Is Living In The Philippines Good For Men?

I moved to the Philippines just over 18 months ago now, and since living here I’ve come to some realizations about the place that I want to share with the readers at ROK.

It takes a while to adjust to any culture you transport yourself to, and it’s easily a good year or so before you begin to understand what’s going on around you. Although I wasn’t a huge fan of the Philippines to begin with, the place has grown on me, and perhaps because I am leaving again to relocate to an island off the coast of Morocco, I’ve come to appreciate much about the Philippines.

These are some reflections on this 7000 island archipelago that’s emerging into the new world, but which is still very much part of the old.

1. The Philippines Is Staggeringly Beautiful

You’d never guess it from the polluted, filthy cities or the endless traffic jams and beggars in the streets of Manila, but this country is unbelievably beautiful. There are endless islands to explore, there’s thick, dense jungle full of life and rare creatures, there are traditional people living completely untouched by the scourge of Western materialism who have refused to integrate into modern society, and there are waterfalls, canyons and underwater world’s galore.

Every country is beautiful in its own right, but the Philippines will bowl you over when you see it in all its glory.

2. Filipinos Deeply Value Freedom[1]

I am lucky to have a Filipino friend who lived in the USA for 12 years, who is able to understand my Western mentality and help me understand some of the more complex, confusing elements of life here.

For example, I once complained about the lack of driving rules and the fact that nobody seems to follow and rules here. My friend schooled me. What I perceived as a lack of discipline and laziness, he saw as freedom. “We do what we want because we fought a war for our freedom, and we don’t let the government tell us what to do” was the essential element of his reply.

It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. In the West things are a lot more orderly and efficient, but then again we can be arrested and fined or jailed for just about anything.

Libertarians will love the Philippines. You can pretty much do whatever you want as long as it isn’t an act of violence towards others.

3. Filipinas Make The Best Girlfriends And Wives


Now I know this is a touchy subject on ROK, and many would argue that the best wife is no wife. I can feel that, and there’s some merit to that perspective.

That said, many men also wouldn’t mind having a beautiful, smiling female companion who brings them breakfast in bed literally every morning and who stands back and gets in line when major decisions for the family have to be made.

There’s no such thing as a perfect wife, and there never will be, and there are also plenty of soul-destroying, horrid Filipinas who will make your life hell, but if you meet a good one, she will blow you mind with how feminine, traditional and attentive she is.

A great place to start is by trying to meet Filipinas online to see what they’re all about before coming here. The Philippines is definitely still a firm and strong patriarchy and women value it and can’t understand why women in the West would want it any other way.

4. The Philippines Is All About Family


I’d say the central institution which governs most of Western life is work. Perhaps it’s education early on in life, but it’s work for much of the rest of it.

Not so here. Family is number one, and work can wait if the family needs help. At first this was deeply confusing to me and I genuinely thought there were just a lot of unemployed people, but I later learned that these people often take days off to help a sister around the house when her baby is born, to visit their grand kids and grandparents, and to do small things like gather for lunch and remember the dead.

This kind of family ethic simply no longer exists in either Europe or America. It’s a crying shame, because it is something special. Sure, it can be overwhelming to begin with when you first encounter it, but it is better than the vacuous, family destroying culture we have created in much of the West.

When’s the last time you told your boss “I’m not coming in today, it’s my kid’s birthday.” If that sounds like your kind of deal, the Philippines is worth a look.

5. The Philippines Is Tragic but Changing

This is my final reflection on this amazing country I have come to enjoy. The Philippines is a real-life tragedy, unfolding in the living flesh.

It’s full of colorful characters, battling against the forces of corrupt evil that oversee it, and the current president is one of them. At first I was taken aback by his crude style and the fact he is allegedly having people killed in the street, and the social justice warrior childhood indoctrination in me wanted to cry out “Human Rights abuse!,” but when I saw the first new electrical pylons go up, the brand new trash trucks that now collect the waste, the fresh off the assembly line ambulances that weren’t even conceivable 6 months ago, and the statistics that crime has dropped 50% in 3 months, I see him in a new light.

Yet the Philippines has a long way to go. This country is bursting with potential, but it is squandered by the greedy and the thieves who run it.

Will the Philippines make it? I don’t know. One thing I do know is that the current president is having a damn good go of ridding it of the cancerous lesions who feed off the people, and whether or not he turns out to be another chapter in the tragedy or a new beginning, we’ll have to wait and see.


