The Truth About Game And Money

The juxtaposition between money and game, as it pertains to determining a man’s success with women, has to be one of the most hotly contested subjects around.  You have one camp of men who believe that deft game conquers all (oftentimes your PUA guys).  Then you have a second camp of men who believe that game is futile due to female hypergamy (oftentimes MGTOW guys).

It is the MGTOW contention that women are only drawn to men who are higher up the socioeconomic ladder than them, therefore, investing the time in learning the essence of “game” is pointless.  I’ve spent many years pounding the pavement and have had the experience of being on both sides of the fence:  I have played both indigent and an akin variant of provider game.  Below is my perspective on this very polarizing topic.

My Origin Story

school of rock diagram

I would not consider myself a “natural” by any stretch of the imagination, but I was not a complete dud when it came to women during my high school and college years.  Despite having a rudimentary understanding of “game,” I was able to get some fluke notches here-and-there, due to naturally being an outgoing person, excelling in team sports, and having a decent social-circle.  It was not until the end of my senior year of college that I discovered Roosh, the PUA community,  and the Manosphere.  I took to the concepts, theories, and advice given by many of these self-proclaimed guru’s like a fish takes to water.

With my newly acquired knowledge of pick-up lines, female nature, and escalation strategies, I started getting a lot more traction with women.  Fast-forward six months after graduating from college and discovering game;  I took an internship at an undisclosed big metropolitan city with the hopes of getting a fulltime position with the company.

Unfortunately, it ended up not working out for me.  Instead of going back home I decided to stay put, in the hopes of that I would eventually land a position elsewhere.  Since I was unemployed, devoid of an income, and living off my savings; I ended up moving to a three-hundred dollar a month shoddy basement that someone on Craigslist was renting out—It was all I could afford at the time.

My mode of transportation was a dilapidated Pontiac Grand Prix that had an overheating problem due to a blown head gasket.  I was so embarrassed by it. During dates, I would park it as far away from the venue as possible; this was so I could prevent my date from seeing what my daily commuter looked like.  Despite being in such a lousy predicament, my thirst for sex and the novelty of living in a new city allowed me to remain steadfast in my pursuit of women.

Since I was unemployed and refused to work a low paying menial job (although in retrospect I probably should have), I had quite a lot of free time at my disposal.  I was going out about three to four times a week and chatting up every cute girl I laid eyes on—I was obsessed.  I became so proficient at my craft that I was getting laid about one in every three dates I scheduled—I never kept track, but I probably racked up close to 50 notches that year.

How did I manage to achieve such success you might ask?  Through hard work, dedication and an IDGAF attitude.  Since I did not have any money, my game was based around escalating as soon I sensed an opening. I also took risks I would normally not dare to take since I felt like I had nothing to lose.  My aim was to approach, captivate, and get to sex as soon as possible.  Preferably before the energy and booze begun to fade.  That way I could keep things as sexual as possible and prolong having to engage in disqualifying small-talk, such as what I did for a living or what part of town I resided in (the lack of employment and crappy living situation gave me a lot of insecurity).

My hyper-sexual and masculine frame coupled with my evasive nature, particularly to personal questions about my life, gave me an aura that was really conducive for bedding women.  This period of excessive serial dating and screwing on a shoestring budget lasted for about thirteen months until I finally got offered a very lucrative job.

I never again managed to reach the heights that I had reached during the time in my life in which I was dead-broke…

The Aftermath

At twenty-four years of age, I had no kids, absolutely no debt and I was making a six-figure annual income at my new job.  I was by no means rich, but in comparison to most of my contemporaries, I was doing quite well.  Long gone were the days of living in a crappy basement, driving a run-down jalopy, and having to worry if my debit card was going to go get declined.  Due to the rigors of working as a corporate slave, five days a week, sometimes six, I took some time away from women to focus on my profession.

When I got back into the game eight months later, I was in for a rude awakening.  On paper, I was a much better-equipped bachelor than the destitute man of twelve months ago.  Yet for whatever reason, I was nowhere near close to being the pussy-slayer of old.  I lost my cutting-edge and killer instinct.  Instead of ending my dates/nights with a bang, more times than not, I was coming back home dick-in-hand.  The situation I was in was so confounding; I was not doing anything different, so I thought.  Plus, my newly acquired resources were supposed to propel me to the next level.

After a couple more months of sexless dating, I came to the realization that the reason I was struggling to get women undressed was down to my lack of masculine frame.  During dates, I tried way too hard to qualify myself.  I would boast about my academic achievements and dramatize the nature of my work.  Later I discovered, as long as a man has the means to pick up the tab at the end of the night, the actual title and description of his job means little to a woman.  This behavior of “selling myself” was a stark contrast to the mysterious, playful and evasive formula that served me so well in the past.

The extravagant venues I would oftentimes pick for dates and my proclivity to express to girls how “big my dick was” effectively killed off any intimacy or sexual tension that might have been there otherwise.  Another side-effect of trying to woo women with displays of wealth is they subconsciously put you in the “provider” box.  This is not necessarily a bad thing if you are trying to cultivate a long-term relationship, but if you’re trying to get to sex quickly, this is one of the worst things you can do.  A woman will withhold sex from a man she thinks will make for a good beta breadwinner due to fear of not being taken seriously if she puts out too quickly.

She wouldn’t want to squander a great opportunity to leach off an unsuspecting man’s resources, would she?

So What Does This All Mean?

So you probably think I am one of those guys that believe money is unimportant, that good game and a masculine frame are all that are required to succeed with women.  My answer to that assertion would be yes and no.

In the above anecdote when I was penniless but getting laid like it was going out of style; I failed to mention the sheer amount of hours I put in the streets hustling and bustling.  It was not a big deal at the time because I was twenty-three years of age and had zero obligations, but today I no longer have the energy or time to partake in such a strenuous endeavor.  It helped that I had a schedule and lifestyle that was pretty much tailor-made for seduction, due to virtually being available 24  hours a day, 7 days a week and not having the energy zapping burden of a nine to five job.

So where does money come into play?  Although money does not guarantee success with women unless you pay for a prostitute, which I argue isn’t a legitimate notch; It does make things a hell of a lot easier when used properly.  The biggest obstacle I encountered when running “indigent game” was retaining women, especially the more attractive ones with higher market values.  It’s a known fact that women seek out men who have the means to provide for herself and offspring.  Once a woman discovers you don’t have the money to put bread on the table, especially if she is nearing her biological clock, be prepared to get the boot.

Additionally, the highest tier of woman flock to where the money is at.  If the runway model archetype is your thing (it happens to be mine), you’re going to have to get yourself immersed with the elitist crowd in your respective city or town.  Unless you sell drugs or have really good connections, you’ll need to have to some status and money to have access to these more exclusive women.  Lastly, higher quality women, as in eights and above, aren’t gonna be as eager to have an under ten dollars walk in the park kind of date, unlike women who are seven and below.


I was able to get laid without money and with money.  Not having money in the bank does not prohibit a man from bedding attractive women as long as he’s well versed in the art of game.  However, pursuing women on a tight budget can become quite labor-intensive.

In my experience, the most difficult challenge I was faced with was keeping the women in my roster around.  I was constantly having to go back into the field to harvest out more leads so that I could keep my pipeline full.  If I was able to get a few bangs out of a girl, I considered that to be a success.  With that said, there are plenty of men who despite having lots of wealth can’t get laid to save their life—money does not guarantee anything.  Therefore, it’s in a man’s best interest to familiarize himself with the mechanics of game.

What it does do though, is open the doors to many opportunities you would ordinarily not have available to you if you were broke.  Additionally, success and money raises a man’s market value and provides him better opportunities to score with higher attractive females.  An alpha who has his shit together is a force to be reckoned with.

I personally use my good job, nice car, and a luxury apartment as “bait”.  Instead of lamenting about female hypergamy, I exploit it.  I don’t brag about my successes like I once did; women can tell pretty quickly what a man’s economic standing in society is without him having to publicly announce it. Nor do I try to impress them with by making it rain in the club or taking them to extravagant dates (unless they have earned it).  All these props are used to sell these women a “dream”.  My aloof nature and seemingly affluent lifestyle keeps them spell-bounded.

On the surface, I am just a wholesome and successful man who’d make for an excellent provider.  In reality, I am nothing more but a wolf in sheep clothing…

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126 thoughts on “The Truth About Game And Money”

  1. I think money does matter in game if your rich and famous you can have any women you want if Donald Trump wasn’t rich and famous do you think he would be married to that women? I have no interest in learning game I prefer paying for sex £100 to 350 is a small price to pay its cheaper than having a wife and girlfriend it’s time efficient time and they leave. Time is precious because you can’t get it back I only want sex from women i don’t find women interesting . Think about all the time you wasted chasing women and learning game. End of the day there is no such thing as “free pussy” you either pay for pussy with time and commint or money i choose money everytime.

      1. Women want men who earn more money than they do cause they wish to maintain their lifestyle after they quit their jobs.
        Thus a man has to go for bitches who are poorer than they are if they wish to start a serious relationship with a woman, that’s why they go to EE, Asia, Latin America etc.

    1. For one night stands money really is not a factor as long as you present the illusion of it subtly. Invest in good shoes, casual or smart. Girls ALWAYS notice nice shoes, and for the rest of your attire, just go smart-casual, it’s unintimidating, unpretentious and unexpensive. Oh, and get a haircut.
      For medium/long term relationships, though, money does play more of a role, you need a good house/apartment, and all the shit that goes in it.

      1. If you want to get laid easily in America, be the following:
        1) Tall 6’0+
        2) Be a White male
        3) Be confident
        4) Be in shape
        That’s pretty much it.

        1. Well…I am:
          1) 6’1″
          2) Southern European ancestry with Tan complexion – although I suppose some Nordics would not consider that white (or white enough…).
          3) no
          4) Fit and trim but not a “muscle man”.
          So 3 out of 4 and yes I do get laid with ease. But only when I call an escort agency and open my wallet.

        2. me, me , me (now), me.
          forgot age – not me.
          Everyone wants what they don’t have. often the MSM promulgates this.
          So evident in Thailand. And funny to watch:
          Whites try to be tanned to be more attractive.
          Thais are trained to be more white – (fair skinned asians are higher class).
          On the beach the white tourists are lying in the sun. the Thais are hiding in the shade. And often wear complete covering of face(balaclavas), hands etc so as not to tan…Adds on tv for whitening products.
          I see many short guys with very hot women….

    2. Making money is a set of skills learned through experience, similar to getting laid, which is a set of skills learned again through experience. The ability to learn new things through logic and intellectual curiosity is the key to both.
      Just as things change when it comes to business, so they continue to evolve and change when it comes to women.
      The world is becoming more competitive, whether it is in business or bedding women. Technology, particularly the Internet and social media has changed the dynamics. The margin for error with business and women is less, but then there are also far more opportunities as well.
      Finally, in my experience, a woman could care less how much money you have so long as she isn’t looking to settle down with you. Even when she finds and weds her beta provider, she’ll come around to see you from time to time when things aren’t going well at home.
      Bottom line — continue to learn new skills to make money and bed women, and remember, never trust a woman…it can only do you harm.

      1. i learned game, but i haven’t learned how to make money. i’m middle fucking aged now, for chrissake… any tips?

        1. First you need to extract yourself from being a wage slave. Scrimp and save. Live like a pauper for as long as needs be.
          Secondly, travel a bit to get a better perspective. This can be done on a budget also.
          Thirdly, without any money pressure (because you live for almost nothing), talk to as many people as possible and figure out who’s really making money and who’s full of shit. Work out how it all goes on, and work out where you can fit in on equal terms.
          Also don’t be afraid to try new places. Asia is full of opportunity, and I bet parts of Africa are too.

