Tinder Is A Microcosm Of American Culture

In the 1980s, there were personal ads. This required a woman to come up with a few sentences about herself, contact a newspaper or magazine and pay for the ad, wait for her phone to ring, agree to a date, meet the man, and then make a determination of her level of attraction to him. Let’s say only 1% of the female population would go through the efforts of placing a print ad.

In the 1990s the internet came along. Sites like Yahoo Personals made it a bit easier to place an online ad for the woman seeking a companion. Aside from the online medium, it was relatively the same as the print ad. With the ability to email, the man and woman could exchange pictures online after dialing in to AOL or another service provider prior to meeting. We can assume the ease of the internet raised the participation level of females to using this medium to 5%.

In 1995 Match.com was born and eventually became very popular. Girls would have to set up a profile, write about themselves, pay a monthly fee and then either contact others with a message, or wait to be contacted by a man who searched out their profile and initiated a conversation. Let’s put forth an educated guess of about 20% of the dating female market used Match.com or something similar.

Eventually in the 2000s sites came along like Okcupid and PlentyOfFish, which required even less effort. No payment needed, easier to search through and message people, and so on. As these online mediums became more accepted, so did its usage. My incredibly scientific research pins the market usage at 40%.

The latest evolution is Tinder. This application requires the least amount of effort one can imagine. After you upload some of your photos, girls can just sit there and tap yes or no (or swipe left or right) to indicate if they like a particular male or not. No information, interests, hobbies or other personal details are revealed. Ask any single and dating girl about Tinder and she’s almost guaranteed to have heard of it, and probably uses it.

Tinder’s Effects On Girls

Girls now have the ability to be instantly validated. They can have endless attention by just opening an app on their iPhones. Whereas before they would have to be hit on in person, or open the website to see their messages on Match.com, or even the apps for OKC or PlentyOfFish to see what messages they got, now they literally sit there like robots tapping the screen of their phone for the same thing.

Countless times when I’m out at a bar, eating lunch, on the subway, walking the streets I see girls on Tinder. They just tap, tap, tap, tap and are oblivious their surroundings. During this past Superbowl, I was at a sports bar and saw groups of girls there drinking, on their phones, and not watching the game or talking to each other. Just tapping.

On the plus side, if you are looking for easy sex Tinderellas are pretty damn slutty. So while I do fault the app for creating this lack of effort on the part of women, I will admit that it has made it very easy as a male to find sex. Tap, text, bang.

Tinder IS America

As the title of this post suggests, Tinder captures the state of America today. We are a nation that has sacrificed all efforts for comforts, values for ease. Guys and girls both can now avoid going out and meeting people the old-fashioned way and just sit at home and tap tap tap. It’s mindless and develops no social skills in the individual.

Idiocracy was a movie from 2006 that alluded to our cultural state today. While housed in jest and comedy, there are some disturbing similarities beginning to surface:

As the 21st century began, human evolution was at a turning point. Natural selection, the process by which the strongest, the smartest, the fastest, reproduced in greater numbers than the rest, a process which had once favored the noblest traits of man, now began to favor different traits. Most science fiction of the day predicted a future that was more civilized and more intelligent. But as time went on, things seemed to be heading in the opposite direction. A dumbing down. How did this happen? Evolution does not necessarily reward intelligence. With no natural predators to thin the herd, it began to simply reward those who reproduced the most, and left the intelligent to become an endangered species.

The years passed, mankind became stupider at a frightening rate. Some had high hopes the genetic engineering would correct this trend in evolution, but sadly the greatest minds and resources where focused on conquering hair loss and prolonging erections.

Reality TV. Seamless. Tinder. Everything is designed for us to just sit around or minimize our mental activity, or both. It’s scary and sad at the same time.


This twitter handle, Tinderfessions, brings us the anonymous confessions of various Tinder users. If you’ve ever doubted how slutty girls are, or how much they seek quick validation, this should give you a view into the real state of American girls these days. Here are some choice ones:

Record for how many Tinder guys I’ve hooked up with in one day: 8 – Robin

I like to swipe right on guys who are friends with my brother, they come over to hangout w/him & don’t leave until they’ve fucked me – Kylie

I have had tinder for about 5 days now and I have over 400 matches and I have fucked four guys already – Janet

2109 matches and still going strong. I’ve never met one of them in person and I plan on keeping it that way. – Kate

Tinder guys are clingy…I just wanna fuck & move onto the next one. – Julia

We’ve discussed ad nauseam here and other places how while quick and fast sex is great, it comes at a cost to civilization as a whole. Tinder is just another step towards the degradation of society here in America. I can’t imagine how things can get simpler than just tapping, but there is always something.

