North Carolina Declares State Of Emergency After Black Rioting And Looting

Via Breitbart:

Police have closed portions of uptown Charlotte on Wednesday night after a series of gunshots were fired. One man has reportedly been shot. There are conflicting reports as to whether the protester who was shot is dead or alive.

The protests are the second night where the North Carolina city has erupted after a man, Keith Lamont Scott, was shot by police after he allegedly was carrying a gun. Some have–mistakenly according to police–believed that Scott had a book, not a gun, in his vehicle when a police officer shot him. But authorities have said that they confiscated a gun–and didn’t find a book–in the vehicle.

The first night of protests saw many police officers injured, and now this second night has seen a protester shot–according to police by another protester.

The crowd is protesting the Tuesday, Sept. 20 police shooting of Keith Lamont Smith. Police say he was shot and killed after he produced a gun during a meeting with police. Local activists say Smith was shot outside his car while holding a book, and that he was no danger to the police because he was disabled.

This is the second round of street protests, which broke out Wednesday night. Breitbart News is reporting the news from protests as it happens.

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522 thoughts on “North Carolina Declares State Of Emergency After Black Rioting And Looting”

      1. Imagine if Chloe Maddeley came up to you and offered her body to you as long as you left Islam. And that Gordost gave you free tickets on that condition.

      1. Trump should arrest the bastard on Day One. If he doesn’t he doesn’t have a hair on his ass.

    1. Just yesterday I read that he wants to donate 500 million $ to refugee organizations.
      (((The dude))) is going full white genocide.

  1. Rumors have it that Obama would implement martial law as more of these riots erupt. Then the election would be postponed and he serves a third term in office.

    1. Maybe……the (((elites))) are afraid that Trump, an outsider, might win; and now that The Cunt is clearly sick, they could try to implement a Plan B.

        1. His SCOTUS list on the other hand are full bore Constitutionalists (right wing). He’s just a man, not a god, he’s going to fuck up here and there. I am voting for him ONLY because of his SCOTUS list, if we can get 2 or more of those guys on the court we can literally run out the clock on the self-extinguishing Left.

        2. Greg Palast was on the radio a few days ago; he said once he became the nominee, he sold out. Hill. Trump. Two sides of the same coin
          And Pence is pro- TPP too

        3. I don’t know much about Pence (I’m not american), but that could be a pragmatic move. I still consider Trump an outsider because of what he says…..even if he wins and only do 50% of his promises, that’s enough to qualify him as an outsider

        4. Just think the message Trump would have sent if he picked a Ron Paul or Jesse Ventura type or independent or someone not from a major party as his running mate.
          I’m not in favor of military leaders ruling a country, but he had this general Michael Flynn on his short list who was a very interesting choice. The guy actually came out and blamed Obama for creating and supporting ISIS in Syria. And he’s a registered Democrat.
          If Trump shunned the traditional party hacks, then I think he *would* be getting the Bernie votes he keeps talking about.
          Trump is a good politician the way Milo Y is a good role model. IE only in relative comparison to the shitty alternatives in the world we live in.

        5. So many people do not realize how critical the SCOTUS appointments are. Much of what is characterized as Executive overreach is done through Executive Orders. Of course, the next guy is free to just repeal whichever of them he likes, and so there is no real danger there. So too are there checks on many other presidential powers, should Congress perceive they will be voted out of office for not enforcing them. But with SCOTUS, you are fucked with bad choices for decades, and because we follow common law and the principle of stare decisis, the longer something stays fucked up in the judicial cannon, the more likely it becomes that it will be unchangeable because it is the law of the land.

        6. HA! A reality show personality coupled with a wrestling personality- Id vote for that- “Hope and Pile Drivers” is a great tagline

    2. There are no provisions in the Constitution that allow for its suspension. Martial law is a “rest of the world” thing, no a U.S. thing. An attempt to do that here will be seen as a coup d’etat.

      1. Yes, and the US prefers to do implement its coup d’états more surreptitiously, as in November, 1963.

        1. Eh, I’m not really a big follower of the Kennedy stuff. If I were going to peg a date, I’d start somewhere around the time of the Civil War in all honesty.

        2. leaving the truth of that issue aside, the whole infowars military on the streets of america, is probably misdirection in itself. It conditions people (well americans at least) to worry about an easily identifiable coup against the people. Power doesn’t work like that these days (except perhaps in reverse such as with the Turkey coup, where repressive action can be presented as entirely defensive).
          In reality, abrupt departures from a perception of normality are not the preferred format. Slow Anaconda like constriction on the other hand, where the states grip can be tightened each time someone, somewhere threatens or implements some kind of violence makes the traditional form of political theatre largely unnecessary, except of course, where a little cathartic theatre is precisely the point

        3. There were clearly several big turning points in history. But many point to 1963 as the time when the supra-national corporate military industrial complex took the reins of power firmly in their two hands, and that every election since then has been between two controlled corporate goons of theirs. This seems fairly true to me.

        4. Absolutely. That’s why I think all the talk of an existing president refusing to leave office (I’ve heard this about ALL of them) or hand wringing over “they takin are guns” is silly. What they will do is slowly control, track, and monitor you to such a point that it will no longer matter whether you have guns or not. Then they will withdraw to their High Castles and if you want to get angry and go shoot the droid who refuses to give you food because your implanted chip says “don’t feed this one”, then go for it. The drones and multiple “internet of things” devices spying on you in your home will alert the powers that be to your activity and you will be drone striked before you step foot in the store.
          To any of these paranoid questions like “China is going to invade the mainland” or “the election will be cancelled” I answer with a simple “Why?” China directly occupying America, instead of just owning it from a distance, and leaving the (poor) upkeep of its infrastructure to someone else to maintain, or the feds cancelling an election and dealing with the aftermath instead of just manipulating the candidates and/or votes would actually create more problems than it solves.

        5. They dont need to take the guns. In tens years time, very few people will be driving their cars. Your cars will simply drive political malcontents to prison one day, you’ll tell it to drive to Costco, and it will instead take you to Sing-Sing

        6. Which is why you ensure that you install a machine gun pin on your automated vehicle of choice and have a wide selection of firearms on you inside the vehicle.

        7. He was making AI: Artificial Intelligence at the time he died; Spielberg then picked up the reins. His version was going to be a thinly-veined attack at pedo shenanigans going on in hollyw ood…

        8. You’re lucky to live in Ohio where normal people have a chance. I’m in Kalifornia, San Fran Psycho, Bayarrhea, and normal people have no influence around here. The only reason I stay is I’m curious to find out what living in a Zombie Apocalypse will be like.

        9. quite. Look at the situation in Charlotte. Ok the state may not have planned the killing but the state (and the media) – with Obama at the fore – has created the conditions in which civil disorder is possible. In other words the kind of breakdowns of civil disorder are managed just like everything else. As for China, it’s one of the most insular countries on earth, or at least has been traditionally. It’s interested in exercising it’s influence on the world stage, but it simply doesn’t have a tradition of empire building, and won’t get one unless it is commandeered as the next US or whatever (people keep on saying this will be a Chinese century, but it’s difficult to know what that means unless the conspiracy theorists are correct)
          The internet of things is definitely a real danger. When zuckerberg himself tapes over the microphone on his laptop you know this shit is real. I’m not sure about drones. The limits of panoptic surveillance won’t be technological, but what they can present as normal and necessary within a wider terrorism / domestic threat narrative. Only today in UK MI6 announced an extra 1000 spooks emphasising a) the need for diversity amongst the people who will deprive you of your rights to privacy etc (because only 1-10% of the people of interest will actually represent any real threat of terrorism etc I imagine) and the fact that the terrorism threat will likely last a life-time. The surveillance state is here to stay. Eventually it will have operatives for tucking us into bed at night.
          The walls of the prison will only be made of re-inforced concrete if all else fails. This is the age of communism-u-like

        10. Re: The Chinese takeover, while what you say about China and how they don’t have a history of empire building is true, I see a more universal trend away from wars of conquest. Hitler invaded the Sudetenland for living space “Lebensraum” and I suppose land will be at a premium going forward as the world becomes more overcrowded, but I simply don’t see battles for real estate occurring any more. Why would China want to occupy the American soil? What would they do with it? What occupation scenario would be superior to simply owning the bond payments that keep America funnelling them billions of dollars every month? And plus in the nuclear age I think wars of conquest are a thing of the past.

        11. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell my to anyone willing to hear. Autonomous vehicles are the greatest loss of independence since the invention of slavery. You are not the one at the wheel, your government/corporations are the ones at the wheel.
          They may have a point about security and convenience if the car were an isolated unit (none or minimal communications just to receive data from sensors in the street). However your autonomous car would be part of the internet of things and will be talking to your cell phone, your house, the officers PC…A nightmarish scenario. Will be connected 24/7 with everything and everyone out there.

        12. Combine that with a cashless society and every…single…fucking….thing that you do will be tracked, analyzed and policy made against it.

        13. I agree with that in the main. Although, as your post perhaps implies it does depend on the meaning on the word conquest. The tension re. Russia vs the West reflects that kind of conceptual difference over modes of influence. The west keeps accusing Russia of aggression – for example taking over the Crimea could be seen in traditional terms of land grab (leaving aside the fact the people voted for it). The west on the other hand still “conquers” but it does so through different modes of action. That could be a question of a owning financial instruments or whatever, but with respect to the zone of tension with russia or in the middle east etc, it will take the form of conquest through terraforming states non-compliant with the international system into “liberal democracies” etc. In many ways neo-colonial type influence is a return to what existed prior to (e.g. the British) empire, but with a more overtly egalitarian type of civilizing mission.
          As you say formal conquest is likely a thing of the past, because overt displays of strength, aggression are morally unacceptable within the liberal democratic international system, and by and large because soft power works a lot better in the main than hard power.
          It’s a fascinating issue in a sense, because people / propagandists keep on saying we’re on the brink of war. It’s hard to imagine any kind of major land war, in the way it happened last time round. But who knows, nuclear weapons notwithstanding

        14. One book that is on my short list is John Perkins Confessions of An Economic Hitman. While the British Empire model had to keep up regiments in every country that often had to fight bloody uprisings, the new economic hitman model is perfectly safe for the empire nation and the colonial power (or often the elected successor of the newly democratic colonial power, who had nothing to do with the original agreement) has to deal with uprisings, economic problems, and social unrest. Instead of the western nations occupying Venezuela and sucking its resources out, they just send in a few John Perkins types and the Vichy French Venzuelan leaders who sell out their own people do all the dirty work, and hand over the big checks to the IMF.
          A really bright friend of mind pointed out how brutal and desperate some of the 1940s battles were in the east. We will never see something like Kursk again. The troops and especially generals at the time sensed this was the last opportunity for winning a battle against the New Order and hence why you see some of the extreme acts and desperation of the troops, and ballsy moves like throwing a few thousand tanks at the Ivans and hope you can break through. It was all or nothing, and it will not be repeated again. Although I wouldn’t rule out nuclear annhialation.

        15. I’ve heard of the book, but didn’t know anything about it. Colonialism, imperialism, monopoly capitalism or whatever you care to call it, has got a lot smarter. We can still have empires but they have to be informal, plausibly denial or at least difficult to pin down. They have long been primarily about economic interests / exploitation, and formal empires seems to be more of an historical extinction burst rather than a stage in history – the British Parliament never like the idea of any kind of empire that didn’t pay for itself, and standing armies were always a problem in that regard.
          I’m not necessarily an anti-imperialist as such – one can mount a defense as well as a condemnation – but the old accusations of periphery – centre type exploitation have not entirely gone away. Theories of under-development were probably always too simplistic to capture the whole picture, and they certainly don’t capture the global / international nature of post-nation-state capitalism which depends upon developed markets with sufficient consumer spending power (just reading some article that says 69 of the top 100 economic entities in the world are now corporations) but the role of creating indebtedness does seem key both to sucking out the world’s wealth as well as controlling the people, communities and nations that become so indebted. I’m not entirely a fan of the arch lefties in Greece (or Spain) – but it was kind of sad to see them buckle under the pressure last year, while Lord Rothschild himself got to pontificate about how the West could best help the Greeks sort themselves out.
          You are I hope right about the end of total war and massive scale pitched battles. The (strategic?) erosion of the nation-states may have a lot to do that, and it’s ironic that the WWII occurred after the League of Nations was set up precisely to prevent that kind of conflict (much like the Fed was created to prevent events like the Great Depression, much like the surveillance state was set up to prevent international terrorism….etc etc)

        16. I’ve heard many hours of John Perkins being interviewed, so if you want to get a general idea without reading his book, I’m sure you can find a lot of him on youtube. Basically, governments first send in economic hitmen to undermine the foreign nations by giving them something great for free, that is tied to large long term payments to the IMF. Sometimes these are things they need (we’ll drill 100 new wells for potable water) sometimes not (here’s a few F15s).
          The second option is to send in the CIA types that will assassinate leaders, rig elections, and sew discontent.
          The third option is the military. It’s pretty obvious this is the least effective and most costly.

        17. I will check it out. Words like ‘undermine’ are obviously pejorative and intended to suggest exploitation etc – there is a long tradition of that kind of analysis, some of which is goes back to lenin and monopoly capitalism etc (although that doesn’t necessarily mean it is incorrect). I think most people who aren’t completely blinkered will by now have seen what happens to countries that don’t play ball. From Mossadeq in Iran to Iraq, Libya and Syria in modern times, it’s clear that there is often an economic case for promoting liberal democracy (subverting sovereign states?) or even armed intervention / invasion. The only caveat here perhaps is that there can be rich rewards to partaking in the international system, and not necessarily just for a country’s exploitative top tiers (although that tends to be what happens in corrupt / less developed countries. For every ruthless corporation exploiting an entire people there are others arguably developing markets and with them consumer groups. I’m not saying that necessarily makes things ok, but it can change the complexion of things somewhat. The classical leftist position focuses on pure exploitation whereby the elites exploit the people as a whole, but that surely isn’t a universal experience. I think the system benefits from fattening both the elites and the people as a whole, and the question remains whether that’s necessarily a question of fattening up the latter for the slaughter.
          When push comes to shove, sure it’s wholesale exploitation – savings destroyed and real value re-directed upwards etc, but the system doesn’t necessarily work better by being overtly corrupt. To put it another way, the system – including what the CIA / military may do across the world – works both as ethical and unethical capitalism. The latter is in a sense is a lesser threat – it already exists outside of the realm of ethical practice, and could potentially be tackled at a political / institution level, with the correct will. The former though at least during the good-times (not so much now perhaps) can make a strong case for improving quality of life, drip-down economics (i.e. crumbs from the table) etc.
          i.e. is the economic hit-man function the norm or an outlier? Is the system irredeemably corrupt or is in a sense a mixed economy, morality wise? I prefer my villains to have shades of grey

  2. The police must work hand in hand with the more responsible members of the community to work to keep the protests out of the hands of hoodlums and outside agitators. And by “outside agitators” I’m also including anyone that thinks it’s a bright idea to give the police martial power.
    People have legitimate grievances and a need to express those grievances, that’s fine. And it’s the job of the community leaders to keep the malicious out of it.

