How Donald Trump Forever Changed US Politics

Whether you love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Donald Trump’s run for the presidency has had a huge effect on the country, especially our broken political process. Right now the globalists are working overtime to crush Trump and his message. They believe that if they can stop Trump, Americans will go back to being bovine worker drones in their globalist machine. But that is impossible. What has been seen cannot be unseen.

Here are some of the ways that Trump has forever changed US politics.

The message is more important than money


Frank Luntz – focus group expert

Up until Trump announced his candidacy, the assumption has been that the candidate with the largest war chest wins. DC beltway analysts and New York marketing experts had elections down to a science. If you can afford to pay the best experts and buy more ads than your competition, you’ll win. A good example of this was the Marco Rubio campaign. Everything about Rubio was done according to the textbook. His message was created and market tested in conjunction with Frank Luntz to ensure it would have maximum voter appeal. All that Rubio had to do was execute, run the requisite number of television ads, and he would win. That conventional wisdom was forever destroyed by Trump.

Instead of following this conventional route, Trump went with his gut. No doubt he consulted certain people such as Senator Jeff Sessions in constructing his immigration message, but his general approach was to bypass focus groups and target big issues that voters felt strongly about. Because Trump staked out positions that resonated with the GOP voter base he was able to build a durable following without spending a lot of money. According to Bloomberg, Hillary has spent roughly $432M on the campaign while Trump has spent $213M—less than half. Yet the polls are still close so Trump’s focus on message over Madison Avenue advertising experts is paying off.

Sometimes you have to offend people


Orlando shooter and misunderstander of Islam

Another piece of conventional wisdom that has been proven wrong by Trump is the idea that you cannot offend anyone in the electorate, even very tiny portions of it. You can see it in Hillary’s message, which is 100% focused on women and minorities. Mainstream Republican candidates are a little less politically correct but not by much. While they might say “radical Islamic terror,” they are always very quick to point out that Islam itself is a religion of peace. All terrorists are, in the GOP view, “perverters” of Islam. The reasoning behind this “don’t offend” approach is that a politician cannot afford to lose even one vote.

There are many problems with this approach but the biggest one is that sometimes solving a problem requires offending a group of people. Trump’s statement that there seems to be a problem with Islam and terrorism could definitely be construed as being offensive toward Muslims, but until we have the courage to have an open discussion about it, we will never solve the problem of terrorism. Trump’s defeat of 16 of GOP’s best and brightest proves that it is more important to speak the truth than it is to worry about who you offend.

Conservatives are a fake opposition


George W. Bush’s daughter Barbara attends a Hillary Clinton fund raiser in Paris with Huma Abedin

The greatest gift that Trump’s candidacy has given us is the realization is that the Conservative Movement that powers the Republican Party was never meant to change America for the better. It’s only purpose was to provide the appearance that voters have a real choice. This allowed the progressive agenda of feminism, gay marriage, and the elimination of national borders to advance without the masses rising up in open rebellion.

The fact that the GOP was only a fake opposition party became evident from the moment that Trump announced his candidacy. During his speech Trump mentioned two distinctive policies that have defined him ever since. The first is the idea that illegal immigration must be stopped. The second was that the US has negotiated bad trade deals that are decimating US manufacturing. While other Republicans had mentioned immigration as a problem in the past, none of the 2016 batch of candidates had made it a priority. And none of the other Republicans had chosen to attack existing trade deals.

There was swift retribution for Trump’s comments. Several companies canceled contracts that they had with Trump’s company. The Republican elite rushed to condemn Trump’s statements as offensive to Hispanics. They also dismissed Trump as not being a serious candidate.

As it became clear that Trump was winning, the GOP establishment tested various other attacks  to no avail. At the GOP convention, most of them grudgingly endorsed Trump, but they were just waiting for a more opportune moment to attack Trump. That moment came after the “grab them by the pussy” tapes were released on October 7th. GOP leaders and pundits coordinated their statements against Trump with the media and the Democrats.

The reason the GOP establishment is working to stop Trump because he represents a genuine departure from the standard Democrat and Republican policies. Trump’s policies threaten to take away power from the donor class, the wealthy plutocrats who really run the country. By attacking Trump the Republican establishment demonstrated that it was only interested in representing the interests of its wealthy donors, not its voters.

If elected, Trump will have a chance to change the Republican Party into a party that really represents the interests of most Americans. If he loses, the GOP will likely try to revert back to its fake opposition policy but no one will be fooled into thinking that it presents a real alternative.

The media is a mouthpiece of the ruling elite


Glenn Thrush

Regular readers of Return of Kings have seen the perfidy of the mainstream media before. When Roosh tried to hold meet-ups for men, the international press went into attack mode. Newspapers all over world obediently printed minor variations on the same false headline that Roosh was “pro-rape.” The same thing has occurred with Donald Trump when women began to accuse him of groping them.

Before publishing a story that tarnishes a person’s reputation, it is standard journalistic practice to check the accuracy of the story. This includes contacting the person who has been accused to get their response. It involves doing some checking of the accuser’s reputation and looking for corroboration. In the case of the women that Trump allegedly groped, none of this was done. The media ran the groping accusations even though the women’s stories were easily debunked because the media’s only job is to carry the water for the globalist elite.


Sycophant Glenn Thrush asking Hillary’s campaign manager to approve his work

Nowhere has this been more apparent than with the release of the Wikileaks Podesta emails. The emails show a high degree of coordination between the media and the Democrats. In one particularly egregious case, Politico writer asks Podesta to review what he has written to ensure he has not “fucked up” anything.


Although Trump has changed US politics, we will suffer a serious setback if he loses on November 8th. As I have written before, it is likely that Clinton will move quickly to modify US demographics to prevent another conservative from ever being elected. The big difference will be that we are now wiser as to how things really work. We’ve been rudely woken from our sleep and injected with 500 mg of caffeine. There is no way we are going back to sleep again.

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      Your mother is a nice lady and married to your father!

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  1. Trump illuminated the dark corners of the internet. Those of us who have been tuned into alternative media already knew about the corruption in mainstream media, knew that the Republican establishment was simply on the other side of the coin of establishment Democrats, and knew, or at least had an idea, of vote rigging and the left’s propensity for inciting violence using paid actors. Now that these ideas are mainstream and no longer solely coming from the mouths of guys like Alex Jones (who has a tendency of turning off reasonable people at times), a sleeping giant has been awakened that will be near impossible to tame should Trump lose.

  2. Trump is just as beholden to Wall Street as HRC. He raised $70 million in July alone, much of it from Wall Street.
    Don’t expect him to kick the elites in the teeth. He’s always wanted to be one of them.

    1. You say he wants to be one of the elites. Ignoring the fact that he already is one of them, you speak as if all elites are cut from the same cloth and want the same things.
      As I see it, Clinton wants to be part of the elites and she’ll do it by tearing down anyone who opposes her. She has no remorse for the suffering she brings upon others and has left a trail of bodies behind her.
      Trump, for the sake of argument wants to be part of the elites, but he’s going about it a completely different way. He’s built his empire by creating thousands of jobs for the citizens of the USA. To my knowledge, the worst thing he’s done is say some dirty things about a few women (hardly a scandal).
      This whole all wealthy people are evil paradigm is misguided.
      I can’t find the chart right now, but it correctly illustrates who we should be focused on. It’s not the rich, but the evil at all levels. There’s evil rich, middle class, and poor people. We should be focusing on them and not on the rich for simply being rich. Within that scope, we should begin with the evil people who have caused the most damage and are the biggest threat to society. That being said, Clinton comes way before Trump. She hasn’t accomplished anything of real value while Trump has generated untold billions of revenue and private sector jobs. She’s spoiling for a fight with Russia while Trump wants to get on better terms with them. She keeps pushing divisive Feminist/SJW ideals instead of trying to bring the country together. If anyone is to go, she should be first.

  3. Trump is as nihilistic as the Joker. “If I can’t have the presidency, neither can anyone else. I’ll blow up the whole democratic process just to show you. Then you’ll be sorry you weren’t on my side.”
    Stalkers think the same way. Like the Joker, Trump respects nothing and nobody. The word among those who move in his circles is that he’s always been a toxic person. Anyone who comes in contact with him gets damaged, either personally or professionally.
    The ghostwriter for The Art of the Deal spent 18 months with Trump. He said that if he could retitle that book, he would call it The Sociopath.

