How Modern Society Degrades Man’s Existence And How To Fight Back

What is a man? There are countless ways to define masculinity, and therefore, the meaning of our existence. Some define it through the society’s standards of material success, strong and muscular body, or the ability to sleep with many women. Meanwhile, others look to the men of the past to seek their wisdom and to emulate their virtues. While these views are not necessarily wrong, I would like to offer an alternative view that you may not be familiar with: one that is rooted in our primal nature.

The fact is, in spite of how technologically developed and “civilized” we are, we humans are built with nearly the same genetic codes as our hunter-gatherer ancestors of the past. That said, the basic premise that I want to propose here is that: the further we are removed from our primal nature, the more dysfunctional and degrading our existence becomes. For example, eating the various processed food of our modern age will wreck a man’s health over time while eating natural foods like our pre-civilization ancestors will keep him healthy (this is the basis for the paleo diet). And our modern sex roles (or the lack thereof) promoted in the name of “equality” will cause numerous social problems that we’re all familiar with.

Although there is a seemingly neo-Luddite sentiment to this idea, know that you probably already engage in activities to get in touch with your primal roots: you workout to compensate for the lack of physical activity in the modern world, you visit parks or go camping to be in nature, you play sports to engage your hunter-warrior instincts, and you read our site to rediscover masculinity. Knowingly or not, you long to be true to your primal nature.

Conflict with modern society

Fast-forward to today, I believe we are facing serious problems as we’ve diverged so far from our primal way of being due to the rapid and exponential technological growth that far out-paced the speed of our evolution. Some of the consequences include:

  • Degradation of human health with obesity, heart problems, hormone problems, cancer, allergies, depression, anxiety, and other disorders becoming rampant across the world.
  • Economic conditions where the majority of the people live as wage slaves and work stressful jobs they hate while the elites profit massively.
  • More and more people becoming dependent on technological mediums for basic functions while they themselves become dumber with shallower ability to think.
  • The widespread engagement of media and entertainment by the people who use it to sedate themselves into complacency and comfort, turning their minds dull and bodies weak. Spectator sports, porn, and video games are becoming substitutes for real life.
  • The systemic emasculation of men that coincides with the rise of feminism as men are reduced to the status of drones who work and submit to the gynocentric system while women are made to abandon family duties to work for corporations or the government.
  • The advent of globalism—the hallmark of modern society fueled by technology—and its continuing efforts to destroy race, culture, masculinity, and all human relationships so that we will all serve the giant globalist system and its beneficiaries as “equals.”
  • And many more.

Now, some will argue that the negatives can be mitigated through effort and will defend the great merits of our “civilized” modern world. It is true that there are some things that can be controlled by practicing personal responsibility, but what about the things that are beyond man’s powers? What if the society itself is imposing its will upon us? What good is a “civilization” if it only exists to demean men and control them instead of being the expression of human will?

I can go on and on to list countless examples of how modern society degrades us into submission, but many individuals will continue to defend the modern society and focus on the symptoms of today’s problems rather than deal with the root cause of it all. Meanwhile, all the aforementioned problems are only getting worse and accelerating as technology and free market drives globalism and its degeneracy by removing us farther and farther away from our primal state of being.

As our liberal-democratic-materialist-progressive-globalist “civilization” continues to grow and increases the strain on humans which it uses as its cogs, I believe more and more men will revert back to their primal nature and become increasingly tribalistic in their response. We can already see this happening with the advent of the manosphere teaching men to be strong, healthy, and independent while there are increasing number of grassroots movements and ethno-nationalist groups emerging to defy the system.

Return to the primal

As men start to rage against the modern world, I believe it is time for a new ideology to emerge to meet their demands. This is where my new book, Man’s Fight for Existence, comes in with the idea of Primalism.

I don’t have enough space to go over all the nuances of this new ideology, but it can be summed up as the idea that the surest way to secure our freedom, health, social cohesion, and dignity as human beings is to honor our primal identity. This means the rejection of all the ills forced upon us by the modern society, which includes: processed food, modern sedentary lifestyle, the mass media, electronic entertainments, progressive ideals, corporatism, government control, materialism and consumerism, technological dependency, forced social integration and internationalization, and so on.

So, does this mean that we must go back to the Stone Age? No, not necessarily. It just means that we adapt the best we can given our circumstances. Although you may not be living as a caveman, by working out and eating healthy, by cultivating your masculinity, and by fighting for your own tribal group against the tidal wave of the current degenerate society, you are already halfway there to accepting the ideals of Primalism.

Fighting for Our Existence


This is a book unlike any other. While most men seek ‘how to’ books to improve certain areas of their lives (usually finance, sex, fitness), this manifesto offers a wake-up call to those who want a fresh perspective of the world. This book is for men who are fed up with the way things are and wish to reject playing by the system’s rules just to achieve slightly better living conditions—because at some point, regurgitating the same old and whining about the problems of the world just doesn’t cut it. Constantly pushing for self-improvement will not be enough in our rapidly changing world. Men will eventually have to draw a line and say that enough is enough.

This manifesto covers various topics including:

  • Man’s primal nature as well as his paradoxical tendencies and aspirations.
  • The nature of life and existence and how struggle defines all that thrives.
  • Human creations as entities that evolve over time with the same existential struggles seen in living beings (ie. competition between different products, ideologies, societies, etc.)
  • The nature of the current technological-economic System that dominates our existence and uses humans under its domain to feed its own growth.
  • The myriad of social and biological consequences for the humans who are subjugated by this System.
  • How to fight back to reclaim our freedom and dignity.
  • And more.

If the red pill as we understand it is the process of opening our eyes to the truth regarding the nature of women, think of this manifesto as the red pill that will open your eyes to the true nature of our world. A whole new realization can have the power to completely change a man and that is exactly what this book aims to do. And once enough men wake up, they will demand the world itself to change.

Steps towards resistance

Besides doing our best to honor ourselves and fulfilling our capacity for life, I believe active measures must be taken to secure our existence. These two steps will lay the basic foundation for men to resist regardless of their political beliefs.

The first step is for men to distinguish between politics as a hobby and politics as an activism; you are either doing one or the other. Far too many people are hobbyists who spend inordinate amount of time following politics like a football fan who follows his favorite team, doing nothing more than observing and making commentaries. To be an activist, you must have a specific goal to dedicate yourself to. Vague and unfocused goals like “defend ______” or “defeat ______” will never amount to anything. Instead, if you’re truly interested in change, aim for something tangible and meaningful that you can act upon.

Second, men must group and mobilize for their cause. Without creating tribal groups, whatever you read or say in regards to politics won’t matter. Know that nothing frightens the powers that be more than masculine men with shared beliefs and identity standing united. Formations of groups is a must.

Once these two steps are accomplished, the rest will follow through.

The times are changing fast and we must act now to prepare for the future. Don’t make anymore excuses. This is our moment.

To learn more, click here to buy ‘Man’s Fight for Existence’ on Amazon.

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225 thoughts on “How Modern Society Degrades Man’s Existence And How To Fight Back”

  1. “Paradoxical tendencies and aspirations.” I believe they try to call that bi-polar in the Medical Industrial Complex.

  2. I’m not sure modern life is degrading human health. I know lots of men in their 60s…. would they have lived that long 200 years ago?

    1. Two hundred years ago is still modern. And even if we were to narrow our timeline, cancer, obesity, and mental disorders have skyrocketed just in the past few decades.

      1. Most “mental disorders” are, in fact, not mental disorders. They used to be called “personalities” and they were, strangely enough, things that made people unique and interesting, or at least comment worthy.
        The trend since the 1960’s is to make everybody one bland monotone personality, with very few peaks in the down or up category, with a steady state smile and “well adjusted” attitude towards working in an office (or any other menial job). The truly creative forces in life, the real ground breaking individuals, were always totally unprepared for such a life and generally had deep, brooding, or “quirky” personalities that today we see labeled as “mental disorder”.
        For example, Depression as a clinical malady. Sure, some people really are fucked in the head and no amount of anything will stop them from the downward spiral into suicide, but most people who are “clinically depressed” are simply people who are just brooding obsessive type people. The kind of people who used to write stirring and heart moving novels and plays, or compose amazing concertos in their angst, or rail against the universe in long philosophical treatises.
        ADD – The kind of person who used to move mountains to get things done.
        Manic Depressive – He’d focus on that great engineering feat, draft it out and build it, then retire to his room to look at wallpaper for a week and sob about his second cousin that he had a crush on when he was a kid.

