The Perfect Woman: Heels

I would like to start a new column here at ROK called “The Perfect Woman” to highlight the attractive traits I like in women. I will go over all major body parts and personality to nail down what I believe most men will find most pleasing. Today’s topic is footwear.

If you read my blog, you know I like heels. It’s an important feminine accessory that highlights a girl’s legs and increases the roundness of her ass. It serves as a mating call to men that she is ready to receive male attention. I don’t have scientific proof, but I believe the higher a girl’s heels, the warmer response you’ll get.

I also look for heels as a quick obesity check. Fat girls don’t prefer high heels because their weight tends to cause immense pain in their feet. While heels aren’t exactly the most comfortable of footwear, thin girls can wear them daily without problems (it’s something you see in Eastern European countries). If a girl complains about wearing heels, it’s a guarantee that she’s either fat, masculine, or lazy.

And now for some pictures…

The higher the better! Please go back home with your 2-inch heel and change into something more proper.

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    1. Ha, in the old X-files show, if you paid attention to what Scully was wearing you would know which scenes she was going to have to run(whether chasing or being chased). It was the scenes where she wears flat shoes and pants.

      1. Same thing with Smallville. If Kristin Kreuk wore heels, there was going to be a lot of long-winded talking about relationships. If she had sneakers on, she’d be running for her life from some meteor freak trying to butcher her.

  1. I’ve had LTRs with gals who’ve worn 4 inch heels since early puberty and they never got an inch of fat. Ever.

  2. Are American women wearing high heels less than they used to? I don’t have the answer, but I’m curious if anyone’s noticed a trend in either direction.

  3. Down with ballet flats, the Crocs of female footwear, even if they are an equalizer for shorter guys.

  4. high heels are great because they, 1) makes a woman’s calves look awesome, and 2) raise her ass, presents the pussy and makes for much easier access in a quickie situation. i know from personal experience.

  5. Agreed, heels are great. I saw this older Brazilian lady wearing heels (if I had to guess, probably somewhere in her mid to late 30’s), carrying groceries and tending to two small kids in a parking lot, and the heels alone raised her a good point or two in my eyes. Her prime was clearly behind her – face wasn’t the greatest from what I could tell, and there was a little bit of noticeable pudge here and there – but she made the effort, wearing stylish clothing on top of the heels, and the overall package looked great because of it. Thinking on it, the heels really did make her ass look scrumptious.

  6. Meh. They often look awkward. If she’s fit and has a pretty face I don’t care what’s on her feet.

  7. There is no denying that heels is one of the sexiest accessories a woman can wear, and it’s not a secret to women either. However, expecting a woman to wear heels all the time is unrealistic. In fact I feel sorry for those women who say that they live in heels. It has been medically proven how unhealthy it is for legs and for a spine to wear heels too often or to walk in heels for too long and the damage is irreversible. Those women who wear heels all the time through pain and discomfort are either slaves of image and fashion trends or attention whores who can’t be outside without being look at. They might look good for a while, but there is definitely something wrong on the inside.

  8. Graceful movement has little to do with footwear, and in fact may be more graceful with no footwear.
    How about this: wearing heels will misalign spine and pelvis, putting the pelvic floor muscles in
    an unfavorable position, and with years cause prolapse and incontinence. Add to this deformed toes and it does not look as sexy anymore.
    Sexiness is not made of pieces of this and that. It’s phenomenological, coming from whole perceptions. Well, at least for some people. A woman unable to put together a total picture of feminity may hobble on the latest fashion fetish, but will achieve whorish, frumpy or awkward, not sexy. It’s not the heels, it’s the attitude.
    A woman should be able to pull it off in VIbram Five Fingers.

    1. Well a Devil’s Advocate, or any normal person really, would argue that a woman’s sexiness represents how sexually attracted a man is to her. No woman would not be able to pull this off, with the exception of some weird fetish guys, in Vibram Five Fingers…
      Not saying a woman can’t be sexy in flats, and you’re right that it is the whole package that determines sexiness including attitude, but if I went to a bar in sweatpants instead of nicely fitting slacks it would be hard to overcome even with my rock solid and award winning attitude.
      Nobody’s saying ‘heels or die,’ but rather ‘heels are much preferred’

    2. @ Hipparchia – couldn’t agree more. Heels are great and they can add to sex appeal, but there other things that are far more important that make a woman sexy. Lets face it – if she is hot, heels or no heels, she is hot. It is probably more critical for 6’s to wear heels, but if the girl is 7.5 and above she can use other less harmful accessories to make herself more attractive and wear heels at night and on special occasions.

