UK Feminists Ban Clapping At Conference Because It Triggers Anxiety

At a National Union of Students (NUS) Women’s conference in London this week, delegates were asked to refrain from applauding and use “jazz hands” instead. The request, which appeared on the Twitter feed of the Oxford University Student Union’s Women’s Campaign, was made because clapping was “triggering anxiety” amongst some conference members.

The same conference also passed a motion condemning drag and cross dressing, while another motion attacked gay men who speak like black women. Are these manifestations just self-indulgences of affluent human detritus, or do they represent a wider trend of censorious authoritarianism in people who will one day be ruling over Britain’s town halls and corporate offices?


There is a growing problem of gay white men appropriating black women

The whole cretinous spectacle was precipitated by a couple of tweets by the NUS Women’s Campaign. First:

‘Whooping is fun for some, but can be super inaccessible for others, so please try not to whoop! Jazz hands work just as well.


Some delegates are requesting that we move to jazz hands rather than clapping, as it’s triggering anxiety. Please be mindful! #nuswomen15′.

Following a reaction of general ridicule, student-political apparatchicks piled in to defend the policy. Nona Buckley-Irvine, General secretary (no less) of the London School of Economics Students’ Union, unloaded both barrels:

Jazz hands are used throughout NUS in place of clapping as a way to show appreciation of someone’s point without interrupting or causing disturbance, as it can create anxiety.

Presumably a room-full of feminists spacking out like Al Jolson is not something that can cause anxiety. Another important point made by blogger Gareth Soye, who suffers from a real anxiety disorder, is that indulging sufferers of anxiety in their wish to avoid the anxiety trigger does harm by allowing them to avoid confronting their condition and learning to live with it.

LSE SU women’s officer Gee Linford-Grayson (notice the theme of double-barreled surnames?) added:

As someone who is new to the NUS conference culture it surprised me at first, but actually within a few rounds of jazz hands applause it began to make a lot of sense, as loud clapping and whooping can be intimidating and distracting when you’re speaking on stage.

That’s right, loud clapping and whooping can be intimidating and distracting to public speakers. People who have presumably put themselves forward on campus and then been elected as student representatives are intimidated by the sound of clapping and whooping of public meetings. As Richard Littlejohn would put it, you couldn’t make it up.

Fancy dress is “Transphobic”

MMA fighter Alex Reid would presumably be denied the right to dress in drag.

MMA fighter Alex Reid would presumably be denied the right to dress in drag.

To add to the lunacy, the NUS conference was also host to equally absurd motions condemning dressing in drag and telling gay white men to stop “appropriating” black women. The motion against drag was passed, the reasoning behind it being that “Transphobic fancy dress should be met with the same disdain with which we meet other prejudiced or appropriative costumes”.

It requires NUS events to ban crossdressing, but only for “cisgender” participants. Drag will be tolerated, however, as an “expression or exploration of queer identity.” Deviant Privilege, you might call it.

Here is part of second motion, which was also passed:

The appropriation of Black women by white gay men is prevalent within the LGBT scene and community. This may be manifested in the emulation of the mannerisms, language (particularly AAVE- African American Vernacular English) and phrases that can be attributed to Black women. White gay men may often assert that they are ‘strong black women” or have an “inner black woman’.

It turns out not all oppressed minorities are equal, as:

White gay men are the dominant demographic within the LGBT community, and they benefit from both white privilege and male privilege.

It’s always fun to watch the Oppression Olympics unfold and the oppressed cannibalise each other. One thing that is unclear, however, is how exactly the “appropriation of black women” will be “eradicated” from the behaviour of white gays at NUS conferences. Presumably some burly enforcers will walk around looking for gay white men assuming the mannerisms of black women and then eject them in the name of “equality.”

Oxford University: viper’s nest


The revelation that the original complaint that clapping was “causing anxiety” originated from the Twitter feed of the Oxford University Student Union’s Women’s Campaign, which will come to no surprise to those familiar with the cabaret of attention-seeking that is UK student politics.

The august institution has just been given a “red” ranking in a study into freedom of speech by Spiked Magazine. This means that Oxford is “hostile to free speech and free expression.” The University’s resident Equality and Diversity seat-warmer, Trudy Coe, defended their “harassment” policy:

…the University does not tolerate any form of harassment or victimisation. … It is committed to fostering an inclusive culture which promotes equality, values diversity and maintains a working, learning and social environment in which the rights and dignity of all members of the University community are respected.”

