The Truth About False Rape Accusations That All Men Should Know

It was my first year of undergrad. I hooked up with a girl and laughed in her face when she suggested we hang out again. Predictably, she got upset.

She went to visit her don (floor captain/residence adviser), and poured her heart out. In a sane world, they would have shared some tears, some hugs, and some sisterly advice to watch out for smooth-talking boys with a copy of Roosh’s Bang in their back pocket.

But this particular don was a gender studies major with a persecution complex and a close resemblance to late-career Roseanne Barr. She let out a deep Social Justice Warrior battle cry, and spent the semester trying to bully my consensual conquest into accusing me of rape. Fortunately for me, the girl was a decent human being with a strong enough personality to resist the allure of petty revenge. I am a free man.


This was almost a decade ago. If that girl had been weaker, dumber, or more vindictive, my life may have turned out very different. I once thought that my story was unique, but I’ve since learned that it’s much more common than you might think.

American men have started to realize that falsified rape claims are a serious threat to us, even though the issue is completely ignored by mainstream media sources.

Here are three reasons why you should be aware of the danger of false rape accusations:

1. False rape accusations are very common

Statistics on politicized issues like this are often untrustworthy. Many police departments resolve even the most obvious cases of false rape accusation by sending both parties home, recording no crime, and making the girl pinky swear never to do it again. But to my surprise, several decent studies have been done on the frequency of false rape accusations.

A meta-analysis by Rumney (2006) suggests that between 10-50% of rape allegations are false. Kanin (1994) arrived at an estimate of 40%, using methodology that strikes me as more trustworthy than a simple count of police-recorded ‘malicious accusations’, since many false rape claims are ignored. Kanin’s unique process was as follows:

Kanin investigated the incidences of false rape allegations made to the police in one small urban community between 1978 and 1987. He states that unlike those in many larger jurisdictions, this police department had the resources to “seriously record and pursue to closure all rape complaints, regardless of their merits.” He further states each investigation “always involves a serious offer to polygraph the complainants and the suspects” and “the complainant must admit that no rape had occurred. She is the sole agent who can say that the rape charge is false.”

The number of false rape allegations in the studied period was 45; this was 41% of the 109 total complaints filed in this period. The researchers verified, whenever possible, for all of the complainants who recanted their allegations, that their new account of the events matched the accused’s version of events.

Other studies have arrived at figures as high as 90%, such as Stewart (1981), who considered one case disproved because: “It was totally impossible to have removed her extremely tight undergarments from her extremely large body against her will.” I wonder if she lives near Nigel?

Most convincing to me, and more trustworthy than anything put out by any modern academic, is the claim by Danger and Play that more than 50% of ‘date rape’ accusations are false. I’ll take the word of one man I trust over a dozen corrupt and career-climbing academics, but in this case the academics seem to agree with the anecdotes: False rape claims are extremely common.

2. There are no penalties for women who bring false rape charges

A false rape accusation is not merely an attack on a man’s character. It is an attempt to kidnap, imprison, torture, and perhaps murder an innocent man. It is a profoundly evil act, and yet there are often no consequences for women who make false rape accusations. Consider the case of Leanne Black, who accused five different men of rape before she was sentenced to two years in prison. Or Ashleigh Loder, who spent just six months in jail for a false rape accusation.

Hilariously, the tagline in that second article is: “Mother-of-two wasted 100 hours of police time by inventing the assaults.” As if the wasted police resources, and not the act of trying to imprison an innocent man for the rest of his life, is her most newsworthy crime.

There is no real penalty for women who make false rape accusations, despite the fact that it is at least as severe of a crime as rape itself. Personally, I would much rather be raped than spend a decade or more in prison, especially since there is a good chance that an American man charged with rape will wind up being raped quite a bit. I suspect very few people, male or female, would choose to spend decades in prison, over a single incidence of rape. And yet, false accusations are treated like parking fines – accumulate enough, and you might get a slap on the wrist.

3. The Definition of Rape Is Subjective

What is rape, anyways? Once upon a time it was when a man had sex with a woman even while she was saying ‘No.’

Today, articles like this argue that a “weak yes” can also be considered  a “No”. Feminists are actively working to re-define the definition of consent to make it as subjective and open to manipulation as possible. The days of “No Means No” are long gone, replaced by a new paradigm of “If I Wake Up and Feel Uncomfortable With What Happened, Well I Guess I Must Have Been Feeling No.”

Historically,  if a girl is passed-out drunk and a guy has sex with her while she’s unconscious – that’s rape.

But what if a girl is just pretty drunk? What if the man has also been drinking? Are both guilty of rape? In a sane world, drunk people would be held responsible for whatever decisions they made while intoxicated. Drunk people still have agency, otherwise “I was drunk” would be always be a valid defense for drunk driving. The idea that a girl can wake up the morning after a night of enthusiastic sex and claim that she was too drunk to consent, is absolutely ridiculous.

College-aged men are put in an especially precarious position by the murkiness of rape laws, and the lack of consequences for women who make false accusations. It’s easy enough for me, as a twenty-eight year old man with a lot of dating experience, to avoid unstable drunk girls. But consider a young man on the college hook-up scene, in which the majority of girls he meets are impulsive, immature, and a heavy drinkers. Such a man should immediately learn How To Avoid A False Rape Accusation and start taking the precautions in that article.


These are the reasons why smart young men are aware of the growing threat of false rape accusations. It’s why men with options don’t date feminists. It’s why smart men send an ‘I didn’t rape you’ text. And it’s why men are disregarding the bullshit mainstream news sources that completely ignore issues like this, and reading sites like Thumotic and Return of Kings instead.

We’re coming out with two more articles on False Rape Accusations this week. Tomorrow we’ll look at How False Rape Accusations Force Men To Be Nice Guys. Make sure to follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss out.

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  1. Police are investigating a possible sexual assault that took place after a drinking game at an Eastern Michigan University dorm early Friday morning.
    A female student told EMU police she was too intoxicated to be able to tell whether she gave consent before she and a male non-student with whom she was acquainted had sex, Chief Bob Heighes said.
    “She’s not able to tell us whether it was or wasn’t (consensual),” Heighes said.
    The alleged incident took place at Pittman Residence between 3 and 8:30 a.m. Friday in the female student’s dorm room, but she didn’t report it until Tuesday.
    The suspect and student — Heighes did not want to release their ages — were playing a drinking game with an undetermined amount of other people, the chief said.
    Police are attempting to interview as many people as possible who were at the party to determine exactly what happened.
    The case is being investigated as first-degree criminal sexual conduct, a felony punishable by life in prison.

      1. I’ve been preaching this for many many years. I have helped men escape their pasts with misandrist western women, and find happiness in the east. There are still cultures where good men are appreciated.

    1. well it seems as though they did correct in reporting this-they didn’t release the male’s name nor the woman’s name.

    2. sorry officer, after my 10th vodka kamikaze i wasn’t sure if i got in the car to drive it or not….. nor was i aware of the gun in the glove box that i used to open fire and kill the arresting officer….

  2. You’re assuming feminist women are capable of sympathy for men. In their minds, imprisonment, castration and m/m rape is just punishment for failing to offer them narcissistic supply via pedestalization.
    The problem is easily-avoided by dating pretty, high-value feminine women who understand the power their sexual value brings, and don’t need to grab for power in passive-aggressive ways.

      1. Then, as feminists believe it is men’s job to help end the culture of hatred and discrimination against women, it is FEMINISTS job to eliminate these fringe elements from their ideology.
        Until then, the whole ideology is sour, and you ARE a true Scotsman, just like them.

        1. Well, the fringe has become the whole, but feminists are still responsible for self censorship and distancing themselves from these people.
          They don’t, however.
          They don’t do anything.

    1. That’s not feminism. That’s misandry. There is a massive difference. Feminists believe in equality for all.

      1. Have you even read any feminist literature? Of course not you moron. The main idea of feminism is that we live under a patriarchy and that we need to focus on women’s rights for equality. That was all good when we were under a patriarchy, and women were the oppressed minority, but now we’re not, and the philosophy of feminism is outdated.
        Modern day feminism is essentially trying to solve gender inequality by only focusing on the needs of one gender. You can’t achieve gender equality by being a modern day feminist.
        I think we need to stop focusing on women’s rights, and start concentrating or individual rights. That’s how you get equality.

        1. We never lived under a patriarchy, women were not oppressed (as compared to men), and were obviously not a minority.

      2. No they don’t! All prominent feminists have advocated bigotry and hatred towards men. Not just Valerie solanas. Try Hillary Clinton, Adele mercier, Andrea Dworkin…, the list goes fucking on and on

      3. If they believe in equality for all why aren’t they called humanists? Imagine if the civil rights movement was called blaskism. Would anyone have taken them serious if they called they were for equal rights between races?

        1. *ahem* In ye Old Englishe (circa 800ad), the term for what we call a male was “hemman”, and that for a female, “wifman”. With time, the wif- of wifman became wo- and the hem- was lost, hence the terms “man” and “woman”. “man” originally referred to any human, not just males.
          “Mankind” refers to both male and female humans, due to this historical etymology of the word “man”. The fact that you are ignorant of the language you grew up speaking is no excuse for poncing about on the internet acting as if your puerile attempts at wordplay have any significance whatsoever.

      4. It’s safer to just assume they are one and the same.
        I’ve never met a feminist interested in talking about men’s issues. Even lesbian feminists that you’d think have no reason to get between men and women.

      5. Feminism is misandry.
        Egalitarianism means equality for all.
        get it right next time.

    2. Feminists believe in equality for both men and women; you’re referring to misandry. Some people who identify themselves as feminist, are actually misandrists, unfortunately.

      1. Most of them are. All I would say actually. Never met 1 ‘feminist’ who was for men’s rights. Except maybe Christina Hoff Summers, who herself hates the modern feminism, and is a respectable and educated woman, unlike typical feminists.

        1. Feminism = Misandry. And before you tell me to ‘see the dictionary definition’, let me tell you that I judge something from it’s actions, not by it’s words. Because by their words even Nazi’s were self proclaimed ‘nice socialist people’. It’s not me who’s confusing, it’s YOU who is confusing what feminism is. It is nothing but man hating.

        2. You aren’t very smart, you should find an adult and a safe place.
          Basically you’re suggesting we hold everyone of a certain group accountable for the actions of a few bad eggs. Guess those Dallas officers really DID deserve it, using your logic (or lack there of). Go lay your head down you special little snowflake.