    1. Meanwhile, anybody who comes in contact with Hillary becomes dead.

  4. What the hell is up with “educated” liberals (formerly pacifists) now agressively pushing for war with Russia?
    All of a sudden, I’m the bad guy for not wanting war with Russia over some shit hole in the middle east.

    1. I’ve called some chicken hawks out on that. It’s often the ones who have never been to war who seek it first.

        1. Good point. What a double standard. I hate to say it but if Hillary starts a war with Russia, the U.S will be the bad guys.

    2. Upvote 100x. Arguably, this is one of the single craziest things about Clinton. Why the fukc start another Cold War? Why is Russia my enemy? Russians look like me, most share my Christian faith and hold sacred the same things I do like family, culture and tradition. They’re trying to rebuild a society after Marxism tore it to pieces. So what if they’re in Syria? Unlike the US in Iraq and the Europeans in Libya, the Russians were invited by the government of Syria. Yes there are casualties and collateral damage. Worse than what exists in Iraq which was entirely the doing of the US and its deluded allies?
      Fukc Clinton and her Russia bashing. The fags and trannies can enlist and fight that war.
      Here’s a good article on Russia that everyone here should read and share. It’s written by Peter Hitchens (brother of the late Christopher). The situation there is much more nuanced than the mainstream media would have us believe…

    3. Liberals are only anti-war when it is politically expedient. They think primarily with emotions, so throughout history they have had the most violent protests and killed their own people.

    4. I have found it amazing to watch the left go from protesting war under Bush to accepting it under Obama and advocating it on a worldwide scale under Clinton.

    5. Liberals turned against Russia after Putin made some anti-gay comments including saying that Russia must cleanse itself of homosexuality.

  5. “Another piece of conventional wisdom that has been proven wrong by Trump is the idea that you cannot offend anyone in the electorate, even very tiny portions of it.”
    You don’t know much about US history. Our presidents have always delivered the same message — we are the land of hope, the land of the middle class, work hard and you will be rewarded.
    Anybody who veers off into darker tones or darker dystopian visions of the U.S. always loses. Simple as that. Name one president who campaigned on doom and gloom. You can’t, because there aren’t any.
    That explains why the betting markets are currently giving Trump a 13% chance of winning the presidency, while HRC has an 87% chance.

    1. What darker tones? Been seeing and hearing it a lot on the collection of usual suspects, you know, the ones in the media colluding with one campaign over the other or copy pasting each others headlines and stories (if not just posting pre-written stories directly given to them by political operatives).
      You obviously don’t mean the slogan “Make America Great Again” I don’t think you do anyway, especially when it was clarified as meaning back to active production, booming economy, and chance to better one’s circumstances through hard work.
      Maybe the Mexicans are rapists comment? The one where he actually simply noted that many of the people coming in illegally through the Mexican/US border have criminal tendencies including drugs and rape. I’ve always wondered too, how is being against illegal immigration racist? That would be an assertion the Democrats have been making for awhile now that could only be true if they believe the facts are one or both of the following: A) The only way Hispanics come here is illegally or B) The only people coming here illegally are Hispanic. Both false, like the spin.
      Maybe the “grab them by the pussy” or “I just start kissing them” comments? Something that many of us here understand the context as being “when she’s coming on to you (that’s intent and consent on her part), what do you do?” I’ve actually had women grab my crotch in bars or at parties, then make “lewd” or “suggestive” comments to people around about what she was going to do to that cock. (PS: When my personal pole came in it was all in favor).
      The Rosie O’Donnell comments? The Wall? The rigged election? The media dishonesty? The violence being done at rallies by operatives? The not telling our military strategies to our enemies beforehand? The attempt to re-negotiate trade deals to benefit American interests? That politicians in general aren’t necessarily acting in the interests of their constituency? That they aren’t particularly bright and continue to do things that have been proven ineffective?
      I need examples over a calculated catch-phrase.
      Or maybe you meant comments like:
      “Basket of Deplorables.” “Super-predators.” “Republicans are the enemy.” But then, those were some of the “unifying” comments made by HRC.

    2. Betting markets have to reflect the amount of money bettors have invested in each position. The 13 to 87% could reflect a huge amount of money being invested by say a Soros type manipulator.
      This is about what happened with Brexit, there were lots of little bets on exit and fewer huge bets on remain, so the odds were against it. I’m not saying that was manipulated though. I think people bet what they were hoping for, ordinary people made more modest bets to get out and rich globalists huge bets to remain.

      1. The exact same percentages have been up at 538 for about a week, and those aren’t betting markets — those are a proprietary model of averaging scientific polls.

        1. 538 had Brexit at roughly the same % and gave Trump almost no chance to win the Republican primary. He had a good 2012 but was off in 2014 in many cases and 2016 hasn’t been as good for him either.

    3. The # of betters is going towards Trump, just like Brexit. Large betters are voting on HRC, just like Brexit. Online polls show a slight trump lead to a slight Clinton lead – just like Brexit. Traditional polls show a slight clinton lead to a blow out clinton lead – just like Brexit.

    1. Looks like Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Vermont are permanently pozzed.

        1. I grew up in VT, my folks still live there.
          Lefties are strangling the state through high taxes, high “social” spending and anti-business regulations. Young people leave because there are no jobs. But rich lefties who moved there from other states love it — it means VT stays a pristine park for them. Who cares about those working class whites?
          Whites in VT also love to virtue-signal. They enjoy importing vibrancy but make sure it’s confined to the poor north end section of Burlington, not in their 99% white communities of Shelburne and Charlotte. They really have no clue about the reality of race.
          Vermonters are getting what they voted for, good and hard.

    2. I’d prefer to see the raw numbers vs the electoral college. The electoral college is deceptively population-biased. For example, the “white woman” chart could very well have Hillary getting the most votes even though at glance of the eye, the map appears practically all red.
      Yes, in that map, Trump would still win because of the electoral college, but if the majority of the people are voting against him, that shows that feminist and degenerate ideas are what the majority in the nation believe in, which I believe is the case. The electoral college is bullshit.
      Anyway, it’s interesting to look at stuff like this, and I posted a similar chart yesterday, but ultimately we can’t do anything about it other than say “oops, our ancestors really fucked up.”
      Edit: it was this (raw percentages, not Elec. College):

      1. Electoral college is WAYY better than a popular vote. Would just skew the power more and more to large states and specifically huge cities in large states. Instead of campaigning in Greensboro, NC or Evansville, IN it would be LA, NYC, Miami, Chicago, etc 24/7/365 for the Democratic candidate and the opposition candidate would be forced to cover much larger ground.

        1. 2012 Election:
          51.1% Obama vs 47.2% Romney – popular vote
          332 v 206 Electoral Votes
          Which one looks like a closer contest to you?

        2. #1 ) A republic is a much better form of government than a democracy and an Electoral college is closer to a Republican government than straight popular vote.
          #2) Re-read my problems with the popular vote
          #3) It’s extremely rare the popular vote winner doesn’t also win the electoral college. The race pretty much has to be a tie like 2000 for it to occur so its almost a moot point.
          #4) They didn’t campaign for total popular vote – they campaigned in battleground states so its impossible to tell what the popular vote would have been if it was a popular vote campaign. They would have spent all of their money on large markets only if they were campaigning for the popular vote
          #5) Popular vote would encourage states like CA and NY to commit fraud and influence the entire election. Not that fraud doesn’t occur now but those two big states have no reason to commit presidential vote fraud.

        3. I should also note that states have the option to not have the electoral college decided by a statewide popular vote. A couple of states award by congressional district for one each and 2 for the statewide winner (eg: ME). If you did that, the EC would much more closely mirror the popular vote. The reason most states don’t do that in general though is it dilutes their states power in voting compared to the states that are 100% awarded to the state’s popular vote winner.

    3. This is a phenomenal graphic. It’s no coincidence that men & women, and also whites & non-whites have been polarized to such an extent that for each of these groups the election of the other candidate would mean absolute hell and the worst possible scenario ever…
      Can humanity really be this divergent of its own accord, of course not. You have to consider there is a dark, evil agenda at work whose propagators are benefiting immensely from the hostility between the sexes and races. The destruction of the establishment would truly liberate people and end these artificially imposed hostilities, but the groups benefiting from feminism and “white men’s guilt” have such a global influence and sphere of power now that chances are it will only take a World War 3 to overthrow “the establishment”.

