6 Tips For Making Speed Dating Work For You

Of all the ways in which culturally brainwashed beta males are encouraged to meet with women who may deign to glance at them momentarily before opting for the dude with ripped jeans and gleaming pecs, speed dating must surely be among the worst.

Any set-up where men are forced to sit meekly at desks while overly-entitled, overly carb-fed women clump up and down expecting to be entertained and making their dead-eyed acolytes jump accordingly doesn’t sound like my kind of deal.

However, last week I went to my first ever speed-dating event for a magazine article I was writing and I was surprised to find that – despite many drawbacks – it wasn’t all bad. While I would never recommend speed dating as any man’s sole sexual strategy—it has nothing on good, old-fashioned cold approaching—as an occasional supplement to ones main diet it has its advantages.

For one thing, from what I observed, the pool of men that you are competing with for the choicest women would appear to be dismal at best. At the event I attended, an aging punk in a pork pie hat and a friendly but clueless building supervisor in a shiny, ill-fitting suit were my main opponents. Compared to Vegas or Ibiza, this is a walk in the park.

Not that the women were anything to write home about – apparently speed dating is a pastime largely favoured by post-wall divorcees anxious to wield a little power again. But amongst the trash there were a few cute girls who I was able to vibe with and obtain contact details from with relative ease.

The other advantage of speed dating – perhaps its principle one – is that there’s no need to approach. You just sit there and the women come to you. This frees you up to concentrate on verbal sparring, eye contact and light touch, and could actually provide the game newbie with a useful opportunity to practice these.

If you decide that speed dating is for you, or the opportunity comes up for you to try it, here are six handy tips for how best to maximise your chances.

1. Get Physical Immediately

touch boob

No, don’t touch her breasts. When she comes over stand up, shake her hand firmly then pull her in and kiss her on both cheeks. Doing so will demonstrate that you are a confident guy who is not afraid to touch her. It will also begin to break down the invisible “touch-barrier” that exists between men and women who haven’t yet been introduced, putting you in a good position for later.

2. Maintain Strong, Flirtatious Eye Contact


I’ve written about this in detail before so I won’t labour on the point, but just remember that eye contact is absolutely key, and it can lift a workaday getting-to-know you conversation into the realms of a sexy one-on-one liaison.

Don’t stare at her like a loon – allow your eyes to shift to the side from time to time, or better, gaze around the room every now and then – but do imagine giving her the rough and tumble while you’re looking at her.

3. Talk Loudly


Fuck the people around you – you’re never going to see them again and if you do, so what? They’re sad sacks who go speed dating. Talk loudly and confidently and command the environment. You’ve got five minutes to show her you’re a boss so don’t wimp out – use it.

4. Demand Her Contact Details Before Your Time Is Up


The rules will vary depending on the nature of the event you’re at, but if you’re allowed to swap contact details at the end of your session then simply put your phone on the table, slide it across to her and say “I’ve heard enough. Digits.”

If you are compelled to wait until later then be similarly up-front and unapologetic. Brazenness wins you points, and after all, why not be brazen? These women have put themselves forward to be picked up so you may as well deliver.

5. Don’t Bother With Meta Gags About The Odd Nature Of The Situation


Yes, the situation is weird and artificial and all the rest. But don’t bother to appraise your date of this stunning insight. Rest assured that every other guy she’s spoken to will already have done so. Instead, go for off the wall conversational gambits and flirty teasing with a few well-timed sexualised double-entendres to spice things up. Whatever you do, you must ensure you stand out from the crowd. Fortunately this won’t be difficult.

6. Realise That Even With Minimal Game Knowledge You Are Streets Ahead of Every Other Guy There


It’s true – most men present will be eunuchs, cajoled by society into thinking that kowtowing to blubbery land whales is the best they can expect for their love lives. You, with your reading of ROK and other sources and your interest in game, are streets ahead and will be able to pick off the cream with ease, so be confident.

While I cannot wholeheartedly endorse speed-dating, I now recognise that it has certain advantages – namely available single women, no approach anxiety and lacklustre competition – and can therefore say that it is worth a go for fun on an off-night.

And who knows, if you follow the guidelines I’ve set out here, you may even benefit from a low-investment bang. But remember – there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and no seemingly “easy option” for meeting women is a substitute for learning game.

