Why You Must Avoid Flaky “Holly Golightly” Girls At All Costs

Guys first getting into game can be forgiven for chasing anything in a skirt. Not only does sexual frustration make this a necessity, but it’s also a pretty good strategy. After all, how frequently do game writers recommend that you get out there and hit on as many girls as possible? The more prospects you have on the go, the more likely it is that one of them will come off, resulting in a lay.

But as you get more used to interacting with women, you will find that there are different identifiable “types” of girls and some you should avoid like the plague. A particularly heinous breed is one I’m calling the “Holly Golightly girl” after Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s (and the Audrey Hepburn movie of the same name).

Holly Golightly girls are frequently hot, but they are also vacuous, annoying, and entitled. More importantly, they are prick teases and rarely put out. As such, you should make it your business to steer clear of them.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s


Those who have read Capote’s novella (of which even literary alpha Norman Mailer was a big fan) or seen the movie will recall Holly Golightly, the iconic central character, a small-town girl who moves to New York City. Without a job and living in a small apartment, she nevertheless manages to live the high life through the patronage of rich men.

In the movie version she develops a relationship of sorts with Paul (George Peppard), a struggling writer, before dumping him unceremoniously for Jose, a Brazilian artistocrat. To satisfy the requirements of what was essentially a prototype Hollywood romcom, Holly finally comes back to Paul after he’s convinced her, beta-style, that she’s afraid of commitment and should settle down with a “good man.”

The ending of the novella is darker. Holly continues to drift, squandering her pre-wall years before winding up in Argentina. An interview Capote gave with Playboy in 1968 illuminates her character:

Playboy: Would you elaborate on your comment that Holly was the prototype of today’s liberated female and representative of a whole breed of girls who live off men but are not prostitutes, they’re our version of the geisha girl.

Capote: Holly Golightly was not precisely a call girl. She had no job, but accompanied expense-account men to the best restaurants and night clubs, with the understanding that her escort was obligated to give her some sort of gift, perhaps jewelry or a check …if she felt like it, she might take her escort home for the night. So these girls are the authentic American geishas, and they’re much more prevalent now than in 1943 or 1944, which was Holly’s era.

Fast-forward to 2015 and such girls are even more common than in the 1940s. Of course, we frequently hear stories about women heading to L.A. in the hope of becoming movie stars and singers, but actually I think the phenomenon extends out to a great many international cities, in particular New York and London, where I live.

Girls with a surfeit of physical attractiveness but little in the way of intelligence, professional skills, or talent are drawn to these metropolitan hubs with the rather hazy plan of “making it.” Invariably, this either results in marriage to some rich sucker, or crack-whore oblivion. But in the meantime, it involves callously screwing over a great many inexperienced guys, which is why you must be on your guard.

How to spot a Holly Golightly girl

Audrey colour

The first thing to note is that Holy Golightly girls are frequently very hot. This makes sense – after all, they have to have some form of sexual capital on which to trade in the first place, otherwise their big city project would be doomed before they started. They tend to be quite bohemian (hipster, rock chick, or high-end glamorous are the most common styles) and slightly dreamy. When you come into contact with one you will always – rightly – feel that her attention is not entirely focused on you, even when you are in deep conversation.

Holly Golightly girls are by definition not indigenous, but have moved from a smaller place to the city. There will be a lot of talk on their Facebook walls about their exciting “journey,” “adventure,” and the next step in their “story.” Holly Golightly girls are convinced that they are living their own movie, and that it is as fascinating to everyone else as it is to them. Unfortunately the advent of social media means that they can share each installment with their (inevitable) band of thirsty followers.

There is likely to be some form of financial backing in place at the time that they move – either from parents or from male “friends” (Holly Golightly girls rarely if ever have boyfriends – after all, that would tie them down to a single option in a city full of them). Cash flow means that they have the luxury of being extremely exacting about the kind of work that they take on.

Whereas many of the immigrants that arrive in London have little choice but to take the first job on offer – if they’re lucky as a barista at Pret a Manger or one of the other big coffee chains, and if they’re less lucky cleaning toilets or worse – Holly Golightly girls can take their time. They almost always have an unrealistic aspiration to work in an artistic, glamorous industry that pays a few at the top highly and is a closed-shop for almost everyone else – acting, modeling, fashion design or photography and so on.

On daddy’s dollar they can afford to relax, attending auditions that lead nowhere, or undertaking internships that don’t yield anything permanent. They may also have a fledgling, but ultimately worthless singing career driven by social media likes, or a beauty blog, or other similar vanity project.

While their lackadaisical job search is going on, Holly Golightly girls are to be found most nights at the fanciest clubs, bars, restaurants, fashion shows and gallery openings that the city has to offer. Frequently they will be in the company of some (very good-looking) male friend or other. Everyone in this world is a “friend” – whether actual sex is going down or not is difficult to discern for the outsider, although if it benefits Holly then you can safely bet that it is.

This glittering social life belies a tawdrier domestic situation. If you make it back to Holly’s place, you will find that her bedroom is a bombsite, with designer clothes and make-up strewn all over the floor, dirty plates in the sink, and a dustbin creaking beneath the weight of many, many empty wine bottles. There will most likely be used spliffs in the ashtray and reality TV on loop on her MacBook air.

Holly today

Holly today

Dating Holly Golightly

The best advice is to go out of your way to avoid dating Holly Golightly girls. Even more than regular girls, they have an agenda and the chances are you don’t fit in with it.

Holly Golightly girls are uniformly scatty and flaky. They are prone to turning up for dates incredibly late, or “forgetting” them entirely. Worse, they can throw in curveballs. When you meet she might insist that you come along to a party of a friend of hers – that party being held by some buff, rich dude who she then proceeds to monopolize all night at your expense.

To the uninitiated, the Holly Golightly girl may appear scatty: in fact, she is playing a difficult game that requires adaptability and eagle-eyed cunning. Rather like real-time trading on the financial markets, the Holly Golightly girl is constantly eying up her prospects, angling for whomever is going to help her gain a better position in the city’s social firmament.

Basically, this is supercharged hypergamy. If she misses your date then she’s not forgetful – she’s simply found a prospect that in her estimation will get her to her goal faster than you will. Obviously, this is why Holly rejects Paul for Jose in the movie.

