Most Commonly Used SJW Subversion Tactics—And How To Defeat Them

As many of our readers at Return Of Kings understand, SJWs and their ilk represent a formidable foe that interferes with our ability to enjoy lives based on neomasculinity.  As Roosh’s meetup controversy demonstrated, we cannot hope to save the West unless we nullify their power, because they will never stop until we cease to exist.  We can not just simply ignore them in the hopes that they will go away, as they will continually intrude on every sphere of private life possible.

This situation poses both a challenge and a question for us here at ROK. The challenge lies in making the SJW’s so worthless and toxic to the globalists, that they will no longer protect them with government agencies, courts, academia or Hollywood. The question is how to make that a reality.  My solution to this query consists of understanding the tactics they use against us, the reason being that to defeat an enemy, one must understand them.

In this article, I will be discussing the tactics used by Code Pink protesters, Antifa thugs, and BLM hooligans. These are the SJWs’ street soldiers and their tactics are effective but predictable.

The Origin Of Leftist Street Tactics


Some people just want to watch the world burn.

In the case of leftist street tactics, they can be traced to one person: Saul Alinsky. Born in 1909 to Jewish Russian immigrants, Alinsky spent the majority of his life in Chicago, organizing groups he saw as politically disenfranchised, with particular emphasis being devoted to the South Side of Chicago, a neighborhood which would eventually produce Barack Obama.

In 1971, he wrote a political primer in which he used his years of experience to set out a series of rules that any group of political agitators should use if they sought to overthrow the established order. This work, complete with a dedication to Lucifer himself, was known as “Rules For Radicals,” and it guaranteed that Alinsky would be forever known amongst hardcore leftists as the “father of community organizing.” Today, virtually every leftist political action group uses his tactics, and Rules For Radicals has even profoundly influenced the likes of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Because of this, it is necessary to begin our understanding of leftist tactics with Alinsky’s rules. Because there are 13 distinct rules, each of which requiring a detailed analysis to fully understand, it is necessary to limit this discussion to Alinsky’s three most important rules for brevity’s sake. These particular rules were selected over the rest because of how much SJWs rely on them to conduct their campaign against us.

Rule 1: “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.”

Of all the rules that Alinsky developed, Rule #1 is the one that our readership at ROK will have the easiest time understanding and implementing. This is because it is a politicized and weaponized version of the “frame” rule that is well understood in terms of game. The underlying philosophy behind this rule is to always give off the appearance of power and strength, regardless of the political movement’s true level of popularity. This rule exists not to fool the opposition, but to trick undecided and low information voters into believing that your cause is stronger than it really is.

A prominent example of this rule in action can be seen at virtually any leftist protest held in a major city. If you observe these protests long enough, you’ll notice that protesters of all types will be participating. If the protest is for environmental causes, you’ll probably see minimum wage advocates, anti-prison advocates, Antifa thugs, and possibly Black Lives Matter types carrying their signs as well. At this point, it’s reasonable to ask why protesters for so many different causes would be at an environmental rally, and the reason is simple: they were paid for and brought in by organizers to make the protest appear bigger.


Protesting for their “right” to jump on cars.

This is an example of Alinsky’s rule #1 in play, because the organizers of the protest are not only aware of the fact that they comprise an extreme political minority, but also that their beliefs are largely repulsive if explained in plain terms to most of American society. Their solution to these problems consists of packing as many warm bodies in a small space as possible and getting the media to film only them and interview the organizers only.

If the strategy succeeds, then their protest will appear legitimate and mainstream. The drawback to this strategy, however, is that it requires an organizer to be good at successfully reigning in their people and keeping them on message. It is very easy to troll, trigger, and otherwise throw SJW protesters off message, as the following clip demonstrates:

In summation, this rule involves using basic human psychology and manipulation to trick society’s lemmings into believing that a cause is more popular than it is. Even Hillary Clinton’s organizers are using this tactic themselves.

Rule 3 and 4: “Never go outside of the expertise of your people”— “Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of your enemy”

I combined these two rules for discussion because the left always uses both of them simultaneously when pushing an agenda. In order to galvanize their ranks, they follow rule #3 by framing EVERYTHING in the context of the group’s past experiences. If the protesters are black, the SJWs will bring up segregation or slavery as a rallying cry, if they’re Hispanic they’ll use comments made by Donald Trump on deportation.