        1. Everybody’s lives are micromanaged these days – policed, as it were. Everybody has some sort of “ailment” or “disease”. And all it takes is some trendy pill that’s advertised on TV to make you tip-top perfect – which always happens to have severe side-effects, including bleeding from your pores, damaging your liver, sending you into cardiac arrest, etc. – but hey, according to the doctors those pills are really, really good for you. “Do what the doctor says. Doctor’s orders.” Etc. (My ass.)

        2. I truly believe that there’s a real disconnect going on here. I don’t automatically assume that the medical/psych industry is necessarily doing it on purpose in a malicious sense, but I think that way too many people fear not being “perfectly bland and normal” and of course, the industries are more than happy to “help” them, for a fee naturally.
          So much good art, music, engineering and scientific discovery comes out of people who, today, are not considered “right in the head”. I fear that society in the West is medicating and “analyzing” our creative geniuses out of existence.

        3. Interesting that you should write that. A buddy of mine is friends with this Catholic bishop. The bishop used to teach him in high school (way before he became an official bishop). And this guy was a straight-up guy. He didn’t mince words, at least not in private conversations with his students. And he told my buddy back in high school that the goal of the oligarchs was to medicate society. Mass-medication, via the water, via forced medication, etc. To turn us all into compliant sheep. And that was nearly 50 years ago. At the time, my buddy thought he was cracked. But now…now that bishop doesn’t look so crazy. Heh. You are on to something here. Definitely.

        4. Nice post. Some scientists are starting to worry about the potential downside of genetic editing. They think the potential for genius in humans could disappear, as parents wouldnt want traits like ADD, depression, etc, but geniuses tend to have some form of mental “illness”. We’d be a bunch of dopey Eloi in a few centuries

        5. I had a bad acne breakout when I was a teen, so I went to a dermatologist. He had acne himself. But doctors are smarter than you! They spent a zillion years in school!

        6. Indeed. And not just intelligence and mental items, but also, some of our “defects” now inoculate against a hostile environment elsewhere. To try to “perfect” ourselves this way is suicidal for the entire species in ways that seem pretty fucking clear to me, yet somehow, very few scientists see this as a problem.

        7. Tesla claimed he was speaking to God, and if it wasnt him, it was a higher alien intelligence. How many meds would he have been on before his 20th b-day if he was alive today?

        8. Precisely. And let’s not even start to consider the bizarre world that E.A. Poe or Nietzsche lived in. And of course Ford was “OCD”. Vivaldi was a depressed cripple. And almost every super amazing guitarist you or I have ever met was some socially rejected “loser” teen who suffered huge amounts of “anger issues” and “depression” which they channeled into sitting in their rooms playing guitars until they became legends.

        9. Yep. And they of course wind up filing a class-action lawsuit, and get a big settlement, and in some cases, anybody who tries to sue down the road is out of luck…

        10. ..was contemplating earlier whether homosexuality is also a mental condition as it used to be thought..

      2. “Two hundred years ago is still modern. ”
        In respect to the grand timeline of western civilization, I would say yes. But there are mitigating factors that are unique to today: the technological achievements in only the past 100 years alone have had a much more profound impact. Add in the global real-time communication revolution-and it’s starting to take its toll.
        Corey – I glanced over the excerpt of your book – looks interesting, I’m looking forward to buying it. Good luck with it.

        1. Upper class and the occasional middle class, yes. Step into a Victorian graveyard sometime and you’ll rarely see anybody 70+ based on the tombstone dates. Believe me, I’ve been to a whole mess of Victorian and earlier graveyards.

        2. One day we’ll have a chat about your habit of wandering graveyards… Although you are a ghost so perhaps that makes sense.
          Note that I mentioned the Middle Ages. I know you’re young but not young enough to consider Victorian times Medieval!
          Even so, your anecdote about Victorian graveyards is… uh… anecdotal.

        3. So walk through some Victorian and earlier graveyards Bob.
          You have *zero* evidence other than those, since statistical mortality rates were not kept.

        4. Yeah, I responded to it. It’s still zero evidence.

        5. Indeed, it was infant mortality that lowered average life expectancy. Survive childhood and you could expect to live until your late 50s at least.

        6. You should probably let all of those statisticians and historians know about those graveyards of yours, so that they can stop wasting their time.

        7. Well if they’re just aimlessly speculating, then perhaps I should.
          Better to use what scant evidence you have before you, than to make up shit out of whole cloth. Which looking at your links, is what they are doing and admit that they’re doing.
          Average life in Britain was 47m 50f in 1900 Bob. Your own link says it.
          It’s ok to admit error when you’re wrong Bob.

        8. And once again, due to your lack of ability to admit any error or mistake on your end, we’re through speaking for the day.
          On this count you are highly Leftist. Once you say something you will never admit that you’re wrong. Ever. Not once.
          Whatever Bob.

    2. There’s plenty of people being kept alive that otherwise would have died had they lived years ago…my Mum one of them(Stroke)…but is that necessarily a good thing when their quality of life is very low? People died of ignorance as much as anything(Typhoid, Cholera, Scurvy etc)

      1. I think it’s a bit of a mistake to think that being saved by medical science means that you have a degraded quality of life. In many instances, that heart attack victim will bounce back to an active healthy life, and many cancers and diseases are, if not entirely treatable, at least able to be held at bay to allow the victim to live a normal or close to normal, productive, happy life.

      2. At 60 I’m still banging 20 year olds, I would have needed to be a king to do that 200 years ago. My quality of life is just fine thanks.

      1. That’s actually pretty dubious Bob. While surely there were people in their 60’s back in 1781, it’s highly unlikely that the statistical number of 60+ in society (as a percentage of overall society) was anywhere near as high. Your middle class dude in the late 18th century had almost no access to real medicine that was effective, and the number of deaths in the first 3 years of life was *way* higher than it is now.

        1. Yes but infant mortality actually skews the life expectancy numbers downwards. If you made it out of childhood you had a very good chance of living to old age.
          Yes there is more medicine today (much of which is snake oil if you ask me) but it is to fix modern problems which didn’t exist for the average person in the early 19th Century.

        2. I have no clue where you’re getting that idea.
          Show me the stats from the time please. Because when I stroll through really old graveyards, I find a dearth of 70+ year old people (and I’m not including infants/child deaths here).

        3. And…these are garnered how, without any real statistical knowledge of the time?
          As evidence, the first line out of the second link you provide, and I quote:

          We do not know exactly what average life expectancy at birth was in the past

          Another line from that link:

          Life expectancy rose further in Britain in the late 19th century. By 1900 in Britain it was about 47 for a man and about 50 for a woman.

          Hardly a staggering amount of 70+ mentioned there…
          So, yeah.

        4. You are cherry picking a few comments out of context there my friend.
          Remember the part where I told you about infant mortality skewing life expectancy? That kind of matters.

        5. Oh, cherry picking. I see. SO the average age in 1900 in Britain wasn’t 47 and 50 then. Right.
          You are incapable of admitting error aren’t you Bob?

        6. I know what an average is Bob. It means that most people didn’t hit 70 or higher, although some did. So much for your claim.

        7. No you clearly don’t. There is your common sense notion of “average” which is inaccurate (hence your misunderstanding) and then there is the statistical concept of average (of which there are multiple types). Statistically speaking, depending on how they are calculated, averages can be skewed (as I mentioned before) which throws up odd results and causes people to draw erroneous conclusions (which you have).

  3. I don’t want to be a political activist. I vote every election and follow political developments as best I can. I have a real life and all these listed problems are caused by men making poor decisions for many years.

