6 Tips For Getting Laid In London

Now that the sun is out and the girls are  dressin’ less, most ardent seducers’ minds will turn turn to the fresh tsunami of young hotties that flood the streets of the world’s great cities each summer. While many ROK readers are based stateside, most will have cause to visit London at some point in their business or player lives. This is fortunate, for London is without doubt the greatest city for pick-up in Europe. I explain why below, while proffering some tips for how to go about big pimpin’ in the big smoke.


1. Understand that London is Huge

The first thing to understand is that London is vast, its 8.3 million population only just below that of Manhattan, its surface area over twice as extensive. Sure, that means the population density is half that of the Big Apple, but take it from me, if you’ve ever tried to get on a the subway (or “the tube” as it’s known) here during rush hour then you’ll quickly see that the central districts (where realistically most game will take place, as opposed to the suburbs) are crammed with people. I spend a lot of time in Berlin, the next-largest European city, and believe me, there’s no comparison.

London is easily the largest city in the EU and certainly the largest predominantly English-speaking city in the world after NYC. And as every player knows, size matters. There are literally thousands of opportunities out there every day, and the city’s size cloaks each poon transaction in welcome secrecy.

2. Most Girls You Hit On Won’t Be English

You may have read stories on the internet about English girls being only second to their US counterparts in drunkenness, bitchiness, entitlement and weight gain. You may also have read that they are not very attractive. While it would be unfair to taint all Brit girls with the same brush, and while some are extremely attractive, the truth is that for every Keira Knightly, you also get one of these:

Drunk girl

Fortunately, then, not only is London massive, it is also incredibly multicultural. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the Sherlock Holmes book, described it as  “that great cesspool into which all the loungers and idlers of the Empire are irresistibly drained.” That was in 1887—fast forward 127 years and this phenomenon has only grown exponentially. Make no mistake—this is fantastic news. Economic insecurity in Poland and more recently Spain have meant literally thousands of young hotties have poured in, searching for waitress jobs and excitement. In January 2014, Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants were granted the same rights to work here as those from other EU countries. While this caused some consternation in the far right, UK pussy plunderers rightly rejoiced,  for the girls from these countries are among the hottest in the world.

Beyond these nationalities, there are girls from pretty much every country in the world in London, studying, on holiday or looking to improve their career prospects. I’ve pulled Russians, Koreans, Africans and Japanese to name but a few. The streets are a veritable potpourri of different sizes, types and nationalities to suit all tastes, and nearly all speak at least a smattering of English.


3. London Daygame Is Second To None

All of this means that the conditions for daygame in London are arguably the finest on the planet, second only to those in Manhattan. Rightly, this means that the work of players like Krauser and the daygame.com crew has become renowned. With hindsight it was inevitable that a world-class daygame method should have originated here, given how perfect the conditions are. Visitors, understand this: within an hour and a half of touching down at Heathrow you can be in Oxford Street chatting up a cute Ukrainian girls before smashing her back at your hotel later that night.

Dedicated London practitioners speak warmly of the so-called “golden triangle” which spans  from Piccadilly Circus across to Covent Garden then north to Oxford Street, and indeed these areas are packed not only with tourists, but also with workers and regular girls who live in the city hitting up the shops for that night’s club outfit. Topshop in Oxford Circus, which offers cutting-edge fashions at cheap prices is a mecca for girls from all over the world (Topshop recently opened a branch in NYC). This is a place you should visit at least once as the sheer number and quality of girls to be found here is astounding—from models to hipsters to European royalty, every chick wants a piece of the Topshop pie.


4. London Is A City Of Tribes

Beyond the mainstream melee of its center, London is a city of tribes, so know the type of girl you want to meet before you come and then position yourself accordingly. Very roughly, it breaks down like this: for rich English, Arabic and Russian girls, and aristocracy, head for Chelsea and hit up clubs such as Bouji’s (once a favourite of Prince Harry) or Bodos Schloss in Kensington. These places can be hard to get into so it’s worth taking out a membership with a concierge service like TLC beforehand. For Euro-skanks head to Mayfair and check out Mahiki or Project. For hipster girls go East to Shoreditch and Dalston and hit the Hoxton Pony or the Hoxton Bar & Grill. For rock chicks, go north to Koko in Camden. For bottom-of-the-barrel drunken-tourist pump-and-dumps you can’t do better than the meat markets around Leicester Square like Zoo Bar and Tiger Tiger. Like an epicurean faced with a sushi menu, decide on your preferred flavour and then indulge.

Gail Porter

5. Logistics Are Not Your Friend

Armed with this insight, you should now make an informed decision on where to stay, because believe me when I tell you that logistics in London are a bitch. This is one spread-out city, so if you pull a girl in Hoxton but you are staying in Ealing then good luck keeping her ‘gina tingles fizzy during the hour-long $100 cab ride back to your spot. Pick a hotel close to the scene you are most interested in targeting. If you want to stay centrally then you can’t go wrong with the W on Leicester Sq, the Soho Hotel or the Sanderson just off Oxford Street. For Mayfair, try the Hilton or the Grovesnor. For a hipper, more laid-back vibe in Shoreditch, I’ve heard great things about the Hoxton Hotel.

Black cabs are usually plentiful depending on the time of night and your location, and can be flagged down in the street, but it’s also worth downloading the Addison Lee app which allows you to order a car at any time day or night via your Smartphone.

Rihanna on the tube

6. The London Underground Is A Goldmine

Underutilized even by players who live here, the subway system here is an absolute goldmine when it comes to meeting women, simply because it is the city’s great leveler. Everyone uses it at least sometimes, even celebrities—it is only the super-rich who eschew it altogether. I have probably pulled as many lays from the tube as I have from clubs in my time here. Forget the meme that Londoners are unfriendly: most girls travelling to and from work are as bored as hell and welcome a well-calibrated approach if you are well-dressed and confident. One good idea is to open on the platform before you both get on the train. That way you can continue the conversation in the carriage easily without her getting embarrassed, as no one need know you just met. Another thing you must always do is ask early on where she’s getting off, then plan to either get her number in good time, or alight with her for an insta-date.

Hopefully these pointers should help make your trip to London a successful one, but if you have any questions be sure to hit me up before you come.

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136 thoughts on “6 Tips For Getting Laid In London”

    1. Last time I went it was full of third worlders and chavs… every single person under 30 had this shit attitude that made me want to punch them in the face

    2. Shoot only been there three times 1st two was 18 and 20 but my last time a few weeks ago was amazing. Tempted to try to buy some property out there but everyone says buy on outskirts vs wasting 800k-1.5m

  1. You don’t have the faintest idea of what you’re talking about. Stop fantasising about a reality you have never lived in, let alone “gamed”, and keep flipping burgers in Oklahoma.