        2. A good tip to making money is to stop drinking/drugging for as many months/years as it takes for you to get your shit together (easier said than done). You’re too old to learn a totally new skill, so just work harder on the skills you already have. Good work gets recognised, then move to another company with a better CV. Changing jobs is the quickest pay-rise you can get; even better when you move to a cheaper country in the process and rake in the cash for a couple of years.
          Else, learn the stock market and make your money work for you.

      1. He is leveraging his status and money to attract women. That may be his strategy but that isn’t “game”. Game is using your personality, confidence, charisma, and verbal rap to win the affections of women.

        1. You have your own definition of GAME. I’ve heard many GAME gurus/Pua’s talk about ‘provider GAME’ and the like.

        1. For the record I was born a genetic alpha, I never developed the skills of GAME not care about it.(in the 80’s you didn’t need it)
          As far as I’m concerned GAME is essentially nothing more than being a con man or hustler, which is why black guys tend to be good at it.

        2. Unless you win the lottery, money is game IMHO.
          In the pre-internet era and perhaps even in the early 00’s people did not really talk about “game” using that very word and presumably some guys (most feminist chicks are still that way because they get their education from women’s blogs as opposed to the source) were still naive enough to believe in “tricks” and feigning value. It’s not that a certain frame and conversation and body language tips are worthless; they are very valuable but they can be internalized in minutes on an intellectual level and they only really come to play once you have yourself together in other ways (have a foundation) and are inclined to approach.
          Achieving things in your hobbies, career and everywhere else (you don’t even need this hobby vs. career distinction, you can make your own) will make you more grounded and confident and lead to more approaches from you; even if it’s only one approach a year as opposed to zero last year. You cannot gain financial capital or value without gaining some social and academic value along the way. You cannot become a good dancer, martial artist etc. without learning social skills and it will improve your employment opportunities. You cannot learn languages without becoming more social and having more business opportunities (money) even if you only do it for intellectual reasons. So the distinction between money and game is blurry, because modern game is self-improvement as opposed to tricks. The tricks are there still and tricks are a talent too where you can get better (selling yourself) but you cannot concentrate on making the deal (selling) entirely without building up the product (you) first.
          I may be completely wrong here but I believe that for most guys making the approach is the biggest obstacle regardless of their value. Think about all the opportunities you’ve wasted despite self-improving for years; you can be watching game videos and flexing in front of a mirror with a great body right prior to going out and feel absolutely destroyed once you hit the streets. Whatever you get into in self-improvement the biggest value you can get out of it is not impressing the woman but giving yourself the permission to get out of your head and approach; when you can get your head right, a girls’ smile will no longer be interpreted as disdainful amusement but as her having the hots for you. All your money, muscles etc. is just sitting idle if you still cannot approach.
          If you’re a naturally aloof guy, you can perhaps go straight into the tricks and approaching part and just work on getting better at that. If you’re an average guy who has had his masculinity beaten out of him, you will probably need to do a lot of foundation game first before you can start working on your tricks/approach/closing game.

        3. @ DepressedGuy
          Yeah good point, everything your doing is in essence valueless unless you approach and ‘make contact’ so to speak – but consider the fact that to her an approach doesnt mean a whole hell of a lot – it ‘might’ be flattering to her to be approached and asked out, but at the end of the day what is the main objective for men? Its nto just to get laid actually, getting laid only makes the ultimat eend goal easier – th emain goal is to lock her down correct? Don’t get me the wrong, the goal is procreation, love, compaionship, all that jazz, but how do you keep it? You keep it by marrying the chick, by dating her, ‘wooing’ her, I was gunna say by ‘courting her’ but I’m pretty sure that word is for white knights only. Regardless the point is what is the ultimate end goal? Is it just to get one fuck session in? No, the goal is like being a farmer: Instead of just being satisfied with plucking one fruit off the tree and dying the next week from starvation, you want to make an orchard and live for as long as you ca. Thats the obvious evolutionary goal. Its not just to get one fucker here, one there, one there – its to make sex sustainable, to have a consistent stream of it and to create offspring, that’s the goal.
          So when you say its all about the approach and everything is secondary until you approach I agree, but the approach is like literally 2 seconds – maybe longer, maybe shore. I realize approach anxiety is an issue with a lot of dudes, but realize the approach isn’t anything in her eyes. Your only going to bang that chick out and lock her down and marry her if your want she ‘wants’ and you can ‘convince’ her of that. Men aren’t the dancing monkeys, but most men don’t have as high of standards as girls do. Girls standards stem from if whether or not YOU fit her ‘value system’; i.e. are you her ‘type’ – and her type is going to be highly subjective. MGTOW guys complain they don’t like having to ‘act’ for the girl, but the only reason a man has to ‘act’ and be the dancing monkey is because she has standards and YOU don’t – when you develop a sense of personal integrity and a solid value system and some real standards (not this subjective bs) than everything becomes insanely easier. Men have no standards, they just wanna fuck normally, if shes hot he’s like, “yo you want some dick?” – thats all she hears, she doens’t hear anything else. Your standards simply need to match hers so that your not having to play dancing monkey to her. Every girl (no matter how delusional or overweight) HAS some kind of ‘standard’ where by she requires from the man some sort of justification in order to sleep with him. Don’t get me wrong, some girls have low standards and some have high, but they all have some kind of ‘standard’ which you need to rationalize and justify with her hamster in order to bang her. Some men have NO standards whatsoever, they submit to anything and everything. We might not think a 300lb overweight girl has ‘standards’ but these are the lies girls tell themselves. Every girl has some sort of fantasy in her head which the man’s goal is to take her out of her head.
          You mentioned that men need to get out of their heads, but I would actually say most mena re NEVER actual in their heads, or if they are they aren’t in their head ‘correctly’ – what I mean by that is if most me lived in their heads they would know exactly what they like and don’t like and exactly how to act in situation A, or situation B, or C – most men need told what to do, they don’t really live in their heads (not correctly anyways) – they may have built up anxiety for over-analysis, but thats not really living in their heads. With that being said MOST girls (the vast majority) almost exclusively live in their heads and NEED taken out by men. Men’s role is take women out of their head and her fake reality and to show her how shit actually works. The reason girls mimicry and copy so much is basically for this reason, they don’t know ANYTHING on their own, girls have no real sense of personal discovery, its MUCH MUCH EASIER to simply copy what is working – and copy they do – the one thing girls are WAY WAY better at than men is simply copying other girls and behaviors. Men can’t do it, they don’t want to, they need reasons, and ‘logic’ – BUT girls – girls copy EVERY other girl, and not just their clothes and mannerisms, but their speech and logic. The whole point I stated below in my other post is how the men girls copy (her bf or dad) are few and far between. Men will ‘copy’ for a sense of comradery , but by and large most men nowadays detest following another man’s lead, which is kind of sad actually. Anyways all I was gunna say is men should be getting girls out of their heads, that should be men’s role by and large. Even before gaming her. You could make the case that ‘getting her out of her head’ is a form of game, but I think its so much more, its its own category. ‘Game’ is in essence a way to compensate – some men say its not, other may agree – but by and large if you were her type, if YOU were EXACTLY the man she wanted, than you would never need game to get her – and the argument from there could be made that “well, you must already be doing something which she likes which IS GAME” – and so some guys will claim GAME is EVERYTHING and is this ‘catchall’ phrase whcih is simply EVERYTHING a girl likes, but thats flawed – Game is the’game’ you and her are playing , but it implies somekind of effort at seduction, something, whatever that may be, even if the seduction is subconscious on the man’s part, he still must activily ENGAGE in HER and the GAME itself at some point, which means you must choose her (choose to play the game) just as much as she’s choosing you, so Game can’t be 100% subconscious and effortless, thats a fantasy.
          The ‘category’ I’m referring to I wouldn’t call Game, I would call simply the perfect form of Male and Female Interaction; i.e. how men should ideally interact with women. They should be grounding here in reality and taking her out of her head, that should be men’s goal with a girl in almost every interaction. Some kind of ‘forcing’ out of her reality and into real life so to speak. Could write a book on that shit, but I’ll spare you the spam.

    3. Money is just like being jacked and having muscles – it builds the ego up a couple points to where it makes you more naturallyl cocky/funny – the effects of ‘direct’ money are rare – its mostly the fact that you feel more calm and at peace and comfortable because youre finacially stable – girls only care about money later on when they are looking at you as a provider / daddy – early on it doesnt mean anything and if she asks about your job is 9x outta 10 just a delusional shittest to size you up – busted dudes with $0 in the bank still can get laid – like I said, its like muscles; it makes you feel more natural and attractive, but the money itself doesn’t matter

      1. It should be noted that obviously money can act as a point of entry to get certain girls – think clubs, anywhere with somekind of currency exchange – but the fact of the matter is you need money to live ok – if were talkin some weird hypothetical to where the dude is totally busted and homeless BUT has crazy good game or some shit compared to a rich ass dude with shit game, theyre almost ‘even’ actually; i.e. both dudes have probably the same chance of getting laid – the only differance is the rich dude can have more options, thats really all it boils down to – the guy with money can pay any ‘point of entry’ price whereas the homeless dude has to heckle girls on the street – even if the rich dude has 0 game and the homeless guy has massive skill the ‘rich’ dude still has more options which inevitably should lead to more lays – it just depends, I’ve seen dudes who can game anywhere anytime no problems whatsoever, and I’ve seen the opposite with some dudes who straight up can’t talk to a girl when the girl is practically forcing herself onto him because they are in the same venue – having some cash and being able to consistently go out to places your odds go way way up as opposed to just cold approaching randomly – girls are more comfortable (and expect to get hit on) at venues they go out to and pay money to attend – they asusme because of the price of admission that you must have ‘some money’ but it because I second thought and dissapears pretty quick – I would say at the end of the day money gets you more chances to game which are natural and not as forced as cold approaching on the street or whatever – being in the same venus as a girl and paying for the price of admission somewhere is very very similar to being apart of her ‘social network’ and her social circle – simply because of the milieu and proximity of being in the same ‘unique venue’ triggers in her a sense of similarity which is akin if not identical to her social network and thus her social circle; in other words going to the same niche places / events that she goes to makes her think you are apart of the same social netowkr and a prospect for her social circle. Normally there’s a price of admission of somekind but in reality thats the only real upfront ‘cost’ shes going to notice. Her looking at your clothes or car or other details all come way later because she already figures your a part of her network in some way. Anyways I dunno, you need money to fuckin live, but at the end of day I think she only really gives a shit when shes looking at you as a provider or potential husband.

        1. Correct. Money and the ability to provide really only matters when a woman is looking for a boyfriend/husband. As it pertains to getting laid, your looks, status, and charisma plays a much more decisive role.

  2. Nice article, thanks for sharing.
    Your youth is showing; in time you’ll learn that:
    All women are prostitutes. Some you pay in attention, some in resources, some in excitement.
    In 2018 no one man will do, this is a fact that must be established, accepted.
    The only reason women weren’t this way 100 years ago is because they couldn’t be.
    Thanks again.

    1. “In 2018 no one man will do,” may be true where you are… hence travel, dude. You don’t even need to leave the country you are in, unless, of course, you’re in the UK, where the phrase, “In 2018 no woman will do,” rings more true. I fucking HATE UK chicks.