    1. “..all these problems are caused by men making poor decisions for many years.”
      Which I do not hold myself respnonsbile for nor have any obligation supporting in any way. I read an article about women from my local area who attended the vag march. This is an actual quote:
      “This was something I felt I needed to do,” … “I feel like I could hide behind my upper middle class white professional family life with my textbook family, but there are all these really horrible things that I see happening, and however cliche it is, complacency makes me complicit. I don’t exactly know what the next steps are, but I feel like this was a good first step.”
      This is what female WASPs do with their time.

      1. That march accomplished absolutely nothing except maybe alienate a few rational voters even further from those groups. Unless the political activism involves actions being taken against the transgressor, it’s meaningless. Voting, which some other ROK contributors rallied against in recent years ( and consumer decisions are meaningful actions. Or violently overthrowing the government.

        1. Agreed. The dipstick who was quoted could not even identify what she was doing there let alone explain those “horrbile things” she is referring too. This is just another virtue signalling exercise or more likely she didn’t want to waste her tickets to the inauguration.

    2. There’s more to being a political activist besides going around to protests with signs. Being politically active also means raising your children to understand why you vote the way you do. It means having convserstions with friends who might be on the fence about some issues and seeing if you can persuade him to join your camp.
      And like it or not, the left is very, very subversive about corrupting the youth. I’ve seen commercials on Disney Jr (I have 3 young kids) that promoted the whole grrl power thing along with being political activists. Yes, you heard me right. Their intended audience of kids under 6 are being told by them they need to be at protests with megaphones screaming, presumably about the patriarchy.

      1. For those of you who’d like to see the video in question, here it is. Have some Tums handy as it’s pretty nauseating. Notice there’s no boys being encouraged here, just girls. Also, there are no male equivalent songs/commercials like this on Disney Jr. It’s all about grrl power.

        1. Disney is poison for the young soul, as are all of it’s affiliate stations. Cut it off at the root.

        2. Dunno. Disney himself as a person was a decent human being, although I don’t know his personal views on particulars, I do know that overall he was fond of the free market and human liberty in a general sense (a direct 180 view is not held by the people running his former company).

        3. I think he was the Heil Hitler type. Could be wrong.
          I wonder if he knew what he was creating back then.

        4. That’s absolutely incorrect. He was charged with “anti-semitism” at one time but nobody could find any evidence of it, and of course some moderns accuse him of “racism” because he didn’t lionize Team Diversity. He was highly pro-America, patriotic and conservative.
          As to “nazi” he was called that because he was anti-Communist. As you know, to the Left, if you don’t support their world view, you’re a “Nazi”. As to being an actual national socialist, that’s entirely unfounded and incorrect.

        5. You’re probably right. I wasn’t trying to discredit the man. I like his older cartoons, I actually discovered Jazz by watching Lady and the Tramp.

        6. Well, he sort of had a (literally) Hitler style mustache, but other than that, I’ve never heard of anything he did that was Nazi-ish in any way.

      2. I don’t have children and my friends all have similar political opinions otherwise they wouldn’t be my friends. And I certainly don’t financially support Disney products.

      3. I found out over the weekend that one of the female teachers is pushing homo propaganda on our 7 year old’s class. As our daughter infomred us, she was telling the kids that people of the same sex and love each other and can have families. Then she went around the class to ask if it was ok for two women to get married? My daughter said, “no” despite with most of the class is on board with it.
        I am scheduling a visit with the principal and that teacher this week.

        1. Fuck. I don’t have kids, but if I did, they would never get within 500 feet of a public school.

        2. We have conacted the parent rep and will be communicating with some of the other parents, but proselytizing sexual deviancy to a class of children is beyone the pale. I will suggest that unless they want some parents coming in to administer their morals and values on the staff, they should keep that crap out of school.

        3. They shouldnt even be discussing heterosexuality at that age, they are little kids

        4. I agree, but hetetorsexuality and the nuclear family doesn’t need to be explained at all– majority of these kids live it.

        5. do a search of the Scotsman newspaper and cultural marxism. Theres a short and sweet explanation of whats going on that you can send to or print out for other parents

    3. OT: I see you use the symbol of American Atheists as your avatar. I guess it represents a lithium atom or something, but why does it also have the Star of David in it?

      1. Oh stop it. For fuck’s sake. That’s the normal picture most people draw for an atom and have for ages.

      2. “I see you use the symbol of American Atheists as your avatar.”
        It was originally the sign for agnosticism and people can’t seem to differentiate between that and atheism so now it generally represents both.
        “…why does it also have the Star of David in it?”
        I would guess because you suffer from a severe case of fundamental attribution error.

  4. I’m starting to see the advices that these articles give about male self-improvement as nothing but chores.
    All these “tips” are useless in the sense that men are already doing some of these stuff. There’s plenty of guys that hunt, fish and know how to fight. Is there a point to these activities besides having fun, the answer is no. The past is usually heavily romanticised, having lived in a somewhat backwards village for the first 14 years of my life I know that most people would do anything to escape that lifestyle. And I am not condoning weak men, I get it,life is too easy so let’s just make up shit so that we don’t think we’ve wasted our lives.
    If society made you submissive, just go piss on someone’s Chevrolet Corvette.

    1. Well, at least in the past you didn’t have to stay in your ”backward” village…you could easily become a pirate or a mercenary and have a little real excitement before you croaked…now all you got is Call of Duty.

      1. True. In fact “excitment” comes when you work outside the system, when you trick it, when you work against it. And you can do that today also.
        Taking notes on diet tips is the exact opposite of that.(meaning that’s what womyn do)

    2. Chores happen when you don’t see the value of the work you do. When you are a kid, you don’t see the the consequence of not taking out the trash, you just know you have to do it or you get the belt. Much of the paper shuffling I do is the same for me, but at the end of the day, I do get a check. I think a lot of self improvement needs to be in focusing on how it improves you. If you don’t, you won’t have your heart in it, and you will stop. Sometimes, stopping may be the right thing to do if you are not seeing any improvement, there are better ways to spend your time.

      1. Well, if you put it that way then yes, chores are useful, but they are not primal, hence we’re not masculine.
        It was the woman’s responsability to take care of chores(like paying attention to what you eat, taking care of the man’s needs, of the home etc.), now men do it, hence we’re not masculine.
        There is a dissociation between what red pill articles want to transmit and what we end up becoming.
        The reality is there is nothing we can do to become Conans. Our only option is to go with the flow, which most of us do, and at the same time try to be honest with ourselves and do what we can in the current situation. Adding things on your list on what you need in order to become a real man it’s just stupid.

        1. Every chore, every task, every bit of work no matter how mundane is an opportunity for excellence. Like push-ups – they’re really not useful in an of them selves, but the benefits are broadcast throughout your body. Such should excellence become a mindset.
          Channel ling a little Miyagi here this morning…

        2. In my case, if I don’t I will be living in shit. Those chores won’t do themselves. But sometimes wimmims come over and do them for me.

    3. Moreover, it seems to me that these articles come from a position of guilt. Its an old idea which descends from the self-flagellation some monks practiced in Medieval times. This idea found further expression under the rule of the puritan Oliver Cromwell in England during the 17th Century during which “having fun” was essentially banned.

      More and more people becoming dependent on technological mediums…The widespread engagement of media and entertainment by the people who use it to sedate themselves into complacency and comfort….

      How dare we save ourselves some time by using technology? How dare we enjoy ourselves? We should work and never relax. Relaxing means you are wasting time. You shouldn’t use time saving technologies otherwise you may run out of work to do and be forced to… relax! Relaxing and having fun is a sin and must be punished. (And in 17th Century England you would be!)
      There’s a reason why England kicked the Puritans out. Nobody liked them.

      1. Guilt and fear.
        Guilt – I’ve spent 10 years playing World of Warcraft non-stop(the fact that I had fun while doing so doesn’t matter). OMG, what have I done, now I need to compensate, I have to learn sports, I have to become a Derek Jeter wannabe.
        Fear – Girls and cool dudes only like this and that and God knows what. They don’t like me for who I am(see the female mentality ingrained in them) so now I have to learn 4 languages, gots to have me some abs and I certainly have to watch MMA.

        1. What the fuck does “who I am” mean precisely?
          You are who you make yourself, nothing more, nothing less. If you’re doing things that are isolation creating and anti-social, that’s fine as far as it satisfies your happiness, but you’re not going to find many chicks who want you sexually for it, nor many male friends outside of WoW. Which is fine, but don’t complain about not getting da’ wimmins (not you personally of course).

