Pitchfork’s Assault On White Men Shows The Necessity Of Pushing Back Against The Left

Having declared war on gamers, comic book fans and metalheads, SJWs have now turned their guns on the world of indie rock. In the past couple of months, indie news site Pitchfork has been running increasingly venomous articles castigating indie rock and other alternative music scenes for being too white or male.

For example, last week Pitchfork ran an article titled “EDM Has a Problem with Women, and It’s Getting Worse,” which lambasted Skrillex as “fucking creepy” for Tweeting pictures of a scantily-clad woman, among other complaints.

Now, some of the magazine’s targets are fighting back. Belle & Sebastian frontman Stuart Murdoch recently told Pitchfork to “fuck off” in response to an article by Indian Race Troll Sarah Sahim attacking his film God Help the Girl for its “unbearable whiteness“:

As a lover of Belle and Sebastian, I was disappointed, though certainly not surprised. Belle and Sebastian’s work is steeped in Whiteness; God Help the Girl merely underscores this. The film itself is an egregious mess that romanticizes a woman’s struggles with an eating disorder for the sake of Murdoch’s self-promotion. The optimistic, happy-go-lucky and painstakingly adorable aesthetic evidenced in every character he created is founded in Whiteness. Whiteness is beauty; Whiteness is what gives the character the ability to dream of fostering a career in music; Whiteness is what enables the audience to empathize with Eve’s character. A recurring filler in the film was a fictitious radio show where two men try to decipher what “real” indie is and every band mentioned is white, enforcing the film’s aspirational Whiteness. While Belle and Sebastian aren’t the only examples of perpetuating Whiteness through indie rock, this movie serves as a microcosmic view of what is wrought by racial exclusivity that is omnipresent in indie rock.

In his response, Murdoch made the eminently reasonable point that a band from Glasgow would be white because of demographics alone. He also pointed out that contrary to Sahim’s assertions of a racist conspiracy in indie rock, he’s “just a guy in a band” with no special powers or influence. Sahim’s own Twitter account is private, meaning the likelihood of a response from her is slim.

The irony of Pitchfork’s jihad against white men is that the indie scene is already pretty amenable to social justice nonsense. As an indie kid myself, I know that the average hipster is a caviar communist who thinks testosterone poisoning is a thing and stresses out over pronoun usage. Following any indie musician on Twitter will guarantee a constant stream of Tumblrina bilge clogging up your feed, whether it’s St. Vincent bloviating about “gender fluidity” or the National stumping for President Obama.

The transformation of Pitchfork into a left-wing, anti-male propaganda vehicle illustrates why it’s imperative for men to defend their spaces against SJW subversion. Merely being neutral or apolitical is not enough, because cultural Marxists use neutrality as a weapon to infiltrate and take over institutions. It’s precisely because most people are apolitical that cultural Marxism has seeped into every aspect of American life.

O’Sullivan’s First Law And You


O’Sullivan’s First Law, coined by British conservative writer John O’Sullivan, states that all organizations that are not explicitly right-wing will eventually become left-wing. This is because leftists rarely if ever publically identify as leftists, but work behind the scenes to sway moderates to their side. It’s akin to the old proverb about boiling a frog: if you toss a frog in lukewarm water then slowly crank up the heat, the frog will get cooked before it realizes it should jump out.

O’Sullivan’s First Law also exists in part because leftists are more intolerant of dissenting views than conservatives. Most conservative outlets have a wide diversity of opinion: for example, Christina Hoff Sommers, well-known for debunking feminist myths and supporting GamerGate, is a registered Democrat who works for the conservative American Enterprise Institute.

In contrast, leftists will gladly defenestrate anyone they deem to be insufficiently leftist, such as how Paula Deen was publically ruined for having used the n-word once, despite being a registered Democrat and Obama supporter.

O’Sullivan’s law explains why the ostensibly unbiased mainstream media functions as a mouthpiece for the left. As an example, take the recent smear piece GQ did on A Voice for Men (in which Return of Kings was name-checked). Because GQ was not established as an explicitly conservative magazine, it is now dominated by feminists such as Lindy West and Jeff Sharlet, the Marxist professor who authored the piece. The mere act of declaring an organization right-wing deters Marxist entryism in and of itself.

Also, as Pitchfork’s anti-male, anti-white campaign shows, SJWs always focus their attacks on moderates or people who are not as left-wing as they are. For example, when I was interviewed by Australian radio host Jonathan Safran for his program Sunday Night Safran last year, co-host Ronny Chiang mentioned how he was constantly berated by SJWs for incorrect pronoun usage in his stand-up shows. Meanwhile, those same agitators ignore conservative figures such as Ann Coulter.

As Murray Rothbard wrote in his 1970 essay “The Great Women’s Liberation Issue: Setting it Straight,” the left has been playing this game for decades:

In the meanwhile, the male “oppressors” are acting, in the manner of Liberals everywhere, like scared, or guilt-ridden, rabbits. When the one hundred viragos of Women’s Lib bullied their way into the head offices of the Ladies’ Home Journal, did the harried editor-in-chief, John Mack Carter, throw these aggressors out on their collective ear, as he should have done? Did he, at the very least, abandon his office for the day and go home? No, instead he sat patiently for eleven hours while these harridans heaped abuse upon him and his magazine and his gender, and then meekly agreed to donate to them a special section of the Journal, along with $10,000 ransom. In this way, spineless male Liberalism meekly feeds the appetite of the aggressors and paves the way for the next set of outrageous “demands.” Rat magazine, an underground tabloid, caved in even more spectacularly, and simply allowed itself to be taken over permanently by a “women’s liberation collective.”

When you make statements such as “there’s no difference between the left and the right,” you’re opening yourself up to Marxist subversion. MRAs and MGTOWs who whine about “TradCons” are missing the point entirely. While many sectors of the right may be critical of the manosphere and the “red pill,” they don’t attack them in the vitriolic, defamatory fashion that the left does. Indeed, right-wing outlets such as Breitbart are starting to warm up to the manosphere.

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist, and leftists prey on the willful ignorance of the apolitical in order to advance their agenda. By failing to recognize them as your enemy, you are making yourself vulnerable to their predations.

This Machine Kills Marxists


The only truly effective way to protect an organization, institution or culture from SJW entryism is to declare it to be right-wing. Only by recognizing that your enemy is the left—because they’ve defined you as their enemy—can you maintain the integrity of your culture.

For example, GamerGate’s failure to define its enemy—cultural Marxism—will ultimately hurt it in the long run. While GamerGate supporters assert that it’s just a “consumer revolt,” the reality is that it is a de facto right-wing reaction to left-wing infiltration of the video game industry.

While many GamerGate supporters are themselves liberal, they’re not as left-wing as the Anita Sarkeesians and Zoe Quinns of the world, which makes them right-wing in the SJWs’ eyes.

Many of Return of Kings’ detractors are upset by our traditionalist community beliefs, and our sister site Reaxxion (of which I am the editor) has gotten a lot of heat for only hiring men as writers. But it’s these lines in the sand that ensure both ROK’s and Reaxxion’s integrity. By defining our sites as repositories of masculine, conservative thought, we deter SJW entryism and make it clear what we’re about.

As the cliche goes, if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. Cultural Marxism is a virus that is fueled by the apathy of those who don’t fight against it. There may not be a winning move in this culture war, but not playing the game at all will guarantee that you lose.

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334 thoughts on “Pitchfork’s Assault On White Men Shows The Necessity Of Pushing Back Against The Left”

  1. “In this way, spineless male Liberalism meekly feeds the appetite of the aggressors and paves the way for the next set of outrageous ‘demands.’ ”
    The one thing I see over and over is that “they” go after the low hanging fruit.
    With the STEM fields it’s a two pronged approach. People who go for those high degrees tend not to come out with their brains washed like the people from the “sociali(ist)” sciences.
    So at the least, the universities try to make them as middle of the road and non-political as possible. This is what makes the STEM fields the low hanging fruit that the feminists and SJWs get the sweaty palms and lick their lips over.
    (it does not help when the gay-voiced 20 something office weeny has no initiative and needs help for everything – the feminists know they can steamroll such a weak millennial man)

    1. I don’t blame feminists at all. Emasculated millennial males are the perfect prey. They see easy dollar signs that they can acquire, either through the marriage scam or the ‘you better pander and beg for my precious(used up) pussy or you are a faggot” tactic.

  2. I’ve had it with feminist and liberals. I’ll speak against it and not tolerate it at every point possible… to the point they won’t feel comfortable bringing it up anymore.

    1. That’s how you do it. They BANK on people cowering down before their totem words. When you not only don’t cringe but stand up to them and run rings around their emotion based “feeeewwwwings!” type arguments in front of others, it drives home the very real point that these monsters are little more than cockroaches that flee when the kitchen light is turned on.
      All the power the SJW’s have, they have due to our own niceness, and nothing else.
      So stop being nice.

      1. “All the power the SJW’s have, they have due to our own niceness, and nothing else.
        So stop being nice.”
        This needs to be said…..alot.
        Nice actually derives from a french word ni scire. It means no science or no knowledge. Basically means to act with willful ignorance..to lie. To pretend that piece of shit feminist, sjw, manboob, white knight are really not so bad or so stupid because ohhhh I don’t want to offend anyone!
        I’m sure most if not every man here has heard a chick say ” BE NICE!”
        What she means is to be a lying feminized shit bird like herself.
        Every faggot who is nice is going to hell and that day is coming sooner rather than later.

  3. It’s called collective punishment. I’m not the slave master you’re looking for. I’m not the colonist you’re looking for. Those people are all dead. I was simply born without any choice in the matter with where I was born or what I looked like. But because I look similar to someone who committed an unethical act hundreds of years ago I have to be punished for it? That’s the definition of racism. No one would dream of punishing blacks for something another black man did hundreds of years ago, so why are they so obsessed with punishing me for my skin color?
    You can see this in that Sarah girl’s twitter posts, “How white people are unironically gonna discuss ‘immigration & borders control’ when they colonise(d) 3/4 of the world?” That’s right, “white people.” I was apparently in on the scheme hundreds of year ago, even before I was born. Collective punishment. It’s funny how an Indian girl living in the UK can also unironically criticize others for colonizing. I suppose Indians are allowed to immigrate, and India is allowed to have immigration laws though. Her twitter is filled with anti-white propaganda.

    1. “I was simply born without any choice in the matter with where I was born or what I looked like.”

    1. That’s what kills me. Take away European achievements throughout history and you’d have global poverty, slavery, starvation and most of the continents dark, excepting a few Asian nations which would be technologically at the level of the 12th century (which would be the apex of human technology and achievement, and they’d be thousands of years more advanced than Africa and the stone age savages that would inhabit north and south America).

        1. We gave them ungrateful coons civilization, justice, freedom and a far better standard of living than they would’ve eked out back in their shithole continent.
          Arbeit macht frei.

        2. From an evolutionary perspective, slavery was an unpresidented success for the proliferation and population growth of negroids around the world. Had whites not done this arificial selection and even after slavery continued to help keep them alive back in Africa by sending food and medical aid, most of the negroid race would probably have gone extinct long ago.

        3. Not according to the interviews with ex slaves. a lot of them wished like hell lincoln had never been born.

      1. With the coming Ice Age, the earth will be cleansed anew from the mountains of idiots in todays society. Dont know how to hunt? Tough Luck son.

      2. With the coming Ice Age, the earth will be cleansed anew from the mountains of idiots in todays society. Dont know how to hunt? Tough Luck son.

  4. I’ve jokingly called Indie Rock “Portland Rock”, and oddly enough Portland is lambasted in the SJW media circles for being “too white” for the acceptable standards of the modern USA (which is basically anywhere where it’s merely over 60-70%).
    Birds of a feather…

    1. I call it “faggot rock” because in no way does it resemble the roots of rock music.
      9-piece bands with banjo players, 4 percussionists and random obscure instruments singing about “everything will be okay” with absolutely no semblance of masculinity is not rock music.

  5. We do not debate with the left. They want to entangle us in circular arguments. We do not do what they want. We will not debate them out of existence. We will physically remove them from our society.
    Debating, pleading and protesting are inherently leftist and come from a position of weakness. We are not the weak, they are. We are the strong. We do what we want and they will bend to our will or be destroyed.