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    1. Yeah, Jaime Sclockberg came over and forced my computer to log on and then hijacked my consciousness and forced me to participate on the internet. He’s dastardly.

      1. lol not too good at noticing trends and statistics eh bud? Wait aren’t you the imbecile who tried saying the current epidemic of homos glorification we have in the West is a good thing?
        I’m smelling pussy.


      1. lol. Bring it on baby! RoK is the epitome of free speech. By your screming, you’re stating that you’re a fascists, opposed to freedom.
        If you really have a valid counterpoint, than argue it rather than scream, threaten and coerce. The ADL has no power here, and neither do you.


      2. Does anyone else find it funny that the anti-defamation league only ever goes around defaming people? It’s like having an anti-rape league that goes around raping people that are, according to them. suspected of rape.

        1. Not trying to get in on the conspiracy theories, but isn’t Israel doing its level best to get those darkies out of there asap? I think I was reading something about sterilization?
          I don’t know, but if they’re smart they’ll put them back in the jungle where they belong. Blacks don’t assimilate.

  1. I just read “Tinderfessions” for about 5 minutes and have lost all hope in humanity.

      1. I think a lot of men have no idea what women are doing behind closed doors.

        1. My friend’s wife, before they married she rented a room downtown in a house with a couple other women, but what the landlord didn’t tell her is that they were crazy freshmen girls. Young female Muslim professional moves to new city to follow job opportunity, late 20s, established professional — after two weeks the freshmen girls hated her, and called this hijab wearing pious virgin a “slut”. She didn’t get it, why all the freshman boys were all following her and ignoring the 18 year old girls. She asked the guys: “You aren’t drinking 5 shots of vodka an hour, you didn’t take scissors and cut up your shirt to show your bra, you aren’t having sex in the shower with one guy one day and then his roommate the next, and don’t wear short skirts to reveal a neon yellow thong.” The things I heard were crazy, she moved out.

      1. Yeah dude I’m with you guys. I don’t believe women are angels, but I mean….jesus….that shit was just depressing. I had to take a shower after 2 minutes on it.

  2. “Record for how many Tinder guys I’ve hooked up with in one day: 8 – Robin”
    God damn! I’ve got a personal goal of wanting to pull a triple, but Jesus. Octuple?

      1. Reminds me of that argument for why women are sluts if they sleep around and men are not. For a guy to sleep with 8 women in 24 hours would require some work and logistics discounting any sort of orgy.
        For a woman to sleep with 8 guys in a day she has to take her pants down and go lay on the sidewalk in front of her house with her legs in the air. It’ll take care of itself.

  3. “2109 matches and still going strong. I’ve never met one of them in person and I plan on keeping it that way.”
    With regards to online dating sites also, those that don’t require any monetary investment and don’t penalize users for no activity or not actually writing messages just encourage women to be HUGE time wasters.

    1. Like I said to another comment, there are probably a decent number of girls on Tinder for fun/attention whoring/ego boosting.

      1. I simply swipe every single profile right and run standard text game on matches. It’s almost mechanical. I’ve considered automating the process with an iPhone emulator.

  4. For women it has become all consuming, but there’s still hope for young men. I have a 17 year old son and his sole internet usage, outside of the *occasional* stint on the Xbox, is to look up videos on Youtube about how to take things apart or put them back together. According to him, and I’m taking him at his word, a lot of guys his age have stopped using social media entirely and are kind of drifting towards things like hunting or fishing or skateboarding, basically getting out of the house and trying to learn to be men. I find that encouraging. Having made a couple of holsters for some of his friends and talking to them it does seem that there’s a subtle movement afoot.
    The very best thing we can do as men is refuse to participate in social media or texting. When the chicks can no longer attract a cloud of orbiters to “Like” her every vapid thought she might start getting lonely and look up from her iCrack.

    1. Wishful thinking but, unfortunately, there are too many thirsty guys out there. The orbiters will never go away.

      1. No thinking to it, just plain observation. I don’t live in some mutant rural throwback county. Additionally hunting and fishing license receipts have risen here over the last 5-7 years, so something is going on under the radar. If you live inner city or don’t have teenage sons you might not see it though.
        I do agree that there will always be orbiters of course. But it does my heart good to see young men basically walking away from iCrack and discovering that they’re men. Hopefully it’s something that will grow.

        1. The only thing I see is emasculated ‘men’, hipsters, and thirsty white knights who mistakingly believe they’re alpha for orbiting a mediocre girl.

