Ukrainian Girls Have Lost Their Love For American Men

The Kyiv Post recently profiled Western men who moved to Ukraine. This passage immediately stuck out:

During the first years I came here, things were a bit different in terms of Ukrainians’ attitude toward foreigners, especially Americans. We were looked upon with great interest and intrigue as most common Ukrainians had never seen an American before.

Another American told me that he had felt like some kind of “rock star” while visiting here. I was once asked myself by three city workers to pose with them so they could take a picture with me at the big fountain on Maidan Nezalezhnosti.

Khreshchatyk Street was different then, too, without so much of the high-end retail shops. That was then. Things aren’t the same now …and not as friendly as it was then. Many Ukrainians seem unhappy, if not a bit hostile. People are not as interested about my being here or showing what native English speakers call “wide-eyed curiosity.” Some do, but most don’t seem to care where I am from, much less ask for a picture with me as they once did…most just ask why I am staying here and don’t go home.

In ten years, Americans went from being seen as celebrities to people who don’t belong. It’s upsetting that I could have had rock star status in my recent trip there, but I know that in ten years there will be many men lamenting the fact that they missed the boat on the Brazils and Polands that me and my penis got to vigorously experience.

Older Western men are now forced to use mail order bride agencies in order to meet feminine women. Here is a documentary that chronicles this phenomenon, featuring Tony “The Love Machine”:

And how about the men who want to sleep with Ukrainian women without meeting them through a bridal agency? That’s where I come in. I wrote a 103-page book called Bang Ukraine that teaches you how to sleep with Ukrainian women during a visit to the country. It contains tourist tips, game advice, and sex stories that give you all the information you need to bang hyper-feminine Ukrainian women, with extra details not released on the blog. Click here to learn more about the book.

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  1. People have been saying the golden days of girls in the FSU are over for years…Ukraine’s economy is still shitty and getting worse…Ukrainian girls are still pretty and feminine…and guys tend be nostalgic…I would take their words with a grain of salt

  2. Older Western men do not need to use mail-order bride agencies when there are numerous websites such as AsianFriendFinder where they can meet great women easily. Not to mention the onerous legal hoops (aka “IMBRA”) you must go through on your visa application if you do use an agency. I provide some insight in my Spearhead essay : “ForeignBride Product Review : Finding a Model That’s Right for You”.

  3. i have a question though, where are the emerging markets? fertile lands yet to be plowed?
    if we assume poland goes the way the czech republic did (great for 5 years, then sex industry got in and brit tourists ruined it), and that because of rapid cultural ‘progress’, polands got maybe 3-6 years before it loses its charm, how can one buck ahead of the curve? get into a sexual market earlier than anyone else?
    i’ve heard, based from the singledudetravel guys that bulgaria, and some of the poorer eastern european slavic countries are currently where it’s at, your thoughts?

  4. Also the fact that Ukraine’s economy is in the shitter and everyone is in survival mode. But no doubt the internet and social media is making their females know what their beauty can fetch in terms of a wealthy provider once the west.
    Also bear in mind now when Ukrainians see a western man walking down the street they will automatically assume he is some pathetic asshole trolling for a wife or a gf. And quite frankly they would be correct because Ukraine is a shithole country and has nothing that would be of interest to western men except the females of that country.

  5. Disclaimer: I have not been to Ukriane. However, I have lived in Central Europe, and I have to say, it may not be paradise, but for a normal dude who likes to drink and show a girl a good time, its paradise compared to the states. Girls won’t fall head over heels for you RIGHT AWAY, but if you get into the community, meet some people, you’ll have plenty of QUALITY pussy throwing itself at you. The thing is there is no such thing as 72 virgins waiting for you unless your Gengis Khan. But for a guy who’s made somewhat of a mark in the world for himself who wants traditional, feminine women there is no better place than central and eastern Europe. I heard Japan is great too, however, I’ve never been.
    The girls are simply more wary I would say. They want a “man” or to have fun. You can still be a player over there, but it takes game. To be “their man” it takes money. Either way they won’t love you just because you speak English and ultimately I think its a good thing. Communism made everyone fucked who lived over there, so, yea it made the girls desperate, but I don’t think we should wish for misfortune on people just so the pussy gets easier. There’s ultimately plenty of pussy for red pill guys, so, my advice? Give up on Paradise. Settle on Almost Paradise if your a settler and keep searching if you like the search itself, but your never going to find paradise.