“Ms” Coe was at pains to point out that academic debate was OK as long as it was done: “without violating the dignity of others or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment.”

My uterus is not up for debate

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 03.54.50

Niamh Mcintyre.

One example of just how low the bar stands for judging an environment “intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive” at Oxford is the abortion debate debacle at Christ Church college. Two male speakers were due to have a debate about abortion from either side of the pro-life and pro-choice debate.

Feminists started agitating against the event, accusing the organisers and participants of using “really sh*tty anti-choice rhetoric and probs some cissexism.” There was outrage at the prospect of two people who “do not have uteruses” debating the subject of abortion, which local rabble-rousers claimed would “threaten the mental safety” of attendees. Threaten the mental safety!

With typical British institutional gutlessness, Christ Church called off the debate, citing “security and welfare issues.” The ringleader behind the banning of the debate penned an obnoxious, rambling screed in the Independent celebrating the silencing of two speakers whose “words and views might hurt women.”

The nonsensical Orwellianisms flowed thick and fast, with Niamh McIntyre in the same breath boasting “I helped shut down an abortion debate between two men because my uterus isn’t up for their discussion” and in another, pleading she “did not stifle free speech.”

What is to be done?


There is nothing that a good, firm paddling would not sort out in this horde of piss-stained little Hitlers. However, since we still live under the rule of law, the only option is to fight fire with fire. Organise against these creeps. Set up national databases of all student functionaries who peddle their brand of ideological terrorism (let’s call it what it is) on British campuses.

Keep them under surveillance and restrict their freedom to spout their poison. Muslims can have their liberties restricted for preaching that might be considered as giving succour to ISIS and the like. Why should the peddlers of identity politics in the NUS not be treated in the same way?

Dossiers of such subversion should be circulated to employers, especially state employers. Once these mentally defective individuals are let loose unto the world, they will more often than not, through unemployability in the private sector, end up in state employment.

There, they are able to impose their mental deficiencies on the rest of the populations from a position of power, doing it with as little oversight as they do in the ivory tower campuses of academia. For that reason it’s time to stop seeing the funny side to “jazz hands” and start treating the people who foist this stuff on the rest of us as what they are—cultural terrorists.

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202 thoughts on “UK Feminists Ban Clapping At Conference Because It Triggers Anxiety”

  1. Fuck feminists and today’s modern women. MGTOW for life.
    This should be the official MGTOW theme:

    1. I would choose “enjoy the silence” too, bc it describes perfectly how a relationship with a girl should be : Just action and no (useless) words (And to other girls : sh*t the f*ck up while I enjoy)

      1. that song is only acceptable when playing as tommy vercetti on gta vice city after a coke binge

  2. The clapping issue shows that modern societies are unable to fight off even the most insane demands.
    SJW is the cancer of an immune deficient culture.

    1. The modern society is unable to fight the most insane demands when bullies like feminists make them. It’s like the old school days when every refuses to fight against the bully, and jumps on the bully’s side, just to avoid being bullied themselves.

  3. The scary thing isn’t that feminists act irrational and make insane demands. That’s just what feminists do. The scary thing is that their demands are being met at an increasing rate.
    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” – Edmund Burke.

  4. It’s disheartening that this isn’t an April Fool’s joke.
    Here’s my alternative proposal – double middle fingers.

  5. We are dealing with mentally ill people.
    There is only one way to deal with them. And that way does not involve giving them power. They need to be put into institutions.

    1. I honestly believe this is the reason. According to a RooshV post, 23% of young women in the US had mental health problems.

        1. Partly, IMO, because we as a generalization, are lazy. The body does not function as it should, because all we do is feed it utter crap and fill our minds with worthless junk. Ex, “Reading Buzzfeed whilst eating Nutella”.

      1. How could birth control pills, excessive drug and alcohol consumption, sexual obsession and reality television worship not drive you some kind of insane? Look how empty and vain American women’s lives are.

      2. Actually the number is exactly 1:1 proportional with the claimed number of university sexual assault victims. . .

    2. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV ) from my understanding is being expanded to include bullshit conditions, that, you guessed it, would require some form of drug to treat it.
      So if your “pussy hurts” due to stress at work, like knowing you may have to lift heavy objects, you may be crazy.
      Take this. It may make you bleed internally, have explosive diarrhea, drop dead, drown your children in a bath tub, but you won’t have to feel any anxiety about the possibility of lifting heavy objects.
      Seems they are trying to expand what constitutes mental illness. Homosexuality was removed like, in the 60’s.