  9. Have been torn about heels for a while
    They’re sexier and more feminine but I love short girls
    Flats mean a shorter girl so it’s hard to choose

    1. I think there are occasions for both so a girl that wears flats by day and heels by night (depending on the occasion) should be just fine

  10. I’m 5’8″, so I actually don’t like heels that much. Besides, I’m 21. Where I meet girls (concerts, house parties), they’re usually not wearing anything fancy. Doesn’t bother me much as long as they take care of their appearance in other ways.

  11. My ex actually used to own those exact heels you have pictured second. She wore heels fairly often. And for all those discussing, short petite girls wear heels of some sort almost all the time because they are not fond of their stature, or maybe that’s just the ones I’ve dated.

  12. Pain!?! Discomfort?!!
    How about the pain and discomfort endured by a man who tries to keep his girl in them expensive shoes — can never have enough.
    Shoes don’t grow on shoe trees ya know.

  13. What a load of bullshit. High heels are painful for almost all women, fat or otherwise. I’m reasonably thin and I find anything over 3 inches incredibly hard on my feet. The stiletto types are especially problematic, causing everything from bunions to collapsed arches. Heels are great for special events, but on an everyday basis are terrible for a woman’s feet. There’s a reason that podiatrists (most of whom are males) recommend women stay away from high heels whenever possible.

      1. Or, Mr. Wilson, it’s because you are too stupid to understand that lighter doesn’t equal less pain.
        Stay away from Physics.

      2. I am a size 12 and 5 ft 9 and I hardly ever wear heals, especially higher ones. They hurt and you can’t run away from anything in them! Also most women can’t walk in them, really looks stupid. A nice 3 inch or wedge is maintainable. Save it for the bedroom, I’d happily wear some high heels around the house for my man. But this just makes you sound like a sado.

        1. Spoken like a true fatty.
          Longevity studies have consistently shown that fasting and calorie restriction extend life.

        2. You a troll right coz I sense troll waves through your post…. If your not then know that my bmi is 21, I mostly eat fish, veggies and chicken and I exercise everyother day. My hip to waist ratio is also 0.7. I’m also a trainee counselor and my mind is racing with thoyhts about your subconscious issues right now 🙂

        3. Thank you for validating my post and by extension this entire website.
          You admit your thoughts are now racing about me and in fact you are even trying to ‘sell’ and ‘market’ yourself to me by telling me you are not just another fatty but are in reasonable shape and are on the way to a money making career.
          Imagine if you were to meet me in person, I bet you wouldn’t be able to control yourself……..
          Back when I was nice to woman I received none of the attention that I receive today by going out of my way to point out the faults in woman.
          What are the subconscious issues of woman who disregard men who treat them nicely and only respond positively to impolite behavior ?

        4. Of course it was ‘fun’, being nice and polite does nothing to gain attention from women, in fact women often choose of their own free will to date men who physically beat them up.
          That is the nature of women. Loool

        5. Women who grew up in a household that was neglectful, unloved, unrespected, abuse, will go out with men who and stay with men who beat them up. Women who have healthy relationships in front of them via their carerers do not. All women are attracted to the alpha ‘bad boy’ types, but the ones without any self respect are the ones who stay with them or pursue them. Therefore your thinking is kind of correct, you WILL get more attention but you wont necessarily attract a high value woman or gain a meaningful relationship. As a strategy, it works for initial attention, but I’d higher recommend not continuing it because the women who stick around will be broken, crazy, mentally ill, etc…

        6. “All women are attracted to the alpha ‘bad boy’ types, but the ones without any self respect are the ones who stay with them or pursue them.”
          No women are attracted to polite, courteous, nice guys who give up their seat on public transport for women.
          As a reproductive strategy treating women with respect is a fail.
          As you stated “All women are attracted to the alpha ‘bad boy’ types” as such I will continue, against my own nature to act like a complete jerk to woman as ‘All woman’ including ‘high value’ women are attracted to men who are not afraid to physically assault them.
          Get over yourself, admit it, you long to be beaten up and treated like trash. That is your nature, it’s in your DNA, that’s why good men are invisible to woman and women have children to men who beat them up.

