Feminist Mental Health Czar Wants To Curtail Boys’ Access To Gyms In Britain

A woman named Natasha Devon has written a piece in the Daily Telegraph demanding that boys under 16 be banned from attending gyms alone, to prevent them from becoming too concerned about developing muscles. Devon, who is the Derpartment for Education’s “mental health champion” is asking for a “strict and rigorously enforced” age limit of 16 on access to gyms, unless accompanied by an adult.

Devon is a professional victim who has built two charities and wrangled herself an MBE out of the fact she once had an eating disorder. She was formerly a typist for Cosmopolitan and has zero qualifications in medicine or psychiatry. The ascendancy of pundit-turned-government advisor Devon suggests the British government is pursuing a policy of handing out appointments and honours to complete non-entities in order to appeal to feminist sensibilities.

The continuing assault on male spaces

The archetype ma

The projected Feminist prototype of the male gym-user.

Although traditionally associated with the right wing of the British press, The Telegraph has a long tradition of giving feminists a platform to spout biased garbage.

The catalytic incident which led Devon to call for the ban of children (read: boys) under 16 from gyms has no bearing the matter she purports to discuss. Devon recounts being shown some dodgy exercise by a guy in the gym. She then says she is concerned because gyms are places where peer-to-peer advice-giving. There follows, she alleges, “a wider social significance, particularly for young men.”

So let’s recap. A man gave our “tsar” dodgy advice in the gym. Gyms are places where peer-to-peer advice is given. Teenage boys join a gym between 13 and 14 years of age. This, apparently, is a valid basis for inferring that a problem exists. Logic and reason 101 it isn’t. She continues:

Ostensibly, there’s nothing much wrong with this. It’s incredibly difficult to be a young man in today’s society. The increasing prevalence of mum-only one-parent families, plus the relative dearth of male teachers, has left many teenage boys without real-life role models. Aspects of the new wave of feminist thinking in our culture have also meant a lot of young men are struggling to find a sense of identity.

All of these needs can be fulfilled somewhat by the gym. It’s a testosterone-fuelled space where teenage boys can find older men who will instruct and induct them into the ways of fitness culture. It’s little wonder they’re seeking gym memberships in their droves.

That’s right, folks. It’s difficult to be a boy because feminists have made any semblance of male identity anathema, unless regulated and controlled by feminists. Going to the gym has become an escape from this, because boys flock there to gain the tutelage of older, more established men.


Natasha Devon, in case you were wondering

Nevertheless, Devon demands that all gyms ban boys under 16 unless accompanied by an adult. Her “reasons” are as follows:

Firstly, it’s because young men are vulnerable and dangers lurk beneath the gym’s friendly edifice.

These dangers are, and I’ll spare you the direct quote, that personal trainers might push energy drinks and protein shakes onto gym users. The implicit argument is that young boys might be subject to this “up sell”, as Devon calls it. Never mind that every one of these products is available to children on high street shelves. The feminist solution to this imaginary problem is, unsurprisingly, government regulation.

Secondly, there’s the potential for distorted body image.

Devon claims that the rise in male hospitalisations for eating disorders by 70 per cent over the last decade is connected to what she purports to be the mainstreaming of gyms. No attempt to establish correlation between the two is made whatsoever. It just “feels” right, right?

The third argument, and one which is utterly bizarre in its lack of logic, is that:

…gyms are currently providing a need which should be being met elsewhere in the community.

Her point is that schools have insufficient PE lessons. Which is of course, an invalid argument for the limiting of access to gyms, even for children. It’s a very reasonable argument in favour of having more sports in schools. To cite a lack of sports in schools as a reason to restrict gyms, however, is putting the cart before the horse. Czar-level reasoning is obviously at play.

When chancers blag their way into high office


Although Natasha claims that she has “the critical faculty to question the more dodgy aspects of gym culture,” reading her article provides ample evidence of a worrying lack of critical or other faculties. The article is more an exercise in concern-trolling than it is rational inquiry.

No evidence at all is brought forward to show why it is that gyms are so bad for young boys. No evidence is shown to ground the numerous claims of causation made between gym-going, eating disorders in men, and the trade in and consumption of supplements. Devon’s written argument is typically millennial: unrigorous and unreferenced.

It is almost as if this “advocate” is trying to concoct a basis for a policy out of thin air. Almost as if she is working backwards from a conclusion, that it is bad for young men to be in the gym, that they are exposed to a culture which is, well, male, and therefore bad. Although Devon pays lip service, as feminists are wont to do, to the troubles facing men in modernity, she is herself part of the same misandrist impulse to regulate and curtail male behaviour.

Devon, as a feminist, feels threatened by men having their own spaces. The British pub has been decimated thanks to the smoking ban and alcohol taxes. Men are now finding new spaces to commune and communicate, away from the meddlesome influence of women. Feminsts are reacting by attempting to control and regulate those spaces in any way, and under any pretext they can.

Devon’s concern is really that boys in gyms might be exposed not only to the rigours of strength training, but also to a little too much masculine thought. Catch them young, as they say.

Britain, a casino for grievance-mongers

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 23.44.04

Health at every size, you see.

The real scandal here is that a professional victim, Natasha Devon, who has no medical or psychiatric qualifications, has been appointed at taxpayer’s expense to lecture people on children’s mental health.

Not only has the government been conned by this individual, her appointment could be positively detrimental to the health of British children. Devon and her troupe are practitioners of the extremist ideology of “health at every size” (HAES), which teaches fat people that being fat is perfectly OK and something they should be happy about.

Aside from this, even the very notion of “self-esteem,” another idea which Devon promotes, is a harmful poison which should have no place in schools. Advocates of “self-esteem” promote the idea that confidence is something that one is entitled to, rather than what one earns through hard work and accomplishment.

After decades of conditioning and exposure to culture, British kids are full of it. Scratch the surface and they know nothing. But they’re ready to stab you for stepping on their trainers. Snake oil sales(wo)men like Natasha Devon will only promote and encourage this.

Government non-jobs for all

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.45.25

Natasha Devon and the doughy mangina who appointed her.

The Cameron regime is obsessed with ingratiating itself to various grievance lobbies by making politically correct gestures. Appointing a woman here, an ethnic minority there. I have already written about the utterly unmeritorious degradation of the Honours system by awarding the OBE to professional victim Caroline Criado-Perez.