    1. Great comment. I’m leaving Poland tomorrow after a 5-month stay and I plan to return in the spring for even longer. Eastern Europe may be getting tougher for guys who just fly in for a weekend or a couple weeks, but it’s light years apart from the U.S. as far as having sweet, pretty, feminine women. Even the attractive women in the U.S. (at least in urban centers) are often un-feminine, heavily influenced by pop culture/social media and vain because their competition has fattened themselves out of the market.
      If your willing to put in some effort and take a stab at learning the language, you’ll be rewarded in Eastern Europe. For any guys with roots here and who know the language, it’s a no-brainer to visit. If you find a place you like, consider relocating there or working out an arrangement where you work part of the year in the U.S. and the rest in your country of choice. That way you can establish yourself in the culture and develop a network of friends and prospects. My cost of living in Poland is half of what it was in Northern California and after hearing the loud, grating, valley-girl English of American tourists recently (and feeling sick to my stomach) I know that returning to the U.S. for more than a few months at a time is now impossible.

  6. Being partly Ukranian myself, but living in the states, that’s sad to hear. I’ve wanted to go back for some time now that I’m in my 20’s, but it doesn’t seem to be worth the trip.

  7. Having the read the Kyiv Post article in its entirety, I have a different take. While things surely have changed as far as how Westerners are seen in the Ukraine, every expat profiled seems to be quite happy that they left their home countries. If anything it’s an illustration of the value of ingraining yourself into the local culture (learning the language being key) to get the most out of your experience. Learning another language/culture opens up all kinds of opportunities: women, friendships, business ventures, education, better perspective on your own culture, etc. If you’re planning to visit Eastern Europe or the like, do yourself a favor and give yourself at least a month. That experience could reorient the entire direction of your life. It did for me.

  8. It is surprising things are any surprising to you guys.
    20 years ago (speaking of Poland from which I come from) American ( or French, or Italian, … ) was exotic visitor from better, intriguing and attractive world. Ambassador of change, new opportunities, new hopes.
    Today the same American (or any Westerner) is not intriguing any more. Instead it is someone who came with the privilege of having shitload of cash (comparing to what PL citizen had in 1991) as well as privilege of knowing how the economy will work in ten years.
    That Westerner took over every industry – literally every single one ( including food industry where US companies successfully lobbied for GMO legalized last year ) with banks being in the front. The result is that Poles are slaves in their own country rather than owners and hosts. Why wouldn’t they be hostile?
    While I like have a lot of respect and sympathy for Roosh as well as for America ( writing this post from my couch in San Francisco ) I am really surprised how you can’t understand the rage that – especially less successful – men in Easter European countries feel. They feel fucked!
    I can understand that you are familiar with most westernized city centers of few major cities of Poland. What you don’t understand is that you could only be successful because those are feminized places! I can assure you that if you went to a local disco in smaller town or village – sooner than later you would feel the rage of local men. They would insult you, provoke you and chances are that you would get seriously beaten if you wouldn’t show respect and retreat on time.
    Think about it – what is the benefit for local men from having Roosh ( or other foreign player ) coming to their town to trick their women into bed? Why would they like you? Why would they be friendly? You think they are really fools?

    1. That position seems entirely reasonable. Just a thought though. That “westerner” isn’t us, it ain’t the average citizen that benefits from it. We are actually being exploited by the same party. Nobody supports the monster that currently exists.

