8 Bits Of Manosphere Wisdom From Homer Simpson

One of televisions all-time greatest dumbasses has some things to teach us? Who would have thought! Here are eight scenarios from throughout The Simpsons‘ lengthy lifespan (but mainly the 1990’s) which showcase that, on occasion, Homer is a wiser individual than we would like to give him credit for. Get ready to laugh and learn.

Women Are Like Beer

Women are indeed a lot like a beer. Even though the intoxicating effects of a beer lasts nearly an hour, while an orgasm is less than 10 seconds, indulgence in both brings among the most pleasurable somatic scenarios that an adult male will likely ever experience. Much like the traditional slogan for White Castle hamburgers, women and beer are “what you crave.

Also like beer, it’s silly to just try one type of female and stick with it forever. You need to figure out what “brand” you like best, and it’s wired in our DNA to be the alpha male and get all the women we can. Especially while our sexual potency is in it’s prime.

So throughout your late teen’s and 20’s, go out there and give at least 15 or 20 different flavors a try (of beer and women) before you even consider locking down your favorite.

But whatever you do, don’t ever completely stop or call it “game over” at one. For there is no “special snowflake” type of beer or woman in the whole wide world. Always have another one on tap or in the pipeline.

Understand The Friend Zone

Homer, being a total oaf his entire life, has undoubtedly been rejected or friend-zoned numerous times by other females prior to meeting Marge. He knows all the tricks up a woman’s sleeve when they want to make a point they are not interested in another man.

Compliment Women In A Strategic Manner

“When it comes to compliments, women are ravenous blood-sucking monsters always wanting more…MORE….MORE!! – Homer Simpson

Homer is spot on with this one. Women crave compliments and social validation like heroin, and this has been thrust into overdrive in the 2010’s with the vast array of social media applications which young women gobble up for breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, midnight snack, and really just about anywhere in between.

However, you should always refrain from shitblasting women with compliments of “goddess!” or “marry me!” on social media. It is very beta behavior, and adding to women’s already over-inflated sense of self-worth should not be our mission objective.

Instead, use compliments strategically during real-life situations which get a woman’s hamster wheel churning like a locomotive. Women can do all sorts of things for you (like getting them to pay for stuff and buy you presents) if you tickle their fancy just right.

Value Your Own Company

Friends, lovers, and girlfriends are wonderful things to have in your life. However, you should also be comfortable in your own skin and find value and enjoyment in your alone time as well. If it’s a Friday or Saturday night, and it seems like everybody is getting some action but you, a man who can be ecstatic in the company of “me, myself, and I” is a very admirable personal quality. (Just don’t take it to excess or be weird about it.)

Play It Cool

Confidence is pivotal to the all-round success of a man. You need it in order to laid, which of course should be pretty obvious to most heterosexual men. But with female-dominated human resource departments in the 21st century, you need it to simply have a hope of getting one of the dwindling numbers of jobs these days.

So forget all that blue pill “just be yourself” crap. You have to tweek your personality a bit and play it cool in order to get what you want.

Marriage Is A Lot Like An Orange

A truly classic piece of (inadvertent) relationship wisdom. In the 1994 episode “Secrets Of A Successful Marriage,“ Homer manages to land a second job as a marriage counselor. At one point, he accurately demonstrates to his class that marriage is a lot like an orange, though not quite in the manner he intended.

The point is, marriage can be nourishing and sweet, for a little while. But at some point the juice will run out, and you realize to you’re disappointment and horror that all you’re left with is biodegradable skin.

Disregard Females, Acquire Currency

Face it gentlemen, money is freedom. And just what is freedom exactly? It’s peoples ability to “follow their own will in all things that the law has not prohibited and (2) not be subject to the inconstant, uncertain, unknown, and arbitrary wills of others.” Freedom is what we’re all about here in the Manosphere.

When you have money in abundance, you can quit your meaningless job, permanently live abroad, eat healthier foods, live in more desirable locations, hit the highway on your motorcycle, or reside in a more pimp bachelor pad. By proxy, your material success will also attract women (who are obviously good for nothing more than a pump-n-dump).