    1. Grievances? In what world is it somehow unjust that you’re not allowed to pull a gun on a cop and end up being dead? If a dude pulls a gun on me, a non-cop, I’d have every legal and moral right to shoot him.

      1. I don’t care if someone wants to protest the lack of dog shit in the streets.
        I want people to have the right to speak their minds PEACEFULLY. Without Goddamn riots or crackdowns. As far as I know, the model I described is the only thing that works.
        If you have a better model that can both preserve free speech and prevent riots, I’m 100% for it.

        1. There are no protests going on here, that’s what I’m saying. The Left imports bus loads of professional agitators. What may start out, for a few hours, as a “peaceful protest” now goes ablaze into a race riot due to this.
          Me, to preserve the right to protest, well, I’d probably start taking the names of these professional agitators and meeting them as they get off the bus.
          Besides, I was asking about what possible grievance is valid regarding not being allowed to loot, murder and otherwise destroy shit at will without consequences? If they don’t like that they’re expected to be civilized human beings, there’s a fast boat to Liberia that they can climb aboard.

        2. Church buses driven by lefty council of churches activist preachers. Aside recent articles suggest ROK can move overton window. What we say here can be critical to tilt this thing away from the elitists goals.

        3. I apologize. I’ve been reading more about the riots. And this has gone well past protest into hooliganism. Nothing is more important than preserving order. It’s too bad, but I would not blame the people of NC if the governor declared martial law and shot anyone out of doors on sight.

        4. As for what grievance, well, it’s irrelevant now. But when government officers (police or otherwise) shoot citizens, the citizenry has a right to demand an inquiry or to protest. You say that the police legitimately shot that man, they say otherwise.
          A while ago there was a video of a mob of young black hooligans being detained by police. One police officer pulled out his weapon on an unarmed young man. There was a tremendous outcry, from looking at the video it seemed the police officer was acting outrageously. In reality, he was acting with extreme restraint. A close look at the video shows the young man reaching behind his back as if for a pistol. This is during a high pressure situation.
          Now everyone saw the video, and most people didn’t pick up on it, much less the backstory which was about a band of unlawful hooligans who deserved nothing so much as to be flogged.
          My point is, I’m not a knee jerk supporter of “black grievances”. I’m a knee jerk supporter of open debate and freedom of assembly.
          This stopped being in the category of debate and free assembly some time back. Now it’s nothing more than insurrection, and the people of NC have every right in the world to put it down with whatever force they decide is necessary. The don’t need my permission of course, but this person supports them.

  3. This is not a “black riot”, this is cultural vibrancy in action. The advanced african americans are showing us, poor white bastards, what real culture is.

  4. Killing, looting and rioting are not “protests” in any valid form. Stop referring to it as such, that is falling into the word games of the Left.
    If a Tea Party event had so much as one deviant who even cursed at a cop the media would label it a riot and police would be beating people in the streets without mercy. Why is The Diversity given a pass?

      1. But they don’t control the thoughts of normal whites as much as (((they))) think. I find myself wondering where all those Confederate flag toting Good Ol’ Boys in the South are right now? They talk a big game, but when the circus comes to town they appear to be…absent. Why? It’s actually an honest question. Are the riots ONLY in the parts of Charlotte where The Diversity live/rule? Even then, I thought that the Good Old Boy network was all about preserving their culture, yet….they appear to be out fishing during this entire event. They’re worried about “the law” or something? While their city and culture is destroyed?

        1. I think, currently, they are straighten’n the curves and flatten’n the hills.

        2. the boy from NYC has to bring the Waylon Jennings….sad, sorry world we live in.

        3. Good Ol’ Boys and KKK heads speak their mind when boys in blue and Liberal figures guarantee their safety. When the land gets lawless they get quiet. Standard p*ssy procedures.

        4. I wasn’t really talking about the KKK or overtly racist groups, just the normal Southern dude that I hear ramble on about “my culture” and how he’s all about guns and shit. I get that the overt racists hide, but I’ve yet to see any normal Southern man stand up and say “no more” to this shit. There’s a core of weakness that is starting to be exposed, I think.
          We clamped down on the race pimps hard in Columbus last week. I guess there’s a difference between talk, and action.

        5. It’s funny how the “good ol’ boys” love to glorify the old south, when the reality is the life of the average poor southern white was absolutely wretched.

        6. But they generally were ok with that, because they didn’t normally associate freedom with “because I have lots of nice stuff”. It’s not a valid metric. Appalachians are dirt poor, literally (Hitler) and by and large the ones that work honest jobs just want to be left alone to live their lives as they please.

        7. Seriously. Not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but the whites of the south, in look demeanor and attitude, look greatly different and far more impoverished than select red states and a majority of blue states. In plenty of instances, they look as despondent as the blacks of poor areas and if I were blind, I would note no differences.

        8. Materialism has nothing to do with it. Most of these poor southern whites were living a hand-to-mouth existence. Many of the “atrocities” of the south which we generally believe were done to blacks were done to poor whites as well.

        9. Different parts of Europe. Predominantly celtic and French down there I believe (in general I mean). The northern red states are predominantly Germanic. There is a marked difference in appearance between the groups, or rather, at least enough that you’ll notice a difference more often than not.

        10. I’m aware of that. I’m suggesting that the attitude is one of self reliance as opposed to dependence. One culture has one attitude, another the other.

        11. Actual deep South. There is some significant pressence of English too I’m aware, but I think that the French/Celt thing is the majority “white” presence. The original 13 are basically English.

        12. Quite. But even though the original 13 colonies were descended almost entirely from Englishmen, there were still huge cultural differences between the liberal northern Yankees and the conservative southern Cavaliers. It’s been more than 300 years, and these differences still remain.

        13. I really don’t get what your ultimate point is on this?

        14. I realize I’m getting off topic from the main point. People complain about multiculturalism, but it can be argued that the US has been multicultural from day one. I realize that the Cavaliers and Yankees were more similar to one another than say the Cavaliers would be to Iranians or Algerians, but there were still significant differences in culture and behavior between the regions even though both populations were descended from England.

        15. Europeans are still Europeans, and have a common history. While we can go on about Italians being different than Swedes (and they are), they both still have an altruistic high trust culture, and they both share the same cultural history (Christianity, high civilization, similar mythologies, etc). While the Germanics may call the Italians wops, and the Italians might call the Poles “Pollacks”, end of the day, they still all share more than they differ in most aspects of culture and history.

        16. Absolutely false. Eastern Europe and southern Italy (and possibly Ireland) do not have an altruistic, high trust culture. There’s a damn good reason eastern Europe has been less successful than western Europe long before communism. The mafia didn’t come out of nowhere.

        17. “Halp halp, the negros we’ve allowed to take over our city after decades of solid Democratic leadership are angry! Why haven’t you gun owners that we hate and do everything we can to harm come in and saved us! We promise we won’t George Zimmerman you this time, or try to destroy your life for defending yourself with a gun like we have every single other time a law-abiding gun owner has used that gun against one of the darkies that we pander to exclusively!”
          Fuck you kikes and liberals. I would walk by and smile if I saw your entire family getting raped by a pack of chimps in the middle of the street in broad daylight.
          I’m protecting myself and my family, far away from liberal bullshit. I’m not risking my life and my entire family to some kangaroo cuck court by firing a single fucking round in your defense until you’re begging for every last nigger to be purged.
          You get to enjoy what you created while I’m cozy on the farm, far away from your urban jungle. You know, where the rest of us deplorable, uneducated non-Democrats live. We don’t have to worry about your nigger problem – the busses don’t run out that far.

        18. There are big differences between northern and southern Italy. To this day, northern Italy is more developed, financially well-off and less corrupt than southern Italy. When Lolknee says “everything south of Rome is north Africa,” he’s not entirely wrong there.
          And the modern Italians are not necessarily the same as the ancient Romans. In fact, it’s quite likely they aren’t. It doesn’t take a long time for noticeable genetic change to take place in a population. Only a few generations are needed.

        19. You could probably say the same thing about the Germans: they really aren’t the same ethnic stock as they were 100 years ago. Two world wars culminating in mass Asiatic / Slav rape I’m sure had some effect.

        20. This kind of sentiment could have a lot to do with the lack of response by southern whites in instances like Charlotte right now.
          The metropolitan areas of southern cities are all liberal hot beds no different from up north. Most conservative whites live outside the cities and probably don’t give two shits about the goings on there at this point.
          And really how can you blame them? They have been betrayed by most of their own kind. Weak liberals and assorted cry babies have brought this chaos down on themselves. At this point they are well past deserving that chaos smash into their homes, their jobs, their every waking moment.

        21. Speaking if italians, theres a story In the 70s in Cleveland where I grew up, A “civil rights” riot like this crossed murray hill toward little italy. 20 dudes disappeared and the riot ended. Nobody reported it.

        22. Stormcucks are mostly talk. It’s why they’re so damn irrelevant. Building off of RHA, the police are more likely to attack them as opposed to the looters.

        23. You’re getting so atomistic that you’re losing your point. Romans were Italics (the ethnicity, not the font operator).

        24. yes, that’s why I don’t get very worked up about news of the migrant crisis in Germany. Germany died a long time ago. I doubt the Muslims can do worse than what Stalin’s Red army did…

        25. The problem is that Charlotte is seeing the Hordes starting to leave their shitholes and venture outside with violence as of last report.

        26. My point is just because people are descended from a certain group, and are inhabiting the same geographic area as that ancestral group, does not mean that they are 100% the same genetically speaking as that ancestral group.

        27. It’s spreading outside of their “areas” now though.

        28. There’s a decent bit of disparity. You’ll find some of the most destitute communities, white or black, within a 30 minute drive from places that rate as Top 10% in nearly every statistic in the nation. I spent separate halves of my childhood in both of those different communities, and it galls me that people are surprised when I don’t sound like a hillbilly, or a civil-war general.

        29. Agreed. If Nashville were to start burning tomorrow, I wouldn’t blink. I’d just call and say I can’t make it into work because of a cold and work from home for the next few days. Dense urban areas always become hotbeds for degenerates and liberal blight. It’s only a matter of time before something causes it all to erupt.
          If that violence were to spread outside of Nashville to my area however….then we’d have issues.

        30. I don’t think that will be good for the “protesters”. Logistically angry mobs aren’t very mobile and easily dispersed with firepower.
          Also we have to consider that we won’t hear much if anything about when whites fight back from the media unless it is to demonize and propagandize the tards.

        31. Who the fuck is claiming that they’re 100% the same? You’re arguing against a straw man. I’m saying that they share the same basic culture, their languages all derive from one (except Finns/Hungarians/Estonian), they all share(d) the same religion and same basic cultural assumptions. And they do. There are differences obviously, but the base is the same.

        32. My father used to say that [lefties] populated big cities so they could hide their weirdness among each other.

        33. Of course in my home state, Texas, we had no assaults at Trump rally in Dallas because a number of good ol boys showed up with riot shields that said “resist” and were openly carrying.
          All of that being said, we all know any right wing resistance will be hammered down with the full force of the state in most of the country. Doesn’t matter if a mob is in the process of beating you to death, if you resist they will see you in jail.
          Look at the people freaking out over the guy in Charlotte whose car was caught in the middle of a “peaceful” protest, he showed he had a firearm and drove about his way. Everyone is screaming about that. “You can’t bring a gun to a protest!” He didn’t, the protest came to him and he was trying to get away.

        34. They live in the suburbs and further out and mostly know that any sort of fighting back will result in hate crime charges.
          They also have in general have more to lose than the “protesters” such as jobs, homes,cars etc.

        35. Makes me think of the Korean store owners with rifles sitting out front of their shops during the Rodney King riots.

        36. Ghost, you’re a smart guy. I think you get what I’m saying. Yes, western and eastern Europe share similar cultural foundations, but the cultures themselves as they exist today can and do diverge quite a bit. There’s Europe and then there’s Europe. That’s all I’m trying to say.

        37. If I’m being beaten to death, then why would I give a fuck about jail?
          Didn’t hear about the guy in the car, that’s a good thing.
          We have the same experience here in Ohio. Trump rallies are peaceful, RNC was peaceful this last summer, the current attempt last week to create race riots withered on the vine. We’re all armed to the teeth and we’re not out numbered by welfare recipients and degenerates.

        38. Which has what to do with what, in the long run? So there are some differences, yeah, I know that already. But they can still integrate and live peacefully with each other. Fully alien cultures on the other hand, not so much.

        39. I think that’s probably a large reason why you don’t see large groups of whites stepping in. Can you imagine the headlines?
          “KKK Terrorists with ties to Putin attack peaceful protestors while chanting ‘Pepe!’”

        40. “everything south of Rome is north Africa,”
          So are you guys saying Im black?!
          Id better get to Charlotte!

        41. Uh, I guess you forgot that the Confederacy surrendered? Real Confederates don’t talk. The real Confederates, such as they are, are waiting patiently for the Yankees to implode so they can pick up the smoldering pieces and rebuild civilization. That’s what I would do if I was a Confederate. Being a Yankee, I’m toofa king stupid to do anything besides wring my hands and beg the rioters to play nice.

        42. I was stationed in Italy in the 70s. Yes, everything south of Rome is the Arabs as the northern Italians of that time called them. The Mafia is a Sicilian and is barely Italian. Southern Italy has their own brand of Mafia

        43. Yeah, waiting for the yankees to implode, meanwhile the South is starting to burn.
          We’re safe, warm and cozy up here in Ohio. No implosions on the horizon.

        44. To my ear, they do. Natives I mean, not some guy who moved there from Minnesota when he was 25. In fact, it’s really, really noticeable.

        45. I won’t be shedding any tears if the urban areas burn to ashes. I think I will be dancing a jig, as it were, so to speak. What’s that kraut word, “Schadenfreude?”

        46. Being from the South, I know firsthand that most southern boys are all talk and no action. They’ll have an arsenal filled with $50,000 worth of guns and ammo, but the only place they’ll use it is on the range.
          Most of them are living under the iron fist of their motherly wives. They talk about how they’ll fight for their freedoms, kill all trespassers, etc, but then when shit goes down, they hunker down. They are beta to the core, which is why they purchase so many guns, lifted pickup trucks, and wear camo to look tough. It’s to conceal the fact that they’re actually giant pussies who won’t do a fuckin thing when shit goes south.

        47. When I moved away from Minnesota as a lad I learned that Minnesota, Wisconsin, and upper peninsula Michigan have a very distinct accent. Growing up I never noticed it.

        48. If it stays contained to hard blue cities, then I’m with you on that. If it ventures past those, then it’s time to take off the kid gloves.

        49. I think everybody suffers from that. “My speech is normal, everybody else has an accent”. This is wrong, except in regards to Ohioans who speak perfectly natural and without an accent. Heh.