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128 thoughts on “6 Tips For Making Speed Dating Work For You”

  1. ‘5. Don’t Bother With Meta Gags About The Odd Nature Of The Situation’
    haha. yeah, self-irony can really make you look like a whelp.

  2. Did anyone catch the Tom Leykis show last night with Adam Sacks?
    Holy shit, the guy on the other end of the phone was complaining about how his wife is divorcing him and how his 17 year old daughter is accusing him of sexually molesting him and now taking him to court.
    The poor bastard. If this is not proof that a lot of women are pure evil, than I don’t know what is.

    1. Typo correction: “molesting her and now taking him to court.”
      Fuck dating. The last thing any man wants is his bank accounts drained and money wasted on the pursuit of pussy.

      1. Actually most men enjoy going out with women. It’s this strange quirk we have that has, oddly, led to the propagation of the species. Weird, I know right?

        1. Most men enjoy fucking women. More and more are realizing that the who “going out” part really kind of sucks. And are either trying to jump right to fucking (learn Game) or just give up on them all together (MGTOW).

        2. I believe Fortney wrote an article on MGTOW guys who try and defy the art of mating rituals through their anti propagation anti female initiative aka mangina loserism lol

        3. Understood. The OP seems to be the kind who eschews women entirely (“wasted on the pursuit of pussy”). Hey man, if I can get laid for the price of a 20 minute country ride on the motorcycle and the price of an ice cream cone, that’s a pretty good deal. Turns out, pussy feels really nice.

        4. Yeah, saw that. I’ve made similar observations about them (the totally eschewing pussy types) being the end goal of feminism. That never goes over well.

        5. I believe most of these MGTOW types are the rare “purple pill” people who are trying to transition from blue to red pill but are doing so in a blue bill approach.
          The rest are probably just closet homos lol.

        6. On the contrary- I enjoy getting layed all the time. The only difference is that I have a f-buddy. Which I’m guessing most guys don’t have.
          But I don’t have the time or the energy and money to waste on bullshit like dating. Fucking waste of time and money. F-buddies are the way to go- no bullshit, straight action and fun all the way.

        7. On the contrary- I enjoy getting layed all the time. The only
          difference is that I have a f-buddy. Which I’m guessing most guys don’t have.
          But I don’t have the time or the energy and money to waste
          on bullshit like dating. Fucking waste of time and money.
          F-buddies are the way to go- no bullshit, straight action and fun all the way…

        8. aka a “friends with benefits” right?
          I can understand the latter sentiment myself. I believe dating is a big waste of time due to all the bs involved. I’m fortunate that i’m in a relationship right now with a female who seems to be worth a damn.
          My remark about MGTOWs was describing the types who totally blow off females in favor of their left or right hand, likely because they have little to no game and are just complete losers. I wasn’t describing you per se, so no offense was intended if any was indeed taken.
          While that whole f buddy thing is not my personal cup of tea i won’t knock you for it. To each his own.

        9. You know what’s weird to me about dudes like you? That it’s not enough for you to just do your own thing or “go your own way,” but you have to talk about how “More and more men” are doing it. I haven’t figured out why that is yet…but it’s weird that you’re all caught up in not being the only one taking this approach. Not sure why it matters to you. Anyway, the fact is, as I pointed out to you before, that men DO have a biological compulsion to reproduce, a very strong one in fact. If you’re not affected by it that’s fine, but that doesn’t make it common. Also, your friends whose pregnancies resulted from allegedly their partner “forgetting” to take the pill still could’ve avoided that by wrapping it up or pulling out. Not that hard to avoid pregnancy. Maybe you apply so much pressure to your friends and so little tolerance that they actually feel compelled to lie to you about getting their girl pregnant on purpose and wanting to be a father. Guys have lied to each other to avoid being teased since first grade. Wise up.

        10. “but it’s weird that you’re all caught up in not being the only one taking this approach. ”
          I’m not taking this approach. I’m happily married. However, the statistics do not lie, more and more men ARE doing it. Just look at some statistics for percentage of men married by age over the last 50 years. Or, even better, look at Japan where a huge proportion of the population has simply “checked out” on sex.
          I’ve never applied pressure to my friends about having children. In fact, the opposite, as one of the only at my age/social group without children, I get pressured by them all the time. The typical conversation is almost always, verbatim, the following:
          Friend: “When are you and the misses having kids”
          Me: “We’re not going to”
          Friend: “Oh man.. Good for you. You know, I LOVE my kids more than anything. But, if I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have done it”.
          You have no idea how many times I’ve heard that statement. And these are generally happy married men who have good jobs, good incomes and, on the outside, a good life.

