Will The Norwegian People Disappear?

I had an interesting conversation with a Norwegian woman in a bar the other night. We talked about marriage and then…

Me: “I read that if it wasn’t for the immigrants, the population of Norway would decline. Norwegians aren’t reproducing.”

Her: “No, they do. People have one or two kids.”

Me: “Yes but that’s not enough to sustain the population.”

Her: “That’s good anyway for the planet. We don’t need more kids.”

Me: “In a few hundred years, it’s possible there will be no such thing as ‘Norwegian.’ You don’t care that your race will die out?”

Her: “No because the planet should be saved.”

Me: “So you don’t mind that the Muslims are coming?”

Her: “No, not at all.”

Me: “Yes but the Muslims will reproduce. When I was in Oslo many girls told me of an ongoing rape wave where Norwegian girls were raped by packs of Muslim men. So you are telling me that it’s a good thing your country is being overtaken by immigrants who rape your countrywomen that no longer reproduce?”

Her: “Whatever, it doesn’t matter!”

She got visibly angry at this point and the conversation ended.

Norwegians are perhaps the most liberal on the planet. They are so opposed to other viewpoints that it takes a man to kill 77 people for those views to even be heard. The debate on multiculturalism will rage on…

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  1. It’s ironic that a country with one of the highest GDP per capita in the world self destructs. It looks like a legalized invasion. In ancient wars they would kill and enslave men, and breed with the women.
    In this case it is similar because Norwegian men are so into the feminist matrix that they will have less kids, and when the Norwegian women start marrying Islamic men in high quantities they will be unavailable to have kids with Norwegian men.
    Muslims are more alpha than Norwegians. Women don’t really give a shit because they know nothing about history and don’t see 2 steps ahead. They don’t really mind being with a Norwegian or an Islamic guy, as long as he pushes her buttons. Nothing like Sharia to get them wet and bruised!

    1. Wimpy males create an Alpha vacuum. If you aren’t a man, somebody will take your place at it. European males aren’t acting like males. Muslims in Europe are. They will fill the Alpha vacuum.
      On this topic, I can’t recommend the book “After America” by Mark Steyn more highly. I’ve never come across a book that’s simultaneously more funny and tragic.
      I’ve met the author, too, and he’s definitely Alpha. Women were drooling over him (and it’s not just because he’s famous–there were tons of other famous people around that they were ignoring just to blankly stare at Steyn).

      1. The problem with him is that his definition of “emasculation” would probably be “not willing to go and die in the desert in wars from Israel.”

  2. Oslo is unbelievable. If you go on a long walk about a third of it is third world ghetto.
    I think a major part of the puzzle is that Norwegians apparently hate actual work and prefer government freebies. In the cities I barely saw a Norwegian person behind a counter or doing anything like driving a bus. It was all immigrants. I also met a bunch of guys from Spain and Greece working grunt jobs who found it incredible how high the pay is and how generous the government benefits, yet no Norwegians worked them. The guy from Spain said he would earn in two months driving a tour bus what he’d earn all year in Spain.

    1. Sounds like a good deal to me. Work to months in the cold/dark and enjoy the rest of your year kicking it in sunny/beautiful Spain.

  3. I cringe as I watch Western civilization ritually disembowel itself by marginalizing time-honored practices such as reproductive marriage and the complementary roles of the sexes – equal in value but different in function.
    But I don’t quite know how to feel when I see intelligent people like Roosh acknowledge and criticize the moral and societal breakdown while capitalizing on the decay to lead a Lothario lifestyle.

    1. This.
      Roosh will move on when the emptiness of the lifestyle gets overwhelming. But he is doing the world a favor sharing his insights as he races to the bottom.

  4. Muslims don’t rape. Those guys who raped Norwegian girls were Arabs who aren’t religious. It’s strictly forbidden in Islam to rape a woman.
    But yeah, the Norwegians will probably disappear if they continue with this mindset. The Breivik guy got it but he had a retarded solution for it.

    1. The Danish imam was not thinking that way.
      He gave the fatwa to rape non muslim girls.
      Who knows more? you, or the imam? Or his thousand followers, or the rape statistics throughout east to west, north to south europe?
      And it is not only one imam.

        1. Things like this don’t really add up if you look at the real world with an unbiased viewpoint.
          Most Muslims are religious. Most rapes in Scandinaiva are committed by Muslims.
          Difficult to accept I know. Take it one step at a time.

        2. 5 times a day for prayer is a religous muslim….wonder how they find the time to rape
          Its the last 5-’10 yrs muslims(or any minority) in the city of stockholm an oslo made the majorty of rapes…..but not the nations as a whole
          But weird thogh that these rapes are in scandinsavaia the slutiest place on earth….sex is liike shakin hands to them

    2. “Muslims don’t rape.”
      That’s pure bullshit, there are plenty of cases where muslim rapists have justified their rapes as part of the ongoing war against the West, in addition to the offenders being all muslim.

      1. Hell, not only do derkaderkas rape, their victims end up being murdered by their male relatives or committing suicide for bringing shame to their families.
        Plus, their prophet likes tight preteen pussy, but at least he marries it!

  5. Im french and for me it’s weird that an american tells us about what wrong here. We had so many years of brainwashing about multiculturalism than people feel bad about the reality, they are too scared to be called racist.
    France is going straight into a big wall and so is the rest of Europe. That’s why so many young european are moving to Australia and Canada, there is too many rapes and attacks by arabic every single day (just check the news in France, but its the same in Belgium and many other countries).
    You cant go out without being harassed, it’s even worse for girls. You can check this video:

    It’s not european people who harrass girls, trust me.
    Anyway, thanks Roosh for bringing up this sad topic (and sorry about my bad english)

    1. Muslims has one weak pint. They cannot sustain a civilization and they do not wont to work hard, they come to Europe because of social benefits. Poland is relatively free of Muslim immigrants because amount of social benefits which one can get in here is ridiculously low and it’s very hard to get social benefits for immigrant (I think it’s very good). And this won’t change any time soon. No social benefits – no Muslim immigrants.

      1. Maybe ex-communist countries have known to well in practice how “social benefits” really work. Will the slavs save western world?

        1. whoa thats like with orthodox jews in isreal
          what till a divorce comes up 2 wives would kill him there….my friend was in the negkov desert once an he met a arab nomad sleepin in a tent 30 feet from his home…he asked why was that….he replied both wives are mad at him the fightin got real bad(ladie stick toghter) lol

      2. Another reason why I’m going to Poland. Very glad of my citizenship.
        Are these countries, as others have suggested, the location of the West’s last stand against the rapacious barbarian horde?

        1. Hopefully I can escape the manner-less, backwards, Indian peasants in Melbourne, Australia too.

    2. aussie an canada is fast becoming a multicultral nation
      canada will go 32% visble minorty in 20 yrs
      aussie are important more immigrants then canada….argentina an usa midwest will stay white thoouh

    3. Funny, that doesn’t happen a whole lot in Texas. ‘Course it helps that we have lots of guns and we enjoy practicing with ’em!

