Real Men Don’t Wait For A Yes

Meet Eddie, 23 years old. When Eddie flirts with girls, he looks for signs that she’s interested. A twirling of the hair, a warm gaze, energetic conversation; he likes to make little advances when she makes these gestures. She shows more interest, and he moves a little closer.

Eddie is a coward.

Eddie is reduced to waiting on her every move, practically doting on her. There’s nothing a woman despises more than a man who asks for permission for each little thing he does. She starts to see Eddie as dependent on her for approval. She does something, and Eddie slavishly responds. He cling to her every word and gesture, for a sign that he’s wanted. She may even start to think he’s gay. Here’s an approximation of his thinking process, when talking to a girl:

Enter Stan

At first, Stan doesn’t seem so different from Eddie. They’re both fairly quick to touch girls. But look a little closer, and there’s a world of difference in how Stan acts. At any given moment, Stan is doing whatever the fuck he wants. He’s thrown caution to the wind, and listens only to what his dick is telling him. His thought process is “I wanna bang this chick” and everything else flows from that. He doesn’t even think – he doesn’t have some complicated mental model telling him when and when not to touch a girl. The only thinking he does is “how do I get this girl to a place where I can bang her?” His behavior is downright Pavlovian – through experience, he’s learned that touching precedes fucking, so he gropes girls purely out of instinct. Other men stare at Stan with bewilderment, as he makes out with girls he met mere minutes or seconds before.

Why Is Stan Attractive To Women?

I confess, I’m Stan. I’m not extremely charming or handsome, nor do I have a fat bank roll. But I go after what I want with boldness and determination. I simply don’t wait around looking for little signs to pass go – in the moment, all I care about is getting my dick wet, and the path to make that happen. And when I feel like grabbing a girl’s head and making out with her, I do. Sometimes she shoves me off, yet I try again seconds later, and am met with sweet success.  I’m told that I’m extremely forward, and I make out with girls quicker than my wingmen – who are pretty experienced in their own right. Of course, just making out with a girl is nothing to be proud of.

Herr Gropenfuhrer, Showing The Way

Don’t Wait for “The Moment™,” Seize It

I was on a date with a girl, and the conversation was a little tepid. She seemed distant. I didn’t think I’d get laid – I figured she was bored. While she had never rebuffed my advances, she had never really registered them either. She was like a rag doll in my hands. We strolled down to the beach, and I made a move to kiss her. Whether I banged her on the beach that night or just fingered her there, and then banged her in my bedroom, I can’t recall. But in retrospect, I remember being astonished at how indifferent she seemed up until I kissed her. She had fucked a lot of guys, about 30, despite being young, so maybe she had just become desensitized; she wouldn’t show signs of arousal despite being DTF.

Don’t be deterred – every first kiss is sexual assault anyway. You’re going from touching her shoulder or hips, to putting your tongue down her throat, without ever asking for her permission. You never know she’s down until you’re balls deep. You will truly never be sure if she is willing to sleep with you, until you go for it. There will be times where a girl is enjoying my company, but she thinks nothing of it – flirting with a cute guy is something she does five times a day, seven days a week. But when you suddenly grab her head and start sucking face, you’ve blitzed pass all those feckless men who flit in and out of her life. She has so many opportunities, that she has no need to defy her passive, feminine nature, and actively choose one of her many suitors. She leaves that to you.

A woman wants nothing more than to be objectified by a high status man; man desires, woman craves being desired. As one fling told me, “sometimes it feels good to be objectified.” As for some harpy braying on about ‘objectification of women,’ put her in a room with a willing Ryan Gosling, and see how she moans as his hand climbs up her skirt.

The Risks To Taking The Reins

Go far fast enough with girls, and you may start to find yourself in sticky situations from time to time. You’ll have a girl lying in your bed, naked. You’ve fingered her, and maybe she even came several times already. You start putting on a condom, telegraphing your intent to bang. Most promiscuous girls are too happy to oblige you at this point, without any contest. Others never even let you get to this point – you can hardly even get her top off. One move I heartily recommend – grab her hand and put it on your shaft – once she starts fondling your junk, she will find it hard to say no to you returning the favor. As things progress, repeat the move without the bothersome clothing in the way.

There will be a few who verbally refuse to have sex, as they’re lying naked in your bed, but you get the distinct feeling that if by some stroke of the gods, your penis ended up inside her, well… she’d be writhing with pleasure, happy that you forcibly ignored her protestations. One of these girls even said to me, “we’re not going to have sex, but you can try if you want.” In other words, “if you forcibly penetrate me, I’ll change my mind.” A touchy situation, to be sure.

Another one, I got her to admit that she sort of wanted a man to fuck her against her stated will, when I had her in this exact the scenario, because that would absolve her from responsibility, and therefore not make her feel like a slut. She was a Jezebel-reading feminist. I opt not to forcibly fuck girls under these conditions; the risk of a girl accusing you of rape after several penis-induced orgasms under such circumstances is too far above zero for my tastes.

Let Dignity Be Your Conscience

Despite what it sounds like, I don’t chase girls until they call the cops on me. For the novice, it can be hard to tell if a girl truly doesn’t want you at all, or if she’s just playing games. With experience, one gets the sense for when it’s appropriate to withdraw. I see it simply as a matter of dignity – if I feel I have to abase myself to continue pursuing her, I will stop. If she is snubbing me and ignoring me, and we have not even kissed, I quickly bail.