  9. I enjoy mucho of what Roosh write. That being said, why the obsession to be “better” and a “celebrity” in developing, struggling nation,when one is neither, hm?
    What is this nostalgia for”Good ole days” that never were? The big fish in a small pond, entitlement mentality that most non Latino Yankees(as I am an American born Latino) have,closely mirrors that of their female counterparts.
    They want to be worshiped for their race, eye color, and nationality, and not for any deed, talent, or ability.
    Yes, I agree that USA is a vulgar, feminist cesspool, filled with unworthy, ball shriveling shrews, and yes, I if I can afford it, I too would exodus; but I would like to at least have something of value to offer my future host nation,and not just a raging libido fueled by misandry, growing gender imbalance, and low social value.
    One won’t magically become exceptional just because he’s a six footer in a land of 5’6rs. Especially when he didn’t particularly stand out amongst his own kind.
    Be someone genuinely, and not by default.

  10. For so many decades the American octopus has used its tentacles to reach every corner of the globe to exploit and divide. Now that our national reconciliation is underway and our people (men and women) have begun to see people like you as the cause of our deepest pain you complain of diminished prospects.
    It is clear; in all the nations you have visited, you have learned nothing. You are still as culturally American as the day you were born, nothing has changed in you. Only the world has changed, America and the Kardashians are no longer the ideal as you have sunk to a low further down the sewer than any other nation on Earth.
    The rest of the world has seen it, you anglo-speakers in Canada, US, UK, Austrailia have not. You are now the whores we travel to for fun. Your women are the ones we travel to for a quick fuck and a trip back home. WE are the ones who arrive, impose ourselves, and our penises into your women and leave YOU with the results. We had tradition to fall back on to lead us back through the dark tunnel, what does America have? Ronald McDonald? Kim Kardashian?

    1. The men from the US, UK Au, etc. that came to your country were brought there by you Ukrainian scam artists. How many millions of dollars have you lowlifes stolen from these fat, old, desperate men looking for love. It’s a fucking shame that Ukraine and Russia’s biggest industry is committing fraud on old desperate men and making them believe they’re going to marry one of your girls that you paid to show them attention.

      1. Actually Russia’s biggest industries are oil and the military industrial complex.

    2. Ha ah ha
      America is just an airport nation of immigrants with a controlled media imposing an artificial godless consumerist culture of spoiled entitled young women who party their youth away drowning in debt until they are used up and too old to regularly “date” ( see f) men outside their market values or date in “soft harems”. Once that happens they desperately “settle” for a kind beta at church to divorce and legally steal as much as our corrupted court system will allow – or become spinsters of one sort or another.
      You can have our women. They are trash. Because they do not want to be good wives and mothers just are so spoiled and entitled and “just want to have fun” – 10-20% of the men F 80-90% of the desirable women meaning that even if you are good looking and have some game – you will have to settle for less than your market value I.e. what you are used to overseas. This can be a painful adjustment for you my friend meaning if you are an above average looking guy with average or above average game skills – you will be swimming in average or below average pussy who have the audacity to constantly approach you.

  11. While UKR’s post is clearly a hate post and bullshit to large extent ( never heard about Ukrainians or Poles traveling to US to fuck american women ), it contains some truth too.
    The fact is that Roosh ( and his fellow PUA travelers ) is only interested in the culture to the extent it serves his needs and desires. He wants to know it’s weaknesses to effectively exploit it (in his case effectively bang woman) offering nothing in return.
    In some sense that cultural curiosity is similar to Yankees’ curiosity of Native American Indians’ culture years ago ( to get gold, silver and land ) or today’s interest is Middle Eastern one ( to take over and control oilfields ).
    Usually that kind of interest results in burned ground and catastrophic effects ( like it had for Native Americans or Arabic culture ). In some sens Roosh – who claim to hate shallow american relationship dynamics – implants it to our women.
    I have far more sympathy for Lativa or Denmark than for Poles or Ukrainians who in their naive hospitality – let others exploit them.
    BTW: Don’t be surprised why America ( where I spend some great time of my life, to which I owe my career, which brought me amazing friends and to which I have truly deep sympathy ) is today more hated than Iran, Russia, North Korea and Cuba combined and squared.