  6. I was born and raised a muslim and this is #2 reason i left. #1 is because they said i had to try to get me a arranged wife at the age of 16. In the koran it says u can never rape or your head is cut off, but what are these arabian men doing? (no offense roosh) thank god I was born in east africa (somalia) and i dont look a least bit arabian.

    1. arranged marriage is the norm in most societys but its not mandatory in islam in fact women are allowed to reject marriages…..but tribal life is somrthin else
      marraige at 16 is nt unusal ..orthodx jews marry at the age to make the most of the fertile years

        1. never said it was utopian ….nor is ti relgoius thing..its a rural thing
          in that article it covers african christains an indians was well..its typical of the 3 rd world its like what we in the 1st world did 500yrs ago…(like john a macdonald or the king of england marryin 8 yr old Isabella in 1400s)
          sad thing though but remember life expectancy is incredibly low …like 40 hence why they marry early…(8 yrold girl with 13 yr ol bo in pic)..
          though i dont understand where the guy is 30yrs older (wouldnt mind if she was legal)
          i sit as way more shamful when we do it since are the more devolped society

        2. lil something to give a general idea of life expectancy
          lil trivia woody allens 1st wife was 16…not ong ago

        3. We’re talking about widespread child brides muzzie, not a man marrying a 16 year old teenager.
          8 years fucked by 80 years and thanking momohamad for it.

        4. ben u barely even read the article
          main point was this is typical due to low life expectancy it just wasnt invented by one man its going on for centuries
          even your ancestors going 8 generations back practiced the same thing…it was a different time
          it was until very recently we allowed this in the devoloped world

    2. “In the koran it says u can never rape or your head is cut off”
      Raping an infidel as part of islams ongoing war against the rest of humanity is perfectly okay, even encouraged.

  7. “No because the planet should be saved.”
    How much time did this woman invest in education in order to achieve this level of stupidity?

    1. My recounting of the conversation actually downplays how many times she said that the planet must be saved.

      1. Stupid women are particularly fond of repeating the platitudes that resonate with them.
        I was sitting on the shuttle back from work, and the blonde sitting next to me must’ve said “We soldier on” at least ten times in twenty minutes.

  8. Its interesting to see the differences between European countries.
    In france , with the highest % of Muslim immigration, a lot of anti-Islam feeling is spread in the regular people.
    A lot of organisations, seen as extreme right, have been created to try to stop the immigration.
    Yet France is also a leftist liberal country, but unlike north europe, they are less PC.
    Just look the results of the FN in the last elections, incredible.
    I’m not down with those organisations since they tend to attract a lot of racist redneck, but i’m ok on certain points like decreasing the immigration, or at least trying to have a higher selection.

  9. haha, my roommate is norwegian and HATES norwegian women…..Our neighborhood in Brooklyn used to have a lot of norwegian’s in the 50’s and 60’s and now they are down to a trickle.

  10. Uncontrolled immigration is bad for security and long-term planning. It lowers quality of life for working people. It creates disharmony and ethnic tension. It grinds my gears because I want things to make sense, and poorly managed immigration just doesn’t make sense for a nation if you want the best for the people of that nation—if you want that nation to succeed.

    1. “—if you want that nation to succeed.”
      There’s the rub. Many leaders are either feckless and self destructive and, emotionally (something they can’t resist) women are for the idea as it expands the potential number of alpha males who will inseminate them.

  11. I think Norway has a lot longer to decline before things get bad. Like 40-50 more years at least. They have so much oil they can ignore reality for quite some time.

    1. youre right they are pussies, so much so they take crap from theri women they have to be more alpha…the better start learin from the MENA(middle east north africa) and …blacks..an latinos
      asian muslims(malays indoesioans etc) are actually quite passive like the scandianaivions….cmon to think of it never heard of of em gettin into trouble

  12. The ultimate irony is a Turk warning hot norwegian women of an arab invasion. The end must be near…

  13. Her: “No because the planet should be saved.”
    Fucking idiot.
    These cunts forget that even if the Norwegian would go extinct tomorrow, that would not cover the number of births in the next two months in some other part of the world where the average baby per mother is between 4 and 7, depending on the location.
    And what she said is the perfect case that rape does not matter much when it clashes with an higher level ideology, i.e. multiculti, pc, feminism, envirofascism etc… (not what I said)
    The sad thing is, once the shit goes down and hits the icebreaker’s propellers, it will be the men of Norway who will suffer, as these cunts will find a way to enjoy it. (again, implications extracted from her words)

    1. There is something further to add to what you say. Let her have the frame for the moment and then procced to destroy it from within by agreeing with her arguement that the world is too populated(It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not.). Then tell her that once the colonist Muslims take over, that they will have more babies and people in Norway than the Norweigians even if all the Norweigians go extinct and this will harm the planet even more. Tell her that Norweigians would probably make better caretakers of the planet than Muslim Arabs, Somalians etc. for the forseeable future. Then tell her you expect a certain percentage of money she makes from letting Muslim men gangbang her and that you expect to be paid. If she’ll be a mindless whore for the elite you may as well remind her that you want in on the action and some profit in order to sustain yourself at a modest level. Tell her not to cry about it because you, her Pimp, will love her more than any impersonal government, non-governmental oraganization, politician, beauracrat, corporate executive or company manger ever will(They will never love her and will cut her off for no reason.), but that your love is conditional and she must obey your will.

    2. think the rate is 2-6 now fertility rates across the globe except isreal is showin a decline year by year but sltight growth in western euorpe…cia world factbook has the data

  14. Roosh
    You’re an alright guy. I know you were raised Muslim but are non-religious now. However, I sense that you care enough to side against people of your parent’s religious heritage (I know not all Muslims approve of rape even of people they despise or are not Muslim or of a different race/ethnicity. Many Muslims find rape abhorent no matter what the circumstances, but many Muslims find rape acceptable or even desireable especially if they think the woman is garbage for whatever reason.). It may only token resistance to rape, but it’s better than her response and many other Norweigian women’s and Norweigian men’s responses. It’s actually better than many other nationalities, ethnicities, races, various religions peoples’, men and women, responses to the depredations of rape and sexual assault. If you GAMED(seduced) her and used her as the mindless cum-dumpster she is, then good for you because she has demonstrated that she has no other value in this world than her vagina causing any man pleasure who has successfully seduced her because of her responses she gave to you.

      1. I stand corrected then. Since the rumor is that your parents were born in Turkey and Iran, then it would be likely they were raised as Muslims. Note that I do not have a problem with any religion, race or ethnicity per se. However, I consider people who like to abuse others as scum. I view those who like to be abused as fools. I view those who would try to force me and my loved ones to be abused with utter contempt. She sounds like one of those people who likes to be abused and wants to force others who don’t want to be abused to be abused.

    1. heard mostly fights an protests
      but rape seems to be oslo an sotkholm
      german women are strong…french women are easy…an british chicks are ugly would prolly sum it up

  15. Dude just justified the slaughter of 77 teenagers on an island. This is the sociopath that many of you guys look up to.

