French Writer Reveals That Army Is Planning To Recapture Muslim No-Go Zones

Earlier this month, French writer Eric Zemmour released his new book titled “A Useless Five Year Term” dedicated to the failures of the Hollande administration.

During an interview on the French radio station RTL, host Yves Calvi and Eric Zemmour focus on this particular quote from the book (skip the video to 6:34):

But the high command of the French army knows that one day will come when it will have to recapture those areas that have become foreign on our own soil. The plan is already laid out. It is called “Operation Bramble”. It was developed in partnership with experts of the Israeli army.

He refers to the methods that the Israeli army used to recapture the zones of the Gaza strip that escaped to the control of the Hebrew state. The French army is supposedly plotting the retaking by force of Muslim “No Go Zones” that are scattered all around our large cities.

He declares that he obtained this tip from a high-ranking source in the French military staff.

Who is Eric Zemmour?


A conservative writer, historian and essayist, Eric was born to moderate Jewish parents, evacuated back to France during the Algerian War. He considers himself a perfect example of the French model of integration, despite being a Jew born in Algeria,

The most interesting part of Zemmour’s analysis is that he knows well those zones as he grew up in one of them before they became Muslim ghettos.

He made a name for himself for the swings he took at the multiculturalist agenda and the incompatibility of the Muslim culture with the values of the French Republic. It is not the first time that Zemmour finds himself under the spotlights.

He is seen in France as a “political enemy #1” as he is a scholar, a patriot and a nationalist that is not afraid to expose the love of the French elites for multiculturalism. He is often attacked verbally and physically by the leftist hordes and Good Think “celebrities” that pollute the majority of French TV studios and radio stations.


Zemmour pissing off Communist and Open Borders enthusiast Jean-Luc Mélenchon

He is also a fervent adversary of the modern feminist narrative, criticised the feminisation of our society but also the elite’s efforts to change our language to fit the principles of political correctness.

A public Trump supporter, Zemmour was one of the only journalists that publicly exposed Soros’ world influence on French television, while the national media voluntarily ignored it.

Proof that he hits where it hurts, the large record of fines and penalties imposed to him by French courts for stating what he thinks. The CRAN (Representative Council of Black Communities) or the CCIF (Committee Against Islamophobia in France), both heavily financed by George Soros, were usually the ones filing the lawsuits.

One of the only aspects that saved Zemmour from total destruction by the state law and media is the fact that he is a Jew and is then situated quite high on the scale of people protected by political correctness.

Operation Bramble, a new Battle of Algiers?


Suspect being interrogated by French parachutists during the Battle of Algiers

Zemmour compares Operation Bramble to the “Battle of Algiers,” an episode of the Algerian War of Independence (1954-1962), where elite regiments of the French army were hunting down the rebel leaders responsible for terrorists attacks aimed at French administrative buildings and places frequented by French civilians.

This whole operation was a turning point of the war, with the French army struggling to drive their invisible enemy out of the countless tortuous streets and busy urban environment of Algiers’ hills.

I strongly advise you to read Quintus’ excellent article about the Algerian conflict or watch the eponymous film, a true masterpiece, to understand more about the context of this troubled period.

The concept of Operation Bramble


Different memos were released by the government and the army headquarters after the Muslim terrorist attack in Nice, aiming at creating a greater number of reservists soldiers (an additional 15,000 to the already existing ones), composed by volunteers who would be member of a new “National Guard.”

This contingent would join forces with regular soldiers and the Gendarmerie, participate in new military maneuvers such as counter-attacks in urban environment in case of “tension or civil unrest,” or directly intervene while being “backed by air support.” Even more interesting, those memos specify that these operations could take place on the “national territory.”


It seems that this operation has already been in the books for quite a while. In the town of Roubaix in 1992, the 8th Infantry Regiment lead a full scale military simulation entitled “Recapture of Roubaix if taken hostage by Islamic militias.”

Let’s remind that Roubaix is one of these French areas that are now almost entirely populated by Muslims and is one of the most prolific djihadi hotbeds of the nation. You can read more here about the “Gang de Roubaix,” this group of “Islamo-bank robbers,” who learnt the trade while fighting in Bosnia.

The fictional town of Jéoffrécourt, used by the military to train in urban warfare

The fictional town of Jéoffrécourt, one of the areas of the CENZUB, used by the military to train in urban warfare

Another element should be added in this theory. In 2006, the CENZUB (Training Centre For Urban Operations) was created for 400 million Euros, and specifically prepares soldiers to neutralise “insurgents” in an urban environment, modeled on an actual French town, with its cafés, warehouses, housing estates and residential buildings.

Is this operation realistic?


It seems highly unlikely. They could only intervene in case of massive scale civil unrest, similar to the one of 2005, that paralyzed the state for many days. The institutions also remained motionless after all the terrorist attacks that occurred on French soil those last few years.

There would be many civilian casualties as the terrorists or targets would hide among the population, in the housing estates that they know like the back of their hand.

The cost of this type of operation would be astronomical. For the total number of Muslim “No Go Zones,” multiplied by the number of regular and reserve soldiers needed, billions would need to be unlocked.

The French army is also known for its timeworn equipment. Having personally used it, some of our tools and weapons were relics from the 1960s. Operation Bramble would have to wait a complete refurbishment of our operational resources before being even remotely possible.

Is this plan another Trojan Horse?


Immediately after Zemmour’s book was released, leftist Huffington Post lead the charge by calling Zemmour a conspiracy theorist and backing their argument by asserting that they also called a high-ranking official that denied the existence of Operation Bramble.


“Hi, this is the Huff Post. Any public declarations on your secret military plan? What? It does not exist? So we thought, thanks! Case closed, take that, Zemmour!

But in all seriousness, why would the French state intervene now, after so many years of deliberate inaction? Why would they get rid of their useful idiots, that keep the citizens divided and suspicious of one another?

The creation of those new positions in the French reserve army seems to be taken too little and too late. Many, like Roosh and I, suspect it to be a bait to attract patriots and establish a database of all of them for future prosecution.

The creation of this force could be used against the nationalist forces that might threaten the hegemony of the French leftist government in the case of an uprising after yet another large scale Muslim attack.

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  1. Was this article satire? Or are we expected to somehow rally around this neo con idea of taking these areas away from the Islamists and giving them to them to the Isrealis and globalists?

    1. Kicking invaders out of your ethnic homeland is a neocon thing now, is it?

        1. I suspect I won’t get a response from him. Just a guess.

        2. Why would I not reply? are you aware of something in my schedule that would preclude a reply?
          And removing them is not the issue. Being led in the removal efforts by Israeli’s and then making that area another globalist, driven centre where consumerism and decadence thrive most certainly is a neo con strategy.
          If the French are to really begin to remove to the PC shackles which has led to the current socialist, multicultural mess they are in, then the WILL to do so must come from within. It must be led by the French to the benefit of the French.

        3. It doesn’t matter how it’s done, just get the Muslim hordes out.

        4. Incorrecto. In the long run it matters greatly. Put it like this.
          If there is a guest in your house who has overstayed his welcome and is now making advances on your wife, are you going to allow the sketchy neighbour across the street to come and man up in front of your wife or should you handle your own business? and what will your wife and children think of you if you sit meekly on the couch while this goes down?
          The will and execution to this task matters greatly. When Europe was great it led, it was not led by others.

        5. So the French Army training to evict Muslim invaders is inviting the scummy neighbor over to do it. Ok….sure.

        6. GoJ, does it seem that this thread has been hijacked by stormfront types? The Islamophilia is quite astounding.

      1. Good point. But who the hell was the group that created that group of softheaded men in my country in the first place?
        I want those vicious descendants of that stupid Abraham out of mye country, no matter which of two the women he put his dick into.

        1. Why don’t you get your head of your ass for ten minutes and actually acknowledge that your people aren’t perfect?
          A hopeless task, I know…

        2. You want me to acknowledge that Portuguese arent perfect? Done.
          Now go and apologise for the pain and suffering people like you are bringing to the world.

        3. Not Jewish. Your stupidity continues to mount.
          I know that no matter what I say you’re going to continue to believe your bullshit. I’d expect nothing less from an individual who uses baby Hitler as his profile picture and frequents 1488 sites.

        4. Hey Skippy. Check out my post about you days ago where I stated to another poster you are not Jewish so show me where I stated you were Jewish? What you are is a non White who has chosen to agitate European patriots over and over again very similarly to other non White agitating groups such as BLM..
          And if you think calling me an evil Nazi is somehow going to frighten me, you are unaware of what the new reality is kid. If you phuckers are gonna categorise all of us as Nazi’s just for being White and proud then phuck it, Nazis we will be.

        5. What do you care what’s going on bucko? Last I checked, Portugal is still 96% Portuguese.
          Sorry facts “agitate European patriots,” but facts kind of tend to have a habit of not conforming to what we want to believe.

        6. “Why do your people always agitate?”
          Considering the track record of your comments, sounds pretty clear to me who you were referring to.

        7. A good question. From my own experience with the older generation, the only reason I can find is that they were a down to earth honest people who did not even imagine the possibility of a corrupt government, media, education system, you name it.
          Interestingly, 200 years ago our constitution specifically stated that jews were not allowed into our country. Somewhere in between we became gullible.
          I trust we are waking up to an understanding of our constitution again.

    2. ‘Jews’ that bring money, or Muzzys that bring crime and poverty. Gee, that’s a hard one…

    3. Is your post satire? The French reclaiming their cities is a Jewish plot? Hmmm, people on the Alt-Right usually believe that the mud people invasion was a plot by (((them))) to destroy the West. So which is it?

      1. When the towers fell on 9-11–and Americans were burning and jumping to their deaths–a group of Mossad agents posing as “art students” posted up in New Jersey and filmed the horror while laughing, dancing, hugging, lighting lighters and taking selfies with the ravaged Trade Center in the background. Police were alerted, and when the cops pulled over the “art student’s” white van, the first thing the jubilant driver said was, “We are not your problem. The Palestinians are your problem. Our problems ARE THE SAME.”

        1. You need to change your name to cucked beta if you haven’t seen the interview of the Mossad on Israeli tv saying they were there to document the event.

        2. Those were Muslims, you jihadi apologist. Fuck Arabs and fuck Islam. All Semites belong in the middle east, not in the USA and not in Europe. My guess is that you’re an Muslim…come clean now, Mohammed.

        3. And I’ll tell you why….we are already Israel’s bitch. I don’t care which brand of Semite is fucking us…they both are. The sooner we are rid of both strains, the better.

        4. OK, I get it Mohammed. The Nazi’s were in bed with the Muslims so that explains a lot. Anti-War is just a Pro-Islam/Palestinian site. Both Arabs and Jews are Semites…both seek ascendancy over us. That fact that you prefer one Semite over the other is laughable.

        5. You are clearly a hasbara troll–and a depressingly inept one at that. The videos attached show that what I’ve said is true–it’s backed up by police reports, government statements, photographs, and even some admissions by the Mossad agents themselves. Nazis/Muslims were not involved. Only Israelis.

