Our Call To Boycott Mad Max Movie Spurs Avalanche Of Mainstream Media Anger

On May 11 we published Why You Should Not Go See “Mad Max: Feminist Road” by Aaron Clarey. Since then, dozens of media outlets including CNN, Vice, The Guardian, and Huffington Post have attempted to denounce Clarey’s article with snark, feminist logic, and adolescent insults.

Clarey’s concerns about Mad Max should be nothing new to ROK readers. Here are two excerpts:

Fury Road was not going to be a movie made for men. It was going to be a feminist piece of propaganda posing as a guy flick.




So do yourself and all men across the world a favor. Not only REFUSE to see the movie, but spread the word to as many men as possible. Not all of them have the keen eye we do here at ROK. And most will be taken in by fire tornadoes and explosions. Because if they sheepishly attend and Fury Road is a blockbuster, then you, me, and all the other men (and real women) in the world will never be able to see a real action movie ever again that doesn’t contain some damn political lecture or moray about feminism, SJW-ing, and socialism.

The article, now with over 3,400 comments, has not blown up organically through social networking, like our previous viral articles, but through deliberate and simultaneous promotion in the Anglosphere media. The articles claim we’re wrong to complain about how Hollywood has been co-opted by feminist ideals and is actively using movies and other media as vehicles to program impressionable young people around the world to incorrectly believe that women are physically and mentally equal to men, if not outright superior.

Here’s a selection of the more than 25 articles that were written (mostly by women):

Men’s rights activists call for boycott of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road,’ citing feminist agenda (CNN)

The blog the post is published on is known for trolling feminists. Its “about” page, for example, says, “Women and homosexuals are prohibited from commenting here. They will be immediately banned.” The article has received more than 2,000 comments. One commenter wrote, “Women and feminists in general have without a doubt, proven that they are dysfunctional by nature and cannot be trusted with anything. And this movie helps to prove it.”

Men’s Rights Activists Don’t Want You To See ‘Mad Max’ (Huffington Post)

Mens rights activists have given you another reason to get excited to see “Mad Max: Fury Road.” On a blog called Return of Kings, Aaron Clarey asks men to boycott the film because of all the feminist propaganda. Cool, bro.

Mad men mad at Mad Max for having mad women (AV Club)

Despite Clarey’s warnings about these feminist morays, burrowing in the sands of our action movies and eating all our masculinity and cuttlefish, Fury Road is projected to make around $40 million in its opening weekend. And if that happens, someday, some movies may not even be about men at all.

The ‘man-o-sphere’ is outraged about Mad Max? Hand me my popcorn! (Guardian)

Clarey is proposing that the man-o-sphere boycott the film. Which is all the more reason to go, get a large popcorn, satisfied in the knowledge that it’s salted with reactionary tears.

Why men’s rights activists hate Mad Max: Fury Road (Telegraph)

Clarey’s feelings of betrayal are shared by his commenters. One, who uses the commenting alias of “truth”, wrote: “Women and feminists in general have without a doubt, proven that they are dysfunctional by nature and cannot be trusted with anything. And this movie helps to prove it.”

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ draws the ire of men’s rights activists (Daily Dot)

It must be said that Mad Max isn’t without its faults; Clarey rightly pointed out that Ensler isn’t exactly the best person to represent sexual enslavement in the Congo. And the film has already come under fire for allegedly having only one non-white actor in the entire movie, despite being filmed on location in Namibia.

This Guy Wants You to Boycott ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Because He Doesn’t Like Feminism (Vice)

I reached out to Clarey—who also runs a blog called Captain Capitalism—via email with some questions about the boycott, Charlize Theron’s mechanical arm, and whether or not explosions were gendered. His initial response was, “You want to get rid of the snark/fake questions and then I’ll take you seriously?” Which, fine. Asking if a robot arm is gendered is at least light trolling.

There was a lone favorable article: Why ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ is the feminist picture of the year (NY Post).

What should struck you is how similar the articles are to each other. The media we have is one full of “journalists” who essentially plagiarize each other without adding any additional reporting or value. If you read one of the above articles, you’ve read them all.

Even though we were incorrectly identified as a men’s rights site, the idea that Hollywood is spreading feminist propaganda has for the first time reached the ossified brains of over one million new people this week, perhaps more. Most of these individuals will never allow themselves to accept how unnatural and phony it is to have female heroes who are as strong as men, but a few of them will encounter another movie in the future that portrays women as so comically masculine that they can’t help but remember the site with the word Kings in the title that described that very phenomenon. Once these individuals reject the existing narrative, they already know where to go for more answers. (They are encouraged to start here: Top 35 Most Important Articles On ROK.)

In the end, I wanted to thank all the talentless media typists for taking the time to spread the word about our message. I have no doubt that many men are relieved to have encountered it.

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1,486 thoughts on “Our Call To Boycott Mad Max Movie Spurs Avalanche Of Mainstream Media Anger”

  1. “The Streisand effect is the phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove, or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely”
    Female typists dislike criticism. Proceed to link the shit out of the ROK article, spreading its message to every corner of cyberspace.

    1. I was sort of thinking that too. They sought this angle for publicity. Since logic dictates that it was an inevitable natural reaction, it’s good to know it came from a natural genuine source like the intent of this site.
      However, to be sure, the Streisand Effect is not absolute and can backfire. A number of NBC gaffes come to mind. My point being that such a publicity angle presumes the outcome can be controlled. That isn’t necessarily the case. People can applaud the tons of special effects and still walk away knowing exactly what this was.
      The film very well could become an iconic eponym of this SJW trope in our time. It would serve to colligate and repeat this observation with that of every other such movie.
      That is, when you generally typify an SJW method as feminist movies, you borrow passe terms that have to suffer dispute into what is an isnt feminism, because feminism is deliberately a muddled term, as the left muddles terms deliberately to confound and promote controversy to keep the discussions going. Doing so gives them oxygen and a counter point to bounce off of. As they say of wrestling pigs in the mud, you eventually realize the pig is enjoying it.
      But if a trope is given a new name, a neologism authored by a specifically opposing view, the new word advertises an unequivocal new idea. Perhaps a term to define such could emerge from critical typification of this film and blatantly coin a lucid category for such propaganda that henceforth these films can be readily identified and prevented; more accurately be immediately revealed for what they are upon release.
      I know it’s convoluted, but such is strategy. God knows its been used against us often enough.

      1. The way to un-muddle the term “feminism” is to recognize that it is a form of organized bigotry, like the Nazis or the KKK. And if the Vagina Monologues creator was consulted for the film, then this is definitely a feminist film.

    2. Perhaps we are the only ones to notice the double standard.
      Holding feminists to account for their hypocrisy is now called “trolling”.
      But women holding men to account for any actions they deem inappropriate is being a “strong independent woman”. (which, along with ‘foodie’, is one of my most hated terms).

    3. ROK has won simply by stating, wide and far, what has largely been censored – the fact that feminist propaganda is pushed in the mainstream media.

    4. That same old cliched adage “No publicity is bad publicity” born out time and again.

  2. The fact that they jeeringly refer this website as a “pick up artist” or “men’s rights activist” portal shows just how much they slander any story to suit their narrative, and how woefully out of touch they are with truth and reality.
    True there is a strong representation of those two things here, but it’s primarily a space for men to take life by the horns and be the best of who they can be, and to learn how to sift through the bullshit of women and life in general.
    But like they say, any news is good news (for the sake of added exposure). That’s awesome, and good work Clarey!

  3. As a beloved web radio host likes to say:
    “When you start taking a lot of fire, you know you’re over the target.”

  4. Well done to ROK and captain capitalism for popping the MSM’s ideological hymen on this issue. A seed has been consensually planted in the big vagina- like echo chamber of corrupt journalism

  5. Good. They carelessly throw around phrases like “rape”, “MRA”, and “PUA” as it suits their needs. It validates our positions. Look at how many broads frequently troll this site, and troll it hard. We even have broads posting as male sockpuppets and males posing as female sockpuppets (God help those males) Why would they do that if they did not care or it did not bother them? How many men troll the sites geared towards females? Nill. How many real men go to a female site and go tit for tat back and forth like a dummy? Nill. Because we already know what they are about. They come here because they are angry they are being called out, they know we are right, and that changes are in the making. An awakening is occurring and the modern age is making it easier to get the word out.

    1. I’m not so sure Bryan Cranston would appreciate you using his all time bad ass character as an avatar to spread garbage all around cyber space.

        1. Not black asshole but you assumed I was because you needed that crutch as the foundation of your nonexistent argument. You’ve departed from the realm of rational discourse a few posts up, brah. Have you figured out that Bryan Cranston is an actor and Walter White is a fictional character, yet?

        2. I already told you that I was privy to that info. And do everyone a favor and speak fucking English on the Internet. Thanks.

        3. Your father should have done the world a favor and pulled out of your mother’s putrid vagina. Get fucked hillbilly.

        4. Am I a hillbilly or a Marxist liberal? Hmm so many choices, so little time.

        5. Dude, homo? Really? He’s racist, you’re homophobic, it’s just a hate factory in here. Jesus.

        6. Nothing wrong with hating homosexuals if you’re wanting to. Tolerance is a facist mind control tool for the Sjws.

        7. If you’re harboring homosexual feelings that you feel the need to express through this sort of mockery, you’re not alone. Many people have dealt with there own homosexuality in this way, and have found forgiveness and peace upon admitting their true feelings. It’s not just OK to be gay, it’s a natural state of being into which you were born.

        1. If Jesus was alive and read the Inter webs, he’d be chain smoking, no doubt.

        2. Jesus is synonymous with mockery. Brian Cranston probably would not appreciate having his face plastered all over men’s hate speech sites.

        1. I dare you to attempt to contact Cranston and substiante or refute my claim.

        2. I dare you to use that thing above your neck, and between your ears. I dare ya.

        3. Yes, I’m sure the man who played the character of a murdering meth dealing sociopath would have a big problem with someone using that likeliness on ROK.
          Maybe dig up James Gandolfini while you’re at it. I heard someone with different views than you was using Tony Soprano as their avatar.

        4. No I don’t know him personally. But it’s well known that he’s left leaning and would laugh at you jerk offs.

    2. We welcome all females to ROK, please feel free to brows around and learn a thing or two. Roosh, you may need to expand the site and add a few helpful links for cooking, cleaning, ironing, gardening, sewing and childbirth so these lovely lasses can learn to be useful in society again, instead of sitting on their phones regurgitating the lies the Cultural Marxists have filled their dear little heads with.

        1. Don’t know, what happens when you try it with a cock rammed down your throat?

        2. I don’t know, what happens when you try when there’s a cock rammed down your throat?

      1. Don’t ask them to take time out from posting selfies dude, how else will they get their validation via their Likes from Beta Schmucktown and Manginaville?

      2. I’ve been quite enjoying this site. Had a very interesting chat with husband about it yesterday. He and I both find most really loud feminists to frankly be over-aggressive and overcompensatory. Reading the other point of view is intriguing and refreshing, because I don’t cleave to ideologies for ideology’s sake.
        Of course there’s also pretty offensive stuff here, but that’s just my perspective, and from the same perspective, stuff on Jezebel or whatever else also has me facepalm hard enough to potentially concuss myself.
        There are some utterly superlative articles I WISH my supposedly open-minded ardently feminist friends would read here. I know they won’t, because they remain very much too locked into their ideology and where it informs their identities to dare venture where they might see something unflattering.
        So keep on keeping on if you want non-troll females to occasionally peruse. No offense, but there’s so many sites dedicated to the ‘feminine’ pursuits you mentioned that I doubt you could give them full attention. 😉
        .. and most are populated by terrifying granola moms, self-important menopausal gourmets, terrifying retired knitters or DIYers, or worse. You don’t want to get mixed up with those hell’s grannies.
        edit – I’m tongue in cheek to a large degree there, though battle-axe oldschool feminists annoy me, tbh.
        This site has a lot of men being honest from a very male stance and in this day and age of self censorship, it’s educational for a woman to see that, because ironically, a LOT of your opinions (plural) are ones I share!
        — as for the article itself. Mountain out of molehill to me, but I also think that Tina Turner in 27lb of chainmail is fucking epic. 😉

        1. Kind of interesting you’re terrified of the old gals. They could probably teach you a thing or two. Personally, I enjoy talking with them on line and in person. They have more skill, wisdom, compassionate attitude – not to mention – class, than your generation ever will.

        2. Hah, I was being facetious. I sew for fun, cook for pleasure, garden when it suits me (just put in another climbing white rose), raise my toddler, and work on revising the PhD I’m defending later this year. I clean the house as much as my husband does, and we share cooking for the family. I do dinners, he enjoys making pancakes etc for breakfasts. I have a distaste for buying anything I could potentially build or make myself that comes of being raised by a scientist on a farm. If I can whittle it, sew it, or solder it, I will. And enjoy doing so!
          The kind of gardeners and such my mum associates with are also card-carrying hardline feminists in my experience. They can be a bit loud. /shrugs
          I admit i find over the top granola hippy moms a bit much. I gave birth vaginally and breastfed, but it didn’t somehow make my life as a woman suddenly worthwhile. Many many other things make my life worth living – I’m not defined by my uterus, thanks. For many of them, birth and motherhood are downright orgasmic, and they spurn men unless they’re babywearing vegans.

        3. I came across the Jezebel site the other day on some odd mother’s day article.
          It was odd to see five more articles describing motherhood as such a horror on a day to celebrate it.
          From what I can tell, feminists view pregnancy as a disease, stopping just short of viewing muliebrity itself as a handicap.
          I am unequal in several ways to various ideals set for me. So I try to excel in what I am. I feel the first error in premise is the idea that if we do not equal something else or have subordinate expectations, then inferior social roles make us inferior beings.
          It totally discounts the reality that we are just as eminently important when we embrace our social expectations in concert with the world around us rather than in spite of it.
          Along comes egalitarianism to foster and promote unnatural resentment among the individual to make them an enemy to their own society, appealing to ego and distorting reality.
          Certain patterns are obvious among what is loosely considered the left. Appeals to people with inferior standing socially to incite unrealistic views and resentment, then herding them together to promote socially degenerative ideas, and getting their vote and money in the process. None, not even their wards are benefited by this.
          The theme is always appealing to social inferiors, those with lesser social standing, depicting it as unjust, defying normal healthy social function and setting unrealistic goals.
          In short, creating a lobby to herd the mad. We now have a system that promotes insanity for the very purposes of aggregating the insane to influence society, and should expect nothing short of the logical outcome of doing so.

        4. “From what I can tell, feminists view pregnancy as a disease, stopping just short of viewing muliebrity itself as a handicap.”
          Bingo. Their idea is to have women see this blessing – a beautiful child – as a curse. That way they can weaken their marriages, and hopefully destroy them.
          Misery loves company.

        5. One fascinating element about modern feminism which is utterly self-defeating is how it actually often screws up the very principles it espouses.
          Women seeking to become the equals of men often become something like hyper-males. They speak more loudly, become more aggressive, become more sexually active, and try to basically be more male than males.
          It’s no better an answer in my estimation than the old barefoot and prego in the kitchen silliness.
          Women can offer a great deal, but not if we’re just trying to be louder men.
          There is inarguably a role for women intellectually and professionally and creatively. But it’s not in being shoddy men. I’ve always been inspired by Heinlein’s women, myself. They can be brilliant without eschewing the feminine.
          “All humans are created unequal. You are bigger and stronger than Pop; I am bigger and stronger than Hilda. I have the least years of experience; Pop has the most. Pop is a super-genius…but he concentrates so hard that he forgets to eat…unless he has a nursemaid to watch him—as Mama did, as I did, as Hilda now does. You, sir, are the all-around most competent man I’ve ever met, whether driving a duo, or dancing, or telling outrageous tales. Three of us have eight or nine earned degrees…but Aunt Hilda with none is a walking encyclopedia from insatiable curiosity and extraordinary memory. We two are baby factories and you two are not—but two men can impregnate fifty women—or five hundred. There is no end to the ways that we four are unequal. ” – Number of the Beast
          Says it all really.

        6. Heh, sorry! It’s one of the things I find so annoying about the women I know who are nuts about babies. It never seems to be about more than fulfilling some strange ego-trip in which their reproduction overshadows their self-respect. This mammoth of a woman at one pro-kids meeting I attended from curiosity sticks in my mind. Six children, prehistoric fertility goddess figure, and casually popping vast pendulous tits out to suckle during the meal. Her partner a skinny dude with white-man-dreads and a hemp necklace.
          I just can’t really ever find a shared worldview there.
          .. sorry if I put you off your dinner.
          /offers single malt?

        7. Where the fuck do you find these kinds of people?
          Hippy families where the mom loves her reproductive abilities and pops out kids all the time and dad is a skinny white dude with dreads and a hemp necklace?
          Maybe you are from california or something. The only time I can ever remember coming close to seeing these kinds of people was when I attended a very affluent charismatic church about 12 yrs ago.
          I stopped going when I realized everyone was some kind of fruity faggot.

        8. Ontario, Canada. I was having trouble with nursing so I attended a single La Leche League meeting, gods help me.
          It was… erm.. freaky.

        9. We’ll have to agree to disagree. I prefer Thunderdome to the rest.
          Road Warrior lost me with the assless chap wearing biker dudes screaming with rage for some reason known only to themselves, with their effete blonde boytois mutely watching, all of whose hair is startling well dyed and maintained for a post-apocalyptic wasteland.
          The original lost me with the bare chested thin tie guy… and the fact it took almost the whole damn movie for Max to lose his shit. Come on, it’s MAD Max, we KNOW he’s going to get hurt and need to take revenge, so could we skip all the scenes of how sweet his wife and child are and cut to the chase? We know they’re going to die. It’s predictable like the sun rising.
          Thunderdome had Dr. Dealgood’s delicious intro, Pigkiller’s mangled quotation of Buckaroo Banzai, and an inexplicable blind sax player.
          Matter of taste really.

        10. The only articles or comments which merited eyetwitches were the now deleted comments by that guy espousing beating his daughter so she’d never dare think herself able to be worth anything, and those with a bit too many generalizations based on ethnicity. I find the idea of violently punishing someone based on gender to be abhorrent – male or female. I’d condemn someone harming women just as I loudly condemn hypocritical women who harm men.
          Even the really misogynist ‘all women are wastes of skin’ comments I can shrug off, since I imagine the men saying those things have probably been primarily espoused to entitled, whiny, or generally obnoxious women.
          There’s a lot of women like that, I have to agree. I of course don’t share blanket statements denigrating my gender, because hey, I don’t hate myself, but I can hazard a guess where some of the frustration is coming from, and I do certainly empathize with the frustration.
          Hells, I’ve been accused of aiding ‘rape culture’ (/eyeroll) because I tout the rule of law and ideas of innocent until proven guilty when a man is accused of sexual assault. Fuck the mob mentality of raving feminists willing to ruin a man because someone might have a grudge. Press charges and test it in court if something awful happened, and if you don’t trust the justice system, learn about it, educate yourself, and fight to reform it, because mob rule is crap.
          I definitely get the frustration! 🙂
          Don’t care for the opinions that espouse all women needing to be beaten/humbled/reduced in some way though. The problems at the root of entitlement are a lot deeper, and violence doesn’t make men or women better people. You won’t get better by cutting down others – a thing a lot of feminists still need to internalize. A lot of them just want to replicate whatever makes them feel small on men, just as emotionally, physically, or psychologically abusive people tend to take out their own insecurities on their victims. It’s not an answer.

        11. ‘It’s no better an answer in my estimation than the old barefoot and prego in the kitchen silliness.Women can offer a great deal, but not if we’re just trying to be louder men.’ – I believe that you are very close to being on to something here. It is completely absurd and ultimately damaging to suggest that there is a right or wrong way to be female. Absolutely requiring women to be uneducated barefoot baby factories is large scale cultural abuse. Absolutely requiring that women resemble ‘louder men’ as you put is is equally problematic. I would like to put forward, that the modern age feminist agrees with this concept whole heartedly. The next generation of feminists are interested in preserving each individuals right to choose who they are, and how they will live their lives. The quotation you included asserts that no two people are alike, so then one cannot prescribe identities to all women, or all men for that matter, without robbing the lions share of those included of their identity. America is a nation that values rugged individualism, and it is precisely that which Feminism seeks to defend. There is a lot of negative misinformation out there, but, I suggest you reconsider your camp on this issue.

        12. Utter parrotology. Feminism seeks all manner of special dispensations…reduced standards, just because you don’t have a penis.

        13. “The only articles or comments which merited eyetwitches were the now
          deleted comments by that guy espousing beating his daughter so she’d
          never dare think herself able to be worth anything,,,”
          I remember reading that same comment by that individual.. but it was so over the top, extreme and offensive that it was obvious that individual was a troll trying to discredit this site and the men here.

        14. The biggest problem here being that in their pursuit of equality, of being able to ‘choose their own destiny’, they have lost sight of the fact that NO ONE chooses their own destiny. They do the job men cannot because in virtually every other case they cannot compete with men… and then, in order to maintain the surface veneer of equality, they create all manner of excuses or tilt the playing field.
          If you want equality, prove you are equal. That means you TAKE that equality rather than whining and crying and coaxing and manipulating men to give it to you. You accomplish more physical work than any other man on an oil-drilling rig. You join seal team 6 using the MEN’s PRT requirements. You go to bars and beat the hell out of men your own size, while not allowing anyone to constrain them from punishing you in return. You create a great indy game (99% of all female indy games suck) with amazing graphics, outstanding gameplay, and no bugs that is every bit as successful as minecraft or world of goo. You cannot claim that females are ‘biased against’ in the indy games industry, because most users have NO clue what the faces of indy developers look like, or what sex they happen to be. There is no ‘networking’ for indy game development like there is for AAA, unless you (like Zoe Quinn) decide to fuck your way through the video game reviewers for good reviews, and even with that rather extreme measure, a bad game will STILL flop on it’s own merits.
          The simple fact is, You are INFERIOR to men in every way save for those things which you PROVE you are as good at or better than other men, On an empty playing field. No affirmative action, no tight sweaters and fluttering your eyelashes at a manager, You beat men at THEIR OWN GAME and you will be respected as a man.
          Until you can beat a man in the world HE has created for YOU, get on your back and pray for a boy.
          I RESPECT Ursula K. LeGuinn and Andre Norton. Why? Because they were WORTHY of respect for creating great scifi in a market where gender meant less than Amazing writing and Men were the dominant force. women that scream endlessly for ‘equality’ rather than seizing it with their own two hands and proving that they are equal by dint of hard labor and talent are beneath contempt.

        15. I will admit that I have frequently beaten women before, but I am deeply involved in the BDSM community. I have yet to meet a woman, even the many I have dated outside of the community, who was not deeply satisfied by being physically dominated by a powerful lover.
          Considering how many women enjoy riding the edge of being ‘taken’ by a ‘mighty thewed warrior’, I think that yes means yes laws will harm women a thousand times worse than men. we don’t give a fuck if we have to ask a stupid question a dozen times while we are pumping our cock into a sloot… but her? she will be utterly destroyed by having her headspace constantly violated by incessant and pedantic questions.
          I have said it before and I will say it again… Feminists hate women far more than they hate men.

        16. what self respect? what do women have to be respected for, other than their ability to create an entrely new human life? what job or societal fullfilment is more important than the godlike job of bringing an entirely new intelligent, living, breathing being into this world?
          Feminists hate women far more than they hate men.

        17. The faggots were supposed to bring home how villainous and morally bankrupt the ‘bad guys’ were.

        18. reduced standards, so that it can put women directly into competition with men, where they will inevitably fail. It shows a deep-seated misogyny present in every feminist.

        19. Is the average woman physically stronger than the average man? No. Does that matter in terms of equality in a world where physical strength has become all but meaningless? NO. I’m not in game design, I’m an AD & editor in LA. I’m working on a feature film now, which I took off of a male editor who had been unable to finish the job. In fact, his faulty technical understanding of digital codecs made all of his work completely unusable. We’re about a week from completion now. Women aren’t asking for anything more than an even playing field to prove their worth, but we prevail often even with out it. I’m sorry you feel that you can’t choose your own destiny. I have been relatively able to choose mine, as every one should have the right to at least attempt.