    1. over stated. also thelss, the local pua lair has a thousand plus members hitting the streets and girls are wising up. go for tourist girls

      1. That’s interesting – is there really too many pua’s in London condensed into a small area now?

        1. No. I’m a member of the LSS. For a start, only a fraction of members actually go out. And secondly – and what I try to emphasise in the article – is that London is massive. There are 8.3m people here. If half of those are women, and only a quarter of these are ‘eligible’ – i.e. of the right age range and reasonably attractive, then that’s still a million chicks. and they’re constantly refreshing, because you get new people coming in every day.
          There are just too many people here for there to be PUA-fatigue. And even if there were, girls have to fuck someone, and they’re still going to be susceptible to a calibrated approach from a high-value guy.

        2. Again, thank you for the information sir. I have done just over 100 approaches in Birmingham (direct Krauser/Torreo style), so I class myself as low-intermediate. Have just moved to the south-east and am looking at the general logistics – your article has been a goldmine of information Thank you.

  2. Alright Troy. I’ve just moved to North Hertfordshire so this guide is invaluable – cheers (particularly the info on the hipster chicks – heh).

      1. Thanks for comment – made me chuckle, besides – you need a zoo license to pull in Stevenage.

  3. I’ve lived in the city. The Londoners have become more and more like the negative stereotype of an American – loud, rude, aggressive, pushy, obnoxious, selfish, want instant gratification…..etc.

    1. Yes, and the women are so bad the men from the UK are flocking to other European cities, Budapest kept getting worse over my 4 month term as every weekend they went rush in on the planes get super pissed drunk and scare all the locals to the Pest side of the city (which I discoverd two months in was the side to be on). And to make things worse, not only are Brits just as loud as Americans, they are cockier, at least Americans are ignorant enough to not know what country they’ve landed in, you really can’t blame them American tourists are fucking children.

      1. a lot of those drunk stag nights are going to krakow too, in poland. when i went there you could tell the girls working in the bars didnt think much of the brits, they’d had enough of them.

        1. Yea I saw lots of them in krakow too, also lots of Americans. In Ukraine and Serbia you wont get this, don’t tell anyone.

  4. Just got back from London. Was an amazing place hate to do it but the quality of woman over there vs my living area DC, MD, VA is worlds of difference. They are in better shape more mature in most cases only talked to three women.
    I won’t say my game was up but women over in London were direct. Was in Soho area and woman approached me. So I was thrown off because that is rare over in the US. Anyway long story short, she ragged on our beer when we went to a pub and was throwing it at a brotha said she only likes doing things raw. So I backed up (call me beta if you want) but ain’t waking up burning especially in another country.
    It is different than Baltimore and DC. I dare say the mentality is different. Was at changing of the guard and talked to a jogger got the number and funny enough 24 was filming over there and talked a Caterer, she was bad (love equal height or tall woman she was 5’11 in shape and had an ass on her) . All and all 1/3 the 24 caterer will be over in Baltimore for a week already got plans to meet.
    No games, no lines, just straight conversation. Kind of throw your playbook out the window. Oh yeah 8 days is not enough to spend in just London. Metro even Underground people (mostly women) will talk to you. DC and Baltimore most people look like they will stab or shoot your ass on the bus / train. I will admit they got me with a rough joke at the pub. What do you call a person who can only speak one language?… An American. I was like fuck no many of us can speak two or three languages. Back to the point, London is an insane place in terms of finding a good looking lady (not a girl but a fucking woman with some class) not to call our women fat but it is true(I know not all of them but many). Now did I see some big women over there yes but I am willing to bet they were tourist, old residents, or preggo from my qualifications and experience. Also the diversity is all over the place in London, if you like Asians or Indian you have so many options if you do not many different nationalities over there. Will admit the accents is a huge bonus. I dare say if you are in a LTR do not go to London because temptation.
    Good Article, I disagree with a lot of it(especially women will not travel to get it) but I was also traveling with a good friend who was sort of a CB. Anyway good read.

    1. You’re just from some crappy area of the US and like most tourists go to places that are above you in class and then rave about how good it was compared to where you live in the US. It’s like someone from the Bronx or Queens who manages to go to Paris or Rome and compares it to their crap home area.
      I was born and lived in London as a kid (although I’m a natural born US citizen) and have been there many times as an adult but I see nothing of any interest to me today and a gazillion negatives.
      And btw, it is not rare for females to talk to men first in the US, it’s just rare for females to talk to you in your crap area. And btw, DC and Baltimore are negro cities and the females are all hostile obese hair hatted hooligan beasts.
      You can tell it has now become a crap place from what it was just by the real estate prices. Prices in cities are always higher than the rest of the State but in Baltimore they are 1/2 of the rest of Maryland. That should tell you something. Turning into another Detroit.
      At least in NYC they are getting rid of these beasts by gentrifying the city and pushing them out.

      1. How is it I find the racist guy on the site today, dammit oh well. I won’t argue glad to know I came from a “crappy area.” Baltimore and DC are closest cities to where I live now, I could of said Stamford, DC and Boston. Can’t stand Boston beautiful place but expensive for no reason like NYC. Well glad you do not like London, I can appreciate it for what it is a nice city better than NYC imo and I have lived in NYC, Tokyo and Melbourne. Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Women approach but from my experience London women were just more aggressive. Anyway was fun been a bit since i’ve had a racist guy respond and here I stereotyped that English weren’t racist just many Germans glad to see I can cross that stereotype out.

        1. Is English your native language?
          Only the real lower classes in the US write like you. And if English is not your first language and you learned it in the US them you must have been associating with the real bottom classes because you learned it incorrectly. I’d have to go over what you wrote with a red pencil to correct all of the errors and lower classisms. Didn’t your teacher even bother to correct you at that negro school you attended?
          I’m paying all of these school taxes to educate the peasants so they can at least be good enough to work a menial job at my businesses and am just being cheated. I really deserve a refund because I’m getting nothing out of the deal. We can take that refund out of the welfare cheques your mama, grandma and awwnt have been living on for the past 4 generations.

        2. Throwing out insults to try to bait someone, nice try. It has been a pleasure meeting a racist 1%er today.

        3. Well done, sir. You held your ground well and called him out on his nonsense. Fuck him.

        4. It sounds like you were only visiting London. You don’t know what you’re talking about but that isn’t your fault. The girls must’ve been in a good mood. Women absolutely do not approach in London. It is as rare as pigs flying.
          Women in the US approach significantly more and are much more aggressive. The only time I’ve been approached by women in London they were American or Canadian. Go figure. Dozens of tîmes. Versus the almost nil from Brit or Euro girls. This isn’t a coincidence.
          It isn’t considered ladylike in London to approach. I’ve heard skanky stories from American women here but that’s par for the course. I love living in London but the women and cost of living is not even close to the top of reasons why.
          Also, the men here, a lot of them anyways, out the women on a pedestal. Can’t recall how many women I date who remark how unusual it is I’m not always clamouring to hang out with them or taking them to expensive places. I even see my friends do it and just shake my head. That creates some dangerous expectations.