        50. lmfao hate to break it to you mate but no one is afraid of your key board warrior ass BAHAHAHA lol also side bar here – *pshhh whisper* you aren’t the only one with means by which to defend themself 🙂

        51. Interesting. Outside of select moments, typical people from the Midwest have no idea where I’m from unless if I tell them. When I speak to citizens of another country, UK for example, they can tell within 3 sentences where I’m from. My only hope is I never adopt the ‘Ah’ from Chic’ah’go into my speech.

        52. lmfao kid gloves – do any of you really read the shit you type up bahaha what the hell lmao

        53. Demeanor and attitudes are somewhat different between north and south because they are different places different topography different weather. Many of the original settlers came from different areas than most northerners did. There are people in poverty in every corner of the country not just here.
          Really isn’t much difference between north and south anymore, any town you go to has the same stuff that all the others do.

        54. I might have a sensitive ear, I’m a polyglot and am more prone to notice minute things. That said, a dude from Manhattan in full honk sounds like somebody buggering a goose.

        55. I live in the South and can confirm that. I know one guy who you just described to a T. He has probably 2-3 dozen guns but is the biggest pussy I’ve ever seen. Real momma’s boy.
          EDIT: That being said, that isn’t everyone in the South.

        56. Giant pussy men are everywhere. Some of the good old boys are at least willing to TALK a good game when the Liberal Northerners and westerners are ready to bow down while wearing skinny jeans and kiss the boots of most anyone.

        57. Don’t the blacks mainly riot and destroy in their OWN part of town? I have heard, however, they want to riot in the white suburbs sometimes….but would likely be shot.

        58. But that’s the problem. It’s ALL talk. But the moment that good ole boy’s wife tells him to wear these new jeans she bought him, he’ll still wear them, even after they pop his balls up into his abdomen.
          The South has been getting shat on ever since they lost the Civil War. Don’t want your suburban white kids bussed to urban ghettos? Fuck you, it’s happening. What did they do? Held signs and protested. Don’t want blacks attending your colleges? We’ll send in the National Guard. Some white kid shoots up a black church? We’re not only ripping down the Confederate flag, but we’re also defiling the graves of Confederate soldiers. Fuck you, get over it.
          There was a rebellious spirit in the south once, but it’s been snuffed out and replaced with a whisper. Southern boys harbor anger and resentment towards the government, but they lack the courage to actually fight back. Instead, their rage manifests in drunken bar fights over a slice of not so hot pussy.

        59. No, it’s not. But there are a lot of people like that, and they tend to have the loudest mouths. It’s the quiet ones that people should fear.

        60. Downtown Charlotte, where most of the rioting is going on, is now a progressive shithole. CLT is a democrat-run city embracing all of the sick culture and policies of the regressive left, including forcing private businesses to cater to mentally ill people who won’t use the bathroom designed to accommodate their genitalia.
          Virtue-signalling Nu-Males and cucks live in that area. The southern boys are deep in the ‘burbs and the sticks, and have no intention of sticking their necks out to do shit for a city and culture that steps on them every chance it gets.
          If The Diversity goes on the march, it will be short lived. The outlying counties won’t tolerate it. We had a couple of Dindus go feral in my county a couple of weeks ago, and the whole place was going vigilante. The bastards were very lucky the sheriff found them first.

        61. For one thing nc is no longer the south my man. If you want southern these days you gotta go deep. Secondly, what are we southerners to do, go confront them, do violence just to be thrown in prison by the powers that be? No thanks I’ll wait for them to come to my property before I start blasting. Y’all wouldn’t let us handle them our way fifty years ago so as far as I’m concerned y’all are on your own. Good luck and God speed.

        62. That’s been the case until now. I’m hearing that there are rumblings of moving out of the “hood” though in this case. We’ll see. It would be a huge mistake, without question, to move outside of the city zone however.

        63. “Y’all”? I wasn’t alive during whatever was going on “way back when”. As I see it, we’re all on the same side. Besides, the riots are magically failing to materialize in our areas, they’re only happening in blue zones.

        64. Sorry I’m still a little sore about the occupation my country (the confederacy) has endured for 150 years.

        65. i mean, he’s not wrong. the South did lose, and many enjoy clinging to the loser symbol.

        66. What would you do differently? Would you grab a weapon and attack some rioters: to risk ending up a National pariah (e.g. George Zimmerman), wreck your life and that of your family, and risk being sent to prison with a >90% minority population? This isn’t the 1950’s and the justice system is on the lookout for the next “Great White Defendant” to roast over the fire of “racial equity”.

        67. Location, location, location. Why stop niggas from destroying their own homes? They have no sense. They are incapable of rational thought. They are the purist manifestation of absolute feminine thinking:
          Something happens, damn the facts, lets explode emotionally. I’m angry, I’m disenfranchised! Lets burn all the cars on our block! Look, they looting the local market. Let burn that shit too! What, a black cop shot him? Fuck it, beat all whites who dare to violate our hood with their presence!
          Then, the most hilarious part; a few days later when their neighborhood is a smoldering ruin, complain and demand the evil whites, arabs, and asians rebuild! Its society’s fault I acted like that.
          A small minority of American blacks – myself included, understand and realise that the malaise of ghetto living is built upon govment empowered, rampant, female supremacy. Combine that with inbreeding, low IQ, and acute inability to associate cause and affect, and above all a culture of absolute denial of any responsibility; it only makes sense to let them destroy themselves.
          I mean seriously, why fight an enemy whose idea of fighting is to burn and loot his own camp.

        68. Lol cities are fine when theyre not infected by your old farm gear. Southeast culture and region is a blight upon the USA to just be avoided. Sure, whistle Dixie and act like youre insulated out in the sticks.

        69. Southerners also seem to think theyre the only rural/conservative people in America….cuz everyone else is just a liberal Yankee! Fuckwits.

        70. It’s fairly simple. Not a whole hell of a lot of good ol’ boys really live in Charlotte. Honkies are a (slight) minority in Charlotte, but especially in the neighborhoods where all the horse shit is going down. They aren’t going to bring it to people who might shoot the shit out of them. I have never even seen a sniff of that shit where I live, and guess what? I seriously doubt I will. The city I live in is 80% white, 7% black and has more guns per capita than any other city in Texas. It’s a suburb of Houston, and not as redneckish as it could be but I guarantee nobody would pull that here and walk away.

        71. I’m curious whether they were actually destroying their own homes and neighborhoods, or if the “protesters” were being bused in like Baltimore and Ferguson.

        72. Actually, now that you ask, let me tell you something.
          Some little predator kid helped knock over a store here in Columbus, Ohio. He gave chase to the cops, and ended up turning and drawing what appeared to be a very, very real gun on the cops, who as you’d expect, shot him dead. The “bb gun” looked, in my very well trained and expert opinion, just like a standard .40 caliber semi auto with a laser site mounted on it. In that situation, I’d have shot too.
          So anywho, the local media is doing its best to get a race riot going. Showing pictures of the kid when he was 6, you know the drill. So the biker community here gets to talking to one another. We organize “ride by” type cruising up near where the “peace march” was happening. We’re all, as you’d guess, armed.
          Guess what didn’t happen in Columbus last week? If you say “race riot” you win a cookie!

        73. There are no such thing as “hate crimes” in the U.S. But I get your point.

        74. I think the general consensus goes: BLM can burn down their neighborhoods as they please. Once the madness comes to our town, we’ll exercise our 2nd Amendment.

        75. It’s funny goj I’ve ready so many of your posts I feel like I know you though I know that’s a one way street. I forgot to mention earlier…. Do you think this is going to end up with us getting the chance to fight it out with our enemies in the street when they finally invade our homes? I’m not optimistic. More likely this will all lead to a federalized police force and drastically reduced if not eliminated gun rights. Truth is, the time and opportunity for armed rebellion of the “folk” is long past. My ancestors tried gallantly, lost, and mostly died and/or maimed while attempting. The modern day version is us standing on the high ground with deer rifles when the federal drones appear in the horizon killing us all instantly. Also as far as us with families are concerned do you know the effect “hate crimes” has on sentencing guidelines? It doubles the sentencing FYI. I want you to know in case you are ever tempted to be their huckleberry. I would be rooting for you, may even try to help but we would be fucked in the end. And for what? To say we killed a couple niggers? There were probably 109 niggers born while I typed this.

        76. Ghost I’m a little dissapointed to see you use the chickenshit parentheses thing. You wanna call out j00z? Do it by name.

        77. “Don’t want blacks attending your colleges? We’ll send in the National Guard.”
          This isn’t equivalent to the other situations. In this instance; and others like it dealing with integration, there was a good reason to “shit” on the South

        78. “but it can be argued that the US has been multicultural from day one.”
          True. Has been and is. Racism and the like, on all sides seen throughout U.S. history, was among other things, bullshit arguing over who was the most special snowflake color in the crayon box and why that made them “better”.

        79. GOJ is the 800 pound gorilla here, who can do or write whatever he damn well pleases.
          You, on the other hand, are simply another little yarmulke boy, or one of their gentile suck asses.

        80. And you are the White knight keyboard cuck. Do you jerk off thinking about GOJ fucking your wife?

        81. If they’re willing to get in bar fights, they are not totally pussies. I mean, which southern boy do you expect to be the first one to go get his gun and go to Charlotte and start defending some other man’s property that’s not his property.
          The fact is he’d be the one getting arrested and everybody knows this, especially if he had to fire that gun. For most people, we aren’t quite at the last resort yet where we have to get the guns out.
          You said you’re from the south. So where’s your gun. Why aren’t you in Charlotte?

        82. No, they are having abortions at a higher rate than that. Truthfully though, there is one thing that can rein in the federal government without violence. A convention of states. The good news is that it’s going to happen.

        83. White neo-masculine rape group kills hundreds of peaceful protestors, tonight on pipeline news.

        84. It’s from the fact that they see everything around them as part of the enemies assets. Now the guard is gonna stick it too them just like in GTA.

        85. I’m not saying they need to pick up their guns and start shooting. That’s stupid. If you want to push back, you have to get organized first. But most of the guys I described do not make the time and prefer living in isolation from other men–mostly due to the fact that their wives and girlfriends have their balls in a ringer and refuse to let them out of the house.
          I currently live out west, but I grew up in the south, lived most of my life there. I can attest to the fact that a lot of these guys are full of hot air. They say shit like, “if the government comes for my guns, they’ll have to pry them out of my cold, dead hands.” On the flip side, they say shit like, “I know I haven’t seen you in a year, but my wife won’t let me go out tonight.” You really think someone like that will make a last stand against a federal death squad?
          Look, if you want change, especially politically, it comes through organization. A lot of gun hoarders are too fucking lazy to organize, to meet weekly, to attend town meetings, and, in more extreme cases, remind their politicians that they are capable of violence. They don’t have to fire a single round to do this, but doing something like Bundy and company did sure as hell caught a lot of attention. What if 10,000 men did the same thing? I know I’ve heard of people talking about open carry marches and what not, but why do this randomly?
          A man defends himself against BLM maggots and gets charged with murder? Why not march to the judge’s house, to the mayor’s home, to the local police station holding him. Remind them that the people are not to be trampled on. Leftist groups have done this without guns and it’s been pretty damn effective.
          Also, when (not if) BLM and groups like them start bringing that crazy “let’s burn shit down” attitude to the suburbs, the first thing suburbanites will grab is their phones, not their guns–to dial 911 and then bitch about the cops not doing shit to stop it on social media. I know I’ve been hard on southerners, and there’s a reason for that–I’m from there, I know these guys are capable, but I also know they lack willpower and balls.
          Americans, in general, have forgotten that this country belongs to them, and that to defend it, they can’t rely on the government, especially not one as corrupt as ours. But you can’t just go in with this “if someone does xyz I’ll kill they ass!” mentality that is nothing but meaningless words. People must organize, create action plans, and execute. Otherwise we’re just pissin in the wind.

        86. Agreed. The reason I included that was to show how a lot of them acted like they were going to fight, but the federal government once again reminded them of their defeat.

        87. Hate to reference proper speech in the aggregate with news casters as an example, but the non-accented world-news anchors are pretty much what it sounds like to have NO accent. You’ll notice as well very southern, northern. western, and eastern local reporters with zero accent. That’s the closest thing to properly spoken unaccented English you’ll get in the US.

        88. “Gotta go deep.” You mean like Florida? Miami? Is West Virginia part of “the south?” If not, I know they’d beg to differ. Michigan has some of the largest dairy farms and angus farm towns in the country that are filled with rootin tootin gun toatin sons of bitches. Dallas Texas is so liberal I’m surprised they’re still allowed to have guns. This argument smh.
          Michigan militia.

        89. Dallas is so liberal I’m surprised you’re still allowed to have guns. Ft. Worth and Plano, well that’s another story.

        90. I’m not talking about militias I’m talking about an intact southern culture that isn’t totally smashed by progressives. Nowhere is untainted in 2016 but some are less demolished than others. Maybe central Florida but certainly Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia….

        91. As for your last paragraph, I think it’s prudent to state that, corruption or no, the “government” is never America. We the people are America and thus far have lost our country to those who are globalists.

        92. It’s called being conditioned. The laws have conditioned them to be deathly afraid of using them outside of the range, which they force onto everyone who goes for guns. They still believe they’ll get to keep their weapons by back foot compromising to the left and good behavior.
          In other words, cuckservatives with big mouths.

    1. Overton window opportunity?
      I, for one, would sure love a free pass to burgle the local electronics store on the basis of an imaginary sleight.
      Those weaves have an incredible resale value though…

    2. During the Occupy protests, I watched a protestor pull out a fake gun on an LA Sherriff officer. The officer, in defense of his life, proceeded to slam the protestor into the pavement (and rightfully so).
      Problem is, the camera phones didn’t start rolling until after the cop had the idiot on the ground.
      As a libertarian, I used to question police force. Thanks to BLM, I am now 100% pro-police.

    3. Harsh reality and common enemy: JEWS and WHITE GENOCIDE for installing a JEW WORLD WORDER!
      – Islamic Lives Matter – Let Rahami’s Ten Mommies Make Commie Jihadis
      – Modern Education Is Pavlovian Conditioning.
      – Wake Up Whitey, Your Saviours Will Not Save You!
      Racial “equality”:
      – Race differences in intelligence
      – Race Differences in Intelligence

      – Jared Taylor – Wake Up Whites

      – Woman Blows into Cow Anus to Help Boost Milk Yield
      – African culture for everyone
      Wake up!

  5. After about 400 years of sharing the same country with whites blacks still behave like they just got off the boat from Africa. What other evidence needed to show that milticulturalism does not work?

        1. if you call that an observation then you are an idiot as well. A rebuttal is a measure response to a well articulate thesis with cooperating evidence. This individuals comment, aside from being laced with blatant racism also reeks of profound pride in the enslavement of a mass group of peoples.
          In short black people/African Americans have contributed a great deal to this nation. The same could be said of any group once divided along racial lines. To deny this irrefutable fact is to put it bluntly idiocy.
          Now I’ve already gone well above my word count limit for you imbeciles on this site. So I now kindly ask you to fuck off
          Have a great day 🙂

        2. Accusing the guy of blatant racism is not proving that he is wrong. Is the truth blatantly racist? Now, I would say that it is not at all an observable fact that all blacks are primitive savages just arriving on a boat from the jungles of Africa. I would say that the problem is too many blacks who obviously know better make excuses for the primitive savage blacks who commit vicious crimes and who act uncivilized. And I would say that to a great extent the reason for this is communist and Marxist propaganda and brainwashing having convinced so many otherwise decent blacks that acting savagely is good revenge against the white man.