        2. Thanks for sharing this. It warmed my heart to hear there’s some hope for the next generation.

        3. Noticeable increase in these activities in my area lately as well. Two large national outdoor chains store that should have been here 10-15 years ago have opened this year! People asking me about firearms……in Canada. Communist farmers market types asking me about firearms. I couldn’t be happier! Overheard a bunch of guys talking about going fishing when the mountain snow melts pretty quick here and I would have not guessed the guys discussing it would have been into fishing in a million years. I think its the normal evolution of t hings. Once the novelty factor of social media wears off it will revert to its rightful place in our day to day lives, which seems to me is something along the lines of a people finder activity organizer.

        4. there is a movement amongst young men, its a minority but it is very hopeful. More entrepreneurs then any generation, more guys in high school exposed to PUA even if its just basic RSD and tonnes of guys in gym culture. Dont worry, the movement for mens rights and the end of the disgusting social malaise has just begun. I’m 18 and I’m seeing plenty of people drop out from Uni to pursue business, or re skill in a specialized trade.

        5. Ok the problem with this is your son has been stealing your red pills. Unless you have been putting them in the water supply I doubt its a wide scale trend. People have been buying guns since Obama has been elected based on his victim disarmament(gun grabbing) record, and going hunting with them is only natural. When the twitter generation hits the wall we will have to figure out how to invest to benefit from them buying cats.

      2. The orbiters will never go away.

        Yes, that’s true. However, social media requires alphas to use it for any woman on this planet to put any value in it whatsoever. If the only men left on such sites/databases are the simps, women will leave.

        1. If the only men left on such sites/databases are the simps, women will leave.
          They pretty much have. There’s a reason oldsnatch.com, okstupid, and plentyoffishfaces consist of 90% thirsty simps and 10% ugly/fat/old chicks.

      1. I own a leather business. So yes, professional. I also create motorcycle regalia (bags, tank covers, etc), belts that are fit for a man (store bought belts are ornamental at best) and other items.

        1. Awesome. Do you make concealed carry holsters? I have a Hi-Power that I still don’t have a holster for.

        2. I sure do, it’s the hottest type of item by far. If you have a supply of IWB holsters on hand gun show organizers will practically send you whores and money to set up a table.
          If you have a throwaway email address you want to post I can send you some information. I’m a bit leery about openly associating my business on a forum, if you get my meaning, though my customer base are all basically shooting men.

        3. Totally understand the need for OPSEC. I’ll make a throwaway g-mail account later and post it here.

        4. Fantastic. I’ll get something sent out soon (can’t at the moment, need to get on my home computer).

        5. Have they always been sending you whores & money for holsters or has it just been since 2008? How are the under the bra holsters selling I have been trying to talk some women into getting them.

    2. Well, that brings some hope to the picture, and it makes a certain sort of sense. Teens will often gravitate towards counterculture, and traditional male pastimes are friggin’ rare in urban areas and the ‘burbs.
      The most fun I’ve ever seen my son have with his best friend was the day when we decided they were old enough (12) to go out for a walk in the woods with .22’s They came back with a squirrel and a grouse, and so I showed them how to gut, skin and clean their lunch, and then we marinated and cooked them up and the boys each got a beer with their lunch. Little stuff like that, along with a healthy dose of masculine company in the presence of men worth emulating seems to be sovereign against turning boys into slaves.

    3. So many guys I know thought I was stupid to never use facebook, or myspace, or twitter, or any social networking whatsoever. They were certain I was foolish, damaged in some way. My canned answer was always, “would you share that information you put on Facebook with the U.S. government?” and they would always say, “no.” I would reply, “Then what on earth makes you trust a millenial nerd that you’ve never met, who wants to make a buck, with your personal life story and all of your social contacts?”
      I think a lot of them are starting to come around to my way of thinking. When I talk to some of those guys now, I hear lots of BS stories of social wars over drama that is manufactured entirely on facebook and twitter. There’s only so much social bullshit guys will take before tuning it out.
      Human social interaction will always be face-to-face, or it’s not human interaction, it’s robot-on-robot interaction.

    4. that’s good to hear. unfortunately, impressionable kids get most of their influence from peers. but if they have a roll model they can collectively look up to then that’s what they’ll try to emulate. i’ve noticed hollywood has been getting it more right lately but theres still alot of room for improvement. watch the first 30 seconds:

    5. True this. Social media and internet dating are chick things. What self-respecting man wants a bar of this bullshit?

  5. I agree the white western women have pretty much outlived their evolutionary usefulness, they have metastasised into a tumor that feeds off and kills the White men both spiritually and physically. If there is a new Edison that can make improvement in technology involving sexbots and alternative reproductive methods then these feral, uncultured and unmotherly, unwifely and straight out disgusting specimen can be put to rest.