        5. Do you really believe that anything some dumb US negro says on his dirt cheap PC or iphone has any effect on normal people.You were all brought up by your mamas,awwnts, or other low class specimens and aren’t worth a damn or good for anything. They beat and pussywhipped you from birth. US female negroes are the lowest of the low on earth. They are below the dregs in the barrel and these are the females that you’ve been around your entire childhood. White men know that you’re such pyjama boys that all they have to do is look at you and you run away. The only time you’re “brave” is in the hood with a 100 other boys against 1 and you can cry for momma if you’re getting your arse kicked and she’ll come out with her other 300lb hair hatted hooligan beast friends to fight for you.You know that momma is always around because she’s either smoking crack or eating bacon and lives on benefits from the White man and never works. That’s your strong negro female for you lol
          Have a nice day :o)

        6. Mr.Big is right. I live between DC and Baltimore and both of these cities SUCK to game in. The market is horribly fucked up due to the huge numbers of obese black women tilting the scales. Thin white girls have literally ZERO competition. A white girl that’s not fat is an automatic 8, regardless of if she is actually hot or not. Most are scooped up FAST.
          It’s no surprise Roosh got the fuck outta here.

    1. thanks mate. Population of Berlin is about 3.5m over 2.2m in Paris, though. Surprising how big Berlin is. Great scene over there too, but that for another article.

      1. i checked it on wiki because i thought berlin was not number 2…it seems much smaller when you are there….but if you go by metropolitan areas London leads with 15 million followed by Paris with almost 12 million…Berlin comes down the list with just over 5 million….

  5. Maybe it has changed in the last six years or so, but when I was there in the late 2000’s the women were trashy and shitty. Most were also completely full of themselves. A 5 would parade around a club acting like she was a 10. Most drank to so much excess that around 2AM there were masses or women not only vomiting in allies, but even openly urinating in public. To top it all off, they were at least five years ahead of the entitled feminist mantra too.
    Even if you could separate out one woman in a bar, inevitably, the mother hen of the group (usually a 3 on a good day) would come swooping in. Even a guy with solid AMoG game had a hard time. After three nights we threw in the towel and tried the countryside. That was a little more tolerable.
    England, in general, is turning into a third world cesspool. The saying at the time, especially from older Brits sitting in the last of the traditional pubs, was “Great Britain….yeah what’s so Great about it anymore.”
    The experience was bad enough I don’t even know if I would return if someone else were paying for the trip.

    1. Most were also completely full of themselves. A 5 would parade around a club acting like she was a 10.
      yup, so full of shit

    2. I’ll give them a pass. They talk too much, drink too much and dress like shit…Most were fat tattooed chavs that thought they were a 10 when in fact, they were lucky to be a 4. Pass, pass, pass….nothing to see.

    3. Yeah I was London born and raised, absolutely shit place for women. There might be parts that are a little better but the center of town and pretty much every fucking place there really is a shithole for women and your experience is spot on, nothing would have changed after the three days.

      1. The worst women in England are usually not British (although the British women are horrible too). They are the Indians (not native americans, women from India). I have never seen such a collective of women disconnected from sheer reality. If you looked at an Indian woman the wrong way in a club or pub they would actively come up to you start yelling directly in your face and sometimes even physically assault you. Then they would expect security to throw you out. One Indian mother hen even spit in one one of my friend’s faces (completely unwarranted too) while she was pulling her friend away.
        If Churchill or a similar British man were alive today to see the state of his old country they would be downright ashamed probably to the extent that they were glad to be dead right now.

        1. From what I’ve experienced with Indians they date within their own race they don’t really go outside it, I think the attitude is equally appalling across the board. You just have to fight fire with fire when a girl comes at you like that.
          Can’t say they ever tried to physically assault me but one threw her drink on me a long time ago, so I threw mine on her as an immediate reply she was livid. Helped that I had female friends who told the bouncer she was the one who started it so I got away with it that time.
          The reality for the shitty attitude is there are literally hundreds of men who have told them how beautiful she is etc so before you’ve met her the damage has been done.
          It was something I never understood though, how they don’t care about the quality of man wanting them. When I get fat chicks wanting me I don’t get an ego boost in the slightest, in fact if the only attention I got was from the uglies I’d be more deflated than have a big ego. Always found that weird. I thought when a good looking and charismatic man came on the scene they would be eternally grateful.
          Strange one these women, and tbh the old school Britton’s can’t complain too much about the influx of Indians, Jamaicans etc we absolutely pillaged their countries for every national resource they had it was only expected when you do something like that.

    4. It has not changed there. Things have gotten worse. The British people are hopeless and truly have their work cut out for them.

      1. can confirm, our women are shit.
        even top tier home counties posh totty, or fit lasses from chester pale in comparison to even a medium latvian, polish or czech barista girl at the local costa. you dont want english women, and the only reason us brits arent trashing this article more is because of point two. crucially for finding a multitude of foreign spanish, italian and EE women its great

        1. Latvian girls will welcome attention. Uk girls are attention whores.
          5s and under do parade as if they where 10s.
          In Uni I noted girl would be severely intoxicated before going out to a venue at night.
          Furthermore, regardless of weather conditions or body mass, girls would wear trashy flow cut dresses. The sight of a land wale in a tight short dress was the most repulsive sight I had ever seen…and I spent several nights surfing on live leak.
          I once asked my jap mate in Uni to harpoon the land wales for “research”.
          Once inside the venue the land wales would proceed to the dance floor to dance even more trashy then they looked if that was even possible.
          When you are a man in a dancefloor, you take precautions so as to avoid confrontation with other males by bumpin into

        2. Another male. And in the case that you do, usually you apologise by raising one hand and he other male does the same. Civil.
          The land wales however are like JCB diggers ploughing through the crowd.
          One time in the Uni club a LW bumped (bashed) into me. Bitch don’t even day sorry. I bashed back into her then she bashed back.
          I went berserk and went rugby on her, she went flying. When she fell a tsunami appeared and wiped out half of japan.

        3. Lat girls onthe other hand are slim, pretty and will chase you.
          I d not exaggerate. Latvian girls are the gaijin hunters of Europe.
          They want to dry your ball.

    5. cockblocking is a real issue here (and in other cities, actually – i have a theory it’s got worse in the last five years, for some reason). The most frustrating thing is when the girl you approach actually likes you but the fuggly friend still pulls her off. No easier answers except being dominant and taking the piss out of the cockblock

      1. ‘For some reason’? I’ll be clear then. It’s those adverts the gov runs all the time about how men are rapists. Taxi drivers, boyfriends, husbands, fathers, all sexual abusers and straight up rapists who don’t know any better and the adverts are run everywhere. TV, papers, internet, tube ads…
        constant reinforcement of the very worst kind of sexual hate propaganda. And after years of that, women are terrified of male sexuality.
        Also, some English women are just pricks.