        3. Safe Space? The one you womanchildren femitards need? You know, the one you run inside and hide, every time someone speaks the truth, every time someone says something that doesn’t go with your deluded notions about the world? That safe space? Hahh No thanks. I live in the real world, not a Utopia, like you femhorroids think.
          ‘Few bad egg’s? 99.99999% retarded, lesbianic, ugly, fat, hairy, blue armpit, man-hating, deluded cunts are ‘a few bad eggs’ according to you? Then you really aren’t smart, educated or informed. You’re brainwashed. You need to find an adult and a safe space. I guess Rape IS justified and is awesome, if there are people like YOU in this world.
          Well, what is rape anyway? Just sex. Duh!!
          Now go cry in some cave, you weirdo retard.

        4. Dude, I’m sorry chicks won’t date you because you have a micro d ick. Blaming that on all women is your problem. Rape is justified? You’re pretty sick bro, hope life takes you out sooner than later. You’re so ignorant, trolling 101: never make personal attacks at someone on the internet. You’re the idiot that assumed I’m a woman lol, but it’s clear you’re really angry that no one wants to date for…obvious reasons…and lashing out anywhere you can. Let it out man, your hurt is obvious. Maybe your mom can kiss is and make it all better? Provide you a warm hole to crawl in and cry about it?

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        6. A month later? Don’t get your little lacy panties twisted princess. And my avatar is called a meme; welcome to the internet. Mangina? What are you, 12 lol? It really took you a month to come up with that lame retort? Go suckle on your mommy’s warm nips, Freud.

        7. Unlike a little mangina faggot like yourself, who sucks dick all the time and pretends to be a keyboard warrior, I actually have things to do. I actually have a life. I don’t sit on the internet all day being a keyboard warrior faggot sucking up to females hoping to get laid. And see, this is why you’re a virgin still.

        8. I love when niggers get shot by cops. I absolutely love it. Those monkeys deserve it. We need to discipline those junglee monkeys. It’s high time.

    3. There are no rational feminists. Dream on.
      Feminists = Feminazi
      If you really gave anything about equality you would call yourself an egalitarian.

      1. omg, the more I read your posts, the more I want to gag. Where in heavens
        name did you pop up from. Could you please crawl back.

  3. Fail-safe solution… secretly video-record your bedroom. Lots of hackaday articles can help with this.

      1. “Ladies, this sex act is being recorded for quality assurance purposes”
        It would be interesting if this sign was posted above your bedroom door.
        Some women would call you a misogynist, because of the sign, but…

        1. Just put a sign where it can be easily read, “These premises are under video surveillance for your protection as well as the owner’s”

  4. Another point that’s worth mentioning is that rape is on the decline and has been for more than 20 years. It’s interesting how feminist rape hysteria (and expansion of the definition of rape) only increases as the total number of rapes decrease.
    Raw data here:

    1. wow. Just like how the gun hysteria has increased despite decrease, and the violent game hysteria increased despite that less crimes happened as more violent games were released.

    2. All me has to do, who is old enough, is harken back to our youth in school. How many times did I have “no means no” drilled into my head. How many movies of men beating women (day time, cheap TV movie or Hollywood) did I witness that made it clear hitting a woman was wrong.
      During the 80s it was very in the open that men were beating women and this had to stop. They sure scared me. They sure scared everyone I know. As I got older I have never known a single man who has laid a hand on a woman. It seems very uncommon. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Men are scared to know better now, no matter how angry. The cards are stacked against you as a man so it isn’t worth it. It still happens but just in my world alone I can tell this is less common than what seemed to be the case as we emerged into an era of “equal rights” during the 70s and 80s.
      Yet I do know of men who have been physically abused or attacked by women. Go figure.

      1. Ok, just wow. I am not sure it was your intention, but you made it seem as if men have always wanted to hit women and that now they are unable to because “the cards are stacked against ” them. It seems clear to me that you either did not intend to say that or you have been severely brainwashed by the Hallmark movies that depict women getting by a man. I don’t understand when it is ever been okay to hit a women.

        1. It is ok to hit a woman when she hits you FIRST! Its called self defense, unfortunately, many women s rights groups don’t see it that way! studies suggest that women hit more, men just hit harder! CDC states that 70% of “victims” contributed to their own victim hood! just because we are men does not mean we should accept abuse!

        2. Fag alert!! Having a vagina is NOT an automatic permit to assault men, or get violent in any way. It is OK to attack women in self defense. You think women are not violent??? You’re not only an idiot, but a pathetic chump. My cousin got stabbed in the leg by his then girlfriend. I know how violent women can be.

        3. Well, except most abuse by women is psychological abuse. Men tend to be more physically abusive, while women abuse men psychologically. I’ve see more the latter than of the former. Women will push and push men. Bottomline, whether it’s physical or psychological, both sexes are willing to hurt the other by whatever means works.

        4. What part of my post says I’m gay? What was that other post about jumping to conclusions?

        5. I don’t think you can interpret English language well. A gay guy will not even HAVE a girlfriend. Coz he’s gay, duh!!! But, the person called the mangina gay, as he’s ignorant about how women are in relationships, ignorant about the fact that women are really really violent ad abusive, psychologically as well as physically. A man who is ignorant about it, or blindly supports it, can’t be a real man, and hence FAGGOT. Get it, peanut brains?

  5. Kanin investigated the incidences of false rape allegations made to the police in one small urban community between 1978 and 1987.

    The issue with this is that this doesn’t seem much better than how RAINN got it’s own “1 in 3” bullshit statistics. I think larger areas need to be tested for rape frequency/false rape accusation frequency.

  6. Any lawyers aware of what recourse a man might have in the event a rape accusation is decided to be false? Does he have any grounds to sue for example?

    1. Depends on whether he was prosecuted or not and whether the accusations were publicized. If he was prosecuted and found not guilty or the charges were later dropped, he could sue for malicious prosecution. If the accusations were made publicly, he could sue for defamation.

  7. This guy tells quite the interesting story-he was once in a hot tub with a girl and he implies he was either rubbing or fingering her. Now the girl has plenty of time to tell him to stop, and I doubt that he just immediately started going for that. She regretted it after, so this guy was basically running scared for his life.

    1. Lmfao that video made me laugh, I mean I know what he’s getting at. But the “four black dudes and naked white girl” freak out was the funniest!

  8. How False Rape Accusations Force Men To Be Nice Guys

    I can already guess one point that may be made; mixed messages.’
    Girls in general, whether the ones I’ve talked to online or in person, or see on the tv screen, generally say they want the male to “just go for what he wants.” I remember one girl I talked to a long time ago where she said she’d tell me her fantasies if I promised not to judge her; she admitted to fantasizing about being raped. Obviously, I thought (and still do) this was pretty freaky and weird. Now this doesn’t make it right, just like if I would’ve had sex with my english teacher when I was 13 wouldn’t have made her right either, but the fact is I wanted something with my teacher (I didn’t understand what sex was yet, all I understood was that she was in her 30s, attractive, and had these fascinating new-to-me things called “breasts” and an “ass”). That’s what feminists won’t admit, because they don’t want to tell the truth about rape.
    So when being fed with this info I’m not sure what men are supposed to do when they have interest in a girl. They’ll be too scared to “just go for” a kiss, or for a feel, for fear of ending up in jail that night for it.

    1. ” just like if I would’ve had sex with my english teacher when I was 13 wouldn’t have made her right either”
      Why? Unless you forced yourself on her,if both of you consented then what is the problem?

      1. I’d be underage, so that’s what would make it wrong. Now if I were 17, that would be pretty negligible as 17 is the legal age in this state, but I say it’s best to wait until one hits 18.

        1. This “underage” stuff is all concocted by legislatures. The former rule was 10 for girls and 12 for boys. Generally if a girl had breasts and hair on her pubes, certainly if she was menstruating, and the boys hair on their pubes and could get an erection, they were “of age.”
          If you will look up an “age of consent” website you will find that the “age of consent” in different states is all over the place from 14 to 18. Some states allow lower age of consent if the older party is less than so many years older than the younger.
          That many women enjoy rape fantasies, either imagined in their minds or from reading novels, and some like being sort-of-raped but not injured, or roughed up too much, doesn’t mean that they want to be abused as they think of abuse. Using her for what she thinks she is for may not be rape in one woman’s mind and will defend her (in another’s opinion) “rapist.”
          Men are at risk of having their lives really messed up though no charges are filed, no prosecution, no formal punishment. Investigators may interview people who will them form adverse opinions of the accused even if in reality he has never had anything to do with her.
          Watch your step.

    2. I remember once i had this hot chick come home with me from the place i was bartending at. I mean stunning. When i asked her if i could kiss her she said” do you really have to ask??” She dumped me for a guy a month or two later for a guy she claimed threw her down and shoved his dick in her. She was obsessed with the guy.

  9. If I knew how, I’d write a ‘Consent App’ for smartphones, whereby the male records the female giving her consent prior to the act. Just an idea.

    1. Its called a sex contract…and people are seriously talking about this now.
      5 years ago I said “in 10 years time men will sit in bars with a sex contract and they will not even talk to a woman until after she signs it.”
      I predicted that the false rape tsunami would force men to get permission to have sex in triplicate….only men would take it one step further…..sign the contract even to talk to me….other than that? They would watch sport, drink beer and play video games.

    2. I’ve read about devices or apps that are being developed that will be able to test if a potential partner has an STD. These are expected to become mainstream at some point in the future.
      A little verification like this would also, I assume, be logged and could cause men a lot of relief. Basically would suggest a woman has consented to sexual behaviour.

  10. “College-aged men are put in an especially precarious position by the
    murkiness of rape laws, and the lack of consequences for women who make
    false accusations.”
    Which is why I have a series of standards for any girl I’m trying to hook up with.
    1. Will she remember me tomorrow? If yes, then continue. If no, I’m not bringing her back.
    2. How sober am I? (i.e. will I be able to provide a full and accurate account of the night?)
    3. Are other people whom I know going to remember the details of the night as it occurred?
    Basically, I’m focused on being able to account for my every action on that night, and having witnesses who can corroborate my story if I get accused of anything.

    1. What got me was the ‘then I laughed at her’ comment at the beginning. That’s it! It’s how you act aftwards that counts. Not these contracts and such. When you take pics while she sleeps, send texts abou her, facebook about her, shame her, gossip, laugh…it makes her feel suspicious. Like does he know something I don’t know? Did something else happen that I don’t remmeber? Why would he laugh? She feels regret cause of all the shaming and wants to get even or gets suspicious about it the whole encounter. She starts to over analyze everything that happened. A lot of these rape charges are actually just investigations. She is not accusing you of rape knowing you didn’t rape. She is trying to investigate because she honestly dose not know. If there is enough evidence that points to rape then charges are pressed. If not then the investigation closes. Best advice is to keep cool afterwards. Don’t through all that hard work out the window. Keep the same attitude and personality. All the schoolboy antics make her regret, doubt and just plain want to get even. That way you don’t burn your bridges and you don’t raise red flags in her.