The Philippines is a great place to check out if you’re looking for something different. Even if you don’t end up relocating here, it’s definitely a place you won’t regret visiting and spending a little time in.

As I prepare to leave and head back West, I wish I could bring some of these things with me. It isn’t a perfect place to live, but it definitely has its bright-sides.

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160 thoughts on “Is Living In The Philippines Good For Men?”

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        2. and you are a psycho pussy who think your Bushes, Clintons, Obamas, Trumps, Gates,Brad Pitt, Clooneys are only normal creatures in the world.

        3. Did Mr Duterte mailed you to explain why he is a psycho path according to u , then why sd u ? After all you think u r more smart than Mr Duterte to access and label him. so be quiet as Mr Duterte

        4. he’s a psycho because he’s engaged in mass extra-judicial killings. Anyone could get caught up in that, innocent or guilty

        5. Now try to see my point. Its women business to police others, men mind their own business. why are you concerned with what he is doing? or what is happening in Phillipines? Just because you happen to know.. and what about things happening in places which dont get reported.. like what happening in Pluto… so my only request is try to free your mind from the unnecessary information that is not required for your personal well being.. try to see from this angle

        6. “Its women business to police others, men mind their own business.”
          actually that’s a psychologically manipulative thing to say. Not very masculine. Men speak their mind. My mind tells me Duterte is a thug, who achieves popularity by killing people without trial. If those people aren’t innocent, then they need to be fairly tried before being sentenced. Failing that the Phillipines will become a rogue state

        7. true and I agree with you. men do speak their mind. look at me, I get personally involved with phillipines I never visited and its President I v no relation to. thanks for your insight

    1. Yeah, he’ll stand up against Australia, 0bama and the EU but he says “yes sir, may I have another?” every time the Chinese, who are working to annex his country, screw him.
      The one time he actually was critical of China, he was strangely guarded and walked it back 🙁

      1. Just let the Chinese annex it maybe they bring some good chinese pussy to the islands. Still better than fat spoiled american cunts.

        1. I doubt that’ll happen, the chinese girls who survive the pre and post-birth abortion process are needed to staff the sweatshops on the mainland.

      2. If I had to guess why, economic concerns are the obvious choice. Philippines total external trade is worth about $130 billion yearly. Their trade with China is $40 billion of that for about 30%. Direct investment by the Chinese in the Philippines is also huge. China could cripple the Philippines overnight, on a whim.

    2. I think he’s a pretty clear refutation of the stupid neocon idea of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Duterte is the main reason I’m NOT visiting the Phillipines right now. Kim Jung Un of N Korea hates the US and EU too, but I don’t have pictures of him up on my wall.

    3. SE Asia’s sense of justice toward street crime is admirable. When I was there, two Australian heroine smugglers were caught at the border and the Malay government gave them 10 days’ stay until execution. No trial.
      The western liberal governments [of course] appealed on the smuggler’s behalf saying they had rights, deserved fair trial, etc.
      After receiving the western pleas, instead of waiting the 10 days, the government executed to the two Australians on the spot. Rightfully so.

      1. I’ll mention that I’m not a big fan of drug laws in general. Part of a larger principle of not wanting to protect people from themselves. And so it follows I think putting drug runners and dealers to death is all manner of wrong – inappropriate, disproportionate, unnecessary, etc.
        But I’m not of that culture, nor am I there to experience their problems with drugs. I’m not going to second guess their choice of leadership. I merely recognize if that is the path they choose to go down, then they’ve made an excellent choice having a man like Duterte lead the way.

        1. Fellow Libertarian here.
          These countries are simply producing the cash crop they excel at for a profit. So long as business is booming, cartels stay out of each others’ way for the most part. The problem is what happens when profits take a dive, cartels wage war on each other.
          As a leader, do you turn your head the other way like Mexico has? Or do you take the Cartels head on, like PI has? I’ll take Duterte over Fox any day.
          Disclaimer: The greatest evil is the War on Drugs still being in effect.

        2. The drug cartels commit so many atrocities that even if they no longer make their money from drugs they still need to be eradicated like the scum that they are.
          People like them shouldn’t be permitted to live.

      2. Do you know their names? I’d like to read about this. I’m shocked that a western power wouldn’t intervene to help its citizens, at a bare minimum to avoid execution which is illegal in most western nations. I would hope my government intervenes if I’m given a serious punishment, at least to put pressure to ensure I’m given a fair trail and due process.