    2. Thank you Tracy.
      Like you stated; I do happen to be young comparatively speaking(I am assuming many of the guys on here are over 30).
      While I agree that any woman that a man gets intimate with will eventually cost him money when it’s all said and done. Paying for a prostitute just does not sound appealing to me at this moment in time.
      This could change as I get older. I enjoy the thrill of the “hunt” still. If a man displays the correct frame, getting laid can be done relatively easily and cheaply.
      I liken it to starting a business. Building a business from the ground up is difficult in the beginning, which is why a lot of them fail within the first year. Once you optimize your business strategy(s) and get some name recognition you can sit back and take a more passive approach. Having enough leads in your inventory and assembling a harem allows you to put your sex life on autopilot.

      1. “Paying for a prostitute just does not sound appealing to me at this moment in time.”
        It never did to me either, and I never paid cash in the white world. White women are worthless in every way, and the white prostitutes are equally worthless. Once you’ve tried Asian, you will forget Caucasian. Asia is completely different, and there is always an element of cash in any relationship out here.

        1. SOHO DAYS
          When I visited London in my youth, I paid for a couple of British prostitutes.
          One was a huge Irish woman with a vagina the size of a whale. She was about six foot tall and built like a tank.
          “I won’t ride you, I’m too big.” She told me offhandedly. Nice enough, but not really an erotic type.
          The other hooker was a Maltese woman of 45 or so. She was cooking some garlic dish when I went up and had a horrible perm.
          Finally, a buddy I was hitching with through Wales came upon a Welsh farm girl who loitered outside her Dad’s livestock barn on the road offering to screw passerby’s behind her bar. This was North Wales.
          “We can’t go in the barn my Dad will kill me”.
          My travel buddy and I declined.

        2. JOHN
          British girls “on the game” in the days before the ex-Soviet hookers put them out of business were a bit of a joke and really awful compared to the pros today.
          If you were a Yank backpacker going through Wales there were some really rough Taff farmgirls who would stand in front of barn on a forlorn road. It was always their Dad’s barn.
          My friend I was roaming with asked one if he could go inside and this Taff girl said “No, Dad’ll kill me”.
          The Soho “TARTS” were middle-aged Maltese and Irish laundrywomen types back in those days.
          They were, in the 90’s, only 30 quid a throw though.
          The beach resort town Rasberries were the lowest, however. A tourist would rent a beach chair and a really hard-looking Brit women would shuffle over with a broadsheet and suck you off on the chair for only $20 quid while you covered her head with the newspaper.
          Such was the prostitution scene of GB in the 90’s when I was a tourist there.

  3. Money, when used accordingly, can certainty provide a man with an advantage, but it does not guarantee him success. You’ve conflated having wealth with having fame; a rich man is not always famous, just like a famous person is not always rich.. One could argue having fame or high social status lends a man better chances to score with attractive women. At the micro-level, that is why the star high school football player at his school or bartender who works at the popular local club in town has the potential to get laid relatively easily.

    1. I would agree, but ‘argue’ that the ‘star football player’ or ‘bartender’ doesn’t get laid because of ‘fame’, but simply because he’s in the ‘right place at the right time’ – being in a girls social proxmity to her is akin to being her social network and in her mind her social circle. It really has less to do with ‘fame’ and ‘wealth’ and simply more to do with commonaility more than anything else. Think of in high school: not ‘EVERY’ girl wanted the ‘football star’ or dated him, they may have ‘secretly’ wanted him no different than every dude secretly wanting the hottest cheerleader, but if you look close you’ll notice girls (in high school in particular) date guys who are simply their ‘social circle’ – the artsy chick dates the artsy dude, the jock dates the cheerleader, the band geek dates the other band geek, th outcast dates the other outcast – even though girls have an easier time going ‘up’ in their social connections (because of looks obviously) there’s examples of plenty of dudes who can do the same also – BUT, by and large its easier to ‘date across’ (the same social group) than it is to ‘date up’ or even to ‘date down’ – one would think it would be easier to ‘date down’ and soemtimes it is okay, not gunna lie, but there’s a weird dichotomty that occurs to where neither partner is really satisfied and the girl senses it – like try being a 7 or 8 dude and date a ‘fatty’ – she’ll be way happy, but neither partner at the ed of the day is really truly satisfied because both know they aren’t dating at their ‘level’ so to speak – whats interesting here though is the fact that a ‘band geek guy’ could date the ‘artsy girl’ or vice versa – or that the ‘band geek’ could date the ‘theatre nerd’ or whatever, because they are similar in ‘styles’ its easier to ‘cross-over’ to a different group – in reality if your a ‘chad football star’ or whatever you could date the artsy girl if you wanted, but both of you won’t feel satsfied I don’t believe because its such a contrast in belief systems – if the goal is just to get laid than its really just as simple as putting yourself in the same environment as the type of girl you want and ‘acting the part’ or having some interest in what she likes, its really that simple. I don’t think ‘fame’ or ‘money’ really are that big of a factor at all, its very situational and just depends on whether or not you are in the same venus or place as her and have the same interests.

    2. Did money ever matter to get the girl in high school?
      Most guys on this site would agree that MOST girls act like children and that their mindset is more or less trapped in the same mindset she’s had since she stopped maturing and growing (her high school mindset).
      Did having money ever matter to ‘get the girl high school’? The only real point of entry would be having a car, thats about it. I was one of the few guys in high school who actually had a job and had cionsisten money of my own that I could blow on whatever, but it never made a differance. The only differance it made was that I had a car and so EVERYONE wanted me to drive their ass everywhere, so I was like the shuttle guy they all wanted. So, in that aspect I was ‘needed’ by my friends to ‘close the gap’ of social connections (so to speak) – if you shuttle your friends all over, you meet alot more different people and ‘break out’ of certain pre-established social barriers. I hung out with the ‘artsy muscians’ the ‘potheads’ the ‘christian kids’ and occasionally the ‘jocks’ cuse I was into sports also – but by and large my main go to group were friends who were like me – a combination of ‘pothead rebels’ who were actually just your average everyday run of the mill john and jane does. Social circle is what gets you lays. If I never had wheels I’d probably only have hung out with maybe a handful of different people here and there and not gone out and done and experienced nearly as much shit. The ‘point of entry’ was simply having a car, that was it. I bought booze every once and a while, but those few situations thats all it was. The social circle was already pre-established simply by nature of proximity.
      Now, how is it different outside of school? It’s really not all that much if you think about it. You still can meet friends through friends if you go out enough, but alot of people are jaded nowadays and less and less people really ‘open up’ to the idea. Your social circle can just be aquaintances too, they don’t have to be like your best friends ever. But i reality, what is the price of admission? What really does it cost? If you want supermodels maybe you need to fuel some millionares jetsetting lifestyle, but by and large you can meet girls pretty much anywhere and with only a small price of admission to certain ‘higher end’ venues if thats your thing. Alot of it has to do with just GOING OUT and EXPERIENCING new and different areas and people and places. It really has to do with how much dough is in your pocket and more to do with going out and socializing and experiencing life and wanting to learn and being interested in different ideas and places.
      Cash is for like having a car in highschool – you get to shuttle your firneds around and meet new people, but what YOU DO when you meet those people all depends on YOU, not your money. Having cash lets you travel and meet new people (like getting on a plane and going to the other side of the world or maybe just the next state over) – it allows you to meet people. But the girl doesn’t care about the cash itself. The guy with the car in high school looks basically as cool as the dude who flew acorss the world – she thinks,”Oh, wow, this dude goes where he wants and does what he wants to do.” – She might think you are more wealthy than you are because of it, but in reality she just thinks your cool cuse you go and do what you want. So in reality the cash = the mode of transportation, but not much else unless you wanna be husband / provider for her and she expects you to be.

      1. I agree with majority of your points. Although, I would not undermine the impact that status/fame has on a man’s sexual market value. You could say the football player or the bartender that gets laid is product of being in the right place at the right time, but I it’s really down to them being higher up the social hierarchy. I definitely agree that increasing and maximizing your social encounters can do wonders for a person’s sex life, but fact of the matter is women are hypergamous by nature. A man who is higher up the socioeconomic ladder will always pique a woman’s interest.

