New York Has Adopted Yes Means Yes

Once is an event. Twice is a coincidence. Thrice is a pattern. Four times is conspiracy.

On October 2, 2014, New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, passed a sexual assault “resolution” establishing mandatory adoption of affirmative consent and the Sexual Assault Victims Bill of Rights for all SUNY schools (Public NY Schools). The link to the resolution is, here, if you wish to read it in it’s entirety. This was the reasoning behind the move:

There has been an epidemic of sexual violence in this country that is truly disturbing and it is plaguing our college campuses.

– NY Governor Andrew M. Cuomo (Source)

The almighty, ever-present rape culture lingers in the air. Every breathing female, especially those in university, are at great risk of sexual assault. In fact, 1 in 4 women who draw breath from the patriarchy become infected with rape.

Of course this is ridiculous. If 25% of all female college students were raped (original definition), women would not make up the majority of university enrollments because fathers would forbid their daughters’ attendance on their dime.

The Resolution (Screen Shots)

Affirmative Consent Mandatory For Public NY Schools





Sexual Assault Bill Of Rights Mandatory For Public NY Schools





Just in case you didn’t read the first reference, the link for, Campus Sexual Assault Victims’ Bill of Rights Act of 1991, is here.

New York’s Definition Of Affirmative Consent








I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: affirmative consent is nonsense. How do you believe men and women had sex before the invention of speech? Answer: body language. This law shows a complete lack of understanding about human sexuality. This will dehydrate pussy faster than a hair dryer.

In addition, you can’t prove any of this affirmative consent occurred beyond hearsay. This is just feel-good rhetoric to keep the sheep quiet.

Having a relationship does in fact imply future consent because relationships are attention, protection, and resources in exchange for sex. Period. If sex does not take place between a male and female, a relationship does not exist. Any concept of love and other fluff society places upon this foundation is just a euphemistic embellishment.

A relationship is an unspoken contract that the male may initiate intimate touch and sexual activity without prior consent.

No Female Accountability





It is official. College females in the state of New York will not ever be held accountable for their actions leading up to the alleged rape or for lying about it’s occurrence.

If you were a woman, weaker than all males 16 years and older, what would be the logical approach to preventing this? If you stand no chance against a male aggressor, wouldn’t you think that dulling your senses by inebriating yourself with copious amounts of alcohol to the point that you can’t keep your composure is a bad idea?

In fact, wouldn’t it just be safe to ban all women from consuming alcohol, saving them from themselves like we do with children? No, no, no Michael Augustus. That’s victim blaming! Don’t teach women how to take precautions, teach men not to rape!

Student Warning



Thank God. This is the only good thing they placed in this “resolution,” Men are being warned ahead of time. All NY college men will know to cease any current plate spinning, dump their girlfriends, and remain abstinent throughout their attendance. The only thing that they forgot is the video, Feminism for Bros 105. Take note how the girl doesn’t ask for consent.

Governor’s Goals




Before, the “Yes Means Yes” legislation only applied to public schools. Now, the U.S. government wants this to spread throughout the state, outside the confinements of universities, just like the U.K. (Source)

The New Phenomenon

Based on the observations on the effects of rape hysteria in multiple societies around the world, a new law has been instated. Unlike Briffault’s Law which always was, is, and always will be, this is temporary, and will hopefully be repealed in the near future after the inevitable decline and never be reinstated.

Warlock’s Law (Source)

The female, not the male, determines all conditions of consent. Where the female can derive no positive emotions from the sexual act, no such consent has taken place.


1) All consent provided by the female is contingent on how she currently feels. Any past or present form of agreement whether it be verbal, written, or displayed with body language is merely coincidental.

2) Past consent provided by the female before the act can be withdrawn during the act without communicating any intelligible sign to the male. The male’s ignorance of this is no excuse and he is held responsible for not having recognized the female’s thoughts at the time of withdrawal via telepathy.

3) Any consent provided by the female before and during the act is null and void as soon as the female decides to withdraw consent after the fact for any reason or no reason at all. (See Corollary 1)

4) The act need not have taken place. The female can withdraw consent from a fabricated event involving herself and any male(s) she chooses.

5) The risk of withdrawn consent by the female can never be destroyed, with the odds inversely proportional to the female’s perception of the male’s SMV and directly proportional to the magnitude by which the female’s perceived reputation may decline in the event her sexual indiscretions with the male were to reach the spotlight, the female’s desire for commitment from the male before the act, the level of vendetta the female holds after failing to acquire commitment from the male after the act, and the amount of resources or attention that can be derived by the female at the male’s expense via libel, slander, and/or litigation without consequence.

6) Any skepticism regarding the alleged female victim’s claims is victim blaming. Any male expectations of agency regarding the female’s involvement in the alleged act is a confession of misogyny, to hate all females.

The Plugged-In Support Feminism

The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

– Neo

In the video below, Roosh discusses how a blogger named Ezra says that although Affirmative Consent is a terrible law, he fully supports it because men should live in fear when engaging women.

Men, we are under attack, but misandry is not the big picture. Feminism is just a clown vehicle of useful idiots that the government is using to oppress males on their journey to oppress the rights of everybody. We are being targeted first because we are the main threat and our oppression is within the PC guidelines. Allowing men to exist unharmed is a big no-no, because when left to their own devices they are capable of independent thought.

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377 thoughts on “New York Has Adopted Yes Means Yes”

  1. We should have college age males fight fire with fire. Sleep with an ugly girl, cry rape, get her suspended via kangaroo court and ridiculed through MS and Social Media. These rules do not specify “yes means yes” is for females only.

    1. Process for suggestion when applied in practice:
      1) Sleep with an ugly girl : Check
      2) Cry rape : Check
      3) Get her suspended via kangaroo court and ridiculed through MS and Social Media: Unable to check due to white knights and feminists’ accusations of the man being inexperienced and not a ‘real man’ who should be grateful he got any action in the first place.

        1. According to feminism, men have power over women. Therefore, they cannot be victims.
          Yeah…this consent thing is better off being shoved up their backsides rather than being shoved in people’s faces.

        2. Exactly. Hypocrisy is the modern American woman’s stock in trade anyhow…

    2. Men are responsible for women’s behavior and lack of judgement. As usual. Men are going to be punished because not only do women not want to think, they don’t want others to do it for them.

        1. That is hilarious.. He I’m sure didn’t even realize how much truth he spoke because it came so natural to him.

    3. Actually a woman recently broke into a man’s house and sexually assaulted him, the jury found her not guilty even after she confessed, so yeah your suggestion would be a really really steep uphill battle .

        1. In a Nutshell,
          Man: She Sexually assaulted me
          Female: I Sexually Assaulted him
          Verdict: Not Guilty

        2. Both brawds in those two cases are haggis ugly as fuck and no wonder they had to rape a guy.

    4. I’m sure that “only women have the power to consent”. An extension of this is “only women have the power to NOT give consent”, meaning only women can be raped. Because equality.

    5. Actually, lawsuits work pretty well. A lot of colleges have settled for big bucks because men were falsely accused, and then sued. Once they start getting hit in the wallet, the colleges will start backing down fast.

    6. I have a better idea. Money talk and bullshit walks. If women wanna be the “big men on campus,” let ’em have the fuggin thing. After all, it’s not like a 4-year degree amounts to anything more than something to wipe your ass with nowadays unless the person holding it is wearing a skirt and high heels. Once those bloated, balding bastards and man-jawed lesbians who run these campuses start seeing the tuition dollars drying up because there’s not a male student in sight, they’ll shit-can this insanity so fast we won’t even know they tried to pass it in the first place. Boycotts: They’re Not Just For the 60s Anymore.

        1. It will if we make it happen. I’ve been saying this for years. If women can have “The Week the Women Went,” how come we can’t have “The Month the Men Moved On”? I mean a total shutdown. No men going to work, no men buying anything (you should already be stocked up enough to last a month without grocery shopping anyway). Like the club owner in “Kill Bill” said, we’re past talking, and f*cking with their cash is the only thing these idiots understand at this point.

    7. You’re using logic, son. That shit doesn’t work around these parts.
      NO female will EVER get prosecuted for rape on a college campus. A girl can go so far as shooting herself shoving a broomstick up some passed out dude’s ass and post it all over the internet. And the feminist run kangaroo campus court will find some way to absolve her of any wrongdoing. In fact, they will likely charge the guy with exposing his butt hole to a female without her consent.
      That’s just the way it currently works.

        1. Weak society, weak men. Too much material comfort. Most of the politicians and people in power are betas as well.. Even most of the Wall Street big shots are beta as fuck..
          However, I wonder why the SJWs have so much drive.. Could it be because they see it working in their favor each and every time? Maybe.. But to get back to your point, men are weak these days. And pretty dumb I might add..

        2. Exactly as the third image above states; politicians pander to liberal, socialist and feminist causes. More women vote for them. It’s a positive feedback loop.

        1. Yeah it’s New York City unfortunately, it’s Super Dense and it determines the Vote every time, People living in the Rural Country Parts like Myself didn’t vote for him, in fact one Map of NY state showed the Entire State was against Coumo, Except NY city, but the city was all that mattered.

  2. Don’t go near them, don’t speak to them, and never, ever, touch them.
    Then brace yourselves for the ensuing storm of indignation.

  3. The giant slum that touts itself as “The Center of The Universe” just got even more stupid and overhyped. Should have never sterilized Times Square and 42nd Street, the “Old York” pre-Giuliani was so much cooler.

  4. The only way that the ‘Yes means Yes’ could benefit everyone is if ALL women could be trusted with such great power. Unfortunately, that is not the case.
    Well, it looks like men everywhere need to buy a camcorder now and show their sexual encounters in court for defense which will probably embarass both sides.
    We are all going to be amateur porn stars.

    1. Haha. That first image is absolutely hilarious – more so because it has such a strong and disturbing undercurrent of truth!

  5. ‘no female accountability’ is redundant. female = lack of reason and accountability.

  6. Andrew Coumo is the Biggest Ass going, We are already living here in NY state with that piece of shit NY Safe Act Law, Now this, OMG, this state just keeps on getting better and better, tragedy is that the entire state minus the city is Conservative, but that ball and chain NY city gets the Libs in every-time.

  7. I hope the male lawmakers that sign these bullshit laws have a woman make a false rape accusation against them. Maybe then they will open their eyes

    1. Last year I spoke to a lawyer about this stuff at a party and he agreed with me that the law is turning against men.
      He obviously didn’t give a shit though, he admitted that he was profiting from it.

      1. And that’s just it. Lawyers profit from it and Feminists Orgs too. When the $ is rolling in … they don’t care about the ones who are ultimately paying for it: innocent men.