Tune Out Disgusting Man-Hating Feminists

Ughh, “feminists.” The mainstream media likes to pretend that these women (and their mangina enablers) are doing society a favor, but they are more akin to being a medical leech. You see, back when civilization was superstitious and backward, leeches were assumed to suck out “bad blood” during a bout of illness. But now we realize they just made things even worse, by sucking out more of your own vital fluids.

That’s what feminists do. They pretend that there is much “injustice” in society, and only their “progressive” liberal policies will cure the ills of civilization. But all they do is act against logic, lie profusely, and make our already sick society even more degenerate.

And who in the hell thought that Sarah Silverman’s brand of man-hating and dog-humping humor was actually funny? Homer certainly doesn’t.


Understandably, some people are irritated with the portrayal of the Simpson family because it follows the “buffoonish father” formula which has been the mainstay of western TV media for decades.

However, the show has been airing for so long now (25+ years), that Homer has inevitably been featured in numerous vignettes and set pieces which are laced with red pill philosophy.

And let’s face it, the show was such a dominant and enjoyable piece of popular culture in the 1990’s, which contributed heavily towards making that decade so damn good overall (compared to now). Amen to that.

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87 thoughts on “8 Bits Of Manosphere Wisdom From Homer Simpson”

  1. Seasons 1-7 are solid gold, with relatable scenarios and plot points that were actually realistic. After that the show nosedived like no other. Constant references to bodily functions, nonstop topical humor that nobody will understand in twenty years, Homer having basically any job under The Sun you can think of before screwing it up and returning to the power plant at the end of the episode, the family going everywhere on the map and fomenting chaos before safely returning to Springfield, Marge and Homer’s marriage being on thin ice before reconciling at the end of the episode, not to mention all the bizarre, idiotic retcon moments (Principal Skinner really being some Armenian named “Armin Tamzarian”, Marge and Homer actually going to college and breaking up instead of not having enrolled and having had Bart right after high school, on and on). The best years were when Conan O’Brien was a writer before a bunch of filthy and disgusting coprophiliac weirdos (they probably eat each other’s shit while they write the script, they seem to have such a bizarre obsession with fecal matter!) took over. The show is tired and needs to be buried, it has overstayed its welcome by well over twenty years!

      1. Fuck that show. “Hey Lois, remember the time when? …Remember the time when? …Remember the time when?” How does that NOT get old after one and a half episodes???

        1. You think THAT’s bad? How about the time…Yeah. Show fucking sucks. South Park hit the nail on the head with the cartoon wars episode.

        2. I have more respect for Stone and Parker because they make fun of everybody equally.
          Family Guy seemed to attack Christianity as a majority and the Simpsons would push for every kind of antichristian anti capitalist belief that they could find. No surprise there, given Groening’s hippy background.

        3. South Park have always had superior social satire and black humor in comparison to the other shows(family guy; Simpsons). Love that show, favorite episode was when they made fun of NAMBLA

        4. Hey, at the Sheen roast Patrice ONeal called out Seth as a closet homo(“No straight man writes that many show tunes”).
          RIP big man

        5. True, futurama was pretty good. I didn’t watch it as often but from what i saw it didn’t seem to have a leftist slant.
          Leela’s “empowered” attitude however, could be construed as a push for feminism.

        6. Yes and no I guess. He draws the characters, the writers give them a voice, personality, and a life, so to speak.

        7. Nor surprisingly at least one of them is an out and open libertarian. Which explains basically most of their shows. Capitalists coming to the rescue when the teacher ecologist hippy gets them lost in the rain forest, etc.