        1. You guys missed the point – “Did money ever matter to get the girl in high school?” – it was a rhetorical question – the answer is no you don’t need money to get a high school girl – money is irrelevant, all it does is put you in a better position to meet her, that’s it – the ‘status/fame’ thing is literally like 1 in a hundred million men – you and EVERY other john doe are not going to fall into that ‘category’ – girls ‘hypergamy’ is only really triggered by super celebs – besides the hypergamy argument is somewhat pointless to use – ‘high status’ to a girl can be displayed using ‘game’ – it doesn’t have to be overt; i.e. everyone doesn’t have to know you – you can have the exact same effect if you bring a girl to a new venue and ‘everyone’ knows you by name, she thinks, “Oh, wow, everyone knows him” – this can flatter the man and make her attracted to you, but this ‘lesser form’ of hypergamy is a half-truth – girls desire for the ‘high status’ guy is the same as a guys desire for a ‘hot girl’ – both of which are totally subjective to the individual – the only time it isn’t subjective is when, like I said, EVEYRONE knows you and you are a famous celeb, but this ‘high status’ isn’t some conditioning from monkey tribal times like Rollo and evolutionists want you to think, its simply an ‘inviting feeling’ – for whatever reason a lot of dudes don’t put themselves in he girls shoes so they can’t seem to wrap their heads around the most basic things.
          Sure, girls scream over the Beatles and Elvis, cuse every other girl is, we get it, they are ‘high status’ – but why? Because its wish fulfillment. It has nothing to do with wanitng the ‘alpha’ – The Beatles are NOT and will never be alpha males – they were simply popular – girls feed off of other girls emotions ok, not to go off on some Beatles tangent, but the fact of the matter is the Beatles presented the ‘wish fullfillment’ girls long for – everything isn’t always about bondage and submission and being #2 to the #1 alpha – there’s deifnitly a little bit of that for very girl, but girls have hard fantasy lives man, they live in a world fo possibilities, they all want to be ‘swept off their feet’ etc. Essentially they tell themselves stories (lies) to cope with reality…why? Because its more fun for them, they have literally nothing else to do – girls don’t give a shit about work or working jobs man, they could care less, so what do girls do?
          They tell themselves stories and try to ’embody’ the stories they tell themselves – I’m sure this isn’t the answer most guys want but the ‘fame’ isn’t important because of some pseudo-male ‘alpha’ who ‘everyone’ knows, its because to her [in her mind / her fantasy] ‘everyone is suppose’ to know the ‘best’ guy. Notice how the ‘best’ guy is entirely subjective to her (The Beatles, Elvis, Justin Beiber, etc…) None of these ‘men’ are alpha in the slightest – in fact you could say they are ALL they opposite of alpha and closer to girls.
          They are ‘in touch with their emotions’ – all this means is they represent to her her ‘wish fulfillment’ – Why do they like the guy every other guy likes? Its because girls like EVERYTHING EVERY OTHER GIRL LIKES – they all like the same stuff – when one thing becomes popular (no matter how stupid) every girl starts doing it too – the last thing a girl wants is too STICK OUT – the idea of ‘sticking out’ is an INCREDIBLY NEW phenomenon with girls – the ‘femenists’ with their green or blue hair and tattoos etc . . .
          But by and large the VAST majority of girls DO NOT want to stand out – look at Tinder and online dating, once the hot girls start doing something EVERY other girl follows in line – on Tinder there’s those stupid moving gif like pictures or whatever theyre called, I don’t know or care, only used it like once or twice, used it once when it first came out and then used it recently and noticed every dumb broad started copying the hot ‘cute’ girls – same with the ‘dog ears and nose’ over the selfie – its retarded and NO guy likes it or thinks its hot or sexy or cute – its universally idiotic to men, but girls by the shit load used (not as much anymore if at all) those stupid filters for their selfies – these are just minor examples, girls do it with literally EVERYTHING – they find a niche and they go balls to the walls copying every other hot girl – another good example is the cosplay shit where girls dress up and take model pics, its retarded, for some guys I’m sure its fetish ro whatever, but point is you get busty 9’s and 10’s doing this shit, why? (RHETORICAL QUESTION)* WHY!?
          Because EVERY OTHER GIRL DOES IT – notice how even the hottest hot girls STILL copy – only the rare rare supermodel types (who still copy other girls) don’t as much, because they are getting their needs most in every other way that they don’t have too. Now, to bring my point home, point is they ALSO do this WITH…you guessed it, men. They all like a certain man – NOT cuse he’s ‘alpha’ or the ‘top dog’ or even because he’s ‘famous’ – BUT only because another girl(s) likes him. It’s innate jealousy. The ‘fame’ is only part of the aftermath of girls liking him. Its not the precursor you want it to be. And the same goes for the whole ‘hypergamy’ theory. Rollo started brainwashing guys into thinking hypergamy is all that matters but its not man, its just not. It exists no different than men wanting the ‘hottest’ girl they can find – but whose to say what is the ‘hottest’? It’s entirely subjective – certainty there are universal traits all men want etc, but the point is hypergamy isn’t the end all be all.
          It’s simply a subconscious archetype girls go after, no different than the ‘helpless maiden’ men go after. A guy see’s a cute girl (or really any dumb broad who isn’t grotesque) trying to carrying to much in her arms and stars dropping stuff – what is the FIRST THING the guy tries to do, “HEY LET ME HELP YOU WITH THAT!” – men want to help women, we like them, theyre hot, we want to white knght in order to subconsciously get laid, etc…but is this our state in nature, or is it simply a beta mindset fostered through conditioning? I’m not sure entirely, but I think it’s an old archetype men have nurtured since cave man days – but its not our prime directive, its been a LONG LONG time since I’ve asked to help a girl (a hot stranger that is) BUT the last time I did it I immediately felt beta, my whole body froze and I realized how pathetic it seemed – I dont’ believe its our natural state or how men are in nature, he wouldn’t ask for one.
          I’m getting off track, whole point is hypergamy is a subconscious archetype (you heard it here first cuse no one else is gunna dish out so many redpills, chock on um boys!*) – its a subconscious archetype; i.e. its a fetish, its not her normal state, she wants the ‘top dog’ same reason men want the hottest girl – does this trigger in her and is she aware of it? No, she’s hardly aare of anything, what she is aware of is her friend Sarah making out with John in the corner, suddenly John seems a lot hotter – why? Is it his ‘style’ his ‘money’ his ‘swagger’ his ‘chad-like-alphaness’ – no, its only because girls are built to like what other girls like, its hat plain and simple. If you need more proof of that look at a woman’s IQ scores compared to men – girls IQ is a bell curve, they don’t deviate from the norm in intelligence – i.e. they all galvanize towards the same thing; i.e. they are sheep, which I’m totally fine with, if you game 1 girl you can probably game most. You illiciting her ‘hypergamy’ isn’t her ‘real’ hypergamy – its just good vibes. When you walk into a room with a girl and introduce her to everyone and everyone knows you she feels more comfortable, she doesn’t care that YOU know everyone. Guys are obsessed in WANTING (desperately I might add) her to GIVE A FUCK about YOU – men have some fragile egos sometimes – but its true unfortunately – men wanna be recognized by the girl as someone important (which generally speaking this is ‘fine’) but she could really care less, girls live in their own little world.
          I find the whole conversation about girls being ‘solipsistic’ annoying, but its more or less accurate, they live in their own world and only know how to gauge their performance off of OTHER GIRLS – they use other girls as a means to rank themselves. She lives in her 75% of the time – when you walk in a room with her and everybody knows you and starts chatting you up it does two things 1) makes her comfortable and 2) takes her OUT of her head. 75% of the time shes not gunna give shit about you because you’ve failed to tak eher out of her own little world. Girls recognize men that take her out of her head and ALSO complete some ‘fantasy’ of some kind that she’s conjured. I.e. look at the Beatles one last time, 1) every other girl is acknowledging them – so she mimics, 2) they take her out of her head because she’s forced to accept what other girls are accepting – to not be ‘shamed’ she has to go with the herd, 3) they make her comfortable – they aren’t these hardcore ‘alpha’s whoa re gunna rape her into submission – they are ‘playful’ and ‘inviting’ – there’s a ton of reason s the Beatles are popular but its almost exclusvily because the girls wanted them. This goes along with your ‘fame’ and ‘hypergamy’ argument, but the point is its not because of some tribal hypergamy and pseudo-alpha who runs the tribe – if the Beatles are a subconscious archetype they aren’t the ‘King’ or ‘Ruler’ or ‘Master’ that hypergamy claims they should be – no, they are ‘Jesters’ or ‘Bards’ who are definitely not the ‘alpha’ hypergamy suggests that they should be.
          If hypergamy does exist (I’m not convinved it does in its current definition) its not that the women want the ‘top dog’ but only that women want what other women want; i.e. which is closer to the opposite of hypergamy – its a lemming mindset. Because women can never truly be individuals when they see men who ‘appear like invidiausl’ (rebels, badboys) it triggers a response to be like them because they lack that trait in themselves. It has nothing to do with the man being the ‘top dog’ – uness you ant to claim that the ONLY individual(s) in the past were the ‘King’ or rulers, but even that doesn’t really hold up to scrutiny.

        2. “but I it’s really down to them being higher up the social hierarchy”…?
          “A man who is higher up the socioeconomic ladder will always pique a woman’s interest.”
          Here man, I like your writing and your articles for the most part so I’m gunna give it to you straight dude, the above statements are lies men tell themselves. They are basically wetdreams men want to believe to tell themselves ‘not all hope is lost’ – Anytime a man starts talking about the socioeconomic ladder its his subconscious crying out saying,”HEY! You’re smart, YOU can get rich TOO!” – its a flawed premise man. The idea men have is that they believe there’s some pseudo-hierarchy where ALL girls subconsciously are ONLY picking the breadwinners and top dogs – I wrote plenty on hypergamy below [read below]* so I won’t go into it all again, but the point is its a lie dude. Men want to tell themselves that they can be ‘successful’ too and so that hottie so that when you get that hottie NOW she’ll want you….dude, its a lie, its unreality – being ‘higher up on the socioeconomic ladder’ is something men in corporate jobs on wallstreet say, its not something a 20-23 yrd old hotte says or even thinks.
          Girls are the MOST sexually prime and active from 20 – 23 – you think she’s saying, “I NEED a MAN whose HIGH up on the socioeconomic ladder!” – Uhhh, no, she’s not saying this. And she’s not subconsciously desiring it as wanting the ‘alpha either [read below]* Why not you ask? Because people (girls especially but men too) believe things they tell themselves – like the statements you made – its smply self-talk man – if we want it to be true, we tell ourselves its true. It’s essentially subjectivity, but not always. Point is girls are hyper prone to this kind of behavior. Need an example: think the fat girls calling themselves beautiful. It’s idiotic. But if you tell yourself it enough it becomes a ‘truth’ – is it really a truth? No, not at all. But your trying to me girls only want guys who are high up on the socio economic ladder – I get the ‘point’ okay man, the COMMON (flawed) premise is the top dog takes the girl(s).
          The problem with this idea I already typed about [below]* But the point is sort of a half-truth, and actually more like a ‘quarter-truth’ – they only really want a guy to prove them wrong and in her mind if he proves her wrong he’s ‘alpha’ -why is he ‘alpha’ because he’s disproved her ideas that she stole from her ex and dad. She has no new ideas. She takes her ideas from how she was raised and the ‘men’ in her life and uses them as her own, that’s her only defense. She knows she can NEVER WIN against a man, mentally or physically, she can’t do it, itll never happen in a million fuckin years and THEY KNOW it, they ALL subsconsiously are cowards who hide behind other men’s ideas and ‘battle’ men who want them with THOSE ideas.
          Think ‘tradcon’ girls – these bitches are no more trad than a slut on a pole. Actually they are, but there natures are no different, the tradcon girl wants you to fight her ideas basically and prove her wrong – but whose ideas are those? Its her dads or ex’s – most likely its her families, or her dad’s. Normally arguing won’t do you any good, but if you actually have a brain (and use it) than youde be surprised how many bitches you can bang out by using logic. The real point to all of this is your equating status as like this prime indication of her being receptive.
          “You could say the football player or the bartender that gets laid is product of being in the right place at the right time, but I it’s really down to them being higher up the social hierarchy.” – What hierarchy? The only hierarchy she has is her exs or her dads. Your not competing against the football star or bartender UNLESS they are her bf or ex. THATS the ONLY hierarchy youre going up against man. But the orginal post and point was that just being in the same type of venue as her more or less puts you in her social circle (which is her tribe) which means you and john doe are the same ‘level’ in her eyes. If she likes football players – and you go to a party of just football players – whether or not you are a football player doesn’t matter (it will later on down the road when you seduce her that drama kids and actor PUA’s at ebetter) but when you meet her she cares not who you are because she thinks shes already in the venue with the men she wants. You startin to see the big picture here man? Her ‘hierarchy’ is just the type of dude she’s into (which was her ex or dad) – as long as youre a part of that ‘group’ (whatever it may be) n some capacity, than she auto-dumps you in with EVERY other guy. It has nothing to do with you being the ‘MvP’ and everything to do with you simply being apart of her herd – the ‘MvP’ and being ‘unqiue’ and a ‘star’ and ‘individual’ only matters as much as it matters for her. If she REALLY LOVES her daddy’s values and her ex’s ideas than THAT is who she’s gunna be looking for, but if she has no values and was never a ‘hot girl’ and she’s always tried to be an ‘individual’ than she’ll be looking for the guy who is the most ‘individualistic’ guy out there – essentially a guy who DGAF about anything, like her. Like attracts like. Girls like the dbag whose dgaf simply becaue all girls want to be individuals and think they are special because in reality they are all sheep and aprt of the herd, and so any dude who personfiys their subconscious wetdream ‘seems’ ideal to her, but in reality what she really wants is to stick as close to the herd as possible and have a ‘man’ whose slightly ‘better’ *(more alpha: has some ideas, is smart, not a dumbfuck) than her type – I.e. If she’s tradcon she wants a tradcon guy, but he still has to ‘beat’ her ‘normal’ way of thinking and ‘prove’ he’s smarter – normally this is pretty fuckin easy – but nowadays so many pussy dudes no guy wants to argue with a girl (I totally understand and get it okay) but truth of the matter is she likes being told and explained why she’s wrong. She doesn’t really ‘like it’ (some do, the really slutty ones love it) but this is how girls are built man, she has to battle against you and make yourself prove yourself – some guys think this means caveman style rape or whatever (actually no guys really truly believe that – but that’s the archetype from history) where he overpowers her by sheer force, and that’s kind of the ‘traditional way’ of viewing it, but really has nothing to do with any of that and everything to do with what HER ideas are -shes not going to just change her ideas for you, she needs convinced of it, this doesn’t mean debating the fuck out of her, it means being a smartass motherfucker and playing games with her – at the end of the day she has no ideas of her own, but inherits her dads, brothers, and ex’s and uses them against you (subconsciously mind you – she doesn’t know anything else) to see how ‘badass’ you are.
          Typically having commonalities will actually work in your favor a lot also because you come form the same ‘tribe’ and so she’ll auto respect you, but she still desires proof of your intelligence and masculinity in some way shape or form. Take this Lauren Southeren chick, barely know shit about her, but I guess she’s a tradcon right, perfect example; a girl like her has tons of dudes who are lap dogs and agree with her and his is generally speaking ‘fine’ for her because it reaffirms any ideas she has (girls needs reaffirmation – lots of it) but the point is to get a girl like that doesn’t mean you need to be the ‘MOST TRADCON MAN EVER’ – you need to appeal to her sensibilities – just checked her twitter, lets see…hmmm she posted:
          “My mom wears heels & lipstick and looks amazing. My dad played video games with my sister and I when we were kids. ” –
          – Oh, wow, ok, so this actually says a lot – it doesn’t mean she wants a dude who plays videogames, but It does mean she doesn’t mind a dude whose secure with himself enough to where he can be a bit ‘nerdy’ and its not a big deal or whatever – and the mom is always a echo of herself – shes basically just saying I can be a girly girl and my dad can be a smart nerdy dude and life is apples and cream*** Its pretty self-explanatory, the take home from this is that again, she’s comparing you to her dad, her brothers, her family values – THAT is the hierarchy, its not the PERFECT RICH DUDE WITH ALL THE MONEY ON EARTH – that ‘hypergamous’ pseudo-reality doesn’t exist. In regards to needing to be the ‘most tradcon man ever’ to get Lauren Southeren, I think it has nothing to do with being tradcon and everything to do with you convincing her she’s wrong. Her being the ‘MOST TRADCON GIRL EVER’ though means that its gunna take a lot of convincing, which I’d be willing to do. MOST guys wont, EVERY dude will placate like a bitch to her, which is ‘okay’ in a certain sense because she’s gunna get a dude form her ‘tribe’ but she wont be satisfied unless the dude challenges her intellectually and is cocky funny about it.
          The only hierarchy is HER own personal value system – which believe it or not, could be a fuckstorm to get through. Girls are actually extremely gifted at mimicry and embodying other ideas and beliefs. If the girl dated a super smart genius dude who ALSO had swagger and was legit there’s no way your etting her, you might not think those dudes exist (and there aint many) but they kill it major. Long story short is if she dates a dude who has a some solid belief system (usually trad of somekind) and he has swagger (bad boy / individualistic which brings out her need for individualism and self) than shes either fucking him or married to him. Trad guys lock down and marry their girls and they are also the hardest to break the girl away, it doesn’t happen, their belief systems and value are sound and the girl senses it and the relationship is immovable. Whereas take a libertarian dude or some neolib dude with swagger – he’ll bring out her individualism in SPADES, but he won’t lock her down in the slightest, he can get notches ALL DAY long but can’t keep her ass cuse he has no belief system. Girls need some kind of dual ideologiocal ‘battle’ to be you rgirl or they are like you, like the wind, they just blow away. Shes going to start liking and adopting anything and everything that you are, anytime you make some kind of argument or jab against some idea she’s gunna use it on some other guy when your not around, or on her mom, or sister, or friend just for kicks and to test it out. She doesn’t do this on purpose, its most subconsciously becomes a part of her. But if the dude she dates has no value system neither does she, really that simple.

