Top 10 Most Superior Ethnic Groups In The World

When people discuss “globalists” or the “elites”, they often seem to refer to individuals and corporations rather than entire countries. This is understandable, since national groups in their entirety should neither be blamed nor cherished for what the most powerful persons have carried through. That was also the case with, for example, slavery and colonization—only tiny fractions of specific nations like Belgium, Germany, Britain and the U.S. were engaged in such highly questionable actions. Furthermore, the national level is often partly subordinate to global financial structures, capital flows and markets.

Yet the national level is still an important instrument for obtaining wealth and power, and in rich and powerful states one notices that elites within specific national or ethnic groups have more of those precious things than others.

The list below is based on four often interrelated dimensions of power: money, military capacity, culture, and politics. The more power a nation demonstrates within each of these four areas, the more power its elites have. I have used quantifiable lists such as IMF data on GDP, Global Firepower, Forbes, and other relevant literature as a means to nuance some of the positions.

Even if individual men hardly can make a difference regarding global and national power structures, it’s our duty to help each other to have clear overall understanding of the world.

10. Italians

Italy is the world’s ninth largest economy. The Italian economy hinges on the manufacture of high-quality consumer goods produced by small and medium-sized enterprises, some family-owned while others are linked to various Mafia groups.

Although Italy suffers from political corruption, it’s indeed a nest of many wealthy native men. Watch out for Berlusconi et al.

9. French

french cuck

France may be regarded as a nation in cultural, political, and economic decline, but it’s still the world’s seventh largest economy, and has a significant nuclear arsenal. It’s also one of the most influential members of the EU. Those who control France thus have a stronghold over a significant part of Europe.

8. Russians

Russia is not in the top ten of the world’s leading economies but second regarding military, and consequently political power.

The country’s major channel for broadcasting an alternative, pro-Russian worldview, Russia Today, has recently suffered a setback, potentially leading to less cultural and political influence in the West and elsewhere. Yet as long as Russia has its oil, gas, big army, and nuclear missiles, it’s still a country filled with powerful oligarchs and expansionists.

7. Japanese

While Japan’s economy and their political strivings remain largely insular, it’s still the world’s third largest economy and number seven in terms of military capacity. What’s happening in this highly homogeneous nation affects the rest.

6. Germans

Grab’em by the balls

As the conservative scholar Paul Gottfried has noted, Germany’s collective sense of historical guilt makes the country less assertive and more welcoming to multiculturalism and mass immigration. However, Germany is still one of the world’s leading economies and the biggest player in the entire EU. Hence don’t mess with Mutti Merkel and her cadre.

5. Saudis

If Saudi Arabia doesn’t diversify its economy, it will predominantly be dependent on oil revenues and trade deals with the United States.

To drain the kingdom’s reserves will take a while, though, and in the meantime the country can continue to finance various Wahhabi institutes, Sunni mosques, and even militant jihadists around the world. Hopefully they become more moderate in the future.

4. Indians

Mukesh Ambani and his family

India, very soon to be the world’s largest country population-wise, and an economy which is set to surpass both France and UK in 2018, as well as the fourth largest in a military sense, is an up-and-coming nation.

Those who hold the top are often plutocrats, sometimes of Persian origin, while the manifold dirt-poor has little or no real say.

3. WASPs

The White Anglo-Saxon Protestant was one of the most influential groups in the world’s most powerful nation for roughly a century or more, depending on how one looks at the post-World War II development.

With the rise of multiculturalism, and an increasing presence of various minority groups and individuals, like Catholics, blacks, Jews, Hispanics and Asians, the WASP group is perhaps the one that loses its power at the fastest rate.

Yet one will find multiple white Protestants on many leading positions, and there are still great many of his ethnic relatives in powerful states like UK and Germany. If WASPs were to be changed to the much broader category whites, that would be even more true. At least for the time being.

2. Jews

Despite the fact that Jews only consist of a couple of million people in the US, and around 15 worldwide, Ashkenazi Jews in particular have a strong impact on all of the four areas in the world’s most powerful nation (plus the small nuclear nation Israel).

That seems to be a consequence of a combination of ethnic networking, a historical identity that consists of strong victimhood and being “chosen”, and a large share of talented and industrious personality types. Some leave for Israel, or conversely, while many remain on the American coasts.

1. Chinese

China will sooner or later be the world’s leading economy, and is already the third largest in terms of military capacity. Apart from the ruling state capitalist Communist party in mainland China, Chinese billionaires—especially from the Fujian province—are highly influential in Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Canada, and the US. Whether or not the growing Sino influence will be beneficial for Western men is open for debate, but the increasing power can hardly be ignored.

Economic, cultural, political, and military power often go hand in hand. Some national and ethnic groups are unhesitatingly more powerful than others.

For more of William Adams’ material, check out his website Syncretic Politics.

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  1. Quite possibly the worst article ever written. God sake…Russia and the Russians are not even a homogenous group.

        1. yep, i meant ‘once’ as in ‘once upon a time’
          and the last time those cucks would try shit like that

    1. Placing Saudi’s and Indians ahead of Germans (one of the most prolific ethnicities for industriousness, invention, and innovation) is a slap in the face to anybody whose western.
      Saudi’s just shit on Instagram whores, and Indians shit in the street.

      1. A lot of it though is based in the economic power of the respective countries. nevermind that Indians are as much a sweat shop economy as China is with the corresponding human rights abuses, but the Saudis is PURE unadulterated monetary power of the royals stolen monarchial dictatorship wealth and use of many other countries peoples as de facto slaves (very poorly paid wage slaves if at all). the Saudi would clear a mine field by rounding up other third worlder workers and marching them at gun point through it. Yeah, there is no decent moral governments at all, but the top power ones are remarkably cruel abusive immoral and thieving, and yet so many Democrats and RINOS willingly kiss their dirty asses to get their own hands unashamedly greased by the fortunes of them. Not to mention commit to using our armed forces in their exploits because of unnecessary and entangling “strategic” alliances.

        1. Great comment.
          If americans knew the kind of torment that people were put through so we can have cheap chinese products, or cheap gas, a lot of them would not buy that crap. American businesses would start thriving again.
          Our politicians have sold us out, and it rewards these evil-doers with american dollars. Tariffs on any nation with non-transparent supply chains would be an easy solution.

        2. @David.
          except for one thing. there is no such thing as altrusim for a consumerist indulged economy such as the Western world…for that matter in an economy.. There is no moral altruism concerning an economy at all with humans…its a lie.

