreation with real women will still be around.
    The only thing I’m worried about with sex bots is they will be a step towards creating life with artificial DNA. This is dangerous.
    Artificial wombs could potentially corrupt society more, as homosexuals will be able to have offspring (Take two males in a lab and create a male or female child by using their X chromosomes for a woman or an X and Y for a male).
    On the bright side, I’m sure that artificial wombs will help in the process of creating designer babies. We could have perfect Aryans in the future! Light eyes, hair, and skin for everyone!

  55. why fuck a robot when you can fuck a prostitute? it cost less and you get more satisfaction for your money than a robot or a ‘real’ women

    1. Because the robot would sleep with you and only you (unless given permission to share itself) , and wouldn’t cost much more than an average new/used car. It would pay for itself almost right away.

      1. is his prostitute a perfect 10? I guess he could just ask the 100 guys before him for references. and maybe he could ask them about their medical history too. just sayin’

  56. Not very likely that this will happen though.
    Moore`s law, which is what all these predictions are built on, is grinding to a halt.
    There`s a few people that make a lot of money selling the futurist ideas(Kurzweil etc.)
    But there`s little real progress towards these goals.
    Ironically, the feminization of the education system might be implicated in this, since the real scientific progress has always come from smart men with big cojones. Think Newton, Edison, Tesla, Von Braun etc.
    Society is not really producing those kinds of men anymore. At least not in the west.

    1. Moore’s law has absolutely nothing to do with it.
      We’re already able to build conversational machines, Japan has done it. There are already robotic greeters and secretaries, software conversation systems, and prototype robot housekeepers (increasingly anthromorphic).
      The problem at this point is systems integration, generalized vision, visual-contextual understanding, electro-muscular manipulation, and power density.
      Computational density is quite possibly the EASIEST problem to solve. Have a base station and stick all the power hungry cores in that. The body itself SHOULDN’T have the heavy thinking elements, it’s an unnecessary waste of weight, heat management, and available in-body power.

      1. “Moore’s law has absolutely nothing to do with it.”
        Most A.I. researchers and robotics developers in the world would disagree with that.

    2. I agree – I think the micro motor and software technology for convincingly human movement and responses are decades away.

  57. I am a traditionalist man,
    and i fully support Artificial wombs (for reproductive/transhumanist/eugenic purposes) and Sex-Bots (fucking sex slave with the body of a Perfect woman).

  58. It just isn’t that hard to find young, beautiful women in the US that aren’t whores that would be happy to fuck you if you know what the hell you are doing. If you are a loser, sure its hard. But if you are a loser life in general is hard.
    Fucking a robot is pathetic and unnecessary.

      1. Said the man with a $35 CPO. What’s your CPO and what quality are you laying? I’ll put mine up against yours ANY FUCKING DAY in terms of cost AND looks.
        Put your money where your mouth is pussy

  59. until they figure out a way to make them self-clean the used jizz out of their orifices, sex robots will always be pretty lame and unsanitary.

    1. That part is pretty simple once they can walk to the bathroom on their own. They simply “drink” hot water which is stored in a bladder then pumped through the orifices voiding in the toilet. Again, that’s a minor problem to solve after the mechanics of walking and AI are worked out. A full cooling system would need to be designed to move heat from the CPU’s which could also be used to heat the skeleton and skin, so the skin temperature is within the human range. These are all secondary problems to the mechanics of walking and talking.

  60. Holy uncanny valley. That top picture looks like a wax figure that got possessed by a demon and is regretting her choice. That second bot needs some skin-otherwise it looks like you’re fucking a motorcycle. I’ll check in in 35 years when I’m too old to pull tail and see if they’ve gotten any less creepy.

  61. I remember watching ‘Cherry 2000’ and thinking… what was that guy thinking? giving up a perfect companion for that shitbag Melanie Griffith?

  62. Men are all tired of dealing with gold diggin hoes, high maintenance, feminism, the nagging, complaining, talking back, ungrateful bitches, don’t know how to cook, and don’t even give you sex or blowjob when you need it. What the fuck maybe a sexy robot are a better option LOL.

  63. This is a great thing for men who hate women (ie. people on this site). If you hate women but don’t want to become gay, a sex robot is the best alternative. You don’t have to deal with the inferior gender, you don’t have to be homosexual, and you get your sexual needs fulfilled.

  64. The Femanazis wont let that happen. They will find a way to outlaw sexbots as some sort of war against women rape by robot proxy. Men arent allowed to escape women they need our money

  65. The feminists would love to have male robots who give validation and dick. It’s the same attitude on both sides.

  66. women have never offered anything really besides procreation and this combined with artificial wombs and nanny bots will eliminate the need for women

  67. I can’t believe the word “Japan” doesn’t come up even once on a search of the entire page. Doesn’t anyone here know that the Japanese have so many sexbots that it’s caused a measurable decline in birthrates? It’s hard to take this article seriously without even addressing the largest data set it relates to.

