8 Great Lifestyle Cars For Under $15,000

The debate regarding the automobile and its relation to one’s value in the sexual marketplace has been ongoing for some time, with some overstating the car’s value as a tool of attraction.

While the automobile has little potential to serve as the pussy panacea some wish it would (unless you can afford something like this), it is still worthwhile for guys to get their car game on point as a part of a more comprehensive lifestyle improvement program and create a useful image with which to market themselves.

To that end, I’ve taken the time to recommend eight cars that are fairly cool, cheap, reliable, and affordable for a guy just beginning to improve his lifestyle game and looking to get a ride that fits the bill. I designed this list with a budget in mind-each car listed can be had used and in decent condition for $15,000, in some cases much less.

1. Nissan 350Z (Coupe or Convertible)

The existence of the newer, faster 370Z has helped to make these pretty cheap, but they still look good and make for a great value. Good examples of these can be found in the $13-14k range without too much effort, and they get cheaper than that if you’re willing to deal with higher mileage (90,000 or more on the clock).

These are some of the better affordable droptops on the market too, if that’s your style.

2. Infiniti G35 (Sedan or Coupe)

The G35 is based on the 350Z, and like that car is a great value. You get a little more luxury here and thus pay a little more for a G35 Coupe than a 350Z Coupe. The G35 sedans can get dirt cheap if you’re willing to tolerate a higher mileage example, and they’re not a bad deal either. This is a fitting ride for a young professional guy.

3. Pontiac GTO

Here’s a value muscle car. Built in Australia (an Aussie/Kiwi reader here might recognize the Holden Monaro), the GTO was offered in the USA for a short three year run under the now defunct Pontiac name. The result was one of the best values on the market, and it still is. You can now have this 400hp RWD V8 monster for well under $15,000.

4. Acura TSX

This is a small sedan based on the Japanese/European version of the familiar Accord, which itself is the smaller, sportier vehicle that the much thinner folks in the rest of the world get to buy.

We pay a little more for ours here in the states because we get them under a more premium brand, but these are still pretty cheap. As little as $10-12k will get you into a decent 04.

5. Acura TL

I think that the 01-03 TL is one of the more underrated values on the used car market, and a solid option for a young guy working his way up. A sporty, well-kept Type-S like the one pictured here can easily be had for less than $15k. They’re reasonably luxurious (leather, sunroof, etc), they look decent and they’re dirt cheap.

They have some transmission issues in the higher mileage ranges, but you can mitigate that by going for a lower mileage example (you’ll still spend way less than $15k).

If you want the next generation (04-08), you’ll fork out a bit more, but $15k will still get you a pretty well-kept car.

6. Lexus IS300

$13k will get you a decent 2004 or 2005 model without too much mileage. These are a great value and extremely well put together. They aren’t as sharp on the track as the E46 3-Series, but they have fewer expensive bugs in other areas and I personally prefer this design. I wanted one of these myself to head off to college in, but couldn’t make the financials work.

7. Cadillac CTS-V (04-05)

You’ll have to tolerate higher mileage (above 85,000, generally) to find one in this price range, and they aren’t abundant, but this is a car that might be worth the effort. They’re not terribly efficient and the build quality isn’t perfect, but you’ll be hard pressed to find something that will take you faster while looking quite this good and costing you quite this little.

8. Chevy Cobalt SS

This is a surprisingly decent car considering the general mediocrity associated with the Cobalt name. It comes standard with a stick, a plus for the diehards who have watched the manual become a dying breed these days. They’re easy to modify, perform very well, and get solid gas mileage too (owner reports indicate up to a possible 40mpg on the highway).

$13k will allow you to easily find a nice unit somewhere with well under 50k on the clock. This is more of a “budget” type of car than the others on this list, but it is a strong enough value to belong.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (03-07)
  • Volvo S60R (03-07)
  • BMW M3 (02-04)

There do perhaps exist other options, but these are the cars on top of my personal list, vehicles I’d trust if I were on the market. If you’re a guy on a budget but looking to get a ride that fits the upwardly mobile trend in your personal and professional life that ROK hopes to facilitate, then these cars should be on your short list.

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83 thoughts on “8 Great Lifestyle Cars For Under $15,000”

  1. Athlone, what are your thoughts on used cars? I’m getting my first car very soon and I’m not sure whether to lease a new car or buy a used one with the cash up front. Wondering what your thoughts are on this.

    1. Depends. If you’re going to drive it till the wheels fall off, buying new puts you wholly in control for care and maintenance. You know everything will cared for to your standards. On the other hand, cars are generally a sunk cost. Buying slightly used will save a ton of money, especially if you’re after a nicer ride. European cars bleed value as soon as they leave the lot.

    2. Always pay cash. If you can’t pay it full, you can’t afford it.
      One exception: if you can write off the lease payments as expense. Talk to your accountant about your situation. If you don’t have an accountant, you are in the first category: pay cash.

    3. Befriend a mechanic. Bring him a case of his favourite brew, buy him lunch and whatever price he quotes give him a bit extra. Saved me thousand$ over the years from purchasing depreciating electrical shite we call cars.