        11. Reminds me of the old saying – “men spend nine months to get out and the rest of their lives trying to get back in”.

        12. “…more are realizing that the who “going out” part really kind of sucks. And are either trying to jump right..”
          It used to be fun to “go out” with a chick before bending her over the sink. But todays females have worms in their heads and the shit they talk about and the things they say are just so fucking annoying it comes as no surprise that dating traditions have been replaced by hookup culture.

        13. From what I’ve seen in my travels, young Japanese guys aren’t giving up on sex, they just aren’t telling anyone back home what they really did on that golf trip to the phillipines.

        14. There is no going from stranger to fuck buddy immediately. Dating is where you evaluate each other and check for mutual interest. And to check for insanity. Most people that claim to be friends with benefits/fuck buddies are dating. Most chicks are not just going to have no strings attached sex with no emotions or social interactions. Those last at best a month so are one month stands.

        15. You’re married!!!????!! Then why are you so outspokenly against marriage? At least I thought you were. Maybe I’m confusing you with someone else… Anyway, I know that marriage rates are dwindling. I think that started when the economy dipped in about 2005 or so and never really picked back up. Truthfully people have realized that marriage isn’t necessary anymore. I can see this point of view. It’s a piece of paper, so what!? Why is that needed? Also, now more and more couples are both working, making marriage even more pointless. Marriage came in handy during the days when one partner would earn and the other would not earn. That’s why she took his name, her father “gave” her to her husband and he became sort of in charge of her. Women are finding that an objectionable notion, and online forums are flooded with men who also find it too much a financial risk/burden to carry. [However, abstaining from marriage but having a child with a woman will put the man in the same category as far as risk and financial burden goes.)
          My point was just that MGTOW’s tend to feel the need to convince others to join them, which is weird and confusing to me. I can understand wanting to abstain from marriage either as a feminist women who considers the very principles of marriage to be sexist and antiquated, or as a meninist who doesn’t want share his assets and money… What I don’t get is constantly having to campaign on the Internet to dissuade others from participating. Marriage, as you know as someone who entered into the covenant of marriage, still does have its merit. It’s the highest pinnacle of love and intertwining your life with your partner’s. A lot of people still find value in that, so why is the internet filled with people trying to discourage others from living their life a certain way? That type of meddling has always perplexed me.
          As for your friends regretting having kids, that’s disturbing. I think these men are very selfish and irresponsible. I know one man who basically admits he regrets having his kids, only one. The rest say it’s the best decision they ever made and it fills them with unparalleled love and uncontainable joy. The one who admits he regrets it has very self-centered reasons for feeling his way. He resents having to work to maintain someone else’s life and he doesn’t like that everything he does now has to revolve around them. He literally said to me that he is dreading their family vacation because “it’s all about making sure they’re safe and fed.” I actually said to him in a sarcastic tone, “It’s almost as if you’re their father.” I just have no patience for juvenile men.

    2. i think it is not wise to believe every man’s horror story, just like one shouldn’t believe every rape claim.
      men sometimes like to be victims, too. but come think of it. a guy who married in today’s culture, 17 years? he must have bored his woman to death by the end, completely erasing her ability to sympathize with him.

      1. “men sometimes like to be victims, too. ”
        I would describe those as males/manginas, not Men.
        Let’s not use that important term for the scum that resembles us in genetics only, if you don’t mind…

        1. Point taken. Just wanted to add one of my own. I’m a stickler for using a term as important as that appropriately. I don’t mean to come across as anal retentive but if that’s a result of me being a stickler, so be it…

        2. well, my way of mocking it would have been to be an anal retentive myself and tell you that the word “man” means nothing due to missing consensus, but you can of course attach some reasonably vague values to it if it suits your sentiments.
          i will consider, though, that it is fun to call people fags and manginas. good male shit test. for that beautiful act of shaming, i accept your division.

    3. I’m cautious dating divorced women. They’re only going to tell you one side of the story.

  3. I did speed dating twice. The first time I had severely rolled my ankle and was on crutches and percocet. Two beers later and I was spinning bullshit yarns about running from moose, etc. Got quite a few matches. Second time, just got drunk. Not as many matches. I’m sure there is a lesson in there somewhere.
    Good article. Asking for digits at the table is a money idea, even if the rules say not to. If you’re vibing, you’re vibing.