  8. It is going to be fun watching. Government officials have their girl friends run them up for rape. I want to see the first cop charged with rape right before the divorce.

    1. If every man actually follows this law millions of women will be complaining how men “never take the lead”, “my man never takes charge in the bedroom”, ” he’s to scared to touch me”, “he keeps asking permission to do everything In the bedroom an it kills the romance” etc. Sometimes I think these laws are made by fat feminists an mangina virgins who have never been desired so they don’t understand how men an women interact in a sexual way an want to ruin it for people who do.

      1. You’re exactly right. No woman wants a guy to ask for consent at every step. She wants him to lead and take charge — dominate her.
        Ultimately as younger males are indoctrinated by this BS and then practice it on a chick, chicks will be crying how “guys don’t take charge.”

        1. Yep an men will get the blame for not being real men who take charge even though it was feminists who brought in laws that made men that way under the threat of rape charges.

  9. “Yes Means Yes” is what happens when you let people who don’t have sex make up rules for people who do have sex.

    1. look on the bright side… at least Yes means : No we don’t have to have a relationship, and yes I can do you in all three holes and yes i can nail your BFFs as well… yippee… YES means I can fuck you threeways to Christmas and put my fist in your ass….. please sign here…

    2. Right? I’ve never run across any dude who was like “I totally banged this passed out broad last night. She just laid there in a heap with a dry vag. It was awesome, bruh.”

      1. The only case I can remember was the Greg Haidl case from 2002, where some teenage boys raped an unconscious teenage girl in Orange County, CA.
        I was living in Orange County when that crime happened. It brought down the head of the OC Sheriffs Mike Carona because Greg was one of his cronies’ sons, and some of these people tried to intervene to protect the kid.

      2. Pinto in Animal House was going to bang the dean’s passed out 13yo daughter. He didn’t but later nailed her on the football field. I’d do Mylie Cyrus if she was out cold :o)

    3. If 1 in 4 college women were raped, that would be worse than in the Congo where rape is used systematically as a weapon of war. Any amount of quasi-critical thinking exposes that number for the ludicrous fraud it is. Of course, any amount of critical thinking about a land whale claiming to be the victim of rape culture exposes fraud too. Res ipsa loquitur.

      1. I heard a Similar statistic that 1 in 4 woman in a group no matter the location has been raped, I was at a family gathering with at least 10 female relatives around me and i thought so 2 of them was raped, immediately I thought that Statistic was Bull shit. The SJW’s are just making crap up to keep Victim Mentality Alive in Society.

        1. I was recently having a casual discussion with a relatively attractive, not overtly feminist female friend of mine. She dropped the 1-in-4 statistic into the conversation and I said, hold on, wait a second. You have a large number of female friends (she’s an attractive and sociable woman in her early 30s)–how many women do you personally know that have been raped? Like real, abduction, forcible rape? She had to admit that of the literally hundreds of her female friends, she could not name a single one who was a rape victim. I told her I personally knew of two: the sweet little old Chinese lady who lived next door to me growing up, and the attractive 20-something wife of one of my father’s business partners. Both were brutally raped by black men who broke into their houses, both of which were located in the downtown area of my medium-sized city, and both of which occurred back in the late 70s.
          But in the last 30 years, I literally know more men who have been kidnapped and tortured than I know women who have been abducted and raped.

        2. I don’t know any women who have been raped. Nor do any of my friends know any woman who has been raped.
          Yet …
          I know guys who’ve been hit with a false rape allegation. Including a cousin on my mom’s side. When I was in my freshman year of college, a spiteful ex-GF of his decided to hit him with a bogus rape allegation. Sadly he was convicted and imprisoned. About 6-7 months after he was released, he blew his brains out one night. The stigma of being a “sex offender” when HE WASN’T was too much.
          A lot of men who are falsely convicted of rape end up committing suicide. Victims of a feminist judicial system which chews innocent men up and spits ’em out all to protect women who create bogus rape allegations from facing any backlash. Incredibly every time we see a rape allegation in the public spotlight turn out to be false … the media NEVER addresses the men who commit suicide for being falsely convicted.

        1. Oh that stat is true….just not for rape.
          We call it the cock carousel. They call it rape (buyer’s remorse) if they don’t get a call the next day or were too drunk to remember it.

        2. What is the cause of the buyers remorse ? Isn’t there enough information on Internet about the consequences of riding the cock carousel ?

        3. That’s the ironic thing. According to feminists with their — bogus — stats, college campuses experience rape in vastly greater numbers than the total crime rate of Detroit.
          Yet parents keep sending their daughters to these “rape epidemic centers.”

        4. But assimilating that would require rational thought rather than just “But muh FEELZ!!!!”

      2. Add in the fact that the same people spewing the statistic also have the addendum that;
        “Most sexual assaults go unreported.”
        Meaning that college campuses have so much constant rape and groping that the airplane scene in “Wolf of Wall Street” seems like an old-fashioned sock hop in comparison.

        1. Too funny. I don’t know how any work or business (school) is being conducted with so much rape going on.
          That is truly priceless shit.

      3. The funny thing is the 1 in 4 stat is true for me in a twisted way. I’ve been privy to 4 women claiming rape. Only 1 was actually telling the truth. I posted this story months ago but I’ll do it again here because it’s relevant:
        1. The first was date raped by her boyfriend (this actually happened)
        this was the only one that didn’t parade it around trying to get
        attention from it. She didn’t talk about it for years but eventually
        dealt with it and is now happily married with children and has no
        intimacy issues.
        2. The second one falsely accused a guy because
        he wasn’t interested in her. (He had never had any type of physical
        contact with her either) This was on a college campus and she’d sit
        outside of his dorm room all day while he was at class/work. He’d be
        gone for 12 hours a day so he was not aware that she was there. The
        only thing that he knew was that the police came and took him off campus
        based on her word alone. The only thing that saved him was at the exact
        time that he was supposedly “raping” this girl, he was across town
        using his debit card. Luckily for him, only a few people had heard
        about the incident so his reputation was not tarnished. The girl never
        suffered any legal ramifications because of this though.
        3. The
        third was a sociopath. She was an attractive girl but a master
        manipulator and a pathological liar. She loved to play the damsel in
        distress so that people, mostly blue pills (like I was at the time)
        would have sympathy and possibly give her money. Over time, I noticed a
        pattern. Every few years she would piss someone off and people would
        cut off contact with her. She would then reemerge and claim that she had
        suffered a different sexual assault with a different assailant. She
        would then receive attention and sympathy. However, she would never go
        to the police or file a report. That’s right. She would find herself on
        someone’s shit list and then conveniently get raped to receive
        forgiveness. After a few mutual friends got together and compared
        notes, it was revealed that each of us had heard a different version of
        each story. (or in some cases not all of the stories. Some had heard 1,
        another 2, but I had heard all of them) All in all, this girl claimed
        that she was “abused” about 4 times in 6 years in 3 different states. Of
        course, the stories would always change depending on who was present.
        The last story she told was how she was at a club and someone slipped
        something in her drink. She woke up the next day in her apartment and
        later found out that she was pregnant. I called her mom and told her
        about it and her own mom revealed that she wasn’t pregnant from a rape,
        but just a one night stand.
        In the end, this girl was revealed to
        have lied so often about so many other things, it was safe to say that
        all of her assailants were imaginary.
        4. A coworker of mine had a
        buddy who was a cab driver. He picked up a beautiful girl one Friday
        night from a club and she had him drive multiple places. By the end of
        the night she had racked up an impressive fare. The last stop was a
        gated community and she asked for him to wait at the gate while she ran
        inside to retrieve her money to pay the fare. Well, the guy was wise and
        knew that this girl was about to stiff him. (Old trick: run into a
        gated community and never come back.) He insisted that she pay right
        away or he’d call the police. She tells him that if he doesn’t let her
        go she’ll say that he raped her. He dials the police and while he’s
        talking to the operator, she starts screaming, ripping her clothes and
        punching herself in the face in the back seat. This is all recorded by
        the operator. The police show up quickly and because the girl looks
        freshly “beaten” they start to arrest the cabby. The only thing that
        saves him, is that one of the cops happens to check her purse and he
        finds two false IDs, each with her picture. The cops then start to
        question her as to why she has two IDs with different names. Her story
        quickly falls apart and she’s arrested. A few days later, the cabby
        starts to press charges and gets a call from the girl’s rich father. He
        wants him to feel sorry for her and offers a few thousand dollars to
        not pursue the case any further. My coworker changed jobs not long
        after this so I don’t know if the cabby took the money. I hoped he
        didn’t and that bitch took the full brunt of her punishment, but I doubt
        it. After all, she was an attractive woman and her father was rich.
        She was probably set free to accuse someone else later.
        So I like I said the 1 in 4 is true just in the opposite way they say.
        Only 1 in 4 women who claim rape have actually been raped. Those other bitches are just lying about it.

        1. Number 2: similar thing happened to me in college. Apparently when I was wasted at a party, I told a chick off and called her a “fucking bitch.”
          Following weekend I went to hospital. That Monday I got s call from Student Affairs. Apparently someone put a note on the chicks door that she was a “fucking bitch.” She ran to Student Affairs and said it was me. As they think they got me nailed, I show them paperwork showing I was at hospital … Thus proving it wasn’t me.
          Your 3 and 4. It makes my blood boil. It’s mind boggling how a) chicks think nothing of lying about rape and b) them NEVER facing any ramifications to filing a bogus allegation/ report. It’s sick how women will do what it takes to make it look like they were raped to get out of a cab fare. Makes me SICK

        2. I think you mean: “Apparently she put a note on her own door that she was a “fucking bitch.”
          That has “frame job” written all over it.

        3. Solipsism runs deep in them. Jackie Coakley and Emma Sulkowicz no doubt actually believe they were raped.

        4. WTF is up with women crying RAPE to get out of a cab fare? I’m finding more and more of these stories. Also … remember a year ago some female cried RAPE on an Uber driver? I believe in that case it was also found to be false.
          Here’s another one: Jesus fucking Christ. It’s enraging how these cunts face NO RAMIFICATIONS for false rape allegations.

        5. “NO RAMIFICATIONS for false rape allegations.” Oh of course not! Not until men start raising a stink about things like SJW’s do, will there be change. Or the sons of enough judges and administrators get falsely accused, then you’ll see real concern from the higher ups.