        3. What in the actual fuck is your point here? In all that you’ve typed you sound like a drunken Darwinian cum guzzler lmao lol – acting savage and primitive? Really? Bahahah are we in Victorian times? Has some caveman come by and ruffled your wife’s feathers? And now your in a bind?
          lol look all joking aside your views are archaic and idiotic, at the very least misguided and uninformed. These views are not intellectually sound rather based in preconceived notions and regurgitations of your favorite authors. Now I don’t blame you for your personal opinions – hell I personally believe one can survive on a diet exclusivly consioting of peanut butter and jelly. Am I correct? Of course not. You kno whats the important message to that story? I don’t lie to myself about fact in order to sleep better at night.
          Also pro-tip never feel entitled for justification for an individuals actions from the larger group they presumably belong to. No one should answer for a crime save for the individuals involved.
          Jesus I went over board there, allow me to summarize for your inbred tiny malformed brain –
          You = stupid dickbag

        4. I’m a nigga – and the most important thing is and this is important because I know it keeps you up at night lmfao pay close attention I don’t want you to miss this here goes – I’m not your nigga lmfao hahahaha and you wish you had blue eyes you brown eyes simp lol

    1. (A Jewish slave-trader) can take an African out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of an African.

    2. Harsh reality and common enemy: JEWS and WHITE GENOCIDE for installing a JEW WORLD WORDER!
      – Islamic Lives Matter – Let Rahami’s Ten Mommies Make Commie Jihadis
      – Modern Education Is Pavlovian Conditioning.
      – Wake Up Whitey, Your Saviours Will Not Save You!
      Racial “equality”:
      – Race differences in intelligence
      – Race Differences in Intelligence

      – Jared Taylor – Wake Up Whites

      – Woman Blows into Cow Anus to Help Boost Milk Yield
      – African culture for everyone
      Wake the fuck up!

  6. Does this mean that white men in the rural western Carolina hills can now begin ripping up their domestic restraining orders and disregarding their strictly policed visitation guidelines and teach their sons to shoot? So now are we all expected to be friends with the local magistrate and cops?? Boy the government bites off more than it can chew doesn’t it? Tree monkeys and women. The government wants it all.

      1. Unfortunately I haven’t had the extreme pleasure of going to Hajj yet. Someday inshallah I will. When that happens you can call me Haji 🙂 lol
        Till then – I might just think your suffering a stroke and just saying names out your ass

        1. I don’t even care what the fuck your religion is. There is no way that walking around a shitty ruin with a million other people in a fucking desert can be an extreme pleasure. Avoid Hajj. Go enjoy the extreme pleasure of Dubai if you have to go to some god forsaken shithole in the middle east. At least there you can get decent accommodations, food and service.

        2. if your preference is to mull around in a circle with a bunch of people in a desert who haven’t properly washed themselves in a week then I leave it to you but I think you are capital N NUTS

        3. Oh man, talk about the service. I’ve never had my bowels feel cleaner then after they’ve just dumped a load right on a couple of hot 19 year old hardbodies.

        4. cool of you to pass such scathing judgment on people there man. No one is making remarks on your imagined fun times around Dubai. And again thnx for the compliment 😉 goodbye now

        5. Did you happen to read that pop under article by Jim “gold is going to a bazillion and ounce” Rickards? Thoughts? Day of reckoning this Oct 1st? Thanks

        6. better than mushing around some ancient outhouse with a million other dudes.

        7. Space rock is interesting theory. I still think medieval porto-o-potty. There must have been some big sitar concert and that was the shitter everyone used.

        8. We all want to see what’s inside the box(the kabba).
          What’s inside the box???
          In the end, it’s some black hunk of space rock that looks like a fossilized dog turd

        9. the exfoliation is fine….in addition to, not as a replacement of fucking soap.

        10. Nah, I have a pretty serious hardware-level adblocker. Is gold going to get more expensive? Yes, because it’s priced in dollars, and most things priced in dollars are going to get more expensive as they keep devaluing our currency. As for pinning the tail on the donkey of when a huge crash in the dollar will happen, I will just say that academically and technically, I’m surprised it hasn’t already, but I also accept that this party could keep going the rest of my life (though doubtful).

        11. Japan has been going sideways for 25 years, so yea, this could last another decade or two, or unravel next year. What do you think of silver?

        12. The thing keeping the dollar from collapsing is all the nations that either use the dollar (ie Ecuador), or peg their currency to the dollar (Bahamas), or that use the dollar in international trade (ie when Iran sells oil to Russia). That is beginning to show signs of unraveling, but if it ever does, we are royally screwed.
          Gold and silver are good stores of value. Silver perhaps currently priced a little better than gold. But think of them as a currency, not an investment. Nobody buys a dollar and sticks it in a vault and considers that an investment. I prefer to invest my money.
          You know how they say you can go buy a custom tailored suit with the same 1 ounce gold coin you could in Roman times. Yes, gold will hold its value, while the dollar you hold now won’t buy a piece of gum from a gumball machine in 100 years. So only “invest” in precious metals to the degree you want a good, safe, store of value.
          Even though the stock market is screwed and the fed has fucked the housing market so bad, I still invest money in real estate and mutual funds. I don’t know that it’s a great idea. I just don’t know what else to do.
          I do think owning a bit of gold and silver is a good idea. Do you ever read zero hedge?

        13. *Slow Clap, yawn..* try again, and please don’t strain that tiny malformed brain of yours 😉

        14. haha- sites like those make you wanna jump off a building. gave em up for Lent 5 years ago. Havent looked back. Its funny how they got things right(I remember reading in dec 07 Lehman and or that other firm whose names escapes me were going down sometime in the summer of 08. Nailed it. The market was reinflated so quickly and fraudulently that these sites started to lose their luster for me. I used to read, guy called the 87, dotcom, and housing crashes, got his clients out before. He sat on their cash for too long, missed the bounce, and a lot of his pissed off clients asked for their money back.

        15. Yeah, it’s depressing stuff, I go long periods without reading. But the comments section is always spot on. This site can be a little too Republican leaning for me. Zero Hedge is just straight up.. cynical. Which describes my outlook more than anything.
          It’s one of the few places where the entire comments section will jointly ridicule gov’t / mainstream media lies.
          Like this story:
          “Somebodies off script. All chemical weapons attacks are supposed to be Assads fault.”
          If more people were this informed and cynical, the world would be a far better place. I think it’s full of “watch the world burn types” which may have influenced my leaning to that way of thinking…

      1. are these images and videos suppose to be your version of ‘Holy Water’ and a ‘Crucifix’ lmfao bahahaha get a grip

        1. Gordost are one of Bulgaria’s best nationalist rock bands. They were the first Bulgarian rock band I ever heard. Chloe Maddeley has a lovely body.

  7. Get a battle rifle (7.62 NATO) and get good with it.
    1. Outranges all handguns
    2. Outranges AR15 LEO and Military Standard arms
    3. one shot incapacitate/kill
    4. Ammo is plentiful.

    1. One hopes that people already have armed up. Buying your first gun as riots happen is a recipe for disaster for all parties involved.

      1. apologies, I have grown up in rural oklahoma, where a first gun is given before the first day of school. If someone is living close enough to these areas to need a weapon, they should flee immediately

        1. Same in central Ohio. My son shot his first sidearm at age 5, and bought his own shotgun (with his own money) at age 13.

        1. On September Black Friday we don’t call it “consumerism” so much as “looterism”. Those 60″ flat screen tv’s ain’t gonna steal themselves, brother!

    1. Saw this video and some others as well. One where a homeless man got kicked to the ground and another where a news reporter was shoulder slammed into. These thugs are out of control.

      1. Cant you arrest someone if they are wearing a mask or do rag over their faces? Isnt this illegal?

        1. Usually it’s only illegal to simply wear a mask if you’re in a bank. I believe some city codes allow deliberate concealment to be an additional charge if it’s done during a crime, but that requires any of these criminals being arrested.
          And if you say you’re a muslim you can wear a ninja mask anywhere, because stopping them is rayciss. :^)
          Cops are very selective and careful about making arrests in the middle of a jungle riot because if one of them gudboys who dindu nuffin wrang gets taken down it’s likely to anger the rest of the tribe, and they’re not prepared to handle a large-scale pushback.
          Most of their armor and gear is for intimidation only. The black armored badass wearing a black helmet standing in a line next to a dozen other identical armored badasses scares the shit out of people. It’s supposed to. It keeps most of them hesitant enough to move against them. The armor is rated to protect against small arms fire and thrown bottles. However, if Planet of the Apes breaks out the couple dozen cops on the front line armed only with pepper spray and baton rounds get their limbs torn off by a howling pile of monkeys before the cavalry would even receive the order to move in. It’s an incredibly dangerous position.
          They’re careful not to provoke until they have orders to sweep the street. That’s when most of your arrests happen. The bullhorns warn you every five minutes for an hour that they are going to start moving. The chimps respond only with hoots and more thrown feces. Then the gas canisters get fired and the line moves forward. Anyone who’s on the ground or can’t run away fast enough then gets picked up. Though even then very few of them are charged with anything. They’re held overnight, their info recorded, then let go back into the wild, like a nature documentary.

    2. North Carolinians can conceal carry. Why in the fuck aren’t they fighting back at this point. Ok, I get if it’s only in the areas of the city designated as zoos for The Diversity, but now they’re hunting down whites for fun.
      Load and carry your FUCKING GUNS, southern boys. Christ almighty, that a yankee has to suggest this, damn, it’s should give y’all the vapors.

        1. The videos posted above and across BreitBart are showing that they’re straying out of their slums in ways that haven’t happened yet.

        2. Soros is moving the herd from the ghetto to deeper downtown so the jew can cause greater economic damage to the parts of the city that actually have jobs. It’s done so the ghetto can spread, further destroying property values so some other kikes can buy it up cheap. They spread like cancer.
          He’s not moving them out. Downtown is still Democrat Central Station.
          We’re not going even deeper into Democrat territory to save a bunch of liberal cucks that have spent the last few years attacking gun owners, attacking conservatives, and attacking white people. Every single time a gun owner uses their weapon defensively the cuck courts actively try to destroy their lives. Why would we risk ourselves to save people who are actively and openly attempting to destroy us and our country?
          Fuck them. They can enjoy what they created. I’m not going into enemy territory and risking my life in some liberal cuck court to protect these traitors until they’re begging for us to remove the groid. Until then they can enjoy the enrichment and what minimal aid the Obama-castrated guard and police force is willing to give them.

        3. Yes. Let them all burn. I’m another southern man who won’t lift a god damn finger to save some liberal PIECE OF SHIT.
          I will keep you and your gremlins contained as well. I hope they eat alive every last faggot liberal in the cities.

        4. LMAO. Though I live in the Northern wastelands of America (Chicago, land of ball-freezing weather, and ball-sweat summers), I must say: who, in their right mind, would not have, a minimum of 200 rds. on hand, and weapons, at the ready, if (and I’m being polite here) this sort of “trouble”, came to town? If blacks are going to come after white people now, I’d stick around the EE guys, or even Hispanics, who seem to have more in common with white people, these days, than hoodrats, stealing Nikes. Fuck the leftists. I’m in my ’20s, they never did a damn thing for me, nor did they ever help, a poor, white male like me. If it ever gets to planet of the apes, I’ll hangout with the hispanics/EE people up here, if it got that bad.

      1. I’m seriously thinking of being an “American safari tour guide.” I’d armor up a van or SUV with bullet proof glass and take Asian tourists on an adventure through the worst neighborhoods.

        1. That’s just awful, yet I can’t help but chuckle at it. Heh.

        1. I didn’t know you did or didn’t to begin with. Heh.
          I’m always armed, unless I’m drinking at a bar. There are no “safe assumptions” any longer.

    3. This brings back some pretty scary memories. In my early teens here in New York the city blew up into riot level violence. Not as bad as ’77 but it was pretty terrible. A bunch of black guys were jumped by a bunch of Italian guys and one of the blacks was killed. The city got dangerous and quick. I was in a primarily black and Spanish highschool. The school had 5000 students with about 5% of them being white. I learned real quick in the gym locker room what a sweat sock filled with master locks can do to a face. Bad memories.

      1. It did get hectic back then. I wish I bookmarked the page, it showed all of the vioilent crime stats from NYC from the 1940s thru 2013 or so, 1988 thru 1991 was worse than 1976-1979, which is the time period I wouldve assumed to be #1

        1. Hard to say what the worst time ever was but yes, my guess would be the late 70’s as well. 77 was a rough time. The whole city had a huge blackout in one of the hottest recorded summers, the son of sam was on everyone’s minds, a full scale race riot which was closer to Watt’s than this BS in north Carolina was going on. I defy anyone who lived through the 70’s and 80’s in new York to tell me that they weren’t pleased as fucking punch 2 years into Guilliani’s first administration. The regression we have seen under DeBlasio has been incredible. There hasn’t been a return to 80’s level violence, but there is a return to 80’s level quality of life and without turning that around the violence will come next.

        2. How many days was that blackout? I was only a year n change old, so obviously no memories of it

        3. I was still a very young knee at the time. I think the citywide was only a day and maybe another day or two before everything was restored.

        4. As a child then, I remember all of the movies that came out. Video games too. Those beat ’em up games especially. New York between 88-91 was incredibly wild. It wasn’t uncommon to see a child with a gun, pimps on the streets, kids starting riots at other local schools or police patrolling the blocks from sun up until sundown. Trains were especially hazardous with those paper passes which you could write over since they only used three colors to distinguish them for the twelve months.

        5. That’s scary ass shit. My only experience growing up with big cities was a brief stint in Philadelphia in the 1970’s which was a nightmare that lasted about 1.5 years or so I believe. Left a huge impact on me, I cannot even comprehend ever wanting to live in a big city to this day. Ugly shit.
          The rest of my growing up, out in farm country with idle summers, quiet country roads and small town drug stores that sold delicious milkshakes made in those old steel cups, that’s my preference.

        6. Everybody had knives. You could walk into a knife shop(yes, we had them) at 12 and walk out with the craziest knife going, go to the park, impress your friends lol

        7. What do you mean “had”. We have knife shops today too.
          But yeah, knives were omnipresent. We all wore them on out belts at school, in the snap type sheath. Nobody batted an eye.

        8. The few I knew of are gone. If I want to get those throwing stars(ninja thingies) I would have to go online.

        9. Fond memories of spending all afternoon with friends trying to throw those stars at trees. Never once did we make them stick in the bark.