    1. “running from moose” LOL
      If I was the guy behind you I woulda told her I run towards moose.

      1. The first thing the broads should know after getting over the fact that those panties needed to be wrung out after 30 seconds of conversation was: the moose run from me.

    2. You can’t go wrong when you talk about running from, and being bitten by, a moose. Especially if you let them know that a moose bit your sister once.

  4. Oh for fucks sake… yeah if you want truly bargin bin females. Speed dating is great if you want a reminder of the fucking hell-on-earth america has become

    1. Hey where was wardrobe malfunction woman? Best part of he whole clip…. I’d bang her. The Indian bird…a 5 and that’s pushing it……

  5. “When she comes over stand up, shake her hand firmly then pull her in and kiss her on both cheeks. ”
    Might i recommend a slightly altered approach that has proven effective? (for me at least)
    Instead of just giving her a basic handshake (which can be awkward if you put too much strength into it as i tend to do) pull her hand slowly up to your face while never losing eye contact and kiss it softly but firmly.
    The idea is to project your strength (in doing it) alpha precision (in executing it gently) and confidence (never blinking in the eye contact)
    More often than not the female i did this to was taken aback and was visibly flustered in a good way. I would often get the # after that, after a visible smile from her and a brief but flirtatious conversation by me 🙂
    It goes without saying that this is actually safer than the “kiss on both cheeks” approach which may backfire in a shove away by a female who isn’t used to such overt PDA.

    1. “Instead of just giving her a basic handshake (which can be awkward if you put too much strength into it as i tend to do) pull her hand slowly up to your face while never losing eye contact and kiss it softly but firmly”
      Please put down the crack pipe. That would be considered creepy by today’s females. They dont even do this in east europe or south america.

      1. It’s considered creepy by the ignorant millennials who wouldn’t know a real Man if he penis whipped them in the face.
        Women who aren’t millennials and who crave real Men will appreciate this. As i said, i’ve done quite well from it.
        Please put down the crack pipe? how about you put down the kool aid?

        1. I’ve not seen kissing the hand work on women in a long, long time man. That said I’m not really in the dating market so hey, if it’s working for you, sally forth.
          I get the most obvious fluttery butterfly type responses from a woman when I act like I own her, but as a gentleman. For example, when talking hold eye contact briefly, reach out and move her hair away from her neck to “look at her necklace” as if she were a child you were inspecting for correct dress before going to church. A simple “That’s a nice necklace” in an observational tone while casually letting the hair fall back and then continue talking. The eyes widen as a smile breaks like waves on the shore after a storm. It communicates ownership and dominance vaguely disguised as bored curiosity.
          I also find that giving instructions for them to do things for you works well, if delivered with calm and a slight grin. It seems like they want to be possessed quite openly nowadays, used to be you couldn’t get by with that kind of thing on first meeting, heh.

        2. Yes, as i told the other (rude) guy, it’s not going to work on millennials for obvious reasons, but an older Woman who still remembers chivalry will be much more open to it, especially if you exude confidence. I’ve only had a few rejections where the hand was taken away out of surprise and that was a clear sign i was likely dealing with a feminist cunt anyway so they did me a favor.
          Religious Women especially have been fond of me doing this.
          Your remarks about ownership and dominance are pearls of wisdom indeed. Most Women want to be dominated and want a Man to project confidence in doing so. Few things speak of both as easily as an old fashioned kiss of the hand. This is why it should only be done by older males/Men who are confident enough to get away with that sort of alpha maneuver.
          It’s a reasonable median between the author’s suggestion of a sicilian style kiss on both cheeks (which can go terribly awry on an initial encounter) and the simple androgynous handshake most guys tend to give most females.

        3. I hate the handshake with chicks, don’t do it any more. Way too masculine on girls, a real turn off, except maybe if you’re conducting business in a corporate environment. And even then, not a fan.

        4. I love handshakes with girls. I lightly grab with my right hand and then grab her right hand with left. No shaking just holding her hand. Feels

        5. Well heck, that’s not a handshake, heh.

        6. Ha true. I do strong handshakes with men and you can tell who is a puss in about a second. Girls just don’t feel comfortable with them so I do something they can understand and enjoy.