This is the reason why the left has a stranglehold on minority communities for voting purposes, because every aspect of their messaging is focused on victimhood and past injustices, and devoid of objective discussions.


To avoid or not avoid the trap? That is the question.

Contrast this with rule #4, which involves leftists doing everything they can to force any non-leftist or SJW into a political catch-22, in which any answer the victim gives will cost them in the polls. This happened at the tail end of the DNC a few weeks ago with Kazir Khan, the Muslim father of a Muslim son who was killed in 2003 while deployed as a part of Operation: Iraqi Freedom. The DNC used Mr. Khan, who is an ardent supporter of Sharia Law, maintains ties to Saudi Arabia, and runs a law firm that benefits from open borders, to launch a broadside of personal attacks against Donald Trump. 

Trump was forced into a difficult situation: either he fails to defend himself from criticism and appear weak to his supporters and the world (thus making him no better than Mitt Romney), or he defends himself and is accused of attacking a gold star family. He ultimately chose the latter, which was a painful choice but also the lesser of two evils given the Catch-22 he was in.

The Khan incident is a perfect example of Rule #4 in action: Republicans are used to being the party that supports the military, whether they do in practice is another issue completely, therefore an effective tactic to use against them is to force them into a situation where they are portrayed by the media as “anti-military.” The Khan incident demonstrated how effective the tactic of forcing your opponent to stray from the political areas in which they’re experienced can be.

Rule #13: “Pick the target, freeze it, isolate it, polarize it”

This rule was saved for last because it represents the left’s deadliest tactic. Even though their ideas are morally bankrupt and produce failure and suffering wherever tried, the left is usually able to succeed in implementing them by placing extreme pressure on their opposition. This rule is simple to apply in practice, because it involves the left finding a member of their opposition that appears vulnerable, assessing their weaknesses, and exploiting their weaknesses until that individual breaks down and gives in to them.

This tactic is evil and insidious in nature because the left will even cause fear and distress in the victim’s family if it means that they’ll succeed.  It doesn’t matter whether their target is part of the vast right wing conspiracy or a leftist that’s been found guilty of not being left-wing enough, leftists and SJWs will apply pressure on this one individual until they cave and concede to their demands, which they will then claim as a victory.


The inevitable price of surrendering to SJWs.

The only way to overcome Rule #13 is to never EVER give in, and to turn the heat back on those applying pressure. Dan Bongino, who is running for the House of Representatives to represent Florida’s 19th Congressional District was able to do this to CNN’s Don Lemon, when the latter tried to box him into a corner concerning Trump’s recent 2nd Amendment Comments

Final Thoughts

These rules, and the others created by Saul Alinsky, are extremely effective because they incorporate human psychology and require exploiting weakness wherever it exists. That said, they are also apolitical and predictable, meaning that they are very easy to spot when being used, and can also be used for devastating effect against SJWs as well. All one has to do in order to see this reversal in action is to watch a Milo Yiannapoulos clip on youtube, or one of the many clips or articles hilariously ripping on SJWs such as “trigglypuff.”

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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97 thoughts on “Most Commonly Used SJW Subversion Tactics—And How To Defeat Them”

  1. “Universal literacy was supposed to educate the common man to control his environment. Once he could read and write he would have a mind fit to rule. So ran the democratic doctrine. But instead of a mind, universal literacy has given him rubber stamps – rubber stamps inked with advertising slogans, with editorials, with published scientific data, with the trivialities of the tabloids and the platitudes of history, but quite innocent of original thought. Each man’s rubber stamps are the duplicates of millions of others, so that when those millions are exposed to the same stimuli, all receive identical imprints. It may seem an exaggeration to say that the American public gets most of its ideas in this wholesale fashion. The mechanism by which ideas are disseminated on a large scale is propaganda, in the broad sense of an organized effort to spread a particular belief or doctrine.” ― Edward L. Bernays, from the book, “Propaganda”

    1. Universal Education was designed to make people more controllable. Consider it a predecessor to Soros’ desire for ‘Esperanto.’ The push for ‘moar college’ is simply a bid by the Elites to push the ball closer to the endzone.