    1. Sexbots? Want to go even more omega, man?
      You want women, you go and grab you a nice slavic, hispanic or asian chick. Be sure to vet her first to ensure she wasn’t infected by western feminism, but your odds are decent of finding quality.

      1. Maybe I am not alpha enough for you. But guys like you are the top 5% we omegas have to find other less alpha ways, sorry for the display of my omegatude.

        1. You can make yourself a better man who naturally attracts women, all it takes is the will to make those changes. There’s no surer way to bring down basically all the civilizations in the world than “sexbots”. Two generations, tops, and we’d be living in the dystopia “Children of Men”.

        2. If a persons sexual and reproductive needs are satisfied without all the bullshit that is the White Western woman then don’t you think that will save the enormous waste of energy and time that is courtship and plain other shit that women shove down our throats, I still don’t get why White men should not innovate for sexual and reproductive freedom.

        3. I guess if your goal is the elimination of white people in a span of thirty years, then yeah, sure, your plan makes perfect sense.
          I’d rather go hybrid with a pretty, refined and submissive Asian or a young lady from Chile, than I would see my line perish. Battles were fought, triumphs were made, crowns were worn, I, we, all come from the stuff of kings, and damned if I’m going to throw that away. Too many men built my family (and your family, all of our families over time) for me to dishonor them by sending precious and well honed DNA into a kleenex or a plastic Barbie.
          Not trying to knock you too hard here, I get the place your coming from and the frustration and anger you have for western white women. It’s for a sound reason, and I think we all agree that they are a lost cause. But there are solutions outside of extinguishing entire family lines for us out here.

        4. Sexbots may strike you as the fantasy of a hopeless omega, but the technology isn’t as out there as you might think it is. I’m guessing they very much will among us within 40 years or so.

        5. I wasn’t saying the technology wasn’t viable. I’m saying that it is the ultimate in giving up and living a life as pajamaboy, sipping cocoa and thinking about obamacare while cuddled up with a plastic mockery of a human being.

        6. When they become realistic enough that you can’t tell the difference, what does it matter?
          By the time this happens, artificial wombs will surely be viable as well so I don’t see why your previous theory about the end of the white race must come to pass.

        7. If genetic engineering and artificial wombs come to fruition it may actually save the white race. Hundreds of years of the world being socialized to see the white female as being the epitome of beauty are not erased so easily. If artificial wombs and genetic engineering do come about then I’d imagine many would opt to have their own Abercrombie and Fitch modelesque offspring.

        8. When you are dead and either ashes or rotting away in a box underground — nobody will give a fuck about your “family lines” pal.
          Thats just another gay-ass bill of goods they feed men. Like “love”, “god”, “santa claus”, “freedom”
          This is 2014. Stop thinking like a white knight from the Dark ages
          Continue your noble lineage…lol
          gimme a break. That shits for simps.

        9. Why? will the feminists devise a way for the sexbots to take our money in divorce court too?

        10. How is going hybrid preserving your line. The child would no more be your legacy than the Mestizoes are of the great Conquistadors.

        11. Alex, friend, move out of America. Go to somewhere warm with women who want to be women and never look back:

        12. You can apply that same argument to anything else in life. Anything else you enjoy or care about is equally pointless, then. You’re rationalizing.
          If you think of it that way, there’s really no reason not to just get it over with now.
          At a certain point you have to embrace meaning or jumping off a bridge or spending the rest of your life in a drug induced haze becomes a more rational course of action.

        13. “I guess if your goal is the elimination of white people in a span of
          thirty years, then yeah, sure, your plan makes perfect sense.”
          This is blatant white knighting. You are shifting the blame for the impending white demographic collapse from white women, where it belongs, to the parent poster.
          If white women wanted to ensure the continuation of the white race, they would incentivise its continuation. They would aggressively lobby for laws– like they do for abortion and free contraceptives– that support family life and, in their personal lives, make themselves attractive and available to provider men. Get hitched at 20, start popping out kids with a nice beta.
          White women don’t want this. They want the suicidal carnival ride we’re mired in today. Because it’s like, fun, and stuff and betas are clingy and gross and not dumping your one elderly pregnancy-made IVF tard in daycare while you file TPS reports at Encorpera soo misogynist or something.

        14. A small group of risk-takers, many of them ex-convict losers in their home country got to seed most of the population of an entire continent.
          Success doesn’t get much better than that.

        15. Providers are no longer a necessity for them to have kids. At least, they avoid unfun provider figures if they can manage it. So if kids are what you want to incentivize, just give them checks, tax breaks, and benefits for pushing them out. Put conditions on who they can choose to reproduce with (or else no honey) and have case workers do genetic testing to protect against paternity fraud.(If they lied, they lose their incentive package).

