5 Reasons Why You Should Be Worried About The Rapidly Declining American Military

On December 3, 2015, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, acting on orders from the Obama Administration, directed the U.S. military to integrate women in to all combat roles to include infantry and special operations. While this is just the most recent in a long line of poor decisions, it may be the one which finally damages the military beyond repair. It has also raised the question of whether or not women of military age should register with the Selective Service System—“The Draft”—upon turning 18 just as their male counterparts are required by law to do.

The US military has been an all-volunteer force ever since 1973, and most people understand that a return to a draft is highly unlikely. But with 1 in 4 military age Americans now unfit for service, and the social engineers holding the door open for women, immigrants, gays, and transgenders, the United States is fielding the weakest force it its history. But why should that matter? Surely there are enough dedicated professionals left in the military to handle whatever threats are out there? Well, not necessarily. Consider the following:

1. The War On Terrorism Is Far From Over


Let me be clear – Obama cares more about “Climate Change” than he does about ISIS.

It really only took a little over three years before people forgot about 9/11. By the time Obama was elected, any support for seeing the war on terrorism through to its logical conclusion was long gone. Today, Americans simply don’t have the fortitude to care about doing the right thing unless it affects them directly and frequently. This fight will continue for a long time, but it will be inside America, not Iraq or Afghanistan. Attacks and shootings by radical Islamic sympathizers will increase, but not enough to inspire a real call to action; just more speeches from our impotent leaders about diversity, peace, understanding, and tolerance.

In addition to a lack of a coherent mission, talent management in the military is abysmal. Why should an experienced operator or a skilled strategist continue to choke down the daily required sensitivity training and other PC garbage when they can make high six figure salaries in the private sector without constantly being shit on by inept politicians?

2. There Is Little Interest In Preparing For The Next War


Despite budget cuts, the Marine Corps can somehow spare people to compete full-time in Crossfit competitions.

While our near-peer enemies are fielding new advanced weapons and conducting hardcore training, we are cutting the force to levels never before seen while simultaneously wasting effort on social experiments like allowing women in the infantry, recruiting illegal immigrants, and opening the door for transgenders. During his tenure as the “commander in chief,” Obama has purged every hard-line warfighting general who dared to speak up about the even worse threats that are still out there.

The killing of Osama Bin Laden was a great victory for the United States, albeit a mostly symbolic one, but it had one big negative side effect. It essentially solidified the view of the Obama Administration (and the left-wing in general) that a large standing military is an unnecessary burden when victory can be achieved with a small number of drones and special forces.

After 9/11, the United States began to tailor our military for a single type of warfare: counterinsurgency. Although we consider it a “global” war on terrorism, it has unequivocally been the most low-intensity conflict of the last 70 years. The conduct of the war affected perhaps 3% of the U.S. population (service members and their immediate families) and yet by 2005, the American people had enough. This speaks volumes to the character of the American people today. The American people, and by extension, its military, are totally unprepared for the nightmare of a full-scale war against a modern and determined enemy nation.

3. The Warfighting Profession Is Being Killed By Political Correctness


Meet Ash Carter, the SECDEF who singlehandedly let the SJWs win.

Since the “end” of the war on terrorism, the pendulum has swung so far in the other direction that we now pretend terrorism doesn’t exist because we don’t want to offend Muslims—when terrorism does exist, its right wing, anti-government, conservative, militia related, or Christian in nature. Although political correctness has already been affecting the military for some time, the vast numbers of “social justice warriors” now among the ranks have drastically accelerated the process (see women in combat, recruiting of illegal immigrants, and now transgenders – because gays were just the beginning).

But even discounting all that, the issue of lower standards and softer training is what will cause the most damage. Modern warfare as a profession is accepted in society; we no longer draft soldiers to fight, and rightly so. But just because we are an all-volunteer force does not mean everyone deserves to be welcomed. That simple fact doesn’t matter to the feminist professors who believe women are just a capable—or better—than men on the battlefield.

The current crop of military leaders are buying into this nonsense, else they risk their careers. Diversity makes us stronger! Even the Marine Corps, which conducted an extensive study ultimately proving that women consistently underperform compared to their male counterparts, rolled over in the name of equality and political correctness.

4. Real Patriotism Is Dying In America


Meet the new demographic the military is embracing.

A significant number of people who join the military today do not do so out of patriotism, sense of duty, or a love of America. With the war on terrorism all but over, the military is now flooded with college graduates who decided that enlisting was now a “safe” last-resort option after their gender studies degree failed to secure them an acceptable civilian occupation. This influx of overeducated and mostly left-wing children still on their parents’ health insurance has resulted in a force that cares little about fighting and winning wars, but cares a lot about fighting for causes in the name of social justice (see multiculturalism, gender equality, etc).

This is directly tied to the decline in discipline, the rise of political correctness, and the general lethargic attitude about the wars to come. Military-age millennials (those ranging from 18 to 25 years old) are causing irreparable damage to the image and effectiveness of the military. They have been raised to believe that each and every one of them is a special and unique snowflake. Everything must be dialed back to accommodate their fragile sensibilities—and they are quickly becoming the dominant demographic of the “new” military.

Real combat soldiers hate the slogan “bring the troops home” because real combat soldiers want to be out doing their jobs—killing America’s enemies—they don’t enjoy risking their lives, but they understand sacrifice is a necessary part of the warfighting profession. Traditionally, these were the people who made up the strength of the armed forces. Unfortunately, the “new” military is driving away this demographic in great numbers.

5. The Veteran Community Is Used By Politicians


Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D, HI), also a National Guard Officer, recently endorsed Bernie Sanders for president.

This should not come as much of a surprise to anyone; therefore I don’t have a lot to add on the subject. The abysmal state of the Department of Veterans Affairs is a disgrace which should never have happened. But instead of massive reforms, we got reassurances that transgendered individuals would have their sex change surgery paid for by the government.

Returning veterans are viewed as terrorists by our own homeland security while actual terrorists (like Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter or Sayed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, the San Bernardino shooters) get a free pass because not appearing racist is more important. Worst of all, elected officials with military backgrounds will often cite their “military expertise” to push asinine political agendas. Tammy Duckworth, Gary Peters, Tulsi Gabbard, are some of the worst offenders.


I realize that most of these issues are not unique to the military, but are true of most organizations today. Corporate America is filled with political correctness, diversity quotas, bad management, you name it. My point is that of all organizations, the military should be most immune to these things based on the very nature of what the military is and does—fight and win the nation’s wars.

Once this is no longer the priority of the military, those dedicated individuals who normally would look beyond politics and focus on defending the American way of life may just decide to call it quits for good—and what they will be replaced with is frightening.

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    1. Those are bumper plates, guaranteed. Whenever I see a girl lift “impressive” looking weights it ALWAYS turns out to be bumper plates.
      Figure she’s lifting around 100 pounds plus the bar, give or take.

      1. I hope so. If not she’s going to give birth to her own womb very soon.

        1. Count on it. They want the impression given that those are 45 pound plates. If that were the case she’s lifting more than most physically fit men, with a frame 1/2 the size. That just doesn’t work out with physics.
          I’m, ahem, acquainted with a fitness model who is in amazing shape, and she can’t bench more than 100 on a good day.
          Bumper plates all the way for the photos.

        2. If, and that is a BIG if, those are Olympic plates and a standard 45 pound bar she is lifting 395 there. That is a respectable deadlift for most men.
          Olympic plates go: Red 55 Blue 44 Green 22 white 11 black 5.5 silver 2.75 Men’s bar is 45 lbs and woman’s is 33. Not sure if she is using men’s or womens.
          That said, It is not impossible for a woman to be deadlifting like that if they dedicate their life, body, menstral cycle and health to it.

        3. She’s built up, but not that much. I’m still going with bumper plates. The Brunhildas that lift decent weights look like the Wendy’s commercial for Soviet “even-ink wear”, minus the flashlight.

        4. Well in that case we’ll have to welcome a new born rectum in our community.

        5. What does Mike Chang have to do with this?

        6. Agreed. Prob bumper plates. Which is even more hilarious because they are the colors of the Olympic plates so it is even more of a look at me thing.
          She isn’t as built up as those eastern European broads, but if she is 200 pounds then just under twice bodyweight is good, but not great for a man.

        7. Just like my favorite Hot Dog, Mike Chang is one with everything.

        8. 395 is a warm up weight for me. Even if it’s real, color me unimpressed. A woman who goes to those lengths to deny her own biology is disgusting. I’d say the same about an emasculated fag male who won a knitting competition.

        9. Agreed.
          I still go super light with warm ups. About a dozen utility lifts at 135. I am still recovering from last summer’s slipped discs. I am mostly better but not back to where I was. I am hoping to be north of 400 for 3 reps again come July. It seems likely. I am now doing 405 rack pulls and 345 for reps. I keep putting the rack lower. It is hard for me to tell how much is physical and how much is psychological. The idea of being laid up for 3 months sticks in my head at times and throws me off while lifting heavy.
          I have straight up stopped doing squats over 175. I just won’t put that weight on my back.

        10. Question GOJ: Doesn’t lifting that much weight over time cause arthritis at some point from the wear and tear on the joints?

        11. Not if you go High Intensity Training. HIT. It’s very slow movements with good form, one or two sets of five tops per exercise, which basically keeps you from tearing shit up by jerking all over the place. It’s also time economy, I spend three or four days a week in the gym, no longer than 45 minutes to an hour max. Mike Metzner is the founder of it I think, or at least he was a big proponent of it. It works wonders for me. My joints feel like I was 19 still.

      2. There is a funny meme where some hipster twig crossfitter is squatting what would appear to be like 1400 pounds but is actually 10 pounds. I will find it.
        I have always thought that being active was a good thing no matter what type of activity you do. But crossfit is just dumb. Those top crossfit athletes are not in the shape they are in because of crossfit.
        I used to do 1 WOD a week as active rest. They would push the cult bs on me and fucking hated it when I told them that I only do CF on my rest day.
        I stopped after a while because Crossfit actually winds up being detrimental to health and physique.
        The bumperplate lifts are the perfect analogy for our modern world. It doesn’t matter what you are actually doing, only what it looks like you are doing.

        1. I saw some stupid meme with this 90 pound broad “lifting” what appeared to be a solid 250 doing a bench press. The caption “Her man makes HER a sandwich!” Turns out, yep, bumper plates. Stupid “strong woman” worshiping thirsty betas.

        2. @lolknee, cross-fit people and their training philosophy drives me crazy. I call them “plastic muscles”, among my friends, because although their muscle tone looks great, they have no real power or endurance behind them. Cross-fit is about “looking good” in your hipster clothes, not actually being an athlete.

        3. this is correct. You will always look good if you manage to get your body fat under 10%. You will be fucking anemic though.
          People have been pedestalizing Brad Pitt’s physique in fight club. Yeah, every chick would drop dead for him. But if you read his training regimen…no fucking legs…why? they didn’t show his legs in the movie. Didn’t need that. He was 6 foot and weighed 160 with a bf% around 4. he must have felt like shit.
          I would love to shred down sometimes…especially come beach season. Can’t lie. But the truth is it just isn’t healthy.
          Crossfit is literally the art of losing muscle not to mention they are so lax on form and so pushy about doing things for time that it is almost impossible not to hurt yourself.
          I will say one thing for them though, most of them have endurance I couldn’t dream of. I have always said that if I get into a fight with a crossfit guy it will either be me winning a very very short fight or me losing a very long one.

        4. All those deadlines are gonna fuck up your lower back at some point. I don’t know a single job which eqyires you to deadlift without squatting.

        5. I don’t know, my back feels pretty strong. As for squatting, I am just gun shy right now from injury. I will get back to it as time goes on. My back feels great. A lot of my trepidation is psychological at this point. I had to inch my way back up over months for deadlifts.
          I will also say, I think that the deadlift is the single best lift there is. I don’t there is a single lift with more benefit. I know some may argue for the squat and have their own reasons. I’ll admit it is close.

        6. @lolknee, their perceived superior endurance is only applicable to cross-fit activities.
          Throw a cross-fit person into a traditional sport, like basketball, volleyball, etc. (where they had no previous experience) and watch that “superior endurance” fade quickly. However, do the reverse, having a former basketball or volleyball athlete do cross-fit and you’ll see them holding their own much longer than the cross-fit person did in the traditional sport.

        7. Probably true, but I haven’t seen it first hand. I do know that all of the top cross fit athletes, the ones who win the crossfit games and shit are weight lifters and athletes from other sports. Wining the crossfit games is what they do with their strength not how they build it.
          I will say that after a 45 minute WOD I am usually gasping for breath and there have been a few times when I thought I would puke…but I was also lifting fast without paying much attention to form and using comically light weights.

        8. I don’t get why so many men have this perverse need to emasculate other men and even themselves by saying that type of silliness. It’s bizarre.

        9. Every H&S briefing here in the UK will tell you to bend your knees I’d you’re lifting something heavy as not to fuck up your back.

        10. Deadlift form requires knees to bend as well. Maybe I am not understanding.

        11. I don’t get it either. And they seem to take great pride in doing so. It’s pathetic.

        12. In my experience that is not accurate. I have been doing deadlifts for a long time and feel good. I am sure it might be a negative for some, especially if they use bar form, but I’ve never had problems

        13. Nah, deadlifting with proper for is one of the best lifts, works all core muscles. The only way it will fuck your back up is if you are a crossfag doing over 50 dls in 30 minutes. They lose track of their form and round their back a lot. perfect form dls are the shit!

        14. That’s why I’m saying that tI many deadlift will fuck up your back!

      3. It’s those lame ass plastic plates . They stack 4 on there and it looks like 100lbs each side but in reality it’s maybe 40

        1. Yep. Bumper plates. Lots and lots of photos of bumper plate broads out there recently. Being all “empowered” and stuff.

        2. I saw those for the first time using a gym while visiting Ireland a few weeks ago…
          Thought ‘wtf?!!’ and “that explains the state of the boys in here”
          Couldn’t collect enough of them to do anything usefull!!

      4. Idk, that looks like more than 100 pounds to me, even if they are bumper plates (they go up to 45 lbs a piece at least). Although she looks like she’s on roids. I could be wrong though.

      5. I think she’s lifting 295. Source: I used to oly lift. Reds are 45(pounds) , blues are 25, greens are 10.

    2. Come on, aren’t you a normal red blooded man who wants, like all men, 40 inch quads on your broad and serious vascularity.
      Vascularity and wide quads have been the standard definition of beauty for nearly 3 minutes now ya know!

      1. Whats the next event after this? The potato sack race or the 3-legged race? Being a Marine is hard these days

        1. A hearty round of horseshoes. Assuming that they make bumper horseshoes for the women.

        2. Hey, women who play miniature golf should get paid the same as the men who are professional golfers. That shit is sexist.

  1. Apt article. I just read on the weekend that there isn’t enough planes for US Military commitments, but what is worse is there isn’t enough pilots.
    “—and what they will be replaced with is frightening.”
    More like unrecognizeable and completely inept. I spoke with a major (O4) at kid’s birthday party last year and he was counting the days to retirement. He told me everyone he knows is hitting the exits and the army will be completely different in 20 years. Purge the split-tails and homos and rebuild it.

    1. The government has made learning to fly prohibitively costly. The culture now also shames masculinity, which is a prime motivator for wanting to learn to fly (yes, I just called girl pilots dykes, get over it lurkers). Combine the two and badda bing, no pilots are around any longer.

      1. I started through groupon doing my flight lessons for under 2k feet. The groupon deal was great. The first 3 hours were inexpensive and, frankly, about as much fun as you could have with your pants on.
        But you need 30 hours daytime and 10 hours night time logged before you can take a test for a license. The pilots here would know more about details I am sure. After those intro 3 hours the price was like 400 bucks an hour.

        1. 40 hour minimum, yes, or at least used to be. Most folks take far longer than 40 though, depending on the type of school they go to and what kind of ground school training they take. It is amazing fun though, isn’t it?

        2. That is exactly what the instructor told me — 40 min but usually more. I was in a little Pipper Warrior III. It was a total blast. The groupon let me get the first 3 hours plus the log book and a certificate for 150 bucks so it was a great way to spend a nice afternoon buzzing up and down the coast. But the cost to actually get through it was prohibitively expensive.

        3. I did all of my training in a Cessna 172 S, with leather seats even. Sweet ride. Worked for a company involved in aerospace for a while, which enabled me to take flight school and lessons at cost (basically, fuel). Without that it would have been a major pain in my wallet.