        10. I remember! Sometimes I look back in amazement at how the violence didn’t reach me like it did some of my friends. Porn was also very prevalent back then. Made it real easy for a fifth grader to purchase smut or whatever they chose really as long as there was an Arabian man behind the counter.

        11. you werent cool unless you had that giant Rambo knife with the serrated edge and the compass in the handle 🙂

        1. I heard about this one supposedly famous one on 14th on the west side. Overpriced. No porn channels on the telly. Look, sometimes we bridge-and-tunnel people get a few things right here and there….

        2. oh sweet jeses. Georgia diner for a burger, the buy right liquor store that didn’t ID and then that little sex shop near the movie theater to pick up some poppers and then off to the mets hotel. Yes, I dated a girl in queens once.

        3. See, proles like me who like the darker meat take gals to the city only if they’re “special”. Which means anal sex later.

        4. Ha. I haven’t heard the term proles in a coons age. Thanks man. Yeah, I don’t think I can leave the island anymore unless it is for the Caribbean

        5. Beating a dead horse here, especially given the OP topic, but in Jackson Heights and Corona, the Caribbean comes to us!

        6. you just did a bridge and tunnel Russian reversal. Well done my friend, well done.

  8. Watch out BLM! All the activism, demonstrating and looting will soon start to feel like a job to you. We know how you feel about work.

    1. HA! I can picture it now. They will want the gov’t to delivery large screen TV’s to them as hand outs because they claim the can’t loot for reasons.

      1. We need moh money for dem big-screens! We only gots dem 1080s while dem white folk gots dem 4K AQUOS high definition displays with stunning clarity and RGBY technology with added yellow subpixel for amazing color reproduction… n sheeit. Dat be rayciss!

  9. Dat protester wuz shot by someone dat *allegedly* hads a gun. We ain’t seen proofs of dat yet, so we can’t say till we seen dem body cams if it be true. The shooter mighta’ only had a book! He dindu nuffin! Unless it wuz a white dude, den it rayciss!

        1. A Copy of The World as Will and Representation in one hand and The Monadology in the Other.

        2. Those are bedtime stories in our neck of the woods. Kids grow up discussing Heidigger while building snow forts. It’s all good.

        3. I hope they wear their mitseins when building snow fort. And don’t let those kids climb trees if they are afraid of Zuhandenheits

      1. It’s possible. They steal shit from the public library all the time. Some of those hardbound collections are expensive.
        “Hey Mr. Pawn, I gots me dis leathabound white peoples book. Sum Harry Pottah o sum shit. Cans I gets $5 foh sum crack?”

  10. Sad times for the black race such ignorance, each time they act muslim like, It puts them backwards in the evolution of their species no leaders not even decent parents to guide them this new black president elected 2 times says nothing of the lies they believe hands up dont shoot the black race just might not be able to get to the next level they seem to enjoy this and some even bring their children to these racist meeting almost like their church gathering. Why always the blacks that choose this barbaric and brainless actions.They destroy the families with business that they live with guess you must be beyond ignorant and sad to say must be stupid idiots.

    1. What actually worries me is that decent, middle class (and higher) blacks are going to take a huge hit of hate for the actions of these inner city trash. I don’t mind decent, normal people living near me, being my friend, working with me, no matter what color they are. These inner city trash however are quickly working up a whole mess of resentment with whites and other minorities, and the backlash isn’t going to be pleasant.
      I know white guys are portrayed as pastel shirt wearing little beta simps these days. But once you get them riled up as a group, they don’t just riot, they organize, plan and handle “the problem” with a cold, bitter logic. We nod to each other, nuke a race out of existence, then get back to barbequeing and having a nice lawn party on the remains of our enemies.
      I had a neighbor of mine growing up, whose grandfather was in WW2. The pictures of his American grandfather sitting on top of a huge pile of dead Japanese, eating C-rations with a buddy, both smiling, would put chills into any civilized human being. Bulldozers ramping unending piles of “the enemy” into mass graves by calm, competent white guys in WW1 and 2 should also give folks pause.
      Why the “elite” want us riled up and getting our Viking on, is confusing to me.

      1. You’re right. My father-in-law told me a story about some thugs that had been harassing his neighborhood when he was young. He had finally had enough and confronted them with a baseball bat in hand, ready to do business. They turned tail and ran, not because of him with his bat, but because all the neighbors had come out and were right behind him ready to fight with him.

        1. When I was young and visiting my grandparents back in the 1970’s, this group of faggots showed up at the creek that ran along the side of the neighborhood. This was a group of houses, not a subdivision, to get the context clear, they all happened to be on or near the creek.
          The faggots proceeded to get naked and start their own 1970’s porn party. This neighborhood had kids AND a sense of community and decency. It took less than an hour for the resident WW2 vets (at the time, in their 40’s and 50’s I think) to show up with rifles in hand at the creek bank, en mass. A good fifteen or twenty of them, stern men, not one look of nonsense in their eyes. The problem was…handled and the faggots fled, never to return.
          It became a barbershop tale for a while, as I recall. Not a “giant heroic act” but rather “what in the hell is wrong with these people”. Just all calm and collected and matter of fact.

      2. The vast majority of those middle-class church-going college educated blacks are still a threat, because they’re still sucking the Jewish Kool-aid straight from the 40oz.
        Like “moderate muslims” they claim they are more civilized than those doing the actual beheadings because they only openly continue to spread the Jewish race-baiting lies and support those with the knife instead of cutting heads off themselves.

        1. You should really get out more. There is a growing population of middle and upper middle class blacks organizing. What should worry you most is that the aim of this new class is not to “suck the Jewish Kool-Aid,” but to become economically independent like the Jews.
          If you’re interested in seeing a semblance of true black independence, YouTube “Boyce Watkins.”
          Just because the majority of blacks you see on TV shape your view, does not mean there isn’t an underground swell of a whole new kind of thought happening.

        2. I can agree with you here. I don’t know about “the jews” thing, but the rest seems accurate.

  11. Batten down the hatches! Level 5 Chimp-out is in full effect. Expected to only worsen in the coming days. Make sure you have enough water, food, and candles to wait out this storm!

      1. Do you know what the last words Marvin Gaye’s father said to him before he shot him to death?
        “This is the last 45 you will ever hear.”

        1. NICE! That is second only to the family guy line when Chris is failing history
          “Sam Cooke didn’t know much about history, and he got shot in a hotel wearing nothing but a sports coat and a shoe.”

        2. LOL. I tend to tell the Marvin jokes to guys our age or older. Most youngsters don’t know what a 45 record is nor that Marvin’s father shot him with a M1911 (.45 colt).

        3. It’s funny to think about all the jokes that don’t make sense anymore. Even old tropes like traveling salesmen or selling encyclopedias door to door. Woody Allen has a joke about the actors union health plan where he says “it’s a very funny plan because they force you to go to the hospital for certain tests. It’s compulsory. Like the Columbia Records Album Club. They sent me, every month, a list of operations and I have to pick out 6 for the year that I want and they remove, as a bonus, an internal organ of my choosing and when the whole thing is over I get a Bach record.”
          There is film of him opening a stand up routine with that joke to a college audience and they are laughing so hard they can’t breathe. I think you would be hard pressed to find 1-20 college students today that would get it and 1-100 that would find it funny.

        4. Humor rolls with the times, so in fairness I wouldn’t expect anyone under 30 to know who Woody Allen was or what he was referring too (let alone Bach).
          The little TV I watch I ocassionally try to watch a few minutes of todays programming while channel surfing (always end up going to youTube or DVD) and find it to be either dull or crass. Locker room jokes are now main stream and when a woman tells them, they are simply not funny no matter how hard the producers try to make her the lead character.

  12. This is an exercise of wrathful bitch mentality with the shitsters and power brokers. Bitches fight nasty. They slap, they poison and kill you in your sleep. Look for a lot of bodies of journalists and DNC pegs and cogs to be found in trunks and boating accidents. Kayaks will clear the shelves at Dick’s Sporting Goods stores in Chacago, Beverly Hills, Dade Co, Cape Cod, anywhere there are fat cat DNC dregs.

  13. The media is race bating. In 2015, african americans committed 50% of US murders and 70% of US robberies.
    Even at that, more white people died from police brutality than african americans. But they never make the news.
    If the news reported every time an african american killed one of his own brothers for a pair of shoes, we’d need a dedicated 24 hour news network.

    1. While you’re totally correct, this is all common knowledge to everyone. I’m not disparaging you at all, but time and time again, these facts don’t matter to them. I listened to a black man call into a talk radio show yesterday and argue nonstop with the host about these exact same stats. The black guy just could not concede the fact that he was wrong even when presented with the statistics. Facts and logic don’t work with liberals. Never have. Never will.

    2. I knew the fix was in when in 2015 the FBI said they would stop reporting crimes stats correlating to race.

    3. Fun fact: The numbers we have for black crimes are also highly unreported. Since the Dindu Tribes refuse to cooperate with the police, many crimes are simply unknown. (Talking to da po-po be snitchin cause dey rayciss, and snitchin can get you killed.)
      There are vast amounts of black-on-black crime that we simply don’t know about because it isn’t reported, or no one killed is actually missed.
      It’s also the reason blacks are so low on the list of child sex offenders. White people find offenses against children to be so heinous families will break themselves apart to turn in their own sons on just the rumor of inappropriate behavior. Blacks simply don’t report it because it’s considered “normal” among the savage species.
      For example, among the Dindu Tribes it’s considered rayciss for dem white folk to arrest blacks for gang-banging an 11 year old, cause she be a ho. Praize da Kangs we’ve got men like Quanell X to be fightin’ gains dem rayciss cracka-ass crackas!

  14. I come to this blog daily, and enjoy most of the articles, but the comments are amazing to me. What in the hell is Alpha about being a racist? How does that make you a man? A lot of the comment are beta thoughts coming from weak ass men. I’m just saying a lot of you commenting may want to step your game up instead of crying like little gossiping bitches at a tea party.

    1. its natural to be racist. but weve been brainwashed to think its the #1 crime you can commit in 2016.

      1. I have traveled the world pretty extensively and the one constant is racism. In most countries they display it proudly. For example, they are quite straightforward in Thailand that Thailand is for Thais only and if you aren’t Thai you ain’t shit. The same can be said for Asia as a whole. Each nationality has utter contempt for any other nationality/race and treats them accordingly. The politicians openly state this and follow policies along those lines and get praised by the populous. Note, no Asian country is taking in middle eastern refugees even if they are coreligionists.

        1. mm i wouldnt say asia despises other races, but its certainly a different feel than in the US. lets just say they’re not counting how many colors in the crayon box there are for quota and self-righteousness sake.

    2. I was with you until the tea party crack- early on, there were black, hispanic, and asian men in attendance, but then white sheet types appeared, almost as if by magic, and then it was labeled a racist movement, and all those minority males started to disappear…

      1. Yep. If one buys the “tea party are racists” line, then one is either profoundly ignorant, or a Leftist.

        1. Waldo, what mental midget activity are you about to impart on this comment thread?
          you should quit while you’re only slightly behind.

      1. It is a term invented by Trotsky during the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Pure propaganda. The reality is more along the lines of in group bias; which is perfectly natural and acceptable.

    3. Instead of sneering “dats rayciiiiss!” how about trying to refute the things you see wrong in the comments section with facts?

    4. I havent seen anything racist. The real definition of racist is ethnic hatred.
      Quoting stats and stereotyping, well, if thats racist… then lets just walk down this dark alley full of baggy pants-wearing men in Detroit to prove we’re not racist.

    5. “I come to this blog daily, and enjoy most of the articles,”
      Funny…don’t think I’ve ever seen you comment before. Sounds like you’re in-group trolling. Hey guys, I’m one of you! Really!
      “but the comments are amazing to me.”
      “What in the hell is Alpha about being a racist? How does that make you a man?”
      I believe that’s called a non sequitur. Try again.
      “A lot of the comment are beta thoughts coming from weak ass men.”
      Ad hominem. Also, which comments? To quote a teal deer I know (TL DR): Citation needed.
      “I’m just saying a lot of you commenting may want to step your game up instead of crying like little gossiping bitches at a tea party.”
      Vague, snarky statement that doesn’t really conclude anything. Perhaps you should take your own advice?

        1. Yeah, it was irrelevant to his larger point, as well as being irrelevant to being “alpha”. A cad bad boy can in fact be clearly racist and get poon, hell it’s almost like being an avant guard punk rocker in this day and age.

      1. Hell you wanna try me to see if ‘m trolling, then pick an article we can discuss it. I’ve been coming here for well over a yeah. Haven’t commented because I feel most of the comments are from weak individuals.

        1. Read my comment again, skippy. I said it SOUNDS like you’re trolling because this is the first comment I’ve seen from you. We’ve seen many trolls come here saying they’re long time readers so you’ll forgive the skepticism.

    6. But how can I be racist? There is only one race, the human race.
      I just hate niggers, and nigger has nothing to do with skin color. It has to do with being a nigger.

    7. Most of the comments yesterday on Facebook and YouTube were worse than these. I am afraid the “blacks are holy/whites are evil” narrative of the far left (one that’s been actively pushed in the media and academia for thirty years) is being exposed.
      I don’t think that demonizing whites (aka, business as usual) is good for race relations either. It actually just makes things worse.

    1. After he wins, if this happens again, he should immediately dispatch an elite team trained for the specific purpose of shooting every single one of these savage thugs.

  15. Just gift-wrapping that state for Trump. Keep protesting, I’m loving it like McDonald’s.

    1. Maybe enough of this will make their hand-wringing SJW “Republican” governor grow a spine…

      1. Haley will already get a plurality of R votes, simply for having the R next to her name. She’ll siphon off split-women votes for being a woman, and she’ll siphon off leftists who vote on lines of frivolity.
        A Leftish woman running as a Republican is genius, honestly.

        1. I agree about Nimrata “Nikki” Haley, failed governor of South Carolina.
          Patrick “Pat” McCrory, governor of North Carolina, is the loser I’m hoping will reform from his spineless SJW ways.
          He’s already made himself lower than whale waste in order to appease them as, after NC’s bathroom law had weathered the storm, he whined that he wanted to have it repealed to appease the SJWs but his eeeeevil fellow Republicans in the Legislature stymied him.
          Maybe if enough SJWs step on him when he’s kowtowing to them then he’ll rise up? A faint hope, but it’s something of a curse to be an optimist.

  16. It is troubeling that nights of violence/looting are now expected anytime there’s a police shooting regardless of the facts. Obama doesn’t even have to stir up the mob anymore, they know what to do.

    1. Good thing we have Hillary now to continue in Obama’s legacy of immediately siding with gun-toting felons and attacking police officers because white people bein all rayciss n sheeit.

  17. This is an exercise of wrathful bitch mentality with the shitsters and power brokers. Collectively, the ruling elites and controllers act like one BIG WRATHFUL BITCH. Bitches fight nasty. They slap, they poison and kill you in your sleep. Look for a lot of bodies of journalists and DNC pegs and cogs to be found in trunks and boating accidents. Kayaks will clear the shelves at Dick’s Sporting Goods stores in Chacago, Beverly Hills, Dade Co, Cape Cod, anywhere there are fat cat DNC dregs.