      1. It’s how Pinochet fixed the problem. I may not agree with mass executions, but I can rather understand his line of thinking. Leftists/sjw’s are a disease and are at the *least* mentally ill in so many ways it’s laughable that anybody gives them even a smattering of credence.

        1. The frightening thing is not that they’re mentally ill but that they’ve managed to work their way up to high ranking positions in societal institutions. I don’t like advocating violence but there really appears to be no other choice here. Leftists are like rabid animals so you cannot talk them down or appease them in any way. Their prime imperative is to destroy, maim and subvert. The only solution is to put them down.

        2. And he swooped in and took’em out. Before the junta the commies were nationalizing everything and literally destroying lives and the economy. He put a fast stop to that, squashed them under his boot as a movement, literally, then re-established a free market.
          The left *seethes* hate for the man, while simultaneously being utterly silent on the *much* worse types on their side: Stalin, Hitler, etc.

        3. I was under the impression that title belonged to Stalin? What was it, like 20-60 million killed *by* him (and not the war)? Mao’s numbers I’ve never really known though, outside of the Cultural Revolution aka “Kill your parents while they’re asleep” awfulness.

        4. “Here’s a handy infographic.”
          It lists Pol Pot as 1.7 million, when it may have been as many as 2.5 million put of a population of 8 million. When someone may have managed to murder over 25% of their own country’s population that merits special notice.

        5. Now you can kind of understand why people like Pol Pot killed millions of their own kind. Even if they had good genes, sometimes rather than trying to deprogram an ideology, it’s easier to just eliminate a population with bad memes (or at least those that don’t align with your own whether right or wrong)and start with a new young batch and fresh slate.

        6. Mass executions are exactly what we need to deal with these people. Its already been made clear that they don’t care about our lives. They issue death threats constantly and then they resort to making a phony 911 call so SWAT teams get sent in and very possibly (because we all know how cops are) end up killing them. Then somehow it all gets swept under the rug and they get to claim they’re morally superior even though they’ve actively tried to kill people for simply having a different worldview than them. So as far as i’m concerned they can all get drug out into the street and blood eagled. Fuck em. I would be right there with a lawn chair, video camera, and a big bag of popcorn.

        7. Pinochet was literally a positive force. Without him, Chile would have gone to the Soviets and become a socialist basketcase today

        8. Mass executions? Who raised you?
          And who is it that’s “issuing death threats constantly”? That’s quite an accusation! You made two death threats of your own in a single post
          … hypocrite.
          Some sick [email protected]@@s on this site.

        9. You really don’t know much about him do you? It was the lawlessness and banditry, not some communist conspiracy, that he stomped out. That’s why the people liked him at first.
          But the fact that you include Hitler in your selection of leftist bogeymen strongly suggests that you are a biased historical revisionist and so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at your other “mistake”.

        10. Hitler was a Socialist. He even claimed to be a Socialist. His own party was called the National Socialist party for Christ’s sake.
          Any claim that Hitler wasn’t a Socialist (albeit a different type of socialist) is historical revisionism.

        11. It’s because conservatives are too tolerant of bullshit.
          Everyone’s opinions and feelings are not equally valid, especially not the immature college demographic that make up the left’s base
          Trying to “please all sides” abets leftist entryism

        12. The “non-violent” endorse and support the use of force and coupled with the state is a deadly combination. Killing anyone is a criminal act if not done in self-defense, killing a minority is a “hate-crime.” Normal law doesn’t apply. The left has radicalized the law. Who side is the government going to be on? Theirs, because it gives the government more authority under the color of preserving order. What government doesn’t want more power? The uneducated and heavily entertained mob wants a parent so they can continue playing in the sandbox. I think the real answer is not buying shit, only the absolute basics. Getting to where you can’t even carry money without being suspected of something.
          Read the “Brothers” about the Dulles brothers. The security agencies were corrupted the day they came into existence. They support corporations at the international level, para-government. They infiltrate every moment. They have continuity beyond the democratic process. Ever hear of Smedley Butler? War is a racket.
          When you preach violence to resolve issues it gets attention. It validates the state to use any means to crush it. They’ll start looking for any possible connection to sell you out and fuck anyone close to you and they will find someone to turn and sell you out. It won’t work. You have to be extremely covert in your actions and you will not be even close to the power of the government and the true believers who act on their behalf. Never under estimate the power of a government employee’s self-preservation. We have thousands of years of history proving the biggest mass murderer is government, since time immemorial. In our “civilized” world of late the murder rate is greater in the last 500 years than recorded time.
          Regardless of what you think about David Koresh was it really necessary to burn the compound down? They didn’t care to do anything but make a point. Was it really necessary to shove a Bayonet up Gaddafi’s ass for saying he wanted to trade in a different currency? No. We didn’t directly do it, but brought the psychopaths from Middle Eastern countries in for a “people revolution.” Hillary just fucking laughed about it. “We came we saw he died.” These people will do ANYTHING to preserve their power base.
          How about tactfully asking people why they believe the SJW shit. “Wow, you feel threatened because I’m a man?” Put them on the defense. Make them question their values.
          Everything that swings wildly to the left, will over time, get disillusioned with the empty promises of empowerment and fulfillment.
          Remember the Diebold voting machine scandal? No records. Easily hacked. That was what the left went batshiat crazy about. Until Obama. Not another word. ZERO. People need to understand the game is rigged. Funny how Obama is Bush x2 and the left is completely oblivious.
          Violence by the ruled is the answer after the shit hits the fan. Not before. Form your alliances before that. After the fact 50% will abandon you.
          The SJW’s are tools, find the common denominator and strike the root by sharing information. People pay 5 dollars to put a ribbon on their car and forget it. Only fanatics resort to extremes. You have to widen the moderates.

        13. “Funny how Obama is Bush x2 and the left is completely oblivious.”
          And I even tried to warn them about it before I even knew it would be Obama specifically, just as I’ll warn you that this . . .
          “How about tactfully asking people why they believe the SJW shit.”
          . . . will result in nothing beyond you developing a flat spot on your forehead and a matching dent in the wall.

        14. Hitler was a leftist, at least from the US POV. The Nazis were the national socialist party. That Hitler was a “right” person was is actually the historical revisionist the left pulled in the 60s and 70s and have continued to this day.

        15. Quite. And the Left knows it and is incensed that we now openly recognize his origins and philosophies. They had hoped to cover him in ‘right wing’ for the rest of history. Their bad.

        16. Yes, quite so. It’s about time we stopped being so “tolerant”.
          I’ll live and let live if I am afforded the same courtesy. Those who will not allow me to live my life as I see fit are now no longer “tolerated”, they are enemies.

        17. I still do not cotton to mass executions. But the alternative of allowing the disease to fester, even if you drive it underground, is not palatable either.

        18. This is where we need to start engaging in Marketing as I’ve mentioned on other threads in the past. Use their bullshit psychology and marketing drives against them with polar opposite messages tailored to look “cool” and “reasonable”. It’s a tool, and can be used for good or evil, why we’re so afraid to start influencing culture in a positive manner is beyond me.

        19. Thanks for sharing that link… It’s an AMAZING piece! I had always thought that on some level but…

        20. Pinochet told them, after their Castro-ite revolution failed, that if they didn’t go into exile, they would be shot. Apparently they didn’t think he would do it.
          The ones that emigrated to Sweden are still alive.

        21. Uncle Ho tried to get the Americans to get the French to pack it in. He was told to fuck off.
          The Russians did not tell him to fuck off.

        22. “Funny how Obama is Bush x2 and the left is completely oblivious.”
          I’ve been pointing out that Obama’s continued Bush’s foreign policy to Lefties since 2010; and every time I show them the similarities they freak out.

        23. Plant a seed.
          If I tell someone “I don’t know how to say this, I think your wife is doing X. I can’t say for sure, I’m probably wrong and shouldn’t have said anything, Forget it. It was a dick move on my part to even think that” You plant a seed of doubt that will aggressively gnaw at them. Doesn’t even have to be factual, let them do the work of driving themselves crazy. A sane, rationale person will shrug it off as complete bullshit and go their merry way.
          That is the tactic used by the left to weaken the resolve, create doubt and encourage people to take responsibility for shit they have nothing to do with, like “white guilt.” Your common fat blue haired SJW isn’t smart enough to pull that shit off. They are simply spoon feed the irrational shit sandwich they are given and react emotionally to their predefined “devils.” They are defined by their victimization. Who would they be without it? Soros and crew finance the devil makers.
          “Well yeah white people did some bad things.” Someone, on the board, mentioned a recent white Polish Immigrant apologized for crimes of “White Patriarchal Society” in a class. That is power to convince a well intentioned man he is a devil and not know it. People can’t resolve their own darkness and want to be perceived as good people. They’ll accept any bullshit argument to appear to be “good” or con themselves.
          I do good things, I do bad things. White People have done bad things but, in the majority they have excelled at creating the foundation of western civilization and building upon it. Accept it and move on. I will never apologize for being white. I would expect a black person not to apologize for being black. Good people are being attacked for having values that are conducive to a healthy society. Black and White, in my country, by the media and politicians who want to manage a new class of slaves. Consumers.

        24. Not quite fair. The longer you go back in time, the more devastating. So Cain is the biggest mass murderer of them all, having killed his brother in a world presumably consisting of very few people.
          But interesting nevertheless…..

        25. This is because the president – whoever he or she may be – has no authority, and hasn’t had any since the military coup in the USA back in the 80’s.

        26. Bah as the saying goes , “the Holy Roman Empire was −
          neither holy, roman nor an empire.” But smart pr involves labelling your product in the most advantageous way.

        27. Ok, hold up! Who is responsible for the police state in this country? For over crowded prisons based on non violent crimes or crimes only against one’s self? Who continues with a perpetual drug war that is wreaking havoc on this nation? Isn’t that the Right-Wing doing most of that totalitarianism crap?

        28. Nope, The ‘right wing’ in this country was crowded out by leftists in 1890.
          all other ‘right wing actions’ were leftists that were only slightly less left than the rest.
          Is it statist? then it’s leftist.

        29. Hitler’s government actually did practice a form of Socialism. Hitler opposed free market capitalism and criticized it greatly, as the Nazis rose to power while the USA was experiencing the Great Depression. Hitler used the Great Depression to argue against capitalism. Thus, in terms of modern right/left politics the Nazis cannot be classified as “extreme right,” since their ideology contained elements of both left and right.
          In general, the whole right/left thing is bullshit. All governments cannot be classified across a 1-dimensional line. That’s GREATLY oversimplifying things.

        30. “Well yeah white people did some bad things.”

          What race hasn’t? Oh, and “white people” didn’t do it. There were some people, who happened to be white. There is no white conspiracy, and I’m not guilty of something that someone else did just because I have the same skin pigment as them. The fact is, slavery had been an accepted part of human life since prehistoric times. White men didn’t start slavery, but the men who wiped out slavery all over the world in the 19th century were all white. Funny how whites are blamed for slavery, when if anything whites put a stop to millennia of slavery.

        31. Lol White people did some bad things? Its very funny how one of the first boy soldiers actually came from the Christian inhabitants of the Balkans, not Africa. Taken by a bunch of crazy muslim cocksuckers.

      2. “Debating leftists accomplishes nothing. Spectacular, speedy and bloody violence is the only way to deal with their kind. Here are a few events in History we should try and emulate.”
        If violence is to be used, the best way would be the alleged methods of Putin, “things happen” to a handful of treasonous oligarchs and key henchmen, everything and everyone else falls in line. Once the funding for the “rent a mob” groups vanishes so do the mobs.

    1. The extreme right is just as intolerant as the extreme left. These comments are evidence of such. You have different things that you attack and hate but the mindset is the same.

      1. They are both batshit crazy and if you go far enough to the left it touches the right. They meet in the middle. At least the right has principles. Few, but they got them. The left wants me to beware aware of the whales, Breast Cancer, gays, global warming. Name it. What exactly is the priority? Everything, yet nothing. All those feel good organizations suck money out of their wallets so ultra liberals can buy executive office furniture.

