5 Reasons I Am Not A Men’s Rights Activist

I, Billiford Honky Chubbs, am not a men’s rights activist.

Doubtless, some of you just imagined me saying that in this guys voice;


but let me say it once again; I am not a Men’s Rights Activist. There are many reasons for this—well… five… so instead of a big witty introductory paragraph how about I jump right into them.

1. MRA’s Are Asking For Rights

Rights have always been granted by the powers that be either because they’re afraid men will take those rights through disobedience, or that men have already begun taking those rights through disobedience (sweet, violent disobedience) and the granting of rights is a last ditch effort at placating them. Men’s Rights would entail a profound, culture shifting change in whatever country that enacted it. Thousands of people would lose their jobs, and hundreds of thousands – if not millions – would lose their ill gotten pay-cheques and financial means. Giving rights to a cause like the gays is easy – nobody is going to get shot because they openly support mos, and the economy doesn’t take a hit when two butt pirates plug each other up Friday night.

On the contrary; gay marriage means more bureaucratic jobs created to cater to Mr and Mr Browndick, and when they get divorced there’s more money to be made off their ruined matrimony. If there was any actual cost to giving gays rights then Obama would be on the tube every night denouncing homosexuality as one of the great sins of our times. The destruction of the frivolous divorce industry alone would be catastrophic to the robber barons and the lampreys perpetuating it. MRA’s asking the government to pretty please give them rights is a futile waste of time.


2. Men’s Rights Are For Weak Men

The majority of fervent MRA’s come across as… well, to put it bluntly – losers. I admit, it pisses me off to see hard working guys get raped in divorce court, or to lose an opportunity at a career or entrance to a university because affirmative action means that women get preference. Yet why are all these divorced men marrying such horrible women in the first place? If you ask, you’ll probably hear a cliché like “She wasn’t the woman I married” but how big of a crock of bullshit is that? Any guy with actual experience with women can tell you that temperamentally and mentally, women are teenagers. Date them and their true colours begin to show after 2-6 weeks. Who woman are at 15, barring some cataclysmic event, is who they are for the rest of their lives. So for all these guys who get ass raped in court; their wives really were angels until they got that ring on them? Really?

Sorry, but I doubt it. There were always signs that the woman they married was unworthy of marriage; it’s just before the marriage all those annoying, greedy habits of hers were ignored because these chumps were just so damn happy to be getting steady sex. They were blinded by the pussy because they couldn’t get the milk from the cow without spending cash on dates and buying their future wives presents to buy her love. They couldn’t see that they had simply rented their wives infatuation with money instead of manliness, and as soon as they put a ring on it all her obligations to him in terms of romance are done. She’s won.

If men are unwilling to better themselves and learn the true nature of women (especially now, since there’s no excuse due to the internet) so they can attract women through manliness instead of Beta Bucks, then they do not deserve sympathy or rights. This is the culture we live in, and there’s no turning back the clock no matter how hard you stamp your foot guys. Adapt or languish. Work harder than women and beat them in the workplace, or get a career women refuse to enter because it’s not a comfy office environment. As a man, Men’s Rights would be nice to have but the guys who really need it have almost always put the chains on themselves. It’s ridiculous to cheer on a movement of men like that, let alone be a part of it. If a man can’t handle his women on his own, than no amount of laws on his side will make her submit to his will.

2011-02-26 16.13.36

 3. Real Social Sexual Change Lies Outside Of Rights

There’s an old political strategy called Politique du Pire, which essential translates into Making Things Worse. It is a strategy which involves a minor political group intentionally aggravating a powerful political group into making said the powerful overreact against not just the aggravator group but everyone, causing increased suffering and misery amongst the masses which, in theory, would make everyone align against the superior force.

The whole of social sympathy in the west is geared toward women, sexual deviants (gays, transsexuals, etc), and the worthless segment of minorities who refuse to assimilate into the wider society. Women of course receive the majority of this sympathy. Politicians and media suck up incessantly to the ‘fairer’ sex. They constantly prattle on about how women are now the bread winners – then turn around and spout the ridiculous lie that they somehow make 70% less then men do. Movies and television portray women as being ass kicking Amazons with strength equal to men who can whore around, ignore all their financial obligations and still find the perfect prince charming to marry them the moment they want to settle down. Then news sites run stories about women suffering in the dating world, with clichéd headlines like ‘Where have all the good men gone’. Society has it’s hand directly on the pulse of woman’s happiness, and whatever is making them unhappy is studied and addressed.

And what makes women today unhappy? Manly men who treat women exactly how they treat themselves. Men who pump and dump whores, leaving them as scraps for future MRA’s to marry. Men who know that unmarried woman over 24 are a horrific waste of time and therefore only target the young,  fertile femmes who haven’t slept around. Women love men who are confident and intelligent enough to treat them as the inferior beings they all know they are, yet unless they’re young and chaste these men almost never marry them. And that causes women intense unhappiness. And unhappy women upset the current societal masters, and in order to study and combat women’s unhappiness they’re going to have to study the problems between the sexes.

The more men who learn to be men, who treat women as inferiors and give value only to women who have sex with a small number of men and marry young, the more unhappy today’s modern woman will be. And to make those women happy they’re going to have to do something to start making men happy. One stud leaving a trail of ten broken hearted whores behind him is worth more (in terms of actual social change) than a thousand MRA’s picketing outside the local courthouse.


 4. Men’s Rights Don’t Encourage Men To improve Themselves

Back up to the first point, MRA’s are busy asking for change instead of making a change. They want respect handed to them. That’s not how it works with men. As a man, you get respect for what you do and who you are. I only have so much time and energy to lend to social movements. I’d rather focus on encouraging five guys to make real change to themselves. If a man wants to live a better life, then he must do the following—lift weights; read great books, old and new; and realize and accept the truth of your and society’s reality. Fuck fretting about rights. As a man, fret about yourself and your own goals. The more men with fit bodies, intelligent minds and unshakable confidence, the less we’ll need Men’s Rights – we’ll already have a legion of hard ass sons of bitches taking those rights by the sheer force of their being.


 5. Women

Let’s play pretend for a moment. Imagine for the last fifty or so years, there has a been a movement announcing that Blacks were superior to Asians. Asians are ridiculed in the media and blatantly told that they’re inferior to Blacks. Blacks are given more benefits, more legal power, and have their asses kissed while Asians are told how evil they are just for being Asian and that they should suck it up.

Then, after so many decades of being shat on, Asians begin to stand up for themselves. They begin to form movements for their own interests, and individually they start to become really awesome. Suddenly, there is a Asian Rights Movement. While ridiculed and belittled, Asian Rights Activists begin to recieve mainstream attention and recognition. Soon, although small, ARA’s begin to meld into the beginnings of a real political force. ARA’s appear on talk shows, radio shows, news shows and papers. Books about the Asian Rights Movement begin to be printed, the authours going on the circuit and addressing all the problems Asians face in today’s society.

And all the authour’s are black. All the ARA’s giving interviews are black. Black people are talking, as if they have authority, on what it’s like to be an Asian in today’s society. Only black’s in the Asian Rights Movement are given any kind of credence or voice. On the public stage, Asians are pushed to the background of the movement that is supposed to represent them. Isn’t that ridiculous sounding?

Well it’s no less ridiculous then women in the Men’s Rights movement. Women make up a large portion of MRA’s and not just as quiet supporters or cheerleaders as they should be. Many are among the forefront of the current Men’s Rights Movement. Men On Strike, which is currently the most mainstream literature about the problems facing men today, was written by a woman. Who then went on talk shows and talked about the book… to other women. Two women, gabbing about how the difficulties facing men. Imagine two black people on a talk show discussing how hurtful it is to be called Gook, or Chink, Or Slant Eye. They might have a slight idea but really, they don’t know.

Any movement which claims to represent myself or other men, with such a pervasive female presence, is one I’m not going to be a part of. Women have no real idea what it’s like to be a man. We’re genetically different and our lives are lived very, very differently. Yet the MRM’s is flooded with women trying to take the helm, trying to represent ‘men’. And if a movement is being spearheaded by people who can’t even understand the grievance of the people they’re supposed to be representing, how can they be trusted to act in our best interests? The answer is that they can’t. And the fact that the female presence in the MRM – beyond simply agreeing with it or giving moral support – is tolerated by the majority of MRA’s is probably the biggest reason I do not consider myself a part of the movement; even though my goals and desires do match up with many of theirs.


So there you have it! Five reasons my e-mail is going to be flooded with angry hate letters and Return Of King’s is going to be called the worst thing ever to happen to the Manosphere. Men – stop asking for change. Just make it.

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  1. “Let’s play pretend for a moment. Imagine for the last fifty or so years, there has a been a movement announcing that Blacks were superior to Asians. Asians are ridiculed in the media and blatantly told that they’re inferior to Blacks. Blacks are given more benefits, more legal power, and have their asses kissed while Asians are told how evil they are just for being Asian and that they should suck it up.”
    That’s actually what happens in Malaysia with government implementing policies favorable to local malays, discriminating against the malaysian chinese living there. There are quotas in companies to hire a certain percentage of malays, there are scholarships for university, only for malays, there are social benefits giving just to malays, and so on. And yet, even with the odds so stacked against them, the “Malaysian Chinese are a socioeconomically well established middle-class ethnic group and make up a highly disproportionate percentage of Malaysia’s professional and educated class, with a record of high educational achievement, a high representation in the Malaysian professional white-collar workforce, and one of the highest household incomes among minority demographic groups in Malaysia.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malaysian_Chinese

    1. It isn´t racism because Malaysians aren´t White and thus are fundamentally non-oppressive.

  2. Decent, but you clearly have no experience as a young, naive man who gets married out of innocence and what he considers love. Nobody at 20 has the slightest clue what to look for in a woman or how to go about looking, they’re guided by their hormones. It’s a mistake, clearly, but one that millions of men have made out of ignorance. Fault in my view lies more with those who intentionally act stupid, with resources at hand to correct their stupidity which they refuse to consider. Your viewpoint is jaded since you already posess this knowledge, and thus assume that everybody else does or somehow, some way “should”. Most red pill stuff is still very, very new, coming far after many men had already married.
    Nah, I’ll cut married guys some slack, especially if they’re older. Once upon a time there was a fair assumption that marriage was for life and that the girl was at least somewhat honest. Today of course it’s sheer lunacy to even consider marriage, but that wasn’t well known 30 years ago.

    1. I have to agree with you, especially about when men have their heads harshly dunked into red pill realities.
      Maybe one goal for the manosphere should be to (along with red pill truths) highlight what kind of woman is worth marriage. I know it’s usually mentioned here and there, but perhaps not thoroughly enough.