      1. Another thing, learn to change shit like your brakes, sparkplugs, oil, etc. Manly confident boost and the ca$h saved, you put aside for your new best mate, a mechanic for serious shit like clutches, transmissions, engine swaps, etc. If i had a booger size of the knowledge my mechanic/friend had, i’d be in Europe working for http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernie_Ecclestone while banging http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2257298/Petra-Tamara-Ecclestone-cash-booming-London-property-market.html

      2. This is an especially good call if you’re going to go for an older German car (example: ’01 M3, ’03 C-Class, etc). That’s the only circumstance under which I’d recommend purchasing such vehicles for regular driving if you’re not rolling in cash.

  2. Why not go the extra mile and import a classic from from the uk … There’s a tonne of classic roadster vintage style cars that would polish up a treat and get you some looks from girls that don’t have a clue what it is anyway … Prices are within budget and there could be some kudos to be had from having a right hooker over there . Get a jaguar or a Bentley or mg etc. loads come in budget for a retro ride . The 350z is a good modern car but the rest look bland as shit .

    1. Classic British cars look great but are unreliable. You’ll spend most of your time fixing them. Better off buying a car with cheap replacement parts. Toyota is probably one of the cheapest to fix, so I reckon an older model MX5 is an easy choice – if you’re going for that style (in a broad sense). I also like the Honda S2000 (dunno how cheap you can get them for though).

      1. MX5 is a Mazda….and it’s probably the best ‘drivers car’ you can buy for under 80 grand…

      2. Fuck, I knew it was a fucking Mazda. Too many beers. Anyway… swear you could get an MX5 for way less than $15k (though I’m not talking about any recent model) – will have to look that up.

      3. The MX-5 nearly made this list. I can find a 2001 model with just over 63,000 miles on the clock for $6900. $10,000 will get you an ’04 with less than 50k on the clock. An ’06 with similar mileage can be had for just under $13,000. I’ve seen ’08s with less than 40k on the clock for $14900 or so.
        Bottomline: The MX-5 is cheap. Great value.
        S2000s in the 2000-2004 age range are fairly easy to find for under $15k if you’re willing to take a mileage reading of between 50-100k. That’s another good value, though you’d better be able to drive a stick.

    2. I don’t recommend the classic british car strategy because those cars are not easy to maintain here. I tried to stick to cars that are affordable and easy to keep as daily drivers for guys who may only be able to afford a single car.
      An old Jaguar/MG simply isn’t going to fit that bill, much less a Bentley. Those are cars you can keep as second vehicles if you’ve got extra cash stored around and want a toy to drive on occasion.

      1. “If it doesn’t leak oil or water it isn’t English.”
        I drive regularly an MGF/TF and although i’m very lucky with mechanics (i don’t push it too hard) the construction quality not good. When it rains, some water comes in, the top fully water proof. Parts are also expensive to get. At least it’s has awesome looks and still “fresh”.
        From the list i would buy, without doubts, the Nissan.

  3. I hope you’re also an “ivy league trained” mechanic for all the guys who take your advice, LMAO!! Those acuras are dependable, my grandpa drives one! An rsx would be more of a lifestyle car. The infiniti’s and the 350z will be high mileage cars people beat the fuck out of and are right at the unloading point so get ready for one expensive repair after another. Buy a cadillac at your own peril and have another ten grand on tap for the repairs it’ll need. The GTO looks like a grand am with a spoiler and it drives like a cinder block, thing weighs 4000 pounds. Can’t go wrong with a lexus, even if it looks like a nissan sentra. I don’t think you’ve actually driven any of these cars and I doubt you’ve ever climbed under or turned a wrench on one. Besides the acura’s, these cars will cost way more than $15k with all the repairs they’re gonna need.

    1. Your statements just proved you are an opinionated poser and not knowledgeable in any way with regard to cars. A GTO drives like a brick? the CTS-V is unreliable? Acuras don’t need repairs? (he even mentioned in the article they are notorious for failing transmissions; never mind cv joints).
      I actually own /owed heavily modified versions of the CTS-V and GTO, plus a coupla Acura Legends and have friends with modified and stock 350Zs and G35/ 37s. All of the cars mentioned are good cars, and to be honest the best pick out of the bunch is probably the Lexus IS – simply because it’s not traditionally attractive to performance heads yet has the same engine as a Supra minus the turbos. Which means the drive train is near bullet proof and mostly posers and women owned them and none of them realized what they had.

  4. My only issue is that I live in the Northern part of the country and none of these would help me with snow.

  5. I think guys overestimate and underestimate the value of car. I’m not talking money wise, I’m talking the feeling one gets from driving a car they are actually proud of. This is a pretty good list for those looking for something to start with. Look, the car in itself will not net you pussy, you still have to have some pretty decent game, but the boosted ego from the pride you get from a car you actually like is something that can’t be ignored. I’ve been lucky and I’ve had cars I’ve been proud to own, even if they were “pieces of shit”… they were cool in their own way. You spend A LOT of time in your car, especially if your from the west coast, try to find something you can at least take some pride in, but NEVER break your bank for it.

    1. Exactly. My car isn’t special but it’s paid off and i also have a motorcycle, which is also paid off. i have a lot of friends bragging about their cars. they don’t however brag about living at home or eating ramen noodles.

  6. Nice selection. What about waiting until having decent money and mental maturity (27 and up) and afford something better? i.e: audi, bmw, or mercedez.

    1. These are cars I would actually suggest getting at precisely that point as an alternative to the newer German brands. You could get one of these cheaply enough to pay off more quickly than you would a newer 3-Series or C-Class.
      I tried to write this post as though I were in my late twenties, sort of established, and just looking for a ride. These are the cars I would look to first since they best combine affordability with style and performance. I could finance/lease a newer A4/C-Class/3-Series instead, but why pay a bank when you don’t need to?
      If I can find an IS300 for half the price, I’d call that a better option.