  11. Two Words: Rachel Cassidy.
    Notice how the police claim that the false rape accuser “forgot” she consented to sex despite the fact there were a dozen eye witnesses who say she was quite lucid.
    My money is on Rachel Cassidy being “false rape woman” when it finally comes out. I have had word that some of the students have said Rachel Cassidy was the woman in question but have been threatened with expulsion if they speak out.
    In any case? No one has the right to hide a false rape accuser. And in the end we will get cast iron evidence of who false rape girl was and we will publish it.

  12. I once asked my mother, who was the night admitting clerk at the local ER, how many rape claims that she encountered were false.
    She said 90%.

  13. easy solution: simply record the audio of the event on your smart phone…. video is a hard call, but audio will record just fine in your pocket… get an app… test it out, make sure you have battery and memory and leave it running… it should go in Roosh’s advice alongside having a condom in your wallet…

    1. In some places you need to tell the person that you are recording the convo otherwise it may be inadmissible.

      1. no, it will be admissible, but you can be charged with lesser charges for recording sexual act w/o consent.

  14. I really wish we had some honest data when it comes to false or unfounded rape accusations. But, because feminists have made it such a political hot potato we will never have any real or even close to real numbers. Studies are all over the place. I think the ones concluding 80-90% are most likely wrong. That is probably the number of “rapes” that could never be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in court. My educated best guess is about 25% of rape reports are false. I thin it is fair to say maybe upward of 40% of fake, but anything higher is probably a result of bad methodology. The “consensus” among whoever has credentials and will speak about it publicly is about 10%. Even if that is true the number is way too high. How many other crimes have a 10% false reporting rate? The only crime I can think of is maybe domestic violence, but that, like rape, also has a conflated definition to mean whatever a woman says constitutes the crime.
    Falsely reporting a rape is a crime, but indirectly. No law, that I know of, provides specifically for a charge of false reporting a rape, but other laws apply. The most commonly used is falsely filing a police report, which in most jurisdictions is a low grade misdemeanor. Unless the false reporter has a criminal record or a history of false reports it will most likely end in a sweet heart plea bargain of a fine and some community service. No prosecutor wants to take a false rape report to trial because politically speaking it is so toxic to do so.
    The other remedies available are suing for liable and/or slander. But, in order to prosecute such a lawsuit you must have enough money to retain a lawyer and then the defendant has to have money to pay out. Unless the woman has deep pockets (which what woman really does) she is probably “judgement proof” in that she will never be able to pay any award the court gives to you. The few times a man has been able to find an entity, like a local government or university, that does have the ability to pay a judgement, the award is usually small and barely covers your lawyer bill.
    So, in short, this post is pretty accurate. False rape is at least an everyday thing. Even if men can sue and authorities prosecute criminally there will probably be little if no penalty for making a false rape report. And, with such a fluid definition of rape that exists these days anything a woman says is “rape” will probably be considered to be so by the cops and courts. The paradigm is so messed up that a man who is contemplating his life and sexual intercourse is better of just becoming a celibate priest or monk or a sociopath who secretly records all of his sexual encounters to prove there was consent. (Although taping without consent is also a crime so you wouldn’t be much better off.)

  15. If all these feminists charged men by the hour ($$$), all these false accusations could be avoided.

  16. My wingman developed a habit of recording all his pre and post sex acts in his bedroom on his comp for 2 reasons: One, to legally protect himself in case of a false rape accusation and Two, for his entertainment purpose. The first reason is obviously a lot more important. Another former wingman told me that if he had girls who wanted him to do freaky stuff to them like slapping, strangulation, anal, pissing etc…etc…he got them to send their requests to him via SMS before he did any of those things. My first reaction was to think it was all paranoia but now seeing all these false rape accusation bullshit, I can see the wisdom in taking such precautionary measures.

  17. This is all very much a Western phenomenon. Men in the West have ceded power to such a degree and have given women a taste of blood on their tongues that is so intoxicating, that now women won’t stop until it’s too late. And in a way, it’s already too late for the West.
    Women have controlled men through sex since time immemorial. But men have always controlled resources so there’s always been a value exchange.
    But now they’ve found a way to exploit sex with the threat of violence, imprisonment and ruination on their sides. Naturally, men are terrified at this ungodly amount of power in a woman’s hands with zero repercussions for her allegations. A woman can fuck your life up beyond repair just by saying “he raped me”. In a just society, women who falsely accuse men of rape would receive the sentence HE stood to receive.
    In some countries this hasn’t happened yet and men still get the benefit of the doubt. Women get slapped and put in their place when they deserve it and men are still in charge as it should be.
    I suggest men who like their freedom (and who like to fuck beautiful women without concern for their freedom or resources) get the hell out of the West before they find themselves getting butt fucked in a prison somewhere because a girl had a wine cooler and changed her mind the morning after because she looked down and thought your shoes looked kind of cheap.
    We as men have collectively failed in the West because we’ve allowed reason to cloud our primal imperatives. Reason – bah!
    We’ve tried to talking to, assuaging, capitulating to, reasoning with women. With the result that they now have a monopoly on force and can threaten a man’s freedom merely on the strength of her word.
    Women are not equal to men. They are not UNequal, either. They are simply unique creatures with unique properties. One of those properties is that they must be kept in check, with the use of force if necessary, for their OWN sakes and for the sake of humanity as a whole.
    We are animals after all, and nature has encoded us with an incredibly intelligent program evolved over millions of years. And I’m not talking about the program they teach in your gender studies course, either.
    Women must NOT be allowed any equality with men, and certainly must not be allowed to vote. There is no reasoning with them. We as men have to simply make the decision in our daily lives to keep women in their place. And they will thank you for it.

    1. How do you define west?Is Russia a west?
      False rape accusations are very common practice in Russia.The police does not consider evidence as good as in States,if a woman said “rape”-you are done.No chances (unless you can bribe a judge).
      You,americans,don’t realize how lucky you are with so many things.

      1. I didn’t know that about Russia. Can you elaborate on the situation there?
        I use “West” mostly to refer to US, UK, Australia in contrast with, for example, Thailand, where in general, the police won’t just come and drag a man away just because a woman made an accusation.

        1. I am from Russia, and what he said is a total nonsense. Newer had myself or lots of my friends had problems with that ever, and I can tell many of them fucked more girls in their lives than the number of hamburgers average American eats in his life. Even didn’t hear about such thing as date rape FA. It’s all American phenomenon.

        2. Thanks for clearing that up Vadim. I’m from Ukraine (but grew up in the USA) and I thought his comment sounded kind of unusual… Feminism hasn’t destroyed Eastern Europe or taken the balls out of men quite yet.

        3. Hi Vadim,
          I hear the same from Russian women. They tell me that if they cry “rape” they will not be listened to by the police unless they have political connections of some sort. So they take care not to get raped in the first place.
          They also say if they call the police and say “my man is hitting me” they will be told something like “stop annoying him and he will stop hitting you” or “if he hit’s you it means he loves you, much worse for him not to care about you at all”.
          And in Russia/Ukraine there are LOTS of women, old and young, who have no man in the house to protect them….and the police are the LAST people you can expect protection from in Russia,
          When I was in moscow I was told “Remember, in this country if a poor man kills you for your shoes, the police will think that he has done a good thing! You must protect yourself in this city.”

        4. Vincent,
          “Feminism hasn’t destroyed Eastern Europe or taken the balls out of men quite yet.”
          Au contraire. Feminism did destroy Russia and the Ukraine…in 1917-36. And the reason Russian men have balls and do not put up with crap from women is exactly because their great grand mothers betrayed their great grand fathers in massive numbers.
          No fault divorce with high child support was introduced by Lenin in 1917. This is what really caused the subsequent famines…not “central planning” as the history books will tell you.
          It was such a social disaster that no less than STALIN repealed the no fault divorce laws in 1936…but the damage was done. if you question that they knew what they were doing? When the Russians took over Romania in 1946 they introduce no fault divorce and high child support payments… disaster ensued.
          The Russians lifted no fault divorce in Romania in 1966…but the social contract between men and women was broken.
          My fav#1 is Ukrainian….we have discussed these issues at length. Men in Russian/Ukraine are VERY reluctant to marry and have children…not because they are “bad men” as the women say…but because they know just how manipulative women can be and they don’t want to be married to them in the main.
          My fav#1 is a good woman…and when I explained that one of the reasons no good man wanted to marry her was that she was tarred with the same brush as her great grand mother she was very, very sad about that. She finally understood the reason for the price she was paying.

        5. Peter, since the Russia is quickly developing after the collapse the situation is very different from what was 10 or 15 years ago, i.e. when we had a total mess with everything. In fact, the forcible, violent (real) rape incidents are taken very seriously, and the problem for rapists is not only the harsh sentences they should expect, but also the fact that their life in prison will be a total nightmare, because rape is very ‘unpopular’ crime in Russia. In fact, rapists will agree to take murder charges (i.e. higher sentences) instead of rape. Now situation is improving, so DV, rape or other violent crimes are no longer things you can do and feel safe thinking that you can just bribe the judge or prosecutors.

        6. Vadim,
          “Now situation is improving, so DV, rape or other violent crimes are no longer things you can do and feel safe thinking that you can just bribe the judge or prosecutors.”
          Thanks for the update……if things are improving then that would be good. I am, of course, getting my view of these things second hand via women so I would expect some bias in what they are telling me. I do know some guys in Russia on this facebook. They are good guys. They live in Ufa.
          When I was working in Moscow in 2006 I was warned very clearly that I must not take any cab that was not organised by my client and not “look like I have money” walking in the streets at night. Since I have worked in many places where foreigners are often robbed or killed I took these warnings very seriously.
          When I was in Saudi Arabia in 2003-04 one of the guys from my compound was executed while getting money out of an autoteller. But he worked for BAE so the locals were selecting their targets to kill.
          I was there when they were blowing up compounds and one of my colleagues was in a compound that was attacked. He had an eardum blown out by a bomb and was shot in the leg in the attack. So when you see you IT colleagues getting that close to being killed you take notice of local warnings.