All women are hypergamous to some extent, but it is the Holly Golightly girl’s raison d’etre. It is telling –and slightly depressing — that Audrey Hepburn remains such an icon for young women today, who have everything from tote bags to mugs to t-shirts bearing her Tiffany’s-era image.

For your own sake, if you come across Holly then you are well-advised either to make it a short term engagement, or steer clear altogether and watch the wreckage from a safe distance instead.

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229 thoughts on “Why You Must Avoid Flaky “Holly Golightly” Girls At All Costs”

  1. Man, fuck chasing women.
    The economy is falling apart, people are losing their jobs, homes and no one has any money left over.
    Even with a job, people can’t afford to chase after girls because of the insane and rising costs of living and taxes, that at the end of the day, most people have no cash left over to pursue pussy.
    The world is falling apart. I say fuck it.

    1. Ive also realized it’s a huge waste of time and money. I only go for 2nd or 3rd world tail now.
      Women just don’t get it. Life is hard, you can’t go around bullshitting everyone. They are perpetual children, I’m not going to feed the beast.

      1. Tell us about going for 2nd or 3rd world tail? What are the predominant breeds?? Middle Eastern, Asian, Central American?? I lived in Italy for 3 years and chasing tail was much easier than in the U.S. Beta Italian whimps made it easy prey!!!

    2. I have to correct you man. There are some people that can afford to chase Holly Golightly girls in big cities. The richest, top .1 percent of men. Which incidentally, are just the type of men these girls are after. The other 99% of dudes, not so much.

  2. Good article. Though today many of those women are becoming instagram hoes that can be viewed on tagthesponsor or getting their advice on jetsetbabe.
    Yeah – dream big – swallow and take big in order to get it:

    1. There appear to be so many of those high-end Instagram hoes in circulation, it makes you wonder whether those Dubai sheiks are rationing their dumps.

        1. All of them are paying it with their pussy. Rich guys don’t mix family journeys with hoes. It’s either wife and kids or hoes and friends.

        1. I really want to see video footage of these five-figure transaction shitfests. Not that I’m aroused by that (I’m brazen even to say so if I were), but just to see and hear the bizarre antics taking place (I do have a strong stomach) and laugh my ass off as to how low these whores will degrade themselves really to ultimately just post some braggy pics on social media and play it off like they “worked” for it laboriously. I am sure the audio alone must be sheer lunacy, I’d like to even hear that without the visuals.

        2. Its probably videotaped and put on some porn site, I’m just too scared to look it up lol.

        3. No way, I’d love to see some sleazy Arab in full-blown mullah attire hover his anus over some blonde bimbo’s face and vacate his bowels while doing that “LULULULULU!” thing they do at parties. I’d laugh for days!

        4. Haha, I think I’d throw up I can’t even look at that type of stuff without feeling sick. My friends showed me 2 girls 1 cup in middle school and I’m still scarred from that shit LOL

        5. Yeah but they made it look like soft-serve ice cream on purpose in that! This will be straight-up degeneracy just for the sake of taking travel-braggy pics.

        6. To this day, I still cant bring myself to watch a video about that.

        7. Would love it if they filmed it when she asked to not do it and the arabs put it up on a porn site and instagram before its taken down. So we can see all the hard work it took for them

    2. Maybe I don’t understand the language here, but is “dream” an Arabic word for “shit”?

    3. Gahh. It looks like a drag queen and acts like a toilet. It’s hard to look at without feeling queasy.

    4. Dream big….with someone else’s money?
      Yep, I thought the same thing….does she wear that dress to the shit parties, too?

    5. I’m just waiting for the mangina responses of you’re just jealous she has money and you don’t.

      1. As the TagTheSponsor creator himself mentioned – we don’t mind if beautiful women make their money hoeing. It’s the utter hypocrisy and hubris that makes those posts so disgusting.
        Any 18 year old 8-9 can get what the girl above gets just by selling her body. She can do whatever she wants, but she should refrain from selling that as some kind of grand achievement that she had to “dream big” first or “work hard” for it. Spreading your legs in bed has never been seen as hard work.

  3. “When you come into contact with one you will always – rightly – feel that her attention is not entirely focused on you, even when you are in deep conversation.”
    haha. well said.
    “When you meet she might insist that you come along to a party of a friend of hers – that party being held by some buff, rich dude who she then proceeds to monopolize all night at your expense.”
    gotta say, that sounds interesting. fuck the girl – you get to meet rich people.

    1. Yeah, talk to anyone else BUT her and then duck out without saying bye. If she even texts you looking for you just say “I was tired so I left.”, even 24 hours later. Think like you’re in their skin and do what they would do! Robert’s Greene’s Mirror Effect works like a charm.

        1. It’s all power posturing these days, man. “The one who cares less has the upper hand” cliche that’s also sad but true. We’re fucked!

  4. I dated two of these recently. I agree, steer clear — I don’t care how good you are with game or how alpha you think you are …. dating girls like this is torture. They ARE always fucking late too…. in fact, here’s an example of their entitled mentality. It’s date #7 with this asian bikini model. She was on time for once. I got to the bar after her but I was still 2 minutes early. She goes, “You are late.” I laughed. She then goes, “If you get here after me, you are considered late.”

      1. I laughed again…. and told her she is crazy. She just smiled. But I’m sure she believes what she said.

    1. I would have said “So what?” and just transitioned to talking about something really mundane like the weather. Show her that her opinions doesn’t matter for shit the same they do everybody else supposedly “beneath” them. And they are always late because they don’t have to take anything seriously; when Daddy or Betadaddy Warbucks is carrying them every step of the way they have no good reason to be honorable or disciplined and take anything seriously. Some schmuck is always there to clean up after them or bail them out of any hardship.

      1. It doesn’t matter with these type of girls, they basically are like men with vaginas. They have a list of cock so long that the actions of anyone cock are useless. Hence they are never happy because they write men off for the most minor shit untilt hey hit the wall. Its like the man who is a player for life and ends up hitting on girls in the nursing home.

    2. I dunno, I really have a special place in my heart for that asian bikini model type. Problem is, SO many beta asian guys worshipping them.