  12. This is the natural progression of things and should not be surprising to anyone.
    As we continue to export western feminism, economic fraud, inflation, illiteracy, war and violence, we’ve lost our national credibility. The world is adapting to the new truth of who and what Americans are and our value is declining.
    The Web shrunk the world down to an internet connection and browser. Our national behavior is open to real scrutiny by the world and cannot be covered with the cheap makeup of mainstream media propaganda and political rhetoric.
    The world is just adapting to a new normal. Just like game has saturate the US, America has saturated the world. We’re just not so special anymore, and it’s going to take more than just being American to impress anyone.
    If you want to impress foreign girls with your nationality, its going to have to be Monaco, Lichtenstein, or some other country known for it’s wealthy population.

    1. Why should you try to impress anyone in the first place? Especially by your nationality? Ukrainian women dont give a f where youre from. Maybe in amerika or western europe they do.
      Ukrainian woman is interested in what kind of a man youre are and what you REALLY want. Not nationality.

  13. Sorry fellas, but the world in general has lost its love of Americans – its hardly a Ukrainian phenomenon. Blame Bush, blame isolationism, Blackwater, pissing on POWs, or the fact 2/3rds of Americans resemble those hovercar-riding motherfuckers in Wall-E. Maybe in the case of Ukrainian women, it has more to do with the collapse of your economy and the prestige that came with that. Fact is, when Americans abroad routinely pretend they are Canadians, the good times have stopped.
    Oh well. Not an issue for me. All together now, “God save our gracious Queen…”

    1. Dude you are a moron…LOL! I travel all over europe and asia and i am still treated like a rock start wherever i go, as soon as i say im american i will have 2-4 women hovering around me all night…im sorry you got beat up and had your girl taken away from you by an American…and just remember, our fat hovercraft asses still kicked yhour bitch ass country’s ass in the olympics too… umad 🙂

      1. Dude I live In BC and we haaaaate americans, your government is terrible and your people are too pussified to do anything about it. I’m not aware of any country that has good things to say about america, you sure you’re not telling them you’re Canadian by mistake?

        1. lol canadians are always hating on the USA go eat some poutine and fuck some more fat eskimo bitches beta phaggot

        2. You may hate Americans, but Canadian women sure do love us. I go up to Vancouver and those Canadian women are all over my ass. They like my American charm and I treat them like a lady should be treated. They tell me that Canadian men are notorious for domestic violence and they slap their women around like a polar bear does a seal.

        3. Dude go for it, our women are hot and there are a lot of em! I advise you to be careful because our women suffer from the same rate of mental illness as the ones in the states, dont believe a god damn word that comes out of there mouths. Their favourite is (ironically) lying about being abused in past relationships to garner sympathy from men.

        4. Buddy, it isn’t possible to stand up to the US government without being shot, nuked or something worse. It would literally take 330 million people to make the smallest change, and it STILL doesn’t happen.

        5. Yep, America has been on the slide since Reagan, but an American with game (or any foreigner for that matter) will beat a local hands down in most situations. Don’t know if it is the novelty, the travel, or what, but girls like the foreign guys. It is a truism everywhere I have been.
          The good news is that we are all foreign somewhere.

        6. They absolutely worship Obama as well… Canadians are some of the most spineless jellyfish on the planet. Immigrants in Canada make note of their weakness and openly marvel at their lack of national pride and identity. They just get run over then claim it’s a virtue. Well, the economically or social insulated ones anyways. They are like those kids giving away their lunch money to buy friends. It is pathetic.

        7. I get the same thing but they say that the men are really sissified, too pc, no identity, initiative or masculinity etc. in the cities they like the one nighters with the American stereotype.

    2. You are a sorry little git aren’t you! I lived in Britain for almost 30 years. Went to school and university there. Never a problem getting laid let alone a date. 3 in a day wasn’t unheard of. British guys have had a chip on their shoulders with regard to foreigners, particularly American for decades. If you got your ass off the couch you would realize you would experience the same phenom in the States. I’m not even British but the mild accent drilled into me as a kid is all it takes to charm many American girls. So get a dick mate, and stop whining.