      1. That would make an excellent article actually, the detailing, with actual live examples, of what makes a woman worth marriage. I don’t mind jumping in on the complain-train on occasion, but focusing on something positive and instructive like that surely has value.

        1. “what makes a woman worth marriage”
          I too am sure such a thing would be helpful. As the author notes: Don’t complain, fix it. I’ll make a start, being mid-30s and married (happily):
          1. Will she wait for it? The longer, the better. When my woman first started asking about marriage, I outright told her that that will not happen within the first 10 years (well, it happened after seven), but you get the idea.
          2. Make sure she understands the concept of marriage as something “ever after” and clearly state your opinion on divorce. If she bitches when having an open talk on divorce while shopping for a wedding dress, run. If not, make sure you realize one important point: divorce is a social reality that will probably (!) ruin your life. Come up with a strategy to handle this BEFORE marrying. Think of it as Cold War – mutually assured destruction is fair. If you love her enough to marry her, realize that you could alternatively hate her enough to ruin her. Love is just one side of the coin. See the dark side. Make sure she knows. Have a plan and openly tell her. It she’s not OK with it – don’t marry. And make it realistic. You may think that a hitman is far cheaper than a divorce lawyer, but this argument only holds that far…
          3. Be honest. Even if she doesn’t like it. Make sure she’s for real; you cannot lie to her forever. And that would make it yout fault.
          I’ll follow this up with some sound relationship advice:
          a. Never let her humiliate you without reciprocity. Women will at some point do drama, and you will be hurt (probably by her pretending to be hurt). Don’t let her do that. Make her apologize with your dick in her mouth. Always, always come out on top.
          b. Women never, ever really know “what to do with their life”. That will be your decision to make. The may think otherwise, but will only do stupid shit. Prepare to be up to it.
          c. You will have to compromise on some points. Don’t even pretend to give in if it’s important to you, your bluff will be called. Be yourself, stay yourself and be honest about it. For example, if she wants more hugging time, trade for more BJs. If she wants [ridiculously expensive item], counter with [after I get ridiculously expensive item]. Remember to be honest – if you tell her she’ll get the Harry Winston Necklace she wants after you get a yacht, remember to give her a Harry Winston Necklace on your first trip on your new yacht.
          I explicitely do not talk about character or body traits here, that’s totally up to your personal preferences and completely irrelevant in general. Mentioning this, I assume we all agree on “Don’t stick your dick in crazy”, right?

        2. doesn’t work in this day and age…. a woman has options, and BFFs to back her up…her life is much much easier because of technology…… if she doesn’t like it she can always walk…. once the lawyers get involved – game over – someone else has their dick in her mouth – even if it’s only metaphorical.

        3. @Ray: Did you read what I wrote? Did you read yesterdays http://www.returnofkings.com/31051/stop-being-such-a-fucking-faggot ?
          What you say is EXACTLY what you should think about BEFORE marrying. This should not (in general) stop you from marrying; it’s one of the best things you can do in life: getting a woman commit to you forever.
          To make it short:
          1. Complaining doesn’t help you.
          2. Giving up doesn’t help you.
          3. Blaming [takeURpick] doesn’t help you
          4. I won’t help you (except maybe being honest)
          5. Help yourself.
          To make that clear: My “Make her apologize with your dick in her mouth.” was in no way metaphorical. It’s just my terms for my woman. I wrote it so that anyone may see that a man should expect sth in return, always, and for accepting apologies, too. What else is it good for you to accept a (worthless) apology for nothing? And there still are women worth “it”, willing to give “it”; it’s just a lack of men demanding “it”. Demand whatever you want. Chicks even dig that. But stop complaining.

      2. As long as no fault divorce and the divorce industry continue to exist, the answer is none!

      3. TBH the women worth marrying, at least the one’s I have met that I could see having a LTR with, are women of faith. Christain raised family, conservative parents (parents hence they had a mother and father grow up and are still together), go to church every sunday. I don’t think I could handle it honestly, I stopped going at age 16 for when some nut job told me if I didn’t pray once a day I would be dammed to hell for all eternity, madness…

        1. Read Dalrock. There’s a reason they call church the “Sunday morning nightclub.”

    2. Also good luck with marrying women who doesn´t sleep around, if they don´t like sex that much, marriage is not going to work that well… -D

      1. It depends on the sex drives of both people involved, and the openness of the marriage. Nowadays “open” marriages aren’t unheard of; ex. where one partner has a high drive while the other’s is lacking or non-existent, but the latter partner is okay with the former having sex with someone else to relieve themselves.

    3. The answer to that really, is don’t get married until your 30s. It was in my 30s that I truly began to understand women and also, at that age, you become very attractive to women. You then have the time to consider which woman to marry (if any) and put in place an exit strategy for when TSHTF.

  3. uh… looks like the nerd is dropping the fedora and actually understanding how life works…

    1. also please. Don’t use Arnold as example. That guy looks deformed with all the hgh he took. This is for most guys that think getting jacked or big is the secret to life. lol. Focus on learning how to dominate socially and how to construct social circles and connecting and networking with people. Remove the gayass narcissism that rules the manosphere, because ultimately, nobody is giving a shit about pedestalizing you or giving validation. True charm is subduing to others, not acting like a gorilla. Hitler, who conquered europe and then lost, is infintely shamed by historicians and psychologists saying how much he “insecure” and “feminine” was lol (i recently read shit focusing about his large hips and limp wrists and gay walk). It doesn’t even matter that he conquered europe and led an entire population to those fags who analyze him, while they probably deal with a nagging wife and a boring life in their personal nerdish lives. That to say, drop the alpha beta concepts as they are absolute, because human personality is dependant on every single interaction, it’s not a constant: there are situations where you’ll be alpha and others where you’ll be beta. It doesn’t take manosphere reading to understand basic high-school concepts, unless you are a nerd who has been living under a rock and never noticed that girls like cool guys, and that popularity and validation from others are important.

      1. The lesson of Arnold is that this guy was focused and driven from his early teens. His plan was always, from day 1,
        a – get jacked
        b – get to america via international bodybuilding
        c – move into movies
        He carried out his plan. It worked. I doubt he considered becoming the governator as a teen, but he did get there.

        1. “I doubt he considered becoming the governator as a teen, but he did get there.”
          Yes, but he unjacked to do it. He didn’t think it was a good image, even for a governator.
          When the goal changes, so does the plan. Too many people forget that part and carry on with the original plan when the goal has changed. They get fixated on the plan, not the goal.

  4. “MRA’s asking the government to pretty please give them rights is a futile waste of time.”
    You cannot ask for self defense. You defend yourself.

    1. Ah, I see. So you can defend yourself against 15 SWAT team members who decide to arrest you on a frivolous law? Yeah, right pal. Good luck. lol.

      1. “So you can defend yourself against 15 SWAT team members who decide to arrest you on a frivolous law?”
        Yes. YMMV.

        1. I didn’t buy my safe room (where I sleep) door at Home Depot. I made it. I pity da foo who tries to kick it in.

        2. And I pity you. You live in a fantasy land.
          Have you ever heard – ever – of the police going “Fuck it, this is just too hard. Ok dude, you win. You don’t have to come to court if you don’t want to.” ? If the SWAT team encounters a door they can’t kick down, they bring in something bigger to kick it. If they encounter a dude with a gun, they bring in more guns.
          The Branch Davidian guys built a fortress. Didn’t matter. They had plenty of guns. Didn’t matter. They had women and children. Didn’t matter. The State does not give up, and they can *always* bring more firepower. You cannot turn your home into a fortress that the state cannot force entry into. It’s infeasible.

        3. Engineered wood and steel. That’s only of secondary importance however.
          Of primary importance is that it does not swing inward and can be locked invisibly from the inside.
          There is also an alcove next to it from which I can see anybody at the door without being in line with it. You can work out the tactical advantages of that one your own.

        4. “The Branch Davidian guys built a fortress. Didn’t matter.”
          That’s what the Feds thought.
          Until the Oklahoma City bombing.

        5. “A veritable John Rambo.”
          No, but I’ve met him, or rather, the man Rambo II was based on. Skinny dweeb with glasses. Looks like an accountant. Goddamn killing machine in Cambodia and Laos.
          “Have you ever heard – ever – of the police going “Fuck it, this is just
          too hard. Ok dude, you win. You don’t have to come to court if you don’t
          want to.””
          No, that’s why I’ve been to court. They were getting ready for the home invasion when I walked up to them from the outside and said, “Hey guys. I’ve been expecting you. Serve away.”
          I was so sweet about it they didn’t even handcuff me until they took me into the station.
          Beat the rap without even being indicted.
          Yeah, I have guns. I also have brains, lawyers and money.
          Franco’s goon squad I was able to deal with by very politely ignoring them until they went away, giving them no reason to actually take me into custody. Sometimes all it takes is not being a dick.
          “If the SWAT team encounters a door they can’t kick down, they bring in something bigger to kick it.”
          I’ve taken that into account. They’ll have a bit of trouble with a battering ram as well.
          An Apache would put me in considerable difficulty. I’m prepared to repel boarders (as everyone should be), but not an Air Force.
          “The Branch Davidian guys built a fortress.”
          Of straw, right out in the open. I did not do that.
          And I note that they defended themselves.
          “They had women and children. Didn’t matter.”
          I don’t. That matters. That is, I only have to take my own welfare into account and may treat it as I please.
          “You cannot turn your home into a fortress that the state cannot force entry into.”
          But I don’t have to do that. I may only have to make it difficult enough to have time to make a phone call or three to spend exactly zero time in jail.
          I’m not sure you understand the concept of defending yourself. One method I have used is simply not being in the country when they arrived. Had a wonderful time. Came home when the law critter had worked everything out.
          But yes, one option in defending yourself is indeed to die on your feet rather than live bound and gagged on your knees.
          It is a choice.

      2. “So you can defend yourself against 15 SWAT team members who decide to arrest you on a frivolous law?”
        Yes. YMMV.

      3. Did you choose to live in a country with such laws? Then you chose to put yourself in that position, didn’t you?

      4. Great display of defeatist emasculation, Mike. We really need that emotional reckoning instead of problem solving logic and making due with a bad situation. Game is doing the subversive things women do but better. Economic game is doing what the establishment/jeeuuuz do selling blue pill with red pill knowledge and maintaining your rival self, your values to express later. If you know you are going to get killed, charge as high of a price as you can for your life. Otherwise, take your chances on their abuses and bide your time. Why is it 15 to 1? The elite, even bureacrats in total are outnumbered. When SHTF, who will outnumber whom? Your thinking is like a woman’s, in the moment, isolated, distraught for having no princess pass. How terrible. We already know it’s terrible. You know you are alone, no pals, pal. Your attitude is your mistake. We need masculine not emasculated thinking, and the patient but insistent action of men who aim to take their rights. Do did not appreciate the message of the original post. Your emotions are in the way.