        8. Yes i agree. They are both center to right leaning libertarians.
          I took the time to research their religious views. Stone is a self described atheist, but Parker seems to be someone of faith, albeit “logical” faith; possibly a unitarian like Jefferson was (not referring to you of course, but the other more famous Thomas Jefferson lol)
          This quote is key:
          “But Parker says atheism is more ludicrous to him than anything else.
          “Out of all the ridiculous religion stories — which are greatly, wonderfully ridiculous — the silliest one I’ve ever heard is, ‘Yeah, there’s this big, giant universe and it’s expanding and it’s all going to collapse on itself and we’re all just here, just ‘cuz. Just ‘cuz. That to me, is the most ridiculous explanation ever,” he says. “So I think we have a big atheism show coming.””
          Here you have an atheist and a possible non orthodox unitarian making a show where they make fun of everybody, and no one gets picked on more often because of a particular hatred by the creator, unlike with Family Guy. I don’t particularly care for their Jesus/God references but i don’t take it personal because i know they are fair. I respect them for that.
          They are both libertarian, this quote supports it:
          “Do you describe yourselves as libertarian? Stone: From the very beginning, South Park was constantly being co-opted — like, [people saying], “Oh, can I take it to Bush, or you gotta fucking take it to whoever!” I remember this one guy being like, “You gotta get after Clinton and take out Al Sharpton.” So I think that was when we said, “Well, we’re libertarian, leave us the fuck out of that domain-argument.” I may have my personal political thing, but we never wanted it to stain the show. South Park’s most effective when it comes from no place, you know?”
          They definitely don’t consider themselves liberals:
          “Stone: The biggest backlash we’ve ever had from anybody, from any religious organization, Mormons, from anybody, is liberals who saw Team America and were pissed off at us. Our reaction was, “Fuck you.””
          I found this fascinating:
          “Atheists aren’t the only ones to have “glommed on” to the show and claimed it as one of their own. Conservatives have as well, starting with commentator/blogger Andrew Sullivan, who first coined the term “South Park Conservatives” to describe an independent, somewhat libertarian mind-set.”
          “And in truth, they say they’re not necessarily all that conservative, it’s just that they enjoying poking fun at liberal orthodoxies and celebrities, and it’s far more rebellious to lean right in Hollywood than to lean left.
          “We’re probably more conservative than most Hollywood liberals, but that doesn’t mean a whole lot,” Stone says.”
          “So who did they vote for? John Kerry or George W. Bush?
          Parker says anyone interested can look at their show that ran just before the 2004 election called “Douche and Turd.” In it the South Park Elementary School students are forced to choose between a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich as a new school mascot. The character Stan protests, saying he doesn’t find either option attractive, and is decried by the school, his parents and P. Diddy for not voting.”
          This is how i felt in the last election, when the US was given the “choice” of voting for John Mcturd and Barack o’douchebag.
          South Park has red pill wisdom because the creators have red pill understanding. That doesn’t mean that i as a red pill pan of faith will agree with everything they depict, but i respect them for being fair about it.

        9. Hey Lois… Diarrhea! I thought that was pretty funny but it is rather fecal as the original poster pointed out.

        10. to be fair family guy’s first 3 seasons when it was cancelled are solid gold…..sort of like the simpsons first 7 seasons.
          its season 4 and later that is remember that time when repeated 3534534 times

      2. The first few seasons (maybe up to 2006 or so) of Family Guy were quite enjoyable and fairly well done. The descent to the crapfest that it is now was done by pretty much every such show so that they’d get the most viewers.

    1. Yes. The Conan years were absolutely amazing. 22 Short Films About Springfield is probably my favorite half hour of television ever.

      1. ” Nelson laughs at Lisa’s new haircut, at Mrs. Glick tripping and falling head-first into a trash can, and at an extremely tall man in a small VW Beetle car, who gets out and humiliates him to teach him a lesson.”

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  2. Unfortunately these relatively few and far between pearls of red pill wisdom are buried under tons of blue pill bs that left wing creator Matt Groening bulldozed into the show over the course of its lifetime.
    For ex: Homer’s rare wisdom here gets routinely upstaged by the antics of his feminist brat lisa and her specious sanctimonious blathering, which the show tends to peddle off as legit by the end of the show where homer (and sometimes bart) usually end up realizing the error of their ways and bowing down to lisa’s intellectual superiority.
    This is one of the first shows that successfully cemented the view that Fathers are in general, imbeciles. I don’t know if any of you remember the whole George Bush/Simpsons fiasco but after that Groening seemed to up the liberal proselytizing in the show a notch or two.
    I used to watch the simpsons religiously but stopped when the bs became too much, somewhere in between season 8-10.
    I was in my early 20’s at the time i stopped watching and unlike most of the mind numbed followers of the show, i could recognize the subtle references to political causes or perspectives and the way the show was cheer leading for them.
    I can’t watch a show that intentionally tries to program me to be more receptive to a point of view which i find anathematic.The simpsons pro homo episodes or references were clear evidence of this.