        20. You seem to think that men get a pass for being on ‘team dick’, and you are too narrowly focussed on your own perceived injustice to realize that men are a hundred, a THOUSAND times more critical of other men than women are. You look at men at the ‘apex’ and assume that that means that they didn’t stomp on, and destroy the lives of, every other man on their way up.
          if men dislike each other intensely enough, they KILL each other. In fact, men are literally so incredibly hard on each other, so opposite the concept of ‘team dick’ that you project onto them, that we have literally created millenia of customs JUST to avoid killing each other. concepts such as Honor, Valor, Faith, Fair Play, sportsmanship, and even the basic precepts of civilization itself exist as a means for men to not compete with each other TO THE DEATH.
          You want to compete with men? You have two choices. You can either adopt the rules we have created to avoid killing each other, rules which automatically preclude you from equality (what you term patriarchy) Or you go in the deep end and risk death to compete with the rest of us.
          The insistence on ‘laws’ and ‘rights’ to ‘level the playing field’ automatically assumes that you are basically inferior. How can you even pretend to possess self-respect if you are unable to compete without an artificial framework (provided by men, of course) that either artificially boost you to their level, or artificially cripples them to yours?
          You claim that there is an epidemic of ‘rape’ on Campus. Why isn’t there an epidemic of men raping men? Obviously, some men are stronger than others… Thus, just as obviously smaller, weaker men should be in just as much danger of getting raped as women.
          The reason? because men are physically and emotionally capable of protecting themselves. claiming that rape on campus is men-on-women assumes that women are incapable of protecting themselves. they need to ‘be protected’, and are thus, inferior.
          If women were as capable of being CEO’s as men, then why aren’t there just as many women CEO’s as men? Men compete with each other… there is absolutely NO reason to ‘exclude’ a woman, especially if she an ‘easy target’ for competition. Obviously, if you were not inferior, you could TAKE those CEO positions, and no man would be able to stop you. It’s not like they are hitting you with a club for working hard.
          Frankly, it all comes down to one indisputable fact… without artificial frameworks to ‘force’ equality, nature simply proves, again and again, that men are superior.

        21. I don’t disagree with any of your points. I also don’t really position myself in any camp per se – my preference is to learn all that I can and listen to perspectives as fairly as I’m able within the parameters of my own logic.
          My issue with the word ‘feminism’ at this stage is that its semantic has been hijacked for better or for worse to refer to a fairly specific woman who at least in my view, does our gender a disservice.
          Many of the airheads in the opposite camp are equally maddening to me, as I prefer women to be self-confident and assertive without emulating the masculine or grating. It is possible to be graceful, poised and confident as well as intelligent and not fall into the self hatred of the vacuous appearance-only crowd or those who emulate the worst of male behaviour.

        22. See, I’d have to disagree with you on women and self respect. Women, as with men, have a great deal to be respected for depending upon their actions and deeds.
          Any human who works to make the world a better place merits my respect. Any human who behaves with decency, honour and compassion merits my respect. Any human who develops something innovative, or assists in shaping thinking or society deserves respect from me.
          And, to be fair, I did not ‘create an entirely new life.’
          My husband and I together, after four years of trying, started a fetus whom I agonizingly birthed nine months or so later. I wouldn’t call it ‘godlike,’ myself. It was a thing that happened, that we wanted after a lot of thought, and required my husband’s active aid and participation. The birth I’ll take credit for, sure. That was a bitch.
          But until our son is an adult contributing human being, I don’t deserve any real credit. When he reaches maturity and shows the world the courtesy, dignity, confidence and strength we seek to teach him, along with empathy and courage, then we’ve done something cool, sure. But to even claim dual credit for that would be pretentious in the extreme.
          His grandmothers, his grandfathers, his uncles and aunts, his teachers and friends and schools as WELL as us will be models and tutors, and all deserve credit.. as will he! For me to prance about thumping my chest saying I’m somehow a deity for the tiny fraction of his life he’s existed outside my body would be hubris to say the least.
          That’s my take, in any case. I don’t dismiss reproduction, but I also don’t privilege it over acts of decency, compassion, and dignified contribution to society. Just having a baby isn’t worth a medal. We really over-weight the pre-birth and actual birth thing hugely these days. Much as 12 hours of cramping agony was rough, frankly, keeping up with a hyper toddler on little to no sleep is far harder, knowing that if I were to blow up, I would damage his little individual ego as it’s forming. Give way more credit to people who can raise a good human being than those who just get to the ‘baby’ stage.
          .. that’d be like having a huge graduation party when a kid ‘graduates’ freaking daycare.

        23. The word feminist has evolved several times across generations. The most recent understanding of the term is that a feminist stands for equality, and freedom of choice. The more people who understand it as such, and use it as such, the less people like the commenters on this site will be able to add Nazi to the tail end as a means or ignoring the voices of women. Since feminism is all about your choices and your agency, it is up to you as a sentient human what it’s expression will be. If you stand for equality, and the advancement of all human beings, then you are a feminist. Go right ahead and claim the word. It’s yours.

        24. I’d rather coin a new one without the semantic values, as opposed to fighting to rebrand this one, truthfully.
          The swastika has been used since neolithic times worldwide, but thanks to a 20th century culture lasting less than thirty years, it’s permanently untouchable now.
          I share many values with self-described ‘feminists’,’ but I also find many of the opinions on this site accurate and understand from whence they come.
          Misogynists might tell me I possess no intrinsic value beyond my reproductive capabilities, and attempt to regulate even those… of course I have yet to be told that, quite likely because as a very tall fit former farm girl, I’m not exactly a good target…
          Misandrists who self identify as ‘feminist’ HAVE told me that I somehow further rape culture for the terrible sin of touting the rule of law and the right to a fair trial.
          I stand with critical examination of concepts, and self-evaluation based upon sound thinking with a hefty dose of compassion. Whatever that is branded as these days.

        25. ” I don’t dismiss reproduction, but I also don’t privilege it over acts
          of decency, compassion, and dignified contribution to society.”
          No offense, but that is precisely the twisted attitude that has destroyed femininity. The idea that there is ANYTHING that they are capable of accomplishing that bears even the remotest value compared to creating life.

        26. Tina Turner had a place in the originals, she belonged.
          The Remake is a giant middle finger to men raised in the 80s.
          Welcome to ROK!

        27. I’m not offended. For me, it’s a matter of values and how I see things. I don’t assume that I ‘created’ life. To do so, for me, would imply that I have some ownership over my son, and I do not. His body is his own. Yes, mine nourished him, and yes, he depends on me completely.
          But he is not my possession. I do not own him as I own something I have built with my hands to my whims and specifications. I did not create him, in my own estimation, and I would never assume the mantle of some sort of creator of living creatures as a result, if that makes sense.
          When asked whether I would circumcise him, my answer was simple: if he chooses as a grown man, to do anything to his body, I will support him so long as he is happy and is fully informed. I have no right to mutilate him without his consent. He is his own person, and while I may help to shape how he responds to the world, and how he sees it, his temperment and mind and flesh are ultimately his alone.
          Just my own take on it. 🙂

        28. Many thanks for the welcome! I’ve been finding the discussions engaging and welcoming as well as informative.
          Out of curiosity, why are you calling it a remake?
          I mean, I have no interest in the film personally because, for my money, Mad Max IS Mel Gibson. Those batshit blue eyes and ability to completely convey someone over the hell horizon and accelerating but somehow keeping his self as his own is something I found him totally convincing in. No new guy’s going to cut it for me as a replacement.
          I’d call it.. hrm.. a crazy Aussie action movie possibly in a similar vein to Doomsday or something, that pays tribute to the original trilogy, but I have a hella-hard time fitting a new face as Max myself.

        29. And that is exactly why women cannot raise boys.
          Yes, you DO own your son. He has NO rights but what you have gicen him, and what he eventually creates for himself. He has no privileges he has not had to earn.
          There HAS to be as much for the parents of a child as there is for the child. that ‘gift’ is your immortality, the right to mold the child into what you want them to be.
          without that right, what’s the fucking point of children?

        30. I believe that we’ll have to agree to disagree then. My son is my contribution the humanity, but that’s as far as any notions of ‘mine’ go for me. He may choose once mature to reject all I’ve taught him if I teach poorly.
          As for your idea of women raising, I’m sorry that you’ve come to that conclusion. My husband and I share very much the same parenting approach, and much the same ideology in terms of autonomy and rights. If anything, he’s even stronger in this view than I am. I don’t intend to minimize his role in this by any stretch, but to celebrate it. I hope very much that our son is as wonderful a man as his dad.
          Your perspective is an interesting one, but I don’t think either of us would ever wish to share it.

        31. your call, but it seems to be self evident that parenting MUST be as rewarding for the parents as it is for the children, or there’s no incentive.

        32. “America is a nation that values rugged individualism, and it is precisely that which Feminism seeks to defend.”
          And in the real world, feminists try to:
          -abolish prisons for women, not men
          -force companies build by men to hire women to leading positions, i.e. having a say in a thing they haven’t build and made minimal contributions to
          -lower the requirements standards for female soldiers, firefighters and police officers. Basically ruining everything.
          -remove the presumption of innocence for men accused of raped or involved in domestic violence
          – not to mention censoring any opposing view form the public sphere.
          This just came on top of my head.

        33. It’s a long view, really. There is no real reward for the infant and early toddler years if I went by the scale of rewards from shaping our son in our image. A toddler is a ball of volatile curious energy that kisses as often as he bites or hits, bursting with new emotions he can barely contain, let alone put words to.
          It’s a very high cost-to-benefit if you analyze it. All the tolerance and patience is on our end. If you expect rewards in any way equal to sacrifices, you’d be left wanting. He adores us and we adore him, but ideas like ‘full night of sleep,’ ‘sex,’ ‘privacy,’ ‘time to think,’ etc are a pitiful joke right now. As I type this, he’s sitting on my lap watching a truck video on the other monitor, and it annoys him that my attention is not wholly on him – he’s imperiously pointing at the monitor I’m using and saying ‘TYUCK!’
          The rewards lie in his radiant grin, his belly laugh, or his delight in learning something new. Our decision to reproduce was based on watching ‘Idiocracy’ a few too many times, I sometimes think! I’ll judge our success and concomitant rewards when he’s fully grown.

        34. Your examples lean heavily toward the physical.
          What about the mental? The creative? Female authors, scientists (Mme Curie and Ada Lovelace were brilliant women), artists, composers, scholars, innovators etc.
          I don’t actually disagree with you on the physical side of things for the most part, though even some sports have better women than men competing (many equestrian sports for example) by medal count. I do think that you’re dismissing the non-physical contributions my gender can, have, and continue to make in fields where the emphasis is on the mind and how it works.

        35. However as a male deeply involved in the BDSM community, I presume you live by the ‘safe, sane and consensual’ watchwords? Within that scope, as far as I for one am concerned, anything goes if it’s consented to by reasonable adults.
          I wouldn’t classify that deleted poster’s bullshit about beating his young daughter and wife as bearing any resemblance to SSC activities, nor would I insult BDSM by suggesting that 50 Shades of Shitty Twilight Slashfic’s terrible portrayal of dominant sex is anything but asinine. The fact that it has very likely encouraged gullible airheaded women to crave rough sex without educating themselves about BDSM’s basic tenets annoys the hell out of me.
          And no, I’m not myself in the scene, but have some very close friends who are, one couple of which lives in a very happy total power exchange 24/7 marriage.

        36. OK, one by one:
          – The prison abolitionist groups that I am familiar with (and have worked with) do not favor women’s prisons over mens. Prison abolitionists are opposed to prisons, all prisons.
          – I will refrain from correcting your spelling here, and simply say that while in some states affirmative action is still in place to encourage sexist companies to hire women, there are still just as many qualified and intelligent women entering the workforce today as there are men, so no one is suffering in terms of available and qualified employees. And, just like women applying for a new job, the male applicants did not build the company to which they are applying either. That’s the nature of new employees, they’re new. You can’t claim bragging rights for every company founded on earth by a man, just as I cannot claim participation in every company on earth founded by a woman. We’re individuals.
          – I have no data on this. You’ll have to cite some sources though if you want to make this claim.
          – The presumption of innocence has not been removed from the law, unless you’re talking accusations of terrorism since the patriot act, in which case things have gone a little crazy, but that has nothing to do with feminists.
          – As far as I can tell, opposing views make up a large percentage of the public sphere. I suspect you haven’t ever really tried imagining what ‘the public sphere’ actually looks like to woman.

        37. 90% of “successful” women have gotten there on the backs of men esp Mme Curie.
          The is a ROK article or 2 discussing this, check the archives.

        38. I love ‘authorities’ on bondage. Let me put it this way… ‘ssc’ is something to ensure that children don’t get in deep shit, or trash the community.
          Experience provides you with understanding, and understanding allows you to more deeply understand certain things that one would not tell a newbie to the community. It is something only men can understand, and even then most men are too deeply indoctrinated to believe the truth even if it is shoved into their eye with a red-hot poker.
          Generally you have to move past the ‘Gaydom’ paradigm to begin to understand real bondage. Something almost no one does, due to leatherfag control of the interface between D&S and the Media. If it makes you feel better, most of us have no interest in bringing media or legal attention to it anyway.
          Truths that have to be learned the hard way or they will not really be understood:
          1. Women, all women, are submissive. Women who are ‘dommes’ are doing it for the (excellent) Money they can get from twisted men, because they are broken in some horrible way, or because they possess an extra chromosome.
          2. Men, all men, are dominant. This does not mean that they do not possess a ‘slave mentality’, or are not better followers than they are leaders, it means they have been designed from the ground up to dominate women. Men who are not dominant are broken, sometimes emotionally, sometimes physically.
          Once you learn those two extremely Darwinian rules, the rest falls easily into place.
          1. The sub is not in control. That is PC bullshit, only good for beginners. Thus safewords merely prove that the top or dom has allowed his bottom to ‘top from the bottom’ and destroyed his control. A submissive is your PROPERTY. One takes good care of one’s property… not out of common decency or responsibility, but simply because you don’t trash your own property, and we instinctively protect our property as well. if you wish to allow a safeword because you think you may be unobservant enough that your bottom has to call attention to a safety hazard you may have missed, that is your choice, not their ‘right’.
          2. BDSM is not a ‘lifestyle’, it is a LIFE. It is the natural level upon which Human beings, men and women, were designed to interact. One has only to act dominantly in public to notice that most women instantly and reflexively respond to the behavior, because it has been hard-wired into them by evolution.
          3. ‘full’ bondage, life bondage, between a male dominant and a female submissive is a deeper and more emotionally fullfilling bond than any other, so much so that there is literally no way of describing it to one who has not experienced it. You go to bed smiling, wake up with a sense of well-being that is indescribable, and generally walk around far happier than at any time since leaving kindergarten.
          There is much, much more, but… It’s stuff you can figure out for yourself, as you are not my slave and it is neither my responsibility nor a particularly pleasant duty to explain it to someone that is not my property. But do not think you can dip your toe to see what it’s all about. If you are out, you will never see, and if you are in, you will never leave. Any ‘toe dipping’ you try is basically toedipping leatherfag culture, not natural bondage. And I am not trying to couch it in mystical terms or any of that shit, because there’s nothing mystical about it. It’s as biological as blood and bone.

        39. I will. That said, I’d dispute considering any intellectual partnership to imply ‘on the backs of men’; one might as easily suggest the opposite conclusion. I don’t personally subscribe to either paradigm. Instead, I’d celebrate both partners, and do, as rare and remarkable working relationships which all of humanity has gained from. There are all too few women with intellects or abilities like a Lovelace, a Cassatt or a Curie who have found themselves in the situation whereby they are working with someone or solo and offer something so remarkable to the rest of us.
          This is not to say that women are stupid in my opinion – it is instead to say that they often obey other impulses either from their upbringing or from the pressure of society/media, and let their possible brilliance rot like so much compost between their ears while they try to be ‘pretty’ or whatever else.
          So do many men, for that matter. There are not so many Hawkings, Kurosawas or Einsteins as humanity could really do with. There are a lot more Nicholas Cages, Justin Beibers, or [insert any number of moronic poser’s name here]’s.

        40. Interesting take. I worked for a time in my twenties as a graphic designer and worked for a bondage company in redesigning their packaging. I had to learn a great deal about the scene, and since my temperment draws me inevitably toward curiosity about matters which mainstream culture deems ‘taboo’ or ‘forbidden,’ I did a great deal of research, though I’ve known from the beginning that it’s not my cup of tea.
          You have an interesting, almost Gorean take on it, though without the blithering literary diarrhea most Goreans I’ve spoken with seem to suffer from.
          There will always be things I will never understand about it, because as you state, I’m ‘out,’ and likely to remain so. Professionally I study cultural expressions of historical identity in cultures which are decidedly not western, and include practices western society flinches openly to consider. As such, I will likewise never understand the innermost sanctums of many of the matters which I study, but I can grasp some of the broader currents or trends. I don’t at all claim to be an authority in something you live – far from it!
          I do however now understand why you perceive parenthood as a matter of ownership to some degree. Historically, you’re quite right. Just as historically, my gender were chattel.
          I’m very happy for you that you have a way of living that brings you such joy, and presumably any pet/slave you own. I will ask if I may – you reject the notions of safewords etc.. how would you find a slave given that? My peripheral understanding of BDSM is again that matter of consent. Someone at a BDSM club/party who is advertising him or herself as a sub/slave eager to live a life of complete obedience? It’s obviously legally and generally dangerous to lay claim to a prospective slave who may be dabbling or some deluded moron who read 50 Shades of Stupid once too often.
          edit – also, what is your stance on transpeople or two-spirited people in terms of the biological binary you’ve outlined?

        41. If women are such great innovators, and such creative thinkers, why aren’t nearly half of all great creations theirs instead of a mere handful?
          Do you honestly believe that there are men with clubs standing around ready to bash a woman on the head the moment she creates something?
          How come there’s no female John Williams or Danny Elfman? no female einstein or Pasteur? (Btw, i like curie, but she is a very bad example, as there are a lot of very strong suggestions that her husband released HIS discoveries as hers in order to profit from ‘dancing bear’ popularity of a ‘female scientist’, and she may have been little more than a glorified unpaid bottle washer)
          I could explain it but you would probably discard the explanation out of hand. In essence, Women tend to cluster about the mean in creativity, innovation, and intelligence. There’s really not that far a difference in 99% of all women between the ‘smartest’ and the ‘dumbest’, the ‘most creative’ and the ‘least creative’
          Men, on the other hand, while generally averaging the same creativity and intelligence as women, do NOT cluster about the mean. The SMARTEST 90% of all men are so far above the ‘dumbest’ 90% of all men that they might as well be of a completely different species.
          societal contributions, discoveries, and great impacts are NOT made by those that cluster close to the mean, they are made by outliers. the intelligence MEAN is generally those who are ‘competent at living’, which no one who ever desired a wife to stay at home with the children would wish to see reduced. It takes a certain level of smarts to raise successful children, albeit a completely different KIND of smarts that building an aircraft from scratch.
          So, when one of us men state that ‘Men are better than women’, ‘men are smarter than women’ or ‘men are more competent than women’ we are being utterly, and strictly truthful. However, what we choose to leave unsaid is that we are also dumber, less competent, and worse than women… at least 50% of us are, anyway.
          However, when you are dealing with men on the internet, men who use words like ‘competent’ and ‘societal contributions’, it is safe to assume that we are NOT in the lower 50% of male humanity. Thus our ‘clustering’ along the outer edges of the intellectual curve generally means that unless you are in the top 1% of all females, nearly every single man you engage here is likely more intelligent, creative, or competent than you are.
          So, because men are physically more powerful than women, that means that you cannot compete with the lower 50% of all men as far as brute labor jobs are concerned. When you start agitating for jobs where women are indeed competent, you are suddenly competing with the TOP 50% of all men, who are generally smarter, more creative, and more competent than you are. So if YOU take one of those ‘intellectual’ jobs, you are by definition depriving someone more qualified than you are of work. On Average you may be just as smart, competent, and creative than us… but you are not competing for ‘average’, you are competing for ‘smart’.
          So, does that give you just a slight glimmer as to why ‘affirmative action’ is such a travesty? ‘competing on a level playing field’ is a joke, and ‘equality’ is a miscarriage? Because your demands for ‘equality’, simply mean that those men who are vastly ABOVE the mean are forced down to the level of the mean, and those who are far below the mean are unable to compete. It’s like trying to force bowling balls through a garden hose.

        42. It takes 16 years to of sacrifice to raise children to adults. It takes about that amount of time to go from ‘retired’ to ‘dead’, where your children are caring for YOU. To me it seems to be quite an equitable exchange.

        43. Though (and I agree) that also presupposes their willingness to care for me in my old age.
          My mother in law is a stellar example of the kind of woman I’d like to be in my 70’s. She cares daily for her own 90-whatsit mother to prevent her ever needing to be stuffed in a home. If my MIL becomes an invalid in her own dotage, be certain that my husband and I will lovingly care for her in turn, as she’s such a generous, dignified and honourable human being.
          A grown child can easily become indifferent or even hostile if youth was abusive or lessons were rejected. I can hope for my own part that when my own son is an adult, he will feel about me as his father feels about HIS mother.

        44. I find your points interesting, but will add a necessary historical filter and contextualization – as a historian.
          Until the 20th century, and the advent of women’s suffrage, there simply wasn’t room societally or culturally for women to be more than extreme outliers. Authorship of more than half of humanity’s great innovations would have required that women not have been the chattel they primarily were until the last hundred years. Today, in the handful of decades since room was made for women, there has been a gradual increase in contributions, but of course it’s still a drop in the bucket, and many women continue to fritter away their own potential on frankly asinine pursuits.
          In my own academic fields, women have certainly established themselves intellectually for innovations or innovative ways of thinking. Being able to see a field of data and perceive a pattern is not as common a skill as one might wish it to be. In my experience, women in higher learning have had to work extremely hard to be there – writing your comprehensive examinations requires over a hundred books absorbed and internalized no matter your gender – per chosen field, and there are often three fields one is examined in. If you can’t hack that, you don’t belong there period. You are then examined both orally and in written examinations, and scored by a committee as opposed to any one examiner. Defending your knowledge and comprehension of the scholarship vocally before a critical committee often including the people who WROTE those tomes is a nerve-wracking process, be assured.
          For many fields, there is also a language requirement insisting on examinations in multiple languages dictated by the field of study. For classicists, that often includes German, French, Italian, Latin and ancient Greek.
          Now, that’s from my personal experience and from anecdotal hearsay from colleagues hailing from Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, McGill, U of T etc etc.
          That all stated, despite the grading schemes being rigorous for both genders, women in academia do face pressures if they choose to start a family. They’re less hireable and less desired, and have to publish considerably more and better articles to warrant the same consideration as a more nomadic male with the same overall evaluations who has the freedom to move to meet the available jobs.
          Do I disagree with that? Ehh-hh not entirely. I’m also a mother, and while I completed my first draft of my dissertation prior to my son’s birth, and have published and submitted numerous articles, I won’t lie: it’s fucking hard as hell to do what I do AND be a loving and diligent parent. I can’t blame hiring committees for eyeballing female scholars with children as potential losses.
          I will say it’s a hard as hell career, but I happen to love it and love everything about it.
          I hope that also includes my take on affirmative action such as it is; it’s inapplicable for my own field of work. Race, gender or sexuality have no bearing on whether you can handle the strain or load.

        45. “Of course there’s also pretty offensive stuff here, but that’s just my perspective, and from the same perspective, stuff on Jezebel or whatever else also has me facepalm hard enough to potentially concuss myself.”
          Thanks for your honesty and support.

        46. “It is completely absurd and ultimately damaging to suggest that there is a right or wrong way to be female.”
          And yet you have absolutely no compunction whatsoever to look down your nose and tell us MEN that there is a wrong way to be a man.

        47. You’re asking for it now. She’s going to come back with a litany of “disadvantaged this”. “under-privileged that”, “rape culture”, “rape” “rape” “rape”, waaaah waaaah waaaah.

        48. “there simply wasn’t room societally or culturally for women to be more than extreme outliers.”
          Utter and complete fantasy backed by nothing but air. Invented because it sounds good. Much like white privilege and patriarchy, it’s simply an excuse for the fact that women do not accomplish very much.
          And then, no offense, a long rambling treatise on thesis. One does not even require a high school degree in order to create a powerful labor saving device or a decent scientific theory, a musical or artistic composition, or a champion piece of software.
          I enjoy using the following example… Minecraft.
          Could a woman have created minecraft? quite probably. So why didn’t she?
          Facebook? IRC? If women are just as innovative, creative, and intelligent as men, why haven’t they conceptualized and created any championship software? In fact, women outnumber men worldwide nearly 1.5 to one, shouldn’t that mean that they have at least four important invention to every 3 of men’s?
          I will, however, give credit where credit is due. The Syringe was invented by a woman. innovative and world changing… but if women can even remotely approach the competence, innovation, and creativity of men, shouldn’t they simply have a lot BETTER stuff than inflatable life rafts and car heaters to their credit? Even allowing for the whole ‘spending half your life tending to kids.” thing?

        49. Ever notice how every example of “Feminist Equality” starts off with how men must lower their standards or artificially limit themselves in order to permit her to “compete” ?