  16. The rape epidemic is happening in Sweden as well.
    The problem with the extreme left (and compared to most western countries, Scandinavia is the extreme left), is they can’t separate their idealogical views from reality.
    This girl is an example of how an entire nation’s citizens can get brainwashed. Step back, take a look around, read something outside of your leftist newspapers and magazines, try to understand the other viewpoints and then see what you come back to. But they will not do this, because anyone’s else’s view that doesn’t fit their ideology should be shamed. It’s ridiculous.
    That’s why you should only bang a Scandinavian and get out. Having conversations with them on a level above pop culture (and even that sometimes is painful) will just leave you banging your head against the wall. Don’t ever date them.

    1. It’s amazing (heh) the penetration of these beliefs. Goes to show you what a low IQ and a constant need to be plugged into “something” (smart phone, TV, etc.) will do.

  17. its the white genocide man. in 200 years the only thing left of white folks will be in the DNA of everyone else.
    i dont dislike any group of people, but facts are facts. look at queens NYC, east end London, oslo, paris… sure they have been run down a little but since muslims took over those areas they have become run down ghetto shanty towns.
    its true; if you bring the third world in, you bring the third world in. the people make the place.
    i cant understand to this day how people can be convinced by all the liberal tv crap that this is a good thing. people are people and everyones cool but i mean, why do you think they want to come here? because they already ruined their countries. these people shit where they eat.

    1. by muslims u mean people of color(black arab latin) since they are taken over the urban areas
      well fertility rate is low an they need someone to do the crappy jobs thats why 3rd worlderes are here…but dont forget their country was in terrible shape thanx to colonialism(india being a big example)
      but strange though if u look up the cia world factbook islam makes 2% of norways population while canada has 3% but nothin happens(its usually first nations an sikhs that get alotta crap)
      i dont think white will die out however they will be mixed…unless u goto really white areas like mid west or argentina

      1. I don’t mean to start a bit of a racial theme, but having grown up in Canada and now living in Europe I notice a stark difference between the majority of muslims in each country. Many in Canada came over decades ago from East Africa (ismaili). A lot of them are already 2nd and 3rd generation Canadians, and their families had nannies and cleaning staff in their homes in East Africa….so they aren’t necessarily coming from nothing.
        That doesn’t mean Canada hasn’t had problems with some of its immigration policies, particularly of late.
        Those you’re seeing come to Norway (which has become a more recent immigration ramp-up, hasn’t been like this for decades like Canada) are refugees, essentially, from Iraq and other war torn countries.

        1. aww u must be from the praries out in bc its mainly pakistanis an somalis but startin to get middle eastern as well..they do anything as the punjabi surrey jacks though
          ya i think the war torn aspect is whats affectin their minds like a solider havin pts after comin back after a couple of months of th at hell.these guys grew up and lived in hell
          ya canada wasnt perfect back in the day like before Bindy Johal, lotta prejudiece to minorties but come to surrey other way around.

        2. on a personal exp. i have an uncle from holland an he was explain the muzzy hate.when they say muslim it typical refers to middle eastern an africans(thouh some are christian) since they are sterotyped to be aggressive.indonesion moroccans an turks are the main 3 muslim groups but its the turks an moroccans that fight(typically in ghetto areas) while indos are passive(typical asian) u can see it in the holland riot not a single indonesian just black an MENA
          but aga khan did praise canada for bein a successful multicultral country
          ps fiji 7% muslim..nothin goes down..just somthins up with eurpean politics by the looks of it

  18. The irony is, the Muslims are actually sending important messages to the European countries, though they are doing so in an extreme and violent way.
    Specifically, they are telling us:
    1) Women should dress more modestly, and
    2) A woman’s sexual choices are not hers alone to make, but rather they should be influenced by her family.
    Unfortunately, all we have to choose from at the moment are extremes. For 1) we can either have women dressed in hijabs, or drunk sorority chicks shoving their boobs in our faces. For 2) we can either have women forced to marry at gunpoint, or completely unsupervised girls wandering the streets at 5:00am, skunking it up with random guys.
    (When Roosh talks about going out after the bars close to meet girls wandering the streets, all I can think of is, my God, where are these girls’ fathers??)
    Will we find a decent middle ground? History doesn’t give a lot of cause to be optimistic, but we can hope.

    1. Well said. And it seems like that we have to chose from one extreme or the other. There is some very ‘dark’ about Islam. But the true difference between the West and Islam, and why Islam is prevailing is because Islam maintains their patriarchy, and they keep their females on a tight leash, albeit way too tight in my opinion. But the west has overtly over values women and under values men, and encourages stupid femsle behavior and attitudes. The feminists are behind all the ridiculous gurl empowerment crap but for politically correct reasons they don’t criticize islam but eventually Islam and feminism will be pitted face to face against each other.
      A middle ground perhaps ? Maybe when europe is over run by muslims than perhaps a verision of Sharia-Lite i.e. less extreme Islam will come about?

      1. “Maybe when europe is over run by muslims than perhaps a verision of Sharia-Lite i.e. less extreme Islam will come about?”
        >implying male immigrants from muslim countries aren’t responsible for 99% of the forced rape of European women in Scandinavia.
        You want a middle ground? Just eliminate Liberal Cultural Marxist Feminist influence and impose a strong armed government whose responsibility to protect family and cultural values of European tradition. That means anti-obscenity laws. Modesty laws. Anti-public indecency laws. Anti-multicultural laws. Pro-family incentives.

      2. You want to see a middle ground?
        Look no further than South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
        The women in these countries have freedom to pursue education, work, and even partners, but as with anything in life they must accept the consequences of their actions.
        Islam beats women too much, while liberal, feminism in the West gives women way too many safeguards and freedoms without the subsequent consequences.

      3. Look no further than South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
        All countries well-known for their above-replacement fertility, and where “herbivore men” is an unknown concept.
        Oops. My bad.

    1. Nihilist moron. Just put a gun to your head. It’ll save all the money you’ll spend on all those breakfasts.

      1. I just have to laugh at the “white race is gonna go extinct” crowd, who turn around and don’t want kids.
        I’m not a nihilist, that’s philosophy for the lazy.

    1. well i know qatar uae singapore malaysia have tons of immigrants but they just know how to keep a lock down on it

      1. o an canada as well the visbile minority(not includin naitves) will double in 20 yrs from 16 %to 32%

  19. The planet must be saved? From what? Even the most violent nuclear war, guess what Earth will still be spinning around the sun. I wonder if she thinks that is to many people are born the Earth will somehow leave its orbit and crash into the sun?
    I hear claptrap like this all the time. Just recently had a girl tell me humans were cheating nature because we have intelligence and can use tools. Got to wonder if the eco nuts are really just trolling dumb girls, at least initially.

  20. Roosh is a muslim? That explain the beard. /*smirk*
    Anyway, Norges are deep within the multi-culti nonsense. and there is no turning back. They will be destroyed.

    1. What, the vikings will finally meet their end by a bunch of scurvy muslim extremists? Dream on. We’re just giving them as much of an advantage as we can so there will be somewhat of a fight before we annihalate them, to moisten some vags in the process.