  6. I’ve been arguing this for weeks.
    Win or lose, the paradigm has shifted.
    Horrible cunts like us, who want a society of:
    Traditional values
    Family oriented life
    Self organising community
    Self respecting women
    Solid education
    Genuine, ethical scientific advances
    Aversion to debauchery
    Aversion to debt
    Genuine generosity
    …you know, real fascist shit!!
    Well, we’re fucking back on the fucking radar. Permanently

    1. You know the world is fucked up if places that are supposed to be against everything normal (like 4chan), start having a traditionalism streak.

  7. A Clinton victory will backfire in the sense that there will emerge alliances among groups previously on different levels. Christians and muslims, gays and fundamentalists, working class and professionals.
    Joining together in order to fight a common enemy. And this unification will result in some major changes to public discourse. No longer will issues be hijacked, insane sjw tantrums, media smears. A stronger, focused movement.

    1. Not sure about muslims, but it’s certainly possible within the other groups to a degree.
      Normal gays and not the flamboyant LGBT crowd.
      Non-union working class and professionals.

  8. Trump has changed the way people view the media. Very few people are going to trust anything the media says, due to the way Trump has been excoriated by the press. And that’s a win/win right there…he’s already won, even if the election is rigged and Hillary gets in. He has changed the entire landscape in terms of how people view the world. And that’s bigger than being president, really.

  9. Do you guys really think he’s gonna lose?
    I was worried I’d start seeing articles like this over here. “Trump will have forever changed US politics even if he doesn’t win.”
    I want to believe the polls are all skewed (and some of them definitely seem to be), but what’s in it for the media to claim he’s down 10 and then have him win? I know it’s to demoralize Trump supporters, It would make all the pollsters look really bad. Also, it would demoralize Hillary supporters too, thinking she already won.
    The only thing that makes me believe Trump will win is Brexit, because the polls were skewed there too. I’m just worried that the “pussy” tape might have offended enough idiots that Hillary will win. Fucking Evan McMullin was up in Utah and I didn’t hear anything about that poll being skewed.

    1. Could just be my nerves as we get closer to the election, but I’m getting a sinking feeling he’s going to lose. That being said, I think Trump has done a marvelous job of waking up a lot of Americans to the hypocrisy and corruption within the government and the media.

      1. I’ve got that same feeling. It’s the frauds in the Republican party that are doing it for me. They don’t give a shit about Trump’s behavior and the stuff he says. Their excuses are all lies. The truth is they don’t want the system to change the way Trump threatens to change it, and are willing to back Hillary to ensure it doesn’t.

      2. It won’t really matter too much if he loses though. Hillary will appoint judges to gut the constitution (especially 2nd amendment and 1st amendment). With one more liberal justice on the court, they will rule that 2nd amendment doesn’t apply to private citizens (they tried in 2008 but were 1 justice short ). Also, Hillary will give citizenship to as many illegals and foreigners as possible, making it virtually impossible for conservatives to win.
        Republican party will devolve into a liberal party that only disagrees with democrats on minor issues.
        Also, war with Russia (actual war) is a big possibility.
        I don’t think Trump is out of it. I’m not sure I even buy him being the underdog, but who knows. You’ve got the MSM saying Hillary landslide and you’ve got Trump supporters saying Trump landslide. I think it will be close.

    2. All 4 tracking polls show Trump winning including 2 out of the 3 most accurate ones in 2012 (LA Times, Rasmussen, IBD/TIPP, PPD). Only the one off polls show Trump losing. I think its too close to call – early voting is way down in Ohio but Dems are down far worse and was down in NC (first day of in person voting was -11% down D votes, -7% Rs, +23% Ind [52% male]). Florida Trump is running ahead in early voting. Iowa early voting almost always has gone D and their margin is way down from 2012.
      What’s in it for the media? Depress Republican turnout. In October in 1980s, all the Polls showed Reagan losing by 5-7%. He won by 10% and the last poll in early Nov had Reagan up 3%. If the media is skewing their polls, expect to see a shift towards a close race in early November.

    3. It’s in their best interest to poll him low. “Why would I waste my time at the polls voting for Trump when he’s already lost?”
      It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

      1. “Why would I waste my time at the polls voting for Hillary when she’s got it in the bag?”
        It seems like that can work both ways. Plus, I get the feeling that Trump supporters are gonna vote no matter what, but Hillary supporters are less likely to vote if they believe the race won’t be close.

      2. Also, it makes sense to poll him 4 or 5 points down, but once you start polling someone 15 points down in multiple polls, you better be damn sure they’re gonna lose, otherwise you’re just not gonna be trustworthy anymore after the election. Even during brexit, I don’t believe leave was polled at 15 down. It was closer to 7 down.

  10. I still think Trump’s going to win. You might see a full-on revolution if he doesn’t. People will stop doing what the government tells them to do, and the elite can’t have that, now, can they. People might even organize and start their own government. Which might be part of the scheme, come to think of it. States breaking away from the Union. It’s easier to control small countries. Whatever the result of the election, it’s going to get ugly really soon. The NWO is ramping up their game even as we speak. Shit will happen in the next two to three years that will make everything that’s come before look tame in comparison. War, riots, famine, and more importantly, water scarcity. Nestle has been making moves on the U.S. water supply for years (they suck it out of rivers and lakes in California, which is what caused the “drought” there), same with other corporate oligarchs.
    The endgame, my friends, revolves around water. If people don’t have it, they’ll go anywhere to get it. Including an NWO facility with a barbed-wire fence around it. You can laugh if you wish, because it does seem crazily conspiratorial. But that’s what’s going to happen. Talk about beta thirst. Remember the Flint, Michigan, water scandal? Oh, that’s just the beginning. This has all been planned out tighter than an Oscar-winning Hollywood script…
    Notice how the press is talking about water scarcity, as well as tainted U.S. water supplies, more and more frequently. Mm-hmm. No coincidence there. You see photos of lakes that have low water levels that have never seen before. Mm-hmm. You read articles that discuss the crumbling water supply infrastructure, bad pipes, contaminated public water, etc. They are priming your mental pumps, as it were, so the Average Joe eventually accepts the “fact” there is very little potable water. Of course, there’s tons of it – they are just hoarding it, as part of their chess game with humanity.
    You might watch the movie “Chinatown” (1974), to get a better handle on this. That movie is about as red pill as it gets. Right down to L.A.’s water barons dumping massive amounts of Los Angeles’s fresh water into the sea back in the 1940s, to create “droughts” in L.A., while simultaneously diverting much of the remaining fresh water to the undeveloped San Fernando Valley – which they then parlayed into billions of dollars of real estate value…crafty bastards, no doubt about it.
    And meanwhile, the people’s attention remains diverted toward non-issues – like this bizarre “election” – and thus, it’s business as usual for these guys. “Give them bread and circus.” (But no water. Unless they get it at an approved facility…)

  11. Trump’s success can broadly be seen as the following:
    1. Get as much attention as possible, often by taking the most “extreme” positions.
    2. Use all of that attention to “dominate space” by denying your opponent any breathing room on issues or media attention. Be as charismatic as possible with perfect frame control.
    3. Use the prestige of your personal brand to build trust.
    4. Use new communications outlets to bypass the gatekeepers.
    5. Once you’ve done this “pacing,” lead people where you want them to go.
    And do all of that with a good offer, of course.

    1. Trump showed how to use Twitter to get his message out with no cost. Of course he leveraged his fame outside of politics.

  12. Hope you all are paying attention. 21 days after the vote on our internet and there is a national (international?) DDOS attack hitting USA and U.K. The East Coast seems to have been hit the hardest but it likely started 2 hours ago. Things are about to go south really fast, real quick, with our political system.

        1. They have tried. A number of times. Every time the site went down for a week or a few days, or the DDOS redirection screen pops up, we were attacked. Roosh has done an excellent job of insulating this site.

        2. There have been numerous websites that have been 86-ed permanently over the years. Including their proprietors. If they didn’t want ROK to be here, they would take it out in the wink of an eye. And there would be a legal notice/warning up, courtesy of the U.S. Government, in place of the site. Happens all the time. Anybody who thinks the manosphere hasn’t been co-opted, for purposes of controlled opposition, is living in a dream world. Your first clue is that it’s being vilified in the media – which means, somebody behind the scenes with power, approves of it. Eventually it will be accepted, it will become an accepted part of the social and political narrative. They did the same thing back in the 60s with feminism, war protests, the counter-culture – and everybody rolled their eyes in disgust and thought all of that shit was crazy. And look at it now. It’s just history repeating itself. Us against them. Controlled opposition.