    3. My default answer to these sorts of comments is: “what makes you so special?” with a cheeky grin and raised eyebrow.
      Try it, you get all sorts of responses. The last one was completely stumped and as I watched her brain tick over for a few moments, she just blurted out “I’m special” in a defeated tone because she couldn’t justify it. HAHAHA. Retarded special maybe… the mong didn’t even answer the question 😉

  5. I would also note to readers that the part of Holly in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” was originally going to go to Marilyn Monroe. That was the actress that Truman Capote wanted. He felt that Audrey, with her girl next door looks, was completely wrong for the part. Women today that idolize Audrey Hepburn for the one part that she played in BaT fail to look what what Audrey was like in person. They fail to see that the character Audrey plays in the the film is nothing like the woman she actually was. Audrey witnessed the horrors of WW2 first hand in Belgium, Her father was a nazi turncoat and she lost her uncle and cousins to Nazi executions. She nearly starved to death under their occupation of Holland as a teenager, which some expert believe relates to her slim figure.
    Audrey wanted nothing more to be a ballerina, settle down, and raise a family. This was actually her priority in life before she was discovered accidentally by a casting agent for the film “Roman Holiday”. Audrey was also smart enough to know she was hitting the wall with age and left show business to raise her two sons. Only coming back every now and then for small bit parts. She spent the later years of her live helping millions of families and children around the world as a representative of the UNICEF.
    Its very unfortunate that there are so few women today that share the same type of personality as her. It’s also insulting to her and her legacy that she wanted to leave for women where putting your family first should come before your career. Here is a woman that spoke 6 different language, won countless awards and put the needs of others before her own. These women that idolize her just for one role that she played know nothing of the real woman that she was.
    Here’s an interview she had later in life, which she explains a lot about her life:

    1. It is interesting, Audrey can be seen as proper behavior for women. And Golightly is improper.
      Although I’m sure Audrey had her flaws

      1. She did have her flaws yes. She loved to drink, smoke, and tell dirty jokes. She has a preference for older men (although I think this might have to do with father abandonment issues she suffered as a child). She had a habit for falling for her male co-stars and possibly had an affair or two. Although that could’ve just been gossip spread by her rivals. In the end though her family is what matter most to her and she gave up her career to be with them.

        1. She was smart enough not to linger in Hollywood too long, once those looks started to fade, she did other things in life.
          How about an article on Norman Mailer in the future?

        2. Yah she didn’t fall into the trap that a lot of her contemporaries fell into with drugs, sex, and drinking herself to death. She was a much a much happier person.

        3. Yea, castrated cat on a set she took in and suggested naming Tomorrow, because Tomorrow never comes

        4. The older nen in her life were rumored to be very controlling of her personal and private life. Although she denied these accusations. However Audrey was the type of woman that never wanted to present a bad face or talk bad of others.

        5. That sounds more like a factor of the personalities of the men she dated rather than an issue with age. Notwithstanding that, most women prefer older men.

      2. “Proper” behavior is a mind trap you set for yourself. This piece explains why you should choose carefully and invest your time in someone who meets your life’s goals….without the useless moralizing.

    2. Interesting comment, never knew this.
      But it should come as no surprise. Women want to be a Disney princess. They want to be a “free spirit”. They want to be Holly Golightly. They want to be the centre of attention and to have everything handed to them on a silver platter.
      They are attracted to vapid, superficial, uninspiring trash (the Kardashians, Paris Hilton, Jersey Shore, Cosmopolitan magazine). They love ‘the arts’, but have never been to a museum. They love ‘travel’, but have never had anything other than a spring break fuck-fest of a vacation. They love ‘music’, but only listen to what is popular and on the radio/MTV. They love ‘to laugh’, but can’t tell a fucking joke. They love ‘food’, but can’t even cook.
      And I’m sure girls who ‘love Audrey Hepburn’ probably don’t even know half of what you said about her.

      1. I don’t want to sound like I’m putting Audrey on the pedestal,but if there ever was a woman that deserved to be then she would be it. You can see that even in her last interview with Barbara Walters there that she feels talking about herself to be vain and gets embarrassed doing so. Most modern women find that talking about themselves the most interesting topic and even today PuA coaches teach men to let women do most of the talking during the conversation. Audrey seems like if you were to engage her in conversation she would focus the entire thing on you, not herself. She never really felt that she was pretty. She’s commented on saying that she thought her ears were too big, she was too skinny and had small breasts compared to her contemporaries. However her looks were obtainable if women took care of themselves. That would go against the feminist byline telling women to let themselves go and men should be attractive to you anyways.
        What saddens me the most is that Audrey represents (to me) the type of woman that should have emerged after the post war years but was replaced with the post feminized version we see today. Audrey would be appalled by the type of behavior that is rampant in today’s society and resent that she is remembered most for a role in BaT and not the humanitarian work she did after.

      2. The only things they know is something they heard from a friend and echo it but have no idea what it means.
        Almost all girls are like this though

      1. True! But unfortunately you can’t clone the human experience. While it would physically be her, she wouldn’t have the same life experiences, history, and upbringing that the late Audrey had.

  6. In other words, they’re just the same as the Dubai porta-potty kind, if not exactly the same type of women.

  7. One thing to beware of is a woman who suggests a first date with her ‘friends’. I’m wiser now but in my earlier online dating days I met two different women for the first time when they were with ‘friends’.
    In both cases friends turned out to be a collection of thirsty betas all vying for her attention, and you were just being added to the pack. Incredibly insulting stuff. Fortunately the second time it happened I had grown a backbone and left the bar (without telling her) within 10 minutes of the ‘date’ starting as I wasn’t going to stand around like a chump while a crowd of men faught over her. Got a text 15 minutes later asking why I’d left, and then a big apology from her.
    A year later my friend happened to talk to that same woman on online dating, but gave up on her because she was making so little of an effort when it came to conversation. When he showed me her pic I told him he’d had a lucky escape.
    Don’t ever let a woman make you into an orbiter.

        1. You live and learn 😉 Better to learn someone’s a bitch on a first date than on a wedding night!

        2. I think we’ve all done that at least once in our early manhood days. The annoyance and inconvenience of it taught us there will never, ever be a second time. I’m such a dick I make up something ridiculous sound like something better to do. I’ve said I have to wipe down the back of my refrigerator because I haven’t done it in a long time as a cop out before. The more absurd it sounds, the better. Insult their intelligence even more than they have the audacity to do to you by asking you to tag along to a Suitor Fest where she gets drinks and food and admiration at the expense of a Schmuck Battalion.

        3. “a Suitor Fest where she gets drinks and food and admiration at the expense of a Schmuck Battalion” – hahaha love it

        4. “I’ve said I have to wipe down the back of my refrigerator because I haven’t done it in a long time”
          Hilarious… I’m stealing this!