    1. after that Groening seemed to up the liberal proselytizing in the show a notch or two.

      I felt the same way about Family Guy after the whole “McCain/Palin Nazi” reference. I turned it off and never watched it again.

      1. Yeah it was the same way with FG although i dare say it was worse. Groening at least is agnostic but Mcfarlane is an out and out antitheist who would joke and ridicule the Christian faith moreso than he seemed to with the others.
        I was older and wiser when FG got resuscitated and i peeped the antichristian hatred right away. I’m not going to watch a show created by a guy who thinks people like me are primitives.

        1. He does that because he’s a faggot. All faggots hate mainstream monotheistic religions due to reasons that are self explanatory(Homosexuality is extremely forbidden/taboo in these religions) The collective increase in comedic ridicule of Religious faith is the workings of the Cathedral to turn the government into God, as people become more irresponsible, hedonistic and nihilistic, it allows the government to have an excuse to be more tyrannical as they need to take responsibility for the ‘helpless’ populace.

        2. “The collective increase in comedic ridicule of Religious faith is the workings of the Cathedral to turn the government into God, as people become more irresponsible, hedonistic and nihilistic, it allows the government to have an excuse to be more tyrannical as they need to take responsibility for the ‘helpless’ populace.”
          Have you read “the naked communist?” It speaks of that phenomena in droves.

    2. I agree that’s the same reason I stopped watching it, an homer is just another example of a father being portrayed as a moronic buffoon which is what all men are pretty much portrayed as now days.

    3. Yes, I can see that LOTS of people noticed when the SImpsons went from being clever to having an agenda to force feed the viewer.
      And that is when I just drifted away. Won’t tolerate that coercion.

    4. I remember there was an episode where Homer went on an anti-Iraq/GW Bush rant. That was the last on I watched. Might have been 03 or 04.

  3. “However, you should always refrain from shitblasting women with compliments of “goddess!” or “marry me!” on social media. It is very beta behavior, and adding to women’s already over-inflated sense of self-worth should not be our mission objective.”
    Instead, comment, “Just do anal porn already”

      1. Sometimes, I look those up for a laugh. Whenever a woman comments on gaming or politics, even if the comment is generic and not worth more than a cursory glance, she’ll get dozens of upvotes and replies from men saying “totally, you’re right” and “you go girl”. Even the most meaningless blather is elevated to the status of deep philosophical material if it comes from the mouth of an attractive young woman.
        The men, there, are more feminine than the women.

      2. Fuckin A. Best thing to do is just drop instagram anyways. Just for shits and giggles call them out, and watch the herd of beta faggots and like minded boss bitches go nuts.

        1. I’m on Facebook coz my friends always organize events an things on there an I like to see what people I used to know are doing but I’ve never been on istagram an never will.

  4. Never cared for the Simpsons or any of the modern crap, give me the old Bug Bunny/Looney Tunes cartoons that can no longer be aired because today they’re considered ‘racist’. Like Speedy Gonzales , Injun Joe and others. These were funny because they were based on the TRUTH as most stereotypes are.

    1. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen ‘Little Rascals’ on the hundreds of channels either. Slowpoke Rodriguez, ‘eat at joes’ Sambo with the pickininni bone hairdo. You forget how different the 80’s media and entertainment is from todays P.C. sterilized crap.
      I still wonder what the hell was with the saturation of P.I. (private investigator) and cop action shows in the 70’s where simple cops performed feats like James Bond. ‘Streets of San Francisco’ had some of the best ‘flying car’ smashups and this was a decade before S.F. was declared or designated as a fag mecca by the media wogs. The cop action shows garnered an appeal for service with the alphabet soup agencies back at a time when groups like the FBI weren’t considered quite the anti liberty federal mafia goon squads that they are today and back when the term ‘false flag’ meant perhaps a poorly crafted replica of old glory.

      1. “Law and order” shows were popular back in the 70’s and 80’s due to the out of control crime of the time. Lock up the criminals, glorify the police, cheer at the vigilante were the themes are of the day
        We forget that during those times no one would ever go into a major American city. But since violent crime has been declining since the early 90’s everything has changed.
        Now we are dealing with the fallout of that cultural shift. Cops with APC’s, machine guns, and military like attitudes. Ahh…the problems of a free society fix one problem come up with another.