  14. FW
    January 12, 2013 at 10:06 pm
    Perhaps not Ukraine or Poland, though some do. I know of a few dozen friend-of-friends who are in various cities across the anglosphere who refer to your women as ‘toilets’ or ‘toilet paper’. most of you seem to feel the same way about your own women. Say what you like about the motivations of our women, at least hunger and poverty is the motivation behind a great deal of what THEY do. Compared to your own rich women who act as bad as our prostitutes, simply because they want to!
    Mostly I refer to your own women being used and disposed of by almost every variation of man across the world. From the women who vacation in the Carribean or Mediterranean, to those who go into the ‘slum’ with the criminals and what you call bad-boys. At least the women who flock to criminals in Europe do so because they are wealthy, what money does the trailer-park trash that your women flock to have?

    1. I’m Norwegian and I’ve been to Ukraina three times. I didn’t go for romantic reasons but I noticed that Ukrainian women are elegant and graceful. Unlike American chatterboxes Ukrainian women know the value of silence. They don’t drive a man crazy with incessant twaddle. In a word they are civilized. Worlds apart from that couch of American porkers on the video. I’m proud that Ukraina and my own country share history from the Viking era.

      1. And Norway doesn’t have any fat women? You say American women are porkers? Every country has a certain percentage of fat women. Norway has a higher percentage of fat women, because of the long cold winters where the women don’t get out and exercise as much. All of the colder climate countries like Canada, Northern European Countries have fatter women, it’s just a statistical fact. Scientists have recently tried to find out why and they attributed it to longer winters equaling less exercise for the women.

        1. Indeed, but USA keeps the record. Many a time we can see a really nice attractive girl’s face and a huge fat body. You are not to blame, however. Just your consumption of corn oil and junk food is too high. But it is a problem of growing poverty across US society and a dictatorship of far too big and influencial companies. While looking at the photos taken yet before II WW, we can see slim, fit people, good-looking women, pretty children without a gram of fat. The men were somehow the most … uncared (their choiceI think

        2. I was born in Canada and lived in the USA most of my life and am currently living here now. I’m not choosing sides here, I always look outside of the box to get a better perspective of a situation and I understand that many of you guys have had different experiences with women from other countries. I guess from my perspective is if you understand women, women will want you and being from an other country girls will automatically flock to you because you’re different from other guys in the area. I think it’s just a bunch of druma to say girls from one country like guys from one country better then from another. Now I agree that Americans eat way to much junk food and a lot fat people’s in general witch I’m not a fan of at all.
          Our current president is biggest let down in human history.

        3. No, it’s laziness, poor diet, zero accountability for any choice that it is their God given right to make, whatever the consequences. Also, the constant ego stroking and shielding from sissies (as such) is a huge factor. They are testing. The fuck outta here with that colder climate bullshit lol.

  15. UKR, I think you mistake some of us with people who care that American women are becoming the world’s trash. We actually think they deserve it. And yes most liberal studies majors will fall for the baboon for a night or two, as long as nobody at home finds out, or worse, the american mangina actually puts up with it.

  16. UKR,
    I still think you are missing the point. First: “you” in your post I guess refer to americans, right? If so than not to me, since I am Polish who lived in US for a few years and still does the business here ( living back in Poland, but traveling frequently to the US).
    Second, Roosh would probably absolutely agree with what you are saying about american women. It is not a bidding on whose women are better – Roosh would gladly say that Ukrainian are.
    It is funny to me how Roosh and his fellow PUAs complains all the time like pussies. American women are bad since they are masculine whores and sluts. Ukrainian women are bad since they want your money, etc.
    Only girl who is silly enough to get tricked to bed by a “real-man-wanna-be” and later cook dinner and clean house for that funny lame pussy – is a good, feminine women.
    As I lived both in Poland and USA I can say the generalization Roosh makes is far exaggerated and the amount of complains – totally lame or even gay.
    Now, my point earlier was that neither Poland, Ukraine nor any other country has absolutely no benefit from being friendly to someone who comes to trick, exploit and run.