  2. Our salvation lies in the fact that they are smaller minorities than they pretend and they are worse at this game than they like to think.
    On a tactical scale, the Alt-Right and GamerGate are basically similar groups to these leftists. The difference is that our memes are danker, our base is broader, and our passion is greater than anything we’ve seen since the Civil Rights era.
    The culture war is ours to lose, but it’s not theirs to win. They’re just not up to the task.

      1. It’s a carry-over from marijuana culture. “Dank” weed is really good stuff (and usually smells like a skunk got in the gym sock hamper).
        So a “dank” meme is a meme that is highly effective.

    1. Only recently has the tide started to turn…after how many decade of having shit shoveled in our faces? I’m not as optimistic.

  3. The right is behind the game on utilizing these tactics, but we’re quickly catching up. People like Jared Wyand, Cernovich, and Milo have made huge ripples on Twitter and openly challenge the leftist’s agenda.
    When we’ve fully caught up to them on the tactics being employed, we’ll have one crucial advantage over them: the facts. We have empirical evidence, studies, and statistics to back up our arguments. The left simply do not.

    1. I wonder if people actually know who all these internet people are. I know of Milo because I spend too much time on the internet at work and the powers that be for some reason didn’t block youtube. However, ask my wife or my friends or my parents who don’t really do the internet and they have no clue about internet SJWs or their right wing counterparts. Are either side actually accomplishing anything or is it just clicks in the twitter/internet echo chamber?

      1. Well, sometimes it just so happens that yt video has a lot more audience than mainstream news. So it depends. Most of the times you are probably right, but there is so influence and once in while it is big one.
        So we gotta keep fighting or at least support those who fight. Dollar or five once in while to your favorite right-wing yt channel or bloger sure isn’t much, bu it can help. If there are 2000 five dollar supporters each month, then you have 10 000$ each month enough to do something. Like this movie that Mike from Danger & Play is making.

      2. It’s a slow process. People from both sides influence their followers and these followers begin to spread the idea to their families or friends. The idea is spreading but the people behind aren’t that well known

      3. Even if they don’t know who they are, they’re still influenced by them to differing degrees. 10 years ago, same-sex marriage was vastly frowned upon, and rather publicly. Now, it’s the law of the land, and if you don’t like it you have no choice but to keep it to yourself for fear of reprisal.
        The culture wars are an assault by a thousand tiny cuts. We might say Conservatism is striking back at the moment.

        1. No choice?
          I don’t keep it to myself. So far, I’m not dead and, last check, not one man has lifted a finger against me.

    2. The biggest hurdle is that the looney left still controls most of the tactical platform. For example, you won’t find Milo on twitter anymore…

      1. And that’s hitting Twitter hard. They’re in the toilet and it wouldn’t surprise me if they go away within two years.

    3. Do we really have facts on our side?
      In many cases yes, but often not so much. Not because we are wrong, but it often comes to our ideas how life should be. Take first thing freedom of speech vs censorship. It is not that there are some facts behind our preference for freedom of speech, it philosophical argument.
      So yes, sometimes we can objectively determine what is better/correct or whatever (like in case of single motherhood and crime rates), but is not always the case. Sometimes it is just question of values and preferences.

    4. The problem with empirical evidence is that it does not persuade people who are emotionally invested in their ideas. Psychologist have referred to this as the backfire effect.
      Essentially, the more evidence you give someone against their position, the stronger they will hold said position. Particularly if they have a strong, emotional investment in that belief.
      In 1954, there was a group convinced that the end of the world was at hand and that aliens would arrive to spirit them to safety. The aliens never arrived and there was no doomsday. You’d think that this irrefutable evidence that they were wrong would sway them, right? Wrong.
      It made them more steadfast believers. This puzzled psychologist and this is when they coined the term backfire effect and cognitive dissonance.
      Many of what leftists believe is emotion based and not based on empirical evidence. That’s why showing evidence of them being wrong generally doesn’t work.

      1. The big guns of rehtoric are far more effective. Making them believe that they’re nuts for holding onto said beliefs does work.

        1. Unfortunately, appealing to emotions is typically a better strategy when trying to sell or get someone to buy into something.
          It’s like talking to a woman. The man who can appeal to her emotions will be more successful than a man who appeals to her logic, such as it is

        2. The trick is to know when to use dialectics as opposed to rhetorics. Anyone who knows me knows that it is dialectics that will win the day with me. I’m a bit of a newbie in knowing how to use rhetoric as a tool.