      2. So true. The exact same thing happened to me in Ayia Napa a few weeks back. Pulled a Gorgeous lass from Chester and her pork scratching of a friend just couldnt stand not being the centre of attention. She did everything she could to cockblock.

      3. I also echo your comments on Eastern European’s. They ooze class and they welcome attention. I got talking to a Russian girl towards the end of my stay in Napa, she’s quite amazing and I am still talking to her. Take it from me also, listen out for the accents.

    6. You’re not wrong mate. English MGTOW here, and while the club scene has never been my cup of tea, I can tell you for a fact that while there most certainly are quality English women out there, they’re rarely in clubs and they’re only ever in one on a ladies night out or some shit like that.
      Play it clever, try and keep an ear out for an accent, and go for an Eastern European. But yeah, if club hopping is your shout, then don’t expect a top drawer english bird for the night. Expect loud, very drunk, and something you won’t be terribly proud of.

      1. clubs are the worst places to pull, and in london it will cost a fortune…when i was in marylebone high street and regents street last week the best girls were working in illy coffee of regents street and the sandwich shop pret a manger in cavendish square, not far from oxford street. they were mainly polish and eastern european in illy and spanish, italian and latin in pret a manger…keep away from the black areas and muslim areas as those areas are a dump and beyond hope.

    7. Hi , really true what you said but the club is the worst place to pick up cause there you’ll find the worst women . Daygame is the real deal .

  6. A good lay is 10% luck, 40% game and 50% logistics. Logistics suck in London, like many large cities, so accomodation near your gaming venues is crucial.

  7. if youre in London or the UK for that matter this is good. plus following krauser would be helpful. But at the same time if youre trying to get good in London with that same amount of labour you may as well get your money down and fly to better nations like new york,brazil,ukriane or thailand.
    Wonder how long it takes for those foreign girls to start acting like brits.
    But if youre from outside the city or nation for that matter, why fly there to game when there are better foreign options.

    1. ‘Wonder how long it takes for those foreign girls to start acting like brits’
      The flow of traffic through london is so voluminous that this isn’t realistically an issue. A hot chick will spend three months here over the summer or less – not long enough to go native.

  8. Anglosphere bitches in the UK don’t need game to bed them or any other nationality bitches living there.You only need beer and get them drunk to do the trick.

  9. Rule #7: Have a shit load load of money. You may need it to get laid by top tier women in London.

    1. Possibly. But what does ‘top tier’ really mean? As men we’re attracted to beauty. True there are trust-fund princesses who will only fuck guys with top dollar who are beautiful, but then so are some ghetto girls who are much easier to game. It’s simply a question of going out there and pulling the trigger as frequently as possible. London constantly refreshes itself so it’s not like you’re gonna run out of targets.

    2. Yeah, needing a shit load of money just to a have decent logistics & even just to survive there is a major point the author missed out.
      Rent is insanely expensive around the central boroughs and the cost of living is continually rising. You’re better off moving to another country and city.

  10. I am a British man myself and I find British girls awful, I mean just awful. The vast majority especially those in the north behave and act like man. Just google drunk brits and you will find hundreds of images of drunk sluts vomiting and shitting themselves, this is the average broad I see every time I go out. The south is a little better since it has more posh areas that have more of the english rose types, even though they are more attractive they still slut it up as badly as their northern counterparts, they just hide it better. London is the best place if you what a consisted amount of attractive females, the diversity helps with that too. Most of the stunners you see walking down the street 9/10 times will not be British.

    1. 100% in agreement. Your best bet is to avoid ‘going out’ at all which is kinda sad. The best places to meet quality women is from organised groups or events, like on meetup.

  11. It’s also expensive as fuck, and yes logistics are brutal, even 5 minutes away from the blue line it took me 30 – 45 to get to leicester square or picadilly. Take it from me, if you want to go out in this city which I was living in for two monts last year, go east to Brick Lane or North to Camden Town. If you go to the central district of the city to party you’ll pay 25 quid to get into a club and if you arn’t with at least 2 broads you’ll get the shambles from some Jabroni Albanian fuck who somehow managed to immigrate to the city becuase the club owner is a rich faggot who deals smack or what have you.

  12. ”that great cesspool into which all the loungers and idlers of the Empire are irresistibly drained.”
    No the expansion of a cesspool is not fantastic news. As much as I love hot foreign women, I don’t like to feel a foreigner in my own country. For me, having easy access to cheap euro tarts is not worth losing the political power to stop the insane amounts of immigration here. There’s a plentiful supply of drunk English tarts to bang who make up for it nicely anyway. And lets be honest, if you’re a Brit reading this, it’s not like the men behave differently to the drunken slags is it? Remember the guy who pissed on that war memorial when he was drunk? We set the standard and now our masculine women (not in looks but behavior) who have been “empowered” by feminism, copy us. I’d much prefer seeing and hearing English voices and faces in London instead of endless tourists or any of the other “drainage” as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle put it. What you have to remember anyway is that all those hot foreign woman are going to end up being empowered feminists anyway in a few years, they can’t escape it just by being foreign. They got here because of globalism will be hooked by feminism. So in the long run they will only add to the problem. I’m not saying if you come here not to have fun, take advantage of what is in front you in terms of women but London is one of the reasons why I dislike England.

    1. Well, the influx of foreign nationals into London is a much bigger question, and I was being deliberately flippant when I said it was ‘fantastic news’. Bottom line, though — there ain’t no turning back the clock. It is what it is. London now is to England what NYC is to America — an international hub rather than a ‘home’ city. There will be no reversion back to those days of English gents going to work in the city wearing bowler hats like in those scratchy old black and white Pathe videos. And anyway, we’ve always been a nation of immigrants anyway, to be real about it.
      You can debate whether or not the current state of London is positive, but my view is that one can realistically only accept the ways things are and act accordingly. Personally I enjoy the energy generated by the many different cultures to be found here, but I appreciate that not everyone feels the same way.

      1. Well saying we have always been a nation of immigrants implies immigration is some natural force beyond our control and that we should just put up with it. In actual fact immigration is controllable or it was prior to 1997. I also don’t hold vast amounts of nostalgia for gents in bowler hats either because I recognize that the past wasn’t necessarily better. However, one thing I can do is look at how in the past, when we had meaningful measures in place at our borders, we did not have this level of immigration. I do agree though, that if you simply want to find someone to shag then London is great, I just think it’s a steep price to pay. Calling London an international hub makes it sound like an glorified airport terminal, which is probably not a bad description of the place in all fairness. Now whilst an airport can be an exciting place, a crossroads and a meeting place for all kinds of people, to me there is truth in the saying “there is no place like home”, globalization has cost us our capital, the symbol of our identity is now akin to Heathrow Terminal 1.