        6. OK, are you saying that Israeli’s executed 9/11? Or are you saying that Israeli’s celebrated 9/11?

        7. OK, a quick read of the Anti-War article does not implicate Israeli’s in the 9/11 attack. It says that that may have had intelligence of the event before it happened. So What? Semites gonna Semite….the ones that flew the fucking planes into the towers were fucking Arab Muslims. Did you read the article that you p[provided a link to? They were dancing because they knew that the idiot in charge at the time would over react and take down some of Israel’s enemies. Somehow that’s worse than the act istself? I don’t love the goddamned Israeli’s, I hate them. But it seems you love the Arabs, so I’ll take your Taquiyya with a grain of salt.

        8. Did you not read my first post–the one you initially responded to. It’s right there for you, in case you missed it.

        9. I feel a little bit ashamed about actually arguing with a rambling, semi-literate retard like you, but the back and forth might generate some interest among other commenters here, which is great. So, thanks for your idiotic blathering, and thanks for acknowledging that a group of Israeli Mossad agents danced, hugged, high-fived, lit lighters like they were at a heavy metal concert, and took selfies with the crumbling towers in the background on 9-11. While Americans were burning and jumping to their deaths, they filmed it and celebrated. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that they had foreknowledge of these attacks.
          Among the many fallacies you build your non-arguments on, you say that I love Muslims. Since you can’t address the facts that I have presented, you want to throw a red herring out there–who is worse, Muslims or Israelis? I don’t think either of them are bad or good as a group, but I think the entire, shitty situation that America is in right now stems from the fact that Israelis/Zionists essentially control America’s foreign policy. As outraged as you get over terrorist attacks against America, it doesn’t seem to bother you that these attacks occur in large part because of the fact that the politicians that run America get down on their knees and serve a tiny foreign power. As a result, America has become Israel’s bitch. That is textbook treason, and your unwillingness to address the causal effect of this is tantamount to treason.

        10. Wow, you just came to the conclusion the Israel has an extraordinary influence of US foreign policy? Stop the presses! I don’t disagree with you on that, I just find it curious that you think the dancing of Mossad agents to be on par with the attack itself. I don’t really care if the attack is blow back from our pro-Israel foreign policy, I care that they (Muslims) killed a bunch of our citizens. You making excuses for them is the treason here pal, but I don’t expect you to understand that because “muh joos”. Here is a historical analogy for you…the Brits had a pretty good idea that the Japs were going to attack Pearl Harbor. They did kind of warn us in a half-assed manner, just like our intelligence warned us of the potential attack on 9/11. Churchill was ecstatic when Japan forced us into the war, because he knew that we would help them against their enemies. The Israeli’s obviously felt the same way as evidenced by the very article you provided…”Our problem is now your problem” to paraphrase. Yet somehow, you give the the Muslims a pass, and want to pin this on Israel. Logic is not your strong suit, my friend, and I doubt anyone on this site would find any further enlightenment from your post.
          Israel became our “ally” (of convenience) during the Cold War, when all the Arab nations were basically Soviet client states. I would be happy to let the Israeli’s stand on there own. In fact, I would be happy to arm both sides on a cash and carry basis so they could go about slaughtering each other.
          So, we agree on the over-representation of the Jews in our foreign policy (and also, I would add Academia and Media). So what are we to do? Fire up the ovens?

        11. Pretty astonishing how much nonsense you can cram into one response:
          “Wow, you just came to the conclusion the Israel has an extraordinary influence of US foreign policy?”
          Uh… no… I’ve been keenly aware of this fact for decades, though “extraordinary influence” is a horrible understatement.
          “Stop the presses! I don’t disagree with you on that, I just find it curious that you think the dancing of Mossad agents to be on par with the attack itself.”
          Who are you talking to, asshole? When was this ever the argument?
          “I don’t really care if the attack is blow back from our pro-Israel foreign policy,”
          Then you’re a hopeless fucking cretin.
          “I care that they (Muslims) killed a bunch of our citizens. You making excuses for them is the treason here pal, but I don’t expect you to understand that because “muh joos”.”
          False. The Zionist stranglehold on America has dragged us into wars that do not serve out interests. That is treason That is not “making excuses for” Muslims. It’s stating a fact.
          “Here is a historical analogy for you…the Brits had a pretty good idea that the Japs were going to attack Pearl Harbor.”
          So did the American leadership. Pearl Harbor was bait. FDR wanted into a war that the American people wanted no part of and who elected him because they believed he would keep our country out of war.
          “They did kind of warn us in a half-assed manner, just like our intelligence warned us of the potential attack on 9/11. Churchill was ecstatic when Japan forced us into the war, because he knew that we would help them against their enemies.”
          What’s more, Churchill wanted U.S. ships to get torpedoed by Nazi subs. He wanted Americans to die, so they would join WW II, and he got his wish. America should never have entered W.W. II and Churchill was a pig.

          “The Israeli’s obviously felt the same way as evidenced by the very article you provided…”Our problem is now your problem” to paraphrase. Yet somehow, you give the the Muslims a pass, and want to pin this on Israel.”
          I want to put focus on the incredibly destructive nature of our relationship with Israel–a country that is NOT our ally by any stretch of the imagination, and which can only be seen as perhaps our worst enemy.
          “Logic is not your strong suit, my friend, and I doubt anyone on this site would find any further enlightenment from your post.”
          Actually, I was going to suggest that you take a Logic 101 class. I don’t think I’ve seen such an abundance of fallacies and lack of focus as you have spewed out here today.
          “Israel became our “ally” (of convenience) during the Cold War, when all the Arab nations were basically Soviet client states.”
          Bull. Fucking. Shit. You motherfucking lying cunt. Our disgusting “alliance” with Israel was the result of Zionist pressures on American politicians, you ignorant fuck, and it pushed many Arab states into the arms of the Soviets. You know absolutely nothing, but you still want to have an opinion.
          ” I would be happy to let the Israeli’s stand on there own. In fact, I would be happy to arm both sides on a cash and carry basis so they could go about slaughtering each other.”
          A typo here and there is one thing, but it’s Israelis, not Israeli’s. Your position is asinine. We did, in fact, arm the Iranians and Iraqis in a war against each other–on behalf of Israel–and it did not help us one bit. It only hurt us.
          “So, we agree on the over-representation of the Jews in our foreign policy (and also, I would add Academia and Media). So what are we to do? Fire up the ovens?”
          Keep your fantasies to yourself. I made irrefutable points about some Zionists and you went into a tantrum that anger wasn’t being exclusively focused on Muslims. You’re either a fucking hasbara, or a very useful idiot.

        12. Dude…Just want you to know I am following along here, mouth fucking agape.
          Hasbara ALL OVER these comment threads. Lying, gaslighting pieces of shit.
          The entire so called “alt right” is chock full of lying controlled opposition.

        13. Yeah, for sure, and, unfortunately, also people who are reveling in the opportunity to speak openly about their hatred of Islam, and think any discussion of the broader problem is tantamount to cultural Marxism.

        14. lol, you are the funniest sort of zealot. In essence we are on the same side, but since I am not filled with your level of zeal, you resort to stupid ad hominems. You give the cause a bad name, like most zealots do. You sound like a right wing SJW. Sad and pathetic.

        15. Go back and see how this started, idiot. I mentioned the dancing Israelis and you threw a tantrum about it. You’re a coward.

        16. You called me a “conspiracy theorist” for writing the truth. I always wondered what a “cuck” was. Now I know–it’s you,

        17. Anyone can read your initial comments, you blathering retard. You called me a conspiracy theorist and accused me of being Muslim because you were ignorant of the facts. You humiliated yourself, and nothing you write will change that fact.

        18. Well, you do seem to have a soft spot for Moozies. I read one of your other comments whining about the “open hatred of Islam” on this board in one of your posts….only a goatfucker apologist would say something like that. If you’re not Muslim, mea culpa!
          No one gets humiliated on anonymous boards unless they take themselves too seriously, which I do not. And I take you even less seriously. Your insults were funny, though sophomoric and predictable. You display the zealotry that only a new convert can. My guess is that you stumbled onto stormfront and found the answers to all of life’s mysteries. So now you want to “enlighten” the world with your new found, previously occulted information. Good luck with that. I have no love for (((them))). You, however, seem to be blind to the Muslim problem and are unwilling to confront the threat they present, even if they are only the unwitting dupes of the tribe. You see one enemy, I see two. Have a good night.

        19. I pointed out that Israeli Mossad agents laughed, danced, hugged, high-fived, lit lighters like they were at a rock concert, and took selfies with the towers crumbling in the background–while Americans burned and jumped to their deaths. You immediately called me a conspiracy theorist and accused me of being a Muslim because you simply could not stand the truth. In your total stupidity, you brought up Churchill–as if to say, “Hey, fucking over your allies is just what countries do.” Yes, Churchill’s successful conspiracy to lure American ships with civilian passengers into nautical war zones resulted in innocent American men, women and children drowning to death, and it helped drag us into a war we never should have entered. Churchill was an unforgivable pig, but even that situation was not identical–Israel’s existence is entirely dependent on the billions and billions and billions of hard working Americans’ tax dollars that our whore politicians ship to their Zionist masters. You brought up Pearl Harbor, which America’s leading naval and political figures of the time went on the record saying was deliberate bait for the Japanese to attack us while we provoked them and initiated an act of war against them. FDR wanted into WW II, in large part because of his Jewish inner-circle. In “A Clean Break”, the Neocon Zionist blueprint for the nightmare of perpetual wars we have been waging in the Middle East on Israel’s behalf (and to our great detriment) the lack of a “Pearl Harbor-style surprise attack” on America that could be used to get the public on board for these proxy wars was lamented. Well, they got what they wanted. And they cheered and laughed. And told police the greatest lie of all–that Israel’s problems and America’s problems were the same.
          You’re a child.

        20. Every country will use chicanery, tricks, misdirections and outright lies to further their agenda, even with allies. Doubly so if you’re in the position Britain was in 1940 or Israel is in every day. That’s my whole point. If you don’t realize this, you are the child, my friend.

        21. Israel is in a category of chicanery and tricks all its own. Even Churchill didn’t have the balls to torpedo one of our ships himself, and machine gun its surviving crewmen in an attempt to cover up the crime, as Israel did to the U.S.S. Liberty. Their plan was to blame it on Egypt, so we would nuke them. They also sent a crew of Mossad agents into Israel dressed as Arabs. These fake Arabs planted bombs in U.S. buildings. Their intention was to blow up U.S. buildings and make it look like Egyptian terrorists did it, so we would go to war with Egypt. Today, the members of that debacle (“The Lavon Affair”) are officially celebrated as heroes in Israel, even as they demand more and more tens of billions of our tax dollars. Yet you seem oddly placid and fatalistic about the fact that Israel has made your country its little bitch. Indeed, you are now openly playing the role of apologist for Israel. Very, very odd.
          In your latest response, you point out that it is commonplace for countries to cook up false flag conspiracies against one of its “allies”. Yet your immediate response to my mention of the Dancing Israelis was that I was a conspiracy theorist. You went further and declared that it was absurd to think Israel had any connection to the 9-11 attacks, even as you were bringing up Churchill and Pearl Harbor. You are a very, very confused man. Either that, or you aren’t confused at all, Mr. Hasbara.