        50. I think the point you made earlier about men encompassing the upper and lower ends of the spectrum really apply here. But also KHBK’s comment about the physical difficulty of being a woman with a child, etc.– there has to be some merit to that as well. One does not completely excuse (factor out) the other, but there is definitely some consideration that should be made there. However, not all women have children. And moreover, there ought to be more significant contributions made by women before they have children if the equal-equal thing is to hold true. As far as what items they should have to their credit, I would assume that for the most part, their contributions would be along the lines of things that are of interest / value to them.

        51. I like reading your comments. You seem to have a very common-sense approach to things and that is very refreshing these days.

        52. Feminists are all about “equal rights” for *themselves*. Which translates to “special rights” when you factor in the rest of us.

        53. “I’d rather coin a new one without the semantic values, as opposed to fighting to rebrand this one, truthfully.”
          Me too. I’ll never be a Feminist because I believe in actual equality.

        54. I have found that it generally makes little difference when you carry yourself as a dominant male (except online… one of the reasons I despise any discussion that cannot be backed by logic online, because without ‘presence’ humans are reduced to their lowest common denominator) whethefr you kowtow to the predominant notions of ‘legal’ bondage or a more natural form.
          Hell, based on the sort of sexual relationship suggestions your average serial killer or terrorist receives, I imagine many women wouldn’t even truly believe me, or care, if I told them I planned on murdering them after sex.
          I have two slaves, one for about two decades and one for a little less than half that. (although the newer, (not younger) slave I think I am going to sell to a man she has expressed rather extreme interest in). We…occasionally indulge in munches, since my girls require regular social interaction, but they generally regard discussions of our particular sort of BDSM the way most BDSM people regard discussions of their play with law enforcement.
          To be totally honest, I never even read ’50 shades of Grey’ although I have certainly read many critical analysis of it… It appears to be much like 9 1/2 weeks in that it describes a very stupid dom with psychological problems catering to the whims of a far below average intelligence woman with a good rack. I may watch the movie, I may not, but the book bears as little interest to me, especially as it was written by a female author, as any of Anne Rice’ tawdry sensationalist Porn.
          As Far as Gorean is concerned, I read the series many many years ago, but it is written like a children’s primer or Propaganda… sheer repetition to try to drive the basic points home through fatigue rather than any realistic deeper introspection, coupled with mighty-thewed warrior bodice ripping softcore to make it appealing to women and a thin veneer of science fiction to try and make it appealing to men. The basic precepts are sound, but you could have written all of the basic concepts in about two paragraphs and had room left over, and replaced all the deeper psychological meaning with squelching-blood noises. Clearly John Norman was simply trying to make money, not explore the theme.
          If you go to the source, neitscheism minus neistche’s paranoid delusions of godhood, and add in a healthy dose of evolutionary psychology, you begin to gain a more complete picture of male/female interaction as an evolutionary mandate… and you also begin to learn why women are so unhappy.
          Suffice to say, however, that the bible contains more ‘truth’ about natural male/female BDSM interactions than 50 shades of grey, ‘give me the thorns’ and all of John Norman’s books combined.
          Homosexual men and women are in a unique position. their form of bondage is as artificially twisted as they themselves are, so it’s no wonder they get it all wrong. About transpeople, the less said the better, and although I am willing to give XXY’s and born herms a pass (anyone can be born with a birth defect) I would never expect them to have a reasonable sexual position on anything… If they find happiness, more power to them, but they are certainly not my problem, and I am not writing laws for their ‘special circumstances’

        55. Or afterwards. childbearing and raising encompass about a 30 year span, generally, how come there are no where near as many 50+ societal contributors among women?

        56. Sorry for saying it again, but I really like your down-to-earth attitude and opinions.

        57. like there is such a thing as rape anymore.
          if she’s a virgin, and there is violence involved, sure, rape.
          If she’s married, sexual assault might apply.
          If she’s single and not a virgin? At worst he should be liable for a ‘failure to pay for services rendered’ civil suit. If there is violence involved, then it’s obviously assault and robbery… not rape.
          But if she opens her legs for any reason short of holding a gun to her head, It’s not even a crime.

        58. Again, I see that you’re confused. My assertion that people should not rape, is not gendered. While I do not think it makes sense to tell all women to be this or that simply because they are women, I do think there is a line of behavior for humans in general. We probably shouldn’t rape and kill each other, right? I think we can generally agree on that. So, if the ‘don’t rape and kill’ bit feels oppressive to you, I guess we’re just at an impasse.

        59. I find it interesting that you are so quickly driven to insults over logical arguments. Since this is how you choose to represent the attitudes of your gender in a public forum, I think you may be the one perpetuating a negative image of men, not feminists.

        60. I am simply responding to your own b.s. Do you have something to actually say? Or are you just here trolling?

      3. I wouldn’t want these hags around commenting on men issues. But a separate site that shows women how to be women is a good idea.

        1. Ha ha you guys are so funny and original! You must be fighting women off with sticks! Or just hitting them for fun. Hilarious!

        2. There used to be a Return of Queens rival site. Seems women like drama over self improvement. Jezebel is still going strong after all.

        3. The only problem I have with that site is wouldn’t it be annoying to have every message you type warrant a return message saying, “Don’t judge me!” ?

      4. Hahahahahahah
        Yeah. All women should be banned from voting and only eligible for a doctorate in “wifely duties”

        1. Ha ha ha ha and all men should only be eligible for doctorates in “Sitting in basements typing shit and putting it on the Internet”

        2. I have a ph.at d ick in having a large penis
          Get back in the kitchen and don’t sass me woman

        3. OK. Well I have a Masters Degree, and a PhD in progress. I Suspect in terms of who is more qualified for other pursuits, you should be the one in the kitchen. People like you contribute nothing to society.

        4. And you think regurgitating standard SJW feminist nonsense like the non-existent “rape-culture” is contributing anything to society?
          Masters Degree and Ph, D notwithstanding, you and your type are the truly useless, dumb cunts who contribute nothing to society. A woman who’s a wife and mother contributes more to society than you ever will.. because on the most fundamental and basic level, being demographically viable is what keeps a society strong and feminism and the overeducated sluts that it creates and cultivates has proven to be a demographic dead-end.

        5. Having an education does not make a woman attractive, and actually having a master’s degree makes you exponentially less attractive to most men, a doctorate even more so.
          I can see by your avatar that you are hideous.
          Broads like you are just angry that men who look better than you (including me) are rejecting you.
          I have led a fulfilling, productive life (not that it’s my duty to serve you) and yes, I have an education.

        6. Nikki does not understand that having advanced degrees make a woman LESS attractive.

        7. You like’em dumb so they don’t know better. I like them strong and smart. They’re better in bed and can uphold a conversation.

      5. How to cook should be the first on every woman’s list. Most can’t cook…unless they’ve gone to school for it. Very sad.

        1. Therein lies Nikki Swarms bullshit “logic.”
          Man: Cooking is important to a man
          Nikki Swarm: Can you cook?
          How would she like it if every request she had from a man was denied, or responded to with a mocking question?
          The more the feminist talks, the more that her vitriolic hate for men becomes apparent.

        2. I think it’s sad that I can cook better than most women in the U.S., today. Women used to pride themselves on cooking (to be good cooks). Today, the argument is “I don’t need to learn how to cook”. Yes, you actually do….how are you going to feed yourself?
          It’s pretty fucking pathetic.

      6. My door is always open. I am willing to personally donate my time to deprogramming these women and teaching them which feminine values I appreciate.

      7. Maybe a course learning to be better than sperm vessels would be a decent start.

      8. I agree Roosh you need to make a section for feminist. #1 should start with lose weight
        #2 should start with dress feminine
        #3 should be the man is always right
        #4 should be fat shame a fatty
        #5 should be no fat chicks.

        1. I really want one of you to define your current use of the word “feminine”…

        2. Though I’m not a christian, I was profoundly struck by the thinking christian writer C.S. Lewis of the Inklings and Narnia fame.
          His description of masculine/feminine is a trifle dated but I think stills bears a great deal of relevance today. From his science fiction book Perelandra, upon meeting the mighty spirits which ruled Mars and Venus:
          “Both the bodies were naked, and both were free from any sexual characteristics, either primary or secondary. That, one would have expected. But whence came this curious difference between them? He found that he could point to no single feature wherein the difference resided, yet it was impossible to ignore. One could try–Ransom has tried a hundred times–to put it into words. He has said that Malacandra was like rhythm and Perelandra like melody. He has said that Malacandra affected him like a quantitative, Perelandra like an accentual, metre. He thinks that the first held in his hand something like a spear, but the hands of the other were open, with the palms towards him. But I don’t know that any of these attempts has helped me much. At all events what Ransom saw at that moment was the real meaning of gender. Everyone must sometimes have wondered why in nearly all tongues certain inanimate objects are masculine and others feminine. What is masculine about a mountain or feminine about certain trees? Ransom has cured me of believing that this is a purely morphological phenomenon, depending on the form of the word. Still less is gender an imaginative extension of sex. Our ancestors did not make mountains masculine because they projected male characteristics into them. The real process is the reverse. Gender is a reality, and a more fundamental reality than sex. Sex is, in fact, merely the adaptation to organic life of a fundamental polarity which divides all created beings. Female sex is simply one of the things that have feminine gender; there are many others, and Masculine and Feminine meet us on planes of reality where male and female would be simply meaningless. Masculine is not attenuated male, nor feminine attenuated female. On the contrary, the male and female of organic creatures are rather blurred reflections of masculine and feminine. Their reproductive functions, their differences in strength and size, party exhibit, but partly also confuse and misrepresent, the real polarity. All this Ransom saw, as it were, with his own eyes. The two white creatures were sexless. But he of Malacandra was masculine (not male); she of Perelandra was feminine (not female)”

    3. I burned about an hour back-and-forthing with mangina after mangina yesterday and also the day before. I seriously watched them swarm our comments like mad hornets after those articles hit. And man, did I put many of them in their place! All you have to do is say every insult they hurl is a tired and worn-out cliche that is really unoriginal. “Creepy douchebag who’s probably a virgin with a small penis? Dude, go back to 2012 with that! Try harder, surely you can come up with something that doesn’t make you sound like a goddamn parrot!” The herd mentality of middle America really worries me now more than ever!

      1. I hear you brother. I’ve done the same quite a bit with the same dummies on the branded broad thread over the last few months.

        1. I find it interesting that this site is constantly referred to as a “men’s rights” site, when it isn’t. I think it’s pretty obvious that feminists are threatened by the mere idea that men have “rights,” and are thus trying to smear that group with as much negative publicity as possible. I definitely don’t think of Capt Capitalism as an MRA, and a lot of ROK readers think MRAs are just the male equivalent of feminists. An actual men’s rights website is http://www.avoiceformen.com. ROK is a general men’s interest website that gives the finger to mainstream Leftist propaganda. Not the same thing.

        2. Their strategy will always revolve around using Strawmen, Ad-hominems or a combination of both. Not necessarily in that order.

        3. Incorrect on all accounts. This is a site for men who are afraid of the outside world.

        4. Yeah, and we live in our parent’s basement and have neckbeards too. A little tip, try being a little more original with your Ad Hominem attacks. They’re banal.

        5. Rule Number One of the left, is to never call things by their proper names.

        6. Ah yes, “misogynist,” the modern analogue of the word “heretic.” Forgive us if we’re skeptical of your religion.

        7. What does biology have to do with religion? The two could not be more dissimilar.

        8. Feminism supports the worldview that gender roles are purely cultural and have no basis in biology. However, a mountain of scientific evidence says that biology and Evolution are the root of male/female differences. The field of Evolutionary Pscyhology has absolutely destroyed antiquated 20th-century Feminist theories. They’re now desperately gripping to their disproved theories like a fervent priest clings to a dying religion.
          Feminists hate science likes this: http://www.theguardian.com/science/2013/dec/02/men-women-brains-wired-differently

        9. Feminism is an extremely broad and complex school of thought with many alternate viewpoints and theories. While the worldview over gender roles may be attributable to certain extreme strands, these views are considered radical and are certainly not representative of the mainstream.
          Your view that all feminists feel this way is a gross generalisation. It’s like saying that the Westboro Baptist Church speaks for all of Christianity, which is demonstrably false.
          Most mainstream feminism simply supports greater autonomy and equal rights for women – basic stuff like equal rights in employment, voting, marriage, finances, and health.
          The fact remains that, whether you like it or not, many modern societies do not afford women the same rights as men, and even make life extremely difficult for women. Saudi Arabia is probably the most well-known example, but it also occurs in many parts of of Africa and Asia, even parts of the West (Ireland, for example).
          I don’t think it’s unreasonable for women to have the same rights that men enjoy, and just because women are getting more equality, it doesn’t follow that men have to receive less.

        10. Not at all. In Ireland, reproductive rights and access to abortions (even for sound medical reasons or in cases of rape or incest) are still heavily restricted and massively behind nearly all other Western countries.
          There is a big industry in ‘abortion tourism’ for pregnant Irish women coming to the UK or EU to get their abortions performed, with all the danger and exploitation that entails. In one case, an Indian woman needed an emergency abortion in Ireland due to life-threatening complications. The procedure was forbidden, and she died. A completely preventable tragedy.
          And until the 1970s, the following were either frowned upon or outright forbidden for women in Ireland:
          – visiting a pub
          – sitting on a jury
          – keeping your public sector job once you got married
          – owning their own home outright
          Again, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for women to have these rights, not only in Ireland, but everywhere in the world.
          Feminism isn’t about straw man ideas of ‘gender as a social construct’, as this site seems to believe. The primary goal of feminism is ensuring equal rights for women, as well as ensuring that they have access to safe and effective reproductive health.

        11. You do know that the catholic church had a dictatorship type say about abortion here.the seventies were 40 odd years ago by the way so I don’t why your dragging that into the present day.

        12. Of course, and they still do. But feminism isn’t always about escaping persecution from men – it addresses many difficulties that women go through, whether they arise from religion or culture, as well as gender.
          I included the example from the 70s because it demonstrates how, even in relatively modern times, feminism has made great strides in ensuring equality for women. But there’s still a long way to go.

        13. Maybe in some third world countries,yet I still don’t see planes loads of feminists arriving in them type places.hopefully the men’s rights movement can make the same strides in ensuring equality for men especially around the areas of divorce law.

        14. You haven’t offered any real criticism of the article or this site. You started out with an ad hominem attack and offer only snark.
          I saw another comment on here about what modern feminism is really about, which is equal outcome, not equal opportunity. I actually disagree. I think modern feminism is for the outcome that women supersede men, regardless of who would win in a “fight”.
          Cue the clip from above with Hugh Grant talking about how all modern movies have women beating up men. This would be very rare in reality.

        15. Then I suggest casting your net a little wider. There has been a massive backlash against the practice of FGM (female genital mutilation), and increasing support for the 125 million girls and women alive today that have been subjected to this barbaric tradition.
          It is only in the last 10-15 years that international action has started to form against the practice, lead by agencies such as the UN and WHO. Again, feminist principles are helping to ensure that women can live in a world where they aren’t subjected to such horrors.
          I’m all for increasing male rights in divorce law too, having been personally affected by it in my family.

      2. That’s my tactic as well. Insta-anger.

        1. It is priceless that we can have a civil discussion on how to counter trolls and their herd and they will still get smacked by any of us all the same. On the plus, we can potentially get new converts in the process.

        2. “On the plus, we can potentially get new converts in the process”
          BINGO! You nailed it with that remark. That’s the whole point of engaging in conversation with these scumbags, besides keeping their bs from spamming the site until Roosh steps in.
          If we can free even one indoctrinated mind from the feminatrix, all the effort involved in dealing with trollshit will have been well worth it.
          Some people will just say “ahhh its online, who really cares?”
          I say F that. In today’s placating society, if you can’t bother to stand up for yourself and your views online where its more or less anonymous, what makes anyone think you will bother to defend them in person over much more substantial issues?
          I fight here just as effectively as i do in person, because i live by my beliefs and fighting feminism isn’t a hobby for me, it’s a birthright.

        3. I just replied to your typical SJW with this: I think the undisputed heavyweight title for entitled prickery goes to the feminist herd. Endless “checking of privilige,” obsession with social justice trivialities (see the Dr. Matt Taylor fiasco for just one example), propogation of fake rape hysteria (the 1 in 4 number is a lie), and obsession with an imaginary wage gap (seriously, use a bit of logic to defeat that one, or just do some research to learn what a farce the whole idea is). The so-called urge for equality from this set is all about pulling men down.
          On the other hand, what I’ve seen from the manosphere guys is the courage to speak up for actual rape (where it’s legit, not “manspreading” on a subway or uncomfortable eye contact, or as it happens to men in an actual epidemic in prisons across North America… but oh, that’s just the punchline to a joke, right?), and fairer representation in divorce courts (you can’t tell me things are even remotely close to equal right now), and careers based on merit, not quotas, and a halt to the trial in the court of public opinion where men lose their jobs all the time for things said outside work, on social media, in private, etc, because it doesn’t jive with the ever-fluid set of acceptable politically correct standards, and so on. The sites are usually filled with articles on relentless self-improvement, the history and philosophy of masculine ideals, and the longing for more traditional partners with a blueprint on how to find them in a turbulent modern sea.
          While any group has outliers the misogynist neckbeard/bro thing is a fallacy. These places are filled with entrepeneurs, pilots, military men, artists, construction workers, students, lawyers, blue and white collars of all all ages and races and stripes disgusted with the above-mentioned facets of society and actively trying to make things better. But I guess we all bring our own biases to the table and see only what we want to see.

        4. I always say, arguing with an SJW has nothing to do with convincing the SJW, it has to do with using their vitriolic spew as a springboard to get logic out to the undecided spectators.
          Nobody believes a raving loonie…. the angrier and more insulting the SJW gets, the less relevant they become. I say engage.

        5. One thing I learned as a lawyer is that when you have a hostile witness on the stand your job is not to convince them that they are wrong and you are right. Your job is to engage them and let their own words make fools of themselves to any disinterested observer, in that case the jury and/or judge. You will never convince an SJW that they are wrong but if someone stumbles onto a thread trying to figure what is going on about an issues, if they encounter an echo chamber they might actually side with the SJWs, but if you challenge their points and lay out logically and factually why they are wrong, then intelligent people will think to themselves “Geez, these SWJs are fucking nutz!”

        6. Absolutely, but too many people watch too much Perry Mason and the like and think that you have not won an argument unless the other guy admits they were wrong.

        7. heh. Perry Mason was an actor.
          It’s sort of like… Murder. a big deal is made of forensic labs, brilliant deduction, and all sorts of magical tricks with DNA scrapings, paper trails, and recalcitrant witnesses.
          In the real world, if a Murderer doesn’t do something incredibly stupid like murdering his own wife or leaving his wallet clutched in the victim’s hand, murders are almost never ‘solved’ unless the murderer confesses.
          I could literally walk out on the street, look around to make sure no one is watching, shoot someone down in cold blood with my own, brand new, registered handgun, walk back to my apartment, and get away utterly and completely scott free.
          THAT is why I don’t believe police can ‘protect me’ or ‘find my killer’. THAT is why no amount of legal protection can truly ‘protect’ a woman as much as her own, beloved husband. THAT is why ‘rape culture’ is a joke… only truly stupid rapists ever get caught. The best protection from ANYTHING is a big, masculine, armed man. One who is a witness, a protector, and a killer, willing to take or give a bullet for you and his children because you are the loving, devoted wife.
          All this ‘more laws to protect women’ is nothing more than a smokescreen to disrupt a man from protecting his woman and his kids.
          Err… I guess I digressed, but I thought the comments were highly related.

        8. The issue is we are not dealing with ” equal opportunity “. We are dealing with ” equal outcomes ” aka socialism/communism.

        9. Yep. And the wage gap is only real if other women continue to undercut women.
          That undercutting is the true source of “income inequality” not men and not corporation. I don’t blame a man if (or when) I got paid less for a gig..I did a shitty job at negotiating my contract.

        10. You sir, get it in spades. That is exactly the point i have been making whenever the topic of “why” comes up with regard to debating trolls.
          It’s not about trying to convince them since they are hopelessly indoctrinated, it’s about presenting an informed (and more accurate) response to their indoctrination for the benefit of those who are on the fence or who are questioning their viewpoint, the “quiet” mangina, for example.
          People don’t realize just how effective words can be…if they get repeated enough times they are given no less a regard and respect than the truth, and that can lead to some extremely dangerous movements just as it did within Germany circa the early 20th century.
          All evil has to do to win is get the people who believe in truth to STFU…history proves this abundantly.

        11. “The only thing required for evil to triumph is for good and just men to remain silent.”

        12. On a tangential note: I suggest you look at my response to Nikkiswarm.
          You might find it appropriate, if not amusing 🙂

        13. Feminists don’t just lie; they specialize in the absurd lie. Mass media is all-in to their to their rhetorical angle, so they even can get away with extravagant lying. If 1 in 4 women were raped, women wouldn’t need to be told it. If women in an office were paid 75% of what the men on the same floor were being paid, they wouldn’t need to be told it. We would all be naturally aware of these if they were actually true! That people hear and believe them automatically says a lot about their gullibility; and about the desire for people to perpetually see women as victims (and if you think about it kinda put upon idiots…) which is so patronizing towards women it’s a form of misogyny in itself. Strong women are the honey badgers; weak women are the modern feminist who see all generations of Western women who came before them as weak and put upon, when in fact they should reflect more on their claims towards themselves. Perhaps they are aware of this: it’s why they must over-compensate by protesting, screaming, going topless and looking an ugly as they can at the same time (if they hate men, they must hate femininity), and generally behaving crazily. Femen has taken it to the next level. Feminists have always been a bunch of self-defeating whiners…

        14. There was a scene where Nick Naylor is talking to his son about being a lobbyist and explains that it’s not his job to convince the person he’s arguing with but anyone watching the argument.

        15. You can’t change someone’s point of view by arguing with them. Just humbly and nicely ask them questions that kick the legs out from under their insane viewpoints.
          In this case, non-aggression will serve you best if you really want to change someone’s mind. Aggressive questioning or arguing will only galvanize them against you. Logic won’t matter because the amygdala will kick in and consider anything you say as an existential threat. Remember, they have formed their opinion not around truth but around what serves their interests. Attacking their view = attacking their interests = attacking their life as far as their mind is concerned.

        16. You cannot change someones point of view. You can however, influence the point of view of the undecided.

        17. Not exactly true. Peoples’ minds can be changed, as I’m sure many of the guys on this site would attest to. Had you caught me five years ago, I would have thought a lot of these articles were misogynistic hogwash, however, experience and the continual beat of the red pill drum has changed that viewpoint.

        18. “You cannot change someone’s point of view” is very true still.
          Men CAN choose to change their minds, but that is a CHOICE. you can present all the facts in the universe, but they still have to choose, of their own free will, to accept them, and many people, even men, will choose not to.
          But that is not you changing their minds, that is them changing their own minds. All the arguments in the universe, no matter how logical, well-researched, or obvious they are, cannot force a man to alter his point of view to accept them.
          Women are easier. You just have to let them know their short-term comfort and well-being are on the line… They will change their attitudes at the drop of a hat.

      3. You can just hear their wives/girlfriends in the background, ordering them around.

        1. Watch that clip. You see at the end how everyone stopped and got quiet? It was like they were waiting for men to come in with machine guns to take him away.
          Too funny but all too true (today)

        2. “A movie where the woman gets her arse kicked”!!!
          As they would in real life. Wonderful.

        3. What these geniuses fail to realize is that they are driving the public here, and this site has to realize that they are only linking this site with MRas because they are not afraid of, actually love the PUA dick, PUAs. They are afraid of MRAs, because MRAs threaten to shake up the old order. I don’t just mean the last forty years. I mean thousands of years of traditional marriage.
          Feminists only want equality when convenient. They want Victorian Era privilege when it isn’t. Like family court (divorce/separation), war, burning buildings, promotions, and cruise ships.

        4. What was so amazing about this clip is the look on the “Jane Austen Scholar” when, after he smacks her with some red pill truth and THEN attempts to touch her ass, she looks at him like, “How dare you even reach towards me!” Yet if he chose to touch her there would have been nothing she herself could have done to prevent it. And if he began to “assault” her you know she would have had to rely on all the pussymen around her to come to her rescue!
          So much for empowerment! LOL!
          The truth is, women only have the “empowerment” they have because we men create a safe space for them to “feel” empowered! Withdraw the safety and security created by the rule of law (conceived, created and maintained by WHITE men) and any man could have slapped her back into her place in the kitchen! And there would have been nothing she could have done to stop it! Again, she would have had to rely on the other men in the room to stop him from asserting HIS empowerment! And in a primitive and savage environment NONE of those men would have come to her protection – except HER man, IF she had one, which she wouldn’t have or if she did he would have been a bleating coward!
          You made me look up the complete movie to see the clip in context. I started to watch it but after looking at reviews realized the main character was going to, of course, betray his convictions regarding “female empowerment” and go totally blue pill and marry the older single mother AND begin seriously teaching the subject he said could not be taught!
          Yeah! Let’s hear it for intellectual dishonesty and blue pill conformity!