        4. I can imagine. I have nothing to compare the piper to, but I will say it was a blast. My instructor was a young buck. Maybe 30 probably younger. Fresh out of Navy. Was living in a house with 3 buddies on the beach. They were all flight instructors during the week and bartenders on the weekends.
          I remember about half way through the flight I asked him if his dick is ever dry

        5. Vet, pilot and bartender. Christ almighty, that’s a deadly combo.

        6. yeah, he said that he got good rates on renting out the plane. It would seat 6. So he would grab a buddy and a couple of girls and some surfboards and fly out to Montauk and go surfing for the day. I don’t imagine that that is an offer that any girl has ever turned down.

    2. Given the fact the military these days is more likely to be used against civilians than actual threats to the country, I fail to see a drawback.

  2. I guess the thought here is avoid the military service at all costs. I agree with that thought. This is not said in pleasure, I’m a former soldier and took pride in my service. What the Leftists have done to and with the military the last twenty years or longer is shameful. Don’t be part of the “social experiment”, opt out.

    1. BTW that tennis tourey CEO apologized and stepped down.
      I am sure it was the right decision. How could you possibly be competent to run a tournament if you have, at any point, said something that hurts a girl’s feelings?
      I mean, just think about it. Here is this guy running a tournament and he says something that was true and made girls sad. He must have no idea what he is doing.

      1. It’s amazing to watch that unfold. Not one denial worth anything, just shaming, crying, foot stomping and bawling on camera. Children in adult bodies, they are.

        1. It’s really insane.
          The WTA is fighting for equal prize money. Not one person has the balls to point out that
          a) Female Tennis is 3 sets not 5 so they actually work less
          b) Despite not having the endurance to play an entire regulation tennis match, even the absolute best of the best, Williams Brothers, in their prime, were both cut down by some guy who was the 200th seed in straight sets who, by the way, had a few beers before totally crushing them.

        2. I will admit though, when those blonde Russians come over huffing and grunting and making their little sex noises I find changing the channel very difficult.
          I don’t know why they don’t just do it like Lingerie football and just own up to the fact that their sexuality is the only interesting part of the match.

        3. I’m all about the Russian tennis playing chicks. Nothing whatsoever to do with the sport though.
          I couldn’t tell you squat about the WBA. Nor could any other living, breathing human being who isn’t directly involved in it for money.

        4. Yes women’s sports, in order of importance, goes Lingerie Football, Russian Blonde Grunting, Eastern European Gymnastics with everything else being grouped together in fourth as plain ridiculousness.

        5. Ice skating can be fun, there are some awesomely hot women on the ice. That’s one actual sport where I think women can and usually do, do a good job. No strength required beyond self supporting levels.

        6. even in this, the queers on ice will always dominate the bitches.

        7. If I watch ice skating, it’s only solo women. There are no men who do professional ice skating, except hockey players. Being an ice skater in the woman kind of way basically deprives a man of a penis right out the gate.

        8. What about that Apollo Ono kid. I have to say, I was pretty impressed watching that fucker on the ice.

        9. What part of “it’s only solo women” was unclear? Heh.
          Never saw the dude. I have no doubt that the “men” in that activity clean up though.

        10. hey dont knock gymnastics, it the one sport where it is more enjoyable to watch the women, bouncing all over on the floor exercises…men do the boring power moves

        11. I used to ice skate semi professionally. My signature move was a quadruple lutz while playing an air guitar to this song

        12. He was a speed skater. I don’t remember how fast he went, but I do remember when they said it I was frankly shocked. One of those guys who hits the turns and goes almost sideways. It looks like people who do track racing on motorcycles.

        13. You are so automatically in The Electro Lites.

        14. Well, most of them. I really don’t want to see Roller Derby chicks in lingere. They’re frightening.

        15. I’d pay cash money to spend a long summer day watching that kind of sporting event.

        16. I can also include indoor volleyball. It’s not just that those chicks look hot in tight spandex shorts. Those women do have some mean skills. In fact, women’s volleyball us one of the few female team sports I am not just willing, but actually thrilled to watch on TV, and not just during the Olympics.

        17. No, now you play lead guitar. We all play lead guitar and all of us are the lead singer.

        18. I think it would be great to get the roller derby chicks in lingerie. I think it would have the effect of weeding out the ugly ones and bringing in a new generation of hot ones.

        19. well obviously these cows would have to go. We could bring in some models who can roller skate…maybe arm them with pillows. I am a visionary bucko. I will revolutionize this snizz licking festival of women who probably have gashes that look like they were hit by the mace carried by the witch king of angmar into a bunch of Victoria secret level models in lingerie on rollerskates with satin feather pillows.

        20. Yeah, I just don’t think that’s a sport for women. Roller Derby is like football on wheels, with success coming from power and mass. Bertha “The Refrigerator” Landwhale –that is not a recipe for visual entertainment.

        21. they only call her the refrigerator because fat chicks are always putting their heads in her looking for something to eat.
          We can and should make the sport of Roller Derby excellent. New Rules include: Uniforms in the form of very small lingerie, a caucus of men will rate all applicants and no one under an 8 will be allowed to perform, there will be no more hocky style checking…all contact must be done with a feather filled pillow and, most importantly, all pile ons are legal but only so long as every member of the pile on is giggling. First person to stop giggling, their team loses a point.

        22. Roller Derby has gone co-ed in my area – so a big ‘hell no’ to the idea of lingerie. Though the female skaters still wear the fishnet stockings and booty shorts.

      2. He should have read Vox Day. One of the rules for dealing with SJW’s is to never apologize.

    2. I hate saying this but when my own children get to drafting age and another rabid leftist is president, I will do everything I can to keep them from getting drafted. The left hates America, and it was more than happy to let our troops in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan die for absolutely nothing just to make a political point.
      My children are worth more than that.

      1. lol
        When my dad told my older brother and me in 1969 that, if drafted, he expected us to do our duty to the country,
        I said, ‘Pop, if you can get congress to declare war, I’ll go down and enlist, but we have been in Viet Nam since I was in elementary school, and we weren’t finished yet.’
        It seemed we had no intention of winning, and guess what? We didn’t.
        Go fight for some know-nothing a-hole just because he won a popularity contest?
        No Thank You!

        1. I did 3 tours. Marines. Drank the koolaid.
          Chased farmers, perused opium fields and kicked in poor peoples doors in the middle of the night telling myself I was a hero. Wasted years out of my life. Lost so many friends to booze and drugs and idiocy.
          I actively tell people never to join.
          I mean just look at the amount of stupid comments here on an article like this. Half of them are tangents on sniffing pussy.
          The country has been infantilized.

        2. Hey bro, if you were an 0311 who put you’re time in you fucking rate your opinion man. But this whole… “The US is a bully and sometimes people fight back” stuff is a staple of leftist thinking. They remain convinced that if only we left these people alone and didn’t “Steal their Resources” and “Bomb their countries” that they would leave us alone and live in peace.
          Nothing could be further from the truth.

        3. Dont waste your time trying to untangle that. Our people have nothing to apologize for. The planet would be living in the stone age without us. It doesnt matter what they want or think. Third world non whites are subhumans. Genetic waste.
          The world is about to correct itself, Europe is on the brink of revolution and the US is on the verge of civil war. This freak show is about to end. And we will live to see the Xenos purged once and for all.

        4. I’ll be honest that isn’t the reply I expected and I’m not even sure if you’re being serious or not lol. “Purge the Xenos?” Yah been going hard with the Warhammer 40k stuff or what? 😀

        5. Yea this guy is coming from both left and right field . My thing is there is no draft any more , you signed up . You can complain about this and that but in that contract you signed you agreed to protect the interests of America whatever they may be . If you regret it , perhaps you should have educated yourself of what war is . War has always been about power , through land, resources, or otherwise. In actuality war has become less brutal , at least among 1st world countries since ww1 . You say kicking down doors of poor people and chasing farmers disturbed you ? It used to be common place in ancient Greece to kill all the men of military age and enslave the women and children . Athens was even notorious for slaughtering allies who opposed them . Even up to the civil war rape and pillaging of one’s enemy was consider acceptable . War is hell , anyone who has ever seen it first hand will tell you .

        6. OK, I’ll bite. So what *would* happen if we didn’t bomb their countries, steal their resources, blow up their roads, schools, hospitals, etc. ?

        7. Vietnam was fought over Michelin rubber plantations. Look at pre-war maps, and then look at the areas of conflict. America wanted two things out of it. They wanted to give military contractors a pay-day, and they wanted to do the bidding of corporate America. The 1960’s through 1980’s were about corporate colonialism. After Viet Nam set a precedent for industry, they used the U.S. to cause trouble all over South America.

        8. Which is exactly why I never joined. The percentage of “why” we go to war, hasn’t aligned with my moral compass since I considered joining 20 years ago. Too much fighting the political elite’s purpose, NOT that of the majority of the American people. Fuckin sad. Yet, I don’t blame those who fight, and to the percentage of their efforts that really counted for our people’s safety, I tip my hat.

        9. Xenos is Greek for “stranger” .
          Purge means to remove.
          Hope you werent expecting me to wave the flag or spout buzz words about the corps or abstractions like “freedom” or “democracy” or “core values” etc. I think its pretty clear where I stand.

        10. Well if history is any judge, they would have blown them all up themselves as they are currently doing around the world.
          Whites should never have given them tech and roads and schools etc to begin with.
          Plus they never even had “nations” they just lived on “lands”.

        11. All that guy really did was help the opposition. His reasons for being against the military were standard leftist tripe, not because he thought it was no longer patriotic or effective.

        12. The Paris Peace Accords were effectively the surrender of the North Vietnamese forces. South Vietnam stood as an independent nation for two years after the US left. The US military did not “lose” the war, the country fell apart because of the newly elected Democratic majority US Congress pulling the plug on funding it, as promised.

        13. What “opposition?”
          There are an equal amount of idiots on the right and left.
          The guy decided he had enough of doing the work of the ZOG.

        14. War is hell , anyone who has ever seen it first hand will tell you .
          War is hell , anyone who has ever seen it first hand will tell you .
          War is hell , anyone who has ever seen it first hand will tell you .

        15. hahaha. The problem is Feminism. Because of feminism your fertility rate is below the replacement level of 2.1. So stop whining about the inevitable unless you can control your women and restore the patriarchy. Good luck with that.

    3. Took the words out of my mouth. I used to advocate for people who had no direction to join so it would give them some kind of purpose and see the world. I learned a lot while in, things that sitting in a classroom will never come close to teaching. Given the political climate and corruption, I would not advocate it in any good will now.

    4. The country keeps shitting on young men. Let the “strong independent womyn,” gays and trannies fight the next world war.

    5. As I have said before on a different article a while back, I would still advise my son to serve, with some very specific caveats.
      First, he would need to understand that just like enrolling in college, there is a baseline level of SJW bullshit that should just be disregarded and ignored – or at best, paid lip service so as not to attract attention to himself.
      Second, he should have a specific objective in mind. This objective should be mercenary: either get the benefits, which are still quite generous (as far as home loans and the GI Bill at least), or get the combat training and experience, or both. Preferably, I would prioritize the combat training and experience. All this SJW illusion does not exist in battle. It cannot exist there. Period. So combat is still one of the apex masculine experiences that cannot be watered down, and can quickly make you swallow the red pill. It is dangerous, true, but so long as you go in with the idea that you are fighting for yourself (and the good dudes around you that you actually give a shit about) and learning valuable skills, then there is reward in learning the lessons that combat, and only combat, can teach. Of course, this means that you have to demand a combat MOS when signing up. DO NOT enlist unless they guarantee you a combat spot in the Infantry, Artillery, or Tanks, period.
      Third, once these mercenary objectives have been achieved, pop smoke and GTFO as quickly as possible. Then, use your veteran status for as many additional mercenary purposes as possible. Take the no interest home loans, take the GI Bill. Take the free vocational training. Start a business and get enrolled in the VA and SBA VOSB or SDVOSB programs and get preferential contracting treatment from the government. In other words, I’ll advise him to take as much money back out of the system as possible since he’ll be one of the people most likely being financially raped by it.
      All of this being said, however, I am also going to give him the red pill about service and what it means, specifically that his country doesn’t give a shit about him, and he will be a pawn for corrupt foreign policy interests and SJW social engineers who will specifically target him to try to destroy his masculinity. Accordingly, I will advise him that there is no shame in not signing up.

      1. Politically driven ROE gets experience people killed or court-martialed these days. If you want your son to get real military experience, which he will never get in the US Military, unless he makes the cut to join real elite units like the Rangers etc., tell him to join the Foreign Legion instead.

      2. My father served in Nam and told me many times over to go to college and avoid military service at all costs.

    6. As a future potential target of this military, for the crime of “standing up for his rights”, I don’t care how bad it gets.
      In a way, seeing our armed forces reduced to this same stupidity as the British has in the 18th century indicates how that war was won before it even started.
      The next George Washington has already been purged from the armed forces for PC reasons.
      And if there are any left libertarians sitting around, in our new military fighting back against the globalists, complaining about some harassment allegation against the commander in chief and how he should be fired because feels, and pushing that libertardian “our leader must be PERFECT so nobody can complain and we can have a big tent!”, I’ll fucking frag them myself.

      1. See this is where the rubber meets the road though. SJW jackboots like Homeland Security and cops will do the bidding of their overlords. Most 0311s and 11Bs that I know would outright refuse if not rebel in such a case.

  3. Since WW II, the military-industrial complex has been social welfare institution. An employer of last resort for the lower classes. A source of jobs and income to communities with powerful congressmen. Now it is a social experiment.
    We’re in a clash of civilizations, so I don’t think how good are military is ultimately matters. If Islam offers men a better life, men will fight for it.

  4. I hate the use of the phrase ‘war on terror’. We are not in a war against terror. That sounds dumb as fuck. We are in a war against Islam. Get it straight.

    1. “War on Terror” is a catch phrase used to promote perpetual conflict. It’s purposefully vague so that anyone can be labeled a terrorist or enemy of the state. Terror can never be defeated unless the entire human race is destroyed, because there will always be violent people.
      The war on terror’s true agenda was eliminating personal rights and liberties. It actually supports the Islamic state and other groups that mean innocent people harm. Whenever those groups attack, it gives the US and European governments more “reasons” to pass knee-jerk legislation they can spoon feed the masses who will eat it up as they make stupid posts of facebook about solidarity.

    2. You cannot win a war against terror. Terror is a negative emotion and a malevolence, it is a spiritual enemy, only God and his due representatives may win such a war, God will never allow politicians to play such a part. You can win a war against a religion preaching terror, and both Marxism and Islam are.

    3. “Should be” in a war against Islam you mean.
      Were the United States actually interested in Total War against Islam they would be down about 600 million Muslims by now.

    4. Terrorism doesn’t exist. If it’s state sanctioned, then it’s just espionage. If it’s not, than it’s just crime. Calling it “terror” is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

    5. You’re forfeiting your lives in a war for Bankers, politicians, multi national corporations and Israeli interests. The rest of us will be paying taxes for it for many generations to come.

  5. They would get a little more support if they weren’t fighting israel’s wars

    1. Trump the only candidate who said he would be neutral in Israeli / Mideast issues. Meanwhile Hillary attended the AIPAP (Why the fuck does another country have an open political action committee (PAC) influencing US elections!) and signaled that she will fully support their agenda with the full faith, credit, and armaments of the US Gov.

  6. In spite of what fairy-tale lala land would have you believe, combat is the ultimate equal opportunity workspace:
    Also, who cares? Americans are the most heavily armed populace on the planet and the country is vast and protected on both sides by vast oceans. Outside invasion by a modernized military is unlikely. I am armed and prepared to defend myself if necessary. Moreover, I got my training as a combat arms officer, and I got combat experience in Iraq. So when the collapse finally happens, I see it as being to my advantage that we’ve decided to allow our military to fall into this state. Let this poorly-motivated, feminized, tranny-faggot army come to enforce the dictates of butthurt SJWs. I have plenty of ammunition.

  7. The public’s inability to focus on such long-term goals as the war on terror (badly misnamed) isn’t new. If one looks at War Plan Orange, a plan that started development in early 1900s for a naval war against Japan, it is abundantly evident that the brass at the time (1900s, 1910s) didn’t think the public would have the patience or endurance to support a war lasting more than 2 years. That was over 100 years ago, and the public’s attention span hasn’t changed much.