      5. It’s called strategy.
        Either you nip it in the bud before it gets to the SWAT team – or, when the SWAT team arrives, you make sure you’re somewhere else, preferably with the SWAT in enfilade.

      6. If that wasn’t a concern then why are the swat teams driving around in armored vehicles, wearing body armor, and armed to the teeth? Think maybe they are a little afraid?

        1. No, they are just doing exactly what you would do if you could rob people at gunpoint (“asset forfeiture”) and spend it on whatever the fuck you wanted.

        2. Sorry, but I’m not a dirtbag. I wouldn’t rob people. Thou shalt not steal and all that good stuff. However, if I were doing a job where I knew I was being a dirtbag, I’d want all the armor I could get.

  5. That was excellent. Thank you for your brilliant analysis. I have an annoying friend who is an MRA enthusiast and I have long wondered why I find him so annoying and why I have resisted his requests for me to join him in his MRA activities. You have given me excellent ammunition for the explanation.

  6. MRA are a symptom of success for feminists, men have declined so much that they now have to resort to activism and petitions to claim “rights” of some kind. Those men don’t realize the system is rigged against them, no doubt things will change eventually but it will be on women’s terms. In the UK i heard a top female judge saying that woman should get pre nups to protect their assets from men! It’s a joke not least because beta men don’t marry for money, that’s what women do. MRA isn’t going to bring about the cultural change we need.

      1. What good is a gun ban if nobody turns in their guns?
        Who cares what they say, if they want my guns they’ll only get them after I’m dead. And I have enough to arm my neighborhood as well. Scew them and their “laws”.

        1. Q: Why do Estonians water their flowerbeds with motor oil?
          A: To keep their guns from rusting.

    1. A lot of good that’s going to do you when the gestapo shows up at your door because a woman decides to accuse you of rape. Good luck pal .lol.

  7. I enjoyed the article, although, I wouldn’t dismiss MRM fellows too quickly. They do bring attention to some things that are frequently ignored in our so-called “equal” society. For example, false rape accusations, anti-male bias, anti-male propaganda in universities, and more.
    However, excellent point about the MRM needing to focus on men changing themselves.
    As time goes by I get the impression that more and more, the manosphere needs to present a combination of the best of pushing for societal changes, pushing back and obliterating feminism, presenting red pill knowledge, and promoting self-improvement.

  8. Great analysis Chubbs. I’m reeling with laughter at some unique gems, such as ‘butt pirates’, ‘Mr and Mr Browndick’ and ‘lampreys’. LOLZ
    On a more serious note, I’m gonna second what Jefferson said. While we should encourage our fellow men to see reality, at the same time we should be careful that we don’t descend into just shaming them. Most men are shamed all the time by women and the cathedral. They don’t need their fellow men to shame them as well. Let’s not forget that all men have been lied to all their lives. And if we are honest with ourselves, most of us here have been burned some way until we finally started taking the red pill. We know it can be a painful process, so I think while prodding other men in the right direction, we should also have compassion and understanding. At least for those who are sensing something is amiss and are open to change. There is no changing the fully indoctrinated white knights and manginas. They are the enemy.
    In the final analysis though I fully agree with you. Freedom is not given. It’s taken.

    1. Lampreys was a great word choice.
      On the serious note, I go by what we could call evolution philosophy or evolution morality, depending on the application of evolution. Men evolved into rational beings, some of us to the point of being civilized, precisely become many (probably most) men failed to reproduce. When it is rug cutting time, it is not simply we men all together. This is a war of cultural evolution between men with women used as pawns. We need to get laid to function with civilized aspirations, so we use the preditor-pawns who would use us. What out for this we shit. Globalism is the religion of the NWO without any middleman, the target religion for direct, easy handling of the sheeple. Be vigilant in your thinking. There will be a time when credit on the future is no good and the debts must be paid. The borrower is slave to the lender already.

  9. Well,on a second thought you arent actually that useless.This was a pretty good article.Keep it up Chubby.

    1. And it only took five months to change your mind! I can fully expect every h8er here to be worshipping me by next Christmas.
      *EDIT* Damn double taps.

  10. Few things get my blood boiling more than seeing men being taken for twats by the family courts system, or being clearly manipulated by a woman because they don’t know any better.
    But like the author insinuates, protesting for rights is admitting defeat and I would never want to portray myself as a victim.
    For me, being an MRA is as futile as debating a feminist. Living well without marriage or debt is the best way to stick 2 fingers up to the system which doesn’t care about us, we’re considered disposable and you only have to look at the conditions many former war veterans live in to see this. Look after yourself, you don’t owe anyone, anything.

  11. Don’t you get bossy with me you self-proclaimed PUA bish.
    You are tearing a page from the feminist playbook with this thinly-veiled attempt to gin up controversy over a non-existent rift between MRAs and PUAs (both of which are all-encompassing amoebic acronyms as meaningless as “STEM”). You are attempting to stoke manosphere passions reminiscent of the at-times vicious infighting between granola lesbians and lipstick lesbians that threatened to tear our civilization asunder.
    May your old-age dreams be haunted by the ghostly visages of the women you tossed aside like fetid rags.

    1. “May your old-age dreams be haunted by the ghostly visages of the women you tossed aside like fetid rags.”
      I just had a wonderful image of A Christmas Carol, except with sluts instead of Ghosts.

  12. Interesting article.
    I first discovered the manosphere through avoiceformen but it’s a site that seems like a stuck record these days. And, despite the fact that people over there claim the MRM is growing and gaining traction in the mainstream, it’s Alexa ranking remains pretty low.
    After a while avoiceformen becomes, at times, almost like reading a feminist blog site, except the victims in society are actually men.

    1. Read the Spearhead and Dark enlightenment sites instead. The AVFM is a bunch of fucking women.

  13. You haven’t been paying attention if you don’t think this fucked up sexual marketplace isn’t the result of government policy.
    1. Affirmative Action, welfare, guaranteed income ==>. Entitled women who don’t need a (beta) man and spend their time on the carousel chasing tingles or drama instead of stability
    2. Mairrage law that gives women the right to a big payday if they cash out anytime ==> broken families and choice single mothers
    3. Lean In, college grants for women, feminist propaganda about work ==> women who legitimately think credentials are attractive to men and waste the best years of their life
    4. Female control of schools, bans on pretty much all male only gathering spaces ==> common knowledge about how the real world works is restricted to only a few red pill Internet message boards.

    1. You’re missing the point if you think that Billy is saying this situation is not contributed to by the current government’s policies. His point is that the problem is the men who refuse to be men. You must behave in a way that is practical in the society we currently live in. He also is saying that by asking nicely for rights, they will never be won and that time spent on improving yourself and your ability to break the hearts of women who fuck up and waste their best years partying will force an eventual social shift that will give us the results (changing female behavior) that we desire as American men.
      Edit: Spelling.

    2. Billy’s right about 2 things:
      1. Government can’t give you rights, it can only take them away. Asking for rights is doomed to fail.
      2. White knights will NEVER support men, especially whining men, the way that they will come to the aid of damsels in distress. Asking for their support is pointless.
      But good change is needed and ought to be supported.
      Last year here in Florida, a good bill that would have eliminated lifetime alimony actually passed the Republican legislature. Bills like this that reduce government involvement in our sex lives o deserve to be supported. Alas, once feminists noticed the bill had passed, they flooded local news with complaints and the Republican governor vetoed the bill.

        1. What a fucking faggot. Not surprised. This is a guy that decided to make “glass bongs” possession a felony, like somehow people smoking pot or at least possessing a pipe for it should be grouped in with murderers and scum. Yet… He sides with the Fems. Cunt

        2. He’s a bitch, through and through. He was opposed to screwing with the pain clinics too, until the cop unions and their merry band of thieving losers got to him.
          Government is full of betas, thieves, and morons.

        3. I am really getting fucking angry right now. Just discovered this site a day ago, and you know what? It has validated everything I’ve felt instinctively for years. And now, knowing there are others like me, I AM FUCKING RAGING FURIOUS! It’s time to morph in to full fucking VIKING mode and PURGE this damn pestilence from the Earth! I’m SICK OF IT! I AM A MAN! I AM NOT TO BE CULLED! I DEMAND DOMAIN! SHOOT ME IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD OR FACE INEVITABLE VIOLENT THERMONUCLEAR WAR! You pieces of SHIT. You TRAITORS! You Beta scumbag sycophantic fucking faggots! ARGHHHHHHHHH!GHGHEHEHDAJLDHALDSHFJHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Feminists changing how classes are taught: cooperative versus competitive. Even when a woman suggests that it might be best to test children semi-annually and see which learning style would serve them best, she get’s eviscerated for suggesting the majority of boys and girls might learn differently, on average.
      Men thrive, on average, in a competitive learning environment. Women thrive, on average, in a cooperative learning environment. There are always statistical outliers, but that’s the average.
      You try suggesting that the classes be broken up into those two environments to a feminist. The same material, just a different classroom environment based on a test taken by the individual students. No difference in the curriculum per se, merely how the material is presented and the classroom is run. You’ll get a shit storm like you suggested girls be restricted to home ec classes and boys to shop classes.
      That’s how you can show other people feminists are full of shit when it comes to equality. You aren’t asking for special treatment, in fact you’re saying that the student’s learning style should be evaluated and them put in the class type that gives them the best chance for success. Feminists just say ‘fark boys, what do I care?’ even if that means farking the girls that learn better in a competitive environment as well.
      I remember what a female once told me, when I called her out on her shit, and it’s stuck with me ever since: ‘Women only punish men because they deserve it.’ My response was simple: ‘Until it became politically incorrect, men used to spank women when they inevitably started behaving like children.’

      1. That is an advantage actually!
        The cooperation part needs leaders to go anywhere, especially cooperation between females and western females in particular.
        The real divide is leadership vs the effective absence of it.

      2. “Men thrive, on average, in a competitive learning environment. Women thrive, on average, in a cooperative learning environment.”
        And some people learn best by being left the fuck alone with a textbook, with occasional review (it’s called “testing”) to check that they are on track.

      3. You are a moron. Please do all women a favor and segregate yourself from us. If by some chance you ever trick or drug a woman to be with you, please don’t reproduce. I don’t believe in god or hell, but I hope you get a very itchy toe fungus that takes lots of ointments and medications and doctor visits to cure. Go fark yourself.