  21. The jews who run europe are setting up a clash of civilizations between islam and christendom, or more precisely whites and non whites. thats what breivik was all about, he actually targeted an anti zionist youth camp, and then he was billed as a white racist targeting non whites!, the jewsmedia gets away with lies that fan the flames for the coming race war. does anyone really believe it was white norwegians who let millions of non whites into their country!? the stage is set, and all of europe will be saved from the non white hordes in the coming jew directed war….only when we are at rock bottom will we find salvation, the jews would have it no other way

      1. The conversation always gets muddied with some moron going on an antisemitic rant.
        Look genius, it’s not Jews raping Scandinavian girls or blowing up sky scrapers.
        Frustrating as this distracts us from the real issue at hand.

  22. Norwegian and Scandinavian in general “gender equality” was taken to such a degree that they dont want to bang each other. Did you noticed how many Norwegian men hung up with Asian women ?
    People who are living in such a horrible climate (never above 20 degrees celsius, clouds 85% of the time) since birth cannot have enough energy to reproduce or to have any sane, moral, unbiased view on social affairs. Google pineal gland and melatonin and their impact on life intelligence, psychic health, etc.

    1. figured the cold they be more likely to bang
      think that norway girl didnt care cuz scandivanin guys are gettin asian girls
      if the guys dont care, the women arent gonna care…they more worreid about their bio clocks

  23. muslims are trash of europe. they are garbage and nothing else. norwegians and french are too pussy to kick them out. muslims are parasytes of europe

    1. if u cant chase gypsys out what make su think u can chase the MENA an africans out
      though asian muzzys are passive..more so then the local europeans
      think its the middle east an african mentaltiy than the relgion(congo is rape capital of the world 30% 22% men have been raped)

      1. “if u cant chase gypsys out what make su think u can chase the MENA an africans out”
        Good point. This is permanent.

    2. In case you didn’t know Albanians and Bosniacs are native European Muslims, many of them are very secular, with a healthy disregard for religion and fond of booze, weed and the occasional punch up just like any good European would be. Many are whiter and far more decent than you, so no I don’t think they should be kicked out of their countries.
      Oh and it’s ‘ parasites’ you cunt.

  24. that video is from cbn right wing media i bealive
    looks like all the race realists from stormfront are comin out…weird this got the most responses for pua site
    the rape epidemic have all been non western men in oslo primarly middle eastern an african(not all muslims though) in the past 5-10yrs though you get white rapists on other parts of norway….same story in sweden these rape waves in those 2 nations have only been referin to oslo an stockholm but not the nation as a whole,…immigrants always concentrate in the main urban areas(typical capital)
    roosh although u arent muslim u will still be grouped as one since u r turkish and youll be hated for that either way…indirectly bashin yourself….muslim/middle eastern often refers to the same identity(sometimes blacks are included)

      1. silly goose
        I think ur referin to his last comment,,,,u look at the right wing bloggers….if they are not squablin with muslims then its arab(many christain from syria lebanon egypt) an africans
        muslim they usually refer to mena…..they seem tobe cool with asians though

  25. about the rpe epidmic this has been brought alot stateside with balck and ltinos…while europe has arabs and africans…..whats the status with gypsys btw?

  26. screw the feminists countrys
    women should be in the kitchen not leading….now look whats happening to the men

  27. Limp wristed leftists deserve to go extinct. If they aren’t willing to fight to protect themselves then the world will be better without them.

    1. It was the Russians who wanted to turn Afghanistan into a secular country while our limp wristed righties funded the mujahideen.

  28. The concept of race is completly unnecessary when we already have the concept of family.
    Do you think that just because that person has the same skin color, he is somehow a part of you and his achievements are yours? I don’t think so.
    Go ahead and take credit for your children, you made those, they have your genes. Your parents, brothers, neigbours and friends have nothing that is yours. The only “race” that should matter to you is your children.
    If you decide to not have children, which you really have to expect some people to do, don’t expect them to care more about your children than the children of muslims. Neither of those have anything to do with them.
    Too bad you’ll never have children cause you can’t fucking behave like people infront of girls.

  29. interesting article. i don’t know if i’d agree with your sentiments about “immigrants raping packs of women”. you’ve generalised there. in any country there are plenty of douchebag low education immigrants around, but the reason they’re given all the publicity (compared to the middleclass hardworking ones) is because they force themselves to a strict community and moreorless stick with their customs (apart from the young guys who are inevitably in ‘the game’ in some way or another), something white people have not had for a long long time.
    White traditions died out moreorless with the baby boomers, a whole generation of men wiped out in ww2, and a new generation not willing to learn from what their parents did, then we have the rise of womens lib and feminism and progressivism hammering the final pissing nail into the coffin of the nuclear family.
    No i’m no fan of multiculturalism, i’m a fan of tribalism, but to stop society deconstructing, sometimes groups have to work together,
    Roosh i know for a fact, (atleast in britain anyway) a number of your readers are of muslim origin and very much open to the red pill lifestyle, so it’s curious that you’d publish this kind of race baiting article. hope it’s not to shore up the support of themore stormfront/wp members of your readership.
    Full disclosure (to factor in biases): my mothers irish, and father’s ismaili indian. I’m not religious at all, but i have no issues with their culture. And i’d back my bastardised ‘gang’ up any day. But that’s not to say i can’t be a productive member of society, working hard and still be whoring my way through england and ireland

    1. nailed it
      agree with pretty much everythin u just said
      comin from a fellow muzzy mutt(with relatives of different faiths an races)

  30. Thank god eastern europe and the baltics doesn’t have that crap of loud poor dirty muslims, skinny loser indians and ‘wannabee european’ africans, those people are trash, noone wants them in europe. Even If you go out in western europe noone wants to go to clubs or bars where muslims and other trash goes.. Same in Moscow, muslim=monkeys there. Latinos, are much better, smarter and more related to whites than flashy muslim idiots = attention whores. Muslim fuck off Europe go back to ur shitty places fags.

    1. u mad bro…think of it as a blessin in disguise u got the most patriarchal society going to the most feminized nations may need to take a page or 2 from em
      actually central asians are floodin moscow(15% muzzy now) an marryin russian women http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-17436481 the toughest europeans have to adjust now
      fags??? they condone gays unlike europeans
      an those loser indians an wannabe africans are breedin more with white girls than vice versa
      white guys are whipped they let women take the reigns an now they are dyin out…black arab asian latin indian islanders keep theri women on lock down an they are thrivin….too late to learn form grandpa learn form the immigrants…gotta keep that pimp hand strong…dont listen to women just play her emotional buttons….they know how to ….white guys forgot it(prolly cuz they raised by slutty single mothers)
      brillent post roosh….beat ur lithuana post 2 weeks ago …..stormfronters be trollin

      1. “white guys forgot it(prolly cuz they raised by slutty single mothers)”
        Thanks Indian. Kind words for your gracious hosts.

        1. Haha, you see? These scumbags have no gratitude for your kindness.
          “Former colonists” indian? More like former educators. You’d still be wiping your arse with one hand and eating with the other–and dying of all kinds of diseases left right and centre.
          Scum like you should be down on your knees with tears in your eyes thanking us. You wont though because you’re racist, stupid and G-dless.. But that’s ok, I forgive you.