        6. They don’t believe they were raped. They just know that if they keep saying it enough, enough people will believe them. I’m quite sure they giggle about it when no one’s watching. Most women really are self-aware. They know that this stuff is bullshit, but they are shocked and amazed (just like we are) that they are able to get away with it for so long.
          I say this because of the sociopath I mentioned earlier. I was a massive blue piller and because of the rape of my family member, I was very sensitive to the topic of rape. We dated for a few weeks. During this time, I was trying very hard to get her some help but of course she always declined. What I didn’t know was that she secretly hated me because I actually believed her. We argued often in that short period and sometimes she would angrily scold me (out of the blue) about how “I just believed anything anyone told me.” I didn’t understand until after we broke up (and pieced the whole lie together) that she was talking about herself. She actually hated me for believing her lie and allowing her to get over on me.

        7. I think you may be underestimating the ability of women to convince themselves of, well, anything….

      4. If 1 in 4 were raped that would mean large gangs of males would be storming around campus grounds rapeing women in the thousands everyday, the national gaurd would be called in an women wouldn’t be going to college. How they can use that ridiculous statistic is beyond me.

        1. You Americans are lucky. When I was going to college in Canada in the early 1990s, the statistic was 1 in 3! And it went absolutely unchallenged in the pre-internet era. Even in private locker room talk I never heard any males challenge the stat. They all just assumed it was true. Internally I knew it was complete bullshit, but I kept my mouth shut.

        2. I’m Australian not American but feminism is so rampant here the official stats probably say 1 in 2, I havn’t checked them though.

        3. Feel sorry for the oz, I mean 10 years ago everyone just thought of you lot as chilled beach bums now you’re a feminist cesspool. Didn’t that feminist idiot call for a ban on ANZAC day?

        4. Yeah, its gone down hill very quickly.. and you have propaganda machines like A Current Affair and Today Tonight that only perpetuate it further.

        5. Yea we have some great things about our country but leftists, political correctness an feminism are also rampant here, plenty of people have called for ANZAC day to be banned along with Australia day, according to leftists they’re racist. Never mind the fact our ANZACs fought for us against an imperialist empire that attempted to invade us in WW2 but they ignore that.

        6. They aren’t interested in real issues those shows they just want to create sensationalist stories.

        7. I guess we need to gather up four girls on a college campus and find out which one got raped, recently. That’s how stupid those numbers sound.
          Now, how many of these women have fucked the entire football team last semester is another story.

        8. See a couple of YouTube clips and it’s like pain to one’s ears and eyes. Before you know it they’ll “Marxicise” every aspect of life from sports to what people wear on the beach.

        9. The feminists have broadened the term rape that you’ll probably find every female college attendee has been raped in way at least once. Telephone rape,twitter rape, stare rape, “can I help you move this couch to your apartment on the 8th floor” rape. More types of rape are forged as we speak.

        10. Lefties will shoot themselves in the foot by trying to ban ANZAC day, fortunatelly for them,they have an army of land whales and white knights behind them no matter what they do. That’s really detrimental for democracy.

        11. ANZAC day had record numbers of people this year, ther attempts at banning The Aussie flag years ago on Australia day didn’t work, we also have a more conservative government at the moment so there is some fightback. Unfortunately same as in America our education system is ruled by leftists which produces manginas an SJWs an political correctness is destroying free speech.

      5. The basic explanation is that 1 in 4 girls make a bad decision that they regret the day after. This isn’t “rape culture” this is “slut culture” and they try to frame it as a problem created by men.

        1. Whenever I hear the term “rape culture,” I like to point out that, if it exists at all, women perpetuate it by refusing to report rapists to the police so that we can remove them from society. It’s funny how that will shut up a room full of women.
          Basic math does the same thing. I once had a woman tell me that in a room of 12 of her friends, 10 of them had been raped. I pointed out that since the most wildly inflated estimate of rape is 1 in 3, even if I assumed the estimate was accurate she either has the most unlucky friends or most of them are lying. I could hear crickets chirping for a while after that.

        2. If I went back 30 years there were a few incidents that by today’s standards would be considered “rapey”. After being a divorce lawyer I smartened the fuck up and adopted a “yes means yes” policy several years before it became the current fad. There is a certain kinky pleasure involved when you tell a woman exactly what you intend to do with their body and get them to agree to it explicitly.
          Seduction is dead. Game is a crap shoot.

    4. It’s also what happens when you let a bunch of dudes who take it up the ass start making rules that make it damn near impossible for straight dudes to get laid. The objective? To herd new “initiates” into the brotherhood of butt-f*ckery. That’s why something like “yes means yes” rearing its ugly head in New York doesn’t shock me. It’ll hit California next if it already hasn’t. The Velvet Mafia is real, people. Wake the hell up!

    5. I think we’re past that at this point. People making the rules have sex and know EXACTLY what they are doing. As the article says, 4 times is a conspiracy.
      This is all deliberate. A decades-long, slow, steady ratcheting up of mind control and brainwashing. Control the male sex drive and you essentially control humanity.
      Soon in the Anglosphere heterosexual males will need a special certificate to have sex. Gays, lesbos, transqueers will be free to do whatever they want, without government oversight.

    6. Sounds a like a good reason to eliminate mixed-sex schools. Why did we do this in the first place?

      1. Right. We may need to get back to traditional colleges to fix this “problem”.
        You think you see a thousand cock stare, now. Women will be nothing but zombies at these schools with no cock around to ride.

      1. I realize you’re being a bit of a twat, but that doesn’t even work well as humor.

    7. Or we can go to the Supreme Court where a bunch of senior citizens decide how teenagers should conduct their romances.

    8. This is the basic problem. Given various sex and rape statutes, who interprets them? A bunch of senior citizens with law degrees! While I have the utmost respect for Scalia and such, he has no business telling me who and where and how I can fuck bitches.

  10. Do even lawyers understand the law? Yes can mean anything a woman wants it to mean. Is there any legal defense for the male?

  11. I’m very glad to be done with academia, but definitely worry for my sons. Affirmative consent isn’t something I have a particular problem with, but the way these laws claim that consent can’t be given when intoxicated really just make them “no drunk sex” laws.
    I seriously think a young man’s best defense might be to pre-emptively accuse his partner of taking advantage of him, if he thinks the morning after that there’s any risk she’ll be the crazy chick to cry rape weeks later when he’s lost interest.

    1. that’s actually pretty darn smart. Just text your friend the next morning and say she raped you… and that she said she would accuse you of rape if you didn’t agree to keep seeing her. Do it every single time. If she even acts like she might accuse you then you immediately accuse her and have the text as circumstantial backup.

  12. So i’m still confused as to how this solves anything. Two people are making out.. they have sex. Next day girl says she was raped. Guy says it was consensual. Girl says she didn’t say yes. Guy says, “she said yes and screamed yes the whole time and now is just saying she didn’t” … how would either person prove what they said, unless they were recording it … and i don’t even want to go there…

      1. Yes. And how about head nods? How about a thumbs up?
        Do you have to get her to say yes to blow you or can you just push her head down? Do you have to get her to say yes you can kiss her?
        I mean, unless a guy is so dumb he literally tells the court she never said yes, because the burden of proof is on the prosecution i don’t understand how this could ever be used in real court… unless there was a witness or something, and even then the witness likely wouldn’t be credible.

        1. If she has a speech impediment it would have to be… “uweaus means uweaus”

        2. It is not a criminal court matter – it is a feminist dominated college matter – you are guilty until proven innocent – one case experiencing backlash is one where the man resembled a woman’s previous attacker ????? and he was removed from college because of her feelings.

    1. You’re using logic in an attempt to decipher the deeper reasoning. Don’t bother; you’re wasting energy. This has nothing to do with preventing rape. It’s political agenda, plain and simple.

    2. You would literally have to video tape, IN FIELD OF VIEW, with audible sound, every single moment you’re with a girl, to back it up. However, what it does is swing the door wide open for Her word OVER yours. It’s THAT fucked up. It’s literally some of the only legislation written outside constructs of basic logic, the very classes taught as the basis of the French-Norman legal system the entire country is based on. It is literally a law based purely on emotion.

    3. You don’t get it. She doesn’t have to PROVE anything!
      These cases will be tried in campus kangaroo courts, not actual criminal courts. Kangaroo courts are run by feminist, Women’s Studies professors. Feminists believe, to their very core, that women rarely, if ever lie about being raped. And even when they do, they are still somehow “the victim”
      Basically, expect a 90% guilty rate against male defendants, 10% no contest rate and a 0% guilty rate against female defendants.

      1. California’s is tried in the courts. I think with university’s the best thing to do is to accuse her of rape before she accuses you.

  13. Yes means yes ex)
    50th anniversary with wife:
    ‘Can I hold your hand pls?’

  14. The whole educational system is so fucked up, I think the best course of action for men coming out of high school is to delay going to college and learn a trade instead.
    Why? First, they can bang college chicks and not be subject to the YMY rule (girl would have to file actual criminal charges). Second, college is such a scam nowadays that students come out loaded with debt and no job prospect. Third, if/when they decide to go to college, they will have actual life experience, cash, and will not be as tempted by college pussy, since they will have already tapped it pre-college.

    1. It is a joke. A guy now pays $50K/ year to be subject to feminist indoctrination while there’s great likelihood he’ll be hit with a bogus rape allegation.

      1. And the bitch will get her loan forgiven. Did you notice Obama just signed a bill to that effect? It doesn’t say that specifically but we all know that’s what’s going to end up being..

        1. College age men, in order to receive student loans, must register for the Selective Service.
          College age women do not.
          Yet they are given gender-specific scholarships and far more tax payer funding.
          Bring this up the next time some college age cunt talks about “equality.”

      2. $50K/ year to be subject to feminist indoctrination
        THAT should be put in the college brochures

  15. How much longer can this Trotksyist permanent revolution go on?
    I may have answered my own question.

  16. Men are being targeted because we are the only ones who would have the strength to fight back. Even then we’ve gotten soft from generations of relative utopia.

    1. Yup, women will do what they are told, Men on the other hand prefer to be their own Masters.

  17. So is that a video on how liberals fuck ? Guess that means that in the future, there will not be many liberals.

      1. If we are all honest with ourselves, I don’t think it’s how ANYBODY fucks – beta males, simps and manginas included. Maybe those weaklings ask for an initial consent but after that, I don’t think so.
        This whole situation is so absurd I often wonder if I’m just dreaming. There is no way that the masses of human beings can really be this stupid to allow this shit to exist in our society. Then I realize that I am not dreaming and that humanity really *is* that stupid.
        So fuck ’em. Let ’em all burn. Bros or ho’s, I don’t care. I will take whatever precautions I need to, continue to make money, work out, go hiking, smoke pot, hang out with male friends, bang a high-class escort every now and then and otherwise just give the middle finger to society.
        Not my society. Not my problem. Fuck ’em.