      4. idk where you’re getting that image of “feminists” unless you only pay attention to radicals, but, as a feminist myself(oh dear, how horrid) your proposition sounds nice. Most of the time regular lessons are okay, but in-class challenges can really wake people up.

    4. 1. At least Affirmative Action have some advantages for White males, freeing them of these females, crushing the “betas” and put them under the boot as they should be.
      They voted for this and if they are saved by alphas, these alphas will only be called tyrants later and the whole thing will start again.
      Of course reproduction is necessary to keep societies going but wives and children shouldn´t be a male´s sole/primary objective in life.
      4. Simple, gather in places they do not come anywhere close to, the kitchen for example! -D

    5. The greatest lie sold to men was that “violence does not solve anything”. It is the equivalent of women being told that “your beauty does not matter”. Both the sexes have given up their strongest bargaining chip and hence are slaves to the total state.

    6. 1. “Entitled women who don’t need a (beta) man and spend their time on the carousel chasing tingles or drama instead of stability”
      Good, good!

    1. Dude, just don’t get married. Then, no woman will be able to divorce you.
      The solution to feminism is very simple. Just stop fucking getting married.
      In the year 2014, any man who still gets married in America is a fucking absolute MORON who deserves to suffer and I feel zero pity for such a stupid man.

      1. But, there are problems in society from feminism that do NOT involve marriage. False rape, for example. Hiring quotas, for example.
        I agree on don’t be whiny and don’t get married, but if feminism were a one trick pony only about marriage it would have been in the can long, long ago.

        1. Yup. Women can sue for just about anything anymore. You can go to jail if you look at one cross-eyes, so to speak. This article is in some ways completely idiotic. It’s like saying the blacks were pussies and idiots for daring to complain or do something about the unjust Jim Crow laws against them. What were they supposed to do, smile and get sodomized again? Moronic.

  14. Best fucking article ever. I agree with everything you said 10000 fucking percent.
    The way to fight feminism is simple- just don’t get married, especially to an American bitch. Then they have zero legal power over you.
    And it’s far better to focus on enlightening yourself, than to waste time trying to “change society”. Fuck society, we owe society nothing. Once I attain spiritual enlightenment, THEN I might consider trying to “enlighten others”.
    MRAs are mostly a bunch of whiny little bitches. It’s a movement for betas. And the female MRAs? They don’t give a rat’s ass about men. Women are beginning to notice that men are starting to boycott marriage and so they are starting to put on a show of “let’s go back to the traditional society”. Why? Because women are terrified that their free ride is coming to an end, and that they will actually HAVE to become independent, and work and support themselves and pay their own bills and won’t be able to find a man to parasite off of anymore. The fact that most MRAs are too stupid to understand this basic point, that women are inherently selfish, shows what pathetic betas they truly are.

    1. The only way women’s free ride will come to an end is if men are completely sucked dry. Hillary is going to get elected by promising women major new entitlements and your paycheck is going to be like a child’s allowance

      1. Hillary can’t get elected. She exists as a controlled opposition when the Alpha males that really run the country want a RepuliCON in office or another Democrat. All the stupid females cheer when she is given a chance to run and the DemoCONs look like they support females in power while doing very little more than the usual giveaways.
        Young girls do not even relate to the Hillary thing and find her distasteful. They will be a clueless selfish who are easily manipulated by the system and us PUA.s

    2. “Blacks against Jim Crow are mostly a bunch of whiny little bitches. It’s a movement for betas.” You’re really THAT clueless? This isn’t just about marriage pal.

  15. The signers of the declaration of independence said it best over 200 years ago…

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness…”

    You do not ask for rights. By asking for rights, you are giving de-facto powers of right-bestowal on those you ask. Rights can only be SECURED by by others, never GRANTED by others. Your rights are inalienable, and they’re being shit on every day by people who would have you believe that you have to ask permission to have a happy life.

  16. Something came to mind as I read this excellent article.
    I remember back when these movements discussing how we were failing boys started. There was a book by a christina hoff sommers that seemed to start the whole thing in the media and then it went quiet for a decade.
    What struck me was that it seemed when you really listened to her discuss the matter you sensed fear, both in the archetypal society wide and individually. She and others deep down realize that they are SOL with the decline of male ability. For most of the females of my generation and the beginning of the next, a male such as myself is a security blanket or an exit strategy in the feminist play. A lot of managerettes decry what they get as male worker bees. And, most importantly, they are not turned on by what males of my generation for the most part became.
    What I think that they would like in many regards is a controlled masculine, a re-engineered pseudo Alpha/Beta. The problem is that they truly do not know what they want or the consequence of getting it. They are running in place because they feel that something is wrong. We players benefit from this.
    I think that larger interests in the marketing and business world are manipulating the feMRa’s to prepare men for a troglodyte existence. Notice the Mike Rowe’s of the world promoting the concept of physical and trade work again for men. In and of itself not bad, but what will be the benefits in comparison to other eras in terms of value, purchasing power, family status, etc. Not that they were always good, but something else is at foot. Men are being prepared for a lower standard of living with more obligations and less status. I work with media people in my practice; please accept it at that. I also did very hard labor intensely for over a decade and in total for over twenty years from early years because things required it. I am glad that I am out.
    I remember hearing from these NeoFeminists how male hard work and trade work was honorable and something to aspire to, blah, blah, when they saw my direction. Funny how it did not translate to sex or respect from high SMV females. When I became a lazy, cutthroat, self-centered nice jerk, doors opened for me as did legs. They, society and females do not respect hard work. Don’t be fooled; they want to have their cake and eat it too.
    You last point (5) in your excellent article is showing that NeoFem support is a controlled opposition technique for low value women to get a slave and for high value men and women to limit competition.

    1. Keep in mind, even in intellectual pursuits, such as engineering, the men doing the work are also worked to the bone. They are essentially slave-driven in a fem-centric environment that does not reward merit. It’s not just the brute-strength jobs, it’s also the tech fields where men are essentially exploited and not rewarded for their effort as they should be. The reason this is so is because in order for so many women to exist happily in the work force (particularly in male-dominated industries), meritocracy had to be eliminated. Women do not function on merit, their social/power structures are different, and they often cannot compete on merit.

    2. Keep in mind, even in intellectual pursuits, such as engineering, the men doing the work are also worked to the bone. They are essentially slave-driven in a fem-centric environment that does not reward merit. It’s not just the brute-strength jobs, it’s also the tech fields where men are essentially exploited and not rewarded for their effort as they should be. The reason this is so is because in order for so many women to exist happily in the work force (particularly in male-dominated industries), meritocracy had to be eliminated. Women do not function on merit, their social/power structures are different, and they often cannot compete on merit.

    3. “Men are being prepared for a lower standard of living with more obligations and less status.”
      That’s interesting. Low status, perhaps, but I recently witnessed a plumber charge a woman $650 for, maybe, 45 minutes of labor. Excluding replacement parts and expendables. Her choice was to pay up on the spot or freeze.
      How much high-end tail will $650 buy Bob the Plumber in Cebu or Medellin?
      These “media types” aren’t the sharpest knives in the back, are they?

  17. I followed MRA Facebook page for a while, most of the pictures they posted featured a girl holding a sign against feminism/for men’s rights.

  18. Billy,You may be right in what you say about male groups in the present era and what they can do to better themselves vis-a-vis the female.The fact is that everybody laughs at male groups who try to gain rights by the use of the internet when it is
    so obvious that the main media is so top laden with feminist academia and the law by
    white knights and female law-makers that,without a change of heart by those same people 90% of males will become professional cheerleaders for female supremacy.
    The role of education is now geared completely towards female accomplishment and the only jobs boys will be able to get are those geared towards keeping the ladies warm and comfortable or as cannon fodder.Perhaps MGTOW are better suited to you but,how long do you think it will be that they or you are allowed to continue in that way without doing time in one lovely correction centre or another.
    It is nice to know that you think men can still be men but it seems to me that the
    pointers of the day are telling you”it just ain’t possible Billy”Without some form of
    “male action “lives of men are going down the swanee.This must be evident by the fact that,as you have stated, male defence has to be carried out by women.

  19. Billy,You may be right in what you say about male groups in the present era and what they can do to better themselves vis-a-vis the female.The fact is that everybody laughs at male groups who try to gain rights by the use of the internet when it is
    so obvious that the main media is so top laden with feminist academia and the law by
    white knights and female law-makers that,without a change of heart by those same people 90% of males will become professional cheerleaders for female supremacy.
    The role of education is now geared completely towards female accomplishment and the only jobs boys will be able to get are those geared towards keeping the ladies warm and comfortable or as cannon fodder.Perhaps MGTOW are better suited to you but,how long do you think it will be that they or you are allowed to continue in that way without doing time in one lovely correction centre or another.
    It is nice to know that you think men can still be men but it seems to me that the
    pointers of the day are telling you”it just ain’t possible Billy”Without some form of
    “male action “lives of men are going down the swanee.This must be evident by the fact that,as you have stated, male defence has to be carried out by women.

  20. To 4. Women you should add the homosexual element in the manosphere. Homosexuals like Jack Donovan are active with the unspoken objective of laying straight men. It is many a homosexuals dream More than women the homosexual presents the gravest threat to anything the manosphere hopes to accomplish.

  21. “Men who know that unmarried woman over 24 are a horrific waste of time and therefore only target the young, fertile femmes who haven’t slept around.”
    Those are exactlty the “men” who are going to drop the soaps before the familly courts (lol, whoever came up with the name).

  22. I’ll agree with the MRAs that the system is against them, but that’s also why it’s pointless to work within it to change things. You can’t lose if you don’t play the game, especially one that’s rigged. And there’s no reason to believe that the implementation of MRA objectives would do anything to curtail modern female behavior. Nor would it do anything to lift men up and inform them of the necessity of self-improvement, which only continues the expansion of the thirsty herds that enable far more of the problematic actions of women than the laws ever have or will.

    1. I disagree. Here’s why.
      Prior to the 1990’s here in Ohio you basically had no legal way to carry a firearm, outside of being a cop. There was one affirmative defense for carrying, however it was rarely granted in even the most extreme cases to the defendent. End of the day, you carried and you weren’t a cop or hunting, you went on the ground hard and got to wear a nice pair of handcuffs. At the time every single gun owner was saying *exactly* what you’re saying (well, paraphrasing I mean). There’s no way to win, they own the deck and the chips, we’re screwed, the system will never get better, give up, etc.
      There was a small but vocal core of men however who didn’t accept that lot in life, and who didn’t believe in the no win situation. They went to town legally and they hit it hard.
      Today 2014 we have going on half a million concealed handgun license holders and people are even beginning to open carry sidearms walking down the street (for example, I open carry). The cops smile and are polite and respectful.
      Twenty years was all it took, of hard determined and persistent effort, to turn the entire situation around.
      We can win this, but we have to engage and not be afraid of losses. Go at it full tilt.