        1. Yes, and clearly Labour’s green-lighting mass-immigration has been discussed at length elsewhere.
          On a related point — you mention globalization. One thing that really spoils London for me (and other cities such as NYC) is their slow homogenization. Starbucks, McDonalds, Pret, Cost, Nero, H&M, Zara etc: the same stores on in every Western city in the world with little room for individuality. Look at what’s happening in Soho right now — all the old red-light sleaziness being excised for nice, clean shopping streets and Byron Burgers and Le Pains.
          Now, this presents us with a problem: many of us in the manosphere (myself included) would admire the chutzpah and hard work required to grow a global business and brand, but the end result has been a monotonous sameness with cities having little of their individual character left. As JG Ballard said: ‘I would sum up my fear about the future in one word: boring.’

      2. The main city of a country always had various people and diplomats, businessmen etc London is the capital so it tended to get foreigners but I can assure you that if you walked down Oxford St in 1970 that it looked nothing like today and you still knew you were in England.
        And incidentally, bowler hats were out of fashion in the 60’s long before this influx of foreigners (just a change of style really)
        England has never imported masses of people and in fact always exported them. If you couldn’t make it in England you’d go to Canada, US, Australia, or wherever etc

    2. I agree with a lot if this and I’m a Canadian in London.
      As for the “international flavour”. It’s all hype. As you point out they will quickly get feminized. It’s made worse by the copious pretentiousness of the nightlife and the antics of guys basically treating women like princesses. It’s quite disgusting.
      The best advice in my opinion is to head to smaller venues, pub clubs, nice pubs, etc a bit further out of zone 1 and by god avoid shoreditch like the plague. Unless you aren’t disgusted by foreign women adopting the hipster trash and wearing sneakers. The girls that are even remotely financially conscious aren’t living in zone 1 or 2. They will hang out locally further out and are going home before the tubes close. There is literally no point to hanging out in later clubs around Mayfair. The foreign women there may as well be prostitutes and if you have experienced foreign women in their home countries, you will be disappointed.
      I think Lòndon probably was in its prime 15 years ago. It’s a shame I messed all that. Sounded like a good place.

  13. Fuck women. FUCK ALL WOMEN. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!!!
    English Broads are not roses. Strip away her fucking petals and what you get are all thorns. English broads have filthy cunts and even filthier anuses. Their holes stink like the grime between your toe webbings after you pull of your sweaty socks. The best game with an English broad is to indulge her fucking goddamned vanity about being the noblest of the female species on this planet. Then take her home and fuck her shit hole till she pukes Guinness on the floor, pisses in fear with your dick in her ass and craps on your dick. Don’t forget to pull out to make her lick her own shit off your dick, and keep more Guinness ready so that she can wash her own shit down her throat with it. Don’t ever kiss her, most of my ‘kisses’ with English broads involved spitting into their mouths. English bitches are the progenitors of the scum of American bitches. Fuck them. They’re the quintessential pump and dump hoes of all time.

    1. Like your spirit, but there are exceptions. I met a few decent sweet girls in rural areas, but they were young 18-19 and working usually as waitresses. The city lifestyle, intense partying & drinking coupled with media indoctrination might spoil them over time. It’s just 100x less likely than in the Ukraine to find such a girl.

    2. I just had to explain PUA culture to my boyfriend (I read ROK for shits and giggles sometimes) and I was telling him about how many PUAs are just really bitter because they used to get ignored by girls when they were pimply teenagers. (Disclaimer: I do think PUA has some benefit for guys who are truly interested in personal development) He didn’t really get it till I read him this post.
      We both had a laugh, but honestly, you sound like you might need therapy.

  14. Some criticism here about London. But the article says “6 Tips for Getting Laid in London.” Not, “6 Tips for Finding a Quality Wife in London.”
    I’m not really into British chicks, but I would bang one if I was vacationing there.

  15. London born and bred speaking here.
    This article is spot on in many ways, logistics is a pain. Yes you will see many beautiful women, however most of them will be foreign. Central London isn’t like the rest of Britain. There is a lot of money there, and it is has a constant traffic flow of tourists, wealthy students. Now on to the inside information.
    Central London clubs and the nightlife in general is hypergamous as hell. The competition will be high and you will be competing with the offspring of wealthy arab oil owners. Gangster types from the inner city areas who have their game to a T and have the bad boy image. Then there will be the banks, wealthy tourists, and other anonymous types. So cocaine and champagne is really the true currency in these clubs.
    On a positive note. if you are a man who appreciates day game, then you will be in luck. The city itself has many tourists and traveller chicks. Who are blinded by the bright lights of the city and would be up for having random fun. At night, especially in areas like Soho, Shoreditch.
    I am not a massive fan of London, as I have lived here for most of my life. I certainly understand why American and Spanish tourists who have been there for two weeks, or studied there over the summer will like it. The city is very big and depending on who you are, your experiences will vary. You may live in an area like Hackney, and find some hipsters ranting on about how its an amazing beautiful place. But for your average poor resident in Hackney, they can probably tell you all sorts of messed up stories. Then again this is the same for any big city. Difference is in London due to gentrification and other such sudden changes, you will find a bad housing project with a high crime rate, across the street from million pound townhouses.
    The large amount of money which passes through and is actually generated in the city, means that incidents like the 2011 riots, make a small impact on the overall city.

    1. Great summary, and yes, daygame here is awesome. I’ve pulled same-day-lays off the streets and the tube multiple times — there are a lot of opportunities for fast sex here if you look for them.
      As far as clubs are concerned — yeah, it can be difficult, but in any given venue there’s generally some low-hanging fruit.

    2. Of course you’re right but these desperate pyjama boys won’t listen. They’re like drowning men clutching at straws and will believe anything if they believe they will get some girl.
      I have never been on the underground or the subway in NYC. The only train I’ve even been on is the commuter train where only middle>upper class businessmen use to travel to Manhattan from the suburbs.
      Everything is expensive in London, plus there is a 20% VAT. You can buy products made in England cheaper in the US than in the UK! Harrods has always been a better store but it’s really not much better than the mid class Macy’s in NYC . And forget the London hotels!
      And btw, Manhattan has 1 million people. There’s a big river on the West and another on the East and the bay on the south so even though there are large buildings in places you don’t really have that closed in feeling. Brooklyn has a river on the west and is right on the ocean on the south and there are plenty of solid Victorian houses in places. It’ has been becoming gentrified like Manhattan and is improving.The problem in US cities is almost entirely negroes and 3rd world illegal immigrants. They must be removed from the city because this is what tourists see and think they’ve landed in Mau Mau land.
      This article was written by some boy who just wants to sell some book so don’t believe a word of it.