        7. I think police SHOULD be protective, that’s their JOB, but not as much of a pussy and female panderer misandrist like American cops are, or most police around the world for that matter. But what you said the police says to a bitch whining about her man ‘hitting him’, I think that’s an appropriate reaction, and I wish cops all around the world were as manly as Russians, and not just pussyshipped mangina pussy lickers. Remember, men are intelligent and logical human beings, unlike some other gender I could mention. Men don’t get crazy during certain time of the month, unlike the other gender. Men use their brains to make decisions, and not ‘feelz’ unlike the other gender. And men almost NEVER raise their hands on women, as men have been ‘taught never to hit girls’ since they were kids. In the rare occurrence that it does happen, it’s most likely the women who brought that on herself, and therefore completely justified. It’s simple, don’t make me angry, don’t lay your hands on me, and I won’t lay my hands on you either. Simple. American females should understand this.

    2. Alright, well it seems i have somehow found my way down the rabbit-hole. Only here can someone contradict them selves so much and get 19 ups.
      “Women are not equal to men .They are not UNequal, either.” >> two paragraphs later >> “Women must NOT be allowed any equality with men, and certainly must not be allowed to vote.”
      You really hate women that much? Your mom must have been a raving bitch or your dad was a pseudo-masculine man pissed of about his tiny dick or gay urges. You’re just like the feminist who hate men because a few irrational pricks like you.
      I’ll tell you one thing tho, be glad you never had to put one of my family members “in there place”. Not being an internet tough-guy, but it hasn’t bode well for previous people who think there tough when hitting on a 100 lb women.
      P.S. i also don’t stand around when someones beating on a 100lb man either. Not a sexist thing i just don’t respect ANY pussy who’s all tough when they’re the dominate party. A real man defends women, children, and men who can’t defend themselves from people like you.

      1. Your level of ignorance about the world beyond your nose is staggering. Thanks for proving my point that if you give women the vote they’ll run a country into the ground. How could they not with reasoning skills like this?

        1. Alright well i just realized that not even you’re dumb enough to believe the shit that you write.

          I just wish the dumb asses who freaked out over your stupid satirical books on amazon didn’t buy into your fake alter-ego. Why actually obtain a skill by going to school and working for your money when you can act like you’re one of the dumbest people alive and make some traffic cash?
          A shame because you’re a damn good opera singer, also a shame that being good at singing opera cant make you a living and you have to resort to this mockery.

        2. Assuming you’re not a troll which is pretty hard to believe at this point, women have had the right to vote for almost 100 years. The last 100 years have been pretty good for america. I hope if you have a gf or wife that you hit, her dad or brothers do the right thing and beat the shit out of you.

        3. I don’t have balls because i don’t beat women and think they should be allowed to vote? So is Saudi Arabia your idea of heaven?
          It’s pretty easy to tell you’re just a piece of shit person.

        4. No….my interactions are fine…with both sexes…
          You are a woman in a male body… Its easy to see because if how emotional you are. Your emotions cause you to jump to errant conclusions…like that I beat women…. Its very easy to see why you or them should not be allowed ti vote…because emotional beings are easily manipulated…and draw stupid conclusions.
          Your attempt to manipulate me (to change) with insults.
          yet Another female tactic….either grow a pair or get a sex chg.

        5. The comment you’re responding to is about men beating women, so the logical conclusion is that you have no problem hitting women. You’re conclusion that I’m gay or a woman are based on a 2 sentence post, but women draw stupid conclusions. If you weren’t so busy jumping to conclusions you’d realize i never actually said you beat women. I hope the next time you beat a woman she files charges and makes you a felon so someone as stupid as you can’t vote. Enjoy your trolling.

        6. keep dreaming about what? Do you think before you type or are you just drunk? Nothing you’ve said has made any sense.

      2. Your reasoning is poor. You label it hatred because you dont like it. he is right though…and he did not advocate beating anyone..unless it was guys who like to talk tough on the internet.

    3. women get slapped and put in their place? I could go on a rant and explain why you’re an asshole. But I’ll just say you’re an asshole.

  18. It all was already discussed many times. All those consent forms and text messages may help but not guarantee you go out free and still you can be locked in jail w/o bail. Only video recording can help to drop all charges at the beginning. Use the modern technology and feel safe.

  19. OP, it would help when stating “Feminists are actively working to re-define the definition of consent to make it as subjective and open to manipulation as possible.”
    They are NOT actively working to re-define the definition of rape or consent. It already HAS been redefined by our tax-payer funded moronically invasive FBI. Anybody with a lick of research capability would do a service to themself to go read THEIR definition of those 2 words.
    HINT:It’s not pretty for anyone who hooks up with a girl that drinks.

  20. “Men with options don’t date feminists”….. Well that was a weak conclusion. Men with options don’t date women who support equal rights for men and women? The author should’ve probably considered taking a more objective approach to writing this article because that statement is retarded. Like, calm down. That kind of ruined the author’s credibility for me. So.. Frost… Important subject for the public to be aware of, but try to look up the definitions of words before using them. You’re ignorance was distracting.

    1. I also disagree with that phrase: “Men with options don’t date feminists”, here is the point where Frost failed. The correct should be:
      “Men never ever date feminists, only manginas do”

    2. To be more specific: “Men with options don’t date gender feminists”
      I would date equity feminists. They are cool and think gender feminists are nuts! Equity feminists believe in equal rights for the sexes and that’s all they believe in unlike gender feminists who take it farther and come up with nutty theories on rape and gender roles.

  21. Hypothetical: A girl walks into a bar already drunk and foolishly asks a bartender to watch her purse. She proceeds to get blackout drunk then wakes up the next morning noticing a $100 bill is missing from her purse. She immediately concludes the bartender took it from her without her permission. She calls the police and for whatever reason they decide to entertain her reckless and drunken quarrel from the prior night; one that she openly admits can remember almost nothing about.
    The police and the female arrive at the bar to question the bartender. The bartender says the girl gave him the $100 bill. Being sober now the girl explains that she would never give that guy $100 so he must have taken it. However, she does mention she doesn’t remember if the bartender took it against her will or she gave it to him. Since she is a female and has a vagina the police conclude it doesn’t matter; if the bartender took the money against her will he is guilty, or if he took the money because she gave it to him while still blacked out then she didn’t give true consent and again he’s guilty.
    Due to having no memory of the events that night the girl doesn’t realize she mistakenly tipped the bartender with a $100 bill instead of a $1 bill. She also doesn’t realize being recklessly intoxicated doesn’t ‘t help with her decision-making process.
    So what happened? The bartender got a big tip one night from some some sloppy drunk girl and the next day was labelled a thief, eventually convicted of theft, and spent six years in prison.

    1. LOL
      Administration is not responsible for the possible loss of your belongings left unattended. That’s why people normally don’t do this. So, ladies, please, don’t left you drunk vaginas unattended too.

  22. In most FRA cases they are looking to put you down for (at least) doing some actions, i.e. sexual intercourse. But it appears to be already a history. Nowadays feminists are trying to destroy your life not for having sex (this is for sure), but for expressing feminist “inappropriate” criticism about rape/rape culture. This is exactly what happened in my case:

    1. “Hello. My name is Vadim Kislov (PhD) and currently I work as a research associate at Florida International University, Miami, Florida (since 2004).”
      Hi Vadim,
      feel free to email me on [email protected] and we can also put your case up on CAF. Pretty soon we will be able to run cases in the US.
      Many russian/Ukrainian women have been very kind and caring of me over these last 6 years. In case you do not know my fav#1 helped me save my life when I was suicidal and she is Ukrainian. I am not really very sure how things might have turned out if we had not met. She really helped me a great deal.
      I would be only too pleased to help out a good Russian man who has been criminally victimised by american women.

  23. This is just my two cents. I would never go around making false accusations, but the threat of rape and the fear of being raped do persist. At least where I am from it isn’t really decreasing, rather violent crimes are on the rise. while I do think people have to be aware of their decisions, like I do believe if both were drinking and at the same level of intoxication they are both liable for their choices (though this is moot if anyone is unconscious or unable to make a choice.) I also think though that men, you have to protect yourself and also make sure you have a willing partner. The reason I say this is because many women are still less likely to speak up strongly. So be aware of body language. Is she pulling away, shaking her head or has a closed body language? Stop.
    The reason I say this is too often I have been caught like a deer in headlights and trapped by someone making unwanted sexual advances on me. They’re mostly benign…Like someone trying to steal a kiss or such but they’re still really damaging and scary. I could have spoken up louder, this is true. But it’s not exactly easy to do when you’re shy to begin with.Women are still taught to be “nice girls” and this mentality often makes it hard to say something rude no matter how much the other person may be asking for it. If you want to lessen chances of being hit with a rape charge….You should make doubly sure there is always consent. I think this goes for women too as some are rather agressive in their advances as well. You may point and call me a feminist but in all honesty I believe in equality for both sexes….Equal treatment for both. Just some advice from a “friendly” Canadian gal.

    1. This is undeniably victim blaming males who are falsely accused of committing rape. It’s not the mans job to read between the lines and figure out if a woman is willing. If she says no then it means no, plain and simple, or if she’s incapacitated. Being too shy/polite to “say no” is not an excuse to send someone to prison. Not “saying yes” falls under that same category.
      If you even remotely think ” body language” in the absence of a stating “no”, (or an incapacitated or physically resistant partner) means grounds to hit someone with a rape charge then you are beyond reasoning with; to the tune of those idiot feminists who say “yes doesn’t always mean yes”

  24. I remember talking about this issue with a friend when we were in college in the early 2000s. It seems to have only gotten worse in the last decade. As a cop, I can pretty much confirm that this does in fact happen, a lot. Although my confirmation is anecdotal rather than empirical, I assure you its valid.

    1. Another point: I firmly believe that the statistics indicating 40-50 percent of claims are false, hell Id wager the precentages are even higher based on personal experince. The sad part is that the majority of legitimate rape and sex offense numbers are the ones against kids.

  25. I’m a college aged female and I used to think that rape was rape. Then something happened that changed my perspective entirely. A girl, a mutual friend, accused another mutual friend of rape. Her version of the story (well the first version) was that she told him that she didn’t want to have sex. Five hours later she was drunk and climbed on top of him and they did what college students do when they’re drunk at parties. She claimed that he should have respected the refusal she gave five hours earlier. She brought the case to court and her story changed every time she told it. Luckily for my friend (the male one, I no longer consider this girl to be a friend and now most of campus sees her for what she really is), the courts threw this accusation out, but not before there was a year of making this guy’s life a living hell. She would stalk him all over campus and because this guy was a decent human being, he believed her when she accused him of rape. It tore him apart. So whenever she would show up somewhere, he would leave. She loved this, she reveled in the power she had over him. She showed up to his 21st birthday party and basically ruined it for everyone, leading the birthday boy to lock himself in his dorm room for the rest of the night while she strutted outside like a peacock.
    TLDR, I now firmly believe that you are responsible for what you do when you are drunk. I look at this way: if you get behind a wheel of car and kill people, you’re responsible. Why should it be any different when you hop into bed?