  7. What do you think of the Cooper S guys? Mine is red with black stripes and leather interior, I heard in some forums that is a ladies’ car, but I say bullshit, I think it looks badass

    1. Depends if it’s the classic one or not. If it’s the classic version it’s badass; if it’s the modern version it’s gay.

    1. Because most guys don’t need trucks. They don’t use it to haul trailers or use the bed for anything useful. They’re horrible on gas. I see too many guys drive trucks that never use them for truck stuff.
      Being a man has nothing to do with owning a truck unless you actually have utility for it. A soulless office worker driving a lifted truck to his home in the suburbs is still a soulless office worker.

      1. That’s why you gotta start being a man – camping, carpentry, etc. Girls love my old Ford Ranger with aluminum (not even fiberglass) cap. Just about every weekend it’s loaded up with camping or skiing gear.

  8. Toyota RAV4. It’s small enough to easily park in the city, gets great mileage, and the seats collapse, making spacious enough you can comfortably have sex in the back.
    You’re looking at all the wrong things.

    1. I seem to remember the Toyota boss (for sales or something like that) admitting the RAV4 was designed for women and homosexual men. Just saying…

    2. I’d prefer a Suzuki Grand Vitara (which I happen to have, for the record). The mileage is not as good as a RAV4 and Suzuki is going out of business in the USA, but they’re cheaper, still very reliable, not very big and much better off-road (if you’re into that) and in shitty weather (if you live in it).

  9. The Jeep Wrangler is the way to go. It is a specialized sports vehicle, just as much as a hot sports car. Definitely manly. Cars are boring in comparison.

    1. Jeeps are good if you want to learn to work on cars because they break all the time. If you dont wan’t to do your own repairs they are horrible.

  10. Why are audi’s not on this list ? A4’s are a great car for guys starting out. They are fast, good on gas and if you live somewhere that has bad weather they can’t be beat for safety and traction.
    Not to mention you can get a newer one around 08-09 for under $15k in the states. In Canada you might have to go a year or 2 older for the quattro’s

    1. Its a very U.S-centric list, understandable when the author is American. However, being from Britain, the only car on this list I would have is the Nissan. Audi’s are great cars and I would have an Audi over anything in this list.

  11. Have a black 57 T-bird convertible with blsck and white interior in cherry condition – talk about a chick magnet. Of course, she was my first car – got her in the mid-70’s as a gift from my grand-father who bought her new and kept her in a garage. (Told me every boy deserved a car like her when I was young enough to enjoy her.) Rebuilt her engine the first time when I was in college, since then she’s just gotten better with age, like a fine wine. Of course, she only goes out on the nicest days. Every other car, pales in comparison to my baby… 🙂 The only thing which isn’t “stock” is the sound and security system.
    I’ve had more cars than I can remember since I got her. I have to get her liquid-lead through a marine store to keep the valves properly lubricated with the crap gas you buy today, and add another octane booster (the addition of lead gives you a couple of points but not enough) to get the octane into the proper range to handle the compression-ratio for her engine. She can be temperamental, but I let her get away with it.
    As one woman found out when she said, “You care about that car more than you do me.” I responded, “I had her in my life long before you were born, and I’ll have her in my life, long after I’ve forgotten your name. If you can bring me half as much joy as she has, you’ll be a keeper too.”
    Sometimes, women have to have it spelled out clearly, exactly where they stand in the over-all scheme of things when it comes to your priorities. But you also have to give them something to strive for.

    1. ‘Birds of that vintage are about the awesomest image cars ever made. If any car on the planet could singlehandedly turn regular Joes into rockstars (it actually did for at least one by now bigtime music producer…), it’s one of those in convertible trim.

  12. Chevy Cobalt won’t impress anyone. Women are dumb, they wouldn’t know the significance of SS. A used BMW, Audi, or Mercedes is the way to go if you want something that’s gonna look baller under 15k. Plus, materialistic broad’s eyes will light up because they at least can associate those brands with status, they could care less if you bought it with 150 kilometres on it , and of course you’d never tell them.

    1. “Chevy Cobalt won’t impress anyone.”

      Frankly, none of the cars on this list are that “impressive” by themselves. They’re all nice cars, but nothing here is going to get people talking as you pass by. A used BMW, Audi or Mercedes in this price range is not going to fool anyone but the most basic of bitches and dudes into thinking you’re a “baller”.
      Maybe in the hood your 11 year old M3 will have some cache, but it won’t do much in most other places. These cars are also a much bigger hassle to maintain when they’re this age than the ones I put on my list-they have more problems and the parts to fix them are more expensive.
      The point here is to get a nice component of a larger package. Lifestyle game is not made by any one element (car, pad, clothes, game, etc). It is made by the slow gathering of all of these things together in a coherent package.

      they could care less if you bought it with 150 kilometres on it , and of course you’d never tell them.

      No, but you’ll be paying the heavy price trying to keep the thing running, all for the sake of trying to impress a few very basic bitches (the only ones who will be awed by a 12 year old German import).
      This is playing the game the wrong way. Lifestyle game is about building a coherent package-you can’t do that by purchasing an old, very troublesome car you can’t afford to maintain well in order to qualify yourself for women.
      Balance lies in knowing your limits, and living within them.