        7. Agreed. I work in a corporate setting and i hate shaking a Woman’s hand but do it out of courtesy since a kiss of the hand would be taken as sexual harassment.

        8. “Yes, as i told the other (rude) guy, it’s not going to work on millennials for obvious reasons, but an older Woman”
          Dude no offense meant, but even skags in their late 30’s would find the kiss the way you described to be bizarre. The generation of women that still appreciates such a gesture has got to be dead and buried by now. But if it works for you and you’re happy with the level of female companionship (I still contend that the females that go to speed dating events are garbage) you are getting then I am, indeed happy for you.

        9. I wasn’t speaking specifically of speed dating events, but in general. Maybe the factor of religion plays a part as well.
          Trust me when i say there are still Women who appreciate this, but you’ll never find out if you don’t at least try.
          To borrow creatively from Lord Tennyson: “it’s better to try and fail than never to try at all” especially if you are an older Man (in his 30’s like myself) who wants to distinguish himself from the pedestrian game having neophyte male most Women tend to come across.

        10. If I shake a woman’s hand even in business setting I always do the thumb over hand hand-shake.
          Unless I’m gonna do real business with a woman I don’t like giving the same grip handshake I’d give a man.

        11. Bro. I have only done the hand-kiss thing ONCE in my entire life. I did it on an impulse with testerone running high and I have to say – it did result in several serious bangs with a cute chick. Mind you, if your doing game analysis that I’m a shorter guy and she was nearly 6’0 and I still fucked her several times(which probably looked funny!). To be fair, there were other factors that allowed the planets to align just right (it nearly turned into a threesome) but still. Her reaction was just as you described – visibly flustered, in a good way. Not something I would recommend doing all the time, but it has it’s utility.

        12. I tend to give them a partial handshake (or maybe they tend to give me that lol)

        13. Absolutely. Given the circumstances you described you channeled the balls of Alpha Men of the ages to successfully pull that off. I tip my hat to you sir 🙂
          As i said, it’s not for everyone. Older gents like myself are more capable of pulling it off, for instance.
          How old were you when you did this? You don’t have to be specific…20 something? 30 something?
          Since you mentioned it, I dated a taller girl once. The experience was definitely unforgettable. Might i ask why you stopped banging her like a used drum?
          Too bad you didn’t get the 3some but hey, you did better than you expected so no big deal.

        14. i was early twenties and she was late 20s. Me a paratrooper, her a molecular pathology major. bangs ceased due to living in different states. the other chick had a prospective bf in special forces selection and stopped just shy of removing her top though in fairness i think she was intimidated by the first girl’s body

        15. You were in the service? Well that explains it. The alpha awareness that tends to come with a military background helps to offset any timid inclinations one might have as a younger Man. Incidentally, you probably did better than i did in my 20’s despite my own military background, since i didn’t serve enough to shed most of my beta beliefs until later.
          You probably could have coerced her into removing that top but given the sexual harassment headache she could have given you, i can understand you not wanting to tempt fate.
          Make sure to pass what you know of the red pill on to your progeny. It’s the only way we can reverse the damage done to our kind thanks to the bs of incremental progressivism.

        16. we are trying to match with millennials or Gen Zs. or under 40 year olds. Speed dating is not the place to be grabbing women.

        17. I was speaking in general and not specifically about speed dating.
          Having never done it myself, i don’t know what the experience is, just what it likely might be from a viewing of “the 40 year old virgin”

        18. ‘older man in his thirties’. Well, then every one still alive from the age cohort previous to you must be positively antique. Thanks for the insight.

        19. I see you know one of the four rules “All women are the same height lying down”. I have heard at last three others:
          “All cats are grey in the dark” – Duc D’Orleans, Regent for Louis 14th.
          “It’s all pink inside”
          “When it comes to tits, more than a mouthful is wasted anyway”.

        20. A military career, admirable though it is, no longer is an asset in the business world. It is the very masculinity that makes a man effective with women that makes him suspect in corporate America. I speculate this occurred when the old elites that rules the country began to be swapped out in the 1980s. I also note that the current administration planned destruction of the military makes this less of an option for men than in the time of the Bush the 1st.

        21. Agreed. They are swapping out real men in the service for manginas, fags, trannies, atheists, muslims and various other misfit freaks of the world.

    2. “Instead of just giving her a basic handshake (which can be awkward if you put too much strength into it as i tend to do) pull her hand slowly down to your cock while never losing eye contact and give her a wink and a knowing smile.”