        1. Pro comment.
          In the end, what remains is yourself and after you die there’ll be nothing to give a shit about. Call me nihilistic as if it’s a bad thing, I don’t care. If you grasp this you’ll be truly free.
          Personally I do all the things, except smoking, mentioned above and I couldn’t be happier! Occasionally I get some offers from girls, I turn them down.
          As for escorts, do it when it’s legal, but my experience is that you don’t need it. Discharge that stored up sexual energy elsewhere, it’s the source of power that makes men excel at doing things.

  18. As the Author Says, this is nothing more than a feel good Law. This Law won’t help End Rape, if a Man wants to Rape a woman, her consent and the Yes means Yes law isn’t going to matter, the only thing this law does is empower dishonest and easily scorned women to be able to have Revenge.

    1. If a man wants to rape a woman he’s not gonna care about consent. This law doesn’t stop rape it’s an attempt by feminists to turn normal sexual interactions into rape so their rape stats can be high so they can keep their victim narrative going.

    2. It’s never been about ending rape. It’s about profiting from it. As sexual assaults drop every year on college campuses, feminazi groups risked loss of funding.
      Thus they’ve redefined harmless acts as “RAPE!” while pushing this legislation exactly to ’empower’ dishonest/scorned bitches to create more rape allegations.

      1. You are exactly right, being a SJW is the easiest job going(Granted a person is fine being a Sell out and Selling their soul) but when a Top Dog SJW can sit around and complain all day, and get funded for it, I doubt they are going to choose to get a real job like the rest of us, I’d Be surprised if someone like Al Sharpton came out one day and Said “I Feel Like i’ve accomplished my work, i’m off now to become a Pizza Delivery Boy”.

  19. Feminists want to turn any interaction that makes a female uncomfortable rape, simple as that, an undesirable man looks at you “eye rape”, while having sex he touches your breast “feel rape” if she decides she regrets having sex with him or he decides not to commit but she wanted to after they had sex “rape” etc. Fact is there’s always going to be awkward or uncomfortable moments when members of the opposite gender interact, but feminists want to make it 100% on a females terms an bassicaly give her complete power over men, so much for equality of the genders. They also want to absolve females of all responsibility an not teach good judgement to them, if all these women are so strong an independent why do they get absolved of all responsibility? Because feminism promotes a narrative that contradicts itself.

  20. MGTOW’s gonna blow up in NYC!
    The band quicksilver messenger service said it best,
    “You keep adding to my numbers as you shoot my people down.”
    This will also ironically help men get laid. They will start ignoring women men masse. This will of course drive women batshit and instead of men working to impress them women will become our servants.
    Remember, you can look at these things as a glass half full or a glass half empty.
    Think positively, gentlemen.

    1. I’ve tried to say it before if enough men go MGTOW feminists are fucked, females will change their behavior if that happens.

      1. Yep!
        We have to look at it this way. This will inevitably lead to a return of the infamous patriarchy!

      2. If MGTOW were to have an effect on the government, the government would just pander to MGTOWs.
        But I’d argue that many MGTOW are not as red-ironed as you’d like to believe. If the government changed legislation as a reaction to MGTOW, it would most likely be a trap in the long-term, and the cycle would continue.

        1. There was a post somewhere in the manosphere (cant recall where) that theorized if for some reason we did manage to get the laws to be more reasonable, as in, not straight up persecution of men, that the first reaction from men would be that we “see progress” and loosen the reigns on women immediately, thus negating all progress…
          Seems likely.

        2. I was talking hypotheticaly I know not enough men are MGTOW to change the government or feminists agenda but I kinda like the idea of millions of men standing their ground an saying we arn’t gonna offer you sex, commitment, a family, marriage or attention unless you cut the feminist bullshit. It wont happen though or your right the government would find some way to trap them an continue the decline.

        3. ” It wont happen though or your right the government would find some way to trap them an continue the decline.”
          They’ll simply tax you into oblivion.

        4. Yea that’s true unfortunately, it may force women to turn on their feminist overlords though.

        5. It’s actually what Japan is doing to their herbivores. They’ll always resort to this little trick.

        6. The decline in marriage rates suggests that men are beginning to clue in.
          How the govt and corporations (the last thing corporations want are large numbers of unmarried male employees; married guys are much easier to control) handle the decline in marriage is another issue.

        7. Let me explain for you city guys. Horses are controlled by reins, not reigns.

        8. In the theoretical circumstance where we manage to gain a little progress, yes. In reality? Fuck no.

      3. Too many thirsty beta males for that to ever happen.
        Plus, they will just continue doing what they are already doing – importing millions upon millions of 3rd world immigrants to keep up the birth rate.

    2. I like your writings, but I am not sure it’s going to work that way.
      I think the West is in very deep trouble. The confused thinking and lack of masculine direction has made it vulnerable. Instead of addressing that vulnerability we rely too much on plots and maneuvering. For religious reasons as well as what I observe, I see a war coming.
      I think you boys better hunker down and get ready, because this is going to be ugly.

      1. That’s actually true. But even if we, due to our weakness, are invaded by, say, the Muslims, there would still be a return to patriarchy. Women will always side with the dominant group. It happened in WWII.

  21. The “John Doe” case at Occidental College shows where this is all going:
    The facts: John and Jane Doe, both freshmen* at Occidental, have “drunk sex”…she texts him that shes on her way over and asks if he has a condom, and also texts a friend that “Imgoingtohave sex now.” She arrives at John Doe’s room, performs oral on him and apparently they have sex (they only figure this out b/c there’s used condom in the morning).
    Some feminist professor gets a hold of the chick ten days later, and WHAM! suddenly she was raped:
    “I thought we were just kinda gonna have an awkward friendship moving forward,” John says. “Unbeknownst to me, she’d been talking to a lot of people. You know, counselors.”
    One of those counselors was Danielle Dirks, the professor who’d helped file the Title IX complaint the previous spring and the someone that Reddy suggested she speak to. According to Dirks’s statements to investigators, when Jane first told Dirks her story, Dirks called what happened to Jane “rape,” to which Jane replied, “Oh, I am not calling it rape yet.” According to Jane’s statements to investigators, Dirks told her that John “fit the profile of other rapists on campus in that he had a high GPA in high school, was his class valedictorian, was on [a sports] team, and ‘from a good family.’
    So this girl has drunk sex and some feminist professor gaslights her into believing she was raped.
    Meanwhile, Occidental fires up the Witchfinder General Hitjob Machine and bounces John Doe from his dorm, his classes (those with Jane Doe) and ultimately expels him after a hearing in front of an external adjudicator during which he had no meaningful representation (he had an advocate who is employed by Dining Services), no opportunity for cross-examination and during which he was the only male present (imagine all the feminist heads that would explode if Jane Doe was the only female present in a tribunal that found John Doe innocent.)
    Here is the definition of “Incapacitation” from Occidental’s Sexual Assault Policy (note that it is gender neutral which will become important).
    “Incapacitation: Incapacitation is a state where an individual cannot make an ·informed and rational decision to engage in sexual activity because s/he lacks conscious knowledge of the nature of the act (e.g., to understand the who, what, when, where, why or how of the sexual interaction) and/or is physically helpless. An individual is incapacitated, and therefore unable to give consent, if s/he is asleep, unconscious, or otherwise unaware that sexual activity is occurring.”
    So the external adjudicator concludes that, even though Jane Doe appeared to be able to give consent, she was drunk to the point where she was not able to give consent, thus she was incapacitated and John Doe was therefore a rapist.
    Slow down. You know who else was “incapacitated” under that definition? John Doe. Remember, he was hammered, too, and had no recollection of her performing oral sex on him, or that they had sex. So under Occidental’s own policy, guess who is also guilty of sexual assault? Jane Doe. She’s welcome to stay at Occidental, of course, while John got expelled b/c he has a penis and she has a vagina.
    Meanwhile, John attempted to enroll at another school, which accepted him, initially, but rescinded his acceptance when they got an “anonymous phone call” about how he was accused of rape, etc.
    So much for confidentiality and due process. Apparently, the femcunts want his life ruined, FOREVER.
    We are in the midst of a “moral panic” about rape, similar to the child sex abuse scandals of the 1980s and 1990s. It starts with lies like “25% of woman are raped” and ends with innocent men having their lives ruined. Happily, John Doe, like Paul Nungesser, is fighting back, and has filed his own Title IX action:
    *Occidental College apparently uses “first years” or some other bullshit.

    1. The hamster will keep spinning, keep running through topics until someone finally agrees. Then, whey they get a thumbs up, it’s time to start looting.

    2. Part of the problem is that feminists determine the level of drunk – question asked ” were you drinking at all” – any drink by the female can lead to an inquisition.

      1. In this case, Occidental was also running scared from their previous Title IX suit, but that’s no excuse for trampling the rights of the accused.

  22. Morpheus said that not neo.
    Anyway, just leave women dry. Then the country will find out in 2 hours, max, that women are just as lustful, probably moreso, than men.

      1. A faux pas does not a failure make.
        It is an article that needed to be written.

  23. I only fuck craigslist hookers and seekingarrangement hooker sugarbabies. So i dont care. I wouldnt care anyway. Im going to rig up a mini camera so i can record every encounter
    Men, we need Game.more than ever. You should be so charming, so irresistible they these sluts claw at you, unzip your pants and do all the work.

    1. Just ensure that your craigslist hooker is not going to college/university. It is all just a total mess.

  24. I’ve got a serious suggestion for other states. Want more out-of-state university students (i.e. customers)? Offer in-state tuition rates to students from New York. After a few guys get reamed by this new law, a lot of bright young men (and their parents) will be looking for alternatives.

  25. “If you stand no chance against a male aggressor, wouldn’t you think that dulling your senses by inebriating yourself with copious amounts of alcohol to the point that you can’t keep your composure is a bad idea?”
    You’re right, it’s obvious that women completely lose all agency under the influence of alcohol. It’s not like they willingly drink themselves into a stupor, either. Rather, the PATRIARCHY force-fed her!!! This is why women are not responsible for their actions.
    Since they’re not responsible for their own thoughts or actions, I suggest a solution: Take away their right to vote. After all, if they can be controlled so easily by alcohol and chauvinistic men, then can we really trust that they have the agency enough to make informed decisions at the polls?

    1. I agree with you on this one.. I would also add however, 80% of men are clueless as well.

  26. So will people have to get consent in writing on a document that’s admissible in a court of law?

    1. I think you missed the part where the female has the right to revoke any prior agreement at any time (days, weeks, months, years) – It is a rigged game that any scorned woman can win at.

    1. What the man says or does is completely irrelevant.
      Whatever the female says happened is what happened.
      Case closed.