      1. I understand your point, and have no problem with advocacy and voting that would bring about MRA friendly officials, and I would in fact do so, but what are the chances that a politician or judge could run on a platform like that and win in the current climate? He couldn’t, not with the majority of men still unaware of how the whole operation is set against them. Now if every man had a grasp of the red-pill ideology that ROK and other sources provide, then perhaps those legal adjustments would be easier to come by.
        If I were to compare it to gun rights, I would say that it would be as if the majority of gun owners had never heard of the second amendment and believed that the government and their laws always had their best interests at heart, and the last fifty years had been spent suppressing the idea that personal protection was everybody’s right. (I know it has to an extent, but not as much as masculinity has been assaulted, and all gun owners know better, whereas all men do not in regards to their position in the western world) So if you tried to get them on board with getting a carry law passed, they would look at you as if you were crazy. Without them reaching your level of understanding on the matter, you’re battle is a sheer cliff and not just uphill.

        1. Understood. That means we need to have a strategy, need to get lots of vocal advocacy of our very existence, and frankly, we need a PR team of sorts.
          Just brain farting out loud. I don’t believe in giving up the fight (not saying you do). If the femi-cunts could turn the country around over a couple of decades that means it can be done, we just need to do it…in reverse.

        2. If you flipped a switch and every guy in America was awakened to what those of us here realize about society, I imagine the composition, structure, size, and laws of the government would take a drastic turn in a different direction.

  23. There is no honest intellectual argument against the thesis of this post. #1 is the crux of it all. It amazes me how women under 25 or whatever who want to discover their womanhood are different creatures than those who understand in some roundabout way how set in rut of female personality they are. The line about ‘woman over 24 [married or not?!] are a horrific waste of time and therefore only target the young’ got me. If their personalities are set at age 15, they are bipolar personalities. I’ll take the pre-peak side. Night and day. Imagine if you could own one and customize her personality for you (and for her). Oh well.

  24. “Never demand what you cannot take by force” is something I say to feminists, colleagues, etc when they whine about shit. There are different kinds of force, but the concept is valid and applies to all “rights” groups. The MRA movement is pathetic and fails immediately – respect needs to be earned, not given. Women don’t respect men solely because we are men, they respect men who are confident, leaders, and through strife and conflict have earned what they have. That trial by fire instills in a man that which makes him attractive to women. Marching in some BS parade like a bunch of queers trying to co-opt St. Patrick’s Day in Boston every year will get you nothing. This is also something Obama needs to learn. Look at Putin. Putin is an asshole of epic proportions, but even though his military pales in comparison to the USA’s, he doesn’t give a fuck what Obama has to say. Obama demands respect because of his title, but he hasn’t earned it, in fact, the opposite is true. Even the most powerful man in the world needs to earn respect amongst his peers.

  25. I agree 110% with your take on MRA’s. However, as an old (as fuck) dude, there’s a few things Gen-Y and Millennial’s need to understand:
    1. THE IDEA THAT MEN ARE GETTING FUCKED OVER IS A RECENT REVELATION. Not that it hasn’t been happening for a while, but when was growing up, a man still COULD be the master of his home. Women were still becoming State-empowered cunts, but Dad’s Word was still the Law.
    2. TALKING ABOUT THIS SHIT WAS UNHEARD OF TIL NOW. Your wife is a pain in the ass? Whose isn’t? Working your ass off for someone else’s benefit? Who doesn’t? Its only recently that men have been free to observe that they’re holding up both ends of a shitty bargain.
    3. GOING AGAINST THE FLOW WILL MAKE YOU UNPOPULAR. When you’re young its easy to say you’re going to stand up to the world when it tries to crush you. After a few trips to court and sitting in your shitty apartment after 25 years on the job trying to squeeze quarters out of a penny, perspective changes.
    4. SOMETIMES THE BEST WEAPON IS INACTION. Unless you’re gonna go full viking, there isn’t much you can TAKE in the way of rights. An easier option is to withdraw your efforts, starve the parasites out. Deny them the ability to leech off you by dropping gout of their game. Go on unemployment, you’ve paid into it so take it. Cut down your costs and make the “superior women-folk” pull the cart for a while.

      1. yeaaah brother. I just read through Enjoy the Decline for the second time. Kind of a training-wheels, by-the-numbers version of the Galt mentality.

  26. Personal seccession, motherfuckers. Do not play by the rules of a club to which you no longer belong.

  27. Though I’m not a MRA myself, this article is way too harsh and wonderfully naive.
    It doesn’t matter how much of a man you are when society around you is controlled by feminists and their mangina lackeys, who will try to clip your nuts at the first chance they get.
    While one should always work to better himself, at the end it really doesn’t matter how big of a man you are (how much money or how many guns you have, like suggested by one commenter). Once you’re standing in front of a divorce court they will take away your children, force you to pay alimony, and throw you out of your own house, regardless.
    Raising awareness is what matters. Diverting attention from some clam being “unhaaaapy” in her marriage, to the fact that she ended up destroying some poor bloke’s life, is what matters.
    I view MRA’s much like the Spartans (redpillers) viewed the Arcadians in 300 (the movie) – useful brawlers doing their part.

    1. I’m reminded of the article by a bouncer that was recently written where he picked up women at the clubs by telling them that he could throw out beta losers who got in their face.
      For men, being tough and having money is as limited a means to an end as beauty is for a woman. They are certainly great to have and it appears the world is your oyster but they don’t make you invulnerable. In the end, you’re as weak as the rest of us. Consider the Duke Lacrosse team. A bunch of good looking, wealthy young men had their lives destroyed by a false accusation by a stripper. That could happen to anyone. In some ways, such men are an especially desirable target by disgruntled women. That bouncer bragging about his ability to get laid by club skanks is gambling with his life on a nightly basis. One of them sleeps with him, is angry he doesn’t call back, and then files a charge and he’s down for the count. But he doesn’t need rights, does he? Those are for wimps!
      For red-pill men, life means living with risk and although society sucks let’s be honest: it’s always sucked for men. Civilization was about making things better but like anything else, it comes with it’s own hazards. Living in a cave meant being closer to being a real man, but it meant a short life (reach your 50’s or so.) How many of us want to go back to that?

  28. I’ve never understood the logic of “asking” for Rights – if you have to ask, you don’t have any, and you’re a pu**y. If you’re a man, you live my your own rules and enjoy life on your terms. I have been doing that since I was old enough to walk, and at 50+, I bang out 18yo’s pretty much whenever I want. No strings attached because I take what I want and there are always plenty of women offering.
    So why would any man, want, or need to be granted more rights than what swings between his legs. That is all I need and I use it to my heart’s content – and the ladies never seem to object to my using them to take my fill.
    So the MRM guys can keep begging – while I take what I want, and use women for what they are best used for – a warm, wet place that takes care of my pipe-cleaning. 🙂

  29. You want to know the easiest way to “fight” feminism? DO NOT EVER GET MARRIED! DO NOT EVER SIGN A LEGAL MARRIAGE CONTRACT WITH A WOMAN!
    Learn game, and pump and dump. Of course you’ll need to watch out for false rape accusations, but use your common sense. Then again, false rape accusations are far more common than you think, so if you really want to fight feminism? Expat to Southeast Asia and fuck hot Thai and Khmer and Vietnam women. That is the biggest slap in the face to a white woman, when a white woman sees me walking on the street with a hot young (over 18 of course) Thai girl? She gets a very bad and angry and bitter look on her face. Oh joy, it is pure bliss to see how pissy white women get when they see a white guy with an Asian girl.
    The best way to troll white women (aka feminists)? Get a hot young Asian chick and keep her as your trophy girlfriend and display her in public as much as possible.

    1. For someone who believes they are superior to women, you care an awful lot about what they think of you. Might want to change your outlook on life, son.

  30. Laws are made by legislatures.
    Legislatures are elected by voters.
    Voters are influenced by the media.
    Media is controlled by corporations.
    Corporations are controlled by the wealthy.
    Therefore the wealthy make all laws and and control all enforcement.
    Want change? GET WEALTHY.

    1. But if you do, you will no longer want change. After all – the system worked for you.

      1. Yes, it comes full circle, but it’s a small club and most of us will never be apart of it.

  31. MRAism is a gentle first step. A young man who’s been misguided all his life isn’t prepared to listen to thinkers who radically oppose everything he’s been taught.
    If someone is bashed in the face with too much at once, they’re going to reject it out of hand.
    People are not persuaded through harsh criticism anyway.
    But what if they’re invited in with kind words, first taught to question campus rape myths, taught to think about the great “glass cellar” where most men live, male disposability… all in the interests of equality, of course?
    Of those invited in and given the right mental tools. Some of them inevitably graduate of their own accord once they’ve been given all the pieces and start putting them together.
    The MRA sphere is a useful farm team.
    Not to mention, with its more moderate stance, it has more potential to move more people a step in the right direction.
    It takes cautious moderates to put down the first roots and soften up that stony bedrock.
    If we remember, even MRA ideas were considered extremely radical and threatening just 5-6 years ago. If people had even heard of them, they were seen as rape apologists on a level with child molesters and the KKK.
    Finally, if one faction floods the chambers of government with their lobbyists, I’m fine with some group closer to my interests trying the same tactics.

    1. They still are thought of as KKK rape apologists and were ridiculed as such on last weekend’s Saturday Night live.
      Anybody who is willing to take such a stand is one of the good guys in my book.

      1. If you took a time machine to 2007 and showed them that clip, they would have been stunned to get mentioned on network television.
        Things have already changed so quickly that it can be easy to forget how little time has passed.

      2. That’s a good point, had escaped my memory that they were ridiculed on Saturday Night Live. That’s a clear indicator that someone has been taking notice that they are a growing force.
        Unfortunately ridiculed, but recognized, no less.

      3. And the person who did it is being fired. Although to be fair, it’s partly because she was never funny in the first place.