Natasha Devon got her MBE in the very same intake, which speaks volumes to the government’s philosophy. Countless nameless individuals, be they police officers, nurses, doctors or firemen, might have been more deserving of honours than these chancers. For the money spent appointing Natasha Devon as a “mental health champion,” the government might have appointed a real expert to the role, at least one with a modicum of capacity to egnage in rational analysis.

In modern Britain, appointments and honours are not given on merit. They are given to whoever has the greatest excess of chutzpah and talent for shameless self-promotion. Even an abject lack of qualifications does not stop you from becoming a Tsar or champion for this or that cause.

The most worrying aspect of this is that under such a porous system, where influence is given whoever has the sharpest elbows, feminist creeps like Natasha Devon now have access to your children.

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180 thoughts on “Feminist Mental Health Czar Wants To Curtail Boys’ Access To Gyms In Britain”

  1. Also, love this:
    Secondly, there’s the potential for distorted body image.
    Devon claims that the rise in male hospitalisations for eating disorders by 70 per cent over the last decade is connected to what she purports to be the mainstreaming of gyms.
    Right, because the the raise in male eating disorders, if there is one, has nothing to do with the faggotization of young men turning them essentially not just into young girls, but young girls with an entitlement complex who are looking for an easy way out….no wait, just young girls.

    1. Yeah,
      I would say the only reason there would be a notable rise in eating disorders among males is because of entitlement mentality and constantly hearing women use it as an excuse for their shortcomings. More effeminate males means more complaining and those seeking to capitalize on the potential of exploiting the change may also play a hand (ie: They told me I’m not muscled enough, give me something free to make me feel all better).
      My dad’s old comics had ads from guys like Charles Atlas selling body building techniques to “wimps” and slim men, so body image isn’t anything new for guys, it’s just we didn’t bitch about it before like, well, the bitches.

      1. so glad you mentioned atlas.
        It is all so insane.
        Why won’t anyone just realize that the fem culture wants things to be easy. Having a great body is not easy. If it was everyone would have one. So instead of encouraging people to work hard to look the way they want they are encouraging everyone to be a slob so we are all the same.

        1. “What do you mean we are being invaded? There wasn’t anything about it on Twitter!”
          -Quoted from some future dipshit.
          “Just bend over and take it, maybe they’ll give us some candy afterward.”
          – Reply from his “mate.”

      2. You see, guys can increase their SMV by hitting the gym at any age. Youth and beauty are women’s SMV and time doesn’t move backwards no matter how hard of an effort they put in.

      3. It always surprises me when women bitch about how culture “forces” them to be a certain way. Men have seen images like this forever. We don’t see it as a “must be” but rather a “GOAL” (which we might achieve greater or lesser success at.)

        1. Ha ha. The difference is that women simpy need to maintain their natural god-given 18 year old bodies through modest amounts of exercise (hobbies really; hiking, golf, tennis, swimming, cycling) and have the diets of adults instead of unattended 5 year old in a candy store. Men need to gain 30-90 pounds of muscle through labor, guzzling protein and ripping out their colon by shitting 7 times a day due to all of that excess eating.

        2. But to be fair, the feminist argument is that both images cater to men. The Barbie is a male expectation of women, and He-Man is a male power fantasy.
          And of course, the answer to this is…. so what?

        3. exactly. So what? There are power fantasies for all. Strong Independent Woman is just as absurd as a real life He-Man (both in physical prowess and intellectual ability). So if men are able to mostly understand the limits of the fantasy in the real world, women should as well. *shrug*

        4. I have a degree in Exercise Physiology. And frankly in the sedentary first world, it takes more than hobby exercise for both sexes. But I agree in general that keeping in shape for women isn’t the chore they make it to be. Especially in comparison to the “Ideal” man. I always tell women that ask me how to lose weight to lift. They almost always give me static about it, and then I know they are not serious.

        5. Also contrast the two He-men in the tv show PRINCE Adam and He-Man, Master of the Universe. Adam had the same physical appearance, but seemed bumbling and lesser, like his side kick Cringor. He-man was well, masterful and his side-kick Battle Cat was no wilting lily. The show gave good examples to see the Prince’s deficiencies vs He-man’s wise application of power and justice. These are good lessons that are simply lost on a generation of “sensitive” kids.

    2. To use their own language, one could also argue that all the six packs on the covers of the lady porn dominating bookracks now, has given young men an unrealistic body image to conform to. Although, I think yours is the more likely explanation.

    3. Right on. Skinny feminized males with twig arms and legs stressing about the calories in a celery stick. First world, white girl problem.

    4. Also, possibly, that the only “fat shaming” allowed is overweight men.
      Think about the stereotype of the “overweight basement dwelling neckbeard from whence all that is evil in the world flows”. Such men, of which being overweight is a feature, are still shamed by both sides (we shame them for more productive reasons while women shame them because they are wired to despise pathetic men) are basically relegated to a life of not getting laid and possibly turning into a big fat fag against their own will even. Like they’ll be sucking cock and crying the whole time because women won’t date them.
      (in perception mainly, but perception is everything).
      When I was as young as 14 I was walking 2 miles to the gym and back and hitting it hard. But how many helicopter-raised kids even have that freedom? And imagine all these young lads with their feminist single mothers trying to get lifting equipment? Heck my dad was often too busy working two jobs to facilitate my activities but when I took up powerlifting and bodybuilding at 14 it was him who was able to pull some connections and get me a whole room full of weights and equipment. My mother would not have managed that. (admittedly she made sure I had enough to eat which is why I was nearly 200 lbs of muscle by 16).
      So a young fellow today, lacking freedom to go to a gym, and no dad to help, and in deathly fear of becoming a living image of pure never-get-laid-and-become-a-big-fat-fag evil is probably going to starve himself for lack of other choices. What are they supposed to do, put on yoga pants and join their mothers’ crossfit or zumba class? (Their mothers would like that of course, bitches).
      I don’t blame them. They seem to be out of choices.

      1. “What are they supposed to do, put on yoga pants and join their mothers’ crossfit or zumba class?”
        They have these weekly yoga classes where I work. And yep, men (some of my colleagues) go religiously and they’re proud of it. I’m looking from behind my screens thinking…. WTF?