        3. And he did a great piece on becoming anti-fragile. I really liked the analogy with how if the body is injured or bone broken, it actually repairs itself stronger than it was before.

        4. They must want it up, if it’s still up…after they start going really hard-core with copyright infringement penalties for end-users, websites like that one will fill up the private prisons. Which, of course, will be an utter and complete coincidence.
          Sites like ROK are useful to the Big Boys. They can I.D. anybody who comes here in a nanosecond. They can parse and batch the comments at Disqus in a wink of an eye. Collate the data. Identify the most ardent voices. That’s one reason ROK is still up…among many.
          Most of the major “truther” sites people visit are government-owned and -operated. I’ll just call out one of them here. Michael Rivero is the alleged do-gooder who owns and operates the site. He’s supposedly “fighting the man”. His site gets DDOS attacks all the time. Yet his site still remains up and running. Getting attacks gives the site more credibility, even if those attacks are propagated for that very reason. There’s one slight problem, however. Michael Rivero worked for NASA. And he was a special effects guy in Hollywood. Hmm. NASA…special effects. You don’t quit working for NASA and go rogue – heh. That’s like quitting the Mob. He just put a different hat on and donned a mask…

        5. They have imprisoned several of the guys involved. They have seized and shut down most of its competitors. This seems to be a case of the nerds always being one step ahead of the cops. Reminds me of The Wire. Remember, the elites are not smarter than you. Sure, they could figure out where the webmaster is and drone strike his house with a nuke, no one is debating that. But they really do seem powerless to shut down this site.
          (I’m not saying ROK is on the level of Pirate Bay in terms of resilience)

        6. I hear you. There are exceptions to everything. Except in the truther field. Heh. It’s loaded with spooks and two-faced operatives.

        7. You have achieved enlightenment Bob.
          Love the idea that we are now embracing the possibility that we are / could become ‘controlled opposition’.
          I think all of us have some awareness of that possiibility: we tend to be more measured in what we say for the most part. Having said that we still on the periphery of the discourse

        8. I was going to modify my comment. Figured you would probably point this out…heh. You can’t stop being a machine until you realize you’re a machine.

        9. I’d have to make a claim on Mobius. Neo? That would be someone who’s in the bitter sweet process of awakening

        10. On my Ayahuasca trip, I had a Neo moment. There I was, sitting in the lotus seat. And everything become kinda … polygonized … and polygon lines shot toward the horizon like an endless plane and I was in the middle of it.

        11. Ah, but he’s The One…that Neo fella. Always have to have a guru, to whom we must defer…heh.

        12. It was a very very clear and lucid vision, but I can’t recall much details.
          I’d say they were whiteish and glittering strands … possibly very slightly glittering. It was more … digital-like.
          Whether translucent, I can’t tell, because they were basically drawn on a black canvas. (How do you tell if its a grey line or a translucent white line??)

        13. we should search around for some ancient texts so that we could say “Roosh’s coming was foretold”

        14. So according to Ayahuasca Grand Poo Bahs, and Mexican sorcerers, and the like, the white glittering strands become apparent, whenever a person is “seeing” (in the act of being a seer). Supposedly they permeate us, as well as the entire universe. Like strands, like strings…which ties into String Theory. Science and religion, shaking hands. Supposedly we all see these strands every moment of our lives, with our infinite mind, but our rational mind blots it out. I’ve seen ’em. And I wasn’t tripping. Heh.

        15. No, I don’t like the idea. I don’t even like mild stuff like cannabis. I prefer to stay in control of my mind

        16. Nostradamus, baby –
          A man from the East
          will come out of his seat
          and will cross the
          Apennines to see France.
          He will cross through
          the sky, the seas, and snows,
          and will strike everyone
          with his rod.

        17. Awesome.
          But science, I think, refers to very tiny atomic-particle-sized strings. Not sure they mean the same, although there is a superficial similarity. I think these mistakes get made quite often, where similar-looking or similar-sounding stuff is seen as a ‘reconciliation’ of science and spirituality, when it is really not.
          You know, mobius here says I was high … but the clarity of it, man. I am incapable of believing that the human brain is capable of creating such … coherent and lucid images. So where does it come from? How ‘unreal’ and ‘fantastic’ is it really? I mean, it doesn’t come from nowhere, and neither can we claim it doesn’t exist (when it can be clearly seen). So there’s some truth there.

        18. grade A research there. Maybe there’s a missing line about how the man from the East will “bang the future”

        19. “Born in the Beltway…(bowng bowng)…born in the BELLLLLtway” (sung to Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Born on the Bayou”).

        20. Reminds me of this fag who prepared my bagel at the Coffee Fellows last week. That guy creeped me the fuck out. Had this weird crazy-female erratic gaze, oily blond-strain-dyed hair and those terribly fake gay ‘feminine’ mannerisms, but did not seem friendly at all. Just totally broken.
          If nothing else, you gotta give Milo credit for not being that kind of fag.

        21. Deshing through the snow…see…that ties into the quatrain, moving through snow…holy shit everything is a conspiracy.

        22. No, seriously. What if your body, your mind, your desires, feelings, intuitions … were created by others – to enslave you by making you think it’s you.

        23. well that certainly was unrelated. Mr Grady certainly keeps a tight grip on things. But I’m sure Jack’ll be back

        24. Btw, what’s your thoughts on the Holocaust?
          Seeing how much is being lied about … it wouldn’t surprise me at all anymore if it was bullshit.

        25. I happen to subscribe to that very theory. Here’s a snippet from “The Active Side of Infinity”, by Carlos Castaneda –
          It’s pitch black around us, but if you look out of the corner of your eye, you will still see fleeting shadows jumping all around you.
          You have arrived, by your effort alone, to what the shamans of ancient Mexico called the topic of topics. I have been beating around the bush all this time, insinuating to you that something is holding us prisoner. Indeed we are held prisoner! This was an energetic fact for the sorcerers of ancient Mexico.
          There is an explanation which is the simplest explanation in the world. They took over because we are food for them, and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance. Just as we rear chickens in chicken coops, the predators rear us in human coops. Therefore, their food is always available to them.
          Well, you haven’t heard it all yet. Wait a bit longer and see how you feel. I’m going to subject you to a blitz. That is, I’m going to subject your mind to tremendous onslaughts, and you cannot get up and leave because you’re caught. Not because I’m holding you prisoner, but because something in you will prevent you from leaving, while another part of you is going to go truthfully berserk. So brace yourself!
          I want to appeal to your analytical mind. Think for a moment, and tell me how you would explain the contradiction between the intelligence of man the engineer and the stupidity of his systems of beliefs, or the stupidity of his contradictory behavior. Sorcerers believe that the predators have given us our systems of beliefs, our ideas of good and evil, our social mores. They are the ones who set up our hopes and expectations and dreams of success or failure. They have given us covetousness, greed, and cowardice. It is the predators who make us complacent, routinary, and egomaniacal.
          In order to keep us obedient and meek and weak, the predators engaged themselves in a stupendous maneuver — stupendous, of course, from the point of view of a fighting strategist. A horrendous maneuver from the point of view of those who suffer it. They gave us their mind! Do you hear me? The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind. The predators’ mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now.

        26. I think since marriage equality some gays just don’t seem to try any more. There’s nothing really left for them to do, or prove

        27. Amazing. And on some level, it feels very true.
          Now I know what my mind tells me: That’s just your ancient evolutionary fear of being eaten that finds this idea appealing.

        28. Well let’s put it this way…I feel the same way about that issue, as I do about Hiroshima and Nagasaki…it’s easier to pretend something happened, and sell it, than it is to pull off the dastardly deed. People will believe anything if it’s in the newspaper. Well..most people.

        29. It’s funny how much stuff we believe … not because we have actually seen or experienced it, but because of trust. Trust that was hammered into us.

