Hillary Clinton Calls At Least 20% Of American Voters “Deplorables” For Supporting Trump

After her failed alt-right speech, which ironically saw her “extremist” opponent equal and then surpass her in the polls, Hillary Clinton has resorted to labeling half of all Donald Trump’s supporters as a “basket of deplorables.” These voters are allegedly “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, [and] Islamaphobic.” Her highly unusual remarks, which buck an unspoken rule that politicians should not directly ridicule broad sections of voters, are being interpreted by many conservative outlets as a sign of serious panic within her campaign.

In recent months, a number of alleged scandals involving Donald Trump have either failed to dent his popularity or have seen that popularity bounce back very quickly. Only a few days ago, CNN, one of the media outlets which has most strongly and consistently predicted a Clinton election victory, acknowledged that Trump was now polling ahead of her nationally.

Hillary Clinton’s two recent anti-rightwing speeches, her attacks on the alt-right and so-called “deplorables,” have come during periods when Trump has seriously threatened to derail her campaign.

Even Time, hardly a repository for balanced political commentary, felt the need to point out that presently 43% of probable American ballot-casters are backing Trump. That equates to over 50 million people who currently will vote for him, which means that over 25 million fall into the “deplorables” category created by Clinton. And remember that this bloc is part of a much more heavily divided field than normal, as high numbers of voters are expected to vote either Libertarian or Green Party.

A very good cross-section of Libertarian voters and many of those not intending to vote at all would also prefer Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, these groups being largely in agreement with many of Trump’s signature policies, particularly on issues like border control, eschewing overseas nation-building, and tackling the national debt. The dig by Clinton towards Trump and many millions of his supporters is thus a dig at millions of others, too.

What about Hillary’s own history as a “deplorable”?

“Beware of the black youth… I mean super-predators!”

The comments by Clinton about Trump supporters ironically came during a LGBT for Hillary fundraising gala. Like her old rival and later boss Barack Obama, she has a very chequered past of openly opposing gay marriage, the same stance conservatives are currently called bigots for holding.

Hillary’s conversion to supporting gay marriage happened only in March 2013, just after she resigned as Secretary of State and as she could begin to organize her 2016 Presidential campaign behind the scenes.  This switch was very, very convenient, as it would enable the former First Lady and New York Senator to widen her appeal, especially given the Clintons’ reputation as relatively rightwing Democrats. The gay marriage backflip doubled-up as the perfect strategy for minimizing the popularity of a more progressive primaries and caucuses opponent like, you guessed it, Bernie Sanders.

A common trope used by gay marriage advocates is to attack non-supporters as being homophobic. Consequently, by these sorts of loose standards, Hillary herself belonged to the ranks of the “deplorables” she is now admonishing until only three and a half years ago. This is hardly the record on which a “champion” for gay rights wants to or should be campaigning.

Then there’s her historical use of extremely charged racial rhetoric. Among other incidents, the “super-predators” language of the 1990s and the various pieces of legislation centered on this concept were respectively popularized (after their initial academic coining) and steadfastly supported by Hillary Clinton. The “super-predators” comments, involving thinly veiled generalizations of African-American youth, have never been renounced by Clinton and were defended by her and her husband during her abortive 2008 Presidential campaign. Yet speech by conservatives falling well short of this is routinely refered to as “racism” today. Once again, Hillary is on this count either still a “deplorable” or at best a recently changed “deplorable.”

Will this be Hillary’s “47% moment”?

During the 2012 Presidential campaign, GOP nominee Mitt Romney was derided in the media for his infamous “47% speech.” More or less rightfully, he admitted to a private group of potential business donors that large groups of voters receiving government financial assistance were and remain wrapped around the little finger of the Democrats. Because the Republicans typically challenge the spiraling rates of government spending, it would indeed be nigh on impossible to sway them to the conservative side of politics.

Unlike Romney, however, Clinton has opted to savage the characters of tens of millions of voters, not merely point out their firm allegiance to her opponent. This could portend very badly for the Democratic nominee both for the upcoming election and into her first term should she win. Clinton is expected to severely clamp down on the alt-right if she succeeds in November and it seems this alt-right has now been enlarged to include half of all Trump supporters, not to mention non-voters or Libertarians with sizeable Trump sympathies.