  8. America rallied behind WWII because there was a clear cut enemy, strategy, and path to victory. GWOT has none of these three.
    I worked as an auditor for JTF HOA in Djibouti in coordination with Federal Reserve Boston for a year. The bank prints off money out of thin air, sends it to me, and I disburse it to Spec Ops as part of the black budget. They use this money to prop up the corrupt government, buy political favors, and arm local warlords that support our cause [whatever that may be].
    This is millions of dollars of your tax money being wasted. GWOT is nothing more than welfare for the military industrial complex.

    1. WWII got the US out of the Great Depression. War stimulates the economy. Peace leads to economic depression.

      1. Broken Glass Theory is wasteful because you spend money repairing infrastructure that was already built. No new good or service was created.

        1. Money tied up in savings does no good. Banks need people to spend money in order to make money. Money makes the world go round.
          I’m not advocating not having any savings. The way our system is set up is to spend, even with money we don’t have by borrowing.

        2. Money tied up in savings earns interest, because the bank uses that money as a base to make loans to businesses. It actually is not just sitting there idle.

        3. If consumers don’t spend, businesses can’t make money. This is where government steps in and start projects…or go to war to employ people to build supplies. People then have money to spend and give businesses sale which gets businesses to borrow money to grow the business.

        4. We had a splendid economy for a long long stretch before we became a super power and decided to make war our business.
          Loaned money goes towards many things, including advertising, which draws in customers. Savings is not a bad thing, as long as it’s not “save every last penny”.

        5. Yes, and it also provides funding for larger purchases in the future. Large purchases such as appliances, cars, homes, etc. are far more wealth-generating to an economy than buying a big mac or some trinkets from China. There is an end goal to savings and investment, and it is more valuable to an economy to have a huge savings and investment pool than it is to have a huge consumer economy. Unless you are wal mart.

        6. Agreed, and even then, suppose I want to withdraw into my cave and “save every last penny”. Well then that, by God, is my Fucking Prerogative. I can do what I wish with the fruits of my labor.
          If morons are free to throw away there money on things like leasing rims for their jacked up land cruisers (yes, that is a business), painting their trucks yellow or pink, and buying selfie sticks, then I am free to save every last penny. We don’t dictate what someone should do with their money based on whether it’s a good or bad thing yet. Hell, even in North Korea you can decide whether to stand in the milk line or the bread line.

    2. I always assumed it was more for propping up failed states who were bought and paid for. Once the money tap runs dry, the war lords will go back to what they always do

      1. These very same mercenaries we arm and train will be the first to turn against us when we withdraw our funds. You could see it in their eyes that these were killers without a conscience.

  9. The public simply will not be engaged in a war for an extended period of time. This isn’t a new problem either, as it was true even in Sun-Tzu’s day when he wrote The Art of War.
    If we had fought the war in Afghanistan as a real war, as in not as a nation building exercise, we could have captured and killed UBL in a matter of weeks and destroyed Al Qaeda’s operational capacity.
    A real war is won not only by brutally and completely destroying the enemy, but also destroying domestic support for the same.

        1. There is no confirmed media report of a group known as Al Queda prior to that time. The governing tribes of Afghanistan were dominated by the Taliban. Al Q only took over after the US invasion. The same with IS-IS. You never heard of them until the US invaded Iraq and assisted in the overthrow of Libya and attempted to do so in Syria.
          I say all this with huge skepticism of what any of these groups are. Anyone brown can be given the label of “Queda” or “IS- IS” and how would you prove or disprove it? There is no president of IS. There is no regular clubhouse where they all meet. Whether some pissed off guy or some Saudi Princes or a group of rebels or the CIA itself committed the attacks in Belgium, all it takes is a brown person saying “I did this for IS-IS” and then it becomes an Iisis attack, end of story, history written.

        2. Bill Clinton attempted a missile strike on AQ in Afghanistan in 1998. He blew up some of their tents. What more do you want?

  10. I got out of the Marines in 2011. I remember the quality of people coming in, they were men with no options in life. IE most of them were losers who were looking for the government to give them direction, income and and future schooling. Furthermore the organizational attitude had changed Corporals had most of there authority taken away from them and as a result discipline and accountability were in major decline.
    When I left I could feel the slow cessation of the Marines as a fighting force and the rise of the Corps becoming more of a daycsre/prison amalgamation. No wonder suicide is the leading cause of death in the armed forces.
    The Marines; long a stalwart of traditionality hearkening back to a more robust and virtuous time was swiftly become a microcosm of our degenerate age.
    It is sad to see the rot that rots, rots all.

    1. I hear you bro. I got out years before you. And the primary reason was it became too politically correct. Here is one incident of many. I once saw MSgt give a female lance coolie a BIG HUGE HUG in Kuwait. Out in the open, full on fraternization. Did he get lit up? NOOOOO. This same MSgt who would tear your ass open if you were a male LCPL if you didn’t give him the proper greeting of the day. Fucking pig motherfucker I thought. When I was in females got tons of preferential treatment but then the brass would say, we’re all green we’re all the same. Fucking liars and they did it in front of our faces like we didn’t notice? I shutter to think how bad it is today.

      1. Women in the service is literally the worst. Like an acid that just eats away at everything. My buddy in the Navy had a story where this chick got a NAM for finding a wrench. It’s almost ironic to think that just a few hundred years ago the militaries of the day would have camp followers (whores) go on campaign. Sure you’re chances of dying were higher but at least you knew the brass had youre back.

    2. Just look at the amount of stupid comments on this thread to this important article.
      Theres only like 6 like yours that are any good.

  11. One of the blackest of lies ever perpetrated by the defense contractors and the military is the idea of “humane war” through precision guided weapons and counterinsurgency. War needs to be awful and decisive so that men are not eager to wage it. Anyone we wage war against should feel the full brunt of all of our terrible capabilities until they are completely conquered and whatever culture they had before is replaced by ours, by acquiescence or bayonet. This flies in the face of our effete leadership’s and corrupt government’s desires to group hug our enemies and keep defense contractor profits (read: PAC contributions) high from the slow bleed of indecisive, “humane” wars. Curtis LeMay and George Patton are spinning in their graves.

    1. Yes. They’re bad enough to kill, but not bad enough to kill too much. Ascribing moral equivalence to your enemies is retarded in warfare. If their culture, values and ideals are equally worthy of respect, why kill them in the first place?

    2. Agreed. Because when you start doing this counter insurgency nonsense, you drag out shit for years with no end. Then, a little bombing here, a little massacre there, becomes a very effective way to manipulate the people of a nation.
      Brussels for example

    3. Not necessarily. Wars have gotten more humane in the past 100 years, but they have also gotten less frequent. Ironically, most of the wars in the past 100 years have been waged by one of the last countries to not fully commit to the Geneva convention and International Laws of warfare. (hint: This country is north of Mexico and south of Canada)

  12. This is why when I got out of the Army in 2012 I stayed overseas in Korea. Easier to keep an eye on that crazy bastard across the border.

  13. A major regret in my life is not joining the army out of high school for two years before going to college. I had zero self confidence at the time and just felt like it would be living in gym class 24/7. But nearly all my friends (men AND women) that joined report a generally positive learning experience, albeit rigid.
    This country should have had compulsory military service from the beginning. It’s too late now, but it should have been a facet of our lives since 1780. The government could have even set up some form of public service for those who are not physically capable of handling the physical rigors of military training. The point is everyone would have skin in the game; you’d have less people on welfare and much diminished liberal belief that patriotism and jingoism are inseparable.

    1. We kind of were supposed to have compulsory service, it was called “being in the militia”. Regular drills, e.g. – “regulation”, were supposed to be the norm. In the larger scheme of things our concept of military was supposed to mirror that of Switzerland.

      1. Oh well, that could’ve been good, except that Kaiser Wilhelm’s descendants would probably be running western Europe right now. On the plus side, WW2 would probably not have happened.
        I think there is a genuine business opportunity for veterans to teach some of their skills to civilians who have not been in the military for whatever reason. Might be useful in the future?

        1. Wilhelm’s descendants basically are running Europe right now. Germany is THE controlling power in the EU, the rest are just along for the ride.
          I think there is a genuine business opportunity for veterans to teach some of their skills to civilians who have not been in the military for whatever reason. Might be useful in the future?
          That’s actually happening a lot the last couple of years. It’s called Tactical Defensive Shooting class. Basically how to do ops in a closed space home, disguised as “self defense shooting”. The expansion of that thought is an interesting idea though.

        2. Wilhelm’s descendants basically are running Europe right now. Germany is THE controlling power in the EU, the rest are just along for the ride.

          Sorry but Germany doesn’t run Europe. At least not in the interests of das Deutsche Volk or for das Vaterland…
          Had the EU been run in the Interests of Germany, the doors would have been shut a long time ago and maybe, maybe wouldn’t have to suffer the American occupation and meddling.

        3. Better phrased, Merkel runs the EU. I simply note Germany because whomever takes her place, eventually, will simply fall into the roll.

  14. I did my 4 years in the Corps and saw early on how deficient the military has become. The combat training was lax and nothing more than a joke. When finally arriving to my first unit it was nothing more than a storage unit for broken gear which they constantly had us try to field in vehicles that would fall apart from sitting in a lot.
    The field operations we did were glorified camping trips with a high ratio of civilian contractors to help us field our gear. The quality of individuals in these units varied with some being sent there as a punishment and others I had no idea how they even made it this far in. The females constantly received special treatment they did not deserve simply because they are women.
    I left along with most of the other guys that had joined to be part of a warrior profession when we realized that all the Warriors had left or on their way out.

  15. Is there a market for veterans to establish companies that will train civilians in the art of war at the same level or better than our government is doing?
    While private companies might not have all the legal equipment to certify in, (attack helicopters, artillery, fighter jets), they could get very close with SUT training, private satellites for real time intel and global positioning, rapid response units, halo jumps, etc etc.
    Maybe its time to explore the idea of civilian warfighter training? It is my belief that anything the government can do, the private sector can do better.
    Food for thought.

        1. All good! Cool idea though right? I would love to learn some of the tactical stuff and cia tradecraft.

    1. There probably is, but be careful. They will label you a “militia.” Which means you are a “terrorist.” Then comes a two-pronged assault. Because you are charging for these services, you will be assaulted by regulators and the IRS to make it impossible for you to do business, and then you will be surrounded by the ATF and FBI and subjected to tactical assault.

      1. No doubt, But were kinda at that point already with our current corrupt government.
        I suspect any fledgling company would need top notch lawyers and marketers to protect and spin the company’s image to the public. With organizations like Blackwater and Talon it would seem its already happening, but those companies are tailored for men who are military veterans. We need a company tailored to teaching the civilian from the ground up…maybe even as basic as exercise and discipline.

        1. I think there is demand. I see different elements of it all over the place. People will sign up for workout “bootcamps.” Lots of firearm courses. Self defense courses. All that’s really missing is pulling it together and training people to function as a unit. That’s not really that hard. One of my last assignments while still serving was to perform exactly this type of training. The materials necessary to accomplish it are not difficult. Honestly, all that’s really needed is some land and some basic equipment like maps and compasses. You don’t even need real rifles, for small unit tactics stuff, only for marksmanship, though real rifles are better.

    2. It may work with the thought of making the training a with a reservist mindset. Owning and maintaining a weapon and being in good physical condition needs to be the foundation and frame of all involved. Technical ability from doing with out and computer hacking along with mechanical, electrical and electronic maintenance and troubleshooting. Food and water production would be another great skill for a civilian military. Overall a capable and sustainable force would be powerful and less vulnerable

    3. “private satellites for real time intel and global positioning” Yeah… Just be careful that Interpol, the ICJ, ICC, Russia, China, NATO, The Us government etc. don’t come after you for doing non state sanctioned espionage.
      BTW, who would you sell these services to? Because Mercenaries are basically not used anymore…

      1. Sure they are. They call them private contractors. The need for security will only increase as time goes on, most companies outsource various departments, security is no different. If your security company has global reach and deep resources then you can pull bigger, more lucrative contracts. Our government already hired Blackwater during the Iraq war. South Africa hired various private contractors over the years.
        If a government can save money buy hiring warfighters from third parties as opposed to recruiting, training, feeding and equipping their own, the bean counters will do it.
        Private satellites have been launched and are launched all the time. There will be a fine line on how to use them in a security company capacity, but I suspect you can do a lot with them with the private sector.
        As the world grows more dangerous and military and police are underpaid and held back by overbearing ROE, I see private firms picking up the mantle and making money on it. I think the rise of the civilian contractor is just over the hill.

        1. “Sure they are. They call them private contractors. The need for security will only increase as time goes on, most companies outsource various departments, security is no different.” Ok, I actually see what you mean. They do exist (black water for example). Actually that would be a pretty good investment.
          “If a government can save money buy hiring warfighters from third parties as opposed to recruiting, training, feeding and equipping their own, the bean counters will do it.” The thing is, they don’t save money. The only reason they exist (in the American military) is because Congress is on a lot more payrolls than the federal governments.
          “Private satellites have been launched and are launched all the time.” Yeah, but you could piss of a lot of people if you use it for the wrong purposes. Spy’s are basically not protected by any international laws. There are no restrictions on what another country would do if you pissed them off with that.
          “As the world grows more dangerous and military and police are underpaid and held back by overbearing ROE, I see private firms picking up the mantle and making money on it.” Private contractors have to follow the same rules of engagement as any other force. Also, the world really isn’t getting more dangerous. The world is the safest it’s ever been. I could see private forces used as security guards in high risk areas by minority groups and such, but I don’t expect them to be an sort of game changer.

  16. The Russian Army achieved more in the past 5 months than the US Army did in the past 15 years. And with a military budget 10 times smaller. That’s a fact.
    Not judging, just saying you should also question your top brass as well as your politicians. In Ancient Rome, they would have made them fall on their swords or slit their wrists.

    1. Problem is, our CiC only wants to fight a half-assed phony war that only looks good but accomplishes nothing of substance.

      1. Yup, your politicians and Officers need more of this kind of doctrine:
        (How can you not love this man?)

    2. Not surprised, if you watch videos of the Russian military training it says it all. These men literally beat the shit out of each other and its not some barbaric bar brawl either. Those men are trained vicious killers and toe-to-toe could kick the shit out of our military.

      1. Yup, although the USA has dominated, it has a lot to do with size and wealth. Remember the Axis powers always won when they were evenly matched. Man for man, they were more powerful; they lost because Germany is the size of Mississippi and it was fighting like 12 other countries massively larger at the same time.

        1. Indeed. But consider this. Besides WWII when was the last time the u.s. military engaged a comparable foe? Germany might be the size of Mississippi, but, I grant them the status of a legit enemy. Korea? Vietnam? Panama? Iraq 1 and Iraq 2 and Afghanistan? None of those countries come close to the Axis of WWII. Since I’ve been alive, the only things the u.s. has fought were tiny poor and impoverished third world countries. And, by the looks of it, with ISIS and the Taliban in control in Iraq and Afghanistan respectively…looks like they won and we lost. ??? As far as a huge budget eclipsing something like the next 20 countries combined the devil is in the details. We spend billions on pregnancies alone. My best friend is an AV8B Harrier pilot. He’s enlightened me on the scale of reckless spending that is occurring. Meanwhile, the sec of the army and air force say we are unprepared. How can that fucking be? Who’s up next, likely an emerging nations bloc led by China, Russia and Iran. The Chinese have billions of people, mostly men who they need to cull before they rape the country. And from observing the new weapons systems for these countries they might have smaller budgets but they are all making very very wise moves. Putin has an updated ICBM and thermonuclear force. The Topol M is both very accurate and I believe is also stealth. China and Russia both have worked on missile technology and even supersonic torpedoes (although I don’t know how far that got with those) that have some analysts declaring the u.s. carrier fleet obsolete. That fleet right there is a huge chunk of the budget.

        2. Yes, there is the other side of the issue: despite all the money the US spends, it is not very *effective* at accomplishing anything, other than evaporating lots of money in huge explosions. We didn’t learn the lessons of Vietnam, namely that mass destruction does not lead to victory (See also: Stalingrad). Despite having more bombs dropped on the tiny country in one year than in the entirety of WW2, the US lost that war. There are 2 major results of US military engagement:
          1) The large scale destruction of roads, hospitals, schools, bridges, and infrastructure, and the mass killings of soldiers and civilians fails to lead any closer to victory (in fact many times it simply emboldens the enemy–if you lose your home and possessions and are living like a nomad, at that point you have little to do with your life than resist an invader at all costs).
          2) With every multi-million dollar air strike and bombing, the US is slowly defeating itself economically. We have now spent trillions on stupid adventurism in the Mideast, (and, as you point out, we appear to have lost those wars). That is trillions of dollars not spent on our own roads, bridges, buildings, transportation system, schools, health care, retirement pensions, etc. And that is trillions that must be borrowed, mostly from the Chinese, and paid back several fold with interest in the future. The US is defeating itself bit by bit every time it spends a million dollars on an air strike to murder a nomad with an AK-47.