  27. The goverment is jus a bunch of fags who want to defeat heterosexual sex and force men to start fucking eachother by preying on women’s inherent gullibility and stupidity to turn them against us as a means to control world population.
    This thought came to me in a flash but i cant get it out of my head (0_o)

    1. There is some truth to that. Look up Bohemian Grove, an elite club that goes back to the 1800s and continues to this day. Presidents and world leaders have been attending since then. President Nixon famously described it as “the most goddamn faggoted place I’ve ever been to.” But he had to go in order to be anointed president.
      Amongst the Elite there is a very high incidence of homosexuality, for whatever reason.

      1. I heard they bring in male prostitutes by the bus-load, and that AIDS is a problem. We are run by a bunch of Homosexuals. It is sickening.

      2. where did nixon describe it as “”the most goddamn faggoted place I’ve ever been to.”, I would really really like to know?

  28. Well this is going to make for some really corny, boring, amateur college porn vids uploaded. Guys gonna have to run cameras for proof anyways… The college book store better start selling spy cams.

  29. My response to this would simply be refusal to attend any school in any state that implements these Marxist “laws”. Let such schools fill with the Arthur Chu’s and Anita Sarkeesian’s of the world, wasting their time on useless Wimmin’s Studies degrees while real men get their education from those institutions grounded in reason and not driven by the hysterical bleetings of feminists.

    1. “those institutions grounded in reason”
      And which institutions would those be? This insanity has spread to all colleges across the Anglosphere.

      1. Engineering schools. CMU, WPI, RPI, RIT, Stevens, Lehigh, Rose Hulman, Colorado School of Mines etc.

      2. There’s a significant number of schools out there. Not ALL of them have adopted these absurd policies and not ALL states have cowered before the feminist herd. You could also try seeking an education abroad. Or you could just do what I did and not buy into the notion that 20 plus years of debt is a fair trade for a piece of paper and skip college alltogether. I have no degree, no student loan debt, and I make six figures a year.

  30. This makes me want to max out my tourist visa in ukraine or columbia. Not for sex tourism to get discount hos. But just to experience the female culture that isn’t american feminism. You know what i’m saying? There’s only so much that game can do for a man in america. Being a man in america is like being used as an experimental lab rat for some feminist social experiment.

    1. I think Roosh had an article recently about foreign women and their local options… It’s not that great as some people make it be… You might want to read his article.

      1. Top tier women are elusive anywhere, as are alpha / beta dynamics. But reality is you can take an average looking women from those cultures and parachute her into an american street and she automatically appears above average just because she isn’t overweight. Then you talk to her for an hour and you sense something ‘different’ about her, she doesn’t respond with the defensiveness that an american woman would.

        1. Absolutely not. And I speak from experience. It takes them an average of 5 years to become an americunt once here. Don’t kid yourself. You will be disappointed. AWALT. No exception.

        2. An aunt of my favorite niece from the state of Vera Cruz were talking a while back. I told her what I thought of American woman. She lived there a few years. She laughed and agreed.
          I told her that I thought Mexican women were much better, but if they lived in the USA they changed and became just as bad.
          She said in her experience it took only two years for the Mexican women to become as bad as the native women.

        3. It’s all a matter of class in how a female behaves not which country she lives in. Mexican females of the peasant class have always been crappy and bossy to their men.And I doubt if someone who HAS to live in some Mexican one donkey town on his SS can be very objective about US females because he’s the type who would only know the crappy lower class ones and they’ve always been garbage. Give me your US zip code from when you lived in the US and I’ll tell you everything about yourself. You’re just still butthurt from 50 years ago when you gave shitty advice to men and they thought you were an asshole. Go drink your prune juice gramps and stop having delusions about 15 yo Mexican girls being in love with your wrinkled old arse.They’re laughing at you behind your back.

        4. Well, I see why you have been banned by Disgus. Any group of people you don’t hate?
          But I do understand you very well. I know a man who has traveled and lived in several different cultures. He says in his experience societies can function in one of three ways.
          First, with men in charge, but men and women not at peace. This sort of society would be called maintainers. They do not develop or invent technology. Nor cure diseases. They can buy technology and can operate it.
          In such a culture old men are respected. When an old man starts to speak everyone stops to see what he has to say.
          The second culture is where men and women live in peace, and men are in charge. This society is called Innovators. They cure diseases; they invent new things; they send men to the moon.
          They also respect old men.
          The third type is the current Anglosphere. Men and women are not at peace and the women are in charge. This type of society is called Destroyers, because that is what women in charge does. Innovation is gone. Our engineers are often imported.
          Most college grads can’t even do secondary school math.
          Such societies hate men, but especially old men. And, most men are feminized. Not feminists; not effeminate. Feminized. They think as the dearies want them to think. Which means men fight among themselves, as they do in Papua New Guinea and the inner city, or on the Web. And, obediently hate old men just as their mommies told them to do.
          Add extreme ignorance. You assume every society shares your values. Since the women who tell you what to think and do tell you that no woman anywhere wants an old man, you assume the same is true in rural Mexico.
          Add extreme arrogance, and then you assume you know better than I what happens in my town. So I am either lying or deluded when I say I have been hit on by much younger women.
          Gramps? One donkey town? Wrinkled arse? Prune juice? Laughing at me behind my back? You know on second thought maybe you are a female feminist. You sure talk like one.
          If you came into this village and talked that way about old men, the men wouldn’t say a word. They would sit back and watch the women beat you up and toss your bloody body on the bus.
          But, in any case, you have once again demonstrated something that was known thousands of years ago. When intellectually challenged people don’t have anything intelligent to say, they resort to personal attacks.
          Please write like this a lot. You can portray yourself as a fool so much more efficiently than I can.

        1. He is super complacent. Also, he seems to be extremely overt about the hot girls he sleeps with. I have been with some fine ladies but I don’t necessarily feel the need to talk incessantly about it. I just get the vibe I guess.

    1. Give it time. As more men record acts with women out of self-protection from these misandric laws, legislation will be passed making it illegal for men to record sex. This will be disguised as “protecting women.”
      These laws are all to ensure feminists orgs and lawyers stay well funded.
      If men have video proof demonstrating the cunt crying “rape” was all over him, begging to get railed … it demonstrates women create false rape allegations and thus undermines the funding to feminazi groups.

  31. Klein is clearly a monster. As Roosh pointed out, he wants to create a climate of fear and terror. He wishes to do this by destroying the lives of innocent men.
    He gives a lot of reasons for it, but there is one over-arching reason, and that is that Ezra Klein is a small petty man who wishes to be a tyrant over his brothers.
    This is the tyranny of petty men. Stalin was a 5’4 pockmarked shrimp with a club foot and a withered arm. Naturally the second he got into power he brutally murdered and slaughtered his way into a “climate of fear”. Because the only way a nobody like that could feel a moment of peace is if everyone else felt constant terror.
    So it is with Klein. He is a little Stalin, a petty Mao. He is the Nikolai Yezhof. The “little dwarf” who speaks all the smooth lies and disingenuous bullshit necessary to put the masses back to sleep.

  32. The article is Great but the Last Paragraph sums it up and explains a bigger picture, also something i’ve been thinking myself for some time. Daddy Gov has got woman figured out, stroke her ego with Flattering “Empowerments” and she is all yours, the way God wired woman’s Brain to obey and submit to Authority (who would be her Husband in ideal situations) has been manipulated and is being used to divide the Sex’s against each other, also woman is a very Dependent creature and the Government has took measures to make Sure it can be the Provider in her life becoming her Alpha and competing with the common Man . Woman was easy to subjugate, but Man being an Independent thinking Creation of God is very hard to Enslave and Dominate, really I think the only solution the Government has is to Punish Man into submission, humiliate him in society in front of his woman, brand him as a Fiend, remove strong Male Role-models, create an impression that he is hopeless and not self efficient,get him on the Government Dole, Create unfair discriminatory Laws to ensnare him with, try to remove God from his Life The true King, Pummel the Man From every Angle taking away his Pride and eventually he may Cave from Exhaustion and Relent his Individuality and Freedoms.

    1. I think the picture is even deeper than that.
      I think it’s all a lesson from God himself.
      Women are to Men, What Satan is to God.
      Women were created as helpers. We were #1 and they were #2. (An honored position just not the highest one.) They didn’t like that and rebelled and have been trying to become #1 through lies and deceit ever since. (just like Satan)
      They are lesser creatures than us but always try to assert themselves as greater. And Let’s not forget women blame us for the way the world is, when they themselves caused the trouble, just like Satan blames God for the State of the world when he himself brought the evil.

      1. And the Tragedy of it all is that woman was, really, a gift from God to Man, Nothing else in the Garden of Eden Made Adam Happy so God Gave him woman and he Became Happy, Satan is a Defeated Foe of Gods,cast down from Paradise, so there is nothing he can do directly to God himself, but Satan can mislead the Ones God loves and try to attack him indirectly, he has Definitely mislead more woman than just Eve in trying to do this, I really think Feminism is a Spawn of Satan.

        1. “I really think Feminism is a Spawn of Satan.” completely. Feminism was about rebellion against the “Patriarchy” or an establishment by a male entity who wants us to call him Father. Satan was the first Feminist.

        2. You know how feminists love Jezebel? The spirit of Jezebel was named after a very wicked woman of the same name. When feminists worship the spirit of Jezebel, they are engaged in demon worship. Worshipping anything that isn’t God, is following Satan’s plan. It is quite sad how misguided they are.

        3. I agree, but the most telling thing about Jezebel is her husband Ahab. Ahab was a powerful man, but he was weak concerning his wife. The only reason Jezebel was able to accomplish so many evil things was because her husband allowed her to do so. Just like a lot of male politicians and judges are allowing these crazy laws to get passed today.
          In short, these women only get away with these things because some man somewhere said that it was okay.

    2. All true.
      But who is “the government” really? Peel back the curtain and behind all these puppet presidents, governors and prime ministers sit an insane financial Elite hell bent on total world domination.

      1. Yeah, but the Government was supposed to be “We the People”, but I guess its’ starting to become “We the Governed”

      2. And nearly all of them are either gays, lesbians, pedophiles, and the like. It’s funny how everyone acts like Barney Frank was the only gay dude in Congress just b/c he’s the only one who came out. These are people hell-bent on using the money, power and influence they acquired and the support of feminists to remake society in their image. Through deception they wage war. Look at Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen’s article entitled “The Overhauling of Straight America” and the book they wrote entitled “After the Ball.” They’re basically blueprints for everything we see happening today, and they were written almost THIRTY YEARS AGO. If you still have doubts, read Romans Chapter 1 for good measure.