        1. “Bali Nine” was a similar situation, different country though. Australia was ultimately powerless to do anything about the executions of Australian citizens.

        2. Wow, read up on that, and it appears the pussy pass is accepted over there too. From Wikipedia:
          “Chan and Sukumaran were executed by firing squad early on 29 April 2015 in the Nusa kambangan prison island, along with six other prisoners convicted for drug offences. Filipina Mary Jane Veloso was given a last-minute stay of execution following a pending investigation initiated in her home country about a drug trafficking syndicate in which she is expected to testify”

        3. I think you either allow absolute freedom and end the war on drugs altogether [which I lean more towards], or you pull a Duterte and execute everyone within sight.
          I think trying to find a “moderate middle” is what creates the gang infested inner cities of America.

        4. That’s how I feel about most issues. Funny enough, the extremes of each party often agree with each other (ie Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders have way more crossover than Hillary vs Trump).

        5. S- I had the events confused. It was the Bali Nine. The hysteria at the time had me believing that the 2 Australians never had a trial, but they did. My bad man.

        6. Ending the Fed. Ending the War on Drugs. Shining light on the prison industrial complex. Had Bernie not been so scenile on just about every other issue, he would’ve garnered more Libertarian support.
          Btw, are you voting for Gary Johnson?

        7. The pass doesn’t fly in China. Wasn’t there a line up of gorgeous model types all executed by firing squad for drug offences not too long ago?

        8. Yeah. Hot women are abundant there so there is not nearly as much pedestalizing. Also, Chinese and Koreans basically hate women to the point of being unwitting homosexuals. They are not far from Muslims in that regard. So the pass doesn’t fly at all.

        9. Yup. Only one worth voting for. I wonder how he’d do if he was let in the debates. Ross Perot was polling lower than him when he debated Bush and Clinton.

      3. I think you may have confused this with the executions of Chan and Sukumaran in Bali around that time. There’s no way what you’re saying happened, as Australian media goes insane whenever a citizen is caught in Asia and sentenced to death. Never heard anything about this.

        1. Thanks for setting me straight. Part of that is listening to local hysteria and part of me not verifying details before I spoke on it.
          The original point about SE Asia being tough on street crime stands. It is much safer there than say, Africa or South America and the toughness of the politicians is the reason why in my opinion.

      4. How about cases where somebody sneaks something into your bag? The movie Bangkok Hilton comes to mind…

      5. You know why . because all white governments and their history of rule is nothing but a story of criminals and mafias snatching power from the natives… be it USA, Australia, anywhere. So definitely they have sympathy with their fellow criminal brothers.

      1. I don’t recall anything beyond his comments on Obama, which were fairly accurate. As for it being a good country for Americans to visit, I haven’t really had the need to develop an opinion on the matter. It might be just fine for an American, unless you plan to sell drugs.

    4. The guy is crazy, if there is a candidate to be literally Hitler, this is the one! Talking bullshit when you have a military ranked in the hundreds and your main export is house maid does not work.

  1. I would like to visit SEA and was pipelining some girls online this week. One girl was saddened that she had gone through 3 LTRs and hadn’t found love yet, and often cries. She literally (Hitler) said to me “I’m dirty, I’m garbage, I’ve been with 3 guys.” Now sure, she could just be straight up mentally ill like 25% of women are, but let’s set aside that possibility. Can you imagine any woman in the west having that kind of shame?
    She actually felt remorse or regret for giving herself to 3 guys and none of them ended in marriage. Now in a real traditional household I suppose she would have been raised not to give it up at all, but I was quite impressed with a culture that actually attaches a value to sex and recognizes the loss that women diminish each time they go to bed with a man.
    But give it a generation or two, and divorce and feminism will come there, and it will be all over. I’d better hurry.

    1. Actually she doesn’t feel bad at all. It’s just rather than brag about it like a Western chick, she’s softening you up with a sad sob tale.
      In other words: baiting her some white knights to come in and play captain save-a-ho.

      1. Still, that shows a different moral standard than, say, an American. Would the average American girl feel guilt or use such a ploy? No, because a) few dudes care and b) isn’t raised with such morals.

      2. Yes, I did consider that option. But there is still a difference in the culture. No woman in America ever expresses regret for a bang. The thought never even crosses their mind, even as a ruse for manipulation, because it’s simply not a possibility to them.

