How To Make Your Chest Muscles Stand Out With Maxalding

I didn’t plan on this, but here’s my 2nd Bloodsport reference in as many weeks. If you ever wanted the iron man boobs of Chong Li, now you can get them! Yes, ladies (LOL) and gentlemen, it is time once again for another article on the subject of the great Maxick and his system of muscle control!

As you will recall from my two previous articles on the man, “muscle control” is a very specific type of training that serves to, essentially, create a greater “connection”  between your muscles and your central nervous system, giving you the ability to flex and manipulate many of the muscles that you wouldn’t think were capable of manipulation.

In doing so, you will have greater control over those muscles–and thus greater strength. While I don’t think even Maxick himself would argue that his techniques will turn a manlet into a world-beater, I would argue that using muscle control can give you a little extra “kick” in your lifts, giving you the ability to lift an extra 5-10 pounds when you couldn’t before. Besides, the flexing does look pretty damn cool

In my previous two articles I discussed the beginner’s total body flexion to get the feel of loosening and tensing the muscles, and the flexing of the two powerful muscles on the back of the torso: the latissimus dorsi and the trapezius. Now, this series will deal with the next muscle to be controlled: the pectoralis major.

These are, of course, the great, powerful muscles on the front of your torso, the muscles that are utilized in any movement that can be remotely considered “pushing”: push-ups, punching, swinging a baseball  bat, all of these use the pectoralis major. And today, you’ll be learning how to isolate and control them.

Of course, many men that are into physical culture can already flex their pectoral muscles without any specific Maxalding training. In fact, it is likely one of the first muscles that any athlete will inadvertently learn how to control. However, for the sake of completion (and for those who are not so blessed), I will include it in this series.

Before you can flex the pectorals without arm movement, one must of learn how to do so WITH arm movement:

Go in front of a mirror, and bring the arms together as shown in the picture.

Then strain the chest as if you were going to bring your elbows together, whilst simultaneously pulling apart with your arms. You should be able to see the contraction in the mirror.  Once you have secured contraction—i.e. the contraction is visible—slowly decrease the pressure of the hands, retaining the muscular contraction in your chest.

After you have been practicing this for a few days, combined with concentration of your will, you will be able to isolate and contract the pectoralis major muscles without any arm or hand movement at all.

Once you have accomplished this, you are almost done with training pectoralis major isolation. There’s just one more exercise you need to practice.

Begin with contracting the pectoralis major muscles without any hand or arm movement or clasping, as you have already practiced doing. Having mastered pectoral s major contraction without any movement of any other limbs, slowly bring the arms up and make them extend horizontally from the shoulders, while still retaining the pectoralis major contraction.

If this is successfully accomplished, then you should notice that not only the does the sternal portion of the pectoralis major flex (that’s the big, fan shaped muscle on your chest that most people simply refer to as the pectoral), but the clavicular portion—which is to say, the smaller part of the pectoralis major that connects to the clavicle, will also notably flex.

Allow Maxick to show you this effect, as his photographs are a lot better than mine would be:

As you can see, the part of his pectorals that connects to the clavicle are noticeably flexing.

I should point out that, unless you have as low a bodyfat percentage as Maxick, the effect will likely not be as pronounced and easily visible. However, being in a well lit room with a mirror should be sufficient enough to see the flexion. And if not, I would recommend slightly bending over at the waist until you can see the effect.

And with that, you have learned to control your pectoral muscles.

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35 thoughts on “How To Make Your Chest Muscles Stand Out With Maxalding”

  1. I really like that flat, sculpted look myself, when it comes to my chest. To each their own. I also really like how you give solid tips and in-depth explanations for building the body, Larsen. I’ve bookmarked several of your articles and I have incorporated much of your wisdom into my own workout routines. I’m sure I’m not the only guy around here who does that. Good stuff.

    1. Agree as I too like that flat, sculpted look. My dad had man boobs, and I have concerns of ending up with them too. He was a hard working farm boy, strong as an ox, but when he gave up that lifestyle, as said he ended up with man boobs.

  2. I knew a girl who could do this in high school. Tits like Chaka khan. Pretty dann amazing

  3. I don’t even know what the point of working out/Fitness is anymore. I used to work out a lot in my 20’s but just don’t care anymore.

      1. ’till you become obsessed by it and stuff yourself in anabol.. sorry! I meant to say vitamins!!! Don’t punish me… please… (joke)
        Bodybuilders are as problematic as fat slobs that eat and only watch television, though they don’t eat they pump themselves on chemicals and on the gym.
        To try to live a balanced, pre-modern life is the bes… sorry it is the ONLY blowback against modernity, which wants you faithless, addicted to something (food, TV, drugs, alcohol etc.), worthless and useless without a brain to think. Even if by opposition it is painted the idea of an unattainable target image the closer one can go to it and the closer his inner inefficiencies allow him, that would be the very best for each one of us!

        1. Well said. The biggest blow to modernity isn’t “working out” or even “fitness”; it is working out and fitness with a purpose; self mastery of our physical masculine virtues.

    1. I was just noticing a couple of older guys then me at the gym this morning that have serious love handles and looked like they were hurting. That’s my encouragement to stick with fitness and a clean diet, not to mention that my joints are stiffer then they use to be. Age…

    2. Longevity. In your youth you can make MAD GAINZ(tm), but as you age working out is more about preserving what you’ve got. Same is largely true of nutrition – kids need nutrition to grow, adults need it to keep their bodies from failing.
      It’ll keep your metabolism running well, maintain your ability to do physical labor, and keep you from being that fat guy who “used to run track” (or whatever). Oh, and your T count won’t drop as much as you age, which is kind of a fountain of youth for men.

      1. You’re on the right track. Personally I think most men should work out to feel good. Trying to make DEM GAINZ is cool if it’s your thing, but just moving the old corpus around and some basic strength training or calisthenics does wonders for your mood,your sleep quality, and keeping a clear head. Martial arts are good for confidence and decreasing boredom in your workout as well.

    3. It’s a fair question and one everyone needs to answer for themselves.
      For me it comes down to theee basic points
      1) I am incredibly superficial and enjoy the attention that a muscular body gets me
      2) I like feeling strong it makes me confident in all aspects of my life
      3) I genuinely enjoy working out. The endorphin rush is like a drug to me

    1. good to see he finally stopped dyeing his hair. not many 85 yr olds with naturally magenta hair

        1. Oh just because he is dead he has to stop dying his hair. Check your privliage Mr. I Have A Pulse

        2. It seems rumours of his hair having dyed are greatly exaggerated. It seems it was his lady wife who visited the great salon in the sky back in 2015

        3. Correction, I have been informed it was actually his missus. Jerry Stiller is still alive

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