  13. Fun fact: gold-diggers know how much your car is worth. They will google the price, find out the year, look at your mileage–everything. This idea that you can trick women into thinking you’re a big-boss-baller with your 2002 Lexus is a fool’s errand.
    Don’t listen to this author. Save your money and make a worthwhile investment instead of plopping down an extra TEN GRAND on a “stylish” car, when you could get a totally functional one for 5k or less.

    1. This idea that you can trick women into thinking you’re a big-boss-baller with your 2002 Lexus is a fool’s errand.

      Do people read what I post before they commence their critiques? Here’s what I said at the very beginning:
      “While the automobile has little potential to serve as the pussy panacea some wish it would (unless you can afford something like this), it is still worthwhile for guys to get their car game on point as a part of a more comprehensive lifestyle improvement program and create a useful image with which to market themselves.”
      It is quite explicitly stated that an ’02 Lexus is not going to fool anyone into thinking you’re a baller. I did not in anyway imply that your 11 year old IS300 is going to result in chicks dropping panties for you. I’ve written older posts which have made the exact same point.
      The point of this, however, is to create a total package, not to lean on a car as some sort of pussy magnet. The IS300 isn’t a Pagani, but it is a nice looking, well put together car. Combine it with a solid package (decent pad, solid style, good physique, some basic game and the confidence that comes with all that), and you’ll have a nice overall portfolio which, taken altogether, might make you more appealing.
      The car is not a panacea, and neither is anything else. Lifestyle game is an ongoing process that consists of many steps. The car is just one of them.

      Don’t listen to this author. Save your money and make a worthwhile investment instead of plopping down an extra TEN GRAND on a “stylish” car, when you could get a totally functional one for 5k or less.

      If $10k can get me a perfectly reliable, functional and better looking Acura, why should I settle for a ’99 Camry with significantly higher mileage (the kind of car you’d get for $5k)?
      If $5k is all you’ve got, then fine, work with it. But if you can find a neat compromise between style, function and value that isn’t going to break the bank, why not take it?
      I’m not speaking Japanese here-this is just a little common sense. Find the middle ground when you can, it’s a nice place to be.

      1. How you try to market this idea is irrelevant. You are nonetheless pushing the meme that you should pursue style over substance, and the fact that you seek to prioritize the price points of the pre-owned vehicles on this list is all the evidence I need for that assertion.
        What you mean by “lifestyle choice” is really just a narcissistic projection that’s supposed to make you seem richer than you actually are. Ironically, this “lifestyle” still comes at exorbitant cost in today’s economy (unless you’re willing to go into debt for your 2003 Acura w/ 60,000 miles).
        So I not only assume you’ve never worked a day in your life, but it also seems to me you’re a tryhard narcissist that’s encouraging dudes to cash in on cars they don’t need, rather than save their money to put towards a worthwhile entrepreneurial endeavor that could net them more experience and money in the future
        And this isn’t even to mention that a stylish vehicle is simply a wasted investment given the fact that:
        A. The gold diggers you’re trying to attract with your “style” will see through your act
        B. The girls who aren’t gold diggers aren’t going to care what car you drive
        Both of which are points you won’t/cannot address. The vast underestimation of female-kind here is indicative of your social ineptitude

        1. ” You are nonetheless pushing the meme that you should pursue style over substance”

          I’m saying that if one can obtain style with substance, then they should try to do so. Style should not be prioritized over substance, but this does not mean that there is not a middle ground in which one can have plenty of substance with some style too. If you’ve got an issue with that and wish to focus strictly on substance, then good for you. Ignore my advice here.

          What you mean by “lifestyle choice” is really just a narcissistic projection that’s supposed to make you seem richer than you actually are.

          I’ve already conceded that nobody (save for the most basic bitches and chumps around) will presume you’re wealthy driving anyone of these cars. Your Chevy Cobalt SS is not going to fool anyone into thinking you’re a baller. Few are really going to think you’re richer than you actually are because of your neat-looking but still inexpensive Chevrolet compact.
          This is about ontaining as much style, substance and value as you can while living within your means. It isn’t about going beyond them.

          Ironically, this “lifestyle” still comes at exorbitant cost in today’s economy (unless you’re willing to go into debt for your 2003 Acura w/ 60,000 miles).

          There are plenty of people who could afford such a car, which could easily come in at less than $10k. Nowhere did I suggest that those who cannot should stretch to do so.

          So I not only assume you’ve never worked a day in your life


          but it also seems to me you’re a tryhard narcissist that’s encouraging dudes to cash in on cars they don’t need, rather than save their money to put towards a worthwhile entrepreneurial endeavor that could net them more experience and money in the future

          I’m merely encouraging those who can afford a vehicle and actually want to buy one to find as much value as they can in balancing style and substance.

          And this isn’t even to mention that a stylish vehicle is simply a wasted investment given the fact that:
          A. The gold diggers you’re trying to attract with your “style” will see through your act
          B. The girls who aren’t gold diggers aren’t going to care what car you drive
          Both of which are points you won’t/cannot address. The vast underestimation of female-kind here is indicative of your social ineptitude

          I addressed both of those points multiple times, in this post and in others.
          Jason, if you’re going to keep coming back you’ve got to step your game up. This level of trolling is not up to par.