      2. I agree wholeheartedly. That’s why I think we must fire back and overload their emotions; hijack the amygdala to the point to where they’re just blithering idiots (I’ve seen this happen before). Afterwards, turn to the rest of the group and present the facts of the matter while mocking the intellectual maturity of your opponent.

  4. What if the Alt. Right was crafted by globalists. And the intent is to allow it to rise over time, via its underpinnings of truth, and eventually drown out the voices of the left, while shuffling everybody down yet another blind alley, ultimately leading to the doorstep of a unified, one-world government, which was built upon the foundations of the Alt. Right movement (including the manosphere, and its constant cries for the implementation of a new patriarchy). And what if Donald Trump is really a wolf in sheep’s clothing, working under the aegis of the United Nations and its NWO handlers. Now that would be pretty clever, wouldn’t it. You might have noticed Trump’s speech in Milwaukee, 12 days ago, wherein he vowed to “restore law and order” as president. Or maybe you didn’t. Here’s another telling quote of Trump’s from that speech: “The war on our police must end and it must end now. The war on police is a war against all peaceful citizens.” A critically thinking person might do well to ponder the hidden meanings behind this statement. This recent spate of police shootings, in addition to the elevated levels of social unrest, racial conflict, terrorist events, immigration, economic decline, etc. – well, they just might be a precursor to U.N. troops eventually taking up permanent residence in all major U.S. cities. (Yep, they just might be.)

    1. “What if the Alt. Right was crafted by globalists.”
      Maybe much of it was. The “heroes” of the “grass roots” tea party-type conservative movements certainly were: Lyin’ Ted Cruz, Little Marco “Full-Throated” Rubio, Paul Ryno etc.
      ” And what if Donald Trump is really a wolf in sheep’s clothing, working under the aegis of the United Nations and its NWO handlers.”
      That, like all “Trump is a plant” theories, doesn’t make sense. There’s no point for the globalists to get Trump into office, all they need is for the opposition to be controlled, which has been accomplished masterfully by a string of “splitter” candidates who suck up opposition votes and then don’t go the distance (eg: Mitt Romney, everyone who ran for Senate against Lindsey Grahamnesty)

      1. Good point about Trump. But I think we’ll see U.S. government troops in major U.S. cities, followed by U.N. troops who will take their places, eventually. A couple more shootings, a few more riots, bingo. Problem/reaction/solution.

        1. 0bama wanted a paramilitary force to occupy the US. So far it doesn’t look like he’ll get it.
          I figured he meant something grander than nationalizing the various police forces across the US, which seems to be the current goal of DC, but mercifully it doesn’t seem like he’ll even get that ball rolling before The Donald, as 0bama put it, “forces him out”.
          I’m sure he’d settle for military occupation though. He already helped instigate actual military* occupation of at least one US city (Baltimore 2015).

    2. Maybe we can be Judge Dredd-tier storm troopers in the New Global Alliance. Maybe that’s the alt-right’s purpose.
      In all honesty though, I think we vastly overestimate the sentience of the globalist movement, while we underestimate their practical, historically and psychologically based approach to planning and executing their strategy.
      You can observe this by reading a lot of Soro’s leaked e-mails. Russia got rid of the Open Society Foundation for good reasons. They bribe, manipulate and convince our so called leaders to his bidding with a cold efficiency, among other fun activities.
      I don’t know if the article will link. But Garret/Galland has an article about how he singlehandedly created the migrant “crisis”. You should check it out.

      1. “In all honesty though, I think we vastly overestimate the sentience of the globalist movement, while we underestimate their practical, historically and psychologically based approach to planning and executing their strategy.”
        I couldn’t agree with you more…

  5. Feminists, sjws, blm and all other leftist groups take themselves extremely seriously. One of the most effective tactics for people who do this is mockery. It literally drives then insane and draws out the intolerant, authoritarian underbelly. That’s why the left is currently trying to target ‘online trolls’ because it’s really hurting them bad.