      1. Thought it was the ’70’s? Not up on my psychiatry history though.
        Your post reminds me of a saying all of the guys in my unit would use whenever somebody started whining.
        “Waa waa waa, my pussy hurts!”
        Usually got the bitching dude to shut up, and evoke a smile at the same time.

        1. The Psychobabble Rabble removed it in ’73. Right after that cunt Steinem created that Commie rag Ms. Magazine and they pushed Roe v. Wade through so women could murder their unborn children in ’72. Ahhh 1972, the year America began to die.

        2. You have to hate that shit in today’s working environment. Women will complain that something is too heavy to lift but still want the “equal” pay.
          I thought that “strong and independent” women could do the same job? Apparently not, because many of them can’t do it (but bitch about equality).

        3. I was in the Army for 12 years. 80 Deuce!
          “What’s up, pussy hurts?”
          “But Sergeant, my pussy huuuuurts.”
          It was a healthy kind of ribbing. Can’t EVEN joke like that with a mangina or a feminist they lose their shit.
          I had to explain to a female at work who wanted to be “one of the guys” it would never happen because woman can’t take any form of ribbing and brush it off. A man would say “Fuck off” or laugh.

  6. How about “jazz d!ck” where I whip it out and wave it to show appreciation for the breasts I helped save in Oct. by wearing my pink ribbon. Is that an acceptable non-anxiety form of appreciation?

    1. I feel sorry for the man who have to pick a wife from this bunch. They will probably be beta chumps who had it coming for a while.

      1. I feel sorry for humanity who will have to submit to these people once they are given power and authority in government

    2. That works, as long as you wear a pink ribbon on your dick in continued support of titty cancer awareness.
      However, be careful not to slap your dick against your bulging, toned thighs in a back and forth motion as that sound, like that of clapping, can also trigger anxiety.

      1. women eating bananas causes me anxiety after that time some broad blue-balled me

      2. ( Anxiety? Is that what they call it? No wonder feminists hate me. I thought it triggered arousal. )
        (( Not allowing victim status, or being afraid of my own tail . ))

        1. Nah. . . C’mon and raise up. Take yo dick out, twist it ’round yo’ hand. Spin it like a helicopter.

    3. I’m dying my pubic hair Lady Clairol Saucy Rabbit Blue to celebrate Easter.

      1. Hopefully your brightly colored bush doesn’t cause them visual anxiety, or your observance of Easter doesn’t offend any Muslims.

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    1. That kind of keen humor is a great way to really throw egg on their face when you hear them spouting their shit. Agree and amplify and make their cause a source of shame against them. Heh.

    2. I have never “lol’ed” while reading a comment before. But you, my good sir, have “lol’ed” me. This is the single greatest commentary on the fluster-cluck that is “the disection of intersectional and overlapping privilege and oppression” that will ever be.
      Thank you.

  7. Man, I just don’t have time to keep reading article after article about this kind of insanity. I’ll act as Nero and fiddle while Rome burns. At least there’s some entertainment value in that.

  8. as it can create anxiety.
    And this means what precisely and why should anybody care? Everything in life can cause anxiety, so how about this instead? Life is scary, grow a thicker skin, you pussies.
    *clap clap clap clap*
    Yes, I just applauded myself, and I hope and pray to God that it “triggered” these idiots.
    EDIT: Somebody please tell me this is an actual April Fool’s joke…

    1. I was just a tot up til the 90’s so I don’t remember, but how did society function prior then? Were there just bodies upon bodies of shaking women in the streets too stricken with anxiety to function? If all this so called anxiety is real, we have a full blown mental health pandemic on our hands.

      1. It was a different world then. Women were capable of actual social interaction with human males.
        You were standing at the bus stop and a cute girl was there, you said, “hi”. Instead of having a meltdown she smiled and said, “hi” back.
        You saw a cute girl at the bar, you walked over and said pretty much anything and she would respond somehow…even if it was just to tell you to get lost. You accepted getting shotdown as part of the cost of doing business, but no one had a meltdown and no one was accused of rape.
        Women knew and were taught that people would attempt to speak to them at some point. Handling guys hitting on them was a skill they learned and developed, just like for guys approaching women and hitting on them was a skill. Both sides practiced, both sides could handle interacting with humans.
        Quite honestly, the ditziest 22 year old girlie-girl back then seems to have been stronger and more capable than your average feminista retard today that has a breakdown over everything.