        5. Conversely, have you ever been to a social event like a party where attractive girls outnumber men by a large margin? I recall going to one before and overhearing a woman in an annoyed voice complain “There are too many girls here” was so gratifying that I will never forget it lol.

        6. In other words, “There is too much competition for attention here, I’d gun them all down if I could get away with it!”

        7. Exactly. Saavy red pill types understand that women crave attention because its how they convert their (rapidly diminishing) looks into children and or resources. It’s humanities evolutionary heritage. Only the sexual and industrial revolutions injected that shit with hulk serum.

        8. The best one is when there’s a bunch of attractive women in their 20s, and a bunch in their mid 30s. The ones in their mid-30s go and bitch in a corner because they become invisible to the handful of men.)

        9. Sometimes I can’t believe how much this comment section leaves me laughing. Seriously…wipe down the back of my refrigerator. hahaha

        10. Right, and if I’d said that, you’d say “correction: Willis Tower”, so I might as well bang my head against a wall.

        11. The smart man is already in that dark corner with a fat blunt going before they get there.
          Work up the mid-30’s until it turns into a gropefest.
          Then watch the 20’s stalk you.

    1. Every man should make it an ironclad rule to never be one of the dudes orbiting one hot girl.

      1. Agreed. Orbiting isn’t the place to be. Competing is. Give it a go…..succeed or fail. The presence and interest of other men in my object of current interest does not scare me.

        1. I think any woman who has orbiters, it’s a disrespect to yourself to even attempt competing for her.
          Hot women get lots of attention – to the point that it’s threatening, intimidating and annoying. If their sane, they do not go out of their way to court this unwanted attention, in the form of orbiters or otherwise.
          The orbiters are God’s way of telling you more than she will herself.
          It’s different if a woman simply has more than one man she is genuinely interested in/intrigued by. ‘Competing’ in this scenario really comes down to how much you want her. Hot women in this scenario generally don’t fall for pick up or game, they tend to want genuine masculinity and strength in a form they find compatible. And the competition tends to be in the absence of your competition – she dates you all casually and weighs you all up in her mind. This I can’t begrudge a woman for – we should all do it. Assuming you don’t trust in the Lord and follow His guidance.
          Women with orbiters are the ones even other women end up accusing of inviting rape.
          They also often end up frustrated and heart broken because the Men they really do have a deeper interest in look right over them because of the orbiters and attention whoring.
          Then they marry an orbiter and cheat on him all the time.

        2. Not when the competition is Beta orbiters. Come on dude.
          You guys are making this site Return Of Queens…

        3. Never orbit a girl. Never ever ever. I don’t even give a women I don’t know the pleasure of knowing I find them attractive. It works for me.

        4. I had an experience with one…it was my last one, too. It took me a while to realize that the chic was out of her mind, and really a total loser. I look back at those days and wonder what the hell I was thinking…I wasted a lot of good sex on that woman, and she wasn’t the best in bed, either.

        5. Good on you dude. Don’t ever allow yourself to hate women – it’s a rough place for a man to be.
          (not saying you hate women just given some unsolicited advice you probably don’t need…) – if you say that sentence properly it’s a sick rap…

      2. When I was gaming hard a few years ago I’d blow these chicks off all the time. They would literally cat call at me to call me over to join their little parties, replete with orbiters. I’d say no thanks and walk right on by as the girls glared at me, questioning my decision not to be another jester in her court.
        Blow these girls off, and make it obvious that you’re doing it in front of her and all around here that she’s ain’t all-that.

        1. Exactly. Just ask her what she’d do if she had the choice of socialising or cuddling up with a special someone for the night.
          Then wink and go on your way leaving her worried she’s not the hottest girl in you life.
          She’ll come around in time.

        2. Whispered?
          No. They screamed it across the bar in their drunken state. I then given them my full attention and shame them out of the bar if I can. At that point, one of us is leaving in a very public way.

    2. I got “added to the pack” once.
      The hot girl on my college campus was a “film maker.” She invited me to see her film on campus. She was decidedly coquettish about it. When I got there five orbiters were practically slap-fighting over her.
      I had the good sense to leave right then and there.

    3. Peloma has been a victim of orbiterism before. In earlier times when i was less versed in the myriad of woman games, i was unfamilar with these kinds of games and thus unaware of being played.
      But the author is spot-on, don’t waste time on a holly-go-lightly. They are never worth it.

    4. When a woman tries to make me an orbiter, I take advantage of it and break the rules. For example, if I get invited to “come along” to some party, I’ll actually bring and equally disdainful (red pill)friend without saying or even asking.
      Then we’ll both run MST3K-like commentary on everybody else while we smuggle out beers and anything else (if they are in bottles) and food, and behave in a condescending manner to the chumps and orbiters and “characters” (“you must be the token yuppie”) we find.
      Then we leave on our own accord before anybody attempts to show balls enough to kick us out. I love free food, free booze, and pissing off cunts.

      1. The Holly Golightly girl… nice catch phrase btw… can be extremely useful… not so much as a date or for sex, but for who she knows… normally these chicks are hanging with bankers, artists, managers, wealthy, etc…. they’re getting into clubs and meeting people the average Joe will have trouble reaching out to…. theey are seen as ‘harmless’ tits and ass…. if you can manage to surf on some of her connections you can meet some well connected men…. ie. she’s good for business and networking…. impossible to hold down and yes, likely to leave you standing in the rain while some guy wizzes her past the queue at the club entrance.. can be tough…. but if you can ride her coat tails you meet alot of people….

      2. Also, if she wants to add you on facebook, she wants to make you an orbiter. But you don’t have to give her that pleasure. If you do add, you can take the opportunity to make funny comments on any attention-seeking posts… for example: “lol” Also…just unfollow them all. My news feed mainly consists of posts from the few who post the kind of stuff I’d want to read or know. Not attention whores.

      3. Just go to the party and pull the other girls in front of her.
        Just showing more interest in the other women at the party will likely be enough to make her try and lock you down then and there.
        But don’t let her. From this point on do it all on your terms. Don’t put your dick in her at any point in your life though.

      4. I don’t know. Stealing food and alcohol is pretty desperate. Neither of you boys are red pill if you have to stoop that low.

    5. A woman cannot make you into anything. You are interested in the challenge the other men represent…..or you are not. Either way you make your own choices.