        1. Just remember feigning femininity, and pretending to value virginity can be a woman’s best weapon.
          It’s just one step away from the usual “All my exes were Abusive, misogynist, rapist assholes, that only wanted me for one thing.”
          She’ll probably tell you she goes to Church all the time next.
          In my opinion, The Philippines is simply a cryptomatriarchy that predates feminism, and doesn’t have a massive welfare state that women can marry by default.
          She just can’t afford to be as brazen as a Western girl.

        2. It was around 6 years.
          That doesn’t mean someone else might not come to a different conclusion though.
          I just see a tendency for lots of guys, no matter how many red pills they ingest, when they arrive in the Philippines, it’s blue pill betadom all over again

        3. I don’t know, but if we are to believe what they say about the nature of women, then there is some truth to the idea that they “can’t afford to be as brazen…”. And this is not just financial, but the communal aspect of living with parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters (lots of them) and close relationships with classmates etc. which all serve as a check against said nature.
          That’s my guess anyway. I only lived there 2.5 years or so…

        4. A western chick is likely to isolate a man from his relatives and friends.
          A Filipina will expect a man to pay for all hers.
          Pick your poison I guess.

    2. She was lying. Online Filipino women are all whores. They meet you at the airport, and back to your hotel room to fuck you.

  2. Duterte is insane, has no qualms about killing even higher-profile westerners, and is doing absolutely nothing about China’s seemingly inexorable push to annex the Philippines.
    He’s also a cuck as he’ll rage against folks he knows don’t have the spine to stand up to him, like the Australian government and 0bama, but he treads on eggshells when it comes to China.

      1. The Philippines aren’t great, though they might be once China annexes them (assuming their lie of an economy holds up).

        1. ‘Their lie’ of an economy?
          At least they have an economy.
          US economy is all bout twitter and facebook cyberbubbles.

        2. The Chinese don’t have an economy. Their shell of an economy consists of making cheap crap for everyone else (and stealing IP) and kidnapping major players on their stock market at key times to avoid collapse that would come if those players were permitted to play the market.
          Gotta maintain the lie.

        3. At least they reduced the amount of people who don’t have daily food from 61 % to 4 % in the last 20 years.
          Even though the industry is fake, the food isn’t fake I guess.

        4. China will become the world’s largest rust belt the moment 3-D printing is perfected stateside [maybe another 2-3 decades?]. But, currently, they don’t violate the golden rule of exporting more than they import. Which is why they’re on the rise and we’re on the descent.

        5. We owe them 1.241 trillion. They owe us 750 billion. We owe ourselves 19 Trillion. Considering economies, they would lose when demanding what they’re owed, in the longrun

        6. Mathematically speaking, that appears to be correct. But in another 20 years or so, if things continue on this path, then every president will be beholden to and owned by the Chinese, and they will serve the real masters and owners of the nation. That is the real danger.

        7. I’ve been saying for years that China will go broke before they become rich. Their central bank and dubious financials ensure it.

  3. So let me get this right…White guys on here get salty when men of other races date their women but advocate their men to date outside of their race lmao

        1. My angle was, they won’t let you come back…should have clarified. I have a tendency to go for the joke even if I botch it. Heh.

    1. Not all of us here. Many could care less.
      Remeber, we are men of all races and backgrounds with often extreme divergenve of opinions, including what type of pussies we like (white, black, yellow) but basicallly united under the umbrella of “neo masculinity.”
      Divergence of opinions and healthy discourse is norm here.
      There is no %100 right or wrong here just that one be a man, not gay and no women are genenrally allwed to post…

    2. May be a instinctual tendency. Access the best of other tribe’s women while keep the best of your own tribe’s women for yourselves.
      But we are no mere animals.

    3. I always found it funny that this site seems to attract so many white nationalists when its creator is a middle eastern man who makes his living writing books on how to fuck white women.
      There’s gotta be some cognitive dissonance in there somewhere.