  17. I have posted this comment under another article,but its even more relevenat here.
    I am a ukrainian and I will tell you one thing: its much easier to fuck an american girl than a ukrainian.It will also cost you next to nothing.A ukrainian girl is not stupid,and she perfectly knows why are you there.She will make you work your poor ass off in order to get laid,and its not even guaranteed.
    Kiev is full of foreigners.The budget airlines fly very very cheap to Italy,Germany and Spain.And,lets be honest,there is noway an American man can compete with an Italian,you simply have it wrong in states in terms of Ukrainian females taste.
    Let look deepre.The marriage with a ukrainian is the most terrible thing you might do in your life.Unlike in states,pre-nups dont exist.Courts decide always in favour of a woman,children are given to women in 99% cases,a word joint-custody exists only in theory.Men usually don’t see their children after a divorce at all.
    Courts also automatically assign half of your properties to a woman.If there are children-also properties bought before the marriage must be split.
    Ukrainan culture is a beta male culture,but men don’t realize it .Men provide,men work,men try hard-and usually they end up with nothing.There is a russian expression which is tranlated as a “bitch pit”.These are families where women of 2-3 generation live together without any men around (either divorced or ruined psychologically they run away,become alcoholics etc etc).Every apartment block in Ukraine has several “bitch pits”.
    The rate of divorces is staggering,I think its higher than in the States.60 to 70% of children nowadays grow without fathers.
    Ukrainian women are not that hot as some advertise here.They are flat,pale,have terrible skin and hair,can not dance,tend to be passionless in bed,age much faster than other women and have terrible character.They have this strong believe than “a man is obliged” and than a list of demands follows.
    I have been having sex with women from different countries too-and trust me hardly any Ukrainian can compete with a Spanish in bed.As Roosh have said-they are Bernie.Very good comparison,I ve been looking for it all my life.
    Stop believing in BS about some magic Dysney place with feminine women who will be with you till death do you apart.

    1. I think he is talking more in context of men seeking a genuine relationship who are simply tired of American women when numerous times they worked hard and gave their all, not yelling, being courteous, and making a fine living for nothing.
      It happened to my dad so maybe I’m biased; he was left with two kids to take care of by himself. He did end up marrying an American women, but not for many, many years, until I was an adult. He is happy now.
      That being said, if you are Ukrainian, have you ever been to America? I love my country, but we’ve grown very daft. I think it’s less about a magical Disney place and more about going somewhere outside our culture.

    2. Funny, perhaps you are the one who has issues if for Ukrainian guy you can’t get a Ukrainian woman. And most of my female friends look 10-20 years younger than they are by passport. Happily married and with beautiful kids. American women are jealous of our skin, as no matter products they use, they are unable to maintain it as well as we do. Maybe you should look elsewhere.

  18. Coming from a post soviet country I must say that the value of USA (and Americans in general) has fallen considerably over the last 20 years or so. This “globalization” thing has affected all aspects of life.
    1. Average marriage length has decreased (Thanks to the western feminism)
    2. Money is more important than ever (Back in the USSR times it had less worth; more worth had your human contacts)
    3. Thanks to BIG companies small stores are dead now (Back in the day I knew owners of my local grocery shop, local fish selling guy, local shoe repair etc.) Everyday things were more personal.
    4. Food is cheaper, but less quality, less natural
    5. Thanks to USA, if you want to study, you better get your student loan!
    6. Thanks to the American dream, where lifelong goal is now buying a BIG house, BIG car and BIG tits for your wife!
    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate USA, I just wanted to show some negative aspects as to why you might get some hate in Eastern Europe. 😉

    1. I absolutely agree. I live in Florida, and its hard to imagine the lack of culture here. Its pathetic. People have opportunity to do anything, and they do drugs and drink all day. I look at the beautiful cities of Eastern Europe and that is where I truly want to be. I am not interested in banging as many girls as possible, Im interested in finding friends and a girlfriend that can show me a different way of life than my ignorant American culture. I can’t stand it anymore.