Irrespective of whether she triumphs, Clinton may have just made more enemies than she and her leftist allies can deal with. Will winning the White House be just the start of her troubles? And then there’s the damage done by the “deplorables” comments to her actual chances of winning. Time will tell, but this might very well be the moment we look back on and say, “This was the day Hillary lost the 2016 Presidential election.”

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295 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Calls At Least 20% Of American Voters “Deplorables” For Supporting Trump”

    1. She was a bit of a MILF back in the day. Imagine all the angry sex she would gave ya.

        1. Bill strikes the as the chill surfer dude who could not give a fuck nor have the balls to dominate Hillary.

        2. She’s a handful but put a smilette on that conniving face and feed her dick and she’ll be as quiet as a little lamb in the morning.

        3. Dominate Hillary? He didn’t want anything to do with her and I can’t blame him.
          She’s the only woman BJ Clinton didn’t tap. He, in a rare display of leadership, delegated that duty to Webb Hubbell.

        4. There was an intern as well. Claimed to be the only girl in the WH Bill didn’t sleep with.

        5. That reflects poorly on her as BJ Clinton has no standards save one-not be Hillary-so she must’ve had something seriously wrong with her if Bill wouldn’t tap that.

      1. you too?
        jesus. I am starting to think that the joos really do control minds. When people on ROK are talking about how bangable Hilary was there might actually be a conspiracy.

        1. he knew all along. It was the casino owning sioux nation jews that gave birth to donald trump who convinced us that Hilary was frakable.

        2. She did look like a milf back when she was in her 30s. That doesn’t mean I’ll drive right in the bush. C’mon kneeman

        3. lol
          If you had any idea where I am standing right now you would realize just how funny this is. I am at a run way show. It’s fashion week in nyc and i am seeing a model. We are going to the after party and i am on my phone talking to you fucks about Hilary’s bangability. Time for more champagne.

        4. I’m sitting in an apartment somewhere way South of the Border watching college football and cooking chicken

        5. Hate fuck I get. There are plenty of ugly bitches or wierdos I’d fuck for hate or novelty

        6. That’s how much you love us, thats touching. I’m gon keep pinging you in case you get lonely.
          If you see anyone fom Boss tell them that I said hello. They’ll know who it is.

        7. Ah. Marriage. I hear that’s terminal. Going to go now. The show is almost over. I need to catch up with my date, tell her she did a great job walking, drink more champagne and go to a party.

        8. so you can answer the question on all of our minds: will capri pants be back in style next spring?

        9. this makes me think of that doughnut pic with chloe moretz. I doubt she would notice if that pic is a true representation

        10. My grandmother used to tell the girls that boys won’t buy the cow if they get the milk for free. I just re-appropriated the advice for boys. Not looking forward to letting this one loose, but temper vigilant. This is the closest the knee man has been to oneitis in quite a few years now so it’s nearly time to throw it back.

        11. As long as there are a couple of reliable parachutes in the kit should the current one fail to open.

      1. Caption: Baby, let’s go home and make love. We can both pretend that the other is a different woman.

        1. Bris before Ho’s. I think a Bill First Lady is going to be the best part of Hilary’s presidency…I mean other than when she dies in offixe

  1. The appellation “basket of deplorables” is so amazingly ham handed I have to believe someone who deeply hates her and isn’t getting his bills paid gave that one up gratis.

    1. Something tells me Cialdini has been pushed to the outside of this campaign. His amazingly persuasive mind wouldn’t draft something along these lines.

  2. Alternative headline: Hillary calls 25 million Americans “basket of deplorables”… would have more impact.

  3. It is hard to say what the reaction will be of the electorate. But she could have fucked up big time

    1. Trump says more controversial stuff all day long but that’s his brand. Hillary lives by political correctness and can’t escape it.

      1. By my count, with his talk about deportation and restricting Muslim imports “until we can figure out what’s going on”, he’s only attacked about 11 – 20 million Americans (assuming we count the voting illegals).
        Well done, Hill-dog. You out-attacked Trump’s entire campaign run in a single quote.

      1. In the books Aslan says: “In your world I have different name.” And it’s later revealed that he is Jesus himself. Jesus said that he will return when the world needs him most.
        Now, I am not really into conspiracy theories but I am starting to thing that Roosh is Jesus himself or at least a prophet. Think about it. He appeared when the world was going to hell, gathered group of loyal followers and fights the evil with their help.