        5. I’m sorry. I don’t want to encourage a war between Red Pill PUA and Purple Pill MRAs, but NOBODY is afraid of MRAa. An MRA is nothing more than a supplicating gamma begging the feminist and manginas for just a few scraps from their table.

      4. Dude i hope you didnt mind me cutting in on your fun and taking on some of those trolls you were dealing with, even though you were doing a stellar job in your own right 🙂

        1. Hell no, more is better! They want blood, let’s give them more than they can drink!

        2. I’m glad i was here for this “epic article troll” since i wasn’t here for the one that transpired when Forney and Tuthmosis wrote their highly controversial (and highly accurate) articles 🙂

      5. I’ve had success in arguments by forcing my opponent to define their terms. “Social justice? What exactly do you mean by that? Give me some examples…” “What specifically do you mean when you say ‘rape culture’? What is a concrete example?” I’ve found that these SJW/feminazis are merely repeating cliches and can’t even explain the terms they themselves keep repeating. That’s why they so rapidly are reduced to ad hominem attacks–and not even those, as BDITM pointed out above, show any thought or originality.

        1. Rape Culture refers to the ‘yes until you say no’ method of attaining consent that is so frequently the default setting in the US. It also refers to the attitudes of institutions that place blame on victims of rape, defend perpetrators of rape, or perpetuate the acceptability of violating behavior in public spaces. As a teenager, for example, my public school sex ed class was taught that if a man gets too aroused, he cannot stop himself from having sex, so, if you lead someone on and get raped, it’s your fault. I was 13. I was in the 8th grade. Rape was already my fault. That’s rape culture. Rape culture asks what you were wearing if you claim you were assaulted. Rape culture asks if you’d been drinking if you were assaulted. Rape culture accepts that men will yell at women on the street, and touch women without asking in public spaces. Rape culture also tells men that they can’t be raped. Rape culture stops men from reporting rape. Rape culture shames men into accepting sexual assault rather than speak up. Rape culture is real. You live in it and so do I. It is bad for everyone. It is not a gendered issue. It is a human issue.

        2. I’m sure the innocent victims of the various recent false rape accusations will be surprised to learn that ‘yes until you say no’ is the default setting in the US, as will those men on college campuses whose adminstrations are busily expanding the definition of rape to include, essentially, any unwanted attention from a male.
          And not a gendered issue? Then why is it always feminists trying to invoke their imaginary “rape culture” as a way to subvert due process and the presumption of innocence, and to force everyone else to shut up and accept their authoritarian political agenda?

        3. You have a definition of Rape Culture that doesn’t match the facts on the ground. Your examples are either simplistic, not credible, misleading, or misapprehended.

        4. “…attitudes of institutions that place blame on victims of rape…” You queff well, please provide a specific example.

        5. Your personal, years ago recollection of what a teacher (I’m assuming) is your systemic, institutionally based example? Please respond, and please respond to my post, did you read it (Why yes you did) of the heinous cultural crimes you support regarding the doctrinaire as espoused in the Duke/UVA rape gambit.

        6. that was taught in a public school. years later as a sex educator we lobbied for that sort of curriculum to be illegal, but no such law has yet been passed. In addition, I have, at no point said anything about Duke/UVA. I defined ‘rape culture’ as it seemed you were lacking a definition.

        7. I have to say, that since my definition is the EXACT definition of the term, that obviously your facts are not credible. Can you argue that those things do not happen? Can you argue that such a culture does not lead to an increased rate of sexual assault? With any sort of factual backing of any kind? I doubt it. Whats truly disgusting is that people are so afraid of the state of things, that the second they hear an important term like Rape Culture used by anyone incorrectly, they immediately declare the idea invalid, rather than recognizing that issues like this are complex, and require cooperation to solve. If any person is falsely accused of rape, I think that is a crime. But its is nothing compared to what women face every day they walk out of their homes, which is something that I ASSURE you, you will never be able to understand.

        8. It’s possible that voices who have been made silent for generations seem overly loud when they finally find the strength to start speaking. This is an issue that must be addressed and solved collaboratively by everyone. For the sake of both male and female survivors, and future generations that should never have to know what that word truly means. Claiming that rape culture isn’t a thing, is just as ridiculous as skirting due process. Neither thing should happen, and one doesn’t make the other right.

        9. Cody, you are going to be my shining example of rape culture. You were raised in it, and you are representing it very well in your statement. There is absolutely nothing natural or inherent in what I described above. It’s so sad that you think so. I hope that one day you get better, because at the moment, you are very, very sick.

        10. I would really love seeing you using that… first world example of ‘rape culture’ when explaining to a 13 year old Estonian girl that was sold by her parents to an Islamic Georgian pimp to sell her body on turkish streets until she is ‘used up’ at 17 and murdered.
          I imagine that, were she still alive, she would cheerfully trade HER definition of rape culture for yours.

        11. In the case of an Estonian girl, I would not use a definition of american rape culture. In her case, I wouldn’t need to explain anything. That said, the horrors of human trafficking in other countries do not make American rape culture acceptable. Shame on you for evoking the extreme suffering of women sold into slavery to justify your willful ignorance of the problems in your own country.

        12. He mentioned that degree because it is the vision men have when a woman says she was raped. You know? Like when a man takes a knife and holds it to a woman’s neck and says we can do this the easy or hard way. Shame on you for using a word like rape and being a part of culture that attributes it to how a person looks at you. That is the very essence of thought control. The Nazis were also great at thought control.

        13. Willfull ignorance of problems in my own country? Hmm… I think putting a man on the moon in a time when women ‘were in the kitchen’ sort of puts paid to your idea that there are ‘problems’>
          Tell you what, why don’t we put an average man and an average woman alone in a soundproof room, no police or legal protection, and we find out exactly who is biologically superior.

        14. OK, so the issue you’re having is in distinction of terms. “Rape Culture” refers to a culture that allows or encourages non consensual behavior and/or discourages speaking out about such behavior, or making reports when such behavior goes too far. Rape Culture does not mean that every one the streets is about to go rape someone, it means that the culture has all the wrong nutrients that allow those behaviors to grow and develop. This applies to everyone, male and female. Pointing out Rape Culture, is a prevention strategy, that helps those of us who were raised within it to identify ideas or behaviors that are not conducive to establishing a consent culture. The goal of the feminist movement that has defined rape culture is to establish a culture of consent. Any other purpose that the term Rape Culture has been used for is a misappropriation, and should not be used as a means of ignoring an obvious problem. The 1 in 4 statistic is not made up, despite claims on this website that it is. In fact, in my experience getting to know survivors over the years I have found a much higher number to be true. And even if it were half that (which it isn’t), even if it were 1/8, is that not an unacceptable epidemic? How many people need to be raped before we consider this a four alarm fire? This is an issue that requires an active investigation into how our culture develops these behaviors. Everyone should take part in the discussion, not stand on either side calling each other liars.

        15. Biological superiority is irrelevant. Human beings are not biologically superior to most living things on the planet earth. The only thing that is at all special about us is our great big brains, which we have to use to lift ourselves out of these dark times. I welcome you to give it a try. In addition, many of the mathematicians and scientists that brought human beings to the moon were women. And I assure you, the leaders of that field would not share your cave man ideas about male superiority. Check up on that if you don’t believe me, try anything from Carl Sagan (who participated in almost every major push outward into space from the 60’s until his death) or Neil deGrasse Tyson, who has taken Sagan’s place as the foremost communicator for science. Really, go see.

        16. The 1 in 4 argument is a misnomer and this is why you choose anecdotal evidence, only supported by your personal opinion, avoiding what articles, PHD holders such as yourself, and cops who get reports to go after rapists, have pooled together. Just the facts when you talk about something as vile as rape.
          I was addressed with supporting rape culture by a 23 year old who felt being approached on the street was akin to catcalling. The problem that you have addressed is there is no clear definition of “rape culture”. SO finding actual rapists vs false rape accusations is all rape culture. By switching the goal posts of rape culture it becomes less of a tool to help rape victims and more a controllable tool to persecute whomever is considered a viable target. Any wonder why there is no penalty for false rape accusations?
          And what even defines rape culture? You don’t even realize how close you sound to forming a culture based on fear and hatred by creating an invisible target. Substitute rapist for terrorist and you have the same thought control tools used to sacrifice lives to line the wallets of politicians. Fear is an awesome tool for making puppets who will sacrifice themselves to be righteous. So once again I ask, without going into fear monger tactics, what makes a rapist?

        17. I beg to differ. Do you consider the ability to create and use tools ‘not biological’? Do you consider a superior brain and the ability to plan out an ambush ‘not biological’?
          Only a fool would consider the human brain a ‘social construct’
          I hate to say this, but brains are not made out of rainbows and unicorns. Trust me, I have seen them first hand many times.

        18. I suppose you can add Hawking and the rest of the gang too. Scientific positivism, lol. That 18th century cult that has taken over the world, propogated by the earlier, crazy Francis Bacon.

        19. By your definition of rape culture most women are willing and active participants of rape culture and its main purveryors and pushers.Women don’t want a man who ask them permission for anything sexual. And your high school class was right. If women lead men on too far they can’t stop.
          Women don’t want to be asked if I can kiss you, and its a kill joy for both sexses. Women don’t want to be asked to be touched, they just want it done with no questions asked. Your problem is women not men, so go over there and debate the women on why they read 50 shades of grey and like men who take charge and don’t ask them questions and why women prefer rape culture to consent culture. Rape culture is a female problem, not a male one. Women are the main pushers of rape culture.

        20. You apparently haven’t shut up long enough to enjoy it either. Very typical.

        21. There is no evidence to support a claim that the male brain is superior to the female brain. None at all.

        22. You’re wasting your time with leftists. They refuse to acknowledge the metaphysical plane which is where most of rightest theory and ideology comes from. Debating against them just falls flat since they refuse to acknowledge your basic premises and continue to reiterate their own flawed axioms.

        23. That Cunt NikkiSwarm is truly sickening. I thought there was some sort of rule deprecating the participation of cunts in comments on this site, and banning men who engage in conversation with them. Fuck her right in the twat!

        24. It was revoked a while back because self-hating cunts are massive click-bait.

        25. lol. crack open a history book sometime – there is 10,000 years of empirical evidence to support my statement.

        26. I see … and astonish about the chasing of low-quality clicks. It sucks big time to have to waddle through their inanities in comment threads.
          It would be better if it was reinstated.

        27. Actually, there is.
          Men have approximately six times as much ‘grey matter’ as women, as well as a more highly developed parietal lobe, and a greater neural density as well as a higher usage percentage during active thought of the grey matter areas of the brain, which are responsible for logical links, pattern recognition, mathematical and real-world rapid problem resolution. We tend to ‘think’ with our grey matter which, while possessing fewer neurons, also has much faster neural transfer
          In return, women have almost ten times as much ‘white matter’ and a more highly developed limbic cortex, which regulates emotional recognition, short-term to long-term memory development, as well as having a denser number of neural links between sensory/emotional inputs and memories. They are quite literally slower and less efficient than men at thinking, but have considerably better recall and denser memory storage.
          What that means is, women are better at triggering memories and men are better at resolving real world situations correctly. That’s why you can figure out where we left our car keys while we figure out how to reduce the overall corporate budget without laying off six thousand people. Basically, women are ‘hard drive heavy’ while men are ‘cpu Heavy’. In real world situations, that means that men are superior thinkers to women, while women are better at recalling accidental insults delivered decades earlier. Of course, the fact that ‘fantasy’ (Not creativity, creativity is firmly nestled in the cerebral cortex grey matter) originates primarily from ‘white matter’ means that much of that improved memory and recall is… for want of a better term… ‘polluted’ by imaginary constructs is a constant source of strife between women and men… you are far more likely to ‘remember’ a dream conversation, or what you imagined he said rather than what he literally said, and we don’t remember the conversation at all. It is strongly suggested that this improved ‘fantasy world’ ability of women exists in order to anticipate problems rather than to resolve them on-the-fly the way men’s brains do… because, when dealing with children, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
          Of course, there is the fact that men’s brains typically are about 20% larger than women’s, even accounting for height and weight, although I would admit that ‘bigger is better’ is not definitely the case for brain structure.
          it is more accurate to say that ‘about half of all men’s brains are superior to almost all of women’s brains, but the other half are considerably inferior’. Men’s intellect tends to be more of an outlier than women’s, while women tend to cluster, intellectually, around the mean.
          However, almost all accomplishment, progress, technological advancement, and problem-solving is accomplished by that 50%, so in general, USEFUL men indeed have a superior brain.

        28. Most of us Recognize the fact that Roosh doesn’t maintain this site solely out of love and duty. That’s why we forgive ‘sponsored articles’. This is still a place where men can say fuck, pussy, cunt, nigger, kike, spic, dago, cracker, raghead, whore, fat, shellshock, slut, cock, gook, spook, frog, chink, polack, Twink, Faggot, and allah without fear of being censored.
          in this new post-hebdo, uber-pc era, where else can you say “Mohammed was a child-buggering sandnigger man-whore who sucked cocks on his way up that zeus-clone allah’s ladder until he could finally set about giving chlamydia to corpses while writing the Khoran without interruption’ Without the comment being taken down by terrified pussies?
          and BTW, I don’t think Nikki will be coming back. She is probably used to being ‘supported’ by her lesbian friends and sad sack white knights who see her avatar and immediately leap to her rescue.
          Here, a female avatar immediately marks you as subhuman.

        29. Rape culture isn’t any more a culture than anything else – the very label implies female entitlement to special attention
          Assuming you live in the western world, rape is not a problem.
          Caring about rape is

        30. “Exact” according to whom?
          //Edit: even the morons at Wikipedia acknowledge that an exact definition of rape culture is still debated among feminists. The key ingredients seem to be that rape is pervasive and normalized. However, the only way feminists can make sense with that is to take what is normal and pervasive and redefine rape to match it. It takes that semantic sleight of hand to get up to the figure of 1 in 4.//
          And since when do SJWs pay attention to their own definitions? They play a motte and bailey game where they say one thing then do something else until they are called on it, then they go back to saying the first thing and repeat the cycle.
          It’s hard to know where to start so I will try and address your points in order. The social expectation created by women is that men will take the initiative. If there is anything resembling a “yes until no” attitude that is because women expect men to be mind readers and far too many will write a man off as a clueless schmuck if he asks for “affirmative consent” every step of the way, particularly in the opening stages.
          There is no discouragement for rape victims to come forward and no right-minded person is shielding actual rapists. It is not victim blaming to ask why they put themselves at risk in the first place. If you leave your wallet on a park bench when you go play on the swings, some questions will be asked when you complain that your wallet was stolen. Better yet, if it was a diamond ring and then you try to make an insurance claim for its theft, don’t you think some questions will be asked?
          Cat calls are not rape and no one who invokes the term “rape culture” gives a rats ass about men who are raped; the people who use that term we be the ones advancing the idea that men cannot be raped, at least not by a woman.
          Just because there is doesn’t mean there is a rape “culture” and even if there is it is not a phenomenon that is society wide in North America.
          You assuring me that I will never understand is what is known as “poisoning the well”, a cheap debate tactic to shut down people you disagree with.

        31. metaphysical? I consider ‘rightest’ theory to be highly physical. Grounded in reality.
          Granted, it’s ‘not very nice’ but it’s astoundingly real.

        32. Yes, they start from flawed assumptions, following from this all else is folly. Though they tend to find a hobby horse of sorts, some area or particular belief or non belief that they cling to and try to twist into all other facets of reality.

        33. Aside from objectivists, most people who embrace philosophical naturalism (ie. atheism) are leftists, libertarian at best. Most religious people tend to be right wing. The exceptions are some of the kumbya Christian denominations and flakey eastern mysticism wannabes.

        34. Hi Nikki, I have a question – Aren’t you tired already? I mean I am scrolling down the comments and I see shit loads of HUGE comments written by YOU! Don’t you have any other stuff in your life to do? I can’t believe that a smart woman like you, with all the PHD’s and sh*t, is spending soo much time writing this enormous comments. Just stop already, please, ok? Time is a valuable resource and you are just wasting it. I really feel sad for you, you must be a miserable human being.

        35. “Biological superiority is irrelevant.”
          ’nuff said. I suggest you go argue with a mongoloid. It’s what I have been doing.

        36. See, that’s the funny thing. recognizing natural tendencies doesn’t mean you have to embrace them, it means you have to take them into account. Just like realizing a storm is occurring doesn’t mean you stand in the rain.
          However, completely ignoring the storm is likely to get you washed away. That’s where ‘logic’ comes into play.
          Religion is a logical method of dealing with the natural tendencies of humans to be lazy… the ultimate version of laziness is killing someone else and stealing their stuff. the threat of hell, and the promise of heaven, are one of the absolute best ways of keeping both the highly intelligent and the phenomenally stupid from killing other people and taking their stuff.
          Thus religion, one which preaches morality and fear of repercussions, added to the ‘natural’ inability of a thinking creature to perceive it’s own nonexistence, is an utterly logical and sensible way to keep humans ‘civilized’. All other schemes require either high intelligence or absolute oppression.
          Not to mention that logically one cannot prove a negative. We cannot ‘know’ there is no god, just as we cannot ‘know’ that there is, in fact, a god. Pascal’s wager thus comes into play… since there is no way to know if there is or is not a god, it’s simply in your best interests to behave in all ways as if he does exist. If you are right, you have everything to gain, and if you are wrong, you have nothing to lose.

        37. Woo Hoo!
          You forgot so say he was an Omega who got himself married to a 40+ slut. Kinda fits with his child-bugging aspect and the pro-womyn shit he supposedly said, according to his book at least.

        38. Personally, I feel terms like rape culture actually contribute more to the problem than one guy using the word rape to describe his last guild raid on Facebook

        39. What does the one (which I suggest you show proof of) have to do with the other?
          You seem to mistake me for a ‘follower’ or ‘cultist’ of some sort. Sure, I appreciate Roosh’s deep research into game, and publishing his findings, but I am not a PUA, I am a Dom. I come here for discussions with men who share similar interests, and to fulfill my self-imposed obligation of passing on the many things I have learned in my life. If Roosh finally found a woman that meets his high standards, more power to him.

        40. I have been unfortunate enough to really get a front row seat to just how depraved people can be. After a year of hIding in my house. I realized something. .. you can choose to be a victim (as the quote goes) for the rest of your life, or you can start making choices And taking responsibility. I learned to protect myself, and I have since I figured out I could, I’ve never thought twice about using physical force with a man. I learned to carefully choose friends I could trust when I went to bars and to wear jeans and tees if Iwasn’t out with a guy. my profiling the serial killer professor a few years back to ask the class why I would never be the victim of a serial killer. .. he said, the ego’s couldn’t survive me. He didn’t know me before. .. all this talk of rape culture, but I never worry walking out to my car on the dark. I never worry about being at the house alone. once you establish how far you’re willing to go, there’s nothing to be afraid of. More importantly, I’m not threatened by pages like this one. rape culture exists more in our heads than in reality.

        41. How many people do you know who got raped? And when I say, “Know,” I don’t mean, “They told me.” Yeah, me neither.
          Rape culture… pfft.
          The only rape culture that I KNOW exists is in divorce courts.
          [edit] Oh, yeah, and in prisons. Male prisons.

        42. Bam. Exactly. That cunt is seriously up her own cunt.
          Just made that expression up. It’s a keeper.

        43. The law and my honest opinion defines a rapist as a person who forces themselves on a woman after she has clearly and repeatedly told hI’m no. This should be clear to rapist because we’ve gone from just having sex to having to use force in order to get to the sex. I think it’s a woman’s responsibility to voice her refusal and not a man’s responsibility to ask. Also, if the girl is incapacitated and cannot voice an opinion, having sex with her makes you a rapist

        44. When you spend your life in your own cunt, does it become difficult to tell if you are about to eat bad sushi?

        45. You do realize that brain mass and loss of grey matree can be effected by just about anything. Also, I hope you’re not quoting Dr. torrey’s findings considering the brains he used were used illegally and he less habitually.
          I will say that women and men think differently. I am quite bright, or so the tests say, but my ex husbands iq haa been unmappable since he was six. He’s extraordinary. He has zero social skills and no grasp of human Response. I am not smarter than him, but I feel like a bloody genius every time I interpret humanity for him. Getting in people’s heads, understanding motivation, etc. .. my gift. My current husband has a way of just looking at electronics and knowing how and why they go together. He also Understands math which I preteND doesn’t exist. I still out multitask both, and beyond profiling people from 15 phone conversations, I am much better read than him. I don’t think men are generally smarter. I think their knowledge is applied diffeRntly.

        46. If a small guy goes up to a big guy in a bar and says “Wow, you are the ugliest looking monkey I have seen in a long time!” Small guy gets punched in the face: whose fault is that? Legally, the big guy is at fault, but no one would call it victim blaming to point out to the small guy that if he doesn’t want to get punched in the face then he shouldn’t provoke people.

        47. How exactly does the term contribute to the problem and what IS the problem in that context?

        48. It creates an increasing stigma around rape . It also seems to redistribute blame to men in general instead of a single man, and the term seems to distract from the actual rape. Instead, rape culture seems to be a buzzword when the actual rape, the shame associated with it by the victim… the concept of rape culture does nothing to confront the problem of a victims shame or address how irresponsible, disrespectful, and destructive false allegations Are. As long as the victims shame and false tape charges are wielded like a weapon to get revenge, actual victims will continue to be distrusted, shamed, and have their character called into question.

        49. > It creates an increasing stigma around rape
          Around committing rape (cause that would be a good thing) or being the victim of? I don’t really see how.
          Buzzword this and buzzword that. People have their own definitions and uses of terms all the time. That doesn’t mean its not a valid concept.
          > the concept of rape culture does nothing to […] address how irresponsible, disrespectful, and destructive false allegations Are
          That is true in part but its also not the point, yes? That can be addressed while also talking about a rape culture.
          > actual victims will continue to be distrusted, shamed, and have their character called into question
          Which is why it’s important to talk about rape AND rape culture! Blaming the victim and questioning their character is one of the key attributes of a rape culture, at least according to my understanding.

        50. I don’t view rape culture as this prevalent and buzzworthy topic. In fact, in an earlier comment, I noted that, while this thread talked about rape (of women were left alone after the apocalypse), and while I don’t necessarily support that view, I was very aware of how no one said it was deserved. No one even hinted at it. I also recall watching Last houser on the left in the stodgy whole my husband gamed, and the pained sounds to his voice when he finally said, is that not overt yet? Rape is about power. It’s not about sex. My experience withis members haa been that the concept is distasteful By the majority. Is rape culture even the right name anyway? life from what I’ve seen, numbers are going up in violent crime. .. what I see is actually more disarming. Groups of people recording crimes on their phones and posting them to social media, but no one calla the police much less attempts to stop it. That’s not really rape culture though. instead, it’s like a nation wide disconnect from other people, and I think that is an issue that should be being discussed.

        51. Question: was it a purposely done misnomer to address rapist as those who violate women exclusively? I know you can correct yourself now that I’ve mentioned what I’ve noticed but this is my problem with the feminist movement; there is no immediate filter for self preservation for women. Then when this is addressed, retroactively, it is always suggested you meant something different. Makes it real hard to trust an opinion when it is always changed. But what I meant was…

        52. Are you asking if the term rape culture was intended top only apply to rapists?

        53. No. I was addressing your statement directly. You classified rapist as someone who violates a woman’s ability to protect her chastity without her consent and I questioned why does your definition of a rapist hold to women as the only victims of rape. You probably did this unconsciously which leads me to believe you are only viewing things from an area which you wish to protect; women.

        54. Actually, it’s only because that’s currently the state’s stance on it, and I had limited myself to a definition that was both legal and my opinion.

        55. So I’m nothe actually denying my definition as is, but you are right. Rape shouldn’t be limited to female victims. It calls to mind the first child molestation laws (they didn’t come about until the 1800’s, but they only applied to girls under the age of thirteen I believe, and only if the molester doesn’t have prior parental consent.

        56. It is easy to shrug off things like this if they don’t directly effect you. Sadly the statistics say one day they will, be it your sister, daughter, niece, or partner, one day you will care about this. I am sorry for the pain and regret you will feel then for having done nothing.