      4. I found the skit here:
        The skit didn’t work on several levels. I think the audience was laughing (barely) out of politeness. The skit was humiliating the man and belittling him and making him ashamed for his position. It was a primitive strawman. It also made the actor seem rather pathetic as he was mocked for his appearance.
        But… on the other hand, I found it amusing at a different level. The skit writers and actors portrayed fat American women as sitting around blowing their money on crappy costume jewelry. The foreign bride says she’s only interested in maucho men and the other harpies cheered her on but I thought of how Juan Pablo of The Bachelor was attacked for his sexism and treating women as disposable. These women wouldn’t have a chance with a real “maucho guy.”
        But yeah, sure, the fact that men’s rights is coming up as a position to mock and misrepresent shows it’s becoming slowly mainstream. 20 years ago, most men were ballless in the states.

    2. Yes, I see the MRM as a pipeline to funnel men into the PUA/game community or the MGTOW community and little else.

      1. Conversely, MR is also useful for diverting diehard equalists, white knights and other manginas into a low harm, high target area roles. Cannon fodder.
        As all North American politics ultimately exists to serve women, in time MR will be coopted and neutered by feminism. (Most of the old guard are, in fact, disaffected feminists attempting to reason their way back into the fold. Warren Farrell, for example.)
        The good news is this process will cause massive rancor and disruption in Big Sister. A definite win for men.
        One should give them credit, too. Many are out there protesting, making noise, getting things done. Farrell and Elam and his merry band, if misguided and doomed, are still a net positive.

  32. Great article… This is why MRAs will never coalesce into anything larger than it is today. Women organize, Men do.

    1. Oddly, the Constitution seems to be an example of men organizing. In fact, organizing an entire huge nation.
      Our logic and rationality are our greatest weapons, we abandon them at our own peril. Doing is great, but doing without a clear plan and purpose is akin to spinning the rudder in random directions on a ship and hoping to end up someplace nice.

      1. You are absolutely right, but you are talking about less than 60 men, who could barely agree on anything. This despite all of them being of relatively like minds, while being in positions of power throughout the colonies.
        I would like to see a group of MEN develop a powerful voice. But I look at the world and see reality.
        Most of us write in anonymity because we know that Men who raise their voice in dissent get shouted down in today’s female-centric society.

        1. I emphatically disagree, all of human history is about male organization. Civilization is itself is male organization.

        2. I don’t disagree with that at all.
          But what Chubbs is saying above is still valid.
          MRAs do not yet have a voice (that isn’t female).
          Too much of American society has become rotten with feminism, sexual thirst, white knighting, and the like.
          I believe the best way for any of us to more forward is to become the best version of ourselves we can be.
          Leadership by example is the best form of leadership.
          Organization will come, when men start being MEN again.

        3. “shouted down”… And add: 1. sacked from work..
          2. deevorced by the missus…
          If a female blogged on Jezebel—no repercussions or consequences whatsoever..

    2. Something to keep in mind is that the women’s movement was based upon a lot of fiction. It was a movement by privileged women who had a lot of time on their hands. Most women today are not involved in the feminist movement and would even refuse to call themselves feminists. In addition, the feminist movement was funded by religious alcohol prohibitions (soon after women won the right to vote, alcohol prohibition was passed) and later, women’s workplace equality was funded by capitalists seeking to deflate wages and shaft over the workers.
      In other words, women’s movements are for total dupes.
      The question is what ulterior reasons would someone have to support a men’s movement? It would appear that men’s rights are ultimately about individual rights. Men support families, create independence, and undermine corrupt oligarchies. That’s the problem. Men are the epitome of actual rights.

  33. Hear, hear. It’s a waste of time to wait on government for your “rights,” anyway. Make smart decisions quietly and you can live a life free of man-made cages.

  34. I’ve said it and I’ll say it again, I never have been nor ever will be a Men Rights Activist. The very concept of equality with a woman is repulsive to any thinking man. Does the sun shine? Do lions eat gazelles? Is the sky blue? I mean these are basic questions that require 0 seconds to answer. If a stranger visited planet earth, the overwhelming conclusion would be that men are superior. By the very fact, the women petition the government for special rape rules, special marriage rules, special child rules for their sex only is an admittance of their own inferiority. What pisses me off are the disunity of men who willingly turn their backs on society, civilization and the ancient order for some used ass pussy. These men come in three forms: the beta, the communist and the MRA.
    That last of these, masquerades as some sort of “light” at the end of the tunnel. They want woman to have an “equal” share at the table, that don’t want to confine women to the roles of virgin and wife or whore and prostitute like we’ve always done with the vast approval of women. These people believe women can conflate the two, they have no problem with women “exploring their sexuality” with numerous men and being wives. They don’t believe in slut shaming. These men are co-conspirators with the feminists. They should be ruthlessly purged from our ranks a la’ Paul Elam etc… Men have always dominated this planet, we have always carried the biological impetus to perpetuate the human race.
    Our forbearers weren’t “spitting game,” asking some useless cunt or wife for sex, they shit was a given. It’s like hey bitch, I just got fucking shot at and dodged an artillery shell for your ass, the least you can do is make a good fucking meal and spread eagle. No ifs, ands or buts. It’s fascinating, because the concept of “rape” is a new concept in human history, and the term rape stems from the latin “raptio” meaning sex under the archway (where the Romans fucked prostitutes). Take lessons from the Romans, purged traitors from our ranks, do not take shit from women and remember patriarchy is the only viable system that we want to return to. It should be the policy on the site, that you need to be a strict advocate of patriarchy. Strip all the trappings of civilization and protection from women and see how “equal” they are then, as this beautiful statue indicates.

    1. Again, you are mistaking two completely different factions for the same faction. The MRM and the M(h)RM have become completely separated.
      No offense, but your information is dated by two years or more. the ‘core’ MRM of today is completely and solidly conservative, right-wing and is more or less a buildup for hardcore neoreactionaries.
      This article is actually applied more or less to the M(h)rm, paul elam, wooly cuntlebee, girlwriteswhat, JTO and the other canucores. Frankly, while I am sure they are nothing but stomp-bait for the media, some of their doxxing work is pretty good, because in the end they are as marxist as femen. Male-marxists have always been good at gruntwork like Doxxing.
      I am willing to let them in peace, because they are a useful tool, but don’t mistake them for the MRM.

    2. Hello Chris,
      Let’s look at what the word MRA literally means: Men’s RIGHTS advocate, not men’s equality advocate. By the same token, feminism is a word that literally does not mean equality or even rights but rather seeing the world in terms of what women want.
      Don’t want rights? There are plenty of places to move to where rights are limited and while men are stronger in comparison to women in such places, your end lifestyle would suffer. Somalia is one such place. Provided you are young and strong and have lots of money and connections, it’s a decent place to live. But if you don’t, you can get shot in the head while walking to the store to buy a loaf of bread.
      The question is how to balance rights without requiring equality. For example, we don’t give children the right to vote but certainly they have the right to be not beaten or starved to death by their parents. Since almost nobody really wants equality (especially the feminists) then men’s rights can simply be about rights and making our lives better.

    3. You literally have to be the best troll ever. Unfortunately in this modern world you ancient order of things is no longer applicable. You’re dark enlightenment dud theories are not for the modern man, and do nothing but sneer in condescension to the plights and problems of the modern man. Men are having more complex problems that cannot be solved with lifting weights and juicing bro.

  35. “Yet why are all these divorced men marrying such horrible women in the first place?”
    In addition to the movement of mass media “mind control” (for want of a more scientific term) that has polluted the minds of women, the minds of men were also polluted with this “if you can’t get laid you are worthless” mentality. It goes hand in hand. The only thing that continues to give power to the structure is the hordes of dolts out there who think they need a woman to validate their life, or labor under this “I NEED to get laid”. For this, most men are chained to their balls and a ball and chain is what you put on a slave.
    Imagine if all men stopped caring about that in the same manner that women are encouraged to pretend to hate?
    And how many of our fellow men are living proof that not getting laid has yet to cause death? Yet so many men act like they are going to die if they don’t get laid.
    It’s more of a “social death”, right?
    And in many arguments with feminists, the FIRST retreat point they go to (because they lose arguments) is “Oh what’s the matter no woman will have sex with you and you are bitter about it?”.
    Not imagine an entire mass media pushing that notion and an entire society lapping it up. Don’t like the way things are with women, the things they do, etc.? Oh it means you just can’t get laid or something.
    Imagine how much the “real” feminists could achieve if they started a movement to get men away from these notions.
    But they are not real feminists. They depend on these notions, this “if you can’t get laid you are worthless” thing. This is why the most horrible people you could ever meet get a pass because they have tits and vagina.
    The MRA crowd needs to stop being like “Me too!” and start a real movement of “Men Going Their Own Way” – and that would include putting value in things that have nothing to do with busting a nut. Women are championed for hating men and becoming “career women” but they run into that biological wall, unable to escape their biology in the end. But men are encouraged to be chained to their balls and slaves to desire. I don’t believe that desire for sex can be so strong.
    If anybody thinks they NEED to get laid think about where you got that idea. A lone buck in a wasteland does not fall over and die because he could not get a doe in the rutting season, why should we?

    1. I’ll consider the possibility of “real feminism” the minute the Flukes and Marcunts of the world start storming the barricades to sign up for Selective Service.
      Feminism is an ideology of privilege, resentment and illogic. What you see is what you get.

  36. Each generation gets progressively worse, both through fault of their own and the society they live in.
    People getting divorced now in their 30’s and 40’s are from a different time – back then you could realistically buy a car for yourself, a house. You didn’t make such purchases going,
    “Gee, can’t wait to live the rest of my life in debt! I love slaving away 8 hours, 5 days a week as my time slowly drains away, rotting away under flickering factory lights as the asbestos slowly coats my lungs with a shiny, cancerous filter.”
    Same with marriage, no one goes in with the assumption things will turn sour. People should wait until their 30s or 40s to get married, if at all. Why even bother getting married? Just be together, some elaborate ceremony isn’t exactly going to strengthen your bond. It’s just putting that bond on display for friends and family.

    1. It’s a mistake to think you belong to some kind of organically self aware “collective”. If you want to buy a house and car, go out and start a business and make your success yourself. There is a lot wrong with society, but that shouldn’t stop you from at least trying to find some measure of happiness that doesn’t revolve around a woman’s vagina.