    1. (((They))) know they’re going to be introduced to the inside of an oven when the people finally wake up. (((They))) are doing everything they can to make sure there is a civil war that they can hide behind, to keep those rifles pointed at far more immediate threats while (((they))) cash out all their shekels and use the distraction to flee to a new territory to feed off of.

  18. When blacks loot stores, they generally don’t bother to steal books and CD’s of country-western music.

    1. To be fair, modern country-western is crap, so I can’t blame them.

        1. I was actually just interested in cutting down Pop In The Key Of A, which is modern country music. The days of Willie Nelson, Hank Williams Sr., Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash are long, long gone. It’s all commercial corporate in the key of A now.

  19. It turns out those white Southerners who enacted and enforced Jim Crow laws knew their business after all; they had to contain and control the blacks in their midst from the need for pure self-protection and surivival. White people need to rediscover th life-affirming, protective powers of old-style Southern “racism.”

    1. We were going to send them back before the Yanks decided to burn the South and let them run feral. Even back then a handful of Jews decided to destroy the country just so they could secure the profits of their northern industries.

      1. You are so clearly, obviously a lame SJW pretending to be a ‘white supremacist’ stereotype, its literally (Hitler) painful. You’re not even trolling, you are just flaunting your own douchebaggery.

      2. Just FYI, northerners wanted to repatriate the blacks.
        Abe Lincoln would’ve done so, had he survived. Ulysses S. Grant planned to buy the DR and repatriate the blacks there.

  20. This kind of thing is just foolishness. It’s a bunch of people getting worked up about a false narrative started on social media, if it’s on the Internet it has to be true right? Looting and vandalism isn’t protesting, it’s acting the fool. The guy got out of his car with a handgun while the cops were yelling at him to put it down, he got shot…duh. He want carrying around a book. It was only acouple of hours after it happened when the “protests” started. If the cops really messed up, protests would be warranted but, this started before anyone had time to have any idea what happened and evidently some don’t care what happened it’s just an excuse to act a fool. If you come home from protesting carrying a new flat screen that you didn’t pay for, you weren’t protesting.

    1. Of course they don’t care. Do you think BLM actually cares about the guy who was shot? They just want an excuse to start shit up.

    2. I Think the reasoning is “if Kim Kardashian is a real celebrity than BLM is a real cause”

    3. I don’t agree with the idea that violence can never be part of a legitimate protest, but you have to examine what the violence is, and towards whom it is directed.
      Here, these people are burning, breaking and looting private shit, and attacking civilians who have nothing to do with whatever it is that the police have or have not done. That’s how you know this isn’t legitimate and ought to be crushed mercilessly. If these people really thought the police were the problem, the only people they would be attacking would be the police, and then I would be more inclined to give them some leeway.

      1. As messed up as that is I somewhat agree.
        Protesting by looting and vandalizing someone else’s personal property, that had nothing whatsoever to do with the situation certainly isn’t the way to win over the other side, it only makes them resent the protesters.
        However the whole pretense of this is based on lies and misinformation. The narrative of BLM is that the victim was just carrying a book, it’s simply a successful attempt to rile people up. Nothing will be solved by this and more than likely will only make a bad situation worse.

  21. Assume that what BLM says is true:
    – The vast majority of white people are hate-filled racists that don’t care if black people get gunned down by cops.
    – The American government is systemically racist and doesn’t care about dead black people.
    – American police forces are evil armies of white supremacists that actively seek out and enjoy killing black people every chance they get, and they never get punished for it.
    If you assume all of those things, then riddle me this: why the hell aren’t the Charlotte police marching down the center of the street blowing away every single black ‘protestor’ in Charlotte?
    Why didn’t the cops in Dallas just open up and start mowing people down after their brothers were shot down right in front of them? Why did the cops in Baton Rouge bother with their ‘strong-arm’ tactics of ‘bullying’ and ‘falsely arresting’ the BLM protestors would they could have just shot them all in the head and gotten away with it?
    If what BLM says is true, the cops would enjoy it, the government would let them get away with it, and the white people wouldn’t care.
    Clearly, destroying private property, terrorizing people, assaulting people, etc., is giving them plenty of excuses to just start blasting. I mean, if a cop can really shoot an unarmed black ‘gentle giant’ with his hands in the air and get away with it, surely he can unload on a fire masked rioters setting cars on fire.

    1. Very good. If white Americans were as “rayciss” as we’re accused of being, there would literally (Hitler) be no blacks left alive in America. Listening to BLM talk though, it’s like it’s open season on blacks who are just sitting around getting ready for college. Such a foolish, simple minded narrative.

      1. Exactly. I keep hearing about “systemic and violent racism”
        They realize that if this were literally (((hitler))) true that American demographics would look like Montana demographics like tomorrow right?

        1. Where are all the ‘white supremacist’ domestic terrorists that the FBI has been warning us about?
          Every time there is a bombing, the SJWs say ‘wait, it could be a white supremacist not Islam!’ Because there are so many white supremacist terrorism groups out there doing all this evil domestic terrorism…
          How come none of those guys ever show up at a BLM riot?

        2. most of them are useless faggots who couldn’t find their own balls with both hands. But they are home talking about how they will do something about it on the internet, so that’s something.

        3. no it wouldn’t. white moderates are your majority. there aren’t enough on either side for an authentic ‘race war’

        4. Right. There isn’t a systematic racism intent on violence against blacks. It doesn’t exist.

        5. allow me to give you my point of view on systemic racism.
          boiled down to its root, black people (and all people, really) just want to be judged equally for their fuck ups.
          No one is perfect, everyone fucks up from time to time. If you fuck up big, you should be punished big. To pull a couple of names that are recently in the news, Brock Turner (Stanford rapist) got 6 months jail time, and served 3 months for an OBVIOUS sexual assault. Nate Parker (director/producer of the upcoming “Birth of a Nation”) was tried and acquitted of rape. Even if your thinking is that he beat a charge on shaky grounds, his paperwork says “not guilty.”
          In a world where everyone’s fuck ups are treated equally, wouldn’t Nate Parker have his narrative come and go in one news cycle? In that same world, would Brock Turner not be serving multiple years for red-handed sexual assault?
          I’ve never asked anything other than a fair shot, and by most accounts my hard work has definitely paid off. But when it comes to fucking up, I guarantee you I won’t be treated the same as my white counterparts. In order for me to be seen as equal, I have to work harder than them (and I do). In order to excel, I have to work harder than them WHILE ALSO making sure I don’t offend any of them or hurt their feelings.
          That’s my view of systemic racism. Give me the chance, at work, in life, anywhere else – to have my fuck ups graded on an even scale as my white counterparts.
          EDIT: before you go calling me a BLM/SJW/Hillary supporter, I’m none of those things. Conscientious black folk (my favorite kind) aren’t on that same bullshit. We’re not expecting reparations, handouts, etc. Just a chance to be judged equally, which is clearly not the case in America.

        6. Or, you might get the same or better treatment than a white guy in the same boat but because you have no frame of reference you may think that you’re getting worse. Each time this assumption is made, it causes confirmation bias, and embeds your sense of victimhood even further. Maybe this is the case, maybe it isn’t, but I don’t see competent black men taking it tougher on the chin when they fuck up than white men. If anything they’re given a lot more slack due to “affirmative action” and lawsuits.

        7. 1. Affirmative Action has benefited white women more than anyone else in the country.
          2. I’d like to believe I have a fabulous frame of reference for “white” issues. I grew up a middle class military brat, then joined myself as an officer. I’m very familiar with ‘white’ circles. Some of them handily forgot that just because we share rank and work experience, doesn’t mean we share social views and life experience. Their tongues have gotten loose around me because they see me as “different” than the “average” black man, and true thoughts and intentions have been muttered in my presence.
          This isn’t something I’m making up or pulling out of thin air. These are things I’ve experienced my whole life. I suppose my reaction to this was not to internalize victimhood, but to allow people, no matter what race, to prove their level of jackassery to me before I write them off.

        8. Turner accused of sexual assault for findering a drunk girl at a sorority. The fact that this made the school newspaper, let alone that we know his name, is an abomination. I do not know the details of Nate Parkers case but like you say, it says not guilty and so I will go with that until shown otherwise.
          So on one hand you have a white kid who diddled a drunk bitch at a college party (fingering girls being the point of college parties) who has had his life irrevocably changed, who went to prison for absolute bullshit and will struggle the rest of his life to get a job. On the other hand you have a soon to be Hollywood darling who was accused of a crime and is blowing it off. If Nate Parker were white and wrote his Birth of a Nation to be a pro klan film like the original one was he would be rode out of town on a rail.
          In my experience, “a fair shot” is not what people are looking for. Being treated equally is not what I see. What I see is a demand to be treated with special privilege. You want to talk about a fair shot? Ok. Let’s have all hiring quotas totally abolished in the fire departments and police departments, in the paramedics, in every single field. Absolutely no race quotas. While at it, let us remove all race quotas from universities. We set up a standard and everyone competes without regard to race. Oh, and government jobs. No more race based hiring there. Everything gets objective standard. You either meet the credentials or you don’t. After that we can start talking about disallowing people to use perceived racism to leverage their employers. And don’t tell me it doesn’t happen. I have seen it happen and I have seen it frequently.
          Further, while we are banning race based quotas from jobs as well as from universities, how about we also enforce strict guidelines and standards in classes starting from the primary level and going all the way through graduate school. Right now, in the modern university, it can be considered racist to even point out improper use of the English language on the part of students who are ESL but also black students. Grammar has become racist. Fucking grammar. And while we are here lets throw away the asinine concept that blacks can’t be racist because “reasons” and “privilege.” Oh, and another thing, lets stop earmarking government money for minority scholarships. Let’s set objective standards for those scholarships and leave them open to all students.
          Hey, also, how about we start looking at both white pride and black pride in equal ways while we are being “fair” Pick one. Positive or negative. I will even let you chose then we can either decide we like racial pride or think it is stupid across the board.
          Are you ready to give back all of the entitlements that a guilty white populous has heaped onto a black culture which has done nothing but soak up what has been handed to them while simultaneously complaining that it isn’t enough while calling the people handing it to them racists? Do you really want to even the playing field totally? I am fine with that.
          You see, the problem is that no one is screaming for fairness. They are saying “everything has been so unfair to me now I want it to be extra fair to me and unfair to the other guy to even it out.” But guess what. Life isn’t fucking fair. It isn’t fair to blacks or whites or fags or Asians or Europeans or jews or Catholics. It isn’t fair to people from the islands. It isn’t fair to the fucking eskimos. Life is and has never been fair. The difference between people (and I mean on an individual and not a racial level) is some of them suck up the unfairness of life and make something for themselves and some people bitch and moan about it. Me? I don’t care about race or religion. I care about people and what they have done. So who are you? I know who I am. I know what unfair shit has come my way. I know where I want to be and the obstacles I have to cross to get there and I am in the process of doing it. Do I have it easier than some? Sure. Do I have it a fuck ton harder than some? Yes. In the end that doesn’t matter.
          So before you tell me that everyone just want’s things to be fair remember the following: 1) No they don’t. That is just what they say while waiting for other people to hand them shit 2) Even if they did, fair isn’t how the fucking world works. You want fair? Kill yourself. All corpses are equal. 3) Even if we could make the world fair for everyone, which we can’t, that isn’t what is being demanded here. So that whole “we are just looking for a fair shake” is just another way of asking for more gimmedats to me.
          And so I will not accuse you of being a “BLM/SJW/Hillary supporter” and I will take you at your word that you are just a conciencious black person trying to make your way in the world. From our prior conversations I take it that you are bright and that you are open to reason and I have nothing against you as a person, much less as a black. Just keep a thought as to just what “fair” would mean though. If the ingrained cuckold guilt mentality of white America didn’t make it nearly impossible for any well meaning black to fall through the cracks. But also remember that life has never been fair for anyone and stop blaming skin color. I am trying to live a life in a world that has been given to me…the good and the bad….and I don’t need you burning those crosses on my lawn

        9. Sorry to hear that but such is life. Your forefathers rejected the wisdom of black leaders like Booker T. Washington and decided to follow instead the folly of Dubois, Jesse Jackson and his ilk, therefore your generation is suffering the consequences… You have to understand that success does not always arrive in the first generation. The concept of trans-generational success has been lost for most today (regardless of race) however your community needs it more than ever. I am not saying unfair discrimination is ok, but for good or ill is natural. You will have to strive to integrate yourself into American mainstream society if you are not already (abandon ebonics is the first step if you haven’t done so) and your children and grandchildren will be the ones that will thank you for that.
          Are whites racist? Well yes…just like everyone else in the planet, but we are the only ones that have adjusted their legal codes in order to rein a bit in our tribal instincts and are willing to give you a chance provided you prove your worth. And even in this screwed up society most of the time the hard work pays off.
          And no, I am not condoning “racism” however you define it.

        10. Jesus Christ. after reading that novel, there were a whole lot of arguments not addressed to my original comment. As for the items that do address my comment:
          Turner was caught running from behind a dumpster from an unconscious girl he fingered, not at a party. Evidence found that he fingered her while she was unconscious and in public. The sexual assault didn’t make the news; his lenient sentencing made the news, which brought light to the whole case.
          Given that you are now more familiar with Turner’s case, please justify the judgement of a 6 month sentence, reduced to 3 months?
          Also, I believe you missed my ENTIRE argument. You talk about handouts, quotas, governments earmarking minority scholarships. I’ll say it again: do you think those scholarships are going to black people en masse? WHITE WOMEN ARE THE BIGGEST BENEFACTORS OF GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS, in almost every case. Welfare, EBT, scholarships, etc.
          You ask do I want to even the playing field totally. YES. that was the crux of my argument. Do I believe, that for the most part, no matter your race, working hard will get you where you want to be. THAT’S NOT WHAT I’M ARGUING. I’m arguing that if I fuck up, I stand a great chance of not being treated with the same leniency as a white.
          You put words in my mouth. Your statement:
          “So before you tell me that everyone just want’s things to be fair remember the following: 1) No they don’t. That is just what they say while waiting for other people to hand them shit 2) Even if they did, fair isn’t how the fucking world works.”
          Did I say everyone wants things to be fair? And if so, where? Fair in all things isn’t how the fucking world works, sure. But fair punishment is the EASIEST measure that could be enacted for equality.
          Finally, please tell me how asking for similar punishment is asking for a handout?
          Lastly, you say:
          “Just keep a thought as to just what “fair” would mean though. If the ingrained cuckold guilt mentality of white America didn’t make it nearly impossible for any well meaning black to fall through the cracks.”
          I could be reading that wrong, but it seems like you’re asking me to be satisfied with the fact that I’m alive. No, that’s unacceptable. That shouldn’t be enough for anyone with any kind of ambition.