It All Starts With Honesty

Above all, you have to identify what it is you want, and then align your actions with that goal. Men today are confused – they have desires common to men all of eras, but they refuse to own up to them and act to satisfy them. They think they’ve evolved, that they’re no longer a primal, violent beast, so they suppress their innermost desires. This suppression of male instinct is at the root of their woes with women in relationships.  The man wants something, like sex twice daily, and the woman refuses to accommodate him. Yet he soldiers on, pissing away his dignity. Men are rewarding mediocrity from women when they’d never accept it from a man.

The masculine man, by contrast, is completely honest with himself about what he wants. He isn’t ashamed of groping girls, because that is something he finds spiritually fulfilling. He is quick to acknowledge that he is not getting what he wants. He doesn’t suffer in relationships, because he knows that to do so is fruitless. If a girl say, starts refusing to have sex with him, he respects her wishes by withdrawing from her. He knows that he cannot continue with her.

He comes off as less ‘creepy’ than other men, because he suffers no delusions about what the future holds. He assumes the future is, at best, no better than the present, so he doesn’t hold out for improvements in her character. As soon as his needs cease to be met, he bids her adieu. Short of being married, he knows the answer is always the same: walk.

You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.

If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.

—Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

He doesn’t contrive schemes to make a female friend desire him. He knows he can do to nothing to make her want him, so he opts for fresh pastures instead. He is the oak tree, impervious to the egos of lesser men, unshakable in the face of female challenge.

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142 thoughts on “Real Men Don’t Wait For A Yes”

  1. While I approve moving fast, moving too fast can put you on the train to rapeville regardless of whether you actually did anything or not

    1. Being a slow moving friend-zoned beta that gets labeled a “creep” and/or “creepy” can just as easily put you on that same train.

  2. So one man is a slave to women’s emotions and the other is a slave to women via his dick.
    No matter how you shake it you are in a prison to females either way.

      1. Go right ahead…or you could skip the mutilation route and control your sex drive…and use it for what it for what it was meant to be used for.
        And yes in the day and age of sluts giving it away…it can be done. Nobody said it will be easy but it will turn this Planet of the Apes around.

        1. “Meant to” as in a biologically or in religiously? Because I’m pretty sure it’s the main difference between you and me.

        2. Yup and my way keeps civilization from spiraling out of control…and the evil patriarchy going.
          Imagine what life would be like without as much government forced debt on the citizens because of women’s bad choices, single mothers terror of children committing crimes, frivorces, abortions, and feminists.

        3. Your way represses your own needs and desires and makes you look like a butthurt martyr. Mine uses my own needs and desires to accelerate the decline and make the enemy beg for forgiveness once the breaking point is hit.

        4. Who said I was butthurt or a martyr. I’m very happy because my life is pretty peaceful through the chaos. That’s how I enjoy the decline.
          That’s something you can never get from fulfilling your needs and desires with sluts. One day you will learn there are better ways of living life than trying to quench an unquenchable fire. Every player eventually burns out.

        5. But you are still denying your own needs and desires. That’s like a starving Ethiopian saying he’s happy without eating because even if you eat you will still get to a point where you don’t want to eat anymore.

        6. You need food to stay alive…I have yet to see a cause of death being “failure to ever ejaculate into a woman”.
          Discipline is a scary thing.

        7. But it’s still a physical need and desire. I guess at the end of the day, if you think your life is fulfilled without indulging the natural desire for sex it’s your call. I just don’t agree with your view that this natural urge is somehow a prison. Or that satisfying your penis is somehow being a slave to women. Or that not having sex is discipline. Aging/ugly female hamsters say pretty much the same thing.

    1. yes, exactly….. without rational intelligence and a fundamental
      emotional connection, which is blocked by the female attitude, we are
      nothing more than fucking chimpanzees….

    2. Or maybe you shouldn’t base what is considered a “real man” by how women react to you.
      Bragging about how you tail you pull is no different than bragging about how much you can bench or how much money you make.

      1. It’s funny you say that because I have seen that today where men are allowing women to dictate what a “real man” is. Fuck that. That shit upsets me.
        Has there been an article on that topic yet on this site? Not sure. Probably something similar like this one but not specific to the topic.
        A lot of men these days put a lot of stock in the amount of women they get, and as they advance, the quality. This has positives and negatives that can be approached.
        Anyway, no matter how you preface the interaction, you placate to them in the end.
        -Beta men try to “give women” what they say they want.
        -Alpha men ignore this and “give women” what they know they need.
        There is no true right or wrong way to go about it. Because if that was the case beta men would never be in the position to marry a woman. And many do get married. Regardless of the quality or intentions of the woman, or the man for that matter, it’s still large in part due to the efforts of the man in any relationship/fwb setting.
        No matter how you look at it you are giving in to them in order to get something in return. Tapping into their desire to get your needs met, not the other way around.And for now, that’s just the way it has to be.
        If a woman simply calls, comes over and fucks you no question, cooks really quick, and gets the fuck out, that seems more of the ideal to me. Everything else is the man dancing to the tune of the woman. Which is nothing to brag about.