      2. Of course we are intolerant. There are some things you just don’t tolerate.
        The difference is, the right has rules, ethics, and principles.

    2. Agreed. To justify yourself is weakness. Just like dealing with a child or woman, a society run amok needs firm boundaries and simple, loud “No”s.

    3. I have always had this rule (myself) when dealing with people: Never argue with crazy (usually many on the extreme left or women). Why? Because the argument always goes in circles and then it’s reset – back to the beginning.
      They have nowhere to go with the debate so it’s like an endless loop (and a waste of your valuable time). Dismiss crazy – always.

      1. Not to mention women become emotionally unglued and then their friends chime in and suddenly you feel like you are trapped on The View.

        1. The View…ugh..what a waste of valuable air time.
          More mindless, entitled women bitching about their “views” on the world. Let everything start to crumble around their asses and really give them something to bitch about …”men come save us”.
          Funny shit.

        2. Chipmunk nasally jabbering – worse than nails running across a chalk board. Should be considered a form of torture.

    4. Hi, just wanted to stop by and say the Jews are destroying the world. One thing I will claim emphatically not to know is, why. And I mean this honestly, can someone explain why Jews specifically target whites?

      1. Hard to answer, people are strange
        Like that moon god cult tribe that believes mass murder leads to 72 goats to fck in heaven, it just “is”

      2. Because whites are the most successful group. If you want to steal guns, you don’t target drugstores. If you want to rule the world, you have to infiltrate and destroy the group that has the best chance of achieving that.

      1. Re-read his comment in the context of THEM not compromising and pushing their bullshit on us by force day after day. And by force, I mean increasingly with guns wielded by men in uniforms.
        What chance of a detente do you see in a scenario where one side is more and more openly committed to violently destroying its opposition?

        1. When a person is hiring men to shoot you dead, and the men start to shoot you dead, what course of action do you recommend then? Just curious. The fetal position? Begging on your knees? Please, I’m interested in your suggested recourse.

        2. They don’t shoot you dead straight away. They start with getting you sacked, blacklisting you, fining you, censoring you, sentencing you to prison terms…
          Shooting you is a last resort if you don’t play ball with the legal system.
          You could just move to another country or stop being involved in politics. As for resorting to violence, I hope you’re taking steps to hide your IP address and remain anonymous. Otherwise you may end up on a list. Don’t think blogs such as this one aren’t monitored in one form or another.

    5. Excluding Karl Marx and Pol Pots and other Progressive leftist leaders of old who resorted to violence. In this day an age yes the Left is Afraid and weak, they like to Bully, but they are the Kind of Bully that Cowers once confronted.

  6. Attention black people: your commissars demand that you take an interest in indie rock immediately! Abandon music which speaks to you, and embrace the whiny self-introspection of indie rock immediately! Never mind whether this is actually in your interest – diversity is your interest!!
    How is shit like this not racist?

    1. Oh man right on. Indie music imo fucking sucks. It’s pussy , maudlin fucking shit. Least rap is music is about chasing tail and partying i.e. guy stuff.

    2. “It’s not racist if majority says so” remember we live in a democracy where majority rules.
      Also, being black, I’ve seen people actually say that it’s not racist to be “anti-white man”

    3. Great example in the article. The group is from Scotland…how would it not be white.
      “You know that group from India seems kinda brown”. No shit, Capt. Obvious.
      Something so stupid does not even deserve the time or the respect of an answer…it’s that stupid.

  7. Time to repeal the laws banning fags, women, and blacks from starting music groups without major label support.

  8. “The transformation of Pitchfork into a left-wing, anti-male
    propaganda vehicle illustrates why it’s imperative for men to defend
    their spaces against SJW subversion. Merely being neutral or apolitical
    is not enough, because cultural Marxists use neutrality as a weapon to
    infiltrate and take over institutions. It’s precisely because most people are apolitical that cultural Marxism has seeped into every aspect of American life.”
    Brings back to mind my article at the start of the year about dominating space. SJW entryism is how they begin to dominate space. To fight back, friendly spaces must be vigorously protected. Otherwise you will lose that territory. Definitely, GamerGate’s biggest weakness is the leftists in it who are simply not far left enough.

  9. It’s time to reclaim our power as men. Throughout all known history, we have occupied leadership positions in every major culture and society. Even today, the richest people alive are all men, self made billionares, all men, rich girls only inherited/married into wealth. Will we continue to allow ourselves to be bullied by little girls, faggots, transexuals and landwhales? This madness must stop.

    1. “Will we continue to allow ourselves to be bullied by little girls, faggots, transexuals and landwhales?”
      So long as we accept the feminine doctrine to abjure force; yes.
      Once upon a time mere schoolboys had a cry of defiance with real teeth in it, a cry that is completely compatible with the libertarian doctrine of non-initiation of force:
      “Come and make me.”

      1. We also used to say “It’s a free country!” a lot when people tried to tell us what to do, think or say.
        Nobody says that much anymore.

    2. The good news is that this femo-homo-pc-machine produces the kind of kindling that inevitably results in revolution. I continued to maintain that the Men’s Movement will go parabolic because the current system is fucking them and fucking with them so much, moderate, apolitical or even leftist, men will be seeking us out. The bullshit with the nfl in 2014 and now this shit with the nba is in some ways a welcomed development because whereas before leftist denied their identity, today, people are seeing them clearly. And that’s another advantage too, because, understanding what these leftists want i.e. taking their “agendas” and “theories” to their logical conclusion reveal to people just how undesirable such a society will be. And, for fuck sake, we’re dam near close as it is.

    3. “Violence SOLVES problems” not sure who said it first but it is applicable none the less. Furthermore there is not ONE of us on this planet that does not eat without an act of violence being committed on our behalf first [vegetarians too] like it or not. We MUST learn to harmonize with the violence of this place or be destroyed by the weakest among us due to their fear of everything human. Also we must learn the difference between violence and aggression as there is a HUGE difference there to be taken in.
      As Thucydides said: “The society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting by fools.”
      That is what has happened to our ‘leadership’, in the west for certain. I am of the opinion that NOONE should be able to ‘hold office’ whom has not been in at least 5 fist fights. You have to have some experiences like that to understand a little humility and the true consequences of committing anyone to go and FIGHT for a community or a nation.
      Just my 2c 🙂

    1. How would that cure her? Her faux suffering would become real at that point and she’d be a real mess of entitlement at that point.

  10. “I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.”
    The ‘morality of compromise’ sounds contradictory. Compromise is usually a sign of weakness, or an admission of defeat. Strong men don’t compromise, it is said, and principles should never be compromised.

  11. Don’t blame SJW’s on the “left”.
    Nor “Political Correctness”
    Heh, look up some of R. Crumb’s comics… Angel Food anyone?
    This is part of “The Controller’s” tried and true “Divide and Conquer” tactic – in this case the modern effect is to use and abuse the progress made in decades past by ramming it through in bizzare wretched excess, to turn the Diversity into a perversity. Enough stupidity forced on people they’ll want a neo-nazi kind of push-back that’ll again do no good but keep people fighting amongst themselves as the country is bled dry.
    The best counter (on the consumer end) would be “You aren’t activists, you are thieves. You just want to promote your various interests. Uh, ever take a programming course? Why not make your own video games? Don’t force your stuff in ours, make your own and see if they sell.”
    And, obviously, to write to the companies and demand that they INCREASE the sexism, violence, dirty stuff, etc to push back on the SJW’s.

      1. Exactly!
        My opinion of the Sark (Anita Sarkeesian) and others is that they are “Post Feminists”
        One man’s opinion but essentially –
        They emerge from the Debt Factories aka “Colleges” with “Advanced Feminism” degrees. The Controllers go “Sorry, babe, but we’ve already used Feminism to destroy the family and the middle class. Good job dividing houses so they can not stand. But we don’t need any more stuff from you, you might be able to sleep your way into managing some dead end office…”
        “But – But – MEN are still paid more than us!!!”
        “Yeah, don’t worry toots, we are lowerin’ his wage fast as we can, short of sparking bloody revolution. But soon he’ll be making as much as you, or less, even if he’s an engineer to your…feminist studies whatever…”
        So, they go to find a niche to make a name for themselves. Video games and comics cater to males, mainly white males since we’ve been the #1 consumer of said media. by our standards it is pretty lame and G rated, even the “Mature” not much worse than any R rated movie, etc.
        Note that publishing was ruined this way in the late 70s/early 80s. The “New Wave” went from “Let’s experiment with more interesting stories than the latest I wanna be Flash Gordon thing…” to “Ram in anti white male slurry and ban writers who don’t bend over backwards”

  12. “declare it right wing”– sorry dude the neo-kahn jews have destroyed the meaning of “right wing”- that asshole jeb bush is considered right wing,and he may be the next US president…he supports open borders and zionist wars, and most of the right wing republicunts who dont support it with their rhetoric, do so when they vote.– watch what they do not they say.
    no white man should identify as right wing or captitalist or any other label other than, white european!

    1. European? Arabs, Semites, Turks, Persians, Kurds, etc., are white men, but not necessarily European. Moreover, after several centuries, many American white men have no traceable connection to Europe. They are not any more European than an American black man is African.
      Everything that is not left-wing is by definition conservative, reactionary and “right-wing.” No sense putting yourself on the Southern Poverty Law Center hit list by stating the obvious. If anything, this website is overtly “sexist,” in that it acknowledges differences between the sexes. But, again, why pick a fight with a bully by stating the obvious?
      Every institution, whether a website or a nation, is, inevitably, eventually corrupted. It is in the nature of things.

      1. Ask any feminist or SJW what the “evil white oppressor” is. It will always be someone of European (usually Anglo Saxon) heritage.

        1. Why on Earth would I converse with a feminist? I sincerely don’t care what they think, as I know going in that their heads are filled with stuff and nonsense, and that their “deeply held convictions” are nothing more than passing emotions. Asking a feminist to defend her position is like requiring a dog to do math. It is both cruel and pointless.

        2. To be fair, you don’t have to ask them. They’ll make sure to tell you regardless if you want to hear it or not.

        3. A lot of white feminists and SJWs love to lump themselves in with people they see as “oppressed,” because they want to be special snowflakes themselves.

        4. Yup, pathetic, as I have seen first hand how easy it is for white women at all aspects of life, including corporate America. The fact is, most just don’t deserve reward. There are *always* a large number of exceptions to the rule.

      2. I’m fairly certain that specific DNA markers would connect any given white man in America or Canada directly to Europe actually.

  13. How can I as a non white man help my white friends in this war? Despite not being white myself I see the dangers of this war against white males.

    1. Right . All are at risk. It’s about control. It’s totalitarianism. It’s about censorship for ALL of us especially men. ( all men…)

    2. Who cares if you’re not white. You’re a man, this shit is coming your way whether you like it or not. That’s whey Neomasculinity is so awesome we’ve transcended race. Stand with us. But, humbly and not to contradict, race may mean nothing to us, but it means everything to these sjw’s, so, use that to your advantage. And you can do things that white men can’t. For instance, use their tactics back onto them, if they disagree with you or attack you, tell them their racist.

      1. Of course I see the danger this has for all men, liberal bull shit is continuously creeping its way into other traditional societies. Hey I try, in one class a 40 year old polish dude once apologized to the blacks for slavery and then stated he had no idea he had white privledge until he came to that class lol. I told him that is bs and to try and cash in that privledge on his next job interview. Needless to say the sjws in my class had a fit lol because I was a brown man coming to the defense of the white men.
        It is going to be an uphill battle for sure but I think it can be won, I have noticed that as I speak some red pill truths in class other dudes who otherwise would have remained silent start to speak up backing me up. Our side has many numbers as well what we have lacked is the will. The reason why I asked how I can help is because I feel as though we need to become more organized or as organized as our enemies at least if we want to make a larger dent in their narrative.

  14. I’m pissed there aren’t more old, fat and slow white guys in the NBA. When is somebody going to write about that? The only thing keeping me out of the league is prejudice, and I’ve about had it.

    1. Jesus that is the wrong analogy wow! A more accurate analogy would be if they kept out real good white athletes out of the NBA because of their skin tone. In the past Black athletes who were as good or better than the whites would not make it because of racism. At least be accurate with your analogy/sarcasm.