        2. might wanna read histroy book ben u troll
          those dieseaes and suffering became worse under european rule
          hope ur grandchild becomes a person of color….maybe even muslim to top it off

        3. One word fool: Penicillin.
          Amazing how we’ve created whole races of people (particularly people like this illiterate Indian) who are against the only civilisation to have ever shown them any kindness. Thank our leftist academies who are turning out anti-west ethnic supremacists by the shit load.

        4. the europeans only were able to get that knowledge when they took advantage of the colonized and made themselves more advanced(new knowledge techonology)people suffered under therye rule
          these people are just picking up the pieces now

        5. if youre white and western chances are your mom was no virginal bride…..that must suck.

        6. India is probably the nastiest place on Earth.Many friends say its people are the ugliest on Earth as well surpassing even nigs.

      2. You adopt the lingo of niggers so what can we assume your mother layed with.And only Jews use the term Muzzy or Muz.I’m fighting not against Mohammidans but FOR Whites having their own countries to raise kids and celebrate their heritage and future.Being pushed into hating Mohammidans just because the Jews that caused this whole mess want me to is not happening.

    2. Heeeeyyooooo, CAN NOT WAIT to go to Eastern Europe for this very reason. Will be relief after Australia.

      1. turkics from central asia r headin to russia
        But poland is still stayin white
        How is australilia heard its becomin multicultral

        1. Australia is the worst shit hole imaginable.
          During protests here, muzzies carry around the black flag of Jihad and the police just watch on. In the main two cities (SYD & MEL) 50% of the population are either Indian or Asian (and they’re loud, arrogant and obnoxious as anything–knowing that the perverse, and inverse, political system will suck there dicks at the click of there fingers.)

        2. no wonder those migrants are pricks….austraila is considered one of the most racist countrys around….remember the indian student beating controvery

        3. What you didn’t see was those doing the beating of Indian students were either Sudanese refugees in Melbourne, and Lebanese migrants in Sydney. The real story is that Indian students were being bashed by Muslim immigrants, just so in Australia.
          Australia has the highest rates of intermarriage between children of 1st wave immigrants and the prevailing population. That pretty much makes them the least racist.

        4. Those Indians deserved the beatings. They’re unbelievably arrogant here and have absolutely no respect for their host culture / practices.
          Loud, rude, smelly, arrogant, some of the most objectionable people you could imagine. Everywhere they go they take the backwards third world with them
          Leftist embolden them with the false belief that their wiping with one hand and eating with the other ways are superior to ours.

        5. t and a man
          ya i heard lebanese sudanese(surprising to me i find them to be the friendleist people around) asian and white gangs as well have beaten on them…heard everything was segregated like everyone hates everyone…like the racism is so bad they had to make commericals about anti racism(i saw 1 of em)
          if you are the typical aussie…i dont blame em for behavin that way…..so glad im in canada

        6. Loud rude arrogant….that sounds like you man….typical aussie.
          BTW thanx to the soviet union, Bollywood became quite popular and left a very good reputation of indian men to slavic women. So in the future you will see them gaming them

        7. I’ve never been to Australia. But, I would like to go there, Sydney and Melbourne looks more Whites.

      2. The Indian students in Australia were beaten because the immigrant Muslim gangsters wanted to rob them of their i-pods and whatever else other electronics they had on them.
        Indian immigrants of Hindu, Sikh and Jain backgrounds are “model minorities” in every country they migrate to, get the best grades in university, work the hardest, save their money and succeed in whatever they do, usually work as engineers, doctors or entrepreneurs and pay the highest rates in taxes. The Muslims on the other hand in UK and Australia simply live on government hand outs and create problems for everyone.

        1. Very true, though I would not want the US flooded with them, they really are the most progressive immigrants. Studies show that Hindus/East Indians are the highest earring ethnic group in America. Slightly higher than Jews believe it or not.

    3. Excuse me, I am an African girl who was born in Norway and is a Muslim. What you say is quite wrong, I agree that some men are greedy and make a lot of mistakes but that’s not the religions fault ! It’s the man who does it! It’s not in the Koran that men should go to rape the women, I’m sick of it. The man who does that kind of tin brings bad reputation of Islam! Islam is a beautiful religion, like as Christianity, Judaism, or Buddhism Hindusmen. You always see Islam as a terrorist! Have you ever tried to see them as people? And you know what? There are those Arabs who make that kind of mistake, the difference is just that they have religious Islam over them. I love Norway and love Islam! I must admit it, they bring shame on Islam, it’s their fault that you can’t see the beautiful side of Islam

      1. If you were in my country where blacks would never become part of society even if they were born here… Norway’s fault. But you’ll have to leave sooner or later. Nationalists are coming for ya

        1. Norway is in lack of Nationalists. Except that mass murderer, Anders Bering Breivik. He took it to the extreme.

          Fucking Racist Nationalistic Islamophobic Sexist Misogynistic Homophobic Scumbag!!
          Go Fuck off to Serbia or to Russia or to Poland!!

        3. Norway is a Better Place to live than in Balkans and Eastern Europe.
          Balkans(Serbia, Greece, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Kosovo) and Eastern Europe(Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia and Russia) is Full of Nationalists, Violence, Murderers, Crime and Homophobes.
          This is Official, Nationalistic Balkanic Violent Scums
          Serbs are Christians and 88% of them are Violent.




        1. Shut the Fuck Up. You Fucking Islamophobic CommuNazi Scumbag.
          Don’t you Dare to Insult my Prophet. He’s not a Pedophile.
          Pedophillia is Haram.
          look at Michael Jackson, Pope Benedict, Pope Urban and Catholics Priest are the Biggest Pedophiles in the World.
          Islamophobes are Scum.
          Conservatives are Scum.
          Eastern Europeans are Scum.
          Racists are Scum.
          Haters are the Biggest Scum in the Earth.
          Go Die!!!, You Fucking Islamophobic Scumbag!!! Die!!!.

      2. THE FACT
        Most of Europe is being overrun by Muslims. The once great city of Marsailles is now majority Muslim. 1/5 women in Scandenavia have been raped or beaten by a Muslim.
        muslim are the worst nasty and destroying virus on earth,your religion ISLAM produced them.ISLAM compelled them to do so,you insects are the most nasty insects on earth,you are eating our planet,even muslim girls are too nasty in mentality,you muslim and ISLAM should be destroyed,wiped out of earth,you should ashamed of yourself that you are muslim,
        If i would a muslim i commit suicide as soon as possible,you insects are hated by you own works.

        1. hahahaha your djust a fucking asshole !! how could u wiped islam on the earth ?? even ur green green green green father wished that but the train is passing the dogs like you are like haw haw haw …muslims are eating the world or christian ??? who is stealing fish in african seas til today ? who colonised contries and stole theire own things ? who start the world war 2 ? and kill townsend of innocent ? muslims ?