      1. London is just a typical neo liberal city, much like NYC, Hong Kong, Paris. There is not really a “culture” there. Feminism is rampant in the U.K, especially in London. I can’t think of a location that is perfect for the phrase “hypergamy unchecked”. I really don’t see why anyone would want to go through all the effort to get laid there, unless they own a docklands apartment or are staying in a hotel.
        As for immigration, the U.K on the whole has changed its demographics drastically over the last ten years. London I believe is now only 55% White British and this is a city with the same population as New York. A lot of people have moved out and a lot of people have moved in.
        Inner London becomes gentrified, and the suburbs become poorer. Croydon and Barking and Dagenham, used to be upper working class to middle class suburbs. Now they are high crime areas with large amounts of deprivation; just take a look at the riots that happened in Croydon on youtube.

      2. negroes, muslims and third worlders are ruining areas of london, britain and europe too…removed and we’ll all be better off for sure…

  16. I live an hour or so train journey from London, try never to go there, dump, you’d get more personal space in a refugee camp and the people are arseholes regardless of nationality. England is a shambles, the politicians (and most in authority) look and act like the one kid at school who actually deserved to be ruthlessly bullied. Creativity and expression is stifled unless under strict adult supervision. Education and re-training post-school is too costly to do without support. A stable family seems to be the preserve of the middle classes, I have a few Arab and west African friends who prove that a cohesive family unit isn’t rocket science . Negative and defensive attitudes seem to be the norm and there’s next to no civic pride or responsibility. Live to work, work to spend. The girls here are binary, there are a few real women, the rest are relentless pricks. The NHS has done me good though. My positive sphere consists of the gym, weekly volunteering for a few hours, getting out hiking, spending time with the girl and hoping Conan the Barbarian or Brian Blessed become Prime Minister. Don’t go to London, it seems like a lot of effort for a shag.

  17. Forgot how fine Gail Porter was (girl projected on side of Houses of Parliament).

        1. I probably would – like the Klaus Kinski deals when he picked-up a mother and agreed to sex only under the condition that her 15-year-old daughter would be part of it. Most mothers agreed as he was at his prime of fame and was a Natural & Alpha-Artist.

  18. The naked woman projected onto that building is now overweight and bald. Yes really.

  19. wow, just recently took a trip to london with my gf (yes, i know stupid, but w/e we wanted to see the city). One observation I made is people there are MUCH better dressed than here. so if you don’t already dress well, you’ll need to up your game here. i also noticed very few fat chicks. maybe this is because its a walking city, but I also noticed very few fast food restaurents in the area. Lots of cafes which i’m sure sold junk, and street food, but of all my time there i noticed one McDonalds, and it was next to the London Eye.
    He’s right about the tube. very useful. you dont even have to take a cab from the airport. prepay a little more on your travel pass (oyster card) as you can get a refund on unused funds at the end (and your 5 lb deposit on the card).
    Lots of cute girls there. Maybe England overall has ugly chicks, i dont know, i’ve only seen London, and it was pretty good, though i was with my girl.

    1. I think Liverpool is waaaaay better than London for chicks. The women up there tend to be slimmer and they dress much better. Hair to the nines, make-up, heels and skirt, even in Winter! They dress exactly how you want a woman to dress. And they are friendlier than London girls and are down to get down. Granted, you won’t get the mix of ethnicities that you get in London but really, who cares?
      Now London is not bad but when I got back from Liverpool to London I did feel a nagging sense of disappointment at the trouser legged big coated girls.
      Btw, I actually work down the street from the TopShop the author discusses. Its great if you like really young girls (less than 21) but I personally recommend Selfridges – the chicks there are way hotter and much more sophisticated. Friendlier too, in my view.

      1. Agree about Liverpool – met some really nice feminine girls there by the university. Parts of Newcastle have a similar vibe as well.

      2. Fair point. I used to hang out in Liverpool a bit and you do get some hotties, but I would say overall that they try too hard, and the sheer tackiness of some of their outfits puts me off . But hey, I had a pre-game LTR with a scouse chick and she had a great rack, so all good.

  20. “The first thing to understand is that London is vast, its 8.3 million population only just below that of Manhattan”
    Umm, the population of Manhattan is around 1.3 million. I don’t know where you are getting these numbers.

  21. London the whore of babylon …she sucks on Rome’s filth to tart herself up … blood is on her hands.

  22. I live in London. I own a home here. I’m raised and educated here. Some of the above quite frankly isn’t true.
    Lets be honest most people cannot afford to stay at the Sanderson (I go here frequently for business lunch/dinner) or the Hilton or any other zone one hotel. It will run at £300+ a night are you kidding me? Unless you intend on picking up a prostitute and these women are all over these hotels like a rash.
    TopShop. Again, are you kidding? You absolutely have no standards if you’re trying to game here. Hang around Chelsea, Hang around Mayfair but honest to god TopShop is full of chicks barely over 18 or women over 35. No decent chick will shop there.
    Selfridges, again its like an upgraded version of TopShop. If you want to see the highest quality women then go to Harvey Nicks or Harrods. Believe me, the prices are comparable and the experience is 100x better for the price.
    Also, the London underground is not a “goldmine” you aren’t going to pick up girls there. It is far too crowded, as in ram packed. No one speaks to anyone let alone the opposite member of sex.
    Posh nightclubs are overrated and offensively expensive experiences. The women can on some nights just be too old or too young or just far too bitchy for no real reason at all. There are just so many better, calmer, less antagonising places to go across the entire city if you want to meet people and have a good time.
    “Topshop in Oxford Circus, which offers cutting-edge fashions at cheap prices is a mecca for girls from all over the world (Topshop recently opened a branch in NYC).”
    As per the above quote. Are you kidding me? TopShop clothing is poor quality, poorly made and does not maintain well. Gentlemen, do yourself a favour. Save your money and just buy a handful of quality items from reputable brands that use good materials and you’ll save money in the long-run. Do not buy from high street retailers in London like this.
    And to the author, please stop spouting seriously bad advice. You definitely do not live in London otherwise you’d not recommend any of the above.

    1. Hi Jason,
      I live in London and own property here too.
      Zone One hotels – fair point about price, but it depends on your budget level. The great thing about London – as compared with NYC – is that you can stay here comparatively cheaply. Visitors can try smaller places around Sussex Gardens or Earls Court, for example.
      Topshop – I disagree. The target age range is 18 – mid-3s0. Most girls I’ve met who are in their twenties, even if they generally shop in more upscale places, will supplement with Topshop. I work with a lot of fashion chicks and TS is still a big deal for them.
      London Underground: As I said in the main copy, I’ve picked up many girls on the underground over the years. I met a current FB of mine on the circle line near to Sloane Square. Remember: it’s solipsism to think that something isn’t the case just because you haven’t personally experienced it.
      Posh clubs – fair enough. Different strokes and all that. Just pointing out where different types of girls are likely to be found.
      Topshop again: My comment wasn’t about the quality or otherwise of Topshop’s wares, and I certainly wasn’t suggesting that male readers should shop there.