        57. I’m an astounded human being. Until yesterday, I had never seen such a collection of grotesquely uneducated ignorant bullshit. If just one person on here see’s themselves for a second, it’s all worth it.

        58. So I was looking around for equivalent definitions to the one you described and, well,
          – This site shows the definition you describe which was updated as per December 2014, almost half a year ago.
          The majority of these sites hold men as the chief perpetrators of rape, which currently may be a testable affair as typically no one addresses women as rapist. That not withstanding, it all boils down to a victim who irrespective of sex, is being forcibly entered for sexual release by another.

        59. I have worked as a rape councilor. I suspect you don’t have to guess what the qualifications for that are. In addition, I would say 1 in 3 of my female friends have been through this, and thats not only in circles created around these sorts of issues. You have no idea what you’re talking about, but the odds are that one day you will have some idea. It will be your sister, or your niece or your daughter. Any you will feel great shame that you did nothing to stop it. And you will be right to.

        60. I actually have absolutely no problem with the use of the word rape to describe a guild raid. And neither would most feminists concerned with eradicating rape culture. If you violated the consent of the other party its the correct use of the term.

        61. Emotional shifting doesn’t work for this argument. That is our chief problem with the aspect of rape and rape culture, the target is intangible and presumptuous. One day I will die. This is a fact. One day someone will do their damnedest to violate my freedoms. This is a fact. Humanity is cruel by nature, because we can premeditate our actions. In trying to actively prevent a crime with no foreseeable perpetrator, you end up showcasing your immediate bias against a specific group of people and justifying it by erroneous ideas.

        62. ‘the victims shame and false tape charges are wielded like a weapon to get revenge, actual victims will continue to be distrusted, shamed, and have their character called into question.’ – thats a really good description of what rape culture is. the term has been mis appropriated in social media here and there, as all things are since anyone anywhere can post, but the term is specifically created to investigate the subtleties that result in wide spread sexual assault and silence.

        63. No it isn’t. It is a loose term that isn’t clearly defined in any medium. And for good reason, it needs to be ever loose to justify it’s applications.

        64. Again, acid pop, you’re doing a great job defining rape culture while arguing against it. All of these things should be examined and changed. An examination requires language for the thing you are looking for. I welcome you to start a new word if that would be better, but as of now it’s being called rape culture.

        65. I have heard battles about the restrictions of how the word rape can be used. However, most people know that emotional rape is very much a good use of the word in certain cases. .. also, and this is just me being annoying, a word is a signifier. It can only have the power a person assigns it when they define it themselves. After all, a pen is not called a pen in Brazil, but that doesn’t change the item being signified. I also don’t get upset at being called a cunt or a whore or much of anything else.

        66. Right On!! Spoken like a woman who actually loves the man in her life. I highly suspect these people addressing rape culture are playing the game, and it is a sick game, of goal post shifting, solely to gain leverage in specific situations. Used to be a time when men could safely rally and protect a woman, child, or man would be strengthened, if they were violated in such a fashion. Now, it is a useful get out of jail card at times, used to promote chastity when one doesn’t wish to have sexual partners known or is jilted by a lover. I suspect a transexual rape victim would turn this rape culture farce on it’s head as MSM treats them like red-headed step children; unwanted and unloved.

        67. A rapist commits rape. Plain and simple. I’m not widening the definition of rape. That’s non consensual sex, or sex with a child. I am not forming a culture and calling it rape culture. We already live in a rape culture, so called because of widespread instances of rape. The goal is a to create a consent culture, which is based on mutual respect. Finally, the problem with approaching a woman on the street who doesn’t know you, is that you may be frightening her. Because there is not a trustworthy system of interaction in place that does not often result in the rape, abduction, or murder of women, it is impossible for a strange woman to know that you have good intentions. On the day that I feel certain I can tell a man I am not interested in speaking with him, and I won’t be assaulted, then I will be happy to be approached on the street. In fact, this would be a profoundly easier system, which I would welcome. That sad, we have to handle the whole fight or flight response before any such interaction will be enjoyable.

        68. The law tends to limit the concept of rape to physical entry. Of course, I didn’t include the definition of aggravated rape on this discussion since it ranges from state to state…

        69. OK, so there are two destructive things hidden in that example, which I thank you for giving to me, since it is clearly one that you can relate to in some way. SO, teaching that sort of story to young people tells both groups, the little guys, and the big guys, dark stories about themselves. For the little guy, it tells him that it is possible for him to deserve physical violence, because of an inherent trait over which he has no control (size). For the larger guy, it tells him that he has no control over his own violence, because of an inherent trait over which he has no control (size). Like a self fulfilling prophesy, these embedded ideas do nothing to prevent violence. The same is true with telling children that men will rape you if you lead them on, because rape is out of their control. I feel just as sad for the 13 year old boys who sat next to me and were told they were wound-be rapists, because of an inherent trait over which the had no control (gender). I suspect that hung over their heads in ways that I cannot understand. It also told the girls that they could deserve to be raped, not because they were mean, but because they were too friendly. And again, due to an inherent trait over which they have no control (gender). Embedding these ideas is a slippery slope, that ultimately serves to justify sexual violence, not prevent it. In addition, statements like that result in false accusations being believed (since ideas like that suggest that all men are one make out session away from being rapists), and also prevent men’s reports of rape by women from being treated with the seriousness they deserve (since that idea suggests that men are always the instigators of sex). No one wins. That’s Rape Culture, a cultural standard that results in rapists, and one that hurts everyone. In a consent culture you wouldn’t have these problems to begin with. There would be no leading on this way or that. They idea of a consent culture is that folks could just talk openly about what they were or were not up for. Problem solved.

        70. It’s actually not about whether I love him, although I do… I just don’t think it’s the best action at this point.

        71. I have heard those battles as well, but I don’t think that represents the wider discourse or purpose of feminists. I think there are far more massive issues to address that actually cause problems. Also totally with you on the signifier. And I know plenty of educated and empowered women that totally dig being called a cunt or a whore, under the right consensual circumstances, as is their right. 🙂

        72. There are NO APPLICATIONS. I will explain again, that the term Rape Culture is used as a means of investigating the current state of things. Since Rape Culture is already firmly in place, it cannot be applied. It has already BEEN applied.

        73. I actually think disconnection is the best descriptive. Now, to be honest, I am nor required to report. I can sit out on the lake, watch you drown while screaming for help, and I can pop popcorn and piss in the water. I have no legal responsibilities to do so, and while I’m against having those legal responsibilities, I couldn’t sit back and say nothing, and I fin it hard to conceive of groups as large as what I’ve seen, all actively recording and none feeling any moral obligation. And it’s bigger than that. It’s not about fear of repercussions or even not wanting to be bothered. There’s a famous case from the 70’s where a woman was attacked outside of hey apartment building on a busy street. The neighbors heard her screaming, and the lights from their windows caused her attacker to abandon house victim three separate times, but no one every came out, and no one called the police so he eventually killed her. That’s bad enough. .. but from what I see, it’s not even that we’ve considered that reporting it could be a bother. Instead, they’re entertained. That’s a truly horrifying thought with one person, but in groups of twenty or thirty. ..

        74. There are studies on this, apparently if there is only one bystander to an assault, they are far more likely to intervene. The running theory is that when people in a group, they tend to assume that someone else will deal with the problem, often until it is too late for anyone to do anything at all. It’s never a good idea to assume that someone else will take responsibility if something horrible is happening.

        75. Yep, and the mob mentality kicks in. I also think that we are so desensitized, so disconnected, that the moments of horrible violence are the only things we fully experience anymore.

        76. It is precisely because we are capable of premeditating that Human beings do not have to remain cruel. We are capable of evolving, even within a single lifetime, by way of ideas. This is what makes Human beings truly special. But if we continue to use our brains to harm ourselves, one another, and our planet, then we will soon find that the natural world is under no obligation to make space for us. That’s how evolution works. Either your special trait that sets you a part fits, or it doesn’t, and that’s the end of you. I have no bias against any group of people. Being a Feminist has evolved. Being for equality means that I stand for the well being and advancement of all people. Even you. So, all I am suggesting, is that human beings learn how to behave from other humans, from culture. And since rape and violence in general is widespread, we have to re-examine how, and what, we are teaching.

        77. I assure you I am committed to preventing this kind of misogynist garbage from continuing unchecked by the opposition. So, unfortunately for you, your options are either to continue to be sickened, or disband your little hate group.

        78. OK, so, off to a good start. If you believe in 10,000 years on the planet, than I assume you’re comfortable with the 4.54 billion years that it has been in existence. Over that period of time our ancestors have also been single celled organisms, but I’m not looking to behave like one of those. Chimps are our cousins, but I don’t see emulating their behavior as a step in the right direction. There was a time where our ancestors believed that we were the center of the universe, that the stars were gods, or that prayer could bring rainfall. All of these notions were incorrect, and results of our infancy on the planet and in the universe. Since we are a species that evolves through the development of our minds, we should not look to our under developed ancestors as absolute role models. Now, that being said, I do not recall ANY empirical evidence from ANY point in history that would suggest that a human man is incapable of preventing himself from raping a woman due to his arousal. We are defined by our self awareness, and our ability to make choices. Wether or not the choice to rape was supported by cultures of the past, it has never been a biological imperative. It has always been a choice.

        79. Ok, I’m going to try and take your points one at a time. First, I pay very careful attention to my definitions, particularly when I am a part of a movement creating terms. This honest adherence is essential, and I know few feminists who blow past them mindlessly. If that is what you’ve been exposed to, then you haven’t been dealing with feminists, you’ve been dealing with angry people. Do they have reasons to be angry? Yes. Is their approach effective or representative of the movement? No.
          Moving on.
          “The social expectation created by women is that men will take the initiative. If there is anything resembling a “yes until no” attitude that is because women expect men to be mind readers and far too many will write a man off as a clueless schmuck if he asks for “affirmative consent” every step of the way, particularly in the opening stages.”
          – Nice work, you have effectively identified one aspect of rape culture. However, you’re missing one key aspect. Women are discouraged from taking the initiative in just the same way that men are told it is their responsibility to do so. Both of these attitudes need to change. A social construct that makes it unacceptable to offer or attain consent is a recipe for disaster.
          “It is not victim blaming to ask why they put themselves at risk in the first place. If you leave your wallet on a park bench when you go play on the swings, some questions will be asked when you complain that your wallet was stolen. Better yet, if it was a diamond ring and then you try to make an insurance claim for its theft, don’t you think some questions will be asked?”
          -Here’s the difference. If a man left his wallet on a park bench, it would be stolen. If a woman left her wallet on a park bench, it would be stolen. See, equality. Not the best thing, but it’s certainly not gender biased. The same is not true for rape. If you go to a party, do you wonder if you should stop drinking so that you can defend yourself against sexual assault? I doubt it. In addition, since we are not objects, there is never a justification for the theft of our bodies. While losing your wallet is a drag, you recover. It’s not something you live with for the rest of your days.
          “Cat calls are not rape”
          -Correct. I don’t think anyone whose really thinking this through is saying that. Here’s what they are saying, Cat Calls are frightening. Why? Because without any confidence that you will not be raped/abducted/or murdered, attention from a strange man on the street could mean anything. It could mean something totally harmless, or it could mean your life. I have had cat calls escalate to following me home, or trying to pull me into a car. I have friends in my city who have had cat calls escalate to gang rape. We all know these stories because they are our stories. So, if women tell you they don’t like cat calling, it is because it is frightening. You may think you’re complimenting something, but often times what you’re really doing, is momentarily giving a woman cause to fear for her life. Not because you yourself are a threat, but because she doesn’t know you yet.
          I evoke the term rape culture, and I absolutely consider male victims. I am of the opinion that there are more statements made on this website that would promote the notion that men cannot be raped than on any feminist blog I participate in combined.
          Rape culture is society wide in the US, because widespread rape is society wide in the US. It may look different in different places, but the results are in, US culture is producing rape. We have to address it.

        80. Yeah thats just fucking nuts. But it’s my point exactly. Politicians can say ‘legitimate rape’ in this country, which means its an acceptable enough concept to risk your career on.

        81. there will always new someone who is willing to step overt the bodies of victims in order to further theirs political agenda.

        82. So why don’t you leave this website and go back to your “educated” friends on feminist websites than?

        83. “In her case, I wouldn’t need to explain anything.”
          That is because her case makes itself apparent. Your cases need to “explained” because they are contrived.

        84. Because preaching to the choir only gets you so far. At some point change has to come by changing the minds of the people who oppose you.

        85. No, that is incorrect. My case does not need to be explained to rape survivors, any more than the Estonian girl would need an explanation. My case needs to be explained to you, because you have been granted the privilege required to remain willfully ignorant.

        86. At what point will you consider yourself safe? Clearly now you are not safe, rape culture is everywhere correct? What dictates a safe society for you?

        87. Agreed. It would be better suited for feminism to finally meet it’s long over due end and open conversations be opened so both sexes be respected instead of one sex exalted.

        88. http://www.pnas.org/content/111/6/E637.full
          Since you decided not to cite even a single source in you WILDLY oversimplified and idiotic descriptions of outdated scientific theories, I will just go ahead and direct you to a Peer Reviewed scientific article to support my claim. I think that should about wrap things up.

        89. I actually agree. What we have right now is about debts degrees of losing.. Wouldn’t it be lovely to be home with your wife after you child is born… That type of early paternal bonding hasn’t been advisable available for men.

        90. As I’ve said before, the goal is to construct a culture rooted in consent, and based on mutual respect.

        91. We have that. But according to you we don’t based on rape. What you are then saying is you will eliminate crime by controlling behavior but you can’t control behavior without enforcing penalties. We still have criminals in America and it is because we allow free thought. Are you saying we eliminate free thought in America?

        92. Peer review? I would prefer well-documented and photographed evidence, since ‘peer review’ just means a lot of well-payed people agreed on a thing… truth by consensus is no more valid than voting that the sky is green.
          But, since you insist.
          American Academy of Neurology. “Men More Likely to Have Problems
          With Memory and Thinking Skills.” ScienceDaily. April 18, 2008. (Sept.
          16, 2008) http://www.sciencedaily.com /releases/2008/04/080416152000.htm
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          ­Hoag, Hannah. “Sex on the brain.” New Scientist. July 19, 2008
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          Society for Women’s Health Research. “Sex Differences Extend Into the Brain.” ScienceDaily. March 3, 2008. (Sept. 16, 2008)
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          (Sept. 16, 2008)
          University. “Male and Female Brain Patterns Differ During Reaching.”
          ScienceDaily. April 14, 2007. (Sept. 16, 2008)

        93. Show me documentation, other than that ‘opinion piece’ you cited, that has actual raw data, so that I can determine for myself.

        94. If a women is sexually interested in you and horny she wants you to take the lead, these yes means yes laws where you have to ask permission for every time you touch her are what happens when people who don’t get sex (male feminists an manginas and fat female feminists) make the laws.

        95. Interesting you can’t tell me in your own words, but ok. I’ll follow the link. . .
          Neither you, nor that link answers my question. But you are implying that Peggy McIntosh (whoever that is), based on a checklist of false premises that she made up from her own imagination, says I have male privilege, then it must be true. Right?
          Have you checked the prison population lately?

        96. Its bigger than that Raefael. Men are indifferent to this kind of stuff, women are the ones who want rape culture where men touch them without asking. Women would reject a man who asked to kiss them or laugh at them. Many women enjoy acting not interested

        97. Women want you to take the lead so if you screw up all the blame goes to you. And if you don’t screw up she can blame you on anything she makes up

        98. You miss the point completely. The little guy does not “deserve” violence to be committed against him anymore than a woman deserves to be raped (as in real rape, not the most in-fad feminist definition). What it does teach is that you should not put yourself into a situation where you could come to physical harm. I went scuba diving with sharks. If I had been bitten, what would people think if I whined about the injustice of it all? If you don’t want to bitten by sharks, don’t swim with them. If you swim with them, don’t taunt them. Certainly, don’t lather yourself with salmon roe before climbing in the water and then wonder why the sharks are trying to bite you.
          It teaches the big guy that he should have control over his own violence and just because he is capable of inflicting it, he should not because he will be held legally responsible.
          In both cases, the example teaches responsibility. In the feminist view, women do not have responsibilities. They can behave in any way they want and do not think there will or should be any consequences. That is a major theme on this and similar web sites and your complete blindness to what the story actually represents merely reinforces that theme among all the men reading your previous post.
          I highly doubt that you are relating verbatim what was said in class. The message most certainly was not that all men are would-be rapists: that is a meme delivered by feminists and orthodox Muslims rather than mainstream America from back in the day.
          It’s not about being “too friendly” it is about putting yourself at risk. Realistically, there are only a small number of predators out there. However, some women think they can ignore the predators and if one does strike then the answer is to try to reprogram all males, all sensible women, and society and its interactions. I should be able to walk anywhere in the city anytime. There is nothing stopping me but would it be wise? There are some places which, at some times even a healthy, combat trained male will not go alone. It is called common sense. I take personal responsibility for my personal safety.
          Since you don’t understand the concept and missed the point, your talk about slippery slopes and justifying violence are irrelevant.
          The false accusation arise out of the move to reprogram me, society at large, and the rules of interaction by creating new rules that don’t mesh with reality but some women will take advantage of for their own personal interests if they think they can get away with it.
          There is no “rape culture” and what we are moving towards is not a “consent culture” but a system where we will see more false accusations, unless we let it go so far that the false accusations consistently stick.

        99. The term “rape culture” is at least 40 years old, probably from the movie titled. . .wait for it. . .”Rape Culture (1975)”. Four decades on there is still no “exact” definition, but it’s good to know that you are “part of a movement creating terms”: that is, you and your likes are just making things up.
          Are you saying that feminists are not angry people? Angry people are not feminists?
          Virtually every study that I have seen says that men like it when women take the initiative. Still, what you are proposing might solve one problem but then creates many more. What it leads to is again a situation where men are expected to be mind readers. If they take any initiative or show a woman any interest they have to know whether the woman “consents” to them showing interest before they have even initiated it. A guy will make a comment: if the girl likes him she will think the comment is cute, if she doesn’t like him the exact same comment will be creepy. You don’t know ahead of time. The difference is that with “consent culture” there is a whole legal and/or disciplinary system created to punish a guy who was neither cute nor telepathic.
          Analogies are never perfect but you are nit picking at the edges without addressing the main theme. If you get blind drunk at a party you have relinquished personal responsibility over your own body. That doesn’t justify someone raping you but, just as not all passers by will use your ID to return your wallet, not all men will keep you safe until you sober up. Tell me what the better outcome is: being raped and having the guy go to prison, or not getting blind drunk and not being raped in the first place?
          If cat calls are outlawed then guess what is next: women terrified by silence. Every male interaction with or without cat calls could potentially lead to gang rape. Who knows, right?
          I don’t know how you formed your opinion on male rape or the views on this web site. Certainly, no regular poster on this site would buy into the idea that “rape culture” as it is used by SJW types refers to the rape of men. There are articles on this site that point out how (the liberal version of our)society views that a man cannot be raped (by a woman) and that is WRONG.

        100. Why is this idiot cunt not banned?
          There is as much of a rape culture as there is murder culture, even less. Rape gets persecuted like any other crime and alleged rapist can even get get lynched. You can just say you are a rape victim and you get all kind of sympathy. Even when you are busted as a liar, you don’t even get a slap on the wrist.
          What you baby-brain women don’t get, is that your actions have consequences and you should at least try to be a responsible adult. Example: you cock tease a guy until you both are naked in his room and suddenly you say no. He might lose his mind and rape you. If he does, he should go to jail and all but you are still a fucking idiot.

        101. Oh, it’s 1 in 3 already? Always trust feminists to make shit up and believe it at the same time

        102. This is true in many cases , I find with women i’ve been involved with they love that feeling of you lusting after them, it’s like it’s a fastasy they have of men who can’t control themselves from their beauty. A man asking permission before making any an every physical interaction is gonna scare a girl off or ruin her mood.

        103. Agree. Women will gladly go all the way with a man that they find attractive (but the asking all of the time is a kill joy). Then, you have “buyer’s remorse” after the fact. Many women are trying to claim this move as rape (which it’s not).
          What’s next…she drinks too much, hits someone and I get the blame (sued) because I bought her one drink?
          At what point do we hold the woman responsible (as an adult or equal)?
          That is the slippery slope.

        104. Agree. It’s the catch 22 of “well, you started it…blah, blah, blah” even though she participated with no regret.

        105. The first world shit that we complain about (in the U.S.) is nothing compared to what goes on in third world countries. The problem we have here is we’ve had it too good for too long….so bullshit problems pop up.
          No one in a third country is having the same bullshit problems that we have in the states. They are simply trying to work, eat, and live.
          Women (especially white women) have had it good for a very long time. They’re becoming bored (even when they seem to have it all). It’s the reason for such in increase in divorce..these women are bored.
          They need a kick in the ass to motivate them a little bit (wake them up). It’s called life…and I’m here to provide the kick.

        106. Privilege? Women (particularly white women) have had their fair share of privilege for quite a while, now.
          I don’t see too many “under privileged” white women around here (not in the U.S.) anyways.

        107. “The law and my honest opinion defines a rapist as a person who forces
          themselves on a woman after she has clearly and repeatedly told him no.”
          and there lies the problem. A person who forces themselves on a woman (not a man)
          But we are all equal in the eyes of the law…except the ones that clearly favor a woman (socially – understood or excepted).

        108. It’s because there is no “rape culture” in the states. Yes, it happens in other third world countries – they may truly have that problem but here…no.
          Safety and security has made it easier for our society to come up with new bullshit to complain about as time goes on. The culture is the same and if anything it’s changing only because women are the ones initiating the sex (first) and men follow along (an ugly truth).
          Now, they want to be able to have their cake and eat it too…no repercussions. So the false rape claims are popping up (especially on college campus). Hopefully, the courts will start to punish (jail time) many of these women who make a false rape claim. It destroys a man’s life (even when he’s innocent).

        109. The best scenario for any man attending college today is when things start to escalate with a man is to walk away saying “sorry, I don’t want to ruin my life”.
          That’s about the best advice I can give to younger men, today, because of this rape culture or hysteria.
          The ‘yes means yes’ thing is such bullshit and it’s only been invented because women have been allowed to roam free (read: be sluts) without society looking down on them. Back when, you didn’t have this nonsense because society kept it in check.
          They get to choose, now, who should be punished: man they regret sleeping with
          reward: the hot guy that they met at the club or party.

        110. Yep, I saw that too…typical tactic.
          No one wants to talk about the white elephant in the room and the real problem (cause) of rape culture (hysteria). The truth is too painful and it may be too much for them to handle.

        111. You haven’t seen it because you live in a little bubble world (plus society doesn’t want to talk about the ugly truths). Corporations, the government, the media, etc…all pander to you for your dollar (or vote) so of course they are going to side with you.
          You (women) are being told all of the time that you are special and that you’re always right. It’s the reason why you see so many women screeching when they hit a site like this one.
          and there are more sites like this one…the movement is growing (it’s not going away). It’s starting exactly the same way (grass roots) that feminism started…and it’s gaining strength).

        112. Rape culture is simply rape hysteria (and it’s another tool of fear). TV is used in the same manner…to control people and to keep them in line through fear. Watch the news…everything reported (or most everything) is all fear related.
          Stop watching TV and you’ll see how your life changes. The serial killings and raping (back in the 70s and 80s) was a real thing. Today, we have nothing like it (look it up). I’ve been around for a bit – I remember it. We only have this fear mongering going on (and it’s kept alive to control people).

        113. That I find is 100% the truth! I know I’ve been pre-selected in a lot of ways so getting laid will eventually happen, even at my worst. However, initiating the interaction, is something that I find a rarer affair. At first you don’t think that is a problem. Easy sex. Confirmed likes and easier life. The problem is often you are pre-selected by someone you won’t like long term. And not selecting eliminates some of the multitude of strengths gained from being your own leader.
          As I discussed rape culture on this site I noticed the link they share with the ‘beta’ male. There is a distinct problem with the human race. We both create and destroy with our minds and have a high propensity to not shut our minds off. Added to that, we can rationalize many things. When in desperation and needing to survive, this means we can create glorious things. When we have luxury to the extent that me do, and being a transexual is a luxury, marrying as a homosexual is a luxury no matter how you convince yourself otherwise, taking on schools for 12 plus years is a luxury, choosing to live at home after 18 is a luxury, we rationalize that we still aren’t safe. When speaking on something like rape, the sad fact is twofold. White women will blanket the issue but rape culture is something that will never be used to directly assist minorities who aren’t sleeping with white men and it will never affect men. Note the rise of teachers raping boys and quiet on women raped by minority men.
          I say all that to say this, the problem currently the insane human programming to attempt to fix a problem. Rape culture is no problem but free thought is. For a long time women couldn’t address their lack of control of free thought in the right way, but with the assistance of laws, thanks to post 9/11 changes, and equally deranged men, they are finding more and more avenues to win. Thought rape. Catcalling. Baby rape. Being perennially uncomfortable in public. Makes you wonder why they haven’t killed themselves yet. The reason they haven’t is simple. These are all triggers statements and like an ocean, always changing. You think this unsafe woman gives a shit when she is seeking libations weekly? Or making an ass of herself tripping on her heels claiming what a good night she’s had? Or deliberately assaulting a man she doesn’t know because she feels men have done it for so long? Feminist have a bug called derangement and need a shot of sanity to be cured. In that night, women/feminists joining the latest terrorists movement makes sense as power is the only way to truly control someone’s actions. Make them know fear.