        22. Yeah, I know about The Liberty, it’s the primary reason I’m no fan of the Israelis. Anyway, got nothing against you man, I think that you’re on the right track for the most part. Hvae a good one.

  2. Or possibly to be useful idiots in an event for additional foot soldiers after some “crisis.” See the race riots in the U.S.

    1. You know what’s funny? Black kid idiot shot here in Columbus, Ohio. Moron robbed a place, then fled with a very, very realistic looking BB gun “pistol” that, to me, was identical to the real thing. He stops, draws it on the cops, and is (rightfully) shot dead. Happy ending to the story, yay. But then, guess what? No race riots. The news is trying their best to stir up race riots and it’s not happening. Why? We’re a highly pro-gun state with upward of half a million armed citizens carrying. Guess how far a race riot goes when a whole mess of the population is packing? It goes 0.0 meters, in that, it never even gets started.
      Listening to the people on the street yesterday (as I was) people were doing a “You want that shit? Bring it on, we’ll take you out” regarding rioters.

      1. They’d be better off keeping their mouths shut. Ohio looks like a dog-fight. They’re gonna hand it to Trump on a platter if riots start breaking out.

        1. Fine by me. He’s already leading in the polls here, if polls are to be believed I mean.

        2. Yep. No reasonable person would look at that, in the heat of the moment when the kid just robbed a joint, and think “Aw, it’s junior, out playing with his Red Rider BB Gun With The Compass In The Stock”.
          Kid had it coming. Fuck him, and fuck his parent(s).

        3. Apparently the BB gun was, or was modeled after, a Sig Sauer 1911 with an attached laser sight which the kid pulled on the cops.

        4. You can believe these, especially if the Comintern News orgs in the MSM are reporting it. Just add 5-10% to Trump and it would probably be more accurate. They have been inflating Clinton’s numbers to demoralize Trump supporters.

        5. Hopefully Kasich joining the ranks of “neverTrump” doesn’t mean anything, and the polls will be high enough to avoid the (highly suspected) voter fraud that occurred in OH in 2012.
          Kasich is decently popular in OH, apparently by virtue of being better than Strickland (a low bar to step over), but I’m hoping that he has lost his clout in the state, after all he was ashamed to even show up at the RNC held in his backyard.

        1. Believe me, we all collectively weep for a future that is now much less bright due to the tragic loss of this fine upstanding young man.

      2. I can believe it. Just the other day some senator in Mexico said that if Trump is elected, they should revoke every treaty with the U.S. and there was nothing but laughter coming out of Texas.

      3. That made Euro media. Caught part of that coming into work, but typical Euro speak…”evil police shoots poor black boy”. They didn’t say anything about him robbing a place or pointing a gun at a cop.

        1. Oh, he robbed a place (or person, not sure, maybe a person at a place), with the toy gun, that looks utterly real (it honestly does). Runs (he was with some other dindus), then draws the gun from his britches on the cops. Fatal move. I generally am not one of those pro-cop ass kissers, but in this case, the kid had what was coming to him without even the faintest hint of doubt.
          The local media is doing it’s damned best to try and stir shit, but the blacks are basically holding “candlelight vigils” and weeping into tissues, which is fine. I find the media so fucking pathetic, bunch of commies.

        2. Media who do that crap should be arrested for inciting riots. I would hold the owners and employess personally liable.
          Is old Jimmy Jackson still the police chief? That old corrupt f*ck.

        3. Me too. I knew some guys on the force back in the day and I heard a few stories about him. He was bad news.

      4. Great to see you using the metric system mr Jefferson. I would love to own pistols, but I’m very happy to live in a country where our brown people who like to copy your black people don’t have them. Even our cops don’t openly carry, although most kiwis own rifles.

  3. If it is true or false, it depends completely on France’s armies.
    It’s what I would do anyway.

    Seems legit.

  4. There would be many civilian casualties as the terrorists or targets
    would hide among the population, in the housing estates that they know
    like the back of their hand.

    I’m going to have to suggest that you can probably tell an Arab muslim from an ethnic Frenchman without too much problem with a quick visual. It’s like they’re two entirely different people, really. Strange world, right?

    1. The fun part in modern war is finding out who the enemy is and who’s a “non-combatant,” many that won’t wear uniforms. After a while you start to think like the helicopter gunner in Full Metal Jacket.

      1. The real problem is that they never should have been made to make the attempt in the first place. When you want to win a war you fight like the Mongols or the Romans or the Spartans. You don’t wring your hands over the welfare of the enemies people you destroy them deliberately. You raze their cities, you nail them to crosses, you bring them cruelty, malice, and annihilation . You demonize their culture and ethnicity on purpose.
        You make them think that any peace no matter how degrading or humiliating, no matter how unfair the terms is preferable to War with such a ferocious and implacable enemy. The great tragedy of today is that everyone else in the world knows this and remembers this except for the West. Who is hamstrung by Judeo-Christian/Enlightenment ethics (pick your poison) and actually works for the welfare of their avowed enemies.

        1. I would like to think we’ve evolved farther than those times that you’re mentioning. You type as if you were there and now missing the “Glory Days” GTFO you would die in 2.5 seconds from a common cold you dick turtle GTFO lmao

        2. Heh, you’re preaching to the choir. During maneuvers as the Iraq war was going on I caught shit from my higher ups when I asked a no bullshit question. Are we training our soldiers to fight and come home, or to not make the U.S. look bad on CNN?

        3. Enlightenment ethics and Christianity didn’t seem to matter from the inception of the U.S. through World War 2. I think it’s something else.

        4. I took an entire bag of soccer balls and burned them in the 55 gallon drum. I am not Santa Clause for little ‘gers.

        5. Well for Christianty the U.S. don’t care but the Enlightenment poison is at the very base of American thought…

        6. Right, and we fought pretty damned well and hard and ruthless until the end of WW2. That was my point.

        7. Agreed. We have obtained no moral high ground by viewing our enemies as humans just like us, feeling compassion for them even in the face of battling with them. This type of thinking baffles me.
          We’ve only fucking hamstringed ourselves. Demonizing the enemy serves a purpose. It makes you able to do what must be done. You can’t win a fight if you aren’t fully prepared to kill who you’re fighting. And you can’t kill who you’re fighting if you view them as a human being just like you, rather than a rabid dog that you have no choice but to put down.

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      2. Nothing but a liberal wet dream. Laughable. Stanley Kubrick was a great director, but a far-left douchebag.

    2. There are Arabs who don’t identify as muslim though. And there are non-Arab brown people too.

      1. I really don’t care. Honestly, I don’t at this point. Hordes of everybody are being imported into the ethnic homelands of whites. Do a clean sweep now, and sort out the exceptions later.

        1. At this point you have to concede its being done as part of a bigger plan, right? Its not “liberal lunacy”. Dumping more and more in Idaho, apparently X amount of jobs at the new Chobani yogurt plan are earmarked for refugees (Chobani is getting tax incentives to hire them).

        2. Clearly there’s more afoot than is being let on officially.

        3. seriously wtf? lol you’re sick man. Like you really need help, mental help jesus christ tf is wrong with you? I’m genuinely curious – fucking weirdo damn

        4. I just dont get it dude, we are going higher tech, more education needed, more specialization, less jobs and we keep letting more people, most of whom will never have the capacity to develop the necessary skillset, into western countries. Hell, most of the natives wont be able to do these jobs

        5. But if it had to be anyone first, can we at least take solace in the fact that the litmus test was taken at the expense of those Vichy bastards??
          Yes, yes kill ’em all and all that though..

        6. Bingo! and war is never pretty but often necessary. People die who shouldn’t have but millions more are saved. Great post White Man. 😉

        7. The globalist elite first, the browns second and the virtue signaling white leftists last. In that order – they all need to be expelled from our country

        8. Didj yoo no, there ar thomewhere around 320 deaths per year involving riflethhhh including athault riflethhh? Thith ithh a theriouthhh theriouthhh problum….. Jutht think, out of 11,000 deaths per year, 320 are by athault riflethhhh. They muthhht be banned.

    3. A strategy of ‘shoot anyone not white’ isnt well thought out.
      There are likely a lot of non white Frenchman who arent insurgents.

      1. The quote states that the muslim scourge would hide in the housing estates that they know, aka the muslim “no go zones” there. I seriously doubt that there would be indistinguishable non-muslims in those zones.

      2. And some whites who are insurgents, eu citizenship is not a human right and it would be a good time to go back and correct those mistakes as well.

      3. “There are likely a lot of non white Frenchman who arent insurgents”
        There is nothing like a non-white Frenchman.
        French is an ethnicity and will never again be an administrative nationalty for all the colored trashes of the planet

  5. Dudes, I just came up with a great idea.
    I call it the Straight Alpha Chad.
    It’s a device that works like Amazon Echo, so you ask a question and it gives you an answer.
    It is connected to a website where people can rate girls from different countries in different categories like ‘English skills’, ‘Looks’, ‘Blowjob quality’ and so on.
    The database is then used for the answers which Straight Alpha Chad gives you.
    The database with all reports and all ratings can be viewed by any visitor.
    Reports will only affect the overall average rating if the person contributed at least three reports.
    Now lets take a look at a few examples:
    User: “Chad, how fuckable is Thailand?”
    Chad: “Thailand is pussy paradise you dumbfuck. It has 8.3 stars on average.”
    User: “Chad, how fuckable is germany?”
    Chad: “Allahu akbar. Smh.”
    User: “Chad, how many stars do the United States have?”
    Chad: “Are you fucking kidding me, bro? You want a serious answer or what? The US does have 50 stars.”

  6. I can’t see this being legitimate. The elite have been letting these people in purposefully over the past several decades. If they were seriously worried about colonisation, they would have stopped them at the border. We know they are letting them in specifically to supplement, and eventually replace, the European population.
    Do they probably have a plan in place to deal with a situation in which there are large number of jihadi cells inside these ghettoes? Probably, but that’s quite a bit different. I just find it impossible to believe that the elite care enough about the European people to enact a plan that would violate minorities “human rights” in such a way.
    Honestly, this “Operation Ronce” is more likely an operation to go into FRENCH areas to get rid of NATIVE FRENCH resistance to the Islamic colonisation plan.
    C’est seulement une faux theorie pour son livre stupide.

    1. Seeing is how Europe will be constructing it’s own Army and how a special Anti-Terrorism program will be implemented, reconquering the ghettos are the Nr. 1 priority.
      The rest is just onanism.
      Read the following phrase and make sure you start to dig.
      The muslim invasion of Europe has been planned for entire decades.
      The muslim invasion is taking place with the direct logistical support and coordination of … Goble-Goble, Turkey. Ready history, Turkey fucked with Europe for a thousand years.
      The gates of Europe have been opened from the inside using russian and israeli agents, you find them.
      Truth prevails !