        3. Vietnam was lost because we didn’t make a single offensive into North Vietnam the whole war. Had they gone to Hanoi, the war would have been over in less than a year…

        4. So the Monday morning quarterbacks say. But we are entering our 15th year in Afghanistan…

      2. The Russian success had nothing to do with Russian toughness and all to do with the superiority of Russian military equipment.

    3. Rules of Engagement – how not to fight a war.
      During the brief periods when the gloves came off, American Soldiers and Marines kicked the shit out of the hajis. Tora Bora and Anaconda – when Paratroopers and Rangers kicked the door open in Afghanistan were awesome.
      The Marines administered a tremendous beating in Fallujah – and were promptly accused of war crimes by the haters.
      But otherwise, we now fight with one hand behind our backs.

      1. I feel like white American men in general have had their hands tied behind their backs.

      2. Anyone who faught in Iraq, were either an idiot or an asshole. Why would you go invade a country for no reason?

        1. “Why would you go invade a country for no reason?”
          The reasons were well documented. Are you young or just dumb?

        2. Why bother to comment at all? Your post contributes nothing. At least you could pretend there were really WMDs there, we just haven’t found them yet. Or say that Iraq was weeks away from having a nuke. Or something. But just some vague “oh yeah, because REASONS” comment does not lend anything to the discussion here.
          And for the record, there was no reason to invade, and most people in the Bush administration, except for Bush and Condi, have finally admitted so.

        3. Lets see: Iraq: WMD’s that were never found. If you have evidence to the contrary, give me this
          Panama: Just, fuck all. In fact, they were our ally, it was the most out of the blue situation I have ever heard of.
          Libya: Again, just fuck all. Basically because America didn’t like Qaddafi because he didn’t jack off Israel like America does.
          You know when people say North Korea is unpredictable, America has emotionally unstable personality disorder.
          Here are the symptoms:
          marked tendency to act unexpectedly and without consideration of the consequences; check!
          marked tendency to engage in quarrelsome behavior and to have conflicts with others, especially when impulsive acts are thwarted or criticized; check!
          liability to outbursts of anger or violence, with inability to control the resulting behavioral explosions; check!
          difficulty in maintaining any course of action that offers no immediate reward; check
          unstable and capricious (impulsive, whimsical) mood.; check!
          disturbances in and uncertainty about self-image, aims, and internal preferences; check!
          liability to become involved in intense and unstable relationships, often leading to emotional crisis; check!
          excessive efforts to avoid abandonment; check! recurrent threats or acts of self-harm; check!
          chronic feelings of emptiness; pretty much ever since the end of the cold war, but CHECK!
          demonstrates impulsive behavior; check!
          I think it would be reasonable to put an entire country on some Anti psychotics and Mood Stabilizers. But unfortunately, America has very high healthcare costs, so you guys are gonna have to find some money some where, maybe your over-sized military budget?

        4. Because you both are either young or stupid. Perhaps both.
          I will brush on what I know. Feel free to read up: All intelligence services could not verify. WMDs were found. Former Iraqi officers admitted a lot of it was moved during the the year wasted at the UN (Russians involved). The Iraqis broke enough UN accords and denying UN observers to inspections to warrant force. Documents seized by American forces in 2003 confirmed Europeans were also breaking agreements (specifically France oil concern ELF). Mass graves were found. Kurds and marsh arabs were exterminated (as usual) after the first Gulf War and repressed. Despite what you want to believe, 2007 was pretty quite in the ME. Then some retard from Chicago and a lot of media help got him elected to blow it all. The consequences today are the reprecussions of electing a con man and affirmative action hire. What happened since 2009 is Obamas legacy… he was the sole reason to overthrow Mubarak. Gaddafi complied with GWB and shipped his WMD that filled a ship. The Europeans and Obama overthrew him. Consequences for leftist stupidity. But fuck it. Blame Bush. It keeps you from reading, understanding and allows you to claim (false) moral rightousness.
          I understand your dismissiveness. Moral cowards will have that. It allows you to claim ignorance. You both can feign concern but it is “signaling” which every leftist does. You will never “do” something but bitch.

        5. “despite what you want to believe”
          “you are young or stupid”
          “you.. moral coward”
          “you… leftist”
          Snark much? Sorry, if you care to present arguments logically, rationally, and impartially, people may be interested in considering them, otherwise, have a nice day. For the record, even if “I” was a young, stupid, cowardly leftist, it makes not one iota of difference about the impartial facts of the matter. But I suppose when one takes an emotional interest in the outcome of a matter, it is far easier to attack ad hominem and name call. There are plenty of sites to play keyboard commando; this is not one of them.

  17. Sgt. Joseph Goodwin of the Oklahoma National Guard offers apologies to Faatimah Elghazalif for any negative remarks she had heard or would hear during the Tulsa Veterans Day Parade on Wednesday.
    One thing that stands out in this image is how he’s addressing the muslim woman. His feet are close together with his toes pointed inwards. He’s also tugging at the back of his shirt like a school boy asking a teacher for permission to go to the bathroom.

    1. I’d rather get an Article 15 and take the punishment, than to apologize to an invading horde member for my being honest.

      1. My question is, how the hell can he be that out of shape? Dude looks like a potato. Are there no PT requirements any longer, or did that hurt people’s feelings?

        1. I noticed that as well. One of the things that was common among the NG and reserves from ’03 onward was how embarrassingly out of shape many of them were. RA had little to no respect for them. If I remember correctly, during OIF many of the part timers purposely tried to get out through low fitness standards and the CG for both said that wasn’t happening.

        2. PT now stands for Pussy Training and focuses around three main areas of concentration: apology, getting in touch with feelings and forced humiliation. The only part that is actually physical is the mandatory pegging.

        3. There was an article on BB a while back, where the army (I think?) is basically making men wear fake pregnancy bellies and “experience what it’s like to be female” as part of some bizarre sensitivity spiel. It’s absolutely emasculating and shameful.

        4. Heh, I was about to post that link.
          Fuck that, I would have not only taken an A15, I would happily hand them my rank.

        5. Yep. That’s a Drum Me Out I No Longer Give a Fuck moment.

        6. China is going to steamroller us when they finally invade from Mexico.

        7. All the demoralization, emasculation, feminization- what is the end game here? No one is this stupid

        8. Can’t remember the name of the book, but it was science fiction and that was precisely what happened in it.

        9. “Dude looks like a potato.”
          I’m laughing my ass off at work now Jeff, thanks. I have a meeting in 20 min.

        10. Just read the Socialist Party Platform from the early 20th century to get the lowdown on the master plan.

        11. This kind of shit really does make me want to go out and punch the first Leftist I encounter in real life.

        12. Do these soldiers have any fucking pride?
          They need to forfeit their balls so they don’t pollute the rest of the world.

        13. Seriously, why the hell are they doing this. Order? Fuck orders to do that kind of bullshit. Or worse, volunteering.

        14. gives new meaning to “your mother wears combat boots”
          I am so glad that I am not very informed about what is going on in the world.

        15. Unfortunately, I’ve seen Marines that look like this. That’s how bad physical fitness levels have fallen. So sad. Pretty soon Uncle Sam will have to provide every member with his own Segway and Hoverboard.

        16. Marines? Active duty, non-reserve Marines???

        17. When I was attached to IMEF ’06-’09 there were a lot of Marines who were overweight. They get away with it because the active command element is constantly deployed. To fill the gap, they fill the stateside command with active reserves and terminal Marines who simply don’t care.
          I can’t speak for the grunts or airwing. Different beast than command element.

        18. REMF’s are always a hoot. At least they stayed in shape when I was in.

        19. Unfortunately, active duty. And that was probably 5 years ago. I’m not good with Marine or Army ranks, but they were mostly NCOS and SNCOS. still no excuse to look like that.

        20. I came to the conclusion awhile back that since the Left doesn’t want to talk then they need to be completely destroyed. Period. In every way. Playing nicey wisey doesn’t work. Remember, they won’t show any mercy to you.

        21. Well, to remove them from the gene pool just tell them that they should send evil patriarchy to hell by cutting their balls in respect to all the females in the world that don’t have any and don’t know the pleasure of scrathing their own pair.. these manginas would do it in a heartbeat.

    1. I fucking hate that woman with a deep burning passion. She talks all this shit and says that men are all losers and women are better etc. But, she is a fucking parasite. Practically every position this shithead has had was due to being appointed by some asshat. Her executive position at facebook is a joke and she is only there because facebook, which caters to women and all this sjw bullshit needed to have at least one woman in their C-suite. She’s not legit and not accomplished.

      1. Just watch.
        I tried. I only got two minutes in. That woman with the half shaved head and coloured dreadlocks did my head in.

        1. I dig the part where Raven Symone mentioned the baby wipes and here’s my take. In field training we did rely on them for two reasons. One, while I don’t consider myself a homophobe and am totally comfortable with my sexuality, there was no was I was going to share 10 showers with other 50+ naked sweaty men. Not gonna happen. Plus, some of our guys were having stuff stolen. While wipes do help keep your armpits and balls somewhat clean, they are NOT going to completely clean you up, like Ms Symone implies here. Plus, these women look like they couldn’t go camping without feeling “icky”.

      2. What the sam hell does fucking whoopi fucking goldberg fucking know about the military or fucking war. Not a dam fucking thing. But its because of assholes like this that we can thank for integrating women into combat units.

        1. Forget Whoopi, what about Raven Simone? I am pretty sure that her three biggest accomplishments were getting her hair to look like that, hanging with mr cooper and enjoying long sucks on bill cosby’s pudding pop.

        2. Language young man (that is probably a miss statement). Can’t you learn to write without using obscenities? Grow up and use real language not gutter language.

  18. LOL, I just served 23 years in the Canadian Military, you think the USA has it bad come up here. I couldn’t gag the shit down any more. Now I’m in University and I have to keep my mouth shut again. I’m on one of the most left wing Campuses in Canada and its hard not to get into political discussions with my feminist professors. (How they infiltrated Greek and Roman Studies I don’t know, but Myth and Theory wasn’t what I thought it was.)
    I just have to look at the “STOP RAPE CULTURE” signs on Campus to know that it would be academic suicide.

    1. Why do you have to keep your mouth shut on campus? It seems an ideal place to go on a massive Trigger binge.

      1. If you open your mouth on capus at a Canadian school they put cocks into it.

        1. The bitches on campus look like they could use that. They flap their gums too much anyway.

    2. Some of those Canadian ideals must have floated across Lake eerie and into the water supply at the college I now attend.

      1. Feminist Version of greek history has mostly to do with how women were the real warriors and how if you go to mykinos you can get turned out by thousands of guys and still maintain a hatred of men

        1. Probably true.
          The Vikings show has gone full retard this season with the same nonsense. I believe there have been one or two swords found in the graves of Scandinavian women, at most, and there’s a fair chance that the swords were family possessions and ceremonial at best. The writer’s solution (and they clearly seem to be new, SJW writers)? Make entire bands of viking warrior women, have women kill kings and then surround themselves with a ring of Brunhildas and start femi-chanting, and wussifying the two badass characters on the show with women, e.g. – Rollo and Ragnar.
          Fucking insane. I really, really liked that show too, now I’m giving it up. Total bullshit.
          Fun fact: The character Rollo is based on the real life Rollo who founded Normandy and he is a direct line grandfather of mine. The real Rollo of course not being pussified and conforming to SJW roles as they now have him doing.

        2. I am with you on Vikings. However, they have managed to keep some of the show cool while pussifying the rest. My solution to this has been to DVR the show and then just fast forward through annoying parts. I can usually get a 2.5:1 ratio when watching which is pretty good.
          This way I don’t miss cool moves like Ragnar jumping out of his coffin like a bad ass but I don’t have to watch his cunt of a brother learn French and, presumably, women’s lib.

        3. I should check the writers out, I have a very strong suspicion that they’ve changed. The show is now 70% soap opera and sex, women’s lib and pussifying the lead characters.
          Ragnar jumped out of his coffin last season (totally pro move). Yeah, I’m going to have to give a look at the list of “producers” and writers.
          On the plus side, Ragnar’s son is going full badass, so that’s cool.

        4. Yeah, the stuff about Ragnar’s son this year has been really cool. What with killing that huge bear, the bad ass way he got the assassin and his general stoic return where he is suspiciously eying the new king but is keeping his mouth shut. Last season and this season he has been the perfect archetype of the son of a self made king who grows up without the difficulty that made his father strong and so takes it on himself to go out into the world, grow and experience, and return changed.

        5. Right on. I don’t know how they let that kind of traditional male growth story line in, but I’m glad that they did. Top it off, he heads to his assassin’s boss’s house, grabs his hot wife and leaves the boss with the kid. Total alpha move.
          My daughter is seriously crushing on him right now. Him and Chris Hemsworth both. She has a preference for that kind of man.

        6. I forgot about that. He just ups and tells her to come on. He is pretty good. I don’t know the actors name and I don’t really want to find out. I don’t need to know that he is a pillow biter or something.

        7. Typically, especially under the American Wall Street model, when someone makes something cool or innovative, the plan is to cash out for huge wall street money printed by the banksters, and sell out to some douches. The Vice TV guy Gavin Mc whatever did it. Whatsapp did it (despite having zero ads and no way of making money it was sold for *billions* of wall street credits to Facebook). Tons of examples of this. You have to be very careful when something you thought was cool becomes too popular–the temptation is really too hard to pass up for most.

        8. Yeah, I know. I just want something to stay true once in a while.

        9. It was a pro move when it was done by Harald Hardrada the Viking Varangian Guard commander during their conquest of Sicily for the byzantine emperor.

      1. Yes, one of the “topics” was comparing Gender rolls of the past with today. The first words out of every girl’s mouth in the place was “wage Gap” followed by a girl explaining manspreading and how she goes out of her way to sit next to men doing it on the bus so she can slam their legs closed. (That actualy happened to me about 2 months later. I refused to let her do it, it was funny, she’s sitting in the bus jamming her foot in mine and pressing her leg hard into mine and we’re both pretending that nothing is going on. Had she just once said, “excuse me” I would have moved my leg. Instead I thought, “Fuck her” and left it there)
        Anyway I digress….. So we had broken into little to groups I was with two girls, (go 60% female student Body) and the first word out of her mouth was Wage Gap, so I set her straight on that. Then the girl into the back went into man spreading tirade, so I said to the two Girls sitting with me, “I think if the only thing Women need to fight for is controlling how men sit on a damn bus you’ve won the argument”
        The two girls really didn’t reply and that’s the closest I came to stating publicly. Seriously the fucking TEXTBOOK had “wage gap” in it… the fucking text book for Greek myth.
        Holy hell.

  19. I guess the only positive side is that when the rebellion finally happens, the worst the military will be able to throw at the citizens will be women, trannies and SJWs.

  20. Agree with all. None of this shit was happening when I joined the Marines in ’89. We were fully prepared to fight and win a World War against the commies. Now the commies are in charge and purposely destroying the military.
    One add:
    #6 – Procurement is completely broken. We are spending $billions on worthless programs like the F35 while under-manning Infantry Platoons and sending them out with shitty rifles designed in the 50’s.
    There are now more civilian employees in the DoD than their are Soldiers in the Army. We spend more – adjusted for inflation – on the military than we did at the height of the Cold War in the 80’s. And have half the military to show for it.

    1. As a Marine that you are, my best guess is, fuck the F-35, you’d rather keep the A-10 flying. Keep the Brrrrttt going.

      1. I was on an Forward Air Control team. The A-10 is flown by the Air Force, which made it too dangerous to get near my Marines. (Actually saw an A-10 destroy an LAV and kill all inside near Kafji)
        I was perfectly content with Marine and Navy A-6, A-7, F-18s, and the Harriers. No need to spend a $Trillion to replace them all with a shitty plane that’s worse at close-air support than all of the above.