  4. I’ll tell ya what. If you want to find a girl who isn’t a morbid, soul-destroying, feminist cunt, you should try the smaller cities and towns in Canada. This is especially true if you are an American male. They go nuts for American men up there. Many Canadian girls dream of having dual citizenship, so they can work in the USA. Traditional Canadian women will pay for your beers and back you up in a bar fight. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, avoid them like the plague. But even in Calgary, Alberta, which is a larger city by Canadian standards, I’ve met some really stellar females. And the cool thing is, if you go rural, there is basically zero crime in some of the smaller towns. Zilch. Not a tatted-up gangsta to be found, nor any shrapnel-faced, blue-haired, feminist nutjobs. I was in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, a few years back, and I would take checks to the bank that I got while signing up new clients via my web design business. The girls who worked at that bank went nuts over me at that point. A few of them asked me out, point-blank. If you have your own gig, businesswise, and are somewhat successful, you can score the best of the best up there. Lots of hot, level-headed Canadian women in the smaller towns are dying for a decent man. Just a word to the wise there…

    1. I think dual Canadian / US citizenship would be a great deal for both parties. I don’t know many good reasons to travel to rural Canada, but if I think of any I will keep this in mine.
      There is a national park above Montana I’ve wanted to visit. That’s probably a little too rural for what you are talking about though.

      1. I was in this little town called Wakaw, Saskatchewan, for a while. Population, about 800 people. I’d walk down the street and people would say hello to me. Total strangers. Not some of them – all of them. People left their doors unlocked there. Now that’s kind of small, but even in a place like Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan (about 34,000 people), there are lots of hot Canadian women who are dying for a decent man. It was like being in the Twilight Zone up there. I liked it so much, I am thinking about moving up there at some point. I originally went up there to hook up with a girl I met online. Her friends were angling for me right out of the gate, as soon as I met them. Do yourself a favor and hop over the border and check out a smallish town or two. Canadians hate it when people say this, but they are very, very polite people, and very well-mannered as a rule – at least in the smaller cities and towns. It’s lily white up there, and I’m not just talking about the snow. I was stunned by the great manners and the courtesy displayed to one and all. And the health care. It gets a bad rap down here. But my girl I was with at the time, she told me the health care system was great. The government pays for it, for all Canadian citizens. I was skeptical, based on what I’d heard in the States (which I should have known was based on lies). So we went to the mall, and she said she had to get some new eyeglasses. We walked into this little eyecare place, and about a half an hour later she had brand-new glasses, paid for by the state. I really love the place. Banff (about 8000 people), near Calgary (about 1 million people), is incredible. It’s a resort area and the hot women you run into there are legion. There are lots of hot women in Calgary, too, who once again, are dying for real, non-pussified men. I recommend it highly…every guy should go up there at least once and stay for a couple of weeks. Just by hanging out in bars, restaurants, and the like, you will get chatted up by Canadian females. Once they find out you are an American, they will be all over you. Sure beats bird-dogging American cunts…

        1. Banff is like the “Las Vegas” of Alberta. Everyone is in town for the weekend looking to hook up. Being an American goes a long way up there. Wrap your rascal though, because STDs are through the roof, understandably so.

        2. That sounds a lot like how rural Montana is. Then again, it’s just a few miles from Canada, the people are basically the same, just with a different government. Only difference was I saw NO young single women. A great place to hone your elderly game though (haha, seriously.. it works well for daygame).
          Anyway, Calgary is pretty far west, will be a rather expensive plane flight for me in the SE USA but I will keep that in mind.
          I did spend some time in Winnipeg once, and though its a border town and I’m sure less “Canadian” than what you are talking about, I do remember some super friendly, laid back, kind women. I was like 18 though.

        3. I’m Canadian, the government never paid for my glasses and it won’t pay for dental (IOW, I’ve never gotten anything worthwhile from them healthcare wise). I’m sure it’s great when you’re older and serious health problems hit, but it’s no Sweden like yanks make it out to be.

    2. I agree with this wholeheartedly. Traditional women are easier to find in towns and smaller Canadian cities of under 150K. Marriage before age 25, religion, wives who do not work outside the home and large families are the norm. The food is excellent because of the proximity to farmland and the cost of living is low.
      Ending my career and leaving the GTA was the best choice for my marriage. Now my focuses are keeping house and volunteering for charities where I meet other like minded women.

        1. Most of them are…unless a man specifically trains for a field which interests him.
          My husband loves math and science so being an engineer is heaven for him.
          Women should not work unless it is with children. Women do not belong in the corporate world.

    3. Maybe you should write an article for RoK about small-town Canada. There are already articles castigating Toronto, but of course that’s the big shitty.