        3. @David. my other comment wasnt directed at you personally. im saying that there is no such thing as an altruistic consumer base that gives a rats ass at all about where and how the goods come from…all that matters in an economy is two things…quality and cheapness in cost. there is not a single human being who care a whit at all about the suffering of the workers who make goods anywhere at all. their actual conscience stops at their open wallet. if they claim other wise, they are merely virtue signalling. im no different.

      2. it does not matter how industrious they are when they are not making babies at the current rate german will be a third world islamic war torn country in a hundred yrs and things like they made the first car will be jokes in 2190

      3. I agree with you on the average that Indians are no match for Germans, on average. But with 1.4 billion Indians, the top 5 percent upper class Indians outnumber all Germans. This is the James Damore argument in reverse. So underestimate that group at your own peril. They have already taken over Silicon Valley. And India will be the 3rd largest economy by 2025, while the Germans are cucking themselves into Islamic slavery.

        1. But India as a country or society will never dominate anything. They are low T, with a very feminine culture and most of all the society sucks big time with their caste shit and closed minder obscurantist religion and traditions. But the more that a very IQ individuals will gain prominence as we go forward.

      4. I’d rank the quality of life in India very low, far more men than women and they seem like a self-loathing lot. People generally want out of India, not in.

        1. It depends on which India you are talking about. Over the past 30 years 3 distinct India’s have emerged:
          1 – Wealthy to Super Wealthy (10 million people)
          2 – Comfortable middle class (400 million people)
          3 – Poor to dirt poor to street-shitters (800 million people)
          Groups 1 and 2 live a great quality of life and are propelling India to great heights in the global economy, technology and space. I believe it was the RAND corporation that recently came out with a report that forecasts India taking over BOTH China and the USA to become the #1 economy on planet earth sometime around 2050. The reasons for that are many but mainly that China’s population is rapidly aging while the USA is declining across the entire spectrum.
          Even by 2050 I imagine there will still be masses of poor street-shitters in India. But they will be surrounded by a MASSIVE first world, space-faring nation. And that’s not even to mention the huge Indian diaspora that will dominate the silicon valleys of ALL other countries (except China).
          The future belongs to Asia (India, China, South Korea, Japan) whether we like it or not. It is simply a mathematical certainty.

      5. Whoever is in control of Saudi Arabia is controlling the Middle East. Saudi Arabia take their orders directly from (((USA))) which takes it directly from (((them))). This is why the Saudis promotes military dictatorships all over the Middle East and kills revolutions and revolts like in Yemen. Germany on the other hand is controlled by the (((EU))) and they do not have direct influence on areas the only thing they have is a strong economy no military no political influence. Indians follow (((their))) agenda especially the elites. You rarely see an Indian is against (((the system))) and India is a multicultural society which is (((their))) wet dream.

        1. …Is that why Saudi caused the Gas Crisis during the 6 Day War and plunged the US into a decade-long Recession in the 70’s?
          Orders from “them”?

    2. LOL! Russia’s GDP is lower than California. They have one of the most corrupt governments on the planet. They are a joke. And don’t get me started on Italy. The sick man of Europe…

    3. uhhh if I read this article right then whites errr ummm, how do I say it…uhhh, whites are fucked – whites need to get their shit together – and I don’t mean in the ‘alt-right’ kind of way either – more of simple ethnic comradery, white culture has been slayed hard in the last century – same is true with blacks – WASPS don’t account for blacks or whites – WASPS are a joke – their subjectivity belies their true nature(s) – blacks and whites can definitely agree on one thing here, which is they need to get their shit together and reclaim their lost identities – blacks claim to have an identity crisis; i.e. because of slavery, but whites have it off way worse – if your black you came form like 2 or 3 major spots – if your white, who knows wha the fuck your real ethnic ‘culutre’ is – modern America has wiped white culture away – all that remains is remnants of dead ‘colonialism’ – how many german whites, or ‘english’ whites, or ‘french’ whites or ‘irish’ whites know anything about their heritage? Unless their second or third generation or some shit they won’t have a fucking clue – very few whites even give a shit as to their ethnic background, let alone literally keeping old traditions alive – whites in the USA have totally lost any identity – way more so than blacks (who obviously lost family ties and heritage from slavery) but who have less ethnic diversity within their own race; i.e. they can easily associate with other blacks (and they do) because they are less ethnically diverse, there are fewer ethnic groups of blacks than whites – if your white in the USA no one knows what the fuck they are and so they have a mix mash of different subtle traditions and religions and ideas and shit; i.e. an Italian girl (USA raised) is WAY fucking different than say a polish girl (USA raised), and a polish girl is way different than your run of the mill ‘german’ or ‘english’ girl (raised in the USA) – on the surface they will all seem the same (white) but their family lives will has residue leftover form hundreds of years of ethnic diversity and it plays a major factor in how people act – from religion, to ambitions, to earning potential, etc etc – The point is whites and blacks do have culutral residue leftover, but blacks have it way more so – BUT at the same time both groups share the american burden of having really no modern culutre to cling too – they do have THAT in common. Irish americans, English americans, and other 3rd or 4th generation whites and blacks (the first Americans) DO NOT have a fucking culture – our culture is hyper capitalism + this weird ass socialism mix – what ‘culutral’ values ‘unite’ us? Football on Sundays? Freedom of expression and ‘free-speech’, we all watch the same shit on tv, our great great grandfathers fought in wars together…uhhh, what else…hmmm…there is very little actual shit which americans can call ‘american’ in TODAY’s society. 100 years ago it was obvious what being an American was, nowadays who the fuck knows what that shit means. I personally think society is slavery in a lot of ways, and not ‘real’ freedom, and I find America’s historic use of slavery with blacks pretty reprehehnsible is a lot of ways, even though were all slaves in some ways, but the point to all this shit is that blacks and whites (sorry my Asian comrades) were the main groups who colonized America, and we didn’t develop a proper culutal identity, mostly cuse we were too busy dominating the rest of the world and sorting out our own problems with blacks that we overlooked our own identities. Long story short – neither blacks nor whites have any real cultural identity in the USA, and any 3rd or 4 th generation black or white who tries to ‘create’ that using residual heritage will have a difficult time living to the same heritage that his grate great grandfather(s) had. If your family has been in the USA for a couple hundred years and your a part of this amalglmation and ‘melting pot’ then you literally have no identity – all while the Mexicans and Chinese and [insert any other immigrant] becomes a succubous onto the USA – Immigrants DONT give a fuck man – very few do – I’m actually all FOR immirgration and diversity, but ONLY if these fuckin people get their shit together – immigrants into the US do NOT assimilate – they never have – they set up their China town or Mexican-land and keep to THEMSLEVES – Honestly I can’t blaim them – theyre simply taking advantage of what the USA offers -I would do the same – the othe rproblem is the LACK of actual ‘american’ ideals – the same ideals which made USA a world power in WW2 – those ideals are fucking gone – can they be recovered? -Doubtful – but the problem is without any real backbone and actual culture then other culutres will simply overrun yours – which they are, and have. If Trump wants to make America ‘great again’ him, or any other other leader, would need to really paint a black and white (literally) picture of what the US actually is. Blacks and whites BOTH have no fucking real identity, but they share the same cultural struggle in trying to start over in the US and if America is going to be great than I say we get fuckin Africa on board – at least blacks have some fuckin unity – whites sell out their fellow men fast as fuck. I’m fuckin tired of it man – I live with little mexico to the south of me and fuckin ‘progressive’ (regressive) utopia to the north – I’m stuck in a fuckin wack ass gray zone with encroaching ethnic groups. Other ethnic groups aren’t retarded like Americans – they don’t change – they setup shop and they are either Chinatown or little mexico – Americans HAPPILY bend over for them – what the fuck??? Its because we have no cultural identity to cling too besides the residue of maybe 3 or 4 generations prior – commercialization is NOT a culture and will never substitute as one. Blacks and Whites need to come together (maybe not literally – who knows, I odn’t give a shit, every once and a while I see some pretty smokin hot black cuties) but nah, for real here – if blacks can get a hold of themselves with all the bullshit goin on in Atlanata and Chicago and if white motherfuckers will actually step in and do some shit then USA could see some actual progress – why? – because we come form the same root (or lack there of) – blacks and whites CAN solve the economic crisis – there is a massive fuckin economic crisis right now in the USA and no one is fuckin talking about it – millions of fucks with college degrees and no jobs, what the fuck!!? Blacks bear the burden of unemployment and so do some highly impoverished whites, but black ghettos are fuckin nightmare zones – if whites and blacks get their shit together they can easily hold off the encroachment of every other culture trying to overrun the US. For the record I don’t have an identity – so any culuter is better then not having one imho, so even if whites and blacks don’t get their shit together, at least someone will – and my bets are on the Mexicans, which is fine with me, they got some hotties of their own, now I just gotta learn Spanish cuse God knows they aint learning English. Sigh