        16. The snag here is that white men, as a substantial portion of the tax base, would have to agree to underwrite your project.
          Do you want to pay for someone else’s bastards, to be mis-raised by single moms, just for the comfort of having more white faces around? No thanks. Let nature take its course.

        17. You say spend the rest of your life in a drug induced haze like it is a bad thing.

        18. You don’t seem to grasp the intricacies of DNA.
          You also fail to grasp the notion that with fembots we’d see basically all reproduction stop, outside of artificial insemination.
          What man would EVER want to hook up with a real modern woman who puts him through shit test after shit test and holds his balls in a legal vice, when he could simply turn on his Candy 2000, who is a perfect 10 in looks and acts like everything a man could want and who fucks him three ways to Sunday whenever he wants? See the problem yet? Probably not. I’m not interested in your shaming language either, beta, go play in the road.

    2. There is nothing wrong with white western women. Women are followers, they are obedient, they look to male power for instructions on how to behave. Currently male power in the form of the courts, the police, the politicians and the intellectual class have decided to faggotize completely and teach women to castrate men.
      The problem is that men are busy castrating each other and having gay sex. When we stop doing that, the bitches will behave properly again.

      1. “There is nothing wrong with white western women.”
        Great attitude. Lemme hook you up with Lindy West.

      2. “The problem is that men are busy castrating each other and having gay sex.”
        Not quite. The men doing the castrating and promoting gay sex are the elite. They have been actively doing this since the 1940’s, starting with Kinsey getting $600,000 from the Rockefeller foundation for promoting gay sex, promiscuity, and unspeakable things.
        The Rockefeller foundation also spent millions at the same time promoting population control in Japan through social changes. Now Japanese men are more faggoty than ever and their woman are useless. Japan has a massive virgin population and a declining population. Mission accomplished.
        The elite brought feminism and the gay movement. They socially engineered the nation

    3. I don’t care what anyone says, I would definitely bang a sexbot at least
      once purely for shits and giggles unless it were way more expensive
      than a top dollar escort, in which case I would wait until prices come
      If you can’t see the humor in arse raping a sexbot, you’re on the wrong site!

    4. I just visited the US and feel very sorry for the unfortunate souls of men there! We must start a campaign on kickstarter to fundraise for American men to travel abroad and meet real normal women, thus removing US land-whales and their “no-makeup selfies” from the gene pool.

  6. Reading this article gave me the knee jerk reaction to get Tinder and try and net some easy bangs… then I see it requires a Facebook account to login? Pass.

    1. Just make a fake FB account with nothing on it except the photos. Though truthfully, I think Tinder is largely a waste of time based on my experiences with it.

      1. I’ve had positive experiences, using entirely fake photos of course of random dudes shirtless on vacation.

        1. I don’t think it is my photos. I honestly get a lot of good looking girls as matches. It is just that they wanna play fuck fuck attention games the entire time instead of meet up. Even progressing to numbers isn’t too terribly difficult. I probably have bad text game as I only text logistics and little else.

      2. Yeah I’m not going to bother. I recently made an okc account and have been having pretty decent luck securing a stream of dates and bangs from that – that’s all the social media I have the desire (or time) to get involved with

  7. I’m determined by the end of this year to write a bot script to start feeding these silly girls’ validation inputs false matches, likes, thumbs-up, etc. I’ll use virtual validation via a bot net to blow up the inboxes and feeds for these apps until women start to realize that it’s all BS and they can no longer trust anything coming though their iPhones (as if they could/should even today).
    Didn’t Pavlov kill a few dogs by ringing the bell TOO often? Maybe I can off a few hamsters in the process.

    1. Skinner called it “losing your pigeon.”
      Considering the other colloquial meanings of the word “pigeon” I think the phrase is appropriate.

    2. Load profiles of males models. When matched, elicit dirty talk from them them. Then go into slut destroy mode:
      “Hahaha. I would never f*** you, you rageddy cow faced cunt”
      “I have you’re picture, know who you are, and proof you are a slut”
      “Good luck every finding a guy who will marry a slut like you”

  8. Another article pointing out the shallow, selfish, lazy society we live in, particularly with regards to women.
    There are two options:
    1. Fight back, create a mass movement to push back feminism and re establish traditional gender roles. Possible but very difficult, the political and social climate just isn’t right for that to happen and it won’t be short of a complete break down due to war or a severe economic depression.
    2. Accept that society is ruined and enjoy the decline, accept that the world around you is in turmoil and use it to your advantage. No matter how bad the world around you is, there is always room the individual to achieve success, learn game, educate yourself, travel, stay fit, find God, meditate, just do what it takes. Too many shallow, decadent whores in the world? Rise above them and remember that you are the superior person.