    1. I’ve known women like this. As sad as it is some women claim rape so they don’t appear slutty. In my teens i slept with a girl after a party where she was clearly not drunk or even close to it. She had told me on other occasions that she wanted to, and told me that night. But because she liked me and i didn’t call her after that she started to say that i raped her. luckily this didn’t go far as one our mutual friends told her how fucked up it was to say that.

    2. the drinking & driving example is so fucking on point. I never thought about that before, great post.

      1. Welcome to the internet I guess. Porn is rampant as are the feminist. Stay away from 4chan and check out that twitter thing.

  26. American law enforcement have been getting federal pork bloating dollars for years now to use protocol perversions and semantics games to manufacture false statistics, and its finally snowballed into the now “Culture of false rape accusations. I believe that these manufactured statistics are not only a stain on American law enforcement, but may in fact be unconstitutional because it amounts to using state and federal dollars to manufacture a discrimination against any guy facing a false accusation.

  27. Although I disagree with a lot of what was said here, I will agree that feminism does a lot more harm than good. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with the idea of feminism, but it has gone from being the idea of equality to an excuse for bitter man haters to preach about what animals men are. And sure, after reading articles on this website I could understand why they might, but its only turned their cause into a complete joke to the point where women don’t even want to openly consider themselves feminists anymore.

  28. A girl doesn’t even have to be drunk to make a false rape accusation. I was 17 and I slept with my girlfriend at the time. She was the one who initiated and the one who pretty much took the lead. (note this wasn’t my first time sleeping with her we did many times before and if she really wanted to stop she said something and I would stop). Thing is after this time she regretted it (for who knows why, she seemed very into it while doing it like I said she took the lead), and not to long afterwards we broke up. Thing is after we broke up she started saying I raped her. She hasn’t went to the police yet but I know she’s contacted a few mutual friends about it. Most of those friends haven’t talked to me about it yet but they have seemed different around me.
    The thing is it’s not just about how much false rape accusations happen (though a percentage is important and research is also important), the thing is it happens and it ruins people’s lives. Any feminist that disagrees that it happens is a moron and any feminist that tries to silence the talk about how damaging it could be is a misandrist.

  29. What a piece of misogynic bullshit, you obviously don’t understand the severity of rape. There is a huge difference between committing a crime while intoxicated and being victimized while intoxicated, you don’t punish people for being victims, you punish the people who victimized them. Also, woman who make false reports definitely do get punishment, consider you listed woman who got prison sentences. Now, you statistic is BS because of the way it’s reported. The FBI’s reported rate is 8%, and that’s for UNFOUNDED, which means they might have still been raped, but they can’t prove it. What about all the unreported rapes? Many people are afraid to stand up for themselves because of the stigma, and this crap just makes it worse. You don’t know shit, blatantly lying through half the article as you contradict yourself.

    1. So if both parties are drunk, is one person more culpable than the other? What if it is two women? Who is guilty of rape then? Seriously, rape culture is a myth and needs to go away. the
      term “Rape culture” makes it sounds like we condone rape and put
      rapists on pedestals. When in reality, a man even accused of rape
      (Whether he did it or not) has his entire life destroyed. I have seen
      reports of men who were accused of this heinous crime, beaten and killed
      because of just the accusation. Friends abandon them and the man loses
      his job and lives in constant fear of society and even if he is found
      not guilty or the accuser admits to making it all up, the man’s life is
      still destroyed and in many cases the man needs to relocate to another
      city or commits suicide to escape the stigma. So tell me we live in a
      culture that condones rape and I can show you a hundred examples of men
      found to be innocent and had their lives destroyed even when exonerated.
      Also, I find it idiotic when I hear people talk about unreported rape statistics. How do you know how many rapes go unreported? They are unreported so there is nothing to base a statistic on. I mean really, I guess we can say that 80% of people don’t report people speeding down the road. It happens, but since we can’t prove it, we’ll make up the numbers that best fit our victim narrative.

      1. It’s been a year since I posted, and now that I know what Return of Kings even is I’m wondering how the hell I even ended up in this cesspool in the first place, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.
        Being drunk disallows consent in the same manner being underage disallows consent, that’s why statutory rape is a thing. If both parties are drunk, it wouldn’t be rape by default, but it could still clearly be rape. Again, back to the teenager analogy. There it depends on what happens, so a generalization can’t be made. We weren’t talking about such a situation here, when one person is drunk and the other person is not. It’s not the same as someone who drank nothing raping someone is unconscious, but it’s still clearly rape at that point.
        ‘”Rape culture” makes it sounds like we condone rape and put
        rapists on pedestals.’ If we call them rapists, of course not, but if you call it by another name it’s often passed by. Like saying it’s not rape if the girl was drunk, or the girl is responsible for whatever reason. The most blatant example was when some boys photographed themselves molesting a girl and were justly punished, it seemed more people complained about the boys getting punished than the fact the girl got molested.
        “When in reality, a man even accused of rape
        (Whether he did it or not) has his entire life destroyed.” Only if he is found guilty or there is significant publicity, generally neither happens even if he is guilty. It’s very hard to convict a rapist even if there is sufficent evidence because of the very fact of trying to avoid what you are saying. It’s even worse for men who are raped though, that’s what I find to be the biggest irony of all about this whole discussion. All you’re doing is making it go from extremely hard to impossible for a man who was raped to receive justice.
        “I have seen reports” And I have seen reports of women who were beaten and killed just for speaking about their rape. Your point?
        “So tell me we live in a culture that condones rape and I can show you a hundred examples of men found to be innocent ” Found to be innocent or not proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt? There is a HUGE difference. With rape, it’s very hard to prove guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
        “Also, I find it idiotic when I hear people talk about unreported rape statistics. ” If you actually read what I wrote, you would see I did no such thing. I just said there is a substantial amount of unreported rapes. You’re right, it’s impossible to get an exact number, we can only do estimates, but it’s obvious that a fair amount of rapes go unreported.

        1. Even if he is found not guilty, by the time the truth comes out, his family will have disowned him, his friends will have abandoned him and his employer will have fired him, and when it comes out he is not guilty, people will still look at him like he actually did it.
          It is not obvious that there are a fair amount of unreported rapes, as it can not be proven therefor that which can be proved without evidence can be dismissed for the same reason. 50% of black people don’t report being discriminated against. I can’t prove it so therefor my statistic is bullshit.

        2. “Even if he is found not guilty, by the time the truth comes out, his family will have disowned him” No, because it’s very unlikely the family will believe the claim of the women over that of their kin. If they do it’s merely a reflection of how they already thought about his character.
          “It is not obvious that there are a fair amount of unreported rapes” Yes, there is. There are plenty of people who will say they were raped, but not report it for numerous reasons. That’s the obvious evidence, it’s been proven right there.

          It’s impossible to measure exactly how many there are, but they are definitely there, and you’d be a fool to say otherwise.
          “50% of black people don’t report being discriminated against. ” There is no way to measure discrimination, but it’s pretty clear when someone has raped you. Your spewing BS because that’s what you are full of.
          “I can’t prove it so therefor my statistic is bullshit.” I never even gave a statistic, you idiot, so why are you dwelling on that? Technically the percentage you gave isn’t even a statistic as it’s not based on any data, I doubt you even know what a statistic is.

        3. Yeah, I’m the one full of Bullshit…….sure. You sound like one of those listen and believe feminist wackjobs. Look at the “Jackie” Rolling Stone article, that sort of thing is just the tip of the iceberg. Thousands of men are accused of rape every year. That includes everything from staring at her too long, to, actual penetration. Everything is rape now, even saying a woman looks beautiful. Even sitting with your legs slightly apart on a bus or train is “oppressive” to feminists. The whole argument is pointless though, because you are resorting to childish tactics.
          Also Yes I do know what a statistic is, I imagine my IQ is higher than your based on your specious arguments.

        4. “Yeah, I’m the one full of Bullshit…….sure. ” The fool thinks he is wise.
          “Thousands of men are accused of rape every year. ” Yeah, and thousands of men rape women every year, so I don’t see what your point is.
          “Everything is rape now, even saying a woman looks beautiful. ” It seems you are confusing rape with sexual harassment. While sexual harassment is no wear near as serious as rape, it is a widespread issue. Anyway, depending on how you tell a women she “looks beautiful” and in what context, it can certainly qualify as sexual harassment, albeit of a very mild sort.
          “That includes everything from staring at her too long” No, it does not. NO ONE believes that constitutes rape, that fact you think that is the reason people are being accused of rape goes to show how casually rape accusations are actually taken. No one is going to be disowned for being thought to have looked at a woman, unless of course the woman was staring in a porno and his family is extreme like that.
          “Even sitting with your legs slightly apart on a bus or train is “oppressive” to feminists.” All you’re good for is coming up with strawmen. It’s not oppressive, it’s just rude. It can be said the campaign against it has been rather sexist, women also do a bunch of inconsiderate stuff on the subway, I’ll give you that.
          “Also Yes I do know what a statistic is” Prove it. So far it’s seems pretty clear you only have a layman’s understanding of statistics, when means you don’t even know what a statistic technically is.
          “I imagine my IQ is higher than your” Yeah, you can imagine. 😛 IQ is meaningless anyway, but assuming you’re a random dude, than statistically speaking there is a 99% chance my IQ is higher than yours. Oh, and you mean “yours”. 😛

        5. And the insults start. OK You want to play that game, so be it.
          I’m truly impressed with how far your head has gone up your ass.
          Oh damn, correcting my grammar, You sure showed me. I’ll run away like a dog with it’s tail between it’s legs. Oh the humiliation of making one grammatical error! How shall I ever face the lads at the Grammar Nazi meetings?
          When someone knows they are not winning the argument, they will resort to nitpicking the smallest things in the other persons argument.
          BTW, Statistic- a fact or piece of data from a study of a large quantity of numerical data.
          Now, seeing as how you have nothing useful to add to this debate, I bid you good day and wish you luck extricating your head from your anus. I hear KY jelly will help quite a bit with that.