      1. Maybe we need to agree to disagree regarding TopShop. I’ve actually found it very over rated for females. Then again I genuinely don’t like the general area either.
        Fair point regarding the tube. However, lets still be honest. It is an anomaly rather than a rule. You could get laid anywhere in London its just unlikely going to be on the tube, platform etc.
        London has its fair share of good points but again the way the city is lauded as some great place in Europe is very over rated.
        Fact is as much as I love my city there are plenty of very negative aspects to it: high taxes, many things are just over priced for what they are, going out is very expensive (the tube is genuinely a rip off), while Uber has made many a taxi ride home pleasant/cheaper it will add up very fast if its a regular thing.
        However, quality of hotels is great for nights out, as is bar/restaurant scene, clubbing if you’re into that kind of scene I guess is OK. And there is a fair amount of good things to do in the City. I just don’t think it is *that* great for women.

      2. I’m not even going to bother commenting on his advice directly.. He is stating that a woman’s quality is determined by her socio-economic class. Which is frankly, horseshit.
        You can have a stunning girl from a poor country or a rich daddies girl who is an absolute minger. What a muppet. And what a snob This is the first negative comment I have made on this site – but he has vexed me. Cheers Troy.

      3. ur 1 facebook friend is not great proof of how easy it is to pick up girls on the tube is it…you probably have thousands of facebook friends – most of whom you have never met or just the once

  23. look at that, a degenerate PUA retard celebrating cultural-marxist “multiculturalism” crap out of obsession with sex

  24. London is the easiest city to pick up in the Anglosphere in my experience. The women drink constantly and will practically fuck anything at closing time.

    1. Yup! If Englishmen care about maintaining a “pure” Anglo-Saxon race, they’d better chain their bitches up. I had one Englishwoman (pure-bred), who really tried to get me to take the condom off. I seriously would not leave my condoms around her. I even brought them with me, when I went to go shower.

  25. I just visited there a week ago and some chick chatted me up at leicester square. Dammit just my luck

  26. I think this article is more for the non-English wanting to go to England to get laid. I am seeing a lot of Londoners who disagree with the premise of the article. The disagreements are all valid points, but a Yank with game?

    1. Exactly – the target audience is visitors rather than natives.
      American guys can do well here like anyone else, but there isn’t quite the spike in value that, say, and English accent creates in the US. Still, exotic value always plays well with chicks wherever you go. Happy hunting mate

      1. Yes. I would say the visitors are the ever-gullible sexless Yanks who can be sold your PUA bullshit. To them, even a place like London can sound like the ultimate game Mecca. Anybody who has spent actual time living in London knows you’re just writing out of fiction and wishful thinking, for the quick buck.

        1. I’m London born and bred, mate – I live in the city full time and own property here. Also, your phrasing is somewhat offensive, given this is a US site and many readers and contributors are American.
          PUA? This isn’t 2004. I’m talking about meeting and interacting with women. Seriously, there are 8m people here – if you think a lot of them aren’t having sex then you really need to get out more. Take it from me, plenty of people are getting laid here everyday — just because you’re not one of them doesn’t mean you should be negative and discourage others who are more socially adept.

  27. Gaming in London is easy . . . if you know which women to speak to. Growing up right in the middle of the city, allow me to give you some advice:
    You have to be able to tell the stuck-up ****** within ten seconds of conversation, then ignore them completely. Most London-born women in the city are as paranoid and self-conscious AF. It, in turn, breeds the frigid, insecure, arrogant persona.

  28. Whats a neighborhood with cheap studio apartment rentals close to all the venues to pull? Near a major University campus and nightlife would be optimal.
    Eastern European girls are my favorite-what hood do they run in player?