      2. I have a female acquaintance that tried to get me to go to yoga class. I agreed provided she would run through a session of squats and stiff leg deadlifts.
        I graciously offered to manually assist and observe her form as well. Needless to say, I was not invited to yoga anymore.

        1. Well, being the devil’s advocate here, there are several forms of Yoga that can kick your ass. Most women aren’t going to do it. They do the sit and hum shit.

        2. Any program that incorporates long isometric holds will grind anyone down. However, if your goal is to build large amounts of muscle or develop power, progressive overload is the only method that produces development over many years.
          Yoga can be tiring, and will improve flexibility, but it won’t get you jacked, faster or more significantly more powerful for sports.

      3. also, “their mothers crossfit or zumba class” is my favorite line of the day. It’s only 9 am, but it is already given the title.
        Crossfit, zumba, yoga — all can be fun but are essentially bullshit. When I am at my full stride (recovering from an injury now) I usually do one hot yoga a month for a good stretch and think that crossfit makes a fun activity on rest days…

        1. not sure about yoga in general, but i like the heat and the stretching and the sweaty women….Not sure about martial arts training, but I know you have to be pretty flexible for that stuff.

    1. Pass. Focus criticism on equalists, people. Minority policies can be determined after the left is eliminated.

    2. When TSHTF that bird and the nigger gnome next to her wont last the first night. No holding on till they see the sun for them.

  2. I just love feminists getting their hands up in the development of boys.They should get slapped.

  3. the photo of her flaunting her body = desperate cry for attention. ‘me, me, me, me!!!’
    photo of obama with the 10lb weights. ::shudder::
    say what you want about george w… the man was in good physical shape.

      1. Putin is also a judo and sambo black belt. Obama can keep doing same-time hammer curls with 20 pounds.
        Wait, is he hammer curling while lunging? The fuck is that???

        1. Hammer curling while lunging is so leftist;
          All the mental reward of an act without any sacrifice or discomfort.

  4. Yes, leftoids, keep pushing.
    The incredible backlash is going to be fun to watch, and all decorum is going out the window.
    And I’m not going to do a thing to stop the reaction. Because sometimes, bad things have to happen.

    1. Yup. Sometimes people have to learn the hard way. If this backlash ever comes I’ll grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy the show.

    2. Funniest part is, these women have no clue some men absolutely don’t subscribe to their shit. They’ll be in shock when they figure this out. That’ll be priceless..

  5. I used to try to place nearly all of the blame for our current situation on female feminists…
    But the more I see cases such as this pop up, the angrier I get at “men” (white knights, manginas, captain save-a-hoes, etc.).
    Shame on any “man” who takes these women seriously and actually facilitates implementation of culturally destructive policies. Shame on any “man” in a position of power who allows this type of woman to hold ANY public office whatsoever. At what point will the majority of men stand up and say “NO!” to these sick, red/blue haired, tatted up, overweight, loud, obnoxious, sexually liberated females?
    As for Devon: Red hair, overweight, tattoo on leg, feminist, mouth moving…
    Conclusion: disregard.

    1. not to forget her flaunting that surgery scar.
      next thing she’ll start “surgery scars are beautiful” campaign.

    2. Shame on any “man” who takes these women seriously and actually facilitates implementation of culturally destructive policies.
      – Man becomes engaged to deranged woman and then ends relationship.
      – Deranged woman makes allegations of rape and assault.
      – Deranged woman manipulated police into playing Captain-Save-A-Hoe.
      – Man sent to prison and fears for personal safety.
      – Man released after four months when deranged woman’s story falls apart.
      – Deranged woman found guilty of two counts of making a false accusation to police and two counts of public mischief.
      – Police officers face investigations into professional misconduct.

      1. From your article link: “When she was convicted last month she mouthed the words “I love you” to her current partner.” Yikes.
        I’m glad that she was held accountable in the end, although I doubt she’s truly remorseful. The legal system is not completely broken, but is in dire need of reforms. This type of chilling scenario is seemingly becoming more common, and often times there is NO accountability for the false accuser.

  6. We haven’t figured out how it’s misogynist yet, but figures show that men seem to like it. Shut it down!!!

    1. Actually, being called a misogynist these days is a good sign you’re doing something right

  7. The real reason is that places like these might build a man’s character. It’s terrible, isn’t it, he’s looking after himself, he’s healthy, has self discipline, he’s not hanging around streets taking drugs or drinking….feminists can’t have that as men are meant to be useless…if they get bad habits when young then they’ll be left wing “victims” who contribute nothing to society and can be championed by the social welfare apparatus for the rest of their lives.

  8. This is why you don’t listen to women, especially not when they have opinions about men. Not only do they not know what they’re talking about, their opinions are downright harmful, as they try to shape men into something that pleases them.
    The time for complaining is over. Everybody knows what the problem is. Now is the time for the march through the institutions. To remove equality from every corner of society, and to depose those who still cling onto it.
    Nationalist revolution when?

        1. atleast a few fat feminist cunts would be wiped off the face of the earth.
          Besides they have a good enough reason to do so.
          Any feminist (who holds high authority, politically or otherwise) is responsible for polluting the minds of several young girls out there.

        2. Not necessary. Just expose them for the liars and hypocrites that they are. Remember how Anita Sarkessian got all kinds of media attention and sympathy for claiming she received death threats? Violence would not help our cause.

        3. We are indeed condemned to hold the high moral ground forever. The mere fact that we hold a dissenting view means we are de facto spinned and judged as psychopathic savages. Roosh’s Excellent Adventures in Montreal pretty much reiterated that point.

        4. A day is coming where sympathy won’t work.
          Right now, I already have none. If Sharia law took over and women were given the choice of wearing a sack over their heads or being stoned to death, I would not give a shit a this point. I don’t agree with Islam, but then I’m not the one who weakened the West so much that Islam can be a threat.
          If civilization collapses I’ll be watching women getting chased by rape gangs in my rifle scope and saving my ammo.

        5. I would not give a shit a this point. I don’t agree with Islam, but then I’m not the one who weakened the West so much that Islam can be a threat. If civilization collapses I’ll be watching women getting chased by rape gangs in my rifle scope and saving my ammo.