        2. Yeah, it defines you, so?
          They filled their emptiness with technological bullshit.
          Lolknee filled his with pretty ladies.
          My problem was with the overcompensation.

  5. As always, good article Corey, props.
    Most of your suggestions and ideas seem on the level, although I’d probably either ask for more of an explanation (I know I know, buy the book, heh) or say “Eh, maybe not” if I see the alleged problem as not so much a problem as it is a perception of a problem.

    This means the rejection of all the ills forced upon us by the modern
    society, which includes:

    – processed food – GOOD
    -modern sedentary lifestyle – ABSOLUTELY
    mass media – GOOD
    -electronic entertainments – Depends, this can be fine in moderation
    -progressive ideals – MANDATORY
    -corporatism – Need more information, most people take this as blank slate “free market” which is not, actually, what corporatism is
    -government control – GOOD
    -materialism and consumerism – Depends on how far you take it. If “things” complement your life and allow you to enjoy new experiences or live in a better fashion, there’s nothing wrong with it. If they come to dominate your raison d’être then clearly that’s wrong.
    -technological dependency – That’s really begging for clarification. Every tool you use, every method you use to do something that was developed by another, is technology.
    -forced social integration – An inalienable right to free association on your part, very good.
    -and internationalization – In the sense of one world government, or “open borders”, ABSOLUTELY. Free markets on the other hand, I don’t care if you trade with somebody from Bangladesh, it’s not my business.

    1. Thanks, I’m glad to see that you agree with most points. And I’m more than happy to elaborate on the specific issues.
      Electronic entertainments: See, I don’t buy this “moderation” argument. Just because something can be moderated, it doesn’t make it good. If I snort coke once a month, is it going to kill me? No. But does it mean cocaine is good because it’s done in moderation? No. That said, although I quit video games and TV shows, I still watch a movie then and now. But I know there are hundreds of better things I could be doing with my time than sitting on my ass and staring at a flickering screen (which is why I will not watch anymore movies unless I’m stuck with nothing else). No one prefers porn over real sex and the same applies for all other electronic entertainments.
      Corporatism: Collusion with government, abuse of power, deceiving the public, etc. Just look at how Big-Pharma and Agra businesses operate. Obviously this is not a criticism of free enterprise as a whole.
      Materialism and Consumerism: Materialism is why we have no values today and how feminism came about. Obviously you can’t be completely non-material unless you want to live like a monk, so I’m referring to materialism above all else that is practiced today. Same with consumerism. We all consume something, it’s just that it’s been elevated to a cult status in modern times with people racking up credit card debts and worshiping degenerate celebrities.
      Technological dependency: I could write a whole book on this topic (and I will), but to get to the point, you would have to divide between technology as tools and technology as means of life. Simple and ancient tools like hammer and knife takes skill to operate and takes little away from a man’s autonomy. Modern technology, on the other hand, makes you dependent on the mediums. You don’t use your brain to learn because you just have to look things up on Google, you expect automations to do all the hard work for you, and along the way, governments and corporations are mining your data. Those are just few examples of many. Also, if I use my freedom of choice to stop using certain technologies like email, car, cellphone, computer, credit card, etc., it’ll be almost impossible for me to get a job and function in a society. How is that different from being ostracized by the society for having certain religious or political views? How long before microchip implants become unofficially mandatory?

      1. “How long before microchip implants become unofficially mandatory?”
        If the Big Boys get their way, it won’t be long. We’ll have a cashless society and some sort of chip (probably one that is in an I.D. card of some sort, first; later on, one that is under your skin) to buy goods and services. Look at portions of Europe, and elsewhere, and you already see large denominations of bills being banned. And cash payments over a certain amount being banned.
        All of this is just “a coincidence” of course; nothing to worry about; nothing to see here, move along, etc…wink-wink.

        1. Look at Europe, and elsewhere, and you see large denominations of bills being banned.

          As far as I know, this has only happened in India. That’s bad of course, but I don’t see it as something that’s actualized yet in Europe or its former colonies…yet.

        2. I don’t deny when, I was just making a note on the notion that it’s already happened in Europe. To my knowledge, and it may be wrong, that isn’t correct…yet.

        3. “European Commission announces is intention to, ‘explore the relevance of potential upper limits to cash payments,’ with a view to implementing cross-regional measures in 2018. Maximum limits on cash transactions already exist in most European countries, and the general trend is downward. Last year, Spain joined France in placing a €1,000 maximum on cash payments. Greece went one better, dropping its cap for cash transactions from €1,500 to €500. In simple terms, any legal purchase of a good or service over €500 will need to be done with plastic or mobile money.”

          (A South American company has done similar, including banning a large denomination of currency, although I can’t recall which one. In any event, moves are being made on currency, and what you can, and can’t, do with it…)
          Here’s a UK article from about a year ago, which discusses the move to ban the 500-pound note in the UK; all of these things are always sold as being a means to “fight terrorism” or “fight organized crime”, which, considering how the bankers operate, is a major joke in and of itself (heh) –

        4. Sure, but discussions are not policy that’s already in place.
          As I noted to John Galt, I’m not questioning the eventuality of it, rather, the idea that it’s already happened in Europe.

        5. Could be wrong but I think I read somewhere that the EU is phasing out €500 notes. Also the general trend is towards cashless transactions debit card, contactless payment, apple pay. Amazon want to open a cashless, cardless supermarket where you can just go and take what you want and it will be automatically billed to your Amazon account.

        6. Most of the EU never wanted the €500 notes (and they are not accepted in most places) back in 2002, but the Germans demanded it.

        7. “Last year, Spain joined France in placing a €1,000 maximum on cash payments. Greece went one better, dropping its cap for cash transactions from €1,500 to €500.”
          It already happened in parts of Europe, as this quote from my previous comment points out. And it’s going to happen more frequently as time goes on.

        8. Amazon needs to know I have a herpes outbreak and hemorrhoids. Its for the good of the nation

        9. Thanks I knew I’d read it somewhere. I see they’re blaming the Russians again . Interestingly the only time I ever saw a €500 note was when a Russian girl I dated pulled it out of her handbag to pay for a hotel. The receptionist had never seen one too and we all kind of looked at it for a few seconds and then went on with our lives. No terrorism involved

        10. Yeah – fight terrorism and “it’s the Russians”. You’d think they could come up with better bullshit rationales…but I guess they feel like they don’t need better rationales (which, sadly, given most people’s inherent idiocy, is probably the case).

        11. Why should they?
          I mean look, people are falling for the eco-religionist “environmental” crap, which is NOTHING except a re-hash of Shamanism. “Give us power and we’ll change the weather and the crops will come in all right, otherwise, we’ll tell the weather gods to smite you and your crops”.

        12. Pretty sad. It’s so damned easy to convince most people that up is down and wrong is right…

        13. The fears of humanity were set in the stone age and haven’t changed a lick since then. We can update the package and give it a new title, but every control over society hearkens back to some ancient fear that may or may not have been justified in 10,000 B.C.

        14. Yep. We’re afraid of death, old age, famine, disease, war, being invaded by outsiders, having our children stolen from us, on and on. All it takes is a devious group of people who realize this, and they can prey on our fears nine ways to Sunday, and manipulate us…hey! Could this already be happening???? (Sarcasm.)

        15. Every sales person, every marketer, every politician, every special interest group and every neighborhood gossip or homewrecker uses this to some degree or another.

        16. If that’s the case, then I’m likely wrong and have learned something today. Thanks!

        17. Pretty amazing that the whole chip thing has been prophesied for close to 2000 years. I remember when i was a kid thinking that couldn’t happen but I can see it easily being implemented for “security”

        18. The bills that are being banned in Europe are bills your country has never had. Think about it.
          But yes, we are screwed in minimum cash payments.

        19. I’ve actually thought about that. I have two kids with another on the way and I’ve had them get their immunizations. I’ve thought about how easy it would be for a child to get an “immunization” that is actually a chip.
          That’s why I’m on the fence with my soon-to-be-born child. I will probably get he/she immunized because I don’t think we’re at that point yet, but I can definitely see it coming.
          I DO refuse to get our employer provided flu vaccine though. I don’t trust that particular one for some reason.