    1. Mockery is absolutely the best weapon against Alinskyites. The Stormer Troll Army is destroying them!

  6. I am finishing the book “Witness” by Whittaker Chambers. For those who never heard of him, he was an American member of the soviet underground in the 30’s and later informed on Alger Hiss who was working at the US State Department and provided testimony with evidence. Fascinating man and I would recommend the book.
    He said something in the 1940’s that the American conservative recognizes the enemy (communism / the left), but does not have the fortitude to win and would eventually be crushed. The enemy has no hesitations using violence, extortion, abduction or murder. The only ones who can stop the enemy are the counter-revolutionaries who would utilize the lefts own practices against them.
    Insightful recognition and that was made 70 years ago.

    1. “If America didn’t go communist during the depression… it isn’t going communist in one piece”
      A relative of mine

      1. Depression people were a hardier folk, and few ever got to experience excess, so the concept of losing meant less to them.
        Now you’re ‘poor’ if you can’t take your seven brats to McDonalds every night, and you have to wait two or three generations before upgrading your smartphone.

      2. The New Deal (sham)? Chambers later noted the American left is doing the bidding of the communists through the courts and academia, some not completely comprehending where they are being led, instead of violent revolution as advocated by communists. He also said there were, and still are, plenty of fellow travelers in DC and most publishing houses.
        Also I now understand the hate against Nixon has nothing to do with a 3rd rate burgalry and trying to cover his employees— it has to do with a Nixon heading up the congressional Investigation exposing and convicting Hiss.

        1. Had to do with ending a pointless war, making boogies work for their freebie welfare and reminding the hooknose I wasn’t the Johnson Admin.

  7. The challenge lies in making the SJW’s so worthless and
    toxic to the globalists, that they will no longer protect them with
    government agencies, courts, academia or Hollywood. The question is how
    to make that a reality.

    The answer is to stop fighting on their battlefield: their field of dreams, as I’d refer to it. These people do battle in the domain of political ideologies and social religion, not real world laws of human behavior and the physical laws of nature. Because the legal system is simply an extension of political and cultural ideological system, it’s used to enslave and punish men who don’t bow down in reverent submission to it’s precepts and obey it’s high priests who take it upon themselves to define what is and is not right/wrong, real and imaginary.
    Men will do well to return to the ways of the physical world and become self sufficient apart from the systems controlled by the those in power. When luxury of childish indulgence in pursuing whatever utopian circus these people have concocted evaporates, I’ll be the guy who’s able to procure adn produce all the really important things for good living without care for what the opinion d’jour is about every stupid social issue being flung at me like wet chimp feces.
    I’ve become issue and ideology agnostic. By not allowing my person or my life to be defined by what I think, feel, or believe about something, I effectively remove any power these people have over me. I subvert their subversion by not having any stake in any of the games they want to play. I frankly don’t give a damn. And, I’ve structured my life to live well, but separate from those people who insist that I join in their insane crusades to bring justice, whatever the hell that means to them, to the planet through becoming a militant monkey about issues that don’t affect whether or not I have food, shelter, security sleep and sex. That’s how I deal with their tactics. I live life as if their tactics have no effect, because they don’t.

  8. Hey, first time I saw the source of Trigglypuff!
    And instantly regretting it. Her voice is more jarring than a deer singing as it prances through a field.

    1. If you really want to see something that you’ll regret, she has an okcupid profile, apparently.

  9. “Alinsky spent the majority of his life in Chicago, organizing groups he saw as politically disenfranchised, with particular emphasis being devoted to the South Side of Chicago”
    At what point will they objectively realize that they have fucked up?
    I know there are many layers and systemic countermeasures within this dreadful leftist ideology. I know that for anyone who does wish to embrace political realism, sociology is there to cater to them with deceit and manipulation.
    I know that many of the purveyors of this leftist bullshit do not at all have the best interest of the poor and “disenfranchised”, and all the fools they glad-hand and manipulate. I know its more or less a self-sustaining system now, with enough useful idiots and sycophants to carry on.
    But at what point does a sane man (a cuck can be sane, in a sense of the word) observe their surroundings and realize that these leftist solutions are like a fucking plague on us all?
    Have they hacked some part of their brain, that allows them to deny reality?

    1. A huge part of the problem is that we’ve given the political elite the ability to define alot of what we see around us (i.e. what constitutes “civil discourse”, whether a topic is “extreme”, etc.).
      I think that’s going to be the topic for my next article, still have to figure that out though.