        3. Unless your some A list movie star or some shit hypergamy doesn’t really exist and isn’t a real mating factor, it might’ve been in caveman days, but even then I don’t really believe it was. Hypergamy is the wetdream of the homo rollo, these are the kinds of dudes who think we ALL evolved from some triabl monkey warfare and every girl fucked ONLY the king or leader of the tribe, if you read enough ancient history you’ll see harems were actually extremely rare and even if you want to claim that ancent tribal people only had harems it doesn’t add up because there’s plenty of evidence that says they didn’t. Anyways the closest thing to hypergamy in modern society is just the fantasy of agreement every girl has with every other girl – since every girl placates to every other girl naturally they all agree that the ‘one’ (individual) man is the ‘best’ – it has nothing to do with ‘rulership’ or being the ‘most alpha’ – this isn’t to say she still doesn’t want a man whose battleing against her idea or doesn’t want the ‘top dog’ but it is to say that not every girl want the same one man. Like I already stated I’ll say one last time, girls have a niche or certain personal ideology which is taken from their family, their dad, their ex – if he was a weak beta its taken from ‘society’ (still typically the first dude she bangs) – form that point forward she’s testing you based off of them, theres ways to subvert the discussions entirely but generally speaking her prime directive is to make you agree with her (in which case you lost) or for you to prove her wrong but done so in a way which doesn’t fucking destroy her entire reality – too many men want to obliterate girls which logic, all you need is some cocky funny shit with some smart funny logic, you definitely need to know some shit to get the type of girl you want, but you can’t go balls to the walls and fucking destroy her, it has the opposite effect, she needs to feel like shes learning something from you – the only ‘hypergamy’ which is occurring is her desiring someone with better ideas than her own – HER ideas are usually the saem as most other girls, but they are also totally subjective – its a doubleedged sword – essentially shes gunna compare you to her ex(s) or dad if you want a relationship – to just bang her out is a different story entirely.
          All I was gunna say to wrap this shit up was that the hypergamy you think exists is realy a flawed concept. The closest thing to hypergamy in modern society is you having a room full of bodies who all know you and she knows no one and you introduce her to all of them and look like your the boss – why is this ‘erotic’ you ask? Its not cuse your the leader, it has nothing to do with status and everything to do with you taking her out of her head to acknowledge you -SHE HAS TO ACKNOWLEDGE YOU – WHY!!!! BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE IS – girls live in their heds – most men never get acknowledge, by no one – they go through life never raising their hand in class, never speaking up, not saying shit, they become sheep themselves, and the only time they raise their hand is when their name is called at the start of class and laong with every other man his name fades away. When you take a girl to a venue and EVERYONES talking to you – she HAS to acknowledge you, this is such a massive shift in energy because it only happens with men on a stage being dancing monkeys. This is about as close to hypergamy in real life that your going to get and keep in mind its a movie, while still in the realm of possibility your odds are low:

      2. “Did money ever matter to get the girl in high school?”
        Wrong question, high school girls are at their peak breeding level, and are capable of truly loving a man. By the time they have reached 25 all love is gone from their lives and they have become cold and calculating. You are comparing two different animals.

        1. This is why out-of-wedlock births usually occur 90% of the time between the ages of 15 and 25.
          That is the only point of a woman’s life when she is reproducing simply out of love.
          Then the woman seeks out the Beta to provide for her after having been impregnated by the Alpha cad who has abandoned her.

        2. John Dodds seriously good insight. In fact I thibk back when I was in my mid teens having the most wholesome relationships with the female gender. Women ate diffetrnt at that age and I think this lasts up to the early twenties – then their calculating nature kicks in.
          Thank you for your insight, in triggered an awareness for me.

        3. dud:
          “By the time they have reached 25 all love is gone from their lives and they have become cold and calculating. You are comparing two different animals. ”
          -Here you want a red pill you old fuck? Here’s a red pill for you: the age girls FIRST get fucked is the age they stop mentally aging – true story. Look at any girl who first got fucked at say 14 – what does she act like the REST of her life? She acts like a 14 yr old – My whole point (you missed it bytheway – must be old AND blind) had nothing to do about comparing ages, it was simply about how you don’t need money to get a high school girl. Which you don’t. The real point is that girls after high school are mentally no different – sure some are colder and bitchier, not all, but some. Its all about the age she first got laid old man. How many more red pills you need? So what changed then?
          What changed from after high school? Isnt it obvious?
          They got banged out – maybe once, twice, maybe three or four times, who knows, maybe they didn’t get banged out and theyre mad about it- but something changed right?
          The only thing that changed is that she didnt get married – cuse the bitches your desrcibing are all single bitches – all the women I know who are married are happy as can be. Its not many of them, but thats what changed. Oh, and heres another red pill for you gramps, the men changed too, they have no values; i.e. they aint trad, they know nothing of tradition or marriage, they fuck her and walk away, and what happens? I end up having to deal with that mess of a girl. Usually her getting laid a couple times isnt the end of the world, but man, some of these girls are way used, and I blame a lot of men cuse of it. Girls adopt a mans belief system, the more dick she has the more conflicting messages until she basically ends up just being an empty burnt out shell, its really sad and disgusting actually. If the girl is used good I realize tis tough for a lot of men to deny the bang, but at the end of the day you gotta ask yourself if you want to pass her on to another dude? Because what you bang is what you get back. The same thing is gunna end up happening to you, the next girl you meet is gunna be used goods the dude only took for ride. Some dudes will say if shes already used no harm no foul, but that shit aint true, the more she has the more messed up she gets. For guys this doesnt happen cuse guys dont assimilate (literally and psychologically) their partners ideas, some do, but its rare. Men want to be like their girl and vice versa, but men don’t literally take on the girls psycholigcal disposition the same way girls take on a mans psyche. Women will literally adopt your mindset – the more dick she has the greater the fragmentation – obviously the west is a great example of how fragmented and ugly its gotten. But the point is old man that shes cold and calculating cuse she got screwed over, its a pretty normal human reaction – I was a massive asshole the first major breakups I had, it can happen to anyone. Not to diminsih all the men that have been screwed over also, but at the end of the day you get back what you put out there.
          The one red pill to rule them all is men not taking blame for their misstakes; they fuck girls and dont marry them, its a vicious cycle which the next man and the next man and the next man after him has to deal with until you end up like where were at today. Girls ‘sexual liberation’ is way different than it is for men. Alot of men can fuck dozens of girls and suffer no ill effects, though I dont advise it nessecarrily cuse of std’s. But for girls its entirely different. They end up becoming what they have sex with. In other words girls who are porn stars end up trapped in that lifestyle for numerous finacial reasons I’m sure but mainly cuse psychologically girls become what they have sex with, the more they sleep around with people who sleep around is like pouring fuel on the fire. Thats an extreme example….a simple example is the girl in high school -she sleeps with the artsy muscian dude and more or less becomes him and changes her style etc. The reverse can also happen to where she will play dress up to attract the man she wants. But by and large usually hat goes down is she assimilates the the psychological disposition of the guy she has sex with. If its a one night stand all it does is reafirm one ight stands, but really its a negative feedback loop which can be broken earl on but the more she does it the worse it gets. From my experience only extrmee cases will stop her from continuing to whore out; i.e. knew a girl once who wanted to wait fr sex cuse she had multiple abortions, that seems like a pretty good reasonis you ask me! But who wants to wait around for that? Uhhh, not many guys unless hes hardcore whiteknight. Regardless there;s few things thta will stop her from just continng to whore out, the main one is yourself and just not making it worse for every other dude. The old tired rebuttle is the guys that wanna get laid will still bang her regardless…well, what do you do about that? If he wants that std go right head, all I know is I’ve never banged trash that I didnt have an intent on locking down nor do I wanna create a whore for the next dude to deal with. Make her beg for it gramps. Instead of all this thirsty social media shit dudes should be HYPER selective with girls, wish men would wise the fuck up. End of Story.

      3. “Did money ever matter to get the girl in high school”
        Well yeh, it did at my school. The guys with rich parents that bought them nice cars got girls. The guys from wealthy families always had the latest expensive materialistic gadgets and fashion raising their status and therefore the girl they were with status and girls wanted in.
        A lot of girls from school were banging older guys in there 20’s who bought them sh1t and could take them places.
        Money isn’t everything though that is correct. I’m banging a girl at the moment who dropped the guy she was with like a rock simply because she thinks I’m hot.