        20. Have a friend in law enforcement. Says that the cops can know if you have more than $1000 in your vehicle using some sort of scanner and it’s illegal to carry that much cash now. Hmmmmm

        21. Measles vaccines kill more people than measles (108 dead via vaccine, 0 dead via measles) –

          ‘Safe’ vaccines kill 2699 children a year – and 101 develop autism –

          A primer on how modern vaccines kill, maim and ruin a person’s life –

          Gardasil kills, but no recall is imminent –

          Gardasil (vaccine) kills; Facebook community –

          AMA (American Medical Association) built on racketeering and profits, to the total destruction of natural remedies that actually work –

          Doctors are serial killers in white lab coats; third leading cause of death in the USA –

          And for the coup de grace (did you know that “coup de grace” means, “A death blow to end suffering, or a mercy killing”? – ironic, especially in this context), here’s a direct link to the Bing search results for, CDC whistleblower vaccines –

          And just for visual stimulation, here’s Bill “Lower the Population” Gates, discussing how vaccines might help the elite lower the number of undesirables in the future –

        22. It really boggles the mind how we have “freedom” but your child can’t attend school unless they have these mandatory shots, but you can’t sue the manufacturers if there’s an adverse reaction.
          Rock and a hard place, man. I have two smart, beautiful kids and it terrifies me thinking what could have happened to them or could happen to the next one…….

        23. I know. I didn’t want to post it for that reason. But I thought I should. It’s about being informed. Who knows what they are putting in vaccines nowadays. Whatever they’ve added, it can’t be good.

        24. The government has similarities these days to computer Hal in Space Odyssey 2001 that seemed benevolent but one day was anything but.. Anyone seen the Tripods Trilogy or read the books? They had chips implanted in them by the colonizing aliens and one brave soul cut his out with a knife.. Hope we don’t have to start chopping out microchips any time soon..

        25. The €500 note (US$534) is going to be banned in a year or so unfortunately. Has such a nice lilac colour and it’s quite a large piece of paper..

        26. I always wondered: If one belongs to a criminal or terrorist enterprise/group, why be conspicuous in using large denoms of cash? The whole gist of being a cockroach is to fly under the radar, use small bills (or notes),and thwart investigation.
          It reminds me of the mob: getting caught due to being all ostentatious in their spending and “displays of wealth”. I have no issues with banning large denoms of any bank note, because it is just stupid to carry around. All the roaches in Seattle area love $100 bills, because they’re all Whiggers pretending to be “gangsta” and all that bull-fuck.

        27. Wireless payment (NFC) is already growing. Used for small (<25€) payments. The chips are in the bankcards themselves. This will speed up the cashless society. Give it 20 years and cash will be almost gone.

        28. In the Netherlands 100,200 bills don’t come out of the ATM. The largest is 50. So imagine…
          In Austria I got a 100 euro bill from the ATM, I was surprised.

        29. It will start with mandatory DNA taking. From newborns. They can’t reject it and their parents won’t either. “For the greater good”. “Against rapes” The usual arguments.

        30. With so many corrupt politicians who aren’t afraid to accept kickbacks I wonder how they can shoot themselves in the foot like that. It’ll make it harder for them to be corrupt in a 100% cashless, trace-leaving financial system.

        31. I’ve never even had my own €500 notes at all. Never received any, never paid with any. I’ve only seen one once as my dad occasionally worked with cash in his business. Few shops will in fact take them as the fraud risk is too high.

        32. I think that scanner is called a police dog. Dogs have the ability to smell money, even packed inside a sealed container.

        33. Wait what? How would people 2000 years ago be aware of VLSI ICs when even the transistor wasn’t invented yet? Even electricity wasn’t known yet.

        34. “Measles vaccines kill more people than measles (108 dead via vaccine, 0 dead via measles) -”
          I don’t get this vaccine-phobia. If 0 people died from measles it is because for the majority of vaccinated people it has worked at preventing the disease to still be as widespread as it once was.

        35. Some illegal activities produce such massive amounts of cash that it becomes logistically impossible in too small denominations. €50 million in €500 notes is still a whopping 100,000 notes, let alone in €10 notes. Damn, I wish THOSE were my problems lol

        36. I know you are an atheist but Revelation 13:16-17 says, “Also he compels all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked with an inscription on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 So that no one will have power to buy or sell unless he bears the mark, that is the name of the beast or the number of his name.”
          Imagine you were someone living in the late 60s AD and you saw a vision of people getting a chip inserted. How would you describe it?

        37. 2018 is the year the (Rothschild) Economist magazine 25 years ago predicted would be the first year of the new cashless society.

        38. There area already entire chains in the U.S. that have banned cash. Was a article in the WSJ in the last few days.

        39. I’ve never held a 200 euro note as well. No shop will take them here so no ATM delivers them. But you can get them at the bank, for which you have to make a withdrawal appointment. It’s useless. The 500 euro notes are disappearing. They, the European central bank thinks it’s a way to put a halt on crime. Laughable of course.

        40. I think it’s stretching it a lot to make this mean a chip rather than,say, a burn mark with glowing hot iron or something. Also, I don’t believe actual future telling is possible either.

        41. Growing up I always heard about “the mark of the beast” and it just seems interesting with the way things are going how that could line up with having to have a “number” to buy or sell. It could even be your SSN. Hmmmmmm
          I gotcha about future telling. Understandable.

        42. India is the test-run, if they can pull it off there (without breaking apart the country with such a ham-fisted implementation) they will be emboldened and will try to do it everywhere.

        43. In the Netherlands as well. But the database is limited since it only contains samples collected from convicted criminals and voluntarily donated ones. I think they will legislate DNA sampling with newborns when screening for genetic defects will take of. You know the birth-scene from the movie “Gattaca”? It will look something like that probably.

        44. Lol here in america, most shops will not take a 100 dollar bill because of “security” reasons lol. Why does the US still make it if the majority of stores won’t take them. Some stores don’t even have change for 100 dollar bill lol

        45. Most people didn’t use a 200 and 500 dollar euro note. The 500 euro note is even terminated by the ECB.

        46. I think the lowest should be 50 here in america, since most shops and stores look at you like a criminal if you have a 100 dollar bill and check it and use that pen or marker that tells u if it’s fake or not lol, I’m just looking at them like could you please hurry up why the hell am I going to fake one single hundred dollar bill, maybe if it was 20 thousand Benjamin’s then yeah but one seriously.

      2. Simple and ancient tools like hammer and knife takes skill to operate and takes little away from a man’s autonomy.

        I’d like to examine that premise. What is “man’s automomy” precisely? if you take man qua man and place him in nature, you’ll find that he is physically very weak, he has almost no natural defenses that are effective against predators that would see him as a meal, he has no real protective hair in any meaningful sense, he cannot fly, he swims like a clod, he is faster than almost nothing on land in a dead sprint (turtles excepted, heh). He has no protective shell nor is he adapted to any but the easiest climes. Shit homey, we can’t even climb trees fast like our great ape cousins can in a pinch.
        Man’s autonomy, in a state of nature, is pretty grim. He can’t live like a tiger, nor can he flee like a rabbit. He is truly fucked.
        Man’s autonomy thus springs from something other than our purely physical nature, necessarily. I’d say that we get out autonomy to exercise our will via our intelligence and our opposable thumbs combined. These allow us to create tools. Ergo, I’d say, that indirectly it is *precisely* tools which give man autonomy in regard to our actual state of nature.
        Can we take this too far? Surely yes. Aristotle extolled us to try to live in the Mean and not the extremes for a reason. Are all tools good? They’re value neutral it is our abuse of them that give or subtract value from them in regard to our own lives. But to say that tools and technology subtract from our autonomy, in my view, misses the mark entirely.

        1. I could have worded that better.
          Of course I don’t mean all technology; that would be absurd. Controlled fire is technology and I’m not about to reject it and eat raw meat.
          It’s the modern technology that I’m concerned with, the one that creates societal systems and transform our way of life to limit our freedom (as mentioned above), not basic tools necessary for survival in the wild.