        1. I’ve yet to encounter a feminist having an actual “trigger anxiety” breakdown, but do look forward to using my best and most sinister mocking laugh when it does happen. Warming up my pointin’ finger as well.

        2. That was back in the days of the rigid patriarchal system of white Christian Extremists. They had to say hello, being raped by kind gestures and words.

        3. Conversation rape was an epidemic back then. So was mutual kindness rape and smile rape.
          It was just a rape rape rapey time.

        4. It’s funny because I hear stories from my mom who wrote ad copy back in the late 70’s and early 80’s and fended off real sexual harassment a lot. She is a true feminist. Even she doesn’t understand the kids these days.

        5. I was raised to participate in and expect polite conversation. Getting hit on and sexual harassment was just part of the game.

        6. Yep..I miss those days. You had two people who could just “talk” to each other. If a girl didn’t like you, then you just moved on…no harm no foul.
          Today, you can’t even look towards a girl without the rape whistle coming out or an accusation of “well, I thought he was going to eye rape me, I was frightened”.
          Honestly, some of these women are so fucking big that you couldn’t look around without seeing at least part of them.

        7. I can vouch for this. Not only was I a ditzy 22 year old at that time – I was severely affected with PTSD, and disabled.
          Yet, I had less issues that these women. With no support, mind you- either ( no help, psychologists, etc. )
          Who taught me to “toughen up”? Thats right, Father. ( Poor man, he had very little other choices. I don’t know how he bore it. )

      2. If you look at prescription meds being taken by women, I think the case could quite easily be made that we do in fact have a full blown mental health pandemic on our hands.
        Dude, in the 70’s when I was a kid, people feared venturing outside and would only sneak out at night, in order to avoid triggering. It got so bad that by the 1980’s we all had to dig tunnels under our homes in order to avoid even accidental interaction with other human beings, lest we explode from anxiety.

        1. Nice one….ahhhh I miss the tunnel days.
          Too funny..and they thought the cigarette commercials (back when) were bad. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a pharmaceutical ad on TV today.

      3. We were just dancing to “Sugar Sugar Honey Honey” and not taking life too serious.

      4. You didn’t have it (and if you did claim to have that condition then you were thrown in the nut house).
        The problem, now, is that if you say anything that might question the sanity of these nuts then you’re the one who is targeted (for restricting their freedom).
        I thought the whole point was to have a safe society but I guess not…just let the crazies (zombies) roam the streets with all of their freedoms.

      1. I stare at scantily-clad or yoga spandexed women all damn day if I see one. Fuck if I care. You wore that, you know why, and so do I.

        1. I always laugh at depictions in movies where the girlfriend chides the man for noticing beautiful women.
          You would prefer he be gelded? Ye gods, he’s MALE. Normal and functioning.

    2. You would think it is an April Fool’s joke, but it is not. There was an article on Breitbart about this jazz hands crap a few days ago.

  9. “Female logic: Worthless.”
    The essence of fascism is to make laws forbidding everything and then enforce them selectively against your enemies.

  10. This group & their like are ripe for trolling. I’d take a leaf out of the Salvador Dali playbook for dealing with idiot groups like these. Going for a full frontal attack against well entrenched groups like these & their minions in the legal domain is not going to work.

  11. I know its not the point, but can I bitch about he hyphenated last name thing mentioned in the article? Who would ever marry a woman who wouldn’t take your last name? Not just take it, but want to take it? Receiving a man’s last name used to be an honor and privilege. My best friend ever married a broad who hyphenated and I lost a bit a respect for him. I have discussed this with my GF and we are on the same page. Are we weird or is this the new norm?

    1. I’ve asked men who married women who did that before, in real life. They squirm a lot, or they get all smarmy SJW on me. The smarmy ones are fun to ridicule, and the squirm ones are fun to shake your head at in a way that indicates “for shame”. A small percentage get angry, but I figure hey, they’re pussies, what are they going to do, sneer at me?
      Great question though.
      Don’t know if you know it, but there is a new and growing “trend” of men assuming the *woman’s* last name, hyphenated. I shit you not.

      1. “Don’t know if you know it, but there is a new and growing “trend” of men assuming the *woman’s* last name, hyphenated. I shit you not.”
        I’ve seen this shit. I want to spit in their fucking faces. What are they going to do, kick my ass? They’ve proven how pussified they are already, what have I got to worry about?
        We need a Mangina Holocaust right quick. These fuckwads and their spineless ultra-sensitive, fault-finding, grudge-holding, victim-inventing crusade need to be shoved into blast furnaces, stat!