  19. This video is very, very sad but…
    Don’t blame Roosh or other men from the video for doing what they are doing. In fact, they give some girls a hint of hope which is better than no hope at all. Every girl from EE dreams about being a Cinderella or a “Pretty Woman” for someone – don’t take this dream from her. It helps to live through all the BS in their lives. So, if a bridal agency has to be involved, so be it.

  20. I don’t usually post here but I just could not help. These poor girls have no idea what they are getting into. None of the guys in this video is even close to the definition of a “desirable” man or husband. The men here look like LOSERS who can’t get nothing at home. They don’t look well-to-do, either. I am a Ukrainian woman living in the US. I would NEVER even look at any of these losers. Not that I pay attention to ANY American men. They are just BLAH compared to men of some other nations… So boring and soulless. MANY of my Russian and Ukrainian girlfriend THINK THE SAME.
    One of these guys is looking for someone to “go through the struggles of life with”, like this is what these Ukrainian girls are looking for LOL. Read: he’s broke…
    Don’t waste your time, dudes. She does not want you.

    1. I don’t understand you girls, I SIMPLY do not.
      Beta approach you “Fuck of loser!”
      Beta decides to go to other women “How do you dare?! Poor girl you are approaching to!”
      Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
      So you are saying you don’t want these “losers” (aka men who don’t fill your standards) to approach you and you also disagree that they approach to other women?

  21. Guy at 3:30, “they want everything and offer very little in return”. Sounds like the women of the Ukraine are becoming Westernized :[

    1. Have you any know about a lot of areas in Eastern Europe? Many of their men are backwards. You know about American feminism culture and their portrayal of men?
      Well, many areas of Eastern Europe and other foreign countries are very backwards with terrible ideologies. That man was a terrible, terrible man.
      Here’s a simpler explanation, that man keeps referring to ‘the times’ and ‘a question of time’ as in he thinks it is awful that women are going to school and working. You see, assuming your an American, your more cultured then that, you see nothing wrong with women learning or working. The appeal is a beautiful girl who is both educated and a good mother or wife… er, doing wifely duties.
      Which somehow failed in America… and now every one is having babies and living off welfare, my age range that is; my generation is outright doomed. It is also created horrible, impish boys who don’t know any better, who are encouraged… like Justin Bieber…

  22. Women are same everywhere.And are pretty simple.They want security, and that means pots and pots of money.Some have the looks and smarts to bag rich alpha man, some don’t.But they ALL dream about it.
    Tip to know what women like.
    Read romance novels (preferably historicals), I know it sounds stupid, but it will give you an insight in female psychology.It’s written by women for women, and in there you will find examples of what they think is a man’s man, what they consider romantic, how women think, what is acceptable to them and what isn’t.
    Of course, don’t read anything, about 85 % of novels in that genre is pure rubbish, especially contemporaries, so go to Amazon or Goodreads where there are lists of the best work.
    And if you don’t want to read them, I’ll tell you what is in 90 % ALWAYS true for a main character of romance novels.
    1.Ritch alpha man with a big dick, leader of men, has a huge notch count.Makes her toe the line, without using his hands.Loves her and is not afraid to say it out loud.Simple.
    So, pretty straightforward.To be a dream material from a woman’s perspective.You have to be wealthy, leader of men, at least 6 feet, good looking, great lover that had at least 2/3 of women population in her city, and carry her like a drop of water in the palm of your hand walking through a desert.
    And what does she needs to be to bag a man like that.Generally two traits does a woman have to have.She needs to be pretty, and most important, feisty.That’s about it, there are nuances of prettiness or feistiness, but that’s that.
    Believe it or not, some novels are rather exceptional.Have a good plot, well written main and secondary characters, memorable, written by established authors of the žanre.Advice, if you decide to read something, read historical romances.Don’t bother with contemporaries or fantasies, good authors of those are scarce like teeth in a chicken beak.
    Oh and the last tip, don’t read anything that has less than 70 000 words.It’s usually indicates novel rashly put together.Good ones have between 95 000 – 120 000 words, I know that it may sound silly but in this žanre it seems to be like that.
    Lastly, remember, If you are reading this žanre, you are doing it for insight in female mind, not for entertainment, so make notes, and write interesting shit down so you can introspect later.Don’t read it like a woman, if you do, it may be harmful, make you want to be a great white knight and such.