    2. I miss them too. Yosemite Sam, foghorn Leghorn, pepe le pew, sylvester the cat, tweety bird, daffy duck, elmer fudd, speedy gonzalez.
      What do they all have in common? They shared some kind of running joke or stereotype that the pc crowd didn’t like.
      I grew up with these cartoons and then one day they all disappeared.
      Casualties of pc b.s..

      1. Political Correctness kills humor. When is the last time you heard a joke. I used to hear them all the time. Since 911 they have been AWOL.

        1. Totally agree. The pc crowd has no sense of humor, no wonder they declare war on comedians especially those that rail on pc bs.

    3. You miss the subliminal racism and homosexual cartoon characters? It’s obvious that you don’t pay attention to anything that you watch. Bugs bunny and the majority of the loony tunes promoted faggotry and being a simp.

      1. Making a mockery of gays isn’t the same as being pro gay as you’re suggesting. The modern cartoons have more pro gay shit. You seem to be alone in your view

        1. Guys like you are so delusional and brain washed. It’s no wonder our society continues to decline. They promoted homosexuality to children. Yet you’re too dumb to see it. You cosign with men dressing up like women to call it comedy. It’s called Cultural Marxism. Get the children to accept it as normality first. My opinion is based on facts. Go back to sleep you socialist zombie.

        2. You haven’t stated a ‘fact’ yet Your original post indicated that you were against the racism also in those old cartoons, so who’s the marxist? Idiot. The old cartoons made fun of minorities, races, gays and other stuff that today is considered taboo. Or do you prefer the modern crap? Which really does promote marxism.

        3. As I stated before go back to sleep socialist zombie. It’s not hard to research or pick up a book. But in todays age of pathetic men whose only research lies in government ran news. I am not surprised. Are you too slow to look up “Frankfurt school system”? Are you too slow to look up the goals of communism which entail: Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”, Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks. & Council on Foreign Relations?

        4. Still here preaching to the chior are you? Trying to educate those who have superior knowledge on the subject matter? Look dolt, with the very first comment you directed to me, you contradicted yourself and cancelled out the very argument you are attempting to make here.
          “You miss the subliminal racism and homosexual cartoon characters?”
          If the cartoons were racist and indeed they were, then they’re in direct opposition to any marxist ideology. And even if we accept your ridiculus argument that the cartoons were promoting homosexuality, the use of racist components would be a detrimental strategy for them to apply if their goal was to indoctrinate children with marxist ideology.
          Now feel free to get the last word here, however it wont change the outcome of the smackdown you just recieved. You can pick your ass up at the door.

        5. Nice ass kicking you gave there Bill. I thought about stepping in but I see you have on your ass stompin boots and need NO help. I salute you.

        6. I’m in agreement that these shows essentially demonstrate homo-ish behavior, i just don’t agree with the word “promote” since we don’t have a definitive proof that that was the reason behind it. (with regard to looney tunes)
          (I would prefer that looney tunes not present this mature theme to kids at all even if it is to ridicule, since it’s still exposing them to the lifestyle.)
          Maybe if you posted some proof of this, your words would be more convincing.
          Also, please don’t jump to polemics on here. I think you are so used to being attacked because of your particular red pill manner of thinking that you automatically equate disagreement with an attack (and respond in turn) when that is not necessarily the case with every example.
          We are members of the red pill society, we should be able to disagree with civility.
          I see you’re a God fearing Man, i’m appealing to your sense of faith here. I think we are all in basic agreement that tv sends the wrong messages to kids, but arguing over a cartoon of years ago can only result in a pyrrhic victory because it may cause people to turn off other comments that you have made and will make that are fundamentally accurate.
          This by no means is an attack..i agree with a lot that you have said elsewhere, and agree with your perspective to a certain degree on here.