  4. “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, [and] Islamaphobic”
    I appreciate the compliments, Mrs. Clinton.

    1. Why I gravitated to TRUMP shortly after he announced — taking on the PC Crap.
      Any other GOP Candidate would have endlessly apologized for the faux ‘ist/ism’ accusations against them.
      I’ve waited years for a masculine candidate to take on this endless bogus ‘ist’ n ‘ism’ BS.
      TRUMP ’16

      1. Same, people are like i cant vote clinton that’s the only reason im voting trump and im like im voting Trump because he says shit and if u dont like he essentially says fuck off

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      2. “Homophobic” always made me laugh. Really? Phobia? Its a fruity guy in tight pants, not a great white shark.

      1. Could there be anyone more suited to crash the leftward drift of the past decades and inspire the angry white males to kick ass and take names?
        Fuck you, Shitlery! Get back in the goddamn kitchen and make us angry white boys a sandwich!

  5. With this statement made by her, we should start turning the “literally Hitler” insults on SJW’s.
    See how they like it when it’s thrown in their face all of the time, especially since we now have evidence to point to.

    1. Beta as he might’ve been, Hitler was a much better leader than Hillary could ever be. Literally.

      1. Logic is literally hitler.

        I cant say how much i love it when feminazis say logic is patriarchal. …
        Theyre right, but not the way they think they are.

    2. Some of the SJWs on sites like Alternet seem baffled when I would tell each of them that they were literally Hitler. When they would reply to me I would answer back “This comment is literally Hitler.”

      1. I’ll pledge him my loyalty for life if he tosses an epipen on her twitching carcass while continuing to speak.

    1. True but the problem remains that there’s a large and growing bloc of voters that is wholly dependent on the government on survival. Like with 0bama, they will cheerfully and dutifully vote for Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife.

        1. When you had the profile pic with everything shaved it reminded me of this guy…
          There’s supposed to be a picture of Jared Laughner there, I can’t get the link to work.

  6. I have never – in my lifetime-seen a candidate willing to lie as much as hillary. I mean, I could understand nuance to policy but flat out walk into congress and say; I didn’t have any classified info or lie to the parents of those killed in benghazi without so much as a care …truly disgusting woman.

      1. I know obama lies but mostly about policy. This is flat out – Corruption. I may not like obama- but he is not taking money for foundation from the arabs to get us all blown up.

        1. Taking money from the Saudis, giving money to the Iranians. What difference, at this point, does it make? Besides, he enabled Hillary to be corrupt on behalf of the Saudis for him. Saudi enabler by proxy, at least for the first few years. Now he’s an Iranian apologist.

        2. obams is cleaning up old debts as part of his deal with the devil. I mean, its like letting china in the WT0. .They are frauds and can’t be trusted. its mistakes our leaders make and continue to make.

        1. I will not gloat, but, if it is a landslide, I am posting up pictures of landslides for a few days.

        2. In places like Spain and Canada.
          I half hope that Trump channels a bit of Caligula and forces all the celebs who promised they’d flee the country if X happened, but then didn’t, to follow through on their promises.

        3. Libturds losing their shit will be so entertaining.
          Inhope the ones who said theud leave the country if he wins will follow through.

        4. Al Sharpton said he was leaving if Trump wins, I can’t think of a better reason to vote for him.

        5. He’s made enough money off agitating that I can’t imagine he’d have an incentive to continue. All he’s doing now is risking his health with extra stress.

        6. The only reason I haven’t deleted my farce book account is if he wins I’m going to gloat like a mofo.

        7. F**k that! We don’t want more leftards here we got enough!
          Why is that all these stupid people think they can just immigrate to Canada because they want to?
          We don’t want any fat obese Obamaites creating a strain on our public services..

        8. The leftists in question whose promises of “self-deportation” need to be honored are quite wealthy and, as many are actors, are already spending quite a lot of time in Canada.
          That said, I for one don’t care where folks like Amy Schumer, Babs and “Arrec Barrin” go, so long as they get the boot from the USA.
          In a perfect world, “Tundra” Ted Cruz would be deported as he’s no US citizen and Canada would refuse to readmit him, sticking to its guns (metaphorically) over his renouncement of his his Canadian citizenship 😉

        9. We will build a wall, a great big wall of snow, to keep anymore leftards out of Canada! And we’ll make America pay for it!