  33. I’m in China and old school rules still apply here: keep pushing forward and don’t stop unless she says no. I can imagine if a western feminist tried telling her about yes means yes, the Chinese woman would probably laugh in her face at such a ridiculous concept. There is hope. Go east

    1. I would add, don’t stop until she violently says no because UNEQUIVOCALLY “no” simply means “I want you to fist my cunt and ram a dildo in my ass while I’m chained to your bed, but please don’t think I’m slut.” You know she wants it and she knows she wants it but she can’t admit it – this is why you never allow a woman to tell you what you can and can’t do. The only thing you can trust with a woman is when she’s being emotional – so the only time she means no is if she seems like she’s frantically trying to make you stop. A coy “no” ALWAYS means “more please.”
      Any cunt who has drunk enough booze to pass out has given blind consent to anyone who wants to wet their dick who passes by her immobilized barf-encrusted body. period.
      You see, these pussy ass white knight faggot laws are only enforceable if we men comply. Since we have no intention of following these immoral unconstitutional feminazi edicts… we can and we will overload the system by doing what Men do – whatever the fuck we want. These laws are unenforceable when all men disregard them.

      1. This law isn’t about black out sex, there already were laws on the books. This new kind of law says a woman can change her mind at any time for any reason and the male is guilty until proven innocent. I can’t wait for feminists to get all conflicted when their sons become targets of this.

        1. Oh I understand the law. I’m simply expressing that there never should have been laws on the books attacking men for fucking some dumb slut who barfed on his rug and passed out on his couch with her skirt hiked up and her g-string flossing her splayed out pussy lips. Drunk whoores who black out drink have given clear cut consent that they are ok fuckin’ anything that crosses their sloppy paths. These new yes means yes laws (in addition to the black out drunk laws) are not only a joke but they are an outright attack on men and neither of these types of laws can be allowed stand.

        2. “Oh I understand the law. I’m simply expressing that there never should have been laws on the books attacking men for fucking some dumb slut who barfed on his rug and passed out on his couch with her skirt hiked up and her g-string flossing her splayed out pussy lips. Drunk whoores who black out drink have given clear cut consent that they are ok fuckin’ anything that crosses their sloppy paths.”
          Dude, you deserve prison and having your own logic used against you, when you’re passed around for being a bitch sexual offender.

        3. Most of them are fucked up enough to insist their sons get prosecuted.
          I remember channel surfing a few years ago and there was a Lifetime movie depicting exactly that – a “heroic” mother insisting that her son get criminally prosecuted for “date rape.”
          The brainwashing runs pretty deep.

        4. Because nothing is more criminal than expecting a bitch to be accountable for her actions. And yes, anyone who’s a big enough ignoramus loser that they wind up incarcerated deserves bubba’s dick forcibly rammed up their virgin ass. Social Darwinism man.

  34. “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times, it’s enemy action.”
    -Auric Goldfinger, Ian Fleming’s Goldfinger

  35. If you’re smart, “Yes Means Yes” means no on-campus nookie.
    But there’s still other nookie after all.

    1. “So yer tellin me that her screaming “Yes yes Yes” doesn’t count cause I didn’t ask her each time I twitched?”

      1. She’ll tell the college councilor when her day after Regret Hamster Starts spinning that she was trying to Finish her sentence and you kept interrupting, ” Yes, Yes, Yes you are Raping Me!”

  36. In addition, you can’t prove any of this affirmative consent occurred
    beyond hearsay. This is just feel-good rhetoric to keep the sheep quiet.
    Yes you’re right, the whole thing is bullshit and it won’t change anything and it will all just be the old she said/he said.

    1. NY was recently rated the least free state of the union. I’m stuck here for now, but the plans to bail are definitely in the making.

      1. Yup i’m in this shit pipe too, politics aside it’s actually a really nice state, but unfortunately the politics ruin it.

        1. “Yup i’m in this shit pipe too, politics aside it’s actually a really nice state, but unfortunately the politics ruin it.”
          Running to another state won’t save you.

        2. You know some States Actually are Much more Free than NY.The Southern States are Free, a lot of the Fly-Over States are Free, hell a Man can go buy a pistol and walk out the store with it in the next hour and buy just about any kind of Gun he wants in some States, here in NY it took my Father 6 months to get approved for a pistol permit, before he could even think about buying one .So while the Shit might be spread out across the map, places like NY and California seem to accumulate the biggest piles of shit, but moving out of NY can definitely improve a Mans’ Freedoms.

        3. Florida is the most corrupt state in the union.
          All the shit from the north trickles down here.
          Beautiful state.
          Great resources, fresh water, wonderful beaches, clean air.
          It would be great if it had a population reduction.
          But its full of yankee boomers. Leftists come down the east coast, right wingers to the west.
          California is beautiful as well.

        4. Well i’m a Bit of a Gun Nut , and the Fact Florida is a really Free state when it comes to guns makes it Ok to Me,but I know what your saying the Libs seem to spread their shit all over the place and it gets into nice areas and starts to stink,you see liberals operate like this, they ruin and cause Desolation in an area, then they Migrate to an area that is booming, usually because it’s a strong conservative state, and then the libs set up shop and the Cycle of destruction continues.I’d say with the Guns laws and business Laws that Florida is still leagues ahead of NY, hopefully it won’t be corrupted though, it is a Beautiful State.

        5. The only jobs in florida, are taking care of old people, hospitality, hospitals, cooling and electrical, fishing, the prison industrial complex, working for the state, city, or county, or some multinational, or a bank.
          Florida has no real jobs, no real education, no real manufactoring base.
          Its where people come to die. Its a zombie state.
          A pathetic mirage.

        6. Oh Great! Californianites migrating out of the land of fruits and nuts and spreading their disease to good wholesome populations. And already using “We” as if they were native Coloradoianite!

        7. “Florida has no real jobs, no real education, no real manufacturing base.” ~ Need to change the word Florida to America.

        8. Well i mean the Free-est states, not sure where you are from but i’m from NY, and just about anything is an upgrade from that.

      2. I just recently moved away from California to Colorado.
        My local Ace Hardware has a better selection of guns than a lot of gun stores in California. That right there is reason enough to move!
        The local liquor is outstanding, but I think the beer is overrated. California produces better beer, but I can manage.
        Plus, we’ve got legal weed, but thats not my thing.
        In much of the state, you can support yourself pretty easily on $17.00 / hour. In California, that’s practically slave wages!

    2. Yep. These states are run by politicians who run social experiments on the people who live there.

      1. I lived in California for 27 years, but I’ve since run away.
        The problem with California is not the politicians, the problem with California is the residents in much of the state. There are non-crazy areas, but with the exception of Orange County (where I lived) those aren’t the heavily populated areas–they tend to be the rural agricultural parts.
        For example, several years ago the good people of California voted to spend tens of billions of dollars on a bullet train from Los Angeles to San Francisco. To get federal assistance dollars, they had to start a portion of it by a certain time. They are going to build a piece of track–just track, no stations or anything–in an isolated part of the central valley.
        The cost is forecasted to go over budget by tens of billions dollars, of course. Right now I’ll bet they’re wishing they had voted to build desalination plants and nuclear facilities to power them.
        Not too long ago there was a ballot measure in the San Francisco area to demolish the Hetch Hetchey reservoir, which would have made the bad drought situation even worse.

  37. Anyone Remember When that College Frat Went around and Chanted “No Means Yes , Yes Means Anal”? I bet the “Yes Means Yes” law is some Stupid SJW’s Play on words from that Event.

  38. fell asleep with the chick, woke up to her rape-sucking my dick. Good God, never been raped so good by a broad.

  39. I’m sorry, sugartits, but you’re going to have to sign this consent agreement. Also, I hope you don’t mind if my attorney watches and records.

  40. They’re stating that women can accuse men of rape without any proof and no consequence will come to the female. And that simply asking for proof somehow makes you hate all women. Who the fuck wrote this drivel?

  41. Hey for all the ROK Playas out there.
    I think I might have secured a busboy job today (knock on wood) at Cabana in Toronto. Cabana is an outdoor daytime club venue at lakeshore that runs from mid-May through July.
    If any of you freaks will be in the city and want to get in free to a tiki daytime venue with bikini-laden women and decent food give me a shout. It would be fun to meet some of you in such a surreal environment.

    1. We should do an ROK meetup.
      As odd as it may sound I consider myself to have a tight bond with the regular ROK posters.
      Unlike family, friends, girlfriends, or anyone in the public matrix, I can actually talk with you guys on an unplugged, intellectual level without fear of getting my dick chopped off. It’s like a different level of friendship than I’ve ever experienced.
      Sucks that CamelJockey would be the only one I’d recognize. I wonder what everyone else looks like sometimes.

      1. I was thinking the same thing recently. What would a ROK meet-up be like in Ft. Lauderdale during Spring Break? Would it degenerate into a Roman orgy with all those stupid, drunk coeds twerking everywhere? The mind boggles…

        1. As long as none of the university/college males have sex with any of the females from university/college in any of the states that practice YMY. The long arm of feminism can reach that far.

      2. I was dead serious when I said months ago we should have bowling leagues in different cities…no real names, just “Graft” pinned to your bowling shirt…no one bit…

  42. “I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: affirmative consent is nonsense. How do you believe men and women had sex before the invention of speech? Answer: body language. This law shows a complete lack of understanding about human sexuality. This will dehydrate pussy faster than a hair dryer.”
    “In addition, you can’t prove any of this affirmative consent occurred beyond hearsay. This is just feel-good rhetoric to keep the sheep quiet.”
    Two very key points made. Thanks for the update on what a dysfunctional shit-hole Amerika has become.

    1. I was surprised too, the only reason I knew about affirmative consent in Hawaii was because they sent an email to us and had to go digging with the links they provided. The fact they can pass such important laws under our noses is disconcerting. It doesn’t get much national coverage. But then again, I don’t watch the news, it’s usually filled with brainwashing hysteria and emotional bait.

  43. Men, look at yourselves in the mirror. Because we are now the ‘prey’ gender.
    I don’t mean prey in the sense were all a bunch of card carrying manginae.I mean that as a gender, we have lost the right to initiate mating .
    When men ran the western world, we had the right to pick a woman for the purposes of starting a family and whatnot. Now that women have no need of us economiclly or politically, it is us who is the pursued gender.Think about it conceptually-why should a man have the right to ask out a girl off the cuff when ,given modern legalities, he has nothing to offer?
    That’s where “YMY” comes in the picture. Its directly legislating the right of choice away from men.Poll your Blue Pill acquaintances -I’d bet you’ll find most of those relationshackles started when the guy talked to the girl, then SHE escalated in some manner. The custom of the man seducing a strange woman in public is about to die a slow death. The men who don’t get that and blow the sarge will get to talk to The Men In Blue with the handcuffs.