        1. Yes Sarcasm is involved, but if said sarcasm is trying to imply that groups were given opportunities they “Did Not” deserve, then the sarcasm fails.

        2. Humor and sarcasm are only useful if there are a few threads of truth woven into the story.
          “Real good white athletes”?
          Quotas and “affirmative action” are about racial and gender set asides that exclude the qualified for the unqualified. The NBA is a strict meritocracy unlike the local police and fire departments that must accept women and others based upon their gender and race.

        3. If you think about it the conscious realization of the exclusion of Black athletes in organizations like the NBA in the past and the breaking down of barriers is something like “Affirmative Action” Now the NBA is more like a strict Meritocracy. People need to understand the REASONS WHY things like Affirmative Action needed to come about in the first place..that is what is lost on many visitors on this website and others like this one.

        4. “The NBA in the past.”
          There is remembering the past and living in the past and knowing the difference. And that too is lost by some visitors to this site.

        5. No because the past is brought up here with comparative analysis and it also shapes the future…”blowback” is an example in Geo Politics and the past shapes our modern day policies and our direction or choices impacting our futures. very simple really.

      1. I guess you never played high school basketball in the South, then? Or were a fast white guy who could’ve played running back but was instead put in the defensive backfield, because “everybody knows blacks are better”?
        If you think that doesn’t happen, you’re sleepwalking man.

        1. Sports is about merit its as simple as that…if you are White and can dribble and have the talent you are a marketing goldmine…in fact I can argue that racism still works against the minority players in things like baseball yet they still pump out most of the players. There was NEVER a time when ALL or most whites were barred from sports because of their skin color its as simple as that. If you are white and can perform you will be a media darling!

        2. I’ve seen white kids who can ball, dance and rap with the best of them and we loved that the guy showcased his skills. I loved the Asian point guard in the NBA Lin. A Man always respects another that has skill and drive because that’s the example we want to showcase ourselves. If you feel you are in an area where you are the minority it should only be used for extra fuel for motivation.

        3. He’s a perpetual sleepwalker, and shows up on queue on any thread where pushing against leftism and cultural Marxism is mentioned, in order to start spreading the SJW love.

        4. My only probleme with him is that he thinks high civilization came from Africa, when it clearly didnt.

        5. My only probleme with him is that he thinks high civilization came from Africa, when it clearly didnt.

      2. Third Eye, cmon son why do you have to always debate this to the extreme. The man meant no offense he was just being sarcastic and funny.

        1. lol yeah you are right, simple writing is at times harder to decipher because it lacks tone and cadence like the spoken word.

  15. If it really gets bad we can always build our own culture, decentralized media and academia is coming. These sjw fucktards can’t chase a billion autonomous units.

      1. Okay, then its MGTOW. Look the opportunity is there not just for men but for all non-progressives. Frankly, for anyone that wants to live as free as the can in this world. The left only has power because they control the narrative and the schools. A decentralized media, which Andrew Brietbart envisioned, IS our future should we take it. And, as far as academia is concerned…its only a matter of time. I’m in a high tech field (its actually financial tech (fintech)) and the kind of technology I’m involved with is very new. Because its so new there aren’t enough people. The tech industry understood that conventional academia is way too slow to react so they’re doing the training online via education aggregators and issuing accredited certificates. Most of it is free if not a fraction of academia. That’s the future. Left out is sjw bullshit because it wastes time. That simple.

        1. For those who aren’t interested in certifications, and I don’t see why a culture of autonomous men would be, the future has been here for over a decade. The Trust Metric experiment of Kuro5hin may point the way to a certification alternative for those instances where something of the kind is legitimately needed.

  16. It’s funny when Indians complain about white privilege.
    Most indian expats are Brahmin after all.
    Professor Haidt also found that Liberals are more likely to cut ties with people over politis. And also wildly misjudge their opponents when asked to to weigh the values of their opposition.
    And lastly RockingMrE, who has had scuffles with MGTOW types, noted that Fox News runs stories on divorce court fucking men over. The right has always been on the side of men, and now that the manosphere has made enough noise, has taken notice of the issues.
    For an example of the opposite take a look at GirlWritesWhat on the Young Turks, and laugh your ass off at Fred Flintstone trying to bully her.

    1. Oh dear lord… the Karen Straughn interview with Cenk Uygur. Cenk is such a blowhard assholes… I used to think Bill O’reilly had the biggest problem talking over people he was supposedly interviewing. Every interview with Cenk makes Bill look like a complete saint.

  17. Cultural Marxism is a virus that is fueled by the apathy of those who don’t fight against it.
    IMO apathy is the deadliest peril to our civilization, not the attacks themselves.

  18. Why don’t feminists and SJWs start attacking the rap music scene? The whole rap scene is far more materialistic, sexist, enforcing of “rape culture,” and far larger and more mainstream than the Indie scene…
    Oh wait, they’re afraid of being called racist.

    1. Or they’re afraid of being told to fuck off and ignored. This is their ultimate fear. SJWs are virtually powerless over people who don’t give a shit about what offends them. If you’re in a position to not give a shit – as the rap music industry is – you can show that these clowns have no power at all and are completely irrelevant. If you’re in the music industry that caters to these whiny fags, you have to play their game.

      1. That’s also a very fair and true assessment. Rappers generally don’t give a fuck and have no problem telling them to fuck off. They will, however, go after people like Macklemore and Iggy Azelia for “muh cultural appropriation.”
        I think the SJWs tried to push their bullshit in the metal scene and were met with fierce resistance. I don’t think people in metal will be pushed over either, and I say that as someone who is a bit of a metal head myself.

    2. That and also because SJWs are cowards and won’t attack potential violent gangsters in rap because the rap scene is full of them. The same reason why SJWs never say anything against muslim terrorist groups or muslim fundamentalist countries. They only pick targets that look safe to them because they are pussies (in all senses of the word.)
      Non-violent white men with jobs are an easy target because most of them have jobs and don’t want to potentially ruin their life by getting in fights against SJWs, so they don’t defend themselves that much. They find the risk of fighting SJWs not worth it.

      1. Although, in this day and age, you may just ingratiate yourself with management if you fight the right way.
        Sure, you will be publicly “distanced from” or labeled as “someone not authorized to speak on behalf of the company”, but executives know this is BS, and as long as you’re not a problem employee and produce for the organization, they’re not going to fire you.
        You have to remember that such SJWs are a headache for many organizations.

    3. Feminists have long ago attacked Rap music man, not sure how you missed that. Some rappers had to try to explain the difference between a “Bitch” “ho” and a Woman that they respected.

      1. How long ago? The only real attacks against rap I see from feminists are people bitching about Macklemore and Iggy Azelia for “cultural appropriation.”

        1. A Long time ago since the 80s man lol how old are you? Sometimes I come to this site and just have to respond lol.

        2. I only ever see them get attacked by conservative Christian types every once in a while. Your modern feminist and SJW is far too busy going after things they feel are “too white.”

        3. Modern Feminists does go after Rap music and they have been going after Hip Hop since long before ‘MetalGate’ you guys are just “New” to the party. Gays also have gone after Rap music and Reggae because they say the music is anti-gay. Personally I now prefer underground Hip Hop, but even high level intellectual Hip Hop gets criticized for their Geo-Political views, especially by Right Wing Elements and their cookie cutter false jingoistic world views.

        4. Sorry, I just don’t see it very often at all in the mainstream. Everything is about going after movies, “conservatives,” gaming, etc. If they are going after it, then it’s certainly nowhere near as forceful or rabid.

        5. Well mainstream Hip Hop is actually watered down…its about party drugs and women…in the 90s it was more anti-government, right wing, and police…now that aspect has gone underground..but Hip Hop in general has been attacked for longer than some readers who are bring up this false comparison have been alive!

        6. There’s no doubt hip hop in general has been attacked for quite a while. My only contention is that what we have going on these days isn’t really the feminist/SJW crowd going after it. They tend to go after things they perceive as “whiter,” like gaming. Honestly, I would love to see them go much harder against that scene. I would love to watch them get their asses handed to them by people in that community who really don’t give a fuck at all. The backlash would be legendary.

        7. Yes I think going after gaming is ridiculous! And there are plenty of games with a variety of situations, but they are only going after the more mainstream blockbuster games like GTA.

        8. I didn’t even know high level intellectual Hip Hop existed.
          Could you post examples?
          Mainstream hip hop is total shit I think its just Yolo rather than virtue and excellence.

        9. The 90s is considered the “Golden Age” however many of the Hip Hop music that is more conscious has been relegated underground. Ironically many places outside of America still have a wider variety of quality Hip Hop than America such as England. And White people, Blacks and Brown people have all contributed to a greater variety in Hip Hop abroad.
          Immortal Technique- the 4th branch (One Track) check out Revolutionary I and 2 and the album called “The Third World”
          Jedi Mind Tricks- The Psycho Social Album is a deep collection of political views mixed with Eastern Spirituality.
          Anything by Talib Kweli
          Mos Def- “Mathematics”
          Anything by “The Roots”
          Lupe Fiasco
          Enemy, X Clan, MC Ren, Ice Cube, Da Lench Mob, Tragedy Khadafi, Dead
          Prez, Brand Nubian, Sister Souljah, Paris and Big Daddy Kane.
          In England you have
          Akala and other Arabic Rappers..who usually speak on Geo-Politics

        10. There is nothing deep about Jedi Mind Tricks.
          American hip-hop is by far the best and the most innovative. There isn’t one Euro producer that is comparable to Rza or El-p in terms of innovation.

        11. Well I mostly agree as well, but I find Jedi Mind Trick’s first Album to be pretty deep. When I referred to Euro Hip Hop I meant as compared to American Rap that’s popular in the radio. The Euro Rap I heard many of it compares to the style of the 1990’s Golden Era American Rap. But I mostly agree with you.

  19. So is the left really trying to tell a group of people who form a band to “get a person of color”? That’s fairly racist, sad to see people supporting this. As a black man I can see white people as a minority simply because everyone on the left wants to oppress them for having any amount of success, it’s a damn shame.

    1. Yes it is racist, and I’m glad it’s being recognized by non-whites as such. There is hope.
      I want nothing more than to live in a peaceful society where live and let live was the norm. This constant Marxist bullshit is getting very tiring and has turned me very hard and on edge regarding a lot of topics I really didn’t use to care about.

  20. “As a lover of Belle and Sebastian, I was disappointed, though certainly not surprised. Belle and Sebastian’s work is steeped in Whiteness; God Help the Girl merely underscores this.”
    Then don’t buy it! Don’t watch it! No one is forcing you to consume entertainment that you don’t like. Is this too difficult of a fucking concept?
    Slayer’s new album will probably suck. Only two founding members remain and the singer has lost all his vocal range. This is fine, I won’t listen to their new album. I will enjoy the ones I like. Just because I like the band does not mean I have to like all of their music and projects and no one is forcing me to do so.
    “I don’t like something, so it’s wrong and evil and racist and homophobic and this and that and fat shaming and misogynist… BLAH BLAH BLAH FUCKING BLAH!”
    These people need to shut the fuck up. No one gives a fuck about what you think. Take your holier than thou attitude and move to the fucking Congo and see who cares about the “whiteness” of some faggot indie band.