        30. More from “The Active Side of Infinity”, by Carlos Castaneda –
          There are scores of outside forces controlling you at this moment. The control that I am referring to is something outside the domain of language. It is your control and at the same time it is not. It cannot be classified, but it can certainly be experienced. And above all, it can certainly be manipulated. Remember this: It can be manipulated, to your total advantage, of course, which again, is not your advantage, but the energy body’s advantage. However, the energy body is you, so we could go on forever like dogs biting their own tails, trying to describe this. Language is inadequate. All these experiences are beyond syntax.
          If you pay close attention to the darkness of the foliage without focusing your eyes, but sort of look at it from the corner of your eye, you will see a fleeting shadow crossing your field of vision.
          Early night is the appropriate time of day for doing what I am asking you to do. It takes a moment to engage the necessary attention in you to do it. Don’t stop until you catch that fleeting black shadow, fleeting black shadows all over the place. That’s the universe at large, incommensurable, nonlinear, outside the realm of syntax. The sorcerers of ancient Mexico were the first ones to see those fleeting shadows, so they followed them around. They saw them as you will see them, and they saw them as energy that flows in the universe. And they did discover something transcendental. They discovered that we have a companion for life. We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so.

        31. Man, I’m never be able to look at ‘mad’ people the same way again. Next time I see someone on the street screaming their guts out about invisible demons … I will no longer be able to believe they are ‘just crazy’.

        32. Damn … I think I feel such a kind of shadow every time I see mass events where people engage in some form of unified response, like clapping or laughing or whatever. It’s literally like a shadow is gripping me and forcing me to go along, no matter how much I hate it.
          (that’s just our social nature).
          After my Ayahuasca ceremony, I saw shadows crossing my vision. Very clearly. At dark. About a month later still the same.
          (those are just tricks of the human eye)
          They were very real, organic, alive. I told them to go away: I no longer need you, go away.
          Since then, I didn’t see them again.

        33. I saw these things when I was a kid. Watched ’em fly around the room up near the ceiling. My parents “corrected me”, and as all parents do, they taught me to focus on using my rational mind. (Rational mind = Predator’s mind; Infinite Mind = Our True Mind; thus, “The Fall” described in the bible and elsewhere? Uhhh…could be.)

        34. More, from “The Active Side of Infinity” –
          Sorcerers see infant human beings as strange, luminous balls of energy, covered from the top to the bottom with a glowing coat, something like a plastic cover that is adjusted tightly over their cocoon of energy. That glowing coat of awareness is what the predators consume, and when a human being reaches adulthood, all that is left of that glowing coat of awareness is a narrow fringe that goes from the ground to the top of the toes. That fringe permits mankind to continue living, but only barely.
          To my knowledge, man is the only species that has the glowing coat of awareness outside that luminous cocoon. Therefore, he became easy prey for an awareness of a different order, such as the heavy awareness of the predator.
          This narrow fringe of awareness is the epicenter of self-reflection, where man is irremediably caught. By playing on our self-reflection, which is the only point of awareness left to us, the predators create flares of awareness that they proceed to consume in a ruthless, predatory fashion. They give us inane problems that force those flares of awareness to rise, and in this manner they keep us alive in order for them to be fed with the energetic flare of our pseudoconcerns.
          There’s nothing that you and I can do about it. All we can do is discipline ourselves to the point where they will not touch us. How can you ask your fellow men to go through those rigors of discipline? They’ll laugh and make fun of you, and the more aggressive ones will beat the crap out of you. And not so much because they don’t believe it. Down in the depths of every human being, there’s an ancestral, visceral knowledge about the predators’ existence.

        35. Bob, here’s an excerpt from an article I wrote over a year ago:
          “Imagine you take a walk through the park. Then out of nowhere reality starts disintegrating and you find yourself lying paralyzed in the nest of a gigantic mantis. Your body is full of holes; larves are feeding on you. You suddenly remember that this is reality; you have been snatched by the insect, taken away from your loving tribe and injected with a poison that made you dream of a fake, comfortable world, oblivious to the pain; helplessness and panic comes over you. Now the mantis notices you are awake, moves it’s gigantic body in the right position and fills you up with another portion of sleep serum. You cry out in desperation, yet the emotion fades and becomes numb until you wonder whether it was real. And you’re back in reality.”
          ‘The predator from space’. Fuck yeah, it feels like that.
          And then, this year, I read Stephen King’s Revival. A guy gets healed by a magician who studies ‘magical electricity’. A kind of godlike force. But weird stuff starts happening to the healed guy and others who were healed. One of those guys has ‘flashes’ where everything becomes ‘more real’ and everything becomes ‘disgustingly colorful’ and vibrant and some people are replaced by ants. In the end, he confronts the guy who healed him and that guy reveals to him that he is intent on opening the gates to death. To see where we are going, where his family was lost. They open the gate and there is no heaven … there is a colony of dead human zombies being eaten by giant ants, all ruled by one giant female ant goddess who is mad and rules the universe. He basically spends the rest of his life telling himself what he saw wasn’t real. That the Christian God is indeed real and not a lie.
          Sadly, King’s character concludes that lies are good for us, because we are not ready for the truth.
          Nevertheless, reading this creeped me the hell out, because it was so close to my own vision.

        36. Fuck man. It truly is amazing how brainwashed we are. I mean … on some level, I always felt this. But I never allowed myself to think it or see it.
          (thats childs stuff, come see the real world)
          Funny how all you need to make a person ignore what they see is to say ‘That is just (insert label)’. Fucking incredible.

        37. Indoctrination. I was once the most brainwashed person on the planet. I no longer care what others’ think of me, or my opinions, because their opinions are not their own, and they do not know it. And I was in that boat, too. Soldier on. Infinity is a big place. Maybe one day a bunch of us will get together, and I’ll show you things that will blow your mind. Things that anybody could do, if they were indoctrinated in that regard….heh. We have power within us that is beyond comprehension. And that’s the predators’ biggest fear – that we’ll discover it. Human predators, too.

        38. I used to listen to that Sephardic flailing twat till I figured the above out…did you listen to Guiliani’s show on him?
          Reeeaal interesting to notice what callers he hangs up on, subjects he ridicules out of hand, etc. The controlled opposition rabbit hole is truly a disturbing thing to try to understand…

        39. You were right – I loved it.
          “Because we do not think for ourselves. We have no personal identity, no personal values that come out of our heart. Whenever we glimpse those things inside ourselves, we push them away. They are selfish. And bad.
          “And instead, we identify with our country, with a flag, with ideals, with leaders, with society – whatever that is. We project our self onto some false idol and then we get angry when that idol is attacked. Why don’t we get angry if someone attacks us? Because that would be selfish. But when someone attacks our idols, we get angry. Yes, we are truly selfless, but not in a good way. We have lost our selves to those who seek to control us and our emotions.”

        40. One thing that I am left wondering about … during my Ayahuasca vision … I was pretty much the only one that freaked out. You know, all others were like .. ah, neverending love and all that. But I felt this … presence, ya know. This Shadow. You read my article. Being controlled. Being a slave in an unescapable prison.
          Back then, I was convinced that I was the only one capable of seeing it and that all others were lured into sleep by the shaman. That it made me dangerous to them. Later, I thought it was just my inner demons who were basically visualized.
          Now I’m not sure what to think anymore.
          What if my only mistake was calling this thing ‘the devil’? Cosmic predator shadow – feels more real in fact.

        41. Yeah it’s a deep hole. Most people freak out and just run away from contemplating it…

        42. It takes a truly open mind to see this one – and most people will experience major cognitive dissonance when examining the problem I am about to lay out here.
          The earth is allegedly a sphere, and its circumference is 25,000 miles.
          If the earth is a sphere and it is 25,000 British statute miles in circumference, the surface of all standing water must have a certain degree of convexity – every part must be the arc of circle. From the summit of any such arc, there will exist a curvature or declination of 8 inches in the first statute mile. In the second mile the fall will be 32 inches; in the third mile, 72 inches, or 6 feet.
          In every mile after the first, the curvature downwards from the focal point increases as the square of the distance multiplied by 8 inches. The rule, however, requires modification after the first thousand miles. (Any work on geometry or geodesy will furnish proofs of this declination.)
          Go out into the ocean on a clear day and take some binoculars with you. Or stand across an expanse of water that has a visible shoreline across from it. Entire structures are visible from distances of 10 miles, 20 miles, 60 miles – or greater, that should not be visible. They should be entirely hidden behind the curvature of the earth.
          So my question to you is, why is this true? Why can you see entire structures that should be hidden behind the curvature of the earth?
          I will add one more scientific documented fact to the mystery here. During lunar eclipses throughout history, the sun has clearly been visible in the sky during the entire eclipse. Since the shadow we see on the surface of the moon is allegedly created by the sun being directly behind the earth at the time, this is just a bit puzzling, to put it mildly.
          If you can come up with the correct answer to that one (and you really have to open your mind to be able to do it), you have a good shot at waking up to the absolute massiveness of the lies we have been told since we first crawled out of the cradle…
          (And here’s a hint: No, it isn’t due to “refraction” or “a mirage” or some other obfuscational concept dreamed up by a scientist who got a bunch of degrees from the Wizard of Oz, who now works for the elite as a knowledge management gatekeeper, as virtually all scientists do…)

        43. But we can observe refraction, for example in a glass of water. Why is that not an argument?
          Well, at least you bring up better points than the other flat earthers I had the pleasure with (like the ‘if the earth rotates so fast, we should be flying off’)

        44. I’ll tell you what, Bob. It’s weird to even admit, but I am afraid of thinking about this stuff. Of opening my mind. I am afraid that the moment I do, something will notice and then I’m fucked.