        1. Plus you run the same game to two different women…you will get laid by one and blown off by another. It’s a numbers game based on a lot of variables. Is she ovulating…does she want revenge on her bf…is she bored…does she want male attention. Or is she in the mood of hating all men that night not even Alpha McStudly has a chance
          So does a guy who has a .333 average with women more of a man than a guy with a .250 average? Is a guy who can bench 300 more of a man than a guy who benches 150?
          A better gauge on a real man would be how men react to you. They are more consistent.

        2. I agree. There is always some sort of motive behind their actions. It’s not enough to just have sex with a guy for the recreation and pleasure. It’s sometimes prefaced with something sinister haha.
          That actually made me think back to my time in the service when I was running a shop/shift. I have had guys years later come back and thank me for things I said or did that I don’t even remember. One guy in particular thanked me for something I said to him that he reflected on enough to were it keeps him living (he was suicidal but not at the time of our convo).
          I don’t look at other people in life doing better then me as being better. I still have a lot of living to do that is within my control.

        3. Yes, a man who can bench 300 is more of a man than a guy who benches 150.

        4. ok so you say a guy who benches 300 is more of a man that benches 150 or 200? what if guy who benches 300 is say a house cleaner where as the 150/200 guy is a returned serviceman? I’d say the true measure of a man is what he achieves in his lifetime not by how much he can bench.

  3. This is disgusting. You need a ‘yes’, it’s basic knowledge, you could rape someone doing it this way. Absolutely horrible. I hope girls run a mile from you.

        1. Why must you assume that someone who disagrees with you has to be a woman?? I’m proud of my Y chromosome, thanks. It’s you who should surrender yours.

        2. Yes. I’m huge. You found my only weakness. Oh my, oh my, what a world. How will I go on when a complete stranger who has never seen how I look thinks I am fat. Oh woe is me.

        3. Yoga tips for the modern male:
          1) Create a space
          2) Invest in tools of the trade
          3) Carefully prevent injury
          4) Choose your yoga style
          5) Get Instruction
          6) Do further research.
          7) Take your yoga with you
          8) Be gentle
          9) Set the mood
          10) Meditate
          Ssshhhh my child. Ssshhhhhh.

        4. By raping women and boasting about it on a blog read primarily by rapists, obviously. Haven’t you been paying attention?

      1. How does the sentiment ‘yes doesn’t always mean yes’ even exist? What the hell. That’s crazy. That poster actually accurately depicts everything that’s wrong with the logic of most women.

        1. 10 years from now: a consent contract doesn’t mean I consented.
          This is why men need to learn to just go with their dicks. Listening to what women say they want will only push you closer and closer into the friendzone because everything that comes out of their mouths is a shit test.

        2. Because men can easily pressure women into sex, people can be intoxicated (thus invalidating their ability to give consent), and men and threaten women with violence if they don’t give them the go-ahead, because they think they’ve found the perfect loop-hole for rape.

      2. as a horny slut that doesn’t really know what i want, sometimes i’d like to be gang raped in the ass and showered with cum from 5 different guys, but even though i enjoyed having my body ravaged, and experience sexual pleasures, more than any man can comprehend, i’ll still feel bad about it afterwards and give you shit


    1. A strong tranquilizer, a tight-fitting straightjacket, and four weeks of inpatient therapy would do wonders for your sense of well-being. Until then, repeat the following mantra:
      I am not under attack.
      I am not under attack.
      I am not under attack.

  5. Here is my opinion. I don’t ask any direct questions. First kiss is spontaneous period. However, Anything beyond that I indirectly ask prefaced by my own body language first. An interrupting cough, followed by a short pause and then I ask once real softly, “U ok?”. I get the “mmhmm” and a nod. I continue to escalate and move forward. It’s almost sort of a hot/cold test. I have no qualms with getting up and kicking a bitch out otherwise.
    Honestly this info sounds more in tone with dating loose ONS fuck on first date type women. Which, from experience are usually not even 60% sane.

  6. I see many trolls and haters already commenting on what a rapist the writer is…these men will never realize that walking on egg shells is a turn off for most, if not all, women. No one has advocated rape. It’s a matter of being confident and sure of your self that you will express your desires with the girl you’re with by being physical and pushing for the end goal…women will telegraph their approval, or disapproval, to you…but you must, as a Man, initiate “aggression” by asserting your sexuality as a Masculine Man….

    1. It’s not ‘walking on eggshells’ it’s being a decent human being :/

        1. The friendzone is a way of pretending women owe you a relationship. Spoiler: they don’t.

        2. Hey, what’s up with all the “man up and marry me” articles and “where are all the good men?” articles in the news lately?

        3. The friendzone is a relationship. It’s just a relationship without the sex or romantic activity that the man wanted in the first place.

        4. The friendzone is a way for women to get commitment without giving up sex. The male equivalent is the player, who gets sex without giving up commitment. (Let’s call it the “fuckbuddyzone”, or “fbzone” for short.) In both cases, the party with the upper hand uses psychological manipulation (often subconsciously) to achieve his or her ends. In particular, experienced players are good at giving women just enough hints of commitment to keep the sex flowing. Similarly, some women have an uncanny ability to give a beta orbiter just enough hints of interest to keep his hope of sex alive, thus ensuring his continued attention.
          Both the friendzone and the fbzone break the rule of reciprocity of sex for commitment. Nobody “owes” anyone anything, but it’s an old rule, deeply embedded in human nature, and we reject it at our peril.