    1. Feminism took 60 years to get to this point. It will take some time to push it back. We’ll have to red pill every beta we can find. I started showing RooshV and RoK to a young buddy getting the blues here in the DC dating market. Slowly but surely he’s getting more red pill each time he speaks. He tries small game things and adjusted his frame a bit and now things are going better for him. Or at least he understands what is happening now. Men function off seeing results not positive attention like women. So turn the betas to red pill and the feminists will fall in line after there’s no white knights to fight for them. So basically just do the reverse of the last 60 years of feminist campaigning.

      1. Undoubtedly exposing men to ROK and other red pill sites will help men but I don’t think it is enough to reverse the decline. Feminism was a mass movement, it has infiltrated government and most institutions, it has allied itself with gay and ethnic minority rights activists and it’s in schools. For every that unplugs, there will be countless babies born into single parent households who will grow up into thirsty males (providing they weren’t fucked up even more at birth by being raised “gender neutral” like some parents are doing). And of course i haven’t even mentioned the biggest problem which is men who sympathize with feminists, like in Sweden. The task is truly monumental, if not impossible not just for the reasons just mentioned but also because of the strong incentives by business to chain woman to work instead of the kitchen sink. So not only do the left need to be pushed back but also business too.

  9. You see why a nuclear war or a total systemic collapse of civilization would benefit us more than the present way things are now. Fire not only burns, it forges.

    1. And radiation separates the beta two-eyed men from their three-eyed superiors!

  10. Tinder is just the hook-up world on steroids, and it is scary. Everyone knows that it is for casual “one-and-done” sex, and therefore people are adding notches at an unnatural level. Infections were already at a high rate before its release, I can’t even imagine how fast one would pick something up through Tinder. Soon, church will be the only remotely safe place to find a girl that isn’t ridden with diseases.

    1. “Soon church will be the only remotely safe place to find a girl that isn’t ridden with diseases”
      Make no mistake. Those ‘religious’ girls can be some of the biggest cum dumpsters you’ve ever seen. In addition, let’s say they also may have hamsters no cage may be able to contain.

      1. You’re right. It really only applies to the ones holding onto their virginity. Then again, you’d be giving up sex so those kind of girls really don’t fit the desires of the vast majority of men in the manosphere. It’s really a lose lose thing…

      2. Yes! You have not encountered a hamster until you have had a run in or three with a brainwashed hamster that is nearing the wall. Hell hath no fury like a Catholic slut scorned!

      3. Modern “Christian” girls are the biggest cum dumpsters humanity has ever seen. I’m speaking from first hand experience.

    2. This whole 10% of gonorrhoea is incurable thing has me bummed.
      I’m trying to get as much disease-free sex in as I can before every female on the planet is infected. Once enough apex alphas get it, we’re toast.

  11. What would be better than tinderfessions is a website that posted the pictures of the tinder texts, including the pictures of the girls, and the details of the hookup. The ultimate in slut shaming.

  12. Tinder took female entitlement to it’s apex. I actually don’t know if it could get much worse than it is now. But somehow I feel like I’m going to be surprised, and not for the better.

  13. Married a western woman recently? Chances are she was no different to these tinder whores in her earlier years.
    I doubt any man reading this blog is surprised to hear of the stories from tinderfessions.

  14. I don’t understand what women see in Tinder. Men are basically receiving the services of a prostitute without having to pay for it. Shouldn’t hookers be worried?

    1. You have to attain the proper perspective here. Modern women have extremely short attention spans and are out for that quick dopamine fix. Men aren’t receiving the services of a prostitute without having to pay for it, only those at the top of the male pyramid, the apex males. The rest is cannon fodder, only useful for validation.

    2. Most men don’t get to experience Tinderfessions.
      There’s a very strong “winner take all” thing going on with tinder, *even more exaggerated than real life*.
      If the average partners for men pre-tinder is 9 for regular guys and 27 for high status guys, The new averages would be 3 and 54, respectively.
      For few guys tinder is a godsend, but the average man would do better approaching in real life.

  15. I have learn Russian, learn German, and Spider Solitaire apps on my iPhone. I will never use Tinder or anything like that. Tinder sounds dangerous and like a good way to pick up a nasty disease. I guess I was born in the wrong century.

  16. There’s a flip side to Tinder’s army of sluts. My LTR’s sister gave up on match.com and got into the Tinder game a while back in hopes of finding a “local guy to start a relationship with.” The result, you may ask? She finds a guy on Tinder, goes on two dates, falls in love, he cuts contact, she goes through heartbreak, all in a span of 10 days. I used to try and tell her Tinder isn’t the place for that, but that hamster wheel keeps spinning away. At this point, it’s become a big joke among me and my buds.