    1. Bitch you are reading romance novels and eating bon bons and crying. I command you to go chop down a tree or work on your car.

  23. I actually ‘WAS’ married to a Ukrainian women, from 2000 until 2007 and let me tell you; life is better off being ALONE and single ! It really was terrible. Yes, women in America/Canada are bitches and feminist man-haters, but the Ukrainian women are feminine man-haters. Ukrainian women really don’t like men, they just like what the men have (resources) and they want to get some of it. As for sex: Buy an inflatable doll, you will get more passion from that. Ukrainian women just lay there as if they are dead, they don’t feel any passion from sex at all. But they will try to control your life and try to spend your money, and if you do as I did and be strong and stand your ground then they will hate you will all of their soul. They don’t like men who have a back-bone. And they don’t seem to understand the idea of faithfulness, they will sleep with anyone they feel the slightest desire for even if they are married.
    And it is not just foreign men the women are bad with. My ex-wife has a cousin who lives in Ukraine, who is married to a very successful Ukrainian businessman and even that lady cheated on HER husband also. I know that man, he is very faithful and when he tells me that he has never cheated on his wife I believe him. He was totally devastated when he found out about his wife cheating, I met him in person and I could see his whole world has been turned upside down. Until that time I did not know that the Ukrainian women treat their own man just as bad as they treat foreign men. You just cannot trust them, they are simply toxic creatures. Believe me, you would be much better off to just leave them alone. Since my divorce in 2007 I have traveled back to visit Ukraine every second year. I write to a few women at and from those I might visit 2 or 3. I don’t want sex, no thanks, I just want to get to know them, see what their personality is like, maybe try to become ‘friends’ with them. I try to keep no more than a 15 year age difference but each time I visit and talk to the women face-to-face i see that there is more and more hostility and dislike from the Ukrainian women. I talk to the Ukrainian men who speak English and I get a totally different response; from the UA men I get friendliness and respect, and it is shocking to see how different the men are from the women in Ukraine ! So no, don’t bother, it is a waste of your time and money to try to get to know them. They seem to be just angry and have an extreme feeling of ‘entitlement’. If your only choice in life is a dog or a Ukrainian wife, get the dog instead and adopt a child or two, your life will be much better. Go to Thailand if you want sex, at least there you can actually get it.
    – – Yes, my marriage did come to an end after I found out she was cheating with 4 other men at the time, but we really were nothing more than just roommates, friends in a way, so the divorce was like two friends splitting apart. We did not feel any pain or hurt by the divorce, and that is why we are still friends even to this day. She calls me once or twice a month to talk about her life and how she hates Canada and wants to return back home to Ukraine. I tell her to go ahead, life is short, do what you feel is right. She has a great high pay job here but nothing makes her happy. I have realized that most Ukrainian women ARE like that; nothing makes them happy. Now just imagine living your life with such a woman? Nothing you do will ever make them happy. Nothing you buy for them will ever make you happy. If you have a pet cat or dog then it will frequently be happy with you, but your Ukrainian wife will always be upset or angry at you for some odd reason. That was what 7 years of marriage to my Ukrainian wife was like. Like I said: life is better WITHOUT a Ukrainian wife, trust me on that fact. I think that is why so many Ukrainian men become alcoholics.

  24. I think I can speak for every country on Earth when I say this;
    We all like Americans who say sorry to you if they do something wrong, when they wear their napkins on their laps in restaurants and when they say please and thank you, aren’t loud and when they show an interest in other cultures and lifestyles, and when they can point to your country on a map and don’t think the whole world should speak English.

  25. Given out constant and unrelenting international fuckery it isn’t any surprise right ? There is a civil war that we had a huge hand in going on over there…

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