        5. shut up. A man is free to do whatever the fuck he wants, unless he is breaking the law.

        6. How about you stop putting chicks in the “girlfriend zone” first bro? They’re tired of only being seen as potential girlfriends.

        7. Wow dude, did your parents not teach you how to be friends with everybody? I don’t think we ever learn to be friends with the opposite sex, but only see them as potential partners. That’s gonna fuck you up for life.

        8. Hey dumbass. Just cause a guy says he’s nice doesn’t mean he thinks that automatically jolts him onto boyfriend avenue, idiot. It means he believes it’s a good reason to get a chance, not that his love of choice should say “yes” off that alone. He just wants it to be consider along with a host of other qualities, before his crush makes her choice.

        9. Hey fuck face. Ever stop to think maybe he’s not looking for friends. He may wanna date, not a female friend. That’s like saying to someone shopping, “would you stop looking at everything as a potential purchase.”

      1. A decent human being doesn’t deny his own sexuality nor does he deny his woman the passion she desires.

        1. I know that this is normally a feminist shaming tactic, and tbh, I admire the intensity and fanaticism in your posts, but I really do you think you’d be happier if you threw it in once and a while (I know the US is bad, but why not try somewhere nice?).

    2. At least it’s much better than most other forums. Try writing something like this on reddit – you will get downvoted to ‘oblivion’ and probably have people calling the cops on you. Thank God I don’t visit that hideous site anymore.
      Thing is, there is a huge difference between rape (forcefully having sex with a woman who refuses it) and being forward (having sex with a woman when she simply isn’t telling you her opinion). It’s not a subtle difference at all, it’s a very obvious difference and most women would agree with this.

      1. Really?…. cause the FBI doesn’t seem to agree with your definition. “Penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim,” -Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2011.

  7. “we’re not going to have sex, but you can try if you want.”
    What the hell? I hope you throttled her unconscious

  8. Some people here have trouble with reading comprehension. I divided girls into three groups – those who express a yes and mean it, those who say no and mean it, and occasionally those who say no but may or may not be receptive to sex. For the latter, I said I personally desist from fucking these girls.

    1. Is it a coincidence that we have begun having low ability readers since the Portland article was posted?

      1. Personally, I think it’s the MRAs, who are deathly afraid of rape accusations. If my game was as bad as theirs, and I went after ugly feminist warpigs like they do, I’d worry too.

        1. …watch for it brutha man. Just because your game is tight doesn;t mean some drunk twat doesn’t accuse her of grabbing her tits or some p&d’d pain in the ass doesn’t suddenly decide she got taken advantage of. I’ve been on the business end of one of those and game will not do shit for you in John Q. Law’s interview room.

        2. If you have game…you know better to go after feminist warpigs. Men should know that the fatty tatted up gal is living a life of anger and wants to unload that on any man who gives her attention.
          But like Knuckle said….that doesn’t mean some skinny hottie couldn’t get it into her head that you raped her after the fact. Then you have to deal with white knighters who will be ready to beat you down despite any real proof. You never know who is the ticking time bomb ready to go off.

        3. “If my game was as bad as theirs, and I went after ugly feminist warpigs like they do, I’d worry too. ”
          BEST DAMN comment here so far!!

  9. Hahaha
    Yes means yes and no means yes.
    Someone had to say it… where is this going?

    1. Yes means yes and no means yes, and yes sometimes means no and no sometimes means yes…. mathematics is the language of the universe and there is no possible equation for this nonsense… not even subatomic particles are this stupid….. the world is deranged, kinda one step above hell itself…..

  10. Eddie also is avoiding a lawsuit (post college) or having the reputation as the creepy sleaze (during college).
    Any way you want to cut it,women manage his reputation to men and women alike who do no know him otherwise.

  11. I like this article and I like this website, but the reality of the situation, makes me feel that I want nothing to do with these stupid childish games….
    the summary of this article is basically that women are inarticulate morons, that don’t know what they want and cannot be upfront or express themselves openly.
    that’s puts them on a lower level than most animals (which has been my ongoing experience with the female sex.)
    I don’t hate them, but clearly they are what they are and it’s not in the human category.
    and this was the attitude that men used to take a few centuries ago, when the world was still an interesting, although technologically challenged place.
    unfortunately in the development of technology, men gave away their rights to the subhuman females, and well…. hold your breath while the nukes go off… coming soon to a city near you….
    I don’t see any way forwards other than annihilation, because that is what animals that get out of control end up doing to themselves.
    Nature has it’s way of restoring balance.

    1. Women are not lower than men. One woman might want something, one might want another. Their wants and needs may change. Just because it doesn’t go with what you want doesn’t mean you need to throw a sexist temper tantrum.

    2. By this logic, would having sex with a woman not be bestiality and rape 100% of the time? After all, non-human animals are incapable of giving consent, and you stated women are *lower* than most animals.
      So, either you’re a rapist with a fascination for bestiality or you’re just talking out of your arse.

  12. Funny how women these days needs to talk about least once a day..they are addicted to it and can make anything to be about rape, no matter how far fetched.
    Eps in America it’s crazy. In Denmark which is also a super feminist country no one ever talks about rape culture or stuff like that.