        1. Well..at least you’ve knocked off the temperamental whiney mangina thing you had going in that other article. Keep it up .
          The red pill can be a bitter pill to swallow eh ?

  17. I tried tinder for a week and had 60+ matches in that time period. Only 2 of those 60 we interested in progressing to meeting in person and only one led to a bang. As expected, it is just another attention-whoring device and frankly not worth my time so I deleted it.

    1. Pretty much sounds like my one month on POF. Spent about a week on OKC. Both horrible wastes of time.

  18. Makes me want to use Tinder, tho I don’t do online dating.
    What’s wrong with girls being slutty? You’re just pumping and dumping them, you’re not looking for a wife. Slutty wife isn’t good, but slutty girls you pump and dump, who cares.

      1. Women are only now more promiscuous than men because almost 60% of the male population in the western world has entirely been discarded or deemed unfuckable, and they no longer have any recourse of earning income and seeking marriage to fix their sexlessness.
        Think Tyler Durden’s “Secret Society”. This is actually manifesting itself in real life.
        Men still are more libidinous than women, it’s just on a population level, more are disbarred from access to females than ever before.
        I believe Zizek was correct in this case – expect a lot more riots in the future.

  19. Tinder guys are clingy…I just wanna fuck & move onto the next one. – Julia
    Jesus, how soulless this girl is… she is just a biorobot without any conscious
    decision. This is profoundly disturbing.

  20. Texting, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…it’s all a distraction. The reason so many women text and drive is because they cannot sit there in the silence of the car and ponder the mistakes they’ve made in their lives. Being quiet and present isn’t an option, because there’s a strong vibration that constantly reminds them their lives are unsatisfying. They’ll dial up the music, text a random contact, whatever it takes. Tinder is just the beginning.

    1. We all know its a distraction, but you put this very a succinctly. Well said. All that really needs to be said to understand actually.

    2. Yea, but the majority of those who make a shtick out of ‘being present’, ‘living my dreams’, and ‘being in touch with themselves’ and turn it into a new age cult are women. Most women are good at stripping anything of its content and turning turning it into a hollow shell.

  21. And females wonder why they get miserable when they hit the wall. Expect an dramatic increase in spinsters.

  22. It is interesting. I have been on a lot of tinder dates with really attractive girls… and i feel it still takes skill to go from the drink to getting the girl in your bed. Obviously not as much as skill as going from cold approach to sex. But I think you still have to have SOME game to make things happen. Maybe I just suck with girls tho.

    1. If you go to bodybuilding.com’s Tinder thread, you’ll know you don’t really need any game at all to pull.
      You should probably just get better pictures.

  23. as Axl sang in paradise city… “its so easy, easy, but nothing seems to please me.”

  24. What the hell did i just read? We have an instant (may about .5 seconds) to determine if someone’s face on an app is awesome to fuck….then fuck and move on? What the hell is the matter with people?
    Chivalry. We have none. Instant gratification. We expect it. Wanna have riots? Turn off the internet. My first reaction to Tinder is: “Finally, something worse than twitter. “

  25. Online dating :
    5 Men per female, and the males are about 5 times more active than the females(75%) male. You also have 95% of the males lying about height, photo shopping to out compete you, LOL , which you have to compete with LIARS who will win no doubt. Men are like f*** you im gettin the pussy yeah! Any and all tricks shall be used.
    25% females
    Half (to all of) the women are only there for attention(50%) Half of them are ugly(50%) half of them are crazy, or their standards are mentally ill in terms of delusional, half have over-sized vagina’s so they look pretty but can’t have normal relationships because your 7 inches is useless to them. 95% of all females Photoshop pics so they look a couple notches higher on the profile. Online dating is a really, scummy thing for sucker simps and mentally damaged females.
    It’s an outrageous sausage fest, and waste of time. High quality females already have 100 men in their daily lives of quality hitting on them and than another 100 on their facebooks. Now go online its 100,000 men per 1 girl. HAHAHA. SO i guess what the online dating male thinks, is SOMEHOW he is going to win the lottery and meet a decent girl online? you have GOT to be fucking joking! LOL.
    So as we can see it’s a waste of time to work so hard and if you’re lucky get a mentally ill woman with a large vagina who will just wait on there til someone (she thinks)is better than you comes a long, she got you from it didn’t she?
    Funny some people think online dating gives you 100 times better chance to find one, when in reality, there are 100 times more men, 1 10th as many quality females, and there is photoshop deception, it really is a toilet of the internet i encourage you to delete your accounts and move on, no women can ever be worth the humiliation of being one of the simps begging to have some average mentally weird woman

    1. Well, online dating does “work” if you fit the demographic:
      -6’0″(or lie)+
      -White male (oktrends has statistically verified)
      -If > age 22, pictures showing you have money
      -If <= age 22, pictures of either A) being an athlete, B) fraternity(of non dweebs), C) with attractive women, or D) If none of the above, at least look social and be pictured with some decent looking people.
      And that’s all you need. You don’t even need game if you fit that demographic, on Tinder. I’ve seen dudes pull from the most cringeworthy of texts.
      If you are a minority besides “White Latino”, you tend to need to fit a stereotype to succeed (thug, drug dealer), or you must have impeccable game. If your B game would get you laid from a girl at a club/bar/party, you better be batting consistent A- at least to pull.