      1. The truth is that unless you have something to bitch about the left has no use for you. Go a step further and look at how “civil discourse” is used to appease groups of people who fundamentally do not support the progressive point of view yet are deemed weak enough to be tricked. I’m still thinking of the best way to put it myself but that’s my 2 cents at the moment.

        1. The fact that it can only really work on the weak demonstrates how far they’ll go to get what they want. Even to the point where they’ll willingly mislead or manipulate “the weak”, even though their beliefs harp on about not doing that sort of thing.

      2. I agree, and they more or less took that ability from us. This is despotism, but I think a far worse form of it will come if we fail.
        Top-down sociologically-based social engineering, especially in the labor force and education, has driven us to a sort of ideological chasm. This is the biggest contributing factor to the racial situation in the west.
        They’ve actually managed to pin most contemporary perceivable failings of “oppressed, disenfranchised” non-white groups onto poor and working class whites, especially white men.
        Now many of those perceived failings had nothing to do with the vast majority of whites, but many of those perceived failings were a systemic effect of those trying to help.
        Their ideas are broken and their help isn’t very helpful, especially in the long run. The elites who advocate globalist policy don’t even try to appeal to our reason anymore for this reason, I think, though that may be the case because they don’t feel its necessary to try anymore.
        I hope to read your article soon.

    2. Leftists attempt to blame outlying communities for the discord in the big cities. “Chicagoans wouldn’t be killing each other if guns were made illegal in Indiana”
      Less than 10% of guns used in crimes are obtained legally, from a store.

      1. Yeah, and it makes sense that “correcting” Indiana is their plan to “fix” Chicago.
        Even if they did have some sort of control over the 2nd amendment in Indiana, they would just blame the lack of gun control in Missouri next, when the numbers don’t change (or cannot be altered fast enough) in Chiraq.
        Whatever helps them rationalize this insanity. Whatever helps people negate personal responsibility and the responsibility of their protected classes, to justify further despotism.
        That’s why I thought the plague analogy was fitting.

    3. They don’t believe in objectivity. They will never admit error, they are dogmatic.

  10. It’s not all bad news here lately. The LA Times just lit a major fire under Hillary’s ass about the Clinton Foundation, and its ties to unsavory characters who don’t have the United States’ best interests at heart. The following article was just posted about nine hours ago. I think the chances just jumped up to about 25% that she doesn’t make it to November, before the wheels come off for good…

    1. Here’s some revealing information about Hillary’s questionable fundraising practices, from an LA Times article of 8/24/2016 –
      “Sixty percent of voters in a Washington Post-ABC News poll this month said they do not see her as honest. The immense cash infusions are now coming to a candidate who regularly says some variation of what she did at a community college round table in Iowa recently: ‘We need to fix our dysfunctional political system and get unaccountable money out of it once and for all.’
      “Clinton is also jetting off to the mansions of America’s wealthiest at the same time that new disclosures from her controversial private email server while she was secretary of State suggest that big foreign donors may have used the family’s Clinton Foundation as a back door for getting access to her.
      “One communication involved a crown prince from Bahrain who did not succeed through official channels in getting an audience with Secretary Clinton, but quickly got in to see her when a foundation executive reminded a top Clinton aide of what a big friend he was to the organization.”

      1. The Huffington post fired a contributing writer last Friday for questioning the narrative regarding Hillary Clinton’s health; the writer’s comments about the firing, and his fears that he might be “suicided”, appear in the video below, and a link to the article appears forthwith –

  11. If they “win” everyone loses, anyway. The Left cannot maintain a civilization they control, the expenses associated with the type of control they require are way beyond their ability to pay. Should they decide to tax and regulate the shit out of us even more, they’ll kill the ability to raise revenues, because they’ll destroy the economy. Bankruptcy of the global elites is coming. If Hillary wins, we’ll see it within the decade, perhaps, faster. We’re all going to need a GTH plan.

    1. It is actually their agenda TO crash the culture and economy totally. Break everything into a thousand pieces, so they can reassemble the debris into their desired new order. This is all well documented and a plan of 100 years in the making. We’re getting pretty close. Destruction of the middle class in the USA was a key element and that is basically accomplished.