    1. maybe because they’re “super feminist” so there isn’t a need to discuss rape culture cause there’s no rape? hmm i dunno. loser

  13. For this to work you have to be tall.
    If you a 5’5 guy trying to make moves of a 5’3-5’10 girl, it won’t work.
    Women love that big boy feeling.
    Short guys who are 5’4-5’4 cannot get hot chicks whether the hot chick is short or tall.

    1. Bullshit. But you can keep on telling yourself that lame story so you don’t have to risk rejection. Your fleshlight won’t reject you for being short.

      1. I tried that caveman stuff, and stuff in this article, does not work. But my taller friends are easily able to pull this off. Even my short friends cannot pull this off. It has to be height. I’m pretty buff BTW and I have a good looking face, but I’m 5’5.

    2. There are LOTS of shallow girls out there who care only about that, but they aren’t worth your time anyway (the same ones who whine about never being able to find a guy haha). Don’t worry about your height and just be confident. Women who aren’t stuck up will notice the confidence.

  14. dont even worry about jail. the whole “rape” thing is designed to weed out the panzies. pussy boys are scared, so they ask permission. this lets the girl know he isnt what she wants. valuable men dont ask. they dont force anything, mind you, but they go for it unless explicitly told to stop. the law helps women silently blackmail these valuable men to stick around, lest she decide she was raped retroactively.
    i learned this at 16. i was trying to fuck this girl. she kept saying she didnt want to have sex and i was like “ok”. but i kept removing her clothing. we eventually fucked. for a couple of days i wondered if that was rape. i really was like “did i just rape a bitch?”. then she kept coming over to my house to fuck all the time. i figured it out after that. theres NO WAY you can rape a gal and not explicitly know that you raped her. none. if you are wondering “is this rape?” its not. just keep going, trust me, if she doesnt want it she will make sure that you are 100% certain she doesnt.

    1. She kept telling you no….if you’re going to ignore her, why ask? You should have respected her answer. I don’t care if you got lucky, you were not okay to do so. Just because you’re too stupid to understand, doesn’t mean you can bring others down to your level.

    2. Please report this person for rape. He has actually just flat out stated he’s a rapist and has been since he was 16.

  15. If my dad had given me similar advice or given me this article to read when I was a youngster my life would have turned out very differently. Could have avoided years as a blue-balled beta orbiter.

  16. Carson D-
    What about the fact that some people repress their urge and “need” to punch a douchebag in the face? I’m sure most men have experienced a time where slugging some idiot would have actually been a great reliever of stress.
    At the end of the day, you are making the judgment call that someone has their personal priorities wrong, and that they should want different things. The fact that a more restrained SMP leads to a more well-run civilization is not really in dispute since you speak of accelerating the decline (which I support, in some ways).
    If we all become servants of our impulses and appetites, civilization will not last very long. And a well-functioning society is one where many people repress many of their more animal instincts, so as not to be – animals. There is no way for us to live like animals and have a high-functioning society.

    1. Have fun repressing who you truly are and what you truly want. More poon for me. I hope the SMP works out for you when it finally balances out 50 years from now.
      Oh, and letting someone emotionally manipulate you to the point of physical stress = beta.

  17. I’m very smart, but totally like Eddie. Sometimes I get beautiful girls when we have common interests, but most of time I let the chance escape through my finger, ’cause I fell insecure to deal with people I don’t know.
    The point is.. how can I change myself to a more self confident man – (when dealing with a very beautiful woman that don’t know me).
    I don’t like parties or night clubs, but rather Daystreet game.

    1. Just talk man, speak, and listen. That’s all it is, give and take. You put something out there in a conversation, she’ll take it in, respond and back and forth. Be funny, but don’t be superficial. Be real, and listen to what she says, look her in the eyes and smile. Don’t rape her. Hahaha, sorry. You don’t have to be a beautiful person to get a beautiful person, you just have to complementary to them. Just work on it man, push yourself and don’t let anybody be that girl you should of gone over to talk to.

  18. you all leave comments based on societal conventions be a man take what you want do not bow down to feminest ideals i would hold my cock very proudly and leave any woman who feels she wants to control over me or feels she needs to change me to suit her ideal of a man

  19. This is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t do game on colleagues or coworkers. The consequences are more severe if she gets offended by your advances.

  20. I agree with you, Stan, but I guess you are very good looking. We all
    know it takes some balls anyways, but for the average and under-average looking guy it’s much harder to be very direct and aggressive.

    1. Lol @ this crock of shit, both of you know zilch about being Alphas & getting women.. It shows, horribly too. Obvious & pathetic.. Women don’t care about looks like men do, it’s about character, confidence & conversation.. Being able to lead in any situation, not be an asshole that has to be buzzed to act like a character out of a cheap adult swim show. Lol.

  21. This is so true, my retarded beta mates dont understand this and are mostly influenced by the femenist bullshit out society puts out these days, like women having feels and needing her approval to touch etc.
    Especially in clubs its like this: They go to clubs to GET HIT ON!Nobody goes for the music or dancing, theres different places for that. You go there to get hit on as a fuckkin female and if you arent then you should get the fuck out ASAP

    1. Uhhh yes women go to clubs to dance and drink. Some go for hookups, some go to get a date or more. Just because we are in a dance club doesn’t mean you can have your way. No.