        6. “And the insults start.” They already started.
          “Oh damn, correcting my grammar, You sure showed me. ” I don’t give a damn about grammar, you just set yourself up by making an error while attempting to insult someone’s intelligence. It was a jab, a joke, nothing more. I did the actual debating in the other paragraphs.
          “Now, seeing as how you have nothing useful to add to this debate, I bid you good day and wish you luck extricating your head from your anus. ” Translation: “I have no counter to his refutation of my argument, so I’m going to throw a hissy fit and run away. “

        7. I actually had points and gave examples of false rape claims and you resorted to name calling and put downs. Who is having the hissy fit? Oh right Facts are a patriarchy construct designed to oppress women, I forgot.

  30. everyone has seen the radical and extremist feminists. everyone has also seen the radical and extremist muslims. despite the example these idiots are setting, feminism is believing in the equality of all genders. the women you are describing are misandrists and poison to the feminist goal. cases like this make it hard to get real justice when real rape happens, weather the victim is a man or a woman.

    1. Dictionary definitions don’t mean crap. Actions speak louder than words.
      When you are part of an ideology, and the “Radicals” in the group start
      spouting hate, and you sit back and say nothing to denounce those
      “radicals”, you are just as guilty of their hatred as they are. Want to
      prove you aren’t hateful people, start shouting down those who call for
      the extermination of men, or think that all men are the enemy. Until you
      do that, we can’t tell you, from them.

    2. NO. You don’t get to re-define a movement that is decades old. It is too late. Feminism stands for exactly what it has said and pushed for over 30 years, not what is now convenient for you to say. Your position is academically bankrupt.

  31. You forgot to mention that when a man is accused of rape he is guilty until proven innocent.

  32. If I may ask, is it illegal for my ex (We dated over a year) to threaten to call the cops and tell them I raped her unless I deleted a tweet saying she gave another guy a bj a week after we broke up and that I made the right choice by splitting from her? Would that be blackmail? Emotional Blackmail? Should I take action before she goes any further?
    Rape is too easy of a term to use nowadays and I’ve noticed some women use the word like it’s some get out of jail free card for guilt, regret, etc.

  33. What sick sad liars you are. False rape accusations are, at worst, no more than any other false crime accusations: 5-8%.

        1. If you don’t refute a statement with facts, figures or even any attempt at sound reasoning why should anyone accept your assertion as truth?
          You also provided no statistics for your opening remarks stating that it wouldn’t be higher than any other crime. Which you’ve never provided anything anyone could confirm for themselves.
          Citation necessary.

        1. From this document…
          ”Of course, in reality, no one knows—and in
          fact no one can possibly know—exactly
          how many sexual assault reports are false.”
          Narrowing that down get’s an estimated 2-8% which is not necessarily correct.
          There’s also the issue of allegations that are dismissed for being malicious or inconsistent or incomplete which further complicates matter.
          That said. Let’s say that 8% was the highest figure, that means that 8% of alleged assaults never happened. Which is why it’s important not to jump to conclusions about someone’s guilt and ostracise and punish them before criminal process is completed.
          You also fail to make any mention that females are seldom held accountable for false rape accusations.
          For instance we can watch a woman make a false accusation on tv…

        2. Oh look it’s a baseless ad hominem attack…
          I provided an example of a woman showing that she feels like she can get away with making an obviously false rape charge against a man in spite in open court with no consequences and you try and insult me.
          Which is both pointless and meaningless as it’s both incoherent and infantile.

  34. Hi I just wanted to point out that 5 months ago I was falsely accused … but today the public prosecution office threw the case out … I’m very glad it’s all over but for five months after the arrest life was very hard … and a devastating blow on my contact with women .. its not there fault but I never want the same thing to happen to me again .

  35. First off, false rape accusations are only 2%-8%. Second, it’s against the law to give a false rape accusation so yes there are penalties. This site is a joke.

    1. Um, people now have the internet. Sorry. Your desperate attempt to push a known lie will now fail every single time.

  36. How very sad – the girls who lie & articles such as these making it seem like all females are out to destroy males. Is it not important to find out the real numbers, or why this is happening?
    How can a statistic hold up with numbers like 10-50 % ? That’s a ridiculous margin. If you were talking money, & the interest rate was 10- 50% would you rely on that? You’d walk away from the deal. You are writing an article on very flimsy information.
    Should the accuser get punished, if caught making a fake report? Absolutely. Even if people agree that it’s unfair to the real victims, the tone of the article doesn’t convince me of that.
    There’s plenty of crimes falsely reported- not just rape. There’s plenty of reasons for it too. It’s not all neat and tidy, like she just got mad I didn’t want to hang out.
    If you narrow the definition of rape, that could be a slippery slope, but it also could make real victims not come forward. What if she did consent and during sex, the man decided to get rough, do something she wasn’t comfortable with, or maybe she just wanted to stop. Would you consider that rape? I do. If a man suddenly started hurting me, and I don’t want to be with him anymore, he should stop.
    If I discuss having sex with a guy, easier in the night, but decide I don’t want to, that’s my choice.
    Why can’t there just be basic morals and common sense? If she is drinking and acting confused, be a gentleman. I’ve also been out with men, that push large amounts of drinks on me. I say I’ve had enough, but some women might not.
    If you’re worried about what she’ll do the next day, why can’t people make it clear, this is only for fun. No confusion. Regardless a guy being a “jerk” and not calling, still isn’t a reason to accuse him of a terrible crime.
    My point is, the answer isn’t limiting what rape is. Even if you are dating, no one has a right to make you do something.
    Maybe there does need to be repercussions that punish false accusers. It might make them think twice before filing a report. I also think both names should not be public.
    Seriously though, don’t think that this is the goal of women. This is clearly something a normal person would not do. If we start acting like the opposite sex is out to get us, out won’t help anyone. I know too many people that become jaded by the opposite sex, and they end up very unhappy.

    1. simply be careful when choosing… it sad that false rapes, which happens a lot some say even 50% of all reports, is downplayed.

    2. Statistics can’t be more specific because the system is broken. In the vast majority of false accusation cases the women are told not to do that again and the issue is simply closed and no record is kept (especially since there are no consequences to making a false accusation). Also, we all know rape and sexual assault are very difficult to prove – but they are even more difficult to disprove, especially since the only one trying to disprove the accusation is the poor guy whose life is being ruined – so when she can’t prove her false accusation he’s just left with the life wrecking hint of wrong doing and, again, no record since officially there was no proof one way or the other (and who would be brave enuf to tell a woman they don’t believe her story of rape unless there was absolute proof. Not in our rape culture society! Wouldn’t dare, no matter how obvious the lie!) And then there are all the people out there that make sure the true stats don’t get out because it doesn’t suit their agenda (I can’t count how many times I’ve read the stat about the percentage of unreported rapes. How can anyone count what Hasn’t been Reported?!! How stupid for so many to accept something so dumb, without question because those with an agenda keep drilling the message in). . I am also a woman and I find it hard to imagine that any honest woman would be able to say that she doesn’t know of at least one (but more likely, many more than one) case of a woman she personally knows who has either falsely accused a man of sexual assault or, at a minimum, tells a greatly exaggerated story or two of some guy who sexually assaulted her. Of course it happens. All the time. Sometimes from a genuinely confused or näive woman and sometimes from evil, spiteful bunny burners.
      And your comment about lots of falsely reported crimes…As a society, we have marked rape as one of the most heinous crimes a man can commit so, a woman can destroy a man’s reputation, relationships with friends and family, career – his entire life – simply by accusing him of rape. And that’s a problem. How many times in a movie or tv show have you seen that scene where the woman says “do what I’m telling you or I’m going to yell RAPE!!”. Sadly, after decades of this message being pounded into all of us woman know the power it gives them and the smart men know it’s something to worry about it.

  37. I think some feminists egos grow so big, they believe & preach to others that women should have the upper hand in everything! I had a friend like that. She started off with wanting equality for all, then the more feminists she met & the more she got into it, the more aggressive she became about the topic. She even went as far as to look up an ex boyfriend & wanted to make rape charges against him because when they dated he was 18 & she was 16!!

    1. I think, once again, that you seem fixated on feminists. Why is that? Do you have a
      lot of male “friends” who have been falsely accused of rape? It could be that you are
      your own problem.

  38. I have a good friend of mine, just 34yrs old & he will sit in prison for the next 14yrs of his life because his obsessive, physco ex girlfriend made false rape charges against him. but not just any rape. Rape on a child! Which is even more easy for a women to get away with. The word of a child in a case like this can over shadow EVERYTHING!! There was no physical evidence & even one of the dates that she said one of the “incident” took place, my friend had full proof he was with his new girlfriend! They haven’t talked in years & she came out of no where with these accusations. Whether a rape has to do with an adult or a child, the court system, CPS (Child Protective Services) and DA’s are serious misandrists! Crying rape is an easy ‘Go To’ revenge tactic for scorned, jealous & bitter women. Just look up the story on Brian Banks. Not only did his accuser get away with false rape, she put him in prison, she sued the school district saying the school’s hallways were unsafe because that where her fake rape took place. Something has to be done about this!! It’s not fair we throw the lives away of innocent men just based on a women’s word alone. 🙁

    1. There are probably false arrests for every sin that has ever existed. Your story may be
      true, or made up, or made up by the inmate or the accuser. What would you suggest.
      I find it hard to believe that a man would be convictedof rape if there was no evidence.
      Are you trying to tell us that there was no-nonvirgin child, no incriminating semen,
      no bashes and bruises on the child? I find that very hard to believe. Maybe someone
      was lying.
      However, it is possible that there was a false arrest. That is why everyone of us should
      be against the death penalty. Mistakes are made.
      And maybe your problem is that you don’t know how to judge a man when you
      see him. You wouldn’t be the first woman to be taken in.

  39. {rtf1ansiansicpg1252
    {fonttblf0fnilfcharset0 HelveticaNeue;}
    f0fs28 cf2 cb3 expnd0expndtw0kerning0
    outl0strokewidth0 strokec2 My son is being accused of rape by a girl he dated from work. She pursued him after his recent break up a long term relationship. They dated a couple months, had consensual sex and she started showing her true colors so they broke up. At first she wanted to remain “friends”. Then he got back together with his old girlfriend and their consensual sex became rape.
    It’s been 6 months and she has told all his co-workers of the alleged event, but not the police. My son went to management at their place of employment and with his manager they called the police about her statements. Police talked with both of them separately and she refused to press charges.
    He is being harassed by her.
    Where does HE get help to stop her and her slander.