          And it’s already happening: themalefactor.com/2015/09/03/woman-seriously-hurt-in-bangalore-bus-as-men-did-not-stop-her-from-falling/

        6. Just expose them for the liars and hypocrites that they are.

          Has never worked, will never work. Instead feminism spreads, spreads and spreads even faster.
          Exposing “logical flaws” or “doublethink” works on men, not on women. Women care about feelings, not about cognitive dissonance.
          Feminism does not spread because it’s so “well thought through”, it spreads because women are allowed to vote and thus control governments and mass media.
          Last year was one of the best and most successful years ever (with huge wins for feminism and huge losses for men). This year promises to be even better with the upcoming UN conference on worldwide global empowerment of women.

        7. It will eventually collapse because they will turn against each other.
          In the name of equality, eventually the women will realize that among themselves, they are not equal and start cat fighting each other and form cliques like high school girls. Then they eat up each other.

        8. Last time I checked Muslims rank higher than feminists on the
          pecking order for leftest. They don’t want Muslims killing them.

        9. The idea that Islam is a threat is a smokescreen rendered by politicians to keep your focus elsewhere. It seems that all the “wolf crying” is now wearing thin on you.
          That said, if civilisation collapses women will revert to their normal position vis-a-vis men. Women only have the power they have as a result of the luxury of modern democratic life. As such, they will happily submit to a man in order to place herself under his protection.

        10. If women are 50% of the voting population (I think women actually vote at a higher rate than males because we see it for the bullshit that it is) then all it takes is a few beta nice guys who want to vote to help out a sweet little cupcake and the feminists will win every election.

        11. So what do you do if these weirdos can’t hold a rational thought in their head? They just turn into screeching banshees and scream victimization. They are simply insane. You can’t reason with crazy. Calling them out doesn’t do anything. These people are a small vocal minority that leverage social media to instigate shit.
          It seems the only real thing to do is ignore them. People seem to be getting fed up with their shit. Unfortunately not enough. The real problem is this aberration of compassion and giving these clowns a voice in any forum. The only saving grace is they appear to be battling it out over who is the least privileged and most offended.

        12. True, most feminists and SJWs can not be reasoned with. However, impartial bystanders can hear well thought out arguments and conclude the enemy is bat shit crazy. Since they are bat shit crazy, this shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve.

        13. Yeah. The oncoming apex victim wars will be fun to watch, preferably from a minimalist mini-house in the woods, stocked with beans, Costco whiskey (way underrated) and frozen fish and venison (self caught). Try to pay for as little of it as possible and the heavy hitters of victimhood will have to butt heads constantly as the slush fund provided by white males starts to erode.
          Right now Muzzies are the apex, aggrieved demographic (afterall, they are the most hideous group on the planet and SJW’s are always on the lookout for attention grabbing ironic stances most easily found with illogic.)
          Feminists are still strong. Fat acceptance should keep them fueled up in more ways than one and an entire generation of millenial males have been groomed to prostrate themselves before 200 pound dominatrixes. There is an endless supply of self-hating white males to scapegoat for any insane contrivance of feminist victimhood. Feminists are not going anywhere anytime soon and abusive Muslims will not be able to shake them. The more abusive and sickening the Muslims are to women, the more women are right on their tail in the apex wars.
          Blacks might be falling behind. The random beatings of elderly white people are just a bit too much aren’t they? Even SJW’s have quietly moved away from Blacks. Black Lives Matter has injected some pep into their victimhood as the logic behind BLM is so incredibly stupid and that always means a lot to SJW’s. Akin to catnip; illogical and racially oriented….Mmmmm says the SJW.
          Mexicans actually work and they are a bit too hardy for SJW apex victim status. They have families and religion too so that is not going to win them in any friends. If they could only play up the fact that their children sometimes have to wear second hand clothing and don’t always get every toy they want for Christmas then maybe they would be held up in higher regard by Americans. The potential is there though. Having 8 kids when the father makes 46k a year is definitely stupid. And stupid is how you get ahead in Leftist USA.
          Oh, the gays. Oh, man. They’re basically Kings now. I guess I forgot. So sticking your wiener into some dude’s poo is about as noble and God-like as humanity gets, I guess. You gets some hairy balls on your chest and you’re up there in the heavens, soaring with the Gods. It’s interesting because it’s hard to be considered a God on earth AND be an apex victim, but luckily it’s illogical and SJW’s just swoon over contradictions in logic so stay tuned.

        14. Feminism spreads because women don’t form their own opinions, but adapt to their environment. Much of the perceived environment being the media. And no, they are not the ones controlling it.
          So even if it doesn’t really matter if your logic beats feminism, what matters is that it is one opinion disagreeing with feminism. If every man argued against it, it would crumble tomorrow.

        15. You know by waiting for sharia law to save you . You are basically acknowledging that muslim men are better than you. Think where that will lead you

        16. You actually think voting red or blue (or yellow or green) actually makes a difference? LMFAO! All the political parties are owned by the rothschlids and other rich elites. Look at how many members of the bullingdon club/skull and bones/former cfr/bilderberg are in power and get back to me on that one 😛 See also JFK – I will abolish the federal reserve.. gunshot.. gunshot.. gunshot..the end
          alex jones is an utter [email protected] whose sole purpose is to make conspiracy theorists look stoopid (same as david icke) but there is a global conspiracy and agenda for a one world government including mass immigration climate change tax and feminism.
          I say this as a mixed race muslim whose grandfather fought in the 2nd world war for the allied forces

        17. It’s due to all this advancement technology and science they can act up this way. Without it they would be dealing with all the female medical problems to be able to raise stink about anything a

        18. By your logic, you are implying all women are feminists. Mine doesn’t identify as one because lucky for me she saw the flaws firsthand living under the roof of a matriarchal gypsy cult masquerading as a hippie commune. As her love for me grew, she began stepping into my frame. They used every dirty tactic available to destroy me, and failed. Now I lead her to a new life of becoming a proud mother and she can blossom and follow her dreams of creative, nurturing energy.

      1. Why the hell would they? An enemy of your enemy may not be your friend. But why prevent him/her from undermining your enemy for you?

    1. Its becoming blatantly obvious that women will try to conform any person, place, or thing into a tool to be used for her enjoyment. Maybe its biological, maybe its Western narcissism but everything around must agree with her or it must be changed.