      There, fixed that for you.

  6. I only did speed dating once. There were three main groups of girls 6-7 each with only one cute friend in each group. The others were fat and loud. One of the loud ones made fun of my tie (which was a normal navy striped tie) in the first 20 seconds of our conversation. I simply asked her to move on to which she got that “OMG” disgusted look on her face and called me a “jerk”. I still smiled.
    Her one cute friend must have overheard it and was up next. She came over laughing and apologizing for her friend. She said even though she had a boyfriend she got roped along to come. I just said that’s nice you have a boyfriend. We “matched” at the end of the event. Don’t know what happened to the “boyfriend” but we went out a few times and took a cool weekend beach trip. She ended up moving away a few months later though.
    Speed dating isn’t all that bad, but don’t expect to get much from it. I would say it is easier though then some night game in that at least the women there are looking for someone to date and tend to have their bitch shields only set on “low”.

  7. I can’t imagine speed dating. LSD dating, sure, cocaine dating…goes without saying, yes; and of course 420 dating would be fucking awesome as long as a pizza joint nearby could deliver. But speed dating, jeez, she’d just jabber on and on and on forever at mouth mach level 5.

    1. My janitor friend tells me she will be just as happy occupying her piehole with cock, that speed makes them want to suckky/fukky long, long time…

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    2. It’s not a bad experience for guys just starting out. Going to a speed dating session is a good way that a newbie can both get some practice with his conversation skills and get himself into an abundance mentality very quickly.
      Seriously. If you’re coming off a streak of one-itis having a conversation getting to meet literally a dozen different prospects in an evening will do a lot to cure guys of it.

      1. I can see that. Like going to Toastmasters to practice speaking to groups. Speed dating would be a way to master small talk, eye contact, etc., and it’s all low pressure/expectations.

        1. Funny you should mention Toastmasters. I’ve been doing that for four years now and it’s worth the effort…
          But yes basically the same idea although I’d take issue with the “low expectations” part of either. A good advanced Toastmaster’s Club can be a very competitive experience, and you’d be surprised what you can reel out of speed dating if you’re good at it.

  8. 7- make sure the guy in front of you is the worst looking guy there

    1. We should invent something like alpha repellant to steal chicks.
      Like a spray that activates after 20 minutes and makes other guys smell like shit.
      Betas would buy that shit by the truckload, we’d be rich.

      1. reminds me of a jack black movie where he invents a spray to make dog shit disappear lol- he was a gazillionaire!

      2. Or you could invent something that makes you smell like the janitor on his night off – combination of low-dose Brut or Old Spice (original in glass bottle), plus a dash of armpit and ballsack aroma from after a workout – you know what happens next…

        1. Yes… yes… I know what happens next… 😛
          He bends her over the sink, covers her in no-name brand hand-soap and rinses her out all bubbly and smooth.

        2. Kent, you might have noticed the janitor doesn’t do any of that sleazy bathroom romance; he has a large late-60’s vintage US made land-yacht with a large back seat for that, if things get too intimate for the nearest unlit doorway, and it’s too soon to invest in one of those low-cost motel rooms with a vibrating triple kingsize waterbed and a few 6 packs of Bacardi Breezers (key lime is best).

  9. Dudes, I dont even know which country you live in, but I never heard of this dating modality before. It must be horrible, no wonder why guys like mcdermid and elliot rodger go on killing or suicide rampages. Is it really that hard to speak to women on the street? Is it really that hard to be direct and bold and ask for numbers? Is it that hard to get pussy?
    Im not even bragging, but you should put your destiny in your own hands.

    1. Speed dating started happening about 5-10 years ago. It looked like a fad that would die but its still around. They charge around $35 so you can speak with 10 women they choose for you, for about 2.5 minutes each. You can get the same exposure in any bar on a weeknight.

      1. You can. I can. Lots of guys here can. Your average blue pill guy though would be lucky to speak face to face with an acceptable woman once every two weeks. The “stay back and look like a nice guy” strategy tends to not net them many approaches or contacts. Hence the popularity of speed dating, it gives those types exposure they would never get without a third party’s help.

        1. Sounds like 20% of the females getting all the action. Like spamming online profiles.

        2. Yeah, no idea man, I’ve never done it, just going on second hand information. Never heard much success from it, but never really asked much about it either.