        45. There are a thousand counter-arguments. All of them built on science, which is a house of cards built on a foundation of quicksand. Designed to make the scientist the New God, the man who has the final say on everything. Used to be a clergyman. Now it’s a scientist. They both work for the elite. I hear about the Coriolis Effect, etc. Take a pan of water and pour the contents into a sink from different positions. The water goes down the drain clockwise sometimes, counter-clockwise at other times. My old man is an elitist douchebag. He went to Antarctica several years back. I wrote him an email and told him that I realized Antarctica wasn’t as advertised. He wrote back, proudly (that’s how elitists are, full of themselves and their ‘secret knowledge’), and he said that the same thing was true about pretty much everything people believed about the world. Including its actual dimensional construct. He said the mean temperature in Antarctica is 57 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s balmy. Now who would know better. A guy who went there, or a guy who read about it. Heh.

        46. I think this ‘water down the drain’ thing is a myth from X Files that is actually officially debunked. At least that one is not directly being lied about. Just a little something to make the show more interesting.

        47. The thing about this particular subject is, the indoctrinated human mind has a limit. And it will not entertain notions that go beyond that limit. And that’s how the controllers control. Indoctrination. The human mind does the rest of the shepherd’s work (the controller’s work) for him. Simple. Very simple. I know people are going to read this here at ROK, and distance themselves from me. And that’s fine with me. More room to move around…and I don’t like sheep any more than elitists do. I avoid them at all costs. Better to be viewed as crazy, so that people will stay away from you, than live your life to be liked and admired, like most men do. The only way a man can do that, is by making himself accessible. Everybody has to know your comings and goings. You have to be available, to be liked and admired by friends. And pretty soon, the only thing that happens is you get the life sucked out of you, your energy is vaporized, and all that’s left is your own tears…
          If people ever fully realized the extent to which they have been lied to, and misled, and deliberately fucked with on all levels…well…they couldn’t handle it. The elite have a stranglehold on reality, or should I say our perception of it, that most people can’t fathom. Get into the higher degrees of secret societies and they take things like the earth being flat as a natural fact. Indoctrination. What did I see the first day I went to school? A globe. Heh. What do those planets adhere to – are there little hooks in the sky, and they hang there like Christmas ornaments. I wasn’t buying it from Day One. The four corners of the earth. The earth plane. The sun rises and sets. (Literally – Hitler.) It was a known fact for millennia that the earth was flat. Everything within us, our senses, tells us that this is so. Suddenly, Jesuit-backed astronomers come out of nowhere, and they push the notion of gravity (which they use to explain everything – heh), and spheres, and the earth rotates on its axis at 1000 miles an hour while traveling around the sun at astonishing 67,000 miles per hour (or whatever the bullshit number actually is) – wow! And we’re all insignificant little specks in a giant cosmos, and we don’t know shit, so we’d better listen to what the teachers and scientists say. Uh-huh. Tell me the story of Humpty-Dumpty; I like fiction, but it’s all a matter of taste I guess. I’m more likely to use Tinder than believe that bullshit.

        48. I’m down for it. I mean up for it. See how words confuse, limit. Ah sheesh. Or should I write “Jeez”. No wait, “Geez”. Oh hell I don’t know anything anymore…better do what the teacher tells me. And the scientist. And the politician. I need a shepherd. Yes. Yes-yes.

        49. The first paragraph reminds me of ego, or emotion… or whatever the hell “e” is… because it is tied to several things that make or rather strongly persuade us to “go” or “motion” into some kind of logic defying action. Another interesting thing about this “e” thing…. State and Estate, both words describe very similar things from an organizational standpoint, except one relates more to a human. What in the hell is this “e”? heh

        50. Cool. It would not be of much use right now … having to clear up my mind about a lot of things first. But once (and if) I come wholeheartedly to the conclusion I am ready for it, I’ll come for a visit.

        51. I will toss another cookie out there for anybody who’s curious. Lighthouses. Hmm. If the earth is 25,000 miles in circumference, lighthouses could not be seen at long distances, if that were the case. Not by ships that are 20 miles, 60 miles, or even farther away. They would be hidden behind the curvature of the earth. Science says “refraction”. I say “give it a name” – it’s all bullshit. There are tons of counter-arguments, like “show me the edges”. Who says there are edges? I don’t.
          Here’s another one – the ships going over the horizon…”Bob, you idiot, you conspiracy nut, they prove the curvature!” No they don’t. Ever hear of the law of perspective. The human eye is funny. When something recedes from view, if it gets far enough away, the bottom part appears to “disappear”. That’s how the eye works. You can prove it to yourself. That ship that “disappears over the horizon”. Use binoculars. Look at it with those. Magically, the entire ship will be visible, until it gets so far away that the human eye, due to the law of perspective, can no longer see it. You can prove it another way. Get a buddy and go to a flat expanse of earth somewhere. Take binoculars. Tell the guy to walk away until you can barely see him with the human eye. He will appear to lose the bottom part of his form first – his legs and feet. Put the binoculars up to your eyes – boom, you can see all of him again.
          Obama made a crack about flat-earthers. He sported a devilish, elitist grin when he said it. I grew up seeing that grin. My father, his friends, my grandfather, my uncles, etc. Obama knows the score. But it’s supposed to be reserved for higher-ups in the secret societies. I mean, unless a guy uses simple math and figures it out for himself. But it’s that indoctrination that’s the tough part. People will shoot you in the face over this topic. Because it the earth isn’t as science claims, then science is a lie. And people cannot handle that notion. They would rather die than have the foundations of their belief system crumble. Like I said, they have been programmed to do the work of the shepherd. But they don’t know it. It’s beautiful. Gotta give credit where credit is due…

        52. Can confirm your concern. When you really do figure out a fundamental truth of the cosmos, a certain someone who claims that he is “God of this World” just may decide to have a face to face meet with you at that very moment.
          Not kidding. Not trolling. Just a fair warning that a pursuit of Knowledge that bears actual fruit alerts the crooked smiling one. I can tell you that he’s a baby-faced Cherubic lookin’ dude who is obviously not human, but more than likely, such descriptions are unnecessary as you’ll know immediately who he is when you meet him. Prior blief in his existence is not necessary.

        53. Only so far as “they” can try to shape the image of manosphere as mra(whiny femicunt equivalents) and mgtow(perpetual virgin lardasses) , then yes.

        54. Lol. I am pretty sure I had an encounter with this being in my dreams. baby-faced … I would have said he looks like a pedophile. In the first moment, I felt this kind of intense clarity and love and shit, and he was like “Come here. I have your answers. Everything you have been waiting for.” But it turns into some scary eery shit very quickly for me.
          Now, as for the interpretation of this or whether this is the same thing you mentioned … who knows.

        55. “If people ever fully realized the extent to which they have been lied to, and misled, and deliberately fucked with on all levels…well…they couldn’t handle it.”
          A truer statment has never been written.
          We have the best propaganda here in the West in that it really come accross as fact to the average slave
          ..Access to shiny baubles and openly tolerated degeneracy make us think we are free as well.
          This is the ultimate control, once exercised with little or no force..