        7. ‘sigh’ thing is, this theory may have a huge dollop of truth to it, like I just said. The lesson that all women have when reaching adulthood is to find a suitable partner, that lesson is not to fall for the bad boy type because of the chemistry. Young people generally have to make a few mistakes before they learn, its kinda how humans have always been and will continue to be. So, if a young woman goes out with one bad boy type and tries to cultivate a ltr with him and it fails then she should lear her lesson and move on to a more decent guy. The females you are referring to who do not learn their lesson are the ones who find themselves aged 35 hitting the wall and grabbing onto every beta they can find who will put up with them. That is a sign of character, the standard that you guys talk about is nice in theory, but in reality you’ll have to apply some common sense, that hey the chemistry in bad boys is irresistible when your 18 just like the sex with crazy chicks is when your 21! and no I do not want to be beaten up in the way you put…unless it is in a controlled environment such as bdsm…then yeah why not!

        8. I am in a LTR with a ‘decent’ guy who never ever beat me up. I have had one relationship with a dude who verged on that (it happened once) I left him. I would never stay with abuse with him. I completely admit that dudes like that are attractive at first, but any woman who stays in a ltr with one is a fool. Getting ‘beaten up’ in a safe BDSM scenario on the otherhand i’m down for. Take from that what you want.

        9. Dafuk are you guys talking about? stop using studies to prove fasting, people who eat everyday are thin too, now if you eat ALL THE TIME during the day, another problem, also, why the FUCk would it NOT be a problem to constantly wear a spike on your shoes? My GF is thin as hell and she still doesn’t get immunity from wearing heels.

  14. I completely disagree with this one. I think high heels look freakin retarded on a woman (or man for that matter), and the way they struggle to walk in them is so very un-sexy. And I’ve always been a leg guy. They do, however, make a ladies feet look nice…… I’m not sure that’s why they wear them though…..

    1. That’s why women have things called “Sit down” shoes.
      I lived in Japan for a year and some girls there where these ridiculous plat form shoes sometimes made of wood. Not only do they walk like ducks, they are also struggling not to slip on the damp coral dust covered pavement.
      Not only that, in America, women often wear cheap heels so the shoe buckles inwards no matter how light they are.

  15. Any woman who is willing to suffer pain just to wear super high heels in order to look sexy might be a tad bit shallow and probably not the girl you want to date. Chances are she doesn’t mind suffering pain in other areas of her life as well or causing it. What I’m trying to say is a girl who walks around in stripper heels on a daily basis is probably batshit crazy so run.
    Look for women who wear practical footwear. Chances are she’s reasonable, practical and probably logical. If she can make practical footwear look sexy she’s a keeper.

  16. Are you kidding me? “If a girl complains about wearing heels, it’s a guarantee that she is either fat, masculine or lazy.” Who are you to say anything like that! Women can wear whatever kind of shoe they want. Flats don’t make a lady “manly” or “lazy”. I would wear a high heel just to stab you with it. Sexist pig.

  17. I love how beautiful heels look and good shoes are never painful, just cheap ones.But I´m 1,63cm tall (medium to short were I live) and love it!So I really don´t use heels to look MORE feminine haha.Also, I already get loads of atention ate street, need no plus (even more now, I´m in a serious relationship).Love dresses, make up etc but ain´t so sure about high heels.

  18. Very high heels or flat sandals are best. The worst possible look is the middle-ground 2-3″ heel. My observation is that very thin women often have a much easier time in heels as their feet are not under nearly as much pressure. But, if her feet get tired, it is YOUR responsibility as the man to carry her. Be firm and fair, but never ever make a woman suffer discomfort just to be with you. That is not what winners do.

    1. Wrong. I tell her what to wear. If she wears something dumb, she deals with it. Bye now.

      1. Nice. When your date wears something dumb, it’s that same sick feeling that you get when sitting through a bad movie. Sometimes just annoying, sometimes seriously embarrassing.

  19. If a girl is going out and doesn’t wear heels, in my opinion she is almost never worth talking to. It simply shows a certain level of caring about their appearance and no anything less than 3 inches doesn’t count.

  20. Or it could just be that they’re tall. I’m quite thin, but also fairly tall, and I hate towering over guys. Unless they’re over 6feet that will happen when I wear 4 inch heels.

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