      2. I don’t know about the “subliminal racism” (unless you’re talking about tom and jerry and “mammy”) but i do get your point.
        I noticed that cartoon sissification too, which is why i didn’t include bugs. Those scenes where he would act like a girl and dress up like one were unsettling.
        I forgot daffy did some transvestitism though. Have to cross him off my list now lol

      3. I grew up watching those cartoons as a child and they had no negative effect on me. And if you say otherwise I’ll fuck you up the ass! But seriously, come on guys, grow the fuck up! Racism and homosexuality in early cartoons? What have we all fucking become, a bunch of egalitarian socialists who suck Karl Marx’s cock? Or a bunch of moist ass, hypersensitive bitches? It’s fucking CARTOONS for Christ’s sake! Worrying about cartoons and subliminal programming at this late date is a little like worrying about the dishes being spotty on the Titanic. It’s all going down at this point and nothing can stop it. And it was the holy war against racism and sexual inequality which has brought us to this sad state of affairs…

        1. Only cowards can’t handle the truth. So, you must be in the front row of ignorance. As usual another moron who knows little to nothing about history makes a comment. Marx was a well known racist to help push propaganda against anyone who was black ( genocide, ghettos, destroying historical events). It’s only brain washing but who cares, right?! Keep your ignorance and piss poor rebuttal. You can’t beat me nor the truth.

        2. HA! HA! HA! I bugger boys like you for breakfast. “Only cowards can’t handle the truth.” ~ That’s right coward, “You can’t beat me nor the truth.” ~ I AM the Truth! And I will beat you like a runaway slave, boy! The fight against racism and social inequality has pushed more than 1 BILLION people into early graves since 1900. All the revolutions since the French Revolution have been about equality and they have all ended bloody! The term terrorism was coined to describe the original state-sponsored terrorism called The Red Terror!
          Nature abhors a vacuum and when you kill God He must be replaced with something else. This is always the state. The state is deified and we get our new prophet Hitler, Pol Pot, Lenin, Stalin, Franco, Mussolini, Mao, Reagan, Obama, etc. ad nauseum…
          The idea that all men are created equal, first proclaimed as part of a national ideology by the American Declaration of Independence in 1776, is probably the most influential socio-moral-political idea of the modern world. It is also the most fundamental and axiomatic; for the Declaration of Independence, after declaring the “self-evident truth all men are created equal”, goes on immediately, in the same sentence, to assert “that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights…” In other words, the whole Human Rights philosophy (or religion) of the so-called “international community”, is based on “the egalitarian dogma”; most of the actions of modern politicians are justified on the basis of “human rights”, which in turn are justified on the basis of egalitarianism.
          Even after witnessing the vast upheavals and huge rivers of blood that have been poured out to force equality on the nations of the world since 1776, the world still loves the dogma, still worships it, is still prepared to die for it. Even most Christians, who should know better, regard it as an article of their faith which they believe in with greater sincerity and passion than any other article, including the Holy Trinity or the Divinity of Christ.
          You are an egalitarian socialist Trekkie. Your big black boyfriend/lover/partner/husband must be SO very proud of his cosmetic wearing sissy bitch. How is the weather in San Francisco? All of your anti-racism bullshit is just a mask to cover your real intention of destroying Western Civilization through miscegenation. I have much more respect for the black panthers or the Nation of Islam than for your stupid sorry ass. At least they stand up for their people and do not buy into the egalitarian Utopian socialist bullshit. I read some of your previous posts and whomever disagrees with you is simply attacked and screamed at. You never offer any “Truth”, as you would say in your rebuttals. Typical communist/socialist tactics. Take the moral high-ground and play the race card. Well we’re on to you types and your methodology you half stepping moist ass bitch. I get along just fine with my black and Latino neighbors.

      4. They did that because it was out of the norm and thus worthy of ridicule, hence funny. You totally missed the point of a lot of that humor I think.
        Much in the same way that I do not believe that the best way to capture a roadrunner is by donning a pair of Acme Rocket Skis, I’m also aware that it would be silly to dress up as a woman to keep a hunter from shooting me.