      1. JOHN DOE
        You can tell Polish people in Detroit. They look like Charles Bronson or Harvey Kietel-wide cheekbones and sort of Asian looking. You can spot them in a minute.
        The Northeast is sort of different because immigrants came far later (50 years after the Civil War) and crowded together.
        Italian-Americans stand out a mile because they are Arabs. Sicilians look quite Arab. Stallone, Pacino, the Karate Kid.
        The poorest people in Detroit were the Appalachians and Southerners. The Northeast immigrants wrested away most of their influence and power about 3 generations ago.
        Trump is not an old money WASP. His Dad was conceived in Germany and spoke NOTHING BUT GERMAN until he entered grade school. Donald Trump’s mother is from Scotland. There is nothing old money WASP about him.

        1. MAD
          yeah good point about the applachians, theres a good book called Hillbilly Elegy about a family from Kentucky’s Appalachia region who moved to Ohio in the hopes of escaping the poverty…a dreary read but explains a lot.
          I like that you brought up how its more or less obvious what different ethnic whites look like, my point was more about how those groups (polish, irish, italian) have culuteral residue left over; i.e. they might still speak italian, or be catholic, or know some italian dishes they can cook, and that influences their behaviors and attitudes – BUT they are mostly devoid of any quote unquote ‘real’ ethnic heritage. The point is the subtle contrast between their old ancestry and their lack of any ‘new’ idenity with the U.S. They may call themselves American but what does that shit even mean? Mexicans, Indians, Chinese – these groups don’t or haven’t ‘assimilated’ the same way as the Italian, Irish, and other anglo ethinic groups. The Irish were devestatingly more persecuted in the past than say the Mexicans of today even though the Mexicans make less of an effort for culuteral cohesion; i.e. I meet a shit ton of Mexicans who don’t want to learn spanish or learn just enough to get by. None of this is to say I have any ill-will towards for the immigrants, we were all ‘immigrants’ at one point, right, right? No – America’s culuteral identity and heritage is British and based around Brisitish colonialism – any third grader knows this shit, or should know it…the point I was trying to make is whites have more in common with blacks than any other current immigrants and ethnic cultures because we have both lost something. Chinese haven’t lost shit, nor have Mexicans or Indians, they all stil retain their languages and culuteral identiys – anglo whites only have English and their skin tone in common, other than that who knows what the fuck unifies them. Blacks have English and skin tone in common, as well as a common place of origin, other than that in the U.S. there’s not much they can call their own (other than rap, but music is like >10% of actual identity).
          The point I was trying to make is blacks and whites neither have a distinct identity as far as the U.S. is concerned. Whites might have their residue of italian, or irish, or french or whatever the fuck but other than that what is their ‘American’ idenity? They don’t have one. What is a Mexican’s American ‘idenity’ or a Chinese American ‘identity’??? The vast majority of those groups retain their culuteral heritage and languages from either China or Mexico and use American as a vehicle to expand their indigenious culutre. America USE to have an idenity, and while the residue is still there good luck getting it back. I think if blacks and whites somehow embraced their colonial roots and acknowledged like “hey, the U.S. is in an ecnomic crisis, we want to help each other out here, let’s make some shit happen” – while there are obviously poor people of any ethnic background in the U.S. poor whites and blacks make up the majority and yet both are the main ethnic groups who started this fuckin shit…I would like to see somekind of mutual cooperation between both groups in expanded work relations and fixing some destructive regions in the U.S.; i.e. places like Chicago and Atlanta for starters. If those two cities can get their shit together then blacks and whites have the ability to really be unstoppable as far as American economic growth is concerned. You need to be able to turn around the poorest regions and most in need of help to be able to do the same with the rest of the country. In other words, people need fuckin jobs, without jobs or some kind of intervention people are fucked – they end up creating gangs and all hell ensues. This is true for any ethnic group. Turn around Chicago and you can turn around anything in the U.S. and in turn probably anywhere in the world.
          As a side note – if ‘race’ or skin tone was never a factor I’d say Japanese have more in common with anglo-whites in the U.S. then any other group (asides from blacks). Japanese during and after WW2 were and became a major part of the U.S. I’ve meet and know several Japanese families who came to the States after WW2 and prior and they are some of the most patriotic supportors of the U.S. More so sometimes then alot of anglo-whites who take their libertys for granted.