    2. you’re stupid… :/
      lol you really think that women don’t have “feels” (as you call them, A+) and that you don’t have to ask before you touch them? oh yeah forgot we’re just here for your enjoyment. not. pig

  22. this whole conversation taking place in the comments section is far more disturbing than the article….

  23. This is disgusting. “Masculine men”
    women are not there to oblige men’s sexual needs. You’re a pig who thinks he can casually do what he wants to women because he has a libido. Consent fucking matters. You can’t justify rape you little shit. If a woman doesn’t express consent, you have no right to her body. You are not entitled because of your hard on. Women and men deserve respect. Women are not sexual objects for you to use and dispose of at your will; unless she expresses consent, you have NO FUCKING RIGHT TO PUT YOUR HANDS ON HER. You are a swine.

    1. I agree 100% with what you said, but the sad truth is that so many women prefer it that way that it muddles things for men. Ask any guy you know and he’s been told before, that he’d of got laid if he’d of just went for it. Our slut shaming society doesn’t allow girls to offer the pussy. Even hinting that you’re down to fuck can get you ran out of your hometown. Until we get all the underlying shit figured out and start letting people just be what they want to be sexually. We’re always going to have misunderstandings like this. Where this guy basically spends a whole article talking about raping chicks without realizing he’s doing so, and while getting a positive respond out of the majority of women readers.

      1. It’s called internalised misogyny. No, we won’t always have these attempted rapes, sorry misunderstandings, and misogynistic double standards, because we are evolving as a society. People said women would never get the vote, that they shouldn’t work and that slavery was normal. Millions upon millions of men and their cheerleaders flatly stated and pretended to believe things could never change.
        That’s the way it will always be is a) completely false and b) encourages people to tolerate the intolerable. This is not ok and we are going to change it is the correct response when we see pro rapists in action.
        50 years ago nobody would have thought twice about his column, and it might even have been written by a woman. Sexism and misogyny is learned behaviour and can be unlearned, as can internalised misogyny. Human beings are well on the path to ditching the nonsense idea that women are there for men’s approval or disapproval. And this comment section is just one proof of that.

  24. Stan sounds like a disgusting human being i wouldn’t want to be within a hundred feet of, unless i were tasing his ass to death. sorry but if you think his actions are something to be proud of, or something women find attractive, then prepare to be dissapointed and most likely one day arrested for rape. ’cause you DO realize that’s what this article is condoning.

  25. You are gross. Your opinions are just polished up versions of the crap you feed yourself to justify your shitty behavior & outlook on life.
    I take great offense.
    Sincerely great offense.

  26. As a woman, I HATE guys just throwing themselves at me. Perhaps your experience is with trashy women who don’t know how to say no, because nothing cuts a first date short with me quicker than shoving an uninvited hand somewhere up my clothing. Likewise, I like to at least try to gauge a guy’s level of interest before I go thrusting my hand down his pants. People should respect each other.

  27. This article is a joke right!! This guy is a rapist creep!!! Please for the love of God do not listen to this man!!!

  28. LISTEN UP BOYS. Don’t fucking touch any girl you wanna bang, maybe she has a boyfriend who takes care of her. Maybe she really doens’t want it and maybe just maybe your over confidence will cause you to rape her. Thus wrecking her life and the life of her loving man. Sure be confident, but learn to respect them and not to be complete douche bags. Its guys like this that make me nervous to leave my girl un attended because they could forecfully take advantage of her and she wouldn’t be able to do a thing about it. Fuck You if you think that’s okay in any way. Find your own girl and confidently fuck her, it’s not cool to try for someone elses lady. It’s an individualistic way of thinking that makes humans such complicated and disgusting creatures. You ave the power to wreck the lives of two people just for a moment of pleasure. Men who look at women as object and simply “sexual partners” are fucking retarded. I am in a relationship, I’ll probly marry her in a couple years, we both want to. I also have had friends for years that are female and I have never been attracted to them, they are just good people. Grow up and stop thinking like a fucking ape. You don’t know how to behave and anyone who objectifies a female as a sexual object was brought up wrong and needs to understand that. Rape seems to be growing steadily more acceptable as time goes on. Men, do women a favour and consider them too. Have sex, and make sure it’s really good. But don’t fuck someone if they don’t want it, and dont persue girls who are in a relationship. Fuck off.

  29. “[He] listens only to what his dick is telling him. His thought process is ‘I wanna bang this chick’ and everything else flows from that. He doesn’t even think – he doesn’t have some complicated mental model telling him when and when not to touch a girl.”
    Not gonna lie, that sounds more than a bit rape-y. There’s definitely the time and place for touching a girl, and consent has a lot to do with that, to be completely honest.

  30. Yeah so I just dive at women and maybe if they like it, it’s not molesting them? Act first, think later. Have you been charged with anything yet?

  31. This is totally misguiding information, do NOT follow this bullshit.. If you’re looking for something to watch for authentic value, please search: The Black Phillip Show, Coach Corey Wayne & Tom Leykis. Please I warn you, this is bullshit.. Fuck around & catch a aggravated sexual assault charge if you want too, be on somebodies list & be a sexual predator.. Lol. Seriously.
    Be yourself at all times, have some class & be assertive. Stand by your words, value & principals.. Don’t bend nor compromise for any woman, you lead.. She follows, if not? Don’t waste your time.. Best thing you can do is go at women without your dick as a leading tool.. You’ll gain more.