  21. I would have to disagree with #4 up to a point. I was never and to this day don’t consider a patriot, yet I still enjoy and cherish my moments in the military. I saw it sometimes as just a job, and yet it was a job that I took pride in. I would rather work a flightline in 110F weather in Arizona again than work in a cubicle.
    As far as immigrants in the military, I can only say this. Those people were some of the hardest working people I saw out there. I don’t know their motives for joining. If it was solely for the paycheck, then they definitely worked their asses off for that check. If it was because they wanted to belong in this country, then they were more proud of serving than quite a bit of American kids up served with. In fact, while I still worked with my fair share of good hard working Americans, the ones that joined up and just sort of drifted by was, to put it lightly, astonishing. The tardiness, the untidy uniforms, the lack of attention to detail, the bad attitudes, the incessant whining. Heck, I don’t yet have children, and I felt more like a parent than a supervisor. And that’s not just females.

        1. Scary AND typical. I had to serve with women, fortunately before they were allowed into combat roles. Weak and privileged. They’re going to get good men killed, and I don’t mean the enemy.

      1. Women can do anything if they put their minds to it….except throwing a grenade properly…..and not getting their squad vaporized in the process.

        1. Heh, yep, she throws like a girl. It’s a stereotype for a reason.

        2. I really don’t understand it. How in the world could she make such an utterly pathetic throw. She seriously looks like my 2 year old throwing a ball, only my daughter has an excuse. She’s still getting those fine motor skills developed along with the coordination. Has this broad never thrown a ball in her life?

        3. Apparently not. And there’s an interesting little observation if you watch the video closely, at why this is going to turn out horribly in the long run. What happens? She muffs a throw, the instructor rushes her to the barrier and throws himself on top of her, and the other man, who doesn’t appear like he could have fit in there with them, is left out in the open. All for one little princess.
          This kind of “save da’ bitch at all cost” shit is going to get an awful lot of men killed.

        4. I noticed that.
          On a smaller -and less serious- scale, it’s the same reason why I always chose to have as few girls as I could on my team in paintball when I used to play all the time. I’ve seen a lot of newbies, but I’ve never seen a newbie GUY run away screaming as soon as shots were fired or stand out in the open in the middle of a firefight. The newbie guys I could at least give them a basic gameplan and they could follow it. Women…not so much.

  22. I wonder how many women will be allowed to take steroids so they can attempt to be up to pare with the SO community. I have a feeling they will be allowed to take steroids because the military has already proven they are willing to go about their goals no matter how expedient or dirty they go about achieving them. The “Historic” accomplishment of women getting through ranger school the pentagon has somehow “Shredded” the documents for, and this is an “historic” event, you’d think the documents would want to be kept, unless of coarse the documents show something the politicians don’t want out. So I wouldn’t be surprised if women are allowed to take steroids in order to compete. Here is the link about the pentagon Shredding the documents about female rangers..

    1. Then a sizable chunk of our military budget can go to women on disability for ruined knees, ankles, hips, and backs. They just aren’t made to carry heavy shit long distances.

      1. “They just aren’t made to carry heavy shit long distances.”
        I posted awhile ago that when I pointed out exactly the above to some of my female relatives when I was still in their response was “then men should help them carry.” Women have little, if any, place in the military.

        1. I posted awhile ago that when I pointed out exactly the above to some of
          my female relatives when I was still in their response was “then men
          should help them carry.”


  23. 1) The war on terrorism (setting aside how silly it is to have a “war on a feeling”) was absolutely 100% caused by the US military, either covertly or overtly. The only debate is as to which is true.
    2) The US is a stable modern democracy with only two national borders with peaceful neighbors and large oceans separating it from the rest of the world. It has zero reason to be “preparing for the next big war,” and indeed would do itself and the rest of the world a huge favor by not escalating us into another war.
    3) Since when is starting wars a viable profession? At least the US was more honest in the past when it had a department of war. While we have changed the name, what we have today is in NO way a department of “defense” and in fact, while we have one of the most powerful offenses in the world, our defense is relatively weak.
    4) Yes, patriotism is dying here, but I stand for principles, not governments or ideologies. I refuse to risk my life for a nation that glorifies brave and stunning mentally ill transvestites, breaks up the family, and destroys the natural order of patriarchy, starts and maintains endless wars around the world and subverts the rule of law and basic human rights, just because I was born within its borders and “should”.
    5) This one I can fully agree with. Men, absolutely, under any circumstances, do not risk your well being and your future for the American corporatocracy. You will be used up and spit out, if you survive, and you will help foster in a more degenerate and corrupt future for the world. Sorry to be cynical, but that’s the cold hard truth.
    Bonus: The author doesn’t explicitly state it, but articles like this imply that the US military is somehow weak or needs additional funding. Nothing could be further from the truth. The US spends more on war than the next 14 countries combined, 13 of whom are our allies. The military sector is currently approaching a trillion dollars a year, which was the size of the ENTIRE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT under the Reagan administration. Just imagine that for a second. The entirety of the federal spending today going to the military. And it doesn’t even keep us safe. I’d argue it’s doing the opposite. If I could pick one thing really wrong with the world that I would like to fix with the stroke of a wand, killing more people would not appear on that list. The military is too large. There are plenty of real problems our society is facing, but having too weak a military is the last on the list.

    1. And they don’t account for the billions spent on contractors that require a six digit salary doing a job a Lance Corporal could do to perfection on 1/10th the salary. Not to mention that the major armaments firms [Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, etc.] are openly traded on the stock market. Peace is bad for shareholders.
      I’m aligned with the thinking that an army should be raised to defend our shores from invasion and little else.

      1. You got it. You know standing armies of more than 2 years are prohibited by the US Constitution?
        And it will take 5 contractors to do the job of one lance corporal. I remember seeing stories about the contractors in Iraq getting paid 6 figures to do the laundry of the troops over there fighting. In WW2, the grunts would be washing their own clothes. If at all.

        1. I’ve not really understood why some folks haven’t challenged the standing army stuff in court. It wouldn’t work today, but it probably would have right after WW1.

        2. I don’t see what the point of that clause was for. The war of 1812, the war of independence, the civil war, etc. All lasted longer than 2 years. Why would you only allow an army to be funded for 2?

        3. The idea is to eliminate a standing army in peacetime (which probably would have existed since 1812 if we didn’t have standing armies). The anti-federalists saw standing armies as the greatest possible threat to liberty, and historically, one is far more likely to become a victim of aggression by his own government versus some unknown outsider.

    2. “The military sector is currently approaching a trillion dollars a year” This is just the official budget. That doesn’t Include all of the budget for other agencies/departments/Bureau’s and all of the top secret funding.

  24. There are multiple things going on with the contemporary Military Industrial Complex, first, there are some real penalties that occur when a man between the ages of 18-26 does not register. For example, being unable to obtain a drivers license or work for government agencies in some states. Men whom failed to register are also not able to take out student loans or get a federal job.
    If the Military Draft ever becomes a real law, that women had to follow, I can guarantee that half the women in the country, between the ages of 18-26, at the time the law changes, would be rendered ineligible for all the above noted items and benefits, in short order, due to ignorance of the totality of situation and/or bad advice from parents that won’t know or understand the current status of the law.
    Here is an old topic posted on MetaFilter, outlining the consequences of not applying for Selective Service Registration:
    Again, since women have never needed to register and there is over 100 years worth of “word of mouth” supporting that idea, MANY women will be blindsided years later, after they realize that they needed to register, but did not, after the law changes.
    Second, I can also explain why this push for “Front-line Females” is happening, at least within the USA, beside the obvious “political reasons” that are forcing “equality” in the form of “numbers of female bodies present in the Armed Services”.
    The USA may soon have its first female Commander-in-Chief, in the form of Hillary Clinton (and if not her, it will happen easily within the next three Presidential Administration cycles).
    Right now, the USA military is very combat veteran heavy. Meaning units all over the various branches have many people that have been in actual combat, which is very different than the military force that Bill Clinton led in his last term and even the one that Bush led in his first.
    So, why is this relevant?
    What senior ranked, combat veteran, in their right mind, is going to agree with any order given or strategy issued by someone like Hilary Clinton? The answer is NONE. I can almost guarantee there will be a mass exodus of “experienced combat staff”, if, Hilary Clinton becomes Commander-in-Chief and this exodus will occur across all service branches.
    So, this begs the question, how will those “manpower loses” be replaced? By gung-ho women joining up, of course. By opening up “front line duty” to women, the armed forces will be able to put “bodies in place” that will be able to make up for the loss of real “combat veterans” (does the first females in Ranger School make sense now?). Granted these forces will be very inefficient and far less experienced, but they will be highly obedient, will follow procedure manuals to the letter and will willingly act as a force-wide CID on the behalf of the up-and-coming “Politically Driven Commanders” of tomorrow.
    So, even though, Bill Clinton and Obama had no military experience when they were in charge and “Bush II” had very little, if any, MARK MY WORDS, Hilary Clinton, acting as Commander-in-Chief, in retrospect, will make Bill Clinton look like Churchill, Obama like Franklin Roosevelt and Bush like Eisenhower.
    Think of it this way, would you want to receive or give a “life or death order” issued from someone who WILLINGLY let their husband cheat on them and then stayed married to that cheater, simply for possible future political gains and the chance to eventually become the first female President?
    That is the LAST type of person that regular USA citizens can trust, in a position of power, that has the ability to order regular people to their deaths in war. Divorcing Bill would have given her a HUGE credibility boost, but it would have been at the cost of Political Power and her current chance at being the “First Female President”. Since she did not divorce him, it should be a clear indication of what her primary motive are.
    Final item to consider, Mark my words when most millenials reach their late 40’s and beyond, deaths by way of falling down stairs at home, or simply slipping on the floor at work, will balloon to unheard of proportions. Millennial’s have spent far too little time getting bumps and bruises during their childhoods, meaning the bones in their bodies are not strong and may as well be chicken bones, due to all the “seat time” they have built up, in comparison to previous, more active, generations. Here is a study, showing how, what I have said, is a very possible outcome for Millennial’s and its anyone’s guess how Public Health Policy will deal with them later:
    Essex University, studied how strong 315 children, at 10-years of age were in 2008 and then compared them with 309 children in the same age, using data collected in 1998. They found the following:
    -The number of sit-ups a 10-year-olds could do declined by 27.1%, between 1998 and 2008
    -Arm strength fell by 26% and grip strength by 7%, between 1998 and 2008
    -One in 20 children in 1998 could not hold their own weight, when hanging from wall bars. In 2008 one in 10 could not do so and another 10% of that 2008 cohort refused to even try the activity
    Now add in neck and back problems from texting and you have huge public health disaster on the horizon. So, as I said above, basically a fall down a flight of stairs or a heavy box falling on them, when they get older, is far more likely to kill them INSTANTLY than in previous generations. Their bones have sustained far less impact over the same amount of time, versus people born just 2 decades earlier. Their bones will be as fragile as porcelain when they reach 40+ years old and whats REALLY funny is that insurance companies currently raise rates for people over 40. So that begs the question, what will happen when these kids hit 40+, based on the current insurance polices? Honestly, they should be completely uninsurable when they reach 40.
    Now try to imagine how the military is going to deal with this public health issue affecting service age Millenial’s. The most realistic solution is more drones, more butt-in-the-seat time for soldiers and a higher emphasis on “college academics” so they can do more butt-in-the-seat military jobs. In a scenario like this, what difference would it make to have an out of shape man or a physically weak woman in these military jobs? Not much , especially when the whole cohort is already filled to the brim with physical weaklings to being with.

    1. A very interesting comment here. Especially with the idea that Millennials will be victim to all sorts of bone breaking maladies. I had not thought about that, but it rings true.
      When I was a kid I remember there was a peg board and kids would hold two wooden pegs and get timed at how fast they could get up to the top. It was totally inconceivable that anyone wouldn’t be able to make it, the only question was who could do it the fastest.
      Add to that dodge ball, running, general rough housing, boxing, fist fights over nothing…fuck, I don’t think I walked anywhere until I was like 16. Before that I either ran or rode my bike.
      I am curious to see if the benefit of growing up like that (or lack of benefit of not growing up like that) will yield the results you assume. It seems logical to me. It also seems hilarious.

      1. Funny you mention this. I’ve heard people criticize the (it seems) American phenomena of the Sunday School, partly for the reasons cited above. Separating kids from adults during worship and relegating them to “kid friendly” activities may have something to do with how kids are turning out nowadays.

      2. I was relentlessly bullied in high school, and while I won’t exactly go back to those that did it and thank them, I am better for it. It taught me that most of the people who give you shit:
        1) have no right to do so
        2) are actually cowards
        If I didn’t learn that lesson and was dependent on the school (or government, see where I’m going with this?) I’d probably be a nanny-state loving sjw.

        1. Being bullied is a good life lesson. Also, almost everyone is bullied at some point. Maybe it is peers or upper classmen or later on in life with dickless management who wants to take it out on you or even in a lot of jobs where you will get a lot of bullshit when first starting out as a rite of passage (I called a construction office helper by the name of Jason Alex (who was his predessesor) for 3 months.
          my name is Jason
          That kid wound up being very successful and I still get along with him.
          People forget that a little ass kicking is a good thing.
          When I was a kid I used to visit with my grandparents in the summer. They live on an apple farm. Kind of stuff GoJ would love. My cousin was my age. The shit we would get up to. Once we swiped two brooms and go on bikes and gave jousting a shot. Nearly broke my skull. Uncles thought it was hilarious and told us to do it again, this time for their amusement.
          Stuff like that can’t be replaced.

    2. My son is going to become King, it sounds like. Dude’s deadlifting 500+ pounds right now. He can snap his contemporaries in half without breaking a sweat. I forsee a great future for him.

      1. Hat-tip to your son. I peaked at 455lbs unfortunately.

      2. That is sweet stuff. Get them in the right form early on and let them know the joy of being strong.

        1. He’s gotten quite obsessive about it the last few months. No, that’s the wrong word, that’s what a broad would say. Rephrased, he’s focused and worked very hard on it the last few months.

        2. They say that once you really start seeing results that is when the obsession begins. I believe it. That is how it has always been for me too.

  25. As an active duty Marine I agree with all of this. Our politicians are idiots. American might does not keep us safe, the fact it is damn near impossible to invade us by crossing 2k miles of ocean does. Our enemy’s are coming closer to making that a reality but we are kicking out the battle hardened war fighter to make room for the fucking transgender and women. I retire in 2 years and fuck them and their wars.

      1. I cant argue this. As a CA native I see it every day. I refuse to allow my children to learn Spanish, pisses me off my family is from Spain and I don’t speak it for the same reasons. The border trash is gaining traction and control over the western states.

        1. I’m a Midwesterner and never really understood how much they had “taken over” until I moved to Texas last year. The weirdest thing to me is that most of the Texans I know not only accept it but embrace it. They learn Spanish, they’re obsessed with their food (practically every restaurant here serves Mexican food), they call them “undocumented” instead of “illegal,” they give you dirty looks when you say Mexican because it’s “racist” (even though it’s just the demonym for people from Mexico).. Maybe it’s because the culture of Texas has always been sort of intertwined with Mexican culture, I’m not sure. But the only other people I’ve met down here who seem uncomfortable with the situation are other Northerners.

  26. Our military has been on a downslope since the late 90’s. I was in basic training back in 2006 & it was a joke. The division I was in was all male, so I didn’t experience the headache/distraction of an integrated one, but not only were females required to do less counts than the guys when it came time for PT testing, they were given far more leeway by the RDCs.

  27. Fuck the left. They’re cowards. Like women, they want to be dominated. They want America to fall. There’s no question about it they hate this country because we are better than everyone else it’s just not fair. Waaaaa.

  28. This is music to my ears, you made my day. I loathe the way the US interferes with other nations’ businesses be it politically or militarily. All your military does is keep destroying and pushing countries into chaos. You cannot believe you fought against your enemies in Iraq for example. Your fucking invading that country was based on false evidense. Don’t you ever think about all the suffering it brought to the people there? Not a chance… And it is generally accepted to be proud of your “boys overseas”. Makes me want to throw up. I pray that God bless the world with an ever weakening US military. I’m sick and tired of Western arrogance, especially American. You can be right and only right. If not, still. If still not, you go destroy yet another country… The manosphere keeps accusing modern Western women of radical solipsism (and rightly so). However, my experience is it’s also true for the whole of your society as such. Seeing your “culture” go to the dogs cheers me up. The world will be a better place without a strong US.

    1. To whom are you speaking, specifically? The men here who loath what our society has become and who have not consented to it becoming this way?