        10. I will gloat, as I’m hoping that millions of Tumblrinas make good on their threats to commit suicide. Of course, they’re going to try to overdose on Flinstone Chewables, then snapchat about it… but still.

        11. I was about to agree with you, and then I realized there might be an opportunity here.
          What if we took in all the lefties fleeing America, and housed them with the Syrian refugees we are taking in?

        1. Must be the idiot Bernie supporters. Do they fail to recognized how they were played? I went to college in Burlington, VT and met Bernie on multiple occasions. He was one of the most miserable people I’ve ever interacted with.
          I truly believe he now only ran to rake in cash. The guy could have run 3rd party and put a serious dent in the election. But he didn’t. After raking in millions upon millions of small donations … he supported Clinton.

      1. Who cares what Trump looks like in shorts. Trump’s wife is a hottie and Hillary is a fatty.

    1. Sadly, Bill Clinton is willing to do even more humiliating things today in order to obtain some modicum of power by getting Hillary elected:

    2. wouldn’t use that pic. Most of the women in america will be deeply sympathetic to the gigantic arse on the right, and feel intensely bitter towards the attractive woman on the left

  7. Terminal Hillary let slip what our elites really think about a lot of the nation’s white population, and why they want to dispossess and outnumber us with the world’s diversity trash, and as quickly as possible.

    1. The mask slipped a little and hillary showed a glimpse of her real face. Wonder if she came up with “basket of deplorables” on her own? Almost sounds like she was repeating gay male word choice she overheard from someone in her inner circle.

  8. I think Terminal Hillary got the Dorian Gray thing wrong. Shouldn’t her image in the oil painting deteriorate while she stays young and healthy?

  9. In the beginning of this video you can see that she has amalgam fillings which I bet are a big factor for her health problems.

        1. what was that about conspiracy theory? yeah, I know Soros is all out in the open with his emperor palpatine thing

    1. Amalgam fillings are not a health hazard. The people that think they are either don’t understand the term amalgam, extremely low exposure, or less than normal environmental encounters.

      1. I speak from my own personal experience the experience of many people I know personally. I have researched the subject extensively and as I said have experience the difference first hand. What is your experience/knowledge and why should we take you seriously?
        Don’t be a smart ass just have them removed. You’ll thank me later.

        1. You should take me seriously for three reasons.
          1. I am employed at this business (ROK), and I do not bullshit my customers here, nor at my main job either.
          2. I have advanced technical degrees, which means I am a man of reason and science, capable of researching things and presenting them in a correct manner.
          3. My old man is a retired Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), a general dentist, who ran his own practice for 40 years.
          I have no amalgam fillings as I have no fillings other than some molar sealants which were placed there 20 years ago as good practice at the time, and those are not amalgam. No cavities, none, ever, and I intend to stay that way.
          Now, I must go attend to something, but, if you like, we can talk about why amalgam fillings are not a serious, or even minor, risk of mercury poisoning, and I will quote my old man verbatim per our conversation within the past year or so on the matter.

        2. Love how a guy that has no amalgam fillings (and seems SUSPICIOUSLY proud of, and happy about it) seems qualified to preach to those of us that do.
          I have two (used to be three but one fell out – I’ll explain later) from back in the 70’s when dental “professionals” used “fillings” even under the most flimsiest of justification.
          Although in general, I am healthy, I have suffered throughout my life with what I can only describe as “occasional unidentifiable malaise”. Mild depression, lethargy, unexplained feelings of “unwellness”. I tried everything – diet changes, exercising, self-improvement education. Nothing worked.
          Until a filling fell out around 3 years ago. Now I know it’s hardly scientific, but within a couple of weeks, I was literally 30% “better”. It all makes sense. Amalgam has trace mercury… and that leaches into your system, admittedly in minute amounts, but some are less tolerant of certain poisons than others.
          Anyway, I’m booking in to remove the final two soon. I’ll repost then, but I have little doubt: it’ll be with a positive message.

        3. In this instance, he’s right though. Conspiracy Theory is just words they use to silence truth. Like the various “isms” lefties love so much!