    2. We need to go back to an age where women keep their mouths shut and let men do the real work. No more letting feminists run their mouths; now I call them out on their shit, and you always see how fast they retreat back into their feminine shells. Do it enough and eventually they’ll stay there.

      1. I’ve come to a realization that it’s not just a matter of being angry about the meddling of women in men affairs but it’s a necessity to keep them out of it.
        It should be a natural reflex. It’s funny women tell men they don’t know what it’s like being a woman but you never heat men tell they don’t know know what it’s like to be a man so shut it.
        Women must be told this more often to shut them up. Lot of the times women are allowed to act up like this is because of manginas and white knights enabling it without their support they’re up creek without a paddle

        1. the white knights and manginas need to know their roles and shut their mouths. its all a jew conspiracy to keep white christians down (im muslim lol) have 20 kids and make them christians allahu akbar

      2. when women do the literally shi7 jobs like cleaning the sewers garbage collection and cleaning buildings is the day i treat them as equals and not as children. still waiting btw! as a female soldier has said women are a liability on the frontlines, as ronda rousey has said men have denser bones and she wont fight them (unless its floyd mayweather in a fictional fight that’ll never happen)

    3. I can hardly stand to listen to a woman talk about anything.
      I loathe watching women eat anything.
      I’m becoming physically ill over some of the photos of women being posted on this site and how gross they are.
      What I do like from the author’s bio…
      …adorning a £2.99 wifebeater…
      This is the new uniform of the neo misogynist

      1. I think more and more that the separation of the sexes practiced in the Mideast is the right way to go.

        1. Taking away females right to choose their own mates is why their IQ is so much lower than that of the anglo-saxons. This is because of two reasons: 1.) Subpar males will get to reproduce. 2.) Their is no incentive to learn(i.e. become smarter) to illicit a genuine desire from a woman.
          Females won’t choose you then tough titty you lose. You don’t have to bully women around to sublimate their hypergamy. If you build a society that values loyalty and chastity, as well as teaches the fundamental differences of the sexes, rather than cultmarx propaganda and promotion of degeneracy, it is enough to steer females in the right direction (as it did in traditional white cultures.)

        2. No, they don’t. They choose men with more $$. But in the modern world the two are often, not always, linked.

    4. Around my parts, I don’t have a lot of women trying to give advice as to how men should be. Certainly none (besides my wife) have had the gumption to try and start an argument with me. My common go-to response is “Hey! I don’t tell you women how to handle women problems like PMS, hormones, etc, so don’t tell me how to handle issues that women have absolutely no idea about!” This typically gets brought up when I leave the toilet seat up. Lol.

    5. Their emo instinctual disposition causes them to inject feelings into every remark they share as a standard default. This is why there is no reasoning with them if they add conscious obduration into the emotional equation.
      “Nationalist revolution when?”
      Soon, the time isn’t quite yet right.
      A premature offensive will only succeed in branding us terrorists that the government will use to spin as a “right wing conspiracy” in order to discredit us to the ignorant sheeple.
      This system of pedestrian governance can only last for so long, before it finally reinvents itself as a full on autocracy. We are very close to that point. No great movement can succeed if its marginalized and doesn’t have the full consent of the people. The Founders proved this, as the New Founding Fathers we will do no less.
      When even the masses realize that they are living under a dictatorship, when those who do not want to be ruled under a King finally cry out for freedom, then..THEN we arise, like dust from the thunder of stampeding horses of war, to overthrow the imperial leadership we have all suffered under for far too long.

    6. The irony is that they try to shape men into something that pleases them, but it’s not what pleases them. Men who jump through these hoops only disgust women. All the more reason not to listen to them. When a woman reads off her checklist of what she wants in a man then watch two guys respond;
      Guy A was taking notes and dutifully gets to work on the checklist
      Guy B hangs a bird on her.
      Which guy gets in her head? This is manosphere 101.

    7. Agree…..you don’t listen to women (especially when it comes to men). Women only want to say things that sound politically and culturally correct (not what they really mean).
      These appointments are happening in the U.S. as well. People being appointed to positions mostly due to paybacks or favors (not real merit or credentials). The best thing we can do as citizens and taxpayers it to call out these people on their qualifications at every bend. It’s our money so ask the questions, often.

    8. Dude, these problems aren’t an indictment of equality. This is an example of sexist women of gerbil-level intellect infiltrating the government and screwing us. Equality under the law is a good thing, remember? I can’t speak for everyone else, but personally, it’s precisely this consideration that puts me in opposition to feminism.

    9. Exactly. It’s the expectation of ‘equality’ that is the problem. And it’s such a massive and multi-faceted problem, it threatens to literally tear apart western civilization. This isn’t an exaggeration; whole cities and nations have fallen into physical ruin because of ‘equality’ based idealism, not to mention harder to discern social decay. False expectation create angst and poor collective goal-setting.
      Making people acknowledge and accept their natural differences is of primary importance to defend human civilization.

  9. Insanity. I wish somebody would have shown me the ropes and that I would have gotten serious about the gym and weightlifting at 14 instead of my early 20’s.

    1. Dont need a gym, just the shake weight:

      I get the same workout from making my martinis lol

  10. Girls under 16 should be forbidden to enter beauty salons. Young women are vulnerable and danger lurks beneath the parlour’s friendly edifice. It is an oestrogen-filled place where young women can meet older women who will instruct and induct them into the ways of artificial sex appeal culture. There is a potential for distorted body image.

    1. Cosmopolitan magazine should be placed and sold just like porn magazines. The sex and all that stuff and kids can buy it and read it.

      1. They bitch a lot about lad mags while those mags they read are all about getting to snatch alphas, plus the unavoidable ” 15 sex tricks we dare you to try” stuff.

    2. Her argument is silly and easy to refute. I read the article and the response in the comments were overwhelmingly negative.

      1. Yeah let’s just say debating skillfully isn’t exactly thes people’s forte. Basic stuff like that 6th grade turning the table thing are enough to crush them.
        Glad to know she got negative feedback. There may be shimmer of hope.

    1. That couldn’t have been written by the same person as the whack job above. It was written over a year ago, so the progression of the disease feminism could affect its host that quickly.

  11. Oh dear! Shall I have a lay down or just go and kill myself. Maybe I will check out Sargon of Akkad and see if he covered this on “This week in stupid”.