        114. To change minds you need logic, and a basis to showcase how what you said can create a better life than what they lived prior to speaking with you. All you have showcased is your own inherent fears and biases and methods you wish to employ to control what you fear so it doesn’t exist. As you say it affects everyone.
          What is also a scary but a true add on with rape culture, we humans will always rape as long as we need wars. Since we inherently don’t trust cultural differences, we still need wars. Every nation ever conquered, and ever experiencing a shift where a new party was rising to power at an alarming rate, also experienced a rise in rape occurrences by said party. The strap on was never needed to rape once the laws shifted to giving women control. And all the talks in the world will never shift our inherent need to subjugate one another once we are the ones in power.

        115. Actually it is 3-1 in feminist ideology. Don’t think the rape didn’t happen because he never met her. He was already thinking it.

        116. To be fair, privilege is a different matter altogether. It’s a complex spectrum. Male privilege, white privilege, female privilege, cisgendered privilege.. the bottom line to all of these buzz phrases in my opinion is that ‘Things are tough all over.’
          The prison population in the US, if seen as male/female, is without a doubt primarily male.
          But seen as white/non-white, I think it’s probably vastly over-representing non whites.
          So if you’re a white man, in many but not all situations, you may not have to justify your existence like a white woman might in scenarios like a work environment, pay inequity, whatever. You might be completely unaware that inequity exists unless someone tells you.
          But both you and the white woman are benefiting from your skin colour, and don’t get pulled over as often when driving, to use another example.
          And a straight white dude born male is likely having less shit shoveled in his direction than a gay male or a male born female or whatever else.
          The way I’ve tried to explain it to my aging feminist mum is that, yes, she excelled in a male-dominated field professionally, but that she fundamentally cannot comprehend the difficulty a black man might face in her situation. It’s as much an uphill battle despite his gender. He certainly doesn’t get a free ride because he has a penis. To a lot of women of her generation, that’s hard to grasp.
          Probably better to scalpel off the jargon and say ‘don’t be a dick; you don’t know what it feels like to be that human over there for a whole lot of reasons, so don’t assume.’
          Dunno if that makes sense. I’d just suggest it’s a whole other fucked up kettle of beans than ‘rape culture,’ which I find over-used, annoying, grating and often used to silence dissent or muzzle opposition.

        117. I have to agree with Red here, Nikki. I don’t DISagree with how you’re working to define the term, but you also recognize that it is often misused and misappropriated. I’ve seen it used to bash men offensively, or fashion what I could only call a sick and rather grotesque gestalt of women all decrying men as ‘rapists’ en masse on social media and in the real world. I find that troubling in the extreme.
          It’s a bit like those ‘slut walks.’ I find them equally troubling – they emerged from a policeman suggesting that a young woman not dress ‘like a slut’ and sparked outrage and parades of women dressed like hookers, in skimpy outfits.
          I doubt he was intending to shame the girl but to express his concern for her safety. To paraphrase my husband, who has a knack with putting things, and with whom I completely agree in this despite our mutually arguing with a lot of friends..
          should a woman be able to wear whatever she likes and walk whenever she likes at whatever time she likes? yes. She should. In an ideal world.
          But society isn’t ideal, and right now, no matter the shoulds or woulds, if you dress a certain way, walk certain places, at certain times, you are likely to be assaulted. It’s a lot more complex than brattily telling men not to rape, as if all men were inherently rapists (which is offensive as hell), or defiantly marching around wearing a g string and pasties. Looking to mass media, and to our own patterns of consumption, and what we celebrate and throw money at.. it’s systemic and blaming one gender or the other is silly. Using ‘rape culture’ as a means of silencing those with whom you disagree is no better than howling ‘terrorist!’

        118. acidpop5—! My God , You Must Be Bright ! Because -YOU- said so. And you must be great at stuff, because –YOU– said so. I have never said I was bright or a genius, but my clients think so or I wouldn’t be making the money I make at my job. This is called documentation. I do something and I get paid well for it. I don’t call myself great, then want adulation for it. I do something and get adulation. To call yourself ‘Bright and a genius’ is called FANTASY, when there is no documentation other than your looking in the mirror and telling yourself how great you are. It sort of borders on psychopathy.

        119. Keeping looking it over, Nikki. While yes, there are some whose insecurities are driving trollish comments, I think it’s probably largely reacting to perceived censorship or regulation on other sites. I’m considering it actually obscurely pure in its way, as it’s emotion without filtering.
          Some of the articles are brilliant and extremely accurate. Don’t toss the baby with the bathwater. The ‘How men are trained to rape’ article really stood out for me as excellent.
          Don’t dismiss the strong thinking here due to occasional trolls. 🙂

        120. I once had a lengthy philosophical debate with the husband on what we each defined ‘good’ and ‘evil’ as, since neither of us cleave to Judeo-Christian morality as it’s generally practiced in the West.
          The way we both finally agreed that we saw it was that ‘evil’ is to be so disconnected from others that you are to all intents and purposes a psychopath.
          The example I was considering comes from the trans-Atlantic slave trade: if a man can engage in the purchase, sale, transport, resale, and systemic abuse of any number of other humans, is he a good man or a bad man? By most modern definitions, his participation in that level of human suffering would be bad if not ‘evil.’ But he would quite likely see himself as devout, church-going and even a good provider for his family. He might, by his own contextual lights, imagine himself to be ‘good.’
          How does he differ from a modern corporate stooge whose day job is to help companies ‘downsize?’ That modern example’s actions might cause unbelievable suffering to hundreds if not thousands of individuals, their families, and their local economies.
          What both hypotheticals have in common is the ability to disconnect from an empathetic appreciation of another human’s anguish.
          I agree with acid that disconnection is the root, though I might call it ‘lack of empathy.’ And for me at least, it goes toward many of the problems with our species as a whole. Milgram’s chilling study shows that we’ll do sickening things if asked by someone we give control over ourselves to. Abrogation of responsibility, vicarious sadism, or apathetic disinterest are all contributors to one human doing something terrible to another, or another simply not intervening to halt the act.

        121. I’m curious, what’s your take on radical Islam and their institutionalized ways of sex slavery and rape of women?

        122. I can’t claim any expertise on radical Islam, but obviously I opposed any form of rape or slavery.

        123. I will be clear, I was not referring to the comments section, I was referring to the articles. And it is precisely that possibility that this may represent the actual thoughts and feelings of such a large group of people that I find grotesque.

        124. I think your outlook on the human race is extremely sad. If we assume that these behaviors cannot be changed, and refuse to participate in that change, then we might as well all blow ourselves off the planet right now rather than wait for the inevitable. You are demonstrating your participation in a self fulfilling prophesy, that ends in the annihilation of the human race.
          In addition, I would like to say, that unless someone cares about the well being of every member of the human race, equality may not improve their lives, at least not in any way that would be readily apparent to a sociopath. For me, living in a just society is an improvement. For others, the luxury of things like slaves is an improvement.
          If you’re leaning towards the later, which your arguments suggest, then I will leave you with these words to consider.
          No man is an island entire of itself; every man
          is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;
          if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe
          is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as
          well as any manner of thy friends or of thine
          own were; any man’s death diminishes me,
          because I am involved in mankind.
          And therefore never send to know for whom
          the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.
          -John Donne

        125. I don’t watch television as a rule, and certainly not fear mongering news networks like FOX or it’s family of unreliable sources. I do not need to do further research on sexual assault, as I have worked as a rape councilor, and therefor have entirely more information on the topic than I care to. I assure you, rape is still an issue worth addressing fully. The next time you feel like addressing a topic that you clearly have very little understanding of, I suggest that you find out who you’re talking to, so as to avoid looking stupid.

        126. I have been fortunate to live in a part of the world that is educated, advanced, and refuses these sorts of baseless and backwards ideas. I’m sorry that you have been so isolated in you’re bubble of propaganda. I will tell you, from my bubble to yours, that feminists are not fighting for superiority. We are fighting for basic human rights. And it is not you’re movement that is growing, it’s ours. You are a dinosaur, and you will die out like the rest, because you could not evolve to meet the challenges of the times.

        127. Our culture has moved past third world conditions in many ways, and in many areas. That’s true. It is also completely unrelated to the legitimacy of still existent issues. We’re not in the third world, great. I am glad. I also can’t take credit for that. It is my job, since I am alive and sentient NOW to continue to urge progress forward. If the human race were to simply say ‘good enough’ and sit on it’s hands, we would be dishonoring those who came before us. Just being better than the third world is an insanely low standard, and one that would only be evoked by a party who is benefitting from the currently unbalanced and unethical state of things. You say women are bored? Ridiculous. I say men like you are lazy, greedy, or both.

        128. I assume these behaviors can’t change because you are a proponent of it as we speak. Why did you come to this site? Ideologically speaking, we are opposed to what you believe. However, because your beliefs are the majority polling, you seek to affect a change, not knowing what our backgrounds are, where we hail, or the nature of our life practices, simply because of what is typed on screen. In what world is this any different from the missionaries bringing books who exacted genocide, or Monguls who raped and pillaged lands, or Bush’s tirade that WMDs were to be found in far off lands that threatened our livelihood. Think about that for five seconds, you have NO IDEA what I practice or espouse outside of what I typed on this screen and no idea how my beliefs are enacted with regards to what I’ve typed in my day to day life. Then you bring up an ideological discount, slavery, because I don’t share the same beliefs as you.
          You do not care about every member of the human race. Someone died today. Do you care to know who? A family member got hurt today? Did you contact them all to make sure they are all okay or if they are hurting emotionally? Once again, you go about sounding egalitarian and kind, when you are only saying them to paint the picture that you are better or worse than I am. I don’t care which caveat you fall under to be honest. When you switch goal posts, like you have been and keep doing, to showcase your ideological superiority, you not only spell out all the reasons not follow your beliefs, but how exactly what you say is hypocritical.
          Equality is in relation to the merit you prove, not our stations as people. We all have an equal merit based chance to showcase our worth. Physically, ideologically, socially, we aren’t equals. We have common interests and key differences. America was founded on those differences being celebrated not homogenized.
          By the way, Where have I mentioned enslaving people?

        129. Yes, of course. The world is much better now that everything is equal. The only problem is that women are still bitching that they aren’t getting something.
          We fill one quota, another one pops up. Just like you can never compromise with a terrorist you can never make a feminist happy.

        130. Fox or other stations (doesn’t matter which ones). MSNBC does it as well as any others.
          They all use shame and or fear to keep you in line. As soon as you’re a little older and understand how the world really works then you’ll be better off. Right now, you’re working on becoming an adult. You’ll understand it all , one day.

        131. Your response is a great example of over simplifying. My statement was that based on the small group (compared to a whole population) of women that I know, the number is more like 1 in 3. Because of that, I am prepared to believe that a 1 in 4 statistic nation wide is accurate.
          Generally in a debate people begin to oversimplify when logical arguments no longer support their claims. So, I will take your childish response as an admission of faulty logic.

        132. Did you check off any of those? Do you disagree that these are privileges?

        133. OK, I would like to say again, peer reviewed. Peer reviewed means they are not news articles, but rather come directly from the source of the research, and are reviewed by other experts in the field before they are published. The news can say whatever it wants, and tends to over simplify to make its point, or at least it’s money. In addition, I would like to point out that the articles you posted here (wether or not they support your claims, which I cannot speak to yet, as I will need to read them first) are all from 2008 or earlier, where as the article I sent you was from 2014. I don’t know if you’re aware, but science tends to progress rather rapidly.

        134. I assure you, we are not living in a consent culture. I’ve had the unique privilege of working for a company where consent culture thrived, and it was very different from the rest of the world.

        135. So in said company, were women choosing sexual partners all their own? As opposed to how women normally choose their partners. Glad you have grounded your statements back into some normal grounds. Slavery was a lot off center. Even for you.

        136. I do disagree that they are privileges. They are a list of perceptions – some overly simplistic, some outright false – that are distorted by some pathetic woman’s own sexism and insecurities.

        137. Bullshit, I have a lot of experience with ‘peer review’, and what it REALLY means in the scientific community, is that a paper got published in a journal and a bunch of chuckleheads with degrees looked it over and said “Uh huh, that’s about right” without requiring equivalent research, testing, or statistical analysis.
          Don’t mistake science for technology. Technology tends to improve rapidly to logical limits, ‘discovery’ on the other hand tends to move slowly, methodically, and require decades to fully explore.
          But, of course, the ignorant assume that development and discovery are the same thing. It’s an attitude I am quite familiar with from social justice warriors who want their newest pet theory to be popular.

        138. That is of course your purview. Oddly enough, I have yet to be truly offended by anything here. Some stuff warrants a browlift to be sure, but.. well. Evidently we’re in similar boats if you are also working on a PhD. My own field is cultural history, and from that point of view, a lot of what I’ve read here seems to be emerging from frustration, genuinely apt points, or blowback from frustrated men who feel silenced by mainstream thought.
          I don’t necessarily agree that they ARE but it hardly invalidates their feelings. To dismiss their frustrations and complaints without full consideration is unjust. And further, I entreat you as a fellow academic not to let your own ideology shape your perspective into seeing this as grotesque. It’s not. It’s valid and often reasoned or arising from a genuine sense of frustration.
          I’ve found these perspectives informative and fascinating, because they all come from a very honest place without self-censorship.
          I find myself in complete agreement with some of the underlying causes or well articulated articles I’ve read; for many western men, the women whom they’ve encountered epitomize the product of mass media: they value themselves based upon their sexuality as opposed to intrinsic self-respect, they cultivate shallow, meaningless physical encounters which demean both their sexual partners and themselves, and they celebrate such cultural heroes as Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, or Paris Hilton. The out of control party girl is a lamentable waste of a life. Yet it is a new archetype which too many young women emulate, and if that’s what they know women to be, can you completely condemn men railing against hyper-sexualized girls whose only value seems to be sexual?

        139. Of course, by your same definition and criteria, we also have a burglary culture, an extortion culture, an embezzlement culture, a jaywalking culture, a pissing-in-the-bushes culture, a littering culture, a spitting-on-the-sidewalk culture…
          How many sidewalks must be spit on or bushes pissed-on before we acknowledge the ugly truth of our civilization…??

        140. That is indeed one of the major flaws of Feminism. For being self-appointed guardians of gender equality, they sure have none to spare. They are among the most sexist people I’ve ever met.
          You would think that the Feminists would be the FIRST ones arguing for gender-neutral language and definitions. But, surprise– they’re not. They’re among the LAST.

        141. It was about the “Woman”, not the “Person”. Feminism is always about the “WOMAN”, not the “Equality”.

        142. Take rape out of it– what would you say to someone wearing pounds of gold and silver around their neck and arms and flashing wads of cash at everyone while walking down the street…? Would their behavior have anything to do with your opinion? Certainly they should not be robbed– but would you place any blame on the victim?

        143. So we’ve gone from rape to not even being able to approach a woman on the street. You’re pretty pathetic.

        144. So when do WOMEN have to get affirmative consent from MEN?
          One of the things that I just LOVE about the new affirmative consent law is that now it will FORCE women to have to say “Wanna Fuck?”

        145. Or, it may be your brother, or your father, or your nephew or your uncle that may be falsely accused of rape by a woman with regrets after sex.

        146. Being a Feminist means that you are only concerned about the advancement of Women. Leave equality out of it. I’ve never met a Feminist in my life who could even define the word, much less who held to its ideal.

        147. Damn straight its gaining strength. Fucking tired of Feminists and all their derisive bullshit.

        148. You can never make a Feminist happy. That is an incredible truism.
          You can always tell a Feminist, you just can’t tell her much.

        149. “a lot of what I’ve read here seems to be emerging from frustration, genuinely apt points, or blowback from frustrated men who feel silenced by mainstream thought.”

        150. I care quite a bit about equality. But I have yet to meet a Feminist who knows what it means.

        151. Or it will be your father or your brother or your uncle or your nephew who gets hit with a FALSE RAPE ACCUSATION by a lying bitch.
          What’s your point exactly?

        152. Feminists are always whining about having “Equality with a Man” but they don’t have a fucking clue what “Equality with a Man” really means– what risks MEN have to deal with on a daily basis.

        153. (Rolls Eyes)
          Where’s my violin. I’m pretty sure I left it around here someplace…

        154. Fuck that.
          *I* want to know when the WOMEN have to ASK THE MAN to have sex? Isn’t that part of Affirmative Consent?

        155. Do you know what’s wrong with you and your stupid rape culture?
          Not ONE SINGLE TIME have I heard you say anything about the obligation of WOMEN to get an affirmative consent from the Man. You’re all about HIM being bad and YOU being good.
          Fucking cunt.

        156. Yes, but “Rape Culture” is only ever applied AT MEN in your myopic view. You have YET to ever indicate any personal responsibility of your own.

        157. I don’t recall saying anything about bad or good. I just said consent, which applies to all genders equally.

        158. “It also seems to redistribute blame to men in general instead of a single man”
          Bingo. Sheesh what an awesome brain you have.

        159. All you’re asserting here is that you’re prejudiced against feminists. Since I am a feminist, and am arguing for equality, your faulty definition of the term doesn’t play here.

        160. http://www.pacificu.edu/about-us/news-events/three-waves-feminism this is a decent article describing the three as of yet defined ‘waves’ of feminism, the most recent being 3rd wave. As you can see the evolution has passed us and them thinking, so as to approach the whole issue humanistically. 3rd wave is 25 years old, almost my age, so it has developed further along those humanist lines to what many are calling 4th wave.

        161. I can’tstand how women are so scared to reveal their cards to lesser/unqualified men, that they will only discuss men and how we operate and not themselves.
          If that public school had talked about the near bi-polar ways of the female sex drive, then these ‘rules’ and stuff would be called inyo question, so I’m glad you bought it up.

        162. Turning the laws on their head and throwing away common sense would be dishonoring those before us.

        163. Lol Amen! My brain can concieve any weaponry or protection or plan needed to overtake or defeat anything deemed biologically superior to our species.
          Now lets wait for someone to redefine ‘biologically superior to most things on the planet’.
          Also scientists welcome pussy around them and will pay lip service to accomodate the masses and said pussy nearby. That being said, we cant take the outliers as anything more than the exception.

        164. I didn’t point it out directly but notice the flip side. The woman must say yes NOT the man. In the argument for yes means yes, it is quietly assumed the man, being as sex starved as he should be, will always say yes, or at the least never say no. This was because in the eyes of the law men are ever so lucky when they do receive sex and the poor women are being treated unfairly and violated at a moment’s notice.

        165. It’s like those treehugging faggots that state that cities are ‘unnatural’ but that a beaver dam or ant nest is ‘natural’

        166. Yes, but this is precisely what men should use to drive home the absurdity of the concept and the law. Any WOMAN who does not get an ACTUAL and AFFIRMATIVE answer from a MAN is *LIKEWISE* guilty of rape.
          The BEAUTY of this stupid law is that it cuts both ways.

        167. It would be hard to write a book to reflect women’s perverse lack of logic. What are you going to say, treat women like garbage and they want you more than the man who treats them decently? Well then everyone wakes up and treats women like trash. But then the beta father’s will be angry and howling that you are treating their daughters like trash.

        168. Yeah exactly.
          Women are the ones obsessed with “rape” and are the ones who have rape fantasies. Men in general don’t enjoy “rape fantasies”.. only women are that sick and degenerate that they would enjoy crap like “50 shades of Grey.” A man’s sexual fantasy is a hot willing woman who enjoys having sex with him. A woman’s sexual fantasy is being “forced” by some “hawt” alpha billionaire man and being abused and spanked and all sorts of sick, degenerate things.
          You need to talk to your fellow slutty women about what makes them so sick and degenerate that they enjoy sick rape fantasies like “50 Shades of Grey” and responded to it in droves by making it a bestseller.

        169. Only two?? Come on, you can do better than that! That’s a mediocre result for a girl like you

        170. For the last 20 years I have played “Zen Game”. I only stumbled upon “game”- as we know it – early this year. Zen Game is IDGAF combined with enjoying life as it is, in the moment. Enjoy life and the women will ask you for sex, so there is none of this bullshit “affirmative consent” crap.
          Out of my last 5 sex partners, 4 initiated, escalated and only the 5th was sort of iffy.
          I suppose not everyone can play this game but it has worked for me.
          You still have to respect the game as given. At one point I had an HB7 in bed and asked her “what do you like?’.
          She said ” I want to stop.” I got out of bed, got dressed, left her apartment and never contacted her again.

        171. Progress ruins everything and turns it into a homogenous mess. In culture wars only certain cultures win out while the rest die out.
          Modern women today are enabling the death of American culture and its values.

        172. If a culture dies out because people choose not to live by it’s standards, then that culture deserves to fade away. That said, more unique cultures have been destroyed by things like oppression, colonialism, and slavery then by equality and choice. What era of American culture are you suggesting is being destroyed? Should we head back to 1850? We could find Harriet Tubman and let her know that the real way to serve her people is to raise children and obey her husband. What business does a woman have organizing the underground railroad anyway? Or would you like to go back to the 30’s and get Mother Jones and Elizabeth Gurley Flynn back in the kitchen? What’s the point of labor organizing? Surely we can do without the hard won rights of the American work force. Our nations culture would be totally the same without the middle class American dream. Just let the poor get buried in mine shafts and burned alive in factories, right? Or we could see to it that none of the women who helped win WWII left the house! Who needs spread spectrum technology to code US military messages, I want to taste Hedy Lamar’s casserole instead! If not that, then we could at least go back to the 70’s and make sure those women stayed in their kitchens. That way you could be sure that there were no women in the police or armed forces. Of course you would have less men as well since the inventor of Kevlar, Stephanie Kwolek, would have been too busy baking pies to save lives. Your argument is not just ridiculous, it’s INSANE. Without the contributions of liberated women, there’s a good chance American culture could have been wiped out before it even had the chance to begin.

        173. Well, if no law was ever changed, there would still be slavery in the US. Or if not that, there would be ‘separate but equal’ which we all know it wasn’t. Or the military draft would still be in effect. Or child labor would be no big deal. Or worker rights would be non existent, why not have your workforce die at the average age of 26 due to conditions? Laws change. That’s progress.

        174. the world is pretty far from equal. When the world is equal, you’ll stop hearing about it. So if all you are is tired of hearing about it, why don’t you help get it sorted?

        175. Ok……you’re aware a culture of degenerates and sheeple can’t sustain itself for long? Life doesn’t work on unnatural or illogical ideas. If you have gay propaganda the you do indeed brainwash kids into be trendy homosexuals, mostly girls, we are doomed. If you have all girls become entitled man hating sluts then society is doomed. If you have all men be weak beta male pushovers then it’s doomed.
          I really don’t care for the culture that comes from third world countries or shitholes. I also don’t care about the Jewish made ghettos where they forced blacks into. Blacks were better off before the feminists ruined it for them. I don’t care about the homo culture shoved down my face either.
          The American ideal of normalcy which is lost upon generations born in the 1980s and the 90s, most of them seem like irrational people with no clue about reality. Pushing shit propaganda has fucked young people up for life.