        4. So you have zero experience on the subject to speak of, plus you’re likely to be biased considering your dad was a dentist.
          But yes, by all means, I’d hear what you dad has to say on the matter and ask him for me:
          What impact the chewing and general wear and tear has on the amount of metal release in the mouth?
          Also, ask him why was I getting the metallic taste in my mouth? Ask him about Oral Galvanism and the problem it causes to the nervous system?
          Ask him about the danger of root canal?
          p.s. Congratulation on not having any fillings but leave it to us the unfortunate ones who trusted the dentists to know a little bit better as we have suffered the ill-effects.

  10. At her rate of decline, in a matter of weeks Terminal Hillary will need a Darth Vader pantsuit to keep her alive.

  11. I cant believe thats a picture of her at the top. Shes so old and haggard and has parkinson’s and brain damage due to her concussion.

  12. Terminal Hillary’s “live” photos remind me of those old Victorian photographs of recently dead people posed with their families.

  13. If only the good die young, that bitch will live forever.
    Call it what you want but, for whatever reason the democrats and the left get woodys over the prospect of a non-white majority, non-Christian America. They think it’s a horrible place that was founded and run by evil white men and payback is for them to be ruled over by women and minorities.

    1. High-society lefties won’t live under those people though. They’ll remain separate in their upscale, gated neighborhoods. The only minorities they’ll ever see are wealthy and attractive tokens.

      1. What about high society narcissistic, nihilists who are functioning sociopaths? They will be ok right? They can still remain in upscale neighborhoods right? Please say yes!

        1. It’s not up to me. Take a pic of your Hillary vote as insurance, to present to the overlords.

        2. Umm… yeah… I’m just gonna take that slave pen, and uh, yeah… just uh, give it to the guy over here and, yeah…So if you could just go ahead and pack up your stuff and move it down to Slave Pen B, that would be terrific, OK?

      2. It always seems that the most “tolerant” left wingers who insist that we are all the same have had very little interaction with minorities other than a few feel good tokens to prove they aren’t racists and seeing them on television.

      3. High-society lefties won’t live under those people though. They’ll remain separate in their upscale, gated neighborhoods.

        That’s exactly how it is in the third world. Notice how so many rich leftists are quick to build walls around their own residences and hire all the armed security they can have, but want none of it for the rest of us.

      1. Ain’t it though? Reminds me of the one with Burgess Merideth where he has used up his usefulness to society so they were going to let him choose the manner of his death.

        1. That was exactly the one I was thinking of. Either that or the one where the girl gets plastic surgery to look “beautiful”

        2. I bet those old black and white Twilight Zone shows freaked people out back then. They freak me out now lol

        3. Hillary reminds me of the one with the evil doll that made Telly Savalas go crazy.

        4. Reminds me of the one with Burgess Merideth where he has used up his usefulness to society so they were going to let him choose the manner of his death.

          That’s one of my favorites. 🙂

    1. I think she honestly believes she is bullet proof at this point. Oddly enough, it is probably the one thing I am inclined to agree with her on.

      1. She must believe that she is bullet proof as she was lollygagging in the open during that trip to Bosnia where she was “dodging sniper fire” on the tarmac…
        More seriously, I believe she’s so used to none of her opposition actually “shooting” her that she’s confused it with being bulletproof.
        She fought harder against 0bama than she has against Trump, yet Trump is bashing her harder than 0bama ever did. I wonder if it is due to hubris, or incompetence, on her part?

  14. REMEMBER THE REGAN landslide of 1980? The media reported the race as neck in neck, too close to call until the very end around 8:00 pm on election night. Who’s zoomin who?

    Summer ’80 media polls depicted Carter leading Regan. Ted Koppell, Dan Rather, Jessica Savitch and the MSM crew narrated the race like sports announcers. It was all a ruse. What a total landslide. They spun Carter as leading all the way up until poll closing time. If we all didn’t know by now that they are all paid liars, we would assume that they were delusionally optimistic.

    **note – for clarity, Rush Limbaugh referrs to Regan as ‘Ronaldus Magnus’. Similar to calling Trump ‘The Don’ or ‘Trumpster’.