        1. “They did that because it was out of the norm and thus worthy of ridicule, hence funny.”
          I agree with you that that was likely the reason, but the problem is when you ridicule an alternative lifestyle you are still giving it life in a sense, by bringing it to the attention of mainstream consciousness, which is what (i think) MS is trying to say.
          There are good points to be made on both sides…but me personally i would prefer that a show or cartoon (especially one marketed to kids) refrained from presenting homo or homoish lifestyles AT ALL. Kids may not understand why bugs was dressing up the way he did (just as i didn’t) but the image of it will stick in their minds until they grow up and learn the definition on their own. Mature themes like that should be taught by their parents first and foremost, and only when they feel their kids are ready.
          Unfortunately the corrosive grip of interactive media makes it all too easy for kids to be exposed to deviant lifestyles that are beyond their ability to fully process…it’s like putting a rainbow colored gun in the hand of a child (with no bullets) without the parent’s consent and allowing the wrong person to come along and teach them how to use it.

        2. Influence from old vaudeville staples I believe. Male characters dressing up or in disguise as women was inherently funny because of absurdity. Like the powdered food tablets that you just add a drop of water and “boing”, a full meal with roasted turkey, rolls, 3 types of veggies appear.
          But I never thought the men in drag bit was ever funny. Thought it was cheap. Lacked thought and cleverness.
          If it was trying to push homosexuality, I don’t think that old black and white movie with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon almost the entire time in drag could have been made knowing how the ’50s were.

    4. If anything I prefer the original episodes of the Flinstones series from 1960 – 1966.
      Fred was not perfect and many episodes we had a laugh at his expense, but done in a way where he still had a level of respect and dignity, unlike today.

  5. I thought that “marriage is lot like eating an orange” is nicely complemented with Moleman’s “eating an orange is a lot like marriage.”

  6. Beer can’t love you back.
    Also, beer doesn’t feel lonely, sad, and/or betrayed/abandoned/forgotten when you decide to “try” a different flavor.
    Yes, bitches are one major contributor to the high number of bastards who infest civilization, but they are not the only contributor.
    The other contributor are the man-whores, men who think they should bang chick-after-chick until they find the “right one”.

  7. The best cartoon out there right now is Archer, the main character Archer is a narcissist who bangs girls and acts like a total asshole.

  8. “And let’s face it, the show was such a dominant and enjoyable piece of popular culture in the 1990’s, which contributed heavily towards making that decade so damn good overall (compared to now).”
    I’m older and prefer the 1970s but the 1990s were definitely better than what came after; and this decade is going to be better than the shittier shit-hole existance that awaits us in 2020, unless things come to a head and we have a major correction for the better.

  9. On marriage, my late uncle used to tell a great parable:
    “Son, marriage is like a jar full of shit, with a layer of honey on top. You dip your finger and taste the honey and say “Ohh this is good”, so you are hooked… but once that bit of honey runs out, all you are left with is a bunch of shit” 🙂

  10. Homer is a dumb dad character, except that his lack of intellect is used to point out the ridiculousness of all the things that come from those supposedly possessing higher intellect. Also the absurdity of life in general.
    So the simple mind is too simple to be easily swayed by the proven tactics of a little bit of truth makes the best lie. So he’s uninhibited to point out any hypocrisies.
    That’s what’s different about Homer than the other dumb dad, dumb male characters.

  11. Good day dear ROK readers and fellow manosphere comunity members. It’s been more than a month since my absence in the commentary sections but none the less I have read all articles but more importantly, I’ve been out there applying our knowledge and slaying the ladies.
    Long storty – short:
    My instinct acts like crazy when I spot a solid 9.3 (tits a bit small but still a hottie), we talk, we tease, she gives me ,,good wife” material vibes, I actually start to see my kids with her. Fast forward 3 weeks, she drives every conversation into the ground acting like a pesimist moron. I call her out once, twice, three times a winner so I send her back. Conclusion = Unicorns do exist but that doesn’t mean you should deactivate the bullshit detector. Just wanted to let you guys know that I’m heavily active applying everything we talked about and it’s extremely constructive.
    Looking froward to even more constructive articles and strategies to change odds for all men ( why not even good women ) and all people out there.
    She even tried to hook me back saying ,,but you didn’t have patience to know me ” point where I responded ,,I know enough”.
    Much respect to the forefathers and the knowledge givers!

    1. Good that you got an understanding quickly. But if you had read “the rational male” you could have known this years ago. There is no unicorn, really. Women always have a double agenda. Could just be they like to attentionwhore a bit, until it becomes boring (couple of weeks)

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