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Viriato is a red piller from Portugal, a country of tiny but mighty people. Years of studying engineering gave him a result-oriented and logical approach to life. A hyper-misogynist-macho mentality restrains him from seeing women as more than one of life's pleasures. His interests include libertarian politics, drinking, pumping iron and mating for recreational purposes.

Be A Single Man During Your Twenties

Frederich Hayek started his great work The Road to Serfdom by dedicating it to all socialists. Although this article does not remotely compare to Hayek’s book, I start by dedicating it to all men in their twenties who currently are in a monogamous relationship with a women.

I have noticed that the vast majority of men, who like me are in their twenties, are desperate for a relationship. Regardless of their gaming skills, most men are chasing poon in order to find a girlfriend.

Even when I first came in contact with the Pick Up Artist movement I noticed one characteristic common to the vast majority of its members: they were all desperate for a girlfriend or soul mate. These men were learning, through an emotionally painful process of trial and error, the tricks of how to get laid, yet they were anxious to waste all those hard-earned skills in the sole quest for a monogamous relationship.

In the red pill community this phenomenon doesn’t seem to be so widespread, but a considerable part of the red pillers are in the constant search for the high quality woman, or the ‘unicorn’. Some even claim to have found it: a pure maiden, who isn’t hypergamous, dishonest and slutty. As this enlightened man wrote in ‘The Red Pill’ subreddit the existence of the ‘perfect feminine lady’ is utter bullshit.

For many years I saw this as a rational behavior. I was washed up with the ‘soul mate myth’, thus seeing as a reasonable quest the search for a lifetime monogamous relationship with a female. Simply put: I didn’t understand the nature of women, neither I perceived the path my life was taking.

You Think You Are “In Love”?

After some careful thinking, to which swallowing the red pill greatly helped, I observed that the vast majority of men who were in a relationship or were eager to get into one are motivated to do by of one or more of the following reasons:

1. They keep searching for a girlfriend because they want regular access to a vagina.

2. They keep searching for a girlfriend because they are afraid they’ll never get laid, or at least, they’ll have to put a gargantuan amount of effort to have sex.

3. They keep searching for a girlfriend because they are a game denialists, and therefore they think the human mating dance is all about either money, looks or luck (and so the ‘dating game’ is a waste of time in their perspective) .

4. They keep searching for a girlfriend because they are afraid that they’ll be forever alone.

5. They keep searching for a girlfriend because they need a woman to complete their life, share their weaknesses and establish an emotional connection.

6. They keep searching for a girlfriend because they think not all women are like that, or they’ll find a pure maiden who isn’t hypergamous, dishonest and slutty.

7. They keep searching for a girlfriend because they are afraid to be judged by society, or they think that being in a monogamous relationship is the ‘right way’ of expressing your masculinity.

The list above is not thorough but it mentions the most likely scenarios. There is just one thing these guys don’t realize: they are misled by their own beta attitude. What happens is that infatuation, fear and lack of perspective about life in the younger years leads many young men to believe that they are “in love” (whatever that is) with a particular woman.

For the monogamous 20-year-old fellow reading this: you are not in love pal, you are just letting your personal shortcomings, fears or social conditioning dictate your life.

Feminist cultural conditioning has had the effect of turning men into beta pussies, selling them the idea that a long-term monogamous relation with a woman in the pedestal is the ‘superior way’ and an absolute necessity in order for a guy become a true man. This is why you think you are in love. This why you feel you “can’t live without her”.

Reality And Biology Favor A Bachelor’s Lifestyle

Men have a biological tendency to polygamy. We have testosterone, which naturally creates a bigger sexual impulse. Also evolutionary forces side with us, having shaped our masculine behavior so that we would ‘want’ to impregnate the biggest possible number of females.

Also let’s consider the typical male human being passing through his twenties in the Western society. He is—or at least should be—in his physical prime. His energy and libido are at an all time high. He has few responsibilities. In addition, specific cultural movements have ‘liberated’ his female counterparts, and slut behavior is at record numbers. Communications and transports are easy and cheap, making the supply of pussy virtually infinite.

Now I ask—why would he want to be in a monogamous relationship? Why would any young man even consider it? We have the biological impulse against it. Social and circumstantial conditions have never been so optimized to a bachelor’s life.

Single Life Teaches Valuable Lifetime Lessons

The advantages of a bachelor’s life in terms of personal growth of the young man are completely ignored by society. Leading a successful single life implies that the man eventually learned an important set of skills: how to take calculated risks, how to understand body language, how to manage a tight schedule, how to be a good conversationalist and persuasive, how to handle random social situations (and women), and how to have fun and be entertaining. He’ll inevitably will acquire an ‘abundance mentality’ and become more positive in his outlook towards life. The successful bachelor also learns how to be an emotional rock with women, a feature that probably his parents haven’t equipped him with.

These characteristics will prove to be useful as you go into your thirties and reach your sexual prime. By this point you’ll have understood the nature of women (and their interchangeability) and so you will be able to make the most out of this phase. Also, you won’t let the emotional fallout caused by drama from women’s behavior affect very important parts of your thirties, such as your professional performance or your social circle.

Furthermore, experimenting and discovering in the dating arena brings lifelong benefits that will blend with your personality. You’ll learn to adapt to diverse (and sometimes adverse) situations and make the most out of them. After some time, whenever you are in social gathering you’ll be constantly analyzing the human social dynamic, receiving information about the environment around you that most people are unaware. Taking it to an extreme:  you’ll become a “profiler”, being able to diagnose someone’s personality and intentions based on body language and other subtle behavioral hints in a few minutes. This can be of vital interest to other aspects of your life.

Self-Improvement Will Become Your Biggest Asset

Every now and then, there is a point in a man’s life where he sits on the couch and thinks “now I reached the top, now I can rest”. We have all done this mistake. It is a recipe for failure. Stagnation means failure because life is constantly changing.

A successful single life is a synonym for constant adaptation, for constant growth, for constant self-improvement. In order to get frequently laid you’ll have to work and improve yourself on a physical, cultural, professional and personal level. You’ll have to be growing constantly in this areas. The minute you want to sit on the couch and live off the earnings of your current pussy kingdom is the minute you’ll acquire a loser mentality.

A single life during your twenties will teach you how to keep your tools sharp to face the constant change. After a few years, self-improvement will be just one of your personality traits. It will become your second nature, not just something you do because your girlfriend told you were fat or you simply don’t make enough money.

This is the greatest lesson you can take from being single in your twenties: in order to be successful in an ever-changing reality you have to be constantly improving and growing. Sad part is you’ll only learn it if you try it. And don’t worry, you won’t miss the ‘unicorn.’ She simply doesn’t exist.

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