      1. Woah now, just because I’m dissatisfied with society doesn’t mean I’m personally dissatisfied.
        I never said I belonged to some kind of organically self aware
        collective. I was talking about my generation as a whole, chief. With
        technology such as the internet and the bombardment of our invasive
        media telling us how to live our lives, this generation is largely apathetic and disenfranchised. More of this generation realizes debt is a form of subtle slavery, realizes school is less about education and more about getting people
        used to living the majority of their lives in boring rooms doing boring
        things in a docile, uninterested fashion, 8 hours a day 5 days a week.
        This isn’t some sort of special
        sect of society, this is the majority of people with an internet
        connection, and it’s a mindset directly bred from the greed and incompetence of our leaders. The people realize politicians PASS laws, yet corporations FUND them. That’s fascism, Jefferson. Our government is basically fascist
        here in the states, it’s like a combo of Rome at it’s fall meets Nazi
        This country is like a bar on last call. We’re circling the drain.
        “Just start a business, make something of yourself.” I love how this is the number one mindset in this crowd, it’s the first response you guys come up with to anyone complaining even slightly about 9-5 and the rat race. It’s ALWAYS “Start a business,” without fail. You guys herd together like sheep more than you realize.
        I don’t need to start a business. I’m content, I don’t need to have a lot of money to be happy. I do what I love (play music at many shows and music festivals in a band, have a home studio for my solo stuff and sell records) and scrape by like pretty much everyone else does. Money isn’t the defining factor of my happiness, so starting a business isn’t going to magically give me the financial standing I need to be happy. Money is just as overrated as sex. Funny how the two things everyone is told are important are what they cling to throughout their life. There’s more life than getting your wallet fat and your dick wet.

  37. I think that women are going into the men’s rights movement because they see that the men’s rights movement is at the moment just a pipeline for men to either go into the PUA/game community or the MGTOW community. A few older people stay in the MRM, but most young guys such as myself first heard about the men’s rights movement and wanted to get involved, but when we saw that they weren’t succeeding in doing anything we moved on to other parts of the manosphere.
    A few of the smarter women are seeing this trend and how the manosphere is small now but growing exponentially. They are coming to the decision that between the three parts of the mens movement (MRM, MGTOW, and PUA) they prefer the MRM so they are trying to help it along. The believe that if they help the men’s rights movement make some progress then men will stop packing up and going to the parts of the manosphere that they have no control over.
    Women can control the MRM so they grudgingly support it but the game and MGTOW communities are beyond their control and that scares them.

  38. I don’t like it when manosphere posters claim they are against the MRM. Main reason for that is the fact that they ARE MRAs. It’s like Pepsi saying it’s no soda because it isn’t Coke.
    The only problem I have with MRA’s is the fact that they seem to operate under the assumption that this “equality” shit is for real. They haven’t understood that “equality” the way they’re arguing for it isn’t even remotely possible. Therefore, using feminazi language (the femcunt engine if you want a videogame analogy) is a terrible way to go about thing.
    So in this manner, it makes sense to be “against” MRAs. But never for get it’s not the what but the how that is a problem.

  39. Good article with very insightful arguments. Just like in bad relationships, you don’t try to change the girl. It won’t happen and will only cause you a lot of problems; you just walk away and keep your emotions intact. That’s the approach of a man, and this I think is what is expressed in the article. Walk away, and continue to improve and better yourself into the badass you know you are inside.

  40. Wrong on pretty much all counts. MHRAs are all about action, about “doing”, not waiting for mythical rights. The point is that we LACK rights that women have been granted either in modern times by feminist lobbyists, or in the past when women benefitted from protections in a system that considered them more vulnerable… and men suffer bias is court of opinion and actual courts. We are not asking for privileges, we are asking for justice. For the same sentences for the same crimes, for female purpetrators of rape to face justice instead of being granted anonymity (which male accused do not receive) and often being let off entirely with a slap on the wrist. If you don’t believe in equality and justice for men, it is you who are the loser, you who is the coward. Grow a fucking pair and stand for something other than pussyworship. MHRA doesn’t need “bro”s like you who embrace ignorance while feminists routinely stamp over basic male freedoms in legislation and in university environments. The world is bigger than you, if you have kids, you are to blame for their shitty future if you don’t even try. It is one thing to say “activism isn’t for me”, but to go and post articles like this is only makes you look like a clueless beta dipshit.

    1. Your asking for big daddy government to make more laws and treat you like fucking women, jobber. Your retarded egalitarianism is the worst sort of fantasist bullshit.

  41. Nice to see someone else come to the same conclusion about the MRAs as I did. Asking someone else for what we want is futile – better to do stuff with what we can control: ourselves.
    Especially point #5: Red Pill Women ROFL – another fad and only because this is where real men are. As I wrote elsewhere, I expect to see Fifty Shades of Red Pill Women aka Fifty Shades of Fad.

  42. This is right but it can amount to kicking a guy when he’s down. Thus this essay can seem to be more attacks by broads and gynogroveling authorities. Some guys, especially young guys who meant well and believed females do too, can be discouraged.

  43. Chubbs do yourself a favor and look up “than” and “then”, then spend a little time editing, it would be better than your article’s current form. See what I did there?

  44. If cuckoldry was considered a crime or at least grounds for divorce with no child support or alimony demanded from the man, I’d probably agree with BC. However, for the most part in most places it’s not so men’s rights are needed.

  45. The author is right in principle. It’s a trap…potentially. If we whine, we become victims, the very thing that is wrong with this society, and the very thing which defines what it is to be an entitled, psychotic feminist who expects the state to do what she never could. But there is a dilemma here. If men are getting screwed in the divorce courts, in government policy agendas etc., then something has to be done about that. So if whining is not an option and petitioning a system that hates us wouldn’t work even if it was an option, then perhaps we should ask the same question that those great and worthy commies, Lenin, Chernyshevsky, Malatesta, etc used to set the socialist leviathan in motion:
    What is to be done?
    That’s partly a rhetorical question. Partly a very practical one.
    If victimhood is not an option, and any course of action that positions us as victims is equally anathema, then what sort of responsibility do we take to change the situation:
    The article suggests options, as do some of the comments, but sometimes it’s useful to just articulate a problem. In the first instance, and with respect to the inherent paradox of men who cannot afford to become whiny victims asking for, begging for more rights from those who would be positioned as benefactors were they to grant us such rights, the question
    more specifically is:
    What is to be done, that is:
    a) Psychologically persuasive
    b) Demonstrates responsibility expected of adult males
    c) Has been proven to work and can be modelled effectively
    The problem is that mens’ rights movement as it stands typically fails in all of the above. It positions us as just more petitioners begging for equality handouts within a leftist, feminist narrative. If men’s rights are the way forward then perhaps its time to burn our manzeers

  46. You are 100% correct. No one gives you power. You take it. By the way, this was Malcolm X’s philosophy on black empowerment. He rejected government handouts and affirmative action and told black men to work hard, reject drugs and alcohol, get an education, build businesses and be good fathers. A self-made, successful black man had all the power in the world and did not need to beg for special treatment from anyone. He had no interest in the victim game promulgated by other black leaders, including Martin Luther King, and that is why it was black men working for his rivals who killed Malcolm. His message was too dangerous for both the government and for “mainstream” black leaders whose power came from a meek black populace asking for rights from the powers-that-be.

  47. I’m a believer in natural rights, so I detest when people beg the government to grant those rights to them. People have rights, but the state impedes on them, telling us it’s for our own good when it’s really to lord over us.
    And then the politicians come up with phony rights, like the “right” to a doctor’s time or to other peoples’ money, all to keep us at each others’ throats and distracted by the real source of the problems.

  48. Naive. No one can gain power or demand rights single handedly. To change a system, you need to work as a group, the larger and more organized the better. We are a social animal. We are group hunters, group builders, and group fighters. If you can enlist allies from the opposing side, all the better, just make sure they aren’t double agents. I fight in a phalanx, side to side with my brothers, and if we enlist some shield maiden skirmishers to give us that much more of an edge, so be it. I know that’s a mixed battlefield metaphor, but that’s how I roll. Combined arms. Force multipliers. The more the merrier. No one chooses a smaller army for a large scale war. I don’t hate lone wolf operators, they have their uses, but they don’t win wars.

  49. This article has not convinced me that agitating for family law reform is not worthwhile. Everyone scoffs at “Won’t somebody please think of the children!”, but: won’t somebody please think of the children?
    As for the asinine “you don’t *ask* for rights”, as if every single legislative change requires bloody revolution! Not only can to be done, it *is* being done.

    1. “but: won’t somebody please think of the children?”
      I’m an “old” man. Oddly enough, it is the children I’m thinking of.
      ” . . . as if every single legislative change requires bloody revolution!”
      I don’t suppose you’ve ever considered non-cooperation? It might be worth a try before drawing blood, don’t you think?
      Why is bloody violence the first thing you seem to think of?

  50. Even if all this is true, when you have feminist lobbying the government if there is no one there for men’s right what are we going to get? We tried to ignore feminism by giving women equal rights…. how is that working for us? Not very well. Men like Roosh with crdibility in the manosphere should probably organize men and lobby to change the communist rules of America. Resistance to lunacy is victory. Women will go out and protest rape. Where are the men going out protesting their divorce rape and woman who rape them via discontinuing birth control without the male’s knowledge (if women/courts claim poking holes in condoms is rape then any form of deception on birth control is rape too) alot of these women should be in prison and on the sex offenders list.
    I can accept saying I’m only one man and don’t want to be mentally bogged down in a feminist war, but no need to put those men who really are trying to stop america from being taken over by the femicunts legally.

  51. I became a MRA about 7 years ago, and then I read A Voice for Men and something made me cringe about those “guys” over there. Their site creeps me out. Seems far too Left and they’ve fallen for the homosexual gaystapo obsession. Fuck, I am sick of gay news 24/7; to read it on a “MRA” site is just a kick in the face. They think they are focused but instead, their blunderbuss approach to the MRM is kinda sad, weak and rather effeminate.

    1. (I know your comment is over a year old, but I just saw this article now and wanted to share my similar experience).
      When first discovering red pill websites, youtube videos, etc. a couple of years ago, I came across that website (AVFM) and (initially) thought it was great. But as I read more and more, I noticed the Leftist indoctrination that seeped into the Men’s Rights movement and it was highly discouraging. The Men’s center that opened up in Toronto (AVFM may have had a part in this I think) just HAD to accept homos and tranny freaks there too – so nothing was accomplished, since real men were/are still denied a safe space. I also wondered why a woman (whom I later learned was a lesbian) was one of their main speakers for their movement (who speaks rather crudely/unprofessionally). She gets so much praise in the comments too, even on her looks from various men (even though she’s just another plain butch dyke).
      I once saw a video with Paul Elam, when talking about a USB drive cover or something like that, saying something along the lines of, “and yes it’s pink because I’m secure enough in my masculinity blahblahblah”. The very last straw was when I read an AVFM article spewing the “there’s nothing wrong with homosexuality” rhetoric. Closed the tab right then and there.
      That’s why ROK needs to remain faggot-free (and why other sites should adopt this formula since it encourages normal pre-PC thinking).