        2. Another quick side note – is places like Atlanta and espcially in major cities in California are incredibly diverse – not just diverse as far as the U.S. is concerned but globally – Atlanta and California have insane diversity in some areas; Korea-town, China-town, little Mexico, little Italy, etc etc etc…When something becomes more diverse you lose something in the process – as is expected – but American identity has been co-opted by progressive fucks saying American is ‘meant’ to be a melting pot…and while this is blantant half-truth the real issue is much larger than that…people like to retain their sense of culuter, they like having an identity – its socially normal to want to retain your social roots and culuteral heritage, but at the same time you can’t have your cake and eat it too so to speak. Do we wanna become China, or India, or Mexico? Fuck no. And I think most of the immirgants don’t want to be a part of their shitholes either, maybe, maybe not – but at the end of the day U.S. stands for having liberty and a sense of freedom, thats all well and good, but if we can’t cooperate with eachother because of culuteral residue or language barriers than were just as isolated as thousands of miles of ocean. Point is U.S. needs to retain its culuteral identity and immirgants need to acknowledge that instead of expecting whites to change everything for them. I would say Asian and Chinese are normally pretty good at getting their kids to learn English and they know what the fuck needs to happen, but they still don’t have that patriotic-ness that say the Japanese have. If you want to live in a country and call it your own, thats fine, but acknwoledge and embrace it also. If you look at the ethnic groups who are the most patriotic its the people who sign up for the military (partly as an escape outlet for being raised in a poorer environment) but also because they are genuinly more patriotic. Blacks, Whites, and mostly Korean and Japanese and some Asians make up the military. For the percentage of just how many Asians and Chinese are in the U.S. they are incredibly under-represented. Japanese, Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islander, and Koreans join the military way more often than Chinese Americans – AND they are less of the population too. The Chinese American community comprises the largest ethnic group of Asian Americans, comprising 25% of the Asian American population as of 2010. And yet they don’t sign up for the military – again, because economically they don’t need too – but ALSO because they simply aren’t as patriotic. Japanese Americans are probably statistically better students and yet they sign up more often (cuse we practically own Japan) but it’s because they are more patriotic. Tough to say just how patrotic blacks are, but I suspect their reasons for joing range somewhere from escaping poverty to wanting to actually represent their country they were born into. I was raised in a military family, and I know alot of white progressive lib fuck-tards will say they ‘don’t see color’ but when your raised in the military and educated on base and around other ethnic kids all of the time race literally becomes a non-sequiter. It wasn’t until later on in my life after living off base that I noticed all of the vast dicrimination. I think most military brats or people raised on base will agree with me. Race is a non-factor in the military, no one gives a shit, and thats the way it should be in ‘normal’ society. Anyways, I’m sort of spamming hard here, simply think this shit is important and its unfortunate ethnic diversity seperates us hard, but it doesn’t have too. It’s mostly a combination of language barriers and the lose of any American patriotism. If America can accept unashamedly it’s origins (civil war, colonialism, etc.) then we can make progress, but until then were going to just be a mix mash of different little countrys with different identites.

        3. Oh one last thing – notice the ethnic groups in the military; Whites, Blacks, Japanese / Pacific Islanders – all have high T counts, or higher then say Chinese. China is the land of soy afterall – is it any wonder Chinese don’t sign-up? No balls. If your a Chinaman in the military in the U.S. than my hat is off to you sir, but generally speaking Chinese do not give a fuck about signing up for the military – like I said, mostly because economically they don’t have too, and also because they normally do decent in school – but Japanese do just as well as Chinese and they sign up way more often – Chinese Americans & Indians need to show some patroticism. This all goes back to my main point about how whites and blacks have way more in common than they think or even realize.

      2. Your problem is that you are a low IQ white trash redneck. Immigrants especially Asians are outpacing you in the western world. While Chinese are making 6 figures in a cushy job in NYC, you are slaving and killing yourself with opiods in your den in Kentucky.

    4. Yes, when I saw the title, I was expecting to read about ancient civilizations whose cultures displayed a great deal of high-functioning longevity. Also, seriously, Jews at #2? There is nothing inherently superior about them to Russians, or Italians. Is a bloodsucking leech superior to a bear? It is like a psychopath who thinks he is very smart because other people have morals and don’t screw over other people or lie to the same degree that he does.

  2. The Chinese?!? Aren’t the Communists are sworn enemy? Never buy anything made in China, especially high ticket items like the Communist made iPhones and iAnything. The Communists are our enemy and should be treated as such! IMHO.

  3. Donald Trump is not quite an old-money WASP. His parents were a German-conceived (Though US born) carpenter and a Scottish nanny. That is not exactly old East Coast money.

        Detroit’s Income Bracket (When I was young)
        WASPS (Very few)
        Germans/Irish/Jews(Suburban, white collar)
        Polish (Lower middle class)
        Italians/Arabs (Merchant class)
        Appalachians (Poor)
        Blacks (Welfare)

        1. Thanks, heirarchies fascinate me. I’ve talked with you many times, here and there under different names. I’m guessing some Jew merchants too. Jews seem smartest on average with lower rates of genius (the world renowned docs are White but yids are consistent), Irish seem most witty, Germans have the best work ethic.

  4. An ethnic and/or national group does not have to be homogeneous to be powerful. Everyone with a three-digit IQ knows that the Russian federation is not homogeneous. Still more power is concentrated in Russia and among Russians than for example South Korea, based on these factors. Every nuance and distinction cannot be made within 1000 words. I expect readers to do some thinking for themselves.

    1. You will find that people hate the bitter truth so much they will find any mote of disagreement to be vocally contradictory to a well spoken article. I hate the hell out of your article, because it is so blatantly true and such a tragic reflection of what humanity has become at the hands of the TOP TWO abusers, nevermind the rest of the high economic status of the power elite worldwide.

    2. You did say “ethnic groups” though not and/or national group. I think the whole article is extremely arbitrary anyway and should taken with a pinch of salt. Do love that you weren’t afraid to mix it up and scare the shit out of the WASP’s on here.
      I myself hold more faith in cultures than actual ethnicity’s for what its worth so I’d agree with you on Russia etc

      1. GERARD
        Other races have done well IN WASP societies but their own ability to build or maintain a country is less impressive.

        1. Yea and why didnt they do good in their own respective countries ??
          There’s a huge fucking chance that’s because their home country was a plundered,raped and pillages into the “shithole” ye now see.
          I know this first hand.
          And I know other countries had empires too so not just WASP’s but they take a large chunk of the blame.
          I am not a bleeding heart either and I wholly agree that you are responsible for yourself but to pretend history doesnt matter is also ridiculous.

        2. GERARD
          We can suggest Guns, Germs and Steel or the industrial revolution but I am not sold on colonialism.

      2. I write ethnic and national groups. The editor picked superior. This article is NOT arbitrary. It’s largely about economic (hence political, military and cultural) power; not necessarily about being the brightest.