  21. “The mere act of declaring an organization right-wing deters Marxist entryism in and of itself.”
    I’m not sure that’s sufficient. The UK Daily Telegraph used to be reliably right of centre. Its readership is still overwhelmingly right wing, but it has loads of left-wing or at least feminist articles (for example this week there’s a regular feminist indian woman explaining why sacked BBC presenter Jeremy Clarkson should be replaced by a woman) – indeed there’s a sense in which male dominated right wing institutions / media become left-wing (in whole or part) because they’re trying to appeal to women and the way to do that today is through feminism. Its possible that this is a form of gramscian ‘capturing of the institutions’ but I imagine its less sophisticated than that.
    “When you make statements such as “there’s no difference between the left and the right,” you’re opening yourself up to Marxist subversion.”
    Then the task becomes to define ‘right wing’ in a way that protects it from ‘left wing’ or those who position themselves across the divide, or alternatively who ‘work both sides’. This latter is the main reason you have the disillusion in the first place. We know that the bankster and globalists ‘own’ politicians on both sides figuratively speak and often own media on both sides literally.
    My suspicion is that ‘right-wing’ doesn’t really cut it unless its more specific by stating the values that define what right-wing means – something like the core values that ROK says it stands for. Further cultural marxism works primarily through the distortion of language – without clear definitions right wing could easily mean left wing and vice versa once their language wizards have done their work. The word ‘liberal’ is a case in point. But so is ‘fascist’, ‘totalitarian’ etc which as another article this week pointed out are terms which properly describes the left, but which the left has managed to project onto the ‘right’

  22. Not sure why so many “red pill” guys fail to see the racial aspect of all of this. At least here people seem to recognize what’s going on, but I’ve heard countless “red pill” guys be so…. blue pill when it comes to racial issues. To SJWs, race is at least as important as gender. This article is a perfect example. To dismiss the racial aspect of it is not doing anybody any favors.

    1. Men of all races have been affected by SJW’s and cultural marxism. Only a few Nazi wackos take it to the next level.

      1. Caring about the future of your people and attacks on them does not make you a “Nazi wacko.” White people taking the brunt of this cultural Marxist bullshit needs to be addressed.

      2. You guys are both right. White people are taking the brunt but Black, Asian, and Hispanic men are right behind us!

        1. Race nationalists are usually manginas.
          It is not a red-pill. It is the obstacle that prevents men from taking the red-pill, because every race-nationalist ideology becomes a goddess cult.

      3. The fact that you bring up “Nazi whackos” makes his point for him.
        Do you lack the balls to swallow the racial red pill?

    2. “Not sure why so many “red pill” guys fail to see the racial aspect of all of this.”
      I’ll tell you exactly why: Decades upon decades of institutionalized brainwashing at all levels of society; university, media, pop culture, etc. I know lots of guys who are red pill when it comes to women, but then they go and vote Democrat. Hell, they even think voting matters at all.
      There’s a reason why Stalin called them useful idiots. He murdered millions of his loyal supporters. In their final minutes, with guns to their heads as they stared into the trenches that would be their final resting places, many still could not understand how it had come to that. So many of the useful idiots could not comprehend why they were being liquidated even though they supported all the bullshit. They all naively thought they would have a seat at the table. They were wrong.
      Never associate with people over roughly the age of 30 who have not figured this world out yet. Chances are, they never will. Give the younger ones some benefit of the doubt, but only a little. Do not associate with the older ones. They will never change. They are a huge liability.
      The world has been spiraling out of control for quite some time now, at least compared to the relative stability of the 3 decades after WW2. It will all come to a head eventually, even though I cannot accurately predict when. Any student of history can tell you this. Don’t associate with the useful idiots. Don’t debate them, don’t argue with them, just avoid them. When things start to “get real,” i.e. the shit starts hitting the fan, a la 1930s, those lefty useful idiots will be the first to rat you out in order to gain favor with their masters. Beware.

      1. Quite true, but that might very well bring back the old adage of “Snitches get Stitches” once again to the mainstream. Which I would not complain about in the least as it is time for a real pecking order of ‘manliness’ to return in how we operate in society.

    3. Race is the last red pill men usually take – if they take it at all. It goes down hardest, runs counter to decades of propaganda, and there’s the most risk involved in voicing RealTalk racial views.

    4. Fuck that…..the problem, today, is that anything that is embrace by white men (and I mean anything) is deemed evil or racist. You love your original country (say Scotland) but god your so racist because there is nothing but white people in Scotland.
      No shit….I’m white (it’s where I’m from)…so it kind of makes fucking sense.
      I’m tired of walking on eggshells or hiding my heritage so someone else doesn’t get “offended”. There offended because I’m proud of where I came from? Fuck’em then.

      1. But Driver Im trying to understand who is offended if you love Scotland?! People of all races and backgrounds like St. Patty’s Day (Yes its commercialized) but so what everyone is Irish that day. People love Oktoberfest and German Culture as well! People Celebrate Italian heritage…Columbus Day is offensive to some of us cause he directly SCREWED our ancestors obviously some people will not like that…but if they celebrated Galileo Day I don’t think anyone would be against it…not even the Catholic Church lol.

        1. oh..it was just a hypothetical (but potentially a real threat) by SJWs. They see anything that is loved by men (men of all color but especially white men) as evil.
          It seems as if men are enjoying anything then it must be oppressing or evil (pretty much my point). The example in the article talks about the indie group from Scotland (and how white they are). Well, they’re from fucking Scotland…were they supposed to be purple or blue?
          See how ridiculous it is when dealing with SJWs? No reason at all, no common sense..just mindless complaining.

        2. In Australia openly declaring your a proud Australian gets you labelled racist if you’re white, they tried to ban The Australian flag on Australia day coz it might offend non Anglo Australia. Many US universities an schools have already banned The American flag deeming it racist.

        3. I don’t have a problem with “Proud Australians” however I have also met some ignorant racist Australians and its especially annoying when they are not from that land to begin with..you HAVE to notice the irony and why people will be annoyed with them.

        4. I’ve met ignorant racists from every country to label all white Australians as ignorant an racist is ridiculous, but that’s what happens. As for not being from here I was born here same as any Aboriginal, there’s such a thing as globalization an multiculturalism now days. An not all non white Australians are Aboriginal I find it hypocritical of a Arab being offended by a white Australian when their ancestors migrated to Australia, they arn’t exactly indigenous.

        5. But White Australians are still better off than the original inhabitants anyway…White Australians never faced TRUE persecution that is what I mean….talk about “Blue Pill” when you feel bad about “comments” and especially when you compare that “persecution” to actual Physical persecution committed upon others.

        6. Indigenous Australians never had a high standard of living an weren’t living some utopia like you’ve been lead to believe, many Aboriginal women were abused an sold as sex slaves by various tribes ,something which doesn’t happen now days. Indiginouse Australians get given free housing an education an affirmative action means they get a job over a white person. The reality is an it will be hard for you to accept is that they were In Australia for 40 to 60 thousand odd years an invented nothing apart from a boomerang, digeriedoo an canoo. TheBritishb had a far shorter timespan were far more advanced an colonized them. Not saying that justifies everything but that’s what happens in human history, advanced races overtake less advanced ones. It’s not my fault that over 150 years ago some white people who happened to be more advanced took over a less advanced culture, I had absolutely no part to play in that. They’re in fact lucky it was The British, many other countries would have wiped out the Aboriginals to the last person as has happened to other races.

        7. None of what you stated justifies anything….I can say the Moors help civilize Europe as well…or that Blacks and Middle Easterners are the originators of Civilization. All I am saying is that its annoying when you have ignorant racist “Australians” who treat the aboriginals as “foreign” when they are not from their to begin with.

        8. Yes a few white Australians do that but you playing the SJW trick of blaming all white Australians for the attitudes of a few. Also where do think Aboriginals came from? They didn’t grow outta the ground they actually migrated to Australia to begin with.

        9. I’m not playing no “SJW Trick” and please don’t use that idiotic terminology. No one is “tricking” you I’m speak directly. Yes Aboriginals migrated out of Africa in fact we all came out of Africa to begin with. And I’m not blaming “ALL” white Australians neither I stated that it can be annoying with SOME ignorant Australians.

        10. I agree there’s ignorant Australians but my whole point is in Australia all white people get tarnished with the same brush simply for having the same color skin as some ignorant white people. If I had it my way we would all be labelled Australian an none of this bullshit about shaming certain groups, giving some groups privilege, political correctness would be fucked off, an no one could claim victim mentality, all those things do is create more racial divide.

        11. Upon further thought I also disagree.with needless forced integration for.no reason… I am basically a person who respects Merit and hardwork no matter who you are. If you have the talent and the hardwork and are.better than your rivals you deserve a shot. That is simply what I am about.

        12. You have to be careful today. The media and society has pushed everything (and everyone) that they feel is “wrong”. SJWs feel it is their right, their duty to tell everyone what is “right and wrong”. When I was younger (a while back), older people used to tell me “mind your own business”. That’s the problem, today. Too many people are afraid to say something along those lines (for fear of push back or offending someone) – but that statement was very true. Tell an SJW, today, to mind their own business when it doesn’t involve them and watch their head spin.
          Who died and left you boss – was another great one.
          Who truly died and left these fuckers in charge? Not I……and I’ll continue to push back against them.

        13. Just ban ALL ethnic parades. It’s just a day for people to say “We’re the best!”.
          Independence Day, Memorial Day, etc- these parades are fine. LGT parades should stop as well…

        14. Why I don’t mind them its just a celebration of a people’s culture, nothing wrong as long as you are not putting anyone else down.

        15. “White Australians never faced TRUE persecution”
          That’s a joke right? Many were political prisoners extricated from Britain.

        16. Yes I agree with your statement but then and after they inflicted true pain on the original people of that land.

        17. lol I’m just saying that this thought that White people can’t celebrate their heritage because they will be labelled “racist” is simply not true. You can celebrate Irish holidays, German holidays, there is no problem like that. Personally I enjoy them as well.

        18. Definition of Persecution:
          hostility and ill-treatment, especially because of race or political or religious beliefs
          You are partially correct INITIALLY English convicts were brought to what is now Australia and other locations because the Industrial Revolution caused over-crowding an a rise in theft and other crimes in England. MOST of the convicts were convicts because of CRIMES they committed and ONLY a FEW were Political Prisoners from Britain. Also these convicts were still able to rise in social status and financial wealth in Australia taking land that was not there’s while brutally killing the aborigines who were TRULY Persecuted because of their culture, race etc. Big Difference!

        19. No what I’m really saying is that no one is shunned for celebrating their nationality or heritage. St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday many people of different cultural backgrounds partake in for example.

        20. I was joking about that last point. Sorry, probably wasn’t clear, as it was dry humor. I don’t think using St. Patty’s as an excuse to go get drunk with your friends is really celebrating a holiday (or holy day) in the same way religious or ethnic groups celebrate holy days or meaningful holidays.
          Seriously, though, can you imagine the outrage if people dressed up in cheap, commercialized traditional African outfits for Kwanzaa to go out drinking with their friends? Is there an Irish analog for “blaxploitation”?

        21. Look man, I’m certainly not an expert on the founding of Australia, nor am I condoning the extermination of indigenous peoples. Plenty of white people have suffered at the hands of despots, and plenty of non-white people have suffered at the hands of other non-white people.

        22. Well St. Patty is highly commercialized now…but so is Cinco De Mayo and other holidays. We also have some holidays we use to celebrate and have a good time and others which many people observe more conservatively. Other religious groups have occasions where they celebrate after Ramadan for example or carnival for example is a big celebration before lent in February celebrated in mostly Latin countries to include Goa in India (Former Portuguese Colonial Land) Latin America, European Latin related countries and even non Latin countries around the world.
          Personally I enjoy a good celebration, it’s a good way to relax and enjoy yourself.

        23. If Captain Cook wanted to, he could have wiped out most of the Indigenous Australians but he didn’t.
          The brutal killing theme was exaggerated. There was no call for mass genocide. The government just figured they would die out themselves because they were too dumb to survive.

        24. They survived thousands of years prior, and I was stressing the actual definition of persecution for the previous reader.

  23. IMO I never bothered trying to “prove” the SJWs wrong. They accuse me of something? Fine, I don’t care. Then they lose interest in me pretty quick. SJWs thrive on spineless people who try hard to be politically correct. Kinda like those video game developers who tremble in fear after every SJW attack, then make PR statements promoting feminism, tolerance, inclusiveness, etc… because they are scared. The SJWs see this and attack them even more.
    For example, I was on a forum once, and I randomly picked a name that also happened to be the name of a German town. But some SJW nutjob called me a “nazi” because of it and claimed I picked this name because some nazi event happened in this town and that I was a nazi sympathiser. You know what I did? Absolutely nothing. No mod did anything against me and the SJW looked like a complete idiot and was insulted by other board members. I didn’t try to “defend” myself because his attack was stupid and not worth defending in the first place. This is how you deal with this scum.