    2. I can see the French people uprising and taking back their land. I cannot see the French government doing so.
      The French government has been part of this neocon agenda all along. They haven’t had any change of leadership, so it would be incongruent for them to suddenly backtrack and erase all the work they’d done up to this point.
      The imported Muslims are being used as a tool. They were brought here for a reason, and indeed Islam itself was chosen to be controlled by the neocons so that they can destroy the one last patriarchal ultraconservative religion on the planet. By instigating violent factions, Islam will tear itself apart (perhaps with the help of some western first rate armies) and then the social destruction agenda can continue worldwide, unfettered.
      Moderate, everyday Muslims will turn to western liberalism and all its decadence, and the 1% of violent instigators will die fighting. That is the plan.

      1. Contrary to most folks, I actually believe that the European people rising up is an eventuality. Interestingly, it was not long ago that homeland security (U.S.) released some sort of memo that indicated “returning vets” and “Christians” as being the greatest internal threats to national security. If I were to wager a guess, I would bet on the idea that Western governments are actually more scared of native citizens revolting than they are of the Islamists. From what I’ve seen so far, especially from the French gov’t, is that terrorist attacks are just the “price we have to pay” for this great multiculturalism that will be part of our lives from now on (Hollande recently said something to that effect).

  7. “But in all seriousness, why would the French state intervene now, after so many years of deliberate inaction? Why would they get rid of their useful idiots, that keep the citizens divided and suspicious of one another?”
    Because now “France” is disappearing. They are seriously looking at living in a caliphate in few short decades.
    The only real problem with this idea is that it won’t be a civil war. If Corsicans took up arms and started shooting with the aim of a free and independent Corsica, (And if you know who Alizée is, you’d be rooting for them.) that would be a civil war. This is a jihad that they are fighting, and because they don’t fully understand the kind of fight they now find themselves in, I don’t expect France (or the Europe for the matter…) to win.

  8. “One of the only aspects that saved Zemmour from total destruction by the state law and media is the fact that he is a Jew and is then situated quite high on the scale of people protected by political correctness.”
    Which makes me take his intentions with the book with at bit of salt. He may be a controlled opposition here. You never know what they want the stir-up for. And I never EVER trust the jews.

  9. “The creation of this force could be used against the nationalist forces that might threaten the hegemony of the French leftist government in the case of an uprising after yet another large scale Muslim attack.”
    The commanders of this new force will be receiving their “order 66” in due time.
    The globalist elite in Europe deeply despise the natives.

        1. I agree. Anglicanism is the most pointless thing ever. What an unnecessary division in Christendom.

    1. Idk how they coukd be so disconnected from their own culture and heritage just because they have a boner for power. But alas, its sadly true, and such is the traitors of western nations.

  10. I think France is too far gone. I’ve met many of them, all they want to do is smoking, drinking, eating baked goodies and casually chat about trivial stuff

        1. He described the vast majority of lower to middle class in virtually every civilized country.

      1. It’s kind of the stereotype for France though, at least in Paris. Don’t get me wrong, I find the idea of a culture that thinks that sitting around all day drinking wine is cool, pretty groovy.

        1. Beats the hell out of working on an assembly line, that much is certain.

        2. A very tiresome stereotype, I find it to be.
          Probably some truth in it, but still.
          These are symptoms of a tired and softened nation that has stopped believing in anything.

      2. This article was about France. You’re right – complacency is rampant throughout the West . Once I was called a “fascist” by a French friend for saying that “different people have different value to different people”. That guy was a very nice person, he truly believed in global equality and egalitarianism. But like a true Leftist he would get triggered easily by opposing opinions.
        On the other hand “Front Identitaire” gives me hope. Those guys have balls

        1. That type of French is giving me cancer and will, hopefully, be forced to evolve or die out.
          Just remember that they are still a few Frenchmen like me.
          Кстати, ты не знаешь хорошие русские традиционные или националические блоги или форуми ?

        2. Национализм типа “россия для русских” в основном не приветствуется так как страна многонациональная. Я в основном слежу за правослано-патриотичными течениями типа партии “Великое Отечество”

        3. Пожалуйста) я не верующий, но православие в целом поддерживаю

      3. Honestly sounds scads better than the liberals here in the States:
        Shooting heroin, drinking Starbucks, eating fried goodies, and rabidly typing a schizoid attack piece on something trivial (also read: fictional) they demand be addressed (like how dry cleaners are sexist).

      1. I think Europe is quite Balkanized, especially France with its millions of Muslims. But I’ve never been there to make a good judgement

  11. Interesting times we live in.
    Maybe we whites will be a small rootless group just like the jews in hundred years.
    Maybe by then we will develop a sense of brotherhood and loyality instead of throwing each other under the bus.

        1. Lather Rinse Repeat – please be original next time – I kno that might be a hard concept for you to understand you neanderthal

  12. “It was developed in partnership with experts of the Israeli army.” So much for all these theories about Jews trying to destroy Europe with emigrants. What I want to know is when are these anti semites going to take responsibility for the outcome of their own actions, decisions and attitudes instead of scapegoating a people who have less population than the margin of error in the Chinese census.

    1. So much for all these theories about Jews trying to destroy Europe with emigrants.
      Is this serious? Getting the help – possibly/probably paid help – of the Israeli army is an EXTREMELY different kettle of fish than leftist Jews deliberately undermining Christendom.
      And by the way, while this guy seems legit we do NOT know with certainty whether the Israeli army helped and what that help amounted too.
      We know WITH CERTAINTY what our (((friends))) think of white nations that aren’t Jewish in character or culture.

      1. I am so glad you brought this up. Yes many Jews are liberal, and true that many Jews have strong inclinations for multiculturalism as well. The idea that Israel is a closed state is not accurate as Israel allows a sane amount of non Jewish immigration. Remember that this movement in EU is driven by the non elected governors that Europeans themselves installed. This is where your own cognitive dissonance sets in. I will ask you a question, who was behind the ousting of Gaddafi in Libya? Who was behind the ousting of Mubarak in Egypt? Your ((friends)) are the Saudis. Ask your self another question, who do you see so many U.S. presidents holding hands (literally) with? The Saudis. Until you understand what is really going on you will continue to lose ground. Your foes are not the Jews. Open your hate filled eyes and you will see that.

        1. Who’s payroll are you on Straightalpha? It is too easy to expose you shills. Just shake the rotten board and the termites just come rolling out. Who is paying you to spread hate???

        2. Saudi Barbaria is paying me.
          I talked to Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal just a few moments ago and he told me to spread antisemitic hate on ROK.

        3. hehe ok man you made your point. but you are still blinded by your hate. the only way out of this is personal accountability not scapegoating others. no one can take our power from us that power to build ourselves from within. as to your point about manhattan? do you think it was easy for those that rule it to take it? no one made you stop struggling white wolf you left off from being watchful. go get your white brethren off of meth and instill in them the ethics that your folk had when they were great. fix yourselves from the inside. no one broke you no one enslaved you your arrogance has been your undoing. did you honestly think you were able to rule all the rest of humanity? Germany was doing fine, until Danzig. You “aryans” have always been haughty while we Khazars kept the rest of the world off your backs. We were formed in the crucible of unrelenting warfare. War is in every fiber of our being. So long have we fought that it has written itself in our DNA. Go fix your own White Wolf stop blaming the Jews.

        4. The problem wasn’t arrogane but compassion.
          We could have been ruling the whole world if we would not have shown empathy for the weak people.
          We were the best at imperialism (therefore we took the american and australian continent), we were the best in any kind of art and in any kind of science.
          If we would have behaved more cruel – like the muslims did when they enslaved the blacks and cut of their balls and cocks to make them worthless eunuchs – we would now be the only race on the planet and probably we would already be walking on other planets by now.

        5. Or, more likely you probably would have just started to fight amongst and destroy each other.
          Human nature’s a bitch.

        6. That “fighting each other” is another bad trait of most races but it’s probably most commonly seen with whites. Like I mentioned before whites love to throw each others under the bus and fight pointless wars.
          That’s the two attitudes whites are lacking, that the jews have:
          a) Ruthlessness when dealing with others.
          b) Loyality to their own race.
          These are pretty natural traits but whites don’t like natural traits and replace them with ‘Intellectual surrogates’ like morality and compassion. And this, imo is a result of christian slave morality best described by Nietzsche.

        7. Ah, I get it…one Semite is better than the other. One’s a cancer and the other represents vibrant diversity. Right on, Mohammed…

        8. Who claimed Saudis are friends? sounds like some very sloppy logic (((friend))). you seem to be under the impression one can only have one enemy at a time – DUMB.
          and you can leave my eyes out of this, observation isn’t love or hate, it just IS.

        9. You just left out the fact that Nietsche was completely nuts. But maybe he was right. in a real barbarian society a weakling like him wouldn’t have lived for long…

      1. hmm is that (((*.*))) supposed to mean something? I am not familiar with this “meme”. Please do enlighten me as to its meaning.

    2. Not going to happen. That would force them to acknowledge that “Aryans” aren’t nearly as perfect as they like to think they are.

  13. I’m not buying that. With the Israelis involved, I’m even more skeptical. They haven’t sorted out their shit yet to teach others how to do it.
    In November 2014, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Sunday that France’s parliament would be making a “grave mistake” if it recognizes a Palestinian state in a vote on December 2.
    “Recognition of a Palestinian state by France would be a grave mistake,” Netanyahu said.
    The Parlament in France did recognize the Palestinian state with 339 in favor and 151 against. One year later in November 2015 we witness the Paris attacks.
    What this Jew’s plan suggests is Palestinization of Europe.

  14. Treat it like the plague. Eradicate anything infected, heavily monitor the rest for signs of infection.

  15. So when are leftist gonna stop it with their multicultural nonsense and start letting the adults make the important decisions.

  16. “In 2006, the CENZUB
    (Training Centre For Urban Operations) was created for 400 million
    Euros, and specifically prepares soldiers to neutralise “insurgents” in
    an urban environment, modeled on an actual French town,”
    I’ve been there. It’s more modeled on a middle east town. Unless there already are French towns with a Mosque in the center.

    1. I have not seen it in the flesh. And if we stop acting, there might be French towns with central mosques in the future

  17. This news actually is quite significant as it proves my theory that young Muslim males were deliberately imported into Europe to create a racist tension and even arm conflict – Muslim/Africans against white Europeans.
    And who do we have suggesting a way to ignite the conflict?
    Another Jew!
    Call me biased.

    1. Odd that a Jew wishes to save France for the French though, don’t cha think?
      Oh wait, you blocked me because I didn’t fall in line with your silly conspiracies.