        2. Actually yes but Mostly the Albanians and Bosnians are too
          Also Albanians and Bosnians are Raping Scandinavian Womens
          so do as Women in Germany, Britain, Switzerland, Austria and America are Being Raped by Albanian and Bosnian Criminals

        3. Europe gets what it deserves. Those Muslims are raping white women yet your population does nothing. Most are still liberal and pro immigration. These people are not invading Europe, they were & are still being welcomed in.
          Face it, the 3 letter people won. They fooled you, they used their lolocaust superpowers to guilt trip you to self destruct. You chose the immorality they presented, rejected your ancient religion and now your decadent and spiritually dead. Why should you survive? To continue binge drinking and fornicating?

        4. This a Total Lie. 1/5 Women in Scandinavia never have Raped or beaten by Muslim. It was the Islamophobic and Conservative Propaganda.
          You Conservatives have Raped, Beaten and Slaughter Muslim Women in Kosovo, Chechenya and Bosnia. Committed a Genocide and Displacing them.
          FUCK SERBIA!
          FUCK RUSSIA!
          Kosovo is Free and Independent!
          You Conservatives are the worst Nasty Creatures and Your Stupid Hate Ideology CONSERVATISM, most nasty insects on earth,you are eating our
          planet,even conservative girls are too nasty Bitches in mentality and i would rather aborted them if i were 24 weeks Pregnant, you Conservatives/Haters and Conservatism/Hate should be destroyed,wiped out of earth,you should ashamed of yourself
          that you’re a Stupid Conservative Hater Scumbag.
          Go Die!!!, You Fucking Islamphobic Sexist Misogynistic Scumbag!!! Die!!!!.
          Glory to Liberalism and Modernism.
          FUCK SEXISM!!
          FUCK RACSIM!!
          FUCK TRUMP!!
          FUCK PUTIN!!
          FUCK SESELJ!!
          FUCK MILOSEVIC!!
          FUCK MLADIC!!
          FUCK WILDERS!!

        1. is this some sorta superiority complex that you are some how more moral then this other group(or getting over white guilt). Cause white history is way worse and you can ask the native americans,maori and abrogines among others about that.
          whites preaching anti violence is like a whore preaching virginity. Rather hypocritical.
          BTW Farrah Noor Adams was raped and killed by a scotsman back in 06 when she dropped off her kid and no one said anything. But 1 blonde gets batter and survives suddenly the whole world is making movements…anything for the white female.
          Rape in feminist scandinavia is very vague. You can have consensual sex but can be jailed for not wearing a condom. All these “rapes” could very much be an alpha 3rd worlder pumpin n dumpin a nordic femicunt. Nordic men have just become too beta n gay now.

        2. Whites did on a global scale what the “natives” where already doing to each other for thousands of years. Or do you believe it was all brotherly love amongst those people?

        3. No, No and NO!!! >:(
          Violence is Haram.
          Conservatives are Violent. Your Politicians and Mens Bullshit and Rape Women.

      3. Get out of my ancient homeland. I don’t give a damn how much you love it, it’s not yours and you can’t have it.

      1. No, No and NO!!!.
        Conservatives and Haters are Plauge.

    4. Go fuck Youself, You Fucking Racist Islamophobic Homophobic Polak Nazi Piece of Shit.
      I’m Muslim and I Support Gay Marriage.
      Conservatives, Haters, Racist. Nationalists, Islamophobes, Homophobes and Sexists shall fuck of Europe or to Concentration Camp.
      You Eastern Europeans should Fuck off Europe and Go Back to Siberia and Die from Cold.

  31. If Norwegians are stupid enough to let more to not see the warning signs then they kinda deserve what’s coming to them. Maybe once their little liberal dream crashes to the ground they can begin to pick up the pieces.

    1. Fucking Racist White Trash Pig!!!!.
      Conservatives, Nationalists, Homophobes, Racists, Sexists, Misogynists, Islamophobes, Haters and Xenophobes are the biggest cancer of Europe and America.

  32. Good riddance
    Not that I have a great love for the raging masses from the middle east, but I thoroughly loathe a culture that will commit suicide in service of bumper-sticker ideologies.

  33. How Not To Get Laid In Norway:
    *Preech the main point from the Norwegian mass murderer’s manifesto.
    (…and by doing so and being of middle eastern decent also indirectly disqualifying yourself)

  34. Just a peculiar note: the Norwegian mass murderer promoted a conservative lifestyle, marrying young and that the woman stays at home. He also promoted having liberal areas/cities where people wanting one night stands and such could live.

  35. I’m not convinced there is a rape epidemic. Read between the lines of this article. Heck, you don’t even have to read between the lines, its all spelled out for you. European teens come from broken homes and are eager to enter into sexual experiences with handsome and exotic young men whom they like to smoke pot with. Their single parents don’t seem to care either, until AFTER the fact.
    Sexual Marxism: the belief that Obama owes me a girlfriend
    From each according to her ability, to each according to his need.

  36. roosh wrote:
    Will The Norwegian People Disappear? Norwegians are perhaps the most liberal on the planet.

    You just answered your OWN question. but, its not WILL THEY disapperar, but how SOON because with tudes like that, they DESERVE to be displaced asap.

    1. These are vikings you’re talking about. Sleeping vikings, but still. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Varangian_Guard Norwegian troops in Afghanistan are actually disappointed at what they call “getting a slap in the face and retaliating by crushing their jaws with sledge hammers”. We like a good fight, not a slaughter. We’ll wake up, this just isn’t enough to bother us yet.

      1. I wish you the best of luck, but I fear that short of a massive popular awakening leading to the Breiviking of all Norwegian pinkos, the future will be grim and full of dhimmitude.

      2. Breivik is one evil, callous fucker. Utøya was actually low on his list and cruel enough, but he wanted to attack the SKUP conference where 700 of Norways leading press people gather every year. He wanted to kill most of them and cover the remaining in horrible burns, so all the new journalists would be traumatized and be constantly remineded of what happened to the “multi culti traitors”. That’s just chilling, even by saga standards. And judging by the execution of his two other plans, he could probably have succeeded in it, it didn’t have much security at the time.
        The “pinkos” only need to face their own problems and not be allowed to run from them, and they’ll change their mind in no time. They only fail to see the point as long as they’re not the ones paying for it, living in it, getting mugged by it etc. No need for any breiviking, we need pinkos to handle the burocracy and all the boring asexual shit because guys like me just can’t be bothered. They just need to be told properly what to do.

  37. Ethnic Norwegians make up 86% of the population. The other fourteen are 7% western immigrants (polish, German, etc.) and the other 7% are African and Asian immigrants.

    1. apperantly muslims make 2% of the population in norway but concentrate in oslo
      weird that places like canada (3%) dont have this problem

  38. They’re women. Take ’em for what they’re worth. Logical thinking is something they loathe. What they care about is getting more violence here, so their vaginas tingle more.

  39. That’s funny, Roosh, internet PUA hate criminal concerned about the death of our people, which was supposed to be OUR job. Thanks man, and I guess it just proves the old adage, don’t believe half of what you see, none of what you hear.