  68. If all men want is a fuck-bot who is also a maid and mute, they invented it. But do not think that women who are real people with goals and a will of their own are replaced. Not at all. I am glad those men will have something not alive to ram. Then they may go to sleep and cause no harm. She’s a robot and her feelings won’t be crushed; no emotional breakdowns from being treated with no respect as a lifestyle. She can go on to run for president while he gets his needs met by an inanimate object. Sounds long overdue. If men have robots, they may not have to expect real women to be robots. Everyone can be happy. I used to tell certain men to get two slices of liver if that’s all they want. Now they can have what they deserve. Men like that do not deserve real women.

  69. Excellent. I hope they are so fantastic you can shag them all day and let the grown ups enjoy the world in your absence.

  70. Translation: the misogynists at Return of Kings will no longer breed with real women, and their genes will be eliminated from the pool.

  71. I think this development is wonderful for women as well as men. Men who are not interested in a woman’s spiritual qualities, or a real love relationship, will be diverted from treating real women like robots and sex dolls, by owning robots and sex dolls instead. That can only be good.
    Unfortunately, only in some communist utopia would this technology in any way divert “low income earners” from “polluting the planet with their gene stock.” Low income earners will not be able to afford this. Not now, not ever.
    Also, nothing sold to the “young, inexpert male” is ever about helping him to pleasure a woman. It’s about him pleasuring himself, because the idea is to get him to make a purchase, not become a great lover. Porn contains absolutely nothing useful to the seduction or satisfaction of a woman. Meanwhile women’s magazines tell them how to take responsibility for their own pleasure and understand that men aren’t really going to know or care what’s fun for their partner.
    Men, who have always wanted women to be like unliving toys with no sexual past, no wishes or needs of their own, and no emotions, will love this. Unlike real women, these toys can be the exclusive property of their owners, something that has always been a high priority for males. I don’t see a down side here.

  72. Gay men are programmed to gladly give free blowjobs and take it up the manhole; a b/j is like a handshake for a pig — it’s about mutual respect. They have their own money so they wont cry rape or try to tell your wife or replace your wife or try to exploit you. Try it, you’ll like it; and you’ll make a new butty you can hang out with who you’re wife won’t suspect. As long as you’re not cheating with another woman, it’s not really cheating — it’s more like masturbation with another guy offering a helping hand/ass. You’re gonna masturbate anyway; why not have a support team?

  73. This will be another nail in the coffin with regard to the destruction of western civilization.
    That being said, you might as well enjoy it, since the feminazis aren’t going to be less militant in their interactions with Men.
    Personally i will wait for the star trek holodeck to get invented. Enjoying a tryst between myself and a computer generated, force field encapsulated, energized facsimile of Sanaa Lathan any day of the week intrigues me.

  74. With my luck, the servo in her ginch would seize up and snap my dick off like a piece of dry spaghetti.

  75. Great, industrial-strength servos in her ginch would rip your dick off like it was harvesting a stalk of rhubarb.

  76. Western Civilization will be conquered, subjugated, and stomped backward into second or third world status by emerging, rival, sane civilizations that keep women in their proper role before any of this will have a chance to come to pass for Western Civ males.

  77. But this article doesn’t mention but probably should is one aspect of modern life everyone’s forgotten; more people today are ASD, or considered autistic. Forget about men and women and feminism, the idea of creating someone to talk to on the same level and wavelength as oneself . . . that would be worthwhile.
    Forget about sex for a moment, for a lot of people trying to deal with the minutia of non-verbal communication is a nightmare, but if you can actually program someone, as smart as you, someone who can articulate feelings, communicate in a manner you can understand . . . hell that makes real women and real men obsolete. And I’m for it, because frankly after living this long in a supposedly “normal” world if I could find someone who was, oh I don’t know, understanding, what wouldn’t I pay for that?
    You argue that women can pay us with sex; hell porn good for that, and not that good. You know what it’s supposed to be about; two people able to work together, able to trust each other implicitly. You know what we get; men and women who either cheat, are delusional, or think they can “trade” up because they think they’re better than they are. This isn’t a feminist thing or a masculine thing, it’s the fact that til recently marriage was just politics and now people want to find “Ms. Right” or “Mr. Right.” Hell most people in history never married the people they wanted, they just settled. So yeah, if at some future time I could find someone, hell create someone who understood me, forget the sex, that would be priceless.

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