      1. The Block feature was such a bad idea.
        Just an obvious “safe-space” easy out for the echo chamber set.
        It’s one thing for obvious trolls and such, but not to silence opposing views or critiques.

        1. I don’t know that the block feature is a bad idea in itself. I find a valid use for it in filtering out people that post large blank nothings or posts of the same three words copy-and-pasted four hundred times. It is a bad idea, though, for the end user to use it in the way you indicate – to protect himself from dissenting points of view.

        2. That’s how I approach it as well. If you can’t take people questioning your positions and still not believing you when you explain it, or you refuse to explain it, that should be on you to learn to grow. Using Block to make a Hug Box of Safe Opinion is juvenile. I’ll block spammers and obvious trolls who come here sneering “You all live in your mothers basements!” but little else.

        3. I’ll block […] obvious trolls
          Then how do you keep track of exactly which kind of circle-jerk we’re engaging in?

        4. You can unblock.
          I don’t mean fun trolls, I mean the ones that are two post wonders who start and end with all CAPS screaming about our “lack of manhood” or whatever.

        5. The block feature is a blessing actually. It saves me a lot time wasted to reply to people who do not deserve it.
          So I’ve got few people blocked because most of them were only flaming my posts with short ridiculing replies. The user lolknee is a prime example.
          I’ve also banned GoF, because although I initially enjoyed the interaction with him, eventually it became obvious that we are from two completely different schools of thought and he always insisted on closing a debate when it suited his side of the argument.
          Plus, whenever he replied to my posts, he also attracted the flaming trolls.

        6. I found myself wondering the other day if I noticed that talking about him acts as a sort of summoning. Keep your eyes peeled, we might find out soon.

        7. Really, they were just questioning you when you presented some seemingly off-the-wall stuff, even if you may have found their manner abrasive. I note that they didn’t block you, and you are doing exactly what it is I suggested the bad aspect of the block feature was – protecting yourself from having to be introspective.

        8. He’s a coward. I’m a different school of thought, and when he was trapped by logic and facts he’d try to move the goalposts and I wouldn’t let him. He got pissy.
          It’s not a big loss, I just like to rib him about it now that he can’t see me. For newcomers who aren’t aware of what a thin skinned person he is. Heh.

        9. I’ve been introspective enough with them, especially with GoJ but it leads to nowhere. So what’s the point, it’s just time wasting. They can still read my posts and even continue to ridicule me, it’s just that I don’t want to see what they write as I don’t care.
          My biggest problem actually was that GoJ’s replies attracted the flaming trolls. It’s not my fault they follow him like mosquitoes. It is happening here right now too as you can see.
          I don’t have as much time as most you guys here so I have to optimize my presence here.

        10. GoF
          Apparently I’ve transformed into GhostOfFreddie. Or something.

        11. I was thinking more along the lines of one Mr. F. Krueger.
          I mean, hey, he was an Ohioan after all.

        12. under what article did this original confrontation occur? I must have my e drama fix this morning

        13. block feature helps this faggot from having to see things that contradict the tiny little world he has created for himself with asinine beliefs that allow him to feel like a special snowflake rather than a sub average IQ loser.

        14. I think it’s the wrong move man.
          This “block” feature is news to me, but one of the things that I think always made ROK a great forum was that you had to deal with people that you disagreed with.

        15. he only speaks drooling moron. And why would I block him. he is priceless. He isn’t as smart as a slinky, but still provides hours of entertainment.

        16. Disqus should have brought back the ability to cast anonymous up/down votes for comments. That made the system far more self-policing.

        17. You get introspective with yourself, not others. The block feature is a safe space bitch feature.

      2. Former president Sarkozy is jewish, if I am not mistaken. I am also aware that many French jews have alraedy made aliyah to Isreal due to security concerns.

        1. Just look at my other comment, it’s pretty obvious that Sarkozy is jewish, just let me post the video again:

        2. Notice how the honorless lying cunts like GOJ and lolKnee never deal with any of the presented evidence, like the above? They just engage in womanly name calling and status signaling – it never fails.

      3. Well in this particular case he has a point. Those people wouldn’t be in Europe (or Ohio) without the acquiesence and collaboration of the Western govs. There is definitely something afoot and no, it’s not a “silly” conspiracy theory my American friend. Most likely is what he said, fan the flames of war and justify bigger adventures…

      4. Something that never made sense to me.
        There are lots of Jews living in Europe. How does importing a violent, clannish people who not only hate Jews, but have no compunctions about killing Jews, do anything beneficial for the average Jew?

        1. Conspiracy theorist that think shit like that are just feminists with a different shade of dyed hair. Don’t question their narrative, their fragile egos are tied up into it. Just put (((brackets))) around things and blame jews that they can’t get a hard on or a job.

        2. Many people is utterly unable to think in the abstract and therefore differentiate between the different gray tones of reality. That’s why some persons are rational but no collective grassroots movement is rational. Not all Jews are hell-bent on destroying the western world, many are indifferent, others just go to work and look for every opportunity to advance their kin and their fellow jews in detriment of the Gentiles, just like they have always done. But higher in their totem pole, it’s pretty obvious that influential jews (and many a billionaire gentile) are interested in destroying the pillars of human existence: family (feminism, war of sexes), religion (subversion of religions, promotion of atheism and even satanism), tradition (disparagement of all that is old and traditional), culture, aka patriarchy.
          They even want to remove the racial self-awareness that has always existed and they are promoting massive immigration and miscegenation in order to erase the last pillar of human existence, the last thing that still makes us different from animals. They are doing everywhere in the West (Europe, Latin america, North America, Asia I don’t know) almost everywhere except Israel. Just something to think about.

        3. The brackets are terrible. Do they lack the balls to name the accused? On the other hand, conspiracy theory is just a hare-brained discourse engineered by your own CIA. Just saying…

        4. Not my CIA….I got nuthin’ to do with any of that stuff. I am just living a life.

        5. Yeah, at first. The thing is, they all get all their information from the same conspiracy websites then go around jerking each other off and telling themselves they are special. What they are is feminists. And as we know there is no valuable interaction with a feminist.

        6. Latin America is already racially mixed, so there’s really no point in pushing anything there. As I’ve said before, the various sub-races of humanity are never going to merge into one unless there’s some huge cataclysmic event which wipes out 99% of humanity, forcing the remnants to mate with one another in order to keep the human race alive. Even if that happens, there will still be variation in skin tone, eye color, hair color, etc. (there will be no “coffee colored race”), so the Nordicists don’t have to agonize over blue eyes and blonde hair disappearing.
          What do Jews get out of pushing mass immigration (particularly Islamic immigration) in the US? The US is Israel’s biggest ally. I don’t deny that Israel seriously takes advantage of the US, but what do they stand to gain out of destroying basically their only ally in the world? If the US goes down, who’s going to support them? China? Russia? India? I highly doubt it. They’ll be surrounded by countries populated by highly clannish people WITH NUCLEAR WEAPONS who already hate their guts, and with the US out of the way, who’s going to stop these Islamic nations from wiping Israel off the face of the earth?
          What’s more, the US has a large population of Jews within its borders, undoubtedly more than in the various European countries. Like I said, how does the average Jew benefit from having a clannish, violent population who already hates Jews and has no reservations about killing them running around? Kind of weakens the whole “Jews are the most ethnocentric people in the world” narrative.
          In fact, as we can clearly see with both Jewish and Gentile leaders, both today and historically, it’s clear that elites don’t give a damn about their people as long as they can maintain their wealth and power.

        7. Feminism, Marxist propaganda and all the maladies of the West (cult of ugliness, credentialism etc.) are being actively pushed through all their mass media down here. It’s pretty obvious you haven´t been in LATAM lately.
          In reference to the Jews, as I said before I don’t think they are a monolithic group. Normal Jews don’t profit much but high-ranking Jews like Soros, Foxman et al are very vocal about their involvement in the “enrichment” of the West. Moreover what’s your explanation for the massive presence of Jews behind every destructive ideology in the west (Feminism, marxism, multiculturalism you name it), along with many prominent Gentiles who seem hellbent on abolishing their own nations.
          By the way (and this is just speculation), if their “plan” is to destroy the U.S. in the end, you can bet the farm that they will make sure its collapse is the greatest man-made catastrophe that mankind has witnessed. If that’s the case, they will make sure the U.S. doesn’t sink without taking a lot of Israel enemies with it.
          Their final objectives are unknown to me, but their actions are pretty clear, even for a “mid-wit” like me and involve forward thinking, warts and all.

        8. I really don’t know how the “westernization” of the world can be stopped, to be honest with you. The internet was a big game changer in that regard, and as much as some of us may like to wish otherwise, things are never going back.
          As I’ve said, since it’s clear normal Jews aren’t profiting from the destruction of the west, it quite weakens, if not destroys the whole “Jewish ethnocentrism” argument. I acknowledge that there is a Jewish presence in many, if not most, leftist ideologies, but I still cannot understand why this is so. As I’ve said many times before, Germanic northern and western Europeans have created the most wealthy, productive and comfortable societies in the history of the human race. What logical reason, therefore, is there to import vast numbers of unproductive, illiterate, unskilled populations (primarily from the Islamic world) to replace these Germanic populations? Where’s the appeal in ruling over a population that cannot possibly maintain the standard of living you’ve previously enjoyed?
          And as for these destructive ideologies, how does an ideology become a reality? People have to believe in it. Even if Jews came up with the ideologies of feminism, Marxism, multiculturalism, etc., none of them could have caught on unless the Gentiles believed it. Western Euros bought into everything hook line and sinker.

        9. No he doesn’t. He’s an absolute fucking retard, and so is GOJ.
          A few weeks ago, Hillary was referring to her health issues as a “crazy conspiracy theory”.
          Faggots like these are the reasons there is so much unpunished evil in this world.

        10. Latin America does make the case for the “Coffee Colored Race” as the centuries-long miscegenation orgy held by the Spanish and Portuguese has produced many white + indian + black hybrids that have such a skin tone.

        11. I was talking about the fact that he, as American, is not directly responsible for the actions of his government. What he thinks about “conspiracy theories”, a term coined by the CIA to discredit dissenters, well he’s American, thus the first victim of the CIA campaign.

        12. Westernization…is a question of scope. The push of American culture in Latinamerican countries (and probably beyond) is something that is not only achieved through the internet or world travel. I’m talking about the big players (UN, IMF , et al) pushing feminism, putting their dollars at work in re-education (sexual education, historical revisionism, stirring of racial conflicts ie. see Brazil’s affirmative action, the creation of a “Ministry of Minorities, WTF? or Venezuela’s official reverse racism), influence in the mass media (tV, newspaper, radio and local internet are echo chambers no matter which country you are in) all in order to make sure their narrative, is the only one and no other is even allowed. Those things of course can be stopped if the money flow is halted.
          Of course the genie is out of the bottle when it comes to sexual relationships conditions but even those can be partly reversed, if there’s a will.
          The only reason the advance of their agenda is “somewhat” slower in LATAM and other regions outside the West (India) is due to the general incompetence of the governments. But thanks to the internet and the view in LATAM that everything American/European is the best many people will accept the trash with the good. Most people no matter their race are unable to think independently.