  24. The reasons why people such as Ann Coulter and Conservative outlandish Right Wing Media types are ignored to a certain extent is because they lose credibility and are seen as idiotic caricatures outside of their ignorant consumers. In fact outside of their ignorant fan bases they are seen as such large caricatures and beyond reality that one has to think they are taking advantage of their ignorant fan bases to propel themselves to the upper levels of wealth in their respective fields. Both Political Parties in reality are to a certain extent bought by Corporate Interests which are operated by the Global Elite, one party the Republican Party seems to openly portray their support for the Corporate Elite. The same inaccurate views can be said about how an element of the Right views Obama, some saying he is a communist (he is far from being a socialist)…and I’m not even mentioning the ignorance of the “Birthers,” the people who falsely believe he is a Muslim, or an “Apologist” the Right wing word for being historically factual and introspective about your own Nation’s actions.
    The simple two party system fails to accurately portray layered and complex views on social issues, any attempts at oversimplification fails miserably. For example one can be progressive, against the corporate elite, while at the same time respecting Religious traditional marriage, hard work, and anti-Zionism (which ironically an element of conservatives are also Anti-Zionist and extreme White Right Wing is Anti-Israel). Same can be said for an element of the so called Right Wing. In reality many who fall under the so called “left” would also be against a certain element of Third-Wave Feminism or its entirety. These views shift over time under the generalized dichotomy of the Two-Party System, for examples when Republicans falsely love to point out that Democrats were pro-Segregation and Republicans voted for the integration of Blacks and minorities into the overall American Society, the NAME is the same however the ideology changes, in fact those same Democrats went to the Republican Party.
    On another note Teddy Roosevelt’s Republican Party which was Anti-Trust against the big Robber Barron’s of the time, such as U.S. Steel and Big Oil Trusts that Rockefeller, Carnegie, and J.P. Morgan headed… would be supported by many Democrats of today, while many of Abraham Lincoln’s Republican policies of today would also be supported by many Democrats of today. So these simple debate “points” fall short under analysis. Greater diversity in entertainment is welcome without it being “forced” or “rushed” which can also come across as Patronizing to the very groups they are trying to include and appease ironically.
    On Extreme Feminism not only is the “White Male” attacked but ALL MALES are under attack to a certain degree, while the white male might have certain grievances they definitely have not suffered the same scrutiny or disenfranchisement as the black, brown, or yellow male of the same socio-economic background respectively (this is simply the cold hard truth). Ironically Feminism in America stems from White Females in the Middle and Upper Classes who can be considered the MOST PROTECTED CLASS, way above the brown or black woman ironically. Also while the white male assumes they are under “attack” they also reap the benefits of elevated “status” around the world by non-whites, simply by the color of their skin…evidenced by this author’s previous articles about his experiences abroad. This was perpetuated by the ideology forcefully pushed by the European Colonizers upon those people for centuries. (Note: Preferences are different and inherent to the individual, while to look down on oneself while elevating another group of people is unhealthy).
    One has to admit that an element of the Right Wing Media which many hold as opposed to what they say is the “Mainstream” Media is simply the modern day agenda that has ALWAYS been perpetuated for hundreds of years pre-packaged ironically. That element also oversimplifies and advances inaccuracies, partial truths and outright lies directed from the very top of their organization. Bottom line the article creates good points but there is a wider more layered perspective than the simple Right and Left Wing Dichotomy falls far short of portraying.

  25. Perhaps not “right” wing—this allows Alinskyites to define “right wing” for their own purrposes, and either caricature you (and themselves as noble heroes) or, at timesit becomes obvious that the left is evil (such as the early 1980s and the Soviets), to try to claim that “both sides” are just as evil and there is no alternative (demoralization).
    Perhaps we had better define ourselves as anti-SJW. This gives us the chance to define the SJW and yet draw in disparate groups who otherwise would be suspicious of anything labelled “right wing.”

  26. The SJW’s are insane there is a male feminist who wrote an article wondering why no one argues in defense of (PIV) penis in vagina sex. The guy wrote that all PIV was misogynistic and that women only like PIV because they have been conditioned by the Patriarchy. People like this are utterly insane, and should be sterilized the good news is that this guy is an antinatilist and will not pass on his faulty genes.
    Click the link below to see some real sjw insanity

    1. That was really painful to look at, and the comments section is just as crazy.
      If I wrote that article it would have been one sentence: “If you don’t want a penis in your vagina, then don’t engage in in that sexual act.”

    2. (rofl) There is no argument for pro-piv for the same reason there is no
      backlash against anti-breathers, anti-eaters, and anti-exercisers.
      because anti-piv people are simply batshit insane. One does not argue
      with the mad, one locks them up and medicates them, or ignores them as
      they rant and push around grocery carts full of dolls without heads.

  27. “…which lambasted Skrillex as “fucking creepy” for Tweeting pictures of a scantily-clad woman”
    Why not lambast the woman instead for being scantily-clad? Or it’s ok for women to dress like sluts, men are supposed to respect these ladies no matter what they wear, right?

    1. It’s hilarious, isn’t it?
      These people are out of their minds.

      1. Don’t worry Mizzz, I don’t find you the least bit sexually attractive.

  28. Anything that has a large percentage of white male is targeted by SJWs, they can’t accept the fact some things have a larger percentage of interest by white people. Are they going after rap an RnB for being too black or saying their are too many black NBA players? Of course not, this is just another example of white hatred.

    1. Again this is a bad analogy…NBA is about merit how hard do you work, if a white male is good or an Asian male he will make it to the NBA. However in the past Black Players were not allowed to play because of the color of their skin Even though they were AS GOOD OR BETTER than the white players in Basketball and other sports. There is a difference! This analogy is incorrect. No one complains that the NHL is mostly White…or that the World’s Strongest Man competition is Predominantly White Europeans and Scandinavians.

      1. Complaining that worlds strongest man an NHL is too white will come, I guarantee. I’m not here to criticize black people, I could care less if there’s more blacks, Asians or who ever in a certain pursuit but it’s only pursuits with predominantly white people that get targeted as being bigoted. If The Indie rock community banned black bands or black people for attending shows I’d say they deserve to be criticized but they don’t, it’s simply a music form with more white followers.

        1. I know you are not here to criticize Black people I’m just simply correcting this incorrect analogy. White rappers and whites entry into Black music and other spheres is usually welcomed by a section of Blacks. Many like Eminem and consider him Top Ten in Rap history, many actually like that others enjoy their cultures and customs as long as they respect the people who created the culture in the first place.

        2. I agree some white performees have respect the black music scene, but if there was a black indie rock band that was good I guarantee they would be accepted in the Indie rock scene by all the white Hipsters too. My point is the same, music forms that are traditionally followed by blacks don’t get criticized for a ‘lack of diversity’ but music forms that are traditionally followed by white people do, an it happens with other pursuits too. Surely you see the hypocrisy of SJWs.

        3. I haven’t seen death metal or heavy metal get criticized for lacking black bands neither last time I checked. Also a lot of music such as Rock n Roll heavily influenced by Blacks is heavily white today with an abundance of off shoots, and that’s ok.

        4. For not having Minority Bands or for their so called “violent” lyrics?…I commented on that and disagree I feel music is music and doesn’t perpetuate violence as much as a violent action movie does…in fact Rap music has always been criticizing even before ‘Metalgate’ welcome to the ‘party.’

        5. Yea but rap has never been criticized for lack of non blacks, like all music forms that have a large white following.

        6. Why would anyone “criticize” White music for not having “diversity” in it?! Country music and BlueGrass is predominantly white…most blacks are not interested in those genres and I have not seen any criticism.
          Hip Hop music was criticized because it WAS inner city urban black and Latino music! It was criticized for being violent and outside of society, but now many of the owners of the Hip Hop Companies are Whites and Jews and the minority of White Rappers are the most successful financially wise and a few critically wise.

        7. I agree it’s stupid to criticize a music genre simply because it has a larger following or participation by an ethnic group, but that’s exactly what SJWs do. But they only seem to do it when it’s a music genre that is predominantly white. SJWs an progressives hate white people if you can’t see this you’re living in denial.

        8. I think an element is annoying but most don’t care to be honest with you. And even if they “hated” white people as you say it is just a surface annoyance not comparable to what other groups have truly and physically faced.

        9. Because other groups in the past faced discrimination it still doesn’t justify having an anti white agenda which is what The Left, progressives an SJWs all have to varying degrees. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

        10. I think its about perspective, “progressives” also cannot be lumped together as “anti white” as many progressives are also white males…and might be progressives because they have other progressive views such as on the economy for example. However when using some analogies, I think a larger discussion to clarify comparisons is merited. But I agree no one should mistreat a whole group of people because they fall in a particular demographic.

        11. I’ve honestly never met a leftist or progressive who didn’t at the least have a dislike for white people or some kind of white guilt complex an that include the white ones. If you can’t see that white shaming is very common in the West an that political correctness is bassicaly discrimination against white people you mimust st have your head in the sand. A current generation should never be blamed for a previous generations crimes. Plus every race has a history of violence an bigotry not just white people.

        12. Of course but current generations are impacted by their previous generations in many ways. Right now we have a situation in the middle east thats been impacted by action decades and hundreds of years in the past. There are people who are paid 6 figures to think of Geo-Politics in 10, 20, 50 and 100 year spans. Also other groups are also quickly judged by the actions of a few in their community. You see this in black and brown communities as well. Certain groups of people are constantly forced to answer for the criminal actions of the few, by Conservative media for example. I like the fact that you bring up that even white progressives can “white shame” but when people of color criticize their Conservative cohorts..it is said in Conservative Media that we can’t stand seeing “someone have their own opinions” see it goes both ways as well.

        13. Fox News for example is Conservative Media, and they spew a certain level of ignorance as well. They are now touted as the “exception” but when you look at it they are really not…its just repackaged views that have existed for hundreds of years.

        14. Rap is criticized for pedantic and self-aggrandizing lyrics, a complete lack of musicality or tonality, grating and bat-shit insane lyrics, a lack of creative talent in rhyming schemes, and a culture that glorifies antisocial behavior.
          In short, musically it’s crap. Poetically it’s crap, and the culture of rap music is crap. The fact that it’s ‘black’ is incidental.

        15. Fox news is conservative the way cheerios are ‘healthy’. Sure, compared to lucky charms cheerios is ‘healthier’, but it’s still pure carbohydrates packed with sugar and no protein nutritional value whatsoever.

        16. Yeah they are sensationalist as most media is. Personally I think its one of the worst or the worst media outlets. It is Best to watch and read an assortment of media channels domestic and foreign.

        17. I don’t agree. They tend to screen their stories for Political correctness less judiciously than the rest, and their recounting of conflicts seems to be slightly more truthful.
          I prefer getting my news directly from the source, however.

        18. I think their ignorant analysis on many occasions, and unbalanced points far outweigh their non “P.C.” or “directness” if you may. But we can agree to disagree.

        19. “and their recounting of conflicts seems to be slightly more truthful.”
          Very incorrect..while you focus P.C. what you are not noticing is that Conservative Media Like Fox is jingoistic, Nativist, and Patriotic without question to the point that they become a caricature…even so called P.C. Media does not reach that level of ignorance and Flag Waving trash.

        20. you act like Jingoism, nationalism, and patriotism are some sort of flaw.
          If you want to keep your country, that’s the way to do it… but go ahead and play globalist. I will happily steal your country from you and shoot you when you try to come back.

        21. Patriotism is not a flaw but all three when carried to extremes is a flaw to the Nation. Also it can be highly hypocritical to those who practice it depending on the circumstances. A true Patriot questions his Nation and is honest in self-criticism.

        22. you say that and then post a huffpo link? Are you serious? Or have you been sniffing too much paint?

        23. as I have said a thousand times, everything in moderation.
          Leftism doesn’t moderate, it moves ever leftward. That’s why you have to take the hardest right position it is possible to take, moderate from THERE, and be prepared to snap back when the leftward drift begins.
          It’s easier to commute a death sentence that is unjustified than it is to justify a death sentence when it is illegal.

        24. Doesn’t matter where I get that link…because it demonstrates what a massive joke Fox News is compared to all media. You should be asking that question to the ignorant Fox News viewers…they have been sniffing something and its worse than paint.