      1. The red/blue system changed in the US in the 2000 election. Dems didn’t want to be associated with the color red which historically implies communism so they petitioned to flip the colors. In other countries across the world, left leaning parties are traditionally tallied on maps during the elections as red which rightfully implies ‘left’ or ‘communist/socialist’ leaning while right or nationalistic parties are always blue. Green is the exception. We here in the US have been identifying with ‘red states’ as being conservative for the past 16 years. Most people forget now that in the 90’s, ‘blue state’ meant Alabama, Florida, Texas, Militiagan (Mich not counting Detroit) and the Midwest/Bible-belt states. In the 92, 96 elections, slick willie states were red while in 2000, Al Gore was the first US lefty to be represented by blue. He was actually more of a ‘greener’ with his anti CO2 campaign which really would have translated to much much more empowering of women, assaults on trad families, forced sterilant vaccines and anything else that curbs native population growth. Gore would not have been so much a tree hugger as he would have been a federal land grabber.

        1. He still isn’t, he just plays one for the peace prize and the lucre.
          Though that’s assuming that there’s actually such a thing as a non fraud/crony environmentalist. I’m not so sure about that…

      2. Hysterical. Over in Australia it’s the same-the leftist Communist shits are red and the ‘conservative’ party (formerly as the mighty John Howard is not the leader and Tony Abbott was deposed) are blue. Speaks for itself.

  15. She’s fucking disgusting, and has been since she entered the national scene. The Clintons are what’s wrong with America, we have a high tolerance for people who are completely corrupt.

  16. If Terminal Hillary at least knew how to make Turkish Delight, her popularity would pose less of a mystery.

  17. What’s up with this site. No new articles for two weeks and then a whole load in one day. It’s not a smart way to publish.

    1. We put out 3 to 4 a day. It’s been noticed that frequent visitors sometimes don’t get a refresh. Assuming you’re on a windows machine, hit control+f5 at the main page to force refresh and get the goods.

      1. For the past 15 days I just saw the same article on this site. I thought that you’d gone on strike. I refreshed, but, it still returned me to the article from 27/08.

  18. Both comments from Clinton and Romney are very foolish from a political standpoint, but at least Romney’s statement was true. I’m not “racist” for thinking we should control our borders, or “Islamaphobic” for thinking we should scrutinize which Muslims we allow entry. But I could give two shits if that’s what Clinton thinks. Trump 2016.

    1. The Romney comment was also obtained by what amounts to an illegal wiretap.
      Hillary has said far worse, and for far longer, in similar circumstances.
      At least this Romney comment made sense as a knock against him, I never understood why anyone should be outraged over “Binders full of women”.

    2. No Muslims should be allowed entry. Every single time a Muslim does some killing it’s always he was a good Muslims a devout Muslim.
      Or worse it gets blamed on someone for “inciting” Muslims or the press out
      right embraces blasphemy laws.

  19. The power of the alt-right and the manoshpere is that it’s people are immune to left namecalling. She has nothing new to say. All her arguments are names and social semanticism! She and her ilk have nothing to offer to anyone and right now this shows.

    1. Yes. There’s nothing worse than a republican to be called racist/homophobe/islamaphobe/whatever, then he starts apologizing and he didn’t even SAY anything. I hate when they do that instead of telling them to FO.

  20. In case you missed it hillary had to have an earpiece to do the nondebate debate. Her brain is fried.

    1. Given her boneheaded answers, the people advising her via that earpiece are also brain-dead.

  21. Can you not post a picture of an almost attractive looking Hillary Clinton. Just imagine if someone saw that picture for the first time and thought she was fully female

  22. the whole ‘extremist’ label is a form of political shepherding of non-approved opinions into the realms of untouchable. People are supposed to fear the ostracism and banishment that such a label will result in. By effectively labelling half the US as extremist, bigot’s, racists or whatever form of beyond the pale she’s trying to conjure, she’s effectively exploded half the armaments in the progressive arsenal. Once they can’t label your opinions as extreme and spiritually kindred to ISIS, and therefore dangerous, they have very little left to attack with.

  23. I believe this election will be like the recent Brexit vote in Britain where the main stream pundits called it the way they wanted it to play- but, the voters saw through this ruse. Hillary ahead at the moment and in the minds of the pundits is just great, because on the day people will do the opposite. When you take the voters for granted you’re always heading for a fall.