      1. Right, but they’re insane. Their “model” doesn’t work, never has, never will. If they win, and society is destroyed, I’m going to enjoy hunting these people.

        1. The more I see, the more I read, the more I hear about the SJW / leftists the more I’m convinced they at best insane at worst wilfully ignorant. Wilfully ignorance is worse than insanity in my books

        2. Michael Savage says, “Liberalism is a mental disease…” Until I heard this description, I could never grasp their thought process…to all observable evidence, collectivism has resulted in rape, mass murder, torture, and fear. The economics has failed everywhere. Whenever you point this out, these fuckers have some insane excuse…somehow, they’ve been allowed to take over the college campus, they’re a cancer. In my own way, I wish they’d just finish destroying the civilization, because we need to finally have it out with them.

        3. What do you mean their model ‘doesn’t work’? They have almost all the wealth, political power and cultural control in the developed world under their direct control. It may not be good, or right, or what we want, but it definitely ‘works’.

        4. I don’t disagree that the Elites obtain wealth in a collectivist system. That will never change, regardless as to the type of economic/political system followed. However, the masses will only take so much starvation and police state control before they explode. The whole world is on the verge of bankruptcy, Venezuela is not alone.

  12. The Huffington post fired a contributing writer last Friday for questioning the narrative regarding Hillary Clinton’s health; the writer’s comments about the firing, and his mounting fears that he might be “suicided”, appear in the video below, and a link to the article announcing his firing appears forthwith –

    1. Suicided… it’s been said that the suicided with connections to the Clintons, often die of multiple self inflicted headshots.

      1. True. We could ask Vince Foster about that, but he’s unavailable for comment. That journalist was smart to make that video. It might keep him from becoming Suicide Victim No. 369 (or whatever the actual count is up to now). One hell of a red pill for that SJW HuffPo lapdog to swallow, eh? Those liberal writers who think the mainstream press is “independent”; some of them never get the chance to wake up, after they make the fatal mistake of doing some actual journalism…”You mean the world isn’t filled with puppy dogs and daisies and rainbows? The criminals are running the entire show? That can’t be true…it just can’t be…I didn’t learn about that in school…oh god (sniffle).”

      2. Basically put, “suicide” in this case is code for killed by Hillary-hired thugs, who then make flimsy cover-ups of the evidence while Hillary or Bill pay off coroners to make the “suicide” ruling. This is perhaps the biggest reason why Hillary, being the criminal she is, is both unfit and legally unqualified for public office and should be spending her remaining years in a prison cell.

        1. I had a girlfriend once who punched a window and cut her arm and then called the cops and told them I did it…she’s in a psychiatric ward to this day. I have no idea how she got there (whistling innocently, looking around).

        2. Yeah she was total wackjob. She got knocked up while married to this idiot white knight; he ran a DNA test and found out the kid wasn’t his. The really funny part? She had no idea who the actual father was. A couple of skips and a few jumps later, she landed in the psycho ward via some hard pressure applied to the right connections by a few key players…good riddance, cunt; hope you enjoy the rest of your life in that padded more shit-tests, contrived freak-outs and the destruction of innocent men’s lives for you, poor baby…

        3. That’s a tragedy. Why can’t dumb bitches be peacable. That’s what happens when you stick your dick in either one of these:

          Only women that get along with each other are sane enough to stick your dick into. Like these two.
          London PUA Adam Lyons has finally settled down with two tamed women and began breeding them:

        4. With the way state budgets are going they’re just going to drug them up enough to release them back into the wild.

        5. The dissolution of committed asylums, based on some quack-shrink’s dubious advice, was a tremendous step back for the world.
          Now, instead of treatment and a bed, you’re just homeless!

        6. I think they refer to that as being Outdoor Therapy for the Non-economically Viable…

        7. Could be…or they’ll arm them and start sending them into neighborhoods that vote Republican…

  13. I think Sharpe’s Twitter has been deactivated as well! It was there one minute yesterday and then suddenly it was not!
    You there, Sharpe? What’s the deal?

  14. Hillary Clinton campaign workers caught committing voter fraud in Las Vegas (the comments for this video have been disabled) –

  15. SJW’s are losing. They’ve cried wolf too many times. People closer to the fence are getting instantly annoyed with these idiots and shutting it down. Colin Kaepernick, use that arm of yours, grab the pendulum and hurl that motherfucker this way, thanks bud.