  26. Tinder truly reduces sex to a McDonald’s experience for both man and woman.
    If sex didn’t feel so damn good, I’d quit having it. But I haven’t been able to kick my double cheeseburgers habit either.

  27. Wow, I literally got dizzy-headed when I read those choice quotes from Tinderfessions. I’m so glad I live in an east Asian country where, while the girls are interested and willing, it still requires game and a personality in order to land the high quality ones. I’ve met very very few girls over here who have that same slutty mindset as American women. Glad I got out of that whorehouse early.

  28. I take my nephew out to fish and play tennis. His twin sisters married men that fish and hunt, so he, like his sisters, have no interest in social media or spending longer that an hour a day on
    electronic gadgets. They are all out and about doing things, not glued to phones, tablets etc…

  29. Literally just met a girl on Tinder. After 5 mins of e-flirting she said the following: “Can I trust you’re not a goddamn serial killer or something so we can skip the meeting for drinks and I can just come over and get fucked?” Gentlemen, may I present to you 21st century American bombshell. I’m not a serial killer, but I will dispose of her body once I’m done fucking the youth out of her.

  30. There is an excellent website discussing these pathologies of the Millennial generation – the “cacooning” and growing autism, the lack of social skills, the awkwardness, etc – from a genuinely philosophic/historical perspective. I recommend it to the more thoughtful among you.

  31. I just visited the United States. May God help you. …. it took days to find a hot chick, and ALL were imports.
    Your women are exporting this “love me I as I am though I am a crazy killer whale” mentality to Canada, get them to cut it out.
    The result in Canada, at universities, is that October is Hijabi appreciation month. Also, mosques report young men asking questions about how to convert to Islam is the highest. I feel bad for the sisters flooded with excess attention from all the guys running away from drunk tinderellas.
    Here is a video of rather dull unattractive looking mipsters (Muslim hipsters, female) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3Nq0NzRrfE but they are still hotter than tinderellas, wear heels, take care of themselves, are womanly. They saunter the halls as if it were a catwalk, with their feminine walk in their heals and skirts, speak with graceful educated English while their English classmates clomp around like a herd of drunken rhinoceroses and elephants in their flip flops, and short shorts with their asses sticking out and ripped shirts or tanktops with their bras sticking out.
    You guys have to do something because these mipster hijabi girls don’t want fake converts who fake an interest in Islam to get laid and reject them like alphas. Can you convince the regular girls to be normal. My mipster friends complain that the Tinderallas are nice to them during frosh week, but start getting very catty by the end of September as all the guys are chasing mipsters, and in October the Tinderellas want to kill the Hijabi muslim girls in the “The Campus Hijabi Muslim Woman Appreciation Month.” If the Tinderellas act normal, then they will stop hating on minorities like the Hijabi girls.

  32. I stopped “dating” American women 12 years ago – shortly after my divorce. Their haughty attitude is a huge turn-off. Match.com is a collection of “leftovers” anyway. I spent 2 weeks with a cute Filipina last year and spent WAY too much time taking pictures of herself on her iphone though. Makes me want to get a dog for companionship. They are still “old school.”

  33. Women have always been slutty. In my day, the late 70s, early 80s, you could hang around late at your frat party and there would always be women you did not know hanging around well after the party was done. They needed “a ride back to the dorm” or some other such nonsense. Or, they would sit next to you or near you at church and bump into you during Holy Communion. Or, you were on the football team and the cheerleaders would “invade” the locker room as a gag but would wind up fucking a few players. Or, girls and women would play any number of tricks to nail you if you could read the openly slutty signals. Tinder has just acted as a central funnel for all of these other methods, hence, the sluttiness is more obvious but far from new.

  34. The self-validation thing is entirely true. Women FEED off male attention, and is why you’ll find even the most meek and shy girls in public still have an active, even thriving Tinder account. It also boosts their ego and makes them seem as though they’re more attractive than they are due to the attention and validation they receive from thousands of guys to whom they prove themselves as being nothing more than professional time wasters.

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