        1. They’ll all turn on each other eventually. You see they are going after gay white men, who actually are oppressed and bullied their entire lives. Women are going to turn everyone against them in their constant battle to be (or feel like they are) the most oppressed, pitied, victimized group on Earth. When male feminists realize how ridiculed they are by their supposed allies it will all be over.

        2. Perfect. Then throw them all to the wolves to have their bones picked clean. It would be no loss!

        3. I want to spit in their fucking faces. What are they going to do, kick my ass? They’ve proven how pussified they are already, what have I got to worry about?
          We need a Mangina Holocaust right quick
          holy shit that made my evening )))) hilarious

        4. Very true. Women always tend to have the victim mentality, and they cannot help but get mad, when a genuine victim is rightly said to be more victimized than them. Want to make a woman hate another person? Tell them how that person has suffered so much, and how that woman is so better than him/her. I bet she will go mad and will tell you that she is the real victim.

        5. “When male feminists realize how ridiculed they are by their supposed allies it will all be over.”
          Feel free to drop that mic you’re holding.

      2. Yeah, I’ve heard of that. Doesn’t it just make you throw up in your mouth a little?
        I’m assuming the men who take their wife’s last name also take it via a strap-on during intimate times.

    2. Well, this is the new norm, and you are weird according to society, but you are also right, so F them.
      What’s that saying, wolves don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep?

      1. Gundog
        ” My best friend ever married a broad who hyphenated and I lost a bit a respect for him. I have discussed this with my GF and we are on the same page. Are we weird or is this the new norm?”
        Bart Manson
        “Well, this is the new norm, and you are weird according to society”
        Only among the castaways on “liberal”/”progressive” islands floating upon the seas of healthier humanity.
        The most comprehensive data on the subject is a 35-year retrospective titled “The Bride is Keeping Her Name,” published by the Journal of Social Behavior in 2009. Looking at roughly 2,400 wedding announcements printed in The New York Times from 1971 through 2005, researchers began to see a decline in women keeping their maiden names, beginning as early as the ’90s. While
        roughly 23 percent retained their maiden name in that decade, by the 2000s, the number had dropped to just 18 percent. A more recent study, published in 2011 by Names: A Journal of Onomastics,
        illustrates that it’s the younger generation of brides leading the
        charge. Women who married between the ages of 35 and 39, the study found, were 6.4 times more likely to keep their maiden names than those who married between the ages of 20 and 24.
        Adopting your husband’s name in marriage, then, is undoubtedly the
        trend. But how to prove—as many have speculated—that it’s actually trendy?
        Enter the belle of the wedding season ball: Facebook. Teaming up with The Daily Beast, the social-media powerhouse zeroed in on 14 million married females, ranging in age from 20 to 79, who are currently active on Facebook and wed in the United States. From this pool, Facebook determined that 65 percent of women in their 20s and 30s changed their name in marriage. The percentage continues to rise for women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s—to 68 percent, 75 percent, and then 80 percent. While the data do not account for those who change their names legally, but not on Facebook (and vice versa), it reflects that for the married female population, keeping your maiden name is so last decade.

    3. Madelaine Medalucwickia-Kleinburg-McDonald-Smith. Then they pull their bitchy face when you can’t remember all the names.

    1. Now that I think about it, a crowd of hand wavers would look like zombies attacking.

  12. Once Russia has nuked Europe into oblivion, following an attack on their soil by the US,; transgender dress,black dress up and clapping will be the least of these cockroaches worries.

    1. They need to blame someone else for why they’re ugly, lonely, and miserable instead of trying to rectify it themselves.

      1. Well, in right to work states that’s true. Some of us don’t have that option. I’m not in a union, but if the places I work go union I’m forced by law to join and pay fucking dues, or quit the job.

        1. Good point…but given the option you’d chose right to work.
          Anyone who works can find work (I’ve always learned). Hell, I’ve had a couple of jobs at one time or another…while some of these lazy fuckers can’t keep one job. Sad.

  13. Some delegates are requesting that we move to jazz hands rather than clapping, as it’s triggering anxiety. Please be mindful!
    And these people want to be front line combat soldiers or firefighters? Or even CEO’s of large companies?
    #WomenAreStrong, #ISISPleaseFireYourGunsQuietly

    1. When they surrender to the enemy…
      Won’t stop a full metal jacket from ripping through their skull. It will at least reduce the anxiety of the soldier pulling the trigger.