        1. Do you also masturbate to tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of civilian casualties?
          I highlighted the fact that your military is not always the good guy but you seem to forget about it. Any reaction to this?

        2. I take it as “no” although I would have expected such a reaction on a feminist site. That’s exactly what I meant by your siciety’s solipsism

        3. That’s exactly why seeing you on the downfall fills me with joy. You American people have no idea about your role in the world. Western societies tend to be most arrogant and selfish. Having read ROK for arounf half a year makes me think the manosphere is not at all exempt from this

        4. My military is always the good guy. The clowns ordering them around are the bad guys. Your issue is with them, not our military.
          Those calling the shots in the US are not playing on the same team as the average US citizen. They are a blight on the entire country, and upon foreign nations as well.

        5. We are an Anglo Saxon culture which has always valued warriors and war. Arrogant? Fuck yeah, we’ve earned that right to some extent. If you don’t like it, you can go to the moon and take our flag off it.

        6. What you’re saying now is this: because your military personnel follow orders from clowns they are not responsible for 66 thousands of civilian casualties. This is only in Iraq and only after January 2004.
          According to my values if you do something you are responsible for it

        7. Most selfish? On the contrary, we are one of the most charitable countries in the world

        8. Not so. Military personnel do what they are ordered to do. That is their job. Responsibility lies with those in command.

        9. You should do some googling. We constantly offer aid we have no obligation to offer. Too much, in my opinion

        10. Well look up how much you take, have taken and how much damage you have caused in the world. Does the name John Perkins ring a bell? He’s got a book: The confessions of an economic hit man. I command that to your attention

        11. You’ll have to be more specific. Did we launch a giant bomb and kill these civilians? Or is that the total number of civilians killed in a war zone in a variety of different circumstances?

        12. Because Western civilization, Britain and the U.S. more than most, has built a world of great wonder and we can do more now in any field of endeavor than ever before in human history. We’ve solved problems that plagued mankind for millenia. We did that. Not Angolans. Not Zimbabweans. Not Ecuadorians. Us, the West, the U.S. and Britain on top of that pile. Western civilization, up until it was taken over by feminism/socialism in the 1990’s (for the U.S. I mean) is THE premier and most advanced and wondrous creation of human ingenuity in the history of mankind.
          When you do a hard day’s work, you’re allowed to be proud of it.
          The moon was simply referencing that most of the world still can’t even effectively feed itself, let alone do the amazing things we’ve done.
          And that’s all she wrote, the pencil broke.

        13. “My military is always the good guy. The clowns ordering them around are the bad guys. Your issue is with them, not our military.” You realize the military is volunteer right? The people in the military are VOLUNTARILY joining and fighting in these countries. If you join the military, you are either an asshole or an idiot.

        14. That is really ironic too. Because the point of Iraq was BECAUSE Iraq may or may not have had weapons of mass destruction. Which is basically means the whole war would be extra hypocritical.

        15. AID is to prop up pro-American dictators in 3rd world countries and to bend over for Israel, it has nothing to do wit the people on the ground.

        16. Anglo Saxon warriors? Showing that they repeatedly got their asses kicked by the Scandinavians and Normans, I would shut my mouth if I were you.
          I would like to add that Wernher von Braun was from east Germany, not Saxony. And you guys certainly would not have made it to the moon without the accomplishments of the Soviets, which are not Anglos.

        17. You’re welcome to bet against US, but historically everyone who has done that lost. We need some urgent house cleaning…no doubts there… but our problems are self-inflicted and that can still be corrected.
          “Western societies tend to be most arrogant and selfis.”
          Not true. We have shared our tech, wealth and medical advancements (and a slew of other things) with the world. Like the device you are currently using to whimper and project your inferiority complex. The patholigies of the west disgust most men here at ROK… thats partially why this site generates a lot of traffic..and again, it is an issue that is self-inflicted.

      1. This is not the first time I have sensed some kind of pride in an article here for your military might. It appears to me that you (the manosphere as such, especially the author) don’t realise the unspeakable damage you (your military) has brought to this world. You may not have consented to it becoming this way but by being in the military, calling attention to its weaking state and calling for reforms has the message that you want to keep doing what you have done. Your military is shown here as a good military and the word good here is to be interpreted in a moral way. And that is a huge problem in my opinion.

        1. Any military is supposed to cause maximum damage. They are supposed to hurt people and destroy shit. That’s what they fucking do. What do you expect out of a military, ballet lessons and soccer games?
          I don’t agree with a lot of what has happened after WW2, I am against the War On Emotions (Terror) crap, but you’re sniveling about a military doing what it’s designed to do.
          And frankly, while I’m not particularly fond of war, the Middle East is a fucked up place with fucked up people who were fucked up and acting insane long before there even was a united States. Fuck them. Should we be over there? No, I want as much distance between those nutbars and me as possible.. Do I care if we mess up the lives of innocent people? Sure. Do I care if we destroy a bunch of Islamic morons who love nothing more than to bomb innocent civilians for Allah? Not a bit.

        2. Now what you are saying is that you have a strong military and it is supposed to cause a lot of damage so if it does that it’s great. The trouble with that is your destroying countries for no reason and not realizing that it might not be welcomed by other people. That’s my problem.

        3. I don’t disagree that it’s being used incorrectly. That’s the fault of the civilian leadership. If you want to cast blame and sneers, cast them at all of the Presidents from George Bush Sr. forward, with no exceptions.

        4. … ” Any military is supposed to cause maximum damage. They are supposed to hurt people and destroy shit. That’s what they fucking do.”
          Ah, let’s see … no. Try again, chico. You’re conflating and confusing the notion and idea of a professional army with that of thugs, or the Cartel. There’s something called the “rules of engagement” which have their basis on the “just war doctrine” developed by St. Augustine and Thomas Aquinas. No army has the moral and ethical right to “hurt people and blow shit up.”

        5. Despite that, I want a strong, disciplined force of warriors as my military, not an SJW gaggle of feminists and sexual-identity retards.

        6. Since it is impossible for a US president not to be a puppet of “the establishment”, as you like to call it, it would inevitably be used for the wrong causes from which non-American parts of the world would suffer for no valid reasons

        7. Life’s unjust. I’d rather it be safe here, than safe elsewhere. Call me a nationalist, if you will.

        8. When St. Augustine commands a division, let me know.
          It is precisely their job to do that. It’s been the job of every military in history to do that, no exceptions. Chico.

        9. Intezd, can you point to a hegemon that has (clearly) been more benign or more moral than the the USA?

        10. What has it got to do with what I pointed out?
          As for your moralty you also check this book out for example: The confessions of an economic hit man by John Perkins
          You as a country keep forming this world in a way that suits your interests. And you don’t care about anything in the process. There might be charitable actions the US do but I am on the firm belief this world would be a better place without a strong US

        11. It has to do with your contention that the US Military is ‘bad’. There are two facets to this: is the military itself ‘bad’, and are the uses to which it is put ‘bad’.
          The US Military is exceptionally good compared to other militaries. It’s treatment of non-combatants is better than any other military, it goes to exceptional lengths to limit civilian casualties, even putting it’s own soldiers at risk. Contrast this with some of the other militaries, who deliberately inflict civilian casualties or rape civilian.
          Secondly, the uses to which it has been put are far better than any comparable nations. America could have been expansionist, they have had the dominant military of over 50 years. Instead, the US Military has generally been put to uses that it’s commanders consider moral, at least since WW2: Liberation of China and Europe, Kuwait, Panama, Sierra Leone, Vietnam and Cambodia, the Bosnian War… etc.
          So what I am asking you is this: if you think the US Military is ‘bad’, which military has been better, in a similar position. I am not American by the way.

        12. Also, the world with a strong USA has been marked by a general and persistent reduction in war and poverty and an increase in freedom, both political and economic. Which power would you prefer to be stronger than the USA? China? Russia?

        13. Correct me if I am wrong but the US STARTED a lot of wars. How does that lead to a decrease in them? Ask the Vietnamese how happy they were about them for example.
          As for limiting civilian casualties: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2010/oct/22/true-civilian-body-count-iraq
          Are you seriously suggesting the US is not an expansioist country? Count how many wars they started. Nowadays there no colonies nor do countries attach areas to their territory but it doesn’t mean the US is not expansionist. When they invaded Afghanistan they put a government there that acted as their puppets. The whole country was pushed to chaos but who cares? Of cours the commanders consider it as moral. Ask the locals

        14. the fact that China or Russian are not altar boys either doesn’t aquit the US. If I had to chose which of the above mentioned countries I’d support with my taxes I’d go for Russia any time

        15. I am not suggesting that the USA is not expansionist – it is a fact. Have the US increased the number of territories they control in any meaningful way? No, they have attempted to install democracies – by definition, rule by citizens, not a foreign power. If you don’t believe me, perhaps you could compare the USA to literally any other hegemon, every single one of which has created an empire, except the USA.
          Your link to the Guardian article is meaningless as it makes no comparison between civilian casualties in US wars and non-US wars. In fact, considering that the article cites ~31,000 deaths due to landmines employed by Iraqi insurgents, and another ~34,000 deaths due to sectarian violence, it seems to support my argument rather than undermine it.
          Afghanistan enjoyed, for a brief time, more freedoms under US occupation than it did under years of Taliban rule. Was it more chaotic when there were American troops there, or after the American troops pulled out?
          You seem very interested in attacking my points rather than making or proving your own, or in fact addressing my question – can you point to a hegemon that has been more benign than the USA?
          You would rather choose Russia, which has annexed its neighbours, oppresses its own people, and has a dictator in power? You think they would be less warlike than the US? Have you even been watching what they have been doing in Syria?

        16. Why shouldn’t we? You act as if we are the only nation in the world pursuing its own interests

        17. Outside of die hard political types, I think most people try not to even think about politics. Maybe that in and of itself is also a problem.

        18. The U.S. did not start the Vietnam war, that was the French. Nor Korea. Nor WW2, nor WW1. We did start that stupid Iraq “thing” of course.

        19. My problem is that you are doing it in a way that brings suffering to non-American people. You don’t get why it’s no ok to kill masses of innocent people. Shame on you and everybody else who shares this opinion

        20. Sure I do. I never said it was ok to kill masses of innocent people. But such is a consequence of war.
          You shouldn’t blame the US for these deaths. You should blame those using civilians to hide behind while they throw rocks

        21. If we weren’t doing it, somebody else would be. There will always be a top dog. Always.
          When you go to war with a nation, masses of people die. How is this hard to comprehend? That’s what war is, unless we’re talking a pillow war with lingerie wearing girls, in which case, fine.
          Your gnashing of teeth and whining isn’t going to change anything at all. Nothing. Not one damned thing. We have no real control over what our military does most of the time. They do bad sometimes, and good sometimes. People usually die when any military comes into play. Welcome to the human race, I guess.

        22. “You’re conflating and confusing the notion and idea of a professional army with that of thugs, or the Cartel” Philosophically there are strong arguments for war, which is the organised used of force to produce certain outcomes when other options have failed or will produce worse outcomes. However, after this point the philosophical arguments become much more murky, especially regarding “the rules of engagement”. Truly awful things are done in wars, especially against civilians, look for example what the retreating Nazis did to the Russia peasants in 1944, homes and livestock burnt and butchered, women raped and old people beaten into the ground. Such acts thoroughly speak volumes about humanity’s dark nature that can break out into the light of day if it’s not worked on through your character.
          I don’t know what the solution is, but, the rules of engagement will always be dependent on the character and cailbre of the commanding Officer in such cases.

        23. No, that is the point. America has a hegemony. Every significantly powerful country in the world has decided stop pursuing hegemony, but the US continues. As for historical hegemony’s that were better than the US, well Russia (pre-Soviet), Germany (pre-Wiemar), *DEBATABLE* The Axis Powers (not including japan), The Spanish Empire, Portuguese empire, Post polytheist Rome, I could probably find a few more. The problem is defining a hegemony, what do you define it as?

        24. Please, tell me what other (powerful) country that, in the past 30 years has gone and invaded another country unprovoked? All of the major world powers (China, Russia, The UK, Germany, France, the EU, etc.) gave this shit up a long time ago, why can’t Americans stop?

        25. “If we weren’t doing it, somebody else would be.” No other significant power has even tried this in the past 30 years. The US is the only country that has tried it in a while, and at this intensity. Not to mention, being a top dog doesn’t mean you need to invade countries unprovoked.
          “When you go to war with a nation, masses of people die. How is this hard to comprehend?” Exactly! That is why the US needs to stop invading countries that pose it no threat. What exactly was Iraq going to do to the US? What was, and I have to laugh at this, Panama going to do to the US?
          “We have no real control over what our military does most of the time.” Who the fuck does then? And why do Americans continue to kiss ass on their military even if they don’t like them? Why do millions of Americans sign up to join the military? Americans are need to stop acting like helpless idiots, and take some fucking responsibility.
          “and good sometimes.” When?
          “People usually die when any military comes into play.” Half of what you are saying 100% contradicts the other half. You are using things that are clearly arguments against what you are claiming as your arguments.

        26. “It’s treatment of non-combatants is better than any other military, it goes to exceptional lengths to limit civilian casualties, even putting it’s own soldiers at risk.” Bullshit. If the military wanted to keep civilians safe, they would start revolting and wouldn’t comply when ordered to invade innocent countries.
          “Contrast this with some of the other military’s, who deliberately inflict civilian casualties or rape civilian.” OK, don’t do a fallacy of comparison. Compared with military’s of other developed countries, we have WAY high civilian casualty rates.
          “America could have been expansionist” well: ” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_Revolution
          If you doubt they are, then you are a fool or a liar.
          “Liberation of China” You are clearly ignorant of military history, we never did liberate China, the Soviets did.
          “and Europe” That is very debatable how moral that was.
          “Kuwait, Panama, Sierra Leone,” HAHAHA! Kuwait? You watch to much fox news. We did that to keep Iraq from becoming powerful enough to stand up to Israel you idiot. Panama? Why exactly did we do that? It was literally a war without even a stated purpose, we basically went in there for having a wars sake. I mean, Noriega was America’s ALLY! “Sierra Leone” The only US military operation in Sierra Leone has been to evacuate out US Nationals/Government Personnel, nothing special about that.
          “Vietnam and Cambodia” Don’t even fucking get me started on that bullshit. I didn’t realize all you fox news idiots were THAT gullible! Do you really think the gulf of Tonkin incident happened?
          “the Bosnian War” Oh, you mean when Serbians were trying to keep a region from breaking away, and somehow that is bad?
          “So what I am asking you is this: if you think the US Military is ‘bad’, which military has been better, in a similar position.” Well the VAST majority of wars America has been in were unnecessary, but for the few times war is necessary, International Court of Justice with enforcement by some sort of international Military Consortium/UN force.

        27. “Also, the world with a strong USA has been marked by a general and persistent reduction in war” The US has been in 80% of know wars in History, and has been at war 93% of it’s history, are you kidding me? Like I said in another comment, the International Court of Justice. If a case happens were you really do need a full national military to manage something, I would put my bets on a consortium of powerful international players (The EU and it’s respective member states, UK, Russian, Brazil, Australia, NATO and it’s respective member states (including the US), South Korea, Potentially China, etc.)

        28. True indeed; and also how the Russians paid back … If you ever get a chance, take a look at Douglas Valentine’s “The Phoenix Program”, truly shocking and disturbing. The boys at Langley make the Waffen SS look like softies with regards to what they did in ‘Nam. But, it’s not fair to pick on “the Company” men alone, for there are countless historical examples of unspeakable butcheries.

        29. There are many examples of Blatant expansionism. The coup against the Hawaiian monarchy, The Mexican-American war, The Texas War of independence, and Several (though not all) of the wars with Native Americans.

        30. “The U.S. did not start the Vietnam war, that was the French.” You haven’t done your history. France had colonized Vietnam, rebels had fought a war of independence until they controlled the Northern Half, the South then peacefully won it’s independence. After that their was basically a civil war between those two countries of North and South Vietnam. At some point in this war, the US decided it needed to get involved, so they setup a false flag attack supposedly done by the North Vietnamese, and used that as leverage to intervene on behalf of the South. This all would have been fine, except that the US REFUSED (or permit the south Vietnamese) to do an offensive into North Vietnam, thus unnecessarily dragging out the war (to the point of needing to do drafting) and increasing the casualties during it.