        176. Hi Nikki. I thought i would respond to this one remark, since you are under the impression that there is no legitimate science giving strong indication (if not undeniable proof) that Men are biologically pre disposed to logic whereas females are disposed towards emotion thanks to the emo-instinctual design of their brains.
          Before i post it, let me just say that an amusing turn of events has taken place here. The article you cite here is actually in response to the scientific article that i wanted to share with you, the one that Dr Verma and 9 other academicians/doctors undertook in order to demonstrate legitimate sex differences in the brain. It caused me to do further research on their rebuttal to it. (more on that later) Before i address your submission however, let me post some highlights from mine:
          source: http://www.pnas.org/content/111/2/823.full?sid=114efc1a-a6e1-4b28-8c9b-82afe9d064f3
          “The observations suggest that male brains are structured to facilitate connectivity between perception and coordinated action, whereas female brains are designed to facilitate communication between analytical and intuitive processing modes”
          “Males have better motor and spatial abilities, whereas females have superior memory and social cognition skills”
          “High Modularity and Transitivity in Males”.
          “Of the several indices of network integrity (39), two measures of segregation, modularity and transitivity, are particularly well suited for describing differences in network organization. Modularity describes how well a complex neural system can be delineated into coherent building blocks (subnetworks). Transitivity characterizes the connectivity of a given region to its neighbors. Higher transitivity indicates a greater tendency for nodes to form numerous strongly connected communities. Both modularity and transitivity were globally higher in males”
          “In addition to the connection-wise analysis, we investigated two complementary network measures, modularity and transitivity, at the global level and found these to be higher in males than in females. These measures quantify the sparsity of the connectome, that is, how easily it can be divided into subnetworks. A high lobar-level transitivity points to a region’s neighbors being more strongly connected to each other within each lobe. A higher lobar transitivity showed that local clustering into subnetworks was high in males, resulting in an increased global modularity.”
          “” A behavioral study on the entire sample, of which this imaging study is a subset, demonstrated pronounced sex differences, with the females outperforming males on attention, word and face memory, and social cognition tests and males performing better on spatial processing and motor and sensorimotor speed”
          “These differences were mainly observed in midadolescent age (12–14 y), where males performed significantly faster on motor tasks and more accurately on spatial memory tasks.”
          The vast research presented in this study (which i only briefly referenced) strongly suggests that because female brains are ergonomically designed they must therefore be more efficient in order to facilitate the gray matter communication between the left to right hemispheres (bridging emotion with understanding, essentially) whereas male brains are larger and therefore include more white matter which increases the connectivity between the gray matter to facilitate tasks related to logic and locomotion within the (left) hemisphere, while also possessing a more sophisticated network of sub connections within said (especially region specific) hemisphere(s). (modularity w/ transitivity, respectively)
          In other words, females possess the capacity to think intelligently (and feel emotionally) HOWEVER this capacity is influenced heavily by the symbiotic relationship between their ability to think and feel. Rather than any specific specialty like what you have with Men (logic) female brains seem to operate with redundancy in mind (if you will pardon the pun) in order to biologically grant the template for strong thought and likewise, strong emotion.
          Females may have more gray matter but it gets sabotaged by the emo-instinctual response, which functions as a sort of biological check in order to potentially bring balance within the female brain. (my theory is that it prevents them from maximizing their intellectual potential which would prove pernicious to an emotionally predisposed brain)
          We as males have more white matter (thinking connections) because it makes the gray matter more efficient ergo intelligence and rational logic are a natural psychological predisposition for us. (Iintelligent and reasonable)
          In a sense, females function as a biological check to us, in that your emotional sophistication serves to provide an otherwise inaccessible biological vantage point in order to consider reality from not just a cold, calculated perspective that we would otherwise rely on.
          But i digress.
          All this, in logical concomitance with human history, leads one to invariably conclude that Men have been at the fore of most of all of the advancements in human society (medical, technological, agricultural, etc) because males have been given a biological advantage in not simply possessing the means by which to become intelligent, but also the means by which to MAXIMIZE that intelligence efficiently and effectively. Males are not superior to females on the basis of physiological development alone; it is reason and intelligence and the efficacy to efficiently utilize both that turns a male into a Man and allows him to claim superiority over the female in both respects.
          All the intelligence in the world will prove for naught if it takes you the longest to access it, and your emotions tend to get in the way while accessing it.
          We have no such weakness.
          With regard to the link you posted, where 2 (two) scientists responded to Dr Smith and his team’s research, i see nothing to properly refute their study, merely feelings being passed off as facts in order to try and discredit it:
          ” Clearly figure 2 in ref. 1 does not represent reality, as in reality both males and females have both intra- and interhemispheric connections. The authors only found a difference between the strength ofsome of these connections—that is, a quantitative difference—yet they present it as a qualitative one”
          This statement is specious. It presumes to state as factual that this was the ONLY piece of empirical evidence the team provided, when the research itself tells a different story.
          “Moreover, Ingalhalikar et al. do not provide any data that can help the reader evaluate the size of the differences and therefore corroborate the authors’ conclusion that these differences are indeed fundamental. Specifically, the authors do not provide the number of connections (of the 95 × 95 assessed) that show a sex difference, so we do not know whether the two genders were mainly similar or mainly different.”
          This statement is a red herring. It attempts to once again discredit the research of Dr Ingalhalikar and her team because they didn’t include the specifics of the brains they researched in order to properly determine if they were using brains which were altogether similar or dissimilar.
          This is the equivalent of a cop trying to discredit another cop for not mentioning what paperwork he would use to process a suspect in a statement to the media, when any cop knows that such information is ultimately trivial when compared to the gist of processing the suspect in the first place.
          “Nor do Ingalhalikar et al. provide any estimate of the size of these differences (such as Cohen’s d) that is needed to evaluate the extent of overlap between the distribution of the strength of these connections in males and in females. Such information is needed to determine whether the statistically significant differences are also meaningful.””
          Again, these two offer nothing more substantial in their pedestrian attempt to discredit Dr Ingal than the splitting of hairs.
          “It should be stressed that for any given difference between means, there is a sample size for which this difference will be statistically significant. For example, in a behavioral study in which the imaging subjects were a subset (3), Cohen’s d as small as 0.02 (i.e., the difference between the means of males and females was 2% of the SD) were statistically significant because of the large sample size [∼3,500; the highest Cohen’s d in that study was 0.33 (3)].”
          In other words, because one study showed that x~* was higher using a particular methodology and a particular means, another study using the same methodology but a different means to show that Y~* must therefore be questioned because of the discrepancy. This is rubbish.
          “In sum, instead of data that will enable the reader to judge whether the sex differences found are meaningful, the reader is left with figure 2 in ref. 1, which depicts in a dichotomous way only the connections whose strength was found to be different in males and females. No wonder the main message the reader is left with is of a “male brain” and a “female brain” that seem to have been taken from subjects from different galaxies, not just from different planets.”
          In short, this statement confirms my belief that professor Joel (the probable feminist, impossibly myopic moron who gives paid lectures telling people that male and female brains are no different, which is the medical equivalent of flat earth belief) and Tarrasch are themselves operating on a questionable scientific basis in order to try and debunk the legitimate research of Dr Smith and his team (consisting of 6 males and 4 females, no less) because of their own unscientific junk science predilections.
          …But by all means, don’t take my word for it (not even because of the fact we run in similar circles) take it from the team itself, in their appropriate verbal annihilation of the two butthurt pseudoscientists you base your “peer reviewed” defense on:

        177. I maintain they are teachable for those who want to learn. I refuse to poison the well and say that women can never understand what men have to deal with. But yes, most are completely ignorant or apathetic as to what men go through on a daily basis.

        178. well, played, although there is an interesting conflict in the discussion of white matter vs. gray matter volumes. As I do not plan on butchering anyone to find out which is true, it might be academic, and have to be relegated to the hands of physiologists rather than those of conflicting brain scientists.

        179. I think that is the key element that men need to dog women on over this whole stupid affirmative consent thing. Make ’em BEG for a fucking.

        180. With your type, we’ll never hear the end of it (the goal post moves all of the time). It’s no longer about equality…it’s about power and control with your group. Equality “jumped the shark” a long time ago.

        181. Kitty Genovese, in New York City, 1964. Murdered (stabbed to death) in the street, yelling and screaming with all the neighbors watching but not a single one ventured out to help.

        182. We’ve made no progress actually. The clothes on your back are still produced by child labor. The welfare/nanny state is modern slavery. Having absolutely no opportunities = join the military. Workers’ rights is becoming irrelevant because there are no jobs. Crime rates are soaring. Children are born out of wedlock at multiple higher rates than even 20 years ago, which is one of the strongest predictors of future incarceration. Young adults pursue meaningless lives of bodily pleasure and self gratification. The nuclear family is dying. Politicians are more corrupt than every before. Public education is a joke. No progress has been made.

        183. The study you are citing is A:Out dated and B: A reflection of an over all 2% difference, even within it’s own limited sample group of test subjects. A 2% difference is not large enough to make any wide spread statements about difference in the male and female brain, which was the point of the article I posted.

        184. First of all, if it is “outdated” i will thank you to provide scientific evidence to support that statement other than your words alone.
          Second, i would hardly call nearly a thousand people “limited.”
          Third: the point of your earlier remark was to obstensibly state that there was no true scientific study claiming that male brains were superior (you even posted from a link to reiterate) and i provided evidence to utterly refute that point. Allow me to refresh your memory: “There is no evidence to support a claim that the male brain is superior to the female brain. None at all.”
          You may disagree that it shows the male brain is superior, but you can”t disagree that it is evidence, unless of course you no longer want to be taken seriously.
          Fourth: Until you can provide legitimate scientific evidence (not just personal pseudo-scientific opinion) refuting Dr’s Ragini and company their research (however theoretical) remains scientifically plausible.
          Fifth: The point of your article aside, its success was in demonstrating that there are people who object to Dr Smith and his team’s research using nothing more scientifically justified than personal opinion. Nothing within it actually refuted the conclusions they arrived at, regardless of their “peer reviewing” feelings to the contrary-as well as yours- which i will again quote from:
          “I will just go ahead and direct you to a Peer Reviewed scientific article to support my claim. I think that should about wrap things up.”
          You can consider your submission a “peer review” but that is only technically correct, since they tried to argue over the technicalities (which amounted to nothing more substantial than a splitting of hairs) without providing true objective analyses of the subject matter. It is a disgrace to science to utilize activism in a peer review and activist scientists are fast becoming a problem within the scientific community which is otherwise taken as practically infallible.
          To conclude: Your article didn’t support your claim, it simply supports the belief that people will butthurt disagree, as you are further providing evidence to indicate. You should just “wrap up” your arrogant presence here because it is clear to anyone reading this that your objections only further substantiate the research indicated (with specific regard to emotional predispositions in females) especially in the words i used to present them.

        185. It’s so funny when feminists try to claim a fallacy and then make a completely empty statement like “read a book.” Or “get educated.”
          First, your video does not apply to my comment. Second, feminists use so much logical fallacy that it seems it is actually intentional. Please take Logic 101 before you try to speak about being educated.

        186. Thank you. It’s been a while since I read the case, and honestly, names have never been my strong suit.

        187. Thank you, but it’s really just logical. Additionally , it’s counter productive. The accusation of rape has become a weapon and a passive one at that.

        188. Men wrote that definition. I would have no problem with a gender neutral definition, but men have historically refused to define rape as a sexually universal crime.

        189. It’s a catch 22 (just like men reporting abuse by the hand of a woman). There is a stigma that goes along with it (by society) and shaming. Women are not shamed if or when reporting abuse (or rape) but men do get shamed (or laughed at). It’s a serious problem and a catch 22.
          The problem isn’t going away and there is more light being shed on the problem everyday. Women have played their role, as well, in creating certain (writing) certain laws that aren’t gender neutral. Don’t give them a pass.

        190. I should say men wrote the initial definition. Oh, there is shame for women and stigma, but society doesn’t judge a woman for false accusations. They should.

        191. It’s also a cheap shot… Falsely accusing them. It’s an attempt to play people’s passions over their intellect. I would find it beneath me personally.

        192. Yes, that’s what I really meant. It’s just that it (seems) hard to find someone with enough common sense and chutzpah to come right out and say so.

        193. Is that at all similar to carefully mentioning your income in order to support your own superiority? If you read carefully, I used the somewhat vague description of “bright” for comparison: not to feed my ego. The comparison was intended to show the differences between men and woman and the way they think. I also said I “feel” like a genius. I didn’t say I was one nor do I need or want your adulation. However, considering your vastly superior intellect, you might want to look up “psychopathy” and “fantasy” isn’t the word you were looking for. Additionally, your documentation, considering this is the internet, and we’ve never met, is notably ironic.

        194. Challenge accepted. Ignore legal equality.. Men and women are, in fact different, but it’s not a competition. Equality means that I empathize and respect your experiences, expect the same standards and treatment that you expect from both the government and societal institutions, and I respect your rights, human and legal, as holding equal weight as my own provided they do present a threat or crime. All the rest of it, my personal expectations, who I want on the list for Nobel Prize, my view of my own safety and personal responsibility, are up to me.

        195. Sure, that’s a nice broad statement that’s easy to agree with. But the devil is in the details. What happens when your interests conflict with mine?
          (Thanks btw for the reply)

        196. I hope you don’t mean opinions… An interest isn’t necessarily a right, but entertaining that interest (not necessarily participating) and expressing that interest are protected. Your rights shouldn’t be denied unless they actively violate mine. Then, it becomes a matter of which right is fundamental and reasonable and whether or not options existed to protect this right.

        197. I’ll agree that your definition seems pretty fair and balanced– and Egalitarian. As I indicated above, it’s when issues collide that a philosophy is truly tested. Simply knowing that you’re open to a fair hearing is enough. We don’t have to hash over specifics.
          I don’t consider that a “Feminist” viewpoint though, but rather an Egalitarian one. Perhaps you don’t agree, and I can accept that. I don’t like “Feminism”, but am not going to quibble over the name with someone who appears fair-minded in all other respects.

        198. Good and evil tend to be used to create dividing lines in society. They say a man who committed a heinous act is “evil”, but this simply serves as a means to distance themselves and that person. People are not “evil”; they are human. Moral codes are actually more societal than based on any one belief system. I believe we all have the capacity to commit criminal acts. It’s merely a question of breaking points.

        199. I am not a feminist. I haven’t been in years. Our priorities are simply to different for me to call myself a feminist. I am a humanist. Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t have to me feminist to be an empowered woman. It’s funny how people seem to think philosophical differences are personal affronts. In reality, I don’t need you to share my opinion or belief. I only need you to respect my right to have one.

        200. In fact, my philosophies are quite different that the majority view here. I am more liberal than conservative, my view of women, abortion, I’m an agnostic, I encourage women’s open sexuality, even my view of myself, but I don’t need to discount the opinions here in order to add credence to those beliefs. In fact, the fact that I don’t agree easily makes your argument even more important.

        201. “I only need you to respect my right to have one.”
          And I do.
          And I only assumed you identified yourself as a Feminist from your previous statement about “Accepting my challenge” which was for a Feminist to define “equality” in an equitable manner– “I’ve never met a Feminist in my life who could even define the word, much less who held to its ideal.”

        202. I do not generally hold lock-step, knee-jerk opinions either. I prefer to consider the subject from as many viewpoints as I can, and come to my own conclusions. And I’m generally open to new information (I hope! 😉 and interpretations, and to revisit my conclusions in the face of new evidence or insights. I don’t mind admitting when I’m wrong (not that I ever have been or anything… but it could happen)

        203. Equality is actually hard for most people to define and harder for them to support when it doesn’t go their way. It’s a bit like justice. People think it means that people get what they deserve. It actually means that everyone is treated the same. It refers to procedural law. In fact, you find that it is when people are being treated exactly the same that they are most likely to feel mistreated.

        204. It’s a bit like a “square deal” where either party could accept either side and be equally happy (or unhappy).

        205. I am very wary of my ability to be biased. I also know that bias is just a few steps from ignorance and prejudice. I studied law to help those who were trapped without rights or options, and now, i try to apply that theory to life.

        206. I am very glad to have met you. I look forward to reading your comments as I run into them!

        207. It’s a generally accepted belief that rights are limited and should only be awarded to those deemed deserving: as though we might run out. In reality, extending the rights of others helps to cement your own. It’s just a game politicians play convincing the public that one group or another doesn’t deserve them. After all, they have nothing to lose.

        208. You too, but be careful… I read that women are intent on the Lucerifian (I think that was the word) agenda of abomination. You might be irreversibly contaminated.

        209. Exactly. Western propaganda loves a scapegoat. The trick is to make sure you choose a group that is marginalized and generally hated. You don’t want a pesky revolution on your hands.

        210. Not to mention that it can interfere with your funding if you pick the wrong one.

        211. Exactly. the trick seems to be to use fear and rampant misinformation to dehumanize a group that is already historically discriminated against to the point that it has become socially acceptable.

        212. So do you think that’s an inherent human quality or a learned trait? Or are some people just born politicians?

        213. I think there are some common personality types found in politics, but that alone wouldn’t explain it. Most people in positions of political power have never experienced being an average American. Money and influence have carefully shielded them from that. Poverty, unemployment , starvation… These are political talking points. The people who experience them are just statistics which allows for some disturbing dehumanization. Finally, absolute power corrupts absolutely… And our government is absolutely corrupt. Durkheim over a hundred years ago explained that the majority will sacrifice fringe groups because nothing motivates the public like someone to persecute and blame without being judged, and when you only view the top five percent as people, it’s probably easy to tell yourself that sacrificing therm is a moral imperative, and it’s their fault for failing to to comply to social norms. The greater good so to speak… In fact, you can identify exacts legislation by phrases like “moral imperative” and references to that “greater good”.

        214. “he greater good so to speak… In fact, you can identify exacts legislation by phrases like “moral imperative” and references to that “greater good”.”
          It’s interesting that “eminent domain” never seems to happen to rich people.

        215. IMO, that’s one of the most egregious violations of the government / civil “contract”. I don’t like the idea of eminent domain, but I could live with it a lot better if it were more fairly applied. Not to mention that it would go a VERY long way towards encouraging good corporate citizenship. Any time a company gets too uppity or too greedy (with respect to returning goodness to the communities they serve), the people could always decide that a park where their factory is would bring a “better value” to the community… I think it could provide a terrific leveler. Or else, we could do away with the notion altogether.

        216. Personally, I question the motives of an interpretation of the Constitution that provides a corporation with human rights. Even if we reject the simple fact that the founding fathers didn’t actually propose revolution to secure the rights of walmart you still have the small problem that corporations, unlike people, so not actually have a fundamental right to a religious belief, and expression, or even free speech. A corporation is comprised of various people with varying beliefs that can not be protected by applying rights to a corporation.

        217. Me too. A “Mr. E”-ism: Companies exist for the purposes of people, not the other way around.
          When this maxim gets perverted our society suffers. I have nothing against Capitalism, but they should be limited to the size of direct human competition, meaning corporations should only be allowed a local influence. I think it would be okay for collectives and cooperatives formed out of multiple local corporations to have a larger regional scope. But they shouldn’t be allowed to grow so large that they can swamp local and regional competition. I think that is one of the biggest problems that’s wrong in this country, that people can’t effectively compete against large, big-monied interests. I think it is far more important for people to be able to make a living than for huge monopolistic corporations to exist. Capitalism is a good thing so far as it is able to reward ambitious people. But when it grows to the point that it stifles competition then it does more harm than good.

      6. I’m curious, do you find this film unappealing, or offensive? Clarey’s article came off as genuinely offended, and I can’t help but question the sensibilities of a person who becomes offended when a movie is not made for them. Likewise I find it interesting that the interjection of dissenting voices on this website is so disturbing to you both. I assure you that there are not spaces on the internet where women are not trolled by men. As a matter of fact there are very few street corners without similar issues if you are a woman living in a city. On the whole men have been granted a far greater portion of privileged space, where they can reasonably assume they won’t be attacked. I wonder if the stress around female protagonists in big budget action flicks isn’t a reflection of the anxiety men feel about giving up their positions of undue privilege in society? You’re right that things are changing, equality is creeping up. For many, spoiled, privileged men, equality is terrifying. But there is no reason to lash out like this. You learned to share the sand box when you were a toddler. You can learn to live in the new world too. Try and understand that while you feel persecuted because you have to give up just ONE action movie where the hero has the same genitals as you, that women are fighting around the globe for basic human rights. Like the right to be alive. Like the right to walk home at night and not be abducted. Like the right to drive in some parts of the world. Yours is not the greater tragedy. Not by a long shot.

        1. The problem with the western concept of equality is that it assume people should be equal – this is a social construct that needs to be dismantled before society can make progress
          Men by nature should be more privileged, and dominant over women, as should majorities and the normative over minorities
          What you’ve done is appeal to compassion, which is not relevant in the first place

        2. Men don’t need more privilege. Nature has already seen to it that we have all the superiority we need.
          We just need to stop getting stabbed in the balls by other men. Women? Obviously irrelevant.

        3. The problem isn’t in it having a female protagonist, it’s in false advertisement and forcing a tough female hero down our throat in a movie that shouldn’t have one to begin with. I see no problem with Lara Croft being the main protagonist of tomb raider and I see nothing wrong with Ripley being the main character in Alien, why? Because both movies never tried to pose as something they weren’t. For both movies I knew from the get go: it will be an action flick with a female protagonist. Unlike Mad Max: Fury Road where they decided to keep quite about that one up until a week ago. Essentially making us believe that the movie was indeed about Max, while the truth was that Max is mostly there for a ride while the real spotlight is taken by Theron’s character.
          If they titled the movie Furiosa, I would’ve seen no problem with it, but since they decided to use the hype and fame of the Mad Max franchise to force a feminist narrative upon us, I think I have the right to fell slightly offended, not because they sold us a feminist movie, but because they tought that we will be to stupid to realize that it in fact was a feminist movie.

        4. “I can’t help but question the sensibilities of a person who becomes offended when a movie is not made for them.”
          So you’re agreeing with his assertion that it’s a “Feminist” movie then.

        5. We do have exploitable weaknesses that women can take advantage of in contrast to our dealings with outside threats.
          For example being poisoned and assassinated in our sleep etc.

        6. Not to mention being manipulated into getting ourselves killed, ie. “Let’s You and Him fight.”
          Frankly, the problem with feminism is that Women have ALWAYS been subtly ‘in charge’, and removing that illusion that we rule is highly destructive to both men and women.
          Not to mention their emphasis on supporting gays, without realizing that gays are the one group that can destroy them.

        7. ”Women have ALWAYS been subtly ‘in charge’,”
          What MGTOW’s call gynocentrism. Or some people called trad-fem.

        8. In essence, it’s an inverse leadership. What men do, they do for the sex, or the benefit of women. What we innovate, is almost always for the benefit of women. If a cure for cancer is discovered, it will come as a side effect of us ‘saving the boobies’. When we go to war, it is almost always for greater resources for the women.

        9. The current MGTOW or at least the online movement are trying to change that. Propagating the idea that women shouldn’t be coddled and hence be forced to evolve and be mature. Screw inverse leadership they say Male sovereignty instead.

        10. Of course I am an independent agent. But as for the sentiment I am getting from their media is true.

      7. I agree. I’ve had an influx of trolling on a couple of my comments. But what’s really worrying is how unbelievably dumb the comebacks from them are. And I mean that sincerely. These people are straight up dumb, IQ’s no higher than around 90. Then again, science has proven through data and research that men are smarter, so I suppose I shouldn’t be as shocked as I am.

      8. Since the movie industry is filled with similar minded fucks it’s no wonder the movies are unoriginal, copy paste bland imitations of past glorifies good movies.
        Inserting propaganda on a sissifing movement like feminist is not a way to make the movie better.

      9. This is awesome!! Pansy man-boys whining about women taking over. Newsflash: real men don’t find women threatening. You sound like a scared little girl.

        1. What do real men do that you’re so goddamn sure of then, Einstein? Do enlighten us.

      10. KEy concept: never argue with them. Ignore them. If they catch your attention, they win as they pull you to their field. Only discuss with people who provide logic-based arguments (either in favor or against). Trust me, that drives them nuts.

      11. The best thing is to ignore these guys. I am as guilty as anyone else but all arguing with them does is ruin the comments section. I want to read insightful comments from you guys not endless back and forth mud slinging with dickheads.

      12. Sorry bro, but if that stuff worked, feminism would have been shut down decades ago. You can’t win by arguing, no amount of logic, reason or fairness matters. Your time is too valuable to waste on these people.

        1. Wasn’t trying to “win” anything, wanted to pour on the assholishness and belittle them (especially the mangina white knights) every which way and call them out on their bullshit, especially when they toss out their routine tropes like “You have a small dick, Mommy’s basement dweller!” or “Douchebag, creeper! Douchebag, creeper!”.
          Ever notice how the weak and the pathetic follow a sort of herd mentality, and are essentially copycats of each other? Go figure!

    4. fyi, i once or twice tried to argue a redpillic point on these sites and the comments usually got deleted within a day. i stopped to bother then.
      it’s fascinating to see, actually. we delete their comments, they delete ours. that way, each group creates their own bubble. without advocating relativism, i think it quite nicely sums up the bullshittic idea of democracy.

      1. Most comments here stay, even the nasty ones. Exceptions of course. Over a Rollo’s blog he deletes nobody. End of the day we are far more tolerant than they are.