    2. That’s exactly what I was thinking. When the bombs start dropping they’ll be like fainting goats.
      #BombsAreNotAllowedInAnxiety FreeZone

    3. I am pretty much against the draft, but I have to say: Never in history has a generation of children more needed to be rounded up and thrown into combat.

    4. Agree…it’s funny to watch some of this shit. These women get to those positions (say CEO of a large corp) and then it’s “now, what?”.
      Now the company goes off the rails and a man is hired to take her fix it.

      1. The Onion is going to be forced out of business for lack of being able to come up with enough unbelievable stories to run.

        1. How funny they are, or how hipster/SJWish they are? I’ve always imagined them to be fairly normal characters, with their humour being borne of observation

      2. I think it’s pretty hilarious to see all of the freaks making up these restrictive rules for each other. It’s nothing but limiting the whoring of attention that is allowed (as not to outshine another attention whoring group).
        Attention whore’s limiting the freedoms of other attention whores. Too funny.

        1. They obviously have never studied the Cultural Revo of China, or similar things.

    1. This fucking image has triggered me harder than anything else on this site. I still watch Seinfeld.

    2. Wow, makes you wish you lived in NYC so you could be cool like him and all of his Yehudi kinsfolk, don’t it?

    3. Wow.
      An April Fools joke from a “reputable” news source that is actually a joke any other day.
      Aren’t there people missing, people committing egregious crimes, or people being killed by some preventable disaster?

  14. Those skanks being obese, ugly, loud, uninformed, boring, unfuckable lard-asses triggers me. By the logic of their retarded philosophy, a single complaint should be enough to have them confined to their homes.

  15. Put the very same standards that progressive insist we all abide by back onto them. It could literally dissolve much if not all of their ideology. The simple fact is that radical progs are vicious cowardly people who, over and over, demonstrate their hate for others and create their own “triggering” events. For a sweeping conservative victory…it seems so simple, just use the very standards progs put on conservatives onto the progs. Fact: they can’t come close to living up to their own standards ergo reject them whole cloth.

  16. It would be more appropriate if they were told to wave their heads like horizontally based bobble heads.
    If i could master the language of retardese perhaps i could relate to these people better.
    Then again why would i want to relate to sheeple?

  17. Jesus clapping replaced by Jazz Hands?? Sounds like a parody piece , something out of the “Onion” . Universities are the fever swamps for insanity. I would not send my kid to university again ….

    1. It has nothing to do with “triggers” and it has everything to do with attention whoring. The clapping (I guess) wasn’t enough….these women need more (attention).

    1. Nevermind, I just looked it up. This shit is so fucking stupid. How do these people even come up with this stuff,to say clapping triggers anxiety?

    1. OMG, that is just about the funniest thing I’ve heard in ages. I do thank you!!

  18. “Jazz hands are used throughout NUS in place of clapping as a way to show
    appreciation of someone’s point without interrupting or causing
    disturbance, as it can create anxiety.”
    I guess these people are so consumed by their self-hate that even being applauded sets them off!

  19. This is a problem that seems solvable by an enclosed space and the appropriate number of crew-served machine guns….

  20. British feminists are trying to out-do american feminists in the psycho hose beast category.

  21. If you criticize me in any way you are a mysoginist. Children and families are tools of the patriarchy! Heterosexual marriage is an instrument of oppression! Down with gender norms!!!!!!

  22. It may “threaten the mental safety of attendees” – I think that situation has long past promulgated itself with these damn loons.

  23. ‘“threaten the mental safety” of attendees.’ Think that went out the window a long time ago. I think jazz hands is an appropriate lunatic thing to utilise in a conference of lunatics. Must look insane when a whole room is doing it.

  24. Their constant insatiable need to be the biggest victim is pathetic. Feminists an SJWs are the most bat shit crazy people around. Much as I worry about The Islamification of The West, knowing that these idiots will probably get beheaded if that happens gives me some comfort.

  25. I am a webprogrammer. I like the idea of a lunatic database. Very witty. I may really do this. Please propose names for such a platform.

  26. I’ve spent the last 2 years almost in complete isolation. Reading this makes me laugh. It’s comical. I mean, is this really happening? It seems like comedy. But not even comedy, since comedy ironizes serious matters. This is more like some sort of improvisation theatre where everyone just does the most bizarre and unexpected thing that comes to their mind.
    I guess gay white men are starting to learn the perils of being privileged.
    It really may not take 800k years until the Eloi arise.