        2. But then, I see some examples you use of that kind of technology as the opposite of “limiting our freedom”. The automobile has done more to free the common man from the constraints of life than any other invention I think (as has the firearm). Cell phones, properly handled (meaning, you turn the thing off) are the same.

        3. Well, I guess it really depends on what price you want to pay for being able to drive cars. You have to buy them, maintain them, get a license, follow the rules, and the fuel doesn’t just come out of no where.
          As for myself, although I myself don’t drive, to go from point A to point B, I am restricted in my movement to the sidewalks and have to be careful when crossing the streets as well as having to breathe in all the smog and tolerate all the noise.
          And yes, I plan to leave the civilization one day (or at least relocate to a rural area).

        4. In the non-big cities (or even medium sized cities) automobiles are fantastic. Yes, they require maintenance and fuel. And growing corn requires plowing, cultivating, planting, weeding, harvesting, drying, storing and selling.
          Ain’t nothing free in life.

        5. I see myself more as a hunter than a farmer. The former is fun and gives you better nutrients.
          But this is exactly the problem. Where is a man supposed to live a hunter-gatherer life without government encroachment? You either accept the technological society or you exile yourself with no where to go.

        6. The hunter gatherer lifestyle (I can’t believe I just called it a lifestyle) is brutish, short and violent. While that’s great if you have a lot of natural abilities to fight nature’s onslaught, I’d guarantee you that if you *had* to live like that without a real respite or rest, you’d hate it.

        7. Obviously it won’t be easy. There’s no sugar-coating the hard life in the wild. This is especially true for me as I’ve only lived in cities all my life. But I’ve seen documentaries of Russians abandoning the city life and living in Siberia, so it can’t be all that bad.

        8. I mean this in a very non-offensive way, but I think that you’re highly romanticizing this particular way of living through a lack of experience with anything close to it. If I took you on a two week deer camp, which is only faintly touching on the edges of such a thing (and just barely) I suspect that you’d start to find some major “this sucks” faults in it. Heh.

        9. Haha, you may be right. But there’s only one way to find out. I’m so sick of the modern world that I’m at least willing to try.

        10. It’s an easy thing to try.
          Take it simple at first.
          1. Buy a lot of really nice camping equipment (tent camping I mean). Best you can afford. This includes rod, reel and a .22LR for hunting, in addition to normal camping fare.
          2. Only pack 2 days food.
          3. Take three weeks vacation.
          4. Go camping in a place you have to hike to get to, some really remote area in a national park, next to a creek, where you can find basically no signs of humans ever treading.
          5. Stay there three weeks.
          This will, I submit to you, suck (by your perception).
          Now, consider such a lifestyle
          a) without wonderful modern camping equipment which takes a huge edge off of nature (believe it or not, it does).
          b) with the presence of five other guys who, while helping you hunt, are every bit as competitive as you are and who will club you in your sleep if they see an advantage in doing so for survival.

        11. As a child of the 70’s and early 80’s, I grew up on a few acres where my parents did some gardening and canning. Even with a tractor, someone still has to pick the damn stuff once it’s producing. Canning is hard and hot work as well. We had no animals, but I can only imagine some of the issues with that as well. I’ve picked corn, okra, beans, blackberries and such. Not a daily life I fantasize about by any means. Cubicles do suck to though in their own way.

        12. Dirty hands, smeared blood and sweating all day sound perfectly decent and noble when one is taking tea in an air conditioned den and discussing that life with other gentlemen with soft hands.

        13. “Dirty hands, smeared blood and sweating all day”
          I would gladly take those over the stress and depression of modern lifestyle anyday. You may say that I don’t know what I’m talking about and once I try it and so on. But there are young men out there today wishing they would just die to escape the torture Ghost , trust me. All this stress and depression and confussion nowadays I think comes as a result of the so much unnatural way we are living. Our brain is overflowed with useless shit , when it is supposed to only think for food and protection to maintain a healthy psyche. Of course a hunter-gatherer lifestyle is too much of a strech, I wouldn’t try it except for fun but the farmer lifestyle living in small communities is the best option which offers good balance I think.
          And Corey has a point when it comes to limited lifestyle options nowadays. The way (they) are limiting us is scary. Not only can’t we live as hunter gatherers anywhere but in a couple of decades I expect humans won’t even be able to live as farmers in small localities. The only option they will leave us is the corporation zombie living in mega-cities one. So from me , Fuck modern technology. The comfort it brings is not even closely worth the extreme deprevation of freedom and the mental illnesses.

        14. Life today is nowhere that stressful, it really isn’t. You can *make* it that stressful by dwelling on things or by being over exposed to “the news” or whatever, but generally speaking if you switch off media things really aren’t that bad. People worrying themselves to the point of depression need to turn off some shit for a while.
          I did some tours in some really, really fucked up places in the world, where stress was real and meant “I hope I don’t get shot by roving bands of bandits/counter-revolutionaries/etc” or “My kids are dying of starvation”. If somebody is this stressed out by sitting in a cubicle….get another job.
          You’re right, we can’t roam about as if there was no such thing as private property and just up and kill any animal and live in tribes in the woods. That’s true. I’m not seeing that as much of a loss. Nor would the ancient Greeks or Romans.
          As to future outlawing, I really don’t subscribe to the extremist doomsday notions much. I grew up in a world where we were either going to have colonies on the moon OR we were going to all be annihilated by nuclear Armageddon and I’d spend my days wandering the wastes in a T-60c set of power armor. Predictions of extremes are almost always wrong.
          We make 99% of our own stress in the modern world I think. Yes, you should be concerned about things, but it’s nowhere near the level where you should be developing health problems over it.

        15. I don’t disagree with most of the points. But my point was smth else. As you said you were raised in different time , your character and masculinity was honed back than , just like my father’s generation. So the modern “easy” lifestyle looks close a paradise to you. A young man being raised today is so fucked. They will not experience starvation but they will cut their wrists over lets say some instagram shit.
          Fear of war and lack of food are not a bad thing. On contrary they teach you what to stress about and what not in life. Each man must experience those in his youth I think.
          And how can you erase the fact that we are going cashless by turning the tv off. In Germany can only buy shit at the supermarket , kebaps and weed cash. They know everything about your finances.
          In short your small “world” may seem fine and nice now Ghost but the circle is getting narrower around you. I pray to God Trump changes smth. But all these protests and degerancy…I don’t now man.

        16. Life doesn’t look like paradise to me. And nothing I went through in my development is any different than any other man in any other age, the same thing was expected out of me as was any other man who has grown up in the west in the last 500 years. Be brave, be bold, shrug off danger, don’t be a pussy, don’t start a fight but always end it and have honor.
          Fact is, frankly, if guys are slitting their wrists over instagram messages, then good. I approve. They should. They have no place in a world and universe that is truly cruel in real ways they’ve never experienced and their weakness is contributing nothing to the net benefit of anybody. Let them die and good riddance.
          Your perspective is from Germany I take it? I can’t fathom how bad things are compared to here if what you’re saying is accurate. Get out now and come to the U.S. is all I can advise. We’re not perfect, but lots of our younger Millenial men have logged off of social network bullshit and are picking up wrenches for cars, starting to ride motorcycles and are increasingly at the gun range. We see them choosing a better, different path than y’all apparently.
          As to “cashless” society, well yeah, you can’t stop it but you can get around it. Just don’t follow the fucking rules. Trade in silver for other items (or whatever commodity you wish, or barter). Yeah you won’t get your latest Steam video game download with silver, but frankly, who cares? Unplug. Or, I guess, get all worked up about girly InstaFace and slash one’s wrist, whichever.

      3. As soon as they implement their grand scheme to its final fell swoop, that’s when Corey. The moderates on here will bash the idea of “they’re never going to make it mandatory to have microchip implants” but the banking scum most certainly will. They want to keep tabs on every one of us goyims. How long until all of our toilets have a nutrient/chemical readout of the contents of our shit that gets reported to the CDC automatically for ‘safety’ and ‘environmental concerns’ ?(you white males eat too much protein, you need to up your estrogen levels by eating tofu! Now your microchip in your palm will not allow you to buy meat anymore, have a nice day!)