        25. Yeah, that’s what the say about the ‘soft right’ and the far left as well.
          Don’t make the mistake of thinking hard right are skinheads. Those bitches are leftist through and through. Hard right is mostly old, reasonably successful, well-travelled, and well-educated men that have seen the reality of life.

        26. Yes, it does matter where you get that link. Huffpo has absolutely zero journalistic integrity, their writers simply ‘make shit up’.
          next time, post a link from a science fiction story or maybe quote a sitcom… you are more likely to get a better picture of reality from complete fiction than from Huffpo ‘infodramas’.

        27. Im not saying they are all “skinheads” its just the things I see them right on places like these and “Conservative” websites. Their is a large majority of comments that are ignorant.

        28. Fox News would rank below. Outside of the conservative community most everyone in America and worldwide look at conservative media especially Fox News as a big joke.

        29. as opposed to what… Huffpost? Washington post? Msnbc?
          90% of everything is crap. at least here, that average is not closer to 99%.
          Of course, it’s nice that you are around to help drive up that percentage.

        30. lol outside of conservative media and their viewers, the majority of people domestically and worldwide would actually disagree with you and your comment that’s the funny part of all of this. Even the most biased liberal media surpasses Fox News and that’s the simple truth whether you believe it or not.

        31. My opinion and the majority of people as well, I’m not locked into “liberal” views mind you..I watch many media outlets domestic and foreign and people who think critically would also state the same thing when watching Fox News..outside their blind followers most of their “News” is ignorant and far from reality. Ironically these people think they have the “alternative” to what they call mainstream media, but their “news” is a joke. I have talked to countless intelligent people from all over the world and they commonly talk about the ignorance on Fox News…I have to remind them that not all Americans think the way these people do. I have pointed out Fox News viewers’ mindless ignorance before and they respond with even more ignorance no sense arguing with those people. Anyway ill leave it at that, to each his own no sense talking with those people…”when you argue with fools, from far away no one knows who is who.” And i’m done arguing with fools here and in day to day life.

        32. why do you keep trying to pull ‘truth by consensus’? That is a logical fallacy.
          If you said something backed up by fact, like ‘The city fathers of Hiroshima would agree that nukes are bad’ I could give the truth by consensus thing a serious thought, because they are in a postion to know, first hand.
          But when the majority of people are trying to claim one lying media outlet is ‘more lying than another’ simply based on popularity? Try a little intellectual honesty.
          BTW, I am very tired of the trolling.

        33. Well think about it…if you actually remove yourself from the politics and the feelings, and view the commentary on a conservative website lets say Fox News compared to lets say Al Jazeera, BBC, or even CNN you see the average person show more layered and critical thinking than the average Fox News viewer. They use buzzwords like the President’s middle name to implant the idea that Obama is a foreigner or not “one of us” in fact when a Conservative simply utters for example Obama’s middle name almost 100 percent of the time what followed was complete ignorance and misinformation. When I discuss issue with someone i disagree with they can present their side using logic and reason and many conservative media simply don’t do this as compared to people who consume or watch other media outlets. The sheer ignorance and misinformation spewed from that media far overshadows any element of “P.C.” which makes you argue what you refer to as “Mainstream Media.”
          They make simplistic unequal comparisons such as the “protesters are rioting in favor of criminals,” which is obviously untrue. They are mostly protesting for what they view as inequality in the Justice System which actually exists today and historically although in some ways things have improved. You see I can cite many examples such as these and I see it every minute on the hour and every hour on the day and every day of the week by simply clicking on a Fox News website or many conservative websites. Most people domestically and abroad laugh at these people. Look at a recent article on “Meritocracy” that is something I stand for and would wish for in my ideal society, as well as social programs for the weak and elderly (with strict auditing to keep everyone honest) I would also fall more towards the so called “Left.” I also disagree with aspects of third wave feminism, although I would support certain feminist movement abroad in certain locations. I also support the troops but when I disagree with a war I support going after the people who SEND the troops into war. I am also for strong family and cultural elevation, you see everyone does not fall into little neat boxes. Obviously I believe that going after the big banks corporations and wall-street, who actually caused the last recession under Bush’s watch, is more important than going after the less important welfare abuser. (Obviously I only support social programs for those who need it and only temporarily). However conservative media is full of ignorance and many of their viewers cant think critically or have a level of hatred within them.
          Look up the definition of trolling by the way, cause I don’t do things just to gain an emotional response (although you are emotional due to my comments) I simply think that certain views should be debated and looked at from various points of view. Also if you notice on certain topics I have agreed with people who have disagreed with me on other topics.

        34. “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.” ~ Mark Twain

        35. “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.” – Mark Twain

        36. I don’t like using the term Conservative anymore because it has come to mean a moderate liberal who needs more personal time to deal with the socialist changes happening all around them. They may not be alright with (fill in the blank) today but they will be just fine with it tomorrow. I would say what you described is a Traditionalist. At least that’s how I self identify.

        37. That’s the point… In this world, by every maesure, sanity is utterly insane… so thus, those of us living outside of the asylum are the only sane ones in an insane world, or irredeemably insane by virtue of our understanding of basic logic and ability to apply it to virtually any activity or organization.

      2. It’s not the actual players who make the court that is the problem. It’s the surrounding culture, Sandberg’s invasion, blatant peddling of feminist bs, weak stabs at being political, etc.

        1. The culture impacts not only White Males as this article pushes, but all males. Everyone has to be careful of what they say especially because their employer will use it against them.

      3. That’s not the point. The point is that no one is complaining that the NBA lacks diversity (even though statistically it very much does). The point is that if anything is majority white the left will complain and want “diversity” quotas REGARDLESS of work or talent.

        1. Like I said previously who is protesting the NHL for being majority white or country music or Death Metal. The analogy DOES fall flat because NBA is merit based purely on your skill and work ethic. At one time blacks were NOT allowed because of the color of their skin despite the fact that they were BETTER than the white players. BIG difference! Some European players have made it into the NBA because they had skills that merited them gaining entry into the league currently. Historically many minorities have been left out of certain positions because of their race…but you have to believe if they don’t have the merit they wont last. It can work the other way..because many minorities who do work even harder than the white person will have to deal with people making assumptions they are there to fill a quota despite the fact that Affirmative Action was originally put in place to counter the inequality. Personally I rather everything be done purely on merit cause I don’t want any idiot denigrating my hard work although they didn’t work hard themselves.

    2. When they speak of “diversity” and “being more inclusive,” what they really mean is that they want less white people. If white people try to include themselves in certain things they then come up with terms like “cultural appropriation.”

  29. Why must everything become politicized? I just hate how everything is a political statement these days. Sports, wedding cake, even fast food and now music.

    1. because without politicizing everything, you cannot control everything. and Leftist Fascists MUST control everything in order to bring about their socialist utopia. EVERYTHING.

  30. Anytime you hear, “The first [something non-white something], or “too white”, it’s jealousy and even more importantly, acknowledgement that white people invented just about everything relevant in society, finance, government, education, innovation, etc. We are hated because we do things, a lot of things. We make things, improve things, perfect things, and nurture things to fruition. We make it happen. When I hear the phrase “white privilege”, what I really hear is “outstanding skill set”. Top of the class in anything and everything relevant and important. And that is where the hatred comes from. As I said in another thread, Feminists hate meritocracies, because if they were good enough to compete on a level playing field, or even one that is stacked in their favor where they still get beaten, they have to find manipulative ways to insert themselves in the picture. Any time a white guy starts something in business and it turns lucrative, the SJW’s and feminists invade because that’s all they have left to debate. Conniving and scheming and plotting is all they have left in their arsenal.

  31. Used to be I was afraid of the right. Now I’m proudly right wing, and I cannot thank ROK enough for leading me to the right way of thinking. Literally!

  32. Good article, although a yawn towards the cultural Marxism cliche and left-bashing conspiracy theories. People are out for their own best interests.

    1. Yes, leftists are out for their own best interests, that’s why SJWs are systematically subverting tech and now the arts.
      Nothing is a conspiracy until they coming knocking on your door. Then you’ll see.

  33. It’s hilarious how SJWs go after the most herbish, inoffensive artists (Belle and Sebastian) but are virtually silent about misogynistic rappers that call on men to “turn their bitches out and slap that ass until it’s juicy”.

  34. >The only truly effective way to protect an organization, institution or culture from SJW entryism is to declare it to be right-wing.
    Finally, it gets through to you Americans
    You need to own your position regardless of slander, which almost nobody on the American right does. It’s always some kind of excuse. If an equalist calls you a bigot, you don’t deny it, you say the time has come for bigotry.

    1. I noticed that when I say horrible, clearly right wing things like “You know, blacks had it great under slavery, we should do that again.” or “hosing down the park with a mac 10 during occupy wall street would have probably caused more of a revolution than wasteoids fucking and refusing to shower” I am generally met with silence and shrugs… but if I dare tread into conciliatory territory, like “Every once in a while I meet a Negro that is NOT a thug, who I wouldn’t mind hanging out with.” The leftists pounce like wolves on a wounded deer.
      Frankly, I think they just refuse to even deal with someone that isn’t weakened in some way. They are bullies, pure and simple, but the worst sort, emotional bullies.
      It’s easy to see why females embrace leftism. They have no honor or charity and despise weakness. Every man that gives them the slightest attention has just proven he is flawed and disposable.

      1. It seems as if you’ve unwittingly stumbled upon a new way to troll SJW’s. I would call it the Killdeer method after the bird that feigns injury to draw predators away from it’s nest only to have the injury magically disappear when the would be predator has been sucked far enough away from the nest they are protecting.
        In this field the conciliatory approach is the “injury” and once they have invested sufficient energy into attacking you then you can admit the troll.

        1. Well you could play apologetic and in the process of doing so either step on the toes of said minority group or even some other minority group. That way you’ll have a whole retinue of SJW’s blowing their time on you rather than causing trouble for someone else.

  35. And besides, isn’t indie rock filled with anarcho-leftist fags? Skinny white hipsters who wouldn’t know adversity if it shat in their mouths?
    Ironically racial diversity in the indie scene would probably destroy it as we know it

  36. Great article, always a fan of your work Forney.
    Couple of questions: Do you get paid when a Scribed.com subscriber reads one of your books? I ask because I recently joined the service and am part-way through “Confessions of an Online Hustler” and wanted to be sure your work is supported, financially speaking.
    Second question: Will you PLEASE crack down on the terrible grammar and spelling of your writing staff? I would love to read the site, but I can’t stand the ignoramus third-world writing style of the staff. It is really not that difficult to use spell check, Grammerly.com, or to have someone proofread.
    Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts.