        1. Fair enough regarding the editor.
          But it’s a MASSIVE stretch to say its about economics and then throw political,military and cultural in there. If thats the case its just plain the best !!!!
          I didnt mean arbitrary in a negative way. I should have said subjective or personal opinion. At the very least regarding the order.

    3. ADAMS
      I agree with you -but generally speaking anyone who uses the word ‘nuanced’ normally has sophist tendencies and is trying a bit too hard to sale a point ; i.e. ‘nuanced’ is code word for – “oh its all very technical and sophisticated, blah blah blah” – its like some shit white progressives boomer college teachers say to sound ‘intellectual’ – I mention it cuse you used it in your article in a slightly laughable way, and then just now you used it again -not to play ‘semantic’ police but maybe brush up a bit more on your jargon is all, or better yet, tell us about some of these ‘nuances’ – or do you expect everyone here to extrapolate everything your saying using inductive logic alone?

  5. Portugal set up shop on three different continents outside of Europe during it’s imperial heyday. Not bad for a country taking up only a bacon strip slice of an arid peninsula.
    And how about the Scots!? Probably the most inventive country per capita in the entire world (only 6 million people even today).
    Indians?? Those street shitters are supposed to be a superior ethnic group compared to the Scots or Portuguese?
    Poorly thought out article.

    1. REALITY
      My father’s second wife was Portuguese and while I never visited him the country today is a bit of a backwater. Their colonies are not that great either-compare Brazil to Australia, for example.

      1. I consider the Portuguese a superior ethnic group compared to say… the Indians or Saudi’s because of their spirit of exploration, conquest, and because they are such an incredibly small country which maintained an overseas empire all the way up to 1999 with the handover of Macau!
        Yes, modern Portugal is a bit of a sleepy backwater, that is partially attributed to it’s isolation to the primary economic hubs of Europe (Germany, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, etc.) and because it’s much larger neighbor Spain is ALSO a bit of a backwater beyond a few key cities.

        1. Despite it’s glorious and incredible history nowadays Portugal is a powerhouse in tourism having won recently multiple prestigous awards including the famous World Travel Destinations Awards winning multiple nominations including winning the prize for Best World Destination.
          These are not prizes that sleepy backwaters win.

    2. Something always confused with foreigners I have to keep explaining – Scotland is British that’s why the Scotish flag is on the British flag.

      1. The Scots are an ethnic group though…. and the article is specifically talking about ethnic groups in the title.

      2. Almost half the Scottish people themselves would disagree with you. Besides British was a term the English made up so ye wouldnt realise ye’r just the field negro and to make ye feel like a regular ol house negro

        1. More like a third at most, and they are SNP supporters so generally not the brightest people in the UK. No it’s not, the term British predates English and Scottish by well over a thousand years. The British isles have been known as Britain for more than two thousand years; when the Romans invaded Britain the native inhabitants were called Britons.

        2. NO. The vote to leave the UK was almost 50/50. I have no idea why you brought the SNP into it or why you believe that denotes a certain level of intelligence. I dont want to know either.
          The term British may or may not predate the term english (I have zero faith in you but its irrelevant) but it being sold as common identity to bind together two subjective peoples with one “superior” peoples is most certainly true. The english rule the UK.
          A nice analogy for you. Bit like when Andy murray is British when he wins but scottish when he loses. It’s flexible and they will drop ye when its suits.

  6. What a load of Bollocks! The British should be number 1 – from a tiny Island created the USA, Canada, Australia, and had the biggest empire in the history of mankind on top of accounting for the most inventions and invented started the Industrial revolution, worlds most spoken language, worlds oldest parliament – I could go on for another 100000 words!

    1. Britain, Germany, and Italy should be numbers 1, 2, and 3. No other three societies on Earth have been responsible for more prolific technological innovation, astounding architecture, and giving “might makes right” a good run for it’s money, considering the very modest geographic size of all three countries.
      The USA has greatly benefited in the innovation department by having a huge percentage of it’s white population (85% + for most of it’s history until now) being of British or German immigrant stock. Italians a bit less so, but Italian-American women are hot so who cares.

      1. Defending Italian-Americans
        Let us see a BLACK mayor go after their gangs the way Guliani went after the mafia-even after he knew there was a $1,000,000 contract out on his life. That takes a commitment to principles.
        Younger readers here forget how powerful the US mafia was until the eighties. The Sopranos were a small-time ragtag batch at the end, but in the 80’s they were powerful.
        Also, Italians invented the radio (Marconi) and discovered America.
        I’m German-American and I don’t rate them THAT highly.

        1. As immigrants though, Italians have not been as beneficial to the USA compared to the more northern European ethnic groups.
          The infiltration of the Mafia into large northeastern and midwestern cities is a perfect example.
          The immigration act of 1924 was designed to heavily cut back on immigrants from countries like Italy while increasing it from Britain, Germany, Sweden, Norway etc. again because they recognized at the time that certain ethnic groups were less desirable and causing a lot of problems, while others were not.

        2. REALITY
          Detroit native.
          Mobsters are cunning and capable of bribery corruption etc. Many people will shout out “Oh, Italians don’t destroy neighborhoods like feral blacks or Cholos”.
          True, but the average Tony Soprano commits a felony every day for 20, 30 years before he is killed in middle age.
          Likely we would have been living in Palermo today if the 1924 Act had not been passed where judges were shot in broad daylight. People forget the Boardwalk Empire era.
          The primary intention was not to prevent Japanese from immigrating but to limit the power of the mafia.
          If you watch the Sopranos, the ragtag pygmy clan of North Jersey, they DID A LOT OF DAMAGE between 1999 when Tony became head boss and 2007 when New York finally had enough of him and blasted him in the Ice Cream Parlor.

    2. PRINCE
      Quite true. However, the island itself was a composite of Germans, Francophone Norseman, French proper, Romans, Celts, Danes, Dutch.

        1. MM is correct,
          The red headed English are originally from German tribes driven west by the Romans. The blondes are from Viking raiders, and the dark hairs are French from the Norman invasion. Not much left in the way of original English tribes.

      1. JOHN
        If you look at Tom Jones and Elvis Presley it is obvious that Romans in Wales intermixed with Celts to a great degree-perhaps even BRED the Celt out of the Welsh.
        English people are Krauts.
        The Norman blood was mostly concentrated in the upper classes, however.

        1. Welsh are known for dark hair, the racialists I respect say they are among Europes most pure. I believe insular Celts have North Iberian roots.