  12. Gyms are dangerous for feminists because it is one area where men are absolutely dominant : strength. Boys are brainwashed since a young age to believe that girls are just as strong as them. Gyms are a place where men can be proud of their innate strength and also gain self esteem. These two things threaten feminists.
    Personally, when feminists annoy me too much, it makes my session in the gym even better. My male strength is something these dumb cunts will never have. It makes me feel good knowing that.

    1. This is why the vast majority of women who attend the gym are feminine. Slim, natural hair colour and not covered in hideous visible tattoos.

    2. It’s a place where men can demonstrate that we’re all not equal (men and women) when it comes to weightlifting. I know many of these women think they are stronger than men. But, the reality smacks them in the face and they can’t deal with it.

  13. Britain is a fat country. They have taxpayer-funded harpies trying to prevent males from having access to gyms. They also have universal healthcare. When obese people have knee surgeries, everyone pays for it. This is all starting to make me wonder- in light of all the worries among the alternative right about the Islamic and African takeover of Europe and how we need to save the West- is there a West left to save?

  14. Of course EVERY feminist is going to be against something which from an early age…
    1. Gives men self esteem and confidence.
    2. Makes men look and feel good, boosts their testosterone and makes them stand out from the Mangina’s, white knights and Feminist-Crazy Bat enablers.
    3. Makes men look masculine and reinforces their natural role as provider and protector.
    Its a complete no-brainer that Feminists would be against men building up muscle, being in shape and looking good.

    1. Feminists are against this because it will make the men have higher SMV and go after women with higher SMV than the feminists. The feminists will be alone. Keeping guys fat and out of shape will would make these guys more attainable to these feminists, which ironically, are the types of guys they don’t want.
      This is exactly what women do to men once they’re in a relationship. Slowly make him less desirable to women including herself so he can’t stray. Then nag him to death to get into shape, while telling him not to get into shape.

      1. Single mothers do this to their sons also. Beta-ize the shit out of him so she remains the number one female in his life.

      2. This is why you keep her chasing you in the gym. If you look like the type of man that makes women tingle, she won’t want to lose you. It’s called leadership fellas.

        1. Absolutely. You do what is right. Do not do what she wants you to do. One day is left, next day is right.

    2. I stated this in an earlier post. But why do you think eating healthy food, dressing well (in a classic sense, not some hip-hop bullshit) and reading books are all kind of sneered at when men do it? Like, “What a twink!” It’s shaming. In an unwritten way, men are pushed away from the main pillars of self improvement through the fear of being seen as a twinkie. Meanwhile a fat slob in his Steelers jersey, eating pizza, drinking beer and farting is a MAN. Watch him bat away a 19th century novel with a ‘Get that sissy shit out of my face!’ What a man! Have another beer and nail down that masculine archetype that allows women endless opportunities to complain and criticize (which is all that they live for, thanks to feminism.) A well-read, well-dressed, broccoli eating man who improves himself daily is a huge threat to feminism.
      Tell me these words;
      “well-read, well-dressed, broccoli eating man”
      don’t make you instinctively cringe and think, “Faggot!”
      That’s how pervasive feminism is, even to us here in the manosphere. There are no reasons why those three activities should have ANY connection to being regarded as a twinkie. They all require far more mental strength and commitment than being a chip eating couch potato in a Browns jersey who hasn’t read a book since high school, if even then.
      Modern masculinity=disappointing, unsatisfying, empty male behaviors that are directed by women through shaming and that allow women to criticize and complain about men endlessly, keeping feminism humming along like a Ferrari. Also, the ‘female shaming’ is often done by males. That’s how thoroughly we have been run over by them. The fact that the world’s richest men have been run over so thoroughly by the world’s least attractive women is just mind blowing.

  15. Truly a first world problem. The evidence is strong that western social bloat and weakness is near maximum. There have been 30 years with no serious opposition or threats to western thinking. These have been the years where most of the major social movements have gained ground.
    Today there is a massive uncontrolled migration from the middle east, almost every middle east nation is fighting. Russia is active again and taking old territory back. There has only been a weak response from the west.
    There are cracks in the EU due to apathy and effete thinking. Significant changes in the global economic and power balance are happening. The west is going to have to harden up at somepoint or it will be worn down. The fat will be trimmed, weakness will not survive.

  16. Slowly it seems that the Wilderness is becoming the only safe place for men.
    Anyone here watch “The Red Green Show”?

      1. Dude nails the entire mangina checklist right there, all in one shot.
        -Conditional love
        -Self-lowering his own SMV
        -Lampoons himself with a stupid hat
        -Buried in her frame
        -Establishes his worth in terms of how he satisfies her interests
        -HAPPY about it.

  17. The last thing we need are more 12 year old boys with titties and shit.
    Put them boys in the gym and lock them in there!

    1. Or even thinking they can control them at all. They can’t so they get government to do it for them. Weak.

  18. I spent 10 mins of my life I will never get back trying to name the body parts and where they fitted on that lard behemoth. WTF

  19. This is why I get up in the morning:

    Nevertheless, Devon demands that all gyms ban boys under 16 unless accompanied by an adult. Her “reasons” are as follows:

    Firstly, it’s because young men are vulnerable and dangers lurk beneath the gym’s friendly edifice.

    She wants to ban boys but then starts talking about men. Boys are not men. She can’t even think in a straight line about this relatively simply concept but then wants to give men (boys?) advice about the gym, a place she clearly never goes.
    People like this need to be told “just fuck off!”.

  20. Feminazi collectivists resent anyone interested in self-betterment. Can’t lift weights. Can’t play video game of choice with Gamercate. Can’t enjoy a pub. What the heck can you do ?
    Being a male is evil.

  21. Um, no. While I am actually going to look up any adverse effects of building muscle before puberty finishes, if there are no age limits for girls, then no age limits for boys (isn’t that equality?). Let them in, even if it’s only to observe and learn proper form and technique and finding out which exercises would be best for sport x training (insert sport of choice here). I’d much rather see young people at the gym, than smoking pot on a street corner with friends.
    Also, for some injuries, gym time is recommended for recovery. What is she going to say to a boy then? Too bad?
    Now, as balance, I think she was too gutless (ironic) to say she was worried about the younger boys gaining access and using steroids. I believe that when she was talking about protein shakes that was actually what she meant. And if that was the case, she should have said so outright.
    My mum is overweight these days. Going to the gym with her was awesome mother/daughter bonding time and it helped her keep the weight down. It would do some boys good to hang out with dad in the same way.
    End of rant! Enjoy your evenings gentlemen!