        1. I’ve been hearing about mandated barcodes and rfid’s and ‘implant chips’ since I was in my early 20’s.

      4. I was trying to warn people about cell phones almost 20 years ago and no one would listen. I dropped out of corporate america to work out of my spare BR to avoid having to use one.
        It was getting to be pretty much mandatory to have a cell phone and a computer even then. I hadn’t sorted out the radiation issues I had w/ computers and I would never end up sorting out the cell phone radiation issues.
        25 years later I retired and society has gotten a whole lot dumber and pettier. It’s all part of Agenda 21. You going to stop it?

      5. Corey, are you finished with your Primal Male website? I assume so since its just a domain site now. You had some good articles there.

        1. I’m trying to restart the blog under a new domain name. What you see now is due to a technical snafu. I hope to correct the issue within a week, but it’s not going to easy, so we’ll see.

  6. regarding dependence on technology —
    headlines Social Media Billionaires on full attack against Trump…
    But mostly to protect their rights to utilize slave labor – -either export work to the cheap labor, or import the labor…
    Is easy to see the ill-liberal motivations…
    And so far Trump appears to holding to his promise to bring jobs back — including tech sector and HiB abuses

    1. Can’t believe they (tech industry) is still trotting out the same, tired argument that they did in the early 2000s that Indian and Chinese engineers REALLY had the tech skills necessary. Pete’s sake, they can barely speak English and most of them have little-to-no critical thinking skills. What Apple, MS and others are really saying is “It’s all about the money, muthafuckaaaaaas!”
      This says it all, from 2000-goddamn-6:

  7. Progressive utopianism has made us ill because it conflicts with man’s nature: We don’t thrive under conditions of diversity, political correctness, feminism, equality and so forth.
    That explains the sudden burst of vitality among the Deplorables when the God Emperor ascended: His success gave us permission to stop playing these stupid games and live more authentically. We don’t have to pretend any more that we care about the grievances of feminists, sexual degenerates, freeloading immigrants and other parasites. Instead we can take care of our needs and our families’ needs, without guilt.
    I’ve also come around to holding “Individualism” in suspicion as a tool of oppression. Why do our elites want white men to live as alienated, deracinated and atomized “individuals,” instead of letting us connect with other white people whom we recognize as our extended families and tribes? Why do our elites call this healthy quest for bonding amongst ourselves names like “racism,” “prejudice” and even “Nazism”?
    It looks as if they want to impose “individualism” on white men as a form of punishment, like solitary confinement. Only instead of confining us physically behind walls and bars, they want to confine us psychologically by isolating our minds and hearts.

    1. Alinsky’s rules for communists’ useful idiots:
      12. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.“ Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.

        1. the communists leaders use tactics to destroy.
          and “useful idiots” to achieve this goal…
          was successful in Russia 100 years ago…
          and working well in USA now…

    2. You are a bit confused. Collectivism is what is being imposed on us. All of us, not just white men.

        1. I’m not imposing collectivism on myself. I am a fierce individualist.
          Collectivism is the framework under which feminism and other leveling philosophies work.

        2. I meant the average Joes or Joans, not us in like the people writing in the comment section.

      1. Collectivism is the goal, but they’re are dumbing us down with a false-sense of individualism (trophies for everyone! We’re ALL special snowflakes!) until we go running into the bosom of collectivism.
        What they are pitching in popular culture/infotainment is narcissism masquerading as individualism.

        1. I understand what you mean but that is not what is meant by Individualism versus Collectivism.

      2. No, this libertarian intellectual scheme from the 1940’s doesn’t capture the nature of the problem. Our elites want to keep whites from collectivizing so that we can defend our interests more effectively. In their nightmare of losing control, a million white nationalists would converge for a march in Washington, DC.

        1. What you are talking about is two forms of collectivism going up against each other. You mention the Forties. All you are doing here is rehashing the Fascist versus Communism argument of the Twenties and Thirties. Both are collectivism and both will end in disaster. As they did historically.

        2. the infamous harry waton saw fascism as an intermediate stage on the road towards true communism

        3. Not surprising, since the Fascists originated from the dispirited Anarcho-Socialist movements prior to the 1920’s. They were quite comfortable with communists, as long as the communist in question joined them and their more…nuanced…version of socialism.

        4. all became clear in the 30s and 40s. The commies ate anarchists, and the fascists and commies ate each other. That’s the left for you

      3. he’s probably talking more about tribalism than collectivism, however the former can sometimes be highly collectivist to the extent that it suppresses (rugged) individualism towards the needs of the nation / tribe. If everything must be done for nation, fatherland or tribe then the individual will suffer qua individual. The optimum presumably is something that permits individualism within the context of viable group identity (nationalist or otherwise) such that neither overwhelms the other

      4. yeah its basically forced association. the reasoning is that since we are all the same, then we cannot judge one person or group better to associate ourselves with over another person or group. they are trying to discount and discredit our own judgement as inherently evil and racist.

    3. maybe there’s a distinction to be made between healthy pro-social individualism and the kind of ‘atomised’ and alienated ‘wall street – greed is good – there is no such thing as society’ kind of individualism which cares nothing about community, society, nation etc

  8. More and more people becoming dependent on technological mediums for basic functions while they themselves become dumber with shallower ability to think.

    Which shows why I keep insisting that we need to resist this futurist nightmare of self-driving cars, sex robots, virtual reality, letting the robots do all the work while we collect guaranteed incomes just for breathing and so forth.
    All of these things conspire to deprive teenage boys of having experiences in the real world which give them skills that enrich their lives. In this dystopia, you would get a generation of adult male virgins who won’t know how to drive, won’t know how to talk to girls, won’t ever have had even an entry-level job, etc. Our overlord-wannabes in Silicon Valley apparently view this as their transhumanist utopia.
    And I find this ironic, because these nerds grew up reading and watching science fiction stories about capable heroes who have plenty of skills that they use to solve all kinds of problems in their adventures. You’d think they would use these stories as their model for self-actualization, instead of this doing-nothing goal they have in store for us.

  9. Got into a discussion last night with this left-leaning 24-year-old girl I’ve had my eye on. We’ve been flirting off and on for three years. Last night, we talked about sealing the deal (i.e., dating/fucking). I told her straight out that she was going down a road that was destined to give her nothing but disappointment. She asked me what I meant. So I just told her, point-blank, that I could see from the first time I laid eyes on her that she was naturally submissive. Meaning sexually subsmissive. “This is who you are. I can see you are starting to embrace feminism, and that would be poison to you.” She asked me why this was the case. I told her that since she was naturally submissive, trying to be aggressive would split her in half. It would be going against her natural inclinations, it would be going against her own nature. It would set her up for a life filled with disappointment. I told her she should just embrace her submissiveness, her femininity, and trust in her natural proclivity to go that route – unless she wanted to end up alone, surrounded by about 10 or 15 cats.
    Surprisingly, after we discussed it for another 10 minutes or so, she actually began to see my point. She said that she always suspected that the “girl power”/feminist thing might be bullshit. I told her it was, but she should continue to seek evidence that it was, so she could make up her own mind about it. I told her that it always seemed to me that she was looking for a real man, who made his own way. She admitted that she had been, but started to dislike that notion, and was now leaning toward “Making herself rich”. But after our talk, she’s now having second thoughts about all that…and this is progress, guys. Made my whole freaking day. This is a girl worth banging. She just needs a strong guy to open her eyes – yes, they are out there (this type of girl).

      1. No. She had an employees’ meeting yesterday, so our conversation was cut short (she works at a bar, which is where we had the conversation). We’re going to go out Wednesday night.

    1. Women pretend to agree, to avoid conflict. Unless you see some action, her words mean nothing at all.

    2. Jesus, man; stop talking to her about that shit and start being dominant with her, if it’s already not too late (sounds like it is far too late after three years, and I seriously doubt that you will ever fuck this woman).
      Being the helpful little guidance counsellor isn’t making her wet. Since you’re not being being directly sexual and dominant with her, she’ll follow your thoughtful advice right on to the cock of the nearest dominant bad boy, and send you a thank you card praising your friendly, helpful insight.
      Like Rollo says, you can’t negotiate desire.