    3. I agree that Britain was great once, and her daughter countries, the US, Oz, CA, NZ, Rhodesia were and to a degree still are the best places to live, the common law meant the rule of law, a trial by jury like nowhere else in the world. But the UK has been going downhill ever since the First World War, it’s not even a shade of its former glory, still a European power though, the EU elites are shellshocked by Brexit and the lost revenue. I’ve read that the Scottish referendum was fixed to prevent their leaving, the Kingdom seems divided. Iceland’s Althing may be the oldest parliament in the world.

    4. yeah. right. i lived there for a year and it cringed me to see how
      1. unable they are to look out for themselves n a personal level
      2. many mentally retarded people they have
      3. unable they’re to fucking think. they are mindless drones who keep doing things just for the sake of it. God forbid anybody EVER think about changing something to become more sensible.
      4. stupid they are. i went to a secondary scholl to just check out a few classes. hardly anything got taught. the pace was so slow i thought i was in a mental institution or something. they are self-centered and have no idea what’s going on in the rest of the world either. their mental capacity is severely limited

  7. Portuguese had the first global empire and the empire who lasted longer in history. But who cares about facts.

    1. At least it would be wise to put iberians because for sure we influenced all parts of the globe, unlike many on this biased list.

      1. CELT
        I agree with you. But precisely Portugal was mostly predominant in the Indian Ocean and Africa.

      Portugal’s power was in the Indian Ocean and this was overlooked for pure geographic and strategic reasons.
      Let’s face it, Goa is not as important as Florida.

      1. Goa and others had already there ancient civilizations having to fight for their territory much harder than what spanish did. There is no comparison between fighting against ottomans, persians and arabs to fighting against native americans and aztecs/mayans. When, like Brazil we had a large territory to explore it’s resources Portugal did it very well and formed the biggest and w/ more potential in S. America.
        Also, if you want a type of comparison w/ similar conditions between the british and portuguese (oldest political alliance ever and still operating) is Macao and Hong Kong which are very similar in terms GDP and cultural, leisure, etc attractiveness in general terms.

        1. CELT
          Brazil is awfully different from Oman or Goa, even though all three were colonies of Portugal.
          You have to take into consideration that Brazil imported a bunch of Africans.

        2. CELTIBERIAN
          True, loads of British live in Portugal. Spain has more of an Arab influence while Portuguese are more like Celts.

        1. This guy is calling shithole to one of the most beautiful and historical intact place on this planet.
          Clearly you know what you’re talking about. Maybe, just maybe, it’s your brain that is a shithole and still leaking throughout the web.

  8. At some stage this will become a knockout tournament when everybody realizes that the worlds population will never stabilize without that. Religious groups won’t voluntarily accept and abide by changes. Many will not drop their birth rates sufficiently.
    The technology to knockout groups with disease will arise. International cooperation will never stop population explosion. If but one groups doesn’t stop or one religion doesn’t stop then it will continue ad infinitum and destroy everything.

  9. american zion doesn’t have a single review on amazon. C’mon guys, how are you ever going to beat those chinese to the no. 1 spot if you don’t big yourself up a bit?

  10. What about the Klingons? They had quite a mighty empire once, before the federation took over.

  11. I think Iberians, or even just Spaniards themselves, are at least ahead of Italians. Spain, Portugal and its former colonies make up the most important geopolitical space after the Anglosphere, Russia and China.

    1. And according to general female opinion, Iberians (Spaniards and Portuguese) rank consistently among the hottest and best looking men in the world. I’d rather to belong to a superior ethnic group in this department. Jokes apart, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world and Spain’s influence is far away from the times of the Empire, but still exists.

      1. General female opinion is shit these days. Nazi German women wanted to fuck German men. Every European group should follow that model. This is the traditionalist ideal.

  12. For those who bring up old accomplishments of colonial powers, it’s a present list. It’s about those who hold power now, not in 1497 or 1932.
    Gerard Tuohy: It’s a bit arbitrary regarding some placings, but it mainly follows standard measures of economic power, followed by military power according to Global firepower. Like I said, these four are dimensions are largely interrelated. Money gives military and polical power, as well as the ability to influence culture-wise. Russia compensates with military and geopolitical abilities, though.
    michaelmobius: The book cover is used to illustrate. Kevin Macdonald is the expert and majorly correct. I have read all of his books and linked to an important article of him in the article.

    1. Sure! Though, I’m not talking about the past. The Hispanicity and / or Lusophony are contemporary geopolitical, trading and cultural platforms of relevance, and a specific worldview.

  13. This just should have been about nations. Then there could be a separate article about ethnicity for your jewish and wasp material.

  14. Portugal so powerful millions had to go to US east coast fisheries, and to central Canada to do concrete & construction work in the 20th century
    Glory days of around 1500 AD don’t last forever .
    Spain, a busted place of western Europe, next to Greece & Italy

    1. KREVER
      Yeah, but lot’s of people move to the United States to do skilled labor. Being an electrician in 1950 was like being a computer code software writer today.

  15. This is a dumb ass article. Should it have been published? Sure, I like to laugh at things. Ethnicity does not matter. It’s culture and values that determine who you will become.

    1. Even if it didn’t matter, power is still more concentrated among some groups than others because culture and values overlap with ethnic and/or national membership.

      1. The USA has proven that you can rise above your ethnic background. It’s about God, principles, and work ethic. A lazy WASP or Russian is just a lazy person.

  16. Japan might as well be an extension of the U.S. considering we protect them and they don’t need to build a military infrastructure – same with the other English speaking country’s – Britain and Australia (in the Anglosphere) are our strongest allies – though they are relatively weak in comparison to Russia and China obviously, they serve as a pretty real influence around the world – Think about it; does China or Russia have strategic locations all around the world like the U.S. does? Not even close. U.S.A is still a very dominant force in the world even with all the bullshit we do we are a main factor. Is the Anglosphere #1…hmm..Idunno, debatable – but top 3 for sure. WASPS don’t count, I take them off the list.
    The title of the article is ‘ethnic’ group – its a bit tricky to define ethnic group nowadays don’t you think? I Think anglo-english speaking whites are still top 3. if not 1 or 2 simply based on world logistics. If some nuclear war shit were to actually happen whose fucked? Russia dn China right next to each other man, Anglo-whites are everywhere = Endgame.

  17. There are a lot of things that are blurry and unprecise, and many categories can overlap (race, ethnicity, nationality culture/values in for example Scandinavia pre-mass migration), but still significant. If I had written national groups instead of ethnic groups that would have been partly misguided too, since Jews are more of an ethnic than national group. If readers are just a bit congenial they realize that I am 95% correct.