    1. While we see you disagree with her on this topic, do you see her as basket case retard? Or are you going to help defend the sisterhood and try to justify what she’s saying? I didn’t see anything you wrote that criticized her stupidity.

      1. Hello. I don’t subscribe to “the sisterhood”. I’m sorry I did not lead with my instinctual, this woman is an idiot.

  22. Does the UK still have a mental health tzar? I did a quick search and couldn’t establish what the case is. louis appleby was the MH tzar while he was around and he was well qualified. As a ‘champion’ this woman on the other hand is basically paid to mouth off about stuff as the kind of person Britain’s premier mental health institute, Mumsnet, might actually approve of. In fact I am sure many mental health professionals will be concerned about the advice she’s giving: study after study has shown the mental health benefits, beyond just physical health benefits of any kind of exercise, so much so that in some situations I believe its considered to be more beneficial than psychiatric medication etc (don’t take my word for it – I haven’t checked what the latest findings are). More than this, physical exercise is and self-esteem / sense of self are highly correlated. As feminist it sounds like she’s trying to apply the typical feminist preoccupation with female body image to boys and men.

    1. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that a “mental health” czar has no
      qualifications. It’s only fitting that anyone is qualified to promote something that doesn’t mean anything.

  23. Pretty simple. Gyms are a places where men with testosterone go. She’s against men and testosterone.

    1. Sadly it was the only way to implant the snarky imp into her.

  24. “…gyms are currently providing a need which should be being met elsewhere in the community.”
    Isn’t really bizarre when you realize “elsewhere” refers to being in service to women. Servicing the Feminine.
    Great blog. As fucked up as this sounds, I’ve learned to be okay with this absurd breed of feminism. It’s disenfranchising other males more than its disenfranchising me, and if the shoe were on the proverbial other foot, I wouldn’t be helped either.

  25. You know, Sargon of Akkad covered this exact article is one of his most recent videos on Youtube. For the life of me, I can’t understand why Sargon is so opposed to Roosh. They seem to be on the same side of a lot of issues…I guess Sargon can’t get past the whole gaming aspect or something. It’s a shame because they would be very powerful together.

  26. This is woman on crack there is no evidence that supports her views. I guess she would rather have young males sit in front of a computer screen and grow obese.

  27. I’ve been thinking about developing some sort of mentorship programme for men. Each participant is put into the structure where he has two superiors who offer advice, two equals who share insight from their perspective and two minors for whom the participant offers advice along with another from the same rank. This could be used in various areas of lifestyle, from business to health to emotional growth.
    The idea is still rather new but perhaps one day I might put it into action.

  28. This is the perfect example of how these SJW disasters sneak their way into positions of power. The first time you become aware of them, they say things that are so dumb, that you dismiss them.
    I first heard of this hog when she debated Milo over the world shattering topic of having mannequins in stores that looked more like her, that is with worse bodies, and how it was desperately needed:
    These people always start out on the margins of things espousing ideas that seem so stupid and so irrelevant, that there seems really no point to oppose them.
    And now look. This humble little woman, who just wanted less intimidating mannequins so she could feel more comfortable in a TopShop, is suddenly wanting to ban young men from gyms.
    I think this is how they sneak their way in, by starting off so pathetic that people feel sorry for them, and humor them, and next thing you know, they are influencing policy.

    1. In the video, Milo was basically saying that he finds her body unattractive. His argument for having slim mannequins were completely valid. He pointed out that she has an underlying distaste for her own body appearance. So rather than work out and get the body she wants, instead, she tries to get people to accept her disgusting body type. Truly funny.

      1. The very first thing she says is:
        “Body image, the more I learn about it, the more complicated I learn it is.”
        I think she is describing her career arc here. I can spend my life exploring the complexities of how people (she) see themselves.
        She is the worst sort of sell out. I can be healthy and attractive, or stay trashed and thrashed, and make a living from it.

  29. Yeah, no. Sorry honey. Gyms are places where young men learn about important things. We do not need your permission thanks.

    1. Okay bitch. Have it your way. All the boys will go off to unsupervised benches in the garage, improvised squat racks and pullups from highway overpasses or some shit. Who gives a fuck if boys get hurt or die anyway?
      All because this fatass would rather build a world with no fit people instead of going for a goddamn walk herself.

      1. She thinks she’s living a healthy lifestyle by going to the gym, yet she’s fat. Either she’s lying or she doesn’t know what a healthy lifestyle is. It’s obviously not working.
        So instead of trying something differently, she follows the conventional advice to no avail and continues. Finally she gives up and demands that stores change to cater to her. How about NOT shopping there if the slim mannequins upsets her.
        Women seeing this unattainable slim body image and gets depressed and eat more, she claims. Try not eating when you feel down. Go to the gym and take your mind off it. What a concept?

  30. I can truly say that the gym helped me gain a lot of confidence and I’ve been going since I was 12. I don’t take any drugs but I am in terrific shape now in my 20’s. If I would have waited years to start I might not even have the body to show. In my gym once I turned 16 they started implementing rules like this, “No free weights if you’re under 16” which eventually turned into “No weights if you’re under 16 without a parent”, which eventually turned into “No weights if you’re under 16”. Hmm, and they tell me the slippery slope is nothing but a fallacy. Good thing I was already 16 at the time so I didn’t have to worry.
    When I started going to the gym I was fat, once I started taking it seriously (15/16 years old) I started dieting and looking great. It was fantastic, I still go 5x a week. I do a mix of half cardio half weights. My dad basically dragged me to the gym and I was so mad at 12, I was a little turd, I didn’t want to go. It was only when I was 18 did I finally turn around and thank him for taking me there and instilling those good habits at a young age.
    Also short comment, I fucking despise the HAES (Healthy at Every Size) movement, I hope in the future we will look at the same way we saw doctors recommending cigarettes. It’s an absolute joke. When I was growing up I could barely walk up the stairs without being winded, I wouldn’t fucking call that “healthy” no matter how many delusions you can pile into your head. You can sit around blame culture, blame society, or you can just change yourself and stop giving a fuck.
    “Aspects of the new wave of feminist thinking in our culture have also meant a lot of young men are struggling to find a sense of identity.”
    The ultimate in concern trolling, level 85
    “even illegal steroids to impressionable gym-goers”
    Well then make them fucking legal already, only in a delusional nations such as USA or UK do people think “performance-enhancing” as an inherently bad thing.
    I do agree to some degree that gym should be about general health and fitness but you know if some people want to take it the next level, my philosophy is, let them do it. Who the fuck are you to tell them how to live their life? Oh, see what I did there? They’re actively engaging in BODY-SHAMING. *Gasp*
    “Rugby and football…improve social and communication skills. Much more so, I’d argue, than swapping tips for bigger biceps.”
    So the solution to not getting this exercise is no exercise. Great plan. I think the UK is the fattest nation in Europe.