  40. Don’t get carried away by the retards who wave the black flag of jihad. No, they will not take over Europe. The cancer of feminism is seeping in their society too and their girls also like gucci handbags and sleeping around. The prevailing political ideology is breaking their bonds too. The same trends will be followed. We are all the same species of primate after all. Most of them are alienated betas and will never really do much. The recession will not help either. Expect some interesting times ahead, especially unpleasant ones for those who have swallowed cultural marxist, save the world pc bullshit

    1. u could be right about femminsim in middle east. i think the elites there are very aware of their effects and doin everything they can to prevent it. will feminsim take over? i dunno. cuz feminism did spread thanks to america.if usa s influence collapses…things could change

  41. Ps. People, stop making it seem as if the Muslims are one homogeneous block, they’re just as diverse as the Europeans. Some of them don’t give too much of a toss about Muhammadism and its absurdities either. Many Persians I’ve met fall into that category and they’re great people.

    1. Sure, I’ve known many smart, friendly, modern muslims. The problem is, the liberal ones don’t stand up to the extremists when they start throwing acid in womens faces and cutting off bodyparts. Also the liberal ones don’t breed like the stupid fanatics. So really, even if a lot of muslims are nice people, in practice they serve to further the goals of the extremists, because without the liberal ones, the extremists would have a much harder time gaining power and influence.

      1. when that mala girl got shot,then the general society started protesting in pakistan(northwestern frontier province is very dangerous since there is no law enforrcement present in the region…hence why taliban is there…its a pashtun dominated region along the hindu kush)
        why should they have to stand up to the fanatics..they could get killed themselves(acid attacks an limb hackin happen in latin america india africa as well)
        besides there are some that do but prolly never heard of them,.,most donot want to draw attetnion and take resposniblilty for that..people wanna live there own life…bad stuff happen on the news and let it slide,otherwise it can really become a big dael
        why should liberal muslims to fanatics…may as well compare whites to neo nazis

      2. “why should they have to stand up to the fanatics..they could get killed themselves”
        “Why” is not the issue. The fact is that’s how things work, and that’s the problem.
        “acid attacks an limb hackin happen in latin america india africa as well”
        Yes, but there it’s random violence, not calculated warfare in order to turn the countries into 7th century sharia states. Except in Africa, where you have the same shit going on as in the middle east.
        “besides there are some that do but prolly never heard of them”
        Well if I never heard about them it kind of proves my point of it not happening in a large enough extent, doesn’t it?
        “why should liberal muslims to fanatics…may as well compare whites to neo nazis”
        That would be a pretty dumb comparison, because Western society hates neo nazis and does everything to destroy them, and they’re a tiny minority with negative influence. Ie. when they say something, people do the opposite. So really it’s as far fetched as you can come.

  42. interesting how such a personal issue, which is the main and central issue being discussed on the manosphere (being a MAN) can be extrapolated to such a degree as to essentially be the answer to some of the most dire contemporary problems of western society.
    a man (alpha) keeps his woman in line. he fucks her, and doesn’t wear a condom. he imposes HIS values and HIS vision of the world on to others, not the other way around. he doesn’t keep what is on his mind silent for fear of offending the noodle-armed pussy boys and lesbians. he has his own turf and keeps interlopers off of it.
    reclaiming masculinity: the renaissance of western civilization.

  43. I hope they will disappear. Esp the women, they deserve it, they are they stupidest, most spoiled people on earth.

    1. Says the one with the name “VagisBitch”
      You sit on your computer and express that other nations should die and deserve it. You must be so proud 🙂

  44. ironic thing here is a 1000 yrs ago the vikings wre rapin and pillagin foreign lands now the foreigners are rapin and pillagin them. karma is a bitch…..an its the women who weakened their own men in the first place

  45. I dont really know how I ended up on this site, but i have to say that you’re fucking retarded. “Return of kings”, wtf should that mean. Do you want authoritarian kings to rule the world? “They are so opposed to other viewpoints that it takes a man to kill 77 people for those views to even be heard.” So you support a mass murderer (ABB) too? You have a lot in common with him when you talk about the muslims taking over europe crap. And your beloved America is full of every race the world has ever seen, so I don’t know why you are picking on Norway. The purpose of this website is to help desperate men who are losers to get laid with women. You will never achieve that without paying for it, when will you understand that. It doesn’t help to have all your ridiculous “games” and all these “tricks” that you have different names for. You are not getting laid because you are unattractive.

    1. Eat shit you worthless subhuman faggot. You are scum, you are filth, you are inferior. You deserve to be wiped out.

      1. u really a special racist ? i really think that peaple like you who should be wiped in the eart !!! am talking to anonymous MOTHER FUCKEK !!

  46. In the 60’s anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to open their borders to non-white immigrants. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face consequences for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are counting down the days until ALL and ONLY white children become minorities and eventually extinct EVERYWHERE. It’s Genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

  47. This is bullshit as fuck. Never in my whole life in Norway, have I heard such a thing from anyone. You must have spoken to a special snowflake.

  48. Every culture and race has its qualities , i doubt that norway could have same development index if it had been a muslim country , talent , genius and labourship its all in genes , whether u r racist or not u can’t deny a visible fact , so its right and duty of every ethnicity to save itself from immigrant takeover

  49. its not only norway, its the whole of europe.. if you’re producing less than 2 kids per couple, you’re fucked. the immigrant muslims arn’t a threat because the first generation will produce more than 2.. but after a few generations, less than 2 kids will be the norm for them too.. not a single european country averages more then 2 kids per couple.. not one.

  50. “Whatever, it doesn’t matter!”
    It appears that she won’t realize that it DOES matter until she has been raped by a gang of muslim scumbags.

    1. She seems to be an ultra feminized liberal. In all likelihood, she’ll just blame herself for whatever happens.

  51. Most women are simply not fit to make decisions about government policy. This is, in a very profound way, as alien to them as giving birth is to men, but the ✡enemy✡ (who wants us all dead) has implemented this social engineering program to put them in positions of power FOR THE EXPRESSED PURPOSE of destroying our nations. Is it any wonder that in countries like Norway, where more women have power, the men feel useless and marginalized? That’s because they are! Their primary role is leadership and they were replaced by people who do it badly… people who will go “boo hoo” with Sally Struthers and bring in all the poor little third world babies to feed and nurture, and totally neglect their proper role in a healthy society. If men feel useless these days, the reality for women is doubly bad, because not only are they useless, in this malappointed role of theirs they are POISON to the folk body, bringing sure death when their proper role is to nurture its future life.

    1. “Most women are simply not fit to make decisions about government policy.”
      Female equalitarianism is fatal to a culture. Western culture has always respected and protected women, but letting women sensibilities rule is suicidal. Every country where women can vote and hold office is declining. It takes about 100 years after women gain the right to vote before all sense of nationhood is erased.

      1. Seems about right – national suicide in one hundred years or less due to feminism. The Romans brought in a measure of feminism as well, prior to their precipitous decline and the subsequent fall of Rome. Interestingly, their birth rates were especially poor during this feminized transition period, and they too were forced to rely heavily on immigration to keep their nation afloat – the Roman legions were awash in foreign mercenaries for this reason.