  27. I would bang that niamh chick, she wants to be dominated.
    look at her necklace, the one that is tight around her neck, its like a collar for her sub-consciously, the feminist crap is just for attention, she wants to be led.

    1. Who would want a picture of an a$$ in their wedding photos? If I wanted a picture of an a$$ in those photos I would just include one of Obuma.

      1. And these bitches put these pics in online photo albums for family members and children to see! I guarantee the Beta schmucks that were their dates had no balls to say “Hey, that’s pretty crass and classless of you. You know kids will see those pics, right?” because they have that little tiny sliver of hope of getting some pussy.
        The last wedding I was a groomsman in had a token fat girl as a bridesmaid. Guess what (any suspense here at all?), she had to constantly draw attention to herself and her body parts every passing minute. One such instance was going up to an industrial fan and lifting her dress to supposedly “cool down” (right, that must be it!) and saying out loud “Ah! my hoo-ha! MY HOO-HA!” then scanning the perimeter to see who noticed her. I made goddamn sure to say out loud “It’s always the fat ones!” while shaking my head. Another fat girl heard me. Fuck if I even care!

        1. It was one of those giant sqaures on wheels that you attach a garden hose to and the blades condense the water into cold air. How telling!

        2. Oh…I know what you are talking about….used in warehouses…those are pretty god damn big.
          Jesus…must have been a lot of woman to cool down.

    2. God, why? Make this insanity end! They completely shat on the (once upon a time) sacred vow of marriage. The fact that these sluts acted like that makes my blood boil.

      1. Because here we are now talking about it, is why. That alone makes it one-hundred percent worth it to these trash heaps. What’s dignity to these bitches? They’d light themselves on fire and have some Beta post it on YouTube if it would get them talked about!

    3. The wedding ceremony itself is one big attention whore fest….now the bridesmaids can get in on it, too.

      1. This is why women hate me. Now I understand. ( If someone asked me to do this, I would assume they were joking. )

    4. @ghostofjefferson:disqus you were supposed to be tagged in this as well, I didn’t go through correctly, looks like.

  28. –> Came in thinking this was an April Fool’s joke
    –> Departed realising the Left conducts foolery all year round

  29. Women need to stop misappropriating masculine culture and identity and destroying safe spaces for men. Additionally, women are unqualified to speak to masculine issues, as they lack the penis to understand the struggle of those who wield a penis to not have the penis wield them. The power of women’s pudenda is well known to have oppressed and abused the will of men through the ages. Women need to check their privileges and let men have their own voices and find empowerment and enrichment through their own unique experiences.

    1. They need to allow men their own spaces. ( Which is why things like Freemasonry came about. )
      There is NOTHING that will ever allow us women to know what it’s is truly to be male.
      Simple biology lesson proves that with science.
      The Decadence stage of anything – a culture, a idea, a movement, seems to me, almost always over the top??

  30. This doesn’t suprise me. And quite frankly I don’t even care anymore.

    1. Then you win. They wanted to “trigger” you ciscum. They want you to hate. Indifference is a shield against the social justice warrior.

  31. So what actually happens if you clap? As far as I can tell they are just asking people to refrain from clapping. Clap if you want, Fuck stand up, clap, cheer and wolf whistle. You wount even be the only person doing it.
    People are sheep. Have you ever started the clap when a clap wasent approperiate? People hear someone clapping and they instincitvly start clapping aswell. Sooner or later the whole room is clapping! I do it all the time at work confrences, start the slow clap and watch people join in. Always after something inapproperiate like an equity and diversity lecture.

  32. To quote the Preacher – “There’s nothing like a good piece of hickory.”
    It’s always fun to watch the Oppression Olympics unfold and the oppressed cannibalise each other.
    These internecine squabbles won’t keep them from fucking you in the ass 24 hours a day, no Vaseline and no reach-around (it’s movie day!). It may signal the beginning of some future crack-up but you’ll be long dead and buried by then.
    especially state employers.
    Are you kidding? These are exactly the sort of people the state wants to employ. The state is almost certainly the chief employer, directly or indirectly, of these little fascists right now. With regularity some libertarian/alt right blogger will chime in with how worthless a degree in gender studies and other similar degrees (basically degrees in white-hating racism) are, and how such a person is wasting their money on a degree with which they’ll never find work. I like to point out that professional white-hating racism is a huge business across the Western world, possibly worth trillions annually. There are many millionaires in the field. These degrees might not be the best choices for prosperity but a go-hater can do very well in the industry. Often with the security of a government job.