    1. The UK is a hyper nanny state. I have relatives in that part of the world and they routinely complain about nonsense like that stupid lady. The UK is screwed if it doesn’t wake up.
      I’m American, though, and just recently started doing some weight training. Good god, it’s like once you start doing it consistently, as well as change your diet, you end up with twice the energy you used to have.

    2. I can’t imagine being restricted from working out between ages 9-15. That’s when you develop the lover for it.

  31. Women need to maintain the illusion that all men are disappointing slobs in order to keep feminism humming along.Being called a faggot is the most powerful shaming tool, agreed? So men are shamed for each of the top five most essential areas of self improvement;
    1. Dressing well…”Faggot!”
    2. Eating healthy food, cooking for yourself…”Faggot!”
    3. Reading books….”Faggot!”
    4. Working out….Sometimes the homo shaming but more like this article here.
    5. Lifelong, often solitary travel….”Faggot! Pedophile!”
    So here’s a lean-waisted guy sitting there in a Dallas restaurant by himself
    (saving his money for that 19 year old girlfriend in Cuba instead of some American bint), wearing a blazer and tie, with a plate of broccoli and salmon plus a water
    in front of him, reading a hardback. He’s well-groomed, short hair, no tats. Tell me that he’s not immediately branded as a faggot, even by most of us here. What a shame. All simply because he’s living well and developing good habits to live by, none of which serve feminism’s need to be surrounded by criticism-worthy males.
    I’ll add this one and it’s a bit more of a personal choice.
    6. Staying unmarried, childless and minimalist…”Faggot!”
    Men are shamed for every attempt to improve their life EXCEPT for making more money. All of this fits the feminine imperative perfectly.

    1. #5 traveling by himself is more likely to be labeled a sex tourist and exploiting the young dumb broads overseas.
      I don’t see anything wrong with the guy sitting by himself reading a book, well groomed, in shape, well dressed, and clean cut eating a healthy meal. God bless him for having the discipline to maintain a conservative appearance and lifestyle. It shows he doesn’t follow the latest trend. He sets as a great example for others regardless of how others try to shame him.

    2. Even NFL defensive legend JJ Watt is being called gay because he doesn’t have a girlfriend.
      What losers in this society.

      1. Yeah. Maybe he uses discreet high end escorts who are beyond tens, and gets back to work. Or maybe it’s so easy for him to get laid that the thrill is gone. Either way, he’s not piling cash onto a female by the dumptruck load and that doesn’t gibe with the female imperative iron laws…Faggot!

  32. What on earth is this woman wittering on about?
    Here are rough guidelines on the gym I manage. Minimum age 14, can only use CV equipment with parent/guardian over 18 supervision. Once 16, do anything you like.
    Gyms provide; Community. Education. Role Models. A means for Self Improvement. Networking.
    As she even notes herself- a lot of young men dont know where to go and who they are and where they stand! Why anyone would then want to limit access to something vastly so positive just makes no sense at all.

  33. What she is really afraid of is boys seeing healthy attractive women in the gym and realizing that beached whales like herself are not normal.
    Better to let the lads run loose in the streets, get into trouble and end up in jail. Don’t want them engaging in healthy activity with positive male role models.

  34. I feel better simply because the US doesnt have a monopoly on grievence monger douche bags and their beta orbiters.

  35. To be fair, boys under 16 shouldn’t get into the heavy bars and bells because their bone structure is still under development and high stressing could deform it. Or at least, that’s what I was told when I started lifting at 15.

    1. Acc. to IFBB above 14 is okay. Most IFBB athletes starts at 14.
      The reason why below 14 guys are told to wait is coz they risk doing exercises improperly thereby getting injured.
      I was told your height won’t increase if you lift heavy weights at an early age.
      So I took it up at 18. It’s all a big myth. Should have taken it up earlier.

  36. Thank god there are no real problems in the world. This chick must have it pretty good if this is what she is leading with lol

  37. They already drug thousands of boys in feminist schools ,that messes up a boys mind and body ,I should know and the excuse is so called ADHD. Which is a major fraud ,its just an excuse to control boys!

  38. Um no thank you my boys will have a gym pass if they aren’t able to get the fitness they need elsewhere….and learn to be healthy, fit, and strong…..if you want to do something and be good at it you start as early as possible and practice as much as possible….I would say maybe heavy lifting is too much for someone under 16. keep it simple and start from there……..

  39. Ages below 16 for a boy is the most important time for them to have a positive alpha male mentor to lead them towards the path of manhood and deter them from this gynocracy. I could have done well with a mentor it was something I desired as a young boy but never came and forced me into a long road to recovery
    The gym was one of those hovels that straighyened me out.

  40. I just read an article by Natasha Devon in The Telegraph, and not only is it NOT feminist, but it’s anti-feminist, and she evidently doesn’t consider herself a feminist at all. So where are the professional victim articles mentioned in this article? It seems like her motives for the above quotes don’t come out of feminist ideology, but some other reason.
    I’m not accusing sloppiness, just confused. At this point. Has she completely changed in 16 months?

    1. I read the article in question (Devon) now… I’m almost certain this article (Gumbril) is sloppy and poorly researched.

  41. Because banning teens from gyms could stop them from learning game of any sort and turn them into beta’s along with a dose of public education. unless the teens already have weights at home which they lift a majority of them will be too fat or too skinny.

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