    6. Online dating is a terrific place to meet a lot of 6s that think they’re 9s, 8s that think they’re 11s.

      1. Totally agree, many Beta’s give 5’s and 6’s so much attention on these dating sites and put them on stools, it’s so wrong. Many wealthy, successful men these dating are using sugar dating sites like tempted.com and hooking up with hot, classy women.

    7. I had the similar experience with a woman some years ago. I stayed around for a week or so then cut contact when I realized the game she was playing. Saw her recently on OKC, apparently still playing the field but definitely a few rungs down, starting to hit the wall. Sad really…

    8. When this happens in Thailand or the Philippines, it is generally so that the chick can get you to pay for not only her, but all her friends – or family members – too.
      Sometimes it works out fine though. I accompanied a cute LBFM to the mall with her 4 female friends once. They had just finished OJT as maids in the hotel where I was staying. They took photos together, ate at Jollibees and then off to the live music club for drinking and dancing. My girl drank gin punch like a sailor for an hour. By 10pm she was drunk, so I said “time to go.” She said goodbye to her friends, they all bid us “happy landing” and off to room we went. I told her to take her clothes off and shower – then I joined her. She was wild in bed and I had a great time.
      Other times, however, the girl gets fed and maybe even an outing at an amusement park. Then no sex. They certainly feel more comfortable bringing along a sister or gf on the first meeting and I understand that. But I do not invest too much time or money before getting laid.

      1. prostitutes can be had quite cheaply in some countries. For the price of a meal and a few drinks sometimes.

  8. If anything, both of today’s articles have taught me a lesson.
    If you ever encounter a girl named Holly, run!

    1. Right? I thought it was a rehash of the first article upon first glance hahaha!
      Also girls with this stupid last-name first-name trend. “McKenzie”, “Kennedy”, “McKenna”, all that. No girls with two last names (which seems to often be overwhelmingly Irish for some odd reason)!

      1. Chicks dig Gaels so much they name their daughters after their long dreamed of Scottish Laird or charming Irish rogue. I get it, I mean sure it makes sense, we are the epitome of sexy after all.

        1. And non-white chicks dig blonde haired, blue eyed Aryan supermen like me, heh. Seriously, blue eyes are like catnip for them.

        2. Green have worked well for me this far. My daughter digs the blonde blue Nordic type, but she’s white as driven snow.

        3. Yeah it’s crazy. My Asian girlfriend is constantly talking about my blue eyes and blonde hair.

        4. That’s true but don’t forget that every non-Asian guy she’s ever banged has asked her desperately “am I the first non-Asian you’ve ever had”? and she has replied ‘yes’ to every one of them, including you. And when you ask her “Am I better in bed than an Asian guy” she always says yes but when An asian guy asks her “am I better in bed than white guys?” she tells him yes too!

        5. No woman likes a blonde man, no matter what her race. All women love dark haired me. Ginger and blonde are a huge turn-off

      1. One bit of red pill wisdom that makes even my most blue pill friends chuckle in acknowledgement: “Have you noticed that when women chop their hair, it’s only other women who tell her how cute she looks?”

        1. Yep. A woman I know who is gorgeous, with very long nearly white blonde hair was going to get it chopped. I told her to not do it, as it would greatly detract from her looks. Told her other women would encourage her to, in order to bring her down to their level looks wise. Few days later she confirmed exactly what I said. She kept it long.

        2. Actually, it’s women and gay men. That’s becuase even though they aren’t wanting to ‘hit it’ they are still attracted to the more masculinized style on a subconcious level.

        3. Yeah, when I was on Facebook I quickly noticed that only gay men and beta orbiters left positive comments on women’s endless selfies. Once in a while I’d comment, “You look okay, I guess.” Much lulz were had over the white knights and girlfriends outrage, heh.

        4. Yes. Broads will always validate a friends decision when that decision will make their friend as miserable as they are.

  9. I used to plate one of these kinds of sordid, useless sluts. She was a musician that got a record deal and she wasted her 20’s touring around playing shitty music and now in her 30’s she decided on a whim to go to medical school. Funny how that works. Life is just a fucking dreamy string of entitlement for these kinds of girls. So now she’s going to be a doctor. It’s like they’re perpetual children – now I want to be a ballerina, now I want to be an astronaut. The fucking audacity of these bitches is mind boggling. Of course she found a beta simp who just recently wifed her pathetic ass up too. They always do. Women like this should be summarily executed.

    1. “now in her 30’s she decided on a whim to go to medical school.”
      There are many weathered carousel riders who all of a sudden decide being a doctor is their true calling. Of course, daddy or some random simp ends up paying for it.

      1. ..’because I truly want to help people. I love people!’
        The number of times chicks have read to me from this script.

        1. They see med school primarily as a tool for social climbing, status acquisition, and as an opportunity to satisfy their hypergamic brains.

        2. It’s a good brag for them, too. They can re-re-remind The Republic every five feet at any social outing that they’re a doctor to try and make others feel beneath them. Is that skin bulletproof, bitch? No? Not impressed!
          One time a girl introduced me to some schmuck and then said “He’s a doctor!” after, thinking I’d get on my knees with my mouth gaping open after or something to that effect. Nope, I simply touched him on the shoulder with my index finger and said assholishly “Oh, I can see better now!” and walked away.

        3. Women really are all soulless aren’t they. It’s hard to believe that all these women were given this rare, life affirming opportunity and they have no depth of character or sense of meaning or purpose. Being a doctor is just another way to get an even greater shoe wardrobe fix for them. They care about nothing but popularity and shopping. It’s horrifying. They are subhuman and society turns a blind, enabling eye.

        4. “They are subhuman and society turns a blind, enabling eye.”
          More like biology and the male sex drive turns a blind eye. We all know that there will ALWAYS ALWAYS be a laundry list of thirsty chumps that would throw their own family, best friends under the bus for a chance at some even mediocre pussy.
          When I first got into game I remember watching a video by Krauser where he details that prior to our current post modernist state with all it’s technology and ease of living, the majority of men never reproduced. Only about 30% of men( ithink was the number) will spread their genes to the next generation.
          Now with a system like Christianity which promised every man a wife, the beta could have his stake as an appreciated member and producer of society. Since that we have abandoned any pretenses toward morality except the rancid sjw moralizing, we are now going to come back to around that number of males in society reproducing.
          Female hypergamy unrestrained will naturally allocate for herself the most alpha cocks she can get and leave the rest with blue balls and an empty wallet.
          I am convinced that no matter what there will always be in abundant supply, legions upon legions of white knight orbiters who would relish in the thought of being blue balled by a tard skirt.
          On another note, if a woman is a retard….well DUH shes a fucking female, you expect as much right?
          But the male who places for himself on his altar, this idol so base and crass and to elevate that baseness to a level of worship has got to be the absolute pinnacle of blasphemy.