        31. “Have the US increased the number of territories they control in any meaningful way?” Hawaii, Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada, Utah, Porto Rico, Guam, and Florida were all areas that were Invaded by the US for the sake of conquest. ”
          Afghanistan enjoyed, for a brief time, more freedoms under US occupation than it did under years of Taliban rule.” I don’t think anyone here is really against the Afghanistan war.
          “You seem very interested in attacking my points rather than making or proving your own, or in fact addressing my question – can you point to a hegemon that has been more benign than the USA?” Russia (pre-Soviet). They in fact did do moral interventions btw. They helped the Greeks, Romanians, Bulgars, Serbs, Georgians, and Armenians fight off the Ottomans.
          “You would rather choose Russia, which has annexed its neighbours” Are you talking about Crimea?
          “oppresses its own people” When?
          “and has a dictator in power” Prove it. If Russia has a dictator, he is circumventing the official legislative process of Russia and what proof do you have that he is doing that?

        32. “Any military is supposed to cause maximum damage.” The why the fuck have we been doing all this internationalism? Why would you send a force of people to do damage, when we are supposedly trying to bring peace to an area?! Your purpose and view of a good military is a 19th century military. Guess what, The British aren’t going to invade us any time soon. A modern military (especially one for interventionist purposes) is to bring peace, not destruction.
          If we really wanted to stop terrorism, we would invade Saudi Arabia. Here is why:
          What sect of islam does all the terrorism shit?
          What country in the middle east is promotes/funds the spread of Wahhabism around the world?
          Saudi Arabia
          Where is Al Qaeda from?
          Saudi Arabia
          Who is funding the rebels in Syria?
          Saudi Arabia
          The point is, there are so many better things the military could do, and doesn’t.

        33. Oh yeah, what a great keyboard warrior you are Jefferson. You know what. When YOU go and command an a military Unit or force, or when you get a diplomatic position of some sort, tell me how much stability you have brought the world.

        34. This argument has gone full circle. You realize that one of the US military’s main “objectives” is to stop the breaking of the Geneva convention and rules of war, yet they break them? What is even the fucking point of trying to stop someone from doing something, if you do THE SAME THING in the process?!

        35. Exactly. But for the time being, while the military is controlled by people like this, we need to not support the military.

        36. Safe from what? What enemies does the US have? What magical country is going to invade us? Islamic Terrorism? Well the military isn’t the one stopping any of that, it’s the intelligence forces and border control that are stopping it. Russia? What exactly has Russia done that is aggressive against the US? China? Well maybe America should get it’s factories back before they try fight with them. What country do you fear will invade the US? Currently America’s biggest threat is non military, it’s own government. The only way that pathogen can be eliminated is though a revolution, which means yes, you don’t want the US to have a strong military.

        37. Us? You are acting as if the countries being invaded pose a threat to the United States. What was Panama going to do to America? Throw some Banana’s?

        38. The US has not needed an army, I mean truly *needed* one, for over 200 years (war of 1812). The US is also an extremely wealthy country (although wealth peaked around the 70s and is declining rapidly). So we have enough funds to divert trillions into destructive devices.
          One would need much social study to determine the fascination with death and destruction, but in short, people, when given power, will use said power to oppress and harm others (see the Milgram experiments). The US Army is nothing more than a toy for social experiments and satisfaction of the sick psychos in charge that like to see death, destruction, and fireballs.
          Rest assured, that if every Mooslim was removed from Earth tomorrow, the US would quickly find some new enemy it must urgently attack, kill, and destroy. That is all we are witnessing here.
          The only upside I see is that due to financial mismanagement, and the decline of the US which began decades ago, going forward the US will not be able to afford to continue destruction on this level.

        39. Eh, would need to see some evidence for the first point, and STRONGLY disagree with the second point.

        40. Are you actually trying to make the argument that Afghanistan is better off after a bunch of their people were killed, and much of their infrastructure destroyed? Because, what, they got to vote???

    2. To sum up: when it comes to facts you close your eyes. So much for the elite of Western civilization…

    1. Saw that video. Years ago I videoed a woman trying to parallel park her car behind mine. Space was too small for her car even if she knew how to park. She called me racist and yelled thatt I was stalking and harassing her. I replied that if she hit my car I wanted a record for my insurance company. She gave me the finger, plus some more verbal vomit, then drove away. Winning!

  29. Its a sad state of affairs! America is going down and becoming weak! No wonder ISIS is pushing back! The military is and should remain the way it was! A fighting part of the US and not some corporate job. Lets get back to basics!

  30. Quote:
    “The war on terrorism is far from over”!
    Fer sherrrr!!! Which “war on terror” would that be, exactly? The one, ahem, al-CIAeda conducts all around the world in an orgy of blood lust? The most disturbing part is unlike real terrorism which uses violence to achieve political objectives, the Pentagon and the various US agencies disturbingly use violence and murder for **its own sake**, as if mass murder serves a ritualistic purpose, thus make it far more unsettling and eerie than any act of terror.
    Douglas Valentine’s well researched and excellent book “The Phoenix Program” is a brilliant study of this evil blood lust.

  31. The military class deserves the blame for our current situation. Enlisted, former, contractors – everyone. In the prior decade, the military community enthusiastically supported George W and the NeoCons agenda in Iraq and Afghanistan. Don’t give me the “not the military’s job to pick which wars it fights” bullshit, I remember that time clearly. You obey your orders but people listen to your opinion. The military is an important voice in American society and they went along with that neocon, let’s fight israel’s wars bullshit. That mastrubatory “lets build abortion clinics and starbucks in Afghanistan” foreign policy led to the rise of ISIS not to mention the wasted trillions of dollars and thousands of dead and permanently maimed soldiers and marines.
    Most military members I meet are not deep thinkers. They are of a McCain-Lindsey Graham mindset. They need a enemy with a conventional military solution to any foreign policy issue to feel important. Or in the case of contractors, to line their pockets. They want conventional military conflict has to be a part of any solution, because if not they feel irrelevant. They always want war with Russia. I see the same set trotting out mothers of soldiers who died in Fallujah on Fox News saying we need to re-invade, when it was their son’s presence there that created ISIS. FUCK THAT we need to shut down our borders, boycott ME oil/find energy alternatives, and starve them out of existence. You think we coudln’t have found alternatives with a trillion dollars? Kill yourself.
    More than anything I hate the ‘i fought for you’ chip on their shoulder that some military guys bring. I genuinely feel sorry for you, I know you lost friends and got wounded yourself. But you did not fight for me, you fought for Israel and defense contractors. I owe you the same way I owe reparations for slavery – zero because I had nothing to do with it. So if you are gonna bring that ‘I fought for you bullshit’, I put you in the same league as feminism because you refuse to take responsibility for your own fucking actions. I was glad when Trump put McCain in his place because everyone is tired of that whiny “I fought for you so praise me” bullshit from veterans.

    1. “..you fought for Israel and defense contractors. ”
      And you swallowed the leftist narrative to a tee. Let me know when you will get to two-thirds of spending goes to social programs and Islam is the relgion of peace.

    2. WOW! That was 3 paragraphs of pure fucking awesomeness! I think I must save this to use at a later time!

  32. Why should MEN fight for a country that socially and legally has declared them to be fifth class citizens behind women, gays, transgenders, and illegal immigrants? Answer, they shouldn’t. Woe be it to the society that disenfranchises it’s young men.

    1. Upvote that comment to the top. The social contract is broken for straight males in america.
      The first big mistake was giving women the right to vote without the same obligation for military service. Women shouldn’t be allowed to vote for president (commander in chief of the military), congress (declares war), senate (ratifies foreign treaties). Women should only be permitted the right to vote in local and state elections. Women have been given privileges instead of rights. This created the legal precedent for queers and illegal aliens to demand the same.

      1. local and state might be even worse. Women should be relegated to yelp reviews.

  33. I have an utmost respect for our military. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who are home and stationed elsewhere right now, especially where their lives may be at risk.
    That being said, I have to stay optimistic that the core values of what our military once was still remains. Yes, there are gays/lesbians, transgenders, and the like who join because their useless college degrees in “women-vegan-muslim-socialism” yield no money or opportunity in the business world.
    The worst thing to ever happen in terms of domestic military issues is that the military fires on its own people. We’ve read about it in books; we’ve seen it on TV. We fear it.
    But I do not think that this will ever happen. No amount of political correctness in the world can tear down a hundreds-of-years-old system of nationalism and fighting for freedom. This is why I will salute anyone in uniform, be it someone who is gay, someone who is a transgender (although I might find doing so difficult), and the like; because I have a belief deep down that when the war comes — and we all know that war is coming — the military (at least America’s military) will fight on the front lines to preserve our culture and country, and not the enemy’s.

    1. Hey Nick. That’s very noble of you. But, you can tear down hundreds of years of tradition. I implore you to understand that “tradition” is exactly what has been targeted by the left. That hate our traditions. The left uses malcontents, such as homosexuals, trannies and other minorities. People they know are outside of society and traditions. To tear these things down. For instance, “they” hate on Christians during Christmas time but rejoice during Black History month or international women’s day. You see, when you say “the military (at least America’s military) will fight on the front lines to preserve our culture and country, and not the enemy’s.” What culture are you talking about? Look around, the culture that you think is there is under assault and so long as the left remains in power they will control and determine the culture. And the culture of the left is shit like this. Making bruce jenner a national hero. Celebrating homosexual sex and single motherhood. Admonishing innate talent and merit. Marginalizing white people namely white men. Among many other things. The good news is you can resurrect traditions.

    2. “will fight on the front lines to preserve our culture and country, and not the enemy’s.” What invisible enemy is this war against?

  34. I will not go to war if there is a draft. I refuse to fight with women that will degrade our fighting abilities and I refuse to fight for a tyrannical government. If I risk my life during a draft anyway, i’m better being a criminal and anti government revolutionary with about the same level of risk.

        1. Yup, and I had nothing but respect for Mohammed Ali when he refused the draft and went to jail instead. I don’t count that as dodging the draft. He confronted it head on and served his time in jail for exercising his self determination. BTW I was in the Navy at the end of Vietnam.

        2. Did you go overseas? Thanks for your service. Did you oppose it at the time? I just cannot go morally speaking when the government is as tyrannical as it is. I would probably avoid police capture if possible and work politically against DC.

        3. Ok, so I looked it up and it’s a maximum of 5 years in prison. I don’t know about the other people here, but I would rather hide under the radar and take a small chance at getting 5 years in jail than be sent off to kill people I don’t have beef with, serving under a country I have no loyalty to, with an objective of helping a country I disdain (Israel). It’s actually pretty easy to hide now that the government pretty much relies on people using technology or other criminal behavior to track people down. Now, I better shut up before the NSA starts knocking on my door. 🙂

  35. I will say I had a rather odd experience today . Told one of the recruiters I was pting with about a guy I had met in a LRS unit and was asking if I didn’t get picked up in selection was there a way I could make it over there . He was a smart ass to me the whole time until I finally got the “I’m not infantry I don’t know .” The man tried to say that the person I was referring too ( he works for the local swat team now at 50 , went through rasp at 40 , got picked for a lrs unit and served for 8 years ) hadn’t seen shit just because he’d been shot . I guess I haven’t been around enough of the army guys to read them butter guy tried to give me some speel about one of the other recruiters being deployed 8 times like it was something , you can sit behind a desk during a deployment . Then he gives some mess about vet suicide rates ,people dying or dead bodies to much for you ? Shouldn’t have signed up EMTs , er docs , fire fighters and so on see there share too. Maybe it’s because I’m joining a little older or have actually been around some people who been through some shit but I thought part of being in combat was understanding you will probably see disgusting things and you might get hurt , that’s why not everyone signs there ass on the dotted line .

    1. Side note , he did say he tried to join the airforce first so I guess that’s a red flag there

  36. Over dependence on drones and other technology will never totally take the place of boots on the ground. The nerd sjw’s think it’s just like switching on the Xbox and away you go…….

  37. Interesting how the millennial crop paid untold thousands for their “Gender Studies” degrees, when most of the men here educated themselves on these issues extracurricularly.

  38. Well, although I cannot speak for everyone, I will tell you why I am weary of the war on terror. In short, we are not making any real impact. For evidence of this you have only to look at Iraq where, by the time the dust raised by the last US troop transport plane had settled back onto the runway, it was practically as though we had never been there. It seems to me that we have two options. We can either commit to a full-scale invasion of these countries ending with their colonization, an impractical solution that would nonetheless be relatively peaceful and profitable, or we could nuke them, and in so doing, send a warning to the rest of our enemies. These prolonged conflicts with poorly trained, poorly equipped savages should be a disgrace to the west, and if we have no intention of winning, there is no good reason to keep fighting.

    1. Yeah, fuck these endless wars. When terrorist killings increase on our home soil, Muslims will not be safe in this country. They will be beaten and shot like pheasants. Americans are fed up with this shit.

    2. “For evidence of this you have only to look at Iraq where, by the time the dust raised by the last US troop transport plane had settled back onto the runway, it was practically as though we had never been there.” Actually no, it was pretty fuckin clear that we went there. But that IS the problem! Iraq was perfectly stable developing country before we got there, now it’s fucking crazy and has had significant collateral damage!
      “We can either commit to a full-scale invasion of these countries ending with their colonization” How about we take back our own land from the sand people before we go take any of their land?
      “or we could nuke them, and in so doing, send a warning to the rest of our enemies.” OH-MY-GOD! THAT IS… THE WORST IDEA I HAVE YET SEEN IN A ROK COMMENT SECTION… You do realize we weren’t Iraq’s enemy, they were OUR ENEMY! There was absolutely no reason why we should have invaded Iraq, they posses no threat to us and have never done anything to us. Why? Why did we invade them in the first place? If anything, they just hate us because we killed millions of them by cutting off their food imports.
      “These prolonged conflicts with poorly trained, poorly equipped savages” They are not “savages”. Generally they people fighting America within the middle east/Afghanistan fall into 3 categories: 1) A drone strike killed a family member and now I am pissed off 2) A US military convoy came into our village and we don’t want you guys hear as much as we don’t want Al Qaeda, but Al Qaeda is nicer to us 3) America supports Israel and is a major supporter of Israel, therefor America is my enemy. And finally 4) I have extensively studied the Koran and I want to spread the Jihad. None of them are “savages”. Most of them are probably more educated than the American soldiers they are fighting.
      “and if we have no intention of winning, there is no good reason to keep fighting.” No shit. It’s why America keeps going in expecting a war to be easy, and then leaves half way through.

      1. 1) Concerning Iraq: they went from being a simple, backwards people under the iron hand of a dictator to being a simple, backwards people dealing with governmental instability. They haven’t changed all that much, and although we brought an abrupt end to Saddam’s regime, in a very short time I have no doubt that he will be replaced by someone similar. Any disruption we caused will not be long-lived.
        2) Concerning Nuclear Weapons: I do not advocate nuking Iraq. Iraq was only intended as an isolated example of the ineffectiveness of our intervention in third-world countries. The target I had in mind was ISIS, which isn’t a real state and whose propaganda presents an indirect danger to the lives of Americans.
        If these countries cannot clean up their own shit and we have to do it for them, then we should either extract a great deal of wealth in exchange for our services, which would be best done by taking over their lands and natural resources, or else we shouldn’t worry about collateral damage, in which case either nuclear weapons or heavy conventional bombing would be the quickest, most efficient method. We invade these countries because they pose a threat to United States security and then we proceed to toy with them for decades. I want the wars to end, and the quickest way to bring that about seems to be by inflicting great damage upon the countries within which we’re fighting. If we do this then those nations and other, similar ones, might refrain from making decisions in the future that endanger the United States or even rouse the suspicions of the United States.