  33. Orwellian double-speak at its finest. There is some serious ideological brain damage present at England’s institutions of higher learning.

  34. Oh god, I was raped by a group of theatrical dancers once, how am I supposed to lead a normal live again with all this… this… WIGGLING going on?!

  35. The “jazz hands” is actually an established form of applause.. for the deaf. So these feminazis are in fact using their able bodied privilege to appropriate a cultural aspect from the disabled. Turds.

  36. The thought of a huge auditorium full of these tools wiggling their hands is such a hysterical mental image

  37. Who wants to produce a TV show a la Punked or Boiling Points where we find people and trigger them and get it all on camera.
    We’ll call it You’ve Been Triggered.

  38. As I walked the streets yesterday I saw an old neighbour of mine, he is a white middle aged male with a wife. He is also a road sweeper, for the minimum wage of £6.50 per hour he sweeps up the discarded Starbucks latte cups casually tossed on the floor. He lives in a 1 bedroom flat in the poorest area of town. He is not privaleged, he is part of the white working class and they have ALWAYS been at the bottom of society in the UK. But according to these truly privaleged women, attending some of the worlds most prestigious academic institutions whose graduates stalk the corridors of power, the mere fact of him being white, male and straight overides ALL. They are deluded, the left wing was supposed to serve the interests of the working man!! Now it has been appropiated by rich white girls debating gay men acting like black women. Meanwhile, the streetsweeper clears up the vomit and litter from their partying the night before….

    1. Male nurses work 14 hr days, for pay cuts that don’t allow them to make enough to pay mortgages OR have heat and food.

  39. They’re trying to trigger YOU.
    Or in normal English, piss you off, maybe weird you out some, you know.
    Much that SJWs, feminists, pc thug cunts do is uber-passive aggressive, twisted, mental, as everybody knows that isn’t a demented cunt.
    They KNOW, they damn well know, this shit like Jazz Hands pisses regular people off. They know it gets them attention. They’re freaks putting on a freak show, the ridiculousness of it is part of its power.

  40. I think this is wonderful, now any time some SJW starts to babble at me, I’ll immediately start clapping, every time they open their mouth. When they insist that they won’t be intimidated by my anxiety inducing clapping, I will congratulate them on being cured and then walk away.

  41. I recently made a statement on Facebook that mansplaying (how guys sit on public transport) is them sitting comfortably, not an act of “patriarchy.” Several people chimed in with Jezebel and tumblr posts on the matter, citing it as evidence.
    This is the level of intelligence these people have. So in speaking on their level I asked “so why isn’t it as bad when you push your way to the front and say ‘ladies first’?”

    1. You could add in, that it is mostly a lower-class thing. Then ask them, how they feel about targeting the under-class.

  42. This is why women fought to get into Ivy League schools?
    Im ready to wall myself up alive , clutching my Orwell, Huxley, Aurelius, Thoreau, Nietzsche, Crowley, and the other dead, white male writers who made sense out of chaos.
    ( I can thank Poe, for the idea also. )

  43. “its always funny to watch the oppression olympics unfold..” I fell out of my chair laughing at that line!! GREAT ONE can I steal it?

  44. You’re right to identify that these ideas come from an educational elite. Elite, at least, in that they went to expensive institutions (I’m not sure the institutions stand for much more than that nowadays, other than a “name brand” to shove in peoples’ faces when looking for a job).
    This is where all the political correctness stems from, and because it comes from them, granted so much power in life, it spreads like wildfire.
    Works great for the rich to keep the population at each others’ throats and under wraps.

  45. Deep pathology — what happens when you take men out of the picture.

  46. enthusiatic “jazz hands” for a great, eye-opening article………and these are the descendents of the toughest generation in history that held off hitler til we got there to help……….i’d just yawn if somebody blew this whole bunch up…………..holy shit

  47. Everytime I think I’ve read the dumbest thing ever, something even more stupid comes up. For the sake of humanity, I hope this is from the Onion.

  48. Why is it being called “jazz hands”? Why can’t they just say, “Hey, let’s clap in Auslan!” =/ (Yes, I realise this isn’t an Australian issue.)
    Still, the rest of the conference made no fucking sense… Srsly.

  49. This is what happens when we tell people that all their opinions are valid and worth respect. These idiots should have been laughed out the building.

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