  32. This surely has to be someone making a point. Is anybody this stupid any more? He very much sounds like a rapist.

  33. Said this elsewhere on another article. Can’t currently log in to disqus. It pretty much fits this article too, just copying and pasting.
    The chains men devised for women have been snapped. And that’s what terrifies the author of this article and so many manboys. I call them manboys because they’re not men, naturally. Men don’t behave like this. I am surrounded by smart, caring and wonderful men. They have no need or desire to harm women or control them. And they have happy fulfilled lives. Unlike the poor, enraged manboys trying to cram women back into the cages they devised.
    We won our freedom from the shackles of marriage, each generation sees women more and more realising we don’t have any need for marriage. We only need your sperm to conceive (a partner is nice but by no means necessary to raise a happy, healthy kid. Money is necessary. And one willing and loving carer). We have jobs, lives and can live beautifully man-free. And when we see articles like this trying to hearken back to the bad old days of pretending women were different from men so misogynists could pretend oppressing and controlling an entire sex was acceptable, we all see how needy many men are and how low their self esteem is.
    The good news is, it’s not too late for you poor, lonely needy manboys. Some women will happily enjoy men’s company if they are decent men. And there are plenty of decent men out there. Actual men. Not scared, hysterical manboys like the author.
    The thing is though, the notion that women need you – that died with the pill and when women forced men to give them the right to work. You no longer get to behave like sub humans. Or rather, you do, but you will live and die alone or surrounded by women exactly like yourself. You reap what you sow.
    Educate yourselves. Here are some simple rules for the manboy who is struggling and cannot find a woman to love him.
    1. Make no gender assumptions. They have all been debunked, comprehensively. If you still believe in male and female brains you are about 25 years behind on current scientific thinking. Male and female babies are treated differently from the second they are born. This accounts for nearly all thoroughly debunked gender differences. Even one outlier – and there are millions – immediately makes any gender assumptions pointless. These are facts. Accept them, move on.
    2. Accept and understand what feminism actually is. If you believe that women are not yet treated equally to men in society and you believe they should be you are a feminist. End of. There are angry feminists and amused ones, smart ones and dumb ones and they all bring their own personality to the mix. But that is all feminism means. Anything else is all in your head and tells us a great deal about the person doing the assuming.
    3. Make no generalisations about either sex. There are intelligent women, stupid women, women who will lie, women who don’t want children, women who are engineers, mathematicians, nurses, fry cooks, unemployed, killers, heroes and cowards. Just like men.. If we all woke up tomorrow and discovered women were just as physically strong as men, a lot of you would be getting a great big shock about those nonsensical ideals you have about women being naturally sweeter, softer and more nurturing – or the opposite.
    4. Understand that as a sex women have always slept around. Just like men. Cultural and societal conditioning and brutal behaviour controls enforced by men over time – not coincidentally beginning around the same time our ancestors realised that when women slept around their own sperm might not win the race to the egg – forced women to try to pretend otherwise. But women’s natural behaviours never changed. All they did was get good at hiding their true natures. A proportion of humanity will always lie to their partners, both male and female. Neither sex is naturally monogamous although both sex is capable of choosing monogamy if they want to.
    Those who try to pretend otherwise ignore these facts:
    -Sperm wars – why do sperm fight and kill one another? Because they have to if they want a chance at a fertilising an egg, because women have always slept around.
    -Books like Nancy Friday’s The Secret Garden (and hundreds more like it) – which men didn’t want to publish back in the 70’s because some men (like the author of this woeful, adolescent, poorly conceived diatribe) could not bear to know that women are just as lascivious as men in their desires and fantasies.
    -The fact that if a woman doesn’t want sex with her husband that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want sex – it just means she wants it with someone other than her husband.
    -The overwhelming evidence in paternity tests. Boy were there a lot of surprised men around when DNA testing became possible.
    – The thousands of nerve endings dedicated to nothing but pleasure around the clitoris.
    -Logic. If men are sleeping around who are they having sex with? Are there just one or two really really busy women and all the others sitting with their legs tightly crossed? Hardly.
    Freeing women up from the burden of unwanted pregnancy has allowed them to do what they always wanted to – have recreational sex. The fact that you are just now seeing this does not mean it is a new thing.
    5. If you feel tempted to say “women do (insert ridiculous generalisation here)” change the word to men. Now you see how nonsensical you are being. Generalisations about any group – including men or women – tell us a huge amount about you and nothing whatsoever about the group.
    What we are seeing is the slow stripping away of the fetters and chains a male dominated society placed upon women’s behaviours. As with all societal change the privileged do not want to give up their privileges. But just think manboys – when you stop pretending we are all so different, when you stop assigning debunked gender roles to women, you can stop beating and bashing and battering one another too. You can stop sending one another off to war. You can stop refusing one another paternity leave. You can stop pretending you don’t have feelings and emotions. You can stop half killing each other for the prize of “alpha” male which comes with alcoholism, suicide and depression. You can stop forcing each other to pretend to be something that you’re not at the same time you stop forcing women to pretend they are something they are not. What a relief it would be for you to just let it all go and be yourselves, whatever that self may be.
    And what we are left with is this – men and women, apart from a few basic physiological differences, are basically the same. The evidence is all around you, and most especially in this article the manboys are so heartily in agreement with – until the true meaning of it is pointed out.
    Some men want to stay home and raise children. Some women never want to have children. Even one outlier completely debunks any generalisation about either sex. Be honest with one another. lots of women just want casual sex too, now that they are not being abused and punished so relentlessly for admitting this. Think of the fun you can all have when you stop trying to control women.
    By the way, if you state that women do not enjoy and are not entitled to recreational sex what you are actually saying is this: “I suffer from sexual dysfunction myself and don’t like admitting that and hate the thought that millions of other women are out there doing what comes naturally” or “I want women to remain in the gender roles I have assigned for them and anything else makes me uncomfortable” or “I am a very poor sexual lover and can’t make women orgasm so I will blame them for my failings” or “insert other sad excuse here”.
    And by the way, another myth is how hard the female orgasm is to come by. Yet another myth perpetuated by men and internalised by some women. Female orgasms are easy, they take a tiny bit of practice and some mechanical skill. Tongues and fingers work beautifully. You do not need flowers or candlelight or any of that stuff. You just need friction on the clitoris. You could be reading war and peace and still have a cracking orgasm with a little tongue action. And many of us get to have multiple ones all in a row. No wonder manboys are so jealous 😀
    To sum up – treat all human beings you meet with the same respect. Do not expect or ask for specific behaviours from anyone based on their sex. Make no assumptions about anybody based on their sex. The way you behave will attract the same sort of people and behaviours. If you want monogamy in a woman, be monogamous. If you want kindness, be kind. If you want love, be loving.
    Or continue to froth, rant rave and shriek your desperate and lonely hysteria at the world and die alone or surrounded by the kind of women you deserve. Your choice.
    I’m sorry manboys – as a sex women are going to keep on doing what they want, when they want, if they want. Your permission is neither requested nor required 🙂