    3. If you want to know who she really is, look her up on the internet. The social media “cries for attention” will tell you everything. I have an idea this woman can’t be saved.

      1. You could be right. I saw her Facebook page yesterday and she had some cryptic comment up, it was a meme, and it was something about the hour being darkest before the dawn, and from these times, great deeds spring forth (something like that). I think I’ll hit it once and break away for good – or not hit it at all.

        1. People who post cryptic messages on social media only do that for…. attention. They want people posting replies like: “is everything good with you?” and “what do you mean with this?” So the poster can get some more attention. Now, what is the opposite? Sharing something that can’t be misinterpreted were you know a lot of people possible will disagree and will hate you for it. Like: a radical political opinion. Few women will do that, because women want acceptance by the collective. You can bang her, but this woman is not going to make you happy. You know what works best with women like this? Breaking rapport. Show her you don’t need her. In your words and bodylanguage.

        2. Good points there. A little back story – I really don’t care if I fuck her. She’s been laying her pussy out for me for a long time – as have the rest of the women who work at the bar where I met her (including the two daughters of the owner of the bar). I have continually rejected her, and did so until about two months ago, when I let her know that I might be interested in fucking her. I don’t look at her as a potential girlfriend or anything like that. With that being said, I have been around the block enough times to realize cognitive dissonance when I see it. What I told her about feminism really got to her.
          Now, that being said, she’ll probably slough it off and go back to being an attention whore on the carousel – kind of like, “Oh yes! I see your points, and they are so true! Now where is my cell phone I need to check my Tinder account.” The point is, I got through to her, which is really unusual. So, if I were to meet somebody whom I really thought I wanted to have, I could expend the energy to potentially wake her up and keep her from disintegrating as rapidly as most women tend to do. Which is kind of like thinking, “Wow, I can save that person from drowning today – next week is a whole different story.” Heh.
          They’re all the same, they’re all going down in flames. The question is how quickly, and is it worth it to slow down the natural progression. Basically I just thought it was interesting that I managed to click with her regarding how feminism is death for a woman like her – that was a first for me, because I don’t even try to make a woman see the truth of that (at least, in terms of a woman I am thinking about banging). So that’s something I can build on, and use in the future, if and when I ever meet another woman who is marginally worth a fuck…and, I will probably bang this girl just once, to see how crazy she really is. But I am not even 100% sure about that one.

  10. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
    Society is bound to get as bad as possible with every phase, until it can’t afford to. Post internet world is still not the rock bottom even if it appears to be. We still have CRISPR and plenty other technologies to unbox.
    Just take what you can in the midst of this madness.

  11. “Vague and unfocused goals like “defend ______” or “defeat ______” will never amount to anything.”
    This is the main problem, IMO. I’m tired of bumper sticker politics. The TEA Party exploded because they just wanted tax reform, but they died when they ditched taxes and rallied for do-nothing bumper sticker Republicans. Trump won because he hit a lot of the big ones and kept pointing out that Republicans were all talk and no action.
    I voted for Trump because he wanted a wall/immigration law enforcement and renegotiating trade with possible tariffs on exploitation labor and currency devaluation. Some stuff sounded vague but he made it pretty clear he wanted to find free market solutions to things like healthcare, energy, regulations on business inside the U.S.

  12. Red Pill = fight against Feminism and the matrix.
    Trump = fight against globalism and illegals. A big fight. The pie don’t get bigger by adding more people and slicing the pie smaller. Just keep the pressure on these american hating liberals. Its a group fight- no one person can win. Obams was the first prez since WWII to add more debt than GDP. An almost impossible feat. Americans think this guy is better than slice bread! A catastrophe…the only 1 worse was Bush! 16 years of garbage running the show.
    Eating =do your research. Food doesn’t tell you to get fat; hormones do. .

  13. We’ve always had tribalism in our politics. The tribes have always been the existing political factions of The Current Year

  14. If you take a step back for a moment and observe our modern “civilized” human societies, you will eventually realize that something is fundamentally wrong in our way of thinking and coping with life. There is a lot of suffering, depression, anxiety,loneliness and alienation going on even if we have created the most comfortable and abundant enviroments to live in through the use of technological advancements. These are merely some of the several negative consequences because of our will to manipulate nature in our “advantage” and this is exactly the price we have to pay for going against nature thinking that we are not part of it and that we have to make it “better”. (And this is the textbook definition of the Greek word ὕβρις, hybris)
    As Jacques Ellul proves in his book The Technological Society, technique (or technology) is not a tool (as most people think) but rather a system that is actually independent of the human will. It is going in one direction that is based mainly on growth and the totality of numbers and ratios (interests, costs, effectiveness, productivity etc). It does not care about the well being of humans or the preservation of nature. On the contrary, as the system grows, humans are becoming more and more a liability because they cannot keep up and adjust quickly to the new realities. There is no space for moral questions or scepticism concerning the appliance of the new advancements. Every new technological advancement is firstly introduced as optional but eventually becomes a necessity because everything depends on numbers. If the new “something” is better in terms of numbers (cheaper, more productive, more efficient, more marketable etc) it will eventually be part of our lifes and we cannot go back.
    Corey’s book is an excellent introduction to the concept of technology as a system.
    There are a lot of great books on this subject for more in depth analysis like: the myth of the machine by Lewis Mumford, The technological society by Jacques Ellul , Technopoly by Neil Postman to name a few… In closing, i think the most uncanny description of our technological system and its final goal can be found in the movie The Network (1976):

    “We no longer live in a world of nations and ideologies, Mr. Beale. The world is a college of corporations, inexorably determined by the immutable bylaws of business. The world is a business, Mr. Beale. It has been since man crawled out of the slime. And our children will live, Mr. Beale, to see that perfect world in which there’s no war or famine, oppression or brutality — one vast and ecumenical holding company, for whom all men will work to serve a common profit, in which all men will hold a share of stock, all necessities provided, all anxieties tranquilized, all boredom amused.”

  15. I know the solutions to all of our problems !
    Vladimir Putin !
    What a great guy !
    What a great leader !
    Look at that gun-slinger walk !
    Look at those pecs!
    Look how he rides that horse !
    Look how he keeps that tiger in a leash !
    Look how all of the world’s organised crime lead to Moscow !
    Look at how any journalist who even dares write something about this guy, suddenly disapears.
    Look on how a great relationship it has with it’s neighbouring countries !
    OMG !!!
    Talk about mainstream media…

  16. Are you guys too low on test? What’s with all the talk? Books??? Do a
    copper detox to elevate the softness. And discover other bad metals
    along the way too, there are many and you’re all full of them (respect
    for those who went through this and now aren’t). Don’t read and learn
    theoretical-intellectual bs, only the practicals matter, do this to get
    that, okay, now step2, etc. Have a nice day.

  17. Agree. However I’d like to add something. There are some people who try to do what is right to help men & non-feminist women. But the problem is the leftist media & the liberal politicians. Most of the current system could be changed if there were right minded people in the politics who don’t listen to feminists if they pay them. Similarly the leftists media gets paid by such people to further their agenda. These two groups need to change. And I’m very hopeful from Trump.

  18. All we have to do is take away the power from the rich or we can equalize all of humanity.
    Example if everyone had a nuclear bomb then everyone would have thw power to wipe the world or aka be equal once and for all.
    Now that’s just an example but we don’t want every human walking around with a nuke. Soooo we just need a way to give every human the power to be equal to everyone else. One way is to remove the government all together but then some will take advantage so the next step is giving away power to something that is beyond us like robot. They would think logically and wouldn’t care who broke the law rich or poor they wouldn’t get away with it because they would only think in logic.
    Humans shouldn’t be able to judge other humans. It’s like letting a rapist judge another rapist or a murderer judge another murderer. Humans are flawed and side with corruption and greed more often than with justice and the law. It’s like trusting a lion not to eat u after spending a few days alone with you in a cage without food. Sooner or later he will eat u it’s just a matter of time, same with humans. Humans will throw u under the bus for power and greed if they don’t have or cannot get power then they cannot screw over humans.

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