  40. Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse or other forms sexual penetration initiated against one or more individuals without the consent of those individuals. The act may be carried out by physical force, coercion, abuse of authority or against a person who is incapable of valid consent, such as one who is unconscious, incapacitated, or below the legal age of consent.
    Funny how only women are considered incapacitated when they are drunk but not men. If 2 drunk lesbians have sex, are they both raping each other?

  41. Thank you so much, Frost, for writing and sharing this article. False rape allegations are a very important and often ignored issue. Thank you.

  42. It’s funny to me that you would use the phrase “consensual conquest,” so early in this piece to describe your sexual encounter as conquest implies that you physically dominated the girl (or at least coerced her), therefore dismissing the consent portion of that statement. And by funny I mean a severely screwed up contradiction. I honestly didn’t read much beyond that for such a reason.
    I did peruse the statistics and noticed one of your conclusions was to not date feminists, though. I haven’t yet followed up on the statistics, but thought the feminists bit was interesting as I’ve dated many feminists and have never been accused of rape or anything close; actually, it’s my experience that they just have a more thorough and complete understanding of consent, and are better able to articulate what that is and what they do and do not want. Since consent is based on communication and knowledge, such things would seem important. You sort of suggest that, in a slightly twisted way, by talking about written/texted documents and such, but seem more concerned with having physical evidence of consent than you do with having actual, legitimate consent.
    Granted, I know infinitely more occurrences of rape that have either never come out publicly for fear of the response, or were largely dismissed by most people involved when they were, so maybe that makes me biased. But then again, with every sincere conversation I have on the subject, the pool of people that confirm those experiences only widens.
    There is so much more to say about this, but maybe I’ll just leave it at this for now… If someone is intoxicated, that means their ability to think critically is impaired in such a way that sleeping with them may actually be taking advantage of their mental state. And if you’ve ever gotten someone drunk in order to sleep with them, you’ve basically committed premeditated rape. The line that consent presents is fluid and can be given and retracted constantly, so maintaining constant communication about what those involved want is important. Seriously, learning to be honest about what you want and listening to what others want makes things so much better. If we can all be involved in trying to be honest without the crutch of alcohol, too, it can make things a lot clearer, too.
    I’m reluctant to leave it at that, but a good place to start in better understanding this stuff beyond most of what has been written on this page is simply reading a pamphlet on consent. Not that it should matter, either, but I am critical of feminism, though not for the misguided stereotypes offered by the writer and commenters.

    1. Wow. Are you really a guy? Or a (very young) woman pretending to be a guy? Just that you really talk like a woman (btw I am a woman myself) and if you are, I just wonder why the pretense? Do you think a man would be more credible and if so, where’s your feminist pride? Anyway…such a fuss over the word “conquest”. Surely you can understand that the word, right or wrong, has been used as jargon meaning basically the equivalent of “score” or maybe you would prefer “consensual sexual intercourse” but honestly, it just doesn’t read as well. You lost most of your credibility, for me, on that first silly argument so I won’t bother with much else except to say thanks for the laugh on the “premeditated rape”. That was pretty funny – until I think how many women out there would love to take that seriously. Sigh.

  43. This is really sad, and these bs allegations tear apart families and relationships… My long time partner n i have just recently been through the whole thing inc court and my partner was found Not Guilty unanimously within 45 mins… Now my ex husband wont allow me to see my children and my parnter is still being accused by the public. Is there anything i can do legally to stop this??

  44. A 1997 survey of 421 psychologists estimated a polygraph’s average accuracy at about 61%, a little better than chance. An underlying problem is theoretical: There is no evidence that any pattern of physiological reactions is unique to deception. An honest person may be nervous when answering truthfully and a dishonest person may be non-anxious. Most psychologists and other scientists agree that there is little basis for the validity of polygraph tests. Courts, including the United States Supreme Court (U.S. v. Scheffer, 1998), have repeatedly rejected the use of polygraph evidence because of its inherent unreliability. Polygraph tests have also been criticized for failing to trap known spies such as double-agent Aldrich Ames, who passed two polygraph tests while spying for the Soviet Union. Other spies who passed the polygraph include Karl Koecher, Ana Belen Montes, and Leandro Aragoncillo.
    Also Kanin has kept secret what police force he was studying. No other researcher has ever had the chance to verify Kanin’s findings and claims. There is no indication that Kanin attempted to interview any of the alleged false rape accusers or in any way attempted to independently verify anything he was told by the “small town” police. Kanin also implies that the recanters were told they’d be charged with filing false reports, but does not report the outcome of those charges.
    In other words, Kanin’s “study” consists of Kanin uncritically reporting the claims of a single police force in a small, unidentified city, without those claims having been checked or verified in any way whatsoever. Kanin’s study lacked any kind of systematic methodology and did not independently define a false report, instead recording as false any report which the police department classified as false.
    So do excuse me if I think that the polygraph Kanin “study” mentioned pretty much means little to nothing. Linking the opinion’s of some guy with a podcast doesn’t do much to convince me either.
    Most legitimate studies find false rape accusations to be in the single digits.

  45. False rape accusation and paternity fraud, the two most evil things women can do to men, among other shitty things they do to screw men over also.

  46. I am a 20 year old college student. This summer I had one of the worst possible thing a college male student could face, I was wrongly accused of rape. I was at a house party with my 3 best dude friends, we invited 9 girls to the party, 5 of the 9 we knew quite well. As the party went on, One of the girl’s hooked up with my dude friend 2 times this summer only this time my dude friend was not trying to hook up with her and was trying to hook up with another girl. This girl realized that at the party and brought a handle of beefeater london Gin bottle she stole from a wedding the prior week and planned on drinking it. With the realization He was not trying to hook up with her, she went started pouring me shots of her gin in a red cup and offered multiple shots with me telling me to drink with her. I proceeded and as time went by we took 8-9 shots of gin from the red cups. She then proceeded to lean on me and flirt with me with the realization the guy who she hooked up with in the past was no longer interested. She told me personal stories about her college times and I sort’ve shrugged her off and proceeded to party with my friends. Time went by, I went to the other room to smoke weed with my friends but I ended being so drunk I kicked over the bong and broke it before smoking anything. After i left the smoking room, I went to the couch in the basement where the 9 girls and 3 other guys were at and The one girl who kept pouring me shots was past out. I sat down on the couch as she puked on my shirt. Me n my dude friend carried her to the basement guest bedroom where she past out. Me being 8-9 shots in, I was extremely drunk and on the verge of passing out too. I went outside first to smoke a cigarette with another girl and guy friend and then proceeded to the basement bathroom where I took a piss and then realized how drunk I was and was on the verge of passing out myself as I am a lightweight when it comes to drinking. The bathroom is connected to the basement guest bedroom, I opened the door to go pass out and forgot or just at the time was not attentive to the fact that we put the girl who kept giving me shots in there also. I nudged her pretty hard and woke her up enough for her to realize who I was as i told her who it was and what i was trying to do which was to move her over so I could pass out also. She said my name and i responded yes? “kiss me” she told me, debating, i decided to kiss her. She was responsive and kissed back as we were french kissing for about 5 minutes. I proceeded to take our clothes off and she did not refuse or say anything like “stop” or “no” as she wasn’t wearing a bra so it was relatively easy to take her clothes off. I proceeded to finger her for her pleasure as she moaned. When I am extremely drunk like I was I get whiskey dick (unable to get an erection while drunk) and knew we were not going to have sex or I was going to get a blow job from her as I remained unhard throughout the whole time. Being naked and kissing her while I was fingering her, One of the girls at the party was trying to get into the guest bedroom through the bathroom door, being naked, i immediately ran towards the door to stop her from coming in as I didn’t know who it was and didn’t want her to see me naked. I held the door shut with my body against the door and proceeded to not say anything and to first get my clothes back on before I tell them how we were hooking up. After they stopped trying to get in, i frantically looked everywhere for my pants and a lightswitch. I couldn’t find a light switch as I was 8-9 shots in and tried to look for one in the dark but couldnt find it. I went to look for my pants but couldn’t find those either. By the time I went to see what the girl who gave me shots was doing she past out again and this time wouldn’t wake up. I didn’t know what to do so I kept looking for my pants first and then would try to clothes her. Eventually the girls and one of my guy friends got through the guest bedroom door and found me naked looking for my pants. Being so drunk at the time I didn’t think they thought i raped her as I had the conscience of i didnt because i didnt. My dude friend who is the owner of the house found the light switch and helped me put my pants back on while i was sitting on the bed as the girl who gave me shots once again woke up sortve and puked on my pants once again. My guy friend brought me upstairs and gave me a shirt and i passed out immediately in the guest bedroom upstairs. Not thinking any thing was wrong i went to sleep, I was awaken by the cops who said one of the girls called the police on me for rape as they also took the girl who kept giving me shots to the hospital who at the time had a .22 BAC. The cops brought in their investigators and I figured once the girl who gave me shots woke up at the hospital would tell the people that she was not raped and that she asked me to kiss her as we proceeded to hook up. I told the cops this exact story as I didnt think i was guilty of anything and they kept telling me “confessed you had sex with her and raped her” i repetitively told them no, we did not have sex and it was her who wanted to hook up. I told them i fingered her while she was awake and they slapped another charge on me of “penetration with a digital object” charge. I could not believe the girl didnt come forward and say she was not raped as I am sure a girl can tell if they had sex the night before. she claims “she doesn’t remember anything” from I’ve heard and I got out on bond for 5,000$ for ea. charge also w/ a SCRAM alcohol bracelet monitoring around my ankle on my time out on bond. My friends no longer talk to me as they’re now witnesses. The girl who called the hospital and police I’ve hooked up with in the past and almost the exact same thing happened. We hooked up in a dark room, both extremely drunk, i took her clothes off and i fingered her while we hooked up and was stopped as somebody was trying to come in only this time she remained conscience as this girl did not. My parents hired one of the best lawyers in the area and I am now fighting this case. I cannot believe I am in this situation and reading this article of how false rape happens more often then people think puts me at ease a bit. Everyday i wake up I just get so mad that i am in this situation as i have no prior record of any sort and am (not to be cocky or anything) an attractive male who got the hottest girls at my High School to be my GF’s and prom dates etc. These 9 girls all went to my HS including the 3 dude friends. Any advice of what I should do or how I can prove this was consensual would be much appreciated. God bless you all and after this I am never drinking again praying to god i get through this.

  47. There’s a much easier way. 1)Don’t have sex with someone you’re not married to. 2)Don’t be alone for prolonged periods with someone you might be accused of sexing up. Ta da!