      2. I contest the very premise that any of these cars you’ve listed above are stylish, ESPECIALLY, when taken into account that the men you’re attempting to compete with in terms of style: i.e. the rich kids and the actual rich men who can comfortably afford top-of-the-line vehicles, far outclass you. You’re playing a losing game from the beginning.
        Further, now you’ve just self-destructed your entire argument. First, these cars are supposed to afford you “style,” but now “nobody’s impressed” by the cars that you’ve listed here. So why would people listen to you? Why do I go out of my way to spend an extra ten thousand dollars (think about that number for a minute), on a car “nobody’s impressed with” when you could simply buy a functional car for a fraction of the price?
        Do you understand now why I know you’ve never actually had to grind in your life?
        The guys in here who have 15K lying around shouldn’t be spending it on cars. They should be spending it on something to advance their moneymaking potential.
        And I wonder, what actually qualifies you to give “advice” here? You said that you try to imagine yourself in your “late 20s” and then project what you think that means to the readers of this site so, in all actuality, you are making up an imaginary premise based on experience you don’t have.
        Why would anybody listen to you despite all the gaping holes in your logic and the fact that you have fundamentally contradicted yourself as per the purpose of this very post?
        I mean, somebody please tell me who’s taking this dude seriously. Anybody.

        1. You’re playing a losing game from the beginning.

          You’re making the most of what you have. You don’t have to beat millionaires, you just have to be the best you can be.

          Further, now you’ve just self-destructed your entire argument. First, these cars are supposed to afford you “style,” but now “nobody’s impressed” by the cars that you’ve listed here.

          Are you really this dense?
          “Nobody’s impressed” in the sense that none of these cars are going to be panty droppers. You are not going to shut down a busy street when you drive by. Jaws will not drop, and you will not unlock a magical fountain of pussy.
          They’re nice cars, but they’re not showstoppers. A Pagani Huayra is a showstopper. A 350Z is a nice car.
          Just because the car itself is not a showstopper does not mean that it can’t be a useful part of a greater overall package. It also doesn’t meant that it doesn’t have more style than other non-showstoppers, and can’t have value in that sense. I outlined this in my previous comments. There is no contradiction here.
          If you’re really not intelligent enough to see this distinction, quit wasting my time. If you’re just trolling (as I suspect you are, Jason), troll better.

          Why do I go out of my way to spend an extra ten thousand dollars (think about that number for a minute)

          Extra as opposed to what? The $5000 number you gave me earlier? Half the cars on this list can easily be found for less than $10k, so this “extra ten thousand” argument is a strawman. Some of the cars listed above can be had for as little as $8k in decent shape.
          The “out of my way” statement is also a strawman. These suggestions are for those who can afford to spend $7-15k on a car-they’re not going “out of their way” or stretching to do so.
          You also present a false dichotomy. The choice here is not between a “functional” $5000 car and any car on this list as you imply it is. The realistic alternatives to the vehicles on this list that are usually chosen are either new cars (financed or leased) or more “functional” (ex: Camry, Altima, etc) used cars in the same price range as the cars on this list ($7-15k).
          Troll better, bro.

          Do you understand now why I know you’ve never actually had to grind in your life?

          What I understand now is how shallow the depths of your knowledge actually are. You’re not even a skilled troll.

          I mean, somebody please tell me who’s taking this dude seriously. Anybody.

          You don’t take me seriously at all…so you decide to devote all of this energy to creating long comments on posts I make about arguments that, supposedly, shouldn’t be taken seriously. Sure dude.
          Happy trolling bro

      3. One more thing: I want to point out this fantasy of “middle ground.”
        What Athlone McGinnis and his ilk mean by “middle ground” is actually “mediocrity.” He’s encouraging you to cash-in on your mediocre status like a tryhard middle class peon rather than toughing it out for a couple of years, working hard, saving, and cashing in later down the line for a REAL car/status/satisfaction.
        If you’re into mediocrity, follow the author’s “advice,” which is what he calls his mental masturbation.

      4. How many times is this dipshit going to say “troll,” then insist I didn’t troll him, all the while putting out tomes in response?
        I mean, let’s look at the things you haven’t addressed first, then I’ll get to now-anemic version of your former argument:
        1. No discussion on the fact that these cars don’t give you a competitive advantage with women who value “style” (read: money). You’re telling me to go read the other horseshit you’ve spewed around the internet as if you’re actually interesting enough to do a google search for.
        2. No discussion of the fundamental contradiction that you’ve made in asserting these cars are “stylish” while then passively admitting that “nobody cares” when you drive these cars. This links back to my first point that these cars give you no competitive advantage.
        3. No discussion of the fact that you have zero qualification to be giving this advice, as per your own passive admission that you’re “imagining” (read: bullshitting) the scenario where you have 15k to plop down on a car.
        Now onto what you wrote:
        15k is a price point YOU set. When I think of a car “15k and under,” I’m thinking of between, maybe 15-10 thousand dollars. I’m not thinking of a beater vehicle for $900. So by repeatedly moving the posts farther and farther back, you think you’re presenting yourself as rational, when you’re just whittling down your argument to a snap-able splinter.
        Further, the idea that I would buy a car for that price, unless it was extremely gas efficient/hybrid/electric and I could compensate for the initial price point via savings on gasoline, is fucking ridiculous. It’s a waste of money, sort of like how you waste your time on this site writing for free.

        1. How many times is this dipshit going to say “troll,” then insist I didn’t troll him, all the while putting out tomes in response?