        1. Not any longer. Cinder Ella is a chick.

        2. Maybe we should stop being so tolerant.
          The troll comments really derail everything.

        3. They’ll delete your comments and ban you. They must control the coversations..no debates.

        4. feminists are socialists. And socialists hate free speech. Their opinion is the only right opinion.

        5. Where exactly are you getting you information from? If your goal is to convince people of facts, please back them up. I would love to see you try to support that last one with facts…

        6. That happens when you’re making an insanely illogical argument, and someone with a brain shows up.

        7. Starting to see the light myself.
          I mean they do it to us (censor) and us not doing it to them NEVER leads to them seeing the error of their nazi ways and deciding to
          stop doing it to us.
          What’s the point in convincing people that BELIEVE in doing nazi stuff that you’re better than them cuz you don’t do nazi stuff?
          We probably just come of as weak that way.

        8. Where I’m getting my information from? I live in the Netherlands, a socialist country. I’ve seen how a rival “right-wing” politician got vilified, then murdered because he was an electoral threat. (search for Pim Fortuyn) The countless coverups the leftwing parties fail at, the public service television that preaches socialist ideas and again vilifies others. Socialists in Europe think they are morally superior, flirting with Islam, bringing millions of refugees inside our borders, they impose heavy taxes, affirmative action for decades, make deals with criminals, throw taxpayer money down the drain spending it on “art” or some other project where others knew from the beginning it would be a failure. etc. Socialism is a diseases, it a parasite ideology. It spoils the useless and punishes the successful.

        9. Deleting troll comments isn’t Nazi-like behavior, its just a matter of keeping the discussion on track.
          The people who come here and troll aren’t interested engaging in discussion, they only want to shut things down. If you respond to them and leave all their comments, then you’re actually helping them.

      2. We do not delete their comments. We let them run and validate our positions. Yes, I have heard they delete men posting on their sites…of course they do. Get it? The only comments deleted are trollers posting tons of dumb pics.

        1. we do ban them, though, or is that some kind of inside joke i didn’t yet get? i wouldn’t want this site to become a battleground between hordes of sjws and men.

      3. That’s the problem with democracy. Nobody should have to suffer fools, nor fools have to suffer other fools in a more cynical approach. People exclaim they have “the right to be heard” but overlook the right of others to ignore them.
        The problem is that people can hide in a voting booth and turn their opinions into laws enforced at gunpoint. Meaning that we can ignore them but their ideas will come to us in the form of laws.
        Then we try to opinion back and what happens? Posts get deleted. The problem is democracy. I long for a day when we can actually ignore these mentally ill SJWs and then “not have to worry” about what they do in a voting booth. And if that day can’t come, then I look forward to a day when a burned out soldier or cop is thrusting a rifle and a uniform at these SJWs and saying “Fuck off. You want it this way, YOU do it”.
        Most of them will break down and piss themselves.

        1. If democracy was a person it would be a skinny tight jeans wearing hipster faggot with a che t-shirt and a coexist sticker on his car.
          Behind him would be a central banker covered in shadow who when not cornholing him would pat the hard part on his lady boy’s retro haircut.

        2. The bigger problem is that democracy and freedom are not the same thing, regardless of popular consensus. they need to balance each other. Instead, one side sacrifices freedom for democracy whole the other sacrifices democracy for freedom. How backwards does it seem that we only have rights when we’re deemed deserving enough and only after they’ve been taken away? It has always stuck me as backwards.

      4. Just experienced the comments being deleted myself. Should have really ignored that magina as we must have been on the same site briefly. I saw Another poster there as well.

        1. i don’t think that it’s a phenomenon restricted to a particular site. you wouldn’t want to trigger anyone now, would you.

      5. There are many who seem to think that politics today is more polarized than it’s ever been.
        If this is true I wonder if it’s because of the internet.
        When you think about it the internet allows like minded folks that up till now were always geographically separated to get together and form echo chambers.
        If that happens then that would mean many folks holding on to extremist views today that would otherwise be tempered by the influence of more different thinking people in their lives.

    5. “An awakening is occurring and the modern age is making it easier to get the word out.”

    6. The feminazi sites might also be better at banning trolls and removing their posts.
      I haven’t been reading much these past few days, but I know there’s been a huge problem for a little while now with trolls coming here and stirring up trouble. Judging by the willingness of a lot of people here to totally engage the trolls, I’m sure there’s plenty of people who go and troll the feminazi sites. You probably don’t see it because it gets removed.
      Part of the problem with the feminazis trolling RoK is that plenty of people here will gladly take part in their antics. It buries the good comments.

      1. Just look at kinja. You can’t post anything until it’s been reviewed first then approved. Gotta weed out any possible triggers.
        And by triggers I mean independent thought.

      1. I wouldn’t be so optimistic. The bad guys are winning but at least people like me aren’t going out without a fight.
        It’s this “modern age” of which you speak that is signaling your destruction.
        Oh well, we’ll all be happier in that spirit world that doesn’t exist, right…

        1. The fact is that female human rights activists are women who run about trying to convince men to actually do something about it. They never accomplish much on their own.

    7. I do think it’s a good idea and use a bogus feminazi identity and create drama in these feminist site/blogsand get their granny panties in a bunch. Infiltrate divide and destroy. If it works for the C.I.A and the F.B.I, it’s gotta work for the men of ROK. I think Ill go to google images and download my miserable, green haired, face pearced ,ear plug wearing diesel dike avatar right now.

    8. It’s so funny seeing women troll ROK. I would never even consider going to sites like elite daily or jazebelle just to troll them.

    9. Exposing their bs is what i live for. I don’t mind doing the dirty work if it serves a purpose, like helping the mangina that is on the fence and questioning his indoctrination for the first time, for instance.
      There’s no sense in arguing with them because of their indoctrination, but as Roosh essentially said, if any exposure of our cause can help at least one person be disconnected from the matrix, the effort itself is well worth it.
      The trolls are doing their best to refute me and others but the only thing they are successful at is demonstrating the utter futility of their actions and the utter unremarkable nature of the thoughts that spawn them.

      1. Oh look at this one he uses big words so thinks he’s smart! You guys are hilarious!

        1. No, i tend to use sophisticated lexicon to supplement my vast knowledge base. It is the icing on the cake of cognizance that i give trolls like you a taste of whenever you hopelessly try to debate me 🙂

      2. “utter unremarkable nature of the thoughts”
        “Oh look at this one he uses big words so thinks he’s smart! You guys are hilarious!”
        Speak of the Devil.

    10. To be fair, I’d be all over left wing outlets if they didn’t keep banning me

    11. The fact that by far the main form of argument feminist trolls come up with in every article is to either say you have a “small dick, are a virgin, lives in mums/dads basement or you hate women” just proves they have no real scientific or logical counter arguments so they just give out the same insults.

    12. Yes. This kind of exposure is exactly what ROK needs. The mainstream try to use their shaming tactics like they do for every issue, and don’t realize it has zero power here. The whole mainstream is a nagging bitch to us and dealing with those is nothing but a reflex here.
      Many of the frustrated betas are now finding ROK while at their boiling point and will end up switching camps. The cat is out of the bag. The quarter ton kind with black stripes.

    13. “How many men troll the sites geared towards females? Nill.” this is just plain false. like have you never seen trolls on feminist sites, pages, posts, tweets, what have you? do you just not look for it, and then claim you have never seen it and that counts as proof? jeez

  6. There’s no such thing as bad publicity. If 1 in 10 of the army of progs that come to this site because of the publicity stick around and begin to challenge their indoctrination then it was a successful post.

      1. She could have done those push ups with one hand tied behind her back. Which actually means with no hands at all given that she’s only got one hand

        1. To address the article. Good job. Any publicity is good.
          Regarding heros, could she team up with Demi Moore, Jennifer Lawrence, and all the other fem-male bad asses in the new movies put out in the last few years?
          A sort of ‘Un-Expendables’?

      2. At 39, 48, and 63. There are no barriers to what a woman can do.

    1. There’s talk of lowering the physical standards in order for women to enter frontline combat, so Popp takes a look at the tests from the Center for Military Readiness, conducted by the US Marine Corps.

      1. That pretty much says it all–feminists would even jeopardize national security to push their fairytale of equality.

    2. “Most of these individuals will never allow themselves to accept how
      unnatural and phony it is to have female heroes who are as strong as
      Not only that, the very idea and notion of a “female hero” runs contrary to what is truth and reality. The idea of a “male hero” rings true on a primal level.. because men are the risk-takers.. the warriors.. the ones with the physical strength who are always the ones to sacrifice themselves to defend their tribe, clan or nation. No culture or civilization that wants to survive is going to send out “female warriors” to defend them. A society that allows its women to take risks and die will find itself demographically barren very quickly not to mention will lose every time against an army of male warriors. Women are the child-bearers and are physically weaker of the two sexes. This is the biological reality. A society can afford to lose men in battle and for all the risky undertakings.. but it cannot afford to lose women.
      Secondly, and I’ve made this point many times before… it makes sense for a man to risk his life for glory and riches and status. because it allows him to rise in the male dominance hierarchy, and increases the number of sexually attractive women and mates that will be interested in him. For a man, the potential payoff and rewards, i.e, more pussy and women, are worth it. For women, it is the exact opposite.. in that taking a risk to achieve anything gives her zero advantages when it comes to finding a mate.. her mating prospects actually decreases.. because the more accomplished and high status a woman is, the smaller the pool of men she’s interested in. And correspondingly, men aren’t impressed by or interested in a woman’s accomplishments and social status. Men value women primarily for their beauty, youth and fertility.
      And so male heroes who risk their lives to defend their clan and tribe and nation and to find new territories to conquer “makes sense” on a primal and fundamental level. It rings true. Female “heroes,” especially “ass-kicking” bitches who supposedly can beat up men twice as strong and powerful as her, are nothing but an artificial social construct of our politically correct, feminist culture and are phoney.. they just don’t ring true and will never carry the same mythic value and truth that stories and tales of male archetype heroes do.
      This is why men here react so strongly and viscerally to these “ass-kicking” female feminist cunts. They are false. They are phoney. They are damaging to the culture and to masculinity. A society needs to cultivate its real male heroes and not non-existent “female heroes”.. because in the real world and not some Hollywood feminist fantasy of “strong,” “empowered” ass-kicking women like in Hunger Games and now Mad Max , it will be men and only men who will be ones to fight and deal with the real male psychopaths, brutes and savages. The real baddies, and they do exist, don’t give a shit about “female empowerment” and feminism. They will rape and take as sex slaves the women as they always have. A society that neuters its males and that doesn’t cultivate masculinity and men capable of administrating measured and just violence, and men willing to risk their lives against the real baddies isn’t one that is going to last very long. And the women and these deluded feminists will be the ones who will suffer the most when the real barbarians and brutes show up. Then they’ll know what “rape culture” really is. I’m starting to think this is exactly what they deserve for their feminist bullshit and attempts to emasculate Western men.

  7. Contrary to popular belief, anti-feminism is not purely an MRA thing. The claims that everything anti-feminist comes from MRAs is proof that feminist-logic is anything but logic.

  8. That’s about ten million dollars worth of free publicity for the site right there.
    Or more.

  9. Sorry, guys, there is no such thing as bad PR. Lots of people will see the movie because of the criticism, even though it’s accurate.

  10. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
    Or something like that~ Ghandi.

  11. To me a modern “journalist” is either a woman who did God-knows-what to get her job or a mangina hipster who just likes to brag about his job and where they send him the way hipsters like to brag about every nerve they twitch to feign superiority (I’m especially looking at you, Vice!).
    Get a real job, you fucking lowlifes.

    1. In the right hands, and with integrity, journalism can be one of the most important professions there is.
      As it is, it is simply a propaganda arm of the elites, with a few exceptions, like Glenn Greenwald

  12. I find it funny that you call them “typists” instead of “writers” or “journalists”

  13. This is why I dropped out of college while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communications.

  14. A big salute to the MSM for getting our word out and in front of millions of people! For every snark there may well be a man who agrees with the premise we posited, and comes here for more information.
    Again, thank you MSM! It feels great to be on your list for the Five Minute Hate sessions you hold. Heh

    1. Honestly, If this site didn’t have as much enemies as it did I would’ve never heard of it in the first place. I came on this site a year ago, expecting it to be full of the butthurt women haters, only to learn that the actual people who frequent the site were far more sane and reasonable than their adversaries painted them to be. Hell, those motherfuckers did both you and me a favor, my game and quality of life has never been better.

      1. My own red pill ticket came a few years ago courtesy of Lady Raine (anyone here remember her?).
        I had stumbled onto her blog in the process of following links about unrelated subject matter (I recall I was researching something called “Peripheral Vision Startle Reflex” a phenomenon believed by some psychologists to account for cabin fever).
        On one post she was ranting and raving about these guys that called themselves PUAs.
        She was basically saying how awful it was that these guys were cheating women of their God given right to a man’s love, money and attention.
        I thought “I gotta check this shit out!” and opened a Pandora’s box.

        1. “My own red pill ticket came a few years ago courtesy of Lady Raine (anyone here remember her?).”
          I remember her. . she used to post on Roissy’s blog, which is now called Heartiste, right? And she was the single mother slut who outed Roissy…

    2. I am calling MSM “the menstural media” from now on..
      I think this was a big mistake on their part. First crack so to speak…

  15. Out of all the RoK articles the media could have used for public ridicule, they chose the one that needed to be shown to the males out there. Well, mission accomplished; they did the job for us. How’s that for irony?

  16. I didn’t see that movie about men having sex on a broken mountain either. Not because I don’t respect men that twirl their stir sticks in other men’s fecal matter – rather – it’s just not my forte.
    I didn’t see that hungry game movie either. Not because I don’t respect women hiding the fact that they’re abject cowards that have hidden behind men for time immortal – it’s just that I know better.
    Now this. It’ll never end. With each day that passes, I’m so glad I’m unmarried and work in a primarily male dominated field. In this way, I have complete control over the remote. I do however feel sorry for future generations of men.

  17. Great judo move on part of ROK for getting so much media attention in regard to this film’s feminist content.
    If I read any of those articles even in my ultra-liberal Marxist days I would have boycotted the film as well.
    Thanks to Ariana Huffington’s mob, every guy out there knows he might as well spend ten bucks to go see “Notting Hill”

    1. Real man right here.
      That is the sound of a massive nutsack plopping against a keyboard.

      1. I haven’t been impressed with another actor besides him in a long time. This dude made that fucking movie.

  18. I put “mad max feminist propaganda” in google search. the amount of articles like the ones listed above is overwhelming. However, I am very glad we struck a nerve. Lets keep fighting the good fight!

  19. Just one caveat to ROK staff; maybe next time wait until after the film’s opening weekend to post an article of this nature (we expect more as situations call for it). Although people say a lot of things they have no intention of following-up on, I did see lots of comments on those sites saying “I had no intention of seeing this before reading Clarey’s article, now I definitely will on opening weekend!” especially by obvious manginas. It may or may not be a substantial amount of people to really make a difference at the box office who do this, but this shows us that it’s somewhat putting the cart before the horse.

    1. The important thing is that I’M not going to see it now because I read the article. I don’t care who spends money to see this, as long as it isn’t me.

  20. You’re a group of douchebags, and that’s why no one is happy with you. some fuckface commenter actually advocates psychologically abusing his daughter in order to break her and make her more compliant. he needs to have his face kicked in.

        1. Why do you hate women? You are using an innocent woman you don’t know and assume her sexuality, like a sexist, then insult her. What a misogynist, aye yay yay.

        2. Why do you hate men? Would you be here if some unfortunate man hadn’t stuck his penis in that thing that birthed you?
          No. You wouldn’t.
          Would you be here if some man hadn’t defended your ancient female ancestor from physical harm? No. You wouldn’t.
          Again, you owe your very existence to people like me, so why do you hate us all?

      1. Hey Pearlbuck, its you and me that “hate”…didn’t see any hate in that comment above. No no.

        1. Yeah, yet you’re on board for beating and abusing yiur female offspring to make them better servants. Epic fail, loser.

        2. Nice try, cunt. Stop with the pathetic fallacies, you’re making an ass out of yourself.

    1. Actually most of us here came down on that person. Nice try at guilt by association though.
      Ever notice how your kind cannot level any kind of criticism without throwing out the word “fuck”? A classless lot you are, to be certain, and you rather serve to demonstrate our point about the anti-intellectual underpinnings of your belief system. But that’s ok, do carry on lad.

        1. Quite right. When it comes to predictability, they never fail to satisfy.

        2. I am starting to think that all the SJW are just bots. They are paid people that sit in a room troll sites and bash the “manosphere”. Think about it, all their logic, insults, and language is all the same. Like they are reading off a sales script!

        3. Actually that may be closer to the truth than you imagine. Ten people can look like thousands on the Internet.

        4. For sure! After the whole Mad max thread. I just kept thinking to my self that all the trolling is the exact same thing. Nothing new or intelligent being said its all regurgitated BS and the same style of insults ie. the small dick, never get laid, douchebags, hate your mother etc…Its all early in the same tone and context.

        5. You’d think that they’d notice our laughing at their unoriginal Hivemind insults. Alas, the left never was known for its sense of humor.

        6. They are bots indeed. You see the same kind in meatspace, at various protests. Most of them don’t know what or why they’re protesting, and are often bussed in and paid to be there.

        1. A lot of things confound you in life, it appears. It must be quite disconcerting, men talking freely and questioning outside of your ability to censor them. After a lifetime of being told only your views matter, the shock to the system a truth based site must give has to be staggering.
          Notice how all you have is anger in your life? You are literally livid at words others are saying, and you are trying to silence them with your ritual shaming techniques. Unfortunately lad, those do not work here. All you are doing is validating our observations and making us laugh.
          Your blood pressure is going to pop if you hang around much longer. Do get some rest. If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.

      1. Most of them lack self control which is what happens when you flood a male brain with estrogen.

        1. Quite so. It explains their ideology actually. They project everything, so when they want government to control everything they are actually saying that left on *their* own, they’d be untrustworthy and immoral and violent. Says a lot really.

      1. Fucking gibberish and what’s worse is that this thing thinks its smart for believing in feminism.

      1. Be careful, he belongs to the elite 231st internet Warrior Brigade!

  21. How dare some writer report on the fact that Mad Max is not a remake of Mad Max, and that it is being praised in the mainstream press as feminist propaganda.
    “Here’s a surprise: Tom Hardy, a.k.a. Mad Max, isn’t the star of Mad Max: Fury Road. Charlize Theron is. An even bigger surprise? Vagina Monologues author Eve Ensler consulted on what turns out to be a very feminist film….Theron, not Hardy, leads the charge; she also does the majority of the fighting.” –TIME MAGAZINE

  22. This is good.
    Despite the Guardian being the tabloid equivalent of a Mangina Bible, any exposure in the mainstream media is good. The issues raised will resonate with some closet red-pillers, and they might take the opportunity to check out ROK, and see what all the fuss is about.
    At that point, they might realize that the website for “trolling feminists”, is nothing of the sort. Its a place where men can support each other, point out feminist-inspired injustices and hypocrisy, and learn about game and self improvement.

    1. the guardian’s full of manginas, but the feminism in that paper is no insanely vitriolic a lot of the self-same male-muff-diners are actually getting pretty sick of it. You can almost sense the simmering resentment amongst the worms-who-have-quite-yet-turned. There’s a market to be tapped

        1. Of course, that’s why I’ve always been optimistic on the men’s movement, if you will. Look at society, its doing and has done everything to marginalize and alienate men, which in turn pushes them towards us.

  23. Fucking great. All we need to do is spread awareness. feminism, because its a supremacists nonsense movement, does the rest by driving men and even women towards us. Like the matrix they just need to find the red pill.

    1. So are you. God, people think you guys know how to debate. Hahaha. Funny shit.

    1. All I see is blonde, red head, brunette…

  24. Instead of calling out idiots for falling for a blatant feminist marketing scheme, you played right into their hands calling for a boycott. I can guarantee you that the director/producers give zero shits about a feminist agenda. They’re worried about getting asses in seats. Now what do you imagine the main demographic of a new Mad Max movie is going to be? It’s going to men, it’s going to be dudes who like action flicks. Now, how better to get women to see this film than to state that you’ve been consulting the writer of the vagina monologues?! On top of that evil boogyman MRAs are calling for a boycott! Do your vaginal duty and show up at the theater for Mad Max! You wont need to convince your boyfriend or husband! They already want to go see it….it’s fucking basic shit people. I’ve already seen at least 4 feminists on my facebook feed giving free advertising for this movie and with an “MRA” boycott you can expect that free advertising to double. Next time just call the bullshit, don’t play into stupid.

    1. I can guarantee you that the studio cares very much about the feminist agenda.

    2. Hollywood is at the very centre of the of the feminist New World Order

    3. vaginal duty, hahaha. don’t be so inhumane, devoinz, you might trigger someone who has experienced having a vagina.
      just curious, though, why do you have feminists in your friends list?

      1. Mostly for a laugh…but also as a reminder that this shit is real. Not just on tumblr…real people that I know, actually believe this bullshit…it’s pretty amazing

  25. indeed, perfect marketing.
    a gal named lea mentioned my website as some kind of example of evilness, which got me about a hundred views with astoundingly low bounce rate – from a single comment. i’m so fucking proud.
    amazing how much publicity these portals have. maybe we can leverage their keen interest in us further by analyzing their interests. any marketers around here?

  26. Haha stupid mainstream media! All they are doing is giving a massive amount of free advertising for RoK, bringing lots of new people here and increasing the ad revenue for Roosh to buy more plane tickets to Poosy Paradise. Hail to the Kings!!

  27. Apparently no one at RoK bothered to watch the third Mad Max before bitching about female characters.

        1. Actually by calling you a dummy, he did. The article covered MM3. If you’d read it, you’d know that. So you made a stupid comment which he called you a dummy for. Get it?

        2. Really so there wasn’t a strong character played by Tina Turner in the third one? Oh yeah there was. Dummy.

  28. It’s funny becuase it’s clear what’s going on Hollywood the great whore is rearing her makeup plastered face, yet again. They will jump on any bandwagon and beat any drum, now they are fully embracing the feminist. Nothing is truly funny or original all Hollywood does is take the natural oder of things and switch them around then go to an award show where they pat each other on the back. Then get on stage and thank God for an award for taking off there clothes and getting plowed in a movie. Of course if you object you are a pick an adjective, bigot, hater, homophobe, racist so just shut your filthy mouth and buy our movie and well put a trannie in there in a couple years. Nothing is sacred im talking about real issues I never even saw the first mad max but this is just the tip of the iceberg. They are trying to push this on us that males and females are interchangeble for say a president or to let them in the infantry, and that males can be subordinate to females and it’ll still work even be better.

    1. Yes, but consider what you just said. And, I very much agree with you, BTW. Art is originality, to dampen or suffocate it, among many other things, reduces the quality, if not kills the art. And its showing up in ratings across the board. And the comments on the articles discussing the ratings drop are almost uniformly harping on the forced political correctness etc. This may appear to be a huge behemoth but hollywood is killing themselves. Elsewhere, the new medium, the web, is very quickly displacing the old media. And the beauty of the new media is that it is very personalized. So if a minority of women (angry lesbians with mental issues and/or can’t get a man) desire this shit it will only be a very small group that is exposed to it. Alternatively, you and I will have our own media/cultural channel that we will customize to fit our own values and worldview. Don’t want to see any homosexuals, for instance, done.

      1. I agree with you also, this is a war though and I believe the male who stands for morality is losing across the board even if the the man who just doesn’t want feminism wins. I believe any camp will be infiltrated. I can relate to this site somewhat being a Christian because they write articles that resonate with the bibles veiws but often times they miss the root of the problem. See feminism is like male misogyny the two are the exact opposites most feminist are really just misandrist calling themselves feminist. While some men on here are misogynistic we give them a pass we as a group ,not individuals, we tolerate there hate. It’s not the women or the men it’s hate an inordinate dislike sometimes manifested in race or geographical area or sex or peoples actions. So women and men are not the issue its hate, if the whole planet was white people would hate red heads with no blacks or Asians around and you can go on and on with these scenarios. So how do we cure hate not gender relations because there’s nothing wrong with that it’s the wicked veiw that women and men are eqaul opposite of what the bible says that women was created for man and not the other way around. This as a whole results from mans problem to accept Gods way and create our own way which creates more problems and flawed solutions which keep the cycle going.

  29. How many of you actually saw the movie? I did. It’s not a feminist movie just because it has a strong female lead in it. I’m no big fan of the over the top feminist movement these days, but you are all wrong about the movie.

    1. And last I looked Tina Turners character in the previous movie was a strong female. Its not like this is new ground for Mad Max

  30. I read the CNN article. Aside from the error classifying RoK as a Men’s Right’s Activist site, it’s not particularly inflammatory.