    2. Elliot Rodger went on a suicide killing spree because he was a fucking pussy who sneered at ever having to learn game or develop any kind of charisma or personality, and was enraged that destiny didn’t hand him beautiful women simply for being born to a rich famous family. Fuck him. I can’t find a single thing to blame women for in regards to that little peckerwood.

      1. Im not condoning him, but it seems that in the western world young generations seem to believe that they are entitled to shit. Life is a bitch and most of westerners/americans/europeans dont understand that.
        Hardworking mentality in your countries is long gone…. In my 28 years of life I am grateful with what I have, I also know my limitations and have worked toward them.
        No wonder why the american pussyfication, and also why westerners want everything handed to them.

        1. Bit of a blanket statement, but I get what you’re saying overall.

        2. I see the female dominated field of education as the main culprit. How can we expect boys to develop any kind of stamina and endurance if they are indoctrinated on a daily basis to become a subservient circus animals?

        3. Having fathers in their lives helps. My son made it through and daughter is almost done as well.
          Everybody talks about how the rest of the world has your kids, but they really don’t. Kids mimic you from day one and never really stop if you’re a good parent. Even if they clash and bust heads with you now and again you can see your influence guiding them. If you teach them to think critically 9/10ths of your battle is over with the SJW crowd in the education field.

        4. In Sweden, where I live, most kids spend more time in school or kindergarten than at home. Since there are virtually no stay-at-home mothers, most kids (or rather babies) start with kindergarten at 1 year of age. In many cases, children (babies) stay there from 8 am to 6 pm, so 10 hours a day, totalling 50 hours/week. How can you as a parent possibly fight the indoctrination that occurs during these hours, if you only spend a few hours in the evening with your kids when they are already tired?

        5. ” If you teach them to think critically 9/10ths of your battle is over with the SJW crowd in the education field.”
          Amen to your whole remark here but this part especially.
          If boys spend enough time with their Fathers it tends to offset the prog bs they are exposed to in school or even from peers. An absence of this is part of why boys are raised to be manginas..they are being raised by single mothers more and more who don’t know and can’t know how to raise their boys to be masculine because they are not Men. Only Men can be masculine. Anything else is just a cheap imitation (lesbian pretend mothers, single moms, etc)
          I am curious about one thing…what recommendation would you have for a Man looking to sire a girl by accident or intent? Since you seemed to resist the temptation to spoil your daughter as a “special snowflake” as some Fathers tend to do, what advice can you give?

        6. I agree but people like Rogers get brainwashed by modern culture. This current generation get told they are all special and are entitled, as I’ve heard people say, they understand their rights but not their responsibilies. Plus Hollyeood, media and even most women tell guys just be a nice guy to her and wait and the girl will fall in love with you, too many guys believe that shit. I don’t feel sympathy for him as he refused tobsee the truth and improve himself, but he is the product of this modern blue pill society that lies to men.

        7. That’s assuming the fathers are not manginas or feminists. If they are, god help the poor kid.

        8. At your schools. My K-12 grade teachers were mixed men and women. My college teachers were mostly men.

        9. The rest of the world doesn’t work like that. In the US preschool is optional at age 4/5. Kindergarten is age 5/6. Children start rejecting what parents and adults say at age 12. They think for themselves. And how do you know that your values and beliefs are better then the teachers? Plenty of crazy assholes are parents.

        10. Bullshit. He was mentally ill. All mass killers are crazy. Don’t blame their crimes on society or culture. It’s all on them alone.

        11. He was mentally I’ll I’m not denying that at all and I’m not trying to absolve him. But looking at the things he wrote it’s clear modern society influenced him negatively and he bought into all the things that men get lied to about.

      2. He was mentally ill and murderous. Getting laid or anything else would not have changed that.

    3. The dating scene in some places has definitely gotten stranger.
      I’d say if a place has lots of speed dating and online dating you can bet that in-person on the street dating has gotten difficult.

        1. citation? example? link? If you’re stupid enough to try that at work and she isn’t into it then yes it is harassment and you can be fired. Don’t fuck co workers.

        2. There’s been at least to articles on it. I’ll look for a link later. And I agree don’t fuck co workers.

  10. I can’t imagine there would be any decent looking women at a speed dating event

  11. “I’ve heard enough. Digits.” Rock solid. I’m adding that to the arsenal. You the man TF. You always deliver.