          I dunno dude. How many times are you gonna change your username so you can continue trolling?
          As to the rest of your post:
          Have a good night bro!

      5. That depends on how long this roosh pussy is going to pursue censorship to protect himself from voices of reason.

  14. Most of these cars would only attract shrill, high-maintenance, gold diggers.
    Stick with a 4×4 (Jeep, Wrangler, Bronco etc.) preferably lifted and you’ll attract girls that want to be led. Girls that like men who aren’t afraid to work with their hands and get a little dirty. A girl who’d prefer a day at the beach with beers and sandwiches over fancy dinners.

    1. My backup vehicle is a 20 year old no frills, 6 cylinder Jeep Wrangler. There isn’t even a carpet in it and the floor’s been done over in bedliner. It’s got a 6 inch lift, big fat tires and drives like a tank. In the winter, even though the tires aren’t optimal, it goes through snow like nothing and if there’s a nice big snowbank in the mall parking lot I’ll take a run and try to climb it although I’m getting sick of crunching the exhaust. In the Spring I get out the detail kit, clean her off, fight any rust that’s popped up, touch up the paint, wash and wax and I’ve got a 20 year old Jeep that looks brand new. I get compliments everywhere I go, as many from women as men because they recognize it as a “fun” vehicle. Every time I’m out someone asks if I want to sell it.
      As soon as summer hits, the top and the doors come off and I throw on a little bimini top that saves me from frying in the sun. There’s nothing like picking up a girl in a topless, doorless Jeep and taking her for a drive out to the country. They love the fear and danger of riding in an open vehicle even though it’s pretty safe with your seat belt on. Throw in some beer or wine and some snacks and bring a couple guns for target practice and it’s a no brainer for backwoods banging. My Jeep has 130,000 miles on her, I do the oil changes, the brakes, the exhaust, and anything else that comes up (so far) thanks to a huge online Jeep community that covers everything. These are vehicles anyone can work on, you don’t need an advanced engineering degree just to decipher what’s under the hood.
      I might get a little more attention in a brand new (or newer) Porsche that costs a hundred times what the Jeep does and only be able to use it half the year and never in bad weather while the Jeep can go anywhere anytime. You can pick up Jeeps pretty cheap, just make sure the frame isn’t bent, and you’ll have a blast turning it into whatever you want.

  15. I ended up getting a 7 year old BMW Z3 convertible for $16,800. It’s now a 13 year old car with 140k miles on it and it still gets compliments even when it’s not polished up.

  16. I drive an ’08 Prius. Fully paid off, I bought it to keep my gas expenses as low as possible. The author is correct that you car doesn’t play in as big a factor in attracting girls as you’d think. Girls don’t care, I’ve had a few tease me that their car was faster but I’d always remind them that they’re working a shitty job just so they could maintain their car, while I sleep in every day and do as I please.
    I’ve been driving my Prius around hauling 3′ x 5′ sheets of sheetrock in the back while having dudes give me the “you’re a faggot” look as they drive off in their shiny lifted trucks that have never seen mud and require a forklift to put anything useful in the back. The sheetrock was for my investment property.
    I just ask my redneck friends if I can borrow their truck whenever I need to move a washing machine or fridge, and they’ll gladly help for a case of beer.
    The next car will be a Porsche Cayman while I transfer the Prius to my LLC so I can write it off as a business expense. Then I’ll get one of those big ass trucks because I’ll actually have a reason to own one besides “feeling like a man”.

    1. I bet all that practicality moistens the ladies….eh? Know what I mean, know what I mean, say no more say no more….

  17. One good use for a hot car is the roller coast effect.
    Once you get a girl in the car a few stupid car tricks like power slides, scratch-offs, trailing throttle oversteer get the tingles going. Some women associate thrills with sexual excitement, much like taking a girl on a roller coaster..
    For that, the GTO is a winner. I loved mine but too many speeding tickets was a hint I loved it too much.
    It comes at a great price – Corvette engine – and with GM’s best interior. Needs more than the four speed automatic transmission though.

    1. I wasn’t going to say anything, but you tipped my hand. There is something visceral that a hard hitting fast car of any brand, price range, or age gives that alot of women can’t resist. This is something many car guys and “enthusiast know” but non car guys or the mechanically un-inclined secretly resent and hate on. My heavily modified GTO gets shit test like you would not believe from females. they question my devotion to it, why I spend so much money on it, why is it Torrid red (“you sure like attention, are you trying to compensate for something?”) and so on. Yet when they hear that 6.0 fire up, and I pin them to the seat, it’s all “I really like your car,” and them bragging to others about how crazy I drive, or you need to get a ride in DeCode’s GTO.
      To a one they all ask how my car is doing when we talk in passing convo, and more than a few have texted or called with “I saw a GTO like yours, it reminded me of that time…”
      The car in and of itself will not get you pussy. But it WILL light the fires, and get them looking at you in an exciting way. (160mph blast tend to make you appear dangerous) And if you are a ‘gear head’, the fact that you could give a damn what she thinks of your car or your obsession with it makes it clear she is not a main focus in your life. They also LOVE a man who is “old school” and can do major engine work, drop transmissions, or prefers getting dirty chasing more hp, vs chasing her trifling ass. I’ve had females actually start competing with the car for my attention.