        1. This is a common problem; guys thinking their personal life experience is the same as every other man’s – every girl in high school doesn’t date the guy with the car, or new ‘gadget’, or newest clothes – repeat: ‘EVERY GIRL’ are the key words here – youre describing ONE niche group; i.e. guys with money. Go to different high schools and take a look around (try not to look like a pedo though, not sure how tough thatll be for a sasquatch), but point is high schoolers sort themselves into groups, its practically in their nature. Whether or not you want ot say its social conditioning of somekind I don’t know nor do I care. The point is youre equating that girls ONLY want the dudes in school with money, which is inaccurate. Youre referencing one group; guys with money. Think outside the box a bit for a change, I’m referring to EVERY girl and EVERY ‘group’ / ‘clique’ – youde think its self-explainatory but I guess not so much. Like I already said in previous post theres different kinds of groups and different kinds of girls. Theres potheads, metalheads, goths, jocks, art nerds, band geeks, etc….dudes will bang any girl regardless of group, but when it comes to a ‘relationship’ if you don’t have anything in common with her its not gunna happen man, espcally for high schoolers. She has her mind made up already. Men confuse money with game and game with money thinking girls give a shit about money.
          Dudes like to feed their egos (or lack there of in this case) thinking they are inadequate because they don’t fit a girls type. Girls have ‘types’ man, sorry to tell you, but they do, they have some fantasy bullshit conjuered in their head, it doesn’t mean you can’t break the mold, but in high school its easier to f your type. You want to make it seem like money matters ismply because YOU value money – and maybe the girls your after do too, but the reality is its just a ‘type’ of girl, its not EVERY girl like youre trying to make it out to be, youre applying your limited dat pool to everyone else, it doesn’t work. Why? Because there’s PLENTY of other girls you can game. If girls ONLY went after and ONLY f’ed the RICHEST GUYS the population would cease to exist and birth rates would be plummetin gth eworld over.
          The concept that all she wants is money and fame is so fucking flawed it hurts. I feel like I’m talking to retarded kids. I know this’ll hurt your ego’s but put yourself ‘in her shoes’ for a moment. What does money get the average hottie that she already doesn’t have? It gets her nothing new besides maybe a jetsetting lifestyle. Girls value activities which take them out of their head far before they value status and looks and even game, yes even game. Some men say girls only want ‘excitment’ or the gay song ‘girls just wanna have fun’ but its more or less that she just wants to be ‘taken out of her head’ – that’s it, money is only a factor in long term seduction AFTER all of the initial fun and sex and good stuff has happened, then she starts to think long term about kids and home and since she hates working as it is she wants the guy to pay for everything, which would be fine if they would get their asses out of the workforce already, but regardless the point is you want to apply your one small sample onto to every other man and its entirely inaccurate.
          The guys that get girls cuse he has a car and the newest ‘gadgets’ (faggot?) and clothes is THE GIRLS TYPE, but guess what money monkey saquatch, he’s not EVERY girls type – WHOA! Just blow your mind there Romeo? Maybe rich boy doesn’t smoke pot, what does the stoner girl think of him then – PUSSY – maybe he doesn’t play guitar, what does the artsy musical girl think of him then – PUSSY – maybe he doesn’t play sports, what does the cheerleader think of him then – PUSSY – maybe he doesn’t act or sign, what does the girl in drama think of him then – PUSSY – he’s not her type, there is no such thing as a universal type that girls like, they have specific tastes, this is obvious as fuck.
          The only time girls ALL agree is when they ALL AGREE, paradoxically that is, the only time there is a universal is when the ‘hot girls all agree’ and so then EVERY OTHER girl MUST follow suit or she dies a subconscious death away from the herd of sheep. Girls like different types of men because they THEY (the girl Romeo monkey) THEY want to believe THEY are unique and special and individual, and so they go after the guy who is the ‘best’ or ‘top dog’ in ‘that clique’ or niche group. Man I just spilled half my bottle of red pills, better lick them up of the floor. Here’s another one for you: girls dress to attract the man they want, sound obvious enough. Just think that truth bomb over for a second, think it through real hard, because the implications are pretty fucking heavy when you do. It’s tribal warfare essentially.
          Her ‘tribe’ of ideas and ‘personality’ is on display trying to signal and find her ‘tribal leader’ – this isnt just the ‘rich bitch’ with the nice car, this is someone who embodies the ‘idea’ society deems ‘ideal’ – its the micro-hypergamy fetish, which isn’t realistic and which also is more or less just an illusion – when you start dating a girl she stars shit testing you – what ideas do think she’s shit testing you with??? Hmmm…??? Her ideas?!? HA – don’t make me fukin chock on my red pills. She has no ideas. Whose ideas money monkey? They sure as fuck aren’t her ideas. She has no fucking ideas, and form the looks of it not many dudes do either, but the one thing they do all have are a weak sense of self and a ‘style’ and a ‘personality’ . . .
          I’ll ask it again, when a bitch shit tests you whose ideas is she using? Whose? Her ex boyfriends, or her dad’s? If she’s NEVER dated a dude your going up against her dad’s ideology’s and if her ex bf than her bf’s ideas. While some girls will definitely bang tons of dudes, keep in mind she has a type. Unless you are an actual legit PUA and can game into her pants (which you aren’t) than she’s going to f her type, its that simple. Most slutty girls like the dbag dude or whatever, the broke as fuck, not the dude with the nice car – he’s kept for later to be the ‘husband’ – no lets say her type are the potheads – what does that mean for YOU? It means you need to come off cool and calm and stoned basically or else she’ll probably look you over right form the start, unless again youre a player and actual PUA (which you aren’t) – the deal is my monkey money friend that YOU are getting tested against her ex’s ideas on life and reality and politics and nature and tv and entertainment and ALL the other bullshit, until she is convinced you are ‘better’ than him in every topic or whatever the fuck, than she’s not really yours, she’ll still think her ex is better at ‘x, y, or z”.
          The reason fucking a virgin is so important is entirely for this reason, its because its such a new experience to her that she’ll basically always compare everything else to it, for the most part that is. The red pill you need to swallow is that she has no ideas of her own and that any ideas you think your ‘debating’ with her (which is why avoiding debat eis so effective) but her ideas are the embodiment of her exs and father.
          If youre fuckin awesome and talented and know a lot of shit (like me) than you can game more girls because you can smack away any of her prior fucks all day long, it becomes easy as fuck actually. This is basically bf destroying more or less. If the dude is some stoner libertarian science nerd who sucks Nel Degrass Tyson’s dick I know every argunment in the book to smac that bitch around, or maybe the dude is some ‘bro’ whose in shape or huge and has tats and beard, what the fuck is he NOT giving her?
          Come on monkey, I know you can figure it out…think the Beatles again. There’s ALWAYS something the girl is gunna be unsatisfied with with her bf or ex – for the record even after she dumps you, if you have dated her for a good amount of time she’s still gunna carry around your belief system and judge it off of other men, depending on how alpha you are the more likely she’ll be single. I’m pretty sure the bitches I left are still single, could be wrong, but the point is she HAS to compare, she HAS to ‘battle’ the ex’s ideas with yours o see how ‘alpha’ you are – its not just an intelligence thing either, its more of like you telling the truth of life, if she believes you (and your right – that helps too)* than she’s basically yours for eternity – she’s gunna have to find another dude that can tell her life’s truths the same or better (normally she needs better reasons) the whole point is she needs you to tell her she’s wrong because to her its like telling her ex he was wrong, she needs a reason for it.
          Don’t get me wrong, theres some really retarded girs out there where they don’t need hardly any reasons at all, but then there’s the opposite too where no justificaitons in the world will ‘convince’ her – normally I’d agree with the vast majority of guys and say attraction isn’t a ‘choice’ but the fact of the matter is you can definitely convince some girls and some you can, which to me implies a choice. Wtf was the original point to all this? Oh, right, you think girls only like dudes with cash, well she has a type donkey boy, better go get some dough if you want bitches with money, but there’s a shit ton who don’t either.

  4. Venn diagram of [Cash, Aesthetics, Game]. be as close to the center as you can be: the best version of yourself.
    Without one, need more of the others to get it…
    But, As @JonVonStroke pointed out – fame is better than all of the above…
    I’ve been the broke backpacker early 20s, and banged plenty of young hotties around the world.
    Late 20s when wealthier – business class airfares, and 5 star hotels: zero…
    Bartender at 30, and boats, etc: plenty…bartender was a license to fuck…
    This summer I had a very wealthy Guy and his entourage (models and cool dudes) use my services(twice).
    They were very chill, generous, and friendly to me. inviting me back to the “house” for party time etc…
    From keen observation – is great to be in this group (if friend of the payer), but fit and game-aware are mandatory.
    Unfit and payer is not good, not good at all.

    1. “Unfit and payer is not good, not good at all.”
      By this I mean paying for tables and bottle service, and groups of women to hang around so you can maybe bang one…looks terrible if they are not into you…just freeloading at the table etc…because you are a beta-bucks chump…
      paying directly for sex is good, very good.

  5. $=Pussy
    I tried for almost two years to learn and perfect game. I got laid only once in that time period. It doesn’t work unless you dedicate 100% of your waking hours to it. Unfortunately, most of us have soul-sucking jobs and are busy. Get rich. Then they will be knocking your door down. Even if they’re not, you can buy as many hookers as you want.
    My plan is to get rich. I don’t get paid much, but I know how to save and invest. One day, I will be the next Hugh Hefner.

    1. Dedicating 100% of your waking hours to “game” is even more soul sucking than a soul sucking job – that at least pays your bills.
      A major factor that is often missed when discussing success with pussy is sort of job and lifestyle that you have. If you work or otherwise are in an environment where there are a lot of women around and the business is informal and relaxed, like in the sports, art and entertainment business etc. that makes a huge difference. When there are hotties and lesser pussies all around you all the time, you get used to them and stop pedestrianizing them and you have a target rich environment and slowly you learn to play the game even if you are average and did not “dedicate” yourself to game.
      Yes. $$==>Pussy and get on with it. make enough money and use surrogacy to reproduce in your 50s. get on with life. Sheesh!

      1. “make enough money and use surrogacy to reproduce in your 50s. get on with life. Sheesh!“
        So worker drone slaves to the system until we’re old and rich and acquired a certain wealth then essentially breed with a prostitute raising kids in an unnatural environment with no family or spiritual values.
        That sounds like a completely fukked society to me nick.

        1. I think Gen Y is pretty fucked and so is their society.
          Thank goodness I was young in the 1990’s.
          It seems halcyon compared to today.

        2. Yeah that’s basically where we are at now.
          And believe it or not, the betas will think it’s normal, and even defend our situation as the “best that history has ever had to offer”.

        3. It’s not as fucked as wasting thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours trying to game women when you could be working to improve your own life. It doesn’t work anymore. It might have worked 10 years ago, but not now.
          If you spend all your free time (and money) in the bar/club trying to get laid, you’re a slave to the system. Plus, the government is making tons of $ off you because the liquor and gas taxes r so hi. That’s why they banned craigslist personals, the states make millions of $$$ off male thirst. Govt can’t let you get laid free, they want a cut.
          Also, every woman in modern America is a prostitute. It doesn’t matter if you futilely try to fuck girls now or wait till your a rich 50 something, either way the bitch will take your kids and your money. Some are just more expensive than others ;). The only society I want is to fuck cute young girls, without intending to make a family.
          My plan is to save enough to go to the Phillippines and fuck a few dozen chicks while I’m there. The reason it’s so hard to get laid in America is that prostitution is illegal. If women knew you could get it easy at a brothel 2 blocks down for $100, they’d be more respectful, and more likely to put out. The govt. helps to pedestalize them, because govt makes money off thirst.

        4. Also, the most fucked thing is the average Joe working 60 hours a week to support his wife, 3 kids, and huge house while she fucks alphas behind his back. He’s the real slave to the system. At least in my plan, you get to keep the money you earn.