    1. Hopefully it won’t be like Brexit where the victory is still only on paper.
      I almost wouldn’t be surprised if 0bama tried to cling to power even after the Trump victory. He is, as he put it, being “forced out”, after all.

    1. That comment made me smile. Seriously… So what are you thinking, what would be appropriate ?

      1. Anything would be appropriate, but i think i will build a springfield M1A and drop it into a sage international EBR chassis. Ive been wanting to diversify my collection and move into battle rifles.

  24. What a loathsome. detestable, despicable creature. That picture under the headline is fodder for nightmares.

        1. >fuck laws and shit t. Liberals
          Do you mind if about twelve of my boys move into your house and eat your food? An don’t give us none of that cracka shit about “dat be illegal” and shit. You wouldn’t dare kick us out for some dumb white bullshit like “da laws” now would you, you fucking rayciss. Borders be rayciss. Laws be rayciss. Dey white people inventions. You girrl need some of dis dik.

    1. I’d love to be given preferential treatment in literally every job, every application, every grant, and every scholarship, while being praised by media for every minor achievement that others have been doing for years… all because of the color of my skin. All I’d have to do to succeed in life would be to graduate highschool without a felony record.
      Life would be such suffering being able to blame every single one of my personal failures on someone else.
      Of course then I’d be forced to live among a culture of literal chimps that worship drugs, crime, and fatherless children. Then I’d have to worry about one of my fellow negroes murdering me in an alley so they can steal my shoes… but of course I’d still blame that on white people, too.

  25. She meant ‘white males’ who are ‘deplorable.’ It’s right in your face gents. The same culture that expects white males to;
    1. Pay for everything
    2. Do everything
    3. Take the blame for everything
    4. Serve as comic fodder
    5. Serve as the scapegoat in every way
    6. Serve as a hate-post to keep other demographics energized.
    You are now being openly and blatantly shit on by the rest of the culture. Hillary is making it so clear with this quote.
    –Minimalize, withdraw, ghost, dedicate yourself to hobbies/activities/lifestyles that are as unrelated to the culture as possible. Low profile. Stack cash while maintaining international mobility (not easy but it’s easier than it seems once you totally withdraw)

    1. Your comment can’t possibly be overemphasized.
      And any “man” who doesn’t vote for Trump in 2016 deserves to be castrated, it isn’t as if he’ll have any need for balls anymore.

        1. The cuck youth hate themselves and the white race. They’re openly begging for collective white suicide, all because Professor Shekelstein at their Liberal Arts college told them they are the reason for all the bad in the universe.

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  27. I’m amazed how she strategically shot herself in the foot. Would not have expected this much ineptness from someone I assumed knows how to play the game.
    What Napoleon said about not getting in the way of your enemy when they make mistakes 🙂

    1. Would not have expected this much ineptness from someone I assumed knows how to play the game.

      Well she doesn’t know how to play the game. Her entire political career is built on the shoulders of her husband. She’d never have been elected Senator, nor served as Secretary of State, had she not been married to a somewhat popular former president.
      This is why I refer to her as Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife, because that is all she is.

  28. Stop making everything catastrophic, folks. Hillary’s election will not be the end of the world.
    And from the record, has Donald Trump ever said anything that might be a bit of an ignorant generalization?
    “I think that the guy is lazy. And it’s probably not his fault because laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is; I believe that. It’s not anything they can control.”

    1. If you weren’t so blinded and actually did some research, you’d find that the only account of Trump supposedly saying such a thing come from a book that quotes someone else claiming that Trump said it.
      There’s no first-hand or even second-hand account of such a quote.

    2. I can play this game.
      Guys, someone told me BeefMaster-General is against abortion, but for slaughtering babies if the parent decides they don’t want the child. I have a picture with it in quotes if you don’t believe me.

  29. I don’t care anymore! Hillary can accuse me of all the “ism” crimes she wants to. But first I want to shake off the PC sensitivity and be a real MAN. Oh and you broads can take your definition of Masculinity and shove it. Btw, can I get a blonde to sit on my lap? Thanks.

  30. Hillary is just using the typical SJW shaming tactics against anyone who doesn’t agree with her. Anyone who doesn’t agree with her should be silenced and have their freedom of speech denied for global harmony. Her opinions have no significance to me but we have further to fall if she does get elected. Fortunately if elected, she would only be president even though she aspires to be a dictator.