  18. The author specifically stated that the car won’t directly get you pussy, just that driving around in a broken ass piece of shit makes you less appealing. If you all need to look like “big ballers” go buy yourself a damn motorcycle.

  19. Here in Australia the Holden Monaro (Pontiac GTO) and other Holdens can be a little bit tacky, it’s commonly driven by meat heads with bad tattoos who live way out in the suburbs, hicks/rednecks.

    1. Meatheads who I’m sure have no problem getting pussy after a bout of “hooning” I’m sure.

  20. to comment on one of the honourable mentions on the list – older model Mitsubishi Evo. As a former owner, do not buy if you are looking for pussy power or something as a daily driver. The gearing is harsh, the ride is harsh, the turbo whips and they need weekly maintenance to play around with vaccum hoses etc. Maintenance costs on transmission,brakes and tires is also crazy.
    That being said, it is a really fun car to drive, especially modified and is really fun in bad weather with snow tires. It is a magnet for 16-22 year old guys, and is about as useful as a daily driver as a go-kart. No space, rock hard supsension, geared for acceleration, not parking lots. Buy as a second car, or if you want to learn to work on cars, the engine bays are friendly and parts easy to see and get at.

  21. As an owner of your #1 I wouldn’t disagree, except the GM cars are liable to fall apart, just because they were made by Government Motors.

    1. My Avalanche would like to disagree with you Tim.
      I also have first hand experience with a 2004 CTS-V, as listed above. That only needed tires at 10K miles.
      Yeah, the factory rubber was pretty soft…
      Those that perpetrate outmoded notions such as yours only serve to make themselves look ignorant.
      Athlone-I haven’t looked at prices, but when it comes to the Cobalt SS, the turbo version is the one to go for. MUCH faster than the supercharged.
      As far as my take on the article?
      I believe the point of Athlone’s musings is to point out that you can get a pretty nice, stylish or fast ride for the same price as a used Camry. And while I am no fan of imports, I’d take any one of the cars listed above over an appliance like a Camcord.

  22. Though not the point of the article, none of the comments address the fact that some men enjoy driving. If you’re buying for your own satisfaction, performance matters. The vehicles listed offer performance. If a throaty V8 or carving through corners aren’t your things, buy a Toyota. If you enjoy driving, this list offers options. Yes, performance will require more maintenance, but that’s not inherently a bad thing.

    1. Agreed, and I must admit, that I’m in the camp of men that look sideways at a man who openly admits to not driving stick, enjoying driving or have at least a passing interest in vehicles of any type. But the again I’m kinda archaic.

  23. I own a Lancer Evolution X (the latest and now last one). It’s not something girls like, because they have no idea what it is. It’s loud and the suspension is stiff. Not for impressing girls. Most men do not know what it is. I didn’t buy for anyone but myself, however. Usually this is because the car has 4 doors so it’s dismissed as any sort of “attraction tool” just by looking at it. Plus, it gets bad gas mileage if you stay in boost. I bought a Hyundai Sonata as a daily driver.
    Getting to my point, I AM EXTREMELY particular about the care of my vehicles. I’ve gotten just as many compliments on how clean and still new looking my Sonata is as I have on how great my Evo X is from people that know what it is. My bottom line, it doesn’t matter whether you have something expensive or cheap, yo do the maintenance, keep it clean, basically be a man about your property (if your dad didn’t already teach you) and girls will compliment you and thereby give value or at the very least not care that your car is cheap. This is because usually cheap cars look like shit because that’s how people treat them ironically because they ARE cheap cars. Don’t be like that, I’d imagine that even if it is cheap you worked hard for it right?
    Again, if you can’t afford something nice at the moment, treat what you have like its your effin’ BENZ and everyone else will treat it that way too.

    1. TRUTH! I could never understand why girls seemed to genuinely compliment me on (what I considered a shameful) Geo Metro I drove in high school. Later I was informed by a girlfriend that it’s a bid deal when a guy has a clean and well maintained car. Before her and to this day all my cars are maintained like show cars. And even now the reaction is always the same. If i don’t get an immediate compliment, I notice the silent [slow look around the car] with subsequent statements of “oh I don’t want you to get your car dirty so park over there”, or “I know you take care of your car so…” etc. They notice, don’t let anyone say they don’t. Same with Shoes. Women hate men with tattered or dirty shoes.