        5. Dude, society is already fucked up and the prescription I outline is not a template for the entire society to follow or a template for reforming it. It is a survival strategy for low SMV (lower 50%) men to maximize whatever advantages they have to survive and if possible thrive and reproduce and do their part to subvert the Globohomo gynocrazy and end it (hopefully). The truth is for lower 50 percentile of dudes in terms of SMV have a losing proposition in trying to compete (or game) this shitty and collapsing gynocratic shit. It is either opt out or subvert. I have outlined a simple template to do both. Take it or leave it.

      2. lol, you typically won’t be good at something after doing it part-time for just two yrs.
        big gains would likely come after your fourth or fifth yr of p/t effort.
        that said, even for a rookie, you were doing something VERY WRONG to get one lay in 24 mths. of significant effort. I could do 10x better than that (in one yr.) by just running low-effort, intuitive game.

        1. Well whatever I was doing wrong, I can’t figure it out. So I don’t see a point in trying. If you go to work and they stop paying you, how long will you keep showing up? I even went to a class with Roosh, and met 1 on 1 with a different famous dating coach. I’ve read books. I’ve tried daygame, nightgame, etc. I’m not willing to invest another 3 years nad $1000s to get 20 minutes of action. It’s just not worth it.

    2. Back when I was a young man I gave up at age 25 and starting frequenting Van Buren in Phoenix for crack whores.
      I got my dick blown in some pretty strange public places.
      Anyhow, I would return to the condo I shared with two other bachelor pigs and they would be tearing their hair out over some callow young slut who was no longer “into them”.
      My roommate John was a sad example. He was an IT dork who blew his wad on Christa some flaky aimless wannabe-Jewel type slut of the late 90’s era on a trip to the Grand Canyon.
      Not long after, she decided she like “Crusty Mike” my other roommate and came to our apartment and gave Mike a blowjob.
      Then she met some other guy and moved to New Mexico.
      Having gotten into paid sex young in life I realized that young women are silly brainless creatures whose personalities are merely a hurtle to their function as cock sockets via anus, mouth or vagina.
      Eventually women realize this and become hard and materialistic.
      Thankfully I moved overseas young and took this wisdom with me.

    3. your comments are so true…
      I’m going to be The “NYC Single Mom Whisperer” for now. it’s all I can get.
      And also retire to Philippines/Thailand/SE Asia area, when I can – 5 more years.
      However, I have been there many times.
      I suggest (if you can) take a vacation and tryout the merchandise.

      1. I deal only in truth man, not opinions haha. I can’t even get single moms; I’m pathetic. But I know how to invest, so one day I will be rich and the tables will turn.

        1. In reply to Hey mang (It wouldnt let me reply to you so i posted here instead)
          Neither, I’m a 6-3 white guy and weigh 195 LBS. Every girl I ask out says no. I’ve tried every game technique you can imagine to no avail. They say “Rejection makes you a better man”. But 400 straight kinda makes you decide to spend your time on something else. So I gave up.

  6. I learned this after going through a breakup years back before i knew about a game. My coworkers took me out to this bar for my birthday (against my wishes since i was still a depressed beta about the breakup months prior) that was more on the fancy end than your average bar. Anyway, I go in with the plainest clothes you can think off, Jeans and a Henley, which was my go-to when I started riding my motorcycle.
    So, we all sit at the bar and I notice this guy in a suit trying to chat up the bartender. I think nothing of it and mostly keep to myself and making small talk to my coworkers. I finally get a drink and the Bartenders eyes light up like mad. I tell her its my birthday and she gets me a drink on the house. I say thanks and again, think nothing of it. For the half hour, the bartender reluctantly listens to the guy in the suit, but breaks it off to come speak to me even though I wasnt ordering drinks.
    Finally my coworkers tell me to stop being a depressed retard and to ask the bartender out since she was giving me all these IOIs. I tell them they’re crazy and that the bartender just wants a big tip. I order a drink and asked her if we can chat outside for a bit and to my surprise she says yes. The guy in the suit is livid, gives up and leaves the bar as soon as he sees this. A guy in plain clothing chatting up this babe. We go outside and get to know each other, lightly give each other touches. Finally, i asked her number and she obliges. I’m was very happy at the time since that was my first successful “pickup” since the breakup…
    For anyone wondering about the aftermath, well, we planned a date and again she agreed to meet at her place. Unfortunately, this story ends bad. At that time, i was still depressed about the breakup and had 0 game on top of it. I wont go over details, but lets just say It showed a lot when i went over her house. We watched a movie and eventually she gave me the boot. We never spoke again…
    TL:DR You dont need money to pick up women, just the right frame.

    1. “I wont go over details, but lets just say It showed a lot when i went over her house.”
      Start pulling their tops off the moment you enter their home, there’s a time limit (range 5-15 mins) when you have access, but wait any longer and it’s gone forever.

    2. When you invite or get invited to watch a movie at somes chicks place that ALWAYS means sex.
      If you dont bang her in that opportunity you never will

  7. Good article with nice insights based on personal experience. Couple points to add:
    1) Making a decent salary in a big city isn’t being rich; one has to distinguish from being gainfully employed and being filthy rich. Filthy rich ALWAYS attracts women, whereas a decent income can “open some doors” so to speak. But then it also depends on what you are seeking: ONS, STR or LTR?
    2) Not caring about the traditional tenets of Game truly does translate into the IDGAF (I don’t give a f*ck) attitude, which ironically, is one of the primary tenets of Game spouted by experienced players. Not giving a shit around a woman and simply being able to “pay the bill” is a powerful combination that’s only trumped by a rich dude with good looks. So instead of focusing on all the tenets of Game, adopt the IDGAF attitude primarily.
    3) Regardless of which strategy you choose and what your physical / mental attributes are, you still have to hit the social scene in some capacity if you’re not relying on the P4P scene. As such, a fair bit of effort has to be expended to get civilian notches — no way around it.
    4) I’ve had many nice cars in my life, but most of them have been unusual classics — which tend NOT to impress women one iota. Women only like new and shiny with a recognizable status symbol stamped on the front.

    1. Thank you for those additional points.
      I definitely agree with your second point: having enough money to “foot the bill” and adopting an authentic “zero fucks given” attitude, puts you ahead of a majority of the competition.

  8. Money is all that matters money power or fame or the Potiental for anyone of them that’s all women care about

  9. Money does help logistically but chicks don’t seem understand it very well. They no nothing about mutual funds, IRAs, real estate, or what the NYSE or DOW is. I don’t ever share my salary, net worth, etc but these chicks know what I do and that I make a lot of money. They do understand frame and game strategies though. Not calling back, general cockiness, and staying in shape go a lot further than flashing cash.

    1. Exactly. Women have little concept or grasp of what real “wealth” is. They associate material possessions such as a nice car, watch, shoes and ect. as having money.

      1. Gen Y women are kind of at a loss because their own fathers easily made FAR MORE in the 90’s when they were growing up than any Gen Y male who lives at home at age 28 can make today.
        They were raised in McMansions in the prosperous Clinton Era and when George Bush flushed the economy down the toilet in 2000 they came of age in the Great Recession and even 10 years later Gen Y males have little money.
        Gen X was the last generation that could really make money. Wages have stagnated ridiculously.
        Thank goodness I moved to Asia. I’d never get laid but with a crack whore in the US.
        Also, I am 44 and cannot imagine hanging around clubs trying to be a hipster or a PUA when I am old enough to have gone to Nirvana concerts.
        Gen Y cannot even engage with anyone because their cellphone is always on.
        I’ve had Gen Y hookers suck my dick while TALKING ON THE CELL PHONE.

  10. what was the quality of those 50 bangs ? That’s never discussed , but nevertheless . Comparing 50 bangs and being broke versus being a corporate slave with a house paid off and zero debt , I’ll take the latter .

      1. I’m sure tucker max and david deangelo say the same thing about their wives . Id rather jack off than be married to what they ended up utilizing all those pua skills they developed.

        1. Seems many of those PUA marketeers fall funny. Saw the speech from deangelo’s wedding – so beta-thetic. he was my first introduction to the real manosphere…and was from a guy in Thailand – after living there for 6 months.

      2. Get SNL…. “Preferably before the energy and booze begun to fade.”
        That’s not game. They liked your face from the get go, with the beer goggles effect lol. I personally avoid drunk women. #changedmymind.
        You need to clarify to your readers (if so) that with money, you actually ‘dated’ (more); in which they were sober (at least at the beginning) lol
        No where is your physical attraction mentioned. The game vs money (vs looks) or LMS should be compared with controls. The real argument is – guys want to know if an ugly guy that “games” a girl will win vs an attractive guy with no game. Or an ugly guy with money and game vs poor attractive guy with game. Or a famous guy vs an attractive guy. Many comparisons as you can imagine. Men are sold promises of game, in other words, Words. What you say, how you say. That is game. Frame comes from your self esteem in yourself. That’s not game. And so far, I’ve learned that when a girl likes me, it doesn’t matter WHAT I SAY.

        1. I have been told by many women that I am attractive, but looks are kind of subjective, unless you have the “Calvin Klein model” look, which I don’t have.
          With that said, I am physically fit and I dress well, so I would probably rate myself a 7.5-8.
          To your statement, nothing is guaranteed. So many guys want everything to be black and white. Money, looks, status, and game all factor when determining a man’s success in the marketplace.
          Game is useful because in a competitive sexual marketplace it can make up for certain areas that you’re lacking in. It’s an equalizer of sorts.
          Ideally, one should try to max out all the attributes the best he can: money, looks, status, and game. Out of those 4 things, game is the easiest to improve, I suppose that is what makes it so attractive.

  11. I’m reminded of the “Homeless Romeo” who once the subject of ridicule on national TV by Dr. Phil and Oprah-tier audience (which makes sense because she made him famous in the first place).

    also, does he look (in his pre-“clean” days) like John Krasinski’s alkie brother to anyone else?

  12. “making it rain in the club or taking them to extravagant dates (unless they have earned it)”
    That is equivalent to prostitution, so I guess those notches don’t count.

    1. Nice try buddy. Leaving out words from the actual quote.
      Here is the quote in its entirety: “Nor do I try to impress them with by making it rain in the club or taking them to extravagant dates (unless they have earned it).”
      CNN would be proud of your reporting skills.

  13. Good article VonStroke. You are headed in the right direction fo’sho. Beats the fuck outta your “Ode to Toronto” LOL!
    I am also 100% in agreement w/ your assessment. Money does NOT maketh the man. Not even close. That is why rich beta herbs land the hottie but bless her fucking the pool boy or having “shopping trips” during the day shopping for some dick basically. And any woman that appears because of your wallet should be treated like the whore she is, and thrown out quickly.
    If you were a chump before you were wealthy you will be a chump afterwards. Money helps. Good looks help. Good body helps. But game / personality trump all of that completely.
    I was in your same boat at various times in my life. Broke as fuck but still smashing tail and having money but slipping on my game so not doing as well. Mating is a dance, just like in the animal kingdom. And we are going backwards towards that with these feral western women so act accordingly.

    1. Thanks, Apex.
      Too many guys on here are fixated on money. I’ve got a lot of successful and wealthy friends. Most of these guys don’t get much action. A lot of these men have high-stress careers and work 60+ hours a week; there isn’t much enough time for women when you work that much. I am not saying one shouldn’t try to get his finances in order, but if you think having money alone will make women just fall into your lap—guess again.