  48. I think the stats provided here are pretty much bullshit and really
    don’t buy the premise that false rape accusations are common. However,
    getting proof of consent isn’t such a bad idea. Making sure you really
    DO have consent before proceeding is an even better idea…in fact, it’s
    essential. If you have any doubts that the person you are having sex
    with really wants to have sex with you or is really able to know if they
    want to have sex with you, then DON’T FUCKING DO IT. It’s that simple.
    And I’d also suggest not having sex with someone under false premises,
    whether stated or implied. Don’t want a relationship? Say so before
    you fuck. By doing this, you will avoid a huge amount of post-sex anger
    and regret (and possible rape accusations), and generally be a better
    person. Of course this doesn’t protect you from the truly malicious or crazy, but it certainly will exponentially decrease your chances.

  49. Interesting posting, although I find most of this site pretty dumb.
    When I was younger, I had a neighbor who accused me of “seducing” her. Not quite rape, but today, she probably would have said that.
    Suzie had a boyfriend and he was out of town, or that had had a fight or something. Anyway, it was 3 AM and some drunk jerk was banging on the neighbor’s door looking for “Melissa” who moved out a year earlier. He woke everyone up. I finally leaned out the window and told him “Melissa” moved out a year ago. He finally left.
    Anyway, the walls were paper thin at this place, and my neighbor comes over and asked what went on, and I explained it to her. She is in a nightgown and says, “You want to come over for some hot cocoa?”
    So, stupidly I do, and she has an efficiency and we are sitting on her bed. One thing leads to another and we are making out and all, and it gets pretty hot and heavy. And she was into it – never said “No” or “Stop” or anything like that. In fact, she was removing MY clothes in the process!
    So, I figured it was consensual sex, right? And the next week, her boyfriend shows up and they move in together and I never talked to her too much after that.
    Six months later I am helping another neighbor move and we are packing boxes and stuff and his wife is being really nasty to me. I finally say, “What’s up with your wife?” and he says -after a lot of prodding – “Suzie next door says you seduced her!”
    So I confront the wife and ask WTF is going on. So we sit down and I tell her my side of the story and she tells me what Suzie said. And what apparently happened was that Suzie wanted to marry her boyfriend, and she was afraid, I guess, that I would be bragging that I nailed Suzie one night and her boyfriend would get mad.
    So she told the neighbor lady that I “seduced” her – unwillingly or something, and that she was not a slut or anything, but was taken advantage of. This was in 1985 or so. Today, she would have cried “Rape!” I think.
    I was shocked when I heard this. My friend and his wife both thought I was some kind of rapist. And the really sick part was, I realized _there was no way I could prove it one way or the other_.
    In fact, the more I thought about it, the more scared I got. Suppose Suzie was just a psycho who didn’t like me? She could raise these false allegations and I would be screwed for life – go to jail, not be able to get a job. Kiss that law degree goodbye.
    And even then, many people were arguing that when it came to rape allegations that _the woman’s story should always be believed_ and the man’s discounted. In other words, if it came down to the one person’s word against another’s, the woman should always win.
    Well, that was 30 years ago. But it made me realize that false allegations of rape DO EXIST. There are some radicals out there who say that ANY claim of rape is ALWAYS TRUE as “women would never lie about this.”
    That is scary.
    The rest of this site is really utter trash – guys who can’t get laid who go to strip clubs and hire hookers? Sheesh. I can get more pussy than that, and I’m Gay. You guys need to really get a life. I mean, you spend all your time talking with each other like some sort of sick bromance. Methinks you are even gayer than I am.

  50. I think this article makes important points, but there are aspects of it I can’t agree.
    As far as redefining rape goes, I agree some people want to make he definition to lose, but I don’t wan it being as strict as it was in more archaic times either. For one thing we need that in order for people to realize women can be Rapists.
    And we shouldn’t oppose Feminists, there are plenty of Feminists who are rational people and will accept what this article has to say if it didn’t come off so antagonistic to Feminisim. It is in fact because of Patriarchal gender double standards that false acusations are a problem, when people think of women as inherently innocent victiims.

  51. Two people drinking and having consensual sex is not rape. Though a sober guy preying on intoxicated women is a different story. Even if the drunk consents how does the guy know she isn’t black out drunk? That is fucking rape. This article really pissed me off. Its only been even in the last 20 years that women have even been taking seriously about rape. On top of it one of the most common side effects of trauma from rape is memory problems. Which this has been observed repeatedly in people suffering from trauma. Just because her story changes does mean it was not rape or it did not happen. In addition the very fact that you have pressure someone into sex which they didn’t want to do but get pressured into doing is rape because this is the very boundary in which is being set and which feminist are trying to clarify because of the lack of respect for a women word. No means No. This hasn’t disappear this boundary has only began to exist. Here’s an idea so worried about false rape. Why not just not rape anyone? If you think it might be considered rape why not just go jack off instead? This article makes it seem like all women are just out to get men on false rape charges. When its consensual that doesn’t happen unless she fucked in head but than that’s saying that 40% of the women population is out to falsify rape? Not only that here is another statistic for you world wide being born a girl in today society their is a 80% chance of being rape before the age of 30 and half of the girls will be sexual assaulted before the age of 18. In addition to that, only 6% of rape claims are rapist convicted. This article is complete misogynistic and badly research is very much bias to the male side of the spectrum. Do you know we still live in a world where women can be stone to death for being victims of rape and some countries don’t even have a illegal age of consent?

    1. Um no…not 40% of the population of women. 40% of the women who accuse a man of rape. That’s a fairly enormous distinction. And your ridiculous comment “if you’re so worried about false rape charges just don’t rape”. Um no…FALSE charges..get it?! So maybe what you mean is just don’t ever have sex? Seems like maybe a better idea would be to fix a system where a man’s life can be destroyed because we’ve decided women are somehow simultaneously equal to men and yet such weak, helpless, useless children that we can’t be trusted to make a decision about having sex if we have had a few drinks. The guy, of course, is expected to be strong enough that he is responsible for making sure the sex doesn’t happen, making the decision for himself and for her poor helpless little self too, even if that means he has to fight off her advances, and this is regardless of how much he has had to drink. SHE is not capable of consent if she has been drinking but HE is capable of consent on behalf of himself and her too. What the hell kind of “equality” is that?!

  52. Interesting that you focus on the two studies that make super high estimates, whose methodologies have been widely criticised, and ignore other studies that put it as low as 3%. You leave out the fact that false rape accusation prevalence is, if you look at ALL the studies worldwide, somewhere between 3 and 10%. Then add into that all the rapes that go unreported, and we have a situation where false rape accusations are an even smaller piece of the picture.
    You included as legitimate the idea that a fat woman could not have beem raped because of the lack of manoeuvrability of her body. Another woman in Italy was told the same thing – that her jeans were too tight to have been removed. With that kind of culture in law enforcement, it’s interesting to try and understand what in the minds of police officers is defined as ‘false.’
    Police can choose whether to go after people for making vexatious complaints in these cases just like any other – the idea that there is a blanket policy of no retribution is just as false as Kanin’s study. If you were being ingenuous you would have looked at a much wider range of studies. You have no business being a writer with such poor research methods. Shame on you.

    1. So you say the author uses the statistics that don’t speak to his agenda and then follow that by saying “if you look at all the studies worldwide” and then ignore the stats that don’t fit Your agenda! You acknowledged that the studies he uses do exist so obviously all the reports worldwide show numbers between 3% and 50%.
      Ps: in·gen·u·ous/ˌinˈjenyo͞oəs/ innocent and unsuspecting…(not sure that word means what you think it means cause it doesn’t really make sense in that sentence)

  53. “Personally, I would much rather be raped than spend a decade or more in prison.”
    I am glad this is your opinion, but ask this question to a woman who was nearly killed while being raped which she would choose and ask her how she feels mentally and emotionally. Ask her if she thinks she will ever trust a man again and ask her how the rest of her life since the rape is going for her?

    1. Personally I’d rather actual rape wasn’t trivialized by malicious people pissed off at ex’s and people who didn’t grant them the time of day and that if found guilty of maliciously using the system in such a despicable way were punished to discourage any further stupidity.

  54. Feminism is about equality, women having the same rights as men. Why is this article and some of the commenters anti feminism?

    1. Because the theory and actions of feminism seems wildly contradictory and for better or worse we’ve seen more feminist hypocrisy than we’ve seen ‘true feminists’.

  55. That’s what ticks me off about my college the most: Not only do they not talk about men who get falsely accused and have to spend their lives in jail, but they believe that consent cannot be given when intoxicated. As a woman I believe that anyone who decides to get themselves drunk, then whatever decision they make and the consequences as a result is their fault. If a woman is willing to drink herself stupid and then willing to have sex, then she shouldn’t say, “This guy raped me!” She should be accountable for her own actions. Why blame the man when its not his fault?

  56. All of these statistics are copy and pasted from the Wikipedia article on false rape accusations:
    The author has only included those studies in the minority that reported a rate of false accusations higher than around ten percent. Each of the studies he chooses to manipulatively discuss here are discredited in the same Wikipedia article. This author is choosing to see what he wants to see and promote a biased lie to his readers.

  57. Happy to be older and out of the dating world., There are two things going on here now, 1st, women are being empowered to come forward and press rape charges, and 2nd, more and more men are being falsely accused of rape. Maybe some correlation there? Perhaps?
    The thing is …. what is rape in an individual woman’s eyes today? It would seem that now, when a girl makes a mistake, either by getting drunk, or otherwise, and she regrets having sex with some guy, she thinks she can go ahead and just turn that guilt into rape allegations against her ‘regret’. And what about the cases of scorned women? Whether it be a relationship break up, or, a miscommunication on what last night really was (i.e. one night stand in the guys mind …. but maybe wasn’t in hers). So now, scorned and feeling empowered, the girl decides its time to destroy that guys life!
    Rape is never OK – think most of us will agree. But with the push for women to come forward every time, and make sure they file charges, what’s happened as too many loonies have managed to weasel their way in, and will accuse an ex, or a one night stand, of rape now. It ends up being yet another liability that men have to deal with now. One more reason not to trust a woman. One more reason to come between relationships.

  58. If a woman ever accuses you of rape and it goes to trial, we know the courts hate men so your guilty before the trial even started!!
    In order to get less jail time and JUSTICE, buy a gun and put a BULLET in her fucking head! You will serve less time in jail and you will get rid of the witness (fake rape charge dropped)!

  59. I believe in the laws need to be changed. laws are against men’s rights.If there is no one to prove that you did nothing you have no choice but to take a plea and only spend part of your life in jail . I live it everyday waiting for my husband to come home.Shoot I wander if I will live that long. I Pray for change for all men.

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