  29. Well, the last six years, I haven’t been back there either, except for the odd brief visit to friends occasionally. I lived there 20 years and got out. It all got too much in the end. I could see it changing and how it was changing, and I envisioned how it would become. And it fulfilled my prophecy only too well.
    I had a pretty good time there before the end though. Here are some of my thoughts on the matter – some points that I think are worth making because they should still hold true:
    English girls are usually common, ugly and pissed and mean spirited, or they are upper class, ugly/beautiful but with attitude of a different kind, and unreachable. In all my 20 years, I can’t remember a single English g/f who I had sex with. I did however meet some very nice girls from Brazil/Japan, The Netherlands, Italy, Serbia, Spain, Australia, Sweden, Jamaica, France, Austria etc. etc.
    Not to say that there are not some very nice English girls, but if you are visiting rather than living for any period of time (say a few months) you will be better rewarded by focusing your game on the cornucopia of ‘high on life and London’ females. If you do get a chance to pluck an English Rose, however, choose her over all others. You will be one of the few.
    I tell a lie. I did have a LTR with an English girl after all, but she was from Jamaican descent with very heavy Bantu looks. A true Goddess in fact. African features are serious preference of mine. But more on this later. Race plays a very major role in Pick Up Artistry, as much as, or even more than Class, which is saying something. You do not have to worry about Class or Race though if you are going for the holiday gals, or the new working girls (Polish, Lituanian). I once picked up and had to choose between three Swedish black girls. I totally blew it and ended up with none because I was in an experimental Beta phase. They sniffed this as a dog does fear and I was run out of town (Ealing actually) in one of my more memorable humiliations. Happy days!
    Be aware that London is very random. You might have to choose between two hits for the night, or go weeks in a barren desert with nothing but the sustenance of dirty looks and bare insults to nourish you.
    Try and hook up with someone on the student scene. They will point you to good parties both private and in clubs and also underground. Girls here will often be under the influence, which may mean they are easier to approach/talk to, or that they may not even be able to talk at all. For some reason they seem to cluster in threes on average (or so I found), so it is a very good idea to have a wingman to help you out. You won’t really encounter any cockblocking from Mother Hen types here, but you may come across ‘oh I have to go with my friend because she has to pick up the keys to get back into where she is staying’ kind of stuff. Not malicious. Just be flexible, and be prepared to be disappointed. When it is happening, it is happening and neither heaven or earth can stop it. When it ain’t happening….
    If you don’t have a student hook up, buy a copy of Time Out and pick a club that takes your fancy. I don’t know if it still going but the Slimelight in Angel is a great place to pick up a goth/rock chick if that takes your fancy. You will be expected to go full Peacock here if you want results. If you need to pick up a quick Peacock outfit, Camden is your man. Ah, Camden.
    Camden probably has the highest concentration of women from all over the planet, doing that high on life thing. South American girls abound for example, but much much more. And buying Peacock gear is a great way to pick up that Austrian beauty that works in the clothes shop. Liked it so much, I did it twice. Even if she is not a looker, her friends might be. You won’t believe the amount of gigs and parties I got out of that one ugly Austrian girl. Didn’t get laid, but had a hell of a time, and that is better than beating off into a sock feeling sorry for yourself. You need to open the doors in London and Open Sesame.
    Don’t expect sex. The logistics of it are a nightmare as has already been pointed out. And a little playing hard to get goes a long way, when every other Thomas, Richard and Harold has got the same idea. Be interesting. Be in a band. Be a fashion designer. Be a party promoter. Be a fucking liar! She will thank you for it. If there is a grain of truth in it – it helps. But play on your strengths. You know the drill.
    Don’t forget small fashionable enclaves as well, with a pub scene. Say somewhere like Stoke Newington. Ok, it’s a shit hole. An expensive and sometimes dangerous shithole. But I once caught a bus there, met a girl on the top of the red double decker and she invited me to a party she was going to (or rather I invited myself but she didn’t object). In fact, I actually met the woman of my dreams at that party. She was dressed in full Victorian garb. A true English Rose. Her name was ADA. How quaint. Our eyes met across a crowded landing on the stairs and we looked longingly and deeply into the abyss that is true love, knowing that yes, finally we had met our true soul mate. Then her bf turned up, 3 inches bigger than me and pissed off. I escaped a battering there and then which I was thankful for, but I’m not so sure about her, when he got her home later. Be flexible. Be prepared to be disappointed. I ended up getting pissed and having a rather good time with some interesting young English chaps. Not bad for a random meet on a bus. That is Stoke Newington, but it could be a hundred other little enclaves scattered around.
    I’m only skimming the surface here, but it should give you a realistic idea of what you can and can not expect if you do visit. All of these experiences I have had could as easily happen to you if you are in the right place at the right time. London is as random as it comes. Understand that.
    Oh and one of the most random of all is taking the tube. Yes there are cameras everywhere, but this is not necessarily a bad thing (politics aside for the moment). If you see a girl sitting alone in a carriage (this is where the cameras come into it because she will not feel too threatened) go and sit opposite her (if she is in a corner position – everyone likes corners – they are safe). If she is in the middle of a row to the side, do not sit at her exact opposite – that is just creepy – sit a few chairs adjacent – same effect – just the two of you to talk. If she is Enlish, she will politely tell you to fuck off. If she is Dutch she will start talking to you, as happened to me. The good thing about these bitches having power in their own country (Netherlands is a matriarchal society from when the women were left holding the baby whilst daddy went to sea, sometimes to never return), is that when they come somewhere like London, they will still have that confidence, but being ‘high on life’ they have the balls to instigate a conversation with you.
    Of course it helps to be attractive in the first place and have something in common (I was wearing a ‘Soho Theatre Company’ T-Shirt that a mate had given me – pulled twice with that actually, but that is another story – and she was a set designer in a Theatre.) And it is very important you do NOT even so much as look at her. You are sitting in that seat like a KING, because that is YOUR SEAT – YOUR DOMINION – and it where you always sit. Do not talk, do not glance. Read your book – Advanced Quantum Mechanics For Cool Dudes That Ride Motorbikes And Get Laid Every Week When They Are Taking Some Time Off From Looking After Their Sick Relative – chicks love that one! Never fails. Just don’t over do it and wear the T-Shirt as well. Don’t over egg the pudding. Subtlety is everything.
    If she does not start talking to you by the mid stop of the next station, then put your ‘interesting’ book down. Huff and puff a bit like it’s all become a bit much for you. Glance around the carriage. Find something – her bag – her hair – anything that somehow ‘magically’ catches your eye and say ‘Oh, I see you are reading Advanced Quantum Dynamics For Cool Chicks….’ Again, she will ignore you or you will score a hit. Perhaps even direct. Try before you buy. But try.
    I could actually write a whole book on the subject (well a pamphlet more like probably) of the psychology of pick up on the Tube. That Dutch girl never laid me. Thank fuck she was a big beast – about 6’3″ – a good two inches taller than me, but I did end up having a couple of very nice night out with her, drinking, talking, upping my social capital. My brother even got a pick up out of it. There was me and him and her, and this random (did I mention that London is RANDOM) Turkish girl dancing all by herself on the small dancefloor in the Dog Star in Brixton. I checked her out and just for the RANDOM fuck of it bought her a beer and gave it to her whilst she was still dancing. She was overcome with RANDOM joy, that a complete stranger could be so kind. She finished her dance and came up to thank me after. I quickly started talking to my big Dutch bird, leaving my brother and her with an awkward silence that neeed to be filled. That got rid of him. Fucker! He got her phone number and would have got laid I’m sure had the logistics not been such a nightmare as previously mentioned. I take pride in being a good wingman, especially for my brother. It’s a science and an art.
    I could ramble on for hours more, but thanks for indulging me. I was never very successful with women. There were a lot of lonely nights and pain and heartache, so I don’t want to come across as someone with a superiority complex. I was a bit of a failure, truth be told. But I was true to myself. Even when I wasn’t true the little minxes. I am getting on now and busted. But I’m trying to gather what capital I have for one more final assault on it all.
    Hopefully a few of you found some of this useful.

    1. Thank you Mars and madmax legend stuff… Oh and ‘LJ’ get with the program Please… Or stay at home and do the ironing lol

  30. daygame: good variety of foreign workers = good
    nightgame: frightened, angry, extorted, fearful, huddles of tourists in a noisy club full of angry cockblockers = a waste of time.

  31. I can concur with MadMax et al. London is shit, and it doesn’t get any better up north. British girls in general drink too much, are the fattest in Europe (fact) and a 5 does think she’s a 10. Even if you’re a not bad looking dude with a modicum of game. it’s all wasted here.

  32. So from what I see of the posts here, most of you don’t know where to find good looking women, do not have an ‘A’ game, and I very much doubt you are 10’s yourselves, you just think you are. So you write trash on here because you cannot pull a 10 because you are a 3. I’ve seen rough looking men from the north pull Czech models, so it’s not London it’s you. I know how to handle London and I’m damn well not telling you shallow prats what to do because the women of London can do without you. Stay at home beating yourself and keep pretending you are God’s gift, because you certainly are not.

    1. Errr, sorry LJ… but London women really are trashy and unappealing. It’s just plain fact. And it’s hard to live with having spent 5 years living in LatAm.

  33. London is a city of whores and sluts.I do not want to be rude, but British women are not the first among the girls in the world, based on the criteria of beauty and attractiveness. I’d rather masturbate on british sluts via camsexbabe_com

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