    Without Anglo-Saxon consumerism, rule of law and tax payer money some groups would go back to Tijuana and some go to Haiti.
    Look at how blacks moan in Detroit. “Da Money Be Gone Cuz Da Whites Left”
    Same in LA. “Mi barrio loco, ese”.
    The WORST (And I do mean the worst) punishment that Anglo-Saxons can levy is to LEAVE.
    …And guess what. The 1% and the Old Money Wasps already have their houses in New Zealand and their citizenship. Do you think they care if Mexicans overrun the trailer trash meth heads in Phoenix? I sure don’t.
    Tyrone and Tony the Vato and Hymie the Diamond Seller cannot really grasp life outside their environ but an Anglo-Saxon can simply move to NZ and sip the local wine.
    Like me. I don’t give care about Detroit.

  19. I sure do not miss the DMV in Detroit. I came in and pulled a wad of bills out of my pocket to pay a ticket and the black woman working gave me a shitty, almost hysterical look.
    After that, I got an International Driver’s License from the lovely woman in Thailand.
    I don’t care about Porch monkeys or if they have to eat canned food. They concern me as much less than cockroaches in my villa.
    I do not want to live in the Southwest. It is full of Cholos.
    To call me racist is unfair-I bet few people on this site worry when they are in Chinatown that they will be mugged; I bet it would be all they thought about in Little Africa, USA or any Barrio where a bunch of Cholos are shouting “Vatos Locos Forever”.
    I hope some of these minorities are reading this post so they grasp how easy it is for Anglo-Saxon men to pack it in (Well, I’m German but anyhow) and simply bolt to New Zealand or Australia or South of France. A lot more are going to.
    There is a great deal of advice on this site about meeting some broad and having a load of kids-that’s a bad idea in the West, you’ll only be what was called a “rabbit” or low-class white. You have to hit overseas and make some cash to have a family you can afford.
    One time in Dubai I saw a bunch of Navy sailors walking into a KFC. I thought, “oh Gosh, they even let them here.”
    Another time, one Cholo who was an Embassy Guard saw me while he was hanging around outside the Marine House and gave me the Richard Ramirez smile underneath his greasy long-for-a-Marine flop of hair.
    “Thank goodness I’m away from them,” I thought, reminded of a country full of them.
    Fortunately, they do not travel well and cannot afford to live overseas or even spell the word passport. But once in a while you would see them near the base perimeter.
    That is why I make a huge point to never be near the bases overseas. I might see Hood Rats and Cholos.
    American women are glorified three holes and I do not ever like to see them either. Thankfully their pussies are too huge and cavernous for Asian men and Asian men are not Alpha enough for them so you do not see those sorry specimens either.
    I laugh at Americans from some Podunk town who think Dubai or Asia is a “Shithole” when they live in some old wooden house about to fall down with thin plywood walls and a wooden porch and a patch of grass behind a chain link fence.
    I’m so blessed by Bog in his Heavens that I ended up with nothing to lose at 25 and fucked off.
    And who gives a shit about what is on television. I’d rather get a blowjob in a hammock, like I do everyday. American TV is all the coke-fueled fantasy of some Jew who lives in Sherman Oaks.
    See, I’ve spoken deep words of utter truth.
    When you do not need the three sordid holes of a white woman and can get away from blacks, Cholos, Beastie Boys and the rest…your life is paradise.

    1. Is South of France in the same league? Western Europe seems on its last limb. Australia and NZ, sure. South Africa seems like hell for Whites, living in cages so blacks don’t eat you as a best case scenario…. 🙁

        If you had zero money the safest place would be Australian streets.
        These aren’t safe either and occasionally there are maniacs born everywhere.
        If you had money, the South of France was probably lovely. But then most places can be, if you have a bit of money.
        Some places, like Detroit or the Philippines, are simply too dangerous on the street to ever be completely safe.

        African refugees and Pakistanis are just not as intimidating to American whites who grew up in cities with Mexicans and American blacks.
        Mestizos and black Americans are some of the most formidable motherfuckers on earth. Now you don’t want to fuck with North Africans necessarily but they are not that scary.
        They just aren’t.
        People forget that living in the urban US makes you a hard motherfucker. Europe is sort of a dreamy, mellow place compared to Detroit, compared to Miami, compared to East Los Angeles.

  20. Haha what a bullshit article. Countries aren’t the same as ethnicities. Especially in today’s world.
    Also, the main reason Western countries have a high purchasing power is because they put their production in low-cost countries. This is the reason you can buy your stuff for a low price, although the price would be really low if you greedy bastards wouldn’t aim for high profit margins. Western countries are simply built on the weaknesses of other countries.
    But things are changing, because low-cost countries are getting their shit together, so less people want to do low-skilled jobs for a low wage.

    1. NOPE
      You must be 14. America was far better off before outsourcing you dumb adolescent.
      If you manage to get into college take an Econ class.

  21. History is known for the past 8000 years and you see white people going all ape-shit how they created the world. Europeans had no significant place in history until 300 years ago. And their position already declining.
    Same for Arabs. Never accomplished anything, until the world needed their oil. And this is also changing, because we are finding alternatives for oil.
    And no, the Greeks and Romans were not unique. Or do you think the Egyptians and Sumerians could create buildings without knowing mathematics and engineering?

    1. Sumerians are white you stupid Hood Rat.
      Arabs invented Algebra and ruled Spain for 700 years so you are pissed off that the Arab liquor store owner called you a racist name.
      I’m not sure whether you are a Mojado or Section Ape.

      1. Full-genome analysis of Ancient Egyptians shows they were more Western European and Turkish than modern Egyptians. Modern Egyptians share more ancestry with Sub-Saharan Africans than ancient Egyptians

        1. I’ve been to Cairo and they looked Arab to me. The Arabs swept through in the 7th century.

        2. PHARAOH
          African-Americans who talk about building Pyramids are in fact from the polar opposite of Africa-I think 90% of black Americans trace their roots to Angola and then a few to Senegal, Gambia. But mostly Angola.