      1. Whether you buy drinks all night for club sluts or go abroad you are basically paying according to the exchange rate.

    2. APEX
      True, white women are getting more and more feral.
      Gen Y white women know that in this economy few Gen Y men are going to be providers. They all live at home at age 30 and hold shit jobs.
      In the old days white men could get by being responsible but these days that does not make for a stable existence so many white women just go for the hardcore Alpha thugs including ghetto black thugs.
      Out-of-wedlock birth among white women 25 years ago was fairly low but it has now reached black she-boon proportions.
      So in fact white women are becoming feral and all that matters is the Alpha thug with the balls to take what he wants.
      The sort of middle-class dorky twits that Hugh Grant or Michael J Fox used to play get no action in today’s sexual marketplace.
      It is Tyrone the Bone and Chad the Slayer who gets the sex from formerly middle class white girls who’ve thrown over all morality.
      The 1% is increasingly like India’s caste system. Their marriages are strategic. But on the level of the mass of proles and even middle class all former bourgoise pretense has been cast aside because the economy is still shit and there is no purpose to heeding middle-class values of yesteryear.

      1. ^ This
        You summed up the situation perfectly.
        These guys talking about money being worthless in what is fast becoming a third world scenario aren’t seeing the big picture.

  14. The only way to know if a woman is actually attracted genuinely to you is to blow your jizz into her mouth.
    A woman who is genuinely into you will lick the jizz off your rod with her mouth.
    This indicates she is genuinely into your genetic material.
    If she lets the jizz dribble out like poison she is not completely into you.

  15. JOHN
    I’m always being banned from this site. But let me remind you that most of the posters here are lads in their teens and twenties whose experience is with Rosy Palm and keep the door bolted so Mum does not apprehend them wanking to porn in the toilet.
    They have not traveled and could not afford a hooker.
    Their idea of a fit bird is the local club slag who has screwed everyone else in the the local night club. Every Ladies Night they show up with the rest of the punters hoping to get some sex.

  16. you can’t buy time : in order to make massive money, start a business you have to work your ass off. which means in the liberal world, having your day job + working beside to make it.. hence, you’ll have to work 80 hours a week (minimum :! 40 hours day job + 40 side business).
    providing you don’t lose your health, you’ll still have to hit the gym. your social life will go down to the minimum (close friends time to time..).
    what’s the first advice to bang girls that all coachs are telling people ? GO OUT. a lot. some of them suggest minimum 3 nights a week.
    conclusion : you can’t have it all. if you want to improve your finance, you have to let your “game” sink.

    1. RANDOM
      Yeah what is the point? To be 50 and have a sugar baby girlfriend who sees you as a job and runs around with your money blowing DJ’s in clubs with young Chads their own age.
      It is better to go overseas. You will live better for the same amount of money.
      What is the point of hanging around clubs trying to get laid on Ladies Night with the same old club-sluts when you can go overseas?

      1. JEFF, I’m against all this night life crap. I don’t have stamina for it. my point is : you have to build a life for yourself anyway. Money and success for sure will attract women, it’s up to you to choose a worthy one from them. not a DJ blowing whore.
        Game won’t get you laid if you’re not a chad.. and if you’re a chad you won’t even need it.

  17. You can move overseas and have it all…
    I met retirees in the Philippines who’d worked/been divorce raped their entire lifetime.
    Only to get to Asia old enough to need Viagra.
    There is no point in wasting time in a dead-end job and the rat race. Realize that all women are essentially sock sockets who will drop to their knees to blow the Alpha Male and no matter how much love or caring you invest in them they would blow their dream Alpha Male like Brad Pitt in a second if they were in the room.
    Women’s motivations are biological wiring-they want the best genes and the biggest dick for orgasm. That is why so many low-class white girls who’ve lost the morality of their parents are now having out-of-wedlock children with black thugs.
    So a young man might as well go overseas where access to women is easier.

  18. Refreshingly honest and self-aware article, thanks…

    High SMV women will hang around charismatic broke guys in their early 20s when they sense potential. Plus this is the time of effortless good looks and health. Great sex can happen frequently during the “this guy’s getting his shit together” phase of life.

  19. Money let’s you not give a f*** but in a different way. Its a different type of aloofness that sits somewhat in the provider category, though the architypal playboy spends money with no thought. It is that that woman are drawn to, if you have loads of money and hold it tight, then to a woman you may as well be poor.

  20. I was dating a wealthy single-mom.
    Thru her I know of 3 billionaires wives/ex-wives, as their kids are in the same school. The mommies hang out drinking and smoking pot every night.
    The divorcees do on-line dating.
    I have seen 2, and are ok, but no super models.
    One got a $25million house in Manhattan(among other shit) – brings guys back on 1st dates, which apparently scares them away!?!
    One friended me (not sure if she wants some action – or test by the 2 of them) – may get both – or neither…worth the shot).
    The one still married to the billionaire(whom I have not seen) is pregnant to her personal trainer. apparantly hot. hopefully trainer is same race as the “dad”.
    Not a good dating market. Guys with exceptional money/life – fuck up so bad.
    Kids stolen – just like a poor person. However, they can afford the $20,000 month check for kids and personal trainers, plus the millions in lump sum payouts.
    but, why?
    this must be where game wins.

    1. Substance over style. It all comes down to the picking of the right wife with no rides. Game can help, but personality is the biggest factor.

      1. “picking of the right wife with no rides.”
        i just don’t see it anywhere. I have great time with some – but its all an act…Doesn’t last.
        “Game can help, but personality is the biggest factor.”
        My definition of “game” is personality -someone else mentioned cash is game. i disagree.
        Game is attitude and salesmanship( and all facets of that craft – know your target market etc…)…
        Then Frame is – not being a doormat. Especially to the common tricks of women…
        Rollo Tomassi has the formala – all young men must read his shit.

    2. @ BadMan
      Game/Attitude/Bod Boy appeal wins only up to a point.
      Once the Personal trainer/Motorcyle repariman/MMA Instructor hits a certain age (35? 40? 45? – differs) he will have to transition from banging hot 19-29 y/os to hooking up with “cougars”. With money, anyone can keep banging the 18-29 y/os well into his 70s if he wants, as long as things like ego and “notch count” do not matter to him. See my post below…

      1. i reckon badboys banging hotties, then fading to cougars…
        is same deal with all women: [IF] they don’t settle and miss the kids- tragic.
        however, the box of dicks(iphone) is always available – to all women.
        you either have to settle – or have cash(if man) to pay for younger…
        you have it good!

  21. @ Jon VonStroke
    Interesting read. Thanks.
    “I would not consider myself a “natural” by any stretch of the imagination, but I was not a complete dud when it came to women during my high school and college years. Despite having a rudimentary understanding of “game,” I was able to get some fluke notches here-and-there, due to naturally being an outgoing person, excelling in team sports, and having a decent social-circle.”
    -Excelling in sports (athletic / mesomorph) , outgoing (extrovert) and decent social circle tells me that you are of course “a natural”. That is basically the definition of being a natural.
    “Although money does not guarantee success with women unless you pay for a prostitute, which I argue isn’t a legitimate notch”
    – Escorts/Hookers being considered a “notch” would only matter to guys concerned with this concept of “hunting”. And I would argue that guys like that are the born “naturals” that I described above. Sure, if are are a born athletic mesomorph with a square jaw/strong facial features who has always had some type of success with females, then having to pay might be an ego deflating experiencing. To other guys (like me) paying for escorts is simply a way to relieve myself with a hot young girl. Whether its a “notch” or not never comes into the picture. We all do what we’re capable of and what we’re willing to do. The Tom Brady and Brad Pitt types (in looks, not fame/wealth which of course is a free pass to any girl you want) bang hot girls for free. The “Joe Schmoes” settle for 4s/5s/6s. And a small percentage of us use our disposable incomes to bang hot young escorts without worrying about things like notch counts.

    1. “bang hot young escorts”
      How miserable do you think most married men are?
      Even the extreme wealthy can’t escape – and use p4p.
      1 because of business and social reputation, and 2 divorce rape fears.
      This is not a good time in the West.
      i’ve only “bang hot young escorts” once in NYC – and you were there @Slim – haha.
      Few times in Vegas on software business trips.(did you ever do that?) i last 5 minutes at the convention – then off to Spearmint Rhino.
      And once in Atlantic City – was very good!
      Many times to SE Asia though. Different there – the ass arbitrage is extreme – gf experience is real, and amazing. too real actually.

      1. Never tried the girls in Vegas — only been once.
        But SE Asia? Sounds good.
        I’ll get up the gumption to do that one day…

        1. I highly recommend take a vacation this xmas .
          I can meet you there…I intend to stay a month.
          it will change your life –

        2. Southeast Asia makes you realize how much shit men have to go through to get laid in the United States.
          If you do the math for a divorce rape or relationship it costs you about $300 a fuck + shitty headaches.
          When you hit the Philippines or Southeast Asia you get a perspective on how shitty and awful white women are who dominate the sexual market of the West.
          Feel like getting blown by two model-quality girls in the Philippines…no problem. Costs $200, maximum.
          Wonderful times.
          To be honest, after college in the US or your 20’s you can no longer have escapades with young white women.

    2. Hey Slim, off topic but I remember talking with you previously about soliciting prostitutes. Another major reason I can’t do it is that a few times the prostitutes would get friendly, down the line offer free sex, & try to get attached in spite of the fact that they were fcked up in the head, which always led me to firmly displaying force to end the issue entirely. Gave me a firm understanding of the phrase “Despise the free meal”. Has that ever happened to you?

      1. @ kang
        Yes, I have had regulars who I have had “relationships” with. 3 of them even wanted me to “wife up” after they stopped working and saw only me. Needless to say I am still single…

        1. And of those 3, 2 certainly were interested in green cards, though that may not have been the only factor, and the other, while US citizen, was very unstable.

        2. That’s just crazy. So no matter what, majority of the time a woman will try to have her cake & eat it too. She has already received her payment in the form of cash yet refuses to be satisfied & tries to get a 2nd payment in the form of time & attention. The fact that I had you come through the inconspicuous side door of my apartment at 2 am didn’t drill the fact into your skull that I don’t want anything further. Just ranting but that was a large factor in my decision to forgo soliciting altogether.

    3. @AutomaticSlim
      Thanks, I am glad you found the article interesting.
      Me being a “natural” is debatable. I was not timid or scared around women like a lot of guys are that just start out.
      I was naturally good at talking to people and wasn’t a loser at school. With that sad, I had no understanding of female psychology. I was way too much of a pushover when it came to women. I followed traditional dating advice, i.e., “nice guy game”; this resulted in me getting friend-zoned a lot.
      I don’t begrudge anyone who bang prostitutes. When it is all said it done, the net result is the same.
      I just think a lot of men exaggerate the difficulties of getting laid in the west and underestimate the power of good game.

      1. What a weird definition of natural. Nigga most men don’t understand woman psychology . But if a guy can get laid easy and isn’t an incel that is a natural. Also if you truly are an 8/10 like you said above then that factors way more with your success than some 4/10 schlub.

        1. I did not get laid easily and I squandered many opportunities by virtue of being beta. If me being an average “Joe” in high school makes me a “natural” by your definition then so be it.

  22. “Silly Poor People
    Money Is For Rich People”
    is absolutely correct.
    Money is not a resource
    for acquiring their daily
    bread or paying the bills.
    Money is AMMUNITION.
    It means you can wage a
    “hot war” with anyone.
    Nowadays, we don’t use
    conscripted armies, we
    use money. If a fish is
    too big, you don’t even
    try. But you make all
    the little people you
    want, move the way
    you choose them to.

  23. Loser guys who can’t get laid blame what they don’t have; homely guys say that Chads get all the poon, poor guys say you need money, etc. All of them are acting like victims and that is the real reason that they fail- they’re unconfident whiners.
    Assume the sale.

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