        13. Hispanics with a few exceptions (Argentinians and Uruguayans) are in the process of becoming a new race, or should I say several races depending on the region. The process normally takes centuries, millennia but it’s there.

        14. When it comes to sexual relationships, things can indeed get better. But no matter what happens the 1950s are never coming back. There’s been too much technological and socioeconomic change since those days.
          “Most people no matter their race are unable to think independently.”
          I agree 100%. In the end the overwhelming majority of people are sheep.

        15. They are completely protected and insolated from them. This works in tandem with the elevated class of protection hat they currently receive from society.

        16. I’m pretty sure there are lots of Jews living amongst gentiles. There is no way all Jews are living in private, walled-off enclaves safe from “vibrancy.”

        17. “Where’s the appeal in ruling over a population that cannot possibly maintain the standard of living you’ve previously enjoyed?”
          Well the standard of living for the wealthy elites wont fall much.
          Also it means, more consumers, more people competing for jobs, more people needing housing, more people to pay tax (not all are going to play cards all day) to support the aging population.

        18. Disagree.
          These migrants aren’t going to get jobs or pay taxes. They’ll continue to mooch off the productive natives. If the entire native population were to disappear, there’s no way the migrants would be able to continue anything even remotely like the standard of living northern and western Europe currently enjoys.

        19. Jews do what they do, even when it’s harmful to their own people, because they can’t stop being the way that they are – subversive. Thousands of years of following a ruthless survival strategy of subverting and weakening the host populations among whom they live has become so ingrained in them that they can no longer control themselves even when they know that it harms them too. That’s how the late Dr. William Luther Pierce, the founder and head of the National Alliance (of which I was a proud member for 12 years ) explained it.

        20. That’s what happened to Iran and India. Both were conquered by White invaders from the north thousands of years ago, who set themselves up as the new ruling class over the dark natives. The Indian caste system was put into place as a strict system of racial apartheid, but over time the race-mixing occurred in spite of this, so that there are no more Whites left in India.
          As for Argentina, someone told me that the Argentinian population is today actually more White (percentage-wise) than here in the USA.

        21. Argentina maybe, but their Leftist governments have strived to change this. They opened the doors to immigration from Bolivia, Peru and Paraguay (Indian Majority countries) and to the mestizos from Chile so percentagewise the population of Argentina is maybe 70% or even 65% white. This transformation as far as I know ocurred in just 20 years, aided by the higher fertility of those groups and the below-replacement birthrates of the whites.

        22. Thank you for this information. I had meant to research this matter, but I never got around to it.
          So, Argentina is around the same percentage (or maybe slightly higher) than in the USA. No country is allowed to escape the genetic destruction.

        23. I’m guessing like Dr. Pierce you’re from the south, right? Explains a lot. The “American Nations” makes more and more sense every day.

        24. You display a great theoretical grasp, but those upper echelons are a bit out of sight for us plebs. Could they be rogue commies, aluens/demons in disguise? Maybe they are simply tribesmen, but it’s still quite incredible they’re so malevolent.

        25. In the case of Argentina I wouldn’t think it’s due to a conspiracy. I worked in that country for two years and I can tell you that the tragedy of that country is mostly self-made. Populist leaders started the rot in the 1930’s first destroying the federal system to the point where the only thing federal is its name. Peronism was the coup de grace to the rule of law and inserted the poison of leftism in the country. Afterwards it would be just a descent into the third world, albeit with pauses but the longterm trend was down. Mind you, at this time (1930-1990) the population was mostly white (upwards 90%).
          There was a pause in the left’s ascendance in power during the time of dictatorship but the military men were utterly incompetent (Falkland’s war), mismanaged the country and left a bad taste in the public for everything to the right, let alone anything traditional in politics. Argentina is the perfect illustration of how, if you are incompetent, sooner or later socialist stoodges will be elected, and by the time their destructive policies are implemented you can kiss goodbye to your nation, no matter its ethnic composition. Intelligence, natural resources, culture can only delay the inevitable by that point. As a result of the leftist treason the army was practically abandoned, along with borders protection and the rest is history. Sources: My two years there, acquaintances, bunch of books and inference.
          They might have a hope with Macri but it’s doubtful. Many people is used to the government handouts.

        26. Some yes, but I would not say the majority (I guess it depends where you live). Immigrants have been a continual feature of US history as the great melting pot. Immigrants are not all parasites in my country. Many make the most of the opportunity to create a better life for themselves. It depends a fair bit on the regions they have come from I have noticed. Asians tend to prosper in my country and I’m sure its not different in the US. For a lot of migrants it can be tough going. I recently saw some study they did on African refugees with university degrees and how many cant find work in their chosen profession. Personally I believe local citizens should get priority with jobs over foreigners, but that does not mean those unemployed Africans want to be moochers. No doubt many of the poor unskilled ones will find life here better in or out of work than back home. I do not support high immigration rates. Unskilled – could be burden on local society, High skilled – compete for jobs/housing from locals.

        27. I agree with many of your points.
          When immigration is done properly, it can be very beneficial to a country. Mass immigration, however, simply does not work, period. It doesn’t matter if the immigrants are from the next country over or the next continent. Mass immigration changes the characteristics of a nation, which is what happened to the United States when large numbers of Slavic, Irish and Italian immigrants came here. They did not “assimilate,” assimilation does not exist. To be fair, these immigrants, in comparison to the African/Arabic migrants, shared at least a common religion and had similar customs. The same is not true of the “refugees” swarming western Europe.
          There is no doubt in my mind that there are some, if not many migrants who honestly seek to create a better life for themselves and their children. But many of them, indeed quite probably the majority of them, seek to leech off the welfare state and take advantage of their host countries. To be honest, I can’t exactly blame them. Western intervention in the middle east is largely (though not entirely) responsible for much of the modern chaos in the region. And let’s be honest, the western Europeans are basically giving their countries away to whoever shows up. Why not take advantage of it?

        28. Well… They traditionally stick together. There are very few Jewish people living in diverse communities where I am from. It’s part of their faith to be different and distinct for the Gentiles though there are different degrees of adherence.

      5. googlelize “Barbara Spectre and Sweden” and you’ll have a clear example that jews can openly call for multiculturalism to destroy identity of Western States, even if they know that will be consequences for local jews.
        Anyway, that’s a good deal for israeli who wants to grow jewish immigration in occupied Palestina to assure their control of the land.

    2. Furthermore, expanding on the post.
      Here we see the classic Hegelian dialects in play.
      Problem – Import young male desperadoes
      Reaction – A public outrage and fear following the false flag terror attacks
      Solution – Palestinization of certain areas first in France and later in the whole of Europe.

      1. i can actually hear the mouth breathing and see the drool through the internet. I am fairly certain that this twit would be considered below average even in the congo

    3. ”In 1973, shortly before his death, the French President Georges Pompidou admitted to have opened the floodgates of immigration, at a request of a number of big businessmen, such as Francis Bouygues, who was eager to take advantage of docile and cheap labor devoid of class consciousness and of any tradition of social struggle. This move was meant to exert downward pressure on the wages of French workers, reduce their protesting zeal, and in addition, break up the unity of the labour movement. Big bosses, he said, “always want more.” – De Benoist
      They’ve been there some time.

    4. Interesting. Now I can definitely imagine someone wants to use this to break down all of western society. Incite civil wars or plan an eventual invasion after we’ve been divided.

    5. Precisely and while the competition is fighting the elites are gearing up to steal more resources and make a bigger push for space without all the peasants in tow.

    6. Angela Merkel said they need more police to keep people safe from the homicidal Muslims she is importing into their once peaceful country. Hollande said something similar.
      Western populations have been falling for that trick for some time – the government screws something up then the people ask the government to fix it which inevitably results in a bigger, more powerful government.
      A pleasant side effect of violent criminal immigration for the statist left is the all-powerful police state they’ve always wanted.

  18. I’m all for the French on bringing back the guillotine
    In wise amounts, nationalism is good. It’s exactly like medicine.
    And the Germans . . well it’s also an issue of what they’re NOT doing or implementing but mainly it’s an issue of what they’re LACKING . .
    And you know it.

  19. And let me tell you about Israel.
    In his book ”Two Rothschilds and the land of Israel” the British historian Simon Schama (an Ashkenazi Jew himself with roots from Lithuania) states that the Rothschilds family owns 80% of Israel.
    Which is a blasphemy unto itself according to the Torah Judaism which believes that after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 A.D. that a nation of Israel can ONLY be assembled by the Messiah himself and absolutely by no earthly authority.

    1. What’s even more alarming is that:
      In leaked emails, Colin Powell says Israel has 200 nukes
      Discussing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s March 2015 speech to Congress about the dangers posed by the Iranian nuclear deal, in an email he sent to US Democratic party donor Jeffrey Leeds, Powell wrote that he doubted the Iranian regime would use an atomic bomb even if it could get one, since “the boys in Tehran know Israel has 200, all targeted on Tehran, and we have thousands.”
      The email was published by the LobeLog foreign policy website.

  20. I am reading “Submission” by Houellebecq. Given France’s elites sordid history of collaboration (1870, 1940, cold war, etc.), it is entirely too believable that the french socialists could cut a deal with the Muslims giving the latter control over education policy

    1. Posted this yesterday. Just stop it. I knew that this shit would come sooner or later. They are really cucking the shit out of german males.
      But since I visited the public swimming pool a few times this summer nothing shocks me anymore…you see so many german women with muslim refugees, it’s incredible. They are so happy to be dominated again.
      Btw: I like this one comment under the video: “As a muslim I would stone her for showing her hair, as a german I would stone her for being a traitor”

      1. Didn’t see your post yesterday. It’s picking up a lot of traction though.
        I’m running out of ways to describe the insanity.

  21. Wow, France–once one of the countries most critical of Israel’s Palestinian situation–is now working hand in hand with Zionists to solve their own “Gaza” situation. In turn, even though their respective situations are apples and billiard balls, France will instantly become more sympathetic to any brutal tactics Israelis use against the Palestinians. It’s almost like those behind the ridiculous European immigration policies were pro-Zionists deliberately trying to create this exact scenario. I know, I know–I’ll take off my tinfoil hat now.

    1. I just watched the german news and they told me that Trump – who is of course literally Hitler – was portrayed way too well on the Fallon Show and therefore Fallon is not a journalist anymore.
      Because german news anchors are good journalists with high standards!
      And of course a show host has the duty to make his guests look bad normally.

      1. Well, you just have to get your mind right. Seriously. Some guy with really nice hair – an anchorman – told me that everything happens by accident. He has no reason to lie to me. The commercials were nice, too. They wanted me to buy shit, so I did. I believe anything that comes out of the TV…

        1. Of course they believe it. When it’s on the news it’s true.
          Germans are way less sceptical about the press.
          In germany we have a saying that everything that happens in the US happens in germany ten years later and I think thats true.
          Tattoos first dominated the States now they are also dominating germany.
          And it will take ten more years until germans will start swallowing the redpill.