      1. It just amazes me, these athletes don’t realize how stupid they sound. “Modern day slavery.” Making millions playing a game. Kaepernick said he’ll continue to sit. His plan is backfiring and it’s funny to watch. The best way to deal with SJW’s is to laugh in their face, don’t engage, don’t apologize and tell them to get lost.

        1. The only reason Kaepernick is doing this is because his last few seasons have sucked and his stock is virtually worthless.
          It’s the same reason why Michael Sam and Mizzou also went full SJW. If Sam was legitimately good, we wouldn’t have heard about his sexuality. If Mizzou had Bama’s record in the SEC… they wouldn’t have gone BLM.
          Even some guys can be attention seekers.

        2. Absolutely, Dennis Rodman and Richard Sherman are great examples as well. Dennis Rodman quadrupled his income when he started wearing dresses, got tons of piercings, tattoos and colored his hair. Richard Sherman had his little psychotic rant after the NFC Championship game a few years back, people didn’t really know who he was, within a few days he became one of the most popular players in the NFL then the Campbell Soup commercials followed. He got rich quick.
          My opinion about Kaepernick. 1. Did he do it for attention? Absolutely, he’s been slowly fading away. 2. Did he do it for money like Dennis and Richard? Eh, I don’t know. Probably not. 3. Colin Kaepernick is another example of a mixed race person struggling with an identity crisis craving acceptance from blacks. I looked at his Twitter page last night, it is loaded with retweets on Black Lives Matters issues, he’s gone full SJW.
          The Michael Sam situation is interesting simply because the story WASNT interesting. He had a little gay pride festival during his NFL drafting process, was whit knighted accordingly, no one in the media circle went out of bounds (by SJW standards). They had nothing to work with. He was treated fairly by the Rams. They gave him a fair shake and he simply couldn’t cut it in the NFL. He is now a free agent and didn’t complain. The end.

        3. Or perhaps you’re right. I didn’t know Michael Sam went full SJW. I thought he just quietly bowed out.

        4. Oh no, I recall him making a bunch of statements suggesting it was because he was gay.

        5. Looking at assorted photos of Kaepernick (who claims to be half-black), he actually looks more Arabic than black. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit if it turned out he’s really of Middle Eastern ancestry (as he was adopted).

    1. Joe Rogan on a recent podcast said he’s sick of talking about SJW’s and he felt that they’re thoroughly discredited. I don’t think that they are but I feel that we are fast approaching the tipping point

  16. As, lamentably, so many of my stories begin, I was at a bar last night…
    Some illiterate redneck fuck was telling me how much he doesn’t like Trump. Ok, I get that, we all have preferences. Then he goes on this long tirade about how Hillary is the choice because, you know, vagina and he didn’t want to “waste his vote” on a libertarian. When he was done I asked him why he hated his dick. He got all huffy and I repeated, doubled down and gave him the “She’ll do for male and female relations what Obama has done for race relations”. He got all defensive but had nothing but sputtering. I made it even more personal and (yes, I was drinking) asked him if he wasn’t…fond…of women. He stormed out, I got free drinks from the bystanders.
    Fuck the Left. Fuck everything about them. And fuck staying silent and polite when they spew their mind-vomit.

    1. >illiterate redneck fuck doesn’t like Trump
      Woah, stop the presses. According to the Lügenpresse and the expert (((journalists))) at the Clinton News Network, that was supposed to be a guaranteed Trump supporter!

  17. True conservatism has been outlawed pretty much in the West (hate crimes laws). US is the last bastion of relative freedom left. Once US falls, we’re doomed

  18. “He ultimately chose the latter, which was a painful choice but also the lesser of two evils given the Catch-22 he was in.”
    How is it an evil at all?
    Obviously they want to kick Trump and keep him from kicking back.
    What do you think all this ‘Trump’s not being presidential’ crap is all about.
    Who’s he trying to impress by NOT fighting back?
    What mass of raceless, sexless, impartial jurors in the court of public opinion would he win over if he didn’t fight back?
    Why is it that everyone acts like there’s this huge voting block of undecideds that don’t already have a dog in this fight one way or another?

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