  12. I like the idea of speeddating, but what kind of women attend an event like that? I’m going to try it nevertheless. Looks like a good way to train your game. A larger company that organizes these events has one for 20-35 year old’s next month. Being 28 myself that sounds fine. Hopefully the fatties stay home haha.
    I will reply to this post with my experiences.

    1. I’ve done it a couple of times, never met anyone interesting. I think if you do it in a large enough city it could be productive. It was “fun” and gives you a great chance to work on conversation skills, reading women, etc. The ones I had zero interest in, I tried just as hard to have a good conversation, find out what she is into, etc. They are really not all that different.

      1. Not that different you say. Maybe when she’s adventurous and likes to go hiking, camping or she is a musician. That are the kinds of women that sound attractive. How many young (18-30) women like to do these things? Most of ‘only like watchting tv-series, drinking whine with their girlfriends and shopping. They can’t even cook a proper mail.
        I’ll try to use the advice of this article. The first 3 points sound good.

    2. So I did the speeddate evening. And here is my report as promised. I talked to 23 women for 3 minutes each. Probably 50-60% of them were not ugly or fat but actually attractive (I was amazed, but ok, I live in a city full of female students). The age range was between 22-28. I had 2 matches, and 4 women “liked” me. The most important thing is to have no expectations.
      + it’s was a fun evening, lot of actractive women
      – costs around $25, you have the same exposure if you just approach on the street/bar/supermarket or wherever the largness of your balls will let you approach. Also, don’t expect to women to be all serious, most of them just enjoy the attention and pussypower. It’s like offline Tinder.
      Would I do it again? Well, maybe. It surely is the fastest way to understand that beautiful women on the inside are mostly shallow. So there’s no reason to not approach them because of their beauty. They like bold guys.

  13. I tried a few speed dating events a few years ago in my blue pill era and now look upon it as being a total waste of time and money. The majority of women were average at best and were never really interested in the first place. Prior to the event and during the half time break they would all stick together in their groups. I think most of them just wanted the validation and attention and some I heard were not single but went to support their single girlfriends.
    Also for the events I went to it was the men who had to get up and move to the next table. This puts you at a psychological disadvantage as the person who remains seated tends to be more critical than the one approaching. Think of a job interview. Your potential employer is making a judgement of you the moment you walk towards them.
    Cold approaching reverses all of this. It gives you the distinct advantage. You chose exactly who you find attractive at whatever location you like and you screen her according to your criteria. And costs you $0.00.

  14. “Fuck the people around you – you’re never going to see them again and if you do, so what? They’re sad sacks who go speed dating. . ”
    Yeah man, they’re bottom feeders just like you who go to speed dating…

  15. The way to play speed dating is to use the post-event mingling. Ideally find out about the event, don’t pay, and show up when it’s scheduled to end. The women will be bored to tears by the competition at this time. You stride into the bar and start your usual approach routines. You have the twin advantages of knowing the women are there to meet people, and having weak competition. Joining in with the formal speed dating part is like wearing a sign round your neck “Lower value man – struggles to meet women”.

    1. Good strategy. Women will have had maximum time to drink by then. You don’t pay door charge. Speed dating sounds like a side product to be offered in the margins of online dating sites. For those who can’t set up their own online date, then they pay money to attend a group event.

  16. Do not listen to them! Do not listen to the Pick Up Artist Gurus. All they really want to do is to get you all into trouble. I am sure that Roosh V is a liar, and a possible Homosexual, who had never even kissed a girl at all.

  17. Speed dating is a truly terrible way to meet women. Its just like film 40 year old virgin. I disagree with all his points except the don’t make jokes and do ask for phone number part. Also, ask the chick on a date right there. Say, “want to get a drink after”. Here’s how it works: There are 20 women and only 3 are in your looks, age, race, style, personality category. Of those at most 1 will match with you. ALL the guys pick the younger, cuter girls. The women are interested in where you live and what you do for work (how much money you make). When she gets multiple matches days later it’s not likely she’ll go out with every match. Understand that every life situation is speed dating. Lock and key parties are the same. You have one minute to make an good impression. Dress well, smile and act interesting, friendly and normal. You will be repeating the same script and same questions so practice them.

  18. I never tried speed dating, I feel kinda nervous concerning it, moreover, I think it’s pointless 🙂 Online dating – yes (OkC, CMB, kovla.com ), speed dating – not yet 🙂

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