        1. “they went from being a simple, backwards people under the iron hand of a dictator to being a simple, backwards people dealing with governmental instability.” That isn’t true at all. Under Saddam’s rule minorities much more accepted than they are now, and you didn’t have Daesh. Not to mention, people DIED because of Americas action, why? Why was it necessary?
          “in a very short time I have no doubt that he will be replaced by someone similar.” That is beyond what happened. Iraq has been currently sent backwards. This will FOREVER be a scar on economic and political growth.
          “Any disruption we caused will not be long-lived.” It’s getting close to 15 fucking years, and it doesn’t look like it’s improving! And anyways, that still doesn’t justify invading Iraq, no one here has given 1 reason why America needed to invade Iraq.
          “Iraq was only intended as an isolated example of the ineffectiveness of our intervention in third-world countries. ” It wasn’t just Iraq that America screwed up in. Libya is a mess. Afghanistan (though Afghanistan was justifiable) is still a mess. Syria (which was not directly an American war, but a proxy war by America) is a mess. North Pakistan is a mess. Somalia is still a mess.
          “The target I had in mind was ISIS, which isn’t a real state and whose propaganda presents an indirect danger to the lives of Americans.” The believes of ISIS don’t exist just in ISIS. It exists pretty much everywhere there is Sunni Islam. The only way to exterminate it is to Exterminate Sunni Islam or at least extremely pacify it in the way the left pacified Christianity.
          “If these countries cannot clean up their own shit and we have to do it for them” Except, we didn’t. Iraq was completely fine before started fucking with them. Same was Panama, Libya.
          “then we should either extract a great deal of wealth in exchange for our services” Typical Braggart American. Yeah, when you can show me a country that was improved with American internationalism, then good for you. But the fact is, none of these countries wanted our help or needed it.
          “or else we shouldn’t worry about collateral damage” Better Idea, just don’t f with them in the first place!
          “in which case either nuclear weapons or heavy conventional bombing would be the quickest, most efficient method.” Yeah, ok… When every country in the world becomes so hateful of America to the point of refusing to do trade, don’t cry about other countries hating ur freedum, mkay? Btw, Nuclear weapons really aren’t that effective unless you have a very specific target you want to hit, and I know you don’t know what you would actually try to hit.
          “We invade these countries because they pose a threat to United States security and then we proceed to toy with them for decades” You know, 99% of lulz are done without even cracking a smile, but this really made me laugh! I mean, Panama was a threat to national security? What were they going to do? Attack America with banana’s of mass destruction? LOL! And Iraq, they just got finished with 2 consecutive wars where they lost and were in a major economic depression, do you think they were going to invade America any time soon? Libya had given up it’s chemical weapons 8 years before America attacked because they wanted to start off fresh and get a better relationship with the rest of the world. Why would a country like that, and a country in the midst of a (at that time) small political revolution pose a security threat to America? What exactly do you expect any of these countries could do to America?
          “If we do this then those nations and other, similar ones, might refrain from making decisions in the future that endanger the United States or even rouse the suspicions of the United States.” Yeah, your plan is all fine and dandy for America at first glance, but all you are doing is pissing more and more people off in the long run. As Jesus once said: “Converte gladium tuum in locum suum. Omnes enim, qui acceperint gladium, gladio peribunt”. Eventually, you aren’t going to be fucking with little countries anymore, you will have pissed off the big guys. What happens when that country you that America is fucking with is France, China, India, Pakistan, Russia, or any other country with Weapons of Mass Destruction? That kind of war wont be a one way street anymore.
          Finally, I would like to think about this. What do these countries really have against America? Think about it, what did Iraq “hate” about America? What did Libya “hate”? What even gave anyone the thought that Panama hates America!?!? What does Iran “hate”? Just think about it. Hint: They don’t, America hates them, and thus when America pull shit like this, they start to hate America back.

  39. Many would argue that putting women on the front lines is “about fucking time”.. why should only men be killed, maimed, burned and mutilated in the defense of their country?
    Of course, we all know the true outcome.. as soon as the public hears of a platoon of females coming home in wheelchairs and body bags, *BAM*, that really will be the war to end all wars. 10k, 20k, 50k men dying in one battle.. who gives a fuck. But a few women dying in combat.. watch the howls of dismay and indignation from the feminist and SJW left, all across the MSM, and the public in general.
    Remember kids, “women are the primary victims of war.” –Hillary Clinton.

    1. Because if millions of white women in their childbearing years died in a war it would be a demographic disaster? (at least in the past). We are shrinking now.

      1. Agenda 21 – a 500 million “sustainable” and earth-friendly worldwide population not possible without culling females.

        1. Tbh, there is a tonne of shit they could do that is simpler than that. Such as give free birth control.

        2. No need to cull females. Just convince them to not have children.. chiefly by indoctrinating them from a young age to believe that men are evil, and marriage is slavery. Sound familiar?

        3. That’s bs though. Considering the only females that would be culled would be white ones, and whites are already a declining population. Except for the Mormons of Utah and the Amish.

        4. True. Men are indoctrinated that women and children are parasites and marriage is slavery. The subtext is men and women can’t trust each other.

    2. “10k, 20k, 50k men dying in one battle..” Woah, holy shit! What battle is this? I haven’t heard anything like that happening in 50 years!

      1. Obviously the last time 50,000 men came home in body bags was the Vietnam war. But no one gave a fuck about those boy’s lives then, especially the leftist cunts who only showed up to spit on the returnees. And there’s no reason to believe the even more leftist public and media would give a fuck today.

        1. “But no one gave a fuck about those boy’s lives then, especially the leftist cunts who only showed up to spit on the returnees.” Sorry, do you really believe that bullshit? The leftists hated the people orchestrated the war, not the people fighting. If you really believe it, find a photograph of this actually happening. I dare you to try.

        2. Riiiiiight. The Vietnam protesters were all loving, caring peaceniks who just wanted to bring our boys home safe and stick flowers down rifle barrels. And the “liberal” media were all about condemning the generals and President, while highlighting the plight of the poor vets coming home to lives with wheelchairs, depression, PTSD and unemployment. You keep telling yourself that.
          But don’t take my word for it…

        3. “The Vietnam protesters were all loving, caring peaceniks who just wanted to bring our boys home safe and stick flowers down rifle barrels.” No they weren’t. Dissatisfaction with the war in Vietnam lingered around 60%. Hippies made up maybe 5% of the Baby boomer population, and baby boomers made up what, 20% of the US population? The hippies were really a lot less politically influential and significant that most people think. And BTW, there are pictures real pictures that show people putting flowers in guns, on the other hand no one on your side has shown me a picture.
          “And the “liberal” media were all about condemning the generals and President” Good. Johnson and Nixon were assholes. If you are going to go invade a country, at least finish the job, rather than the “lets just fuck around the whole time” strategy that actually ended up happening.
          “while highlighting the plight of the poor vets coming home to lives with wheelchairs, depression, PTSD and unemployment.” Give me an article to the contrary if you are trying to prove something.
          As for your link, it just further proves my point. All the signs say stuff such as “end the war in Vietnam”, “Abolish the draft”, “Bring home the GI’s”, “Act to end the war in Vietnam”, etc. None of them show actually show violence/hate against anyone other than politicians. Laughably, the closest thing to someone criticizing Soldiers/Veterans is a a cartoon picture. Yeah, what reliable evidence.

        4. Come back when you’ve read the text of the link I posted. Oh, also when you can recognize sarcasm.

        5. I did read the link. I asked for a picture of this supposed maltreatment of veterans, and you failed to provide me with one. I didn’t ask for some stupid blog where a braggart claims all this crap without backing it up.

  40. The people behind all these silly policies in the military are 1) people who never served in the military 2) mostly have contempt for the military 3) many openly hate America (or what it was) 4) reside somewhere in the bowels of academia and 5) the biggest of all, are passionately against discrimination to the point that its literally their sole purpose in life and religion. All together they don’t appreciate the warrior culture all they see is another institution that discriminates and its there mission to change that.
    Shit like consequences to morale, compelling studies stating the obvious, force readiness, combat effectiveness, unit cohesion, global threats, emerging global treats etc…
    …has anyone ever watched a video of a scientologist being confronted by an investigative journalist? You can show them undeniable proof that the seaorg, for instance, enslaves people and fucks them up. The scientologist will disregard and skillfully deflect all of it. That’s exactly the kinds of people behind these policies. president obama doesn’t give a shit if female marines can’t do pull ups or carry a ruck etc, he just wants to have females in combat because he hates discrimination. If it weakens the military…HA, so what. barry hates America anyway and he’s such a pussy he hates the idea that a Alpha special forces operator is better than him. So barry says fuck em.
    This is very difficult. I noticed that there are a lot of current and former military in the Neomasculine community. The things we loved and cherished about our service “the intangibles” have been systematically devoured by an ugly incompetent reckless beast than shit out of the beasts asshole on top of all of us. I am a Marine and one of my MOS’s was 0352, so, I am a grunt (okay 0311s, weapons co etc…you are > grunt then me). I was enlisted and then went officer so I am a Mustang. But Marine for me meant something when it was the few and the proud. “A few good men”. Now that a woman can be a grunt and a marine…well, my title, my experiences, my fucking pride in what I accomplished and did in my life is…let’s face it, not as big anymore. After all, if the girl next door can do it then anyone can do it. If tranny man who defiles himself with disgusting homosexual sex can do it then so what. Does it really mean anything anymore?
    And that’s the great injustice that has occurred. “They” have redistributed or fucking pride.

    1. What you had and experienced in your time of service shouldn’t be diminished. You were in a different time when those things were valued Obama and company LGBT’ing the military now makes it a different organization entirely than what we served in, to the point that I no longer even consider them associated to any degree. I’m still proud of my time in the service and things I learned and things I did. What happens today in the military is an alien land to me as far as I’m concerned.

    2. I could not answer on the other list because they shut it down. However, what has your rant (which I have copied below) got to do with the question I asked namely
      So why do you claim Tammy is a he? Have you ever met her or even talked with her? What is your evidence? Do you even have any?
      I do not understand what you are going on about.
      Here is what I want you to understand. I have my life you have yours. My
      life will be lived by me under my terms. You have no control or
      authority over my life. Period. If you insist you do, well, there will
      be push back because you will be committing and injustice against me.
      This push back will increase exponentially if you continue to ignore it.
      Likewise, you go live your life how you want too. If praising
      degenerates and mentally ill people is what you do with your life…have
      at it. I won’t stop you. HOWEVER, if we cross paths like we are now, I
      will, if I wish, judge you. You can cry and stomp your feet all you want
      too, but, you cannot censor my thoughts and speech. What it boils down
      to is this – I do not want to live in your culture, period. And I will
      be bold and speak for everyone else here too, because I believe that’s
      what they want as well. I acknowledge cross dresser exists, I also
      acknowledge lunatics exists, I believe that everyone should have equal
      treatment and consideration under law, period. If you are a tranny and
      accused of a crime it will be a terrible injustice if you don’t get the
      same rights and treatment as anyone else. bruce jenner recently killed a
      woman and his rights were observed. But, and here is the big
      difference, I do not want to idealize the kinds of people you idealize. I
      don’t think that putting a dress on is grounds for the moniker of
      “hero”. To me a hero is parent working hard for their kids, sacrificing
      their lives. A soldier at Normandy. I have a right to have my own heroes
      and to not have them dictated to me as you and your kind wish! All this
      crap, “cis” “heteronormativity” “gender” “non-binary” are all evasive
      concepts. You are free to believe in them, but, they have NO place in
      public policy other than ensuring that everyone gets equal treatment
      under the law, which they do! Tearing down statues, changing language,
      regulating bathrooms…this is invading our lives. And it will stop
      because you are the aggressor, you are the oppressor, you are the source
      of true injustice.

      1. I refuse to answer your question I’m not here to play fucking games. I honestly don’t give a fuck about who that person really is. Please re-read my “rant”, that’s what you need to know and understand. Now fuck off you perverted disgusting child molester.

        1. Wow, for someone who claims to dislike certain lifestyles you certainly do have a foul mouth. Not a very good character trait. I am not going to re read your rant and I’m not going to do any of the things you suggest/demand I do. You love insulting people and falsely accusing with little or no information. A typical bigot who probably hides behind the constitution saying these are my rights while denying the same rights to others. Your threats and intimidation (and foul language) do not intimidate me in the least. You are nothing more than a coward and a bully.

        2. I listen, but that does not mean I agree. Your definition of listening is you have to believe what I say and do what I say. Hey buddy you do not scare or intimidate me. You are the bully and coward I know you for. Probably always been that way. What a pathetic excuse for a man you are.

        3. Why are you stalking Towgunner77? If you keep it up I suspect you’re going to be modded.

        4. You don’t agree that I should live my life how I want too? Because that’s what I said. And I’m a pathetic man because I don’t celebrate people who are insane?

        5. I’m not stalking anyone. We were talking on another post which shut down. He is the one with the threats, foul language and abuse. I’m just defending myself. go and complain to him about his tone.
          Also, I have no idea what modded means.

        6. No you are a pathetic man because you cannot make a point without making threats, use foul language, and demand people do what they like. Contrary to what you are claiming I have not suggested one time you live your life anyway but what you want to. However, if you claim that right them you must extend the same right to others. I agree you can live however you like, but use the same rule for everyone. You may not like someone elses lifestyle, but that does not give you the right to tell them how to live.

        7. That’s stalking. Following a guy around threads to snark at him.
          Modded means posts deleted and you banned.
          It’s the internet, Bob, not real life. There is no need to run around threads on the internet arguing with somebody as if it actually means anything.

        8. Freedom of speech means that you have the right to tell anybody any ol’ thing that you want. They have the right to not pay attention or argue back. Welcome to liberty.
          If this is the source of your argument, it is bizarre and wastes time.

        9. Oh no. Poor little baby. Do harsh words hurt you. Do you have tears in your eyes. Sniffle sniffle pout pout. I told you to fuck off and called you a perverted child molester. I definitely insulted you, but, help me out here…where is the threat?

        10. Well if the only way you can communicate is through the use of foul language then you really have very little of importance to say and that makes you irrelevant.
          You should remember what you wrote. here is the threat quote “If you insist you do, well, there will be push back because you will be
          committing and injustice against me. This push back will increase
          exponentially if you continue to ignore it.”

        11. Learn to read. Not following him around threads to snark him (whatever that means). Just continuing a conversation started on a thread that closed.
          I don’t really see why it is any of your business anyway. Lets face it you can be accused of what you are accusing me.

      2. Bruce killed a woman “Texting and Driving”. He deserves a prison cell with Blacks/Cholos

        1. I presume you mean Caitlyn. Problem is the legal system does not agree with you and they win.
          Why do they win? Because Caitlyn was not texting or under the influence of anything and if you watch the video (like I have) you will see she was forced off the road.
          Please do not make up things to present as facts when they are not true. You don’t like Caitlyn Jenner, fine. But don’t lie about her.

        2. Who’s lying? bruce is still bruce and he is still a he. He’s not a she and can never be.

        3. bruce is bruce. Sorry asshole. This is what I’m talking about…you don’t get to tell me what to say or do.

        4. Guess what. You don’t get to tell me what to say or do.
          You really need to learn what that statement means. I have not told you to say anything. At least not anymore than what you are doing to me.
          By the by, Caitlyn is Caitlyn and probably always was. Simple really.

        5. Her name is Caitlyn and will probably be Caitlyn for the rest of her life. Sorry to tell you, you do not get to say what someone elses name is.

        6. Uh, his mom still calls him Bruce. Sorry to tell YOU, you do not get to tell me what I can call someone else

    3. Brother I agree with everything you said. I went the WO route. I am a POG but did my time over seas and in combat attached to the infantry. I will retire before some wook watches my ass in a gun fight.

  41. You should see what has happened to the Australian army its so sad to see. Just a big social experiment.

  42. Interesting a poster on another article (Mark Citadel) said something very pertinent yesterday regarding culture with relates directly to patriotism. Namely to paraphrase him that in order to put your life on the line for your Nation a person must know what these enduring values actually amount to.
    What solider can honestly (unless he’s very naive) put his hand on his heart and say that the values he’s going to die for are still noble and honorable? The first gulf war was the first unveiling of what soldiers were really fighting for and certainly by the time of the next Bush there could be no ambiguity left that really they were nothing more than the hired help, fighting not for their Nation, but, for big business and lucrative oil contracts.

    1. First Gulf War? It went all the way back to Vietnam. When the US wouldn’t just admit that they wanted to go in there, and instead lied with the made up “gulf of tonkin incident”. From that point on all most all wars have been unprovoked and unjust.

  43. Magnificent piece–I agree with everything, especially your take on the blame being laid directly at the feet of the American people. We have educated our children to hate America, and we have imported millions of Third World vermin who share the hate as well. It won’t be long before it’s every man for himself, so be well-armed and keep your powder dry.

  44. I agree with this article but I would image that the rest of the countries of the world are probably experiencing the same, even those that are not part of the West. With the exception of the Islamic hotheads, traditional armed conflict between nations in the 21st century is obsolete. Despite of the doom and gloom, we live in one of the most peaceful times ever in world history. The ethnic identity is there and will remain for some time before it becomes subverted to globalization however nationalism, one of the key and strongest of ingredients for warfare in the last few centuries is dying as individuals descent into solipsism instead.

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