  31. I smell despair on this crazy bitch…The thing is: those shaming tactics are not working anymore. Just remember Brexit, and how the ones who voted to leave the EU were demonized just by expressing their views. These money changers are going to get whipped, real big, by the people. There is no escape Hillary!!!

  32. On canadian national radio (95% feminist/communist bullshit propaganda, montreal region) the other day: Let’s ask our listeners, who do you trust less between Hitlery and Donald Trump. After the five first person said Hillary, there was a silence and they called the break. I almost cried.

      1. I love the rare occasion where NPR gets cornered by a black Trump supporter. They’re practically seething with contempt for the ‘uncle tom house nigger that dare vote against their own interests…’

    1. I don’t have a horse in the race. Total outside observer. That said, I don’t believe trump will win. I think Hilary will landslide him in the EC

      1. You could be right. But I will bet you a cold beer, Kneeman. Here’s my logic. Trump is pulling in most of the action. If the election were on the level, he’d slaughter Hillary. Nobody with a spare brain cell wants another democrat in the White House (so this excludes the terminally liberal, maybe 35% of the population). Trump is pulling in huge numbers at rallies. Hillary gets crickets. The media has been incredibly biased against Trump – way over the top, in fact. So if Hillary gets elected, the public will be pretty much done with voting, done with the media, and done with Washington D.C. And thus, the dark horse pulls off “the upset victory”. Just like with Brexit. I could be wrong, though. I was wrong once before. It was in the third grade, and she didn’t love me…I probably pulled her pigtails too hard when I spanked her. Who knows.

        1. ” Nobody with a spare brain cell wants another democrat in the White House”
          Uhm, just who do you think is voting?
          I too could be wrong but I will take your bet on an ice cold beer. I just see trump getting blown out of the water. Hilary is going to kill him in electoral college even if trump wins by number of states and straight head count though I doubt he will win that either.

        2. I dunno man, you might be right. Other than a beer, I wouldn’t bet much on it. It will be as crooked as a dog’s hind leg, whatever happens. The rich will get richer. We can bank on that one.

        3. The good news is that it doesn’t really matter much. When you are in NYC ill get you a beer either way.

        4. True, it doesn’t matter much. And awesome on a beer in NY. Ditto if you ever make it to Phoenix/Scottsdale. The trouble we would get into (shakes head)…

      2. Me too, after all, voters don’t really matter don’t they? That candidate who is regarded as most desirable will find his/her way to the top, with the little help of friends of course, if the voters don’t vote in his/her favor.

        1. Right there… Winston had something to say about that and he was well on point. The average person is absolutely TERRIFIED by the idea of freedom and responsibility within the confines of their daily lives.

  33. The “Ruling Class” regard the “Country Class” like the Duke of Wellington regarded his troops: Scum of the earth.

    1. Wellington was also quoted, “I don’t know what effect these men will have upon the enemy, but, by God, they frighten me.”

  34. Looking forward to Assange dumping the next batch of emails, hopefully before the first debate. Although the emails could say she ate a black baby and democrats would still vote for her.

    1. Early voting has already started, and (((they))) are pushing hard to make sure the goy get their votes in before the debates might change any minds.
      If Assange had something big he’s a cunt for holding onto it this long.

  35. She at least could have added that ‘some, I assume, are good people’.
    But yes cunt, thanks for the compliment.

    1. That would have at least been a clever jab, with a hint of humor. When the liberals speak of how they want to kill off all of the white Trump supporters and assassinate their leader, they’re not joking. They truly do wish upon themselves and others the death of the white race, without a hint of sarcasm.
      Meanwhile the Media Jew has convinced themselves that a cartoon frog is the embodiment of the New Nazi Party, and will soon be putting them back into the ovens. Except instead of fire, the ovens will just spurt out poopoopeepee.
      The memes are dank as fuck.

  36. Liberals have always pissed all over The Great Silent Majority. Fuck her, the frigid bitch. She sucks.
    The Don 2016

  37. I keep saying that the elites will soon dump Hillary and replace her with another candidate, maybe just her VP, or someone else.
    (Maybe even Bernie.)
    People keep calling me an idiot for saying this, but I think it`s becoming more and more likely every day.

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