    1. Turning from predator to prey is a complete turn of the tables. Try pushing the shit onto an agressive uncircumcised African tribe. Pushing cliterectomies onto the Long Island queens would be just as much of a hard sell. I’m sure there’s data somewhere correlating circumcision or lack of with WHO makes the booty call. A few wild flaming unbridled and unregulated cunts can burn an entire state of chop-niks. They are defenseless.

  44. Talk about creating more frustrated betas, they’re the only ones who will be taking this seriously.

    1. Feminism can’t exist without beta males. Without betas nobody is there to listen to them. They would just be talking to their ‘sisters’.

  45. Male population at US colleges is already declining. In addition, many of the men who do go to college are now opting exclusively for online courses. They don’t want to be harrassed by Professor Fatty the Feminist, or be arrested for “eye raping” a vindictive land whale on the way to the Quad. They prefer to just login to their course, complete the work, and be done with it.
    Now, with more “Yes Means Yes” laws, there will be fewer and fewer men at brick and mortar schools. It’s already happeneing. If you stroll the average college campus these days, you’ll notice that it’s predominantly female. Soon, administrators will have to discuss what they are going to do with all the half-empty or vacant classrooms
    This will be another feminist “victory” that turns into a failure. Less available men to meet their hypergamous needs, and more men disappearing from traditional mating spots. If 70% of American men between 20 to 34 are not married today, these numbers will only increase. We might see that number hit 85-90% in a few years.
    Of course, their hamsters will rationalize a reason for it. Men are afraid of sunshine, or some other bullshit claim. One can only imagine the creative finger pointing that is on the horizon from Team Feminism.

    1. I know a young woman who just finished pharmarcy school, her hard work has paid off since she’s now making prolly 100k a year.
      Guess what though, SHE CAN’T FIND A BF/HUSBAND.
      She’s not attracted to men who make less money than her, it’s not natural.
      Now, despite being ‘successful’ and doing what shes told, shes miserable and can’t quite figure out why.
      Fuck em lol. they can find out the hard way

      1. I know several of these gals as well.
        There is no greater threat to a woman’s future happiness than a PHD. She has limited the pool of available suitors to less than 3%.
        But I agree…fuck ’em. Most are not kind or sweet in any way. If anything, they are mouthy know-it-alls who adhere to the feminist party line.

  46. 1. The vast majority of people do not have problems determining consent through context and body language because most people are not socially inept
    2. The girls who think this is an issue are either exaggerating regretful sex or too disgusting to rape anyway
    In other words rape is not a particularly prominent problem in Western societies, caring about rape is.

    1. Next they’ll be saying that there’s an epidemic of traditional families in the West. Something has to be done. They’ll have billboards with a female curled up into a ball crying with a caption saying ”FAMILY did this. Do something. . .” The same ‘curled in a ball’ template is printed on half the brochures in every socialist services office lobby. Everything from spanking to hungry kids needing ‘fooders'(food stamps).

  47. Cuomo is not the one pushing this resolution but his name and pic is at the head of every piece of it. Surely he didn’t dream it up on his own. He’s just a ‘YES MAN’ for all of it. So who drew up the proposition? Who aided and abetted in breaching the doors of his office to get his signature in the privacy of his office?
    There must be an awful lot of wanks who are hard at work in NY to collaberate and push this crap over the people’s heads and at midnight as usual. So who typed and drew up the papers themselves. We want names, not just initials. Is it just NY or are they really overrun with a majority of residents who agree with the anti family rape hogwash, the hate laws, the firearms ban and the whole roll?
    California is similar. Still other more conservative parts of the country would reject people proposing such invasive rules. Try proposing or pushing the shit in rural southern Louisiana and the stink eye from everyone would drive you from the room. Then you had better run when you’re outside and no one is looking.
    So WHO ARE THEY? Names, down to the caterer and cake decorator. We the people will decide. Fair is fair.

  48. With the passing of yes means yes the 1 in 4 stat has moved from being complete fiction to being a legal fiction, like the way corporations are persons and tomatoes are vegetables.

  49. What a riot in the video. ”Can I touch you?” “Can I do this? Can I do that?”. I should go to the club and try that. No beating around the bush. No pick up lines, just ”Can I touch your butt?” ”Can I have sex with you?” What can they do, arrest me for asking inappropriate questions? Hey at least I’m nice enough to ask right? I’m sure the next wave of censorship will include the inappropriate asking of permission to procreate. So then I’ld just say ”Can we procreate?” If she says she doesn’t know, then I’d say ”Can we practice then, and maybe procreate later? Can we? Can we?” How many times must you ask before it will be considered badgering? What if she caves in and consents then? Is her consent then considered null and void? It never seems to end. Hey, are they trying to arrest our reproduction? Are we being slow killed here?

  50. Dear Class of 2015, this why Right-wingers like myself “rant” about our rights; this video will show what a “feminist” was supposed to originally be, and why feeling entitled to “protection from male, conservative opinions” is one major key to America’s downfall.

  51. I saw the video…so I have to ask for everything I want to do?Hahaha this is the method to never fuck,being a feminist means that I will not fuck my girl but another normal guy will do it instead of me.

  52. I’m so eager to see the future girly flicks with Yes mean Yes consent. I’m sure everyone will be deeply aroused at the idea of Fabio holding a chick in her arms across the meadow, lying down in the grass barechested and then… ask her if she gives her consent, pretty please?

  53. These females who need all these special laws and protection want to join the Army Rangers and Special Forces. Madness…..

  54. That video where the guy asked the chick if he could kiss her and if he could put his hand on her leg etc. gave me the heebee jeebees real bad.
    I had a viscerally disgusted reaction to it, it really grossed me out.

  55. I had always been a democrat. Until Obama placed the former head of Monsanto at head of FDA, I had never voted for one republican. Attack on 2nd amendment made it a little harder to vote democrat. Now there is the phony rape culture.
    At least “yes means yes” is still in the hardcore blue states. But the time has come to make a stand. The days of Walter Mondale’s democrats defending the union hard hats, coal miners and steel workers are long gone. The dems have become the party of Sodom and Gomorah.
    The sexual revolution started out in places like California. It kind of makes my head spin to see how the world is backwards and crazy. You are going to have to flee to the Bible Belt to get you some.

    1. I think maybe 60 years ago the democrat party was alright. But now theyre full blown communist anti-male faggots.
      They lure in naïve young people (like you were) who think theyre ‘helping out the little man’ when all they really want is government control over every goddamn thing you do. Im not saying repubs are much better but at least they don’t attack men and the normal family unit

  56. i STILL do not understand why don’t men just claim women raped them under this law!!
    it would be the best comeback!

    1. Men aren’t bitches, they don’t get anything out of filing false charges. In the situation where a bitch makes a false report, a counter-claim won’t be accepted since she filed first, though I expect if a guy filed first because he was anticipating trouble the bitch will probably still be able to show he was abusing the system. It’s designed to punish the innocent!

    2. Its difficult legally for men to claim they were raped by a woman. Even if the man has consumed the same amount of alcohol as the female, its always the female whose ability to give consent that was impaired. You can get drunk as a man and pass out, and wake up with a woman on top of you playing with your dick, and the court will say that was just clumsy sex on the part of the woman. Another feminist double standard, like when an adult female commits statutory rape on a male minor, she just gets probation, but if the roles are reversed the adult male goes to prison. Female sexuality is celebrated, male sexuality is shamed. Feminists don’t want equality.

  57. what the fuck America? Where cities are burning and consent is needed for something as basic as breathing eating and sleeping. Land of the free indeed

  58. Unfortunately it comes down to this: mandatory written sexual consent contracts. That “Feminism for Bros” video was cute, but there if there is no solid proof of consent during sexual intercourse a male can still be subjected to a kangaroo court.
    A male has two options if he wants to engage in short-term sexual relationships:
    1. keep a written or taped record of consent
    2. Roll the dice

    1. Yes, except that you will also need a notary. Hmm – perhaps this is a new business opportunity for traveling notaries ?

  59. This is why prostitutes do so well. A little bit of money, a pleasurable experience, and no fear of being economically raped by some crazy bitch or going to prison because of a false accusation. There is no point is risking your career, your reputation, or your life because some woman wants to make a point.

      1. Absolutely. However, I should note that while the risk is smaller, there ARE prostitutes that have claimed successfully that they have been raped. these are probably women who just didn’t get paid and were mad about it.

  60. It’s ridiculous how feminists wanted equality but show just how “unequal” they really are by lobbying politicians to pass these types of acts.
    We need to push for a crime bill that incarcerates women for lying to the police for a rape that wasn’t committed (i.e. buyer’s remorse by most women). The jail sentence for these women should be the same as if a man was accused of actual rape.
    There are victims of rape…and many of them are men (false claims by women).

    1. They tried that. The stupid cunt feminists argue that this law would then prevent victims of actual rape of coming forward.

  61. There has been an epidemic of fake rape accusations in this country that is truly disturbing and it is plaguing our college campuses.

  62. I have been at this for a long time. In my view, in the long run, these laws are a good thing for men.
    It is clear after 50 years of a men’s movement that accomplishes nothing because men do nothing but quarrel and fight about trivia, that the men’s movement will never stop feminism.
    But, the current trend of men to avoid marriage is bearing fruit. Our “leaders” (i.e. masters) are very concerned. They won’t publicly admit it, but if you look at the things they are doing that seem to be unrelated and think them through, you will know they are aware that men are tuning out. Desire to control the Internet; talk about hate crimes against women. Attempts to stop men from talking. They are concerned.
    It is good that men are fearful of women. In the short term nothing will happen. In the long term it will be horny and neglected women who will be out with blood in their eyes looking for the fiends who did this.
    It took over 30 years after the feminist movement took over the nation before I met the first marriage striker, around 1995. Today, he would be the average young man. It will take time for women to realize they have screwed the pooch.

    1. Disagree, men avoiding marriage won’t change much. American society is already passed that point. They’re ready to go the single mom route with their one bastard kid they got from “dating” or a sperm bank.

      1. I assume you really mean that. There are a number of problems with it, though.
        First, if you want to see what happens when the men tune out or are tossed out, see pictures of sub-Saharan Africa. Large areas with no green stuff growing at all. People living in houses made of sticks and mud.
        Single moms do need food. And the most likely scenario is all the government benefits go away. Social Security for elderly people. Welfare checks for baby mamas. All gone,
        Most likely scenario, most of the population dead in less than a year.

    2. I concur.
      Even an ignorant country bumpkin can understand something – that a tattooed, foul-mouthed, feminist land whale is a poor investment.