  22. While we are at it then here’s a small list of British Inventions on top of worlds most spoken language, biggest ever empire, rule of law, magna carta, and even the internet
    Sir Berners-Lee invor of the world wide web
    Seed drill: Jethro Tull, 1701
    Marine chronometer: John Harrison, 1761
    Spinning frame: Richard Arkwright, 1768
    Toothbrush: William Addis, c. 1770
    Related Articles
    1820s ‘best decade for British innovation’ 08 Jan 2013
    Soda water: Joseph Priestley, 1772
    Hydraulic press: Joseph Bramah, 1795
    Steam engine: Richard Trevithick, 1801
    Glider: George Cayley, 1804
    Tension-spoked wheel: George Cayley, 1808
    Tin can: Peter Durand, 1810
    Modern fire extinguisher: George William Manby, 1818
    Electric motor: Michael Faraday, 1821
    Waterproof material: Charles Macintosh, 1823
    Cement: Joseph Aspdin, 1824
    Passenger railway: George Stephenson, 1825
    Lawnmower: Edwin Beard Budding, 1827
    Photography: William Henry Fox Talbot, 1835
    Electric telegraph: Charles Wheatstone & William Cooke, 1837
    Chocolate bar: JS Fry & Sons, 1847
    Hypodermic syringe: Alexander Wood, 1853
    Synthetic dye: William Perkin, 1856
    Bessemer process: Henry Bessemer, 1856
    Linoleum: Frederick Walton, 1860
    Sewage system: Joseph Bazalgette, 1865
    Modern Torpedo: Robert Whitehead, 1866
    Telephone: Alexander Graham Bell, 1876
    Light Bulb: Joseph Swan, 1880
    Steam turbine: Charles Parsons, 1884
    Safety bicycle: John Kemp Stanley, 1885
    Pneumatic tyre: John Boyd Dunlop, 1887
    Thermos flask: Sir James Dewar, 1892
    Electric vacuum cleaner: Hubert Cecil Booth, 1901
    Disc Brakes: Frederick William Lanchester, 1902
    Stainless Steel: Harry Brearley, 1913
    Military tank: Ernest Swinton, 1914
    Television: John Logie Baird, 1925
    Catseye: Percy Shaw, 1933
    Jet Engine: Frank Whittle, 1937
    Electronic programmable computer: Tommy Flowers, 1943
    Hovercraft: Christopher Cockerell, 1953
    Automatic kettle: Peter Hobbs, 1955
    Float Glass: Alastair Pilkington, 1959
    Hip Replacement: John Charnley, 1962
    Carbon fibre: Royal Aircraft Establishment engineers, 1963
    Collapsible baby buggy: Owen Maclaren, 1965
    ATM: John Shepherd-Barron, 1967
    World Wide Web: Tim Berners-Lee, 1989
    Wind-up radio: Trevor Baylis, 1991
    Steri-spray: Ian Helmore, c. 2008

  23. In the end we all live in one of the 3 main world powers: China, USA or Russia.
    This includes military NATO – USA rules EU powerhouses Germany and France, although not voluntary visegrad too with deployment in Romania, military bases pacific and Japan + South Korea as well as economically – South America is USA, Saudi Arabia is USA with Aramco, Irak we know, Afghanistan with Lithium resources for Tesla batteries and next targets Venezuela and North Korea for oil and mining.
    Information / media flow the EU equals USA propaganda with about a one year delay.
    Russia controls Syria, Cyprus, Iran and some Balkan states. Next to that, wood, gas and oil reserves to nearly infinity.
    Australia is economically China (FDI + gold) and New Zealand is practically USA (dotcom + five eyes).
    It just makes me wonder where UK / British Empire should be classified as.

  24. Russia controls Cyprus?
    I think the Greeks might argue that. Cyprus was a British colony formerly. Maybe some Russian mobsters are there but CONTROL IT.
    Russia ironically had a few colonies in North America-California, Alaska etc. That is it.

    1. I am in Cyprus now, and it’s true that wealthy Russians are buying large parts of the island. Samuel Huntington was right: there is a broader Orthodox civilization.

  25. Yeah power meaning unquestionable dominance which all Caucasian based governments excluding the USA aren’t even contenders. The Chinese yes, Middle east maybe but the biggest mistake is excluding Africans entirely. If they decided to lockdown all access to the continent global civilization would die overnight. Europe would descend back the way it was before; place in the world nobody knew or cared about, China would have to find someone else to grow food for them and America as we know can’t stay on the international stage without any allies. Do some actual research before coming to the internet dumbasses.

    1. Lil Homeboy
      Nobody goes to fucking Africa, youngblood. Brits have been leaving SA ever since Jesse Jackson managed to finance Lethal Weapon 2 and dumb peckerhead tax payers in Bumblefuck though Mandela should be running the country.
      Then all the white with money left and even Charlize Theron just like Haiti and now it sucks.

    1. If you are in Philippines and mess with the Chinese or Chinese-Filipinos you will end up dead.
      One Iranian gigolo type I knew dumped a Chinese-Filipino businesswoman and she got him deported.
      Being American in the Philippines means nothing; anybody who is anybody is a Chinese-Filipino.

  26. I don’t think you know what ‘ethnic group’ means. Because all of these NATIONALITIES contain MULTIPLE ‘native’ ethnic groups. Also, WASPs aren’t even WASPs, if you’re of British heritage, you’ll be more Celtic than anything.

    1. Your attempt to play smart ass failed. I used ethnic group because it was the closest term, and because a singular headline is important, but I also mentioned national groups because many of these are both ethnic groups and national groups. Everyone knows that there are many sub-groups within many countries like Russia, China and Italy (and among Russians, Han Chinese and Italians), for example, but that do not downplay the overall argument the slightest. Further, Russia is indeed mainly dominated by ethnic Russians (and some Jews and other groups), not Chechens and other poorer groups which reside within the federation’s border.
      Jews in America are not a nationality but an ethnic group. I included WASPs because it has been the most crucial American group for a long time, but gradually it has lost influence. Just because it’s fuzzy and overlaps other categories are completely beside the point.

  27. India on the list is only because of its 1.2 billion and expanding. The country is a shit hole. Underdeveloped all the way through. But Indians are a force to reckon with, especially the smart ones who left the country.
    I have never seen anyone wanting to immigrate to India but Indians will leave india at the first chance, and once they leave they soon dominate the host state because Indians are shrewd, cunning and used to cut throat competition. They work without ethics and sympathy, making the simpleton (white race) easy roll overs.

  28. Achievement is not a spectator sport. Superiority comes from within and destiny and personal fulfilment are individual. A man is defined by his decisions, not the land mass or skin he was born in. Notions of national and ethnic superiority are a comfort blankie for the masses – it’s like the sense of pride when your team scores; nice, but it isn’t actually your achievement. Stand and fall on your own feet, instead of vicarious successes. You can come from the worst nation state on earth but be free in your soul and at peace with God and your womenfolk and children. You can come from the most ‘superior’ nation and dependent on anti-depressants, divorce-raped, unfulfilled and a slave to the taxman and gynocentric agendas.

    1. I have no use for comforts. Every European country brings something to the table racially/culturally. I’m not Portuguese but I’m impressed at what they’ve done historically. That shithole creators can maintain 1st word quality of life is a comfort blanket. Culture is a product of race and there is far more to race than skin.

  29. 7 out of 10 don’t belong on the list!!
    …i wanted to say 9 out of 10
    But I’m assuming he meant Romans when
    he said Italians
    And I’m assuming he did not mean Germany
    of 2018 when he said Germans.

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