        5. A lot of women also think doing something like Medical School will boost there sexual attractiveness by gaining status because thats what they find attractive in men.
          In reality it actually works against them and will limit their options because men tend to want to be the higher earner. Most male doctors will date school teacher or nurses, at least thats what I’ve seen.

        6. Female pharmacists are dumb as shit even I knew more than them when I asked for my medicine. They always have to get a male pharmacist to help who is usually hovering around anyway because they know they can’t handle it.
          Maybe them being a masseuse until they get too old seems to be the right ticket.

    2. A Doctor? Sweet Jeeezzzzzuuuussss…….she will be in her 40’s by the time she qualifies. So she might get 20 years out of it if she’s any good, which is very unlikely by the sounds of it. My Uncle was a doctor of 45 years standing, and a brilliant one. I dread to think how many malpractices and deaths this fool of a woman will perpetuate…..

        1. Crazy too, a lot of the women doctors my father works with work part time, very few hours per week.
          They spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and barely work. Its infuriating too because with feminist affirmative action they took spots in medical school from more qualified men who could actually work full time for their whole careers.

        2. That’s one of the biggest problems of the NHS. 55% of GPs are female and while there are enough to fill vacancies they only work part time, leading to a shit service where they are unable to get an appointment meaning that they don’t get their tax worth of healthcare.

        3. Additionally, all women are substantially less intelligent and less capable than men. You’d be better off seeking care from the hospital janitor than some skanky split tail with a scalpel.

        4. All men are more qualified than even the highest ranking females who aspire to pursue this profession. They defy the laws of nature and decency. The practice of medicine has ALWAYS been the domain of men. Fuck these stupid pathetic sluts and the manginas who enable them.

      1. She’s a stupid vain slut. I doubt she’s going to aspire towards any kind of important branch of medicine. Fortunately I don’t think family practice doctors or what maybe a dermatologist can unleash too much damage on society. She definitely doesn’t deserve a husband or the accompanying salary she’s going to earn. The problem is that pretty, creative women who are (let’s be fair) moderately intelligent are the outliers – but they have just as many non-sexual female orbiters as they do men and they lead other women who can’t get away with the things that they have, down the path of utter ruin. Women definitely want to be like this ridiculous bitch and they do try to emulate her. She’s like a pied piper of immorality

        1. “I don’t think family practice doctors or what maybe a dermatologist can unleash too much damage on society.”
          One misdiagnosis is all it takes to wreck someones life.

        2. If she marries at all, it’ll only be to a fellow doctor or similarly high earning man. And men with those resources can almost always do better than a 40+ former party girl.

        3. She just married a successful, decent looking beta simp who’s only a couple years older than her. To be completely honest, She’s not a bitch, but that’s kind of the problem. Because she’s likeable and seemingly industrious she gets a pass for all the other fucking immoral, offensive shit.

        4. Knew a woman like that, married to a buddy of mine. As long as you were on her side and when she needed something, nice as pie. Get on the wrong side of her and reap the whirlwind. Presently getting divorced and taking the husband to the cleaners……

        5. That sucks man, sorry to hear about your friend. The only good thing about my ex’s scenario is that if she divorces her husband – at least he’ll get to divorce rape her!

        6. That’s going to be difficult in the future. The majority of med school graduates are women. And trust me when I say they get pandered to and catered to, every single year of their training.

        7. Also @mbonte:disqus come on, we all know what she’ll “study” (read: party and pass with average-ish grades, as they say “D” means “De-gree”!), good old psychology! What more would you expect from a woman, to study a field or medicine that actually involves her hands, bodily fluids, or any physical matter at all? No gents, those fields are the ultimate femlaespeak cliche (drumroll, please), CREEPY!!!

        8. No, she did it. She’s a first year medical student. She’s not an undergrad. You have to be careful in not underestimating the enemy. Some of these women are outliers but the problem lies in the fact that every dumb bitch wants to be like the outlier and that makes this situation a possible epidemic. My problem with my ex is that what possible business does a pretty, creative, smart girl have doing anything other than breeding from the age of fertility on!!! Hey, it’s only the future of civilization and only the most repulsive idiots are procreating – but we need to take this sluts sense of “life contentment” into consideration. It’s frustrating, no?

        9. It is true. All the lady doctors I’ve known get really pissed off when they see all finance and real estate targets hooking up with women who are 10-15 years younger and much less educated.

        10. She’s actually probably seen as quite a catch by the new husband. Unfortunately, the novelty of having her will fade, as will her looks and he’ll wish he’d mated up with something younger, and more submissive than this industrious woman…

        11. You almost feel sorry for the bluepill simp. How does the most basic common sense allude so many?

        12. ” Hey, it’s only the future of civilization and only the most repulsive idiots are procreating”
          Three words:
          “Radical Life Extension”

          Our greatest minds are not going anywhere and will be around for centuries

        13. It’s crazy, but many among us (myself included in my younger years) believe in fairy tales like “if I follow the rules and do what I’m society tells me to do (i.e. obey the Feminine Imperative), then the world will treat me well.”
          Many of us believe that becoming a man includes making yourself a slave to a woman. That somehow, the respect, admiration and support that could be counted on in the old days, will come if we decide to hand a woman your balls.

        14. What immoral, offensive shit is that, exactly? Being talented enough to get a record deal in her 20’s? Being smart enough to go to med school after that? Success + woman = immorality?

        15. Talented is an awfully subjective term you stupid cunt. She only got a record deal from the novelty of having a gash and playing a guitar. Ask any of the Men here who are professors how much dick my ex must have had to suck in order to “earn” the grades necessary to get into graduate school and you’ll begin to see why women are a joke at every strata they ooze their way into. Now run along you little SJW dyke. Your opinions are insignificant as this is a place for Men.

