Last Call For Massively Discounted $6 Roosh Head T-Shirts

As I announced last month, I am closing the ROK t-shirt shop by offering massive discounts.

Uncle Roosh T-Shirt on sale for only $25 $12 $6

The high quality 100% cotton Uncle Roosh t-shirt is 76% off at only $6. I’m selling this shirt at below cost because everything must go! Click here for details.

SOLD OUT Return Of Kings T-shirt on sale for $16

Only four flagship t-shirts are left in sizes small and extra-large. This is 35% off the normal price. Click here for details.

Bumper sticker and magnet combo pack for $2

Get the ROK bumper sticker and Roosh-head refrigerator magnet for only $2. This is 71% off the normal price. Click here for details.

This is your last opportunity to get the above products at these prices. I expect to sell out of everything in the next few days.

Click Here To Visit The ROK Store

11 thoughts on “Last Call For Massively Discounted $6 Roosh Head T-Shirts”

  1. I love you Roosh! Hope you are not quitting running your sites as well; so sorry for your lost recently re: your sister.

    1. I’m not quitting. I’m focusing on finishing my two books by the fall. I have a new batch of articles going up on in the next few weeks.

  2. Good Luck Roosh,times may be hard,but don’t give up fighting
    ROK strangely become on of the voice’s of reason’ in our increasingly hellish clown world,Let’s turn things around for the better

  3. The “Roosh hair-head” graphic is well-designed (the outline, the colors — it’s clean, simple + original). A little visual tribute to your globe-hopping PUA days of yore. Even though you might not be that guy any more, you had a good run. But watch, you’re not going to sell those out at any price. Maybe it’s because people are justifiably concerned about retaliation or getting doxxed, etc., if some programmed SJW positively ID’ed ROK’s logos. In certain seaside California towns you’d almost assuredly get negged super-hard, followed, cat-called and maybe even jumped if you were spotted in the ROK logo. I’m not paranoid, people really are that outwardly hostile toward red pill / black pill truth in 2018, a lot of people are busy tending to their feeble-minded hopes & feelz and don’t want to see the world the way it really is.

    Aside from provoking the easily-triggered, the other thing about the Roosh-face logo is that most dudes don’t want gear with another dude’s face on it. And when someone inevitably asks “who’s that on your T-shirt?…” rude and static-y fun may ensue. You have all these articles and comments over the years saying what a travesty of the man code it is to wear another guy’s name or team logo on your shirt (very true + something which I have instinctively avoided all my life), so you probably see some shades of the irony in your own merch.

    Most of your insights, and you sheer honesty, have been astute, terrific and refreshing, and I hope you keep it going with your collaborators at ROK. But if I were you, I would’ve skipped the liquidation sale because subtly it’s a bad PR move. I would have swallowed the loss and not told anyone I wasn’t able to sell them…

  4. Roosh… 2 or 3 times I’ve browsed that rump site started by the guys you booted off here, and see other commenters of old who must have been butthurt about something and left here for there. Rump site wasn’t even original enough to come up with a title without the word “Kings” in it.
    This site is still much better. I suspect the site traffic here is still at least what it was before. Just less comments because the serial off-topic/shitposters were booted.

  5. If I’m going to wear the image of any man on my chest, it’ll be my image. So, thanks but no thanks.

      1. “having an image of yourself on your chest is pretty gay”
        But the image of another man is not. Yea, OK.

  6. Why would one advertise himself openly as being a sexpat + an altrighter by wearing a Roosh V t-shirt… lol. Most RVFers already have that “frustrated White/Asian chump” look on their faces, they dont need a t-shirt.

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