  5. I my experience in the Philippines, I felt like it was an aboriginal cryptomatriarchy.
    Any masculinity in Filipino men is superficial only. Most of them are just drifting sperm donors. Filipino men build up their families, open businesses etc. Then they are ousted by their wives who take over, and saddle the man with all the debts. His children usually go with the mother.
    Sort of like marriage in the West, but without family court.
    I did have fun there, I enjoyed sitting around the beach and eating seafood.
    It’s also very easy to find a girlfriend.( no! I didn’t go to hookers) All you have to basically do is:
    1: Show up
    2: Not be black
    3: If you are black, avoid stereotypes, look decent, and have some money.
    4. If you do find a girlfriend/wife don’t bring her back to the West. It will be hard enough to make it work in her country. But she is just as likely (or more likely) to divorce rape you after you get her a green card.

    1. Not be black!? What part of the Philippines where you in? US brothers KILL in the Philippines. Its like killing baby seals over there.

      1. You mean base hookers? Yeah, there’s something to brag about. A 10 year ho wanting a pension. Fuck that bullshit.
        “Bros” are always bragging over the top until they get taken for a ride. And that’s if they even learn the first time around no pussy is worth that kind of a headache.

      2. Like all of Asia, there is a worship of Whites and disdain for Blacks. However, out of all Asian countries, Black men probably have their best chances of success in the Philippines.
        It’s irrelevant though because Filipinas are fucking hideous.

  6. I was going to do another ROK article, using these covers, but decided against it. Won’t be around for a while, as I’m back working on business projects. So I’m going to shove the last four covers that I haven’t already posted into the comments section, right here…these covers should provide great incentive for moving to the Philippines, or pretty much anywhere else, for that matter. I’ll catch you guys later, hopefully, and thanks for all the positive feedback on these covers. It’s very much appreciated on my end, and indicative, I think, of the stellar class of gentlemen who frequent ROK. You can right-click on the images to see them in a sharper format – select “View image” or “Open link in new window”, however it works with your particular computer and/or browser –

    1. Cool man. I’ll be waiting for the return of Modern Beta, America’s number one source for cuck-fag magazine covers.

        1. Inside is a fold out of Corey Haim being raped by the entire case of Young Guns to the song Blaze of Glory

    2. Fare thee well Bob. If you could give me your picks for the wild card, ALCS,NLCS, and World Series before you sign off for a while, it would be greatly appreciated 😉

    1. “I hated the Philippines.” -Ringo
      “drop a bomb on the Philippines.” -George Harrison
      “This is the first and last time I visit this shithole.” -Drifter

    2. Marcos was a fuck head and treated the Filipino population like shit. Long gone. Piss on him and his princess slope.

    3. Back in the 60’s, Philippines was a 3rd world shithole ruled over by a tyrant with a kleptomaniac Empress for a wife. Just like every other SE Asian nation. But it’s clawing it’s way ahead.

  7. There’s a 30ish year old Phillipino chick in my office, she’s one of the coolest chick’s I’ve ever met.

  8. My very Catholic aunt was telling me about a class at her church that teaches young men to be good husbands. That’s a waste of time, I said, unless they’re going to charter a plane to the Philippines so those men can find good wives. She has four grown sons but only one is married, and his wife is a Filipina!

  9. Lived in Manila for several months, traveled to Cebu, overland to Subic Bay, and Ilocas Norte. I did not have a positive experience in Manila and found it a filthy, impoverished hell hole with little to commend it. The outlying areas were beautiful. I have also lived in Africa and liked that a lot better. Half the women in Manila were beautiful, but I did not like Filipina culture. They were like tribbles–too many of them. Not my cup of tea.

  10. you can’t eat nature- make a living ….. and I would say maybe the gals are nice because they want to get out of that impoverished hell hole. This is a classic case of hypergamy and a love starved chump eating the apple…..I don’t care where you live; money talks – bullshit walks.

  11. I spent 6 months in the PH this year and much what this article says is true, but no one mentions the 100+ real feel temperature everyday. I just don’t like it.

  12. Here is Australia (and elsewhere I’m sure), there’s an old jape.. if a dude is playing sports and he drops the ball or something, we say “he couldn’t catch a Filipino bride!”
    This is probably due to the slate of mail-order brides from the 1960’s onward, and given the proximity of the two countries, it’s natural that Philippine women would seek out Aussie men and vice versa. I mention this because I’ve never actually heard of a man bitching about his Filipina wife, unlike those who married white women. I’m sure being divorce raped by a Filipina bride is not unheard of, but nowhere near the scale of western women.
    Needless to say, to this day, any older gentleman with an Asian wife is scorned, especially by local women. “Pah, he’s such a loser he had to buy a woman!”