  52. If and when somebody infringes on my right to buy wine and women, then I’ll start getting pissed.

  53. time is right for the mras. if there isnt representation in courtrooms laws dont change. laws that take from men. unfair and unjust laws. these must be changed inside the legal system (unless you want the entire system gone). i dont think its a bad thing.
    dont bank on the mrm. dont cry and cowtow and beg for your rights. a man is supposed to spend most of his effort bettering himself directly. dont put all your eggs in the mra basket. i would say, support the mras in passing, like you would anything you agree with, but focus your efforts on bettering your own self. any man who pickets with mras but doesnt lift an ounce of weight (or pickets at all for that matter) is nothing but a crybaby. to men like this the mrm is a copout, pretending like you are doing something when all you do is whine. fuck those guys. they are pussies.
    also i cant agree more any movement spearheaded by women claiming to represent men is a fraud. also, any man who will sit by idly, crying into a webcam and let women (pretend to) do the real legwork for his own male rights is not a man. he is less than a man. he is less than a woman. he doesnt deserve rights. he is a bitch. and this is how most who identify as mras are.
    that is all.

  54. You only have those rights you can enforce.
    I notice that there is a theme on this site of telling men they must lift weights. This is narrow minded as weights are not for everyone. To this I would say, pick the form of exercise that suits you. I do think you should do some form of resistance exercise but this does not need to be limited to weights. I would also add that every man should know how to fight. To achieve this I would suggest every man pick a martial art that suits him (which should include full contact sparring) and/or firearms training where possible. Knowing how to fight lends a certain deep confidence and discipline that women will adore and men will respect. Also, the training aspect can supersede the need for other forms for exercise. I would also say this: being able to lift weights does not make you a great fighter.
    Last; attend to your nutrition. You will not be strong and attractive for very long if you eat crap.

  55. The argument that rights are unnecessary because a truly strong person can simply work beyond them is a copout and sounds suspiciously like what modern women say all the time (“A REAL man can get beyond discrimination against men and still be a great provider and protector.”) A beta male goes for this by thinking if he works “harder” than a woman (80 hours a week) and the woman accepts him, then he wins.
    In the meantime, this forum celebrates foreign cultures that haven’t accepted equal rights for women and secondary rights for men. Shouldn’t both of these paradigms (lack of men’s rights isn’t a big deal) and (other countries are more traditional and better) mean that these men should pack up and move?
    Packing up and moving is an option, of course, but eventually if feminism follows them one way or the other than they eventually wind up having to fight and often under less than ideal conditions.
    The primary flaw with MRA’s is that they think they can try to give men “equality” to make the feminist ideal of equality work. Since most women are either man hating feminists or entitlement queens, there is little point in men fighting for equality that most women are not capable of living up to. It’s like demanding that 6 year old kids suddenly step up and make as much money as their dad.

  56. “This is the culture we live in, and there’s no turning back the clock no matter how hard you stamp your foot guys.”
    This is something I often hear from smug feminists and I laugh at how the media is full of stories of how women are constantly on the brink of being pushed back into the kitchen. Whether it’s problems they have balancing work and home, or economic problems caused by the pro-female welfare state, or high crime due to their illegal nannies’ boyfriends joining a gang, etc. the whole kit and kaboodle can come crashing down at any moment without us men stomping our feet. But what certainly helps crash such illusions is when the workers stop drinking the cool aid and wake up and this makes it all that much harder for the powers that be to keep it going.

  57. Speaking as an experienced guy with women who lives independently in his own apartment and living single, while I hate MRAs because of the losers in it, you still have to give men some rights and protection, such as false rape accusation in nightclubs/bars/workplace. Sometimes a chick will accuse you because you banged her sister over you, bitches be crazy man.
    Then there is the court systems that favour women over men and hand down far severe punishment compared to what women get with longer jail sentences.
    These are , imo, the only two good things about the MRA that they are fighting to change.
    But like you said, letting women represent you and not improving one’s self in everyway possible…like WTF man. I’m tall and good looking, but even I have to dress appropriate and groom myself and keep fit with moderate weight training.

  58. Articles like this give a perfect illustration of why feminism and femocentric thinking continues to kick men’s ass, even with all their faulty logic, crazy theories and jokey statistics. You think bravado > organisation and group conciousness. It’s like when all those brave Celtic and Germanic tribes came up against the Romans, they thought being individual badasses with big swords was enough to win against Roman order and discipline. How’d that work out for them?
    The system doesn’t care how alpha you are – it will take your kids, kill your academic career on a false rape accusation, give your job to a woman and then troll you to shit by asking why you aren’t “manning up”. You have three choices – drop out, fight or be its bitch. Personally, I tend more towards the drop out side of the spectrum but I think its beyond ignorant to shit on MRAs for trying to do something about it.

      1. I’m happy scum like you aren’t MRA’s. The last thing we need are hate filled morons dragging down the movement.

    1. If Elam is a government then that I’m happy they are finally doing something to help men and boys.

  59. No offense to anyone but the message Im getting from ROK and RooshV.com is to go live in a foreign country. In other words run away. I dont have a problem with this but say I go to Latin America or Asia, get married and have a kid. We all know feminism is spreading around the world so i suspect it will have hit those two continents by then. Do i tell my son to run off to Africa? Whats next?

    1. its a real dilemma. Long term solution: colonize space / the oceans. Feminism is about population control. Less need for that if there’s a whole universe out there to be fucked up. Not very helpful to you in the moment, but I’m semi-serious

  60. Author makes lots of good points. But, I consider MRA (and MGTOW) as allies against feminism and I still believe it’s better be united rather than calling each other losers.

  61. I think what is being said here is basically that a victim mentality is contemptible, which is true. However, victim mentality and mra do not need to go together. While it’s true that men who get raped in divorce court do have themselves to blame for marrying a bad women, no man of virtue should be at ease with the fact that an evil women was rewarded for being evil. And we should be charitable to these men. True they did bring it on themselves, but the did so while basically all of society, their parents, their friends, their teachers, etc cheered them on.
    The other point is that where you say that rights are something you have to ask for, I feel that is an oversimplification. When it comes to problems in government institutions, such as family court law, you can either make changes through elected representatives, or through revolution. To characterize everything that is not revolution as boot licking is just not honest. It’s perfectly reasonable to advocate change without needing to overthrow the government. And doing those kinds of changes requires things like petitions, voter awareness campaigns, etc.
    But still, I agree with the sentiment of the article. The whole victim group mentality is repellent to begin with, and those who want to make men a victim group are in fact losers.

  62. This article is horrible.
    Logical fallacies, bad analogies, pushing PUA nonsense, dark triad nonsense….I could go on and on but this article is written by betas for betas, who don’t know what a real “alpha” would be if they had one fall on them…..
    Real men raise kids, don’t “pump and dump”, and have balls, and seem to be still married or windows.
    It’s seems to be the younger generations who picked up this nonsense.
    Tell me something. How can a man without a father figure in his life become an alpha?
    He can’t.
    But he can start a website on PUA and fleece the younger kids.
    No different than women really.
    I think that is the problem with the PUA’s.
    They are scared little boys who use sex to get back at women.
    Lol acting like karma doesn’t exist.

  63. I don’t think mgtow, mra or the pua communities are mutually exclusive. We all can learn a lot from each unique perspective. eg. even though i’m not a mgtow i hold the *idea* of mgtow dear to me……..ie defining my masculinity on my own terms and NOT in terms of pussy.
    All you have to do is read some of the articles here and you realise PUA’s borrow heavily from both mgtow and mrm.
    I’d suggest reading Jonathan Taylor from avfms (a voice for male students). He’s mrm and probably one of the most intelligent, thought provoking writers in the manosphere and he’s making a difference. He talks about male violence from a male perspective ie NOT in the way it’s usually framed by feminists. If less men killed eachother, that’d be awesome right?? well fu*k it he needs our support just as much as anyone else does… http://www.avoiceformalestudents.com/sacramento-state-universitys-lynching-art-project-an-opportunity-to-talk-about-violence-against-men/

  64. 100% Agree !!! Here in Québec, Canada, gender equality and feminism is so established that men are diminished and washed brained by women.
    Only take a look at this organization:
    “Réseau d’hommes du Québec ” ( Quebec Men Association ) ” here men can talk without been judged ” What the fuck ?!!!
    Here in Quebec women are cold like ice and very independent, even they think there are superior to men, and the men here believe that bullshit.
    That gives as result that men are weak and even they don’t talk or seduce women, and at the end women complains that here there aren’t enough virile men
    What a shame accomplishment of feminism movement….

  65. 100% Agree !!! Here in Québec, Canada, gender equality and feminism is
    so established that men are diminished and brain washed by women.
    Only take a look at this organization:
    “Réseau d’hommes du Québec ( Quebec Men Network): here men can talk without been judged ” What the fuck ?!!!
    in Quebec women are cold like ice and very independent, even they think
    there are superior to men, and the men here believe that bullshit.
    gives as result that men are weak and even they don’t talk or seduce
    women, and at the end women complain that here there aren’t enough
    virile men
    What a shame accomplishment of feminism movement….

  66. “Men’s Rights Are For Weak Men”
    No men’s rights is for vulnerable men and just like vulnerable women they need advocates who give a damn rather than trying to sure up their own ego by proving how ‘manly’ they are to the world.

  67. I don’t think that the women in the Men’s Right’s Movement are the spokespeople or thought leaders, they’re more figureheads, this part of the sphere is too radical and way to traditionalist to be accepted by the mainstream. MRA’s know this, that’s why the talk the egalitarian talk, and have anti-feminists in their movement. If the sphere where the Civil Rights Movement. Paul Elam and AVFM would be MLK and the NAACP, while Roosh and RoK would be Malcom X and the Black Panther Party.

  68. The difference between the FMRA’s and the red pill women, the FMRA’s actually believe what they say, while the red pill women come here and spout the talking points for male attention.

  69. I’m a MGTOW, and there are only two FMRA’s I like and respect. I respect none of the red pill women.

  70. The problem with marriage is that women lie and are master manipulators. They’ll put tremendous work and energy into being thin, being what they want to make you think they are, etc. Then when the ring’s on their finger they let it all drop with a loud crash. Also, there’s a twisted resentment against the man, because of the work she had to do to get him, but also because she knows she’s now a person the guy doesn’t want and is stuck with.

    1. Use a surrogate and have your own children. Fuck her for pleasure until you get tired fucking her and then get yourself another one. (they like it like that it is empowering to them, see Sex in the City). You don’t need her for anything else.

  71. Jesus, you are a hateful sack of shit aren’t you.
    This is exactly why I hate MRA’s or people that think like them (despite you procaliming to not be an MRA).

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