        11. Whoa, there. Don’t preach. You might think you’re talking to your run-of-the-mill black man. I assure you, you’re not. Many commenters here have already heard this, but I don’t plan on ever “assimilating” socially.
          I have assimilated professionally, and I do well for myself. Socially? I choose to surround myself with like-minded minorities and select whites. I leave my vernacular (the fact that you called it “ebonics” is embarrassingly dated) with my friends and conduct myself professionally at work. But enough about me.
          If you’ll indulge me, please justify to me Brock Turner’s sentencing? Since you don’t condone racism, please justify using logic/law/The Constitution, etc.

        12. “Turner was caught running from behind a dumpster from an unconscious girl he fingered, not at a party. Evidence found that he fingered her while she was unconscious and in public. The sexual assault didn’t make the news; his lenient sentencing made the news, which brought light to the whole case.”
          Fingering drunk girls is, after getting a degree, the point of college. It has been criminalized by SJWs. It shouldn’t have been a 6 month or a 3 month sentence. He should have been balled out by an RA and it should have been done with.
          Also, I believe you missed my ENTIRE argument. You talk about handouts, quotas, governments earmarking minority scholarships. I’ll say it again: do you think those scholarships are going to black people en masse? WHITE WOMEN ARE THE BIGGEST BENEFACTORS OF GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS, in almost every case. Welfare, EBT, scholarships, etc.
          I won’t argue that women IN GENERAL are huge benefactors of government handouts and I think that should stop too. Where is my hand out? I don’t qualify because I am white with light brown hair and blue eyes? Then no one else qualifies either. Either that, or compete with me for it on fair and even grounds
          “I’ve never asked anything other than a fair shot” –You
          You want things to be fair. An even field playing ground. But are you looking at the reality of what a “fair shot” would mean if the white guilt were removed or are you just saying you want your odds to be better than they currently are because other people have better odds than you? If that is the case then I can say, by the same rational, that I just want a shot that is even with someone who was born the scion to a wealthy family. You have the shot you have. We all have that. Some people have a better shot. Some people have a worse shot. That’s life. If you have a worse shot it means you should work harder not that you should complain that its unfair.
          “I could be reading that wrong, but it seems like you’re asking me to be satisfied with the fact that I’m alive. No, that’s unacceptable.”
          No. I am not saying this at all and never would. Satisfaction with basic life isn’t for anyone of any color. If it seems that I said this please let me clarify. You have been dealt cards. They are better than some and worse than others. Now play your cards. You can beat a better pocket hand in poker with good play and a little luck. The better the luck, the less the good play you need. The better the play, the less the luck you need. I am not suggesting that you look at your cards, smile and go home being thankful for the chance to sit at the table. I am saying, look at your cards, understand your strengths and weaknesses, understand who is sitting stronger than you and who is sitting weaker than you and be as strong a player as you need to be in order to obtain the desired outcome. Wishing you had a pocket flush won’t do you any good. Demanding you get to pick an extra card so that you have a more even chance with someone who has been dealt a better hand is absurd. You have some obstacles? Me too. Now get to overcoming them. The path to overcoming obstacles doesn’t begin with complaining that there are obstacles there. That is what being an old codger is for. So you can tell young kids how hard you had it. For what it is worth, you are obviously educated. You obviously have an internet connection and a computer, you live in the western world (I am guessing the US) and you aren’t fucking stupid which, to my thinking, despite the color of your skin means you are already ahead in the game and, most likely, close to the top 30% of everyone in the world without reference to skin tone. What’s the old joke? It’s like a man with a ham under each arm complaining he has no bread for sandwiches.

        13. she was unconscious, and it was in public. in a fair system, he would have gotten a harsher sentence for public indecency alone.

        14. You just mainstream media’d my quote. the WHOLE quote is:
          “I’ve never asked anything other than a fair shot, and by most accounts my hard work has definitely paid off. But when it comes to fucking up, I guarantee you I won’t be treated the same as my white counterparts.”
          When I was speaking of a fair shot, it was in relationship to my fuck ups being treated the same. not getting a “fair shot” by taking more from someone else.

        15. I disagree on this. If she didn’t want to be fingered she wouldn’t have been drunk and out like that. You know who didn’t get fingered behind a dumpster? The Chinese girl who spends the whole day studying in a library and doesn’t drink. I have no sympathy for drunk college girls who get diddled by drunk college boys. They know what they are doing.

        16. I leave my vernacular (the fact that you called it “ebonics” is embarrassingly dated) with my friends and conduct myself professionally at work.

          How is the term ebonics outdated?
          I can’t opine on Mr. Turner’s sentence since I don’t know the case. My point was about trans-generational success.

        17. If you have had a legitimate railroading by the law I am sorry. Have you been arrested for a crime you didn’t commit? Or have you been black listed from your profession for some minor infraction? Then I sympathize.

        18. For your last paragraph, I’ll stay with the poker analogy.
          What you’re hearing me argue is: “I wish I had better cards in my hand than all the other players so I can guarantee a win in every hand.”
          What I’m arguing is: “I’m going to win some hands, I’m going to lose some hands. That’s the way shit goes. But it’s not cool that If I lose a hand, I don’t get to play the river card on my next hand while everyone else does.”
          I’m not arguing that everything should be fair across the board. I’m arguing that at the very least, punishment should be fair, no matter what your skin color.

        19. You always get to play the river card. Sometimes it just sucks. As for punishment: in what way has it been particularly unfair against blacks? Back to your example of the college kid who did three months for fingering some drunk ho versus the film maker. The film maker isn’t suffering worse than the college kid. The college kid had to go to prison. Has a bullshit charge that will follow him through life. The film maker got a little bad press and a little good press. That’s his business. If he wanted to be an accountant it would never come up. Having everything in your life under a spotlight is something that you go through if you are in that business. As for punishment. I looked it up. It looks like he was charged with a crime in 1999. He availed himself of the legal system as was his right to do and exonerated of that crime in 2001. Yeah it sucks for the shit he had to go through while being charged of the crime but that isn’t about being black. That is about being male. It is not different, and was far less public, than the incredibly privileged duke lacrosse team. So I still fail to see how punishment isn’t fair? I mean, there will be times when shit goes wrong. That’s life. But systemic racism where black people are getting the shaft? Sounds like bs to me.

        20. I understood your point, it was misdirected though. I am the product of trans-generational success – no need to tell me how it works.

        21. and the term “ebonics” is relegated to the early/mid nineties white explanation of how black people talked among each other. Once whites started hearing more of what they called “ebonics” in pop culture, they needed to define it.

        22. “you always get to play the river card.”
          You’re just not hearing me. I’m willing to let this one go.

        23. either you were responding to the wrong comment, or you had an autistic fit at the keyboard and responded to whatever post your cursor landed on. either way, your keyboard heroics are amusing. it’s the kind of shit i ask people walking past my computer to come look and giggle at.

        24. I think this is the first time I have really seen you snap hard. Brilliant in so many ways… well done!!!

    2. We call it “nigger logic” for a reason.
      The systematic racism comes later, once so many people are fed up by the actions of the Democrat’s violent pets that the majority is begging for the Day of the Rope.
      Until then, I will continue to enjoy cucks be beaten by the very groups of savages they pander to. Hope those Hillary votes are worth it.

    1. Haha!!! It’s cause the Storm Cucks haven’t arrived. Give it time. Once the National Guard comes up and Obama makes a speech they’ll be right in here with their monkey scrawl and white power banter.

      1. Yeah, agreed. Right now we can have peaceful discussions and understand that ultimately we’re all on the same side. Stormer (nd black power) invasions kind of make discussion impossible.

      2. It never ceases to amaze me how they are able to not see how they are just another offshoot of whatever faggy slime creates BLM and SJWs in general

    2. that comment was won by the guy (Waldemar?) who said “how much nuffin did a dindu do if a dindu dindu nuffin” like 3 weeks ago. Can’t be topped.

    1. Those runs are great fun, if you’ve never done one, I highly recommend them. My son can fly through one.
      The man makes a hell of a lot of sense. Lots of us train our kids early and often, and we adhere as close as possible to one shot one kill. I can drop ten rounds into a hole the size of a fifty cent piece at 15 yards rapid fire iron sights. My son can off hand shoot a quarter sized grouping of 10 rounds from a bolt action at 100 yards. So yeah.

        1. This is Flyover Country America. We do this shit all the time. The machine gun truck thing is similar to the Thunder Mountain event. Good fun there too. The father with the little girl in pink could be me and my daughter when she was 7.

        2. If you’re serious, and it’s going to be soon (not this year I understand, but sooner than “some day”), drop me a line. You’re welcome in my neighborhood, and I’d love to show you around our rifle/pistol range, trap areas and full auto ranges. With enough notice I can find any nearby tactical runs to give you some experience with those as well.
          Plus, hey, I have a Tommygun. What’s not to love about shooting a piece of badass history?

        3. This is my trip to the range this last Saturday. It was filled with clean cut Millenial boys, all on the younger “conservative” side of their generation (not the older “leftist” side). He’s firing a Tommygun. He is not me nor my son, just a guy at the range.

        4. Well that wasn’t nice. Heh.
          Toll booth? We have like one toll road I know of, up north in Ohio. Central Ohio, no such thing exists.

        5. Tell you what, I’m very much honoured by your invitation, and you made it to the first spot in my list of places and people to visit. Just before my trip in Siberia. Right now, I’m not sure what my future will be like, but as soon as I’m able to go on vacations, I’ll drop you an email.

      1. Indeed. And it’s illegal to shoot clips out of season too. The prices for clip licenses and tags is getting crazy.

      2. Pretty sure he said they were using ‘namanition’ instead of ammunition. Not sure if namanition is better or worse, but it does appear to be rare.

  22. But, similar events occur in Hispanic communities in Florida and California too, namely the police shoot dead armed suspects. Yes, of course the cops get it wrong sometimes, but, the point is that this large ethnic community do not go out rioting on the streets. Why is this? Maybe, because the majority of Hispanics know exactly that most of these people shoot dead are criminals and that they rightful will not go out en-mass to riot in the name of those who were nothing more than criminals in the first place.
    I’m not saying this is the case with every black that’s shot dead by the cops, but, if the black communities were honest they’d know that in many cases those shoot dead were criminals who lived and died by the sword and both they and elements in the local police forces, and indeed national politicians should accept this fact in many cases.

    1. Fair.
      Now in the cases where an unarmed black suspect is shot, seemingly without cause, how should black folk show their disapproval of a police officer taking the entire law into their own hands?

      1. The family of the deceased can file a wrongful death suit in court, like other people do. And they do work.
        Of all of the high profile things BLM is protesting against one of them is a solid case of a cop acting a fool, and maybe there’s one or two more, but the majority of the high profile shootings, the black guy in question was doing really, really fucking stupid things.

        1. though a win in a wrongful death lawsuit is a positive step, the root of the reasoning is to have that cop tried as a criminal, which is almost never the case. Money is fine, but seeing a crooked cop brought to justice would heal me much more thoroughly.

        2. Dude, I’m totally on board with getting cops out of the business of killing on a dime, and I want them demilitarized as well. They should be no better armed than me, period, full stop. If BLM was only about stopping police abuse I’d be directly on board with it. Unfortunately it’s set up as a race thing, and that component is being pushed above all others. When I say “all lives matter” I do it knowing, FOR A FACT, that whites are gunned down by cops just as much if not more than blacks.
          Ideally I think the best course of action to go via a legal route would be to gather support for eliminating qualified immunity for cops in regards to wrongful death. That means you don’t just sue them, but they also lose the “I was just doing my job” defense and can be brought up on criminal charges.
          If you want a template on how to do that, study the gun-carry movement from the mid 1990’s forward and emulate their tactics.

        3. Agreed.
          For the record, we (conscientious black folk) know what the real push of BLM is. Most of us are NOT on board.

        4. Cops are a menace to liberty everywhere.
          >> Zimbabwe ‘cops’ >>

          It would be amazing for the Zimbabwean cab driver lying on the ground to win any sort of award in a Zimbabwean court for bodily damages incurred.

          Only in America can you look in the yellow pages and find a hawk trial attorney. The system is getting worse, much worse with regards to police force being used to break the nuclear family and segregate fathers from their offspring. In the west, the nanny state engages in armed aggravated extortion, kidnapping and terror on men and the traditional family structure.
          Government by definition is ‘force of power’. Government is raw hard force. Police enforce the agenda of the state.

        5. I’ve got a simple proposal that, if implemented, would clear up a lot of the “was the cop in the right” shit we see on these incidents: officers are not allowed to fire their weapons unless fired upon first; if they fire first, they will be immediately fired and charged with a crime.
          If I could live with those ROE in Iraq dealing with armed insurgents, our heroes in blue should have no problem living with it here while dealing with the citizens they “serve and protect.”

        6. Idiotic Dubya/0bama ROE shouldn’t be replicated here in the USA.
          SCOTUS has established that the police are not called to “serve and protect” the citizens.

        7. as a vet who had to learn ROE with the threat of Leavenworth if violated, I’d be all for this measurement.

        8. -Walter Scott being shot by Officer Slager while running away (though Slager was convicted)
          -Tamir Rice being shot on a playground
          -Charles Kinsey (Florida caregiver, shot while lying on the ground with his hands up)
          -Eric Garner (choked to death because the offending cop probably watches MMA and didn’t know the difference between a blood choke and a wind choke)

        9. I’ll need to educate myself on, or remember, Kinsey and Scott.
          Tamir Rice died because he was waving around a matte black pistol (later to be determined an Airsoft pistol) and drew it on the cops when they showed up. That’s on his parents.
          Eric Garner died because he was resisting arrest, and was morbidly obese. It was an accident more than anything.

        10. Some crazy insanity. A lot of people died because of those BS ROEs. It’d be absolute open season beyond anything we’ve seen if we instituted that in the US.

        11. 7:13 is when Tamir Rice is shot. Where did he draw his toy gun on the cops? And yes, he was waving around a matte black pistol, like plenty of children did when they’re playing in a park like I used to do. He wasn’t threatening anyone, he was playing with himself. Deputy Dawg rolls up hot and shoots Tamir Rice before the car is stopped.

        12. Eric Garner was morbidly obese and was resisting arrest. The cop threw his forearm against Garner’s throat (wind choke – WRONG) and Garner died due to asphyxiation. It is still a willful, wrongful death. At least if he had tasered Garner and he died due to that, there would be some kind of manufacturer’s suit he could lean on.
          But, boiled down to the essential facts, the cop choked Garner to death, either on purpose or accidentally. Either way, Officer Pantaleo (the offender) should have had to plead his case in court, because someone died at his hands.

        13. and I chose these examples, from many, because these all have easy to find video clips that will show you the events leading up to the shots being fired, and you can determine for yourself how much a fool these cops were acting.

        14. This one is only a couple days old. Officer Stockley chased a drug dealer down after a blown undercover bust. He and his partner were told not to pursue, and they ended up doing 80 through residential areas. They catch up with and shoot the suspect after being told not to pursue, then Stockley takes his personal pistol out of the squad car, lays it on the suspect, and starts to collaborate a story about how the suspect pulled the gun on him.
          DNA evidence found that not only was Officer Stockley’s DNA all over the gun, but there was no trace of the suspect ever having even touched the gun.