    1. From what I have seen there are two types of men that go after Filipino women, (1) The slovenly, disheveled loser type that couldn’t get an Chinese or Thai wife, let alone a western bride if they even tried. (2) the type of man that wants a wholesome family.
      Unfortunately, the stereotype is certainly #1.

    2. That’s called ‘shaming’ straight from the Feminine Imperative. Fat white girls are dictating culturally that they are under no obligation to compete with other women. Don’t fall for the shaming.

    3. My perception is that they are gold diggers and will wallet rape you. I have heard horror stories where they start off innocent and then proceed to bring in their extended family and like a parasite devour the host to where they have nothing left. No thank you. The thought of diluting my gene pool makes my flash crawl.

  13. Never been to the Philippines. However, I’ve driven in Mexican roads, where there is that same no rules attitude towards driving. So yes, it is cool and all not having driving rules, until you have to slalom around public transportation, bikes, and even cops driving like retards.

  14. Most of these points are just like Thailand where I live. I haven’t checked out the Philippines cause I hear they worship American culture.

  15. Don’t know about living there.
    But, vacationing there is wonderful. I have stopped over in Manila, Angels City couple of times. And was not disappointed. Both are shit holes as far as I could tell. But the night time was fun time for long time. 10 hotties on your dick in a club at once…Don’t care how great a PUA you are. Not many guys can do that in the West…
    Apparently there are beautiful Islands – Cebu?. May go there when I retire with a yacht; who knows?
    Thailand – I have been to many times, slight difference but both are fun for the average guy(most of us here?). Have heard expats say they are refugees from feminist occupied Europe. Scenery, food, culture is amazing in Thailand…
    And plenty of women to love you long time.
    However, much research needs to be done on appropriate forums to maximize experience.
    game, frame, self-improvement work there too.
    Number one rule:
    “Don’t fall in love”
    Many a man has fallen for the long con, and lost everything.
    AWALT…short time only!!!
    I live East Coast USA, so is 2 flights to get SEAsia, unfortunately. Otherwise I would go 3 times a year to relieve stress…Once to Pattaya, Once to Phuket, and Once to Manilla

      Barretto, Olongopo, Zambeles. 30 gogo bars (600+ hookers) on a 1 mile stretch of beautiful beach. Fly to Manila, bus from Pasay Victory Line bus station to Olongapo (230php 4 hours). Blue Jeepney right outside the Olongapo bus station to Barretto (12php).
      I like to stay at Baloy Long Beach, fried breakfast at Johan’s is really good.
      Good food at Arizona resort too. Rooms from 7000php (search hard for this cheap) a month up. I like air-con so I usually pay 1,000php a night.
      See you there in May!

      1. Looks good.
        Would love to sell up and buy a small sailboat. Move around beach bars like that.
        Was in ko samui backpacking late 80s probably like that…
        I think in 7 years…till retire

        1. The Philippines has great beaches and boat moorings, but there are pirates in the more southern islands.

  16. I’m wondering one thing, how can someone get a visa that allows you to stay much longer than a typical tourist? In India for example you can get up to 6 months and it is difficult nowadays to renew it from a neighbour country or something. I’m not sure how it works in the Phils though.

    1. You don’t need a VISA, turn up at the airport, 30 days on arrival, visit any PI travel agent (or immigration office), for the 1st 30 day extension (2000php), then the next extension is 60 days (more expensive as it included an Alien Residents Card) …. then repeat for 3 years. After three years you have to leave the country for a night or two, but then you can return and play the same game for another 3 years. If you get married to a local, even easier, 1 year at a go, free (but you do need to visit an out of country Philippine Consulate with your wife to get it).

  17. I have only vacationed in the Philippines liked the people.
    Friendly, non pretentious people. The women were definitely a plus. Beautiful country and islands. Low cost of living.
    Downsides: Food is mediocre unless an expat place. Cities are ugly as hell. Service is horrible and have heard a lot of horror stories about hospitals.

  18. They would execute you for burning a joint in your own house over there or is it only the hardcore drug dealers/users they are whacking?

  19. Filipino women are pushy opportunists and use military white men to bring them to the states. And once they get here, they will take your dignity, house and car. Then after they have taken everything they will dump you.

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