      2. Seriously? That’s a surprise. I was under the impression that Fallon despised Trump, what with that half-ass impression he puts on every other week. Oh well. He sucked as a comedian & now his credibility as a “journalist” is being tarnished. Guess there’s always sports commentating. ESPN will literally (hitler) take anybody nowadays.

        1. I can’t say I ever got the impression that Fallon was anything less than cordial with Trump and even Romney.
          Jay Leno and Trump have some bad blood between them though, and Trump has no respect for Bernie-bot Seth Meyers.
          On his Trump impersonation, it’s not as though he could really do a Hillary impersonation…

      3. I find it disturbing the german public polls at 95% for Clinton. I know my german work colleagues are scared shitless of Trump.

        1. Yes, Trump would get 5% or less in germany.
          I have talked with many people in my family and at the university and they all fear Trump. But that’s nothing special because he is portrayed as a satanist who wants to nuke the whole world and eradicate mankind by german MSM. Sounds exaggerated, but it’s not. I swear it’s just like that.

        2. German MSM is hard core propaganda. Living here when GWB was POTUS, the press was on full hate mode between 2003-2005.

  22. “The creation of those new positions in the French reserve army seems to be taken too little and too late. Many, like Roosh and I, suspect it to be a bait to attract patriots and establish a database of all of them for future prosecution.”
    And you can bet your ass that tabs are being made in the States as well. If Hillary doesn’t fatally kiss the pavement from another spell before claiming the throne, all matters foreign & in intrest of public saftey will be shoved to the bottom of the stack while a shit-list comprised of guys like us becomes top priority.
    Also, the CCIF; is that some sort of NAACP for muslims? Sheesh. The audacity, or, probably more accurately, the sheer stupidity/willful ignorance of these dipshits is mind boggling. Do they not realize they’re digging their own graves? I wonder if the majority of the panel is actually muslim or if they just consist of more white cucks who kotow to the cause.

  23. If they tell me a spotted tree frog is going extinct, so I have to give up my land – I’ll do it. If they tell me that women are afraid of being sexually assaulted by random white guys – I’ll cut off my balls. If they tell me that Climate Change is so serious now, the population has to be lowered – I’ll shoot myself in the face for the cause. Whatever they tell me to do, I’ll do it. Because it’s on the TV. And they don’t have an agenda. They care about me. They care about everybody. They really, really do…

    1. It’s about time for white males to wear the hijab and getting gangbanged by blacks and arabs while your kids and your wife get beheaded.
      Everything else would be xenophobic, islamophobic, sexist, you name it..

      1. No shit. I have just about given up on humanity. I was teetering on the fence there, but lately, I’m in free-fall, heading right into that basket…it’s the fucking Twilight Zone.

        1. Hey Bob. Have you heard of a Group called “Proud Boys?” Just heard of them a few days ago and from the description, it sounds like the crew at ROK.

        2. Huh. Blackwashing all men who gather without the company of women. Putting a figurative tar-and-feather job on all men who do such dastardly things (SMH)…although the article kind of put the whole thing in a neutral light, that seems to be the underlying tone. Crazy fucks getting together and punching each other.

        3. He looks like Pat from the old SNL skits. Oh, excuse me; Herm. Or Zee. Whichever preferred pronoun herm chooses. FUCK! I did it again.

        4. chillin man you kno – killing time reading pplz comments reminding myself of what fucktards are actually out there you?

        5. That is pretty hilarious, though that A+ grade isn’t guaranteed as it seems clear that Hillary had an earpiece and she still tanked that quasi-debate.

      2. Way to detail your fantasy there my friend – But I think I speak for mostly any human out there no one wants to fuck you lmfao

      1. Oh yes. Obey. It’s pretty pathetic when you experience more of a sense of underlying humanity and goodness and rationality at an Internet forum, than you do in public…seriously. But that’s where we are.

        1. Satire has become our best defense, most reliable source of news & simultaneously our fondest brand of entertainment.

        2. Waldo was making a reference to the 1988 movie “They Live.” The aliens in that movie are disguised as humans, but the shades that the main character wears shows him that there are aliens among us (as shown by the skeleton-like faces).

        3. The first person shooter “Duke Nukem 3D” directly references this movie on the first level where Duke says, “It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I’m all out of gum.”

        4. There are literally (hitler) dozens of pop culture references with this line, but it all comes back to RRP in They Exist.

  24. This will be israel’s showcase, so they can sell their start ups weapons, consultants an experts to the rest of Europe in the coming years.
    Getting rid of the muslims without getting rid of the Unlit is pointless.
    Their history in France is ghoulish, they won’t be helping the French People they will be making sure their is nothing left of them, they did invent Hamas after all.

    1. Jews want to get rid of both muslims and white people.
      ‘Good goyim, kill each other stupid idiots!’
      Just like (((Soros))) and his news empire friends are fueling the fire of racism in the US to get the whites killed without their own visible intervention.
      Just saw the interview with Lil Wayne yesterday where they tried to force him to say that he experienced racism 8 times and he always refused and at the end he even said that he was saved by a white policemen when he shot himself accidentally.

    2. Yeah, Europe has no clue what weapons are and have never had to battle Muslims before. Those wiley Israelis!

      1. Me too…I didn’t read the second line right until after I’d read it about seven times…doh. (“You that read wrong.”)

    1. The Israelis haven’t been able to push the muslims out of their country, even allowing them to have what amounts to a 5th Column in Jerusalem.

      1. Yeah, it’s not that hard to do, it’s just called don’t play around with multiculturalism. You don’t need the IDF to teach you that.

      2. Didn’t do too well against Hezbollah either….and I’d say it’s the Arabs whose country it is.

      1. Don’t tell anyone!
        But seriously, if that story is true, it is a major breakthrough in current policy towards muslims in France. Although I cannot help the feeling that this army would be used in different scenario, perhaps on non-muslim citizens!?

  25. Currently watching:

    Oy Vey.
    I knew that the official story about 911 was bs since the day Loose Change was published, but I never thought about who was behind it.

      1. Even most german sheeple know that the official story is bs, But nobody ever talks about the masterminds.
        I mean, it’s so obvious, the undamaged passports, WTC7, the US being unable to defend themselves against two planes while spending 600 billion dollar annually for their military complex (more then the rest of the world combined).

        1. The day it happened I was standing outside of this hardware-type store and they had a TV behind the window. And they kept showing one of the towers falling, over and over, on CNN. This little girl – she couldn’t have been more than five or six years old – was holding her mother’s hand, while standing there in front of me, watching the TV. And she said, “Look, mommy, it’s like those casinos that they take own on purpose!” And the mother said, “Shh, Honey! I’m trying to watch this…” I looked at the kid and nodded my head and said, “That’s right.” Kids can see it. Adults? That’s another matter entirely.

        2. Well, our literacy rate in this country was nearly 100% before mandatory schooling, and our public school system is based on a Prussian model that was created to instill Conformity, Order, and Patriotism in the populace.

        3. It’s totally believable that the USA was unable to defend itself against two airplanes as in 2001 the USA was not armed with 0bama’s spy blimps (putatively) designed to protect us from such threats.
          Of course, as we saw in 2015, we have nothing to protect us from the spy blimps when they go rogue and lay waste to the mid-atlantic region 😉

  26. “…Eric was born in Algeria to moderate Jewish parents, evacuated back to France after the Algerian War”
    actually he was born in France to Algerian Jews.

    1. If you’re interested in selling Mexican food, why would you work at Taco Bell? Even if you were merely interested in selling food, why would you work at Taco Bell?

  27. I think religion is an evil. Possible to be married, happy, get children, be truth and faithful without religion.
    In the end all does evil, Muslims are blind to everones but their own suffering and they hate jews. Israel Palestina i cant find a good guy bad guy. Whats all the hate on Israel and USA? cant be true. people love conspiracies.

      1. Your reply says more about you than about me, you dont even have anything intellegent to say or a great point to make, just talk like a small kid with a foul mouth.

        1. Your incoherent rant deserved no more. When you put forth a coherent statement, then one can answer with a better response…

  28. Instead of all of this, simply stop any more muslim migration to France and impose, once and for all, the supremacy of French Western values over the Mohammedan scum. They respect Europe, they can stay…They hate it and try to destroy it, leave the fuck out!!!

    1. They can’t respect Europe and Western values, but they can-and are indeed compelled-to convincingly lie and say that they do.
      France needs to channel its ancestor Charles “The Hammer” Martel and beat back the muslim hordes.
      Given how feckless the French are nowadays, I still find it hard to believe that they at any time had a leader known as “The Hammer”. Similar to how the modern Italians make it difficult to believe that Italy was the seat of the Roman Empire.

      1. priceless, coming from a jerk whose a quarter of the country is openly claimed by immigrants which you give citizenship to.
        How many years before California will return to Mexico, cunt ?

  29. The USA had a plan for a nuclear war with the Soviet Union,it was never used. France’s plan won’t be used either.

        1. No they weren’t, up until the battle of France, the French had the state of the art strategy for war, it was used by everybody, including the Germans. While the French had great strategists, the Germans had absolutely fucking amazing strategists. Even the Germans didn’t expect that the battle of France would be such a sweeping victor for themselves.

  30. This rumour has been circulating for some months now the big question is will it be used before France and Germany fall to the Muslim onslaught.

  31. The article contains approximation, which is a problem considering the fact that the author is French:
    1) Algeria was a French province (régions) like any other, contrary to colonies like Morocco or the different territories of Indochina. As a Jew born in Algeria, Zemmour like his parents and grand-parents, was born French (contrary to muslims born in Algeria, Jews born in Algeria were considered as full French citizens since 1865, while muslims and non-white were considered as indigenous so sub-citizens). Talking about integration is close to a pure fallacy.
    2)Roubaix is far from being entirely muslim. The highest number mentioned was 57% of muslim and it was debunked several times. Right-wing medias mention around 20%.
    3) The State was not motionless after the terrorist attacks. 10 terrorists attack have been prevented during the year 2015, and arrests occur every day.
    4)What does “large record of fine and penalties by courts” means for the author? 2… Zemmour has been condemned two times for hate speech. It is two times more, we can all agree, but far from being a large record…unless I need to change my dictionary.

    1. 1) His family are Berber Jews, not Catholic Gallo-Romans. The Crémieux decree did not make them “socially” French. Zemmour explained his view of being “politically” french, as opposed to “socially” French, using Philippe d’Iribarne’s theory. Pieds noirs were ostracized upon their return. Fact
      2) Statistics based on ethnicity are forbidden in France as you know. The information would be very unconvenient otherwise. We can only use estimates; Roubaix even with the declared 20% is a Muslim ghetto. The poorest city in France with 1 out of 2 inhabitants under the poverty threshold. Criminality explodes. Saw it in the flesh. Looks just like Forrest Gate in London Duisburg ( or Malmö in Sweden
      3) You still believe the French media? All the “fichés S” are left alone until they act. Terrorists are jailed among other prisonners with light offences and are ready to preach in prison.
      4) Still more than 90% of any French figure pretending to be a conservative. 3 lost trials, many more were filed, also would have been kept quiet if he won them. The state media only advertises it when Zemmour loses.