  52. You can’t ask one woman and expect to have found an answer for all of the people living in the country. Ask a thousand Norwegians, and you might find a more accurate answer. I certainly want way more strict rules of immigration, allowing way less immigrants in to the country. And in Norway, people usually don’t openly admit in public that you want to get rid of immigrants or make the rules more strict.

  53. The majority of the people who commented on this artice have spoken nothing but complete bias, needlessly immature hostility and utter nonsense. I am ashamed to know that there are people like you who find it such trying a task to remain respectful even if you only wish to cave in the visage of the other person. Goodness, are you children in your first day of school? You should know better than to fling around words regarding things you obviously know nothing about.
    People are different and there are millions upon millions of humankind here on this Earth with different interests and personalities. The reason there is filth willing to commit heinous acts for little reason? This mindset that you have. That is the reason there is war, the reason there is corruption; what makes this Earth such a terrible homestead at times.
    Talking about people from other cultures as if they were of less value than yourself makes you easily a hypocrite and make you seem as if you are a decade younger than you may actually be. In addition, it tends to make perfectly regular people like myself think of you in the same way you regard these people.
    Is it worth making *your* ‘race’ as infamous as theirs?
    Don’t you have better things to accomplish than to state to the entire world that you hate a person?

  54. Pretty bad article if you ask me, it’s far from reality. Although I’m opposed to immigration it’s not as disasterous as you claim here. For example is the ethnic Norwegian birth rate one of the highest in Europe (around 1.9), so your statement that “they aren’t having babies” is very sensastionalist. And we aren’t so bad compared off compared to other countries in Europe, which have a much higher percentage of muslims (2% here, many western european countries have over 3%).
    Now, it is a problem, but it’s far from exclusive to Norway. It’s shared with all of Europe, and US too (half of newborns being non-whites for example)

    1. No, you’re dead wrong. The native Norwegian birth rate is not 1.9% (and 1.9% is well below the 2.2% needed to just sustain the population anyway you mindless liberal). Immigration to Norway and other white European countries has been disastrous and in every single case, the original Caucasian populations are being wiped out – this varies by country, but there isn’t one once white European country which will remain majority white in the next fifty years – not one. (with the possible exception of Switzerland, provided it keeps resisting attempts to multiculturalize).
      Plus, crime rates have exploded in recent years, while debt and deficit levels have become completely unsustainable. Norway fairs better than say Sweden, where white school aged children have become a rarity already, but at less than 2%, with estimates of white specific birth rates being approximately 1.4 or 1.5%, whites will be effectively replaced within 50 years.
      There won’t be any majority white countries anywhere in the world, in fact, in 50 years time. Even the US, long a fertility exception, has fallen well below the 2% fertility rate and will be ‘majority minority’ by 2050. Many places in Europe will hit this milestone by 2040, or, as in the case of ultra feminized/multiculturalized countries like Sweden, as early as 2030.
      To give you an indication of the outright genocide taking place in all white nations, and only in white nations (Iceland and Switzerland might be the only two white countries to remain in the world – and they tried to force mass immigration in Switzerland only recently), you should consider that whites once made up approx. 33% of the population of the world. In less than 100 years time, whites are now less than 7% of the world’s population and are expected to fall to 5% by 2050 and then 3%, 1% and virtually extinct in the decades which follow.

  55. the fucking comments on this goddamn article are the worst things ive read in my life, the article itself is pretty high up there too, though. i swear to god white, christian, heterosexual boys are the nastiest fucking people alive, literally. and let me tell you if you start going “oh no you hurt my poor feelings” i will fucking cut you, because fuck you.

  56. There are Muslim Countries that they aren’t Reproducing and they are on the Declining
    Albanians and Bosnians aren’t reproducing
    Abortion Rate among the Muslims are Albanians and Bosnians
    Albania has the Highest Abortion rate in Europe
    Even Turkey is Mostly the Turks(Good Muslims) aren’t Reproducing but the Kurds(Bad Muslims) are Reproducing and there is Goanna be a Problem in Turkey too
    Kurds are Raping Turkish Women in Istanbul, Antalya and Etc.
    Iranians aren’t Reproducing too
    Even the Gulf Arab too
    Also the Tunisians and the Libyans aren’t Reproducing either
    Saudi Arabia is Project to be on Decline on next 30 Years and Saudis are starting not to Reproduce

  57. Fuck All Religions
    Religion Produces Homosexuality and Gay Rights
    Fuck Fags
    Fags are the Biggest Scum in Whole Entire World

  58. Your governments screwed you over and let them so why haven’t you overturned your governments. 1400 underage white girls were raped by Muslims in Rothenaham UK. When I heard it, I thought, okay, this is it, now the whites of the UK & Europe will rise up in rage and riot, their will be millions in the streets. I waited and waited, nothing. Small little protests here and there. Now imagine how Muslims would’ve reacted had the races been reversed.
    See, its not the immigrants fault your race is committing suicide, thats your fault.
    As Ayn Rand once said, “Any entity that does not value itself will end up extinct.”

    To all Conservative Islamophobic Homophobic Sexist Bigots Piece of Shits in these Comments.
    SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!
    You’re Triggering me Upset and Nervous.!!!!!!!!!
    You Conservatives are Propagating Islamophobia around the Internet and Media.
    Blame Dervish(False Islam), They’re the One who Propagating Islamophobia.
    You Conservatives are treating Women worse than Dirt and Shit, you Persecute and Kill Homosexuals(Gays and Lesbians), Muslims, Jews, Atheists and True Christians(Lutherans, Episcopalians, Reforms, Presbyterians).
    -Greeting from a Proud Muslim-American.:D.

  60. Norwegians Produce, but average makes 2 Children. while their Generations are Replacing. More and More People aren’t Getting Married.
    Norway Fertility Rate is 1.73, resembling like Non-Hispanic Whites in America.
    But Fertility Rates Among Poles, Somalis, Pakis, Bosnians and Kosovars are Higher than Ethnic Norwegians.

  61. THE NORWEGIANS dont have any Claim in europe..
    they conquered the land of norway themselves..
    SO if other conquers it from them, and they will….. its LEGIT..
    NORWEGIANS and most europeans…are pussies..

  62. She’s completely right. We don’t need to reproduce. If africans and muslims have average 4-6 children, we should react to that by having 1 or no kids. Or even better, adopting their abandoned kids. I guess, by the mentality you have, that you’re french? Or american… IDK but we don’t need more people than what muslim and african population are creating. As long as this means a more violent planet, it should be ok. But if a developed country grows a kid, whatever the development level of his home country is, the kid should have no problem with violence. Norwegians won’t disappear in two hundred years, don’t be mad! We’ll disappear (if the reason is having no kids) in two thousand years. And there is no norwegian race sorry, we are physically the same as our neighbors, even than north germans.

  63. Zeus willing, there will soon be millions of White men who follow in the heroic footsteps of Breivik, Dylann Roof, Joseph Paul Franklin and others. 14/88!!!!

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