      1. Exactly so. It does take a while, though. Over most of the first 50 years of the modern feminist movement, men weren’t talking. Now they are and men I know who are still in the States tell me that when they talk to other young man, they are very much aware that marriage is not a choice for intelligent men.
        That is why so much emphasis on trying to control the Internet. And, why so many man-hating feminists and White Knights are coming on men’s boards and blogs. While insisting we are not important they sure spend a lot time cussing us out.

        1. Ganhdi’s quote is appropriate: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you. And then you win.”
          If I recall, the SJWs thought ROK was a practical joke when it came out. How could anyone possibly disagree with them? Well, it’s clear that we have moved past them ignoring and laughing us – now it’s a fight.
          I think that Bill O Reilly mentioning Roosh, and then the Dr. Oz bringing him on his show are telling. They believe that if they mock us, we’ll disappear
          Foolish, they are.

        2. Yet, when misandry is choked to death (figuratively speaking) there will not be a person in the Anglosphere who will admit ever saying a bad word about any man.

  63. One thing that dramatically increased my game was going to a foreign country and banging women that didn’t speak English very well.
    I learnt that body language increases your chance of getting laid by at least 50%. Expert believe that 80% of what you communicate is through body language where in westernised countries they don’t want to believe anything primal anymore as well as biological.
    Hence this yes means yes is a fucking joke!
    What’s next men have to talk about their feelings in order to have sex with a woman…

  64. “you can’t prove any of this affirmative consent occurred beyond hearsay”… Clearly Mr. Augustus does not know what hearsay is, among a great many other things I am sure.

  65. What I dont understand is how fathers can spend cash on their daughters to attend a 4-6 year fuckfest.

    1. One girl I knew, when she left for college her dad bought her police-grade pepper-spray so his little princess could protect herself.
      She got doubled teamed by a couple dudes, gave BJ’s, whored around etc…
      Fathers (and most men in general) can’t accept the fact that women are only good for taking dick.

      1. Well if I have a daughter I would definitely not be doint that liberal shit.

  66. Didn’t dave Chappelle have a sketch over 10 years ago about a ‘love contract’? If i remember correctly the tagline was ‘why catch a charge for something you know you didn’t do’. Prophetic I guess. I guess were all going to need to have a witness and notary on standby before we can even sign a contract to discuss getting laid. I can’t wait until leftism fails and men won’t have any choice but to try to return our society to something that looks slightly like one that has some balls. Until then I can only watch in horror.

    1. It wouldn’t be long before a case got “steered” to a feminist judge who would have the contract ruled invalid, saying a woman can’t sign away her basic right to change her mind under yes means whatever…

    2. I remember that! He also had a sketch that was about wife swapping. It was making fun of ridiculous reality tv concepts. Then a wife swapping show actually happened a few years later.

  67. None of this is enforceable. Are we gonna have to sign a “sex consent contract” with a lawyer present ?? We gonna videotape this so called consent?? How to verify this consent??? It’s ludicrous…

    1. apparently you have not checked with jurisdictions already doing this – It does not have to be “enforceable” in a criminal sense, it only has to have a perception of perhaps guilt to have the male thrown out of university with all losses. The only glimmer of hope comes from legal cases against the universities/colleges who overstepped their bounds to keep the women happy.

  68. From the youtube comments of the sexy consent vid:
    “Wow… How. Hypocritical.
    I know many, MANY women who, if you ask at EVERY step and turn: The woman will stand up, say “You’re a freak, you ask too much, I want to fuck, not play 21 questions.”
    and leave you alone.
    I am one of those women.”
    Men should record everything and leak it to the net as soon as they are accused (because of course they did not get consent for that). At least that prevents an effective accusation.

  69. “Rape Culture” has become a new religion in the same way as Global Warming. No amount of contrary evidence will move the devotees. College men have become a sacrifice to their new gods.

  70. I’ve been hearing about this and figured it was more feminist crap. But I think it’s really a response to the “every loser of society gets to go to college now” situation.
    Decades ago, college was for intellectuals with IQ’s above the average mean that belonged in academia. It was mainly for teachers, doctors, lawyers, and engineers. And back then, you were either weeded out, or you earned your degree.
    Today, every loser of society is entitled to college. Kids of marxist whores that had them out of wedlock and were raised on welfare get to go to college for free. Most of these types have IQ’s that fall into the lower mean of society, they find their way onto college campuses and they go bananas when they see a white girl.
    What I’m trying to say, is that there are so many freaking low lifes and losers on college campuses today that are only there to party and ‘pick up on white girls’. The chances of these loser types taking advantage of a white girl is a very high risk. These dumb white girls will ‘party’ with the hood rats because they watch MTV and are brainwashed by mainstream media to think it’s cool to party with thugs. They’ll bring their drugs and booze into the party with them, the stupid white girls will get wasted, then they’ll get raped. They act like apes and chimps around white girls and as soon as they get one alone in a room, they don’t stop.

    1. Don’t expect any upvotes on this nog site.They are incapable of being objective and too petty to even leave a tip for a waitress. Roosh has fucked himself out of making any money as well because they either don’t have any or are too cheap to make a donation. It’s all gibs me dat with these spoiled overgrown children and White Man’s Burdens.
      College? They couldn’t even get into a highschool if we didn’t have laws forcing kids to go to school and ‘special ed’ classrooms (daycare for dummies).
      Only a very rare nog could even pass a test to get into 9th grade. Here’s a test for 8th graders to get into HS and it doesn’t even cover spelling and math.Being a pushy loudmouth basketball playing jive talking clown means nothing and is not a sign of intelligence.

  71. Here is the reason for this law.
    Women are such whores, that the only way to stop them from being whores, is to punish the men who have sex with them.
    It would be like, a person is such a glutton, that the only way to stop them from eating everything is to remove all food around them.

  72. I have been out of the loop for a bit. But this is a horror show. What has become of the world? Where a die of madness has been cast across us?

  73. We really need a whole new genre of prank videos where a guy take a girl home for one night stands and asks for consent as obnoxiously as possible until the girl freaks out and leaves. “MAY I APPLY 5 POUNDS OF PRESSURE WITH MY LEFT HAND TO YOUR RIGHT BREAST FOR 10 SECONDS. HOLD ON I’M GOING TO SET MY ALARM.”
    And then submit the audio to the internet. We need this over and over again. I’m surprised none of the players on this website have yet helped out in this area: sacrifice an evening of sex for some solid activism, a great laugh, and internet fame.
    I did this with my girlfriend a few months ago and she started giggling uncontrollably until she totally lost the mood. If I wasn’t trying to preserve the relationship I’d do this myself.

  74. Maybe it will start a culture of celibacy. Although, if the men went on a “Sex Strike” as a gender, the little girls in college would demand an executive order vacating the new “Yes means Yes” rules. But that’s the difference between men and women. Women can unite as a gender and make their imperative stick. Men sell their own fellas down the creek for pussy. Them that get couldn’t care less about them that don’t. But if somehow, men as a gender told the women, no more penis, no more help from us, no more marriage, no more children, no more affirmative action, that would have more power in less time than anything dear Gloria, Jane Fonda and Marlow Thomas ever put together. All of a sudden, I believe things would change. What would replace the feminist imperative?
    The Return of Men as Kings. The days of Don Draper.

  75. The goal of feminism is to destroy the patriarchy (destroy men and transfer their wealth and power to women). The naive, powerful white knights in our governments vote in anti-male, feminist policy and law – not feminists.
    Yes Means Yes is the next step in the evolution of man hating laws and policies. Immediately after it’s enactment in California, calls from feminsts were being made to have Yes Means Yes become the standard across the criminal justice system. As with the VAWA, where a woman can have a man imprisoned and his wealth redistributed to herself on an accusation and evidence of a crime (not that the man in question committed the crime), Yes Means Yes is designed to give women the power to destroy men’s lives through a woman’s accusation alone (See Brian Banks story). More often than not, what follows the false accusation will be a civil suit against the supposed perpetrator or university.
    The Rolling Stone debacle wasn’t a simple mix up or lack of journalistic integrity. It was an attack on the male fraternity system (the patriarchy). Even now, women are demanding that male fraternities go co-ed or be shut down. You’d think that because of the culture of rape, women would avoid fraternities like the plague. Instead, making them co-ed gives women the power to use false accusations of rape, harassment and sexual assault to remove the male leadership and take over. This is how it’s done, folks. This is how women “work the system”.
    Scene from An Officer and a Gentleman:
    “Now a Puget Deb will tell you, ‘Honey, don’t y’all worry ’bout no contraceptives. I got that all taken care of.’ Well, don’t you believe a word of it, Sweet Pea ’cause a Puget Deb will do anything and say anything to trap you … and once she has you by the balls, child, you might just find yourself with a couple of income tax deductions you didn’t have when you came here.
    I know this all sounds silly to you, especially in this so-called modern age but you scuzzy college pukes had better watch out, ’cause they’re out there. And you, Sweet Pea, are the answer to their dreams!”
    The game has changed but the sentiment remains just as incredibly important.

  76. If you need a ‘yes means yes’ law, you’re clearly not mature enough to be having sex in the first place.

  77. Guys have you noticed there are not many woman commenting on this topic,now if you head over to an article on great mom’s its a avalanche. This is to to obvious for them to dispute but guess what? They will let it continue because it still benefits them “just in case” they need to use it for a hump and dump revenge. Get camera’s and go MGTOW,get the information and dont live in this fool society. Im not saying dont have sex but get informed with whats out there,snap in logic and move accordingly. Screw that traditionalism crap they are pass that so we need to catch up and go our own way>>>>>>>

  78. Hm… So glad I am choosing to stay single. Have fun with your rape cases men.

  79. “In addition, you can’t prove any of this affirmative consent occurred beyond hearsay. This is just feel-good rhetoric to keep the sheep quiet.”
    The way they’ll prove it is by calling the guy in for questioning and getting him to incriminate himself. If he admits that he kissed her without getting an explicit “yes” beforehand, then he’ll be found guilty. A lot of naive young people who have had no experience dealing with detectives fall for their assurances that honesty is the best policy. They haven’t watched James Duane’s video about not talking to police.

  80. It doesn’t take a law degree to grasp how messed up this doctrine is, but it certainly helps in terms of WHY it is so wrong.

  81. Wow. Fucking women, it took women more than 2000 years to fight to become equal or even have an advantage. But not you guys, it’s only been less than 50 years since raping a wife is an actual thing, less than 30 years before the term date rape was coined and look at you fuck boys go. Rally them there troops and fight pillage and plunder for the spoils of your conquest.

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