  37. Brothers can I go completely off topic for some advice? Downvote me if you must.
    In 2012 I was the definition of beta, but somehow I was able to keep a longtime girlfriend (fat) and two mistresses on the side (5-6s) until 2013 when I discovered RoK and took charge of my life. I eventually ditched the fat g/f, promoted one of my girls (Kay) to acting g/f, lost 13lbs that summer and for the first time in ten years finally started to feel like I was alive.
    Despite her mistress like beginnings and advanced age (she was 30 at the time, I was 32) I started to really like Kay. She was an only child but was very giving, sweet, tolerant of my BS, and was raised in a strong conservative household. Against the teachings of game, I slowly settled in with Kay and wanted to see where things went. Then, fate intervened. In January of 2014 her mother whom I had only met once called me on her cell. She had collapsed at her new job and was rushed to the ER and given three pints of blood and platelets.
    Kay was diagnosed with Leukemia and we were told she would require a bone marrow transplant. I felt awful obviously but yet very supportive. I don’t know if it was my love for her, pity, human empathy, or some combination but I promised to never leave her. They started giving her low dose chemo and she was going to be effectively out of commission in the months leading up to the summer transplant, and then for a year after. I stopped thinking in terms of “us” and started thinking about her in terms of helping her get better. She could no longer be my effective girlfriend and call it what you will but I decided to leave my emotions with her but my dick with other girls. Around the same time I was a machine in the gym, running every day (2 miles at first then later 4) and lifting most nights. From the beginning of February 2014 to April I lost 19 more lbs to slim down to around 183 (from 211 in summer 2013, am 171 now). I never felt so aggressive in my life, my theory now is my testosterone was flowing like a teenager. Bam then I nailed four in a row Kendal, Kayla, Sandy, Ashley, none over 24, and kept nailing three of those four from March till May (all 6-8s). I never felt better in my life and I kept visiting Kay just trying to be supportive on the “up” weeks.
    By the middle of May, Kayla dropped off (bitch later forgot how to use b/c and is preggo now I later found out), I stopped talking to Sandy, Kendal disappeared into the Millennial-retard universe, and Ashley remained. Kay was released in May but was limited in what she could do and where she could go, but we spent her “up” weeks together during the summer mostly at her parent’s house or close to her home at restaurants, mini-golf, ice cream, etc. Her birthday was in August and I took her to a very nice meal with a card and roses. Her parents ponied up cash $33K for a brand new loaded Equinox because they wanted her to have “something to look forward too” after the upcoming transplant. During this time I elevated Ashley to acting girlfriend and stopped all other real game. While Ashley wasn’t the greatest fuck, she was obedient, kinky, and could cook and do housework on the weekends (Shades of Grey kinky, man that was fun) Kay’s transplant was on Aug 21 and she was very fucked up during and afterward, to be honest she was never really the same. I kept seeing her in Sept and October but many times she wouldn’t allow me to see her even when she was lucid. The last week of Sept I said fuck this and drove over to hospital without telling her. She was scared to see me, she had gone completely bald and developed blotches all over her face and body which almost looked like black and blue marks (negative reaction to the transplant). She sat next to me on the couch and I just held her in my arms, She started crying and I tried to be reassuring but I knew something was wrong.
    She was released in early November but every time I tried to see her she was too tired or sick to be seen. She called me just before Thanksgiving to invite to me Thanksgiving with her parents (whom I still barely knew) but a series of things prevented this. 1. I at the time was just getting over strep. 2. Ashley gave me strep 3. Ashley insisted I go with her for Thanksgiving evening 4. My mother was doing a thing and 5. I truly didn’t feel comfortable around her parents. I felt like they judged me, like I wasn’t good enough because I didn’t pop a ring out when we first started dating. I always felt like I just wanted Kay to myself I didn’t want anything to do with her parents. Point five is where I feel much guilt. Kay and I continued our long conversation and she hung up happy but tired.
    Thanksgiving happened and I stupidly placated the acting girlfriend after visiting with my family. Kay and I texted a bit between then and Dec 2, but I couldn’t get a hold of her after Dec 2 which was no big deal as she was in and out since the transplant and days went by without hearing from her. I almost drove up on Dec 3rd but did not for reasons I can’t recall. Kay tried to call me on Dec 7 but when I beeped to the other line she wasn’t there. I thought I’ll call her tomorrow which I forgot to do. I got a call from a strange number on Dec 9 which was Kay’s mother informing me she slipped into a coma and passed away the day before. This is right around the point when i lost control of reality. I lost my father and my beloved grandmother, the latter of which sucked. But nothing like this, I turned into an absolute fucking lunatic. I would have confessed to shooting both Kennedys and Reagan. I couldn’t hide this from Ashley because I was too far gone, so I told her and she was floored. I drove up and took part in Kay’s viewing, procession, and burial and got to understand what it was like to be a pallbearer. I also got to be put on display as Kay’s “friend” to some and “boyfriend” to others and especially enjoyed meeting Kays huge extended family (dad had four brothers with four kids each and some grandkids). Unfuckingreal is a good way to describe it all. Ashley stuck around through New Years but did an about face inexplicably in the middle of Jan to which I blame her sister the cunty cow for coaching. I was just too out of it until February to even attempt dating. I realized I had to get back on the saddle and in that time have able to put four more girls between Ashley and today, but somethings different. I’m just not me, I’m not the same. I can’t even stay consistent in the gym. I can’t get interested in anything at work. I keep reading philosophy and pontificating on deep questions. I keep rhetorically asking, whats life about? I feel empty after these conquests, even the fun one in which I got to use a variety of sex toys for the first time in awhile. I just don’t feel like the same man 12 months later and may be mildly depressed (the fact that my job may be in jeopardy doesn’t help, they cut my team in half two weeks ago). Does anyone have any constructive thoughts on the matter? Thanks in advance.

    1. Suck it up.
      You have a nasty case of oneitis. Get over it. if you feel that old reproductive urge, find a nice latina with good family values, get her pregnant, and marry her. Your first kid will fix that oneitis but good.

        1. Sorry I don’t have better advice, but in the case of oneitis, when girls are always so clearly mirror images of each other, there’s no other advice than to suck it up and find someone better.
          and believe me, there is always someone better.

  38. :…..in response to an article by Indian Race Troll Sarah Sahim …”
    I am beyond weary of these people and their constant harping about “whiteness.” I suppose looking in the mirror and confronting their own less than appealing “brownness” is too painful to bear. Gotta blame somebody for their lack of success, I guess.

  39. When I go to a new town, a certain portion of the leftist population will drop comments that appear innocuous, but which in fact are intended to gauge my enthusiasm for The Narrative. Hotel staff, waiters oops waitspeoples, etc.
    It’s coercive and totalitarian, but it’s also insulting and infuriating. The pretentious arrogance of these people never ceases to astonish. And also the extent of their psycho-spiritual insecurity, evidenced by how they have to test others and constantly see who is ‘on their side’.
    Righties, otoh, are far less disposed to this behavior. In public they rarely attempt to recruit me, or to ‘vet’ me according to inane nonsense like politics and ideology.
    Also, on the ‘indie music’ discussion in the OP — most indie music SUCKS precisely because these poseurs imagine they can substitute cheap prog politics for sweat, accomplishment, and artistry. Ditto ‘progressive music’. WTF is progressive music? Chumps using Herd Politics to substitute for musical originality and effort. Groupist sheeplings. Ptooey.
    I play ONLY regressive music. Proudly, 100% REGRESSIVE music, with nothing after the mid seventies allowed. Indie that you proghorned fakes.
    Cheers! lol

  40. Indie kids are fucking losers who make junk music and film 90% of the time. Weak pussy bullshit.
    Even in my lowly beta days I didn’t respond to most of that crap.

  41. Excellent article. I’m increasingly delighted by the intellectual and solution based articles written on this site. For as much crap the manosphere gets, if you were to read an average article on this site and read the average article on say a HuffPo or Jezebel site, you would see the profound intellectual chasm between man sites and fem sites.
    This type of fem-centric journalism has infected “male” magazines such as GQ. This is especially noted in the UK versions of GQ and Esquire. I’m in Thailand and had the chance to flip through a Brit GQ and was astonished that there was actually an article on “how to be a male feminist.” There was also a high end baby stroller advertisement that had a picture of an obvious alpha male pushing a stroller. I started laughing my ass off while my girlfriend was getting her hair cut because after reading the articles on this site and reading Rollo’s books (The Rational Male) I know the context of the ad that I am looking at. Years ago I would have read an article like “how to be a male feminist” in hopes of being one so I could get chicks to want to fuck me.
    Honestly, I feel bad for my British, Canadian, and Australian brothers in arms. It seems cultural Marxism has the average male’s ball-sack in a vice in those countries. At least in many parts of the US, especially great states like Texas, you can defy leftist mores and norms without social condemnation.
    Great work.

  42. Virtual games, many comics (especially modern ones), the majority of movies from 1970 until now, and every kind of music called rock, house, pop, electro or whatever, that appeared from Elvis Presley until now, are nothing but recipes for full brain damage. They are the epitome of human decline, degradation and depravity. They deserve to be destroyed, them and modern Bauhaus-derived architecture too.

  43. 2 groups of people I never debate or negotiate with: cultural marxist traitors and terrorists.
    The article is spot on about drawing the line in the sand. Remember that our civilization is under assault from the enemy within (cultural marxists) and the enemy without (jihadists) and we cannot negotiate with any of these people. Draw the line in the sand and hold our ground. Better still, we need to take the war to the enemy and hit them at their weak spots. Because ultimately, wars are not won by being on the defensive but by attacking the enemy.

  44. I’m female and I agree don’t hire a female writer for that website or this. The reason is simple. No matter how conservative or pro-man she is. Almost all women are vulnerable to the attacks of our own gender. I find men are generally quite oblivious to female attacks. They usually just walk away puzzled and rant, “why are women impossible.”
    This ignorance makes them inoculated against how women will attack. Women hold the threat of no sex over men or taking their kids or their wealth. But they ultimately can’t get even the most leftist of guys to really “understand” what they’re saying.
    But even the most oblivious of females will be much more open to the pressure than the most “female-attuned” of men.
    I have only met one women in my life who was ever okay being in the center of a **itstorm. Most will run away when things get tough. They will bow to the mob of female opinion. They will try to reach a consensus.
    It would go like this. If ROK hired a female writer and she publishes some article like “Why women should fight against feminazis”. Soon Jezebel and all that herd would tear apart the internet to find this female. They would flood her with hate mail. And she would break from their pressure. The group hate would work wonders on her.
    Her next article would be, “Why women should better explain feminism to men”.
    Even if they hate big government and are for male causes. They will bow to the mass of females and dilute their own opinions. Every. time.

    1. Which makes a decent case for a male version of George Elliot actually. Interesting.
      I disagree that all men think “women are impossible”. I do shrug and walk away when a woman gets mental on me, but she’s no big mystery.

  45. Good essay, and important. One more thing though, do not under any circumstance ever, ever, EVER apologize to these clowns.

  46. “The only truly effective way to protect an organization, institution or
    culture from SJW entryism is to declare it to be right-wing.”
    This is why Indiana’s Religious Freedom Act is so smart. Even if it’s repealed, SJWs know Indiana is openly hostile to SJWs. Therefore Indiana will be left alone a lot longer than other Red States.

    1. I wish I believed that. Instead they’re going to be the focal point of SJW hate for the forseeable future. Unfortunately some of those SJWs are CEOs of companies and are bullying the shit out of the state financially. Alphas no longer generally hold CEO positions… it’s hyperpolitically correct people like Tim Cook who do.

  47. Matt is right in that by welcoming conflict, we demonstrate the strength of our character. Margret Thatcher proved that in her confrontations with the limp Tory establishment, the Marxist labor unions and others. However, he seems to miss the fact that both leftist and much of rightist groups were and are being paid for by the Wall Street-City of London Party. The same Murray Rothbard qutoed in the essay also wrote Beyond Left and Right. It’s not enough to just declared ourselves not leftist, we also must reject the false-flag Marxist groups such as the neocons, CIA-front National Review, and Heritage Foundation.

  48. Totally off topic, but Peggy Olsen from Mad Men in the new episode just came out with some red pill wisdom – “you can’t have it both ways, especially the way you dress…” Damn told the bitch what’s good.

  49. Islam and Orthodox Judaism seem to be the only viable life options (short of becoming a hermit) that offer some protection (under religious freedom). As-salamu aleikum/Shalom aleichem.

  50. Matt, I could kiss your mind! Music, film, game, and to some extent the science communities ARE the front lines. They aren’t explicitly conservative which allows the Overton window to shift towards… the vaginal. Completely agree.
    Summer forecast: Be prepared for festival season to be ruined because there are too many white, male indie artists. http://noisey.vice.com/en_uk/blog/if-were-going-to-end-music-industry-sexism-the-dialogue-around-it-has-to-change
    Also here’s some you may have missed:
    Ed Sheeran (of all f*cking people) being chastised for being a closet misogynist (from the magazine who can’t get enough of rappers talking bout bitches n ho’s) http://pitchfork.com/thepitch/624-the-problem-with-ed-sheeran-and-nice-guys-like-him/
    Race: “I live in an awful world dominated by straight white men” from:
    Kayne to race bait everyone at Glastonbury:
    The tag ‘feminism’ or ‘race’ always ALWAYS yields a white male shaming article practically daily from either Pitchfork or Noisey. They are everything that is wrong with culture.

  51. If you study Communism history, they used leftists and SJW to obtain power…then discard them asap. Gulag, massive executions graves…were fulll of them

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