        15. Scott, Garner & Rice don’t measure up as those incidents were ones in which the police were justified.
          Slager was railroaded, a “political prisoner” indeed. Hit with his own stun weapon and then locked in solitary confinement to rot by his alleged comrades in law enforcement (who also bumbled the analysis of exculpatory evidence from the crime scene).

        16. Scott got Slager with his own stun weapon in a protracted scuffle and then took off running, and so Slager shot him down.
          Then Slager was railroaded and left in a modern version of an oubliette for months on end.
          Out of all the cops who shot down thugs, he has gotten the worst treatment. He wasn’t even allowed to be bailed out for months, and bail was ultimately only granted because the state ludicrously postponed his trial until 10/31/16, and to the tune of $500,000.

        17. What happened to slager after he murdered someone is beside the point. No one cares.
          Justify Scott, Garner, and Rice. Serious discussion. Take race out of it, and defend those killings using the letter of the law.
          EDIT: Scott wasn’t killed, he was shot while laying on the ground, hands up. Justify it.

        18. No, it’s not beside the point. It helps shore up the point as his gross mistreatment and lack of a trial corroborates his innocence.
          If he actually were guilty, there’d be no need to effectively deny him a trial, bungle the processing of exculpatory evidence and keep him unconstitutionally squirreled away in jail for months as they could just give him a rushed trial and throw the book at him.
          He’s innocent, but he can’t just be let go, thus this legal farce.

        19. He’s not innocent. he shot someone in the back as they ran away, denying their right to a fair trial as an American for crimes they committed. Why should he feel entitled to recieve a trial?

        20. “Why should he feel entitled to recieve a trial?”
          Should a black feel entitled to a fair trial or should we just get a rope? A fair trial is one of the guarntees a citizen has. You are heading for a slippery slope deaming yourself judege, jury and executioner.

        21. So you can’t legally justify the shooting, then? Thought so.

        22. You believe your in position to arbitrarily dismiss a persons civil rights?
          As you have already judged him as guilty why bother anwering that.
          Rest assured, that thought never crossed my mind. Have a nice Weekend.

        23. No, he put himself in that position when he dismissed someone’s civil rights on camera.
          Nice strawman though. You still haven’t legally justified the shooting.

        24. You are cluttering your statements. Everyone is entitled to due process despite how you feel. The review and evidence will reveal that and prosecution will go forward to trial.

        25. Correct, everyone is entitled to due process under the law. Two individuals did not receive that. Walter Scott, and Officer Slager.
          I’ll ask, yet again. Justify the shooting of Walter Scott under letter of the law.

        26. “You still haven’t legally justified the shooting.”
          I never sought to justify anything. I took umbrage to your dismissing the need for a fair trial and have pointed it out.
          That strawman you mentioned was last seen wearing your sweater and driving your car.

        27. You can’t fire when you’re dead
          Lethal threat or immenent one equals dead perp. Im fine with that as is.
          You And yours were enforcing illegal and faulty UN violations to steal Iraqis oil for Israel to pump to Haifa, and had different roe for good reason. We don’t have the luxury here to call for air support, bomb wedding party’s or special forces in da hood

        28. Your comment makes no sense. If I could have just called an air strike, I would have be able to shoot someone.
          The ROE we had were implemented because we could not tell which Iraqis were armed civilians just trying to protect their shit from looters, and which were insurgents positioning to attack us. So we had to wait and see before returning fire. And besides, in case you haven’t noticed, cops are heavily armed themselves, wear body armor, and can also call for plenty of backup, including armored vehicles, air support, SWAT Teams, and as seen recently in Dallas, explosives laden robots to kill suspects, so they’re far from helpless.
          “Dead perp” is fine, except when its not a “dead perp” and is instead an
          innocent citizen who falls victim to some trigger happy pussy hiding
          behind a badge and immunity.
          Cops are supposed to “serve and protect” a populace that has a constitutional right to bear arms. Given that, they should have absolutely the same restrictive rules that I had in Iraq.
          If cops want to play hero, have the balls to be one. The job is to protect citizens. If someone ends up not going home, the preference should always be good citizen > cop > bad guy. Which means the cop necessarily has to refrain from shooting first to make sure he doesn’t kill good citizens. If cops don’t want to run that risk, find another job.

        29. none of them fought back. and even if they were fighting back, that’s what a tazer and club is for, not your pistol.
          I will bet money you take meds for autism.

        30. that’s great. you still don’t have a logical answer in between your spoon-biting though.

      2. But, we could ask the exact same question when an unarmed Hispanic man is shot too, surely?
        In either case, but, it doesn’t happen in Hispanic communities, the answer doesn’t lie in going out and thrashing the local neighborhood, does it? If you think any communities disapproval should be demonstrated in this manner, well then I think we’ll agree to disagree on this point.
        Rogue, bigoted or badly trained cops should be prosecuted through the Courts, it’s not up to entire communities to make up their minds to seek “justice and immediate retribution” through street hooliganism. This solves nada, and in fact plays into the whole mantra of the self fulfilling prophecy that blacks are all victims and that they’ll turn to street rioting which they see as a “legitimate” way to “protest” when these events occur. It’s not doing the black community any favors and yes there are bad elements in the police forces, but, the black community just can’t keep on and on blaming everything on the “white system” because quite frankly you’re using this as an excuse to cover up systematic issues that have blighted the black communities internally for decades.

        1. “You’re.” No, not me. I’m not using anything as an excuse.
          Now, what would be the correct response if a rogue, bigoted, badly trained cop does not get prosecuted? More to the point, not only is there not a prosecution, there’s a paid vacation?

    2. Maybe the Hispanics are savvy enough to see the opportunities the open for them when a criminal element gets whacked by the cops?
      One drug dealer gets killed, for example, and his customer base is up for grabs.
      …I’m not so sure that the “hispanic community” exists per se, the GOP was-and still is-convinced that it did and that delusion cost ’em.

  23. Can anyone give a logical reason why having a large black population in the United States benefits anyone who is not black? Rap and professional sports are not good answers.

  24. Once again I see that the so called “alpha” police and military doing nothing to stop the rioting. Why is that? Why are the cops so eager to bust people smoking pot but run with their collective tails between their legs when people actually fight back???

    1. Because they’re restrained by the mayors and governors who want to “give the demonstrators room to have their voices heard” where “voices heard” = riot, arson, murder and destroy property.

      1. But they’re getting paid to protect the people of this republic. Right? They took an oath to protect freedom. Protect the constitution. Right? Right? Why aren’t they immediately rebelling against their superiors? Why aren’t they disposing of those who are destroying whatever is left of American “freedom”.

        1. They’re not allowed to disobey orders. If you’re wanting them to go full rebel militia, then you’re not really calling on them to be police officers.

        2. I can’t wait until Trump starts firing them. Everyone has seen Trump in action firing people. That’s another reason the gatekeepers fear Trump becoming a big boss.

        3. In the 2015 Baltimore riot, the cops let themselves get the crap beaten out of them by savages who bashed them with rocks and cement chunks.
          For whatever reason, today’s cops won’t even disobey ridiculous orders even when following the orders results in them getting beaten to a pulp.
          If they won’t stand up for themselves, it’s pie-in-the-sky to expect them to stand up for the Constitution.

    2. They are just standing there supervising the looting and rioting. Unbelievable how far things have gone downhill in such a short time. Looting and rioting are apparently not included in the “maintaining order” directive anymore. Its time to return to shooting these people in the act. That will deter the smarter ones and thin out the animals real quick.

      1. The cops learned well from all those Gentle Giant incidents, they will pick their jobs and give no shit to neither Dindu nor street order. What a collapsing time we are in

  25. Why are they burning tires!? -Signals to miltia lets them know we are coming
    Black Hawk Down.
    3rd world poop hole. Also they do the same things in Modern American cities.
    Welcome to globalism ignorant americans

    1. Burning tires creates shitloads of smoke. One burning tire can smoke up an entire neighborhood and make it appear to world news helicopter cameras above that the whole city is at war. It is ‘smokescreening’ and is intentionally done for this purpose. Tire smoke is choking thick, black and heavy like Oprah Winfrey. This whole ‘riot’ can be broken down and deconstructed into parts, the smokescreening, the media spin and a handful of individuals, some powerful and others street scrappers and instigators who dart around and start shit and then hand off to other players who spin shit. Not a whole lot of people are actually leading and driving this. There are a lot of spectators and do nothings in the crowds. If the top 50 or so genuine drivers, provocateurs and black op gov individuals involved were to be identified, located, reeled in, thrown into a garbage truck hopper and smashed, then the garbage truck would still have 90% available space left in the truck to pick up the remaining loads of curb recycle bins for the route. What I’m saying is only a handful of people are actually steering the unrest.

  26. I was watching a video clip of these “riots” when they first started happening. Looked like a bunch of crisis actors to me. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, all of this is stage-managed. The end goal is to bring federal police into U.S. cities on a permanent basis, eventually followed by U.N. troops who will ultimately take their place. You’ll see them popping up in shopping malls, movie theaters, and schools first (check, already seeing local police in schools). The next part of the plan involves these police shootings (meaning, policemen being shot, and police shooting black people), which are real in some cases, and totally fictional in others (if the media says it happened, the average viewer won’t question it). The end goal is jackboots on every street corner. Now when it happens, well…let’s just put it this way. It’s going to happen. It’s already happening. And these “riots” are just another part of the script…

    1. I’m somewhat surprised that 0bama took this long to get around to implementing that “civilian national security force” that he promised, and that he’s seemingly going about it the “easy way” by moving to nationalize the police.
      I thought he’d expand Dubya’s DHS. Good thing I didn’t bet…

      1. If I’m not mistaken, isn’t the Department of Justice already doing the “adminstration” of several large metro police forces?

    2. Is the enemy smoking kratom or what? Do they really believe they can bring down ‘ROME’ with a bunch of snickerdoodle staged events? Do they think we’re conditioned like poultry to cackle for a nanny state to protect us from events they keep repeatedly staging? What do they think we are, STOOPID or something? The provocateurs and Alinskyites are all grown up and adult now, many tenured and infesting government, academia, media and municipal governments and they are getting pretty tiresome. I can’t wait for Trump to take a shop vac to the roaches and fleas on the coat of America. I can’t wait to sit down to my dinner and witness on the news when the train of ‘firings’ begins.

    3. Bullcrap
      Negros have rioted for well over a century, most times little reason is necessary.
      In the case of Detroit, an illegal black bar was closed down. No alcohol permit, many code violations. Negros literally burned Detoilet down in the 60s. Then Watts, LA, Cleveland,Cincinnati, Ferguson St. Louis, Milwaukee, Baltimore et al
      Think Haiti, South Africa, Congo, Liberia.
      Blacks are destroyers

  27. Soros my ass. Dindus want to chimp, rape and murder without any consequences or accountability and will fabricate any reason to do it.

  28. Man you’ve gotta love diversity.. This story ran in the German press and just under the usual rubbish about accepting refugees and how concerning it is that there is rioting in east-German towns. Why can’t people put 2 and 2 together and stop feeling guilty about their privilege all the time..

  29. Protests are fine however, when the looting ,vandalism, blocking highways etc starts is when CS gas, rubber buckshot and firehoses should be the order of the day.

  30. my take . – big liberal police forces. 3-5x more FTE per 10k residents thanback in the 1980’s. More cops = more people in jail. More mistakes by “scared” women and gunslingers in the force….
    ,,,I do say 1 thing – cops are pretty good shots much for the warning shots; go for the head right away…..
    ….As far as rioters– if you are a business owner.. By a friggn big gun and take no prisoners. In a riot, its easy to say everyone had a gun and threatened my life. I know I would bag a couple of those punk bastards.

  31. Domestic terrorists? I’m not trembled a single bit, the more they chimp, the more der volks wake up, good for our ‘Cause’

  32. I use to love coming here and reading up on game and how to better your life as person and as man. To comeback and see all the ignorance in the comments. what a crying shame

      1. I’m real about race as I’m a colored man. It’s not to be drowned it all the time. I think I’m a successful man regardless of race but it’s annoying to see everything turned colored people are inferior to non-colored people. It’s retarded

        1. Really?
          Is Africa or Haiti in any way superior to Europe, Australia, Canada or the USA?
          Could race be the factor?

        2. lol, yea. So you picked the worst countries vs the best ones. Last time I checked, a lot of East Europe isn’t doing so well. Yugoslavia, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary aren’t doing so well

        3. No
          Africa is the dark continent. It embodies all that negros create. Or the Caribbean or Haiti, take your pick.
          Eastern Europe is being mobilized for war and is post joo Marxism communist but there is still clean water, paved roads, production, the arts, culture, civilization, intact families and safe streets.

        4. So you make excuses for your own and simply say that other places simply aren’t as great becasue they are black. Pretty weak argument. The Ivory Coast is doing pretty good. Zimbabwe, S.Africa, Botswana as well. but ok

  33. I mean I get that blacks are upset that police killed one of their own, but looting nearby stores isn’t going to help your cause at all. In fact, it’s only going to backfire.

      1. I think there are other ways to protest. Attacking innocent bystanders, shops and burning their own city is not.
        If they are so mad at the police, they should storm into the police department if they have the guts.

        1. Not all of it is positive, or course. And storming into a police station definitely won’t change anything.

        2. I don’t recommend anyone to storm into police station.
          I’m just stating that the black mobs should redirect their anger to real issues (their own failures) not to innocent shop keepers.

        3. I agree with tending to one’s own issues. But there is still a stark difference between citizen on citizen crime, and state on citizen crime. An argument I see regularly is about black-on-black crime. Is that a serious issue in the black community? Of course it is, and on many fronts, it is being addressed by certain circles. However, that still does not excuse egregious police activity.
          Another argument I hear from white folk is “white people get killed more than black people by police,” and I have to wonder, if it is truly the case that more unarmed white people are killed by police, why does that not have YOU up in arms? If you remove race from the argument, it adds up to a lot of unarmed American citizens getting gunned down by state officials. But #BlueLivesMatter, right?
          I’m not arguing for better treatment of black people by the police here. I’m arguing for the police to have some sort of accountability for their actions. If we are to treat the police as “above” the average citizen as protectors/public servants, they should be held to even higher disciplinary standards when shit goes wrong.

        4. I can agree with your statement. Yes unfortunately there are a lot of police brutality across the nation and there are number of cops who get away with slap on the wrist by the court and justice system. The issue is more complicated than it is though. This is really an individual case by case scenario.

        5. There are literally millions and millions of police and citizen encounters annually.
          Approximately 1000 result in shootings and death and the large majority of those are with a perp in commission of a felony

        1. Think what you want, mayonnaise. Protests don’t get shit done if it’s “by the rules.”

  34. The “rioters” are professional thugs brought in from various places. Announce that everybody is to stay home and open up full auto on those that continue to riot. Make the survivors pick up the bodies and then put them in a detention work camp for 5 years.

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