        16. Well, yes, of course talent is subjective if we’re discussing artistic talent. All art is inherently subjective.
          Medicine though, not so much. To go to med school, in addition to having good grades as an undergrad, you have to score above the 80th percentile on the MCAT- a gruelling standardized test scored completely anonymously. It is not possible that your ex passed the MCAT via sexual favours. To beat out 80% of the students taking the MCAT, you have to be very, very sharp.
          Since I scored in the 98th percentile on the LSAT, let me break it down into formal logic for you:
          If you went to med school, you scored above the 80th percentile on the MCAT. To score above the 80th percentile on the MCAT, you have to be highly, highly intelligent. Therefore, to go to med school, you must be highly, highly intelligent.
          Since ‘Men’ are so great at math, here it is in symbols:
          MS -> +80thP
          +80thP -> HI
          ∴ MS -> HI
          Any professors reading this will find my logic unassailable. As if there were any to be found here.

      1. My deepest congratulations on your dodging those bullets brother! Pump and dump is the way of the future sadly. I got lucky in that my wife is EXTREMELY religious and was raised to not speak unless spoken too >:^) a practice we’ve happily maintained in matrimony.

  10. These girls are easy to spot.
    No parents wealth or job + BMW = a user. Bang and move on. Best case scenario, she has a ton of banker debt and you don’t want to stick around long enough to be on the hook for it (3 months in British Columbia).
    Worst case scenario, she’s supercharged alpha fux beta bux & incapable of even fleeting loyalty. However pretty she is, you’ll never enjoy her or trust her.

  11. Audrey Hepburn has to rank as one of the most beautiful women of all time. Having said that, Holly Golightly was the most flakey roles that she ever took on. When I was in my early 30s she would have been my icon, but now pushing 50 I realize just how vacuous girls like this are.

  12. The obvious solution is to have standards. Decide what you will put up with and what results in a next and stick to it.

    1. At first, I read this as “The obvious solution is to have double standards.” An interesting thought.

  13. An ex LTR of mine enlisted a guy to track me. He was finally successful in determining the address of the new girl I was fucking. My ex- armed with his address info- approached the new girl and ended the relations with my new girl based on
    overlap when fucking them both for first month with new girl. Done.
    This particular man she had tracking me, was of course fucking my ex, white
    knighting for her and tracking me. HE – all the while – was trying to fuck a
    wife (She was a married Holly GoLightly Bitch for sure) of a very wealthy car
    dealer who owns a large chain of dealerships in my state and neighboring
    states. She’s a 26 yo bombshell and he’s a dweeby lookin loaded chump who has
    familial wealth. She asked the man my ex had tracking me – who she was leading
    on with teasing and pre-sexual acts – after 3 weeks of snaring him into her
    trap, to KILL her husband for the 3.5m life insurance policy she was the prime
    benefactor of. As it turns out, this is the 2nd man she’s lured over to the $4m
    mansion they live in, while said rich beta husband is away at work, to discuss
    killing her husband for the life insurance $$$.
    This is an extreme, but true case of wifing up a Holly. Believe me this is how things
    can end with women like this. What a great movie script right? BEWARE gents.
    “Holly Golightly girls are convinced that they are living their own movie, and that it
    is as fascinating to everyone else as it is to them.”

  14. My advice? Use these girls to gain connections instead. Don’t date them. Get them to invite you to parties or events where u can meet the important people that can really benefit you or to meet other women that are a lot more worthwhile on banging and dating on a long term.

  15. Game helps get you laid.
    Money helps get you laid.
    Being in shape and looking good helps get you laid.
    But it’s the combination of the three that has you drowning in pussy.

      1. Agreed. Know a guy 6’2, muscular, martial artist, black, has many white female friends. He never wants for a sexual option. Also he is broke and classifies himself as a feminist but is very much a closet red pill-er.

        1. Probably could. A decade worth of Muy Thai, deadlift is at 400lb, high tone and women run to him, especially white women. Seeing this guy made me hopeful for the next generation.

      2. If you have the second one you also don’t need the others because there is no single, rich guy on earth who isn’t drowning in pussy.

  16. What was Golightly’s backstory? Small town girl whose dad molested her I think?
    Damaged from the start

    1. From some of that article it appears she was the child her mother never wanted for the life she never wanted. Little Holly absorbed her mom’s hatred and in turn hates her ability to procreate. Reminds her of dear mum who she holds to a high regard. Some role model eh?

      1. She just didn’t you your “loving family” privilege SHITLORD!
        Yes that is a real thing now

    2. She left her husband (and I think children) for big city life, in the novella/short story. Pure selfishness.

  17. Whether a man or a woman this type is compelling. They are fun, exciting, physically attractive dreamers. It easy to get caught in the dream. Which is fine for short term. Bad for long term. You can’t change someone to fit you, nor you to fit them. It’s a prescription for unhappiness.

  18. I couldnt agree more. I’m sure ive dealt with these types of girls before judging from the anger that comes reading this article, repressed memories Im sure.
    I had a girlfriend tell me I should watch The HBO show Girls. I gave it a shot. I watched a bunch of episodes until I got to hate all these insufferable self rightous spoiled liberal asshole charcters on the show too much for me to continue.
    Theres a girl Called Jessa on the show that fits this description to a T. Flaky, free spirited yet entitled and aloofly gaming every single person in her life.
    These cunts take a whimsicle aproach to life because they’re usually raised by well to do limosine liberals that have spoiled girls like this rotten. These ultra hypergamous social climbers dole out sex to the best option they can find in small amounts, use them for all their worth and effortlessly move on to the next victim. Its an escalated form of what women usually do to snare a rich man only they dont settle down,Having a child would mean that they would have to stay with someone more than a couple months. They just shift efforlessly up the ladder of men in high status usually involved in the arts and film. If they do decide to settle down, its usually because partying, drugs and time has caught up with them and they dont have the leverage of youth anymore to move any higher in status. Its THEN that they will secure their financial future for at least 18 years. As soon as the kids go to school she’ll divorce her rich meal ticket take half of his property and money and start another chapter of finding a more powerful and richer guy that she had. The oldest trick in the book.

  19. Attention comic dorks and ROK contributors- Writer (and ardent feminist) Joss Whedon has quit twitter due to incessant hounding by these fems. Apparently there was something wrong with the latest Avengers movie. Might make for a good article.