        56. Yes welfare and putting a black president in the /white House do exactly that to black Americans.
          I think their slide into near oblivion was state engineered. In the 1960’s they were rising quickly. Industrial / factory jobs that paid well. They were becomming a threat to the establishment, like the Kennedy’s, with their rise in culture, music, sports and worse they could vote..
          What is a govenment to do with a groud of imported slaves on the rise?
          Give them welfare. Give them giant free apartment blocks to segregate them. Encourage their women to turn out their men into the streets. Encourage their men not to work.
          Now they self control. They kill each other. Smart one to act a like Potemkin Villiage types to say “look black empowerment.”
          This way you can control where the majority live, they are no longer a threat and can be called upon when votes are needed to stop others at the ballot box that think they can think and do as they please and threaten elite dominance in the process…

        57. Bob, have you heard of the Spring Break Rape case?
          Apparently, some girl was raped on a beach in daylight while hundreds stood around and did nothing.
          The police released a video of it that they call ‘very graphic’ and ‘disturbing’.
          This is it:

          Tell me what you see.

        58. Hmm. Interesting. Try this exercise Bob. Take a prophylactic sheet-diaphragm (female). It’s a sheet of latex rubber that promiscous females used in the 60’s, the old timey birth control ‘floppy’ rubber cum-stopper mat from your parent’s days, and lay it down on a table. It’s a square latex sheet approx 10″x10″ (I saw one waaay back in sex ed. I didn’t think they made ’em anymore but this posessed looking coed was running a planned parenthood tent at the fair recently and she had a bucket of free rubbers, latex sheets and other assorted junk she was handing out, so I grabbed a pocketful of free condoms, latex sheets, refrigerator magnets, pens, pencils and two beer can koozies.) She also had planned parent hood tee-shirts but I wouldn’t wipe my ass on a shirt that advertizes planned parenthood. I told her I have millions of tee shirts. What I need are socks and underwear. I told the bitch to print up some free underwear and they’d have more clicks. Otherwise they’ll get buried along with Hillary soon.
          NOW with a straight-edge ruler and pen, draw a grid criss crossing the square latex sheet so it looks like a piece of graph paper. Imagine this to be the physical grid of space.
          Then take a golf ball and poke it up from underneath the sheet. Stretch the flexible sheet tightly around the ball and watch the lines of the grid distort and stretch around the sphere. Twist the ball at the bottom so it resembles a ‘ghost’s head’.
          The distorted lines are your perception of space-time. Yes, time too is a component of space itself.
          SO how can you traverse the Antarctic, from Johannesburg to Buenos Aries on a polar flight with the same time frame as you can taking a flight from Oslo, across the North pole to Seattle? It only works if you have a warped grid in place
          Orrr . .
          If you erase the lines and re draw them around the sphere. The longitudinal and latidudinal lines on the ‘globe’ facilitate the drawing of a ‘flat’ map only. We have to re draw the lines on the surface of a sphere to get a better picture. Start at a point on the sphere and draw not one equatorial line, but a curved line that never meets the starting point. It curves off slightly and never makes a planar circle.
          THIS LINE can be infinite, winding round and round like string forming a perfectly spherical ball of yarn. This is the only ‘grid’ line representation that will intersect itself and that eventually will neatly make a uniform patchwork grid of measurable space-time when superimposed upon a sphere. It is the only way to represent space-time on a sphere. A continuous unending string. IT IS LINEAR but not in the common sense.
          Where could the flattened grid exist and under what conditions could it operate? In a digitally stored MATRIX that’s where. A book of all knowledge, stored on flat paper, a techno black hole CYBER HELL where all worldly experiences and all souls are trapped and reality is defined for them.

    1. I hope they don’t blame the attack on Russia; Clinton was so happy to blame hacking/leaks on them. That would be considered an act of war.
      (On my end, Disqus was down all day. My display driver just crashed, the tab reloaded, and it’s working again. The coincidental timing makes me paranoid.)

    2. There’s talk this distributed denial of service attack could be coming from the ‘Internet of Things’. Nowadays your camera, security system, pet dish, etc. can be hooked up to the Internet. The problem is hackers are starting to hack these devices and create a network of such hacked devices. There’s not much security on them and nobody is going to bother to install security updates if that’s even possible.

  13. A perverse part of me hopes Trump will loose, then we will seen the “Drexler effect” first-hand.
    The bittersweet taste of hubris meeting its nemesis.

  14. Whatever happens Trumps campaign has been cathartic. It will be interesting to see its long term effect on political correctness.
    One might also wonder how genuinely shocked and appalled the powers that be are about all of this coming to the surface. Trump is channelling a lot of the pent up frustrations that have been bubbling under the surface for a long time. Clearly most of the elite dislike the idea that he will be president, but do they necessarily dislike the fact of his campaign, or the manner in which it is being conducted. Does the stuff being aired – particularly the conspiracy theory stuff like Obama being responsible for ISIS, Clinton being corrupt etc, displease everybody.
    If Hillary wins, it will be interesting to see what the effect of all the mud he’s thrown at her will be. From my point of view, that mud should stick – its the filthiest mud on the planet – but from her point of view if she can survive running such a gauntlet none of it can come back to haunt her. Once every scandal has been aired with zero effect during the campaign and she still manages to get elected (thanks to the cuck media) what kind of scandal could actually hurt her. What kind of scandal could ever actually hurt a government except by prior arrangement with the media (i.e. as a scripted drama): if Obama can be accused by Trump of responsibility for or even (depending on how you interpret what Trump said) of running ISIS what could possibly come back to haunt Clinton?
    Politicians used to engage in cover-ups, and of course they still do, but part of me thinks, owing to the particular diarrhea like nature of the internet, that is changing into a strategy of inoculating the public so that pretty much any controversy can be observed.
    I’m not suggesting Trump is controlled opposition – I think he genuinely wants to win – but as a phenomenon, it seems unlikely that he’s simply a grass roots phenomenon. The elite are aware that people have become cynical and alienated. Even if they’re not prepared to let him win they may well be prepared to have the plebs think they have some genuine power, some actual ability to influence the heavens

    1. The scandals are aired in the alternate press and don’t make it to mainstream. On her campaign plane after the debate HRC airily dismissed the O’Keefe videos saying it was just one of DT’s silly conspiracy theories and she doesn’t bother to keep up with them.
      I imagine if she won the scandals and stories would continue to spread by word of mouth and through the Internet, and even more would come out, eventually affecting her approval rating and credibility.

      1. Probably, but I’ve never so many ‘politically impolite’ views getting attention as is now the case, even if they’re not making it for the most part into the debates or the mainstream press for serious consideration. I remember a time when the idea that middle eastern politics was about oil (as for example propounded by Chomsky) would never enter the mainstream press. Since the mid to late 90s though its become completely mainstream and accepted as just one fact of geo-politics. Some of the stuff in the Trump campaign will probably make it through into accepted truth in the same way. The conflicted US position on ISIS and terrorism is probably going to be one of them i.e. short of Obama is the puppet master, but largely contradicted the idea that America / the West is bravel fighting ISIS.

    1. And the only reason why the embassadors signed a petition against it is because … her drawn body proportions or whatever. Too sexist, I guess.

      1. The elite love putting their true feelings into things like this – whoosh, right over the public’s heads. Like the way they name their military campaigns. Operation Enduring Freedom (we’re enduring it, but not for much longer), Operation Just Cause (why? Just ’cause we can!). Always the double meanings.

    2. An Israeli broad named Gal Gadot plays Wonder Woman in the movies now. Some Jews need to make a few phone calls to remind people who really runs things on this planet.

  15. Trump still has to win for him to ‘change politics forever’.
    “The big difference will be that we are now wiser as to how things really work. We’ve been rudely woken from our sleep and injected with 500 mg of caffeine. There is no way we are going back to sleep again”
    Awakening is one thing; taking action to actually make America free and protecting it and the constitutiom is another matter. I don’t see any nor enough people taking action.

    1. It would take an extreme act of (literally) hitler level barbarism to do so.
      Maybe if the NFL starts charging higher prices for people who didn’t vote for Hillary, or something like that.

    1. I noticed around the last 20 minutes of the debate that her nose was running pretty good as the snot on her upper lip was shining. She wiped it off with her right hand,as soon as the debate was over she went straight over to Wallace and shook his hand and then began shaking everyone else’s so, she IS a nasty woman. I think I must be the only person in the world to have noticed.