  24. Slightly off-topic, but what’s worked for me is buying and driving “not-quite-classic” rides. Eight years ago I sold my Acura TL (really a nice car, but very vanilla) and bought an 87 Buick Grand National, a car I’ve always wanted (actually, I wanted the GNX, but that’s 10x the price). I was into the car for $9400 (and $10k back in my pocket from the sale of the Ac). It had about 95k miles when I bought it but was in fantastic shape. I drove that car for four years, put another 24k miles on it, put another $3k into it, and sold it for $11k, So, I spent roughly $1,400 to own and drive a car for 4 years. I then bought a 1966 Chevy II Nova in sick condition for $15k. That was my daily until eight days ago, when it sold at one of the Scottsdale auctions. I got $24k for the car after auction fees and commissions (about $1k more than I thought it would bring). I put about $12k into it to get it ready for sale – paint, interior, an engine rebuild and a new transmission. So this time, my cost of ownership doubled to $3k over a four year period.
    Neither of these cars ever got me laid directly because no car will ever get you laid directly, but I’ve lost track of how many times a woman has approached me after seeing the car. “Is that a (whatever)? My dad has/had one of those!” If you ever hear that, you can almost take her clothes off right there. (Lest you be confused, I’m talking about girls my age or younger who’s daddy had a classic, not old ladies whose parents would have had that car when they were young, though they will try to talk to you as well). That’s just not going to happen with a TL or an IS. I enjoy driving fast so performance matters to me, and either of my rides would eat any of the above cars for lunch, with the possible exception of the Z, the Caddy, and the GTO. It’s worth mentioning that I have a “car buddy” who has a very collectible 1970 Chevelle (SS-L78-396). It is in tip top shape, probably worth about $85k, and no woman has ever been excited about that fact. You’ll get as much pussy-mileage with a less-collectible car that’s well-cared for.
    This, of course, is just what’s worked for me. I prefer vintage autos to new cars, and I know a little bit about them so I can buy them right and do minor maintenance myself. If you’re not comfortable giving up a Saturday every few months to work on your car, these are probably not for you. But a co-worker of mine has gone through three new cars in that same timeframe, to the tune of about $100k out of his pocket. Amortized, that’s about five to seven less years I have to work before retirement, and I’ve never once looked at his Infinity/Lexus/whatever in envy.
    The only problem with this strategy is that I’m renting a car until I find the next deal, but I’ve got my eye on a sweet little 55 Bel Air…
    Not trying to hijack the thread or whatever, but spending less on cars is a great way to put cash in your pocket, and this has been a solid option for me. I realize it won’t work for/appeal to everybody, especially those in colder climates or kids who might have never driven a car without the modern babysitting features (traction control, etc.), but I can’t imagine it any other way.
    And Umbra is right, whatever you drive, keep it clean and well-maintained. Cannot be stressed enough.

  25. Thanks for this list Athlone. I don’t know much about cars so I’ll be using this as the basis for my next purchase.

  26. I have a ford edge 2008, limited, awd. It looks mean and unfriendly.
    I have my sight on BMW X6. Im living frugal, saving for it…I will make it a possibility in 14 months.
    I think the X6 is the meanest, it epitomizes excess, extravagance……a waste.

  27. If we’re talking about age bracket, the 16 – 22 ish bracket will definately give you more attention for having a nice car (import) instead of the beater sedan/hatchback that every other guy has. The girls will want to be seen with you and the guys will be jealous.
    When I turned 18 I bought a red 300zx for $5k and while it never specifically got me any pussy (and no car will get you pussy that you otherwise wouldn’t have gotten) every girl my age loved it. And driving a fast car with a t-top/convertible, drifting around corners etc DOES get women excited. Even if they say they don’t like it or tell you to stop/be careful, it’s literally a visceral manifestation of the “bad boy” attitude. The fact that you are breaking the law and flirting with danger IS catnip to young girls.
    ..That being said I own a mx5 which is the girliest car ever, and gets more attention from girls than probably any car you could drive.

  28. Mileage doesn’t make a difference, your talking bout $1,200 difference annually between 15mpg and 30 at the national average 12,000 miles.
    If your in the north and don’t mind losing a little sleep in the winter get a truck and put a plow on it. You should make 6-7k fairly easily which makes all your truck payments for the year in addition to writing off the truck on your taxes.
    My truck is free or positive money wise nearly every year. Plus I own a construction company. I love seeing my detailed shiny red truck and I could give a damn who likes it or doesn’t like it. I own it for my pleasure and comfort.
    For taller guys a lot of cars are not comfortable riding in or getting in and out of. You can get small plows for Jeep’s and SUV’s and make good cash plowing driveways as well.
    “if it appreciates buy it, if it depreciates rent it” J P Getty.
    Rich Dad Poor Dad is a great book series. If you want a 100k car figure out how to increase your cash flow to pay for it, ie buy a rental house. Don’t buy toys without the income boost to offset them.
    The older car guy has a good system too. I just picked up a 88 Porsche 944 for 1800 that needs 2-3k work and it’s worth 9k when it’s running. I’ll drive it for fun for awhile in the summer.

  29. I have a 2001 Jaguar S Type. It is class and luxury, and you can get a used one for a surprisingly low price. The only problem is that English cars tend to be unreliable.

  30. I bought a used ’98 Mitsubishi 3000GT Base about 6 months ago. It’s red, it’s a manual, and it’s by far the nicest car I’ve ever owned. Someone took good care of it, and then someone else didn’t take such good care of it, but it’s still in relatively good condition for a 15-year old car. I didn’t get it just to impress girls, I got it for myself.
    One thing I’ve noticed is that I get more pleasure out of cleaning or tinkering with my car than I do with video games, which in my opinion is a good thing. I’ve also learned a lot more about how cars work. I used to just dump whatever crap vehicle I had on a mechanic and let him figure out whatever was wrong. But since I actually care about this car, I want to understand what they’re doing to it, so I fire up Google and learn something new.
    I’ve also had a lot of little conversations about it with people while I’m out or working (I’m a delivery driver). So it’s also a nice little icebreaker that helps with my social skills.
    I honestly didn’t expect this car to become part of my self-improvement process. But anything that gets me away from the screen and out talking to people is good.

  31. Im a tech at a shop part time and used to race and drift, if you want a cheaper pantie dropper look at the honda S2000

  32. Avoid the Acura TL MY00-04 with the 5spd automatic transmission (as well as any V6 Honda in that period). The 5spd transmission.has a design defect and likes to fail.

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