  34. Wow. So this is where the self-loathing rapists come to write stories about how to treat women.

  35. Motherfucker, you are insane. I don’t know where the fuck you’re from and what type of dumbass bitches you’re used to dealing with, or if you’re just a troll making all this shit up. But just in case this is for real;
    If you ever grabbed some chick’s head in a bar in MY neighborhood, she would immediately punch you in the face and you would be picking your teeth up off of the floor. Then you would get the shit beaten out of you by our bartenders. I have seen it happen to faggots like you, and often. Don’t believe me? Come to my town and try it for yourself.

  36. Yeah well….it’s all fun and games until the false rape or false harrassment charge hits. Funny how these Playas never talk (or give a shit about) that. They all think this shit ain’t ever gonna happen to them. It’s always somebody ELSE’S problem.

  37. Let me tell you. That last part where I’m in bed with the girl recently happened; her tits hanging out and I’m already feeling down south (never had sex before with her). So she says we’re not having sex tonight. So my retarded ass keeps making out with her and try one more time. She says the same thing. So I’m like okay let me get the fuck out of here then she stopped talking to me a couple weeks later. Never banged. While i respected her choice she probably thought i was apussy in comparison to the other fucks she’s had that did it anyway. It ain’t her first rodeo. The double edge sword is her luring you in and saying you raped her which everyone knows the court favors females. But all in all it’s risky business. There is no 100% right answer. If a girl uses that as some late game clutch shit test anyway then shes a cunt. Plus she’ll call you a faggot to her friends to protect her fragile ego.

  38. This is interesting. Will it get you the long term mate you need? No, but will it get you sex? I’m 100 percent sure it will. So I follow Doc Love’s system, because I think it’s excellent, for getting that mate. he recommends no touching until she touches you, and then just play dumb. Wait until she’s your gf then touch her when you feel like, but your whole game is to raise her interest level and weed out the ones that have low interest level or have a bad character. All fine and good. It actually works. The problem I just found out is part of his system is that you are supposed to go for a brief kiss on the end of the 2nd date onwards, after every date, just a few second kiss. That makes it so you’re not in the friend zone, keeps her on her toes. The problem is that this is not in the book. I found out on his radio show. It might be in his other books. He very much said it’s something you have to do. So I blew it with one girl perhaps- a good character girl (From Eastern Europe BTW) but I’m giving her space (challenge). And becoming a business professional, and wanting a long term classy lady, I’m not sure I can pursue the road you recommend above (my dignity would be fine if I had class like Cary Grant and got some result). Anyway it’s not mine, maybe a little bit his fault for not apprising me of the kiss rule, but now I know. I know one thing- because I’ve experienced it before- when you get an intelligent woman to have high interest level in you, and she has a good character (funny, now I”m thinking of a german and an italian women- again not an american which is my country of both birth and residency!) then there is nothing like it. I don’t think sluts and casual sex can compare to that. Casual sex with sluts really is just getting your dick wet (and maybe getting YOUR ego stroked, kind of like the male equivalent of female selfies). I’m not judging slut chasers, and if they chase you, like you’re Schwarzenegger or Mario Lopez or whatever sex symbol on tv, so much the better. I’m not trying to moralize here. Fuck, that bummed me out learning the kiss rule too late, but I’ll apply this prospectively. can’t apply new insights retrospectively, because you just can’t.

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