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  33. Lol. Come on folks, this is the French military we are talking about. That, and ROE has my money on the Muslims winning.

    1. What about it being the French Military? It’s probably the best in Europe outside of Russia, certainly one of the best in the world.

    2. If the United States are able to maintain their existence as a sovereign state for the future millennium and a half years , I may take into account their remarks about the military qualities of my people.
      Four years ago, we celebrated the bicentennial of the entry of the Grande Armée in Moscow. Do not deprive you let me know when the us army has done the same .
      (And do not deprive yourself either to explain why half the military vocabulary you use is directly derived from the French language, verbous asshole

      1. Lol. Russia? You want to talk about Napoleons invasion of Russia? For me it is a pretty short story. 680,000 went in, and 27,000 came out with the Grand Armee never being able to hold the ground they captured due to Russia’s scorched earth policy, a crappy supply train, and Russia’s strategy of get hit, and run. Took about 6 months from start to finish whereas Hitler survived 4 years of being subjected to the same tactics. Also what the U.S. Military has done is saved France from German occupation, twice as well keeping Western Europe from becoming part of the Soviet Union during the cold war, and that is just in 1 century. So far this century you have my country bailing France out the mess they created in Libya which is kinda like we did in Vietnam. Are you referring to words like retreat, and surrender? They were Latin 1st. Also, I may not have hit the beaches in June of 1944, but I was there on Omaha beach in June of 2014, and at the Colesville-sur-Mer cemetery where one can look at the graves of 1,557 Americans who gave their all for Europe. Too bad Degaulle didn’t make us remove them as well because we have seen what Muslims do to Christian gravesites already. Still our countries used to be allies so I am whole heartily wishing you, and your Grand Armee the best of luck against the usurpers of your French society. Yes I am, keeps me sharp, thanks for noticing.

        1. too many words for saying nothing.
          French army entered victorious in Moscow : you didn’t
          French army entered victorious in Rio de Janeiro, you didn’t.
          French army entered victorious in London, you didn’t.
          French army entered victorious in Madrid, three times, you didn’t.
          French army entenred victorious in Calcutta, you didn’t.
          French army entered victorious in Pékin twice, you once (Boxers rebellion)
          French army entered victorious in Damascus, you didn’t
          French army entered victorious in Hanoi, you never were able to do it.
          When US big mouths will have something like Verdun in their military annals, maybe I will consider them for some valuable thing to look at in military history.
          By the way, Russian infantry won WWII, you didn’t.
          And fuck you.

        2. Yes, you do seem to be doing that.
          Ronald Reagan won the cold war.
          I did, on a cruise in 05.
          I did, I was there, 1982, still got the shoes.
          Yes I did! Barcelona too, 2004, it was awesome.
          No I haven’t, but I did conquer Madras, and Mumbai in 2001, and 2003.
          Claire Lee Chennault, and the The Flying Tigers. Merrill’s Marauders.
          Not yet, but maybe, Obama still has 122 days in office.
          Yes we did, in 1945, you got it back, were losing it again, got us involved, then lost it permanently, then we lost it permanently, and soon China will own it.
          Mic drop, exclamation point!
          Verdun? Really? German over extension is a French victory? Thank the British, and General Neville then I guess. Verdun was also part of the reason the French Army mutinied in May of 1917. For a matching American battle think Battle of the Bulge, but without the crappy leadership. Patton is right up there with Genghis Khan.
          The Russian are a tough people, I have the utmost respect for them. I have had the opportunity to work with them in Moscow, and St. Petersburg on multiple occasions whereas Napoleon only marched into deserted avenues.
          Point, set, match, Childof68!

        3. LOL ! you fucking living in a hollywood movie. Daring compare 8 months and 700.000 deads & woundeds Verdun and your 15 days BIIIIIIG battle…..
          “les cons ça ose tout, c’est même à ça qu’on les reconnaît”.
          Verbous cunt.

        4. 700,000 from crappy French leadership, and if it wasn’t for General Neville wasting more French, and British troops at The Somme, Germany would have captured Verdun. Hollywood made Paths of Glory for a reason. General Patton did more in 15 days than the French Army could do in 4 years. Patton won time, and time again in both World Wars whereas after the mutiny of 1917 the French Army sat in the bunkers, and General Petain refused to go on the offensive until you guessed it the Americans arrived which we did, and we won the war. As for WW2, well, never mind…my question is where is Frances modern Charles Martel?
          Switching to French is what my wife does when she is losing a discussion, and for such drivel.
          Insults, nice, stay classy my friend.

        5. ” Also what the U.S. Military has done is saved France from German occupation, twice”
          illiterate big mouthed wanker :
          WWI begun in 1914, your contribution was just minor, you have less soldiers than … Italy. and only during the last phase of the war.
          and the criminal stupidity of wilson policies which desarmed us made that contribution worthless.
          WWII begun two years the Japs played “naval battle” with your destroyers and HITLER DECLARED WAR ON YOU you didn’t wanker so you “saved” nobody and certainly not the civils of Normandy massively killed by your carpet bombing because your aviators were too cowards to fly at low altitude.

        6. Lol, guess your entitled to your own opinion on history. Love your avatar, and I give it right back to you.

        7. les yankees ont toujours eu du mal avec le réel.
          ça les fait pleurer de comprendre soudain que le monde n’est pas un film où bruce willis vient les sauver à la fin.

        8. Lol, French? Really? Nothing says losing an argument like turning to French. when English rules the world.

        9. tu “gouvernes” rien, pécore, t’es juste un gros blaireau inculte incapable de comprendre les termes que j’emploie pour me foutre de ta sale gueule 🙂

        10. hé oui, bien l’air d’un con, enfermé dans son seul petit sabir, le masteuraufzeoueurld de mes burnes 🙂
          Au fait, ta daronne suce toujours des ours devant le Prisu ? Juste pour savoir, hein…

        11. “f it wasn’t for General Neville wasting”
          Son nom était “Nivelle”, stratège à deux balles, et je me demande même plus si sa médiocrité, comme celle de Gamelin ne leur venait des 50% de sang anglais qui coulait dans leurs veines.
          Pour le reste, je vois que Hollywood fait de la merde quand ça t’arrange et des “documentaires vachement pertinents” quand ça t’arrange aussi
          Libre à toi de fantasmer sur la supériorité intrinsèque des bouffeurs de hamburgers, les faits sont têtus : la seule guerre que vous ayez jamais remportée tout seul, comme des grands, c’était la guerre de Sécession, parce que c’était contre vous-mêmes, et que vous vous battiez à trois contre un.
          En dehors de tes frontières, personne n’est dupe
          Sache que les Français se contrefoutent de l’avis éclairé d’un stratège de salon sur leur pays : il existe depuis 15 siècles, c’est le plus vieil Etat d’Europe, et ce n’est pas grâce à vous.
          Contentez-vous déjà de faire en sorte que la Californie vous appartienne encore dans cent ans, et on en reparlera.
          Pour le reste, mon grand-père me racontait comment en Tunisie, lorsque vous vous êtes fait défoncer par les Allemands à Kasserine, vous achetiez les prisonniers de guerre de l’Axe faits par les Français, en échange de matériel que cette pute de roosevelt nous refusait, tout ça parce que vous étiez incapables d’en faire par vous-lmême.
          Et c’est pas parce que t’arrives pas à te faire sucer par ton épouse et que t’en es rendu à fréquenter un site ou d’autres pauvres types dans ton genre tentent de retrouver leur virilité perdue, qu’il faut t’imaginer que tu vas la refonder en dégueulant sur mon pays et les miens
          quand je me tape une ricaine, et ça m’est arrivé trois fois, j’ai pas eu besoin de manuel ou de site internet pour obtenir ce que je voulais au lit. Le “French-bashing”, comme les blagues sur les blondes, n’est que la marque du discours anti-nègres que vous n’avez pas plus les couilles d’assumer.
          Seulement les femmes, qui sentent naturellement d’où vient la virilité, on parfaitement compris qu’avec nous c’était de la baise matin midi et soir, et qu’avec vous, c’était pension alimentaire et finance pour l’université des enfants (qui sont probablement pas les tiens).
          Life sucks, and you swallow, “mon ami”.

        12. Come on dude, this disagreement is so 4 months ago. Real original insults there too buddy, a witty devil you truly are. Viva Marine Le Pen!

        13. I was thinking more of a cease fire? A Christmas truce? A Tet cessation of hostilities? We used to be friends, what happened to all of that? Can’t we all get along?

        14. Salut Grégory ! Content de te retrouver ! Toi aussi t’as été banni par la bande de fdp de modérateurs suçant ambact ? (sur fdesouche) ?

        15. ouaip, ça vient semble-t-il de sauterelle lui-même. Et pendant ce temps-là, les trolls crasseux peuvent intervenir sans problème
          sont amusants ces crétins qui prétendent réunir le pays alors qu’ils sont même pas foutus de rassembler leur camp

        16. sauterelle, c’est bien le gros con d’ambact ? Il cumule celui la, le petit retraité qui a collé des affiches dès 15ans et qui veut casser la gueule à tt le monde. Heureusement que la majorité n’est pas de son avis (anti russe/Assad/serbe/FN). J’en suis déjà à mon 4-5eme compte… J’en ai raz le cul de leur modération. Je vais abandonner je pense.
          Tu t’est créé un autre compte ou pas ? (pr info, pour se créer un compte rapidement, utilises une adresse mai publique comme mailinator, c’est vachement pratique pour simplement confirmer ton mail)
          Bonne continuation

        17. maintenant que tu as mes coord, mieux vaudrait que nous effacions ce petit échange

  34. “massive scale civil unrest, similar to the one of 2005, that paralyzed the state for many days”
    Bullshit. The state wasn’t paralyzed : the governement didn’t WANT to stop it With real president at this time, these shit would have been solved in two days.

  35. There will be no “recapture” , it will be a massacre either way.There are not enough troops to patrol the no go zones with millions of hostile people and its not like Iraq where you can just leave because its France.As long as these hostiles population lives in France there will be no peace period.They must go, but they dont want to go because they think France is already their country which leaves only one option; Capture them, ship them out of the country if they refuse and fight back kill them.If the Europeans dont have the stomach for that they will be the ones massacred like the Yazidi kurds.Deal with it.And no it wont be a slow decadent death of the west.It will be very rough and wild.These muzzies are not chinese, they cant help themselves to rape,bomb, murder and plunder.

  36. It would be wonderful to see the French take back their country but I am doubtful. I don’t think the French have any fight left in them. Hollande is a cowardly beta mail appeaser. You know, kind of like Paul Ryan.

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