        1. For some messed up reason I noticed her sniffing a few times then I started watching closer and saw the snot in question so I just kept waiting for her to wipe it off. She used three fingers…..twice.
          Sometimes I wish my powers of observance were less polished 🙂

  16. Trump hasn’t changed anything, this is a quick blip on the radar. He is more than likely going to lose. I voted for Trump for one reason, he had/has the best chance of beating the spawn of Satan over any of the other republican candidates. Why? He is the only one that would really fight back against the MSM and the Clinton campaign. ANY of the other republicans would have been afraid to call out Clinton for fear of being called a mean old misogynist and would have spent his whole campaign apologizing for whatever the MSM could hang on him whether it was true or not.
    Where Trump has slipped up, in my humble opinion is, spending too much time apologizing for the pussy remarks. Yes he did the right thing by doing it but, has spent too much time on it. After apologizing he should have quickly moved on to something else the way he did earlier in his campaign but, he has allowed the MSM to hang this on his head so long that now he can’t get out from under it.
    Secondly, he has wasted precious time attacking people who didn’t endorse him etc. such as Paul Ryan. Yes what Ryan did was a dick move however, he isn’t running against Ryan, he’s running against Hillary, instead of wasting time with Ryan he should be hammering Hillary, with all the email leaks, FBI released documents and the undercover videos there is enough ammo there to hammer Hillary and the MSM until judgement day. It surprises me every day how many people I talk to are voting for Trump yet they know little to nothing about that material so I can certainly imagine how completely clueless her supporters must be.

    1. He might lose but not so convinced he is losing 6% like the RCP average – maybe 1-3%. All 4 tracking polls – including 2 of the most 3 accurate in 2012 – have Trump ahead (LA Times [Rand in ’12], IBD/TIPP, Rasmussen and PPD all have Trump ahead 1-2%).
      I don’t think Trump spent so much time on it so much as the media spent so much time on it.
      Early voting is down on Ohio and much further down on the D side; early voting is down in NC – first day of voting in person was -11% YoY on Ds, -7% on Rs, +23% independents (52% men), and so on – lower turnout #s are going to help Trump.

      1. The media is never going to let it go because it’s really the only thing they have managed to make stick. They tried to get him with not caring about his employees and having suits made in Mexico, buying Chinese steel and taxes among other things but, he outmanuvered them on it all. By the time they got geared up on it he was already in the next county however,the pussy comments slowed him down enough for them to catch up.
        I have heard other republicans make comments that indicate they think Trump was the wrong candidate because of his rather unpolished persona. They make the mistake of thinking the MSM doesn’t like Trump because he doesn’t suck up to them making him an unfavorable candidate. It’s the same mistake republicans have been making for a long time by thinking if the republican candidate is nice to the press, they (the press) will like him. Unfortunately it doesn’t matter WHICH republican it is the press will never like him no matter how nice he is and won’t think twice about turning the dogs loose on him.
        For an example look what they did to Mitt Romney who has to be one if the nicest high level candidates to come along in many years. They turned him into literally Hitler in no time flat. Romney hates the wives of his ex employees by making them die of cancer! He hates dogs because he put a dog carrier on top of his car! He doesn’t even pay his taxes! AANNNDDD……..(whispering) he’s a Mormon. They practically destroyed the nicest guy you could have gotten to run for president, they will do the same to the next republican candidate.

      2. Well said. That variable (lower voter turnout) is a plus for Trump. Pray for rain on election day.

        1. Sadly rain on Election Day doesn’t matter. Most every state has a few weeks of early/absentee voting, that gives democrats plenty of time to rent vans, buy snacks,drinks and haul all the clueless bums who otherwise wouldn’t vote to the polls to cast a ballot for democrats because the guy that drove the van and gave them snacks and drinks told them to.
          Also allows plent of time for democrats to go out and swap 5 bucks for signatures on absentee ballots and tell them” don’t worry I will be glad to fill it out and send it in for you”.

        2. You are correct, however there are still multiple LIVs who do fall through the DNC dragnets. Always keep in mind only half of eligible voters actually exercise their civic duty.

        3. “democrats plenty of time to rent vans, buy snacks,drinks and haul all the clueless bums who otherwise wouldn’t vote to the polls to cast a ballot for democrats because the guy that drove the van and gave them snacks and drinks told them to.”
          this annoys me more than anything….there is a big push to get everyone to vote….but never anything about making sure said voters have half a brain. if you’re stupid you shouldn’t be able to vote. if you’re liberal you should be locked up forever and not allowed to vote.
          and if you’re a single woman you shouldnt be able to vote. married women….maybe, and only if their husband is conservative and only so she has to vote exactly like him.

  17. If Hillary takes over, it’s time to start fighting much, much harder. Nothing else can save us.

    1. Always talk hereabouts of not voting “because it doesn’t matter”. Lately the choices are the lesser of two evils, personally I will always choose the lesser instead of just bitching about it and letting others choose the greater. Your vote DOES count and it DOES matter and it’s the easiest way for an individual to make a difference. The next step to take instead of bitching about it on the Internet is to get personally involved in your local and state party. It’s not much but it’s better than nothing.

      1. problem is a lot of those twats are going third party because of their butthurt feelings.
        they cannot grasp that this is the biggest election in history and very well might be the last or next to the last as clinton could very well start a civil war and world war 3

        1. A third party vote is pretty much a vote for Hillary. I understand why they want to vote third party but, there is zero chance of them winning unless Trump and Hillary have plane crashes.

        2. i too understand why they want a third party and on principle i am for a third party….and have voted third part in past years…..but this year is different and people cannot understand that especially freaking gary johnson voters.
          they also cannot understand it does not matter if he wins fucking new mexico or that other guy wins utah….that hurts trump, doesnt help the third party, and helps clinton. not to mention these idiots facebook pages and posts spend more time attacking trump than clinton. i mean maybe if these third party guys spent time trying to siphon off clinton voters or attacking clinton it might be different, but they almost always attack trump and ignore clinton.
          the only chance a third party has to do anything is to take NC, florida and another big battleground swing state or two. utah and new mexico dont matter at all.

        3. If a 3rd party takes NC, FL and maybe AZ, then nobody gets 270 EVs. The 3D party becomes kingmaker and forces HRC or Trump to accept its platform — at least in part– if it wants the EVs needed to hit 270. That’ll put that 3D party on the map

        4. yes but the problem is they arent going to take that many states….which means HRC gets elected. which means the end of the system.
          third parties keep wanting to be on the map but they get air time, just no one buys them. they tons of air time.

  18. If trump wins, does a good job in office, and gets reelected, then he will have woken people up the sheep and changed something.
    If he loses, get ready for 50 years of liberal dominance as hillary imports the third world and turns the south into central america.

    1. if hilary gets in, there is a very real possibility of a civil war inside of 10 years….20 at the absolute most.

      1. I can’t see it happening, man. The average American does his 9 to 5, goes home, rinse and repeat. He has no interest in anything outside of his immediate circumstances.

        1. while i heard what you’re saying and agree about the 9-5 schmuck having no interest in anything outside of his immediate circumstances…..the fact is if we continue down this extreme liberal governing style, it will hit his immediate circumstances via higher payments, lower wages, jobloss, and other problems that the average joe is already feeling.
          i mean what do you suppose will happen when our untold trillions in debt finally collapse the country? the average joe will feel that. we all will. this will result in the civil war….we are already seeing the early signs of a civil war….Trump and the outrage he has caused and tapped into is a big sign. bernie sanders also was a big sign. black lives matter. the cop killings.
          your average joe is starting to get more and more afraid….and when it all collapses and these liberal polices will collapse us….the average joe will regardless of his political philosophy, be dragged into the civil war and in some cases share the outrage and aggravate the situation. the difference between civil wars now and ones of times past is, that it might have taken awhile for news to spread across a country….now its overnight and immediate.
          the biggest problem is the average joe is so fucking stupid these days, that you need to get him to fight for conservative constitutional principles, and not liberal feel good principles of self imposed slavery.

  19. Trump has to make a vídeo much like a presidential address to the people, with a flag and all in the background, and the message will be about the corruption linked to Hillary and in DC. Also he should outline how if elected he would #draintheswamp and he should also point out that he represents a movement that will break the hold of lobbyists and special interests in Washington DC for the American people.
    He should remind the African Americans that Obama was the person who was to improve the situation of minorities, but look at how that one turned out.
    This video should be 10 mins or less long and anyone who receives it must share it with all their friends.
    This is it… He must win or America and the rest of the world is screwed and there is no coming back.
    I hope he gets this message and makes that video, latest a week to election day.

  20. What’s the difference between pro Trump and anti Trump women here on ROK :
    Ans: the anti Trump women get banned by the mods and the pro trump women get manned by the bods

  21. None of the other candidates made immigration a priority, you say. What about Ted Cruz though ???

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