      1. ha- he was a BIG feminist supporter before- plenty of pics of him wearing a t shirt saying “this is what a feminist looks like” on the web,

        1. See how fast they’ll turn on you? It’s a disease with this group, I swear. He was trying to make everyone happy and you have to learn that you’re not going to make everyone happy (so fuck them).
          What this group needs to realize is there it going to be a point where everyone is going to “tune them out” altogether. It’s like the boy who cried wolf….after awhile you just don’t believe it (tune it out).

  20. without any character, without any substance, she prattles on about vacuous inanities, boredom incarnate, a hollow woman, the horror, the horror

  21. You never build upon something for the thing itself, but you do it because you enjoy how it makes you feel and of who it allows you to become.

  22. Roissy at Le Chateau wrote a profile on Holly Golightly types years ago. They’re called Eternal Ingenues:
    “the Eternal Ingenue is in continual, graceful, coltish motion…She talks a lot. She laughs a good deal. She is above all else, animated. Prancing, gambolling, frolicking like a puppy or a pony, she is often described as “charming” or “enchanting. When guys talk about being attracted to an ethereal “girlishness” in
    women, they are thinking of ingenues from their pasts. Being a man is
    tough — it requires strength, stoicism, and seriousness of purpose. We
    are drawn to the opposite in women, yang to yin, and so the ingenue —
    the antithesis of the hardened alpha male”
    The article is a great read, and recommended to those of you who are new to the manosphere or haven’t read CH’s early material (the article is 7 years old.) The article is part of a series that also profiles two other types of femme fatales.

  23. In London they have names for women like these, where men pay them a shit load of money for practically being in their presence. I can’t remember the name, but this type of parasitism should be noted and avoided, before you go bankrupt.

  24. I never read the book, but I saw the movie in my deepest of Blue Pill days, and even then her character infuriated me. Back then, it was probably because she was a clear embodiment of all of the girls who would reject a Nice Guy like I was for a path of selfishness and self-destruction.
    Don’t forget that she not only went to New York to live the good life; she abandoned a husband to do it.

  25. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is an excellent quick read with a lot to take away from. Holly is an iconic character and you will recognize her instantly, potentially hate the protagonist, but genuinely feel the tragedy.

  26. “Hey Holly, I’m an amateur chef and am pretty good at whipping things up in the kitchen, and elsewhere.”
    “When was the last time you cooked something for your man, shopping beforehand and cleaning up afterwards allowing to relax and enjoy his after dinner drink.”
    That should filter out a lot of Ms. Golightly’s

  27. Amazing that Seeking Arrangement pretty much followed the businesses model laid out by Capote in that interview nearly half a century ago.

  28. That’s why any guy doing the “sponsor” arrangement should get the sex paid for up front on their first meeting after confirming their “arrangement”. I’ve known guys who think they are sponsors with hot women who do not get any sex from them, so that’s not a sponsor, that’s a beta orbiter, HUGE difference.

  29. Ahh, did you recently get dumped by a Holy Golightly girl Troy?
    Did she invite you to a party then go spend all her time with a higher ranking Alpha by chance?
    There, there, we’ve all been there mate. You just have to learn how to lock them down is all.

    1. One should thank whatever god (or gods) they believe in, if they get dumped by a Holy GoLightly girl. It would be far worse to not realize what she was until it was too late, and much time and money was gone.
      Even if a man has the financial resources to keep the spending up to her approval, the endless drama would wear any man down.
      One of my classmates in law school almost fit into this mold. Her father was a criminal lawyer with a large firm and she did some modeling work. While she seemed nice most of the times (from a distance), she did relate to me how she smashed up two BMWs within a three month time period, and cared nothing about the cost.

  30. In Toronto, there are many women like this. Many remain single into old age and get progressively bitter as they age. Women like this are never truly happy, and live a superficial life looking for a fantasy relationship that will never come to fruition. I call them high-maintenance girls. High expectations but little to offer other than a piece of ass.

    1. Yep! One tried to trap me last year. Thank goodness I discovered the redpill in time. fucking Toronto, man.

  31. I’ve been instinctively avoiding these kinds for a while now but sometimes felt unsure, really good to read the analysis. Now makes more sense this female housemate I’m trying to evict, especially:
    “…physical attractiveness but little in the way of intelligence,
    professional skills, or talent… drawn to..metropolitan hubs with
    the rather hazy plan of “making it.”, “…work in an artistic, glamorous industry that pays a few at the top highly and is a closed-shop for almost everyone else”
    “…undertaking internships that don’t yield anything permanent. …a fledgling, but ultimately worthless singing career driven by social media likes, or a beauty blog, or other similar vanity project. ..This glittering social life belies a tawdrier domestic situation…bedroom is a bombsite, ..clothes.. all over the floor, dirty plates in the sink…”
    It’s that last point that has made the domestic situation unlivable, as well as the entitlement. Life is kind of bareable at the moment, after a lot of anger from me about the mess. Intuition says to nip it in the bud, not give it another chance.
    Have never been one to judge people on IQ but, well, the article lists rockers, glams and hipsters and there was another ROK article about damaged tatooed girls.. There would be a pleasant, safe kind of simple country girl, without the entitlement, but man, this does sound like a dangerous kind, will watch out for it

  32. You failed to mention the Instagram account, which will be filled with seilfies, inspirational quotes and inexplicable holiday pictures from the middle east.

  33. A version of the ManicPixieDreamGirl. Well done. And love that movie, despite it’s betaness and weirdness.

  34. Avoid girls with Instagram and Snap Chat accounts. They are flaky ADD attention seeking whores.

  35. Oh dear. Sounds like none of you would turn down the chance to “bang” one of these “hot chicks” for just one night, you’d just be sneaking out of their room a few hours later, leaving a fake phone number. Yes there are predatory women who “hunt” rich, stupid guys down and rinse them good and proper, but the guys enjoy banging them and being seen with them on their arm. And if that guy is a balding 45 year old with a paunch, willingly stepping out with such a hot chick, who is the bigger fool??

  36. I don’t this column writer has anything to worry about because I highly doubt that Holly Golightly “types” are looking to be dated by the prospective regular readers of this blog anyway.

  37. wow. yeah i have to agree on some points. i didn’ know these types of women existed. they seem pretty rude.

  38. Holly Golightly is a character Capote cribbed from Christopher Isherwood’s Sally Bowles. She hovers on the borderline of prostitution and makes a living by passing on messages between the mafia and a criminal in Sing Sing

  39. Met a couple of these. There is website called MissTravel.com where they have these by the hundreds. Uncannily as you described.

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